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Wants on this page will be inserted under
tlassitied headings according to the following
""" n~i hi bj ►""■ 5 c-"
* 5 H H *3 » j_~
2 * 5" _ « " *
"Number * ° § - 1 c g
of 5* u <* Er 5" B ,.
Words. g S =■ s 1 „ g-
J" „ QB ? . «
* . :■''.'■■■..'•■-•";■■■.• ■
15 or less $.15 $.27 $.39 $.51 $.03 $.75 $.87
20 words .I0j .28 ,40 .52 .041 .70 .88
17 words .17 .30 .4.3 .50 .60 .82 .95
IS words .IS; .32.. 40 .00 .7-1 .88' 1.01
li) words .10 .34 .40 .64 .791 .94 1.08
20 words .20 .35 .50 .05 .SO .1)5 1.10
21 words .21 .37 .53 .09 .8511.01 i 1.17
22 words .22 .39 .50 .7;; .90 1.07 1.24
£3 words .23 .1 ! .59 .77 .95 1.13*1.31
: M words .24 .42 .00 .78 .90 1.1 4 ■ 1.32
'lb words .25 .44 .03 .82 1.01 1.20 1.39
20 words .20! .46 .00 .86 1.00 1.20 1.46
27 words .27 .48 .09 .90 1.111.32 1.53
28 words .-JS, .491 .7ti .911.12 1.33 1.54
29 words .201.51 .73 .95 1.17 1.30 1.01
SO words .301 .53 .70 .99 1.22 1.45 1.65
31 words) .31 .55 .70 1.031.27 1.51 1.78
32 words .32 .56 .80 1.04 1.28 1.5.' 1.70
33 words; .33 58 .8311.08 1.33 1.5811.80
34 words; .34; .60 .80:1.12 1.33 1.63 1.90
35 words .35; .62 .SO 1. 10 1.43 1.70 1.97
30 words .36' ._* .'Hill. 17 1.44 1.711.98
37 words .37 .051 .0311.21 2.05
38 words .38; .07] .00 1.25 1.54 1.83 ■_>. 12
30 words .39 .60 .9911.29 : 1.50 1.89 2.19
40 words .40 .70 l.OOh. 30 1.00 1.00 2.20
41 word? .41 .72 1.03 1.34 1.6511.90 2.27
42 words .42 .74 1.06 1.38 1.70 2.02 2.30
43 words .43 .76 1.09 1.42 1:75 2. OS 2.41
44 words .41 .77 1.10 .1.-1 3 1.70 2.00 2. 42
45 words .45 .70 .1.13 47 I.S! 2.15 2 .40
40 words1 .40 .81 1.10)1.51 1. 8012.21 2.50
4. words .47 .63} 1.1 .55 1. 01 2.27 2.03
48 words .48 .84 1.20JL50 1.92 2.28 2.04
49 words .40 .80 1.23 1.60 1.97 2.31 2.71
50 words . _>| .-..I 20 1.04. 2. 02
Compound words count two words, and
abbreviations count the same as full words.
In Every Cess ihs Money Must Accom-
pany the Order.
, . .
. ."Bale.
AGENTS— Active agents to work the Pre-
ferred Mutual Accident Association of
New York: exclusive territory to good men;
Satisfactory references required; ■ send for
circular explaining plan. John Barlass &
Co.. Iloom 25 Sen utte building, St. I'aul.
Minn. 107
AGENTS— Wanted, experienced agents.
The Continental Savings. Loan and
Building Co., Room 28, National German-
American bank building. 164-68
S\ 1'iCTl; RE— St. Paul Picture Frame fae-
_V tory: all kinds of pictures and frames:
cheap framing. 30 West Third st. -143-320
A' I5KTTKK MEAL than can be obtained
elsewhere in the city for 15c, 20c. 25c.
414 Jackson St.; open from 6 a. m. to 12
p. m. ■ 167-74
BIG DINNER TO-DAY— Mock turtle
A BIG 1) I NX KK TO-DAY— Mot k turtle
soup, roast turkey, oyster dressing, plum
pudding and wise sauce, 15c; spring lamb.
mint sauce. 15c. Bridges" restaurant, 114
Jackson, near Seventh st. 107
NY one out of wort can secure posi-
tions at L'ee Hive Enterprise, Seventh
and Robert ■ 107
man wanted to learn the trade; good
Wages. 839 West Seventh st. 1
B~ ARBER— Wanted from 13tn to 23d,
through the encampment: 00 cents on
the dollar and fare paid one way from ___-
neapolis. J. A. McColeman, Litchfield,
"Minn, - 162-07
""D ARBER— A young man with about two
X. vears' experience ; must be steady. W.
II. -la". - ..r. Decorah. Io. 165-68
BLACKSMITH— Wanted, blacksmith and
BLACKSMITH— Wanted, blacksmith and
helper at 017 Mississippi st. 107
BOY— Wanted, a boy to carry laundry bun-
dles at Snow Flake Laundry, 315 Wal
nut. ____■
BOY wants place in country. Address 430
430 Rondo st. ■___
ClAKPENTERS — Wanted, a few good
' carpenters at 221 East Seventh st.
. 167-68
C1ARPKNTKR— first-class man.
i capable of taking charge of work. Apply
at room 21. 320 Wabasha st. 1
COACHMAN— Wanted, coachman to take
care of one horse and carriage. S. A.
K a I in, 33 East Third st. 1
ClOACHMAN — A young man to drive
' horse and take care of yard; references
demanded. Address V 59, Globe. 165-67
LECTOR— Wanted, collector and
canvasser: one speaking two languages
preferred. Call between 8 and 9 a. m.. Mon
day, Rooms 07 and 68, Chamber of Com
mon^ ' 1
COLLECTOR — Wanted, collector a.
> qoainted with city trade who under
stands bookkeeping: cobd city references re
quired. Address G 72. Globe". 1
CUTTER WANTED— One that under-
stands tailoring thoroughly and nice
work at bench when necessary. Address
John Lenthold. Spring Valley. Minn. 167
"1**|KLIYERY DRIVERS wanted, to fill
ELIYKRY URIVKKS wanted, to fill
AJ places in eity: good wages. Bee Hive
Enterprise. Seventh and Robert. - 107
DRIVER— Wanted, a position as driver in
DRIVER — Wanted, a position as driver in
private family: best of references fur
nished. Address j 55, Globe. 1
FARMHAND— Call at 700 Iglehart St.;
fair wages by the year. 1
HOSTLER — Young Scandinavian, unable
to speak Enelish, wishes any kind of
Work: can take care of horses. Address C
73. Globe. ' 1
HORSKSHOER— On first-class floorman
horseshoer.' Apply immediately to P.
Gregoires, Eau Claire, Wis. 106-09
INTELLIGENT MEN to learn phrenolo-
gy or have examinations by Prof. Baldo-
ser at 44 East Seventh st. Consultation free.
iAl in every county in United States: sal-
ary and commission. A. O. A. Mfg. Co., Min
neapolis'. ' 107
MANAGER — Wanted, a competent man-
ager, who must be willing to pay $125
to present manager, who desires to resign on
account ill health and leave citv. Address
D 70, Globe. ' 167
OFFICE WORK— Young man for good
position : good wages. Bee Hive Enter-
prise. seventh and Robert. 167
PAINTER— Wanted, a practical house
painter for oue month; fair wages, but
must come well recommended. Julius Aus-
triati. 05 East Fifth st. 1
PARTNER— Anyone wishing a partner,
with from $300 to $500, address L 66,
Globe. . 167
SALESMAN— Gentleman of good address,
not under twenty-five, to act as salesman
for an established house and make short
trips; salary and expenses; an A 1 man will
suit; call with references Monday between
10 and 11. J. Brentano, 2/2 East Seventh
St., up stairs. 167
SALESMEN— Wanted, five traveling sales-
men salary and expenses; no experi-
ence necessary." Address, with stamp. L. II.
Linn & Co.. La Crosse. Wis. 167-76
SALESMAN— Salesman for St. Paul, must
be a hustler, to take orders for shirts;
good money and steady work to right party.
Call at 27 East Seventh St., room 3. 107-8
SOLICITORS— sell the "Johnstown
Horror: or. Valley of Death :" complete
history cf the great "flood. Call or address
Creore & Xickerson, 319 Nicollet ave. Min-
neapolis. Minn. 167
OLICITOR— Wanted, advertising solicit-
O or. one having had city directory expe-
rience preferred. Address J 67, Globe. 1
i'OXKCl'TTERS wanted to keep away
from St. Paul, Minn., as the stonecutters
are on strike. 165-67
VT f ANTED— Agents to handle the new
»V patent chemical ink-erasing pencil;
greatest novelty ever produced; erases ink in
two seconds: no abrasion of paper; 200 to
500 per cent profit; one agent's sales
amounted to $020 in six days; another $32
In two hours; territory absolutely free; sal-
ary to good men; no . ladies need answer;
sample. 35 cents. For terms and full partic-
ulars address the manufacturers, J. W. Skin-
ner _ Co.. Onalaska, Wis. 165-68
IUOOU FINISHERS— Wanted, twenty-
VV five first-class hardwood finishers; no
others need apply. Call New York Life In-
surance Building. 0 167
for hotel positions received at Bee Hive
Enterprise, Seventh and Robert. 167
YOUNG MAX willing to invest from $15
to $25 can get a good position. Ad-
dress C 78. Globe. 1
p.i MORE day aud station men for new
*J\J work in Wisconsin ; work all summer;
ship Sunday ■ night. Colton, 12 Second st.
south. Minneapolis. 166-67
APPRENTICES — Wanted, two dress-
mafcing apprentices at 63 East Seventh
St.. Room 6. 167
APPRENTICE GIRLS wanted to learn
PPREXTiCE GIRLS wanted to learn
to sew : straw hats. 30 _ West Third,
Room 6. * _ _1
A PPREXTICE— Wanted, an apprentice
girl. Mrs. Davis, 68 East Seventh st. 1
CARPET SEWER— Wanted a girl to sew
Brussels carpet; competent hand only:
178 Thomas. 167
COOK— Wanted, a girl to do plain cooking:
' no washing or ironing; call at once. 123
West Fourth iii. 1
- Female— .'oiiUiiii«m1.
COOK— Wanted, a competent cook. Apply
J : at once at Xo. 555 Summit ave. 1
CI OOK— Wanted, good, plain German cook;
J call at 691 Mississippi st. 1
COOK wanted; no washing or ironing.
Gal 1 at 323 East Thirteenth st. 1
DRESSMAKER wanted at once: must
cut and fit. Call at 236 Goodrich ave.,
near upper town bridge. Y 1
at once. $18 to $22. Bee Hive Enter-
prise. Seventh and Robert. 167
DINIXG-KOOM GIRLS wanted at the
the International hotel. 1
DINING BOOK GIRL — Wanted, ex-
perienced dining room girl at Davis1
Restaurant, 52 East Seventh st. 10003
Fsiiw ASH Wanted, a good girl to
wash dishes at 513 Jackson st. 1
DRESSMAKERS— First-class dressmak-
ers wanted at Mrs. Bniggemau's Dress-
making Parlors. 28 Fast Seventh st. 107
will teach one good sewing girl a per-
fect system of cutting after two or three
months' time; 256 West Third st. . 167
RESSMAKER— Girl wanted to learn
dressmaking. 357 East Seventh st. 1
GIRLS— Twelve girls tor housework,
"•" laundry and kitchen work. Bee Hive
Enterprise, Seventh and Robert. 167
C-ilRLS WANTED— giris for house-
T work, one laundry girl. 815, iu private,
three girls for the lake", one housekeeper out
of town, wanted at the German Intelligence
Office, 52 West Tenth. _ Bertram. 167
HOUSEWORK- Wanted, girl for general
housework. 58 West Fourth st. 1
OCSEWORK— Wanted, a girl about
thirteen years old (German or Scandi-
navian) for light housework; a good home
for the right party. 774 Rice st. - 1
HOI SEW ORK -Wauted, a good, reliable
German eiri for general housework;
must be a good plain cook. 274 Pleasant av.
OL'SEWORK— girl for general
housework iu small family; 425 East
Eighth st. 1
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a neat, com-
petent girl for general housework: ref-
erences required 03 West College av., Room
22. __ - 1
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a competent
girl for general housework, at 718 Pine
st. Apply Monday and Tuesday. 1
HOUSEWORK— A girl for general house-
work. 331 Rondo st. 107
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a competent
girl for general housework; English
preferred, 342 Fuller st. 167
HOUSEWORK— Girl wanted for light
housework, one who wants to learn
dressmaking; good wages. 311 East Seventh
st., up stairs, _^ I
H OCSEWORK— a eirl for gen-
eral housework at 201 Eighth st. 1
HOUSEWORK— Wanted good girl for
general housework. 575 Lafayette av. 1
OCSEWORK— Wanted, a girl for gen-
eral housework at 757 Cedar st. Apply
tit once. 1
HOL'SEWrORK— Girl for housework ; good
home to a suitable person. Apply 442
Broadway. _" 107
HOUSEWORK— Respectable girl for gen-
eral housework, washing and ironing,
in family of three: good wages for good
work; German preferred. S30 Dawson St.,
Dayton's bluff. . 1
HOUSEWORK— Competent girl for gen-
eral housework; three in family; good
wages. 692 Selby av. 105-67
HOUSEWORK— Wanted at 219 Spruce
St., near corner Sibley, a girl for gen
eial housework. 1
OUSEWORK-Girl for general house-
work In familv of three. Apply 295
Grove st. ; " 100-08
HOUSEWORK— Girl for general house-
work at 491 Collins st. immediately. 1
HOUSE WORK— a competent
girl for general housework. 299 Day-
ton av. '■ 1
HOUSEWORK— Wauted. a girl to do gen-
eral housework at 477 Pat ridge st. ■ 1
HOUSEWORK— Girl wanted for general
IJ housework In small family; German
preferred. 281 Olmsted st. 1
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, girl for light
housework in family of two: must be a
good cook. Apply 073 John st. 1
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a competent
girl for general housework, with good
references. 4C8 North Exchange st. 1
Ol'SEWORK— A good girl to do gen-
eral housework. 234 Acker st. 1
HOUSEWORK— Good, willing, clean girl
to assist with ■ housework; no cooking.
Call 257 Louis st. Y 1
Ol'SEWORK— Wanted. German lady to
do general housework; at 9 Harvester
av. 167-08
fl Ol'SEWORK— Wanted, a good, strong
XI girl for general housework; references
required: 241 Sherman st. 1
HOUSEWORK— a girl to do gen-
eral housework at 402 Holly ave. 1
HOUSEWORK— Girl for general house-
work. 363 Carroll st. 1
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, girl to do house-
work in small family. Apply 505 Wa-
has ha st. ' 167-70
HOUSEWORK— a German girl
for general housework in small family;
no children. Call before 9 a. m. or after 6 p.
m. 701 Cedar st. 1
Ol'SEWORK- Wanted, girl for general
housework; must be a good cook and
laundress; good wages. 501 Holly av. * 1
OUSEWORK-Girl wanted; call 396
East Sixth st. 1
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a good cook
and laundress: would prefer a middle
aged woman: good wages; Mrs. W. P. Mur
ray. 161 Nina av. 1
HOUSEKEEPER,— A widower with one
child, who going to Washington
territory J uly 1 to commence business,
wants a" housekeeper; salary $20 a month.
Address K 04. Globe. 1
HOTEL WAITRESS near Duluth. $20;
cook, family of two, Fort Tolteu. Dak ,
$20: forty family places at Douglass' Intelli
gence, 35 -Seventh st, 167
FROM AA TO EE, FOR $4. 160
TVTILLIXER— Wanted, first-class milliner.
IlL 471 Wabasha st. milliner.
No, 471 Wabasha st. 1
NURSE— Competent nurse to look after
children and do light housework, Ap-
ply at 350 Summit av. 1
NURSE— Wauted, girl eleven to fourteen
ll ' years old, trusty and kind. 554 Lincoln
ave.. near comer Oakland st. .■'■■:
NURSE— Wanted, atyounggirl to take care
. ot children at 64 Iglehart sly and help
with housework. ■ 1
\f URSE— Young nurse girl at 32 Manitoba
lS av. ... ..--.1
NURSE GIRL wanted, at 477 Patridge
'St.- -••■■-- ■ --y;>-;-yy:- 1
POLISHERS— Good places . open ;. $25 ;
OLIS HERS— Good places open; $25;
, room and board: Bee- Hive Enterprise,
Seventh and Robert. _.,-.'.. YY-' 167
OLlsilER— One polisher, .he shirt
backer and one ladies" clothes ironer, at
Ryan Laundry. 444 Robert; call Saturday
and Sunday morning. 166-67
SEAMSTRESS — sewing girl wanted
at Mrs. J, M. Cunningham's, 753 Carroll
st. . . ' 1
UKCOSD . -WORK— A good, smart girl for
UECOSD WORK— A good, smart girl for
O second work. Applv 214 Pearl st.
* 107-08
SECOND WORK— Wanted, a good girl to
do second work ; must bring reference.
Call at 691 Mississippi street. .1
ECOND WORK— Wanted, a girl to do
second work and attend a child seven
years old: small family: 29 Arundel st.
' - . 167-108 '--'. -
SEWING GIRLS— sewing girls want-
O " ed at 677 Iglehart si.; don't expect big
pay. ' - ■-■ ■ ■ ■ ' 1
SKIRT MAKER- a skirt maker;
iO oue who can make buttonholes. Mis.
Davis. 08 East Seventh st, , 1
SOLICITORS— Wanted, ladies to solicit
O orders for the Mme. St. Claire corset.
Call Room 18, Forepaugh block, seven Cor-
ner^ * 1
change. 27 East Seventh— Cooks,- dining
room girls and general house workers. 167
-STAIRS WORK— Sherman St.—
i • Girl for stairs work and take care of
children. Call on Monday. 167
AIST FINISHER— One waist finisher
and one skirt hand. 249 Selby av.
Miss E. A. Hatstal. 167
WANTED Girls for general • housework
and' nursing; situations free. Oldest
Intelligence Office in city; 182 West Seventh
St.. Seven corners. - * ' 167
WASH WOMAN— Wash and scrub wom-
an wanted at 48 Central av. Call -
Sunday morning. |1
polishers and kitchen girls. Bee Hive
Enterprise. Seventh and Robert. 167
ma. Mi. read the 'Wants'' eacn week
Millions Always finding what they
*■ ■- - ill ale. -= - .-■ ■-•-".
A VOUNG MAX of good address would
A- YOUNG MAN of good, address would
';■ go out to the lakes for tho summer to
take care of boats for some club; a good row
er. Address G 73, Globe. . Y- 1
practical draftsman. Apply O 63.
Globe. . . . 7
tion .wanted by a ■■ competent and in
dustrious young man; good city references.
Address J. G. Schmidt, 147 Dakota av. 3
BELL HANGER— Wauted, situation bell
banging or electric light work. 71,
Globe. . 166-67
BOOKKEEPER— a position as
assistant bookkeeper or clerk: small sal
ary expected at beginning. Address E 62,
Globe. '3
BOOKKEEPING— Books opened, closed,
posted, expert work,; etc. F. Sprague,
room 252, Drake block, St. Paul. 122*
OOKKEEP ING— Bookkeeping or any
BOOKKEEPING— Bookkeeping man of
office work wanted by young man of
twenty-one; fine penman; speaks German,
and can give best of city reference from last
employer. Address O 6o, Globe. 6
BOOKKEEPER— Wanted, a set of books
to post in evening; best reference.
Address V tip. Globe. 167
BOOKKEEPER— Wanted, a position by
BOOKKEEPER— Wanted, a position by
a graduate of the St. Paul Business col
lege; good - city . references. Address J. G.
Schmidt. 147 Dakota av., city. * 1
BOY PRINTER would like a situation in
a. printing office; would like good pay.
Address T. W. B., lobe. 3
BOY' thirteen years old wants to work at
anything. Call at or address 486 St.
Peter st. : 1
BOY', age 16, would like to have some em-
Die .ment after 0 o'clock iu the evening.
Akdress X 60, Globe. -'■ 5
BUTCHER — A 1 all-round referenced
butcher wishes a situation in small city.
Charles Smith. 766 Linden St.. St. Paul. 1
CASH BOY— A boy who lives with his
J parents wants a situation as cash or
message boy. Apply at 366 Summit Place.
corner St. Anthony av. __ 1
CLERK— situation as clerk*, a
confectionery or bakery: has one year's
experience. Please address H: M., 335 East
Fifth st. - : 1
CLERK— Position as clerk in lawyer's of-
fice. Address J 46, Globe. 164-67
CLERK— Wanted, position as clerk or
manager ot hotel : extensive experience,
and good references furnished. Address W
01, Globe. - - 5
CLERK— A young married man, strictly
temperate," good business ability, speaks
English and German, very best references,
desires to engage with some reliable business
house in St. Paul or Minneapolis ; seven years'
experience in general merchandise. Ad
dress L. B„ 50. Rice Lake, Minn. 167
CLERK— by, a well educated
young Scandinavian a place as delivery
clerk" or office boy; some experience. Ad
dressF 61. Globe. " 6
COACHMAN* would like a place; willing
to work; experience in care of fine
horses and carriages; best of reference. Ad
dress 0 08. Globe. 1
COACHMAN— A middle-aged man would
like a place in a private family; he un
derstands his business thoroughly and has
good references to show on application. Ad
dress P. 57. Globe. __6
COACHMAN— A young man would like
to get a position as coachman ; has good
references to show on application. Address
Z 62, Globe. ■ 3
OOK— Man wants position as second
cook; references: call or address OS
East Seventh street, 3rd floor, room 6. 1
COOK— Situation wanted by a first-clsss
cook, steady and sober, good references.
Address Y 67, Globe. 5
COOK— Situation wanted by a first-class
cook; best references; city or country;
in a hotel. Address, William Wolf, 547 Wa
couta St.. St. Paul. 6
Dy an elderly, reliable man, situation as
above ; good references. Address C 2, Globe.
COLLECTOR— Situation wanted as col-
* lector: speaks German and English:
sober and honest. Address A. 60, Globe. 6
DELIVERY young man wants a place
driving a delivery wagon; well acquainted
in city ; one year's experience. Address A 67,
Globe. 1
DRIVER— experienced man wants a
place as driver, or take care of horses;
can give references. Address . 69, Globe. 1
DRIVER— A young man wants a place as
driver or taking care of horses. Ad
dress N. 62, Globe. y. 6
DRUG CLERK— years' experience;
wants a situation ; will leave city; has
recommendations and references. Address
V 57, Globe. . : :■_ _A
EMPLOYMENT wanted of any kind
either in or out of city; position as
bookkeeper and stenographer preferred.
Address E.. 1146 Frances St., St. Paul. 7
EMPLOYMENT— Work of any kind;
fully competent; A, No. 1 reference.
Address P, Globe. 5
EMPLOYMENT— A young man would
. like some kind of work in a store. Ad
dress W. E., Globe. 1
EMPLOYMENT— Situation wanted by a
boy fourteen years old ; must get work,
for he has no home; he will do any kind of
work that he is capable of doing. Call at 690
A r Kwright st. 1
EMPLOYMENT— man would like
emplovment evenings after 7. Address
S 57. Globe' 166 67
EMPLOYMENT— Young man, at present
employed in a wholesale house, desires
to make a change. Address B 61, ftlobe. 1
EMPLOYMENT— A young man would
like a place to do some • kind of work
evenings; good references. Addreas M 61,
Globe. ' 3
EMPLOYMENT— Young man. married,
would like to learn a trade of some kind;
same is willing to work for small wages. Ad
dress T 42. Globe. 3
EMPLOYMENT— Wanted, envelopes to
address, or any kind of writing by good
penman. Address K 58. Globe. 3
EMPLOYMENT— man. speaks
English and German, would like work
of any kind ; best of references given. Ad
dress K 63, Globe, 4
EMPLOYMENT— by a young
man of education and business tactics,
work of any kind: not afraid to give anything
a fair trial." Address Y 63, Globe. 6
MPLOYMENT— Wanted, by a young
place with private family;
man, place with a private family; best
of references. Address J 62. Globe. 6
ENGINEER— Situation wanted by an ex-
pert stationary engineer; has state li
cense. Address A*. B. L., Room 11, Mann
heimer block. 5
NGIXEER— Situation of some kind to
XGINEER— Situation of some kind to
run or help to fire or work around some
machine: sober and honest; state license
famished. Address P 55. Globe. 3
FAR3I WORK— Man and wife without
FARM WORK— and wife without
children want a situation on a farm; can
furnish good reference. Address D. B., cor
ner Fourth and Seventh. 3
FIREMAN— like a position as fire-
man for stationary engine; six months'
experience. Frank Bishop, 229_ West
Seventh st. ■ -6
1 REMAN would like a job firing for sta-
tionary engine : six months' experience ;
best of references given. Frank K. Bishop,
229 . West Seventh st. . 1
GARDENER— Situation wanted by an ex-
perienced German, by an ex-
perienced gardener, German, that un
dsi stands greenhouse and bedding work ; also
to raise vegetables. Address Q 70, Globe. 1
HOSTLER — A young Scotchman -: who
thoroughly understands . the care of
horses wishes situation in private familv.
55, Globe. 3
HOSTLER An experienced hostler or
driver wants a place; good raference
given. Address G 63, Globe. 3
JANITOR — Wanted.by an Eneiishman,age
JANITOR Wan ted, by as janitor for build-
fifty years, situation as janitor for build
ing or church, or any place of trust: strictly
temperate. Address I. D. Tucker, Hamline
Station, Scott Co., Minn. 1
AW STUDENT— A place where I can
AW STUDENT— A place where I can
study law; well educated; speak, be
sides English, Scandinavian ; and German.
Address E 59, Globe. " . 6
FFICE BOY— Position wanted by a boy
thirteen years old in some office. a 491
thirteen years old iu some office. 491
Wabasha st. __ 1
OFFICE WORK— Boy sixteen years of
age would like a potition in office or
store; can give reference. Address S 56.
Globe. i 1 4
PORTER— Wanted, a situation as porter
"•' or any work about a hotel; can show
good recommendations. Address X . 55.
Globe. - -. r. -:■: ■ . 6
PRESSMAN— Situation wanted by experi-
: enced job pressman ; can do job work !
if desired. -. Address A 59, Globe. Y 6
SALESMAN , — Experienced hardware
salesman wants position iu a store; can
furnish good references. Address A 71,
Globe. 1
SALESMAN wants a position in store, in
commercial house or on road: an ex-
I commercial house or on the road; an ex-
Eerienced man; good references. Address
. L., Globe. 5
Male— t'oiitinne«l. . . - '■'•
SALESMAN— An - experienced sidesman,
with horse and buggy, desires a position
to work city trade for wholesale * house; can
give good references Y Address Z 56. ■' - ' ■' 6
ITUATION— Young. man of twenty-five
willing to work on small salary; can
speak German and English and good refer-
ences furnished. Address Ed Tubbessiner.
288 East Seventh st. - 166-167
SITUATION— Wanted, by competent dry j
goods man; many years' experience j
this country and Europe ; .peaks English. >
German and Scandinavian. Address L 67, j
Globe. . .-. •-■•"." * : KYlj
SITUATION wanted by young man * of j
twentv,' willing to work on small sajary !
with prospects of advancement. . Frank!
Bishop. 229' a Wesc Seventh st. ; : ■'►**'
STENOGRAPHER— Gentleman wants a j
position as a stenographer, typewriter or j
assistant bookkeeper. Address II 66, Globe.
, 167 ry-\
TAILOR— Position wanted by a busheiug
tailor; good, steady man: nine y gars' ;
experience ; country or town, only a steady j
place. Address C. 65, Globe. ,ih*-6j
TEAMSTER— Wanted, work by reliable
• man and team and express wagon. 344 ]
Sherman st. - ' --1 :
TEACHER— A young German student
would like a position as tutor in Ger-
man or American house; small salary ex
pected at beginning. Please address F B
100, Globe. Y 5 ,
TILTON ST., 58— rent, to gentlemen.
only, two nicely furnished front rooms
with all modem conveniences; private fam
ily. ... . 167-63
WORK FOR BOARD— Employment
wanted by young Englishman; age
twenty-one years : willing . to . work for his
board where there is a chance of learning a
trade. Apply H. Lupton, 351 West Seuenth
st. . ; ■ _5
Man women' and children all advertise
men, their "Wants", in SUNDAY'S GLOBE
female. _^
AN EXPERIENCED dressmaker wishes
work in familv; will work cheap at
present; good fit guaranteed. 175 St. An
thony, one block from Rice. 6
BOOKKEEPER— Wanted, a position as
bookkeeper by a young lady who has
had experience. P 56, Globe. • 3
BOOKKEEPER— Wanted, by young lady,
position as bookkeeper aud typewriter.
Address P 59. Globe. 1
BOOKKEEPER— Wanted, by young lady,
position as bookkeeper and typewriter.
Address 59, Globe. 3
BOOKKEEPER— Wanted, by young lady,
BOOKKEEPER— Wanted, by youug lady,
position as bookkeeper and typewriter.
Address P 50, Globe. __5
BOOKKEEPER— Wanted, by young lady,
position as bookkeeper and typewriter.
Address P 59, Globe. - . 2'
CLERK— A young girl would like employ-
ment in a confectionery store for sum
mer. Address II OS, Globe. 167
COOK— A good place to do cooking or gen
eral housework; reliable girl; good
wages. St. Mary's Home, St. Paul. * . 4
COOK— Wanted, by a competent girl, a
place to cook in a private family. Call
or address 566 St. Peter st. - _*
COOK— Wanted, by an elderly lady a place
J to do cooking, washing and ironing. Ad-
dress X 59, Globe. * 6
COOK— Wanted, a place to cook or do gen-
eral housework; willing to work. S.
Cook, Globe. 3
COOK — Two good, competent girls would
like positions as cook and second girl in
a private family. Address 7. 60, Globe. . 3
COMPANION— : young lady desires to
travel either as companion or taking
care of a child. Address O 68, Globe. 4 •
\~\ RESSMAKER desires sewing in fam-
AJ ilies. 189 Iglehart st., city. ■ 1
rvRESSMAKING— A young lady would
AJ like a place to learn dressmaking and
make it her home: if wanted call at 448 Jack- ,
son st. St. Paul, Minn.- - - 1 -,
KESSMAK1NG— lady wishes dress- I
making in families by the day. Call or !
address 193 Martin. 3 ;
AMILY SEWING— A dressmaker wants !
family sewing: can come well recom-
mended. Address 477 Superior st. ■ 4 !
GOOD, strong German women want sitna- i
* tions in • hotels or restaurants. Oldest i
Intelligence, Seven Corners. Mrs. Schnell. :
. ■ ' ; ■■ ' ' 167 ' __ '
HELP— First-class recommended belp-fur- ,
nished on short notice. Bee Hive En
terprise, Seventh and Robert. : ■, ,167
OUSEWORK by a competent girl in a
family of three persons: American
preferred best references. Address W 66,
Globe. ' ' -""'.■•'-"!
OUSEWORK— A" party r wants employ-
OUSEWORK— A party wants employ-
ment in a family where they can do
sewing and make themselves generally use
ful: can give good references, z Apply 677
St. Peter st. -' " ■ . - . . . -. .>- 3 ;
HOUSEWORK— A young German girl, :
unable to speak English, wishes a sit*
ation in a German family to do housework.
Address V 61, Globe. Y 3
HOUSEWORK— Girl twelve years old
wants home in small family where she
can do light work to pay her way. Address
O 76, Globe. : 1
HOUS Is WORK— Steady girl wishes per-
HOUSEWORK— Steady girl wishes per-
manent place with respectable family:
no going out nights; willing to do all kinds
of work; willing to leave city. 481 St. Peter
st. .-. 1
HOUSEWORK— good girl to do house-
work in a small family. 318, St. Mary
Home. :y__ 5
OUSEKEEPER— lady wants
situation as housekeeper; can furnish
good reference. Call corner Wabasha st. and
College av., Room 8. up stairs. . 1
HOUSEKEEPER— Situation as working
housekeeper by a respectable lady of
twenty-four : a good nome principal object.
Address B 63, Globe. 1
HOUSEKEEPERS— of good, re-
spectable housekeepers at the Mercan
tile and Domestic Help Exchange, 13 East
Seventh St., Room 2. . - 2
OUSEKEEPER— Y'oung lady, . highly
educated and accomplished, would go
West as housekeeper or governess. Address
X 66, Globe. '-. "' 4
HOUSEKEEPER— Wanted, a situation
as housekeeper in gentleman's family;
no objection to leaving the city. Address C,
Globe. . 1
HOUSEKEEPER— position as
housekeeper or cook, in some respecta-
ble business place ; reference given if re
quired. Call or address, Mrs. J. M., 26 Col-
lege av. west. . 1
OUSEKEEPER— Y'oung lady, highly
educated, desires position as house-
keeper in widower's family, V 64, Globe. 1
OUSEKEEPER wants- situation in
widower's family ;i3 middle-aged, but
active : good references. 54 West Tenth St.,
Room 15. 3
OUSEKEEPER— Y'oung lady well edu-
cated, with good references, desires po-
sition in widower's family. Address E 53.
Giobe. ■- 3
JRONING— A nice ironer would like a
place in a laundry to do fine ironing or
bundle washing. Address Z 58, Globe. - 5
. her services will pay for a few hours'
daily use of a typewriter. Address Y 54,
Gloce. 1
LAUNDRESS— A first-class laundress
wishes work by the day. Please call at
614 Arcade st. - 3
NURSE— a widow, Dast middle age, i
situation as experienced child nurse;
no objections to leaving the city. Call or ad- '
dress Mrs. E., 163 Acker st. ;."" 3
NURSE — situation as nurs^ by
. middle-aged lady; good reference. "650
Ohio st„ West St. PauL 167-169
NURSE— wanted at once: mid- !
die-aged German woman ; speaks Eng
lish: to take care of children: excellent girls :
for housework: references; oldest intelli- '
gence office. Mrs. Schnell, 182 West Sev- .
enth st. " ■ -q 3 :
TV! URSE— Wanted, a situation as nurse girl j
1™ in private family by a respectable young
girl, fourteen years of age references. 'Ad- •
dress K. 62, Globe. , , -."'■",._
URSE— A good girl to care for chf_;
URSE— A good girl to care for child;
canlgive good recommendation. 318,
St. Mary Home. .,^5 ;
NURSING wanted by a professional ,sick
nurse, with best of city references. .539 I
Canada st. _______ 6 ;
OFFICE WORK— A young girl would j
FFICE WORK— A young girl would
like office work of any kind. Address
H 68, Globe. • - . 1;
OFFICE WORK— Wanted, by. a voung
lady, a place in a doctor's office. Address
566 St. Peter st. y: . ' . - - . ■ - 4 ;
SALESLADY— Wanted, position in fancy ;
SALESLADY'— Wanted, position in fancy
store or. confectionery by young girl,
fourteen years old; good scholar; references. j
Address Z 59, Globe. -"■'".*.> *.- 7
SECOND WORK— Wanted, place in pri-
ECOND WORK— Wanted, place in pri-
vate family to do second work by lady of
1 good address; good references. Address Y '
66, Globe. 5
SECOND WORK— A middle aged womau
wants employment doing second work
and making- herself : generally useful: will'
take c small remuneration. Apply 677 St. :
Peter st. Y - 3
SEWING— Wanted, sewing by a young lady
■- to go in families; can cut and fit. Ad-
dress 392 East Ninth st. 4
SEW FOR BOARD— A young lady em-
ployed during the day would like to sew;
evenings for room and board ; references.
Address X 65, Globe. • •'- . 1
S__SIA_10_S* -VAKTEf*.
.-■■•-■ . ii laie— -font in ne«i.
SITUATION —Wanted place in small fam-
ily, near the new Smith st.,. bridge pre-
ferred. Call or write," 25 Chippewa St., West
side, - - . ■'- - -.. .' .;; --. ■■-'•:"■ ■.-■■,-'.*-: 1
SITUATION WANTED for live nurse
O ' girls; cook and second-girl for lake; four
second girls. Miss Ridding, 180 Western av.
OTENOGKAPHER— A lady would like a :
►J position as stenographer and type
writer. Address O 68, Globe. 5
STENOGRAPHER and typewriter would
like a position In office; will work for
small salary to begin with. • Address S ■ 41,
Globe.*'. '■:- ■*.■•••'!■,"/ .--.--'. Y-. -*'.;.,.'. •■ 3
TEACHER— Employment for the summer
i wanted by lady who plays and . has
i taught piano aiid organ, where she can have
use of her music. . Address K 59, Globe. * - 7
WAITRESS wants table work one hour
each meal, or dinner and supper. Ad-
dress C 61, Globe. ■' -.■'-'" '■'." ■■ .--''■ 3
456 East Sixth st; rough-dried clothes
25 cents a dozen, large and small ; called for
"and delivered. Y .A.
WASHWOMAN would like to get some
washing to take home: will call for
them and deliver them. Please address D 70,
Globe. < 3
WASHWOMAN— Would like to go out
by the day or take it home : or clean
i buildings or offices. Call : or. address . 644
'Broadway, up stairs, near Thirteenth st. 4
\I,TASHERWOMAN— A 'first-class laun-
»V dress would like to get some washing
to take home; will call for them and deliver.
Address D 70. Globe. . . : .7
WASHERWOMAN wauts to take in
- washing at 4S6 St. Peter st. :■ Y 1 '
ASHING WxVNTED to take home or
go out by the day, at 443 Cedar St.,
rear. _____ _;
ASHING— woman would like a place
. to go out washing or housecleaning.
631 Virginia av. . Y ; 1
WASHING— Want to take in washing and
VV ironing for ladies and gentlemen.
Mrs. Maggie Wyan, 681 Olive st. 5
ASHING, SEWING and house clean-
ing wanted Applv at 183 West Ninth
st. * - : . ' ' "- 1 '
W' ASHING— wants to go out
washing ; 396 Kittson st. 6 .-
M,n_-Columus of "Want" ads.in theGL obe
________t__m in any other paper. : ttasi
_______________tBS AMJiOI"_iCE.IEXTS-
Rev. R. M. Carter, D. D., of Minneapo
lis, will preach in the morning. In the even-
ing the pastor, J. H. Dewart, will talk on
"Elisha at Dotnan." '
church, East Eighth St., Rev. W. F.
Dreher will preach in English at 8 p. m.:
subject: '-The Inspiration and Necessity of
the Bible." - - " -.•." '
bvterian church, evening service, will
be performed the anthem, "Saviour, Again to
Thy Dear Name We Raise." by Mrs. Frederic
Fitch (nee Kate Llewellyn), which wast first
performed at the Guild "hall, London, Eng.,
with a chorus of 350 and an orchestra of
200: Mrs. Fitch, who is a graduate of the
Guild hall school of music, will preside at
the organ; at morning service will be sung
the anthem "O, Give Thanks Unto the
Lord," William Jackson, Jr.; usual chorus
chorus choir of forty-five voices; Dayton
avenue church choir, Charles Delacy, cnoir-
master. '______ .
lin and West Fourth sts. ; Rev. Charles
D. Andrews, rector. Services as follows:
Celebration of the Holy Communion, 8 a. m. ;
Sunday school, 9:30 a. m.; morning prayer,
sermon and second celebration, 11 a.m.;
evening prayer and sermon, 8 p. m.
ner Clinton Av. and Isabel St., Rev. J.
H. LlOyd. Rector— Holy Communion, 0:30
a. m. ; morning services, 11 a. m; Sunday
school, 12:30 p. m. ; evening service. 7:45 p.
m. ; Rev. A. R. Grace, rector of Gethsemane
church, Minneapolis, wiU preach in the even
ing. j . __
Mills, priest in char ee. Services to-day:
celebration of the holy communion at St.
Peter's at 8 a. m., S. James: Mississippi St.,
and St. Peter, Dayton's Bluff, morning prayer
at 11: evening prayer at 7:30; Trinity, St.
Paul. Park, morning prayer at 11 : St. Mat
thew, St. Anthony Park, and St. Barnabas,
Arlington Hills, evening prayer at 4.
While the East Presbvterian church is
being enlarged and refitted, the congregation
will worship with the Baptist people in their
church, corner Reaney and Cypress sts. The
pastor of the Presbyterian church. Rev. John
Andrew Stemen, will fill the pulpit. Morn
ing: "Real Christianitv;" evening : "Life's
Gold in Life's Fire." All are cordially in-
vited. ■-- ■'■•■"■- ••■ '.■■•.-•.■■ .--•.- ■■ -■•-.' -
and Wacouta sts.)— Public worship at 11
a. m. and 8 p. m. The pastor. Wallace H.
Bu trick, will speak, at both services. Even-
ing subject: "The Sin of Self-Deception."
The public sordially invited.
Y dan, pastor. Morning subject: "Satis-
fied." Evening: "Has Man a Soul, and
What Shall We Think About It?" Young
people's meeting at 7. .
M.. Dr. A. W. Edwards; 7:30 p. m.. Rev.
G.P.Wells. ......
-' —Children's day exercises and an ad-
dress bv the pastor at 10:30 a. m. Preaching
at 8 p. "m. by the pastor. Subject: "Making
Haste." / ■■ -- "■ __
lege, will preach at the People's church
Sunday morning and evening; services at
10:30 and 8 o'clock.
Universalist church, will preach in the
People's theater on Sunday morning, as
usual. Subject: "The Protest of the Heart;
an Incident of the Johnstown Disaster."
Aldrich. inspirational speaker, will lect
ure for the Spiritual Alliance Sunday even-
ing at 8 o'clock sharp in the church on Wa-
couta St., between Eighth and Ninth; sub
ject: "The Message of Spiritualism to Hu
manity" ; a fewDpsvehometnc readings given
at the close of the lecture: seats free and
everybody welcome. . Y
X Christian Temperance Union will con
duct a gospel and song service at the rooms
of the Gospel Temperance Union, 70 East
Seventh st. to-day at 3 p. m.
usual in St. Mark's Reformed Episco
pal church at 11 a. m. and 7:45 p. m. The
rector, Rev. Henry F. Butler, will officiate
both morning and evening. Sabbath school
at 9:30 a. m. _
Christian Cbapel at 11 a. m. ; at 8 p. m.,
"An Evening With Paine." ' - . -
will celebrate - the Holy Eucharist and
preach in St. Marv's church, Merriam Park,
at 10:30 a. m. : in St. John's In the Wilder-
ness church. White Bear Lake, at 3:15 p.
m., and in St. Stephen's church, corner
Randolph and View sts., at 7:45 p.m.
Roberts, Minneapolis, at Relief Society
hall, 2:30p.m. ..----
British descent interested in the forma-
tion of a social club will be held on Monday
evening, the 17th inst.. at 7:30 o'clock, at
the Victoria club house. 133 East Ninth st.
: 167 "■
CROCHET— A lady having a great variety
of patterns will take orders; all kinds -
of fancy and drawn done; lessons given;
stamping. Address 216 Thirteenth St.. 1 _
blocks from Jackson. 167-68
DOG BREAKING— Will take three dogs
to break on prairie chicken, at 525 each.
Thomas Miller, Heron Lake. Minn. 164-170
FEMALE BUST developed in from three
to five weeks by a sure 'and inexpensive
method ; price, $1 per box ; trial size, 25 cents.
Address Mrs. E. Von Rex, 1069 West Har-
rison St., Chicago, 111. . Jun 15-Sun 2t
and 20 cents at the Milton Dairy com
pany, 772 Wabasha st. near Rice. 167
JOBBING— For locksmithing. furniture
repairing, model making, small machine
work aud general jobbing and repairing of
all kinds, C. Sunville. 418 Wacouta st. 167
H. Stenzel, 254 Martin st. ; 167.
Screen DOORS
soutar _ KLEIN -CHMIDT.
405 ROBERT st- opposite ryan HOTEL
- . ■-■;. ; 158* ; .■■'■:,-■ ■'.'■ -;.-. '
TREATMENT by Mrs. A. Hoagstull: will
treat all chronic . and local . diseases,
rheumatism, lameness or blindness; hours 8
to 12 a. m., 2 to 6 p. m. Rooms 410 East
Eighths**. ':■'.-■■'■. 167-73
WANTED— Ladies to know Orange Blos-
- som sure ; cure for ' female diseases.
Mrs. J. Norton, : 241 West Seventh St., St.
Paul. 167
-• •■•; __>__?___. ;. ■. ~~r'
PIANO— rent, good square piano : very
cheap to . responsible parties; would
take board or room if desired. Address W
70, Globe. - ■:■:■■■-. 167
PIANO TUNING $1 ; first-class work ;
guaranteed. Samuel E. crutchett 19 ■
East Ninth st. : 149-1
.Y-'.y: -S:: FI__*»CIAI ." >:: ''_ '". :-'
A. —MONEY is loaned by us on Improved
• Y real estate security in St. Paul, Minne-
apolis and Duluth at 6, 6 7. 7"_ per cent
on shortest notice ■ for any amount: R. M.
Newport & Son, , investment bankers, 152,
: 153 and 154 Drake block. St. Paul. 73*
pany loans money in any amount at
lowest rates ; on -. furniture, horses, pianos,
commercial paper, . jewelry and all kinds of
personal .•-. property . without s removal from
house ; loans made without delay and can be
paid up in small ; amounts. Room 7, First
National Bank Building. ' - *. _ Y 137*
/7< J. THOMSON, IOO East Seventh St..
*■ '• . loans . money : on improved city an d .
farm property, at lowest rates of interest.
,.'.■■■■..,-" 1*7 . "" .
furniture, pianos, houses. 71 Court
Block, 24 East Fourth st. 167-82
FARM AND CITY LOANS, 6, 7 and : 3
j*:- per > cent; mortgages and , school and
county bonds bought. W. F. Carroll. 44
Court block. - 339*
LOANS made on real and personal prop
erty. Room 2, 27 East Seventh st.
■■..:■-,..■ 167-96 -
LOANS : on horses, furniture, pianos, dia-
: monds or any article of value. Mutual
Loan and Investment Co., Room 2, 309 _
Jackson st. ,155*
ONEY LOANED by H. R. Hunt & Co.,
1 34 East Third st, room 1. on furniture,
Eianos. horses, carriages, etc. ; also on ware-
ouse receipts, diamonds, watches and sil-
verware; private room for ladies; all business
strictly confidential. 295*
ONEY LOANED on all kinds of per-
ONEY LOANED on all kinds of per-
sonal property, household furniture,
horses, etc.; also, on diamonds and jewelry;
commercial paper discounted. Security
Loan Co., 325 Jackson st. J. E. Flauigan.
manager. '■■' 162*
ONEY LOANED on household furni-
..ture, pianos, horses and carriages, etc.
without removal; also on diamonds and gold
watches, etc. J. W. Edsall <£ Co., 117 East
Fourth st. 32*
MONEY TO LOAN— By the St. Paul and
ONEY TO LOAN— By the St. Paul and
Minneapolis Mortgage Loan and Trust
company. Charles Shandrew, Agent, Room
74, National German-American Bank .164-93
'Alt ONEY TO LOAN— 6, 6_. 7 and 8 per
IM cent A. N. Elliott, 41 East Fourth st.
10-192 .'-'-•:
MONEY TO LOAN by Lawton Bros., 405
. Jackson st. and 175 Dakota av; have
on hand $7,000 at 6 per cent on improved
property. 316*
Company— Loans money on furniture,
pianos, horses and wagon-, in any amount,
without removal from owners' possessions;
also on warehouse receipts, bank stocks,
real estate or any property of value ; notes
discounted; partial payments received, and
vour own time gran ted "for payment; no de-
lay; money on ■ hand and furnished imme-
diately after security is approved. J. S.
Mackey, manager. Rooms 13 and 14, First
National bank building. St.Paul, and Room
7, Mackey-Legg block, Minneapolis. 152*
'ANTED TO BORROW— $2,000 for
ninety days; will pay big interest and
give ample security. Address O 67, Globe.
.'■.:-",. - 164-03 .
WE ARE PREPARED to make large
»V or small - loans on good im proved or
unimproved city property, with dispatch and
at the lowest rate of interest. B. F. Wright
& Co,, 30 East Fourth st. Room 2, Frost
Block. 152*
Fourth St., corner Cepar— 7 and
8 ter cent money on hand for vacant ob
improved real estate loans ; partial pay-
ments can be made on the principal ; pub-
chase money mortgages, bonds and stocks
bought and sold. 102*
__ CiflCl TO LOAN— No commission.
«J).,U'J"J C. J. Thomson, 100 East
Fourth st ■ 167
BOARD— Best board and room in the citv
for 84.50 per week. 146 East Ninth St..
Mrs. Bruggeman. : .167
BOARD— Board and furnished room for
single gentleman; terms reasonable.
639 Cedar st 167
BOARD— 192 East Tenth, near Jackson,
one large and one small nicely fur
nished rooms; all modern conveniences;
first-class table board; terms moderate. 167
BOARD— Three or four gentlemen can find
- pleasant rooms and board at 9 West
Ninth st. 167
BOARD— Front rooms for gentlemen or
ladies, with board; references. 84 Park
place. ■ * .. . 167
BOARD and nicely furnished rooms; con-
veniences; few table boarders wanted.
Block from theater, 193 West Sixth. 167
BOARD— First-class table board, 33.50 per
week, 476 Ceaar st .-■-..' 167
BOARD— Furnished front room, down
stairs., for two gentlemen, and board.
385 Washington. 167-68
BOARD— Room and board in a. private
family; a pleasant home very cheap.
•323 Nash st, between John and Olive sts.
BOARD— Furnished front parlor for rent,
on ground floor, with board. 21 East
Ninth St.. near Wabasha. Y 167
BOARD — Nicely furnished front room,
with board, in private family. 441 Fort
st. - - 167
BOARD— 75 Summit av., nicely furnished
room with board; terms moderate. 167
BOARD— For rent, 270 Pleasant nicely
furnished rooms with board, suitable for
ladies or gentlemen. — 167-74
BOARD Desirable front alcove room and
side room with board at 21 East College
av. ; references. . 167
BOARD— Two .young gentlemen can se-
cure board and large front room for $5
per week at 388 Dakota av. Mrs. E. M.
Bartlett 167
BOARD — At Highwood, Burlington
Heights, three or four boarders; pri-
vate family; terms moderate; beautiful
' shade; eleven, daily trains; fifteen minutes'
ride, Burlington line. Come to Highwood or
address Mrs. Lynn, Globe. 166-72
BOARD— Pleasant furnished front room,
with beard for two, $40 per month. 234
Norris, near Canada. . 167
BOARD — Two large, pleasant, cool rooms
. with board; also small room; conven-
ient to business; day board. 542 Canada st.
BOARD AND ROOM— nicely fur-
nished front room on first floor for two
gentlemen, room and board $4 a week; one
on second floor for two gentlemen, room and
board $3.75 a week. No. 108 West Sixth st.
BOARD— Wanted, two quiet gentlemen to
board and room together in private
familv : St Anthony hill, near cable. Ad-
dress M 59, Globe. 166-71
BOARD Furnished rooms, with board,
for gentlemen, 459 Wabasha St., adjoin-
ing Young Men's Christian association ; also
table board $3.25 per week. 162-68
BOARD— Nicely furnished front room,
with board; ; -modern conveniences;
suitable for gentlemen and wife ; 399 East
Eighth st 165-167
rooms at $5 per week in country, one-
. half mile from Lake Harriet Address __
Globe. Minneapolis.. 167
BOARD— \ouug lady would like room--
mate; references exchanged. Address
H 64. Globe. . 167
ROOMS AND BOARD— 1131: Fauquier
. st. ; two nice furnished rooms with
board; two blocks from cable; rent reasona-
ble. 167-68
ROOMMATE— A congenial lady room-
mate to share expenses at a White Bear
summer hotel; references exchanged. Ad-
dress B 64, Globe. 167
MITH AV., 127— Near Sixth— Front
MITH AV., 127— Near Sixth— Front
room, with or without board. 167
O UN G GIRLS* HOME, 620 SL Peter
OlNG GIRLS' HOME, 620 ht. Peter
st; for respectable young girls only;
board and : lodging $2.50 a week; reading
room free. 61-181
WASTED TO _______
COTTAGE— Wanted to rent from July 1,
cottage with five or • six rooms; . must
have water and cellar; for one year and
longer. Address A 70, Glooe; state price.
-____ 167-169 . - .
HOUSE— Wanted to rent, July 1, house on
Daytou's Bluff or lower town ; best of
reference. Aldress Z 57, Globe. 167
HOUSE— Wanted to rent, house, Dayton's
bluff; about eight rooms. Address 328
Jackson st 165-167
ROOM— Wanted, a nicely furnished room
near Canada and Twelfth sts., for one
gentleman. Address V 67, Globe, 167
ROOM— Wanted, large front room for
gentleman and wife, within ten minutes
of postoffice. Address M., Globe. 167
ROOMS — Wanted to rent, two rooms com-
fortably ; furnished, - modern :.-• conven-
iences, by the week, for out-of-town family I
of three; - private family . preferred; state
price. - Address X 63, Globe. 166-9
LOST A_~I> FPU-IP. ~~"
DOG LOST— June 1 a small black, smooth
haired^ dog,- with white stripe down
breast | and yellow hind feet; name, Bruno.
' Return to Room 26, Davidson block, and re-
ceive reward. "..".'■ 166-67
KEYS LOST— Two Yale keys and one door
■ key. Finder will receive reward at 64 _
Central av. west 167
SCARF PIN Between Tnird and
Seventh sts.; finder please return to this
office for reward. 167
-g__-__ CHA_C_«.
- -• . _~c Kenney, Self* _; Turner* .
338 Cedar ■ Street, " Union Block, Room 60,
Third Floor. ;
STILL ON DECK, and have a large list of
i»:e opportunities to go into business;
cigar and confectionery store, living rooms
attached, $100 up; one on Seventh st; free
rent and water. Look this up if you want a
bargain. . ; ; ; Y '■":.-'
OARDING HOUSES, full of good room-
ers and boarders; from ten to twenty
; rooms, clearing . nice salary above rent
Twenty-one-room flat, principal 'street; full
roomers; large profit; $500; easy terms.
ANDSOMKLY furnished . house, full
roomers; furniture cost $1,500: to trade
for good, clear lot.
TWELVE ROOMS in Beautiful Terrace,
- full boarders; paying well; furniture at
a sacrifice; small payment down, balance
monthly.- . ., . . . . ' "■ ■
ALL ABOVE bargains we can give terms
on. Put you in business from $100 up.
McKenney, Self <_ Turner, 338 Cedar, Union
Block. Room 66. 167
. F. C. Abbott's Bargains.
Room 32, Chamber of Commerce.
ffijl Of Ml— MUST SELL this week; sick-,
•-. l^O _/ L/ ness the reason ; business pay
in $500 per month net profits; $1,000 cash,
balance monthly out of business; this seems
big money to make, but will prove it; it is a
restaurant, and the best one in the city ; call
at once; don't miss it.
<DJ| "inn*- 13-ROOM BOARDING
_1 inn — 13-ROOM BOARDING
•P-I-1 Iv^U house; very central: full of re-
spectable roomers and boarders ; this is a
good opening; examiue at once.
_0/U*|— LODGING HOTEL paying $5
___ W_— LODGING HOTEL paying $5
*%>(J\J\J per day net profits ; lady owner
and cannot properly manage same. :
WANT of space prevents a complete list
WANT of space prevents a complete list
of the openings I have; call or write ;
stating branch you desire. : Remember the
number, 32 Chamber of Commerce. 167
J. 8. _ooch & Co..
133 East Fifth St.. Room 6,
fll»Q/"|/Y BUYS confectionery, ice cream.
«POu\J cigars and stationery stock and
fixtures; good trade; rent $18; good reasons
for selling. 486 Wabasha. 166-67
BAKER and restaurant : first-class ; doing
a good business; will sell cheap, wishing
to get out of business altogether. 164-70
miscellaneous Business Chance*
- with from $300 to $500, address L 66,
Globe. 167
A MAN or woman partner, with $150
cash, to take half interest in a well pay-
ing restaurant ; unable to manage it alone.
Address Rest 99, Glope. 167
boarding stable; first-class location and
good business; must be sold immediately;
part cash, balance on time. Address A. A..
Globe. : 167
FOR SALE— The best paying lunch room
and restaurant in St. Paul at a bargain;
no other investment could be made that
would give better returns. Address without
delay William F. Manning, St. Paul, Minn.
_ 167
BUTCHER SHOP for sale very cheap if
UTCHER SHOP for sale very cheap if
taken soon: good locality and trade:
don't miss it. Addsess II 59. Globe. 166-69
CONFECTIONERY— Complete, tasty _ nd
ONFECTIONER I— (Joraplete. tasty end
neat stock confectionery, cigars and
fruit for sale; it will be sold at a bargain,
as the party must sell ; call and see us for
particulars. - Cremer & Son. 313 Jackson st.
; 167-8 !
RUG STORE— most desirable drug
store in the citv for sale or exchange.
T. C. P. O. Box 2207.' 167
FOR SALE— store and stock of drugs ;
$2,200 takes it, if taker quick; reason
for selling, sickness. Addiess Lock Box 13,
Paynesville, Minn. 163-69
FOIt SALE— A long-established, well-pay-
FOR SALK— A long-established, weil-pay-
ing mineral and sods, water factory.with
teams, etc Inquire of A. R. Keifer. 100 East
Seventh st. 155-63
FOR SALE— Exclusive right in a valuable
patent indispensable to farmers, mill -
ers, grocers, flour, feed, produce dealers and
postmasters: they need it and will buy it: it
is simple, practical, cheap to produce, sells
quick, big profits; territory, Minnesota, Da
kota, Missouri. Kansas and Nebraska, all or
separate, or Minnesota by counties; big
money selling county rights; terms liberal.
Address with stamp, Allen, Room 15, 255
Hennepin ave., Minneapolis. * 167
" tionery and stationery with one barber
chair. 446 Broadway. 167-68
FOR SALE— first-class steam saw
mill : three boilers ; two engines ; steam
pump life log chain: rotary mill, built in
first-class style, in a live town on Soo road,
sixty miles from St. Paul, in Polk county.
About six acres of land— mill two stories
high; give a chance to pile 40,000 feet in 16
foot piles, the upper mill of river; has the
full use of the river, without going through
any bridges; all hardwood logs on the prem-
ises; all the brown ash in the river; 2. SOO
oak logs on the. skids, four miles from the
mill: all pine Togs in the river, and
3,600 logs on skids in one place, and
300 in another; several hundred
thousand feet in different places along the
river not driven in yet: four pair good log-
ging horses, one pair mules, harnesses and
wagons and blankets, ten logging sleds, best
kind, five single deckers and five double deck-
ers, camping tools, logging outfit • for sixty
men or more: tents, driving tools,
anchors, hand-spikes and boats, etc., for
driving: small amount of pine land. All this
property for sale on very, very good terms. I
am sick", and mvself and son are parting.
Anybody who has $12,000 to invest can get
balance on very easy terms ; three, four or
five years at five, four, or even three per cent
per annum. I don't want to swamp the peo-
ple with big interest I will give you work
for the horses this summer if you come to
buv it before I die. at George E. Snell & Co.'s
office. 47 Chamber of Commerce, St. Paul,
after inspecting the property. I have one-half
interest in logging dam worth $5,000. To
purchasers will sell with business. J. C.
Snyder, Little Falls, Wis., but of St.Paul
now. *'jflS_B!BM___MB_B~i 166-81
FOR SALE — Cigar, tobacco, news and
FOR SALE — Cigar, tobacco, news and
stationery store at 553 Rice. 167
FOR SALE OR RENT— "Hotel Duluth."
' of twenty-two rooms, all furnished and
all new, with barn 40x66 feet, at Marsha H.
Minn. Address M. E. Mathews, Marshall.
Minn. 159-72
FOR SALE— best ODening in St. Paul
for the hotel business. Russell R. Dorr,
15, Fire _ Marine building. 162-68
FOR SALE— Shakopee house, Nos. 189
and 191 West Fourth st., completely
furnished, all modern improvements, from
thirty-five to forty regular boarders, entrance
on Fourth st., cable cars on Fourth st and
horse cars on Seventh st For particulars in
quire of Joseph Shearer, American house.
corner Fourth and Wabasha. 139-168
HOTEL— For rent, a furnished three-story
hotel in thriving town; hotel man pre
ferred: good chance for right man. Address
J. J. Flynn, Rush City. Minn. 167-69
1WANT A NO. 1 GOOD MAN as a part-
ner, who can take charge of office: must
have $3,000 in cash. The business already
started. Call monday at 10 o'clock, at 306
Hennepin, Minneapolis, T. England. 167
PARTNER wanted with $3,000; can guar-
antee $35 per week clear profit. Address
X 70, Globe, - 167
PARTNER— Wanted, party with from
$3,000 to $5,000 iu a good, profitable
business; it w''" pay you to investigate. Ad
dress - lobe. 167
vou a business light and remunerative;
$100 per month guaranteed. Address O 71,
Globe. 167
RECEIVER'S SALE— New hardware
RECEIVER'S SALK— New hardware
stock for sale at a bargain; in one of the
best towns in the state. For particulars in
quire of Frank J. Gove, receiver, Madelia,
Minn. 1G4-7Q
WANTED— Lady of experience to rent
* dining room and kitchen furnished
where there arc boarder . good location;
liberal arrangements to the right party. Ad-
dress N 69. Globe. 167
WANTED— The proper party with $1,000
in cash can actively engage In a first-
class mercantile busiuess and realize hand
somely. Information can be had at the office
of Col. Kiefer, 190 East Seventh st. 159 63.
*^____ TAKES a business paying $100
*&*J*J\J . per month the year around; no
work or experience; suitable for lady or
gent; $350 down, balance on time, if taken
at once I have to leave city cause for sell
ing. Address S. S„ Globe. 167
_.*__. \ CAN BK MAUK monthly by act-
•JpOl-V- ive men out of town with small
capital; no * canvassing. 422 First ave.
north, Minneapolis, Room 14. 177-173
_ •-_/"• _— FURNISHED FLAT; full of
•"pOU"- roomers; nice furniture; best lo
cation in the city ; party leaving St. Paul.
D. L. JAMISON, steam Dye Works, 14
• West Sixth st— Ladies' and gents' and
children's clothing, blankets and curtains
cleaned and dyed. 134*
FJ. ROC II EX, N. W. Steam Dye Works;
• office 416 Robert st, Ryan block; works
55 and 57 Indiana av. . : . 264*
where Bring . old - and new hats to the
I St. Paul Hat Bleachery to dye, bleach and re-
shape; we now have a full force - of compe-
tent ' help ; ostrich feathers dyed to match
dress trimmings by the only experts in the
city. 3*. . West Third. 167-68
Cn„ a "business chance," look In SUN-
ror DAY'S GLOBE, the great "Want 'me-
JAMES P. ANGELL, successor to Blakemore
.-■■ & Angell, 21 E. 7th st. Pictures framed.
J. H. HILLEN. 67 East Seventh.
W. _ LOCKWOOD. 233 East Seventh _ "

T. BOWLES. 225 West Seventh. . ~~
183 West Seventh St., Seven corners.
cu.: m.ssios IWEHCHA_JTsT"
BAKER .SUTHERLAND.919 E.Seventh st.'
HOLMES Fuel & Supply Co.. Seven contend
PIONEER FUEL CO.. -09 East Seventh.
MACK CANDY KITCHEN. loo E. Seventh."
S. H. REEVES, Seven corners. ""*
DR. W. D. GREEN. Corner 7th _ Pine Sts**
pry COOPS. "
233, 235 _ 237 Seventh, corner Waconta.
COX BROS. _ CO.. N. Y. Store. 29 E. 7tb.
WM. KING, 479 East seventh!
G. F. BENEDICT. 176 West Seventh. ~~*
FURS. , ',
208 to 212 East Seventh.
J. J. Dl'NMOA. V. 220 East Seventh. ""
Corner Seventh and Wabasha streets.
WIXSLOW HOUSE, Will Bros., Seven corners
\____________\_________T HOUSES.
G. F. BENEDICT. 17.1 West Seventh. "**
BOC'KSTRUCK „ LEE. 1 1 East Seventh. "
STAHL & MARTIN. 49 East Seventh.
REED. THE .JEWELER. 192 E. 7th.
L. S. W'ELLER, 116 East Seventh street *
L. FINKELSTEIN. 39 East Seventh.
ABBEY & SCHLTTE. Seven corners.
S. M. TAYLOR, 13. W. 7th. Children's.piefc
[ires, pastel and crayon portraits a specialty
________________ g ASP GAS __________NG_,
J. J. PL NNP'A- , .2 i East Seventh. ~~
J. J. DUNNIGAN. -_2 » East Seventh. "
BASGES ASP ___________
SHANDREW ,5. PEETKR. L . E seventh s.
SHANDREW <_ PEETKR. 1*3 E Seventh st
L. T. STENSGAARD, 2 . East Seventh.
L. W. BUZZELl & CO... '.176 E. Seventh st.
West Seventh. Seven corners.
____________[ PEST1ST.
g. BOWMAN. Seven corners Liverv.
. BOWMAN. Seven Corners Liverv.
CAR LOT of Montana-bred driving horses
for sale: can be seen at H. C. Barton's
boarding stable, Inver Grove. Minn., end ot
motor line. T. I. Winegardner, owner.
I, OR SALE A cheap driving horse: look
JC this up. J. W. Edsall & Co., 117 Ea.
Fourth st. . - 167
FOR SALE A nice family mare: good
size, kind and gentle, at 2*17 Eighth. 107!
OK SALE CHEAP— A gentleman's
three-quarter seat top buggy: cost $400;
good as new. F. D. Banning, 34 West Third
st - 164-69
FOR SALE— Two good horses, by. the
owner. Apply 431 Aurora av. 167
FOR SALE— Light horse, nearly new
top buggy and harness: going to leave
the city. 631 Virginia av., corner Lafond. ,-j
■ 163-169
FURNITURE WAGON, newly painted'
URN1TCRE WAGON, newly painted,'
in good order. George H. Laius. 448
Wabasha st 166-72
GET your carnages, wagons or sieigns os
F. X. Qr.esnel, 107 East Eighth st.
Long experience: practical and scientific
workmen ; repairing neatly done on short
notice. 314*
GOOD canopy-top, lump-seat boggy very
• cheap, or will exchange: call before 10
a. m. Waterhouse, Wilder block. 167
. sew carriages, phaetons, buggies,
jump-seats. carts. tony carts, tars
wagons, surreys, extension tops, lock*
away8, double, single, coute and runt
harness. we have determined to cposs
ocr entire stock op 200 vehicles op every
; - description at an enoexocs sacrifice : now
is the time to but: one _____ to all.
King's Carriage Repository corner
Fourth and Minnesota streets. 87-1 77
XGHT OPEN BUGGY and harness to
trade toward good horse. George H.
Lains. 448 Wabasha st 166-72
ROAD CART— Wanted to buy. a good
road cart A. Stephen, 105S Fauquier
st 167
WANTED— To buy tor cash, a small
horse or large pony. Ira Schoemaker,
760 De Soto st. city. 167
W' ANTED— Good, stout single truck,
horse and harness. Apply at once to
L. 3. Templeton _ Co., 105 and 107 East
Fifth st. 167
WANTED TO BUY-A good, sound
family horse and buggy on monthly
installments. Address C. M.. Globe. 167
d£A_*| WILL BUY a good working horse
*_?____J at 370 East Seventh st. 167
<!£■"*) I * 1 BUYS a first -class team of mules,
«"""l'-w _n/ including wagon and harness; a
decided bargaiu for" some one. 426 West
Seventh st. 167
Fourth st to exchange for a good resi
dence on the hill. Louis H. Haas, 136 East
Fourth st. 167
CARPENTER WORK wanted in part
payment of verv tine building lots. Mi
Beifeld* 94 East Fourth st. room 11. 162-71
PIANO— the use of piano in ex-
change for room: 439 Rondo st. 107-3
EXCHANGE— acres in Rose town
for lots in city to build on, or will ex«
change for house and lot. Address N 63,
Globe. . ■ 167
EXCHANGE— inside vacant lot* for im-
proved property: lot3 nearly clear, or
will make so if your property is clear. Ad
dress P 64, Globe. ■ " 167-69
IMPROVED FARM, stock and machinery
near Minneapolis for any kind of trade.
Address T 43, Globe. 107
TO EXCHANGE— Some good unincum-
" bered lots for a stock of groceries or
general merchandise. Address 319 St.
Peter st 167
rO EXCHANGE— 160 acres No. 1 land
near Pierre. South Dakota, for lot
horses or groceries; also 320 acres in North
Dakota for Midway lots. Address N 71,
Globe. 167
TO EXCHANGE— Lot for furniture. A.
dress J 65, Globe. 167
TO EXCHANGE — Good Minneapolis
residence propertv for California prop*
erty. Inquire of Dr. _. G. Smith, 167 West
Seven corners. 164-70
O EXCHANGE— New gasoline stoves
for tbe least cash ever named in trade.
Pruden Stove Company, 389 E astTqird st
7*K ACRES of tine land ten miles fro _
D. ,:• town; will exchange for city property.
Louis H. Haas. 136 East Fourth st. 167
p.,_iness Chance ads. in the Globe are seen
°*/»bv the most oeople.
____>. to let ads. in the Globs are read oy
nuumA tije most people.
/ n~s. and found ads. in the Globe are see*
A.OSI by uje most people.

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