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I Wants on this page will "be inserted undea
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fcumber _. ° g - « eg
Words. § I "a B § - 2 I
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17 words .17 .30 .43 .56 .69 .82 .95
18 words .18 .32 .46 .60 .74 .881.01
18 words .19 .34 .49 .64 .79 .941.09
20 words .20 .35 .50 .65 .80 .951.10
81 words .21 .37 .53 .69 .851.011.17
22 words .22 .39 .56 .73 .9011.0711.24
23 words .23 .41 .59 .77 .951.1311.31
24words .24 .42 .60 .781 .961.141.3**
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86 words .26 .46 .66 .861.061.261.46
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28 Words .28 .49 .70 .911.121.331.54
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80 words .30 .53 .76 1. 2211.45
31 words 31 .55 .791.031.271.511.78
32 words .32 .56 .801.0411.281.521.76
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38 words .38 .67 .96-1.25 1.54 1.83:2.12
39 words .39 .69! .9911.29 1.59|1.89;2.
40 words .40 .70,1.00 1.301.60,1. 9012. 26
*1 words .41 .72:1.031.341.651.96 2.27
42 words .42 .7411.06 1.381. 70,2. 02 2.
*3 words .43 .76*1.09 1.421. 7512.08:2. 41
44 words .44 .77 1.10j1.43j1. 7612.09:2. 42
45 words .45 .79 1. 131. 47)1. 81,2. 15 2.49
46wcrdj .46 .81 1.161 .511. 86:2. 21|2. 56
£7 words .47 191.5511. 91 2.272.63
48 words .48 1 . 8411. 201.56 ! 1.92 1 2. 28 l 2.64
4*9 words) .491 .801.23 1.00 1.97,2.34 2.71
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Compound words count two words, and
.every abbreviation counts the same as a full
In Every Case the Money Must Accom
pany the Order.
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AGENTS and solicitors 111 Minnesota and
Dakota at big pay for a large Eastern
life insurance company. C 15, G10be.155-01
AGENTS— We have several new books en
which we give very liberal terms; write
for particulars. Empyreal Pub'g House, St.
Paul. Minn. " 155-84
GOOD MEAL for 15 cents, foot of
Jackson St., one block from union de
pot, near the river. 154-60
ARE YOU EMPLOYED*— If not, call on
us: we are constantly in want of help
of all grades; cleiks, bookkeepers, stenog
raphers, office assistants, carpenters, tailors,
porters, janitors, watchmen, teamsters,
laborers, office boys, etc., etc., will find it to
their advantage to hand in their application
at once for a position ; we mean business;
call at once, Dec Hive Enterprise, corner
Seventh and Robert. 159
BARKER— Wanted, first-class white bar
ber: none other needapplv; $18 per
week. J. 11. Austin, ("rand Forks, Dak. 4
BARBER— A first-class white barber, im
mediately. Address Cunningham &
Senrich, P. O. Box 101, Wabasha. Minn.
m 158-61
BLACKSMITH wanted at 721 Plum St.,
Dayton's Bluff. 5
"DOY AY ANTED at 43 East Eighth st.
■*-" __ 5
OY ANTED for a dry goods store;
German preferred: must have gcod ref
erences. Howe Bros.. 384 Wabasha st. 5
CLERK— Wanted, first-crass grocery clerk
to take hill trade; one who can bring
trade is the man. Address A 26, Globe. 5
C COLLECTOR— Wanted, young man to do
-> collecting and office work; one experi
enced in collections preferred; must come
well recommended. Call. on John B. YY'il
hite, 205 East Seventh st„ city. 5
C COLLECTOR -Situation as collector, by
' young man who thoroughly under
stands the business; is strictly honest and
can furnish first-class references. H 38.
Globe. .jy 159 62
FEED BOY— Wanted, one feed low to
feed job press: permanent job to a good
hand. Call at 108 East Fifth St., second
floor, city. 4
HOSTLER— a man that has had
experience in driving for family, and to
take care of horses. Apply at 64 Jackson;
must give good reference. 159
MAN— A man to take orders and drive de
livery wagon; call at once. E. 11.
Saver, 60S Hudson ay. 5
HARMACIST— Wair.eci, a registered
pharmacist; registered in Minnesota,
Address "Drugs." Globe. 155-159
OALESMAN— Wan tec*, salesman capable
O to manage a branch house for a Chicago
concern who can put up $200 as security;
references required. Address Lock Box 683,
Chicago 159-161
SALESMEN— good salesmen at _7
East Seventh st., room 2. 159-60
SALESMAN — Wanted,, salesman to sell a
specialty in St. Paul; must be a hustler.
B 41. Globe. .__ 159
BAILORS— Two tailors for liayward. In
- quire at 150 East Seventh st, 5
TAILORS Wanted, two tailors, one coat
maker and one by the week, at 165 West
Seventh St., Seven corners. A. Rosenthal.
TAILOR*?— Wanted, two good tailors at
899 West Seventh st. 4
ANTED— Gentleman thoroughly ex
perienced in the clothing and gents'
furnishing goods business. Inquire at 309
East Seventh st. , 5
WANTED— Man to take the agency out
side of St. Paul (traveling or local) of
our safes: size 28x18x18 inches; weight 500
lbs; retail price $35: other sizes in propor
tion: a rare chance and permanent business;
these safes meet a demand never before sup
plied by other safe companies, as we are not
governed by the safe pool. Alpine' Safe Com
pany, Cincinnati, O. Cwca&Sat-3mo-137
jVI7IKKWOKKKKS- Wanted, wirework
»V ers: none but skilled workmen need
apply. St. Paul Wire Works, 21 West Third
at. • . 4
BOARD— Large, nicely furnished rooms;
fine shade, extensive lawns, beautiful
drives and rambles ;meuu service unexcelled.
W. W. Woodruff. Merriam Park. 157-159
BOARD— Best of table board at $4.50 per
week; also large, well-furnished rooms
at 342 East Eighth st. 158-04
BOA RD ING— Select table board, 155
East Twelfth st . corner Jackson.
BROADWAY, 543 — Furnished rooms
with board, with use of bath, for man
and wife or single men. 159 "
Ci ANA DA ST.. 565— Handsomely fin>
' nished rooms, with bath; first-class
board; 6 o'clock dinner: gentlemen only.
159-60 .
EIGHTH ST., 275, EAST— For rent, fur
nished rooms with first-class board.
_. 155-161
JOHN ST.. 439— G00d board and room can
be had at 439 John st. Rooms well fur
nish cd. 154-60
OEVENTH ST., 232, WEST— For rent,
*■-** nicely furnished rooms, single or double.
with board; terms moderate. 155-161
EMPERANCE ST., 528-Nicelv fur
nished front (alcove) room ; board with
the room. "*K9>-MBSi 158-59
W" ASHINGTON ST.. 385— One rur
nished front room and two side
rooms, with board. 158-161
PIANO TUNING, $l-Sati>facuon guar
anteed. Samuel Crutchett, Address
364 Ellen st. 141-70
I A NO TUNING— For prompt, first-class
work leave orders at Whitney's music
ttore East Third st. 346*
plies— Chief Commissary of Sub
sistence. St. Paul, Minn., May 29. 1888.—
Sealed proposals, in duplicate, will be re
ceived at this office until 11 o'clock a. m., on
Saturday, June 9, 1888, for furnishing the
Subsistence Department, free on board cars
in St. Paul. Minn.. 2 bbls. cement, 100 tire
brick, and 20 oven tiles. The government re
serves the right to reject any or all bids.
Blank proposals and full information as to
the conditions of the contract will be fur
nished on application to this office. THOMAS
C. SULLIVAN, C. S., V. S. Army.
X? ers of the St. Paul Gas Light company
will be held at the office of the company at
St. Paul. Minnesota, on Thursday, June 21
1888, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the
purpose of funding the floating debt and
providing funds for the future extension of
the works, mains, etc. Morgan Brooks.
Secy. St. Paul. Minn.. June (>. 1888. •_,
TO EXCHANGE— For sale or exchange
for good family horse, portable cottage
with furniture, situated on Williams house
mounds. White Bear lake. B. Ives. Room
52, Gilfillan block, St. Paul. 158-60
LOT— Want "a; double comer lot west of
Rice st. and south of University ay.. for
which I will exchange improved property
John A. YY'cide, 366 Jackson St., Room 3.
157-59 . .
Upl n in plenty may be nad
sseifj jjy inHerting here an ad.
—11 East Seventh: wanted, hotel cooks,
waitresses and houseworkers. '- 159
APPRENTICE GIRL to learn dressmak
ing. 232 West Seventh st. . 5
APPRENTICE GIRLS to learn to sew
ladies' straw hats; also one errand girl,
immediately. 30 *£ West Third st. 4
HAMBERMAID wanted at lnterna
tioual hotel. 4
COOK — A competent and experienced
cook in private family. Address C 74, •
Globe. - 5
COOK— cook at Protestant Or
phan asylum, corner Marshall ay. and
St. Albans st. Apply on Friday. 159-160
INING ROOM I.lßL— Wanted, compe
tent dining room girl; will pay good
wages 62 East Eleventh st. -.4
RESSMAKING— A girl to learn dress
making; 319 East Seventh st. 5
GIRL— Fist-class girl wanted; two in fam
ily. 619 Selby ay., on cable line. 5
GIRL— Wanted, nurse girl to attend baby
two years old. 568 Selby ay. 5
GIRL— Wanted, a good second girl at 497
Broadway. 5
IRL— at 378 Rosabel st; $12 per
month. : . 5
GIRLS— Dining room girls wanted at the
Clarendon hotel. ■' i^eee-tgggrag 5 ) '
GIRLS wanted for the city, Dakota. Wis
consin; good pay; tare paid. Call at s2
West Tenth st.. Mrs. Bertram. 159-60 ;
GIRLS— want girls for good family
places. We have also good places in
South St. Paul. Merriam Park, Hamline and
the lakes. Bee Hive Enterprise, corner
Seventh and Robert. 159
HOUSEWORK— Competent girl or wo
man for general housework. 630 Olive
st. 5
OUSEWORK— competent girl to do
housework in a small family. 574
Wabasha st. 5
OCSEYVOEK— GirI for general house
work in small family, at 465 North st.s
HOUSEWORK— a girl for gen
eral housework; must be a good washer
and Ironer, and have some experience in
cooking. Apply with references at 133 Uni
versity ay., between Jackson and Robert, in
the forenoon. 159-60
OUSEWORK— GirI in small family;
middle-aged preferred. 523 Western
ay., between 12 m. and 6 p. m. 5
OUSEWORK— A good girl for general
housework; apply at 589 Finest. 5
HOUSEWORK— Girl wanted lor general
houseworc. 535 Laurel ay. 4
OUSEWORK— Wanted, a girl or woman
to do light housework; one thai can
sleep at home. 31312 Jackson St., third
lloor. 4
HOUSEWORK— good girl for
general housework. Apply at once,
429 Marshall ay. 155-59
OUSEWORK— competent girl for
general housework; no washing. 61
lglehart st. *> 4
OUSEWORK— Wanted, good girl for
general housework; good wages. 962
Burr, corner Case. 4
OUSEWORK— a good girl for
general housework. Apply at once
542 Ashland ay. 4
HOUSEWORK- Wanted, a girl for gen
eral housework ; good wages to a com
petent person. Apply at 634 St. Peter st. 4
OUSEWORK— GirI for housework at
776 Lincoln ay. ':-<:"<• 4
OUSEWORK— Wanted, a good reliable
girl for general housework ; call after 2
p. m; 33S East Seventh st. Simpson. 4
OUSEWORK— a good girl for
general housework; good wages. 757
East Sixth st., corner of Exchange st 4
Tl OUSE WORK— Wanted, good girl for
1J general housework. 565 Robert st. 4
ITCHEN GIRL— One first-class kitchen
girl wanted at 275 East Eighth st. 5
AUNDRESS — Wanted, ~ a competent
laundress; apply at once. Mrs. C. W.
Griggs, corner Summit and Lawton st. 5
MILLINER First-class trimmer can se
cure a permanent position at once;
none but competent person need apply. The
Parisian, 19 East Third st. 157-59
NURSE GlßL— Experienced; at once.
Call afternoons. 565 Dayton ay. 5
IyrURSE GIRL — Wanted, young nurse
I^l girl; will furnish dress and aprons.
274 Pleasant ay. . 4
OHIRT POLISHER— Wanted, girl to
O polish shirts and iron; must be first
class. 624 East Seventh st. 4
O woman to serve as sculptor's model:
good pay. Address Postoffice Box 2375.
155162 _^
SECOND WORK— Wanted, a young girl
O for second work at 462 Holly ay. ; Ger
man or Scandinavian. 7
AIST EINISHER wanted at 22 East
Third st. Madam Gough. . 5
WAIST FINISHERS— Wanted, experi
enced waist and shirt finishers; none
but first-class hands need apply. Room 1,
94 East Third st.. Miss Kingsbury. 4
J. I>. ICamalcy's last.
50 East Fourth st.
THREE new eleven-room houses on lots
Soxl3o feet at Hazel Park, city; hourly
trains; 6 cents car fare, and can be' reached
in ten minutes from union depot: if not sold
within two weeks will be for rent; will trade
for other property.
LSO two lots, 40x130 each, at Hazel
Park without building contract; finest
lots in the addition. - -
ALSO a new eight-room cottage at White
Bear lake, $1,200; one-third cash ; bal
ance in two years ; very cheap.
ALSO eight-room cottage fronting Ramaley
Park, White Bear Lake, $2.000.
ALSO two lots near railroad depot and ho
tel at White Bear lake for $200 each;
owner leaving city cheap at $400 each.
ALSO three lots, 50x150 feet each, on
Stillwater st., near harvester works:
very cheap.
ALSO the best restaurant in St. Paul; long
lease. ...
ALSO lots in Ramaley's South Shore addi
tion, White Bear lake, close to new rail:
road station, at less than their value. Ra
maley. 150 East Fourth st. 159 65
miscellaneous City List.
—$15,000 for the best brick block on
West Seventh st., corner James st,, opposite
the German Catholic church; all rented, '
bringing nearly $1,500 a year; no better built
block and no finer location for business and
increase in value. Inquire of A. It. Kiefer,
190 East Seventh st., Kiefer Block, Room 3.
ments — New house, seven rooms, cen
trally located ; a rare chance for some one
to buy a home cheap. Address A 10. Globe.
157 59 .
FOR SALE— A new nine-room house at
Hamline, and an elegant new house at
St. Anthony park: also several snaps in lots.
Odin G. Clay & Co., Globe building. 154-163
FOR SALE— Bine house, on Portland ay.,
at big bargain; nine rooms, modern
conveniences, good barn. Gilbert & Co.. 131
East Fifth st. 158 162
FOR SALE or exchange for city real es
tate, part cash, a first-class wheat and
stock farm. 160 or 320 acres. Address E. L.
1 Falcs, Box 2199, St. Paul. 158-59
HOC -"E— For sale, neat seven-room house,
B*o Bradley St.: south facing: large lot,
good cellar and cistern and shade trees;
$3,000; easy terms. Apply Room 44 Ger
man-American Bank.- * 157-163
OUSE AND LOT— s3,soo buys a new
eight-room house: lot 50x150: terms
very easy. Address D 93, Globe. 158-162
REAL ESTATE for sale cheap: nice acre
and five-acre lots fronting on lakes
three to five miles from St. Paul at $150 to
$200 per acre and lots and lots with houses
at all prices on and near Rice st. on easy
terms. J. P. Eisenmengcr, 472 Rice st.
SNA for some one wanting to make an
investment; $800 let for $600; I must
sell this week. Address E 35. (ilobe. 155 61
o*l / 1 F\ TAKES one of the choicest lots in
•"■"■lU*." North St. Paul: $300 below value;
must be sold this week. Address The Owner.
Globe. ■ 157-62
AGENCY anted to purchase an estab
lished fire insurance agency in country
town. Address, with particulars, B 58,
Globe. 158-164
ALL KIN of household effects bought
for cash. Address C 93, Globe: will
call at residence. 155-99
UMBER WANTED — Dry - basswood
one-inch lumber, by Foley Bros., Power
block, Nicollet Island. 155-58
All dealers and shippers of these goods
will find it to their advantage to call on or
write to J Firestone, wholesale dealer in pa
permaker's supplies; reference, any respon
sible firm in the city. 262 Jackson St., St.
Paul. Minn. Telephone, 753, call 3. 310*
WANTED— A cheap lot. about twenty
: five or thirty feet in lower town. In
quire at 221 East Seventh st. 159-00
ANTED TO. BLY-A second-hand
grocery refrigerator or ice chest in good
condition also show case five feet long. Ad
dress J 433 Dayton ay. . 157-158
■ Male.
BOOKKEEPER— Married; good penman
and accountant; large experience first
class references. D 6, Globe. 5
BOOKKEEPER— A young German man
wants a position as bookkeeper or clerk
in store can give references. Adddres P. O.
Box 542, New Ulm. Minn. 159-62
BOOKKEEPER— as assistant
bookkeeper or otherwise in wholesale or
manufacturing house by man of education
and experience; good reference. Address G
00, Globe. 157-61
CARPENTER— carpenter wants
situation : can figure up wood and stone
work. Address H 73, Globe. .4
CLERK— Situation wanted by young man
twenty years of age, in " office, to do
writing, or as clerk in grocery or dry goods
store can give good references. Address E.
E. L., Globe. .. 4
COACHMAN— Situation wanted by young
. Englishman; thoroughly experienced;
good references: well acquainted in the city.
C 87. Globe. 5
(COACHMAN situation as coach
■> man in private family by an experienced
driver; well recommended; A No. 1 city ref
erence. Address RH, Globe. * 5
COOK— A first-class vegetable cook; prefers
a hotel, or if the position is not suitable
will take first-class meat cook also. Inquire
162 "West Ninth st, 4
COOK— By a first-class, sober, steady hotel
cook; good references; wanted situa
tion only in No. 1 hotel. Address B. W.
Bernhard. First st. north. Minneapolis. 4
COOK— By a first-class man as head cook
in a good hotel. Address C 30, Globe. 4
DRUGGIST— situation wanted by drug
-L*\ gist; registered in Minnesota and Da
kota; best reference. II 49. Globe. 153-59
MPLOYMENT— Wanted, position by a
young man aged twenty years in store
or office, or any kind of light employment;
good penman; references given. Address
8 O. Globe. 159
1 ""MPLOYMENT— A temperate young man
- of good references wants a position of
some kind. Address II 57, Globe. 4
EMPLOYMENT — Employment wanted
by a young married man; Swede best
of references. Please call on or address 535
Mississippi st. 5
£ EMPLOYMENT— Situation wanted by a
business man of twenty years' experience
in grocery, or charge of branch store. Ad
dress __ South St. Paul postoffice. 4
MPLOYMENT— Wanted, work by the
day. 542 lower Burr st. 4
HOSTLER— A married man who is a care
ful driver wants a situation to take care
of horses ; good references. C. S. Kauff man,
309 West Seventh st. ■ 4
OTEL MANAGER-A man who is
thoroughly acquainted with management
of country hotels, would like position as
such, or as clerk. Address Hotel Manager,
Globe. 157-59
ILL WRIGHT — Situation wanted by
practical millwright; can give refer
ences. Address B 59. ('lobe. 5
FFICE WORK— Situation in real estate
or insurance office by young man of ed
ucation and ability; good reference; salary
no object. Address G 78, Globe. 157-61
PAINTER— Situation wanted by a first
class sign painter in a good shop where
house and fresco work is done. Address
Joseph P. Hilgoth, 106 Hennepin ay., Min
neapolis. _l/-liW 4
STENOGRAPHER —An experienced
young gentleman stenographer and type
writer wants an engagement, either tempo
rary or permanent; can take 130 words per
minute ; testimonials. Address G 85, Globe. 5
NOERTAKER— wanted by a
young man twenty years of age, in an
undertaking establishment; have had three
years' experience, and can furnish best of
references. Address E. B. L.. ("lobe. 4
BUSINESS ___________
rtlcKenney A chance.
131 East Fifth St., Espy block.
in a boarding house we have ever han
dled, containing fourteen rooms, within
three blocks of Hotel Ryan; rent $30 under
market; we will sell lease and furniture at a
positive bargain ; rooms never vacant; this is '
something that will not lust: look it up. '
niture and lease for sale; finest location
in city; rooms all rented at a profit of $125
per month; this is another gilt-edged bar
gain. -
stores; two meat markets at a sacrifice.
CLEAR LOT to trade for upright piano;
must be in good condition.
WE WANT a city liquor license for cash.
McKenuey*;& Lachance, 131 East Fifth
St., Espy block. 159
Potior Johnson «sfc Co.
first real estate mortgages. •
ONE TEAM of fine carriage horses, five
and six years old: full brothers; the
finest match in the city; bay color.
ONE TEAM of heavy work horses, six and
seven years old; weight 2,950 pounds;
sound and gentle.
ONE FINE dapple grey horse, six years
old. well broke, weight 1.300 pounds; a
fine carriage horse. Call at Peter Johnson's.
No. 519 Carroll st. after 6 o'clock in the
evening or between 12 and 2 p.m., or at
Peter Johnson* Co.'s office, 316 Robert st.
' 159
miscellaneous Business Chances
store to sell on one of the best streets in
St. Paul. No. 374 East Seventh St., St. Paul;
inquire in the store. . "59
ARHER SHOP for sale, three chairs,
complete outfit, on Main st. good
stand. Victor Marquis, Rice Lake, Wis.
159-65 .
BARGAIN— Dressmaking establishment;
must be sold before the 15th; great sac-
Tifice. Address Modiste. Globe. 158-159
ONFECTIONERY— For sale at a great
sacrifice, one of the finest confectionery
and fruit stands in the country location the
best ; ice cream parlors attached; sales $40
to $50 per day ; a paying institution on small
capital. Address "Candy." Globe. 158-160
OR SALE— Hotel De Batlo, Red Wing,
Minn., corner of Plum and Fourth sts. ;
3-story brick building furnished throughout
with good furniture; a sixty-room house;
good well, cistern, basement and saloon;
both gas and electric light; three lots and
good barn, also good water works in the
building. Address Joseph Batlo, Red Wing,
Minn. 155-61
FOR SALE— An elegant saloon and res
taurant, two blocks from union depot;
sickness in family of proprietor requiring
change of climate reason for selling. Address
392 East Ninth St., St. Paul. 157-163
FOR SALE— By owner, furniture and lease
of a thirteen-room boarding and lodging
house; rooms all full of desirable tenants;
modern conveniences. Call or address 215
Pearl. ; 157-59
OR SALE— Stock and fixtures in city
market house. Stall 31. 158-59
ANUFACTURERS and businessmen
who desire to locate in growing town,
in a well-developed country, are invited to
write to George R. -Stevens", secretary board
of trade, Paynesville, Minn. 151-60
PARTNER— partner in an estab
lished manufacturing business; young
man preferred; $1,500 required; an oppor
tunity worth investigating. Address Manu
facturer. ('lobe. 155-61
A RTNER— partner with capital;
manufacture recently patentod article;
will sell. 1). N. Bryant, Mendota, Minn.
PARTNER— with about $1,000
to take half interest in the best restau
rant in Mankato with profitable business: a
baker preferred. Address Porters Restau
rant. Mankato. Minn. 158.61
INTERS— SSSO will buy a well
equipped job office; everything new:
good opening for Democratic paper; a rare
chance. Address "William," Globe. 153-59
TRUCKING, hauling and express busi
ness for sale; inclose reference. Ad
dress I) 100. Globe. 157-63
WANTED— An energetic young man,
■ with one to three hundred dollars, to
take interest in theatrical company: a good
amateur or man who could act as advance
agent preferred. Address "Sure Thing."'
Globe. **_ 159
WANTED— A party with $200 or more
to invest in a first-class dramatic com
pany: already organized and playing: good
prospects ahead. Address quickly J G,
Globe. 159
ROOMS— Wanted, to rent three or four
furnished or unfurnished rooms for
light housekeeping within ten or fifteen min
utes' walk of Globe building. Address T A
G. Globe. 156-59
HOUSE OR FLAT of six to eight rooms;
must have all conveniences ■ and be
centrally located. Address F 72. Globe. 159
ROOMS— two unfurnished rooms
for housekeeping on first or second
floor.-. Send address, with terms, to F. G.
Heine. 419 Wabasha st. 157-59
ROOMS— Wanted to rent a hunt June SO,
. three to five : unfurnished .' rooms for
married couple without children; state price.
Address li M. Globe. * 153-10*'
_"% _ remits, largest circulation and
SJ £_ O"f most advantageous rates are
£_f _*7r"j i given by the Globe, the great
• ••Want" medium.
SirUATIOJ-CS waxtet**. . .
.. ■ Fematc;^/
CLERK— A young lady would like a place'
to clerk in a dry goods store. Call at
559 Orleans st. : - 3
CLERK— Young laoy of experience wr n's
place to work in confectionery store."
Address G 100, Globe. .. 4
COOK— A well recommended girl wishes
' place as cook or to do general house
work ; can wash and iron splendidly. 293 -
Martin st. . • 3
DRESSMAKER— competent dress-"
-"■ maker wants sewing in families. Call
at 419 Fuller st. : '■ 3 "
EMPLOYMENT— YVanted, place to work
at lake by two girls, for the summer.
Address 536 Broadway, between 1 and 5
o'clock. : ' . : j. 3
MPLOYMENT— YY'anted, situation to go
to the lake with private family by com- -
petent girl. Call mornings at 459 East Eighth
st ■ ' ■•-■»; 4 •
OUSEWORK— Situation wanted by a
lady to do housework in hotel or private
family out at a lake.- Call at 331 Martin st. 5
HOUSEWORK— A young lady wants a
chance to go to. Dulnth with a private
family, either to do light housework or fam
ily sewing. . B 6, Globe. . 4
OUSEWORK— Situation wanted by a
girl to do general • housework. Call at
723 York st. 4
SEAMSTRESS — A middle-aged lady
wishes sewing in families; can do ail i
kinds of sewing; references given. 313f>
Jackson st, third floor. -* ," 1 .- . 4"
SEWING— Family sewing or dressmaking
by good seamstress. Address 623 East
Third st 4
STENOGRAPHER-situation wanted by
lady stenographer in an office; good
recommendations. Address A 20. Globe. 4
STENOGRAPHER— YY'ouId like a posi
•J tion as stenographer. Call or address
559 Orleans St., YY'est side. 3
ASHING— YV anted by a lady, family
washing to take home : also plain sew
ing. Address O. S. T., 211 YY'est Seventh st. 5
WASHING— washing to do a
home by a woman, at 493 Charles st. 3
WASHING— washing or ironing
by the day. Address 327 St. Clair st. 3
A LIVELY young driving team and a
stylish Duquisita carriage, Hooker make,
for sale; will sell the lot at less than half
cost, or take lady's driving horse in part
trade. 618 Robert st. 158-62
Carriages, buggies of every style at
lower prices man can be bought of
any other dealer in St. Paul ; two-seat car
riages, buggies, phaetons, surreys, rockaways,
cabriolets, jumpseats. canopy tops, carts,
two-seated wagons, express and delivery
wßgons and harness. Call, before purchas
ing, King's carriage rooms. Fourth and Min
nesota. 145*
OR SALE, CHEAP— very fine car
riage horses, both splendid drivers aud
riders; warranted absolutely kind in every
particular; for furtner information call at
my office, or at barn, 236 Summit ay., where
horses can be seen and fried. F. B. Clarke
FOR SALE— Nice Shetland pony, 5 years:
$60. 354 East Ninth st. * 159
FOR SALE— A nice gentle horse, suitable
for family driving; can be driven by a
lady with perfect safety. Apply at 547 Lau
rel ay. any day after 12 o'clock.* 157-62
FOR SALE— Bay horse five years old,
sound and kind, suitable for family or
general use: also buggy and harness; will
sell separate or together. 455 Goodhue st,
FOR SALE— Second-hand hack : live-glass
landaus; good condition; cheap for
cash. A. Nippolt, 181 Eighth st 155-61
FOR SALE— A new bus, the same as used
by YY'ardell bus line. 2'J2 West Seventh
st. m - ■ 157-59
FOR SALE— A Norman mare : has foaled
May 29; weighs 1,450 pounds. 202 YY'est
Seventh st. 157
RAISER ROAD CART— Can be used as
a sulky: light weight: must be sold at i
ouce ; a bargain ; also a very fine road wagon [
made by Caffrey: weight HO pounds; almost
new; will be sold very low. Dallemore's sta- j
ble, Filth near Cedar st. 159-160
HARNESS— Farm harness and wagon for
sale; almost new; 50 per cent off. Will
Holbrook, 260 Selby ay. , 159-161
HORSE — For sale cheap — Handsome
pony; good under saddle or harness.
2.2 Jackson st. 155-61
HORSES wanted to pasture: abundant
water and grass: pasture bordering on
city limits; prices moderate. J". Y. Laramy.
402 Locust st. 158-64
INSURE your horses and cattle in The
Sterling Live Stock Insurance company,
509 Lumber Exchange. Minneapolis. 136*
JUST ARRIVED at YV. E. Schutte's sale
stable, Rosabel St., between Third and
Fourth sts., from Lake City, five pair of
matched family carriage horses, six single
drivers, three of them pacers; all of "them
nicely bred ; also one team five years old,
weight 3,200. . 156-59
SHETLAND PONIES and roadsters for
sale at Balfour's livery stable, 488 Selby
ay. " 157-59
WANTED— Delivery wagon; must be in
good repair and cheap for cash. Ad
dress D A. ("lobe. 158-159
WANTED— horse, harness and phaeton,
suitable for lauy's use, for free real
estate; cash basis. Address G 26, Globe.
WANTED— Horse, buggy and harness as
first payment on a $300 lot iv South
St. Paul. C 32. Globe. 159 60
WANTED— Good driving horse, harness
and top buggy : will pay cash; must be
a bargain. Call or address F. N. Hayes. Mer
chants hotel. " ; ; -. 157-159
~ Fl"*¥A**fClA*L.
MONEY is loaned by us on improved
• real estate security in St Paul, Minne
apolis and Duluth at 6, 6VS, 7, 7*6 per cent
on shortest notice for any amount R. M.
Newport & Son. investment bankers, 152,
153 and 154 Drake block, St. Paul. 73*
Company— Loan from $10 upward on
furniture, pianos, horses, wagons, etc., with
out removal; also on warehouse receipts,
diamonds and gold watches. J. S. Mackey,
manager. Room 14, First National bank build
ing. St PauL and Room 7, Mackey-Lesg
block, Minneapolis. 250*
Jl"* ONEY LOANED on all kinds of per
-1»A sonal property, household furniture,
horses, etc. ; also on diamonds and jewelry;
commercial paper discounted. Security
Loan Co., 325 Jackson St., J. E. Flanigan,
manager. - 162*
ONEY LOANED on all kinds of per
sonal property, diamonds, jewelry.furni
ture, horses, etc.; commercial paper and
time checks purchased. E. AY. Leonard &
Co., 126 East Third st 291*
MONEY TO LOAN on short time in small
amounts on personal property security.
L. G. Kilborn, 43 East Fourth st, Room 45.
■ 159-89 '
MONEY TO LOAN— In small or large
sums ; no delay. J. C. Stout & Co., 324
Jackson st. 113*
ONEY TO LOAN-By Hunt & Sever
ance, 34 East Third st, room 1 in
large and small amounts on furniture, horses,
carriages, libraries, warehouse receipts, etc.;
the same to remain in the owner's posses
sion; also on watches, jewelry, diamonds,
etc; business strictly confidential; a private'
room for ladies. • 292*
MONEY TO LOAN on improved and un
improved city property, at usual rates;
no delay. Paget & Smith. Room 49, German-
American bank. - 73*
ONEY TO LOAN— Any sum from $500
to $"5,000 on improved property at 7
and 8 per cent: money ready. and no delay;
mortgages for sale— $ioo, $700. $800,
$1,600. Rothschild & Thurston, 131 Fast
Fifth st. 158-160
MONEY TO LOAN on real estate, and
ITX good first mortgages bought and sold
by D. 11. Michaud, real estate and loans, 333
Jackson st. 155-61
MONEY TO LOAN, m sums to suit from
$1 up, on watches, diamonds and all
goods of value; special rates on sums of $50
aud over. J. E. Ingham. 327 Jackson st
MONEY TO LOAN on diamonds,
watches, and all goods of value. Pri
vate office for consultation. George H,
Holmes 141 and 143 East Seventh st. 82*
<s*l fl * s ** s, * 50, * 10 ° TO LOAN on tur
•4? •."*-" niture, pianos, carriages, horses,
cows, watches, diamonds, silverware or any
other article of value; cash advance made on
foods in storage; promptness and privacy
guaranteed in making our loans; reasonable
rates and no outside fees. St Paul Loan
company, No. 309* A Jackson st, Rooms 1
and 2. ■ ■ .. 05*
J. I>. Ramsiley.
150 East Fourth St.
FRONT OFFICES Maealester building,
150 East Fourth st , nt $10 per month.
gentlemen at from S5 to $8 per month.
xl • Cation in city; low rent. : 1 '
Bear lake at $75, $100 and $150 for
season. *j***iWtiM'a^'*tfegsi
tures for grocery, adjoining depot at
YVhite Bear lake. 159-65
Pnnmc l<> ' el ll< i s - in the Globe are seen by
" ' / "'> the most people, . 1
200,000 WANTS
- Were printed in the Globe's Advertising
Columns in 1887. - This Is the best evidence
that the Globe is the People's Papeb.
— — — :•:■■- J
LYONS & T^CKNOR, Druggists, 707 East
Third street, corner Bates.
CONGER BROS.. Druggists, 349 University
avenue, corner Virginia. « .
MOUNTS & SAWYER, Grbcerß, corner Ash
land avenue and Dale street. -
A. P. WILKES," bruggist 759 and 761 Wert
: Seventh street^ . - .-jj *". *- ■ *
BEHTtC-JAN & CO., 422 Dakota avenuai ;~ " ;
.E. FOX, 482 JUce street, ■
; O.P. WILLIAMS. $_$ *"*ea_ey street.
FIIANK L. OSBUR9, 178 Western avenue.
t. H. HAVES. 441 West Seventh street 4
P.VAK DUYNJ2, Druggist, 828 Bast Sew
r" enth street. />*••*; .' ' ,
BIPPLER & COLLYER, . Druggists, 190
; East Seventh street. *^B_g_**S_j'Sg
; 470 Jackson street , '-. .. .-", ;.-.,,
W.ELKES: PHARMACY. Seven Corners,!
M. D7MERKILL. books ana stationery, 442
Broadway. '-v;
A. 11. A i col ay. Auctioneer.
-ness Lots Next to Corner Aurora ay. and
Near University ay., at Auction— A. H. Nice
lay will sell at auction Monday afternoon.
June 11, 1888. at 3 o'clock, on the ground
■on Rice st. adjoining the corner of Aurora
ay., three very desirable business lots ready
for immediate improvement. This location
for business purposes is unsurpassed; the
costly business structures vow being erected
in its vicinity, inaddition to the many stores
occupied and doing prosperous and profita
ole business, is the strongest evidence and
proof for the great demand now existiug for
more stores in. this part of Rice st. for all
classes of business. Its wonderful and phe
nomenal growth recommends this property
for investment, being in the very heart of
the best business section of Rice St.. within
one block of the University and Rice st horse
cars. A first-class building of French flats
with stores below would be an excellent im
provement, owing to the large frontage of
this property. Rice st. is fast becoming a
principal business thoroughfare, and must
soon double in value these lots in a very
short time. Capitalists and investors are in
vited to attend this attractive auction sale,
which will be peremptory to the highest bid
ber. Terms ; easy. For maps and further
particulars call on or address A. H. Nicolay,
real estate auctioneer, at the Nicolay Real
Estate Exchange, No. 116 East Fourth st.,
opposite National German- American bank
building. Our real estate auction sale No.
12.742. 155-163
A. *♦!. I>oherty, Auctioneer.
I will sell at auction at 655 East Sev
enth street, on Thursday. June 7. at 10
o'clock a. m., a large lot of nice household
furniture, carpets, crockery, glassware, par
lor, kitchen, dining room and bed room fur
niture: bedding, linens, bric-a-brac, etc., etc.;
this sale should attract a good attendance.
A. M. Doherty, auctioneer, 51 East Fourth
■t 157-159
A. I-ory. Auctioneer. •\ •" :r' '.
sonable. Office 181 East Seventh. 52*
A IX TO KNOW that Madam Blanch, the
■lx. greatest fortune teller and mind reader
in the • world, has suite rooms at 467 East
Seventh st. ; tells as to lost or stolen prop
erty, absent or lost friends; can see if you
will be successful in business ventures; "she
is reliable in all family troubles. 155-61
ARRIVED— Ruppert, phrenologist
and life reader, reads your life without
question or mistake ; gives advice on busi
ness, money matters, love changes, all family
affaire, etc. ; the professor will be assisted by
one of the most gifted clairvoyants; has the
gift of any two clairvoyants you ever met.
Office, Rooms 9 and 10, 515 Robert St.. cor
ner Tenth. _.. 159
OR ADOPTION— bright boy, four
years old, blue eyes, light hair. Address
Mrs. P., 329 Plymouth ay., Minneapolis. 159
: netic Treatment— Mine. Doil, clairvoy
ant, can be consulted upon all matters of im
portance in the future or past; also gives
magnetic treatment, at her room, 45. third
floor, 51 East Fourth st - 154-60
F OLEIC INE— a new preventive ana cure
for baldness, dandruff, itching or irri
table scalp. Call or address Mrs. M." Alice
Paulson d: Co., Room 2. 392 Jacksou st, St.
Paul. Minn. ; satisfaction guaranteed. 147-77
LADIES— Superfluous hairs permanently
.destroyed; method safe and sure. Ad
dress Box 2286, St. Paul, Minn. 155-62
healer. 386 Broadway. 155-61
oldest and best : clairvoyant fortune
teller, 402 Minnesota st, between Sixth and
Seventh. 155-61
]I|RS. DONALD, magnetic healer, trance
l»x medium and clairvoyant. 430 YY'aba
sha st, comer Seventh st., Room 21, second
floor. 154-60
jy ELSON— YY'rite to O. E. YV. 150-63
WANTED, information of the identity of
party who picked up Mexican dog
with license and two bells around neck, on
Saturday, May 26, on Third st ; for such,
will pay liberal reward. Address P UP.
Globe. 159-65
WALL MAP of St. Paul by Curtice.
Henry E. Weddstad & Co., 95 East Third
st- 159
BICYCLES— For sale, boys' bicycles, new
and well made, with rubber tire; thirty
two-inch wheel; only 310, and thirty-six
inch, $12.50. C. YY*. Youngman, real estate
dealer, 115 East Seventh st. • 154-160
RICK FOR SALE at yard, corner Daw
son and Forest st. Dayton's Bluff.
' ' 159 62
UKNITURE— The furniture of a nine
room house will be sold cheap and the
lease of house transferred to buyer: very
cheap rent, and house in the center of city.
Apply to 39 Summit ay., corner St. Peter st.
154-167 ■ .
FOR SALE— Two new houses on St.
Anthony, between Jay and Farrlugton;
nine rooms; all modern improvements; very '
easy terms. By owner. 254 Martin st.
.. 155-162
ten-horse: nearly new. Thomas &
Adams, 314 Minnesota St. 148-61
GRAVEL and sand for sale in any quan
tityat Wabasha st. hill. * 155
I) EFRIGERATOR— Simmons refrigera
t tor, cheap family size: also two butcher
boxes 6x9 and 9x12. No. 10 East Fourth st.
UALOOIn FIXTURES — Elegant and
O cheap: cash, or time. YY'itte Bros.. 411
aud 413 Fifth ay. south, Minneapolis. Minn.
BOOKKEEPING— Books opened, closed,
posted, expert work. etc. F. Sprague.
room 252. Drake block. St. Paul. 22*
Johnson's, Minnesota Transfer, Minn.
154-160 •
YY'orks, 201 Eagle Don't fail to get
my prices before getting your work done ny
inferior machines; line carpets cleaned on
the floor a specialty; can give references
from some of the best families in the city."
YY'orks and office, 201 Eagle st : call, 544-3;
orders taken by ('. L, Moss, . prop.. Finch,
Van Slyck & Co.. George H. Lams, 448 YVa
basha st; Oliver Baker, 417 YY'abasha st. 158
JOHNSON HOUSE, Minnesota Trans
fer; open all night. 154-16 >
REYVARD— «50 reward for the conviction
of the person that laid poison ou Fifth
st., between Market and Seventh, or YVash
ingtou, .between Seventh and Fifth. George
E. Roedler. 381 North YVashingion. 158
OEALED BIDS for building frame dwell-
*--? ing house; plans and specifications can
be seen at the police office. Mcßrides. 623
Aurora ay. 'r.'.h— - : 159-62'
Works— \Y*m. Helps,sßo Robert st. Tele
phone. 840-5. 155-158
HE FOLLETT SYSTEM of dressctitling
is now taking the lead. Its simplicity,
its beautiful lines and curves, its absolute
correctness, command the admiration of all .
who have used it. Agent wanted. Patterns
cut to measure at Mrs. Elliott Mann -
heimerßlock. . .-148-178
L. JAMIESON & CO.'S Steam Dye
• ■ YY'orks— clothing, a specialty.
14 YY'est Sixth st. St. Paul. Minn.' ... 134*:
AT BLEACHlNG— Briugyour old hats;
have them ' redyed and . reshaped ; os
trich feathers dyed to match dress trimming.
Hayes & Hayes, 30Uj YY'est Third St., room 6.
158-59 - ■"--."-•"
J""* _ results, largest circulation
I/_| <■. •§• and most advantageous rates'
_J fcjrA fi. are given by the Globe, the
. -. great "Wan""' medium.
:'',"." . ' FOB RENT. ,
OTTAGE— To rent, cottage at Lake
Minnetonka, near hotel Lafayette ;
seven rooms; furnished. A. W. Krech,
room 32, German-American Bank Building,
St. Paul. '■."." 157-159
FLAT— From June 1 to Oct. 1, the
corner . flat, first story, eight rooms, of
562 St. Peter st, all furnished or unfur
nished ; use of piano, bath, hot water, elec
tric bell ; all modern improvements. Call at
house or at 28 East Fourth st M. D. Miller.
.____ 131-160
HOUSE— rent for the season, the
largest handsomest and most com
: plete residence on White Bear lake, situated
on Manitou island; large stable, boats, bouse
handsomely furnished and ready for occu
pancy. • Stone & Morton, 82 National Ger
man-American Bank building. 157-60
HOUSE— One house and several tenements
for rent, from $20, $15, $10, $8, $6; 254
Commercial st . . 143*
OUSE AND BARN— Nine-room house;
modern improvements; 1143 Randolph
st ; $35. James O'Meora, 303 Jackson st
154-160 ■.-■•-.
HOUSE— New, pretty seven-room house,
just complete, one block from street
cars ; terms reasonable. Apply to owner at
190 West Seventh st. 157-59
HOUSE— For rent, furnished house of 10
room, centrally located: modern im
provements. Apply to St Paul Trust com
pany, 155 East Fourth st. . 158-164
HOUSE— For rent, nine-room house on
Laurel ay. ; modern improvements.
Sargent, Meachan & Co., 322 Robert st.
HOUSE— rent, 949 Portland ay., fine
house: nine rooms, modern conven
iences, good barn. Room 3, 131 East Fifth
st '. 158-162
HOUSE— To rent furnished house in
lower town, from June 15 to Sept 1.
Apply at 318 Grove st, between 11 and 12
o'clock a. m. . 158-161
OUSE— For rent, after June 1, 482 Ash
iaad ay., furnished; references required.
C. YV. Copley, Bank of Minnesota. 158-164
HOUSE— A ten-room house, furnished or
unfurnished, on Summit ay. Inquire
at 67 German- American Bank block.
■ " - 157-159 __
HOUSES— 47 Tilton st., eleven rooms; also
.87 Summit ay., eight rooms. Esterley,
■Mannheimer block. .- 159-160
HOUSE For rent, furnished, for one
or two years; one large house on
St. Anthony hill: thirteen large rooms; two
bath rooms; all conveniences; good style.
Inquire on premises, 122 Virginia ay. 159
ROADWAY, 533 — Nicely furnished
front alcove room; also other rooms: use
of bath. • 158-159
BURR ST., 646— Eight rooms and alcove;
modern conveniences. Inquire of G.
YV. Dieter, First National bank. 159-62
CEDAR ST., 506— Elegant front rooms
with or without board. 158-159
OLLEGE AY., 20 YVEST— Nicely fur
nished rooms; suitable for one or two
gentlemen. Modern improvements. 152-60
OUGLAS ST., Two nicely furnished
rooms. ■ 155-161
IGHTH ST., 257, EAST— For rent
nicely furnished front room for $10 per
month. 155-61 .
EIGHTH ST., 229— Unfurnished con
nected rooms, lower floor, to parties
without children; private house; desirable
location. 158-159
— Nice furnished rooms for rent; prices
reasonable, 159 62
XCHANGE ST., 25, WEST— For rent
furnished front room, suitable for lady
and gent or two gentlemen. • ,aol-60
nished bed and sitting room suitable for
two gentlemen, without board; near bridge;
reference required. . 157-59
IFTH ST., 39, YVEST— For rent, two
pleasant furnished front rooms. 159-62
IFTH ST., 108 EAST— front fur
nished room for lady, with or without
board up stairs. 157-59
IFTH**ST., 119. WEST— For rent, fur
nished rooms in private family: terms
moderate. Corner Rice Part. 157-159
IGLEH ART ST., 84— Rooms, furnished or
unfurnished; not for light housekeep
ing: references. ■ . 155-60
JACKSON ST., 621— For rent, large nicely
furnished front room; private family;
use of bath. 158-159
JOHN ST., 658— T0 rent nicely furnished
front room and alcove for either one or
two ladies or marrie*. couple. 155-160
ACKSON ST., 594,-Eleganlly furnished
suite of parlors; also, one room,
floor front: board if desired. 153 59
JOHN ST., 585— Newly furnished rooms,
with board, in private family; hath and
gas; one block from street cars; references
exchanged. . 158-159
LOUIS ST., 354— For rent, four rooms;.
closet, pantry, water; . ground- floor.
Inquire Dennis Carr, Merchants hotel. 159-62
INNESGTA ST., 542— rent, parlor
ii. suite elegantly furnished, piano, etc.
every modern convenience. 158-62
INTH ST., 392, EAST— first-class
furnished room, with all accommoda
tions. . 157-163
NINTH. ST., 226, EAST, Corner Olive—
Large, airy rooms with entirely new and
elegant furniture ; use of bath and gas.
OLMSTED ST., 283— Three or four rooms
for housekeeping; city water, etc.: rea
sonable rent to desirable parties. 159-60
ARK PLACE, 94— Furnished room to.
rent for two gentlemen. 159
PEARL ST., 215— Nicely furnished single
room ; use of bath. 158-160
OBERTST., 581— Two nicely furnished
rooms, suitable for two gentlemen.
" 157-63
ROOM For rent a beautiful, pleasant
room ; central location; private family;
references required; address G 41, Globe.
. 158-160
ROOM— Front alcove room to rent; with or
without board; centrally located. Ad
dressC7, Globe. _ 152
ROOMS — large rooms, handsomely
furnished for housekeeping; location
first class. Address Reed. ('lobe. ; 148-159
ROOMS — For rent, four nice rooms for
light housekeeping, with all modern
conveniences. Apply with reference, at 133
University ay., between 10 and 12 a. m.
ROOMS— A suite of two nicely furnished
front rooms, suitable lor gentleman
and wife or two gentlemen. Address P. O.
box 2223. St. Paul. 159
OOMS— First floor No. 702 Burr st. for
rent. Inquire at No. 704 Burr st. 15
ROOMS — large rooms to rent, corner
Charles st. and Virginia ay. Inquire at
353 Eilen st " 159-60
ROOMS For rent a very desirable suit of
furnished rooms in private family : bath •
and gas. Address G 81, Globe. 159-60
SEVENTH ST., 425 WEST— Suite of four
fine unfurnished rooms, all conven
iences, to reliable party. Call on or address
K. A. Burke, 425 YVest Seventh. 159-62
SEVENTH ST., 418 EAST— A nicely fur
- nished room for rent 159
SUITE of four rooms, from J u'ue 5; ref
erences required. B. F. Knauft. 340
East Seventh st 153-59
OMERSET ST., 307— large front,
room, unfurnished, on ground floor.
■ 157-63 .
OI'TH OAK ST., 246— Two furnished
front rooms, modern conveniences,
pleasant grounds, near cable line. 158-159
THIRD ST., 301-2, WEST. Room 6—l n
furnished: one large or three en suite.
158-59 ____.
front room suitable for two gentlemen, •
on street car line. ■ . 155-61
TILTON ST., 11— Three unfurnished
rooms, and use of bath room, for light
housekeeping. . - 159
<*pWELFTH ST.. 61— Furnished front
J- room; only two blocks from capitol;
cheap tor two gentlemen. 159-60
•p WELFTH ST., 57, EAST— For rent, fur-
X .. nished rooms for one or two gentlemen; '
one block and a half from capitol ; $10 per
month; good location and good neighbor
hood. 157-159
WABASHA ST., 521— Two large, nicely
furnished front rooms conuected,
suitable for two or more gents; opposite cap
itol. 159
WABASHA ST., 574— nicely fur
. nished room, with gas and use of
bath-room. ' .*" " 15961
' *_____. .
ESKROOM— For rent, deskroom cor
ner Third and Jackson sts., Room 5,
Hale block. " 154-160
OFFICE— A desirable corner office on tne"
second floor of the Globe building. In
quire of St. Paul Real Estate Titie Insurance
Company. •■- 136*
OFFICE— For rent part of office. Room
69. Globe. 159-161
STORE— Fine store and basement foe rent;
184 West Seventh (Seven corners) : splen
didjopeumg for dry goods, grocery, crockery,
jewelry store. J. YV. Shepard, 94 East Fourth
st , or janitor in building. . . 159-165
TOi-'E— block; good locality. In
quire B. F. Snauft 340 East seventh st.
■ :'. 153-159 - •
ANNA C. DREW school shorthand, type 1
-writing and telegraphy; first-class and
exclusive; learn now for positions in the
fall. Address Elva J. YVilcox, Hale block,
corner Third and Jackson sts. .103*
college the commercial course is
most complete and practical; shorthand
and - typewriting taught by experienced
and thoroughly competent teachers; a
German class conducted by a native
teacher; English branches during the
summer term; rates of tuition very low. Our
large patronage and the number of teachers
employed enables us to give more and better
instruction than can be obtained elsewhere.
Address corner Seventh and Jackson. 102-73
practical course of study; most compe
tent and experienced teachers; largest and
most suitable rooms; ! individual instruction
a special feature in all departments; lowest
rates of tuition. Our large patronage enables
us to give more and better instruction than is
given in any other school in the city or state,
Besides the commercial and shorthand de
partments, we have, during the summer,
classes in all the English branches. Address
corner Third and YY'abasha sts. . - 120*
selected for purchasers free of charge.
Malcolm E. Nichols, 507 Grand Opera Block.
•■-■'■'■ «,'-"" 134* ■
USIC AND SINGING lessons by Mrs.
Thrumpton, R. M. A., England terms
moderate. .515 YVabashast 158-161
Instruction given in the French. German.
Italian. Spanish and English languages ac
cording to the celebrated Meisterschaft sys
tem, a wonderfully short and simple method
of acquiring a practical knowledge of the
above languages: day and evening classes;
only 50 cents per lesson. W. S. Betts, 171
"West Sixth st. St Paul. Minn. 155-
0 Eastern colleges or wishing to continue
their studies during the summer thoroughly
tutored in Latin, Greek or mathematics by
specialists in those branches. Address A 91.
Globe. : 155-160
Lessons day. evening, and by mail. Mal
conn E Nichols, 507 ('rand Opera block.
' ** -134*
H. Levin. Finder please return to 508
Rice st. and receive liberal reward. 159
Stiinn JREWAKJ * for the conviction of
MP-*-^-' v/ the person who stole mv red Irish
setter dog. Stone, the Jeweler. ' 157-59
die Tetreault and Eliza Tetreault, his
wife, did. under date of Oct 4th, 1886, exe
cute and deliver to The North Star Building
, Society of St. Paul, Minnesota, a corporation
duly organized and acting under the laws of
the state of Minnesota, a certain indenture of
mortgage to secure certain sums of money
therein mentioned, wherein and whereby
they did mortgage unto the said party of the
second part, its successors and assigns, the
following described premises and real estate,
situate in the county of Ramsey and state of
Minnesota, aud described as follows, to wit:
Commencing at a point ten hundred and
fifty (1,050) feet south from the northwest
corner of the east one-half (E 1/2) of the
southwest quarter (SYY* 14) of section num
ber twenty-eight (28), in township number
twenty-nine (29) north, of range twenty-two
(22) west, and running thence south along
the line between the west one-half and the
east one-half of the southwest quarter (SYV
•A) of the above-described section number
twenty-eight (28) one hundred (100) feet:
thence east one hundred and sixty (160) feet
to the west line of Greenwood avenue:
thence north one hundred (100) feet along
the line of said avenue; thence west one
hundred and sixty (160) feet to the place of
beginning, being the. same property de
scribed on page "365" of Book" --64" of
Deeds, records of Ramsey county, Minne
sota; which said indenture of mortgage was,
on the 22d day of October, A. D. 1886, duly re
corded in the office of the Register of Deeds
of said Ramsey -county, in Book 52 of Mort
gages, at page 423 ; ,
And whereas, said mortgagors did cove
nant and agree in said mortgage, in case of a
foreclosure thereof, to pay said mortgagee,
its successors or assigns, the sum of fifty
dollars attorney's fees ;
And whereas, default has been made in the
conditions of said mortgage, and there is
claimed to be due- and there is due on said
mortgage debt at the date hereof one thou
sand and sixty-three dollars and ten cents
($1,063.10), and no action or proceeding
at law has been instituted to recover the said
debt due and secured as aforesaid:
Now, therefore, notice is hereby given that,
under and pursuant to a power of sale in said,
mortgage contained, and recorded therewith,
and the statute in such case made and pro
vided, the above-described mortgaged prem
ises will be sold at public vendue at the front
door, on Wabasha street, of the office of the
Clerk of the District Court of Ramsey county
aforesaid, in St Paul, in said county, on Sat
urday, the 30th day or June. A. D. 1888, at
10 o'clock In the forenoon of said day, to
satisfy the amount then due upon said mort
gage debt, together with said attorney's fees
and the costs and expenses in that behalf al
lowed by law. ■ ' '•::•,...:.;.
Dated May 12, 1888.
Ciias. N.Bell, Room 51, Gilfillan block, St
Paul, Minn., Attorney for Mortgagee.
; ;.-.-:,. Maylo-7wks-thurs
Notice is hereby given that de
fault has been made in the conditions of a
certain mortgage, executed and delivered by
Robert H. A. Boyd, an unmarried man, to
Benjamin F. YY'rieht, bearing date the 14th
day of Man*. 1887, and duly recorded in
the office of the register of deeds in and for
the county ol Ramsev and state of Minne
sota, on the ISth day of April. 1887. in Book
158. of mortgages, on page 89; that said
mortgage, and the indebtedness secured
thereby, was, under date of June 15,1887,
duly assigned by said Benjamin F. Wright
to Francis YY". Anderson. and said assignment
was duly recorded in said register's office in
Book "P" of assignments at page 418, ou the
24th day of June, 1 887 ; that said mortgage,
and the indebtedness secured thereby, was,
under date of July 29th, 1887, duly assigned
by said Francis YY". Anderson to M. YY'. Allen,
aud said assignment was duly recorded in
said register's office in Book "Q," of assign
ments at page 205, on the 30th day of July,
1887; that said mortgage, and the "indebted
ness secured thereby, was, under date of
March 31, 1888, duly assigned by said M. YY*.
Allen to said Benjamin F. YY'right and said
assignment was duly recorded in . said regis ;
ter's office in Book S of assignments, at
page 405, on the 12th day of April, 1888: and
that at the date of this notice there is claimed
to be due and unpaid on said mortgage debt,
the sum of five hundred and forty-three dol
lars ($543). and that no action or proceeding
at law or otherwise has lean instituted to
recover the debt secured by said mortgage, or
any part thereof.
Now. therefore, notice is hereby given that
by virtue of a power of sale contained in said
mortgage and made a part thereof, and pur
suant to the statute .in such case
made and provided, the said mortgage
will be foreclosed, and the premises
described in and covered by said mortgage,
which said premises are . situated in said
county of Ramsey and state of Minnesota, to
yvit: -i ••■."■' j.-."'- '■ '-
Lot seventeen (17), in block eight (S), of
Roger's addition to St. Paul, according to the
plat of said addition of record in the office
of the Register of Deeds in and tor said
Ramsey county, will be sold at public auction
to the highest bidder for cash, and as by law
and the statute in such case made and pro
vided. in St. Paul, Minnesota, at the front
door, on YVabasna street, of the office of the
Clerk of the District court of said Ramsey
county, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of Sat
urday, the 30th day of June, A. D. 1888, to
satisfy said mortgage debt then due, together
with the attorney's fees named in said mort
gage, and the costs and expenses of these
proceedings allowed by law.
Dated April 12, 1888.
BENJAMIN F. WRIGHT. Original Mortgagee
and now Assignee of said Mortgage.
Charles N. Bell, Room 51, Gilfillan block,
St. Paul, Minn., Attorney for said Assignee.
Under Decree. — State of Minnesota
County of Ramsey— Court, Second
Judicial District. '-"-V- •;;•.«■> -*..-;
YY'bereas, a certain judgment and decree
was duly entered and docketed in the Dis
trict Court of Ramsey County aforesaid, on
the 31 st day of October, 1887, in an action
wherein George A. YY'heaton and Clinton E.
Reynolds, copartners as YY'heaton. Reynolds &
company, are plaintiffs, and Mary B." Pease is
defendant, ln favor of said plaintiffs and
against said defendant for. the sum of five
hundred twenty-six and 80-100 dollars
($526.86). which said judgment was decreed
a specific lien from and since the second day
of June, 1886, on the following described
real estate and premises, together with the
buildings thereon, situate in the County of
Ramsev, State of Minnesota, to- wit: Com
mencing at the southeast corner of Lot No.
seven (7), in Pease's rearrangement of lots 3,
4. 7 and 8. in Prospect Hill, according to the
plat thereof ; thencewest en the south line
of said Lot No. seven to the southeast corner
of land owned by David Robertson, beiug
235 feet, more or less; thence north 132 ieet
to the northeast corner of said Robertson's
land: thence east 235 feet to east line of said
Lot No. seven; thence south 132 feet to the
place of beginning.
And, whereas, it was further decreed that
said premises be sold to satisfy said judg
Now, therefore, notice is hereby given that
1 will sell the premises above described at
public auction, according to the statute •in
such cases made and provided,- on : Tuesday
the 12th day of June, 1888, at 10 o'clock iv
the forenoon, at the front door of the court
house, in the city of St. Paul, in said county,
to satisfy the judgment aforesaid and tiie
costs and expenses of sale.
: Dated April 25, ISSS.
Sheriff of Ramsey County. Minnesota.
/?//«?' ness Chance ads. in the GLOcnare seen
***«**» by the most people.
T . Sale.— Notice is hereby given that under
date of December 3d, A. D. 1883, Theodoer
Larsen, unmarried, as mortgagor, executed
to the North Star Building Society of St. PauL
Minnesota, as mortgagee, .. his certain
mortgage deed, whereby he - mortgaged to
said mortgagee, its successor land as
signs, the property* hereinafter named, the
same being in Ramsey county, Minnesota,
for the purpose of securing to said mortgagee,
its successor and assigns,the prompt payment
of the several sums of money in said' mort
gage named, aud at the times and in the
manner therein stated; and notice is also
given that said mortgage was. on the llth
day of December, 1883, duly recorded in the
office of the register of* deeds of said
Ramsey county at page 222 of book 52 of the
Mortgage Records of said office, and that de
fault has been made in the paymant of said
interest, and also of said premium, and also
of said monthly dues named in said mort
gage, for more than six mouths, and that the
whole principal debt has, by the terms of said
mortgage, by such default, become due, and
that said mortgagee claims there is due and
there is due, at the date of this notice, the
sum of one hundred and nineteen dollars
and fourteen cents ($119.14); and notice is
also given that said mortgage, and the same
was recorded as a part . thereof, contains a
power of sale upon deiault. being made in
the conditions of said mortgage, and that by
reason of said default said power has become
operative, and no action or proceeding has
been instituted at law or otherwise, to recover
said debt as aforesaid, or any part thereof.
Notice is given, that by i an instrument in
writing, recor ed on the Ist day of October,
A.D.I 886. in Book. 135 of Deeds at page
371. of the records of said Register's office,
said building society released from the lien'
pf said mortgage a part of said premises,
leaving subject to said mortgage the premises
hereinafter described.
Now, notice is hereby given, that by reason
of the premises, and under and by virtue of
said power of sale, the said mortgaged
premises, not released as aforesaid, the same
being described as follows : All of lot fifteen
(15), except the south one hundred feet
thereof, in Charles YVeide's subdivision of
block thirty four (34), of Arlington Hills ad
dition to St Paul, according to the plats of
said addition and said subdivision now of
record in the office of the register of deeds of
Ramsey county, Minnesota, will be sold at
public vendue to the highest bidder, in St
Paul, Minnesota, at the front door, on YY'aba
sha street of the office of the Clerk of the
district court of said county, at ten
o'clock in the forenoon of Saturday,
the ninth (9th) day of June, A. D. 188&,
as by law and the statute in such
case made provided, to satisfy the amount
which shall then be due on said mortgage
debt, together with attorneys fees named in
said mortgage and the costs" «nd expenses of
this foreclosure proceeding.
Dated April 6th. 1888.
Charles N. Bell, Room 51, Gilnllan
block, St Paul, Minn., Attorney for said
-Ll Sale— Notice is hereby given that
under date of November "Sth, A. D.
1883, Theodore Larsen. an unmarried
man. as mortgagor, executed to the
North Star Building Society of St Paul,
Minnesota, as mortgagee, his certain mort
gage » deed, whereby he mortgaged to said
mortgagee, its successors and assigns, tho
property hereinafter named, the same being
in Ramsey county, Minnesota, for the pur
pose of securing to said mortgagee, its suc
cessors and assigns, the prompt payment of
the several sums of money in said mortgage
named, and at the times and in the manner
therein stated: and notice is also given that
said mortgage was, on the 17th day of Novem
ber, ISS3, duly recorded in the office of the
Register ot Deeds of said Ramsey county, at
page 218 of book 52 of the mortgage records
of said office, and that default has been
made in the payment of said interest, and
also of said premium, and also of said
monthly dues named in said mortgage for
more than six months, and that the whole
principal debt has, by the terms of said mort
gage by such default, become due, and that
said mortgagee claims there is due. and there
is due at the date of this notice, the sum of
Six Hundred and Twenty-Five Dollars and
Sixty-Six Cents ($625.66). And notice is
also given that said mortgage, and the same
was recorded as a part thereof, contains a
power of sale upon default being made in
the conditions of said mortgage, and that by
reason of said default said power has be
come operative, and no action or proceeding
has been instituted at law or otherwise to re
cover said debt due as aforesaid, or any part
thereof. Notice is given that by an instru
ment in writing, recorded on the Ist day of
October. A. D. 1885, in book 135 of Deeds, at
page 371 of the records of said register*
office, said building society released
from the lieu of said mortgage
a part of said premises, leaving
subject to said mortgage the premises here
inafter described.
Now, notice is hereby gi\-en that by reason
of the premises, aud under and by virtue of
said power of sale, the said mortgaged prem
ises not released as aforesaid, the same being
described as follows: All of lot number
fifteen (15), except the south one hundred
feet thereof, in Charles Weide's subdivision
of block thirty-four (3-1), of Arlington Hills
addition to St. Paul, according to the plats of
said addition and said subdivision, now of
record in the office of the register of deeds of
said Ramsey couuty, Minnesota, will be sold
at public vendue to the highest bidder, in St.
Paul, Minnesota, at the front door, on Waba
sha street of the office of the clerk of tho
district court of said county, at 10 o'clock in
the forenoon of Saturday, the sixteenth
(16lh) day of June, A. D. 1888, as by law
and the statute in such case made and pro
vided, to satisfy the amount which shall then
be due on said mortgage debt, together with
the attorney's fees na'ned iv. said mortgage,
and the costs and expenses of this foreclos
ure proceeding.
Dated April 6, A. D. 1888.
Charles S. Bell, Room 51, Gilfillan Block,
St. Paul, Minn. .Attorney for said Mortgagee.
nesota, County of Lyon. District Court,
Ninth Judicial District.
In the matter of assignment of Henry A.
Bolles, of Camden, Lyon county, state of
Minnesota. "
To the creditors of Henry A. Bolles. of Cam
den, Lyon county, state of Minnesota:
That on the 25th day of May, 1888, the
above-named Henry A. Bolles ("better known
in business as H. A. Bolles & Co.) has duly
assigned all of his properly to the under
signed, for the equal benefit of all his
creditors, in proportion to their respective
valid claims, yvho shall file releases of their
debts and claims against said debtor, Henry
A. Bolles. as is required. by law, and that I
have accepted the trust.
Camden, Lyon County, Minn.
Dated May 28th. 1888. -
Court— .Judicial District, Ram
sey County.
In the iter of 4 the assessment for open
ing, widening und extending Gorman
avenue between Curtice street and Annapo
lis street
On reading and filing the petition of R. L.
Gorman. President of the Board of Public
YVorks of the city of St Paul, setting forth
that iv making the assessment of the dam
ages and benefits in the above matter the
said Board ot Public YY'orks erred in not
allowing sufficient damages for certain prop
erty which had been wholly taken for said
assessment of damages and benefits, will
work a hardship upon all property owners
along the line of said street as opened,
widened and extended should said judgment
not be reopened and a re-assessment had,
and praying that the order for judgment in
said matter be vacated and that said judg
ment be reopened ;
Ordered, that all persons interested in the
above assessment show cause before this
court at a special term thereof to be held on
Saturday.the 16th day of June, 1888. why
said order for judgment in said matter should
not be vacated and said judgment reopened,
and that a copy of this order be served on
all property owners along the line of said
Gorman avenue affected by said proceedings
resident within the said county of Ramsey,
at lea-it five days before said 16th day of
June, 1888. and that further service of this
order be made by publishing the same at least
two times in the official paper of the city of
St Paul, the last publication to be at least
five days before said 16th day of June, 1888.
June 4, 1888.
O Ramsey. Probate Court, Special Term,
June 6, 1888.
In the matter of the Estate of Maria Bell,
On reading and filing the petition of Fred
erick Bell, administrator of the estate of
Maria Bell, deceased, representing, among
other things, that he has fully administered j
said estate, and praying that a time and place
be fixed for examining and allowing his ac
count of administration, and for the assign
ment of the residue of said estate to the par
ties entitled thereto;
It is ordered that said account be exam
ined and petition heard by the Judge of this '
Court on Friday, the 29th day of June, A. D.
1888, at 10 o clock a.m., at the Probate
Office, in St. Paul, in said county.
And it is further ordered that notice there
of be given to all persons interested *_>- pub
lishing a copy of this order for three success
ive weeks, on Thursday of each week, prior
to said day of hearing, in the St. Paul Daily
Globe, a daily newspaper printed and pub
lished in said county."
By the Court
[l. s.] E. S. GORMAN, Judge of Probate.
Attest: Frank Robert. Jr.. Clerk.
151 FOOT BOAT, $251
Cor. Isabel and Clinton. West St. Paul,
I - One block from street cars.

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