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A Republican Convention
Globe an Opportunity.
St. Paul.
Wheat still continues to drag along slowly.
Diners refusing to take it at the prices of the
day before. At last cash wheat dropped fee
No. 1 hard and No. 1 northern, still this
roucession did not either satisfy buyers or
In -ivase sale?. Corn was clear off. and de
clined 2c on No. 2. Oats were in good de
mand and advanced 1.2 con No. 2 mixed and
No. 1 while. Mill stuffs were quiet Hay
dull and unchanged, Kggs steady. The call:
AY heat— 1 hard, 82c bid: No. 1 north
ern, 80c bid; No. 2 northern, 78c bid.
Corn— No. 2, 47c. asked; June, 47c asked.
Oats— No. 2 mixed, 3Jc bid. 31c asked;
No. I white, 32c bid: No. 2, 31** C bid.
Ground Feed— No. 1. SIS. OO asked.
1 .11 Meal— Unbolted, (18.50 asked.
11, iv— No. 1. [email protected] asked; No. 1 upland
firairie, SS asked.
liax Seed— bid.
Potatoes — 10c asia
Eggs— l2*,f2C bid, 131/2 C asked.
Olj-A-I^E: «Ss ET23,
(Successors to 8. F. Clark.)
101 Kast Fifth Stbket, St. Paul.
tCbolesale Butter and Eggs, and Shippers of
Fruits and Vegetables.
Produce Exchange.
A slight improvement is noted in the de-
Inaiid for strictly fancy creamery butter, and
11 go« d shipping demand continues for grass
packing stock. Medium grades are slow.
Receipts of strawberries were large, but a
great deal of the stock is in bad condition
and has to be picked over, while some of the
arrivals are so soft as to prove a total loss.
Cherries are in fair supply. Cheese quiet.
Potatoes are a little firmer. Poultry quiet.
Investment Bankers.
152, 153, 154 Drake Block. Loan Money
on Improved Real Estate Security,
fet «>. ©K» **> "*>£ aid 8 per cent*
_Ln Shortest Notice for any amount*-
• (state bane,)
PAID UP CAPITAL. - $400,000.
Surplus and undivided profits, $55,000.
JU^x. 1* aw sky, ' - Willi Bickkl,
President Cashier.
I,tve Stock Commission Merchants, Room 3,
Exchange Bldg., SIOUX CITY, lowa. Refer
ence—Kd. Haakmson, Sec. Union Stock Yards
Co.; A. S. Garretson, Cashier Sioux National
Bank; F. T. Evans, D. T. Hedges, Sioux City:
Albert Schefl'er, Pres. Commercial National
liuiik. St. Paul,- Minn.
Chamber of Commerce.
Local sellers of milling wheat refused to
lower asking prices, and after outside
markets began to recover, buyers took hold
better than they have for .several days past.
Shippers were taking much, but city millers
were picking most of the best grades offered.
Some soft lots were slow lo move. Receipts
were 119 cars and 58 were shipped out.
Duluth reported 55 cars on track. Following
are the closing quotations: In Store— No. 1
hard, cash, 80i 2 c; June, 80**tc; July, BOMtc;
August, 81Vtc; on track, B2c No. 1 North
em—C ash. 79c; June, 7S>c: July, 79Vfec;
August, BOMfe-j on track. [email protected] No. 2
"Northern— Cash, 75t2c; June. 75V»c; July,
7<>c: August. 77c; on track, 76077 c.
Sales included :'s,ooo bu Wo. 1 hard to ar
rive. sija 4 c; 25.000 bu No. 2 Northern, 77c;
Oar lot by samples: 2 cars No. 1 hard, 82c;
1 carl No.l hard. f. o. b., 82c: 1 car No.
bard, delivered, 82c; 0 cars No. 1 Northern,
80c; 3 cars No. 1 Northern, delivered, 80% c;
0 cars No. 1 Northern, delivered, 81c; 14
cars No. I Northern, 80c; Scars No. 1
Northern, delivered. BOV2C; 3 cars No. 1
Northern. 81c; 3 cars No. 1 Northern, BOV2C;
3 cars No. 2 Northern, delivered. 70$»c; 1
car No. 2 Northern, o. w. b., 77V2C; 1 car
No. 2 Northern, delivered, 76V2C-; 2 cars
No., 2 Northern, delivered, 77c; 1 car no
grade delivered. 70c; 1 cur rejected, 72<&c;
3 ( ars rejected. 69c.
Flout— demand for flour at the late
reduction in prices is improved, and millers
prepared to take prices bid are sending for
ward their production as fast as made at
j1.9"(('.5 at Atlantic coast points and at cor
responding figures in the Middle states. The
cheap freights obtained on export business
•babies millers to compete fairly for the
European trade that could not be reached if
they were hedged in by the old style of trans
fers at the Atlantic cities. Baiters' moved
with some freedom on the basis of 3d®
2: >.- for first grades, to points in the United
kingdom. Patents, sacks to local dealers,
£4.70; patents to ship, sacks, car lots, $1.30
i-IO: in barrels, [email protected]; delivered
fit New England points, 5505.10 ; New
York points [email protected]; delivered at Phila
delphia and Baltimore, J4.8504.95 bak
ers', here, $3.5503.70; superfine, $203 ; red
dog. sack, $1.5001.60; red dog, bbls, $1.05
(£.1:75; rye flour, pure, cwt, $1.70.
Bran and Shorts— This market was steady
nt 58.5009 for bulk bran; $10010.50
Backed : shorts. $102 above bran.
Corn— market has not recovered from
the lute heavy offerings of damaged grain.
find it was hard to dispose of. Nominal at
2.~ < ise.
tints— Sold slowly at [email protected] for fair to
good feeding stock by sample on track.
Hay— The range of sales was from $9 for
choice wild to S3 for badly damaged lots.
Consumers have been swamped under the
large offerings of poor hay. When this run
it over fairly good hay will" likely do belter.
The following table shows the slate in
to ection of wheat at Minneapolis for the past
twenty-four hours:
_ _ ~ X North'n V. R iT
o o 2. c
M. 3 a 100 :§! *****
Railways". tr 9 ? . o 3
. . 5 *- » * a , §"
p. : : : . :
M . & M .— div . . . . 2. 9....
>!. '& M.— F. F. div. 7 5 4.... 2 1
C. M. .v. Si. P.. .. 2 3 8 .... 1 ....
Mil-. A: St. I.OUIS. 2 1
M pis.* & Pacific ....
Northern Pacific. 3 8 8
C...-I P., M. & 0... 1 1 ....
Total grades. . . . 12 21 14 "~~ 13 1
Total ears 03
other rains— No. 3 oats, 1 car.
Inspected Out— Wheat— 1 hard, .2
is: No. 1 northern, 28 cars; No. 2 north
ern, i 3 Cars; no grade, 4 cars.
iteceiDis— v, neat, t»,U3U bu; corn. 3,000
».ii: oats, 1,800 bu; bay. 72 tons; fruit, 54,-
DJH lbs; merchandise, 1.112,415 lbs; lum
ber, 11 cars; posts and piling, 3 cars; barrel
Fti>i-k. 3 cars; machinery, 231,500 lbs; coal,
<l!»S tons; wood, 75 cords; brick, 80,000;
lime, I ears; cement. 100 bbls; household
•_-!• »is. 35.000 lbs; tics. 11 cars; stone, 17
can-.; live slock -1 cars; dressed meats, 41.
--"<> . lbs; hides, 31,000 lbs; sundries, 16
<•;•-». Total, 396 cars.
Shipments— 313,0*10 bu; corn, GOO
bn; Hour. 17.583 bbls; millstuff. 603 tons;
merchandise, 1.352,400 lbs; lumber, 71 cars;
machinery, 253.000 lbs; coal, 93 tons; ce
iiieni, 100 bbls; ties, 20 cant; stone, 8 cars;
hides, 80,000 lbs; railroad material, 1 car;
sundries, 2 ears. Total. -li)!) cars.
The following arc the receipts and ship
ments of wheat to-day, reported by Prcssey,
V heeler & Co., by private wire:
I'-ints. Kec'ls. Bbip'ts.
?.:: neapolis ..' 8-1,930 30,000
Duluth 43,838 47,002
Chicago ; .. . 10,775 9.614
St. Louis 17.000 1,000
Toledo 500 1,000
Detroit 2,1- , 2 18.561
Philadelphia 4,000 2,551
B-illimore 1.996 2,000
Kew. York 57,000 16,966
raid Up Capital $000,000;
: - - •' Surplus $100,000.
\\ in. Dawson, Pres. Robt. A. Smith, V.
Pres. Win. Dawson. Jr.. Cashier.
On improved real estate at lowest current
rates. Xo delays.
Kt'jm 2S, German-American Bank.
Peter Bekkf.y. President
C.G. Johnson. General Manager.
New York Produce.
New York, June 21.— Flour— Receipts, 9,-*
£70 packages; exports, 11,034 bbis, 105
•8^ ipXo-iriss ©TO 10. -
sacks; sales, 26,550 bbls; fairly active and
steady ; unchanged. Receipts, 87,
--600 bu; exports. 169,906 bu; sales, 6,
--95 4,000 bu; futures, 199,000 bu. The mar
ket was more active under the influence of
concessions iv values, closing weak. Options
were active and decidedly- lower, and
opened heavy at 7h(^l"Ac decline, advanced
V.->'>:U<\ reacted W&ke, closing heavy at the
lowest limits. No. 1 hard, BSS9OC, includ
ing f. o. b. at 88%@88°T4C; do afloat, 87>/2C;
No. 1 northern, 86?ic afloat; No. 2 red, 88V«
©BSM2C store and elevator; nominal. 89<[email protected]
90c afloat, [email protected] f. o. b ; ungraded red,
[email protected]**c; No. 2 red June closing, 87c
nominal; July, 87V2&88V8C, closing at STVac;
August, 88%(f?i89iAc, closing at BSsfec: Sep
tember, B9*ftf39l*AC, closing at 81% c; De
cember, 92?'[email protected]%c, closing at 92<fcc;
May, 97%@97?5c, closing at 97%0.
Corn— Receipts. 12.550 bu; exports, 8,778
bu; sales, 2,184,000 bu futures, 52,000 bn
spot; spot lots Sic lower, closing dull: op
tions opened Vt&l^ko lower, further declined
%@lc,' closing weak at about the lowest
prices: ungraded mixed, 51%@55*ftc; No. 2.
55?4®56c delivered; No. 2 June, 54% c,
closing at s Use; July. [email protected], closing
at 55i^c; August, &sf%s7*iftC, closing at
57c; September, 55®57V2C, closing
at 56c; October, [email protected]'.'»c, clos
ing at 57c; November, [email protected] l AC,
closing at 55Vi>c: December, 52^|tgd3Vtc,
closing ats2Uc. Oats— Receipts. 29,000 bu;
exports, 100 bu; sales, 335,000 bu futures.
i 03,000 bu spot; niatKet weas; mi.«u
Western, [email protected]; white do, 40047 c. Hay i
dull and easy; shipping, 65c. Hops moder
ately active and steady. Coffee— Spot; fair
Bio dull and nominal at 15c; options 30005
points lower, closing steady; June. 11.90&
12.35 c: July, [email protected]; August. 085
0.05 c: September, 9.0509.70 c: October,
[email protected]; November, 9.50 c: December,
i)[email protected]; January, 9.5009.55 c; Febru- <
ary, 9.00 c; March, [email protected]; April,
[email protected]; May, 9.75£9.50 c. Sugar 3
—Raw firm: English Islands, 4.11 c <
for test; fair quoted at 1.64% c; refined firm. '
Molasses firm. Rice quiet. Petroleum (
steady; crude, in bbls., [email protected];6.35c; United •
closed weak at 73% c. Cotton seed oil— '
Crude, 42c; refined, [email protected] Tallow unset- <
tied at 404i*?c. Rosin quiet. Turpentine
irregular at 36Vi(a30i,'2C. Eggs dull and ;
weak; receipts 5,047 packages. Pork dull ;
and weak. Cut meats firm but quiet; pickled «
bellies. 7%c. ' Lard dull and lower; Western <
steam spot, $8.47*[email protected]: June, $8.421/2 ;
July. $5.35©8.37: August, $9.40® 8.43; Sep
tember, $8. 120.8.47; October, $8.3908.44; (
city steam, $8. Butter easy; Western, 13®
1 91,2 c Cheese dull; Ohio flat. 708 c. Cop
per quiet; lake. $16.50. Lead firm: domes
tic. $4.121.2. Tin dull; straits, $17.75. Other
articles unchanged.
PAUL, MINN. ; :~r
Grain and provisions bought and sold for
cash or future delivery. Commission one
elgh th. Orders for tbe purchase and sale of
stocks on any stock exchange in the country
promptly executed. We have the oidy direct
private wire from St. Paul to Chicago add
New York.
U. S. Government Depository.
CAPITAL $800,000
L. Mendendall. Pres. H. A. Ware. Cashier.
Duluth Wheat.
Special to the Globe.
Duluth, Minn., June 21.— The feature of
the day was the wide difference between the
near and more distant futures. While July
opened at *AC off, September and October
were l"4c lower. But gradually, after buying
orders, this difference was wiped out. Cash
wheat sold at SOVic June sold at SOTgc, and
later at BOV2C. July opened at 81* Ac, de
clined rapidly to -BOV2C, .advanced to
80% c, with frequent fluctuations, sold up to
81c and declined to close at 80$ic. August
opened at 81^iC, fell to 81c. advanced to
81% c, fell to SlVsc and closed at 81& C. Sep
tember sold at BlKftC, l',jcoff from yester
day. October sold at 81c, and later at BIV2C
December sold at 821,2 c and advanced stead
ily to the close at H.'JVic. The afternoon ses
sion was dull. July sold at 81c and closed
at Suite bid. August sold at 81»A08U>ic aud
closed at 81% c. Chicago closed at SOi&c
June, 80% c July, 81c August, 81* Ac Sep
Members New York Stock Exchange and Chi
cago Board of Trade.
Offices : New York, 44 Broadway ; St. Paul,
1 Gilfillan Block; Chicago, 6 Pacific At.
Direct wires from our office in St. Paul, No.
1 Gilfillan Block, to New York Stock Ex
change and Chicago Board of Trade.
Paid Up Capital, $100,000.
R. M. Newport, President
W. B. Evans, Cashlet
Michael Defiel, Vice President.
C. A. Hawks. Asst. Cashiw
Now York.
New Yor.K, June 21.— The stock market
to-day was duller than the preceding days of
the week, and transactions were more devoid
of feature than ever. There was a firm tone
to the dealings throughout the day, however,
in which small London buying and demand
for shorts had much influence, but outside
orders were of no importance. The market
was extremely dull, opening firm to strong at
advances over last evening's prices, extend
ing to 72 per cent, with Louisville & Nash
ville showing in the lead. The only anima
tion was in St. Paul and cotton oil, and buy
ing for the shorts in the former stock is very
marked. Fluctuations were confined to
the narrowest limits, except in Union
Pacific and stocks before mentioned,
and Pullman, which still felt the stimulus of
the recent requisition of the company and
moved up over 1 per cent. Toward- noon
Lake Shore began to move up, but it was not
until the announcement of » dividend upon
Yandeibilts, with statements accompanying,
that there was any feature at all to the deal
ings. Lake Shore quickly moved up on
largely increased business and advanced IV2
per cent, followed by Norfolk & Western
preferred. Utter stagnation marked subse
quent transactions, uutil the last hour, when
the demand became more urgent and further
gains were established throughout the list.
Room traders sold moderately, but the gen
eral temper of the room was bullish, and in
quiry in loan crowd showed little diminution,
active stocks lending flat to small premium
for the specialties. The market finally closed
dull, but firm to strong at about the best
prices of the day. Railroad bonds were
a little more animated than during
the past few days. There were
no movements of special importance
though the tone of dealing was firm through
out, and final changes were generally in the
direction of higher figures, St. Paul South
ern Minnesota division Os rose 2. to 112^;
Lackawanna 7s of 1907, 2% to 137%;
Illinois Central 4s, 2V* to 107: Michigan
Central consolidated, 2 to 128; Utah South
ern general 7s, 2to 100. State bonds were
neglected. Government's dull but firm. Pe
troleum opened at 74Vgc. closing at 73Mic;
highest 7Hsc; closing at 73V2C; sales, 1,533,
--000 bbls.
Telephone 117-3.
Cor. 2d and Cedar Sts,, St.Paul, Miiin
Investment Bankers, . - ;
152, 153 'and' 154 ■' Drake Block, 'Si. Paul,
Minn. •:-.;-*-...
Buy aud Sell Stocks Bonds and RealEstatJ
Careelona 100 llomestake....lO 25
Caledonia. O. ll 200 Iron Silver 4. 75
Cala. & Va....10 00 Mexican .'.:.. 360
Dead w00d.... 150 Sutro Tunnel.. 17
Eureka. 6 12i» Sutro Trust... 70
El Cristo ...... 1 00 ;
Minnesota Transfer.
The market at the Minnesota Transfer yes
terday was active. The arrivals consisted of
ten curs of cattle and two cars of hogs. There
was a good demand for cattle. Among the
offerings was one car of fine 1,170-pouud
steers, which sold well. Hogs were (steady.
Sales were: -•.-.. .;■.. ,:.^.\
No. ■■'< Av.Wt. Price
20stcers 1.170 $4 65
8 cattle.. 1,103 3 25
15 cattle.. 1,003 3 25
lOOcattle. 938 3 25
Seattle 895 3 00
4cattle .1,025 2 80
lOcattle 994 3 25
Seattle 960 2 75
6caltle 1,141 3 25
4 cattle 1,168 3 60
2 COWS 1,125 3 50
1 cow 1,325 3 50
2 cows 1.050- 3 50
1 cow : 1,025 3 25
1 cow - 975 3 25
20 cows 1,075 3 25
1 bu11......... 1,100 2 25
No. ay. -Wt. Price
23 232 $5 45
9 : 320 5 45
35 250 5 45
50 212 . > 25
11 •. 233 5 25
4 225 5 25

The Yards and Packing Houses Open for
Beady Cash Market for Hogs.
St. Paul Union Stockyards.
Receipts Twelve cars hogs— 696; 1 car
cattle— 29. Sales:
No. Ay. Wt. Price No. Ay. Wt. Price
64 251 40 62 247 $5 40
72 239 5 6067 252 545
GO 248 5 2558 225 540
41 244 5 4557 284 5 50
70 248 54063 259 550
69 212 530
No. Ay. Wt. PricelNo. Ay. Wt. Price
2 cattle.. $3 80 2 cattle.l,oßs $4 50
2 cattle... 798 265 13 cows.. 917 210
6 cattle... 350 7 calves 190 300
1 cattle... 1,100 350
96 East' Fourth Street,
Wheat, Corn, Oats, Barley, Baled Hay,
14 Chamber of Commerce. St. Paul.
Eighteen deeds were recorded yesterday,
with a total consideration of " $35,450,
as follows:
O Johnson to J W Ham, It 3, blk 12.
Arlington Hills : §3,000
M M Sagne to I) M Prior, part sec 29,
town 29, range 23 2,000
T O'Connell to A O'Connell Its 11 and
12, blk 15, Youngman & Lamar's
add 1,100
W II Howard to J Howie, Its 110 and
117, blk 119, Howard Park 3,000
P Olson to F N Faust, It 20, blk 4,
Lewis' add 1,700
E It Jackson to W Johnson. Its 4 and 6,
Johnson's rearr 5'H)
It F Goodrich to L A Nicols, Its 1 to 5,
blk2, Wymer's add..... .2,000
A IStjeriH|iiist to M Johnson, It 8, oik
29, Arlington Hills 1,250
J Guertin to St Croix Lumber Co, It 14,
blk 11. Prospect Plateau 4,000
Nine uupublishcd 11,000
Total, IS pieces ... ..$35,450
. The following permits to build were issued
yesterday: . . :~ „'■ -..■ ; - «
1) I) Harrington, 2-storv frame dwelling,
Martin near Arundel $2,400
Geo Gaslach. Jr., addition to dwelling,
Ellen, near Kice 1,000
W II Dixon, addition to dwelling, Ash
land, near Arundel 2,400
Chas Metsger, l-ftory frame kitchen.
Burns, near Earl 600
Chr Lekr, lVs-story frame dwelling and
shed. Hudson, near Maple 1,000
Job O'Brien, 1-story frame stone, Kice "~.
near Wayzata 1,000
Fred Hester, addition to dwelling, Day
ton. near Da1e...... 1,000
Ten minor permits 2,250
Total, 17 permits $10,650
[See ad. of Ileal Estate Title Ins. Co.:
The following transfers were recorded yes
James E Becrwort to Weston Hanimons,
Its 3 to 9. blk 4, Harmon Lake Park.s2,loo
Potter & Thompson to Wm Parker, Its
1 and 2, blk 2, Dorsey's add 6,000
O C Merriman et al to James S Lamb.
Its 1 and 2, blk 21 etc. Mill Co add.. 18,000
O C Merriman et al to F C Barrows, Its
6 and 7, blk 21 etc. Mill Co add 18,000
Sarah L Boardman to Wm J Bisbopp,
lts. blk 14, Kenwood 8,000
Wm M Burrows to O C Merriman, Its 3.
9 and 10. blk 21, Mill Co add etc.. ..18,000
O C Merriman et al to L M Lane, Its 0
and 7, blk 12 etc. Mill Co add 18,000
James W Cole to Marie Hertogs. It 22.
blk 14, Minnetonka Center 300
O C Merriman to Wm M Barrows, Us 4,
5 and 6, blk 8, Mill Co's add. etc. 18,000
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran church
to Paulina Grosser, It 6, Ncwhall's
subd 3,500
Irving A Dunsmoor to Edward Dobbo,
It 1, etc, blk 1, Dunsnioor's rearr 700
John C Carlson to N Fredlang, It 12,
blk 2, Giertson's Lake Anelia add.... 500
Erick Nelson to Chas Lindstrom Its 21
and 22, blk 4, Arlington Heights add 850
James It Corrigau to Hattie F Field, It
13, Hawthorne ay add 875
James F Crichton to Medora J Camp
bell et al, It 1, etc, blk 1, Dunsmoor's
rearr 800
Medora J Campbell to James F Cricb
ton. It 1, blk 8, Kemingtou's > Second
add....... ..............1,800
Albert A Perkins toChrysostome S Gill.
part Its 1 1 and 2. blk 6. Perkins' add 600
Wm II Shelley to Silas W Woolsey, It
12, blk 10, 'supplement to Forest
Heights 700
Maria II Williams to Joseph Sardeson,
It 12, blk 25, Gale's Second add .. ..3,500
Hans Peterson to Nels Hanson, It 22,
blk 0, Maben, White & Leßrou's add. 120
Mary J Comlard to M H Williams, It 12,
blk 25, Gale's Second add 525
MaryM Sagne to Charles- II Prior, Its
14" and 15, blk 4, Park add 1,500
Jesf ie II Pomery to Mary J Conillard,
lot 1 2, blk 25, Gale's Second add 800
in cis » Anaerson io -nary a wrigut,
It 11, Davidson's rearr 4,000
Celia Johnson to Sophrouia Irwin, It
14, blk 1, Tullocksadd 4,200
Anna Graves to M J Kearney and TF
Howard, It 3, blk 6, Motor Line add. .2,000
Jason Baker to James E Baker, part It
10, blk 1, Nicollet Island 1,500
Ernest X Gaylord to Hattie X Huey, It
21. blk 1, rearr of Ferguson's add 200
S C Robinson to Hattie King Shuey, It
21, blk 1, rearr of Ferguson's add 1,600
Wm Parker to Potter & Thompson, wMi
uw Mi sec 8, town 119, range 21 8,000
Total, twenty-nine deeds. 8143,870
Title Insurance 313 Nicollet ave.|
*: ■•■
An Illinois farmer lost during last win
ter and spring thirteen milch cows. lie
examined three of the dead animals,
and in the stomach of each found a
bunch of binding twine, two inches or
more in diameter, The cattle had been
feeding on wheat straw cut with a twine
binder. .-..
More than half the cheese now con
sumed in Great Britamis made in this,
country and Canada. The American
Cheddar is quite as good as the English
The • American and Canadian cheese
pays the freight to England, and then
undersells their articles on its own
merits. .\T'."> ;
Of the newer potatoes the largest
yield obtained at the Ohio experiment
station over a period of three seasons
(2G0.8 bushels per acre) has been from
Lee's Favorite. Empire State and Early
Ohio come next, ranking above Early
Rose, which has yield 225.4 bushels per
acre for the same period.
A writer at Luverne, this state, writes
thePrairieFarmer that he has thoroughly
tried kerosene on seed corn to prevent
gophers, etc., from eating it. It will do
, no good .whatever, as they dig it up tin?
mediately, after planting, he says. Some
parties in • Dakota claim to have tried
the oil with success. - - .;.
A. M. Burdick discontinued feeding
alfalfa •■■ to his . milch cows to test its
value: the change to hay and ground
feed caused them to fall off one-half in
quantity of milk. He resumed feeding
alfalfa, "and the milk yield was doubled
as the result; so says the Moorhead'
News. .I. "".'■".' ■ ' - ; ' ;
Potatoes increase the flow of milk,:
says an exchange, but they.make a poor
salvey kind of butter, unless other • arid!
richer food is given with them. There;
is starch in the potato, but it lacks the '
fat found in corn-meal, which makes it
so valuable a feed for the butter-maker.
. London Agricultural Gazette: . The
extraordinary rise which has taken
place of late in the value of all kinds
of stock in Dorsetshire seems to indi
cate a return to the "better times" for
which agriculturists have been so long
and anxiously waiting, the improve
ments in price having steadily gone on
the last month until a higher price has
been touched than can be remembered
for many years past. '•', ;" •" .'■'"
Several of Roberts county farmers.
says the Wilmot Reporter, will try the
sunflower this season for fuel, and have
ordered the seed. It should be planted
the same as corn, and three seeds in, a
hill. It will yield twenty cords per
acre, and the seed, besides making nice
fuel, is said to be good for feed. But
even for fuel alone, it would prove to
be a great saving. '
The Chicago Tribune figures from the
monthly statement of the department of
agriculture that the winter wheat yield
will be 238,000,000 bushels, in place of
202,830,000 bushels last year. Estimating
the spring wheat at 1 per cent less, the
aggregate will be 385.000,000 bushels, or
15}£ per cent less than last year, and
but 70,000,000 bushels surplus for export,
about half the amount needed. -
I El ill II If lor 53 f «* « Box ol
I II 111 I I V I MACKS line Home-
I B&S ID I I I made CANDY. 109
UnllUl i!ss *"* ******
In South Dakota; 35 rooms. Also im
proved lands for sale or exchange for
stock of goods.
" A. B. JOHNS,
15* FOOT BOAT, $25^!
L cr. Isabel and Clinton. West St. Paul,
One block from street cars. . •*?
. Center of business. Electric bells
and all modern improvements. Dining
loom unsurpassed. ¥2 per day. -■ ;
- P. DOUGHER. Proprietor. St. Paul. ;
Notice to Bidders.'
.-..,;:?. i ' ■-■,': :,:;:.... . V;
County Auditor's Office. I
St. Paul, Minn., June 21, 1888. f ;
Bids will be received at the Office of the
Auditor of Ramsey County, in the city of St.
Paul. Miunosota. until the 2d day of Jul 3*.
A. D. 1888. at 2 o'clock p. m... for all the ma
terial aud work required to build and con
struct an .
Engine house, including all required ex
cavation therefor and alterations in
and rebuilding and reconstruction of
the easterly end and walls and chim
ney of the existing jail building, on the
northeasterly corner of Court House
Square, at the intersection of Fifth and
Cedar streets, in said city; and also to
build and construct a tunnel from said
engine house to rear wall of Court
House and City Hall building, and there
make connection with existing tunnel,
all according to the plans and. specifications
by E. P. Bassford, architect, ou file and for
inspection at the rooms of said architect. No.
28 Gillillan block, in said city. Bids to be
addressed to M. F. Kain. Secretary of Court
House and City Hall Special Commission, at
said Auditor's office, and bids must state the
shortest time in which the bidder will com
plete the work, and the price and amount bid
in a gross or lumped sum. and must be ac
companied by the bond of the bidder in the
penal sum of $1,000, with responsible sure
ties, residents of said city, conditioned that if
the contract shall be awarded to the bidder
he (or they) will enter into such contract
and give the required bond for its execution,
or in lieu of such bond, bids may be accom
panied by the certified check of the bidder
for $1,000 on some bank in the city of St.
Paul, payable to the order of Robert A. Smith,
chairman. The right to reject all unreason
able bids, and all bids of incompetent or ir
responsible persons, is reserved.
By order of the Court House and City Hall
Special Commission. M. F. KAIN,
Secretary of Commission.
St. Paul. June 21. 1888. :.
Notice to Bidders.
County Auditor's Office, ) ' i .
St. Paul. Minn.. .Tune 581. 1 »«« r .
Bids will be received at the office of the
Auditor of Ramsey county, in the city of st
Paul, Minnesota, until the 2d day of July.
A. D. 1888, at 3 o'clock p. m., for all the fol
lowing material and work required In the
construction ot the court house and city hall
building in Court House square, in said city,
that is to say : ~^~~ -*;
For grouting basement floor and for
grouting jury room in third story or
tower; for laying terra cotta floor in ''
jury room in third story; for lining up
with brick in cement mortar all the
drains for steam pipes and other pipes ,
in the basement, and covering same
with flagstones; forfilling in the brick
work in cement mortar of the dor mars
of the clock tower; for laying up in ce
ment mortar the brick walls under
basement stairs; and for door in base
ment, leading to tunnel, -
all according to the plans and specifications
therefor, by E. P. Bassford, architect, on tile
and for inspection at the rooms of said archi
tect, No, 28 Gilfillan block, in said city
Bids to be addressed H. P. Kain, secretary of
the Court House and City Hall Special com- -
mission at said auditor's office, and bids must
state the shortest time in which the bidder
will complete the work, and the price and
.amount bid in a gross or "lump" sum, and
must be accompanied by the bond of the bid
der in the penal sum of $1,000, with respon
sible sureties residing in said city, condi
tioned that if the contract shall be awarded
to the bidder he (or they) will enter into '
such contract and give the required bond
for its execution, or in lieu of such bond bids
maybe accompanied by the certified check
of the bidder for $1,000 on some bank of
said city, payable to the order of Robert A.*
Smith, chairman. The richt to reject all un
reasonable bids and all bids of incompetent; .
and irresponsible persons is reserved. : - - ",-* '
By order of the Court House and City ttal*
Special commissiou. .-•-;->• »sv s t
.::--:. . M. F. KAIN, J- i^ '
. . Secretary of the Commission. ! .*
St, Paul, June 21, 1883,:: . I
Furs oolorage.
Now is the time to repair
and put your furs away for
the summer, and have them
all ready for fall. Bring them
424 Jackson St., Cor. Seventh,
Union Mil Co.,
238 West Third.
271 West Seventh.
DH!A.*r_i"33"E^S I2ST
Pure Milk and Cream,
Choice Creamery Butter, Fine Dairy
Butter, Strictly Fresh Eggs, Full
Cream Cheese, Pure Strained
Honey, Cranberries, Apples, Lem
ons, Oranges, Preserves of a/1
kinds, Apple Butter, Jellies of all
Kinds, Navy Beans. .- „*£_
(^"Special Kates to Hotels and
Boarding House-*. -?-■
E. L. HILGEBICK, Proprietor.
nR wnnn * 18 *«**«» "Street.
Am^\ Re-rular Graduate in Medicine
JK*»e 20 years' hospital and pri
jSSegagL 9 vale practice— lo in Chicago
jjn****f"*S *t{| md Sew York — list ab
wLaKu ishccl in Sioux City *
M«g^f -mei ne Years. . Has the
"-*- , -"'" m ~"^"™"- largest Medical and Sur
(rlcal Institute and Eye and Ear
Infirmary in the West— Rooms for pa
tients at fair rates: facilities' to meet any
emergency— A Quiet Home and best care and
skill for Ladies during Pregnancy and Con
finement. Dr- \V« OI) is still treating all
Private, Nervous, Chronic and Spe
cial -: diseases, SeniinaL AV eakness
(vital losses), Impotency (loss, of power)
and all Fema'C Diseases,- Irregularities,
etc. Cures guaranteed or money re
funded—Charges fair. Terms cash.
No injurious medicines used. —Patients at
a distance treated by mail.— Medicines sent
everywhere free from gaze or breakage.—
Slate your case and send for Opinion and
terms. Consultation strictly confidential,
personally or by letter. Send Gc postage for
Illustrated 84-page BOOK (for both sexes)
tion this paper.) ..',. ; , . .
Architectural Iron Work.
Founders, Machinists, Blacksmiths and
Pattern Makers. Send for ' cuts of col
umns. • Works on St. P., M. & M. R. R.
near Como avenue. Office 102 E. Fourth
street, St. Paul. C. M. POWER, Secre
tar and Treasurer.
The Fast and Staunch Steamer
Will leave the Northern Pacific Dock at DU
LUTH for PORT ARTHUR and Interme
diate North Shore Ports every Monday and
Thursday Evenings at S o'clock.
Returning, will leave PORT ARTHUR for
DULUTH every Tuesday aud Friday Even
ings at 5 o'clock, touching at intermediate
points. For freight or passage apply to the
in person or by letter.
B ■ "w-e'ST : PAIS 1* .'..*«
■ f ■/^^AlLWAX.***^* *n±
Leave St. Paul— +9:00, *10:00 a. m. ;
2:00, +4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 9:00 p. m.
Arrive St. Paulrrß:26, 0:20, 10:20 a. m. ;
2;20, 5:20,t8:20, 11:30 p.m. >
tExcept Suuday. *Sqnday Qnly. . • .i-.~.
. Leave and arrive at Minneapolis 20 min
utes later and earlier respectively.
Short Line trains between St. Paul and
Minneapolis every 30 minutes, leaving: union
depot in each city on the even and half hour
during the day. - .'•-.*• - :.-*--* -j-T
> Four tracks. Heavy rails. Quick
'• See Short Line Folder for details.
1 "' ' .
Office— 3l7 Minnesota Street.
Factory— South Park, St,- Paul, Minn.
Steam Heating, Brass and Iron Fittings,
■ ' If ■ ■ ''i . ;
tfSSS^gS^ Delivery, Storage
aJSpOSS^ and Forwarding Co.
Hello, 46—2. Office 209 w. Seventh , street
, Warehousing a Specialty.
Packing and Shipping by. competent help.
135 East Fifth Street,
. Trunks moved for 25 cents. Furni
ture moved, stored, packed and shipped
:-•.. ;.:,.*. Telephone 640-2.
■■A\M a 9* The famous Moxie TServe
Kill I V I L Food Beverage slakes the
iVI IA I ■ thirst from summer heat,
111 V#ml h does bcttef**ttnd prevents
the after effects of Liquors and Tobacco, re
moving their odor from the "breath- at once,
gives the weakly and nervous double power
of endurance and takes . away the tired
felling like magic, without reaction or harm.
i'ut sale everywhere,.
aw si jra
The only fine calf.s3 Seamless Shoe in the
world made" without tacss , or . nails. As
stylish and'durable^tstHo'se. costing. .§5 or $0,
and* hav/tig-i' nfo "neks or hails, the
stocking' or "hurt, the feet, makes them as
comfortable and well-ntting an a hand-sewed
shoe. Buy the best,-\ Nyue genuine unless
stamped on bottom -'W. L. Douglas $3 Shoe,
warranted."^'- „*• . .- _ -
W. L. DO-UGLA.S.S4 SHOE, the original
and only hahd-se wed- welt which
equals custom-made shoes costing from $6
to $9. .. ***" *
W. L. DOUOI-AS $2.50 SHOE is unex
celled for heavy wear. > v.. . -
W. : .*PPU*SIiAS.S3 SHOE is worn by all
Boys, and Is tbe Best school shoe in the world.
A}l the above goods-fere. made in Congress,
Button and Lace, and if hot sold by your
dealer, write Wl *L. DOUGLAS, Brockton,
W. W. THOMAS, 416 Wabasha St.
ROCHETTE & SONS, 211 West Sev
enth St.
Seventh street.
The present townsite is a fine, dry,
high and level tract of 1.200 acres, lo
cated on the Mississippi river, East from
Paul, adjoining the city limits and
on the River Divisions of both the Chi
cago, Milwaukee & St. Paul and "Bur
lineton" Railways. The "Burlington"
runs hourly motor trains between St.
Paul Union Depot and St. Paul Park;
fare Gc. See time table in daily papers.
The most desirable section, a tract
consisting of about 400 acres and located
over half a mile remote from the manu
facturing district, is reserved exclu
sively for the finer class of suburban
residences, where no residence is al
lowed to be built costing less than $1,200;
in this section there will *be completed
in 1888 over 40 residences, costing from
$2,500 to $5,000 each ; these lots range in
price from 5250 to $400 each on easy
terms, are all *^-acre lots, with 80-foot
A each bonus of $100 for each workman
continuously employed, ami land on side
tracks necessary for factory buildings,
will be donated to reputable manufact
uring concerns to locate at St. Paul Park..
The following are now in operation:
Capacity, Workmen.
J. L. Spencer & Co., Carriages 200
St.Paul Knitting "Works 300
Henry A. Miickle, Sleighs.. 75
W. R. Church Cart Co., Cart 5 . ...... 50
St. Paul Park Silk Co., Silk Goods. . 25
St. Paul Park Broom Co., Brooms.. 50
('lobe Engine and Boiler Works ... 25
B. A. Peterson, A gr'l Implements. 25
John Dudley .Lumber Co 25
Total -—
Lots in this section, $200 to ?300ceach.
Terms $25 cash and $10 per month.
For price list, maps and other infor
mation call CO or address
28 East Fourth Street, St. Paul, Minn.
.Branch Office on the grounds opposite" depot,
in charge of C. A. Parker. .- ■-. ~
Mahlon* D. Miller, President.
Fred. S. Bryant, Secretary.
Artifical Limbs '
: Artificial Eyes)
Galvanic Batteries and Belts]
Wheel end Invalid Chairs
Archer Barber Chairs)
_ ■
The Largest Exclusive Dental and Sur
gical Depot in the Northwest.
311 Wabasha St.. St. Paul.
P. V nwYFR
ii f ■ ufi I en
& BROS.,
Gas Fixtures!
96 East Third Street,
And 10 Second Avenue West, Duluth.
Nat so many "Want" ads in Sunday's Globe
"V*. but they are alt read. *
NOW is the time to attend
to any alteration op
On Furs. You get better work
for less money. We make a
specialty of
Insuring" you against damage
by moth or loss by fire. Call
and leave your address and
we will send for your furs.
99 and 101 E. Third St„ St. Paul.
Their cheats and tricks fully explained the
afflicted given timely advice and warning.—
Honest means of self-cure pointed out in the
A Great Medical Work for Young
«. v, and Middle- Aged Men.
vi^yovcr to,- jfifflzpSSaEK
t®*efe?^v^ Exhaustion.
•~&%8$B8£gl Errors of Youth, Wasting Vital
itv, Lost Vigor and Manhood
Impurities of the Blood in both sexes and
the untold miseries consequent thereou.
Contains 84 pages, elegantly illustrated.
Warranted the best popular medical treatise
in the English language. Price only 10 eta.
(stamps or silver), mailed concealed in plain
wrapper. Send now. Address the author,
I**. K. WOOD, Sioux City, lowa.
SS^Mention this paper..^
Grading Alley in Block 6, Wood
land Park Addition.
Office Board of Public Works, )
City of St. Paul, Minn., June 16,1883. »
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the city of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
12 ni. on the 2'Jtit day of June, A. D.
1888, for grading alley in block 0, Wood
land Park addition to St. Paul, from
Kent street to Dale street, in said
city, according to plans and speci
fications on file in the office of said
Board. • ..•;-;*
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent
of the gross amount bid must accom
pany each bid. -: •:\ _ - ; •„
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
ii. L. GORMAN, President
Official : W.F. Erwix, , v. /
170-180 Clerk Board of Public. Works.
Grading Alley in Block 1, Smith's
Office Board of Public Works, 1
City of ST.PAUL,Minn.,June 11,1888. J
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the city of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
12 m. on the 25th day of June, A. J). 1883.
for grading the alley in block one (1),
Smith's addition to St. Paul, between
Western avenue and Bichmond street,
in said city, according to plans and
specifications on file in the office of said
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent
of the gross amount bid must accom
pany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
B. L. GORMAN, President.
Official: W. F. Erwix,
165-175 Clerk Board of Public Works.
The most delightful and effective Cough Bal
sam made. Elegant for children. Will burst
up an old ana deep seated Cough quicker
than any other remedy. A fine thing in Con
sumption and all dis- 'j. , /** .■
eases of the Throat and^«* uPjJl filf
Lungs. All genuine : /^^T^^Z/////
bears this signature: > /t**ft / »l^'/Wwv / r*\
St. Paul. Minn. Druggist* Chemist
Lv.St.l'aul Arbt. Pau
Chi. & Dcs Moines Ex. *8 :45 a m *7 :23 pm
St.Louis & Kan City Ex *S :45 am "7 :25 pm
Watertown * Pac. Diy.
Ex *7:soam *6:350 m
Mankato Expres* »3:0O pm *11:35 am
St. Louis 'Through' E4 +6:25 pm +9 :00 am
Dcs Moines & Kansas • "
City Expre55. ........ d6:25p m d7 :s9am
Chicago "Fast" Ex.... d6;2*> m d7:soam
d, Daily. * ex. Sundays. +, ex. Saturday.
ex. Monday, s, Sunday only.
Ticket office. St. Paul, corner Third and
Siuley streets, and depot," Broadway, foot of
Fourth street. • , •--;-«,
>*ffc^ CHICAGO, ST. PAUL, , v
>[email protected]*^^W M.WHEAPOL.S & OMAHA RY.
. --^Sjr... . To Chicago. Omaha and Kansas City.
Miruuap'ls. St. P»u!. 'Dally. . .. :t fa Sunday. _ - St. Panl. | MIM-*p'!s.
J655AM7 45 AM ............Eau Claire, Merrillan and Green 8ay..7. -7 lOPMjt 800 PM
*220 PM 300 PM _ Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls and Elroy._.. 150 PM;* 230 PM
{4 30 PM 533 PM Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls .....:,...: 1-10 23 AM flO 55 AM
f9lO AM 945 AM ....—..-. New Richmond, Superior and Duluth_- .'.'-'8 05 PM f645 PM
*900 PM 940 PM -.New Richmond, Superior and Duluth... 653 AM* 735 AM
+ 9 10AM 9 45AM Ashland, Washburn, Bayfield and Water-meet G 05PMjt 545 PM
*9-00 PM 940 PM Ashland, Washburn, Bayfield and Escanaba. 651AM*7 35 AM
*220 PM 300 PM ..Chicago, Madison and Janesville— Fast Day Express.. 150PM*2 30 PM
* 6 60 pM 7 30 PM .Chicago Fast Vs-stlbuled Expre55 ......... 7 30 AM * 3 03 AM
*680 PM 730 PM— .Madison, Waukesha and Milwaukee— Fast Line.... 730 AMI* 303 AM
LEAVJ. -: . TVSSTSXIti' thai : :1 -" ARRI*VsE.
St. Vaa.l. . I HiflMap'b. 'gaily. .■■.■■■..- ' Kg. Sunday, j Miaingp'lg. | SL Paul. ;
t 7 MAM 8 2SAM|....SiQ.v- City, Sioux Falls, Mitchell and Yankton.... 6 30PM 703 PS
*600 PM 640 PM Fast Line, Sioux City, Omaha aad Kansas City..! »8 53 AM 9SO AM
+750 AM 825 AMI .;. Mankato, Lake Crystal and E1m0re......._. ,.'J ! '« 3? PM t703 PM
* G 00PMI 6 40PM!........ ..........)*>jankat0, Tracy and Pierre... •......[ 855 AMI* 9 30 AM
Ch'cag* Fast Day Express arrive! Chlcai* at 1 next morning. Chicago Testlbnled Express arrive* Chicago at
9.30 next morning. Through Sleeper t* Milwaukee on V««libul*d Express arrives there T. 40 next morning. .:■-.
Sleeping Cars and Pining Care, the lusstia th* world, on these Cbietgo Trains. , ' '.;
' Thtough Pullman Sleepers on Kansas City PS.it {.la* I* CmsoU Blast*, Omaha and Kansas City. Also Pullman
Sleepers on Night Train* between St. Pi«l and Deluth. Ashland and Tracy.
TWEET {St. fans, I 59 East Third Btr**t apd Cuiea D.pol, foot SlMey Street.
OFFICES: ißiaaeapolb I 3 Hl«*U*t Item* Bl*eh and Valoa pot,' Bring* Square,
t.W.TE'SDALK, ■-■ fcH.fTaTBCH, - -*i| Jt-iW. B. WHEEIErs, .
v}U'iraM«»prAge*)ta. . City Tlaa*. A|»at, St. Paul, . 01* Ticket Ag-.. , Minueapolla,
The Globe Will Be First
Northwestern Papers
Chicago Reports This Week.
NO. 174.
M Minneapolis m
Through. Trains to PrinclpalPolnts
In Central and Northern Minne
sota, Dakota, Montana, Manitoba
and British Columbia. - : . r ':Vt.
Leave Arrive
- ■ St, Paul. St, Paul.
Morris and Wahpeton a 8:10 am ; :55~jj*"ni
Aberdeen and Ellen- - "^
«.. da ,\? E **r T r ? 83 -••, -.10 am : 6:55pm
SL Cloud, Fargo and ■ • *
Grand Forks. a 8:20 a m : 45 p m
Osseo and St Cloud. a 2:30 p m all a m
Excelsior and Hutch- *.•..««# »m
Anoka? St .......... *** Pm a 9:47 a m
Anoka, SL Cioudaud • «»».»* am
Willmar „3:45 p m all :10 m
Princeton and Milaca a 3:45 p m ali :10 am
watertown, Wahpe- * .••-' ""
ton, Casseiton, Hope
and Larimore .;.... b7 :30 pm c 7:25 a m
Crookston, Winnipeg ". . .
and Victoria
Through express.. 8:30 pin 0:55 am
Fergus Falls, Fargo, ■.. - ww^nm
Grand ,i l eche 8:30 p m G:ssam
Mmot, Buford, Great
Falls and Helena. . d 3:30 pm eG :55 a m
*f.!L«^t I c ? U^ except M follows: a ex
™ i . , y »{ b Saturdays as • far as Wahpeton
only Mondays f rom Wahpeton only; d ex
cept Saturday ; e except Monday ■*'"*"*
through sleepers to Great "Falls, Mont,
and points west of Grand Forks Monday and
Thursdays only. .■-.••"."**'
and Jackson; Onion depot
/*Wfl2*3N»w 162 East .Third street'
lIJfTIWiITFr^J & Union Depot SL PauL
162 East Third street.
& Union Depot, St. PauL
A means Daily. 13 except
4^*S2*Ml*£/ Sunday. • C except Monday.
/ D except Saturday.
_|L. St. Paul. Ar. St. PauL
Mil., Chic. & Local. 87:30 a. m. 11:20p.m.8
LaCros„Dub.& La B 7 30 a. m. 11 :20 p. m.B
Aberdeen & Fargo B 7:30 a. m. 0 :50 p. m, B
Pra.duC.M.&C.Ex 9 :10 a. m. 5 -.55 p. m. B
Calmer & Day. Ex. IB 9 : 10 a: m. 7 :53 a. m. C
Mil.,Chi.&Atl.Ex.|A3:oop. m. 1:50p.m.A
Owatonna & Way. A 4 p. m. 9:50 a.m. A
Wabasha at Way.. B 4 ::*0 [: m. 9 :30 a. m. B
Fast Mail...' .'. A 0:40 ft. in. p.m. A
Aberd'n & Mit. Ex. t A 0 :15 d. m. 8 : 10 am. A
Mil.,&Chi.FastLi. A 7 p. m. 7:30 a. m. A
Aus.,Dub.&ChiEx ! D 7:40 p. m. 7:33 a. m.C
The Dining Car Line to Fargo, Helena Butte
and the Pacific Northwest.
. Leave Arrive
Dining Cars on Pacific St. Paul St. Paul
Express Trains. ;i "Daily. Daily.
Portland Express (lim- ,
ited) for Grand ••-
Forks, Grafton, Pem
bina, Bismarck, Miles j
City, Helena, Butte, **; ' "
Tacoma, Portland, etc 1:00 p. m. 5:05 p. m.
Passenger Express for -', :
Fergus Falls, Wahpe . >f
ton. Miluor, Fargo
Miles City, Helena i^n. .
Butte, Spokane Falls,, ■.>•..-..
etc .77 3--00 p.m. 7:10 a. m.
Dakota Express for.^v*-
Sauk Center, Morris. \ — -
Fargo and intermedi' -*• f*'
ate points ........:;• *S-Ooa.m. 37 p. m.
ISriail'OKTANT— Limited Pacific Coast
Express stops at principtd i>eints only. PAS
SENGER EXPKESS-imrkcs all stops. DA
KOTA EXPRESS makes all stops. SECOND
CLASS SLEEPERS onlv' on trains leaving
St. Paul at 8:00 p. m:' daily: *!)aily except
Sunday. Through Pullman Sleepers daily
between St. Paul aiid Gratia Forks, Fergus
Falls and Wahpeton.- C. E. STONE, City
Ticket Agent, 173 East Third Street St. Paul;
B. N. AUSTIN, City Ticket Agent, 19 Nicol
let House. Minneapolis. "»< "•■•-.v~
Chicago, St, Paul & Kansas City
(Minnesota & Northwestern,)
Leave L Leave Arrive Arrive
Mp'lis. St.Paul St. Paul Mp'lis.
,„ . r. m. r. at. r. si. p. m.
Chicago Mail 2:10 , 2:50 3:30 4:05
Chicago Ex- -7:00 ,7:35 a.m. a.m.
St. Louis a! a - m - A." m 7:45 8:20
KanlasCityl 7:35, .1! 8:10 10:10 10:45
Express I **•**• **• M. P. m. p. M.
express... j 0;0Q ( . :4 , ) p;4( , 10^.
Lyle, Austin. Dodge Center, Chattield,
Plaiuview, Rochester,- Peoria, Indianapolis.
Columbus, and all points East, South, and
*t\ est.; ; - '■■' ■
Dining cars, Mann Boudoir cars and Com
pany's Sleepers on Chicago night trains.
Through Sleepers on . ijes Moines night
trains. -.■■■»
City ticket offices 193 Ea^t Third street and
Union depot, foot of Sjjiley, street st, Paul.
City ticket office, No. .3 Nicollet House
Union Depot .Bridge square, Minneapolis.
antral) f *J£fy fmm
MINNEAPOLIS. j i.wave. arrive. 7
Chippewa Falls,Eau: fal:lspst aIO:3SAX
Claire, Neenah, Osh- J •
kosh. Fond dv Lac 1 - - ■• '-■ ■ " :
and Waukesha (.a7:lOpN a4:lopx
Milwaukee and local. l "' o:2s am 10:55py
ST. PAUL. leave. I AF.I'.I VB.
Chicago, Milwaukee,
Chippewa Falls, Eau f a 2:00 p m alO :00 AX
Claire, Neenah, Osh-| I'
kosh, Fond dv Lac V
and Waukesha...... . I.a7 :45pm a 3:40 pat
I Milwaukee and 10ca1..!, 7:00 ami 9:4opm
a Daily.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars and the Cen-
Ira famous Dining Cars attached to all
through trains.
St. Paul— l 73 East Third street; a E.
Eobb, City Ticket Agent
Union Depot— Brown & Knehel, Agents.
Minneapolis l9 Nicollet House Block;
F.H. Anson, Northwestern Passenger Agent.
Union Depot— H. Martin, Agent.
Union Depots, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Chi
cago and St. Louis.
Ticket Offices— St. Paul, corner Third and
Robert sts. ; Chicago, corner Canal and Ad
ams sts.: St. Louis, 112 North Fourth st.
Leave. Arrive.
Chicago, St. Louis and -
Peoria, daily, ... .: 7:30 m. 7:55 a.m.
Chicago and St. Louis. • - :*s.v*-'." -
Ex. Sunday... .-.'.: 7:30 a.m. 0:30 p.m.
Suburban trains leave union depot. St.
Paul, for Dayton's bluff. Oakland. Highwood,
Newport and St. Paul Park, at +0:25, *7:55,
and*lo:3oa. m. ; *2, •3:10 and +4:40 p. in.
Returning, arrive, +7:25, *8:35 a. m. : *12:50,
*4:30, *0:15 and +7:50 p. m. . - - '."
♦Daily. tExcept Sunday.
. . . " — «9

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