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i^ii^f ' i 'o§&F^ c
The past week has been, ot society
events, especially prolific. There was
io end to the social gayety into which
t.'ie city plunged headlong. No class
'•ial grade was exempt. The
.orklly dweller on the hill had his
i icherche green tea, and the humble
• ottßgo on the flat contained its less
stylish, but no less merry party. There
were weddings in every grade, and
alls, hops and masquerades in unnum
bered profusion. In cases the popular
diversion took the form of a banquet,
but the diversion was there, just the
« ♦
Two events stood out prominent
among the others. The first was the
Irish-American party at the Ryan on j
Tuesday night, and the second the ban- I
quet to the American builders at the
same hostelry on Wednesday. The lat- ,
ter was one of the most elegantly ap
pointed festal scenes in which St. Paul
has ever participated. The Irish-Amer
ican ball and reception was resplendent i
in its way, and drew out a large con- |
course of people. Among those pres
ent were: j
Mr. and Mrs. James O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs
George Giltinan. and Mr. ana Mrs. John
O'Brien, of MilUviiier: Mr. and Mrs. lenntius
Donnelly, of Nininger; Dr. Kelly and Miss |
Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Sullivan, Mr. and
Mis. James King, Mr. ami Mrs. P. Agnew, Mr.
and Mrs A. 1.. Arthur, Mr. and Mrs. Hen
nery. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bedding, Mr. and j
Mrs. Timothy Renrdou, Mr. and Mrs. Horace i
Smith. Mr. niid Mrs. Joseph A. Rogers. Mr. |
and Mrs. Thomas Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. |
Whalcy. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. I'lannigan. Mr. |
and Mrs. John J. Kenna, Mr. ar.d i
Mrs. B. A. Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Welling- j
ton, Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Dwyer, Mr. and Mr.-.
T. F. Birmingham, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I).
O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Bowliu. Mr. and
Mrs. B. K. Boney, Mr. and Mrs. D P. Burke,
Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Campbell. Mr. and I
Mrs. Dr. Corcoran, Mr. and Mrs. Cnunsie,
Mr. and Mrs. Stan J. Donnelly, Mr. and Mrs.
Jiulpe K-dii. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Foley,
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Fiaiinisan, Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. Flynn, of Little Fulls, Mr. and Mrs.
George Gay, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grace,
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Harroun. Mr. and Mrs.
John C. Hurrigan. Mr. and Mrs. William C.
Bendy, Mr and Mrs. Frank Keoeh. Mr. and
Mr. James King. Mr. and Mrs. John Kirwin,
Mr. and Mrs. Lang, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Mc-
Grath. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. O'Brien. Mr. and
Mrs. G. R. O'Reilly, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A.
Preudergast. Mr. "and Mrs. E. C. Rogers, Mr.
ana Mrs. D. W. Tnohy.
The Misses Maggie Kelly, Frances Smith,
Darragh, Roche, Lytle, Dncre, Sue Rogers,
Midge Beaton, Galena. 111. ; Donnelly. Fitz
patrick, Kelly, Reardon. Beanpre, Kinsr,
Kitty Smith, Julia BnrKe. Maria Agnew,
Emma Copley, Abby Gay, Hall, Sue Rogers,
Delaney. Dowlau, Annie McMahon and
Lizzie Sullivan.
Messrs. John J. Ahem. M. F. Kain, M. J.
Donnelly, P. T. Kavana-h. J. G. Donnelly, II
W. Wack. James R. Donnelly, Dr. J. F. Mul
hollanii. M. J. Aguew. John E. Har
ry, Daniel Bell, .James H. Bell.
F. M. Baumgartner. Thomas J. Flynn.
J. C. Flynn. Dr. Thomas Galvin, John Gil
tinan, Thomas Grace Jr., J. A. Green, of
Stone City, Io. : Dr. IJanley. John C.
Hanky. John Holligan. •'- C. Hardy, A. S. .
Heffletingi p, J. P. Heffernan. J. C. Johns- !
ton. Judge Morrison, John Melady, !
Dr. I. Donnelly, F. S. Dowlan, James Dow
lan, George Dongher. E. S.DarrouKh.Tbomas
Darrougli. John J. Donnelly, Frederick
Dwyer. J. G. ElniquisU Dr. Finnell, Richard
Forrestal. William Louis Kelly Jr.. Thomas
Fitzpatriek. Mark Fitzpiitrick Jr., W.A.Frost.
J. Brady. Frank Battley, P. E. Burke, of
Btlll water: J. F. Beaupre, 11. H. Campbell.
C. M Crowley, Lieut. John Cook, William
M. Cline, John Coughlin, of Minneapolis;
Francis Caeserly, John Campbt. vP. K.
Sweet, Andrew Delaney, Thoma*' Davis,
John 11. Douohue and Ed Donohue, Frank J.
llcMahou. r"-^-
*■ *
One of the pleasant club events was
the St. Andrew's society entertainment j
on Thursday night. The attendance j
was phenomenal and the interest won- •
derful. There must have been 500 .
guests, among them being: I
Mr. and Mrs. W. Rodger. Mr. and Mrs. A.
A Robertson. Sheriff and Mrs. Bean, Mr. and
Mrs. D. McMillan, Mr. and Mr. J. F. Heiu
lein and daughter Louise, Mr. and Mrs. John
lieese, Mr. Mid Mrs. John McCohocb, Mr.
and Mrs. McClnie. Mr. and Mrs. Brodie. Mr.
ana Mrs. George T. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. C. D.
McLaren. Mr. and Mrs. Cameron. Mrs. j
Allen, Mr. and Mrs. W. Cummiugs, j
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Myron, Mr. and Mrs. ,i.
McAlden, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Roberts, Mr. j
and Mrs. William Rodger. Mr. aud Mrs. L.
Hope. Mr and Mrs. Section. Mr. and Mrs.
NIcoU, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hill. Mrs. A. Mays.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Lariue, Mr. ana Mrs.
Cheamed, Mr. and Mrs. Iluatson. Mrs.
Thompson, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. M. Nieoll,
Mr. and Mrs. Root, Mr. and Mrs.
E. H. Miiham. Mr. and Mrs. G. I
11. Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey,
Mr and Mrs. Brinly, Mrs. McGill. Mr. and
Mrs, W. F. Myron, Dr. and Mrs. Werrick. Mr.
and Mrs. S. J." Gordon. Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. !
Davisou. Mr. and Mrs. c. 1). Mcllaren. Miss ,
Wlthrow. Miss Lottie Benz, Mrs. E. Gtist. ;
Alex McCulloch, W. W. Harrimir, Mr. and I
Mrs. J. A. Stoddard, Mi. and Mrs. H. E. I
While. A. Turner, Miss Turner. E. V. •
Jewel, Miss Clark, Mr. Fifield, Misses j
Clara and Lillie Murphy. R. O. I
Barnard. A. Law son. Miss Lawson.
Miss Hill. Miss Lapray, Miss Mortense. Hie j
Misses Geaibols, Miss Thompson, the Misses [
Newel. .Misses Jennie and Bessie Begg, Miss i
Laura Faaolt, Miss Matthews, J. Singer, !
Misses Winnie and Ella Miiham. Miss Jef- i
frey. Miss Biistiau, Miss Hatiie E. Jenkins,
Miss Jennie Moore. Miss ?adie Cameron, Miss
Fletcher. Grant Douglas. Lome McGibbon.
H. Hopkins, Miss £. Adams, Mr. and Mrs.
C M. Anderson. A. F. Graham. E. C. Shears,
W. McArihur, Miss M. Farwell, G.D.Daly.
Miss Wheeler, R. Morrison. E. C. Murpny,
S. J. Moore, J. R. Wallace. Miss Dodge, D.
L. McGibbin, E. C. Murtford, Fred D.tin:i!i. i
Miss Nellie McGuire. F. J. Me
ilauon. J. 11. Ritchie, Miss Williams, J. J
M. Williams. Miss S. Williams, the I
Misses Cummlngs. F. W. Fox. Miss j
MeClair, W. H. Hill, T. S. Esterbrook.
D. Cappell, Mr. and Mrs. B. Patrick, Mrs. I
Short; Miss O. Short, A. 11. Brown, Miss I
Plummer, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Crosby and
daughter. A. E. Devitte. L. Barron, R.Brown. :
Mr. and Mrs. Howd. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I
Brown, Miss Bessie Beck. Mr. and Mrs. j
Frank Horn, Mies Jessie Horn. John j
Grant. A. L. Bowker, Miss ■ V. i
Blennis. H. E. Watson. Miss Ryan,
Prof. A. McFeeters, William Wand. C. C. |
Marshall. G. D. Napier, O. A. Wilson, Lorkie,
F. Geatbois. J.D. Rodger, G. g. C°^ie. G. G.
Ingram. George Martin, J. h M 0 1 "301 - F.
Kicholl, O. N. l'eruelli. Dr. Fiillert°n, E. E.
Lott, A. C'altanach and Thomas Ca merou
A Classical Menu.
The following is the menu for the
Acorn club, for Tuesday evening, Feb.
4, at 7:30:
Scarabalns Soap.
Nile Fish, Stuffed with Crocodile Brains.
Ox Roast., :c - :
Locust Salad. Hieroglyphic Dressing,
Cat Stew. Frog Croquettes.
Broiled Asp garnished with Lotus.
Pharaoh's Condiments. Papyrus Rolls.
Pyramid Cheese.
Perkins' Confections. Edwards' Nectar.
The repast will be served without knives
Or forks.
A Brilliant Marriage Ceremony.
Theresa McCabe, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. James McCabe, was married on '
Tuesday, the 28th tilt., in the Church of !
the Annunciation at Hazel wood, to ,
William Durkin, of St. Paul. After the i
marriace ceremony a solemn nup- j
tial mass was celebrated by Rev. '
Father I'ribyl, of Veseiy, as celebrant,
Eev. Father Jung, or Le Sueur, as \
deacon, and Rev. Father Pavlin, of ]
Faribault, as subdeacon. A double \
quartette from Minneapolis, consisting: i
of Prof. Baker, as leader, and. Mrs. J
Baker, as organist, supported by the '
Misses Wall, Byrnes, Keating and- Gal- !
lasher, andjMessrs. Lennon, Acker and j
Keating, furnished music which lent an '
indescribable charm to the solemnity
»nd beauty of the occasion. Mr. Casy,
of St. Paul, was best man, and Miss
Josie Brown, cousin of the bride, was
bridesmaid. The sisters of the bride,
Clara, Julia and Bertha, acted as maids
of honor, and Miss Theresa, leaning on
the arm of her father, completed a tab
leau enchanting to look upon. Mas
ters John McCabe and McGee, as usli
era, were subjects of sly comment by
many of the young ladies, supposed to
be elicited by the creditable manner in
which they performed their duties.
The wedding gifts were beautiful and
valuable, and guests from Minneapolis,
St. Paul, Faribault aud Northfield and
immediate neigebors crowded the
bride's home, partaking of the hospi
! tality extendpd to them until 3:30 p.m.,
when all departed happy in the ex
treme, as having made others happy.
Last Thursday evening the spacious
parlors of Mrs. N. Spicher. of 303 East
Ninth street, were thrown open to about
150 of her friends. The hostess was as
sisted in receiving by Mrs. M. Kerr,
Mrs. E. Onnther. Mrs. A. Merrill, Mrs.
J. Breck, the Misses Gillin and D.
Ryan and Armbruster. Dancing and
other amusements were indulged in
until a lato hour. Among those pres
ent were Mr. and Mrs. F. Carpenter.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Merrill. Mr. and Mrs.
M. Kerr. E. Gunther. Mr. and Mrs. J.
Breck, Mr. and Mrs. 11. Whitney, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Algiers, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. A. Fanning:,
Mr. J. Sbepnerd, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Rilley, Mr. and Mrs. J. Keuuey,
the Misses Sherman, Armbuster, D.
Ryan. Bertram. Price, Morehead. Keefe,
Crawley, the Misses Dowlan, Drexlers,
("off, Murphy. Vifvay, Kins, Doyle,
Connors. McMenney, Hicks, Glenn,
Breck. Burke, Johnston, Calvay, Strong,
llatton, liiley. the Misses McDermot,
M. Tucker, A. and L. Murphy: Messrs.
E. Ellison, Richards. A. Rogers, Bart
ley, Kins, Schultz, W. Rogers, Hirst,
Murphy, Horst. McNamee, McKnight,
McDermot. Deviney. J. Rogers, Hack'ett.
Stevens. llatton. Rose, Walters, Gecb
ran. Peek, West, Moon. J. Kane, Ryan,
Canto;], F. Dcviney, Boyce, Hoffman,
Johnston, J. llatton. Gardner, Roberts,
McCardy, Stork, Kemple, Bigelow,
A delightful progressive eucre party
was given by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Riley «t their home on Laurel avenue,
Thursday evening. The evening passed
only too quickly for the many inter
ested players, who tilled thirteen" tables.
The prizes were taken by Mrs. J. O.
Hall, Mr. J. 11. Mahler and Miss Emma
Sutton. Those present were: Rev.
and Mrs. W. S. Vail. Mr. and Mrs. H.
B. Fin-well. Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Mahler,
Mr. and .Mrs. E. L. Spencer, Mr. and
Airs. Henry Rothschild, Mr. and Mrs.
F. B. Doran. Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Richards, Mr. and Mrs. William
Foulke, Mr. and Mrs. 11. A. Lamb, Mr.
and Mrs. P. W. Nelson, Mr. and
Mis. E. A. Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Bald
win. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Ryno, Mr. and
Mrs. D. W. Sitts, Mr. and Mrs. George
F. Clifford, Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Emery,
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Woodburn, F. L.
Daggett and sister, George E. Keller
and sister: Mesdames L. W.
French, Geoiree Thompson, A Bass
ford, S. Van Horn. A. F. Story,
J. B.Arez, B. F.Gallup, J. O. Hall,
Griswold, George, Taylor, Spear. Ray
mond, Young. J. W. Burdick. Misses
Chattie E. Field. Emma Sutton, Jessie
R. G ss. Trenholm, Carlton, Ballard,
Patcti, WiUirer, Norton: Messrs. D. S.
Sperry, E. T. Slayton, F. F. Aitkin, E.
11. White, W. *G. Pierce, Ingham,
Meeker, Spear.
A very pleasant surprise party was
given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
McCauley, at their home on Case street,
on Tuesday evening. Dancing and
cards were indulged in until a late
hour. Some of those present were Mr.
William McCauley and wife, Mr. Fahey
and wife, Mr. Finnegan and wife, Mr.
Parks and wife. Mr. McDonald and wife,
Mr. Copeland and wife, Mrs. McCauley.
Mr. T. O'Brien and wife, Mr. Mueller
and wife, and Mr. iluke and wife. Mis
ses McCauley, Mullbay, Fitzgerald,
Parks, Starkey, Valey, Cox. Lynch,
Sommers. Dorden, Scanlon, Butler and
Walsh. Messrs. McCauley, Mullaly,
Walsh, Simson, White, Meens, Cardi
nal, Parks. Scanlon, Dorden, G. Slater,
Grady, McDonald, Fitzgerald.
The benefit tendered Eagle Division
No. 13. uniform rank, Knights of
Pythias, last Wenesday eyeuing at the
Harris by the Lillian Lewis company in
"As In a Looking Glass," was a most
decided success. The sir knights and
and their lad es filled the parquet, while
the grand lodge officers and prominent
officials of the uniform rankheldsittings
in the private boxes. At the close of
the second act, Capt. R. L. Crescy. on
behalf of his division, presented Miss
Lewis a floral tribute, in design an
eagle with outstretched wings, which
was, perhaps, one of the handsomest
floral offerings ever handed over the
footlights. The occasion will long be
remembered as one ot the brilliant
episodes of the stage season. The di
vision, though but receutiy instituted,
contains rnauy of our best and enter
prising citizens, and the crowded house
attested the well-merited success of the
troupe, management and division.
The second entertainment given by
the guests of the Windsor took place
last Friday evening. It was in the
shape of a progressive euchre party.
The prizes were unexceptionally hand
some, and were awarded as follows:
Mrs. Gorman, "lone hand;" Mrs. Dr.
Routh, "ladies' head progressive;' 1 Mrs.
F. L. Stack, "ladies' second progressive;"
Gen. Seely, "gentlemen's first progres
sive," and Mr. Gray, "gentlemen's sec
ond progressive." Lunch was served
in the dining room, after which a vote
of thanks was tendered Messrs. Somers
& Monfort for courtesies extended. Sim
ilar entertainments will be given every
two weeks by the guests of the hotel.
A very enjoyable reception and en
tertainment was tendered the Ours
Drive Whist club by Mr. and Mrs.
Charles E. Ellis in the parlors of the
Metropolitan hotel last Monday even
ing. A goodly company of members
and their friends, both ladies and gen
tlemen, were in attendance, who testi
fied to the enjoyment of the good things
; offered by the lateness of the hour of
departure, after partaking of refresh
ments seved by the hotel caterer. The
prizes were carried away by Mr. Thomp
son and Mrs. Sharp, and Mr. Sharp and
Mrs. Stack. A similar entertainment
I will be given by Mr. and Mrs. J. L.
i Stack two weeks from date of the above
at the Windsor.
A jolly crowd of pleasure seekers en
joyed a sleigh ride to Minneapolis Sat
urday evening, and after dancing and
refreshments, at the home of Mrs. .J.
Burns, of South Minneapolis, returned
home, well pleased with their trip and
j the kindness of their hostess and charm-
Ing daughters. Among those present
were: Mr. and Mrs. W. Shepherd, Mr.
; and Mrs. A. Fanning, Mr. and Mrs. M.
1 Kerr. Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Hishon. Mr.
I and Mrs. F. Maloney, the Misses Kittie
Devitt, L. and A. Murphy, N. Tucker,
| D. Ryan. M. Doyle, F. llatton, M. Ken
ney. A. Gillen, Messrs. Will Love, J.
llatton, Dressel, Bitrelow, Smith, Cor
: coran, Murphy and Roberts.
On Tuesday Mrs. John Wilkinson.
] 626 Central park, entertained the Cecel
', ian society. About twenty couples were
present. The following is the pro
gramme of the evening: Piano duet,
the Misses Whitney; soprano solo, **Ia
Old Madrid," Miss Humphrey; piano
solo, Miss Fairbanks; contralto solo.
Miss Hope>; piano sole, Miss Gertrude
Whitnuy* soprano solo, a, "Dreams,"
b. £i£ttte Bird. Why Singest Thou,"
Miss Clara Blodgett; contralto solo.
Mrs. Matthews; piano duet. Misses
Whitney. The society will meet with
Mrs. Dr. Ogden, Dayton avenue, Tues
day evening, Feb 11.
A dancing club composed of sixteen
members was entertained Friday even
ing by Miss Mary Brown at her home
on Holly avenue. Among those pres
ent were: Misses Emma Fryer, Mary
Brown, Grace Hawkins. Mabel Lan
pher, Anna Dickinson, Charlotte Cross,
Birdie MeClellan, Grace Bradley;
Messrs. Fred Dixon. Winne Brown,
Clyde Miller, Will Bark, Charles
Braden, Allen Xailer, Ernie Davidson.
Miss Emma Fryer, of Kent street, will
entertain one week from to-night.
On Friday evening last Miss Mildred
Cooper entertained her friends at her
home on Nelson avenue. Among those
present were: Dr. and Mrs. 11. L.
Bryant. Mr. and Mrs. Duerr, Mrs.
Buris, Mrs. Myron, Mrs. Butcher. Mrs.
Butler, Mr. Anderson, Mr, Hutchinson.
Mrs. Skelton; Misses Butcher, Wilier.
Sherman, Dunbar, Johnson, Harris,
Covell. Greenly, Caliban, Metcalf,
Osburn, Cooper, Dudley, Manship,
Marrow. Everard, Davidson, Oakes,
Tapley, Partridge, Loweth, Masters,
Sherman, Stuart, Lamp, Prescott,
Baker, Lincoln, Gran, Strong, Chase,
Ravclle, Vinton, Miller, Oakes and
The regular meeting of the St. Luke's
C. T. A. club was held Wednesday even
ing in the parlors of Father l,awler v 3
residence, corner Summit and Victoria.
After a short business session a very
pleasing literary and musical pro
gramme was rendered, which did great
credit to those particiDatiug in the ex
ercises. This organization is becoming
very popular, and is a source of profit
and entertainment to those who attend
its meetings.
Farnngton Lodge. No. 126, 1.0. O. T..
elected the following officers for the
next quarter at their regular meeting on
Friday evening; Chief templar, Harvey
S. Webster; vice templar, Miss Agnes B.
Matthews; secretary, Lawson Lindsley;
financial secretary," A. Williard; treas
urer, Miss E. Pusvis; marshal, J. C.
McCnght; chaplain, Mrs. J. C. McCall;
guard, Misa. E. Metzger; sentinel,
Charles Thomas; pianist, Mrs. A.
The new quartette choir of Plymouth
church, beginning Sunday, Feb. 2, con
sists of the following well-known sing
ers: Mrs. F. H. Snyder. soprano: Mrs.
Charles B. Yale, contralto, and A.
D. S. Johnston baritone, formerly of
People's church choir. Charles H.
Congdon, superintendent of music in
public schools, tenor; William A.
Wheaton, organist and director. It is
intended to make the music aa interest
ing feature of the service.
One of the most delightful dancing
parties of the season was a masquerade
given by Miss Sidney Thompson Thurs
day evening at her residence, 21)2 Igle
hart street. The costumes were both
handsome and amusing, and when their
masks were removed a more beautiful
and charming company of young ladies
and gentlemen are seldom seen any
The Columbia euchre club was en
tertained Friday evening by Mrs. Col.
Edwards at her home on Western av
enue. The lucky members were Mes
dames Sleeper, Meier and Cullie, and
Messrs. Meier, Shirk and Marvin. Mrs.
( h irles Shandrew will entertain week
from to-night at her home, 546 Ashland
The Kangaroo club was entertained
by Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Cratsenberg
Thursday evening at their home on
Laurel avenue. There were seven
tables of progressive euchre players,
and the prizes were taken by Mrs.
Woolsey, Mrs. S. B. McConnell, E. E.
Hughson, R. A. Lanpher and J. J. Mc-
Mrs. Reese M. Newport and Miss
Newport, of Summit avenue, gave a tea
and reception Thursday. evening, which
was largely attended by the residents of
St. Anthony bill and the mostpromi
nent society people of the city. The oc
casion was" in honor of Miss Reed, a
guest of Miss Newport, and was a social
event of great prominence.
The I Deal Euchre club was enter
tained Saturday evening at the home of
Mrs. Farwell, Selby avenue. Prizes
were won by Mrs. Riley. Miss Keller,
Mr. Spencer and Mr. Riley. Mrs. Wise
man, of Iglehart street, will entertain
the club to-morrow evening.
Mr. A. and Miss Lizzie Konantz en
tertained a large number of their
friends at their home on Smith avenue
Thursday evening. Progressive euchre
was played at eleven tables. It was one
of the largest and pleasantest progres
sive euchre parties of the season.
The Misses Perm, of Summit avenue,
gave a tea yesterday afternoon to a
number of their young lady friends.
Music, both vocal and instrumental,
was one of the pleasant features of the
afternoon. It was iv honor of Miss
Joyce, of this city.
Miss Edith Kent entertained her
young friends with a birthday party
Thursday evening, at the home of her
patents, No. 215 South Franklin street.
After supper a sleigh ride to Merriam
Park finished a very pleasant time.
Quite a large dancing party was given
Friday evening at the Albion cafe by
Messrs. F. W. Ramaley, J. E. Kama
ley and J. H. Ramaley. About thirty
couples were present.
Mrs. E. K. Yon Wedelstaedt's second
"at home" last Wednesday was very
largely attended. Mrs. Lafayette Shaw
and Mrs. W. E. Haskell, of Minneapo
lis, assisted.
The Nushka club has recently admit
ted the following new members: Hon-
Eugene Hay, P. T. Kavanagh, R. C. El
liott, William Winslow and E. M. Mc-
Mrs. E. A. Gurnsey entertained the
Plateau Euchre club Wednesday even
ing. Five tables were played, and the
usual good time enjoyed.
Miss Libby, who has been visiting
Mrs. Frank Chase, of Isabel street, re
turned to her home in lowa the earl y
part of the week.
Miss Sydney Thompson gave a mas
querade to some twenty of her friends
Friday evening, at her home on Igle
hart street
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Curtice, of 202
Pleasant avenue, celebrated their twen
ty-tifth marriage anniversary Friday
Miss Sydney Thompson, of Iglehart
street, gave a masquerade party to about
twenty friends Thursday evening.
Miss Betsey Constans gave a delight
ful dancing party Friday evening at
their home on Summit avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Cratzenburg entertained
the Kangaroo club Friday eveniug at
their home on Laurel avenue.
Miss Beaupre entertained a few
friends Friday evening, in honor ot
Miss Kelly, of Chicago.
Philip Amoss was married last Thurs
day afternoon at St. Paul's church to
Christie Augener.
J. M. Bell gave a large party at las
new residence on Hall avenue last
Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Thomas Rily entertained the La
dies' Society of the Universalist church
Friday afternoon.
The Patriarchal circle was entertained
by George Keller at tits home Wednes
day evening.
Miss Bassford gave a euchre party
Tuesday evening at her home on Igle
hart street.
Miss Pet Bassford gave a euchre party
Tuesday evening at her home on lgle
hart street.
Miss Beaupre gave a small party
Thursday evening for Miss Kelly, of
The Yankee Euchre club will meet
with John Thayer next Friday evening
Last evening a faggot party was given
by the Misses Kice, ot Holly avenue.
Next Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock
Alfred Sibley. of this city, will be mar
ried to Miss Anne Thompson, of Quincy,
111. The ceremony will be performed
in the cathedral of" St. John, in the Int
ter city. Mr. Sibley is widely known in
social circles, and Miss Thompson also
has many acquaintances here, having
several times been the guest of St. Paul
friends. After a short wedding trip Mr.
and Mrs. Sibley will return and form a
decided acquisition to the ranks of
young married people's society.
Alexander J. Rogers, of this city, and
Miss Kitty Chase will be married at the
residence of the bride's uncle, Mr.Blake
ly, of Hudson, Wis., on Feb. 13, at 7:30
in the evening. Miss Wurst, of this
city, will be bridesmaid, and Dr. G. B.
Elwell best man. They will make St.
Paul their home.
Bachelors' Dancing club will give a
grand masquerade ball at their hall on
Seventh street, Monday evening, Feb. 3.
The prizes to be awarded are $15, a
china tea set, gentleman's smoking
case; also 810 and $5. Admission only
by invitations.
Monday evening the Missis Smyth, of
446 Portland avenue, will give an in
formal party at the Nushka club house
in honor of Miss Ryan and Miss Reed.
A short tramp will be a part of the even
ing's entertainment.
The Yaung People's Society of St.
Stephen's Episcopal Church will hold
their monthly entertainment and social
at the residence of Mrs. Selb. 785 Arm
strong avenue, next Thursday evening,
The ladies of the Woodland Park
Baptist church will open a bazar of
days at Dwyer's Dacotah flats, corner
Western and Selby avenues, on Wednes
day. It will continue for three weeks.
Mrs. Horace R. Bigelow and Miss Big
elow, of 249 South Exchange street, will
give a reception next Thursday evening
from 8 to 10 o'clock, for Miss Bruce aud
Miss Ryan, of W r illiamsport, Pa.
Alexander Rogers, of this city, will be
married to Miss Kittie Chase, of Hudson,
Wis.. on Thursday eveniug, Feb. 3, at
the home of the bride's uncle, Mr.
Blakely, in Hudson.
Friday, Feb. 15, the Ich Dien Lawn
Tennis club will give their fifth dancing
party, and will then adopt sackcloth and
ashes until after Lent.
The Bunker Hill Social club will give
a ball at Marquardt's hall Wednesday
evening, Feb. 5. Music furnished by
Will's orchestra.
Our Ladies' Dancing club will give
their last social hop of the season at
their hall. Dayton's bluff, Wednesday
evening next.
Mrs. J. B. Blakeniann will give a
masquerade party Thursday evening
next in honor of her sister, Miss Weller,
of Chicago.
Miss Mollie McQuillan, of St. Paul,
and Edward Fitzgerald will be married
on the evening of Feb. 12 at Washing
ton, D. C.
The Allegro club will give its third
party next Friday evening in Westmore
land hall.
The Bunker Hill Social club will give
a ball at Marquardt's hall Wednesday
Mrs. G. V. Bacon and children will
arrive from Philadelphia on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Bacon and family
have lately returned from a visit to Eu
rope. They were in London, Paris and
the south of France, aud were accom
panied by Mr. Wilder and family. Upon
their arrival in New York Mrs. Bacon
and children went to Philadelphia to
visit relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Gotzlan returned
from the East last week, and have taken
up their residence at 254 East Tenth
street, instead of "The Aberdeen," as
has been previously announced. Mrs.
Gotzian will be at home the first three
Thursdays in February.
Mrs. Thomas Riley, of Laurel avenue,
will in a few days entertain her cous
ins, Miss Norine Jones and Charles
Bradley, of Chicago. Miss Jones will
stay witn Mrs. Riley during the re
mainder of the winter.
Miss Norine Jones and Charles Brad
ley, of Chicago, will be the guests <»f
their cousin. Mrs. Thomas Riley, Laurel
avenue, in the near future. Miss Jones
will spend the remainder of the winter
in St. Paul.
Mrs. Warren H. Meade and daughter
Miss Mead, who have for the past six
years resided in Germany and France,
returned to St. Paul tin's week, and are
again iv their old home on Pleasant
Misses Anna and Frances Dyer,
Misses Laura and Lizzie Fasolt, Mrs.
Pasado and others will assist in the
song service to be held at the rooms of
the Gospel Temperance union, 70 East
Seventh street, to-day at 3 p. m.
Miss Ella Hood, formerly of this city,
now of Evanston. 111., has been visiting
her aunt, Miss Stebbins. of Merriam
Park, and other St. Paul frieuds during
the past two weeks.
Mr. McKay and Arthur Vance, of
Macalester college, attended the mas
querade Thursday evening, given by
Miss Sidney Thompson, of 282 Iglehart
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Dean and
Miss Dean, of Summit avenue, have
gone to California for the reraai nder of
the winter.
Harry Noble, of Little Falls, was the
guest of his sister, Mrs. Morton Bar
rows, early this week. He has gone
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kalman and
family, of Summit avenue, have gone
to stay in California till warmer weather.
J. Shepherd, who will be well remem
bered by St. Paul society as having
once visited here, is again in the city.
Miss Patch, of Minneapolis, has been
the geust of Mrs. Thomas Riley, of
Laurel avenue, during the week.
Mrs. R. Park yon Wedelstaedt leaves
for St. Louis on Tuesday. She will visit
her mother, Mrs L. D. Garth.
The Misses Shaw have returned to
Minneapolis, after visiting Mrs. H. V.
Rutherford, of Holly avenue.
Maj. and Mrs. George Q. White, of
Western avenue, are entertaining E. M.
Davis, Jr., and Miss Davis.
Mrs. A. F. Schiffinan, of the Metro
politan, spent the week in Stillwater
with relatives and friends.
Mrs. Holland, of Western avenue, re
turned this week from Chicago, where
she visited friends.
E. M. Davis Jr. and Miss Davis are
guests at the home of Maj. C. Q. White,
Western avenue.
Charles F. Schurmeier. of Rosabel
street, left Tuesday for an extended trip
through the East.
Dr. Senkler and Miss Senkler, of Vir
ginia avenue, have returned from an
Eastern trip.
Mrs. Conklin, who has been the guest
of Mrs. Fuilgraff, has returned to New
ark, N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Ingersoll have
gone to Ashevllle, N. C, to visit their
Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Scott, of the New
market theater, are enjoying a trip to
Misa Carrie Foote, of Wisconsin, «.
the guest of Mrs. R. S. White, Marshall.
Mrs. Livingston, of Owatonna, is vis
iting her sister, Mrs. Willard, of Holly
Mrs. Morton Barrows, of Holly ave
nue, is visiting Mrs. Sibley, in Du
Miss Fanny Kibbee.of Laurel avenue,
is home from St. Mary's school, Fari
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tarbox are.
again in their apartments at the Al
Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Stone will arrive
in York, from Europe, Monday.
Philip Reilly, of Dayton avenue, left
to-day for a business visit to Denver.
Mis-s Patch, of Minneapolis, is the
guest of Mrs. Thomas Kiley.
Mrs. R. Park yon Wedelstaedt leaves
on Tuesday for St. LouisJ
C. L. Sott. of Selby avenue, is visit
ing in Ashland. Wis.
Miss Ruth Kimball has returned from
a visit in Hastings.
Miss Keliey, ot Chicago, is the guest
of Miss Baanpre.
Charles Clark, of Marshall avenue, has
gone to Chicago.
Paul B. Merrill, of Laurel avenue, has
gone to Texas.
Miss Roto Kimball visited Hastings
last week.
Mi>s (iorman has returned from
Omaha, Neb., where she spent three
weeks visiting friends.
The Ich Dien Lawn Tennis club are
going to hold their fifth dancing party
on the evening of the 14th instant at the
club's room, corner of East Fifth street
and Maria avenue. This will be the
last party until after Lent, and prepara
tions are being made to make it the best
of the season. Following is a list of the
officers and committees: H. B. Fisher,
president; Ed Middleton. captain; T. E.
Nattrass, treasurer; invitation commit
tee, Messrs. J. F. Coggswell, R. Schiff
inan, H. Ege, T. E. Nattrass; reception
committee. Misses Middleton. Scheffer,
Krieger and Messrs. Middleton and
A parlor concert under the auspices
of the ladies guild, of St. Peters church
will be given on Friday evening. Feb.
14. at the residence of J. M. Smith, No.
732 East Fourth street. The proceeds
will be used for church expenses. Ex
cellent local talent is already procured,
including Mrs. George MacCaskey, Mrs.
Dr. L. S. Ingman. Mrs. James S. Pearce,
Mr. W. S. Pease and others. This con
cert promises to be a very nice affair,
and Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Pease deserve
thanks for their efforts to make it so.
An apron sociable was held at the res
idence or Mr. aud Mrs. Spindler, corner
East Sixth and Maple streets. Thurs
day evening by the people of the Bates
Avenue M. E. church. A nice even
ing's entertainment was enjoyed by all,
which consisted of music, vocal and in
strumental. The prize for the best
hemming of aprons was won by Phil
Heveuor, aud the foot prize by Mr. Eg
The Wide Awake Lodge No. 122, 1. O.
G. T., initiated six candidates last
Thursday evening, also liad an election
of officers for the next term, who are
all earnest workers, and will insure the
lodge a prosperous growth. In the last
three weeks, the lodge has doubled in
its membership.
The Bates Avenue M. E. church or
chestra will have a concert on the even
ing of the 14th in the churcli. No pains
will be spared to make this concert a
very nice one, and fully up to the aver
age of those given last winter.
The regular monthly meeting of St.
Paul Chapter No. 24, Order of Eastern
Star, will be held Tuesday evening at
their hall on East Seventh street, when
several candidates will be initiated.
Invitations are out for the fir3t social
party by St. Paul Chapter No. 24, Order
of the Eastern Star, tc be given in G.
A. R. hall. No. 350 East Seventh street,
on Thursday evening the 13th.
l&The St. Paul council, Royal Arcanum,
No. 656, will hold an entertainment and
hop on Monday evening, Feb. 10. at K.
of P. hall, No. 63 East Fifth street. A
very nice time is anticipated.
The Atlantic Congregational church
people held a sociable Thursday even
ing at the home of Mrs. Tracy, on Bates
avenue. A very nice time was eujoyed
by all present.
The regular meeting of the members
of the Round Table Literary and Social
club, will be held at tha home of Miss
Blanche Glanville on Tuesday evening.
The Myrtle Leaf club gave their ninth
social party at the new headquarters of
the club, G. A. R. hall, No. 350 East
Seveuth street, on Friday evening.
lit HI
The Ladies' Aid society grave its
monthly entertainment at the residence
.of Mrs. Prof. Bachelder on duelling
avenue, Wednesday evening. The even
ins was fine and the attendance conse
quently very good. The principal feat
ure of the evening's programme was a
description given by Dr. Bridgman of
his last visit to Venice. It was exceed
ingly interesting, as indeed are all of
Dr. Bridgnian's accounts of his travels
in Europe. There was music, of course,
and the usual games and refreshments,
and altogether it was one ol the most
successful of the series of entertain
ments given by the aid society. The
next social Is to be in charge of the
"C's," that is.all the ladies whose names
begin with the letter C, and it is rumored
that an effort is on foot to render it a
trifle out of the ordinary line of such
entertainments in some of its features,
though what it is to be exactly, is still a
profound secret. .
, '-■- Wednesday evening, after the social,
there was a special meeting of the trus
tees of the church, at which the subject
of the church lot was fully discussed.
It seems that the lot is already half paid
for, and the meeting was held to dis
cuss the ways and means of completing
the payment. • It was finally decided to
appoint a committee to solicit subscrip
tions for that purpose. R. K. Evans was
appointed chairman. It is hoped that
the necessary amount will soon ;be
taken, and the lot cleared of debt, then
the question of building the church will
be taken up. Hamliue : needs a church j
badly and the sooner one is built the
better every one will be satisfied. - :
n r r; Mrs. Bridgeraan, with her = little son
Donald, left Thursday evening for an
extended visit with relatives and
friends in Canada ? and trie East. " Dr.
Bridgeraan accompanied them as far as
Chicago. He U will return Monday
morning. ■ \:~ • "-
--:; The Choral" club ; met on Monday
evening with the Misses Wood, of Ham
line avenue. \ A,; special meeting was
also held on F. My evening at the res
idence of ,T. 11. n'arren, corner Simpson
and Hewitt.
' Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harrison, of
Hastings, Minn., have been, for the past
we^k. the guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. H.
Tandy. Mrs. Harrison is a sister of Mr.
Miss Maggie Nelson, who : has - ; been
the guest of Mrs. Clyde Warner for a
few weeks, returned Wednesday morn
ing to her home in Brainerd, Minn. V
- Rev. and Mrs. C. N. Stowers^ot Min
neapolis, were the guests on Monday of
Mr. .. Stowirs' daughter, : Mrs.; A. Z.
Orow, of Hewitt avenue. '
The friends of Mr. : and: MjsJ^riT }
Stager will be glad to luarn of the birth
of their son on Wednesday morning,
Judge and Mrs. Wood are entertain
ing Mr. and Mrs. Emery North and son,
of (ilyndon, Minn.
Mrs. J. Brophy, of Illinois, is in Ham
line visiting her daughter, Mrs. Harvey
Miss Myrtle Sterling, of Red VYing,
Minn., is visiting friends in Hamline.
On Thursday morning, the day set
apart for special prayer by the colleges
of our country, the usual chapel serv
ices were conducted by Bishop Fitzger
ald, of Minneapolis, assisted by Rev.
Dr. McKinley. of Hamline, after which
the bishop delivered a short but im
pressive address to the students. He
took for his subject, "The Value of a
Good Name," a subject well worthy the
attention of all young people. He
opened his remarks^ by a touching
allusion to two friends of his youth
schoolmates — one the auditor of a great
city, the other the cashier of a great
bank, both of whom made shipwreck of
life through failing to remember tha
value of a good name. The good bishop
said that a good name was the birth
right of each and every one; that a man
might be born poor, or deformed, or
idiotic even, but it was an impossibility
for him to be born with a bad name".
He pointed out its advantages, not only
in the business world, but in every de
partment ot life, where man lias every
thing to cain by it, and nothing to lose.
"Yet," said the bishop, "it is a posses
sion very easy to lose. Once gone, it is
gone forever. It is like the soul. 'What
shall a man give in exchange for his
soul?' and one may ask the same ques
tion with reference to his good name."
If he parts with it in auy way, he can
not get it back asaiu, for "the evil that
men do lives after them." The bishop
also touched upon the inestimable in
jury, not only of losing oue's good
name, but of clouding that of others.
He did not think it in the power of any
human being to permanently de
stroy the good c haracter of any other
person, but it was in his
power to heavily shadow it and cause
infinite pain and sorrow. He wished to
warn all young people to be careful
about doing this, even in the slightest
way. Not only to guard as their most
precious treasure their owa good name,
but to be equally jealous about the good
name of their I'rieuds. The bishop con
cluded his address by stating that there
was but one way to effectually do this;
to submit yourselves to the care of God
Almighty; to devote one's life to His
service. The students were deeply im
pressed, not only by the words of" the
bishop, but by his earnest mariner—be
traying every now arid then how deeply
he felt upon the subject. He is always
a thoughtful speaker, but it is rare *or
Bishop Fitzgerald to display emotion.
The students will not soon forget his
address of Thursday morning.
Last evening, in the chapel, the Ath
enians entertained the Ainphictyon so
ciety. The usual programme was ren
dered as follows: President's address,
Miss Una Davis. Music, "Freisehutz"
(Leybach), Miss Hope Dunn. Oration,
"Simon Says 'Thumbs Up.' " Miss Hat
tie Foss. Recitation, "Aux ltaliens,"
Miss Theo Irvine. Sons:. Mrs. Church.
Paper, "The Athenian," Miss Lena
Putnam. Recitation, "La Cica and ti e
Senator," Miss Gertrude Torrance.
Song, "The Son? I'll Ne'er Forget,"
Miss Lulu Blackwell. Discussion—"Re
solved, that almsgiving increases pau
perism"—pro. Miss Jean Evans. Quar
tette, "Rest, 1 * Misses Griffith, Webb,
Knox, Putnam. After the programme,
which was entertaining in every part,
refreshments wero served. Then the
two societies cave themselves up to
having a right good time. There were
about 100 young people present, includ
ing honorary members of both societies.
A pretty feature of the evening were
the little boutonnieres of rose buds,
which were presented to each
one present. On the whole, it
was a very pleasant occasion
and the Athenseanes may well lie proud
of their success. Arnjjng the honorary
members and others present were the
following: Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Tandy,
Mrs. F. A. Akermann, Miss Hattie
Garvin, Mrs. Prof. Griffin, Miss 11. L.
Shoemaker, Mrs. Prof. Osborne. Misses
Clara Warner, Sadie Higgins, Lizzie
.Higgins, Winifred Warner, Addie
Door; E. E. McCrea, Mrs. Will Chap
man, of Merriam Park; Miss Colburn,
of St. Paul; Miss Dunn, of Minneapo
lis; Misses Alice and Jessie Burlingame,
of Fairmont, Minn.
The Hamliue Glee club, with their
lady friends, were out Friday night. It
was a sleigh ride, of course, but this
time it was St. Paul instead of Minne
apolis, and dinner at the Hotel Ryan in
stead of lunch at Dorsett's. They all
went, including the following ladies:
Misses Bessie Vesidder, Maude Knox,
Lillian Knott, Genevra Jeuks, May
Whitney, Una Davis. Lena Putnam,
May Webb, Mabel Cassidy and Gertrude
fcu-ager. The gentlemen of the party
were Messrs. Guy Maxwell. Will Brink,
H. H. Norton, Hugh Chaffpe, Mathew
Norton. W. Tuckey, Will Judson, Perley
Stowers, Charles Higby and F. F. Far
rar, who, with Miss Seager, were spe
cially invited guests of the club. They
all agree that they had a royal time, and
that the Ryan is the place to go for a
No. 1 dinner.
The lecture by C. D. Bell, of Minne
apolis, Tuesday evening, was very
largely attended, the chapel being
crowded, and proved deeply interesting.
Mr. Bell is a pleasant speaker, and
showed by his lecture that he is also an
acute observer. The course of lectures,
so tar, has been excellent, and the peo
ple have evidenced their appreciation
by a generous attendance. The present
lecture bureau is by far more efficient
than any of its predecessors, and it is
right that their efforts to secure good
lecturers should secure them one re
The debates in the Amphictyon soci
ety are becoming, quite celebrated in
local circles. Friday night thnre was a
lively one on the question, "It. solved.
That Provision Should be Made lor the
Transportation of the Negro." The
leaders on the affirmative were Mr.Wil
bur Bonney and Air. J. H. Dewart.
On the negative, Mr. J. M. Domeyer
and Mr. J. V. Hank. The question was
thrown open to the house as usual and
after a hot contest the decision was ren
dered in favor of the affirmative.
Very neat invitations are out for the
senior reception to be given Tuesday
evening in the university chapel. This
reception is always the social event of
the college year, and is looked forward
to with lively anticipations of pleasure.
The present class is very bright and
popular, and it is not to be doubted that
every one who has been fortunate
enough to secure an invitation will be
Wednesday afternoon the divinity
students of Hamline were favored with
an address by Rev. Dr. Forbes of St.
Paul, the presiding elder of the St.
Paul district.
Miss Cornsh ou Thursday entertained
her brother and wife and sister, who
are but just returned from England, at
the ladies* hall.
Miss Zoe McClary entertained Miss
Katherine Oliver, the elocution teacher,
at the hall on Friday.
Miss Josie and Alice Burlingame, of
Fairmont. Minn., are the guests of
Miss Gould at the hall.
Rev. S. Kerfoot, or Elk River, Minn.,
class of '89, visited his college friends at
Hamline, Wednesday.
Miss Josie Marshall, of Minneapolis,
is the guest of her sister. Miss Ella
Marshall at the hall.
Miss Theo [rvine is entertaining ber
friend, Miss Colburn, of St. Paul, at the
Miss Dunn, of Minneapolis, is the
guest of her cousin. Miss llope Dunn.
Miss Genevra Jenks is spending Sun
duy with ber parents in Stillwater.
Miss Caroline Miller is visiting friends
in Minneapolis for a !f.v days.
Charles -Lewis is in Owatonna to
spend the Sabbath.
Complexion Powder is an absolute ne
cessity of the refined toilet in this cli
mate. Pozzoni's combines every ele
ment of beauty and purity.
Spring and Summer Dress Goods !
Pending- preparations for our Great Animal Sale of Fine Under
clothing-, to be announced in a few days, which will be on a scale of un
usual vastu ss and full of interest, we open to-morrow
OF 1
istctveiiliTies insr
Fine Woolen Fabrics!
Made specially to our order by manufacturers who cater for the most
exclusive circles in England and on the Continent of Europe. The as
sortment includes the latest designs in Bayswater and Berwick Tweeds;
Scotch Cheviot Suitings: English Suitings, in new Mixtures; India Checks;
French Chevron stripes, in soft tones and neutral tints; Stripes with
Check Borders, for Skirts, and Checks to match Borders for Draperies;
Guinea Cloths; Camel's Hair; Combination Suitings; Henrietta Cloths; De
beige Suitings and other materials in styles, suitable lor smart and
effective Spring and Summer Gowns.
We also open full lines of the new weaves of this celebrated mann
facturer, whose name, so widely known, is everywhere received as a syn
onym for excellence. They are the best black goods made, without any
exception, and are absolute y reliable in every sense. The ncr importa
tion iuclndes:
Silk Warp Camel's Hairs. Ail- Woo I Ravenna.
Silk Warp Mourning Cloths. All-Wool Surah Twill.
Silk Warp. Ciarettes. All-Wool Tamise.
Silk Warp La Glorias- All-Wool Batiste.
Silk Warp Convent Cloths. A //-Wool Henrietta.
Silk Warp Villettes. Lace Border Batiste.
Shk Warp Crepe Cloths. Hemstitched Nun's Veiling.
Silk Warp Armures. j Camel's Hair Grenadine.
In addition to the above we have brought out many new designs for
second mourning and fancy weaves in solid blacks.
New Importations of Flannels,
Plaid and Stripe Silk and Wool Indi i Cashmere Flannels.
ANDERSON'S FLANNEL^ in a large variety of new designs for \
FRENCH FLANNELS, Plain and Fancy Styles, in new colorings.
Direct from Calais and Nottingham, immense assortments of
.1 ■'.- .: m At Special Prices, and Additional Novelties in
We Are Sole Agents in St. Paul for the Celebrated /
Than which there are none better in the market. They are made of ;
♦he best materials, fully reinforced, and give abundant satisfaction to
every purchaser. Every Shirt is warranted to fit. •
P At Special Reductions-
Third and Minnesota Streets,

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