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It Requires Something More
Than Money to Make a
One Woman Has the Courage
to Act on Her Con
£he Gives a Brace of Young-
Rakes the Cold Shoul
Society in the Closet Looking
Over Its Wardrobe Be
tween Prayers.
In discussing the graceless attendant
of a young woman at the dinner table
one day last week, Capt. Castle, of Still
water, eplgranimatically expressed the
fatality that attends a man who has
nothing but his money to recommend
him to a woman's favor. "You don't
tell me she means io marry him," ex
claimed the captain.
••Why not?" was the reply; "he has
half a million."
••What if he has? you can put a half
million in mv old hat, but it's an old
hat still."
•"- *
A woman who has been considerably,
and in each instance very happily mar
vied, was lately instructing a couple of
girls in matrimonial tactics with a view
to perfecting them in the art of manag
ing a man. "You must flatter him, my
dears, flatter him as a prohibitionist
drinks— early and often; and you can't
make it too strong. Why, I flatter Horace
till his head swims. He knows I'm do
ing it— knows I'm doing it all the while:
but he'll laugh and look so silly
and feel so good-natured 1 can
get anything out of him 1 want. There's
nothing like it. Young men work for
it. middle-aged men dance for it, and
old men will have it at any price. Don't
ever try to get along without it in your
homes, but give your husband his daiiy
apportionment of flattery, just as regu
larly as your dog is" fed his bone, and
the only thing you will want will be the
luxury of an ungratified desire."
■* *
There is one woman in this town who
lias the courage to act on the general
conviction that the same intolerance
should be shown the man as the woman
who sins. This brave woman, Mrs.
1)—. lives in a pretty flat, and takes her
meals at a boarding liouse where the
table is (dis)graced by two young men
of popular average immorality. ~ Mrs.
3) — has often decidedly expressed her
disapproval of their rakish propensities,
and has declared that, though they are
visitors at this, that and the other fine
house, they would never be admitted
to her home. Not long ago at
the supper table, one evening,
she gave a general invitation
to her fellow boarders to come into her
parlor and play cards, which invitation
was accepted in as general manner as it
was given. When she and her husband
had retired to their apartments he said
to her. "J believe So-and-so and So-and
so"—naming the men his wife disap
proved "intend coming in with the
others." '"Well, I guess they will not
dare," she returned, "they understand
perfectly the estimate l have of them."
Nevertheless, when the others arrived
they intimated that the tabooed men
had considered themselves included
in the invitation, and intended com
ing later. The woman said nothing,
but when there was a ring at the door
she notified her husband that she would
answer it, and went to face the sinners.
"What do you wish," she asked, iv
reply to their effusive "Good evening."
Somewhat taken back, they answered,
"We understood you to ask us all in to
play cards to-night." "1 said nothing
of the sort," was the cool retort; "I
never ask to my home men whose
morals I despise. Good evening." She
shut the door and returned to her guests
a- it nothing had happened. The sequel
should be that the men walked right off
in a fit of remorse to join the White
Cross movement Hut they didn't. They
ejaculated. "What an uncommonly un
civil woman," and went down town for
i chink.
Society in the Closet Looking
Over its Wardrobe Between
"I'm sure I don't know what 1 would
do without Lent," said a pious young
woman on her way home from church
the other day. "It is the only time that
one can exclusively, and with a clear
conscience, devote herself to prayer
and meditation on a new wardrobe."
There has been little else going on the
past week. Among the few events was
the masquerade ball given the Sunday
school children of the Mount Hebron
congregation at Standard hall Monday
evening. Between seventy-five and one
hundred little folks appeared in cos
tumes remarkable for their original
conception and clever execution. A
grotesque scent- they made. There was
everything to be enjoyed, from a bunch
of bananas labeled "A Donation for
Supper," to Haverly's minstrels, who
were present in all their glory. A de
nture nun and devout monk moved to
the music side by side, and on improp
erly familiar terms with these religious
persons were a cowboy from Texas.
Topsy in duplicate, and five clowns. But
the most unique feature of the picture
. was the five Dakota sufferers, whocame
straight from an emigrant train, with
two babies, ami all their earthly pos
sessions tied in two .-mall bundles,
Which were strung over the shoulders
of two of the men. Heading the pro
cession was a little old man, wearing
around his neck a placard begging sub
scriptions, ami bringing up in the rear
was a younger man. who distributed
hand-bills imploring liberal donations,
and promising "If you treat us well we
will bring all our relations over— so
help us Isaac* N. E. Solomon, who
had charge of affairs, conferred upon
the representatives of the press present.
the honor of adjudging the prizes,
were awarded to tiie most, original
group, the most comical group," the
most original individual, the most
comic one and the best dressed one. It
was a difficult matter to decide. All the
characters were so well sustained that
the judges were only certain that they
could be just to any if the others we're
not there. As a near approach to jus
tice, however, the Dakota Sufferers
were given the prize allotted to the
most original group: llaverlj's Min
strels, the most comical; the Bunch of
Bananas, the most original individual:
the Cobbler, the most comic, and the
Oyster the best dressed. These
clever impersonators on unmasking
proved to be Leo Frank, Nathan
frank, Helen Frank, Mamtnie
Frank. David Aberle, Eddie Aberle
and Willie Aberle, the Dakota Sufi'er
ers; Milton Rice, Hairy Rothschild,
Willie Rice and Leo Rothschild, Hav
erly's Minstrels; Ella Dittenhofer, the
Oyster: Charley Bergfeld. the Cobbler;
Lewis Bernheimer, tiie Hunch of Ba
nanas. Puises of money were divided
among the groups. Master Bergfeld
received a handsome silver inkstand:
Master Bernheimer an alligator-covered
album on unique easel, and little Miss
Dittenhoffer, whom ' Mr. Solomon
proclaimed one of the brightest
scholars in Sunday school, re
ceived a pretty plush toilet case
and work box combined. Between the
shells of an oyster Miss Sittenhofcr
walked, wearing a white satin dress
veiled with lace, sash of satin and pearl
necklace. Conspicuous among the other
gay young masqucradets were Miss
.Jennie Sternberg in gentleman's full
evening dress and silk hat. as bride
groom to her sister, Miss Sadie, who
was as dainty a little bride as ever wore
6 trained white satin gown shrouded
with dotted net and the folds of a long
white veil; Master; Arniold Hess, such
a perfectly equipped Texas cowboy .
that a woman was half afraid of him
till she caught a glimpse of the pleasant
young face that beamed under his flar
ing sombrero: Flora Sternberg, Louie
Frankel, Willie Hess, Adoli. Mock,
Sadie Plechner, Moses Fautte/ Louis
Lowenstein, Norman Goodman, Nathan
Hose, Edgar Smith, Laura Goodman,
Harry Morganstern, lima Wirth, Har
old Davis, Sam Dittenhofer, -Stella
Korach, Day and Sidney Oakes, Pansy
Taski, Edith Solomon, Birdie Lyon,
Eva Davis, Elsie Mannheimer, Nora
Harry, Edward Harris, Mamie and
Helen Frank, Nettie Kellar, Francis
Goodman, Gertie Strouse, Lillie Lowen
stein, Irene Schwab and Dora Krone.
The young folks danced until midnight,
with an intermission at 10 o'clock,when
they sat down to a delicious supper. A
large number of their elders were pres
ent to witness their pleasure and to
make merry with them.
Delights of the Drama.
The Philomathean society, of the Uni
versalis! church gave evidence of their
histronic ability last Tuesday night at
the Standard. "Lost in London" was
very creditably presented with the fol
lowing cast of characters: Job Arm
royd, a miner, G. 11. Nutting; Gilbert
Featherstone, E. R. Stivers; Benjamin
Blaisiker, W. T. Van Torx; Jack Long-
Bones, a miner, G. H. Ingham; Topps,
A. F. Brand; Dragglehorpe, Miss lota
Brown: Flounce. Miss Florence Whit
ney: Nellie Armroyd, MissAllie Hart
DFollowiug the dramatic entertain
ment, dancing was the order of the
evening. Among those who enjoyed
the double delight of the entertainment
were Mesdames E. 11. Milham, W.
S. Vail, L. French, Upham, George
Harper, Craig, Dr. In n, Helham,
Richards, Farwell, Hart, Bohrer, F. B.
Doran, Whitney, Trowbridge, Cros
by, E. M. Woodburv; Misses
Anna Carey, Gertrude Whit
ney, Upham, Searies, Florence,
Whitney, Trowbridge, Ella Richards,
Kellogg. Nettie Jones, Hattie and May
Strong, Emma Sherman, Carrie Wiley,
May ilughson, Louise Upham, Jennie
Fish, A. A. Woodbury. Some of the
gentlemen present we're Messrs. Ing
ham, French, A. Johuson. George Sher
in, Fred Upham, G. 11. utting,Charles
Erhait,C.S.llorton, Driebert, Joe White,
Eugene Ramaley. George Aune, Clif
ford, L. French, George Harper, Foster,
D. S. Sperry, Helham, Richards, Far
well. Hart. Clark Davison, Rohrer, F.
B. Doran, Parmlee, Trobridge, J. Green,
J. 11. Ramaley, 1. Heinz, 11. Snell,
Rude, F. White, Brand, Nutting, Kel
logg. Churchill, Wilson, Burr, Fink,
Lambert. Rickett, Russell, Bascom,
Blakely, llarte, Craig, Dr. Quinn, Col.
E. H. Milham and Rev. W. S. Vail.
Delightful Hours.
"The Nippowins'' gave the fourth of
their series of dances at K. of P. hall
last evening, when a large number of
members of the club and their friends
passed several delightful hours dancing
t > the music of Will's orchestra. The
reception committee were Mr. and Mrs.
E 11. Milham, Mr. and Mrs. A. G.
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Crescy,
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. McLaren. Messrs.
J.E.King, R. C. Neuenschwander, J.
A. Esher, G. J. Ilewson, E. C. Eshelbv
and O. J. Cook performed the duties of
floor managers to the satisfaction of
every one, while Messrs. E. H. Milham,
A. G. Johnson and G. J. Hewson looked
after all the arrangements. Those
present were: Col. and Mrs. Milham,
Mr. and .'Mrs. Radcliffe, Mr. and Mrs.
Leslie r, Mr. and Mrs. Crescy, Mr.
and Mrs. McClure, Mr. and Mrs.
Sworn, Air. and Mrs. A. G. John
son, Mr. and Mrs. Streiter,
Mrs. Charles Stanley, Mrs. Russell,
Mrs. King. Misses Schroede, Oliver,
Glendive, Waltz, Kidder, Knott, Pier
son, Bross. Foley. Hurst. Grant. Huxta
ble, Beatty, Burrows, Perrier, and
Messrs. ll ustad.. Marshall, Cook, lies
son. Wurtheimer, Eshelby, Pierson,
Oliver, Nagel, Covington, Fulton, Fre
denburg and Greene.
An Informal Dance.
Members of Garfield and Acker posts
and the Ladles* auxiliary enjoyed an
nformal dance at G. A. R. hall last
Wednesday evening. Among those
present were Mesdames George G.
Brown, B. Lawrence. Mitchell. C. T.
Jenkins, J. White, L. Robinson, M.Jen
kins, Misses Hattie Jenkins, Tissard,
Annie Lawrence, Miller, Lohlker, AVil
son, and Messrs. George G. Brown. A.
Jenkins, George Temme, L. and A.
Robinson, Eyles, Kavenaugh, D. Sir
rine. Will Hall, G. W. Robinson, T. F.
Willoughby, D. W. Evans, C. E. Mes
senger, J. A. Shields and Commander
Festive Patriarchs.
The Patriarchal Circle gave a pleas
ant dance at Standard hall Thursday
evening. The managing committee
was composed of J. 11. Waller, Dr.
Alex. Donald and R.E.Stone; recep
tion committee, E.W. Durant. Capt. W.
S. Lyons, 11. M. Miller, J. B. Baker, W.
Foufke, ('. W. Slay ton, George D. Tait,
I). S. Sperry; .Edward Scott, J. J. Cor
coran. Thomas Riley, J. S. Me-
Cullough; floor committee, W. 11.
Hart, 11. S. Meeker. G. A. Doran,
George D. Davis, F. M. Penny, A. P.
Balham, George A. Kellar. ' Some of
those present were Dr. and Mrs. Donald,
Mr. and Mrs. Riley, Mr. and Mrs. Tait,
Cyl. and Mrs. Radcliffe, Mr. and Mrs.
W.ll. Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips,
Misses May Kellar, Kenyon, Trow
bridge, Ryan, Martin. Croll, Mortan.
Taylor, . IcAdams, Ada MeAdams,
Ban* and Messrs. Birchall, Chamber
lain, Van order, Clifford, George Kel
lar. Ballou, Baker, Fitzgerald, Dr. Pax
ton and Dr. Emmert.
At Unity Church.
Unity club gave a pleasing dramatic
and musical entertainment at the club
room, for the benefit of Unity church,
Friday evening. The opening piano
sold by Mrs. Carson was followed by a
farce. "The Soup Tureen." presented
by Miss Ames, Messrs. Clark and Ames.
After another solo by Miss Carson, Miss
Shelley sang "Love's Sorrow," and was
followed by Mis. Brooks with a zither
solo that was appreciatively encored.
The entertainment concluded with the
farce, "A Likely Story," well given by
M s. Brooks, Misses Lan .worthy, Howe
and Ames, Messrs. Ames and Brooks.
Birthday Festival.
A very pleasant party was given Fri
day evening by Miss Carrie Rollert at
her residence, 174 Dousman street, in
honor of her birthday. Those present
were Misses O. Keefe, Helen Werner,
Borman, Newman, Lydia Miller, Katie
and Ida Foos, Emit Kinsler, Mr. and
Mrs. John Foos, M. C. McCaffrey, Mr.
and Airs. .J. E. Connors, Mrs. Faulkner,
Messrs. I. Wagner, John Dougherty, 11.
Smith, Sam Newman. John Mathies,
.John Jarshishek, Edward Ekman. Fred
Foos, Will Foos, William Lick and
• Meis.
In Honor of Her Guest.
A very enjoyable progressive euchre
party was given Thursday evening, by
Miss Mollie Carmody, at 609 Jackson
street, in honor of her guest. Miss Ella
Peckham, of Ashland, Wis. The head
prizes were won by Miss Alice Road
. and A. W. Brawley; progressive prizes,
by Miss Peckham and Mr. Andy, and
the lone hand prizes were carried away
by Miss Hutson and Utley Curtice. A
feature of the evening was the dainty
refreshments served at 10:i_), after which
the game went on with renewed inter
est. The pleasant home was decorated
with flowers in great profusion. Those
! present were: Misses Ella Peckham,
Nutson, Brawley, Katie Alclntyre, Mc-
Donough. Callahan, Alice and Lillie
<!>at field. Rood. Maud Guernon, Buell,
ami Messrs. George Hull, Andy Mus
seter, Harry Lehr, Rainey, Rood. E. E.
McDonald, "Brawley, Utley Curtice, Dr.
Richardson,' . Dr. Wood, and Air. and
Mrs. Wyand.
: . Before She Left.
Miss Clarpatti Snowe gave a party last
Thursday evening prior to her depart
ure to Philadelphia. Cards and danc
ing furnished fun for the evening.
; Among those present were Misses
Earle, of Minneapolis; ■-. Misses Shawe,
Misses Marine, Misses Delrv, Stone, -
Howes, Westley, Stanley, * Gilbert,
Douglas," Edwards, Harmon, v Whit
comb, Bell. Clark, White, Hunt. Mad
dern, Gary, Southland, Hankev -and
Warner; Messrs. Mead, Milton, Brack
et, Ladder, Bushnell, Starrs,- Otis, Tay
lor, Davies,- Wilson, Miller, Reltiz,*
Simmons, Wright, Lealy, Lothrop,
Spaulding, Armstrong, Dorfore, Grant,
Daily and Wileburg.
Misses Marine will give a party Satur
day evening at Munn's hall, March 23.
Dancing will be the feature of the
evening, also cards. - ff.-;. ~
Mrs. Alfred Snowe and daughter
Clarpatti, G. J. Snowe an d W. A.
Snowe will leave next Friday for their
old home in the East, to be gone tor the
summer. Their residence will be oc
cupied by Mr. and Mrs. Kingslaud.
A Few Rays of Light to Brighten
the Coming Week. :
The Acorn club has prepared an in
structive programme for next Thurs
day evening at 9s East Fourth street.
The Eleventh Hour. -
Mrs. E. J. Hodgson, of West Fourth
street, will entertain the Eleventh Hour
Euchre club Tuesday evening.
The Kangaroos.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Mahler, of
Virginia avenue, will entertain the
Kangaroo club next Friday evening. -
To Promote Dyspepsia.
A salad social will be given by the
ladies of the People's church at the
Church parlors next Friday evening.
Music will be rendered by the Banjo
Ladies* Aid Society.
The Ladies' Aid Society of St. John's
Church will meet with Mrs. I. X. Snow,
of Ashland avenue, next Tuesday after
Orthodox Delight.
The ladies of tbe East Presbyterian
church will give a musical and literary
entertainment, assisted by the Whatso
ever club of Hazel Park, Friday even
ing, March 29.
A Curio Sociable.
There will be a curio sociable in the
parlors of Park Congregational church
Thursday evening, March 2S. All are
cordially invited.
St. Andrew's Entertainment.
Probably the most attractive and
enjoyable programme in the series of
popular entertainments arranged by
the members of this society will be
given next Thursday evening, March
28, in Society hall, corner Tenth and
St. Peter streets. Several new features
are noticable in the programme in ad
dition to specially selected Scotch songs,
airs and Highland character dancing.
The following ladies and gentlemen
will take part in the musical and liter
ary part of the entertainment, and their
names will be a sufficient guarantee to
insure the largest gathering of the
season, viz: Miss Louie Taylor, Mr.
and Mrs. De Wolf, Miss Nellie Hone,
Miss Withridge, Miss Scotton, Miss
lneor, Messrs. Garland, Swift, Mer
rill, Willoughby, Whelan, W. F. My
ron, J. C. Myron and R. Howden. Prof.
Titconib will act as accompanist. Re
freshments and dancing will follow, as
usual, and Prof. Will's orchestra.will
be .in attendance. Allan Brown is
chairman of committee on "arrange
Not Expected.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Epperly were
agreeably surprised Saturday by their
many friends, it being their ninth wed
ding anniversary. Among those pres
ent were: Lieut, and Mrs. Me tz, Mr.
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Moveiueuts of People In and Out
of Town. ' _lil.' '■
Mrs. Alfred Snowe and daughter
Clarpatti, G. J. Snorve and- W^A.
Snowe will leave next Friday for their
old home in the East, where they , will
spend the summer. During their, ab
sence their home will be occupied by
Mr. and Mrs. Kingsland. ' . - j . ,
Miss Genie A. Cowles, who has been
the guest of Miss A. A. Sturdevant for
some time past, left for her home in
Southbury, Conn., Friday evening. *■
Through an oversight Miss Lily Abra
hamson was not mentioned ashaviug
been present at the masquerade ball at
the Standard on Monday evening. i~
Mrs. J. D. Lawler, of Mitchell, Dak.,
is visiting her parents, Gen. and Mrs.
Sturgis, at 427 Portland avenue. >.;
Misses Stone and Earles, of Minneap
olis, were in the city last Thursday to
attend Mrs. Snorw's party.
Mrs. George A. Libby and daughter,
of Mitchell, Dak., are visiting Mrs. H.
B. Farnell, of Selby avenue.
Picere Cahill, of Fox Lake. Wis., vis
ited his cousin, W. J. Preston, the past
week, on his way to Dakota.
Miss Lota Jenks and Miss Roach, of
Larimore, Dak., are visiting friends in
Washington and Baltimore.
Miss Mary Hill and Miss Lillian Ellis
are enjoying a visit with friends at Chi- -
cago and Milwaukee.
Mr. and Mrs. Hammond with their
family and servants have gone abroad
for an indefinite stay.
Miss Susie L. Jones left Monday even
ing for a two weeks' visit with relatives
at Burlington, 10.
Miss Mabel de Groat, of Excelsior, is
visiting her friend, Miss Mac Stanton,
of this city.
Miss Ella Peckham, of Ashland, Wis.,
is a guest of Miss Carmody, at GOT Jack
sou street.
Mrs. M. L. McCormack, of Bismarck,
is visiting Mrs. E. A. Whitaker, of Olive
street. f*v
Mrs. J. T. N. Van der Yelde. of East
Fifth street, was in Anoka last week.
Mrs. P. K. Wiser, of Mankato. is a
guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Maxfield.
Mr. Kelley, of the firm of Kelley &
Riley, Lake Crystal, is in the city.
Mrs. W. Grover and Miss Annie Davis
visited in Mankato the past week.
Mrs. W. R. Merriam ' will give an
elaborate dinner party after Lent. *
Mrs. W. H. Coleman, of Ashland ave
nue, left for the East yesterday.
G. J. Snowe will give a card party to
his bachelor friends next week.
A. P. Wallick and family left for
Grand Rapids, Mich., Friday.
Mis. F. A. Carle, of Washington, D.
C., is visiting friends in town.
J. J. Parker and family left last week
for a visit in Michigan.
Miss Marine gave a dancing party a
Munn's hall last night.
Miss Fannie Leigh, of Eden Prairie,
who has been spending the last month
with Miss DatTrewbridge, has returned
Mrs. Frank well left Tuesday .for
Wallula, W. T. „..
Mrs. Thomas Cochran Jr., has cone
to New York. ~
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Tarbox are in New
York city. >•
Harry Hope went to Kansas City' Fri
day. "> ■■•
Gen. Hammond and party went to
Chicago Friday. " :.',...
W. P. Murray is in Chicago.
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in novel and fantastic shapes.
Directoire and Empire Styles
New ideas in Carriage Par
asols. Novelties in Misses'
and Children's Sun Shades. I
- 3ff"Mail Orders r
Latest Spring and Summei
on application.
BRO 9,
■ -atL_ x 3mm% — I3BWBB— WJ '
■ -OF- — •
10 Pieces Black Surah Silk at 50 cents per yard.
12 Pieces Black Surah Silk at 60 cents per yard.
Regatta Black Surahs at 75c, 90c and $1.00.
BLACK PEAU DE SOIE. Soft, Lustrous, Beautiful, the Most Fashion
able Silk of the Season, at $1.25, $1.40 and $1.50.
BLACK GROS GRAIX DRESS SILKS, Cachemire Finish, our regular
$1.50 and $2 quality, during this sale will be sold at $1.25 and $1.40.
REGATTA FAILLE FRANCAISE; splendid values in these numbers;
ask to be shown these goods.
35 Pieces Colored Armures, excellent quality, pure silk, in all the
most fashionable shades, at $1.25. •_.
50 Pieces Colored Faille Francaise, in full lines of the newest shades,
ranging from $1 upwards.
75 Pieces Colored Surah Silks, superior quality, in all the new and
rare shades, Old Rose, Reseda, Serpent, Mousse, Olive, Tan. Gray, New
Greens, New Modes, New Reds, New Blues, Sapphire, and. many others,
at 75 cents.
We also show the largest stock of Plain China and Printed India
Silks, in Exclusive Patterns, at the lowest prices.
Artistic Drapery Silks !
32 inches wide, $1 per yard.
Our Novelties in Brocade, Jacquard and Stripe Effects were never
more exquisite. We show a splendid collection for $1.25 and upwards
~ine Wool Dress Fabrics
- An unequaled assortment of High-Class Novelties and Choice Qualities,
in Plain, Figured. Striped and Plaid Materials; many of them at extremely
low prices. Every yard of goods in this department will be found good
value at the price it is marked, and can be depended upou for wear. We
never buy cheap goods iv order to be able to quote low prices. We in
vite special attention to our line of Colored and Black Wool Henriettas,
40 inches wide, at 42c, as a bargain rarely seen. We show many beau
tiful things in
BRILLIANTINES and MOHAIRS, Plain, Plaid and Stripe.
EX&LISH SUITINGS, 52 inches wide, in Broken Checks Stripes,
Plain with border attached, Mixtures and Solid Colorings.
Wool Taffetas, Granite Suitings, Kliyber Cloths, Combination Suit
ings, and Persian Stripes.
Elegant Designs and Novel Color. Combinations iv Alsatian and
Satin-Striped and Silk-Mixed Flanuels.
' " , ' ~ : ' ■'
Llama and Scotch Flannels!
In Special Styles for Tennis Costumes, Neglige Dresses, Gents' Sura"
mer Shirts, and Children's wear. These goods are guaranteed not to
shrink or fade in washing. . r p. . . i_f;
Our special importation of Trimmings has been received, and we have
never shown a finer line or more varied assortment. We invite special
attention to our handsome EMBROIDERED BANDS in Applique Designs.
We guarantee the prices on these goods are as low as similar goods can
be found— trimmings of equal style and quality can be found—else
where in the Northwest.
eceive prompt and careful attention., Our New
? Styles, will be issued in a few days, and mailed to
■^ ____________m________mmm '
. — i
. Z_J ' - --■■•...-- -■ ... . ..^.i
And Abundant Variety
■ — EN
Eve ry Department.
— AND — ■
Ladies' Furnishings I
—AND —
From Paris. London and Berlin.
In novel designs.
Black and Colors.
Attractive styles in Beaded Vis
ites and Pelerines at low prices.
We offer—
50 Summer Peleriues, beaded all
over in handsome designs, at $4.50.
50 Colored Cloth Newmarkets, in
the latest shapes, with loose fronts
and plaited backs, adjusted to new
skirt draping, at $10.
In this department we aim to give
the highest degree of style at tho
lowest possible price, and the cheap
est garments in our stock will be
found artistic in shape and fashion
able in design.
Full lines of new styles iv In
ants' Cloaks, Caps and Dresses.
from one to three years, in new
fancy stripe and checked Flannels.
to match, in Old Rose, Mahogany
and Reseda. ** :
Decided Novelties in Children's
Summer Bonnets and Caps, includ
ing the new PURITAN Bonnet and
Fauntleroy Cap.
Ladies' Sac Wrist Biarritz Shop
ping Gloves marked down from
51.50 to 75c.
Ladies' 8-button Suede Mousque
taires marked down from §2.25 to
. i.25.= ; .-^Tf
Full lines of the celebrated Tre
fousse and PERRIN Kid Gloves for
ladies and gentlemen, in all the
new colors to match spring and
summer fabrics, v'
Lisle and Taffeta Fabric Gloves
in a large assortment of styles and
Black Laces, Directoire Styel.
Black Laces, Skirtings.
Black Laces, Drapery Nets.
Black Tosca Nels.
Black Fish Nets.
Heavy Brussels Nets.
Complete line of Embroideries,
-y'yf: SOUTACHE,
200 pieces Ruehings at 25c, worth
50c and 75c.
Veilings, comprising all the nov
elties of the season.
. Millinery Laces for the spring of
Catalogue, showing the
any out-of-town address

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