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Wants on ibis page will be Inserted uudei
Classified headings according to the following
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I C *3 I *3 I "d *} en en
a ■£. ~ V o«T 5- 2
dumber - ° _ ** ° c g
Wo/ds. 'I a ifgi 3
Words. | I I I I i I
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• • 33 • . - . . P 8
15 orles;- 5.15 $.27 $.39,5-51 §.63 $.7515. 87
16 words .16 .23 .-10 .52 .64) .761 .89
17 words .17 .30 .43 .56 .69 .82 .95
13 words .18 .32 .46 .60; .741 .881.01
19 words .19 .34 .49 .64 .79 1.09
20 words .20 .35 .50 .65, .80 .951.10
21 words .21 .37 .53 .69 . 8511. 1.17
22 words .22 .39 .56 .73 .901.071.24
£3 words .23! .41 .59 .77 .95.1.13 1.31
24 words .21 .42 .60 .781 .901.141.32
25 words .25 .44 .63 .821.011.20,1.39
26 words .26 .46 .66 .861.06:1.26;!
27 words .27 .48 .69 .90 ill. 1.53
28 words .28 .49 .70 .911.121.331.54
29 words' 729 .51 .73 .951:171.391,61
30 words .30! .53 .70, .991. 22! 1. 451.65
31 words 31 .55 .'79 1.03 1.27,1.51 1.78
32 words .32 .561 .80 1.0411. 25|1.52 1.76
33 words .33 .58 .S3 1.0811.331. 5311. SO
34 words .34 .60 .86 1.121. 381.631.
35 words .35 .62 1 161.43 1.701. 97
36 words .36 .63 .9011. 17 1. 44 1.711.98
37 words .37 .65! .931 21 1. 1.772.05
38 words .38 .07 1.25 1.54 1.83 2.12
39 words .39 .69i .9911.29 1.59,1. 592. 19
40 words .401 .70|1.00J1.30|1. 60 1.902.26
41 words .41 . 721. 031. 34 ; 1. 651. 96 2.27
142 words .42 .7411.061.3811-702.022.30
"*3 words .43 .76,1.09 ; 1.421.752.08 2.41
44 word* .44 .771:10,1.431.76 2.09 2.42
45 words .45 .791.131.47 1.81 2. 15,2. 49
46werds .46 .811.161.511.56 2:21 2.50
47 words .47 .83,1.191.551.912.27 2.63
48 words .4P 1 1.201. 56 1.922. 282.04
49words .49! .8611. 2311. 0011.9712.34J2. 71
pOwords .501 .551 .201.04 2.02 2.40;2.78
. Compound words count two words, and
every abbreviation counts the same as a full
In Every Case the Money Must Accom
pany the Order. 7 7" 7
_ Ufa I ft. -
GENTS WANTED— Every live
agent and street man can make SIO to
f25 daily selling the "Waterbury" Hat
Hanger, which every man wauts at sight.
Price 15 cents. Agents' profit over 100 per
cent. Boston agents pronounce it best seller
on the market. Samples 15 cents; circulars
free, chamberlain, Rose & Co., Boston,
Mass. . .... 131
AGENT— Wanted, good active man to han
dle fire insurance. For particulars ad
dress X 87, Glole. 131-82
AGENT WANTED in every town In Wis
consin, Minnesota and Dakota for our
new book, '"Life of Gen. Sheridan write
for terms, etc. Empyreal Publishing House,
SL Paul, Minn. 179-83
AGENTS — Wanted, several industrious
life insurance agents; previous experi
ence not necessary. Inquire Prudential In
surance company,- 303 Jackson St., Room 13,
A. C. Laskc, superintendent. 180-83
AGENTS— We have several new books on
which we give very liberal terms; write
for particulars. Empyreal Pub'g House, St.
Paul. Minn. " 155-34
A MEAL FOR 10 CENTS— Beefsteak or
pork chops or sausages, with potatoes,
bread, butter and coffee, 10 cents. Res
taurant in basement, corner Sixth and Jack
son. - 178-83
BARBER— Wanted, a colored barber at 10
Ease Fairfield, West St. Paul. 6
T>AR HER wanted at 403 East Seventh st.
"D ARBER wanted at 576 East seventh st.
ARBER wanted at 140 East Fifth St., St.
Paul. _6
BARBER— While, for Saturday. 685 East
Third st. ■ " 6
BARKER— Wanted, barber at 221 West
Seventh ;-t. 181
BARBER— Wanted, No. 399 University
ay., for Saturday, 6
BARBER— Good barber at Commercial
hotel. South St. Paul. 6
BAR BE Good barber wanted at 627
East Seventh st; steady job. -,- 0
BARBER— Wanted, firht-ciass barber,
white, at 204. West Seventh st. 6
BARBER— Wanted, - a first-class colored
barber: none other need apply; wages
815 per week. Matt Arnold. Fargo."Dak. 4
BARBER— Wanted, a first-class colored I
'■ barber at 10 East Fairfield ay. ; good
wages. 5.
BAKER A first-class cake baker wanted
immediately. Address McLean Bros.,
18 Twentieth ay. west, Duluth. Minn. 6
T>ELL BOY'S wanted at the Clifton hotel.
BOOKK EEl'Eß— Wanted. an experienced
bookkeeper by wholesale house; state
age, previous experience and 'salary ex
pected. Address N6. Globe. 180-81
BOOKKEEPER — Wanted, an expert
bookkeeper at once, to straighten out a
set of books. Call at room 21, No. 326 Wa
basha St.. to-day. 6
BOY— '"right boy acquainted with city.
315 Walnut st. 6
CABINET MAKERS— Wanted, cabinet
J makers. Ryan oflice. 181
ARI'ENTER — Wanted, one first-class
carpenter; 587 Marshall ay. , 6
CARPENTERS — Carpenters wanted on
Martin St., near Western ay. 6
CLERK— Wanted, situation as clerk in
oilice or store by boy sixteen years old,
just out of college; am a worker; references
furnished ; also good hand in music. A B,
Globe. 6
ELI VERY CLERK— Wanted, an hon
est, reliable man thoroughly acquainted
with the city, as delivery clerk; best refer
ences required: good wages to the right man.
Apply to the California Wine House, 42 to
50 East Seventh st. 76
GLAZIERS — Two glaziers wanted at
once. Call at Room 6, Bank of Minne
sota building at 1 o'clock. 5
OB PRINTERS— morning,
four first-class job printers; no others
need apply. Brown. Treacy &. Co., 142 East
Third St.. St. Paul. 4
JOB PRINTERS— two first-class
job printers capable of taking charge of
1111 office ; wages no object. Apply at Boom
102, Merchants hotel, between 12 and 1
o'clock to-day. 6
PAINTERS— Two good painters at St.
Paul Carriage company, 192 West Third
st. 5
Painters— painters wanted. H.
A. Weugc, corner of Minnehaha and At
lantic. city. ■ ■ ' 181
PAINTERS Wanted, fresco painters.
Ryan office. 6
ANTS3IAKER— A first-class pantsmaker
by Wm. Geisenhcyuer, 111 West Third
st 6
■ the undersigned, have this day re
ceived from the Union Endowment associa
tion the full amount due ns on our certifi
cates numbered respectively 93. 96 and 97.
[Signed] Stephen Wade, 'William Wade,
Johns. Wade. 178-83
PLASTERERS— Wanted, two good plas
terers. Call at 3QI University ay. 4
LUMBER— Must be strictly first-class.
Apply to Rogers & Ordway. 181-183
POLISHER— Piano polisher. W. J. Dyer
& Bro.. 148 and 150 East Third street. 5
PORTER— Wanted, a good saloon porter;
. one who thoroughly understands his
business,' none oilier need apply. Call after
10 o'clock at sct-ly's. 380 St. Peter st. 6
REPAIRER— Man to examine, repair and
pack small musical instruments. W. J.
Dyer & Bro. ,118 and 150 Fast Third street. 5
SALESMAN A good city salesman to
take orders for shirts; good pay, sal
ary or commission. Call at 27 East Seventh
street. Room 3. 180-81
ALESM EN— Wanted, live traveling sales
meu; salary and expenses ; no experience
necessary. Address, with stamp, Palmer &
Co., Eau Claire, Wis. . . 178-84
SOLICITORS— Wanted, four good life in
surance solicitors; good pay guaranteed.
Call from Bto9 a. m., 3-14 Charles st. E. E.
Collins. . 179-84
STONE CUTTER— blue stone cutter
at once. Apply on work, between Kent
and Mackubin sts.. on Laurel ay.-.r*'; .-. y 6
TAILOR wanted; first-class coat maker.
Call 3 16 Jackson st. ■ 6
YOUNG MAN— Wanted, a young man of
good address who is well acquainted in
the city; libera! inducements offered to right
party. * Address Sault Ste. Marie Investment
company, Room 23, National German-Amer
ican bank. city. 179-85
<*>! ri/ln I*'1 *' MVIS-YEAKS by paying
\?x_y.l\J\J small monthly assessments.
Agents wanted. Union Endowment Associa
tiou. 91 Union block. St. Paul. Minn. 17S-33
MFSICAI,. - -^ y>y"
MUSICAL—" Minneapolis Walter md
"Beecher's Funeral March," just pub
lished. For sale by iliiuger & Fanvell. St.
F___ . ■ ■•. 175-88
PIANO— For sa'o cheap ; new piano; first
clas» make, \t--__t lmie used. Ir-.;nire 31
East Tenth st. 180-182
IJIANO N I sTi SI ; first class work
J- yuarr»na,fid. Samuel Crutchelt, 361
Ellen ■■..: ■'■- ■■■-. " -■ - 171 203
PIANO Tt:.*t.-y«— f-,- prompt, first class'
wo.-k »«»«•.» t;<l»r» at Wniiucy's music
•two Ltft '1 "i-. J ii. - 340*
________________ OFFERED.
" £' cmale. '
CANVASSERS— Wanted, a few .active
ladies to call on the private families
with Collier's Once a Week, the neatest and
' fastest selling weekly journal in the country.
$10 to $15 per week. -15 Davidson block.
- ■ ■■ 7.7- .7 : 178-183 -■' ■■--•-•■•■ ■■
CHAMBER WORK— a good girl
to do chamber work; also a dish washer,
nt 513 Jackson st. 6
COOK— Wanted, a competent cook; Ger
man or Swede preferred. Apply at 435
Summit ay. , ■ •■•■. 180-83
C DDK-Wanted, good ccoh( • washer and
ii oner for family of three. Apply at 90
Western ay. . 180-82
COOK — Wanted, erood second cook at
Davis' restaurant, 52 East Seventh st.
•_____ 180-83 •■',,,-
COOK Wanted immediately, a competent
' cook; good wages. Apply Mrs. C. Sea
bury, 453 Ashland ay. 5
OOK— cook wanted* July 1; Ger
. man preferred. 491 Wabasha st. 4
CLERK— Wanted, young lady clerk iv sta
tionery store. Address II U, this office. 4
DINING ROOM GlßL— one that can
room at home. No Name Restaurant,
149 West Seventh st. 180-82
DRESSMAKING— Two j apprentice girls
to learn dressmaking. 687 Wabasha
st. - . > 5
ERRAND GIRL— one errand
girl: also one girl for light housework.
80*6 West Third ______ Room 6. 4
GIRL— pay $9 per month to a new
comer Swedish girl to go out to a lake
during summer. A. E. Mellgren, 115 East
Third st. - , ' 181-183
CJIRLS— Wanted, good cook: German pre
vX ferred. Also second girl, intelligent
and understanding care of children. Apply
at 639 Cedar st. ■ 6
GIRL— Young girl wanted to care for two
children. Call at 359 Maria Aye.
HOUSECLEANEK— a woman to
help clean house at 637 Cedar st. 5
HOUSEKEEPER— Working housekeeper,
large farm. North Dakota; no washing,
good place. Douglass' Intelligence, Seventh,
corner Cedar. * -.•-_.. 181
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, girl, competent
cook for family; also second .girl; a
young girl preferred who understands care of
children. Call at 639 Cedar st, opposite Cen
tral park .4
OUSEWORK— Wanted, a good girl for
general housework; no children and
good wages; 603 John st. . . 4
HOUSEWORK— Girl tor general house
work in small family at 506 Cedar st.
opposite capitol. 5
HOUSEWORK— a girl for gen
eral housework at 540 Olive st ■ . 5
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a good girl for
general housework. Apply 411 East
Tenth st. 5
HOUSEWORK— A competent girl wanted
at 1 28 Summit ay. for general house
work; must give good references; apply at
once. . ■ 175-81
HO US WORK— Wanted, a - smart Scandi
navian girl for general -houseworks, at
- 684 Jackson st. -7 • 7.--'. •■■ ' "- 77-6
OUSEWORK-Wanted. a good girl, one
who understands waiting on table and
help in kitchen; German or Swede preferred;
898 Rice st. 7 ■' ■ : 4
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a good girl for
general housework. Apply to Dr. C. L.
Scofield, 175 Dakota aye. 4
OUSEWOKK— GirI wanted for general
housework. 625 Gaultier st. 5
HOUSEWORK— A girl for.general, house
. work. Must be a good cook; no wash
ing. 112 Western avenue. _______ .-.- ■■■-. ■•• .7 . 5
HOUSEWORK— girl for general
housework at 543 Broadway. 5
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a gooa girl for
general housework at 543 Broadway.
HOUSEWORK— girl for gen
eral housework " good wages. Mrs.
Carson, 482 Holly ay. 6
OUSEWOKK— A girl at 31 East Tenth
street. ' •. • :■.:■; .:;.'.: ;-.-.-.. ■ 5
AUNDKESSES— One first-class starcher,
and also one lady ironer at 444 Robert.
Keno laundry. - ■' - . - 5
URSE GlßL— Wanted, a-, competent
- nurse girl: must give references; apply
morning. 325 Dayton ay. 179-81
OFFICE WORK— Wanted, smart yotiDg
lady to do light office work ; write a
good hand and come well recommended;
salary $7 a week. Address M 93, Globe. 6
SALESLADY One of experience and
who can come well recommended. . Goi
den Rule, 73 and 75 East Seventh street. 5
SEAMSTRESS — "Wanted, a seamstress.
Apply at 599 Selby ay. ■ 6
SEWING GIRL— to run sewing ma
chine at 11. G. Neat's tent factory, 18
West Third st. C
SEWING GIRL— A first-class sewing girl
to assist at general dressmaking. Ap
ply at once. 685 St. Peter st. 6
OHIRT POLISHER— Wauted, a shirt pol-
O isher at Crown laundry, 403 Fifth ay.
south. Minneapolis..: • .: ..<■...■ 180-81
ASH WOMAN— Wanted, a good wash
weman eveiy -Monday; steady work
-192 East Tenth st * ■ "... 5
ASH WOMAN*— Wanted, good wash
woman to wash blankets, at 601
Selby ay. - 6
\\T ASH WOM AN— Wanted, good wash
t\ V woman to-day or Thursday at 257
Selby ay. ■■'.■• 4
KOIVN MARE— brown mare lost'
si uce last Saturday; had mark on right
hip: hind legs white, and white face; weight
1,000 pounds; auy full particulars will be
promptly rewarded. Apply at 1527 Margaret
St.. St. Paul. 7 180-81
CARRIAGES, buggies of every stvie at
lower prices than can be bought of
auy other dealer in . St. Paul ; two-seat car
riages, buggies, phaetons, surreys, roekaways,
cabriolets, jumpseats. canopy tops, carts,
two-seated wagons, express and delivery
WEgons and harness. Call, before purchas
ing, King's carriage rooms. Fourth and Min
nesota. ' L-7- '-.-.-. *7*. 145*
OR SALE CHEAP— gentle and sound
horse, suitable for lady to drive: also
good in saddle; phaeton, harness and light
wagon: will be sold separate to suit. Apply
at 589 Pine st. : 179-85
FOR SALE single phaeton carriage,
in good condition for immediate use,
cheap for cash only. Inquire at 375 Noith
Oak St. -*- 181-182
FOR SALE CHEAP— Young horse and
buggy. 530 Decatur st. 181-83
FOR SALE— landau carriage, one
hearse and one bus; all in good order.
Apply It: ('. Farncr, Stillwater. .- 170-189
HEARSE— for sale, second-hand
hearse in good running order. Impure
at W. E. Schutte. Seven corners livery stable.
St. Paul. - " 175-81
HORSE— For sale cheap, a good driving
horse, well bred and very gentle. In
quire. J. H. B. Ramsey, County Abstract
office. 181-182
HORSES — Four-year-old gentleman's
driver, a high-bred mare, stylish, kind,
shows a three-minute gait; four-year-old
horse, good anywhere, fine style; saddle and
driving horse, live years old, a first-class com
bination horse: all for sale cheap. ■ Call from
7 to 9a. m. and 6 to Bp. m. A. B. Bobbins,
Merriam Park. 180-183
Kent's Package Delivery. 176-82
EAM FOR SALE— Good working team. :
harness and -wagon at .sllO. Inquire
of R. Butterfield, United States Barn cor
ner Fourteenth and Jackson sts. 181-82
x nuance company, 308 Lumber Ex
change. Minneapolis, insures horses against
death from accident or disease. Agents
wanted. 174*
are taught at the St. Paul Business Col
lege during the summer months. Special
classes in Penmanship and Bookkeping for
those preparing to teac.li. -. Now is the time to
take advantage of low rates, experienced
teachers and personal instruction. Courses
of study: Commercial, English, Shorthand,
German. W. K. Mulliken, corner Seventh
and Jackson. - 175*
ANNA C. DREW school shorthand, type
writing and telegraphy; first-class and
exclusive; learn now for positions in ihc
fall. Address, Elva J. Wilcox, Hale block,
corner Third and Jackson sts. > 103*
/ branches, including shorthand and type
writing. Address St. Paul or Minneapolis.
■ : ■ 120*
selected for purchasers free of charge.
Malcolm E. Nichols. 507 Grand Opera Block.
- 134* :.-.
PRIVATE SCHOOL during vacation.
. Two hours daily. English branches, -
German and music. " A. R. Kohnke, teacher
Sof public schools,' 2o Tilton street 176-182
typewriting— Standard system; lessons
day, evening or by mail; send for circulars.
Miss J. D. Hess. Union Block. 7 . . ... 162*
{ Lessons day, evening, and by mail. Mal
colm if" Nichols, 507 Grand Opera block.
..■■■-.• ' - ' 13 ..... ■-:■-■; .-, -■;-.-■ -
26 East Exchange St.— Lessens given on
, Picno, Organ, ' Guitar, Violin and : Mandoli n; ■:
! hunts arranged to suit pupils. -For terms
I call or address The Sopenoiua. - 168* I
— =-" '- - --"--■ -■'•' -■' ' : .-.. r7 . ' . - -"-'-"y,-?
1 1
APOTHECARY, -registered, 18 years':
..practical manufacturing; experience,
wants situation in store ■or any thing apper- -
taining to drug; business: references un
doubted ;go anywhere. S 97, Globe. 178-83
BARKEEPER— Situation wanted as bar
keeper or at lunch .counter; long ex
perience in both; can speak German. Ad
dress John May, 3 East Eighth st. * - 4
oughly posted in business: best of refer
ence, and security if needed. '. Address M 92,
Globe. .5
OOKKEEPER— Wanted, by young Ger
man, situation as assistant bookkeeper
or clerk, preferred iD manufacturing or
wholesale house. Address box 1019, . Red
Wing, Minn. 179-183
BOOKKEEPER — A competent book
keeper wishes to get a set of books to
keep at home or a position for same; good
references. Address N 24, Globe. 4
BOOKKEEPER— Evening employment
wanted by a bookkeeper who has had
considerable experience in keeping accounts
by double-entry. Address, S J)."", Globe. 7 6
BOOKKEEPER— Situation by first-class
bookkeeper; A No.l references. > Ad
dress 1{ 15, Globe. 1 80-81
by a young man, position as boc k deeper
or collector; best of references. Address N.
25. Globe. ■ 4
BOY— A smart active boy of 12 years
would like to make himself useful in
office or store. Address Smart, Hotel \Y in
slow. SSSKSEHBt- 3
BUTCHER— wanted by a young
man to get some experience" in meat
cutting. Address AB, Globe. .4
BUTCHER— Good one wants situation.
Apply 393 Olive st. 5
■ and pitcher would like an engagement
to play on July 4, 1888. Address KH, Globe.
I 181 .-, ...
CLERK— In hotel or office by boy seven
teen years old ; good penman and steady
worker. Address P 36, Globe. yy 3
CLERK — Wanted, by steady young man,
situation in wholesale house; no objec
tions to heavy work. X 81, Globe. 181-183
CiLERK— Youug man wants situation in
V^ grocery store ; has had experience; or
to help around some office. Address N 12,
('lobe. 4
COLLECTING— with horse and
buggy, for collecting, or light delivery.
530 Decatur st. *■**« ~ ir .—. -- 7;7 y - : 4
COOK — situation wanted by first-class
V^ cook; good references; wanted situa
tion only for hotel. Address W. Barnard,
1501 First st. north, Minneapolis, Minn. 6
COOK— Situation wanted, by a first-class
hotel and restaurant cook. Addless
L. M„ 228 West Sixth st. St. Paul. 6
COOK— Young man, German, wants situa
tion as assistant. Address Q 33, Globe.
CiOOK— man wants position as cook in
J railroad camp or restaurant; best refer
ences. Address E. S. Coats, 419 Exchange
St., St. Paul. 179-181
RUG CLERK— Registered, with best of
reference. Address Q 27, Globe.
175-81 .
RUG CLERK— Wanted, position asdrug
clerk; three and one-half years' experi
ence; good references; city or country. Ad
dress Monitor, Globe. " "171-93
MPLOVMENT — Some light employ
ment by young man of good references.
Address W R, 395 John st. . 0
MPLOYMENT — Eveniug employment
wanted by competent young man in store
or copying. Address Q, 31, Globe. 5
EMPLOYMENT— young man, who
speaks English, German and two other
languages, seeks position. Address N 23,
Globe. 4
EMPLOYMENT— Swede lately lauded
wishes work of any kind. Address D
15, Globe. 4
ENGINEER— Wanted a situation by a
first-class engineer, to run either rotary
or stationary engine. No objections to going
into the country. Address, Thomas Riches,
347 Sherman St. - ." 6
ENGINEEER — Wanted, situation as en
gineer, with considerable experience.
S 51, Globe. r 6
MILKER— Situation wanted by a first
class milker at the Winona house. Ad
dress X V, Winona house. 4
OFFICE BOY— Boy sixteen, wants situa
. tion in store or office ; wages no great
object. Call or address Lizzie Smith, 146
; East Fifth. , 5
OFFICE BOY— A smart, active boy of six
teen, years, would like to make himself
useful in office or store good reference. A.
8., Globe. • ■ .5
OFFICE BOY— Situation wanted by a
twelve-year-old boy; can give refer
ences. Address N 17, Globe. .4
FFICE WORK— wanted by
young man, office work of any kind;
good references; salary moderate. Address
AII M. 329 First ay. north. Minneapolis. 6
PIANIST— First-class pianist wants en
gagement; concert garden or summer
resort. Address PY, Globe. 5
PORTER— Situation wanted by young
man as porter or janitor or any kind of
work inside. Address M 94, Globe. 6
SALESMAN— Position as city salesman, by
man of experience. Address 515 Wa
basha st. _ • 5
TENOGRAFHEE— Situation wanted by
stenographer and typewriter; speed 100;
good references : salary " moderate. Address
Stenographer, 329 First ay. north, Minneap
olis. BE9BI 0
STEWARD— Situation wanted by a first-
O class man as steward or waiter. Address
: (j, 30, Globe. . 5
' Female. -7777 .
BOOKKEEPER— By young lady; three
years' experience; references given;
will commence as assistant; salary no object.
Address Box 250, Hastings, Minn. 180-181
CASHIER— A lady wants a position as
cashier, copyist or assistant bookkeeper.
X 73, Globe. "4
COOK— Situation by first class cook. Ad
dress L. M., 228 West Sixth st. 5
COOK— Situation wanted by a lady as cook
or to do general housework. " Address
30*1 East Seventh st. 4
COPYIST— A young lady would like a po
sition as copyist in any kind of office;
can furnish good references. Address 523
Olive st. . 5
MPLOYMENT— A girl wants to work
for her board, mornings and evenings;
private family preferred. Address by mail
to 477 Superior st. " 4
MPLOYMENT — Wanted, situation by
young lady to do office work in doctor's
oflice,- or any kind of office work. Address
37, Glol>e. 4
GIRL— A girl would like to get a place in a
X private family where there is no wash
or ironing. Q 32. Globe. 6
GOVERNESS— Situation wanted by a
young lady as governess or companion; -
best of references. Address N9, Globe.
179-181 ... y
OUSEKEEPER— Wanted, a situation
as housekeeper; references. Address
56 East Seventh st. . 4
NURSE— Situation wanted, experienced,
aud furnish t»estof references from doc
tors and hospitals, for nursing days and
nights. Inquire 575 Lafayette ay. 4 \
TVTIiRSE GIRL— Situation wanted to take
li care of children ; will do plain sewing ;
experienced. Miss M. 136 ML Airy st. 6
TENOGRAPHER- Position wanted by
O a competent stenographer. P 83, Globe.
. ■ 181 163 -..-. -.
WASHING— woman wants two or
» » three steady places in ; the week to
wash or iron, or any work by the day; a good
workwoman: references if wanted. Address
S 52. Globe. " 5
BOARD— Best table board in the city for
$3.25 per week. 459 Wabasha Ft", ad
joining the Young Men's Christian associa
tion. ■ 180-85
BOAKD— Furnished front parlor and
small room; board.if desired; modern
conveniences; one block from People's
theater; reasonable. 193 West Sixth st.
- 179-81 -
BOARD AND ROOM— Two respectable
young ladies can find pleasant room
and board on East side at $3.50 per week.
Address, S 13, Globe. . -. . - 181
OAJiO— board; delightful loca
tion; modern improvements; very
moderate terms. Apply 639 Cedar St.. oppo
site Central Park. 181-182 ;
IGHTH ST.. 275, • EAST— Furnished
rooms with first-class board ; also one
front parlor. . . 179.84
IFTH ST., 143, WEST— fur
. nished room, with board, for married
couple without children. 179-85
LIVE ST., 6-16— Three . rooms with mod
ern improvements, excellent location,
large lawn with trees. 6 o'clock dinners.
■■-•■■ . 181-183. •-.;.■■-. ..--- ■ ■; '
PLEASANT AY., -270— rent, two
x.'. nicely furnished alcoves and three sin
gle rooms, with table board. . -178-84
WABASHA ST., 521— Large, nicely fur
.nished room, all modern conveni
ences for two, with table board, in private
family. „-..- 181 . 183
D-:. L.- JAMIESON ■.•*.: CO.'S steam live
• Works— Gents" clothing _ a , specialty.
114 West Sixth st,.j>». Paul, Mian. 7 134*
JHiscclianeons Business Chances ;
BARE 1 CHANCE— For; sale, lot and •
store filled with groceries, notions : and ■■
glassware, in the city of | Hutchinson, one of
the. best wheat markets In the state. ' For par
ticulars address F. G. Kiesler, Hutchinson,
•Minn.'- -.-;;. . >.' ISO-d-S*' •
AEITAI^-Wanted. a man with; saSili i "
capital to engage in lobbing and mfhur ; ' ;
facture. Address X 90, Globe. , . ,", '& \ .
CONFECTIONER V — For " sale, * confer '
tionery, on one of the 'best retaiiost* [ i
in' the city; good reason for selling. ''Ad- 1 .
dress at once. R 16, Globe. . : 181*3 ; *
ONFECTIONERY— For sale, a nice <jon- '
- fectionery and ice cream - - parlor; ch^iip f '
rent; No. 1 location. . Call at 486 Wabasha 1 ,
*8t „ ■■:- -7- .. . -7 - 180^51 j J
DRUGGIST— Does any druggist #8» I !
money want a $1,500 business in aifia- 1 ;
kota county seat? average daily cash.-**22 5 ;
the year - round. Address at once 22, Gl*be* i '
■ „. --'• '.••--•.■. 165* ■- ■ - - •£»-■• aj,
, established drug store, corner Lafa^Qfte I
'■■ ay. and Westminster st, with stock, fixtujc&j 1
1 book accounts and lease, is for : sale oiipos ;
count of the death of the proprietor; a'jgwa '
•investment for a good druggist; also, eqiifts .
In lot 9, block 34, of the West St. Paul Seal
Estate and Improvement Syndicate Addition ' :
v No. 2, upon which $200 has been paid. For :
'. particulars apply to Paul Eckelmaun, execu
tor, 321 Wabasha st, or N. E. Solomon. 356
! Robert st. . .....,.' . 181-83
paying hotel in a live growing town for
i residence property in St. Paul or Minneapo
lis. A. E. Stewart, Morris, Minn. 174-203
FOB SALE— -Millinery store iv town of
50b; the' only shop there, and a good
trade; have good reasons for selling. Ad- :
dress Box 25, Stanley, 10. 179-82
FOR SALE A one-chair barber shop; fine
fixtures; cheap rent Address 685 Wa
bashast. 180-182
stock and fixtures of a confectionery,
• stationery and cigar store; 446 Broadway;
must be sold immediately. . . -.' 179-85
FOR SALE— Shoe store clean stock and
paying business. 461' Peter st. 181-187
FOR SALE— Stock of hardware in a. thriv
ing Dakota town of 1,000 inhabitants.
For particulars address Lock Box 19, Woon
socket. Dak. Noah Keller. 179
FOR SALE— Stock of groceries, feed and
flour, with fixtures. No. 201 Bates ay.,'
corner Plum St., Dayton's bluff; stock new
end location unsurpassed, being on the thor
oughfare from a rich farming district, which,
with the local trade, makes this a command
ing and very desirable place for business.
Apply ou the premises. William Wakefield,
Receiver. 181-187
my entire stock of groceries and fixtures,
cheap; long lease; fine, large plate glass
show windows; a good location for a young,
enterprising man. Apply to Davis & Brown,
Jackson St., St. Paul. 171-84
ARDWARE— For sale, hardware stock
and fixtures: good location. Address
Hardware, Globe.- ■ ' 178-84
HOTEL— For sale, a small first-class hotel
that has the. commercial trade: owing
o poor health am compelled to sell ; a bargain
to right man; easy terms.'Address G. W. Gel
lenbeck, Occidental hotel. Shakopee, Minn. .
" • 177-183
lunch counter for sale; twenty -eight
passenger trail daily; good chance. "Ad
dress VV >*, Globe. .7 175-82
Furnishing Goods Bussiness For Sale
Cheap First-class location and doing a good
business ; a big chance to get into an old es
tablished business; only small, amount of
cash required; will give "time on balance or
take good unincumbered real estate. Address
Merchant, Globe, -; 181-87-
PARTNER wanted in first-class pawn'
broking business; about $2.00') c i?e
quired. Address R. H. A., Globe. 180-83
PARTNER— Wanted, partner in an estab
lished manufacturing business: young
man preferred ; $1,500 required: worth in
vestigating. Address Manufacturer, Globe.
180-86 w*7
PARTNER— would like a partner to
take one-half interest in my dry goods
business; one who could furnish not less
than $1,000 cash; A No. 1 location and good
trade; stock will invoice $2,500. Address
X 79, Globe. . -7 : 7 , 181-S3
PARTIES with a small capital wishing to
invest can clear 300 to 500 per cent.
Call and investigate for two days at No. 24,
Fillmore ay.. St. Paul, West side. i 181
--. . m . — _ , . _ , — _
PARTNER for a to be established promis
ing business; a capital of $1,207 to *
$1,500 required ; nothing but the ready cash
will do; J references exchanged. Address N
11, Globe. " " .• 7- .'■; 77: 7 ' '.: 179-183
RESTAURANT— Restaurant for sale at a
bargain ; finely furnished well located
doing business; cheap rent. Address N 10,
Globe. ■•■-'••■ - -.'I--, 7 167-81
gain—A large well-furnished restau
rant, well located, ou Seventh st. ; fifty board
ers; doing good business: cheap* rent; easy
terms. Fred Lund, 188 East Seventh st., St.
Paul, Minn. 179-S3
WANTED PARTNER— With $3,000 to
take a half interest in one of the best
and oldest established grocery houses on East
Seventh; doing a safe business ot $40,000
per year. Address L 94, Globe. ' 181-1 83
ANTED— At once, man with 53.000 to
$5,000 to invest in first-class business;
will pay 25 per cent or more. Address M 91,
Globe. . 181
WANTED— A good, reliable partner with
$2,000 cash capital in a good, well-es
tablished restaurant paying from $30 to $40
per day. Address L 82. Globe. 179-183
BUTCHER BLOCKS, shelving and coun
ter for sale cheap. Corner of Pearl and I .
Temperance sts. 7„- 18 '-83
per volume; we are reproducing from
the very latest volumes of the ninth edition,
jiage for page, plate for plate, map for map/
nd volume for volume, and 'at about half
'he price ofthe Scribner orStoddart editions:
we also have a number of the leading cyclo
pedias (taken in exchange) at abouthalf
price: drop C. W. Dumont a card, 312 Maria
ay., and he will call and show it to you;
good terms to agents; 300 sets already
placed in Twin Cities. C. W. Dumont,
Northwestern manager for the H. G. Allen
company. 180-198.
OR SALE— I.OOO loads of rock. Apply
at corner West Seventh and Dousman st.",
Wm. J. Preston. 181-184
FOR SALE Bar fixtures, mirrors and ice
boxes for sale. Witte Bros., 411 and
413 Fifth ay. south, Minneapolis. 178-191
HOUSEHOLD GOODS— For sale, furni
ture and carpets in twelve-room house;
splendid locality for roomers and boarders.
Address M 95, Globe. 181-182
MAP — City and county map for sale. Ad
-1»1 dress X 18. Globe. 180-182'
at No. 350 Jackson st. 181
--ICELY FURNISHED flat or six rooms
for sale cheap, if sold within days; •
one block of Ryan hotel. Inquire at 85 East '
Sixth st., between 2 and 5 p. m.- 178-81 ;
CERTIFICATE LOST— A certificate for i
20 shares of the Capitol Building so- -;
ciety stock, numbered 143, in favor of MxS. j
Mary E. Walker; all persons are hereby cap
tioned against purchasing the same, as trans
fer on said certificate has been stopped. Mrs:: I
Mary E. Walker. . ■ 181»82. '_
bay stallion pony ; ears cut Please send !
notice to 170 West Third street. 180*82.. j
my premises, one three-year-old "Jay*"
horse: weight 1,000 lbs; one black spot on ;
lett side ; liberal reward for any information j
as to his whereabouts. H Nyman, 690 Law- >
son st. . 179-I S5' [
MARE FOUND— Brown mare with halter i
ILL on; came to my barn; owner can call-, j
for same and pay expenses. Horjis Bros.. 461 |
West Seventh st. ' isi ;
skin pouch containing six checks, to? '
order of John Berggren. Liberal reward I
- will be paid, and no questions asked, if re
turned to McClung & Son, German- American- '
Bank, St.- Paul. . 181 £
URSE LOST— Third st., lady's long,
alligator purse, containing money. Re
turn to Mrs. C. D.Kerr, Summit ay. 181
of * building for John Miller's house. 1 ■
Finder please return to 113 West Seventh st >
nnd receive reward. 180-81 •
ICE seven-room house; Thirteenth ay.,
near -Twenty-fourth st., Minneapolis;
little cash wanted ; what have you. Address
,HW, Globe, St Paul. . y ■■- 179-181
TO EXCHANGE— residence in the
heart of the city, mortgage $300, for
good farm. Inquire A. H. Rannev & Co., 422
Wacouta st. '-7 - -. .'■ • y ■ - 180-^3
O EXCHANGE— Fine brick house, large
lot for - improved farm. ; Inquire A. H.
Ranney & Co.. 422 Wacouta st. .-- - " :- * 1 80-83
O EXCHANGE— Fine team of work
; horses for good lot of part payment on
house and lot. Inquire A. 11. Ranney & Co.,
422 Wacouta st - ... - 7 7 * 180-83
TO EXCHANGE— Merchandise wanted in
. trade for real estate; a 'new. piano and
fine family carriage. O. B. Harris. '22 West
Sixth st. ■'".: ' ' "-"■. 181 ;
O EXCHANGE— Two lots on Seventh :
st, for a small stock of ». watches," clock :
and jewelry. - "Address Jeweler, Farmington, ;
Minn. , v - - y. -777 7 179-182 ' i
200,000 WANTS
Were printed in the ■ Globe's Advertising
Columns in 1887. This is tho best evidence
that the Globe is the People's Papeb. :
: LYONS & TICKNOR, Druggists, 707 East
; Third street, corner Bates. ■_-_'■ ; < -- ,7-, - ..
ICONOER BROS., Druggists,". 349 University
avenue, corner Virginia. &&_ v | : <■■'_
*HOUNTB & SAWYER, Grocers, coiner Ash
i land avenue and Dale street. ' '. ;y . ' :-' - .',
A. P.WILKES, Druggist 759 and 7*51 West
j Seventh street. 7, ." i r -•:.-.-— 7*-,.
"BERKMAN & CO., 422 Dakota avenue. ' -
& FOX, 482 Rice street. 7.; „.77.:^.:^.""
jjfc'P. WILLIAMS, 648 Reaney street, 7y
FRANK L. OSBURQ, 178 Western avenue.
I! H." HAVES, 441 West Seventh street 7 y-7
V. VAN DUYNE, Druggist, 628 -East Swt
■ enth street -„-•,•■-;?..--,-:::.-■;•. ,
•TaIPPLER & COLLYER, Druggist* 199
n East Seventh street. ■ ". " ' -- ; ' '■_ '■-,
470 Jackson street -„■-'■■:: 777;. -.
Wn-KES' PHARMACY. Seven Corners. :
M.D. MEHKILL. books and stationery, 442
Broadway. - .- ■-■■--- r ■_ ■ . ■ , ■. ■.■
FOR REST. '.--'.'.
Houses. ■
OTTAGE— For rent, a. cottage of four
rooms on Otsego st. Apply to H. Dou
gan, 229 East Thirteenth st. ■ . .,.- 7. 107*
COTTAGK— Furnished cottage of ; five
rooms in nice grove at Excelsior, on
Gideon's bay, Lake Minnetonka.' Apply to
L. Sturgis, Excelsior. - 175-81
HOUSE— For rent, an eight-room house
with modern improvements; fifteen
minutes' walk from postoffice and conveni
ent to street cars. Olivier & Farwell, 18 East
Fourth st. - - 7, 179-83
HOUSE— For rent seven-room house
cheap, No. 520 Pine st., between Tenth
and Eleventh. Inquire next door. ' 181-183
HOUSE For rent, new house, ten rooms,
closet, bath room, cellar, hot and cold
water, barn, good neighborhood; Dayton's
Bluff, block from street car. Room <*5, Court
block. .179-81
HOUSE For rent, house of nine rooms ;
722 Ashland ay. 174-183
HOUSE One house and several tenements
for rent, from S2O, Sls, SIO, $8, SO; 254
Commercial st. 143*
HOUSE— For rent from July 1, partly fur
nished house on Maryland aye. between
Hand aud Auerbach ayes. Apply on premises,
four blocks from Rice streetcars. 181-183
modern improvements. Inquire James
O'Meara, 303 Jackson. - -- - 170-82
HOUSE— To rent. 96 Park Place, well fur
nished and all modern conveniences;
seven rooms and bath .room. Robert G.
Mackay, Rice.block. 178-81
HOUSE— To rent, 9-room house on Laurel
ay. ; modern improvements; one block
from cable. Sargent Meacham & Co., 322
Robert st • ' 178 82
HOUSE New seven-room house, centrally
located in good neighborhood; 820 per
month. R 21, Globe. ■ . 181
HOUSE For rent, one-half a very desira
ble residence ; central location. Inquire
22 West Sixth st. 180-81
HOUSE— rent, a small nouse, and
several good offices and rooms. S. P.
Crosby, room 2, National German-American
bank. 180-81
HOUSE— Good house of seven rooms for
rent; $16 a month Inquire at 584,
corner Rice and Como ay. 180-81
HOUSE of five nice rooms for rent, 416
Jay, corner of Fuller. _ Apply 256
Fuller. 180-81
HOUSE— For rent comfortable house of
nine rooms, at 169 Mcßoal st. 179-81
•••'-*• Rooms. 7y77
and Tenth— Front alcove room, fur
nished; gas and bath ; moderate rent. 181
ROAD WAV, 487— T0 rent, three nicely
furnished rooms with use of bath ; none
but first-class parties need apply. 176-82
EO AK ST., 500— Opposite capitol ; nicely
furnished rooms, with or without board;
large yard. ■ 180-181
GIOLLEGE-AV., 20. WEST— pleas
' ' ant furbished rooms, suitable for One or
two gentlemen ; modern improvements.
:-y 109 83 ;77':7
OLLEGE\ A Y., 24, WEST— Furnished
rooms and basement for housekeeping ;
central location ; half block from street cars.
'■■ 170-83 ■ . , .
DAKOTA A.V., . 86— Two or three unfur- '
. ■ nished rooms tor rent. •> -i- - 180-81
furnished rooms for rent; with board if
desired. - 180-186
XCHANGE ST., 392— For rent, one fur
nished room use of bath ; for one gen
tleman; also first-class table board; can be
had by calling. ' . 179-181
lOHTH ST., 217, EAST— Finely fur
- nished parlor on first floor; folding bed
and wardrobe. 179-82
IFTH ST., 140 WEST— Nicely furnished
room in a private family; use of bath;
references required. -181-183
FLAT— For rent, a flat at 57 College ay. ;
furnished if desired. 180-81
FLAT— pleasant furnished rooms
for light housekeeping for parties with
out . children. 156 West Ninth st. ; second
-flat : _ 180-183
FLAT— For rent, a nicely furnished Hat of
five rooms: all conveniences and loca
tion central. 150 West Ninth st.; second
flat. 180-183
FLAT— West Seventh ; flat containing
seven rooms, with all modern improve
ments. Inquire nt 100 West Third. *g 176-82
FOKT ST., 408— Four unfuruishea rooms
for rent ; references given and required.
180-71 . •
FOURTH ST., 130, WEST— fur
nished front room; rent moderate; board
if desired. - 179-81
class furnished rooms; convenient - to
cable and street cars. ISO-86
FULLER ST., 523— Four rooms, with al
cove, two closets and pantry: city water.
GOODRICH AY., Three rooms for
housekeeping. . 181
HOLLEY A Y., 717— Five rooms for $12:
city water; for housekeeping. 180-81
XGLEHART ST., Furnished room
and alcove suitable for two gents. 181 ? 86.
ACKSON ST., 596— Large' front alcove
room, neatly furnished; ;> also single
room : use of bath room. . '■ 180-82
ACKSON ST., 701— For rent, two fur
. nished and two unfurnished rooms, with
nse of water. ::;■::.: 176-82
ACKUBIN ST., 220— Nicely furnished
front room for rent for single gentle
man; all modern conveniences; close to cable
line. . "7* 178-85
MINNESOTA ST.. Elegant parlor
1"A suite, piano, $40 permonth. ,. - 179-184
•JYTES'TH ST.," 27. EAST— One large pleas
1* ant furnished front room --..., .1 80-81
1 1 Broadway— Handsomely furnished par
lor bed room. 176-182
INTH ST., 37, EAST— furnished
rooms, single and en suite: with .or
without board ; location central. ■ 180-83
Olive— pleasant rooms elegantly
furnished; also three large connecting rooms
either single or en suite, and beautiful alcove
room, with bath and gas. ■ 176-82
ORRIS ST., 234— Four unfurnished
rooms with use of bath, for light house
keeping, to family without children; refer
ences required. -.-. y : 181-83
AX ST.. 246. SOUTH -Three furnished
rooms suitable for light housekeeping.
■ 181-83 ... y _
PLEASANT AY*.. 185— Front room for
two gentlemen ; all modern conveniences ;
a few doors from cable cars; board if de
sired. : ; --..: 181-183
ROBERT ST.. Room with board:
private family. . _ . .-. 181-187 5
ROOM — For one or two gentlemen wishing
". a - pleasant, ■ cool, front room on first
floor; house very near business center, with
private family. Please address J. .M. H.,
Globe. .7 .-.--'.'-: 7*^' : 181
ROOMS— For rent two beautiful rooms,
nicely furnished, ten minutes' from
Market house, -' with use of bath, for single
gentlemen. -, Apply for particulars 282 West
Seventh st. .-- . ' '7,>.- - : 181 -182:
ONDO ST., 489— Five rooms in a new
house, . on - first ;■ floor; on street car '
line. . y y y- . - ' 179-81
SEVENTH ST., -78, corner Minnesota—
-Newly and tastefully furnished rooms; ;
tinted walls. Miss Scherer, Room 21. 176-82
. Seven .: Corners— For rent, nicely fur
nisned room; desirable location; use of bath.
- ■■•*. :-:■■■. .-■■.. 179-81 -.-.- -. ■;-. 7-.'-j-:.--t---:-
SEVENTH ST., 272,: EAST., schur
% meier's ; New Block— Two front ■ rooms,"
suitable for office. Apply at room 1. *
,-»-7.7.-'7'7.::-7>.181-183 ■' 7' ■. ■■■„-■ :-■
SHERMAN ST., 345— Second • floor,- lour
7 large rooms and bath water paid sewer
connections; * front and rear entrance, 162*.
... Rooms^— Continued.
SIBLEY: ST., ; Pleasant - furnished
r rooms. 77'- : . .180-81
SIBLEY. ST.. 546— Pleasant room, nicely
furnished, suitable for two. 181-182
SIBLEY ST., 546— Nicely furnished room,
suitable for two 7"7.->..7 7. 166 97
OPRUCE ST., 221— Single or large i room
0 for two gentlemen ; use of bath. 181-87
T. PETER ST.. 447— Rooms, furndishe
„" and unfurnished, single or suits. 161-97
- Eighth . and Ninth Sts.— Furnished or
unfurnished rooms. ■ -.■■ 180-81
HIBD ST., 7— Neatly furnished rooms to
rent; second and third floors; rent mod- .
crate. : ; ; : 180-82
. J-!* land block To rent, one handsomely fur
nished , parlor bedroom, suitable for two or
four gentlemen; also one large side room
with bath. - -■ 181
' son— Cheap furnished room, third floor;
also one unfurnished, second floor, for light
housekeeping. 179-84
WABASHA ST., 424— Nicely furnished
. - room, and one business suite for rent.
.-.. - - 180-81
WASHINGTON 5T.,. 371 (corner Rice
park)— nicely furnished rooms,
single or en suite. -,- ■ 181-183
WASHINGTON ST., 385 . (near Rice
_ Furnished room with board.
-■ -. 181-182 "■
(OTORE— A fine store tor rent for crockery
o_ . and furniture business; no opposition;
near good locality; rent moderate. Call at
341 Sherman street. 162*
STOBE— Knauft Block; desirable locality.
. Inquire of B. F. Knauft, 340 East Sev
enth st. - ' - ■ 173-86
ri ESK BOOM for rent at 132 East Fourth
xJ st. . 176-183
DESK. BOOM— Jackson, room 5.
' 176-82 ■ -•-•-■..•;.-
DESK BOOM— Desk room for rent at
room No. 127, Globe building. 181
OFFICE— For rent, a nice office suitable
for an attorney; $15 per mouth. Kost
& Crescy, corner Third and Robert. 176-82
OFFICE A desirable corner office on tne
second floor of the Globe I building. In
quire of St. Paid Real Estate Title Insurance
Company. 136*
FOR BENT— A barn conveniently located
in center of business portion of city.
Inquire! at 375 North Oak - St, or at
Schulte s livery stable. Seveu corners. ■ "
Miscellaneous City Xist.
ARGAIN— lots on Dayton's Bluff,
near Bates and Plum ; must sell before
July 3. Address Owner, Globe. 179-81
LO iS AMU ACRES and nice houses
with lots, cheap for cash or on monthly
payments. J. F. Eisenmenger, 472 Rice st.
.".-•■ 174-203 ' ■
$50, $50, $50, $50— are offering a few
lots yet in our Phoenix Park Second Addition
to Sault Ste. Marie. Michigan, at $50 each'
one-half cash, balance in three months;
these lots are situated within a short distance
of business center; these prices will be ad
vanced 25 per cent within next 30 days;
upon receipt of $5 earnest money we will
select for you one of the best lots not al
ready taken ; liberal discount to parties pay
ing all cash. For further ' particulars call or
address Sault Ste. Marie Investment Co., No.
23 National German- American Bank build
ing, St. Paul. 178-84
Company for Sale— undersigned has
for sale at a very low price 676 shares, $50
per share in the Stickney Farm company, a
corporation under the - laws of ' Minnesota;
this farm is situated in Clay county, Minne
sota, and about four miles northeast of Moor
head and Fargo: it consists of 3,490 acres of
the very best Red River valley lands; all with
the exception of 160 acres, under excellent
cultivation; well stocked with mules, cattle
and horses; well supplied with all necessary
and modern machinery, and houses and
barns and two elevators, one of which is
located on the Northern Pacific about three
miles from the farm; the capital stock of this
company consists of 2,112 shares; for full
particulars refer to the office of the com
pany, at A. B. Stickney, Chicago, St. Paul &
•Kansas City Railroad office. St Paul, or to
my attorneys, Morison, Flannery . & Cooke,
Minneapolis. Minn. Mr. Stickney is presi
dent of the Farm company. B. H. Mace,
San Jose. Cal. ■ . - ■ -181
A— MONEY is loaned by us on improved
• real estate security in . St. Paul. Minne
apolis and Dnltith at 6, 6*6,7, 7*& per cent,
on shortest notice for any amount. R. M.
Newport & Son. I investment bankers, 152,
153 and 154 Drake block, St. Paul. 73*
• Company— from $10 upward on
furniture, pianos, horses, wagons, etc., with
out removal; also on warehouse receipts,
diamonds and gold watches. J. S. Mackey,
'manager. Room 14, First National bank build
ing. St. Paul, and Room 7, Mackey-Lesg
block, Minneapolis. ' 250*
"]\/I ONEY LOANED on all kinds of per-
ItJL sonal property, household furniture,
horses, etc. : also on diamonds and jewelry; '
commercial pdper discounted. Security
Loan Co., 325 Jackson St., J. E. Flanigan,
manager. . ..-•"• 162*
ONEY LOANED on all kinds of per
sonal property, diamonds, jewelry.furni
ture, horses, etc.; commercial . paper and
time checks purchased E. W. Leonard &
Co., 126 East Third st. ' 291*
ONEY TO LOAN— 6, 7 and 8 per cent
JtJ. money to loan ; come and see us ; all
business prompt and direct. Rothschild &
Thurston, 131 East Fifth st. . 180-82
MONEY TO LOAN on short time in small
amounts on uersonal property security.
L. G. Kilborn, 43 East Fourth St., Room 45.
. 159-89
MONEY TO LOAN— In small or large
sums; no delay. J. C. Stout & Co., 321
Jackson st 113*
ONEY TO LOAN— By Hunt & Sever
ance, 34 East Third st., room 1 ; in
large and small amounts on furniture, horses,
carriages, libraries, warehouse receipts, etc.;
the same to remain in the owner's posses- .
sion; also on watches, . jewelry, diamonds,
etc; business strictly confidential a private
room for ladies: -,— 292*
ONEY TO LOAN— R. W. Bell & Co.,
329 Jackson St., money to loan in any
amount upon real or personal property. 109*
ONEY TO LOAN on improved and un
improved city property, at usual rates;
Ino delay. Paget & Smith, Room 49, German-
American bank. - . 73*
ONEY— a loan of $50,000 for
three or five > ears at 6 per cent on first
class productive property in St. Paul. RP J,
P. O. Box 2255. 170-81
MONEY TO LOAN, in sums to suit, from
$1 up, on watches, diamonds and all
goods of value; special rates on sums of $50
- and over. J. E. Ingham. 327 JacknonsL
■--■-■■ 240* ■ ■ -.--.•
MONEY TO LOAN on diamonds,
watches, and all goods of value. Pri
vate office for consultation. George R.
Holmes 141 and 143 East Seventh st 82*
ONEY TO LOAN on acre property and
mortgages bought Room 3, 319 Jack
son st 171-84
YX7" ANTED, for three •or five years, $20,-
V V 000 to enlarge a well-paying, long es
tablished mercantile house; capital with 12
per cent secured. Inquire of A. I*. Kiefer,
190 East Seventh st., Room 3, Kiefer block.
: 7 - : „ 174-83 -..-..... ■
fif-l (\ 535, »50, fSIOO TO LOAN on tur
«PAVy. niture, pianos, ' carriages, horses,
cows, watches, diamonds, silverware or any
other article of value ; cash advance made on
goods in storage; promptness and privacy
: guaranteed in making our loans; reasonable
rates and no outside fees. St Panl Loan
company, No. 3091't Jackson, st., Rooms 1
and 2. - - : - - 05*
typewriting work done promptly and
accurately ; instruction given in the standard
systems of shorthand.- ~ W. K. Mulliken, cor
ner of Seventh and Jackson sts. . 175*
OOKKEEPING— Books opened, closed,
posted, expert work. etc. F. Sprague,
room 252, Drake block, St. Paul. 7 ,- 122*
UTTER- families to supply with
extra fine butter ; only those who will pay
good price for first-class butter, need apply.'
Address M 90, Globe. - . -.-■ 180-81
' produce on the public scales at 109 East
Sixth st, opposite chamber of commerce. F.
S. Nichols, wood , and coal merchant, Rro
prietor. .- 7" - 7 . 172-81
FUBS of all kinds taken for storage ; and
.' • money loaned " on ; same at low - rates.
Simon, the Pawnbroker •. and Jeweler, 314
Jackson st - ... .".-■, „. ' , 171-200
OLIVE BRANCH is a sure cure for female
diseases.. Samples free. H. Walker. 193 ;
Pearl st. ;y 7 y '. 7169-99
7 of all kinds done perfectly on short no
tice; ' stenographers furnished. 7 Miss J. D.
'Hess, 68 and 69. Union Block. ■•••_' -* 102*
:'.- 7 ; 7 :: -raOFESS10]yAI,.7:'- : ::y^::
DR. C. T. MILLER has removed his i resi- J
S dence •to ' 230t*» "Western % aye. south.
- Office 424. Wftbasha, -77"-" 169-82.
'-„- A. ' M. l>ohertT, Auctioneer.
■-" the •"*• Season Fifteen - *•> Houses ■' to
gether : with 631 Feet Frontage of ground
in the very heart of the city to be sold at
auction l will sell ;at auction, on the
premises, on the ' corner of East Tenth and
Sitley sts., a- very valuable corner, 75x102
feet, to-wit: -The easterly 102 feet of the
northerly -75 ; ' feet of lot 1 in block 5- of
Hoyt's addition to St. Paul, together with
two . good frame buildings that readily
rent at a good .figure. - This property
is admirably for a site for fine
tenement flats, and a judicious expenditure
of money in - improvements will yield tha
purchaser of this fine Drooerty a large- per
centage on his investment. Property in the
immediate neighborhood is held at from
$250 to §350 per foot, Tenth st. frontage.
This property will be sold on Monday, July
2, at 2 o'clock-iu the afternoon. Immedi
ately after the sale of the above property.l will
offer at auction the fine property on Grove
st, near Canada st. described as follows : The
westerly 50 feet of lot 3, all of lot 4 and
the easterly 10*6 feet of lot 5. all in block 1
of Vanderburgh's addition. This fine prop
erf* has a total frontage on Grove street of
143 feet by a depth of 100 feet. This will
also make a very desirable location for an
apartment house, and will yield a good per
centage on die investment. Property Id this
vicinity is held at from 5175 to $250 per
foot according to location. There are on this
property six small cottages that rent readily
On the same day at 5 o'clock in the after
noon I, will sell at auction, on the
premises, lots 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,
22, and 23, . all in block 1, Ely's addi
tion, together with the improvements
thereon, which consist of one fine double
dwelling, well and substantially built and five
single dwelling houses, -all of a good,
substantial character " and pleasing ex
terior;* this property does not need
further . improvements, as the present
buildings now '' yield a good income.
The property has a frontage on Fifteenth st.
of 161 feet, and on Fourteenth st. of 151
feet, all the lots being 120 feet in depth. The
Fifteenth st. property is worth, as it stands,
not less than $100 per foot, ana the Four
teenth st frontage, with- the improvements,
is worth not less than $200 tier foot. There
is to-day no better chance for the mau of
ordinary means to buy himself a home than
the Fourteenth and Fifteenth street prop
erty offers at this sale, as the lots will be sub
divided so as to conform with the present lo
cation of the improvements. The Grove
street property will also be subdivided in
such a manner as will give ample room for a
desirable home site on each of the pieces to
be sold. It has been deemed advisable to
sell the Tenth street property in bull*, as the
grounds are amply large and very desirable
for the erection of a fine apartment building.
Photographs of all the above property will be
ready in a few days, and can be seen at my
office, as well as a" list of the present rentals
of the improvements. The terms will be
made easy enough to enable any one desir
ing a good home within five, or not to ex
ceed ten minutes' walk from the union depot,
to purchase. The houses have not been va
cant for a time to exceed one month since
they were built and all are at present occu
pied by good paying tenants. It will pay you
to look the ground over. There has not been
such a chance in years to buy this class of
realty, and it is doubtful if the opportunity
will ever occur again. Full particulars will
be given and plats of the ground issued in a
few days.; A". M. Doherty, Auctioneer, 51
East Fourth st. 7 7 ■•: 178-183
-I- Lots in Rice Street Villas, to Be Sold at
Auction— l will sell at auction, on the
premises, near the Rice street depot of the
Northern Pacific railway, on Wednesday,
July .3, beginning at 2:30 in the afternoon,
and continuing until all is sold, thirty-eight
fine lots, as follows, to-wit: Lots 1, 2, 7. 8
and 9, in block I; lots 2, 3, 4, 5. 10, 11,
12 .and 17, in block 2: lot 1, in block 3;
lots 11 and 12, in block 4: lots 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13 and 14, in block 5 ; lots 3, 4, 5, 6,
7, 8 and 9, in block 6; lots 2, 3 and 4, in
block 7; lots 2, 9 and 10, in block 9, and lot
2, in block 10. All this property is situated
in Rice Street Villas subdivision of Wolcott'
addition to Cottage Homes. Tne property to
besoM is finely located, and in the immedi
ate vicinity of a portion of the city that is
considered one of the most progressive
within the entire limits, there having been
erected there within the last few months not
less than fifty good, substantial dwellings,
all of which are occupied. The convenience
to the' center of the city is unquestioned,
being within ten minutes' ride of the union
depot, while none of the lots to be sold are
more than three minutes' walk from the
station. < The terms of sale will be made
very easy, and announced hereafter, as well
as full particulars relative to the improve
ments, already completed and underway,
the manufacturing interests, and other mat
ters of vital importance to the man of
moderate means who wishes to get a home
in an easy manner. Watch for other adver
tisements relative to this sale. A. M.
Doherty, Auctioneer, 51 East Fourth st.
77..: • j- --.7i:. 178-183 , - - -.. . -
at Auction— l will sell at auction, on the"
premises, on Saturday, June 30, at 3 o'clock
iv the afternoon, lots 11 and 12, in block 11,
Brewster's addition to St Paul; this prop
erly is without doubt one of the finest resi
dence corners in the city, aad should call
out a large attendance of those who are in
search or really gilt-edged property; the size
of the grounds is 10^x150, the frontages
being the most desirable, east and south; 100
feet on Brewster ay. and 150 feet on Viola
st. ; the lots being above the grade level, the
grounds are finely adapted to making one of
the handsomest residence sites in the entire
city; the class of buildings now in the vicin
ity are, without doubt the finest in the city;
this point being selected on account of its
natural beauty as a residence portion of the
city, surpassed only by a small portion of
Summit ay. ; the circumstances are such that
the property must be sold at once: don't
forget that the sale will occur to-morrow, and
that there will be ■ only one more notice of
the sale. A. M. Doherty, auctioneer, 51 East
Fourth st • .- - . - '.-- y 181
ner at Auction— will sell at auction,
on the premises on the corner of Milton st.
and Leslie ay., on Friday, June 29, at 2:30
o'clock in the afternoon, lots 27 and 28, in
block 29, Summit Park addition to St. Paul.
This fine property has both a south and east
frontage, 100 feet on Leslie avenue and 150
feet on Milton street. The location is all that
could be desired, being in the best part of the
city, where none but fine residences will be
built, and immediately facing the block
purchased for the site of the new Catholic
Cathedral, which, when built will be one of
the finest in the country. This, with the
fact that it is within but one block of Summit
ay., coucededly the finest drive in the West,
will make this property : eagerly sought after
for residence purposes. Full particulars as
to terms and conditions of sale will be given
in a few days. A. M. Doherty," Auctioneer.
51 East Fourth st 181
E. Hollow-ay ifc Co., Auctioneers.
will sell on Monday, July 2, at 4 o'clock
p.m. .eleven Fine Residence Lots in block 18,
Merriam Park Third addition, four of which
he on Summit avenue, south-facing, and
seven on Leslie avenue; the owners of i this
property have placed it in our hands, to be
sold for what it will bring under the hammer.
It is a case of must sell at any price. Do not
forget that Summit avenue is boulevarded
200 feet wide from Lexington avenue to
the Mississippi river, and the cost of
same is paid. The bridge over the Missis
sippi is assured, and it is only a question of
a very short time when it will be a fact.
With street ear and cable car extensions and
elevated roads running through this district
to Minneapolis,. prices of property must ad
vance three and four times present values.
It is in the center of Merriam Park Macales
ter Park, and St. Thomas- seminary district,
with its churches, schools, colleges, and fine
residences. , The neighborhood is established,
and will always be first-class. Do not forget
• the day and hour,- Monday, July 2. at 4
o'clock p. m. Terms of sale will be one-third
cash, balance one and two years at 8 per
cent interest. E. Holloway & Co., auction
eers' 101 East Fourth st. 179-184
Rarana-rh & I>ahl. Auctioneers.
\\T WILL SELL at public auction at the
V V store, 28 West Third street, on Thursday,
June 28, at 10 o'clock a. m. and 2 p. m., a
large bankrupt stock of pictures, consisting of
several very fine etchings, by the following
well-known artists: Peter Gifford,
H. Hamilton. Thomas Moran, Henry Fairer
H. Diegendesch, Samuel Coleman, Charles
Folkmar. etc. ; also a very large assortment of
oil paintings, and about 300 very fine steel
engravings. This sale should draw a very
large crowd, as tbe goods are very fine, and
goods that are very seldom thrown "on a forced
market; but as the stock is in the hands of
an assignee and must be closed out at once
in order to save the heavy expense, parties
in need of any of • the above goods will do
well to bear this sale in mind, as the goods
must be sold. Kavanagh & Dahl, auctioneers;
office and warerooms. 107 East Seventh st.
■ . - - .- 178-180 ;
Sansoine's Co., Auctioneers.
AIDES, READ THIS— two days
3 more before . removal to the new store.
70 East Third St., for bargains at public auc
tion at the old stand of E. Classen's, 11 West
Third st. ; all the fancy goods, embroideries,
laces, must go; sale at 2:30 p. m. sharp. .lßl
=*-■ ■ A. lloryy Auctioneer. - -
sonable.' Office 181 East Seventh. 153*
WELLING WASTED for good tenants.
O. B. Harris, 22 West Sixth st. ■-. - 181
HOUSE— to rent a house of five
_■ or six rooms in good location ; rent not
■over $20. Address ft 7, Globe. ' . 181
OUSE— Wanted to rent a small house
'. with : barn;: in a good locality, within :
reasonable distance from court house. -Ad-
■ dress G. W., Globe. -'- .-. v - 179-185
ROOMS— two ; or three ". unfur
: nished rooms, well ventilated. • Address
P 93, Globe, y . . . -,-,...■ - 181-
ROOM— room wanted in private fam
; ily by a single young man, will pay SIO '■
per - month. ' Can , give best .* of references. •
.Address, 89, Globe. 7 y 7,7 181-182
V '7 r ~7':^\:'--^.' : \. r~7 :i ':V'. J . - ;v^V; * -: =..'• ..- ; ' 7*" V ' :•';'■
ARRIVED— Most • wonderful astrologisi
' and only true Egyptian palmist planet 7 >
reader. Reads your past, present future,
being gifted with : far-sight seeing; will give
advice .on business, '- money matters, love,
chances, travels, family - affairs, etc. All in -,-
trouble . call. . Perfect satisfaction given.
Also strong magnetic treatment given. Office
7 and 8, No 171 East Seventh, st, up stairs. 7-7
Blanche's last week this will be tha '
last week of the greatest mind-reader and
fortune teller that ever visited this part of 7"
the country; if there are others who wish to
know what the future has in store call at 467
East Seventh. She is reliable. . 178-81
1,1 ADAM TEITS WORTH, St. Paul 3
ILL oldest and best . clairvoyant fortune
teller, 402 Minnesota st, between Sixth and
Seventh. . 176-82
WAUTED TO Bin. y< *
CHAIRS— Wanted, to buy at once " 300
, chairs for a hall. - M. Linker, corner For
est and Margaret st. "•-•■ -y, - 180-81
ASOLINE . STOVE— hand gaso
- line stove, two burners; must be cheao.
Address X 93, Globe. . 180-81
All dealers and shippers of these goods
will find it to their advantage to call on or
write to J Firestone, wholesale dealer in pa
permaker's supplies; reference, any respon
sible firm in the city. 262 Jackson ' st, St
Paul. Minn. Telephone. 753. call 3. : 310* .
* I
Sheriff's Sale.
O Ramsev— ss.. District Court,, Second Ju
dicial District Francis F. Mclver, plaintiff,
vs.J A.Olson, defendant "«,-:'
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an
execution to me directed and delivered, and
now in my hands, issued out of the District
Court Second Judicial District State of Min
nesota, in and for the County of Ramsey,
upon a judgment duly rendered in said court
and docketed in said county on the 15th day
of June, A. D. 1888, in favor of Francis F.
Mclver and against J. A. Olson, I have levied
upon the following described real property of
said defendant, to-wit: Lot numbered nine
teen (19', of block numbered seven (7), of
Arlington Hills addition to t he city of St -
Paul, according to the recorded plat **
thereof on file in the office of the
register of deeds in and for the
County of Ramsey and State of Minnesota,
and that I shall on Friday, the 10th day of
August, A. D. 1888, at the hour of 11 o'clock
a. m. of said day, at the front door of the
Sheriff's office, in the county jail building,
in the city of St Paul, in said county ana
state, proceed to sell all the right, title and
interest of the above-named J. .A. Olson in .
and to the above-described property " to sat
isfy said judgment and costs, amounting to
thirteen hundred and nine dollars and
twenty-eight cents, together with all accru
ing costs of sale, and Interest on the same
from the 15 th day of June, 1888, at the rate
of seven per cent per annum, at public auc
tion, to the highest bidder for cash.
- •• -" Sheriff of Ramsey County. Minnesota. r
Dated St. Paul, Minn., June 29, 1888.
Henry C. Wood, Plaintiff's Attorney. ■»".•■■'
sota. County of Ramsey— ss. .. District
Court, Second Judicial District .; - : •:
George R. Finch, Wm. H. Van Slyck, Elbert
A. Youngand C. J. McConnille as copart
ners asT'iuch, Van Slyck & Co.,' plaintiffs,
vs. J. A. Olson, defendant. - --.-*..
Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of an
execution to me directed and delivered, and
now in my hands, issued out of the District
Court Second Judicial District, State of Min
nesota, in and for the County of Ramsey,
upon a judgmentduly rendered in said court,
and docketed in said county, on the 17th day
of May A. D. 1888, in favor of George R.
Finch, Wm. H. Van Slyck, Elbert A. Young
and C. J. McConville. as copartners as Finch;
Van Slyck & Co., and against J. A. Olsou, I
have levied upon the following described
real property of said defendant, to wil : Lots
numbered eighteen and nineteen (18 and 19)
of block number seven • (7) of Arlington
Hills addition to the City of St. Paul, accord
ing to the recorded plat thereof on file
in the office of the Register of Deeds •
in and for the County of Ramsey. State of
Minnesota; and that I shall, on Fiday. the
10th day of August A. D. 1888, at
the hour of 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, at
the front door of the Sheriff's Office, in
the County Jail Building, in the - City
of St. Paul in said county and state,
proceed to sell all the right title and interest
of the above-named J. A. Olson in aud
to the above-described property, -to
satisfy said judgment and costs, amounting
to five hundred and fifteen dollars and sixty
three cents, together with all accruing costs of
sale, and interest on the same from the
17th day of May, A. D. 1888, at the rate of 7
per cent per annum, at public auction, to
the highest bidder for cash. . . . - „
Sheriff of Ramsev County, Minnesota.
Dated StPaul, Minn.. June 29th, 1888. :
Henry C. Wood, Plaintiff's Attorney.
O St. Louis— ss. District Court Eleventh
Judicial District . 7 > •
In the matter of the assignment of Anna
Silk and John Bennett, co-partners under
the firm name of Silk & Bennett
Notice is hereby given that Anna Silk and
John Bennett, copartners under the firm
name of Silk & Bennett, of the village of
lower, in the said county and slate, have by
deed duly executed in writing, dated June
10th, J BBB, assigned and transferred to the
undersigned all their property, real and per
sonal, not exempt by tlaw from levy and
sale on execution, for the benefit of sucn
creditors as shall file releases as provided by
law under the provisions of chapter 184 of
the General Laws of the State of Minnesota
for the year 1881. •;*---'•-''
All creditors claiming to obtain the benefit
of said act are required to file their claims,
duly verified, with the undersigned.
Dated Duluth. June 22d. 1888.
Rooms 6-7, Miller Block, Duluth, Minn.
180-182 • • • -- Assignee.
Assessment Tor Wooden Side'
Office Board of Public Works, )
City of St. Paul, Minn., J une 26,1888. J ~
The Board of Public Works in and
for the corporation of the city of St.
Paul, Minnesota, will meet at their office
in said city at 2 p. m. on the 12th day of
July, A. D. 1888, to make an assessment
of benefits, costs and expenses arising
from constructing, relaying and re- "
pairing wooden sidewalks*(Estimate No.
1) under contract . of James Forrestal,
for term beginning ADril 1, 1888, and
ending Nov. 1, 1888, on the property
fronting on said wooden sidewalks, on
the north side of Frances street; on the
north and south sides of Fuller street;
on the north and south sides of Aurora
avenue, in said city, and deemed bene
fited thereby amounting in the aggre
gate to $12,806.41. - .-•... ■ .-,.
"All persons interested are hereby no
tified to be present at said time and
place of making said assessment, and
will be heard.
R. L. GORMAN, President. .
Official: W. F. Erwin,
180-181 Clerk Board of Public Works.
Assessment for Paving Arundel
Office Board of Public Works. )y
City of St.Paul, Minn., June 26, lßßß. {"
The Board of Public Works in and for'
the corporation of the city of St. Paul, :
Minnesota, will . meet at their office in
said city at 2p. m., jon the Gth day of '
July, A. D. 1888, to make an assessment
of benefits, costs and expenses arising "
from paving Arundel street, thirty-two
feet wide, from Holly avenue to Mar-.'
shall avenue, with pine blocks and curb- .
ing with granite, including the neces
sary sewer connections, in said city,
on the property on the line of said
improvement and deemed . benefited
thereby amounting in the aggregate to '
§13,076.65. . .'."--
All persons interested are hereby noti
fied to be present at said time and place
of making said ; assessment, and will be
R. L. GORMAN, President.
Official: 7 W. F. Erwin,
180-181 Clerk Board of Public Works.
Assessment for Sewer on Mouna
Office Board of Public Works, i
City of St. Paul, Minn., June 26,1888. l
: The Boardof Public Works in and for
the corporation of . the -; city of St. Paul,
Minnesota, will . meet at their : office in
said city at 2 p. m., on the Oth day of
July, A. D. 1888, to make an assess
ment of benefits, costs and expenses'
arising; from ; constructing ■; a : sewer on •
Mound street, from Hastings avenue to?
Burns avenue, in said city, on the prop
; erty ~on the ; line of said improvement,
and deemed benefited thereby amount-,
ing in the aggregate to $3,902.15. -7*lll§
' r : All persons ' interested are hereby no- '
: tified ;to be ' present at - said time * and
place :of making .'. said " assessment, and *
will be heard. ~ 7
R. L. GORMAN, President. -
Official: '77 ' 7 W. F.Ebwin. 7
180-181 77 Clerk Board of Public Works.

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