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?7'7i'- _______
:•■ & General Spirit of Liquidation Causes
Prices of Cereals to
Wheat Closes a Cent Off, Oats the
Same, and Corn Even
' Financial Operations in the Money
Centers— General Quo
r tations.
__-; , ., '
7 - Special to the Globe.
.-"% Chicago, June 16.— board of trade
i barkets were dull this morning. Wheat and
corn opened tame and fairly lower. The
-Tr weather could not well be more favorable
for growing crops, and corn especially is un
* derstood to be making extraordinary prog
ress on increased area. Crop advices from
7. the Northwest arc glowing. Cables are rather
easier, though representatives of foreign
houses are picking up considerable grain at
current prices. July wheat sold down to
81% c this morning, and advanced to B*2c be
-7 fore 10:30 o'clock. Indications point to a
reduction of 1,000,000 to 1,250,000 bushels
7 In the visible supply this week. This will
bring stocks in sight down to the
neighborhood of 21,000.000 bushels.
Receipts of corn were 523 cars
and the out inspection about 200.000 bu.
. The early range was 51t&(§ 52c for July, and
' 52i*@52"_C for August, Provisions were
rather steadier. July pork was quoted early
[email protected]; July lard nt 53.50, and
July ribs at 57.45(T*.7.50. Wheat had no
friends today, judging from appearances.
* July was beaten down to SOTfcc, a further
. sprinkage of I '4c from yesterday, and l*"ic
from the best prices reached this morning.
December held up well, only declining tic to
84c, and August ruled ViC above July. The
cash wheat in store here is largely in the con
trol of elevator companies, and is procurable
off the market. It is never pressing for sale
at the market. The feeling at the
close was decidedly better than at any
time during the day and fully V.c above the
bottom. The impression Is becoming general
that the market has turned. Corn followed
wheat today, ruling weak until late and then
firming up and elosingat considerable recov
ery from inside quotations. Estimated ar
rivals for Monday, 580 cars. Provisions were
featureless to the end.
the boutix- nEroaiT.
CracAf.o, June When business opened
on change to-day it was quite evident that
the spirit of liquidation was general. There
were a few exceptions and a few bold takers
of cereals, but this only served for slight ral
lies and checked the "downward tendency.
By noon the conservative feeling gave way
to a renewal of vigorous liquidation. Large
quantities of long wheat came out, and July,
which otened unchanged at __•&_, after sell
lug down to 81% c early and returning to 82c,
or about the closing price last night, took
a second plunge and went to 80"igc
with a slight rally to 81 Vie. As against the
spirit of realizing and liquidation, there was
little to encourage buying. Clearances were
small. There was some buying by exporters
for the continent, but selling by British
agents. The weather and crop news grows
more bearish every day. The outside esti
mate docs not put the visible suppiv decrease
at over 1.000,000 bu. July closed at BU_c.
Corn was quite active to-day and at times
considerably excited, with transactions
heavy and "at a lower range of prices.
The bears were particularly favored by the
circumstances. The shipments yesterday
were light; the weather was the best possible
for the growing crops: wheat was panicky;
'^"\ the estimates for Monday were large, and it
v was figured that local slocks had increased
fully 1,000,000 bu during the week. Willi
. this array of facts on their side the bears
" sailed in with more than their usual confi
., dence. One dealer led the ball by buying
50.000 bu July, and he was followed by
; other large firms, while the small army of
lightweight professionals brought up the
7 rear. Values took a wild plunge downward.
; - July opened at 55% c, and brought
' up "shortly after noon at 50",.. Here
there was enough buying to pre
vent a further slump. Hutchinson was a
: " -free bnyer from 51 Vac for July down to the
**• bottom." July closed at 50*_c. Oats suffered
■7 a decline miner the combined influence of
'•- good weather, fine crop prospects and the
;. marked weakness in other grains There
>■' was no very large trade, but the market was
">. heavy and sagging, with but little recovery
to the close. July oats ■ fell from 33i«c
to 32i*c, and closed with .l-tic bid.
Provisions were lat her slow and weakened
early, in sympathy with wheat and corn, but
later became stronger and rallied, but last
sales were at practically the same prices as
yesterday. Scalper, were the principal trad
ers, but "were not at all aggressive. July
pork sold at >[email protected], and closed at
$13.071..: July lard at [email protected]_, and
Closed at [email protected] July short ribs sold
at $7..7a,2<_7.50. Packing since March 1,
1,951,000 hogs, agaiust 957,000 nogs the
same time last year.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
t Wheat— 2 June opened at 811,2 c, closing
nt 81c; July 82VbC, closing at Bl',i;c; August,
82% c, closing at 82c; December, S4* , 4c,
- closing at 84% c. Corn— N.o. 2 June opened
at 51c; elosingat 50c; July, 51 %c, closing
at 50ii?c; August, 52% c, closing at 51c;
September, 52% c, closing at 5 Hie. Oats— No.
2 June opened at 32% C, closing at 32s*c;
July, 33t,bc. closing at 32*4 c; August 285SC,
closing at 27t'i>c; September, 264.C, closing at
26% c. Mess Pork. Per KM— July opened at
$13.60, closing at $13.67%; August, 513.75,
I ' closing at $13.77%; September $13.85. clos
ing at $13.8712. Lard Per 100 Lbs— July
1 opened at $8.50, closing atsß.47*_; August
« $B.ss,closing at $8.55 : September, $8.621,.,
elosingat $8.00; October, $8.60, elosingat
$8.60. Short Bibs, Per 100 Lbs— uly
opened at $7.45%, closing at $7.50*;
August, $7.57",., closing at $7.55;
h September, $7.05, closing at $7.05.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour
• Dull and neglected; winter, $2.7504.60;
Epring, $1.75©4.80; rye, [email protected] Wheat
—No. 2 spring, [email protected] Corn— 2,
4984 c. Oats— No. 2, 32% C. Rye— No. 2, 57c.
Barley— No. 2. 64© 65 c. Flax Seed— No. 1,
$1.30. Prime Timothy Seed— Mess
, Pork, Per 8b1— [email protected]%. Lard Per
100 $8.371,2. Short Ribs sides (loose),
$7.45. Dry salted shoulders (boxed). $o(§j
6.25. Short clear sides (boxed), $£©8.05.
Whisky— Distillers' finished goods, per gal,
$1.20. Receipts— 13.000 bbls: wheat,
33,000 bu; corn, 434,000 bu; oats, 245,000
bu; rye, 4.000 bu; barley. 11.000 bu.
Shipments— Flour, 13,000 bbls; wheat, 12,
--000 bu; corn, 155,000 bu; oats, 584,000 bu;
rye, 600 bu; barley, 70,» dv. On the produce
exchange to-day " the butter market was
easier; creamery. [email protected]; dairy, lo(*£l7c.
Eggs steady at 13i.'[email protected]
Investment Bankers.
152, 153, 154 Drake Block. Loan Money
on Improved Ileal Estate Security,
At 6, _>_♦ 7* 7" and 8 per cent*
R__on Shortest Notice for any amount.
Duluth Grain.
Special to the Globe.
Du-UTB, Minn., June 16. The market
closes the week with an active and irregular
day, opening 14c off from last night's close,
on July. Business was fairly lively, and the
i tendency was up for a time, after which free
offerings weakened the market. Cash wheat
! did not sell. No. 1 hard was worth at the
close 81 %c: June sold early at Sl34c, and
closed at Sl%c. • July opened at 82c, firmed
[' up to 82' , with heavy trading at 82% C, sold !
[j off to SlSfec, and closed firm at Sl^gc bid.
b . August opened at last night's close. 8284 c, i
>, sold at 827SC, but weakened off to 81"sc: it
7, revived and closed at 82c. December sold
X actively at 8414 cat the opening, weakened
7 to 83*,.c, and closed at 83»ic bid.
V. S. Government Depository.
Ht. Mekdenh-11. Pres. H. A. W___. Cas_ie_
Milwaukee Produce.
■Milwaukee. June 16.— Flour not quoted.
Vt'heat irregular; cash and July, 78% c, Au
just, 79'tsc. Corn quiet; No. 3,48 c. Oats
. .dull; No. 2 white, 351..C Rye dull; No. 1,
61c. Barley dull; No. 2. 60c. Provisions
steady. Pork, June, 3.70. Lard, June,
7 $8.50; July, $8.55. Butter quiet; dairy,
[email protected] Eggs steady; fresh, 13i,.c. Cneese
*. nominal; cheddars, 9*[email protected]/2C. Receipts—
> Flour, 8,000 bbls ; wheat, 23,000 : barley,
7 500. bu. Shipments— Flour, 5,000 bbls;
; ■- .'wheat, 5,000 bu ; barley. 1,000 bu.
_i 1 m
;■:', PAUL, MINN.
lr Grain and provisions bobgbt and sold for
.•-.■*••»•„ r<j deliver! - .' - Commission one-
" K f,the purchase and sale of
"*-»- change in the country
the gooi_ T e the only direct
act towai to Chicago and
this comiii.
: vote, hoifnce.
(*•■ I "straw,": our-Receipts.
i'- ' the boastft.3s bbls, 2,200
- 3 idclac,ueu^ 0 <S 8i b S:
r .1.- . . xpons, __,-
T ' '• ■ - — -w, j - me -*■.•'..'- 3** 1 —
934 bu; sales, 3.973,000 bii futures,' B6.ooo :
buspot; cash grades declined a,_©%c, with ;
some interest from exporters; options broke
%®*4c early, ruling easy during the short
session, closing at the bottom ; speculation
moderate; ' No. 2 spring, nominal, 86V2C; No.
1 hard, 88%(gS9e delivered: ungraded. 8834
©01c; No. 2 red, 91c delivered. 90©00^c
1. o. b. ; No. 1 red, nominal, 94"-C; No. 1
white, nominal, 97c; No. 2 red, June,
8844_i8S4fac, closing at 8814 c; July.
89®89%c; August, [email protected]_c, closing at 90c;
September, [email protected], closing at 90«fec;
December, 93 13 lG(7*-.9'_"4c doting at 93% c;
May, 9S>[email protected], closing at 98 tic Corn
—Receipts, 2t?,150 bu; exports, uene; sales,
099,000 bu futures, 89.000 bu spot; cash de
clined 14(0. 1.2c and ruled dull; options broke
"4(_.%c early, and after a few slight changes,
closed at the bottom; speculation moderate;
ungraded, 55% c; No. 2. [email protected]*4c elevator;
[email protected]'*4c delivered: No. 2 June, 56%®
57ftc, closing at 50**4 c; July, 57%@57%c.
closing at 57% c; August, 58_®
58*fec. closing at 57% c: September,
r»'t*i>s>,r>9i_c, closing at 59i,_c; - October,
[email protected]*tt, closing 59%; November, closing
58%: December, 54c, closing 54c Oats—
Receipts, 94.000 bu; exports, none; sales,
135.000 bu futures, 87.000 bu soot; *4Kftc
lower, closing weak ; mixed Western. 3"'©
3:' c; white Western, [email protected] Hay quiet
firm, shipping 65. Hops, firm, California 3
@.12c Coffee— Spot; fair Rio dull, nominal
15i4c; options heavy 2:[email protected] points lower;
sales. 41,250 bags; June. 12.50 c; July,
[email protected]*- ; August, [email protected] : Sep
tember, [email protected]; October. 9.75©
9.99 c; November, 9.80(g.9.90c; De
cember, 9.60®9.90c; January, 9.90
©K'c; February, 10c; March, 10.05 c
Sugar, quiet, firm; refined quiet: molasses
dull, nominal. Rico steady. Petroleum
steady: United closed firm at"7osfec. Cotton
seed oil quoted at 42c crude, 47c refined.
Tallow steady at4ftc Rosin quiet. Turpen
tine dull. Eggs heavy and lower; receipts,
4.307 packages; Western, [email protected]_c Pork
dull and wholly nominal. Cut meats dull.
Lard more or less nominal; Western steam,
$8.75; June and July closed at $8.71 ; Au
gust. $8.74; September, $8.78; October,
$8.75: December. $8.05; city steam, $8.15.
Butter unchanged and quiet" Cheese quiet
but firm : Ohi^ fiats, 7(gßVic Copper, lead
and tin nothing doing. Other articles un
Members New York Stock Exchange and Chi
cago Board of Trade.
Offices: New York, 44 Broadway; St. Paul,
1 Gilfillan Block; Chicago. 6 Pacific Ay.
Direct wires from our office In St Paul, No.
1 Gilfillan Block, to New York Stock Ex
change and Chicago Board of Trade.
On improved real estate at lowest current
rates. No delays.
Room 28, German- American Bank.
Peter Berkey. President
CO. Johnson. General Manager.
St. Louis Produce.
St. Louis. June 16.— Flour dull. Wheat
opened weak, and declined H.c on account
of general unloading, later recovered about
%c. aud closed %c below yesterday. No. 2
red, cash, 83*"ic; July, 81©S2>/_c, closing at
81% c; August, 818,[email protected]%c, closing at Bia4c;
September, 83%@83%C, elosingat bid;
December, 66'&@87*-<e, closing at 86>_c.
Corn opened weak and declined lc: July,
45%(?j;46'iic, closing at 45*!4c; August. [email protected]
47% c, closing at 40%e; year, 30%(_>37*iic,
closing at 36**se. Oats weak and lower;
cash. 31%@32*4c; June. 31%cbid; July, 28
("•_si£c: August, 24 % c bid. Rye nothing
doing. Barley nominal. Bran, 60c.
96 East Fourth Street,
Kansas City Grain.
Kansas City, Mo., June 16.— Wheat
lower: No. 2 soft, cash, 80c asked: July,
73c bid. 74c asked; August, 73i_c bid, 74c
asked; No. 2 red winter, 72% c bid, 73c
asked: August. 72c. Corn weak; No. 2 cash,
-sV_e asked; July, 443/ic bid,' 45*,2 C asked;
August, 45V2C bid; year 30 bid 33',_c asked;
No. 2 white, cash, 49c asked. Oats— 2,
cash sales at 29% c.
Wheat, Corn, Oats, Barley, Baled Hay,
14 Chamber of Commerce, St. Paul.
Toledo Grain.
Toledo. June 16.— Wheat active and lower;
cash and June, 88c: July, 861,2 c; August,
Bl*',_c; September, 87% c;* December, S9%c
Corn dull and steady ; cash, 53c Oats quiet ;
August, 28c. Clover seed dull; October,
$4.50. Receipts— Wheat. 2,000 bu; corn,
5.000 bu. Shipments— Wheat. 37,000 bu;
corn, 2,000 bu; oats, 1,000 bu.
Lrv_ Stock Commission Merchants, Room 3,
Exchange Bldg., SIOUX CITY, lowa. Refer
ence Ed. Haakmson, See.Union Stock Yards
Co.: A. S. Garretson, Cashier Sioux National
Bank; F. T. Evans, D. T. Hedges, Sioux City:
Albert Scheffer, Pres. Commercial National
Bank, St. Paul. Minn.
Liverpool Grain.
Liv_nro<«_, June 10.— heat quiet, hold
ers offer freely. Corn steady, demand fair.
Lard— Prime western, 42s 3d" per cwt,
PAID UP CAPITAL. - $400,000.
Surplus and undivided profits, $55,000.
_.___. Raxse., ■ WuLLiA-t Bickel,
. President Cashier;
New York.
New York, June 16.— Clearings to-day,
$100,486,469; balances. $6,436,461. For
the week: Clearings, $585,934,939; bal
ances, $35,760,382. Money on call easy at
1(?c1'.2 per cent: lust loan at 1, closed "flat
Prime mercantile, paper, [email protected] Sterling ex
change dull, but steady at §4.86% for sixty
day bills, and $4.88% for demand.. The
stock market was • finite active to-day, espe
cially in spots, and the tone of the dealings
from start to finish was strong and material
gains were made throughout the list,
many stocks closing at the highest
prices for the week. There was
a dearth of news upon the street, calculated
to affect values either way, but the meager
advices from the West were of a reassuring
nature, and the grangers were prominent
both for activity . and strength, it was an
nounced that the roads regarded the new
tariff in lowa as a victory, enabling them to
maintain through rates and local rates in
other states. The special feature of the day,
however, was New England, which was very
strong, and the buying in the stock was at
tributed to interest closely identified with the
property. A prominent broker with
a boston house was conspicuous in
the crowd dealing in the stock, bid
ding for rye lots. The opening of
the market was only fairly steady,
with the professionals still in command, and
Missouri Pacific and New England were '„
per cent lower; the bullish sentiment soon
prevailed, however, and London came in as
a buyer, prices began to advance immediate
ly, and the marKet became more active on
the increased demand for stocks. New
England. Louisville & Nashvill, Missouri Pa
cific and the grangers took the lead, and
values mounted rapidly during the first
hour, but after that time" the sales for reali
zation kept the market down, though the ad
vance met with no setback. The close was
quiet and strong at the best figures of
the day. Everything on the active list is
higher "this evening, and Chicago, Burling
ton & Quincy rose Hi; New England and
Louisville & Nashille, I*4 per cent each;
Northwestern, 1%; St. Paul, Rock Island
and Lake Shore, 1 per cent each, and the
remainder fractional amounts. The railroad
bond maiket was quiet but it was in close
sympathy with the dealings in shares, and
remained firm to strong through, though the
chauges In quotations were not so pro
nounced as in the share list. No special
feature marked the trading and the sales
were only $523,000. Government bonds
were dull and steady. State bonds were
The total sales of stocks were 115,9 18
shares, inducing:
Del. L. &W.... 4,600 Reading 16,230
Lake Shore.... 7,225 1 Rich. <_ W. P.. 3,910
Louis. <_ N. ... 4.800 St. Paul 21,410
Missouri Pac... 3,885 Union Pac 9,050
Northwestern.. 5,475 1 Western Union 4,110
N. P. pfd ..:.. 4,563
Investment Bankers,
152. 153 and 154 Drake Block, St Paul,
Buy and Sell Stocks Bonds and RealEstatt
Quotations of Stocks and Bonds.
New York, June 16.— Stocks and bonds
closed at the following prices bid:
U. S. 4s reg 120*U Illinois Central. llßV2
do 4s coup 127% lnd., B. & W lin,_
do reg ...107 Kansas & Texas llt_
do coup.. 107 Lake Erie AW.. 14*4
Pacific of "951119 do pfd........ 43*,j
La. stamped 45.. 90 Lake Shore..... '. 90
Missouri 6s 102 V. Louisville & N.. 53a,.
Ten. new set 65. 105 Louis. & N. A... 35
do do 55... . 90 Mem. & Chas... 50
--do do 3s . 701. Michigan Cen... 79*4
Canada So. 2ds.. 92% Mil., L. S. <_ W.. 47
Cen.Pacificlsts+ll6 . dopfd 83
Deruiß-G. 15t5.1 19% Mpls. & St L... 4%
do do 4«.... 77>_ do pfd.. ..... 10
—■——■■————_—_——■■_—■—■——__——■— —_—___—g^^_—_— —i
"j - : — * ' ; — " r— 7 ~~: —§*
D.&R.G.W.lsts 71 Missouri Pacific. 71%
Erie 2d5... -...*:. '92i& Mobile & Ohio.. 7
H. K. & T. G.Gs. 61 Nash & Chatt... 75
do do 55.... 53 N. J. Central. .. 82
Mutual Union Os 92% N. &- W. pfd .... . 40%
. N. J. C. int. cert.lo6 , Northern Pacific 22
N. Pacific lsts.. 118*14 d0pfd........ GO 'A
do do 2d5... 1061. Northwestern.;. los%
N.W. consols... l4lft dopfd.... 14014
do deb. 55... 108 N. Y. Central... 105 ft
Or. & Trans. (is.. 96 . N. V., C. & St.L. 14
St.L. &I.M. Sia,_ do pfd......*.. 63
St.L. &S.F.G.M.II7tt Ohio & Miss 19%
St. Paul consols. 125 ao pfd 80.
St.P.,C. <_P.15t5.122 Ontario & W.... 15**'
T. P. L. G. T. B. 43 Oregon 1mp..... 55
Union Pac. lsts. llsl* Oregon Nay ". 92
West Shore 103*54 Oregon Transc'l 22%
Adams Express.l3B Pacific Mail. ... 33%
Alton <_ T. H.... 38 Peoria. D. & E.. 19' A
do do pfd... 74 Pittsburg 158
Amer. Express.. 106 Pullman P. Car. 152
8., C. K. &N.... 20 Reading 58._
Cauad'n Pacific 56% Sock 151and. ...100
Can. Southern.. 49** i St. Louis& S. F. 28
Central Pacific. 29 dopfd.. 647s
Chic. & A1t0n. ..133 do Ist pfd... 114 .
Chic, B. & Q.... 11ia* St. Paul 63%
Chic, St.L. ft P. 11 do pfd 102%
do pfd 31 St. P., M. &M... 98
Cm.. S. <fc c 56 St. P. & Omaha.. 3514
Cleveland & Col. 45 dopfd 102i_
Del. & Hudson.. 108% Term. C. & 1.... 27*4
Bel., Lack. & W.128V2 Texas Pacific... 20*4
Den. & It. (; ... 15 T. &O. C. pfd... 50
East Tennessee. 7*4 Union Pacific. 54%
do Ist pfd.... 62V2 U. S. Express... 71
do 2d pfd.... 23 W., St. L. & P... 12V.
Erie 2-3% do pfd 221.
do pfd,....-.: 5324 Wells Fargo Ex.l 37 ■-■
Fort Wayne 152 Western Union. 76<_
Fort Worth &D. 23 Am. Cotton Oil.. 35ft
Hocking Valley. 191. Colorado Coal.. 33
Houston & Tex. 13
Paid Up Capital, $100,000.
E. M. Newport, President
W. B. Evans, Cashle*
Michael Defiel, Vice President
C, A. Hawks. Asst. Cashle.
Adams $3 25 Homestake ..$lO 00
Amador. 225 Iron Silver.... 375
Best <_ Belc'r. 450 Mexican . 475
Bodie 230 Navajo 170
Barcelona .... 105 North B. I ... 330
Cal. B. H 200 Ontario 2 78^
Crown Point.. 490 Plymouth 750
Cala. «_V"a.... 100 Proustite 100
Eureka 6 12% Standard 13 50
ElCristo 125 Sutro Tunnel. 18 00
Hale <_ Nor... 7 87"_
Alta. ...$l6O Savage $4 55
Best & 8e1.... 435 Sieir.v Nevada. 420
Con. Cal. ft ValO 50 Union C0n.... 430
Gould ftCurrv 395 Yellow Jacket. 5 67M2
Hale &N 'cross 800 Nevada Queen 400
Mexican 455 IN Belle 151e... 4 45
Ophir 8 121. Grand Prize... 1 85
Potosi 3 80 I
Paid Up Capital $600,000;
Surplus 1100,000.
Wm. Dawson, Pres. Robt. A. Smith, V,
Pres. Wm. Dawson. Jr.. Cashier.
St. Paul.
Wheat was again forced down another peg
Saturday. No. 1 hard dropped off lc, and No.
1 Northern tic, and even after this conces
sion sales were slow. Corn was weaker. Oats
steady. Milistuffs quiet. Hay weaker. Eggs
steady. The call:
Wheat— 1 hard, 83c bid: No. 1 North
crn, 82c bid; No. 2 Northern, 81c bid.
Corn— No. 2, 52c asked; June, 52c asked.
Oats— No. 2 mixed, 32c asked; June. 32c
asked; No. 1 white, 33c bid; No. 2, 33c
• asked.
Ground Feed— No. 1, $19 asked.
Corn Meal— Unbolted, $19 asked.
Bran— Bulk, $9 asked.
Hay— 1, $8 asked : No. 1 upland prairie,
$9 asked.
Flax Seed— sl.2o bid.
Potatoes— 2sc bid, 30c asked.
Egg.— l2%C bid, 13',_c asked.
(Successors to S. F. Clark.)
104 East Fifth Street, St. Paul.
Wholesale Butter and Eggs, and Shippers of
Fruits and Vegetables.
Produce Exchange.
The butter market continues weak and re
ceipts liberal. Receivers do their utmost to
dispose of stocks, but accumulations pile up
in spite of all their efforts. Strawberries are
scarce and high. Cheese quiet. Potatoes
steady. Poultry quiet. • "** .-■
Chamber of Coiaimerce.
Local sellers were havihg as much trouble '
as at anything during the past week. With
ouiside markets clown a cent- local prices
ruled about as much lower. The demand
was still for small lots, and millers found
plenty of grain to select from. Receipts
were 153 cars, and shipments 38. Duluth
reported 88on track. Following are the clos
ing quotations: No. 1 hard in store, cash,
SO^ic ; June. 8034 c: July, Sic; August, 81% c;
on truck. 82c ; No. 1 northern in store, cash,
79'_ c; June, 79V_c; July. 79% c; August,
80V2c;on track, _o*[email protected]; No. 2 north
ern in store, cash, 70*,2 c; June, 76i_e; July
7684 c; August, 7~i/2e ; on track, [email protected]*,«ic. '
Sales included: 10 cars No. 1 hard, to ar
rive. S2c; 10 cars No. lhard. to arrive. 82*4 c:
7 cars No. 1 northern, 80**4 c; 1 car No. 1
northern, o. t, 80c; 6 cars No. 1 northern,
611,2 c; 11 cars No. 1 northern, 80"Ac; 16
cars No. 1 northern, 80i,_c: 5 cars No. l
northern, 81c: 3 cars No. 1 northern, 80c;
2 cars No. 2 northern, 78V2C; . 8 cars No. 2
northern, 77c; 1 car No. 2 northern, 78c;
4 cars No. 2 northern, 77V2C; 1 car No. 3
75c; 1 car rejected, 60c; 3 cars rejected, 72c;
1 car rejected, 70c ; 2 cars rejected, 64c : 1 car
rejected. 68c; 1 car rejected. 67c: 1 car No
2 white oats.o. t.. 30c: 2 cars hay, $5.50.
Flour— Flour markets were weak and tend
ing down in sympathy with wheat. Smal
orders for patents were filled at near former
figures for domestic distribution, and some
lots of bakers were sold abroad at 22s 3d©
23s for firsts, and [email protected] less for seconds.
These sales were of moderate size, ranging
from 500, of 280 lbs, to 1,000 sacks. There
are several local mills shut down and a
great many in the country find it
convenient to do some "repairing"
while moving a small surplus of flour.
Patents, sacks, to local dealers, $4.70; patents
to ship, sacks, car lots, [email protected]; in bar
rels. [email protected]; delivered at New Eng
land points, $5. 35Q5.40; New York points,
$5.25(_.5.35: delivered at. Philadelphia and
Baltimore, $5.2<X*_5.30; bakers', here, $3.75
(53.90; superfine, [email protected]; red dog, sack,
[email protected]; red dog, bbls, $1.65(jj 1.75; rye
flour, pure, cwt., $1.70.
Bran and Shorts— bran market is
steady, but the feeling is not very confident
of any better prices yet. Sacked "lots move
pretty well, but bulk is slow at [email protected] Shorts
[email protected] above bran. --_B*i__|
Corn— There has been too much soft corn
here recently. it is not safe to store and can
not be sold on track. Receivers have much
trouble with it Dry lots brought [email protected],
while damp in many instances would not
bring 40c "-':-•'-'
Oats- Dull at [email protected] for good feedstock
o. t.
Feed— feed selling slowly at $19
Flax— Sales at $1.24. Chicage, $1.30.
Barley— Nominal [email protected]
Hay— A lew cars of good wild sold at $9®
10, but damaged car lots are abundant and
sell down in some cases to [email protected]
The following table shows the state in
spection of wheat at Minneapolis for the past
twenty- four hours:
V, North'n SJ S V.
p I o __ o
m<as I :*-!■' « ;§ ■ ©
Railroads. «_"""*'• S" 3
g m to : ft a
a, : : : : '•
M.&M.Breek. div. 2 11 1 1
M. ft M. F. F. div. 8 8
C, M. & St. Paul .... 3 8 .... 5 ....
M. 1. St. Louis 3 4 -4
Hp-is ft Pacific 7 2 ... l ....
Northern Pacific. 8 16 2... 2 ....
C, St P., M. &0. ... 4 22.... 3....
Total grades 18 52 38 .... 12 5
Total cars 125
Other Grains— No. 3 corn, 5 cars; no
grade corn, 10 cars; No. 2 oats, 7 cars; No.
3 oats, 5 cars.
Inspected— Wheat: No. 1 hard, 26 cars:
No. 1 Northern, 42 cars: No. 2 Northern, 9
cars; No. 3, 3 cars; no grade, 10 cars.
The following are the receipts and ship
ments of wheat to-day:
Points. Roc'ts. Shipts
Minneapolis 89.210 21,666
Duluth 38.778 51>5
Chicago 33.432 12.148
St. Louis 8.000
Toledo 2,000 37.175
Detroit 918 1,233
Philadelphia, 3,143 1,079
Baltimore 3,215
New York 84.6.0 23,943
Cincinnati Whisky.
Cincinnati, June. l 6. — Whisky steady;
sales. 864 bbls finished goods on basis of j
- 7'; v . Minnesota Transfer.
, The market at Minnesota Transfer Satur
day was quiet. The arrivals were only two
cars of hogs. There were frequent inquiries
1 for cattle, but there were none 10 be had. in
J consequence of which there will be ready
sales, with good prices, for the coming week.
Sales were:
Hogs— - *
No.". Ay. \rt. Price No. Ay. Wt Price
47..... 270 ?.*• 45 22 ....... 261 $5 40
27.....;.. 207 5 40 11.... 235 5 00
No. : '.*'7V "•„ - Av.Wt. Price
101 .•.•.............."... 96 $3 50
56 ; 87 50
42 lambs... 39 00
SOUTH ST. _?_ft_T_rXj.
The Yards and Packing Housei Open for'
Business. .
Beady Cash Market for Hogs.
St. Paul Union Stock Yards.
Receipts— B cars hogs— 474; 1 car young
■attle-113. Sales:
Hogs- :.
No. Ay. Wt. Price. l No. Ay. Wt. Price.
52 293 $5 45 60. ."..".';. .208 $5 45
OS 235" -540 67 .......231 540
52 221 5 53... .....272 545
54.... 262 5 45|64 243 540
Kansas City. ._. -7
Kaxsap Citt, Mo., June lO.'-Cattle—
ceipts, 1,701; shipments, none; slow and
weak; best steers [email protected] lower: medium
[email protected] lower and hard to - move ; good to
choice corn-fed, [email protected]; common to
medium corn-fed, $3.50^5; grass Texas
steers, £[email protected]; stockers, [email protected]: cows,
[email protected] Hogs— Receipts, 7,197; shipments,
1.600; slow, weak and [email protected] lower; good to
choice, [email protected] ; common to medium, $5
@5.25; skips and pigs, $2.50©4.75. Sheep
—Receipts, 635; shipments, none; good
steady: common weak; good to choice mut
tons, [email protected] ; common to medium, [email protected]
Chicago, June 16. — Cattle — Receipts,
3,000; shipments, none; market lower:corn
fed. [email protected]; 6tockers and feeders, $2.50®
4.10; cows, $2<r£4; Texas cattle, 52.10®
4.65. Receipts, 9,000; shipments,
5,000; market steady; mixed, [email protected];
heavy, $5.550.5.75: light, [email protected]">.60; pigs
and culls, $4<§.5.25. Sheep— Receipts,
1,000; shipments, none; market slow: mut
tons, §3.90©4.90; Texans, muttons, [email protected];
Western feeders, $3.25; spring lambs, $2®
3.75 per head.
and secretary of the American Dis
trict Telegraph company, hereby certify that
at a stockholders' meeting of the stockhold
ers ot said company, held at Central office,
136 East Fourth street, St. Paul, on the 14th
day of June, 1887, it was by a majority vote
of such shareholders resolved that the cap
ital stock of said company be increased from
fifty thousand dollars, divided into one
thousand shares of fifty dollars each, to one
hundred thousand dollars, divided into two
thousand shares of fifty dollars each.
In pursuance of said resolution, it was
further resolved, and such last-mentioned
resolution adopted at the same meeting and
by a majority vote, in number and amount of
the shareholders and shares of the American
District Telegraph company, that Article 111.
of the original articles of incorporation of
said company be amended so as to read as
follows, to wit:
Article III.— amount of capital stock
of said corporation shall be one hundred
thousand dollars, divided into two thousand
shares of fifty dollars each, and the same
shall be paid in at such times and Install
ments as called for by resolution or resolu
tions of the board of directors of said cor
poration, * and issued upon such
terms and conditions as the said
board by resolution may determine.
The said corporation may buy and sell its
own stock and the stock so bought: it may
retire and extinguish, or may hold the same
without extinguishment and' reissue it in the
same manner as other stock, or as the board
of directors, by resolution, may determine
and direct.
In witness whereof we, the president and
secretary, nave hereunto set our hands and
individual seals, and caused the seal of said
corporation to be affixed hereto, this Bth day'
of June, 1888.
. In presence of:
E. A. Barns, )
E. W. Barn*, V
C. M, Barns. J
County op Ramsey. 1 s *
Before me, a notary public, in and for
said county and state, personally, came
Charles F. Diether and Richard F. Naeh
trieb, to me known to be the president and
secretary of the aforesaid corporation, and'
the same persons who executed the forego
ing certificate, and they acknowledged that
they executed the same freely and volun
tarily and for the purpose of complying with
the law relative to the amendment of Arti
cles of Incorporation.
Notary Public, Ramsey County, Minn.
[Notarial Seal.] ■ '
Department of State. J - .■ -
I hereby certify that the within instrument
was filed for record in this office on the Bth
day of June. A. D. 1888. at 3:3o o'clock p.
m.. and was duly recorded in Book U of Incor
porations, on page 243. H. MATTSON,
- Secretary of State
Grading Alley in Block 6, Wood
land Park Addition.
Office Board of Public Works', }
City of St. Paul, Minn.,June 10,1888. 1
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the city of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
12 m. on the 29th day of June, A. D.
1888, for grading alley in block 6, Wood
land Park addition to St. Paul, from
Kent street to Dale street, in said
city, according to plans and speci
fications on file in the office of said*
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sura of at least twenty (20) per cent
of the gross amount bid must accom
pany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
R. L. GORMAN, President.
Official: W. F. Ekwin,
170-1 Clerk Board of Public Works.
Grading Alley in Block 1, Wood
land Park Addition.
Office Board of Public Works, )
City of St. PAUi.,Minn.,June 16, 1688. )
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the city of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
12 m. on the 29th day of June. A. D.
1888, for grading alley in block 1, Wood- .
land Park addition to St. Paul, from
Mackubin street to Kent street, in said
city, according to plans and specifica
tions on file in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent
of the gross amount bid must accompany
each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
K. L. GORMAN, President.
Official: W. F. Erwix,
170-180 - Clerk Board of Public Works.
Grading Wesley Avenue.
Office Board oF Public Works, )
City of St. Paul, Minn., June 16,1888. J
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the city of St. Paul,
Minnesota, at their office in said city,
until 1- m. on the 29th day of June, A.
D. ISSS, for grading Wesley avenue,
from Snelling avenue to Fairview ave
nue, in said city, according to plans
and specifications on file in the office of
said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent
of the cross amount bid must accompany
each bid.
: The said Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
K. L. GORMAN, Presk-iiit.
Official: ' W. F. Erwin.
170-80 Clerk Board of Public Works.
Ua/r ' ' a ' l ted ads. in the Globe are seen by
""V" ihe most people.- > •
The Firms whose Cards Appear Below are Among the Most Reliable Dea
• • "'. "' ' '. . . ers in St. Paul. '"' -"" : " :; "['' "'" — '—^
-A. _=l____R__3 o*E_:_s__sro__3.
Seventy-seven Acres on Turtle Lake, near J. J. Hill's farm, within three
miles Vadnais Park station. Nice seven-room cottage, beautiful park.
No better lake location in Ramsey county. Formerly the country home
of Commodore Kittson. For price and terms, address
METCALF & McCLANAHAN, 126 East Sixth St.
" *••■■■- ' - ST. PAUL. .*: ■':■: 7 .■...'•■-:■' •
Real Estate and Loans,
WE HAVE To 105 East 4-th St.,
National German-American Bank.
The present townsite is a fine, dry,
high and level tract of 1.200 acres, lo
cated on the Mississippi river, East from
St. Paul, adjoining the city limits and
on the River Divisions of both the Chi
cago, Milwaukee & St. Paul and "Bur
lington" Railways. The "Burlington"
runs hourly motor trains between St.
Paul Union Depot and St. Paul Park
fare 6c. See time table in daily papers.
The most desirable section, a tract
consisting of about 400 acres and located
over half a mile remote from the manu
facturing district, is reserved exclu
sively for the finer class of suburban
residences, where no residence is al
lowed to be built costing less than sl,2oo;
in this section there will be completed
in 1888 over 40 residences, costing from
$2,500 to $5,000 each; these lots range in
price from $250 to $400 each on easy
terms, are all J^-acre lots, with 80-foot
A cash bonus of $100 for each workman
continuously employed, and land on side
tracks necessary for factory buildings,
will be donated to reputable manufact
uring concerns to locate at St. Paul Park.
The following are now in operation:
Capacity, Workmen,
J. L. Spencer & Co., Carriages.."... 200
St. Paul Knitting Works 300
Henry A. Muekle, Sleighs 75
W . B. Church Cart Co., Cart 5....... 50
St: Paul Park Silk Co., Silk Goods. . 25
St. Paul Park Broom Co., Brooms. . 50
Globe Engine and Boiler Works. ... 25
H. A. Peterson, Agr'l Implements. 25
John Dudley Lumber Co 25
Total .775
: Lots in this section, $200 to ?300ceach.
Terms $25 cash and $10 per month.
I For price list, maps and other infor
mation: call en or address
28 East Fourth Street, St. Paul, Minn.
Branch Office on the grounds opposite depot,
in charge of C. A. Parker. ■
. .:. Maiilon D. Miller, President.
Fred. S. Bryant, Secretary. ; \\.; .."': '*-
Artifical Limbs '
Artificial Eyes)
Galvanic Batteries and Belts]
Wheel and Invalid Chairs
Archer Barber Chairs)
The Largest Exclusive Dental and Su>
gical Depot in the Northwest.
311 Wabasha St.. St. Paul.
Their cheats and tricks fully explained—
afflicted given timely advice and warning. -•
Honest means of self-cure pointed out in the
▲ Great Medical Work, for Young
„«, «.and Middle-Aged Me "«
_ssH3_-__ Exhaustion. • * ' '
-*t?3___S Errors of Youth, Wasting A Its! :
itr, Lost Vigor and Manhood
Impurities of the Blood In both sexes and
the untold miseries consequent .thereon. j
Contains 84 pages, elegantly illustrated.
Warranted the best popular medical treatise
in the Englash language. Price only 10 CW.
(stamp- or silver), mailed concealed an plalp
wrapper. Send now. Address the author,
1 r. N. E. WOOD, Sioux City, lowa.
t_r~Mention this paper._j^
. - : -""^ .25 ■**■'■-'■
Notice of Application for Liquor
; .' License.
City Clerk's Office, )
- — St. Paul, June 9, 1888. I
To Whom It May Concern:
.Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named persons have applied for
a license to sell intoxicating liquors for
the year 1888, at the places or locations
hereinafter stated. _§*"_s§
Smith & Davidson, southwest corner !
' Seventh and Jackson streets. |
Jackson & Stoll, 55 West Third street.
William Hickey & Son, 77 South Rob- !
ert. 7o"
Reubenstein & Tankenoff, corner Mm- i
lieliuha and Preble streets. j
Now, therefore, notice is further j
{riven that said applications will be j
heard and considered by the under- |
signed at his office in the City Hall, on !
Monday, the 25th day of June, A. D. !
1888, where all persons interested may I
appear and will be heard. - ■
innela-2t-mon City Clerk. j
....,-... ■ - --■.■■-.■: == !
Em mkmSSS^mi
A positive ware for Old Ulcers and Sores ot :
every name and description, no matter how . j
many years standing This Is the heavy >
anillerv of salves for Sores cf long standing. !
Ci -***. "also. Chilblains, Burns, Cuts, Felons," !
Scalds, Frost Bites, &c. y<j <_?._"_*
All genuine bears t_i<- /*"> trvJ-y/'J
iifi:i,tlure - Aid£'HUi<sr\ |
SX. ; "PAUL, mHiX.(jy •_> ACheaii 8 * I
NOW is the time to attend
to any alteration or
On Furs. You get better work
for less money. We make a
specialty of
Insuring* you against damage
by moth or loss by fire. Call
and leave your address and
we will send for your furs.
99 and 101 E. Third St.. St. Paul.
The Fast and Staunch Steamer
Will leave the Northern Pacific Dock at DU
LUTII for PORT ARTHUR and Interme
diate North Shore Ports every Monday and
Thursday Evenings at _ o'clock.
Returning, will leave PORT ARTHUR for
DULUTH every Tuesday and Friday Even
ings at 5 o'clock, touching at intermediate
points. For fieight or passage apply to the
in person or by letter.
Sewer on Banffl Street.
Office Board of Public Works, )
CityofSt.Paul, Minn., June 7, 1888. J
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for. the
corporation of the. city of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city until
12 m. on the 19th day of June, A. D.
1888, for constructing a sewer on
Banfil street, between Western" avenue
and Richmond street, in' said city, to
gether with the necessary catch basins
and manholes, according to plans and
specifications on file in the office "of
said Boar a.
'" A bond with at least two (2) sureties .
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per? "
cent of the gross amount bid must ac- %
company each. bid. "
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
K. L. GORMAN, President.
Official: . W. F. Ekwin.
61-171 Clerk Board of Public Works. .
■ a'
Sewer on Maple Street.
Office Board of. Public Works, )
CrTYOFST.PAUL,Mixx^June7, 1888. r •
. / -r»-..«l ,:■ •- --', .~.*g,--"-&j".-a_.-.- i~r .
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works,, in and for the
corporation of the'city'bf. St. Paul, Min
nesota,*" at their office iri s"said5 "said city, until.
12 m." on the.',iyth.day v 'of June. A. D.,
188., for constructing a^sewer on Maple.
st'r.et, from Sixth, .street to Seventh;
street, in ■ said^city, together with th£ ?
necessary k. catchbapiqsi and*t manholes?
according to* plans"* and specifications •■
on file in tne office of said Board.' i* -
A bond with at least two (2) sureties in
a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent 'of*
the" gross amount bid- must accompany'
each: bid. :--V^*S'-^**s^^„*S*/r3iS v i
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids/-:--'- w :->- . *-->
R. L. GORMAN, President.
Official: '••■_.- W. F. ERWiNfi.
161-171 Clerk Board of Public Works.
■ 1 1 /.; "■ ' gag j ..>
nQ U/nnn -*"*■* TUth Street,
—7 ' * ' /g*\ Resrnlaf Graduate lfl' Medicine
_rß"*3 « —20 years* hospital and pri-'
jSbßa c vaie practice— lo. in Chicago
_Eff~ a /bind New York — Estab
_""_§fflgf__fij,i * ihed in Sioux City
_Iff_\ T-rffl-T * i ne **" ears. Has the
"'"■"■"■"■*-" , " ,,, " , " , " ,r largest Medical and Sur
gical Institute and - Eye and Ear
Infirmary in the West— Rooms for pa
tients at fair rates: facilities to' meet any
emergency A Quiet Home and best care and
.kill for Ladies during Pregnancy and Con
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Private, Nervous, Chronic and Spe
cial diseases, Seminal Weakness
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funded—Charges fair. Terras cash.
No injurious medicines used.— Patients at
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State your case and send for Opinion and
Consultation strictly confidential,
perEonallv or by letter.— Send 6c postage for
Illustrated 84-page BOOK (for both sexes)
and MEDICAL JOL'KSAL. (^T-len*
tion this paper.)
[i _" A __■ 11" The famous Moxie Nerve
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■ fill IA I I thirst from summer heat,
I llllf.ll- does better and prevents
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moving their odor from the. breath at once,
gives the weakly and nervous double power
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felling like magic, without reaction or harm.
For sale everywhere. |
;i 1 -^f^i. -__ . „., .if.-. „ — r^ - — : —
& BROS.,
i LUi¥S OLIiUi
C____f-f_BB EX
Gas Fixtures!
96 East Third Street,
And 16 Second Avenue West, Duluth,
To Contractors.
Plans and specifications for a six-room
Brick School Building, cost not to ex
ceed $12,000, seating capacity of each
room about 50, will be received by the
Clerk of the Board of Education, Brain
erd School district, Brainerd, Minn.,
up to July 1, 1688.
The Board reserves the right to reject
any or all plans. r j
A. MAHLUM, Clerk.
Dated Brainerd, Minn., Junes, 1888.
ill Dill SENDSf, $2.
nHI 1 1 if I or *•" for a Box ol
SI I*3 1 I I I MACK'S line Home-
HI 111 I I ' made CANDY. 100
nllU I „ :E " L '* t Seventh Street
II.M-_PI _S_ PauL
Sewer on Lafayette Avenue ana
Bruno Street.
Office Board of Public Works, )
City of St. Paul. Minn.. June 7, 1888. \
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the city of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
12 m. on the l'Jth day of June, A. D.
1888, for constructing a sewer on Lafay
ette avenue, between the St. Paul &
Northern Pacific Bailroad company's
bridge and Patridge street, and on
Bruno street, from Lafayette avenue to
Trout Brook sewer, together with the
necessary catchbasins and manholes, in
said city, according to plans and speci
fications on file in the office of said
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in the sum of at least twenty (20) per
cent of the gross amount bid must ac
company each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
K. L. GOKMAN, President.
Official: W. -F. Ekwin,
161-171 Clerk Board Public Works.
Grading Alley in Block 1, Smith's
Office Board of Public Works, )
City of ST.PAUL,MiIIU.,June 11,18.8. }
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the city of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
12 m. on the 25th day pf June, A. 1). 1888,
for grading the alley in block one (1),
Smith's addition to St. Paul, between
Western avenue and Richmond street,
in said city, according to plans and
specifications on file in the office of said
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent
)f the gross amount bid must accom
pany each bid. :
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
K. L. GORMAN, President.
Official: ■- W. P. Ekwin,
185-175 Clerk Board of Public Works.
Grading Clark Street
Office Board of Public Works, }
-ITY of St. Paul, Minn., June 7, 1888. J
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
'orporation of the city of St. Paul, Min
lesota, at their office *in said city, until
12 m. on the 19th day of June, A. "D. 1888/
'or grading Clark street to a partiaf
trade, from Whitall street to Case
street, ira said city, according to plans
and specifications on file in the office
)f said Board. *?~- -tee ■•■-'
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
n a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent
)f the gross amount bid must accom
pany each bid. ---
The said Board reserves the right to
•eject any or all bids.
_ **-: R. L; GORMAN, President.
Official: * - W.F. Ekwin,
.61-171 Clerk Board of Public Works.
31-- PAUL
Architectural Iron Work.
* >.. 4' '■'■-
Founders, Machinists, Blacksmiths and
Pattern Makers'." Send for cuts of col
umns.- Works on St. P., M. & M. R. R.,
near Como avenue. Office 102 E. Fourth
street, St.Paul.-7 C. M. POWER, Secre
tary, and Treasurer. .77
-»■ j-
nil rp Dr H - WaJ Specialist
rll rJS- Graduate; 11 years resident
I l""-l_WI of Minneapolis. Why suf
fer when cure is mild, simple, certain?
Ask hundreds of leading citizen- of St.
Paul, Minneapolis anil the Northwest as
to the satisfactory treatment and cure.
Pamphlet free. 1137 Hennepin Avenue
HlllW the best equipped eiise
To Chicago, Omaha and Kansas City.
*" LEAVE.,- v- _s__.sTUl*.l«* I , *E-_3-X-«C--. ARRIVE.
Mi_»e»p'l». St. Paul. ' * Dally. ; t Ex. Sunday. St. Paul. I -lnne-p'-.
•655 AM 745 AM _Eau Claire, Merrillan and Green Bay- 7 10PM 800 PM
*220 PM 300 PM ...". „.Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls and Elroy-.. 160PM*2 30 PM
{4 30 PM 635 PM ........ Eau Claire and Chippewa Fa 115.... 10 25AM flO 55 AM
910 AM 945 AM .....-...-New Richmond, Superior and Du1uth™. ........ 605PMt6 45 PM
900 PM 940 PM '...'*. New Richmond, Superior and Duluth™ 655AM*7 35 AM
t9lB AM 945 AM ...-.Ashland, Washburn, Bayfield and Watersmeet. . COSPMt6 45 PM
*900 PM 940 PM Ashland, Washburn, Bayfield and Escanaba.. 6 55AM * 7 SSAM
*220 PM 3*oo PM ..Chicago, Madison and Janes vi He— Fast Day Express. 150PM*2 30 PM
*650 PM 730 PM Chicago Fast V*>»tll>uled Expre55 ......... 780AM*8 03 AM
* 8 50PM ,7 30 PM ....Madison, Waukesha and Milwaukee— Fast Line.... 730 AM » 8 03AM
UEAV-. ■ » -3ir-3ail , *---**--V TH.A.INS. ARR»V«E.
St"""--,'? f*ynßMip'l- * Dally. t E». Sunday. Malum*' li. i St Fatal.
t 7 50AMr 825 AM ....Sio >« City, Sioux Falls, Mitchell and Yankton.... 630 PM <t 703 PM
*600 PM ft. 40PM ...-Fast Line, Sioux Qity, Omaha and Kansas City 855AM*9 SO AM
t 7 50 AM - 8 25 AM .:... Mankato, Lake Crystal and E1m0re— ......... 6 3.0 PM 1 7 03 PM
*6 00 PMI 643 PM ......Mankato, Tracy and Pierre— 865 AMI* 930 AM
Chicago Fast Day Express' arrises Chicago at 7 ■— _ morning*. Chicago Vestibuled Express arrives Chicago at
ISO next —arcing. Through Sleeper to Milwaukee on Vestibuled Express arrives there at 7.40 next morning.
Sleeping Cars and Dining Cars, the —Ml in the world, on these Chicago Train*.
Through Pullman Sleepers on Kansas City Fait Line to Council Muffs, Omaha and Kansas City. Also Fulli-aa
-letters on Night Trains between St. Paul and Dululh, Ashland and Tracy.
, TICKET I St. Faal, 159 East Third Street apdL'.loa Depot, foot Sibley Street.
OFFICES: ' -InneepoUs. |3 Kieallet House Bloc- aad taiga Depot, -ridge Square.
_e_ i . a-wagw _f-_. City Ticket -cent, St. Fa_. CM/ Ticket Agl, Mi-teaooUa.
Union Depots, Minneapolis, St. Paul, CM<
cago and St. Louis. ■
Ticket Offices— St. Paul, corner Third and
Robert sts. ; Chicago, corner Canal and Ad
ams sts. ; St. Louis, 112 North Fourth st,'-/ /.
Leave. Arrive*
Chicago, St. Louis and _-—
Peoria, daily, ..... 7:30 p. qi. - 7:55 a.m.
Chicago and St. Louis, - -
Ex. Sunday... .... .7:30 a.m. 6:30 p.m.
■_ Suburbr.ii trains leave union depot, Sti
P-Vli" for Dayton's bluff, Oakland. Hij?_woo<v
Newport and St. Paul Park, at +6:25. *7:55.
and *10 :30 a: m. ; *2, *5:10 and 14:40 p. an*
Returning, arrive, +7 :25, *8 :55 a. m. : *12 :50.
*4 :30. *6 : 15 and t7:50 p. m.
♦Daily. tExcept Sunday.
— — — — — — — — . ———————————— ——____. ___. —^ mmm ,^
|Lv._t.Paul ArSt.Pau
Chi & Dcs Moines Ex. *8 :45 am *7 :25 pm
St.Louis_kanCityEx *_:_•> am »7:2sp_i
atertown _ Pac. Div. , "*■"*.
vf"*,: •;••;,• •• •• *7:soam *6:35nm
Rt t 1 1_ Jhs""l ;•„• * 3::o P m *H:3saiax
StLouas 'Through' Ex +0 :25 pm +9:00 am
Dcs Moines _ Kansas
nPioL^/.'^.Vi,- d 6:25 ° nad- :soam
Chicago "Fast" Ex.... d0:-_> m | u7 :soam
« Da 1 7 ;,^* cx * Sundays, *". ex. Saturday^
ex. Monday, f. Sunday only. *-*
Ticket office, st Paul, corner Third and
Fourth street"** **"**• depot - Brodd ' vay ' fooi: > c
R A . STrPAUL __
M an (Yob A
BVB railway. mm
I Through Trains to PHnelpalPolnts
iaa Central and Xortlaeraa Minne
sota, Dakota, Montana, Manitoba
and liritiMh Columbia.
Leave , I Arrive
_____ S>t, Paul. St. PauL
Morris and Wahpeton _S: 10 a m fat* 55 Dim
Aberdeen and Ellen- a «°
dale Express 8:10 am 6:55 nm
St. Cloud. Fargo and *' M ™
Grand Forks aS:2oani -ifi-Uinm
-___"_____. -^"S.'ul'SS
*?**„<_„;_ , •' : s<>=>5 <>=> «»:«._
Willmar ai'i-'inm „, ./v
ton.C'asselton, Hope
and Larimoie _7 :30 c7"sam
Crookston, Winnipeg c/ .__ a m
and Victoria
_-3_3(__? , » 8:3 *> m 6:55 am
MmTßuffiSat 8:3 ° Pm C: -am
Falls and Helena. . :30 p m eG :55 a m
AII ,. I'ains daily except as follows* a ex
Sundays; b Saturdays as far a " Wahpeton
«_r*j_t Mo from Wahpeton only; d ex
cept Saturdays except Monday * '
Through sleepers to Great Falls, Mont.
ThnrSs 8 SSI of Grand Forks Monday and
TICKET OFFICES-St. Paul-Corner Third
and Jackson » Union depot. V - UI J « iu '"»
162 East Third street,
& Union Depot, St. PauL
A means Daily. B except
Sunday. C except Monday.
D except Saturday.
L. St. Paul. Ar. St. Paul."
Mil., Chic. & Local. B 7:30 a. m. II :20p. m.B
LaCros„Dub.& La !"" 7 -30 a. na. 11:20 p.m.B
Aberdeen & Fargo jB 7:3') a. m. 6:50 p. m. B
Pra.duC.M.A-C.Ex B fl: 10 a. m. 5:55 p. m. B
Calmer & Day.Ex. B 9:40 a. ni. 7 :53 a. 0
Mil.,Chi.&Atl.Ex. A3:Ood. m. 1:50p.m. A
Owatonaia & Way. i A 4 :3 ap. m. :50a. m. A
Wabasha « Way.. IB 4 ::->0 p. m. 0 :50 a. m.
Fast Mail A 6:40 p. m. 3:10p.m.A
Aberd'n & Mit. Ex. I A 6:15 d. m. 8 :40 a. m. A
Mil.,& Chi.Fast Li. A 7 p. m. 7:30 a.m. A
Aus.,Dub.&C_iExlD7:4op. m. 7:53 a. m.C
The Dining Car Line to Fargo, Helena, Butte
and the Pacific Northwest.
Leave Arrive
Dining Cars on Pacific St. Paul St. Paal
Express Trains. Daily. Daily.
_———. , .
Portland Express (lim
ited) forFargo.Grand
Forks, Grafton,-Pem
bina, Bismarck, Miles
City, Helena. Butte,
Taeoma, Portland.etc 4:00 p. an. 5:05 p. m,
Passenger Express for
Fergus Falls, Wahpe
ton, Milnor, Fargo
Miles City, Helena,
Butte, Spokane Falls,
etc 8:00 p.m. 7:10 a.m.
Dakota Express for
Sauk Center, Morris.
Fargo and intermedi
ate points *3 a.m. 6: 37 p. m.
f_^l.«l'OKlAM'- Limited Pacific Coast
Express stops at principal peints only. PAS
SENGER EXPRESS makes all stop's. DA
KOTA EXPRESS makes all stops. SECOND
CLASS SLEEPERS only on trains leaving
St. Paul at 8 :00 p. m. daily. *l)aily except
Sunday. Through Pullman Sleepers daily
between St. Paul and Grand Forks, Fergus
Falls and Wahpeton. C. E. STONE, City
Ticket Agent, 173 East Third Street, St. Paul :
B. N. AUSTIN, City Ticket Agent, 19 Nicol
let House. Minneapolis.
Chicago, St. Paul & Kansas City
(Minnesota & Northwestern,)
Leave j Leave I Arrive Arrive
Mp'lis. St. Paul St. Paul Mp'lia.
_ . P. M. P. M. P. M. P. X.
Chicago Mail 2:10 .2:50 3:30 4:05
Chicago Ex- 7:00 7:35 a.m. a.m.
St. Louisa] -*■ •*>• M - 7:45 8:20
KwisasCityl 7:35 8:1 10:1 10:43
Ex Dress I p - M - **• M pM - *• *•
express... J 0:0Q 6;4 „ 9;40 1015
Lye, Austin. Dodge Center, Chatfield,
PJainview, Rochester, Peoria. Indianapolis, ■
Columbus, and all points East, South, and
Dining cars, Mann Boudoir cars and Com- J
pany's Sleepers on Chicago night trains. '
Through Sleepers on Dcs Moines night
trains. i
City ticket offices 193 East Third street and
Union depot, foot of Sibley street, St. Paul.
City ticket office. No. 3 Nicollet House
Union Depot -Bridge square, Minneapolis.
ViSCONSiNI W® O wyi!da_g?
antral) f *i jfyT mM
MINNEAPOLIS. I leave. I arrive. J
Chicago. Milwaukee, •
Chippewa Falls.Eaul :15PM;alO:35Aac ,
Claire, Neenah, Osh- I
kosh. Fond dv Lac ,1
and Waukesha |.a7:IOPM a4:lop_7
Milwaukee and local. I 0:25 a. m 10:55ph
ST. PAUL. leave. arrive.
Chicago, Milwaukee,
Chippewa Fails, Eau fa 2 :00 P m alo'o3-*-
Claire, Neenah, Osh- I
kosh, Fond dv Lac ]
and Waukesha 1.a7 :45 a3 :40 pm:
Milwaukee and local.. . 7:ooam 9:4opm
_. .
' a Daily.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars and the Cen
tral's famou-i Dining Cars attached to all
through trains.
St. Paul— East Third street; a S.
! Robb, City Ticket Agent.
Union Depot— Brown A Knebel, Agents.
! Minneapolis— Nicollet House Block:
i F.H.Anson, Northwestern Passenger Agent
Union Depot— Martin, Agent
! -— — i
,S B* , _*_ WFfiJf BBS_ , BJcnfTf.rinpfromtho
3 ■ | H_m\ ■■•■■l|etrtM-T«ofv.:.uthful
I U "" —^ m T m Iff! Ball errors, early de
cay, Tost manhood, etc. I -—ill fend a valuable
treatise (sealed) containing full particulars tor
home cure, free of charge. Addre»c,
PROF. F. C. FOWLER. Moodus, Conn*

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