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C *-; *. *=*! re, v. I '/.
c-3 tro ~ 57 I J
Number Z. ° g * » -. & "
— * 2: -*» - *** •— *— p
Words. § I i I I I §
. . S • • • a
15 or less 5.15 *.27 5.39 5.51 {.63 $.75 $.87
16 words .16 .28 .40 .52 .04 .76 .B*s
17 words .17 .30 .43 .56 .69 .82 .95
18 words .18 .32 .46 .00 .741 .88 1.01
19 words .19 .31 .40 .64 .79 .94:1.08
2" words .20 .35 .50 .05 .80 .051.
21 words .21 37 .53 .69 .8511.0111.17
22 words .22 .39 .50 .73 .90 1.07 1.- 4
23 words .23 .■ll .59 .77 .95 1.13 1.31
24 words .24 .42 .6** .78 .96 I.l*l 1.32
25 words .25 .44 .63 .82 1. 01 1.20 1.39
20 words .26, .46 .60 .80 1.06 1.26 1.46
27 word-. .27 .48 .69 .90 1.111.32 1.5-.
28 words .28 .4!) .7o .91 1.12 1.33 1.54
29 words .29 .51 .73 .95 1.17 1.39 1.61
30 words .30 .53 .76 .911 1.22 1.45 1.05
31 words .31 .55 .79 1.03 1.27 1.51 1.78
32 words .32 .56 .80 1.04 1.28 1.5-1.76
33 words .33 .58 .83 1.08 1.33 1.58 1.80
34 words .34 .60 .80 1.12 1.38 1.63 1.90
35 words .35 .02 .89 1.10 1.43 1.70 1.97
36 words .3- .63 .90 1.1711.44 1.7111.98
37 words .37 .65 .93] 1.211 1.49] 1.77 2.05
38 words .3*-: .67 .90 1.25 1.5411.83 2.12
39 words .301 .69 .99 l.'-9 1.59 1.89-2.19
40 words .40 ;7w LOO 1.00 1.90 2.26
41 words .41 .72 1.03 1.34 1.65 1.90 2.27
42 word- .42 .74 1 -it 1.38 1.70 2.02 | 2.30
43 word- .43 .76 1.09 1.42 1.75 2.08 2.41
44 words .44 .77 1. 10 1.43 1.70 2.09 2.42
45 words .45 .79 1.13 1.47 1.81 2.15 2.49
46 words .40 .81 1.10 1.51 1.80 2.21 2.50
47 words .47 .831.19 1.55 1.9112.27 2.63
48 words .48 .84 1.2*0 1.50 1.92 2.28 2.04
49 words .49 .86 1.23 1.60 1.97 2.34 2.71
50 word- .50 1 .88 1.261 1.6412.0212. 4012.78
Compound words count two words, and
abbreviations count the same as full words.
In Every Case the Money Must Accom
pany the Order.
' •Halo.
AGENTS, male and female; call from 1 to
2p. m. Dr. Clark. 28 East Seventh si.
A GOOD DINNER for 10 cents an*} 10
cents; 21 meal tickets, §2.75, Corner
Seventh and Rosabel. 302*
A GOOD MEAL for 10 cents and up
wards: oyster slew, 15 cents; meals. -it
all hours. Southeast corner sixth and Jack
son. 358-04
ANEW LAUNDRY— \\ ork done by bant*;
low priqps; perfect satisfaction guaran
teed. Mrs. Johnson, 300 Kice st. 284*
A NICE, quiet, cosy place to L-et an oyster
stew may be found at 550 Wabasha si. :
(suitable for ladies; recently refitted; full line
of confections. 33302
ANY ONE out of work can be supplied
with good positions at Bee Hive Enter
prise, Seventh and Robert 358-61
PICTURE— St. Paul Picture Frame fac
tory ; all kinds of pictures and frames:
cheap framing. 39 West Thirp st. 322*
tiLEKKSMII'S and other high-grade post*
' lions, with good salaries, secured. Bee
Hive Enterprise. •Seventh and Robert; 358-01
DRIVER— A Brst-class wholesale beer
(inn wants a good and reliable driver
of bottle beer wagon for lower town; high
salary for the right man. Address E 1/4,
Globe. 35859
DRUG LKRK— Scandinavian drug clerk
with Minnesota certificate and good rec
ommendations wanted fortius city; good
pay to the right man. Noyes Pros. <.. Cutler.
" 355-61
Vi: L V I". T SLIP Ii
FOB fl. 357 51'
J AUN DRY— AII work done by hand; lace
J work a specialty; also," shot-making aud
repairing neatly done; Rood stuff and low
prices. 642 Broadway. 298*'
OFFICE BOY wanted at once; good posi
tion and chance for promotion: stale
age. Address 198, (;lol(\ 357 oil
1 POSITIONS OP TRUST to those able to
give bonds or good references. Bee
Hive Knlcrpi Ise. Seventh and. Robert. 358-01
1.) El'vil ii; .->.■ — A good job House and
"t furniture repairing and general job
bing; perfect satisfaction guaranteed. Por
ter & Gordy, is Fillmore ay. 295*
SOLICITORS good men. choice
0 lines, with good salaries. lice Hive En
terprise, Seventh and Robert 358-01
.1 rant— First-class iv every respect: meals
during meal hours a specialty. Joe W.
Kohout proprietor. 355 Jackson. 300*
VV Positions secured at good wages. lie-
Hive Enterprise, Seventh and Robert 358 01
li' in ale.
East Fourth at, and get a good meal at
reasonable prices. Dining rooms private and
ever) tinny Brsl class in .di respects. 3"o*
CILEKKSHIPB and other high grade po
* silions secured with good wages, lice
Hive enterprise, Seventh and Robert.
CiOOK— Wanted, female cook at Bradford
J house, Milbank. Dak. 357
Ci IRLS— Five girls for general housework;
T some lo leave city, Bee Hive Enter
prise, Seventh and Kobert. 358 61
HOUSEWORK— Wauled, a good girl for
general housework. Apply at 450 Miu
ncsota st., city. 2
OI'SI.WORK— Wanna day. a good
girl for genera] housework. 357 North
Franklin st. 2
U OUSEWORK Girl for general house
work : apply at once. 277 Prairie st 3
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a good girl tor '
I general housework fora family of three.
569 Canada st. " 358-59
I>OLlsiiEKß and st archers; for good
girls good wages; some to leave city,
lice Hive Enterprise. Seventh and Robert.
358 01
TO RYC-lAS****!*.
•I*l Court litotl. -'.\4*ii:iii*j_i- Lis".
T|»INK MOUSE and lot; lake team as tirei
J? payment, balance monthly.
Hoi *»i and lot to exchange for va
cant lots; a bargain.
VACANT LOTS to exchange for mer
T.VI-. horse as first payment on good cor-
X ncr lot, one block from street car.
000 comer lot street graded, one block
X from car line, to trade for horse and nut
ter; need v for collecting. Address IV 174,
Globe. 35*- 81
1 MAKE a specialty of exchanging real es-
JL tate, farms for city property, and city
real estate for farms, merchandise and other
securities, C. W. Youngman, 307 Jackson
st. * 358-04
J* F. KELLY -. CO.
1\» If ? 1.75. 357-59
rpo EXCHANGE— 2OO tens pressed bay
J. to exchauge for St Paul real estate, c.
W. Youngman, 307 Jackson st. 358-CO
rpo EXCHANGE— WiII trade a nice house
X near Macalester Station for vacant lots
or farm property. X 190. Globe. 358-59
TO EXCII ANO R— SIO.OOO worth of clear
real estate in Duluth, on Second st. and
Eighth aye. east, tor a good stock farm
must be clear. Address ,1. L. Kiichli, Minne
apolis, .Minn. 351-360
(J--0 EXCHANGE— WiII exchange an 1111-
JL ported mastiff bitch, weight about 111);
a champion prize winner, for a first class re
triver. ls 01 kind disposition and an ex
cellent watch dog: live in a flat and can't
keep lier. Address No. 197. Globe. 277*
1 .. =
17-OR SALE— Three houses and lots, one 111
Jc Belvidere Park, one in Smart'srearrange
ment block 6*-:. Brown & Jackson's addition.
and one in McClung & McMurran's addition,
nil in West St. Paul; can be bought very
cheap, ?1.2 0, $1,000 and $700 respectively";
one-third cash, balance one and two years,
or will sell on 100 mouths' time, without
interest for $2,000, $1,000 and $1,200. pay
able in Instalments of $20, $16 and $12 per
month. Respectfully, 11. T. McClung. 96
East Fourth at 358-60
Jc of valuable land in and adjoining the
village of Morris, Stevens county, Minn., all
less lhan one mile from town. For particu
lars address J. P. H. Morris, Excelsior, Minn.
HOUSES— new houses: all modern
improvements; 707 and 711 Ashland
nv.: three blocks from cable line; easy terms.
Owner. 271 Martin st. 355-00
<*.-) A CASH and $10 a month : most au
O^w-s.i' iiful lota it: the Midway, near Macal !
ester : call in forenoon. C. A. Wilson, 1-.- j
C'uumber oi Commerce. 355
- . Male. ;i
ACCOUNTANT capable of managing
books and correspondence of an office
would like immediate employment. Address
M 77. Globe. 1
BARBER— Young man with six months
experience would like a place to finish
the trade; will work cheap. ■ Address 242
Maria ay., city. .*:>, v -
ART NDER— Saloonkeepers: A first
class bartender wants a situation. Ad
dress A. M. G., 161 '2 West Third st. 1
BILL CLERK— Wanted, situation as bill
clerk ; address C. H. _„ 241 Banfil _t.
•■ 35861
Situation wanted by a twelve-year
old boy; office, or on cash, or errand. X
105. Globe. 1
BOY— situation wanted by ten-year-old boy
as cash or office boy. Address Z 106. 7
BOOKKEEPER— situation wanted, even
ings, keeping books, single or double
entry, or other writing. Address R 114.
Globe. ' 6
CANVASSER— A young man wants work
of any kind: is an A 1 book or insur
ance canvasser. M 21. Globe. 1
C -CHORE MAN— Situation wanted by a
* man to work for private family or
around a store: steady habits and well ex
perienced. Address W 172. Globe. 1
CLERK Wanted a position in an office by
' a young man with experience ill all
kinds of office work ; good penman; best ot
recommendations. Address It 133, Globe. 6
CLERK — By a young man of good ad
. dress and business qualifications in
office or mercantile house, from Jan. 1 : small
wares asked. Address N. Y. N., Merriam
Park. Minn. 355-61
CLERK— young man of eighteen years
would like a situation in a wholesale
house. Address c 172, Globe. 1
CLERK— wanted by a young
mau twenty years of age in store or office;
writes good hand. Address W. E.. Globe. 1
CiLEKK— wanted by a young
/ Scandinavian to work in a grocery store;
small wages expected to start with. Address
ii 89. Globe. . 1
fpOEEEE ROASTER— Wanted, by an ex
w perienced coffee roaster and spice miller,
a situation of some kind; reference. Ad
dress II M 103, Globe. 6
COACHMAN— A first-class coachman
wants a pla.^e; good references; address
X 192 Globe. 1
COACHMAN— A single young man of ex
' perience wants a situation to take care
of horses, furnace and do general work about
the house. Address P 160. Globe. 1
COACHMAN— Wanted, a situation as
coachman for private family; fully un
derstand taking care of horses and driving.
Address 854 Armstrong st. 358-61
CiOOK— Wanted, position as cook in lum
ber Camp or restaurant. Address W
200, Globe. ' 7
DRUGGISTS, if you want good helps send
for our list of clerks; we have a number
of A 1 men. N. W. Druggist Agency." 303
Jackson. Room 5. 357-03
EMPLOYMENT — young man of nine
teen would like a situation of any kind
for the winter. Address X 151, Globe. 1
MPLOYMENT— WauIed, a situation by
a young man in clothing, grocery or
hardware store: good references: speaks
English and German. Address It 132.
Globe. 7
EMPLOYS* ENT— Wanted, situation to do
any kind of work, so as to go home
nights. ' Address T 140. Globe. 1
EMPLOYMENT Young man wants
. work: can wield pen or pick. Address
li. W. S. 150, Globe. 1
EM l'LOV MENT— Position of any kind
- 1 wanted by a young man: salary no ob
jection. Address T 1 13. Globe. 7
I*-MPLOYM ENT— Wanted, place to work
-i where I can exchange work for room
rent. Address 1; 121, Globe. 7
T** MPLOYMENT— Work warned In coal
.Ei and wood yard; will take fuel in ex
changeof work. 'Address R 121, Globe. 7
I" lii.M- Wanted, situation by
- young man, twenty years of age, in
wholesale house or office; "good references.
Address it 162, Globe. 0
1 EMPLOYMENT wanted, by a young man.
-i Address G, Globe. * 7
EMPLOYMENT A young man wants
- work of any kind. 81) East sixth st. 6
HOSTLER— Steady German wants work
as hostler, teamster, coal or lumber
yard. etc. 903 Gaultier st 7
I J os I'Lt-.ii— Situation wanted by a colored
I I man to take (are of horses or take care
of furnace; low wages; can give references.
Address X 157, Globe. 6
X. A\»— A clerk of good experience, tlior
- oughly competent with all forms and
practice, desires position: high reference ,
salary moderate. Address W. 169,' Globe. 6
JAW CLERK— An educated young man
-i now wants a position as clerk; has long
experience, and can represent in court;
wants trial; salary moderate; high refer
puces. Address B. Globe. 1
KSE— Wanted, situation as nurse tor
invalid, nurse in hospital; ward matron,
or hospital steward, by a competent man
with good papers. Address 11, Globe. 1
OFFICK BOY— Boy wants a position as
office boy. Call or address ii., cornet
Hall and Elizabeth -t., West side. 0
OFFICE WORK— A young man with
good references, desires i a position in
office or wholesale house: salary no object:
address A. C. S.. 10, Globe. 1
FFiClfw'ORK— Wanted, by High school
student, nineteen years old, ofiice work
or collecting alter 2 p. m. and on Saturdays.
Address S. M.„ 27 East Ninth st. '7
Ori*"ici;\'. "i»i»i\ young man, with good
references, desires a position in office or
wholesale house: salary no object. Address
II 1". It. 459 Wabasha st*. 6
J 3 A INTER wants work at 12. cents per
hour, or auy other kind of work. 993
Gaultier st. 7
SALESMAN- man with five years'
experience would like a position ma dry
goods store; best reference. Address E 173,
Globe. 1
OALESMAN— as salesman on
O road; good reference exchanged; speaks
German and English. Apply at once to Iv
155. Globe. _ 6
HKINKER— A situation wanted by a
competent inker and pressor on pants.
Address G I 40. Globe. 355 -59
Sl»iA»i»»N wanted by a middle aged
O man iii store of any kind: good address
and city references; would take part salary in
goods. K. Globe office. " 1
Watch >i AN— Situation as night ot day
VV watchman wanted by a temperate
man: reference*. Address Xl 89, Globe. 7
• or'k nut BO v i;:> Si'UUion WiinlAl
V V by a young man twenty years old: will
work for board and go to school. Address
A. 1 kstrom. 283 Martin st. 6
"11TOKK FOR BOARD— Chance to work
\» for board wanted by young man; ref
erences. Address K. Globe. 1
*OKii FOR BOAR A younggentle
>V man (student) will teach an unsur
passable system of stenography, or give
tuition on any other subject for "board inn
private or respectable family. A. Globe. 1
and scii nlific hoi-seshoer, who intro
duced the ai d slot shoe, has opened a first
lass shop at j4O West Third st., where he is
prepared to si. je carriage and driving horses
after the mos improved methods. Other
kinds of shoeii c carefully done. 205*
(** IST your carriages, wagons or sleighs
T F. X. Quesuel, 107 East Eighth st
Long experience: practical and scientific
workmen; repairing neatly done on short
notice. - - 314*
Horses tor sale and exchange*, heavy
draft and driving horses; general a"
sortment of farm horses: stabling at reason
able rates, 100 East Sixth st. 354-60
HORSES stabled tor JO per month, corner
Eighth and Sibley. - . 319*
T. BROOKS, practical sheer, 51 East
• Fifth, near corner Cedar, will shoe your
horse to order; shoeing drivers- and carriage
horses a specialty; pacers and trotters gaited '
aud shod with care: my shoes are ail hand
made and adapted to the horse. 327*
\lA*<Ti:i) TO BUY.
Dealers and shi peers. Call on or write
to J. Firestone, wholesale dealer in paper
makers' supplies: reference, any responsible
brm in the city. 202 Jacksou st., bu Paul,
Minn.; Telephone 753, Call 3. 305*
second-hand; cash or trade; must be in
good order and cheap. C. D.. 1086 Fauquier
st " 35*7-60
WANTED— .Mares for farm. Will buy for
» V cash or exchange city real estate. " Ad
dress T 141. Globe. 353 59
WILL FA*. CASH for one to six lots be
*V tween the cities, or St. Anthony hill:
pivedescripiinn and price. Y. ['be. 358-60
DL. .IAMIESON & CO.'S steam Pve
• Works— Gents' clothing a specialty.
At 14 West Sixth St.. St. Paul Minn. 134*
J. KOCH AX, N. W. Steam Dye Works;
• office 416 Robert st, Ryan block; works
55 and 57 Indiana ay. 204*
gloves cleaned Of the .only experts in
the city. Hayes st Hayes, 301. West Third,
*_ emale.
CLERK — A young lady would like to get a ,
place in a store of any kind: can talk
Swedish and English. Call or send card to
65 1 Co st. 1
COOK— Young woman wants situation as
cook or general house Address
477 St. Peter st. • . 6
DRESSMAKER— Experienced would like
sewine in families: cutting and fitting a
specialty. Address 4"*! College ay. 1
MPLOYMENT— by a lady of
' good address, willing to make herself
generally useful, small salary, to attend night
■school. W 170, Globe. 1
G" 1 IKL- A good German girl wants situation
' at once: references. 336BanfiIst .1
HELP— Good female help sent to any
place to respectable positions. Bee
Hive Enterprise. Seventh and Robert.
HOUSEKEEPER— Wanted, position as
housekeeper by a middle-aged English
lady in a private family; widower's pre
ferred. Call or address A. A., 300 East Ninth
st. £51-00
OUSEWORK— situation wanted in
small family for light work by German
girl who understands general work. Address
A 23, Globe. 1
HOUSEWORK— Girl for general house
work. 43*? Iglehart. 357-58
HOUSEWORK— Employment wanted by
a young marri-a_ couple; wife to do
housework, man to do general work outside.
Address 004 Selby ay. •'■'■•. 0
HOUSEWORK wanted by a lady in pri
vate family. Address It 163. Globe. G
HOUSEWORK— A good housemaid wants
work in hotel or bearding house; best
reference. Apply 470 Jackson St.- 1
II OUSEWORK— Situation wanted by a
11 lady to do general housework in pri
vate family und go to school in evening. Ad
dress It 104, ('lobe. 0
ladies' intelligence office, the only one
in the city guarantees satisfaction; always
German help at hand. Mrs. Bertram, 52
West Tenth st. 358
-jVJCItsE— A nurse ot experience would
1* like cases of typhoid or other fevers;
the best of references given. Address Mrs.
G. L., St. Paul. 1
NURSE— Strong, healthy, aged German
1* lady wants situation" to take care of
children in German family; wages but little
object. Address P.ael. 995 Gnultier st. ! 7
O lTK'fi WORK— Wanted, a situation as
assistant bookkeeper, or general office
work; city reference. N 181, Globe. 1
SITUATION— Wan tedtitua tion in private
family by a lady who attends an evening
class; salary not much of an ooject: refer
ences furnished. Address Z 151, Globe. G
WASHING — Woman wants -to go out
washing, or work by the day and room
at home. No. 512 St. Peter st. 7
VI, 'ASHING— Wauled, washing or work
i by the day, by a lady. 512 St. Peter st.
WASHING— Wanted, by respectable
woman, work by the day or week,
house cleaning or washing; ell leconi
nTendeti: 459 Carroll st. 7
UI SISKSK ciiAa'cra.
**tlis-*--'ll:meous Business -Chance*
GOOD CHANCE to buy a 40-barrcl «11
--roller, Homing mill (water power). For
term, and description write J. C. S., Box 00.
Brownsville, Minn. 350-1-7
A N OLD ESTABLISHED retail lumber
._"_. and coal yard in Central lowa for sale;
beautiful town of 3,500 inhabitants, aud
prosperous country around; ill health reason
for selling. Address Lumber Sard, ***74 Fau
quier st, St. Paul. 354-00
' Store— For sale, desirable cigar and con
fectionery store cheap; doing a good busi
ness; reason for selling. Call at 4!) West
Seventh. 355-61
■J store for sale; a bargain; reasons for
selling. 444 Broadway. 354-."-.'.)
IYKUG SroCK of about $•_,• 00 (nearly
jt-f new), ill good Dakota town where there
is a good business and no competition, for
sale, because owner has another business;
terms easy. Apply nt once to G, Noyes Bros.
& Oilier. * 358 64
Ditto STOKE in good Minnesota town,
doing fine business; will take part trade
or give lime; want some cash. Address R
118. lobe. 357-63
RUG BUSINESS in city and doing good
business: will lake some cash and give
time on balance, with good security. Address
X 110, Globe. 357-03
DRUGGISTS with small cash capital can
bear of first-rate paying business in
tod Minnesota town, longestabllshed wbicb
they can buy at a bargain before .Tan. 1.
"A," Stoves, Bros. & Cutler. 357-03
I *'OR SALE— One half of value hrst-
Jc class lunch counter. 203 East Seven
st. 358-00
~\ F. KELLY & CO.,
FOE 05 CENTS. 357-59
LAUNDRY— For sale. Union hand laun
dry. 1 1!) West Third St.: profitable; rea
son of selling, sickness. Call at once. 35 1-00
AIM NEK WANTED— Good man.capa
ble of office work; would require $400;
best reference. Address X 120, Globe.
BOARD— rooms with board'
also day board at 389 Washington st.
355 01
BO ARO— 32 East Sixth St.. A. Unify;
J board and rooms $1 per week: table
board, $3.50. - 350-03
BOARD— Nicely furnished rooms, with
board; also use of bath. 232 Weft Sev
enthsi 358-63
BOARD— Elegantly furnished front alcove
room, modern conveniences, with board ;
also side rooms ;day board; table unsurpassed.
542 Canada st. - 356-61
BOARD— parties looking for first-class
room and board can Bud same, with use
of bath, electric light, etc., at 64 East Elev
enth st. near capitol. 351-364
BOARD— Best weekly board in the city
$3.25 pet week; -one-meal ticket,
$3.50; also furnished rooms, with board*
•159 Wabasha si., adjoining Young Men's
Christian association. 297*
B OARO— 04 Iglehart St.— Pleasant fur
nished rooms, with board; heated with
a furnace. 358-60
OARD -Young Girls' Home, 020 St.
Peter st., for respectable young g*'tls
only: board and lodging, $2.50 per week;
reading room free. 304-363
VIM il Sl'., 137, EAST— Fund-died or
1 1 unfurnished rooms: also first-class table
board; furnace heat: modern conveniences.
TAIti.K HOARD— Private family board
. . ing: a good homeii-e place to get your
meals; reasonable rates. 405 Broadway"
. I>BI*SS.*tIAI-I**iG.
DRESSMAKER — Mme. Marie Favre,
"French dressmakei; late from Worth,
in Paris. 27 East Seventh st.Room 9. 332-02
DRESSMAKING— Wanted, dressmaking,
557 Wabasha st.: will make ladies' and
children's suits; perfect satisfaction and
reasonable prices. 350-59
MAKING— If you waut an elegant
dress, a perfect fit and reasonable
prices, go to Mrs. Percival, 231 West Sev
enth; 309*
system superior to all: basques cut and
tit; guaranteed; patterns cut to order; satis
faction warranted or moneys refunded, Mrs.
Elliott, general agent, room 24, Mannheimer
Mock. 349-79
pauses — Learn how to cut and make
your dresses by the Worth Tailor System.
Taught at 22 East Third st. 330*
STYLISH dresses, perfect in fit and
satisfactory in every Ranees; prices rea
sonable. Parlors 270 Summit Place. 311*
raphy shorthand a specialty ; bookkeep
ing, German, etc.: terms reasonable; day
and evening classes. Office, 03 Davidson
block, Jackson st. 358
ONEY TO LOAN on improved city
property at low rates of interest. Call
on or write Davidson, Bayard & Co., 321
Robert st,, St. Paul. 355-59
SHORTHAND— FuII course $10 -.Graham,
O Pitman and Munson principles taught.
\\ m. Shepfer, 263 Iglehart. 358 60
O 26 East Exchange St. Lessons given on
Piano, Organ, Guitar, Violin and Mandolin;
hours arranged to suit pupils. For terms
call or address The superioress. 168*
JC. HANLEY. the wood and coal dealer,
• makes a specialty of tilling small orders
promptly, from 50 cents up. Comer Eighth
and Wacouta. ■ ■. . 337*
FOR 11.50. 357-59
' FOR BEST, r _-:_■■■
--. ' «
IIIHI*-.**".. * -'-■ - V- _
COlTAlit-ro. reui, - ...a. «. :tta ';■ -a
five rooms on -DeSoto," near - < .<•.....? . at.,
with good cellar and city water; rent. $33.
Apply to H. Dougan. 229 East Thirteenth st.
. .. . ■ 355* .. -.. ■■.-■'YY" '
HOUSE— A small house for rent Inquire
at 585 Canada st. ■ • ■ .-'■-..'- 358-59
HOUSE— rent, reasonable to good ten
ant, fine nine-room house. St Anthony
hill; city water, bath, etc. I. N. Snow, 87
East Fourth st. , - - 358-60
HOUSE One house and several tenements
for rent, from §2o, $15, $10, $S, *"0; 254
Commercial st. 143*
HOUSE— For rent, an eight-room house at
205 Nelson aye.. 525. Inquire John.B.
A rend. 141 East Third st. 355-S0
HOUSE— rent, a nicely furnished
house, 493 Holly ay. : all modern con
veniences. • Robert Craig, room 30, chamber
of commerce. - 353->>9
HOUSE— Forrent, S-room house at s*-2
Jenks st, Inquire at 017 Payne aye.
or 99 East Seventh st. 35800
HOUSE— For rent new eight-room house
on Aurora ay.. near Kent Inquire at
White's, 190 East Seventh st. 353-59
HOUSE— $10 for nice five-room home' at
430Eanfils_; cistern and cellar. 51
Court block. 357
HOUSE— for fine six-room house cor
ner Arundel and Ellen sts.; fine cellar
and water. 51 Court block. 357 60
HOUSE— £17 for nice six-room house at
447 Ellen st. ; fine cellar and woodshed.
51 Court block. 357-60
HOUSES— -seven-room house on Rondo
st , near Western ay., $15 per mouth;
two modern houses, central, for $25 each.
Edward Corning, 317 Jackson st. '358-50
HOU*«Es FOR KENT in all parts of the
city and at all prices. Edward Coming.
317 Jackson st. 353-59
JEAVE orders for express ana moving
J with McKennev _- Self, Room 83, Union
block. Telephone 13:> 34. rT-74
BOARD— To rent, nice fruit ro.*m for two.
use of bath aud tumcej heat, with tabic
board. Call 392 Exchange st. 354-59
CEDAR ST., 488— Pleasant, sunny front
room, nicely furnished; second floor;
near capitol: board if desired. 353 59
EIGHTH ST., 229— -tea-ant unfurnished
rooms for housekeeping: upper or lower
floor: rent moderate: private family; desira
ble location : also storage rooms. 35 0-"
EIGHTH ST., 217, EAS I— pleas-
J ant rooms, with or without board; terms
reasonable. . 359-01
EUROPEAN HOTEL" 343 B then st.
next to German American Bank: ele
gant rooms, modern conveniences; reasona
ble prices. Office, room 2. 273*
furnished front room; large windows,
steam heal, gas and bath. 357-50
FIFTH ST., 128. WEST— A well-fur
nished front room alcove; heated: use
of bath. " 355-59
J^LAi— For rent centrally located flat 2,
" six rooms; modern improvements: cne
block from People's theater. 205 West
Sixih st. 358-59
FOURTH ST., IDOEAS . —Elegantly rur
nished rooms, single, double or en suite:
gentlemen preferred: terms reasonable. 300*
I*. KELLY & CO..
JACKSON ST., 007— Two nicely furnished
front rooms: horse cars pass tie door;
with board, if de-led, in private family.
JACKSON, 443— tine furnished rooms
cheap for the winter. ! 359 00
ARRET ST., 370— Nicely furnished
front rooms, single or en suite; suitable
for two or four gentlemen. 35 --59
jV[IN ill ST., 35*1. EAST— Two furnished
I'l1 'I rooms. with or without board; also table
board at 53.25 per week. 35S 59
lyfiNTH si.. 27, EAST— For rent, pleas
1* tint furnished room; suitable for tw>:
cheap. 357-68
jVJTNTH ST.. 364, EAST. Corner Oliv**—
li Nicely furnished rooms; single or en
•suite gas and bath. . 358-59
EARL Si„ 209— Well furnished front
parlor, with or without board: also
small room At $5 per month. . 358-60
LEASANT AY., 17!!— For lent, double
parlors, nicely furnished ; bath, and
modern conveniences ; board next door; on
cable line. Apply after 12 m. 350-00
-barge, handsome, well-furnished
rooms; single or en suite; $0 to $10 each.
orert ST., 343— Newly furnished
rooms; all modern conveniences; next
to German-American National bank. Call at
Room 2. 249*
ROOMS, with board, heat and hot and cold
' water bath. 037 Cedar st. 358
ROOMS— For rent, five rooms; modern
improvements: $15. Inquire 950 West
Seventh st., corner Toronto. 358-60
EVENTH ST., 22 1. WEST— clean and
neatly furnished front alcove room, fac
ing two Streets, one block from Seven cor
ners; bath and all conveniences; gentlemen
or gentleman and wife: lent moderate.
- 355.Q2
Sl'Rl'CE ST., 231— For rent, nicely fur
lO nished single front room; use of bath;
$6. 358 59
O TRUCE ST., 227— Double alcove; one
•O single; furnace heat and use of bath;
board next door. 359-61
yT.I'KI'KK ST., 450— Furnished rooms,
O suitable for two or four gentlemen.
ROOMS AND HOARD— Nicely furnished
rooms and board suitable for gentleman
ami wife, or two young gentlemen; use of
bath. 270 Pleasant ay. 3**s-01
TEMI'ERANCE ST., 470, between
Eighth and Ninth sts— Furnished rooms,
with or without board. .- 358-59
rpENTII ST, 97 WEST— Two unfurnished
J. front rooms for rent 353-59
tl'iiiitu .>!., 10 1.— Elegantly furnished
"•sL rooms; all modern conveniences. 324*
WAD Asi 1 A "ANii - TENTH ST.— Over
Drug Store— Furnished rooms, single
or en suite; also front rooms suitable for
offices 33/ -06
AHASHA ST., 473— Nicely furnished
rooms to rent by day, week or month;
open anytime; strangers always find fur
nishe ! rooms at 473 Wabasha st. 347-66
ALNUT ST., 3*7— Furnished rooms,
»V with or without board. 358-59
TORE— For rent, one store aud twelve
STORE— For rent, oue store and twelve
flats In J. F. Eisenmenger's new brick
block, corner Rice and Wabasha sts. by .1.
F. Eisenmenger, 472 Rlcest. Office hours
from 8 to 10 a. m. and from 1 to 3 p. m. 346*
V i s<i* I ! -i ;i -«* «i
BASEMENT— For rent basement, 25 East
Seventh st- Inquire of Donohue &
Brennan. 297*
cheap at the corner of Rice and Waba
sha sts; and lots and acres for sale and for
lease on easy terms. J. F. Eisenmenger. 474
Rice st. 351*
story building, with basement; also two
story building on corner of Fourth and Ex
change sts. : ail-now ocenpied as a tinware
tory The Home & Dauz Co. : buildings
-l'.».\!is; can be used for any kind of business,
or for manufacturing purposes; elevator;
power if desired ; will be rented separately or
together: possession given Jan.- 1. For fur
ther particulars apply to The Home & Danz
Co.. Fourth and Exchange sts.. St Paul. *337
STEVEN CORNERS— Forepaugh Hl-cjk.
O Second Floor— For rent large corner
room, suitable for office or society halt A*
ply to Janitor, Room 30. '' "" . 35-f*
•OTAIJLE— barn; good location for
O boarders; cheap rent C. A. Esterley, 3
Mannheimer block. 355-62
$2.50 per volume; a complete reprint
all the maps, plates and text of the original
at one-third the cost: -150 sets already placed
in the Twin Cities; a splendid Christmas
present. Write or call on C. W. Dumont
095 East Seventh st. for further informa
tion. Agents wanted; twenty-three volume,
now ready. -...'" 350*
GAs ENGINE— For sale, seven horse
power Otto gas engine, in good running
order, and now running. Inquire of Robin
son & Carv. 337*
either for cash on easy terms, a hand
some black walnut bedroom suite, with mar
ble-top dresser and washstand; also, new
sewing - machine, kitchen stove, safe and
other household furniture; call and ex
amine. 313 St. Peter st 359
STOVE— sale cheap, large Baning
stove: large door; good heater. 341
Sherman st . - . 350*
WOOD— Cut prices; lowest figures, and
licensed city welghmasters' measure
certificate furnished. Fred S. Nichols, li*9
East Sixth st * *-57*
IANO TUN-NO SI — First-class work
guaranteed. Address Samuel Crutchett
139 West Fifth sL 332-62
200,000 WANTS
- Were printed in the Globe's Advertising
Columns in 1887. This is the best evidence
that the Globe is the People's P__*__.
LYONS 1 & TICKNOR. Druggists, 707 East
..Third street, corner Bates.
j CONGER BROS., Druggists, 349 University
•*.. avenue, corner Virginia.
"MOUNTS & SAWYER. Grocers, corner Ash
■-', land avenue and Dale street.
:A. P. WILKES, Druggist, 759 and 761 West
' ; Seventh street
BERKMAN & CO., 422 Dakota avenue.
E. FOX. 482 Rice street
GEO. SHEPHARD, 091 Reaney street
PRANK L. OSBURG, 178 Western avenue.
J. H. HAVES, 441 West Seventh street
F. VAN DUYNE, Druggist, 828 East Sev
enth * enth street.
HIPPLER & COLLYER, Druggists, 199 East
y.. Seventh street
„ 470 Jackson street
WILKES' PHARMACY, Seven Corners.
M. D. MERRILL, Books and Stationery, 442
Broadway. - * .-*
HELLER'S PHARMACY, corner Tenth and
St. Peter streets.
BOOKKEEPING— Books opened, closed,
posted, expert work. etc. F. Sprague,
room 252, Drake block. St. Paul. 22*
CHRISTMAS TREES— Trim your trees
' with Moore & Sons' Large Snow Flake
Pop Corn. Nothing so large in the city. Ask
your grocer for it already popped; if they
do not keep it call at our factory for any
amount desired. Moore & Son, 590 Jackson
st. 355-00
i»J- costumes, wigs and beards for theater
use. Louise Neitmann, 5*5 East Seventh st.
CV :■■••"- " 340-37Q
ward Lofsfat have opened a real estate,
loan and business exchange office in Daw
son's new block, corner Eignth and Jackson
streets. Room 1 14, where they would be
pleased to have any one having property of
any kind for sale or exchange, either. in the
city, state or outside, to . call or forward de
scription, price ana terms, which will be pub
lished in our bulletins for general distribu
tion by mail and sub-agents in and out ofjthe
city free of expense."* We are perfecting our
chain of agencies, and will . be enabled to
place your property in better and more com
plete form before purchasers than has ever
been attempted before. We solicit also the
favors of those having any kind of business
to sell or exchange, as special announcement
will also be made in our bulletins (unless
privacy is requested, which will be assured)
that will meet the eyes of thousands in and
ont of the slate. So matter where your busi
ness is located, or the amount required to
handle it. we may be enabled to find a cus
tomer: and. as (costs you nothing until dis
posed of, why not try us? Pesponsible and
careful correspondents wanted everywhere,
in <i.ies, towns and hamlets, to whom we
will send our list when issued, and from
whom we should like to receive list of prop
erty and business, including farms, to be dis
posed of. Weide A: Lofstat, Room 114, Daw
son block, Eighth and Jackson, St. Paul,
Minn. 355-00
EVtINO MACHINES of all kind : re
pairing promptly done; prices low;
recomendatious open" to inspection. Call at
139 West Seventh St.. near Seven Corners
344-73 ■
taken during confinement: best of care;
prices low; strictly private; school is in care
cf first-class physicians. Mrs. 11. Stenzel,
571 Jackson St.. St. Paul. ;ill»
t*\T*-_-STEKN HOTEL— Room and board
» V gi to S5; table board S3 per week. 66
East Fourth st. 340-70
TH OHO CORDS of No. 1 dry hardwood
JLKJ'KJKJyJ at the following cash prices de
Dry hard maple per cord $6.00
Dry hard birch per cord 5.(0
Dry hard oak: per cord 5.00
.Dry hard mixed per cord 4.50
Dry hard bass per cord 4.00
Dry hard slabs per cord 3.50
Sawing, per cord 75
Sawing and splitting, per cord 1.25
Office 227 Kendo st. All orders left at 25
West Fourth st. promptly filled. We are here
to stay. Ward & Ford. * 356-59
:Y : - ■ ■ . FM3J.IXCIAI,. '■ - '
A— MONEY is loaned by us on improved
• real estate security iii St. Paul. .Minne
apolis and Duliuh at (>, Ot., 7, 7"- per cent,
on shortest notice for any amount. R. M.
'Newport & Son. investment bankers, 152,
153 and 151 Drake block. St. Paul. 73*
. Mortgage loans made promptly, 6, 7
and 8 per cent: mortgages bought. * 317*
Company Loan from $10 upward on
furniture, pianos, horses, wagons, etc., with
out removal; also on warehouse receipts,
diamonds and gold watches. J. S. Mackey,
manager. Room 14, First National bank build
inir. St. Paul, and Room 7, Mackey-Leeg
block, Minneapolis. 250*
•l/] ONEY LOANED on all kinds ot per
i'-L tonal property, household furniture,
horses, etc. ; also on diamonds and jewelry;
commercial paper discounted. Security
Loan Co., 325 Jackson st., J. E. Flanigan,
manager. • 102*
It/I ONEY LOAN ED on household furni
i»X ture, pianos, horses and carriages, etc.
without removal; also on diamonds and gold
watches, etc J. W. Edsall & Co., 307 Jack
son st. 309*
erance, 34 East Third St., Room 1. on
furniture, pianos, norses, carriages, etc.;
also on warehouse receipts, diamonds, j
watches and silverware; private room for i
ladies; goods taken in storage at lowest rates.
- 2!)5*
MONEY TO LOAN on personal property
lIJ. and improved teal estate at lowest rates.
Ilarringer & Co., 51 Court block. 358-61
[\,l oNEY TO LOAN— Farm and city loans
1»-L at lowest rates; mortgages bought W.
F. Carroll, attorney. 359 Drake block. 339*
MONEY to loan by Lawton Bros., 405
Jackson st., and* 175 Dakota aye. Have
on hand 57,000 at 0 per cent, on improved
property. 316*
MONEY to LOAN— We have money to
loan on real estate security at current
rates. F. G. Minor & Co., Room 34, Cham
ber of Commerce. 340*
MONEY TO LOAN on aiamoncls,
watches, and all goods of value. Pri
vate office for consultation. George It.
Holmes 141 and 143 East Seventh st 82*
ORTGAGE LOANS on city property,
improved and unimproved. 11. Cald
well, Room 50. Chamber Commerce. 357-03
company collects all sorts of claims
everywhere; furnishes reports as to standing
of dealers and customers; every business
man doing a credit business should become a
subscriber. Offices 105 East Fifth st. 307*
Q/A SHARES Como Heights Land and Im
tJ\J provement company stuck for sale
cheap. H. McClung. 90 East Fourth st.
. 3____t
young Mme. Elinor A. Barstow, the
grand astrologist and hand reader, has trav
eled through the principal parts of Europe;
will remain a few days: tells past. present and
future in person or by letter; will bring back
the parted husband or lover, no matter if they
,be 10.000 miles away ; will tell you whether
your lover or sweetheart be false or true; will
guarantee to settle family quarrels or money
refunded; has charms for good luck; breaks
evil influences; also advice given to
gentlemen on wheat market; gives lucky
numbers in lottery; can gi* best of
references. I was presented with elegant
gold medal. Can read the initials of a call
er's name by their hand. Fine hair tonic.
To the Public— take notice, a party
now in the city claiming to be a medium has
taken a copy of my notice, and she claims to
be a medium and tell names of future hus
band and wife beware, it is done by a trick
and is a fraud. Ladies in trouble call at
once. Mme. E. A. Barstow. Office hours,
10 a. m. to 9 p. m. Parlor, Room 17, up
stairs, second floor. 27 East Seventh st., be
tween Wabasha and Cedar, St Paul, Minn. ;
open every day in the week, Sunday in
cluded 350-63
A TRANCE MEDIUM— Sandall. the
. young Swede, tells full names of call
ers, and the full name of your future hus
band or wife. with date of marriage, and tells
whether the one you love is true or false: not
a fortune teller, but a young spirit medium.
Madame goes into a perfectly dead trance;
will bring back the parted husband or lover,
no matter if they be 10.000 miles away; will
guarantee to settle family quarrels; can also
cause speedy marriages : gives lucky numbers
in lottery. Parlors: Room 1, up stairs, sec
ond floor, 473 Wabasha st, St Paul, Minn.
3*7 300
1 FORTUNE TELLER, by cards. In rear
J 254 West Seventh st 353-73
PERSONS wishing to adopt a baby boy
two months old, please address R 103,
Globe. 358-60
#m^Q^ it you nant fo hire a
&'%£§Bg& ■ tenement read The Globt
; ma^mT "Want" Column*
List of Unclaimed Letters Re
maining in the Postoffice, St.
Paul, Minn., Dec. 31, 1888.
Free delivery of letters by carriers at the
residence of owners may be secured by ob- ,
serving the following rules:
First— Direct plainly to the street and num
ber of the house.
Second— Head letters witb the writer's full
address, including : street and number, and
request answers to be directed accordingly.
Third— Letters to strangers or transient vis
itors in the city, whose special address may
be unknown, should be marked in the left
hand corner, '-Transient." This will pre
vent their being delivered to persons of the
same or similar names. --V*
Fourth— Place the postage stamp on the
upper right hand corner and leave space be- *
tween the stamp and directions for post
marking without defacing the writing.
Persons calling for letters in this list will
please say they are advertised; otherwise
they will not receive them.
WILLIAM LEE. Postmaster.
Aamodt Hans Anderson Mrs John
bdillE E Anderson L
Adams Frank (2) Anderson Mrs Jenny
Albert Charles Andrews George
-Aldworth Wm Annon Mrs John
Allen J H Avery E C
Anderson Adolf (2) Austin J
Anderson fl Austin Jas
Baker Miss Vivan Boyer John
aumgart Frederick Brennou G T
Bedroom Johne Broderiek Mrs Minon
Bellar Eugene T
Benjamin Mrs Mary Broughton Geo H
Bequette Miss Ali Brown Miss Eliza De
Berrier R
Berry Thos Brown F E
Berryman Master Brown Mrs F
John (2) Burgess Mrs James
Bestor Mrs Geo Burke Walter
Bilser Wm F Burnell E
Binderitsch John Burrns Mrs Alba
Bixley R H Burtis R S
Blamburg Annie Butler Miss
Blanchette Fred Butler Mrs M F
Bohland Miss Aurora
Cif.r'eton Ira Coda Donald
arlson Paul Coder Walter L
Carney Miss Katy Coder W L
Carry Miss Cole Miss Hattie
Carter & Hoy Cole Mrs Ida
Case James " Collins Edward F
Cashmore Mrs Sarah Couel Miss Kate G
Carr Joseph Conler Miss M A
Charbonnean Jos Conuers Dennie
Cheley Herman A Conrad Henry
Christ Miss Bethsy Constans Bertha
Christcnson Fred Cope Miss Ruth
Clark KE. Cornelius Miss Annie
Clark W J Cox John S
Clean* T CrowfordC P
Ciipper H
DalevMiehael De Quay George A
alky Miss Mary Dillon C J
Dalrymple A 8 Donovan John Jr
Dargie Charlie . Dorland P L
Darwin Peter Doyle Mr
Davis Mrs H N* Doyle Mrs
Deeomp (furniture Duffey J T
man) Duncan David C
Deli Geo Duncan Mrs Lizzie 2
Denning Wm Duval Miss Nitre
Denney Thomas Dnyfus Leon
Eagle Otto Wm Ellis John
dmui.ds J A Eliot J
Eichmau \V 11 Elzar Felix
Elletson allie Emerson P B
Elliot R T Erickson Andrew
Ellis Franklin Erickson Gust
Fabin Miss Martha 2 Flaherty J C
eldnern Rudolph Flynu Miss Maggie
Finch Miss Alice Flower P M
Finch Chas FoborgG
Finaley Miss M J French Mrs C S
Finn Miss Kalie Frisell Miss Ida
Fitzpatrick Thomas Fruland Mrs Lntil
Gallup V P Graham Miss Myra
ardner Al Graham Mrs Sophrama
Garrison Frank Gnrtsen N H
Canity Mrs Maggie Grighnon Alex
Gaugban Miss Sarah Grindrod E
Goger (.'has Griudell John
Goollig Theo Grunan Frank R
GoranssouCO Gustin C II
Han Peter Hayes Annie
amllon Miss Sallie iieiidr cks Godfrey
Hanson Miss Annie II Heurcksoii Niels
Hanson Jens Heisin Greaua Iverson
Hanson Mrs Otelia N Henry B F
Hakansson A Herman Miss Katie
Halbil Paul Ilersev Phil
llallen Louis H Hill 11* II
Haller Miss Julia Hinds Samuel B
Harrison Mrs Maggie Hindrickson Miss
Harper Miss Sarah Frednka
Harper Mrs G L Horton Miss Lizzie
HaniganMiss Annie Hiiltmau Johanna Au-
Hart Mrs Mary ban
Hewett Miss Mollie Huntington Miss Em-
Hawk AS ma
Reach Geo M Huntington Mrs S \\
Trwin Mrs Fracis 2
Jalcobson Jakob Johnsen Miss liilma
ansson Gabriel Johnsen Geo
Jansson G R Johnsen M C
Jenson Jacob Johnsen Mrs Sam
Jenson Henry Johnsen Miss Malta
John Mrs Christian Jones 1, M
Johnsen J Jones C ***
Kasberger Peter Kingsbury 11 L 2
assen May 2 Kingsbury Miss Minnie
Hellv J Henry Kirchoff Fred
Kenher E V at Kittilstod A T
Kerr Miss Annie Kleua Susie
Kind Hildus Kjorgard Ole
Kinnbrcugh J L Knuth August
Kinnie E B ____^
Larson Miss Char- Light S W
lotta Livingston Frank
Larson Miss Christina Lisienud Banna
Larson David Lock wood Miss Amelia
Larson Miss Jenle Lockwood Will
Lawrence Miss Mollie Lorimer It B
Lamberton R AY Lower. v G M & Co
Leach Mrs Mary Lunderborg Miss Sfel-
Leboug Adelard ma
Lee Mrs Lydande D O
Lefidore Hercule Lyon Miss Millio
Leniham Mrs Ellen Lyons Miss Ellen
Leonard Roll .
IVI cAfee Wm Milton Fred
I'lccauleyMissAnnicMinuesota District
McDonald Miss Bessie Telegraph Co
McDonnel A Mitchel Dr
McDoogal Willie Mitchell J L
McFarrcn N N Mitchell Mrs
jtcGole C Malonev Miss Annie
McGovernWA Montgomery Miss
McGugganW.T Natalie
McKaskey Mrs Ceo Montowre Johnny
McKav Hugh Moon Charley
McMahon Arthur Moore James
Mc.Manus Jon Moore Lewis
McNallyJF Morin Peter
McQue Joseph Morrison Miss Eva
Mct'uinnTS -, Lu . clla^ „ TO
Mahoney Andrew Morton Gustlne W
Mahonv Pat Mott Miss M B
Marshall Miss Tilla MoultonMay
Marvin W Mueuch Mrs Rosalia
Malseu P A Munroe George
Mavnard Wm Murphy Charles
Mann C B Murphy John
Mills Miss L
XT ash Ed "Kewquist Ada
1 National Savings, Nordley C
Loan and Building Northwestern Aid As-
Associatiou sociation
Nebel Chas Northwestern Mutual
Nelson Julia Live Stock Associa-
Nelson Mrs tion
Nelson Peter Norwood Joseph
Nester Mr
o'Council0 'Council Frank Olson Miss Lena E
'Dem James Olson John A F
O'Conner Miss Jennie O'Neil Felix
Olnev Miss Maud O'RiellyJos
Olson Marta Orr Miss Mary
Olson Olof Osman Miss EM
Olson Mrs Maria Ostrander \V M
akin F Peterson Ola
aimer AH PettersonAE
Peace I B Piecott Miss Julia
Teal Charlie Pierce II F
Pecore Miss Hattie Pi tereon Miss Mary
PedersonMiss Amilda Pope Wm II 2
Peirce Mrs C • Portegern S
Perkins A Porter Henry W
Peterson John Porter Henry
Peterson Carl Potter M 9
Peterson P Powers M II
Peterson B Putts Miss Louisa
affertvWm Robinson Harry
angnesMr-Mathea Robinson Mr
Rannev Vance Roe L P
Itasmu-sen R Rogers Jamea
Rawlings G A Rolland E
Raynor Theo Rollins Hoffman & Co
Renealds Mrs lrean RooneyJno
Reube Frank Rowlen John R
Rilej X J Ruddock,Meyerdmg <_
Robber Miss Lua Co
Robinson Frank Ruch Mrs Esther
•L_t Arnold Mrs C A Sippard Willie Y.
•"Oanborn Miss Annie Sjagren Carl Wilh
Sander Miss Augusta Small Eduard
Savage Rev M J Smith Lee
Sahacht Willie Smith Mrs Betty
Schau Mrs Fran-sine Smith S J
Schissler Sam Smith I H
Schmidt Henning Smith George
Schmitt MissJohanna Smith Rev Fred
M Spear John J A
Schneider Fran* Spring Mrs Rosa
Schuler Stakbauer John
Schuman & Co Stang Mrs Gathers
Scofield Mary E Stenson Mrs Annie
Scott Miss Geogie Stewart Mrs John
Seifarth Minnie Strevel George H Jr
Sexton James H Strum John
Sharpnack Miss Jessie Stuart R S
Shear John A Sturman Z n
Sherman Bettie Sundstrom Miss Sarah
Shiileto Miss Jennie Susor Jos - -•-
Showers C E Sevenson if J L
Shur Joseph - Swan George W
Sinclair John H Sweet 8 A
TeroneyJohn Tri*jn Mrs Nellie E
hompson Jas H T*femalne Mrs Mary
Thurston D C Triepath -irs Amalia
Taulkaber Anna Tufts Gay L
Tanner Celia Turcotte Frank
Tanner Mrs Henrietta Turner Mrs ' ■ ,
Wahlquist John Wheeler R
aire Mrs Lillian Wheat HS
Walker Mrs Mary L White CH
Walker T B . " Whitney Ira B
Warren EL i tlebsey Mrs Jane H
Ward Mabel " Wickotf Louis I
Warren W B . Wlckliffe Mies Fannie
War-ton Robt Wickstrom Miss Anna
Watkins Oliver % '**"* 2
Weigel Mr Williams EG •*•*-*•*''
Weis'.rup Peter W illson J : .r<:
Wclton F O W illson F
Wellington Mrs Ger- Wilison J W
tr*-de ;-*■'-' Walker Dr Wm
Wendin Miss B?cy Wombacher H I
West Fred N Worm E M
Westblade Miss Sarah Wright Mary
Weston J R ■
"young Ma tie
**7 c trey Mary A ;
lU.HU A >1) -fourth-class.
Brand F Ames Miss Catherine
A the St. Paul Brick and Manufacturing
We. the undersigned, desiring to become
Incorporated under and by virtue of the •
General Laws of the State of Minnesota, do
for that purpose hereby associate ourselves
together and adopt the" following Articles of
Incorporation : .*. - ; ■ ■ ... -
article r.
The name of this corporation shall be the
"St Paul Brick and Manufacturing Com
pany."' :.-:'=.--
The general nature of its business shall be
the manufacture of pressed bricks, or other
wares and articles produced from clay, the
quarrying, dressing and sale of stone: and it
may also manufacture cement and glass
ware, and engage in the business of building
and general contracting.
The principal place for the transaction of
its business shall be the city of St. ■ Paul, in
the state of Minnesota.
The time of its beginning shall be the first
day of January, A. D. one thousand eight
hundred and eighty-nine (1839,1, and it shall
continue thirty (30) years.
The amount of capital stock shall be one
hundred and fifty thousand dollars '$150,
--000), which shall be paid for in cash or its
equivale; at or before the time ot the issue
of each share, and fifty thousand dollars
($50,000) shall be paid in before it begins
the transaction of its business.
-■.-.-.:----'•• ARTICLE IV.
The highest amount of indebtedness or
liability to which said corporation shall at
any time be subject is fif lv thousand dol
lars ($50,000).
The names and places of residence of
the persons forming such association for
incorporation are: Ralstou J. Markoe, Lor
enzo J. Markoe, Johu A. Markoe and Dennis
Griffin, all of the city of St. Paul, in the
state of Minnesota.
article vr.
The stock, property, affairs and business of
said corporation shall be under the control
of and shall be managed by not less than
three (3) nor more than five (5) directors,
who shall be chosen annually by the stock
holders at such time and place 'as shall be
provided by the by-laws ot said corporation,
and who "shall be stockholders, and shall
hold their offices for one year, and until
others are chosen in their stead; and the
names of the first board of directors shall be:
Ralston J. Markoe. who shall be the first
President; Lorenzo J. Markoe, who shall be
the first Treasurer; Jolui A. Markoe, who
shall be the first Secretary and General
Manager; and Dennis Griffin, who shall be
the first Superintendent.
The capital stock of said corporation shall
be divided into three thousand (3,0001
shares of the par value of fifty dollars (§SO)
In witness whereof, we. the undersigned,
have hereunto set our hands and seals this
twenty-ninth day of November, one thousand
eight hundred and eighty-eight (1888).
Executed iv the presence of
Witnesses. ft™ ».*«£.
w musses. |( , ,- \y lv ,, AM> .
County or Ramsey. {* ' '
On this 29th day of November, A. D. one
thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight
1 1 BSS), before me. a notary public in and for
said county, personally appeared Ralston .1.
Markoe, Lorenzo J. Markoe. John A. Mat'Knc
and Dennis Griffin, to me well known lo be
the same persons described in and who exe
cuted the foregoing instrument, and each of
said persons for himself acknowledged" the
same to be his own free act and deed.
I Notarial Seal, ' JAMES D.KELLY,
i Ramsey Co., V Notary Public,
( Minn. ) Ramsey County, Minn.
Department op State, (*
I hereby certify that the within instrument
was filed for record in this office on the Ist
day of December, A. D. 1888. at 1 :15 o'clock
p. m , and was duly recorded in Book V of
Incorporations, on page .
H. MATTSON, Secretary of State. .
County op Ramsey, "-S9.
Office of the Registerof Deed*. I
This is to certify that the within Instru
ment was tiled for record in this office at St.
Paul on the Ist day of December, A. D. 1888,
at 1 o'clock p. m., and thai the same was
duly recorded in Book D ot Incorporations,
page -107.
M. J. BELL, Register of Deeds.
By C. J Williams, Deputy.
[Register's Seal.
Ramsey— ss. In Probate Court, Special
Term, December 7, 1888.
In the matter of the estate of Emma F.
Nelson, deceased.
On reading and filing the petition of R. R.
Nelson and Emma B. Nelson, executors of
the estate of said Emma F. Nelson, de
ceased, representing, among other things,
that they nave administered said estate,
and praying that a "time and place be fixed
for examining and allowing their final ac
count of administration, and for the assign
ment of tho rcsi due of said estate to the
persons entitled thereto:
It is ordered, that said account be exam
ined and petition heard by the judge of this
court, on Friday, the ith day of January.
A.D. 18*9, at ten o'clock a m., at the pro
bate office in St. Paul, in said county.
And it is further ordered, that notice
thereof be given to all persons interested, by
publishing a copy of this order for three suc
cessive weeks, prior to said* day of hearing,
on Monday of each week, in "the St. Paul
Daily Globe, a daily newspaper printed and
published at St. Paul, in said count}-.
By the Court. *•
[l.h.] E S. GORMA.N, Judge of Probate.
Attest: Frank Robert. Jr.. Clerk.
J. V, D. Heard, Attorney for Executors.
plies—Headquarters Department of Da,
kota. Office Chief Commissary of Subsistence
s'. Paul, Minn., Dec. 18. 1883.— pro
posals, in duplicate, subject to the usual con
ditions, will be received at this office until II
o'clock a. m., on Friday, the _ 4 th day of De
cember. 1888, at which time and place they
will be opened in presence of bidders, for
furnishing for the subsistence Department,
U. S. Army, delivered at such places in St.
Paul or Minneapolis, Minnesota, as may be
required, for immediate delivery, the follow
ing (preference being given io articles of
domestic production or manufacture, con
ditions of qualilv and price being equal):
125 barrels of Patent Family Flour, one
Fcathur Duster, and 40 yards of Cocoa
Matting. The government reserves the right
to reject any or all bids. Proposals should
be inclosed in sealed envelopes and marked
"Proposals for " (name the article).
Thomas C. Sullivan, Major, and C. S. U. S.
Army, Chief C. S. Dept of Dakota.
Admiralty Seizure.— Whereas, a libel
has been filed in the District Court of the
United States of America on the _7th day
of November, A. D. 1888, by John H. Ives,
proctor, in behalf of P. F. Cuibcrtson, against
the steamboat ''Lizzie Gardner," her engines,
machinery, tackle, apparel and furniture, in
a cause of action civil and maritime, and for
cause more fully set forth in said libel, now
on file in said clerk's office of the United
States District Court for the District of Min
nesota, and praying the usual process and
monition of the Court, that all persons
Interested in said steamboat, her engines,
machinery, tackle, apparel and furniture,
may be cited to answer the premises, and, all
due proceedings being had, that the same
may be decreed to be sold and the proceeds
thereof distributed according to law;
Therefore, in pursuance to said monition,
under the seal of said Court, to me directed
and delivered, I do hereby give notice gener
ally unto all persons having or pretending to
have any right, title or interest therein, or
knowing or having anything to say why the
same should not be condemned and sold
pursuant to the prayer in said libel, to appear
before the said Court, to be held in and for
said District of Minnesota, at St. Paul, in said
District, on the first Monday of January,
A. D. 1889. at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of
the same day. if the same sball be ready of
jurisdiction, otherwise on the next day of
jurisdiction thereafter, then and there to
interpose a claim for the same and to make
their allegations in that behalf.
U. S. Marshal.
Dated at St. Paul, Minn., Dec. l_tb, A. D.
Treatment.— Fits, Nervous Neuralgia,
Wakefulness, Mental Depression, Premature
Old Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power in cither
sex. Involuntary Losses and Spermatorrhoea
caused by over-exertion of the brain, self.
abuse or over-indulgence. Each box con
tains one month's treatment 31.00 a box.
or six boxes for 85.00. sent by mail prepaid
on receipt of price. - We guarantee six boxes
to cnre any case." Guarantee issued only by
Hippler & Collier, Druggists. Sole Agents,
Seventh and Sibley, St. Paul, Minn. "
MM answers received from an ad in
llt Ol 6 Sunday's Globe than from all
w other Sunday papers.
the Northwestern Building Society of
St." Paul. Minn. the undersigned, for
the purpose of becoming incorporated under
and by virtue of the laws of the state of
Minnesota, as provided by title two (2), of
chapter - tnirty-four " (34). of the General
Statutes, and of the acts and parts of acts
supplementary thereto and " amendatory
thereof, do hereby associate ourselves and
become incorpoiated, by adopting and sign
ing the following article's of incorporation:
- Article Section 1. The name of this
corporation shall be ''The Northwestern
Building society of St. Paul. Minn."
Sec. 2. The general nature of its*businesa
shall be the loaning or advancement of
funds accumulated from the monthly con
tributions of its stockholders to such* of its
members as may desire to anticipate the ul
timate value of their shares, for the purpose
of assisting them to become the owners of
real estate, aud to construct buildings thereon
under the mutual building society plan.
Sec. 3. The principal piace of transacting
the business of said corporation shall be tno
city of St.* Paul, in the county of Ramsey
and state of Minnesota. . ; ; ;
Article ll.— Section 1. The time of the
commencement of this corporation shall be
the 2l)th day of December, in the year ono
thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight,
Sec. 2. The period of its existence shall bo
thirty years.
Art. ill.— Section 1. The amount of the
capital stock of this corporation, shall bo
$2,-000,-00, which shall be paid iv monthly
installments of twenty-live cents on each
Sec. 2. This corporation may go into oper
ation and transact business whenever §.>O,
--000 of said stock shall have beeu subscribed
Sec. 3. The stock of this corporation may
be issued in successive series, as the by-laws
provide, but no stock shall be issued subse
quent to the year 1912.
Sec. 4. Stockholders may withdraw from
the corporation upon terms" to be fixed by the
Sec. 5. The Board of Directors of this cor
poration may retire unpledged shares of stock
three or more years old. by paying to the
holder the withdrawal value thereof, less the
amount of just charges remaining .unpaid,
under regulations to be provided by the by
Sec. 6. Stockholders in this corporation
shall be subject to such fines for defaults in
their duties as may be provided by the by
laws. - .
Art. IV.— Section 1. The highest amount of
indebtedness or liability to which said cor
poration shall at auv time be subject is tho
sum of **23.000.
Sec. 2. This corporation may barrow
money for the purpose of carrying ont its ob
jects, to the amount not exceeding Ji-J.UOO
at any one time.
Art. V.— Section 1. The names ar.d places of
residence of the persons forming this society
for incorporation are as follows: Hagbarth
Sahlgaard. Frank S. Haupt, R. Leslie Ware,
James E. Trask, Howard F. Ware. Harry 11.
Iliimmlil. Henry G. lngersoll. John S. E.
Haul horn. C. li. Gardner. L. n. Henschel,
Henry R. Curtis, Charles W. Jones, F. G.
Warner, Peter M. Kerst, all residing at tho
city ot St. Paul, Ramsey county, Minn.
Art. Vl.— Section 1. "The government of
this corporation and the management of its
affairs shall be vested in a Board ot nine Di
rectors, each of whom shall be a stockholder,
and the following officers, viz: A President,
Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and At
torney. The term of ofllce of the Directors
shall be three years. ' >
Sec. 2. The Board of Directors shall be di
vided into three equal classes, and three Di
rectors shall be elected annually. Members
having but one year to serve shall belong to
the first class; member- having two years to
. serve to the second class, and members hav
ing three years to serve to the third class.
Sec 3. The annual meeting of the stock
holders for the election of Directors shall
take place on the first Wednesday in Septem
ber of each year, beginning with 1889.
! Sec. 4. The names of the first Board of Di
rectors are: First class, F. S. Haupt, Henry
G. lngersoll and Henry R. Curtis; second
class, Hagbarth Sahlgaard, F. G. Warner,
Howard F. Ware: third class, Peter M. Kerst,
James K. Trask, R. Leslie Ware.
Sec. 5. The officers of this corporation
shall be elected annually by the Board of
Directors from among themselves, at the first
meeting of said Hoard after the annual meet
ing of the stockholders. Until such meeting
and until their successors have been duly
elected and qualified, the following named
persons shall dc the officers of this corpora
Haobarlh Sahlgaard shall be the President;
F. S. Haupt shall be the Vice President; R.
Leslie Ware shall be the Secretary: Peter M.
Kent shall be the Treasurer; James E. Trask
shall be the Attorney.
Sec. 0. The first 'monthly meeting of this
corporation shall be held in room 10, Frost
block, No. 28 East Fourth street. St. Paul.
Minn., on Thursday, January 3d, 1889, at
7:30 o'clock p. m.
Art. Vll.— Section 1. The capital slock of
this corporation snail lie divided into 40,000
shares of the par value of $50 each.
In witness whereof, we have hereunto set
our hands and seals this 14th day of Decem
ber, A. I). 1888.
* C. 11. GARDNER, Seal.
F. G. WARNER. Sal.
P ETE It M. KER ST. [Seal.
In presence of—
W. T. Kirke,
L. Wilson-.
As to F. G. Warner
Witnesses- I H * *•**"■ Davison.
witnesses. j w#T ICinKE>
As to Peter M. Kerst—
Witnesses- " J' 1 ""*",' I**1 ** p * o *^***-**
>*. nuts. es. ( p. -, . v* TKEIT _
Coi-xtv op Ramsey, (* • 3 * '
On this 11th day of December, 1888, per
sonalis- appeared before me Hagbarth Sahl
gaard, Frank S. Hanpt, R. Leslie Ware,
James E. Trask, Howard P. Ware. Harry 11.
Humnilll, Henry G. lngersoll, John S. I
Hanthoru. C. B. Gardner, L. 11. Henschel
Henry R.Curtis. Charles VV. Jones, F. G. Ear
lier, to me well known to be the same per
sons described in and who executed the fore
going Instrument, and they each acknowl
edged the same to be his free act and deed.
[Notarial Seal.) W. T. KIRKS.
Notary Public, Ramsey County, Minn.
County of Ramsey. J S3 -
On this 18th day of December, 1838. per
sonally annealed before me Peter M. Kerst,
to me well known to be the same person dc- "
scribed in and who executed the foregoing
instrument, and he acknowledged the same
to be his free act and deed.
LNotarial Seal.] J. G. DONNELLY,
Notary Public. Ramsey County, Minn.
I hereby certify that the within Instrument
was filed for record in 'this ollice on tho
lHth day of December, A. D. 1888. at 12:15
o'clock p. m., and was duly recorded in Book
V of Incorporations, on page .
11. MATTSON. Secretary of State.
County Of Ramsey, "-S9.
Office of the Register of Deeds. J
This is to certify that the within instrument
was filed for record in this office, at St. Paul,
on the 18th day of December, A. D. 1888, at
11:50 o'clock m., and thai the same was
duly recorded iv Book — of Incorporations,
page . M.J.BELL.
Register of Deeds.
Ramsey, ss— District Court, Second Judi
cial District.
Etta Cora Reynolds. Plaintiff, against George
Wade Reynolds, Defendant.
The State of Minnesota to the above-named
Yon are hereby summoned and required to
answer the complaint of the plaintiff in the
above-entitled action, which is on file in the
office of the clerk of said court, at his office
at St. Paul. Minnesota, and to serve a copy of
your answer to said complaint on the sub
scribers at their ofiice in the city of St. Paul,
in the county of Ramsey, Minnesota, within
thirty days after the service of Ibis summons
upon you. exclusive of the day of such serv
ice: and if you fail to answer the said com
plaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff
in this action will apply to the court for the
relief demanded in the complaint, together
with the costs and disbursements herein.
D. C. & THOS. D. O'BRIEN. V-
PlaintifFs Attorneys, St. Paul. Minn.
Dated Monday, November 19, 1883. *
O Ramsey— District Court, Second Judicial
Louis Rouchlean .plaintiff, vs. Peter B.
Champagne, defendant— Summons. '
The State of Minuesotato to the above-named
You, Peter B. Champagne, are hereby sum
moned and required to answer the com plaint
in this action, which is filed la the office of
the Cierk of the District Court of the Second
Judicial District in and for the County of
Ramsey and State of Minnesota, and to serve
a copy of your answer to the said complaint
on the subscribers, at their office, in the
Banning block, Duluth, Minnesota, In St.
Louis county, within twenty days after the
service of this summons upon you, exclusive
of the day of such service ; and, if you fail to
answer the said complaint within the time
aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action will take
judgment against you for the sum of seven
hundred thirty-seven and - 90-100 dollars,
with interest at the rate of 10 per cent per
annum from the 13th day of August, 188.-*,
the amount specified therein, together with
the costs and disbursements in this action.
Dated August 13th, A. D. 1888.
Plaintiff's Attorney-*. Duluth. Minn.
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