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St. Paul daily globe. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1884-1896, February 15, 1892, Image 7

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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Males. .
\ GENTS WANTED— Minnesota branch
-»- Fidelity Mutual Aid Association, of San
Vrancisco, h!. Apply 320 Wabnsha. Grand
F>lock, Boom 4(!5; good terms to live men.
AGENTS wanted : blfr pay to jiixxl work
ers. Call West NoveUy Supply, 213 Ilen
liepin hv.. Mint!fnpolis. V
B— wam>,i> — on salary or
conlnli^sion to handle the New Patent
Chemicfil Ink-Erasing Pencil: the gre.Atest
felling novelty ever produced; erases \ik
thoroughly in two seconds: no abra>io. »t"
l'«r er:'2'ii» to f<t' itrcent profit: oneasettVs
mlo> :unot:iitfd to i'(s2O in mx days: nnutlKVr
S;!*J m two hours we want one energetic geu
cral naent i:\ c:;ch stnte and territory. For
termssi full iculars address The Moa
roe EraM-r Mtsj. i '«.. La < roEse Wis. X 4.
Aije YOU one of the employes of' the
Fuller Drusr tmpany at ■?( p>er day.
l hanifaor of Commerce, Room 5. M. C. llen
dersou. manager.
f>OY— v\ anted, stou; boy obout sixteen
> years of age. Apply Valley Iron Works
BOY— \\ a-vted, strong boy. call at grocery
store corner Ninth and Exchange sis.
C">ANVAsskks wanted: salary and ccm
> tnissioti. liie Singer Mfg. Co., 40 East
Third .st.
CAMVA»»KK>— Wanted, good canvassers
■on salary or commission. r;* East Sev
e:uh st.. st Paul, Minn.
A S VASS EKs wauledat West Third;
-' no experience required.
CANVAS.-ERS — Wanted, a few good men
to c.uivmss for us. Cail at 7.'>>> aoasha.
pI.EI«K> — Wanted, arug oiUer clerks:
-' iuc:i wisLi wholesale experience. Ly
inanli,: Drug Co., Hinneapolla.
£■. Nl> K»»V— A boy for errands at h'."-'
Wa'jasba st. City.
ive-iwo-hok.se teams. s.v» per
month and board, to ha'.il cord wood in
Wisconsin: suod roads: stead j work; ceH
2;>3 and COS •kson st. Wallow & Miller.
GTTTbT; stNEss CoTUEtiE warns
VT voting men and ladles to learn teleg
raphy, shorthand (Moran-Pi:man>, bookkeep
v.\z. German, etc : students cau work for
tuition very reasonable. For full informa
tion call oil or address F. A. Marou, Fourth
and Jacsson.
H.we you used Fuller catarrh Cure?
Coamberof commerce, room 5; trial free.
AK>i-:»s:tIAKEK wanted. Apply to
A. E. Koberts, Oastlewood. llainliu
county, -. l>.
ARNE»M.\KEK wauled. Apply to
A. K. Roberts, Casllewood. Bamlin
county. s>. D.
AK.VE.snM.\KEKS wanted; pood jobs.
SchefferA Rossnm. 174 Kast Fourth st
AUNDRY DKI\ER— An experienced
laundry driver wanted. Inquire £as
ton's Laundr; ompaiiy, B7 South Robprt.
OMICE WORK— Wanted, by v. young
man ef seveuteeu years ot aire, work in
a law office; have two years three months'
experiences; can furnish firsi-class refer
e:ice-i. X 104. Globe.
PR At TICaTTTv Lli.small
to run truit and vegetalile farm near
good market: cash >nt or on shaiez; house,
tooU. etc., on reasonable terms. Box C IC
>tillwfUer. Minn.
PRES>EK — uood Dressers wanted on
ready-made coats. IC3 East Seventh St..
-Oiii n.
CAl.K>.ntX wiih an established dry
O goods or clothing trade in the Wesieriii
states tr> handle a rirst-class line of cotton
Mid woolea hosiery direct from mills oncoin
niissioa. Address with references, L 95
v. Lobe.
Al,EsMEN— Energetic men want'd: free
prepaid outtit. One of our auents his
earned >verSS6i9GU in rive years. P. O. Box
1-n. New York.
>l SKI lt«»V waned for oill cierfc in
0 Dfiluth.: state asre and saltiry. B. R. J.,
Suiiiij. Minn. "
nuis»- Wanted, men ot energy
V-7 and tact to solicit for Bankers' Life As
eociation of >t. Paul, Minn. Salary or guar
antee as pieferred. Address C. E. Secor, St
Paul. Minn.
'pilKOsOt'HY— one d»iring infor- I
J- mat ion about tbeosopny please address
St Paul Theo^ophxal Society, Room 123,
*.iobe Bnilditis.
\\ r A N Two hustlers to sell patent
• » fire toidiera at 20i) East Seventh st.
AITtRS wanted at McVeigh's, 67 East
V* T;: r r<t Bt. . . „- -
ANT riise-^n L'ood. intelligent men
• • wanting a permanent position to call
at 22:j East Ei^hih st, any day this week;
1 iod wa^es to good men.
UT ANTJ'.I» — Man aud wife to take farm
on shares or wages; state number of
farmiv. Address N OS. Gloce.
117AXTJSD — honest young man for a
♦ » permanest oosition with an old estab
lis led iirm as tbeir representative in his own
state. Saif.ry increased with expenence.
lfefereiice^ required Interstate Mfg. Co.,
"7 Warren st. New York.
Tir ANTED— -Man with push in every
■ » tonrn and village to introduce among
housekeepers the latest improvement in a
patent cake-griddle; also a portable lamp
uracket; liv every iamp now in use. Ad
dress for Darricnlars. A. C. Miller, 531 Guar
anty Loan. Minneapolis.
U At. ON MAKER— Wauted. n good man
oa farm wagons, especially wheels.
Res . Johns <£ Co., Lake City, Miuii.
■ ORK KOti Koard— Girl to work for
board and" go to school. ADply 318
Wabasha st.
'Ji-Aj ing our Perfaetion Shoe (recently
patented i. also the Taylor Adjustable Shoe,
direct to the consumer: profit from 75 cts. to
$2.25 a pair. No competition: every lady a
possible Customer this spring. Secure your
territory at once. Address with 2c stamp.
Consolidated Adjustable Snoe Company,
Lynn. Mass.
'a PPKENTICE to learn hair trade; four
-rV teen or fifteen years old. Apply 318
Wabasha at.
fiHAMBERMAID* — Good, competent
v_ cnambermaids at the Aberdeen hotel at
CtOOK — Wanted, experienced woman cook
' for tneats ana pastry, hotel in country ;
give references. Address M 101), Globe.
COOK — Wanted, steady woman to coot,
rash aiid iron, and a gir! as children's
nr.r?e. 4*2 Holly ay.
C'tOOK— Wanted, a cook for a small family.
t Appiv (07 Lincoln ay.
(^Ol)K— Wanted, woman to cook for tnree
' or four men on farm; no objection to
one child. < 'all or address 411 Sneliing ay.
Call o:i Monday.
COOK— Wanted, a competent <.-oo«; In
quire moruinga, Mrs. C. li. Johnston,
No. Z Crocus Hill.
ININt; KOO.H <il RL wanted at Pardee's
restaurant. SS East Seventh.
NINC. ROOM GIRL— Oue dining room
girl and one girl to do washing and
ironing. 414 Broadway .
Dl^li WASMEi: wanted at Grand Central
DRE-o.UAKER — Wanted, competent
dressmaker. Call Monday a. m. at 556
fat. Peter st.
I\KEs.smaki.ng — Wanted, kdies to
■LJ learn the newest and most perfect pvs
tem of dress and cloak cutting; the inventor,
a former pupil of European Fashion Acad
emy, will give his persouai attention to
teaching for the next four wcek3; dresses
cut and perfect fit guaranteed; also perfect
luting uterns for sale with in-«tructious for
tising them. Room .', Manuheimer Build
lug; Mrs. H. L. De Long. Agents wauted.
■i-J Wanted, girl to learn dressmaking. Miss
Edwaros. 626 Temperance st.
IKLs WANTED-Five cooks, twelve
for general work, three for second work.
young girls to assist: small families: good
wages. Call at 543 Wabasha st
HA V you i ; -o<i Fuller Catarrh Cure?
Chamber of commerce, room 5; trial free.
HO E WORK— Wanted, a girl for gen
eral housework at 460 Virginia ay • Sl4
a momh.
HOl>K\v<iuk-A «ood girl for general
housework. SlO Portland ay. •
HO L s E Wti.'tK— Wanted, gitl for general
housework at 161 Niuaav.
OUSEWOKK— Wanted, girl f or general
housework: small family. ita.'> Reaney st
H OI'SE WO X— Wanted, a girl or gen
eral housework: 246 Sherburne aye.
Ol SE WORK— Wanted, girl for general
housework; references required. 448
Smith ay.
OlSl2WOKK— WanterLgood.com peteut
girl for general housework, at i"6 Holly
LJOLsEWoKK. -Wanted, good, compe-
XJ tent girl for general housework; small
fnm:!y ; German or Norwegian preferred;
references required. 25S Nelson ay.
IJOIJNKWOKK— Wanted, Eirl to assist in
U general housework 49THtou sL . .
HO E WORK— wanted for general
honseworK, at 57S Cedar st.
OUSEWOKK— Wanted, good girl for
general housework. 606 Portland ay.
. FemateN. "
uistwoitK- Qiri for Reueral houae
work. i 37 West Fitth bt. _^
OlSEWOKK— Wanted, a good girl for
eeaerai housework; small family. 52i»
Lauiel. ■ .
Hot>t.w«»KK— Wanted, girl for uesii'ial
housework: good wages. Apply to 8-1
Hoffman ay., Dayton's bluft. or to 3:t!> East
Seven; h st.
OUSKWOKK— WaTTted. gin for general
bonseworfcat .'.■:; Portland ay; small
family: no washing or ironing.".,.
OUSEWOKK— Wanted, n >suod girl tor
genoral housework. 12G West Sixth st.
U OUSEWOKK— Wauted, comtieteM girl
11 for geuerai housework. Apply morn
ings at 143 Marshall ay. "
OtshWOKK- Wanted, a girl for geu
eral housework: small family; wages
Sl2 per month. 75;j Carroll st.
HOtsfc>%yoKK— Wanted, uetßMr.l servant
girl. 51 Irvine park; SI4 per month to
gcod girl.' " ; ■
HOI'SEWOKK— Wanted, girl for gen
ernl housework. 555 Westminster st.
HO isnVOKh- Wanted, good girl for
general housework; family of two. 377
St. Albana >t.
OUSEWOKK— Wanted, a girl for a fam
n. ily.of three; German or Swede. Sil
Agate st., St Paul.
Ol'SEWOßK— Wanted, n good girl tor
eeneral housework. 271 Louis st, cor
ner Iglehart.
OUSEWOKK— Wanted. >:ood girl for
gfiicral housewoik. 74 Summit ay.
OUSEWOKK— \\ allied, a competentgirl
fot several housework: good v. iiges.
Apply 3fJ Fuller st. ' : ' '
OIiSEWORK— Gir.I for geuenii house-
O work: Swede; must be - stead y. 503
East Seventh st
OUSEWOKK— Wanted, em for geuerai
housework at once, at:> 44 Fuller st, .
OUSEWOKK— VVanted. girl for neuenil
housework; small fit ■nily; good wages.
Call 2U Norris st. *
OUSEWOKK— Wanted, a girl for sen
eral housework; steady employment.
217 Spraee.
HOUSEWORK— Wanted.- for housework
aud must know how to cook. lU2 Igle
OLsewokk— Girl wanted for general
liotibt'work. U3 Summit ay.
tjorsKWOKR- for general house-
O. work; small family: no children. 603
John st.
OUSEWOKK— Wanted, sirl in need of a
good home, small family, at 408 Day
ton ay.
M OL'sJS WOßK— Competent girl wauted
i-i for general house work at 90 Mackubin,
corner Ashland ay.
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, at occe, good
general servant; good bteady place for
good yii!. Apply at 387 V* Selby ay.
HOI S WO XX— Wanted, German girl
who understands general housework;
good witJEea : small family ; call Mbndav morn
ing. 24 I^lehart st.
OUSEWOEK— GirI to assist in house
work. 953 Minnehaha East.
OUSE WORK— Good girl for general
housework, also second girl, i) East
Tenth st.
LJ WORK— Wanted, good girl for
JJL general house ivork in small family." 075
Laurel ay.
KITCBeM tilßi.— At once, a neat, tidy
liirl for kitchen work. 581 Pine st.
ITCHEN WOKK— swede girl wauted td
helo in the.kitcheu. 4:i3 Selby ay«
n CHEN work— Wanted, a girl to do
kitchen work at 105 Eighth st.
AU> DRY GIRLS wanted at the Xatiou
nl Steam Laundry Company, 56-63 . West
Fonrth st.
LOTS of elegaut family places. Cooks.
SIT; second girl, SUS, etc: Douglass, 35
Seven tn.
|V[ U USE— Wanted, nn old lady to take care
1* of children. 370 Waucota st.
NUKSE GlßL— Voiinu giri, for the care
-L™ of one child; call morniucs. 4;i'J Day
ton ay. ■ . .
VTIJKSE oiul — Wauted, Gcrruau nurse
1> girl. TlTiltonst. - ; ,
NURSE GIKL — V\ anted, experienced
1* nurse girl, about seventeen years old;
eference required. 533 Dayton ay. '
NL Rse GIRL, Germau, wanted at7lTil
ton st.
\j UK»E (iIUL- Wauted, a nursegirlfor
ll litt'.e girl. Mrs. C. E. Sherin. 144 Batea ay.
IV URsE GIRL wanted at 720 Cedar st.
\y URSE GlßL— Wanted, a nurse girl to
-l* take care of an infant; references re
quired. Mrs. H. Van Ellemeet. 200 Laurel ay.
IVTLKSE — Wanted, young nurse
1^ girl to take care of two children; one
accustomed to children preferred: age. about
futeent o eighteen years old. Call at ouce at
gSS Laurel ay.
■jVJ LßSE— Competent nurse for children;
ll will give $14 per month. Apply today,
at 644 Selby ay. "
SALESLADIES— We want to employ a
few salesladies; call Monday morning.
New England Shoe Company, 133, 135 and
137 East Seventh st.
SECOND GIKL — Wanted, coinpeieut sec-
O ond girl. 554 Dayton ay.
OECOND — Wanted, second girl who
O can assist with plain sewing. 112 est
ern ny ■ ■
ECOND GlKL— Wanted, competentgirl
for second work: good wages to one
well recommended. 20 Summit ay.
EWING GlßLS— Wanted, experienced
sewing girls on coats, also learners. 16")
East Seventh. Room IS.
ECOND GLKL wanted at;">2l Ashland ay.',
O city; references required; apply in the
morning. .
OECOND WORK— A competent girl to do
O second work: one who has references.
Apply to Mrs. William Lindeke.77 Central ay.
HIliT FINISHER— a tirst-class
O shirt finisher at once. Exchange Laun
dry. 407 and 409 Rice st
I RT MAKERS — Wanted, first-class
O makers: steady work. - H. C. Mul
ford & Co.. 2.">2 Henuepin, Minneapolis.
HIKTMAKKKS— anted, shirtmakers,
O Wheeler & Wilson No. 2 machine; also
buttonhole makers. Q3 East Third st '
young lady stenographerand typewriter.
Address, experience and salary," B. It. J.,
Duluth. Minn.
\\T AMI EX WOMAN wanted i(j take
V V home family washing, at 993 Fairmouut
ay. -
ASHING wanted at 4"i6 East Sixth st ;
rough-dried clothes, fifty pieces for
SI; called for. ■
WANTEE —Young, lady companion to
work specialties on the road. Ad
drees E 110, Globe.
WAN'TKD— Lady or sentleman. salary,
§65 per mouth: steady employment.
Apply Manager J. Brown, 306 Rice "st; St.
A> TED— Three cooks, twenty dollars
a month, and two nurse girls at 390
Walnut st
ANTED— AII ladies who are weak and
sickly can find honorable and profita
ble employment addressing letters forme;
send self-addressed stamped envelope for par
ticulars toMrs.MaryK.Bucll.Southßend.lnd.
WAITER — An experienced waiter
wanted ; references required. 302 South
Exchange st.
ASH WOMEN— Come ready to wash
Monday morning. 5."> Sherburne a.v.
AH GIRLS WANTED to take places iv
tJ\J city. Fort Sneliiag, Dakota and Mon
tana; cooks, second girl, nurse girls, general
housework; call early and secure best places.
Employment Office. 233 East Seventh, corner
BEIT— Wanted 'to buy, baby bed. with
clothing; must be cheap. W S. D., 155
Charles st
POUXTEK- Wanted to buy, a counter
V-' cheap. Address M 100, Globe.
ENGINE— Wanted to buy, a two or three-
J-i horse power upright engine and second
hand sheet iron press punch. 927 Hastings
ay., St PauL • -
FUR COAT— Wanted, to buy a good sec
ond hand fur overcoat. Address D 107,
Globe. .
II newly second-hand household goods.
X. X.. Globe. °
JOB PRESS about 8x12; must be in good
*f order, and a bargain. Call or address
737 Olive st
W' ANTED — Second-hand window fixt
ures> for gents' furnishing goods. 133
East Third st
lANO TUNER— Address S.E. Crutcheit"
Box 492, PostoS?ce, StPaul; price.sl.so;
• references.
MTI'ATIOXS wamte'd.
tljilc. ;
BOYS FOX PLAI'Ga, places for ooys;
emplovT.ient bureau for poor boys, free.
Newsboys' club Room. chaml>cr of Com
merce building; open from U to Vi a. m. aud
from 7 to *.i: t i p. ni.
BOOKKKKI'KK, experienced, wants set
01 books to keep eveniugs. A. F..Globe.
CLERK— • position ax clerk in
J hotel: have had experience; best of ref- f
erence. Edward kidder. No. S5 East
Eighih st.
C il. — Want a position as clerk in gro
' eeries: have six years' experience. A.
.1. ClarK. S.» East Bightn st.
pi UACUM.N — Wanted, situation l>y a
.V-^w young man of good and steady haoits ns
coachman, who has two years' experience
aad <-mii give best references. Q l>f>. Globe.
OACHJUS-A yuuug man wants po3i
tion as coachman: is well acquainted
with iiu' business. Address Z 100. Globe.
DRAUGHTSMAN— architectural— wisnes
situation. Address UK, Globe.
■t would like plant to run; best city ref
erences. Address X SI. Globe.
j.^UI'LOVMKST —Situation wanted of
■*-■* any kind by a steady young man (Scau
diuavian): talks good English: references
given. Address K. Skoog, 71+ Case st.
HIM.OXJIs-.NT-Wantedrbv a. respect
-LH able youth, situation of any kind; refer
ences. Address 11. It.. 531 L'Or'ient st
MI'LOVMIiXT- Wauted, situation by a
young irian wlio has just served tive
years with the Tuiied States army: willing
to do anything to earn an honest living: can.
Rive best of references. Address James IS.
Harouey. U93 West Seventh st.
pUKdKIE- situation wanted by a tirst
i- class light or heavy forger, or any kind
of Dlacksiniihing. Address T:i4 Enst Third st.
HAVE you used Fuller Catarrh Cure?
Chamber of eeinmerce, room s:trialfree.
HOsTLEK — A colored man wants situa
tion taking care of horses or work of
any sort; can bring references. Cail 194
>,"orri> .-!.
MANAGER— \\ iimed. position as man
ager, operator or all-round uiiru in a
photo gallery. Write C. 11. X., Globe.
T)OSTING— a reliable, experienced book
x keeper desires to get two or three small
sets of books to post up; will make term 3
satisfactory. Addre.-s Box 4Tti. P. O.
(JTh.NoJiK.vi'HiiK- Dictation and copy
k-* ins wanted by au experienced stenog
rapher. Room fr_'S. Endicott Building.
writer desires a situatiou in a lawyer's
office; moderate salary. Address G 100, Globe.
1/" ANTE l>— Man to wheel an iuvalid in a
» V chair for two or three hours a day;
state terms. Address V B.">, Globe.
UJ ANTED — position in jewelry store;
four years' experience; can give good
references. Address 903 Stevens st.
OOKKEEPER— Lady wants position as
assistant bookkeeper, copying' or any
kind of office work: five years* experience.
V i>4. Globe.
CASHIER— Wanted, by an experienced
lady, a position as cashier or any office
work; city references. Address 343 East
Tenth st. . ■ .
COOK would like a situation in a private
family; can furnish best of references.
Call at 427 Selby cv. -
RESSMAKKR would like to go out
sewing in families by the day. Address
liil) West Sixth st. "
DlWissjiAKKß- Experienced dressmak
er wonld like sewing in families. Ad
dress 8. . Globe. . •
LDEISLY IADV would hire position in
doctor or dentist office as receiving lady,
or housekeeper in small family. 157 Univer
sity ay.; upstairs.
HAVE you used Fuller Catarrh Cure?
Chamber of commerce, roort 5; trial free.
HOUSEKEEPER— Wanted bj a Canadian
widow lady, a position as nousekeeper
orcompaniou to an invalid; best of refer
ences. Apply to Box A D, Globe. Minneap
L~ AUNDRKSS— An experienced launiiress
±-i would like place to go out washing- or
ironing, or take washing home.- Address
Mrs. Soreusen, 2SI Williams st., right base
ment. „...-. . ■.-•.■ -~
[\/f ILLINER-Wanted-Young laav with,
-*.»A some experience would, Like a position
in a millinery store. Addresss F 107. Globe." -
jVTLRSE, large experience, will attend
J-^i women during sickness: speaks English.
French. German. Address T 95. Globe.
ONB welli recommended giri wants cook-,
ing in private family; two girls looking
for work in restaurants or boarding houses.
233 East Seventh.
POSITION wanted by physician's daugh
ter in either dental or docror's office.
Call or address B. P.. 381 East Seventh St.;
VALKSLADY-A young lady would like a
O position in a confectionery store, or some
kind of office work. Address "C, 470 Edmuud
st., city.
OTENOGRAPHER— Competent lady sten
ographer and typewriter, with best city
references, desires position: can operate
Smith Premier and Ramingtou machines: no
objection to leaving the city. Address L 103,
OTENOGRAPHER-A competent sten
*>■' ographer and typewriter desires perma
nent position: owns a machine: can give best
of reterence. Address G 103, Globe.
OTKXOGRAPHER-Aa experienced lady
O stenographer and typewriter desires a
position; no objection to leaving the city;
can give best of references. Address V 100.
WANTED— in need of good girls
can find the same by leaving orders
with Mrs. Merry weather. 543 Wabasha st
ASHERWOMAN-A woman would
like to go out washing. Address 531
Charles St., up stairs. -'
WASHING— A woman wants outside
washing aud ironing and houseclean
ing. Inquire at 164 West Sixth st. Go in the
rear house.
WASH ING — Family washing wanted.
Plain clothes washed ana ironed, 35
cents dozen. Address Mrs. Sorensen, 231
Williams st.. right basement. ■■
r ASHING— a young lady would like to
»V go out and do some washing. Please
call at 400 Charles st. '
WASHING— Two German girls want to
go out washing and cleaning. Address
.->T-> Van Buren st., city.
ASHlNG— Wanted, to go out washiug
•-'44 Fourteenth. Mrs. Bery. ■'
AM R— Positive cure catarrh, colds,
rheumatism, indigestion, disability,
nervousness, piles, female blood and private
diseases: only remedy sold on guarantee;
free trial treatment. JtM Wabasha. Sold by
druggists. ; ' . . . .
/"CHARLES RAYMOND— out Of em-*
v-> ploy, write former employer, C. H. chad
bourne. " ■ --'.:-■'.
LAIKVOYANT— Mme; Teitsworih—
liable business test aud developing me
dium; twenty-nine years' experience. ; 450
Minnesota. .-...■■ . _ > . .-. r: : -
MMA THORSON, professional inas
sager: also improved Turkish baths.
Room 11">. Moore Block, Seven Corners. * .-.'.
OK ADOPTION — a Doy baby, four
months old; good, healthy baby. Call
at 536 Seventh ay. north, Minneapolis.
HAVE you used Fuller Catarrh Cure?
Chamber of commerce, room 5: trial free.
LADIES — Headache, backache, nervous
ness.and all weakness peculiar to women,
speedily cured by using Orange Blossom ; St
Paul aay, Wednesday. Address General
Agent. 50 Royalston ay., Minneapolis, Minn.
and magnetic healer. 419 Exchange st,
Room 1, up stairs. • '
|V| KS. KATE HOSK.lNS— Magnetic heal-
L"J er; psychometric and trance medium.
•J2SU West Seventh st.
RS. M. A. TUSBEY, 22a East Eighth st
Magnetic and massage treatment for
nervous diseases, paralytic and rheumatism;
aiso clairvoyant Hours, a. m. oßp. m.
BOARD— Plain, substantial board for two
geutlemen in private-family. Address
X llO. Globe. ■
BOARD — Young iady wishes a place to
room and board, terms not to exceed $4
per week. Address P 104. Globe.
BOARD — Wanted, a place to board in a
-D plain family; willing to assist with
housework. Address T 112. Globe.
OARD— Room wanted with breakfast or
; full board. YBB,.Globe. ...
p OOM AND BOARD— Young lady wants
-TV room and board in private family; Col
lege. Nelson or Summit. Address F 109. Globe.
—Private and class lessons: pupils trained
in - all dramatic branches. Miss Haas, 632
Qsceola ar. -
FOR niaiT.y'.-v" -'■<;
- liouMew. «
COTTAGE— For tent ho. 88 East Ninth
. St.; has gas, city water, closets, etc.;
front and back yard, and ia in good order.
Apply at i(5 Kast Eighth st. for key. . . ; '.'"' :
I">OTTAGK — Nice six-room cottage at
White Bear for sale or rent also second
floor of houses on Farrington ay. and Blair
st. for rent cheap. W. F. CarrofL 8M Pioneer
I'rc--s Building.
C^OTT.V<iE— Neat cottaue and large tot for
- rent; S3. Room 33, Chamber of Com
merce. _^^^
COTTAGE— Foe rent cottage of six rooms,
J ' city water, at 235 Fourteenth st. Inquire
651 Canada st: rent Sl2. .•-.
FOR KENT— Uousea, stores and ontcen in
all parts of the city; call and examine
our lists: we may have Just what you aro
looking for. The St Paul Trust Company,
Endicott Building. East Fourth st
HOUSE— For rent, a iour-room house. :!!>"
Selby. near .Western. Call at 3!W Selby
or 557 Rondo.
HOI — furnished noase of eight room*
to responsible tenant from March L.
">()1 Ashland ay.
OUSKs— To rent several well located
houses: will lease to good tenants cheap.
Call :i'.i) Manhattan block, corner Fifth . and
Robert sta,
HOUSE Good house, nine rooms/water,
cell-tr. sewerage. 51!) Robert st. Apply
to Nelson Roberr, water office.
HtHi?»KS— Six-room house, and also live
room. with water and sewer, for rent at
6<31 East Third. -
HOUSE — Wauted, eiirhc-room single house
with bath, near Weoster school; jjyOO.OO
peryenr: three years' lease from May 1. Ad
dress X 10L Globe.
HOLses — One six and five-room house,
with hot and cold water bath, corner
Canada and University ay . :
HOUSES— houses, eigh f , rooms, on
Dayton's bluff, for rent dv Fred Altheu,
tU9 Cherry st " ■■
House— To rent, the nine-room house
No. 442 Dayton ay.. southwest corner
Arundel: good location; nil conveniences. J.
W. Bishop, Endicott building. '
HOUSE— For rent furnished house, heated
throughout by hot water, with modern
conveniences; two to be boarded tor the
rent; on electric line in Eighth ward. Ad
dress II 100. Globe. Minneapolis. -
-^'1 Davidson Bloclt, Corner Fourth and
Jackson Sts.— Hoases, stores and flats for
rent in all parts of the city. '
<2?,^ I'KR MONTH-For rent;, five nn
*iP*J furnished rooms, corner Payne ay. and
Jenks st C. R. Robbins, \%i Germania Life
FlatN. ~~ r^ r :
PLAT>- For rent iv Merriam Park, near
A railroad and street car line, desirable
flats at greatly reduced prices: car fare paid
each way: call soon and select before nil are
taken; take Fourth st. cable cars. Murray &
Bell, agents.
FLAT— Centrally located, witn modern im
provements. Room 25. Court Block, 24
East Fourth, opposite court house.
i^i.AT— flat for rent. Apply to Carl
- F. Rapp. corner Ninth and Exchange sts. !
C^LATS— Corner Robert and Tenth sis. tu- 1
-1- quire 503 Robert st. \, ■-'■
PL AT— Seven-room, steam-heated flat; hot
-L and cold water, gas range fixtures; ;
screens, -."indow shades, etc. ; very central.
'j:j East Eleventh. left door. " isi
—HOT*. I. KKUNsWICU, for Ken tie- •'
• men only; fifty modeni bteam-heaied
rooms by day, week or month.- A
ARROLL ST., 222— Pour unfurnished,-
V> rooms for rent, nnd furniture for safe.
Ciel>ar, 528— Lytle Terrace— bor rent' one
' front room, with alcove: also two single
rooms; with or without board: *} o'clock din
ners. ; -■ , PyQ
CiIiDAR ST.. corner of Tenth— >'itp
' ■ furnished suuny rooms; -G o'clock, dfn-'i
er. .. . , .., ... ..,- ; . vv;;:-.;^'
ENTKAI, AY., S2 WEST— Corner Rice ■•.
—Suite of four rooms, first floor; modenrr
improvements; for housekeeping. :■ James
Mabou. ; . . . -jh
OLLEOfc AYE., 24 WEST— Furnished
' or unfurnished rooms, steam-heated, with
or without board.
AYTON AY., 382 — Corner Western-
Nicely furnished room with bath, suit- 1
able for one or two gentlemen.
IGHTH ST.. 313, EAST— Furnished
: rooms for light housekeeping. -•:.
£'IGHTH ST., 313 EAST— Two furnished
J-i rooms for light housekeeping, with
water; SlO per mo'ifh.
£' IGHTH ST.. 4 59 EAST-One nicely fur
t uished front room; furnace and batn;
good location; reasonable rent
XCHANGE ST., 353-Sleeping room;
use of bath, furnace heat; terms 55 per
month ; call after TZ m.
C«IFTH ST., 125, WEST-For rent fur-
J nished rooms: $5 aud $8 per month; heat
ed and 6se of bath.
FIFTY ROOMS. 27 East Seventn; five
rooms, 181 East Seventh: rooms, 165 East
Seventh. Stees Co.
niFTH ST.. 234 WEST-To rent fur
■l nished rooms with steam heat and all
modern improvements.
PLLLER SX., 214— Second Floor— or
•i- seven rooms water, bath. Call 165 Mar
tin st.
KOVK ST.. 285— For rent three or four
VJ partly furnished rooms for light house
OTEL BAKTIiAIf, 53— Two furnished
TGLEHARTST., ll'J-Pleasant front room;
X second floor: furnace heat; bath : S*i.:
TGLEHART ST., 64— Pleasant-furnished
A rooms, with furnace heat, use of parlor
and piano; $4 per week . « ' -
JACKSON ST.. 609— For rent, a pleasant
comfortably furnished room.
JACKSON ST.. 563— Nicely furnished front
room, with heat bath and gas.
JACKSON ST., 508— Two rooms furnished
.for light housekeeping.
ACKUBIM ST.. 222— Furnished or un-
J-'i. furnished rooms, with bath, block and
a half from cable. '^
ROOM— To reQt " in private family on
av hill, front room for one or two geutle
men.. Address W io:{. Globe. - .
PILE AS ANT AY., 315-For rent, nicely
rnraished front room with alcove; house
has all modern improvements; family strictly
private. r:
LEAS ANT AV.l4S— One large furnished
. front room; gas and furnace heat.
ROOMS— For raDt three nice unfurnished
front rooms and alcove suitable for house
keeping; rent : reasonable. Inquire at 216 !
West Seventh, third floor. -.-."v;
OOMS— People looking for elegant,
JA rooms, en suite or single, furnished.or,:
unfurnished, with or without board, should"
call at 415 E;ist Seventh; also a few pleasau:
rooms for light housekeeping; all modern
improvements: terms reasonable; references
exchanged. Mrs. Oakes. .
ROOMMATE- Lady roommate wanted
immediately: one who can furnish ref- :
erence. 607 Jackson. . ; ;■ v • ; aio
OBERT ST.. 521-For rent, nicelr fu«
nishedroom3. Address XJO9, Globe - j
ONDO ST., 293-For rent, furnished
front room, with or without board. ''L l ,-
SELBY AY.. : -Furuished rooms for rani
>J from 510 to 525 . a month; use of bath
room. „
: - ■■* '-.«
SEVENTH.^32, WEST— Furnished rooms.
O with use of bath and parlor. 7];
IXTH ST . 260. WEST-For rent pleas^'.
<j ant furnished room; a!l modern conven
iencea. . . . . . . ■ . . .:.:::.":
ST. PETER ST., 630-Furuished rooms to
O ient. ■-.y--:..
ST. PETER ST., 635— Front furnished
rooms for rent in private family for gen
tlemen. ... .:..-:.:.
ST. F£T£R ST., 458— For rent, threa or
O four new and nicely furnished ■ rooms
and one front room, with bath, gas and steam
heat- • :
UMMIT AY., 39— For rent, furnished
O front room ; also, single room. ; .
/TENTH ST.. 372 EAST— To rent, two or
-L three furnished rooms for - light honse
keeping: heat. light and bath. ; '
'T'EJJTH ST., 372 EAST— To rent, nicely
1. furnished front room; price moderate:
heat, light and bath. .;..,-. ;J:
T<EiyTH ST., 226 EAST— Nicely furnished
J. rooms; furnace heat, gas and bath. >'
TEMPERASCK 5T..530-A large front
L room, furnished; suitable for two gentle
men. •
nPHIKD ST., 254 WEST— N-icely furnished
x. front room, suitable for one or two gea-
Ueinea, ■ .
• ■■'.■ :-.. ...'^ fob iti: vr,
j • ' -~ : ■' ' ltooin*. '.
! \fAN SLYKE COURT, 312— Broad
:. * Three furnished rooms; heat, gna
and bath; reasonable rent.. •
i ABASH A ST.— Corner Tenth st., Next
i .-*•• Door to Drug Store— Rooms for rcut,
furnished itsid unfurnished.
; \\MHHIN<iTONST. 331) NOKTH-One
cV* desirable newly furnished room.
' ; VirASHINGTON ST , 34.5. NORTH—Op
*» posito Kice Park— Nicely furnished
: rooms, single or en suite.
i Wahasha,. 54'J — Nicely furnished
1 -»» rooms, with or without board; very
! SITACOUTAST.. sT>;{ — Pleasant alcove
»» room furnished. , only $5 per mouth;
j also a large front- room, alcove. "newly fur
nished, cheap. . -■; ; • ■
■ il/'fcSTICRN AY., 102— For rent, furnished
| »♦ rooms: connecting rooms, or cau
; be made single roomes: without ; board; two
blocks from cable; heated and. lighted.
j Office*.
KSK KUOH-t'ur rent, front wiudow
-«-* aud desk room. Via East Fourth 6t.
FFICES— For rent, omeejj in the Flor
euce block, corner Wabasha and Rice
sts. : a very desirable location for doctor or
dentist offices. Appiv C. U. Petsch, I'D East
Third St.. third floor. ■
O.FFICE K«»OMS— Fine ottn-e rooms to
rent in the St. Paul Fire and Marine
building, corner Jacicson and Third sts. ;
everything new; every convenience: ele
vator and janitor: * erv low rental. Apply at
company's office, first floor.
OFFICE ROOM to rent, low rent; best
location ; on ground ■ tioor. Inquire of
D. n. Micnaud, 101 East Fourth st.
Store*; ..,.■,
S" TOKE 3L store tliJ. «tr>re 403. East Sev
enth : store. Wo Minnesota st. Stees & Co.
•-" Misfi'Haneoii*!!
F'AKM for rein to drtirymuL 1 ; 225 acres with
buildings; six miles from city on Water
town road. Address David Luby, Mmueapo
lis. Gener-1 Delivery.
_-.: 3li>cellan«'ou!». ..•,.-•. . "..
•horses, wagem, sled, millc caus. route.
etc. : poor health reasou for selling. Inquire
at 20!) State st. West St. Paul. *
estnbli-shmeut, with good trade and best
iocatioii in the city, offer their retail depart
ment to parties with at least $2,000 cash ; iii
voice to suit buyer. Address Z S3, Globe.
ottLTkg" works A.SU bkkr
depot for sale on easy terms in one of
the leading cities of 10,001) tn 12,000 people ia
Southern Minnesota; an old-established,
well-paying b;isiues.s, and a splendid chance
for an enterprising, pushing man; building
for rent to suit purchaser. Address T.. Globe,
St. Paul, Minn.
CiONFECTIONEKY, stationary and cigar
J store, with soda fountain, for sale below
invoice. f;6<i Wabasha st.
RUG STOKE for sale; good chance.
Address Bos. 254. Shell Lake. Wis.
FOR SAL.X— Saloon and fixtures, with or
without stock; doing good business;
good reasons for selling. Address T. L.,
Globe. Minneapolis.
OK SAJLE— i;}-rooru flat; splendid loca
tion: paving woll; cost 51.000 to fur
nish; will sell for $500; owner leaving city.
; Apply Koom 1, ;t7l Jacksot: st. I
HAVE you used Fuller Catarrh Cure? i
Chamber of commerce, room 1; trial free.
| Itl fors Wednesday; principal; nice place
; for lady or gentlemen; good business: apply
to my agent, John B. McKenny. Xi& East
i Sixth, Lawton Block, opposite Ryan.
in St. Paul. Apply F. B. Pierson, care
: Ryan Drug Company. ■ • •■ • . ■ •
HOE* STORE for rent, with fixtures;
good location. Corner Bedford aud De
-1 tcatur. .-" . ■
! W ANTED— To buy an established neirs
fVV paper in a live town in some of the
jlSorthwesteru states. Address U 97, Globe.
ANTED— A party with f 1.500 r^ish to
■ talce active interest in paying business.
Address J 10(i, Globe. ■"■".. _; .:. '.-.'.
i 11/ A^TED — A i live I man who can com- '
[» V mand at least $1,000 cash to engage in
pleasant money-making business; absolute
security for money invested; curiosity seek
ers need not apply. Address L 101. Globe. j
finn (\t\ CASH— For sale, a fiat
vl)\)\J\J.\J\J ot forty rooms, finely
furnished, in center of the city; heat, gas;
only ttio.se meaning business address the
owner, W 101. Globe.
A LOT of horses, all grades, for sale very
cheap at barn. 471 Sibley st.
WANTED— Heavy draft horse: must be
young, sound aud gentle; weight
abont sixteen huadred. Address E. S. Long
ley. Box 300. City.
stallions for sale cheap, or will exchange
for clear farm lands. Address Horseman,
FOX SAL i'. — carload of niarea, cheap, if
-L- taken this week. S£S Secoud ay. north,
OR SALK— Fifty heavy aud light horses. 1
Griegs Bros.
FOR SALE— A good team of horses; can
.J. • be seen at Dallemore's Barn, East Fifth
st. Saturday and Sunday all day; other days,
12tol. ' ■'
FOX SALE— Seven-eighths Norman stal
lion, five year 3 oldi weight, l.tiOO; 5350 .
Ed. Hyland, Kosemount. Minn.
FOR SALE— Pacer, eight years old, very
cheap; swell body cutter; light two-seat
surrey. Concord buggy and driving harness.
ie9M'cßoal. ; •
C-OR SALE- Oue driving team, with car
r riage and sleigh. L. C. Auderson, En
gineer, Court Block, Fourth st .'
FOX SALE— A good two-seat sleigh worth
$75; will sell for 525. 242 Virginia ay.
' my entire livery stock, a!l in first-class
condition, viz. : One tine black hearse,
coaches, victoria, cxtensiou top, surrey, side
bar and eud-6pnng buggies, phaetons, cut
ters, two-seat sleighs, single and double har
ness, two fine coupe and six coach harnesses,
lap and tur robes, blankets, etc.; also fine lot
of horses, single drivers and coach teams.
C. B. Hess. 333 East Tenth St.. corner Pine :
take Lafayette ay. car.
tST ARRIVED— Twenty head of the
best farm mares ever shipped to the city;
these mares are all young and sound, aiid
will weigh from 1.2C0 to 1.500 pounds: they
are all consigned to us, and will be sold re
gardless of cost or value; if you are in need
of farm mares, draft horses, driving or de
livery horses, it will more than pay you to
examine this stock before buying elsewhere,
as we can save you at least one-fourth on
prices. Pioneer Sale Stable, 523 First ay.
north, Minneapolis. '
■T> EGISTEREDin Stud Book of kingdom
-TV of Belgium. lL ßrabant," TSo. 4042. im
ported August, 1S01; dark brown stallion;
; ■weight 2,000 lbs, four years old. very fine and
Ptylish-built,genlle to drive everywhere re
; ceived first premium at Minnesota state fair;
' ■will sell entire or half interest or on shares.
; purchaser to take care of the horse and stand
■ him for mares. For particulars and pedigree
inquire John Pfeifer, 218 Pleasant ay., St.
. jPaul. Minn. . • ■
fj one-fourth Morgan: used to city; very
centle; also nearly uew top buggy and cut
ter, harness ; all goes at half value ; owner is
leaving city; come at once. Address W 104.
Globe. .-...- -' ,
-1 TWO GOOD HORSES for sale Cheap.
1 1-' Inquire Ryan Livery, 443 Robert St., bt.
Panl. ■ • '- •
ANTED— To buy four or five cheap
horses. A 94, Globe.
\\T ANTED TO BUY— Sound, gentle driv
- | W ing horse, weight 1.300 pounds. An
' swer Box O 102, Globe. ' ■ - ■ -
£") f\ HEAD ot young, extra heavy farm
>v»_/ mares, the best I have had this season ; :
and some draft horses; right oat of work; at
Mulvehiirs Sale Stables. West Side.
Deservedly world-famed, this immense and
unique caravansary is situated a few yards
from Fort Monroe, and lies along a beautiful
Bandy beach, washed by the waters of Chesa
peake bay and Hampton Boadß. The wonder
fully equable climate makes it an all-the-year
round resort, unsurpassed In health and gen
eral attraction. It is the rendezvous tor
prominent people from all sections, and an
atmosphere ol comfort, luxury, and refine
ment pervades the place. Dress parade, ar
tillery practice, guard mount, etc., In the
lazL Send for pamphlet.
: V F. X PIKE, Ma nager.
HM. TEMPLE, 96Gennania Life Build
• lug, 4Ui & Minn. ; Expert and Audit wot*
ICVCL.K— For sale, for $100 cash, a 'ol
. Light American Rambler, ia first class
ahape. Address Q 106. Globe.
> short time: good as uew: ben and lan
tern; cost f'.tO, will sell f>r $30. Address H
107. Globe.
DOG— For sale, very large doer, only eleven
J-' months old; tiger color: will make good
watch dog; will sell cheap.at Htiß Tusearora st
DOG— t or bale, a young water spaniel dog;
well used to children; cheap. (.'all or
address 706 Yoric st.
DOGS FOB SALK- At your own price,
one full-breed t'emale Dug puppy and
mother, at 770\Vabasha st;, up stairs.
ENGINE— otto gas eugiue for saie. ronr
horse power, perfect order; cheap.
Apply Room l». Srhntte Block.
£NUINK- For saie. four-horse engine and
boiler. Corner Fifth and N'eill.
FOR SALE CIIKAI'— small scales,
will weigh from • one ounce to four
pounds: one larger scale, from oue ounce to
eisiht pounds; three brass tea scoops: one No.
IS Enterprise coffee mill; nil in (rood condi
tion: also one pulverizing machine for
power. 418 Wabn»ha st.
f'OK SALE — Two ten-foot showcases,
tables to match : also one Hail safe.suitable
for jewelry business. Appiy to 105 East Sev
enth Bt. .
If OR SALE OK TRADE fora good horse,
one tubular well machine mounted on
trucks. luquire W. J. Haas, 125 South Wa
basha. ■■:■;■
P*VH COAT— For sale, at a bargain, a fine
fur overcoat, nearly new. Can be seeu
at 355 West Third st. .;.
L'ltfNlTtJßfc— For sale, the furniture of
-1- a ten-room bouse; uearlv new;.- very
cheap. 31 Iglehart st. *
f' URN ITU KE— Bedroom set. stove, table
and chairs for sale cheap, at No. 7'M
Hotly ay.
LATHE— For sale, foot-power lathe, 9x25
-L* inches; suitable for light or heavy wort;
will sell cheap for cash or trade for horse.
Address X 100. Globe. Minneapolis. -
fj»LR COAT— Fer sale, very cheap, large
i- size mink-lined fur coat. No. 5 Globe
RINTING PUfcSS and outfit, '•Colum
bia" No. 2, chase GxO, with fifteen fonts
of type, for sale or trade. Address 226 West
ern avenue north.
PIANO— For sale, nice square piano,
almost new; will sell for $.".3 if taken at
once. at 114* i West Seventh st.
REMINGTON. No. 4: good condition;
cheap. Call R. sf», National German-
American-Bank building. ■ ■ •
OARDAN'D ROOM— AII modern im
provements. 252 West Fifth st. .
I3OAKD— 14!) Pleasant A v.. Near Sixth St.—
*' Micely furnished rooms to rent, with
good board; furnace, bath and gas.
OARD— 4D Tilton St., nicely furnished
front room, with board, furnace heat
and use of bath; rates reas-raable.
BOAKI>— For rent, two nicely furnished
rooms, with modern improvements and
good table board. 169 Weat Sixth st.
BOARLJ— Two or three gentlemen can get
room with board at 62 East Eleventh st.
BOAKD— I could accommodate a few
■ lady boarders; warm, comfortable inr
nishea room and good table board. 4U West
Fourth, near St. Peter.
BOARD— room for two gents,
with board: 84 per week. 275 Eighth st.
BOAKD— Well-furnished room, with good
board, for two gentlemen, or gentleman
and wife. 007 Jackson.
BOARD— Pleasant front room with mod
ern conveniences. "The Miner," 612 Cen
tral park east.
BOAKD— For rent nice furnished rooms,
single and en suite: board, furnace heat,
bath, gaa. etc.; very reasonable terms. ?
East Tenth st.
BOAKD— Large front room for rent, with
board, suitable for three gentlemen or
three ladies. 633 Wabasha st.
BOARD — Gotzian Residence. 2.=.4 East
Tenth— Two fine rooms, with private
bath for each ; several day boarders can be
BOARD— Furnished front room with board
to oue or two young ladies; private fam
ily. 31) Summit ay. • . .........
BOAKD— Furnished rooms with board.
121 Igtehart st
DOAED AND ROOM at 555 Robert st.
OAKD— Belmout House— Eighth
and Minnesota— $1 day house in the
city ; no bar in connection; regular board and
rooms 53 per week.
HPO EXCHANGE— Horse for office fur
-1- uiture, or will pay cash for roll top desk.
if cheap. D 106. Globe. -
'"po EXCH A NGE— for nice
-I- new furniture, carpets, draperies, etc.
O 104. Globe. _
-L Property— feet on Eaton ay., close
to Robert st. bridge; » tine residence to ex
change for vacant property. H. H. Schutte
& Co., 115 East Fourth st.
T<> EXCHANGE —Wanted, cottage on
A Dayton bluff: will trade clear land, aud
balance cash. Address W 111), Globe.
TO EXCHANGE— Suburban lot for house
-L or cows at 1110 East Seventh st.
nPO EXCHANGE— Improved iMiuneapolis
A property for small-capacity flour mill
located in country town. V 109. Globe.
rpo EXCHANGE— one fine folding bedv
A nearly new; cost 5120: will sell for $60 or
excha for other furniture. 315 Pleasant ay.
ITTILL TRADE equity in three houses,
*» well Duilt, all modern improvements,
in No. 1 location, for lots south of Summit
ay.. east of Victoria. Address J 104. Globe.
ANTED— To do any kind of carpenter
work for printing. Apply or address
to carpenter shop. 515 St. Peter st
CIOTTAG.E— Wanted, to rent by March 1,
V_/ a small cottage of five or six rooms; West
Rice, between Rondo and Thomas sts.-; rent
must be cheap. Address Q i>s. Globe.
AVK you used Fuller Catarrh Cure?
Chamber of commerce, room 5; trial free.
HOCsE— to rent, between now
and May 1, a detached, modern house
on the hill: $600 to $1,200 per year. Address,
j statiug location. Q 91, Globe.
OUSE— Wanted to rent, house at lake
of seven or eight rooms; state rent and
location: furnished or not. 11., Globe.
OUSE— Wanted at once, a house of eight
or ten rooms, with barn and all modern
conveniences 'not to exceed $20. Address M.
J., Globe. , -■ •
HOUSE — Wanted, to rent, seven-room
modern house. Address V 83, Globe,
stating location.
OOMS- Wanted, by three young ladies,
rooms centrally located; references. Ad
dressL 104. Globe.
ROOM— furnished room with mod
ern improvements; state particulars
aud price. Address X 110. Globe.
ROOM— Wanted, nicely furnished room,
with wi:hout board, for one or two
gentlemen, in strictly private family on the
hill; references state terms. Address J 102,
Globe. •
ROOMS— ould like few rooms for house
keeping, first floor, with refined, quiet
people; rent, $6; no children. Address J 105,
Globe. .
DRESSMAKING-553 Wacouta —Suits
*.' made for $i: first-class fit. ..
*iE»SMAH.ING— An experienced lady,
XJ with good references, would like dress
making to do at her home, 593 Jackson st. ;
front parlor for rent
AYE you used Fuller Catarrh Cure?
Chamber of commerce, room 5: trial free.
fixtures, ice : boxes, mirrors, pool and
billiard tables, counters and shelving. 213
Washington ay. north. Minneapolis.
A of J. F. Baulter, Insolvent. -
Notice ia hereDy given that sealed bid»
will be received up to and Including the 23d
Instant for the stock of clothing and fixtures
and for stock and fixtures separately. Stock
can. be examined at store No. 12 Fiiiii ave
nue south. St. Cloud, Minn. All rights re
served by Assignee to reject any and all bids.'
J. F. WRAY, Assignee. .
i .-. St. Cloud, Minn., Feb. li, 1293,
.-:'"' ;"-. SulturbH ii.
ANY I'AIt.HI.U wanting a good home of
240ucrts, consisting of cleared, meadow
and hardwood timber laud, comfortable
buildings, living stream, etc.. near a flour
ishing railroad town, can obtain the same at
a cost far less than value with reasonable
down payment and balance on time, or trade ;
no ugeuts. Address E 107, Globe. _^
CLEAR LOTS near East Seventh street
power house for sale on monthly pay
ments, or will take other equities. House
(rented) for clear lots. William F. Carroll,
304 I'ionaer Press Building. ■
COMI'LLSORY SALK- Dakota farms.
V> Write Williamson for particulars, 375
Jackson St.. St. Paul. Minn.
LOl' on Iglehart st. near Victoria; will sell
cheap if taken at once. Address B 105,
Globe. _\
WANTED FOX CASH— Some good wild
land In Minnesota or Dakota. George
W. Farrier, 255 Henncpin ay... Minneapolis.
%V acres. $15 per acre: meadow capable
of cutting eighty tons hay; deep, rich loam :
wood nnd water; good neighborhood; easy
terms: balance at 6 per cent. Adam Hannah,
407 Boston Block. Minneapolis. .
'ANTKDTO BIY on easy terms, or
" rent, good Btock farm, about 400 acres.
O 110. Globe.
.tI iM<»c-llan«»ou>».
C*t>K SAvLE— lmproved property ou Day-
J- ton ay. liberal terms": 12 per cent in
terest guaranteed on investment. Address C
105. Globe.
C*OR SALE— I have tne exclusive saie of
-i- some very fine blocks in Syndicate 5. Her
sey-Woolsey aud Gilbert's additions, cheap.
W. H. Richardson, 300t'g Jackson st.
F'OK SALE- One of the best houses in the
city, lot 175 feet front, on St. Anthony
Hill, for $20.000. Address T 107, Globe.
F'OK r»ALK— Forty-nve feeton Dayton ay..
at a barsuiu; east of St. Albaus. Address
SIOB. Globe.
FOX SALE- Seven-roomed house and 240
--fcet lot , cash and balance small
monthly payments. Address L 100, Globe.
WILL PAY CASH for improved or un
improved rc-al estate, if quoted at low
price; if mortgaged, will pay off same; pre
fer dealing with owners with* full particulars.
Address "Real Estate," Drawer C C, St. Paul
V7"AHJABLE LOT in center of city, worth
$5,000; will sell for $2,000; only one
left. C. Whitacre. 310 Ramsey st.
'Si'-^n CASH buys a lot on West side this
'3>»J\)\J week; half a block of graded
street ; near electric line and stove works.
Address H 101. Globe. .
<51/ inn Fou a three-cornered lot in West
*'P'-±\J\J St. Paul, near upper bridge, one
block from car line. Call 344 Webster St.,
West Seventh.
Ss^l 'V \( \~ lio^ on Laurel ay., first
ti P*- f i*JVJyj house west of Victoria st.
facing south, lot 40 by 107 feet to an alley:
sewer, water, gas. furnace, bath, hardwooa
floors; a complete house: eight rooms: terms
$500 cash, balance $50 per month, or yearly
Smith & Taylor. Manhattan Building.
I.OST AlfD rOL : ■>.
CiOW FOUND — A cow came into my in
> closuie several months ago; ihe owner
can have same by paying costs. 307 Bellows st
rAMON'D RINO LOST in box on Wa
basha st.. between Fourth and Filth sts..
Saturday noon. Return to C. H. S., care of
Myers & Co., jewelers. Third st, and receive
DOG LOST — Yonne brown aog: answers
to the name of Duke; suitable reward,
if returned to 634 St. Peter st>
OG LOST— Large Newfoundland dog:
$5 for information of his whereabouts;
gone six months. 704 Manhattan Building.
DOGI^OST— One young dog about one
year old, half Newroundland and
shepherd, with a white breast and white tip
on tail, with a black collar. Finder return
to B. Herrien, Hamm's brewery, and receive
1 O<i LOST— Feb. 8, black Newfoundland
-L' dog: answers by name Jumbo. Finder
return to 635 Lafayetie ay. and receive re
AVK you used Fuller Catarrh Cure?
Chamber of commerce, room 5: trial free.
ORsE LOST— bay horse, five years
old.long black mane and tail.scar on'right
; hand back leg between foot and knee; was
nitched to a black jump-seat cutter, the shaft
being wider than the cutter are fastened on
a wooden bar; this is held to the body by a
leader strap on the left hand side aud on the
right by iron eyes aud rod : horseshoe and
words "Good Luck'" ou dasnboard. With the
rig were two robes aud a pair of fur driving
gloves: one is a buffalo with red stains in
center, the other is an old Norwegian goat
skin in three colors :glove3 are plucked otter.
Return to G. A. Dallemore, stable 21-23 West
Fifth st. . .
OKSK LOST— A black, 12-year-old. 1.000
--pouud horse, hitched to square-backed
Portland stylish cutter.' with black body,
green-lined, and reddish-brown running gear ;
horse a little knee-sprung. Return to 488
Selby ay., St. Paul, and receive reward.
LIBKKALKKWAKUfor the return of
black wiggan braid stolen from show
case Saturday, between 8 and 12. 318 Waba
sha st.
ONKY LOST— Yesterday p. m.. between
5 and 6 o'clock, a sum of mouey. There
was between $50 ana $80 in a rolL bound
with an elastic. Finder will receive suitable
leward by returning to Globe oflice.
OCKETBOOK I'OlNu — Containing
sum of money; rail at Commercial Bank.
■C leather portemonnaie; the finder who
will leave it at the Pioneer Press counting
room will be liberally rewarded.
CARF LOST— Between Summit ay. bou
levard and Sherburne av.,onc blacKhaud
made scarf. Finder will please return to 169
>herburne ay. and receive reward.
ENGINE— Wanted, four-house power Ship
X_i man automatic engine. -A. B. Robbins
47 Chamber of Commerce, Minneapolis.
B£K SAJIPIks of Olive Branch. Box
370. St. PanL Minn.
AVK you used Fuller Catarrh Cure?
Chamber of commerce, room 5: trial free.
meut, possessing dramatic ability,
would liae to torm or join an active dramatic
society; gentleman dances some, and speaks
Irish aud Germau dialect perfectly: takes
parts of comediau. Address V 107, Globe.
LADIKs:— Cream is far better than
powder, aud keeps the face from chap
ping; for sale everywhere.
ASQUtKADE and theater costumes,
masks, wigs, beards, grease paint. Mrs.
L. Neitmnnn, 56 East Seventh.
3tF. MAKCOTTE- Ladies' Turkish,
Russian, electric and shampoo baths;
hairdressing. shampooing and manicure, at
366 Selby ay., near Western ay.
Midwifery— >irs. H. Stenzel.293 Martin st
ANTED— By a thoroughly exverieuced
nurse, babies or children to board.
334 Fuller. : ■ ■
WE WILL iiIVK a life-size crayou with
a dozen photos for $4.00. for the next
sixty days. Shepherd Photo Co., Artistic
Photographers. Nos. 131 aud 133 East Seventh
St., St. Paul, Minn.
All diseases of the feet. 293 and 294
Endicott Arcade, Robert St., between Fourth
and Fifth sts.
HAVE you used Fuller Catarrh Cure?
Chamber of commerce, room 5: trial free.
Fd.KOCHEX, N. W. Steam Dye Works
• office. 413 Robert St., Ryan block
works, ■■ and f.7 Indiana ay.
AHLEKT & MINTEL, Minnesota
Steam Dye Works. 244 East Seventh.
HAVE you used Fuller Catarrh Cure?
Chamber of commerce, room 5; trial free.
BILLIARD StTPLIES. Warerooms, 405 and
Ii»7; Office and Factory, 411 and 413 Fifth
. avenue south, Minneapolis, Mias,
• merit Bankers. Joan ' money on im
i. roved property in St Paul and Minneßp
oiis at t> ier cent "on or before. " Offices.
New Pioneer Press Building. St Paur. and
Reeve Building. Minneapolis.
■Cm. xx xx n. xi. xx persons ob
ject to borrowing money on their diamonds,
watches, pianos, furniture, etc.. owing to a
dread of puDlieity: many complain of the
high rates charged: I can loan you $25 to $500
on this class of security and guarantee per-,
feet privacy and low rales, property to re
mam in your possession: monthly return,
payments taken; courteous treatment as
sured: private room for ladies. S. ('. Ilorton,
'■$>■'. Jackson, corner of Third .Boom 4.
• xx« Pianos,
Carriages, wagons.
Household furniture,
Miamonda. watches.
Warehouse receipts.
Mortgage votes. and
Commercial paper bought or taken ascoi»
lateral. Property to remain in your own (>otv
session. Our rates are and always have been
the lowest. Partial payment received at any
time and interest reduced in proportion.
Your own time for payment. All business
confidential. Private parlors for ladies. Call
or address Minnesota Mortgage Loan Com
pany. Room 13-14. First National Bank:
Building, corner Fourth and Jacfcsou Bts.
money at a Jower rate than you cua
borrow through any other ■seney? The
American Mortgage Loan Company. Room 7
First National bank building, corner Fonrtri
and Juckson sta, will let you have any
amount, $10, $2l>. $25. $4P, $75, *H»0 ot
SiiOO — in fact, any turn yon : wish— voar
told watch, diamond*, household furniture,
horse, bnggy, piano, carriage, etc., at a lower
rate tiiau you can poasiDly get it elsewhere.
Gooas can remain in yonr possession, aud
you can pay a part any time you want pnd
Hop interest. Business private jndci.fi
deinial. You ran have your own time '.a
paying up principal. '
IV YOl' are wanting a loan ou your norses,
furniture, watches, diamonds, or anything
of value, be sure and go to the old reliable,
square-dealing loan office of J. L. Straucn,
Room 10, Globe Building. You can get no
better terms, lower rates or easier return pay
ments elsewhere. Private rooms. Remember
the place. ■_■■ - - •
AKGE AJuOUN'ls of money to loan on
improved property at 8 percent. Smith.
it Parker. New Life Building.
HAVK you used Fuller Catarrh Cure?
Chamoer of cemmerce. room 5; trial free.
ONEYTO LOA.V- Real estate secur
-l¥l ity; private fund. Address Z 105,GIobe.
MONEY TO LOAN" in large or small
HI amouuts: low rates. S. G. Pierce. 28
East Fourth st. . ■
ONEY LOANED on all kinds of col
lateral. Room 8, National German-
American Bang bnilaing. top floor.
ONEY iO ftji.\ without deiwr. iron!
$10 upward, on furniture, horses, jew
elry, etc, ; time checks, notes and second
leal estate mortgages bought. Jlinuesou
Loan Co.. 117 Enst Fourth st. _^
ONEY LOANED on life insurance pol
icies: or bought. L. P. Van Norman,
61 Guaranty Loan Building. Minneapolis.
Money loaned on diamonds, watches, pianos,
furniture or goods in storage at lowest raJea.
and small monthly return payments; notea
and mortgages bought; most private loan
rooms in the city. Ohio Investment Com
pany. lie Globe Building: take elevator. .
PERSONS desiring to borrow on real es
-T tate should see H. CaldwelL 84 Ger
mania Lite building.
I BI'HASE 3IONKV land mortgages'
-C bongnt Hannnh.Boston Block.Minnenp'B.
buys and ■ sells mortgages and loans
money at current rates. W. P WestralL
secretary: E. J. Darragh, treasurer; 23 and 24
Globe Buildiug. v' •
-I- corner Fifth and Jackson sts.,always baa
money to loan at 6. 7 and ß per cent, and
charges no commission. •
11/ F. -MOKITZ, 9i: PlOaKtiK PKK.vS
* V • Building — Mortgage loans . made
promptly; 6, 7 and ß per cent; mortgage!
6 7 ArQ pkk CENT money to loan on
< / tV/O St. Paul property. R. J. Lewis,
83 East Fourth. ' .'. -
<C*_>n l"\nn To LOA> * at current rates.
<?«JU,UUU Wiliiam N. Armstrong, 313
Pioneer Press Building. .••<•-■»
<2JI f\ f\( \f\ TO JLOAN on real estate a
*&X*Ji\J\J\J auy sums. P. tl. Simpson.
911 Pioneer Press Building.
■-.'..■-; -;■■•:
Proceedings Board Fire Com
Regular Jleetinz.
Office Board Fire Coshcissioners. }
St. Paul, Feb. a 1592. f
The Board of Fire Commissioners of the
City of St. Paul met at 7:30 p. m.
Present— Commissioners PrendergasL. Mar
tin. Mitsch and Vice President Freeman.
Absent— President Warner. ■ - - ■ ■
On motion the reading of minutes of tha
previous meeting was dispensedwith.
Prom the City Clerk, transmitting copy t>f
resolution passed by the Common Council.
apDroved Feb. 3, 181)2, authorizing the Board
of Fire Commissioners to remove the bell
from the tower of the old city hall, opposite
Rice park, and place the same ou Engine
House No. fi.
From the American Hoist and Derrick
'Company, asking that a hydrant be placed
at or near the corner of Hubert street and
the levee.
On motion communication was . referred
to the Water Board with the recommendation
that a double hydrant be placed at said point.
From the Chief Eugineer. reportiog the ap»
pointmeut of iHiarn Dtinhar as third pipe*
man of Engine Company No. 3. The follow
ing hose burst : Three sections of EorcSa,
same has been repaired and placed back in
service; four sections of Volunteer, date of
service IS3O and 1801.
I would reeonmend the following direc
tions be printed and distributed among the
keyholders of fire alarm boxes:
Keyholders will please be ; particular to
observe the following rules: ; ;
1. To give an alarm go to the nearest box,
open the door, pull the hook to the bottom
of the alot once and let go, theu . closa the
2. Do not pnll the hook If the small bell
inside the box is striking, ""its that indicates
that an alarm hns already been given. -
3. Remain at the box uutil the arrival of
an officer of the fire department to give lo
cation of tire and have your key released.
4. Before pulling a box be sxtke there is %
5. Do not pull a box for a chimney fire.
6. Do not send in an alarm except on the
report of a responsible person.
7. Upon changing locations, keyholders
will please return key to fire headquarters,
corner Minnesota and Eighth streets.
On motion, report was accepted and
adopted, and 1.000 copies -jf the above direc
tions were ordered printed.
The Supennteudent of Fire Alarm reported
that the West St. Paul telephone line is al
most useless ou account of induction from
street car wires. A new line is being btiilt
via State street, on which there nre no street
The reports of master mechanic. veterinary
surgeon, and company ollicerson inspection
of buildings presented, read aud ordered
E. B. Birge laid before the Board his patent
device for the oDenin? and closing of engine
house doors. On motion he was permitted
to place one m operation on headquarters
building for trial.
The aunual report of the Board and Chief
Engineer for the year IS&l was read aud
adopted. The Secretary was instructed to
have 400 copies of it printed.
The followiug bills, being in due form and
properly approved, were preseated:
.1. H. Schurmeier, $5.75; Nichols & Dean,
$62.92: George Mitsch. £28.15; The Silsby
Manufacturing Company. $14: St Paul Brtuj
Works, $5.88; N. W. Fuel Company, $264.20;
Vacuum . Oil Company. $\'4. 08; John Pfister,
$3.75; George A. Dougher, $27.23: Robinson
& Cary. 8110.65; Noyes Bros. & Cutler, $12.23;
A. F. Stewart, $16.50; August Hammer. $2.50;
John Martin Lumber Company.sß6.67: Ames.
Ebert & Co.. $18.06: Aaron Marks, $25: St
Paul Stained Glass Company. $1; A. Boedig
heimer. $228.70 : J. P. Gribben Lumber Com -
pauy, $31.50: Chester Oil Company. $-29.38;
Cnion Tank Line. $.{5.50: to-al, $1,028.60.
On motion, allowed and referred to the
Comptroller by the following vote:
Yeas— Commissioners Prendergast, Marti
Mitsch and Vice President Freeman l/
Nays — 0.
Gkoboe W. Freeman. Vice President.
Wm. O'Gorman, Secretary.
"Somebody Is Waiting for Tli.m-,"
and you can set the *ititutiou by
pntting : a want advertisement io
the GLOBE.

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