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St. Paul daily globe. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1884-1896, October 07, 1892, Image 8

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Age Cannot Wfth^f Nor Qt-rstorp StaTs Vr\% Vaf Lie of STobe Want Adl^ts
»n iatiox <;i l- i:ie b. i>.
AGF.NTS— At once, in nil unoccupied ter
ritory in Minnesota, reliable men of
push to represent the Mutual Reserve Fund
Life Association of New York. The leading
natural premium company in the wcild.
Best security, lowest rales ond most liberal
policy. Liberal contracts to good men. Ad
dress J. J. Hamilton & Co . til National Ger
man-American l'>:.iik Building. St. Paul.
AGENTS for Bankers 1 Mutual Aid Assn.; I
easiest 1 !.;:i in state to work. 1). T. 3lc-
Hangnton.Secy. Germania Bank Bid St. Pan*,
AGENTS WANTKll— Energetic men and
women guaranteed permanent money
making business introducing Merrill's labor
saving invention : 500 weekly profit easily as
E6o monthly otherwise: S- samples free. Ad
dress, with stamp, Merrill Manufacturing
Company, A 158, Chicago.
A YOUNG MAN wanted for light chores
in small family for the winter, and to at
tend school. Q '.):■. Glote. "
BARBER wanted at Frank ltnhr's. 102
East Fourth st.; SI. W guaranteed for
BARBER— Wauted, white baiber: first
class; steady job. Matthews & Ilnestis,
Box (5(.C). Fergus Falls. Minn.
BARB KR— Wanted, a first-class barber at
The Manhattan.
BARKER wanted a! 29* East Seventh st
for Saturday.
— WANTED — on salary or com
mission 10 handle the New Patent
Cheiukiil luk-Erociug Pencil; the greatest
felling novelty ever produced; erases ink
thoroughly in two seconds; no abrasion of
I B per: L'iO te •'■'' j er cent proiit; one a>-ei:!.'"
tales Bmonuted to SliO in six days: another
£s In two bcurs; we want one energetic pen
eial n^ent in each stale and territory. For
terms and full particulars address The II oat
roe Eraser Kfg. Co.. La Crosse, Wis. X 4. *
thoroughly understands linking beans.
Boston stylo, may hear of a situation by ad
dressing l' o4, Globe.
BKI.L BOYS— Wautea, bell boys at the
Clarendon hotel.
. DELL BOY wanted at the Astoria hotel.
BOY wanted, about fourteen years old up
ward. The Home & Danz Company,
POlmore ay., West side.
BOY — Wanted, ;i strong boy to drive de
livery wagon for commission nouse.
?4fl East .Sixth.
BOY wanted to paste for pnperhanger; one
with experience preferred. Call at pa
per store, corner of Walnut and West Sev
enth sts. Bin
CARPKXTKRS— Six carpenters at 1855
-J Iglehart . Merriam Park.
DISIIWASHKR— Wanted, a young man
Avfor dishwasher and one for kitchen work;
German preferred. ;:"•) Wabasha. Cafe Neu
niMVKK wanted at Ureunan's Livery, 482
JLf St. Peter st.
GENERAL AGISNTS-SlO per day net:
* household Rercssitles; carpenters' best
friend; agents- wanted in all cities and coun
try towns. World Agency compauv, Koom
?N l£7 La Salic st., Chicago, 111.
HOSTLER— Wanted, a steady young man
as hostler in hotel barn; light work
Address H. H. Bisspll. Cannon Falls, Minn.
IJ OSTLER wanted nt 48» Selby ay.
having experience in operating a
horseradish-crating machine may apply to
Yerxa Bros. & Co.. Seventh and Cedar.
HOSTJL.KR— Wanted.a sober, reliable man
to attend to horses and make himself
generally tisetul in country hotel. 'Apply at
i; pom -'. ."X>:>',> Jackson st.
LABORERS— Wanted, twelve laborers at
-J Cochran Jt Walsh's.
L A BORIS KS wanted at Bat cock's v.are
house, ."CS East Third st. .
PAINTER— Man to do painting. Inquire
-t 318 Wabasha st., between Thiid and
Fourth sts.
DORTER— Wanted, young man as porter:
-I- apply eaily. Globe Hotel. 3(i4 liosabel si.
QUARRYMEN — Wanted, twenty-live
• quarry men at west end Grand ay." Fa
gan Bros.
SALESMEN losei! full line of new office
and merchants' specialties: big cum
missions; $100 a month; good sellers; mer
chants use them daily; line side lines; ex
clusive territory ; include stamp. Model Mfg.
Co.. .South Head, md.
SALESMEN WANTED — Two or three
more first-class men to handle the best
line or installment goods in % c Northwest;
big pay to right men. W. 1 Edwards, 81
West Third St.. St. Paul. Mln"u. J
SA I.ESMAV WANTED— Valuable com
mission offered : $!9 00 weekly earned
by many of our agents. Samples free. P.O.
Uox 1371. New York.
SOLiCi'lOl^— Men ot energy tact to
U solicit for Bankers' Life Abiocialiou of
M. laul. Salary cr guarantee a- pieferrcd
_/■ edic-hti C. K. trftor. SL Paul. Miim.
BTI-:NOGi:AriSl.i;s furnished with posi
*J lions ai.d luisiness houses supplied with
e at charge to either 1 arty. Ajij lyto Wyckoff,
t<i.ii m. 6 iV Lei edict, 14 hat 1 Fourth st.; tel
ephone ■;'.•«.
SJUGAR MAKER— A man who tinder-
O stands every detail of making maple
syrup and maple sugar (none other need
apply) may learn of employment by address
ing G. W. Kitchen, P. v. Box 500". St Paul,
1-AILOK— one first-cia&s tailor.
Apply at 111) West Third st. Mrs. Geo.
F. Hall.
LOR— Wanted, good coatmaker. Ap-
X ply James McCallum. Merchant Tailor,
Staples. Minn.
TKAMSTKR— Wanted, teamster; at once.
Apply 4:JS Bates hv.
ri^iNNKKS— Wanted, two tinners at once;
-L one first-class; one only ordinary. Apply
to FarweSL Ozmuu. Kirk <£ Co.
fpiXNERS— 'I hree tinners wanted imme
-i diately by 11. Ueisel & Co., Stiliwater,
\J ANTKD— names and addresses of
» V energetic men and women open for
permanent work; we give exclusive terri
tory; we guarantee good workers &10 a week:
we' furnish office, furniture, delivery team
and uewfspapei advertising; our article is a
monopoly; it will save 25 per cent of the coal
bills of everybody : full particulars by mail;
lithographs, pamphlets, etc., free upon re
ceipt of postage. Address Koalspar Co., 83
Oliver st.. Boston. Mass.
WANTED— Young men and ladies to
VV learn telegraph shorthand, bookkeep
" ing and typewriting; can make board. Globe
Business College. Endicott ßuilding.
\~\} ANTED— Students for penmanship,
»» English bookkeeping, shorthand, at
Appletou college, 16 Fifth st. south. Minne
apolis, day and evening. A. U. Archibald,
VI7 ANTED -g oca team mid driver to de
»> liver coal; steady winter work; call at
once. Clerk & Co.. Eighth and W'aeouta.
WOOD CARVER— one wood
carver. Apply at St. Paul Furniture
company, 164 West Fiftn st.
AJfVYMKN and thirty teams wanted on
/•w*L/L* Sims and Union sts. and county
road ; work all fall. 11. C. Huebner, con
£\()C\ ** * for the Rennepiu canal work.
*J\J\J south of Rock Island: work for
three years. Inquire nt St. Paul Labor
Agency, 1118 East Third st. Commercial hotel.
C' A( } PER WKKK nd expenses to male
'^} L ±\J find female workers, to act rs resi
dent salesmen for a comj any manufacturing
goods wanted in every household; perma
nent, profitable work; terms and circulars
frca 'Address Electro-Novelty Company, 40
Amory St., Boston,' Mass. -"
F.T. KOCHKX. N. \v. Steam Dye Works
• office, 410 IJobert St., Ryan block works,
"1 and .'.7 Indiana ay.
JAMISON* CO., New York Steam Dye
Works; Indies' and gems' clothing a
rpedalty. 14 West Sixth si.
KAHEis BT & RIINTKL. Minnesota
Steam Dye Works, 'J44 East Seventh.
ti-iilished 185C— J. c. Kuhiert. proprietor:
artistic cleaning of ladies aud gentlemen's
yurinenls. Vis West Third sr
TNSTUUCTIOX day and eveniiiK is given
Am penmanship. English, bookkeeping,
thorthaud. at Api^eton college. 10 Fifth st. 1
fcouth. Minneapolis. A. B. Archibald, ■ man
ager. j
and Ait t;t> East Exchange St.. St. Paul—
Piano, violin, guitar and mandolin taught, i
Lessons given in drawing and pointing. Call j
ft tend for prospectus. - ;V- -"/"-
Female*. B§S
A('TKK<>>i.s — Wanted, three Heiresses to
XI travel West with good company: not
very much experience required. Address Box
li4>. Valley City, N. 1).
AT LAXPKNTti-TfS-Kest of situation's
-TV for girls, free: especial attention paid to
girls unacquainted with city or unable to
sneak the English language. 51 West Ex
change st.
COOK— Wanted, a competent cook. 444
Laurel ay.
CIOOK AND HOlsr-MAIO-Conircteiit
v^ cook and trained housemaid in family
of two. Apply s:'<o Holly ay.
COOK— Wanted, a middle-aged woman to
vy assist cookyjg in a hotel short distance
from here; pl/sant home and good waives.
Apply at Room 2. 3CIH'2 Jackson m. - ■-•;■
DRESSMAKER — Experienced dress
maker wanted at 538 St. Pe;erst.; good
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, at 315 Fuller si,
a girl to do general housework.' -
WORK— Wanted.' a competent
giil for generr.l housework. Apply at
once at •}(.•:> Ashland ay. * '
HOUSEWORK — Wanted, good girl for
general housework: must be" able to
cook; two in family. Call at G2ts St. Peter st.
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a good ermar.
girl for general housework. . 1013 Earl st.
HOUSEWORK — Wanted at once, good
girl for general housework; small fami
ly: easy place. 598 -Marshall ay. ,
OUSEWOKK-.Wanted. a girl for gen
eral housework : small family. &M Dny
ton ay.
HOUSEWORK— a good girl for
general housework: good wages. Ap
ply 107 Nina ay.
HorSKWORK — Wanted, girl for general
, housework: good, plain cook; large
wages. 501 Holly nv.
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, competent girl
for general housework in small family
;o go to West Superior.' Inquire at 64 Sum
mit ay.
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a competent
girl for second work. Apply at 129
Western ay. after i p. m.
Ll OUShWOßK— Competent girl wanted
U for general housework, fad Westmin
ster st.
KITCHKN I rl— Wanted, a girl to do
kitchen work. Call at No. ;i2O East
"IVTURSE— a girl from twelve to
1* seventeen years, as nurse girl. No.
170 Fourteenth st. . ,
JT near M issoula. .M on l, $30.00. Meet lady
at Douglass", 35 Seventh.
ANTED— uood girls at once for all
»V kinds of housework; places free. Scan
dinavian Intelligence Office, corner Tenth
and Sibley. .'. ■•:.">".
WANTED— for penmanship.
English, bookkeeping, shorthand, at
Appleton college, Hi Fifth e>t. so^th. Minne
apolis, day and evening. Archibald,
A/ \ GIRLS wanted at 27 East Seventh st.
*J\J Intelligence Office. ■. J - '■■'-'
Publishes All
every I»o«l.r :■
litiKit jour
want* ihruii^h
t lip!S'iin«lar «;lol>c
and somebody nil!
surely l»eal»Ie tosnp<
ply them, anil ii* you
have anything 3011 <lo
not tviint. let «■»•■ £»;»«!.»■
linoiv ii tlir«>iisli the Olol>e
'Want i oliitim«.. and sntsu>
uody >vi!l surely he found
ho does want it. "If yon see
it in the Want columns of the
Globe, it is surely so," and no
one who ever tried them
Tailed to receive what he
did want, or tailed to t!i>>
pose oi* what he did not
want. Everything that
you <tesire can be se
cured by the use of
id* *»<■ Wants. Any
thing may be di
posed of by the
judicious use
Want Medium.
A YOUNG MAN wants any kind of inside
work; good references. .*Y Sa; Globe.
ACCOUNTANT "of high standing wants
first-class engagement: head bookkeep
er, cashier, or other responsible position;
good salary. Address J 96. Globe.
ARTENDER-A first-class man. well
known and best of reference. Address
X 97, Globe. .
BARTKNDKK— ryounp married man.
steady and reliable, wants a situation;
city references. D ias. Globe.
BOY who lias had fair education and un
derstands bookkeeping would like to get
work ; can come recommended . Address 36!)
Yon 31 in den st.
BOV.S FOR FLACKS, places for boys;
employment bureau for poor boys, tree.
■Newsboys' Club Koom. 313 Wabasha st ;open
from 1 1 to Vi a. m.. and from 7t09 p. m.
BOOKKEEPER of fifteen years' experi-
U ence wants position. Address W. C,
GOOV2 Cedar st.
BOOKKEEPER— Situarion wanted by
young man well acquainted with busi
ness; experience as bookkeeper or work of
any kind where there isachauce for advance
ment; the best of city references, Address
L ST>. Globe.
UTTEHMAKKK* wants situation in
creamery; had two and a halt years'ex
perience; do not use tobacco or liquor; can
refer to last employer. Address L. D.. 282
East Third.
CiLKKK— Young man with five years* ex
' perience in clothing and general stores
wishes situation where ability and honesty
will be appreciated; speaks Scandinavian,
German and English: moderate salary; best
of references. Address J. A. A., Box 306,
Grand Forks, N. D.
CLKUK— wanted by an expe
\J rienced grocery clerk (German) : com
petent and reliable; first-cass references.
Address c 06, Globe.
COACHMAN— situation wanted by a bo
v> ber and steady young man as coachman,
etc. ; understands perfectly care for horses;
references given. Address Kelson, 97a
Payne ay.
COLLKCTOR — wanted as collect-
or; Lave been in business four years in
city; am well acquainted wish the trade: can
give good refsrances. Address W. H. 8., 23
Central ay.
— Wanted, situation by first-class
> cook in town or country. Address J. A.
I).. 231 East University ay., St. Paul, Minn.
DAY OR NIGHT WORK, by a yountc
German; willing worker: cm 11 give best
of references. Address M. M., 4'>? Wabasha st
DRIVER— Young man would like position
as driver; understands the care of horses.
Address E 0.. Sj Smith ay. .
ENGINEER— Wanted, position as station
ary engineer;- have good papers and
recommendations; understand all. kinds of
engines and steam heating. " Address X 25,
Globe. Minneapolis. •'JKSßSaJteSS
EMI'LOYMKNT- mwn would like
a situation in ■ private family, or any
■ciiia of work, so that he can attend school
during winter: has not been long in this
i country; is of Danish descent. Peter Johu
! sou, Hotel Ncrden, sixth and Wacouia.
& "" rvl;»tes. '
ENGINEER— Wanted, a position as engi
-L* neer and stenmfitter; No. 1 papers: best
of reference, B. 11. McCray, North St. Paul,
C^i stt..MA.> — Sitnniion wanted us (•reman
J- by man of experience. Address T.
Klinger. I's'J Thomas st. '
yALESMAN-Yoiius man (abstainer) of
O excellent education requires position
traveler fir -rood wholesale boose. Large
salary not so imicu an object as prospect of
promotion by steady application. Address
| I MOO. Globe. Minneapolis. "
SALESMAN— Dry goods salesman, experi
enced, cnijnWo and steady, wants a posi
tion for the country. Address E 91, Globe.
OALESJIAX- Wanted, position as city
O salesmen: five years" experience on road;
hardware specialties preferred. Address P
'X,, Globe. ■
SHOE SHOP doing good business, estab
lished 1885: reason for selling. ill health.
Address V SP. Globe.
rENOGRAI'HKK — A stenographer
±J would like a position: has had some ex
perience and is competent; salary no object.
Address B. \V., (3-.ni. 2 Cedar st. ■ ■
TRAVELER— Wanted, a position with a
grocery house to .-travel In Southern
Minnesota. References given. Address J.
Z. R.. Owaton;ia. Minn.
IX7ATCHMAK— I would like a situation
»» as a watchman and can give refer
ence. Address F. Nepper, Men-hunts' Hotel,
"yoUNG MAN with seven years' experi
-»■ ence in book business wants a position
as manager, salesman, office assistant or
shipping clerk -.good references. A.M. Cooper,
542 Kobert st.
_ eiitalcs.
BOOKKEEPKK- Situation wanted by a
young man as assistant bookkeeper, or
work of any kind where there is a chance for
advancement : cau come recommended. Ad
dress C. W. W., 521 Wntmsha. ,
("lASHIER — Young lady wants wort in an
V' office as cashier; quick at agues and
good writer: city references. Address L., 193
South Franklin.
CLEKK— Young lady understanding type
**-> writing ami shorthand and can write a
good hand would like a position where she
could clerk when not busy otherwise: salary
moderate; best of references. C 10, Globe.
COI'\IST— loung lady eighteen years old,
"^ and slaying at home, would like a posi
tion either as copyist or address envelopes,
or in a doctor's office. Address 11. U. 1.,
No. 963 Como ay.. St. Paul.
pOMPOSITOK- Wanted, steady employ-
V>» nient by lady comt>o«itor; five years' ex
perience. Address Miss K. T.. .19 East Tenth
St.. St. Paul, Minn.
DAY WOliK-A girl would like to do any
kind of work by the day. Please address
100 V.; West seventh st.
RKSSMAKEU - reliable, with good
city references— wants sewing in fam
ilies. ' Address 51 West Exchan c.
DKESSMAKER wishes sewing in fam
-L' ilies: cnttiug and fitting a specialty;
references if • required. 417 University ay. ;
DUESSM Alt Competent dressmaker
would like sewing in family; perfect
cut and fit. "37 Rondo, corner of Louis.
DRESSMAKER— Competent, wants sew-
U ing in families: also children's clothes:
good reference. Call or address 388 Smith
ay.. Room 20.
DRESSMAKER wants work in family
sewing; can give references if required.
Call 42 1 Wabasha st., room 5.
MPLOV.UENT — Wanted, by young
woman, some kind ot work;' is handy
and willing to make herself useful. Address
C 93, Globe. -^
OCSKKKEPKK — Position as honse
keeperby a middle-aged lady, and use
her own furniture on a farm not over from
ten to fifteen miles from the city. 51 West
Exchange st.
HOUSEWORK — Warned, by refined
young woman, place to do light house
work for board. 9.1S Duchess st , city.
HOUBEW<>KK — Situation wanted as
housework by a neat German girl;
music teacher preferred. C. D.. Globe.
HOUSEKEEPER or head waitress; thir
teen years' experience. Address O. P.
M. v Globe. ■
HOUSEKEEPER— Wanted, a position as
11 housekeeper by a middle-aged Amer
ican lady, for a widower; no objection to
child; am neat, steady and good house
keeper. Address Box 145, St. Paul Park,
OIsKWORK- Young girl wants em-
XJ. pi ovine nt in family of two, or where
there is a baby: good home more of an ob
ject than wages. Address A 89, Globe.
HOUSEKEEPER — Wanted, position as
housekeeper by middle-aged widow, in
or out of city. Address P9S, Globe.
lyrUKSK— a competent ana refined girl
l-> .wishes position as nurse for children
(experienced), or as housemaid. Apply or
address Miss L.,;i18 Somerset Bt. . ' ■
Nl IJSI-:— situation wanted as nurse
I ladies' companion or maid, by a Freueh
lady, in family where they ran speak French;
best of references. Address (£97. Globe.
OFFICE WORK— Young lady wants work
in .-.llice, or Clerk in store: good writer;
small salary. Address E.. 217 East Ten to st.
OFFICE WORK— A young girl would
like work of some kind in office; can do
shorthand and typewriting. Address C 93,
OFFICE WORK— Wanted, a position as
assistant bookkeeper, cashier or office
work: have Had experience, and can furnish
references. Address V S."i. Globe.
OFFICE WORK— Young lady desires a
position to do office work; experience
more of an object than salary. Address G 99,
OFFICE WORK— A young lady wishes
position in doctor's oflice. Please ad
dress M. D. W.. b77 St. Peter st., St. Paul,
SEAMSTRESS— Wanted, by a young lady,
O sewiug in family; guarantee good cut
and perfect lit. Address V 'J3, Globe.
SECOND (iIUL- A competent girl wishes
situation second work in private family;
references if required. Call at 70 Atwater st.
THBBE WIDOWS, with and without
J- child, like places as housekeepers. Ber
tram's Intelligence Office. 57 East Seventh.
\\f ASHING AND IRONING wanted at
V V 451 St. Peter. -
a lady to do at home. 225 East Four
teenth st., near Jackson.
WASHING— A girl goes out by the day
washing and ironing. Call or address
4ti West Ninth.
N UPRIGHT PIANO, little used, for
pale very cheap, as owner intends
changing his residdnce. Address \V 93,
Globe. . . . -.
sult Mme. Ina Walker, life reader, who
gives resume of past, present and future;
ladies, 5u cents; gentlemen, SI; correspond
ence promptly answered. Parlors, No. 040
W abßSha. :
Massagist— Also gives Turkish baths.
Office in 113 Moore Block. Seven corners.
INFORMATION will be given at the Ryan
-L Drug company to a young physician who
wishes to locate in a good town in Minnesota.
KS. KATE iIOSKINS, psychometric
reader and trance medium. 225 V* West
Seventh st., St. Paul. > --y-"-..
Jt<». M. A. TUSSKY. 223 East Eighth St.
Magnetic and massage treatment for
paralytic rheumatism and nervous diseases.
. Clairvoyant reader. Call 9 a. m. to op. to. "
RETURNED— Mme. Teilsworth. clairvoy
ant, business test medium; sixteen
yaars" practice St. Paul. 507 Wabaeha St.
100 East. Third St.. repair or remodel
seal, plush or fur cloaks, and the work is
well done at reasonable prices.
- fixtures, ice boxes, mirror?, pool
billiard tables, counters and shelving. SOS
WbeliiuK ton ay. uortk. JkLUiueftPolis.
Tiff ßn r nMNfln f
I Is lost Favorably Located
j :YViUi relation to . the biisiness.dis-')
I jtrlct- and; ear. line*, and combines
all the conveniences of a well-ap-
; pointed liotel with the desirable
! features or a private residence."
Rooms Single and En Suite,
I . Both Famished and Unfurnished, •
' ! And range in price from
$10 to $50 Per Month
Run in connection with the
Board, $5 Per Week.
Kent ing Agency.
ASH LAN AY., 031— Nine large rooms,
xi laundry, bath, cemented cellar, fine fur
nace, mantels corner sideboard, gas, electric
bells, etc. Apply 027 Ashland. . - ■ '
HOL'ShS— For rent, a ten-room house on
Ashland nv. for 85?', a tnirte.en-room
house on East Ninth st. for 545, two nine
room houses on Dayton ay. for $10, a nine
room house on Dayton forS-'A a nine-room
house on East Ninth st. tor §35, a seveu-room
house on Dayton for *p\ au eight-room
house on Martin st. for $25. an eight-room
bouse on Edmund st. for S2O. a seven-room'
house on Tilton for $20, an eight-room house
on Charles st. for 818, an eight-room honseon
Sims st. for Sl.i, an eight-room house at Kara
line for %VS. a six-room bouse on Bidwell st. ;
for Sl4, a six-room house on Bidwell st- for
$12.a seven-room house on Morton st. for SlO.
and several stores and offices. The St. Paul
Trust Company. Enuicott Building.
HOUSE— For rent 14-room house ou Grove,
st. : nicely papered throughout, bath,
plenty of shed room and !argeyard: rent, 530
per month. If you want a large house we
can give you two connected, 28 rooms, at 560
per month. Inquire Mr. Mitchell, 209 Grove
HOUSE— rent, ten-room house, with
barn, city water: suitable for one or
two families. 17? Carroll st. •
HOUSE— To rent, furnished house on St.
Anthony hill; eight ".rooms; modem
conveniences; for the winter, or as desired,
very cheap/ Apply at Dickinson's.
HOUSE— rent, house of ten rooms. 113
Summit ay. Apply at CO Summit ay.
HOUSE— Six rooms, cellar and city water.
Call at 20 Tilton st. -.-;
HOUSE— For rent, a fine ten-room corner
house: No. 537 Canada st., corner
Spruce: all modern improvements and in
best of repair. Apply to O. C. Macklett, on :
premises. v r
HOUSE— For rent, house, with furnace
and city water, at Merriam Park. Charles
M. Bell, 51 OilnllHii Block-. ■-;. i. «■
HOLS 1 :— At.— best locality
on St. Anthony hill, ana the best house-
you can Hud for $50; 10 large rooms, furnace,
gas and bath : good yard and trees: go to see
it. The St. Paul Trust Company, Eudicott
Building. . .g, n J
HOVSK— To rent, house of six rooms; city
water; newly papered: convenient ' to
street cars: cheap. 311 Manhattan building.
HUUSE— To rent, bouse of eight rooms;
elegant location; strictly modern; fif
teen minutes' walk from postofnee. ail Man
hattan building. - .:- ;u,y
HOMY AVK.. 825— For rent; 8 rooms;
south, facing; all improvements. How- '
aid L. Smith. 410 Manhattan Building, v khz
FLAT -Five rooms, first floor. 656 Broad
way st. : water and sewer; two blocks of
( street cars. *.;; ;
FIAT— First floor: seven rooms: all mod
ern improvements. IC6 West Ninth st.
FLATS— Two suites cf four rooms: all
modern improvements, at 640 Canada st.
A— HOT hi, HKUISswrCK. for Benf.e
--• men only; fifty modern Bteam-heated
rooms by day, week or month. \
A CENTRAL PLACE. 473 \Vabashn St.;
xl. furnished rooms by the day, week or
mouth. 473.
BOARD — . lopiii— -i-heated front
rooms, single or en biiite; with or with
out board. 4.-)- st. Peter at.
/71OLLBGK AY.. 10., EAST— Furnished
v^ rooms; bath; fur: ace heat
OLLEGK AY., 20. WEST— Two nicely
furnished, steam-heated front rooms;
each suitable for two; also good board.
KIHTII ST., 313. KAST-For rent, two
furnished rooms for light housekeeping,
) wi;h water.
ELEVENTH ST.. 65 EAST— Pleasant fur
-L< nished room for one or two gentlemen;
modern conveniences.
C" AHi FIELD A Y.. 55. EAST— For rent,
-»- two front rooms, furnished or unfur
nished, for housekeeping; down stairs. Call
lifter 6 p. m. .
17IFTH ST.. WEST-Near Rice Park,
*- furnished room to rent for gentlemeu.
IFTH ST., 119 WEST— Rice Park—
furnished rooms for light housekeeping;
private fnmily. ■ "" .
FOURTH ST., 150, EAST- Handsomely
furnished suite rooms for two gentle
men: week: central location.
I ; LLKR ST., 214— Second Floor—
l- rooms; city water and bath. Call at 165
Martin st.
HAGUE AY., Four rooms, first floor;
rent. SlO. Inquire Fuller st.
TGLKHABT ST., 377-For rent, four nice
-1- rooms.- :
fcir AUKELTEKRACE'-Corner Nina
Li and Laurel Ays.. St. Anthony Hfll— For
rent, furnished apirtment; two rooms, al
cove and bath; steam heat aud modern
convenience*; suitaole for married couple
without children. Inquire 291 Laurel ay.
jVIN'TH ST., 317. EAST— Near Broadways
J." Two rooms. 83 and $10; heated; private
family. h
— Dufrene Block — Nicely furnished
rooms, inquire Room 12. — —
ROOMS— Down stairs for rent, or three
rooms up stairs; city water. Address B
36, Globe. .-.-. j 4
ROOMS— a few gentlemen can get neatly •
furnished rooms, with breakfast and.
supper, for 512.00 per month; central loca-<
tion. Address L 86. Globe. , .-►,
Ei OOM— furnished, large alcote
. " room; all modem conveniences. Prl
vate family; near cable. 137 Smith aye. 1 : .~Ia ;
OIXTH ST., 696, EAST-Between -BatM^
•J and Maria A —Five rooms for rent.
. CEVEJiTHST., 415, EAST-Comer of Lo
*J cust— A few pleasant rooms, en suite 'Ot ;
single, furnished or unfurnished; ail modeni
improvements; also a few suites of rooms for
light housekeeping. • .. - r -«
.PETER ST., 553-N«t Colonnade
**J Two furnished rooms; private family:
rent cheap.'
WABASHA ST.— Corner Seventh— Over
■ \ J Drug Store — Furnished and unfur
mshea rooms. Inquire Room 4.
WABASHA ST., 640-Two nicely fur
nished front alcove rooms for rent*
furnace heat and bath; $15 a month.
W' ABASH a ST— Corner Tenth St., Next
Door to Drug Store— Furnished rooms
for rent. ' •
AM ASH A ST., 430-Furnished front ■
rooms. Inquire Room 4. ~-~ ■-*•■
BfcNh\OLl-.?iT and -relief societies will
rind Burton's. 54 Kast Seventh «., the
best place to buy becond-httnd clothing.
CLOAKS— cloaks for sale cheap- will '
suit girl about fifteen. ; 6 « Carroll st.
fb KNACK— For sale cheap, a large fur
i nace in good condition. Call at 35 Irviat
. ■.•■■' .-'■■."-": Suburban. . '
I C CALIFORNIA'S choicest fruit lands at'
">-' S-'5 per acre. Free fare to each cash
purchaser of forty acres. Send- stamp for
descriptive circular. Mason & French, Pro
moters of Fruit Land Colonies, Redwood
Falls. Minn.
r r llfclil.Klt A; HOffliU, loan money at
»V current rates. 3 'l Pioneer Press Bldg.
XX. ment Bankers. lobu money on. im
,» roved property in St. Paul and Minneap
t olis at 0 per cent "en or before. " Offices.
New Pioneer Press Building, St Paul, and
Reeve Building. Minneapolis.
A A -—LOANS on furniture, pianos.
• -£*■• horses, diamonds, watches and
sealskin ■ sacques; lowest rates. > Minnesota
Mortgage Loan Company, Rooms 13. 14. First
National Bank Building, corner Fourth and
Jackson sts. . - . .
money at a lower rate than you can
borrow through eny other agency* - The
American Mortgage Loan Company, Room 7. -
First National bant fcnilding, corner Fourth
end Jackson tts., will let jou have any
r.mount. $10, $20, 525. J4'\ $75, SIOO 01
S2Co— in fact, any mm you wish— onvour
told wntcn, diamonds, household furniture,
horse, buggy, piano, carriage, etc., at a lower
late 'than you can possibly get it elsewhere.
Gooes caa remain in your possession. "and
you CT.II pay a part any "time yon want i>nd
Hop interest Business private andcciQ
dential. You ran have jour own time fn
paying up principal. ' .
-'*■ dential: lowest rates; a!so lime checks
cashed. 54? Endicott Arcade building.
BANK STOCIis a specialty; bonds, com- .
mefcial paper, mortgage?, securities
bought and sold. Geo. W. Jenfcs, Investment
Banker, Minn. Loan & Tiust Bldg.. Mpls. .
.-LA AlTlUrl>l JL/O, verware, etc..loan
ed on at- low rates and easy terms; positively
no publicity. 303 Jackson, corner Third,
Room 4. Private room for ladies. ■•'•
TNVESTMENTS for ; small or large
■I ' amounts, bank stocks, securities, bonds,'
commercial paper and mortgages bought
and sold; bank stocks a specialty. W. It.
vVllmot & Co., 1 and 2 Germania Bank Build
ing. Prompt attention to out of-towu in
vestors; best of references.
I" A RGK AMOUNTS of money to loauou
-Li improved property at 5 and 6 per cent.
Smith, Parker & Gilman, New York Life
Bldg. . ■ .
[I/I OIYBY ON HANI) to loan on city prop
-1"A ert7 and farms; lowest rates; no delay.
W. F. Moritz, 1013 Pioneer Press. -
ONKY LOAKKI) on life insurance pol
icies; or bought. L. P. Van Norman,
Cl Guaranty Loan Building. Minneapolis.
O.NEY TO LOAN without delay, from
$10 upward, on furniture, horses, jew
elry, etc. : time checks, notes and. second
real estate mortgages bought. Minnesota
Loan Co., 117 East Fourth st
-P-R-I-V-A-T -£-
Money loaned on diamonds, watches, pianos,
furniture or goods iv storage nt lowest rates,
and small monthly return payments; notes'
and mortgages bought; most private loan
rooms in the city. Ohio Investment Com
pany, 3aJ Globe Building; take elevator
PLENTY OF MONIiY to loan in small or
X large amounts: moaerate interest. W.
K. Wilmot & Co., 1 and 2 Germania Bank
Building. ■.
loaned on diamonds, horses, furniture,
etc. : lowest rates. 641 Eudlcoit Building. .
""pin-; UKKM.ANIA LAN company
-L buys, sells mortgages, loans money at
current rates. W. P.WesttaU,sec. ; E. J.Dar
ragh. treas. :.'3 and -'4 Globe Building.' " :.
-I- corner Fifth and Jackson sts., always has
money to loan at (\ 7 and 3 per cent, aud
charges no commission. •"
WANT to borrow (52.00 D) . two thousand
dollars; good collateral: one year:'will
pay 10 per cent: no commission: "principal
only. Address P 94, Globe. ■'
HKELKR &HO\ViiLL.reai estate: list
• W bargains with them. Pioneer Press Bldg
: miscEnxASF.ets. "V '' "■■
\[OT OUT OF YOl X BEACH- Right in
1* the center of the city; 456 St Peter st.
is the Market Shoe Store: it is the best place
for good, reliable footwear.
Midwifery— Mrs.' B. Slenzel.-lW Martin st
ANTED- Everybody to know thai the
Masonic Life Association of America
has removed its office to Room 40, Globe
Building. __^___
wa:-itf..i> TO BU\.
WANTED TO BUY— Gentlemen's sec
ond-hand clothing and shoes; highest'
cash price paid. Address !>&*.■> East Seventh.
f^AHK LOST— Round black-leather cutlery
KJ : sample case; leave with Mr. Fisher, at
Wemott, Howard & Co.. and receive reward.
OG LOST— Irish setter dog; heavy
set; a liberal reward will be paid for
his return to H. J. Bank. 839 Carroll st.
"DIANO TUNING— St.SO; satisfaction guar-
X anteed. Samuel E. Crutchett, Box 492,
St. Pi.til: references.
rpo EXCHANGE— Wanted, goods suitable
A for gins' cloaks in exchange lor good
table board. Address Z 57. Globe. C^3
w NOLIA STREET— Office of the Board of
Public Works, City of St. Paul, Minn., Oct.
4. lß92.— Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in ana for the cor
poration of the City of St. Paul, Minnesota,
at their office in said city, until 12 111. on the
17th day of October, A. D. 1592, for construct
ing a sewer on 'Magnolia street, from Payne
avenue to Edgerton street in said city, in
cluding the necessary sewer connections, for
lot 16. J. M. Warner's addition, and lot 10,
block 4, J. R. addition, according to
plans and specifications on file in the office
of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties, in a
sum of at least twenty (JO) per cent or a cer
tified check on • bank of St. Paul in a sum
of at least ten (1") per. cent of the gross
amount bid, must accompany each bid. . Said
check shall be made payab<e to- the Clerk of
said Board. . ■ . ■ • ;
The said Board reserves {he right to reject
any and all bids.
R. L. GORMAN, President
Official: J. T. Kebkeo, -
. Clerk Board of Public Works.
r octs-iot .-•• •
:O STREET— of the Board of Public
Works. City of St Paul, Minn., Oct. 4. 1882.—
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Public Works in and for the corporation of
the City of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their of
fice in said city, until *3 in. on the 17th day of
October. A. D. 1893, tor constructing a sewer
on Delos street, from the present westerly
terminus of the sewer . on said Delos street
at Stryker avenue to a point 150 feet west,
in said city, according to plans and specifica
tions on file in the office of said Board. : .
i A bond with at least two (2) sureties in a |
sum of at least twenty per cent, or a certified
check on a bank of St. Paul in a sum of at
least ten (10) per cent of the gross amount
bid must accompany each bid. Said check
shall be made payable to - the Clerk- of said
I The said Board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids. ■-'. " -. ■ .
-1 K. L. GORMAN, President.
I Official: J. T. K erke 11. : ; :
Clerk Board of Public Works. > .
- OCt5-10t
—Office of the Board of Public Works, City of
St PauL Minn.. Oct. 4. 1892.— Sealed bid*
will be received by the Board of Public Work«
in and for the corporation of the City of St.
Paul, Minnesota, at their office in laid city,
until 12 in . on the 17th day of October, A. D.
ISO 2. for constructing a sewer on the south
aide of University avenue, from Beacon street
to Wheeler avenue, and on Wheeler avenue. '
from University- aveuuo to Shields avenue,
in said city, according to plans and specifica
tions ou tile in the office of said Board. . ..
A bond with at least two (2) sureties, in a
sam of at least twenty (20) per cent, or a
certified check, ou a bank ot St Paul in
a sum ot at least-ten. (10) per cent of the
gross amount Did, must accompany each bid.
Said check- shall be made payable to the
Clerk of B«id Board.
' ■ The said Board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids.
- R. L. GORMAN. President '
Official: J. T. Kerker. -
Clerk Board of Public Works.
.-- octd-lUt
• Merchant -S.JOO cash will buy r.he very
handsome Kentucky-bred fast trotting and
family horse Fritz Wilfces. He was foaled May
10.1885; weighs I,ooo pounds; ISV-2 hands high.
Sired by Red Wilkes, he by George Wilkes:
dam ; Bessie, she by Profit Jr. Fritz Wilkes
has 110 public record; he must be seen and
ridden after to be appreciated; is very stylish
and finely formed ; full mane and tail: needs
no-boots or weights; does not shy or pull;
safe for the most timid person ; he shows his
-high heeding: tie trotted three trials when
purchased by my late husband for SI ,250. at
Frankfort, Ky., in 2:28%, 2r27V2." 2:28. I will
warrant him sound and kind, and to trot full
mile in 2:30 or no sale; time shown purchaser
and allow responsible party satisfactory trial.
Also, at any half-reasonable offer. Brewster
sidebar top buggy.single and double harness;
all nearly new: will sell separate if desired.
For further particulars call on my groom, or
nddress him at my private stable. 133 Pine st.,
corner Superior St.. North side. Chicago, 111.
A CARLO AD of extra heavy draught and
- some single driving horses, Minnesota
bred, and an i,young and sound and right out
of work, for sale at 31 Chicago ay.. West Side.
FOB SALE very cheap, as I am leaving
the city, one fine lady's driving horse,
my nnaetonand horses, whip and robe: the
outfit cost me $32.">: I will sell them all to one
party for $1SO; the phaeton is full leather
top, and cost me the price I will sell the
whole outfit for; can be seen at 521 First ay.
north. Minneapolis. Mrs. Stewart.
FOB, SALE — pair coal black mares;
young and well-matched. Call at 214
Manhattan, C. W. Rickerd.
FOR SALE — One fine carriage horse,
weight 1.200 lbs.; one good driver and
one famiiy mare. 551 Broadway.
GOOD four-year-old pony for sale. In
quire at 317 University ay. '
( 1 OOD FAMILY HOUSE for sale; sound
VJ and gentle; only $50. Inquire 10 West
Fourth st.
HORSE— Good family horse for sale chaap.
Inquire t>3 East Fourth st. _^
Arrived today at Pioneer Sale
Stable?, twenty-eight head of pinery horses,
from five to seven years old, weighing from
2,900 to U. 700 lbs. a team; they arc all fresh
from the country, Southern Minnesota and
Northern Iowa; they are the biggest, shape
liest and best lot of pinery horses shipped to
the city this fall, and they will not last long,
for they are just what you want for heavy
hauling and the woods; come early and get
your choice, as they just arrived this morn
ing. Pioneer Sale Stables, 521-523 First ay.
north, Minneapolis.
LIVWKYMKN — Black hearse for sale,
< J-i lull size; in first-class order; emblems
complete. Allen & Co., 180 East Sixth st.
GET YOUR carpets cleaned and laid at
the Electric Carpet-Cleaning Works, 159
West Third si. Telephone 1200.
M. TEMPLE, uti Germania Life Insur
• ance Building.
_^___ , :
BOARD— A young lady desires furnished
-U ' room and board in convenient location
Address D 91, Globe.
—Office of the Board of Public Works. City
of St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 4, 1892.— Sealed bids
will be received by the Board of Pub
lic Worts in and for the corporation of the
city of St. Paul. Minnesota, at their office in
said city, until 12 m. on the 17th day of Octo
ber. A. D. 1892, for constructing a sewer on
Fauquier street, from Earl street to Duluth
avenue; on Ross street, from Seventh street
to Atlantic street, and on Frank street, from
Seventh street to Fauquier street, in said city,
according to plans and specifications on file
in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties in a
sum of at least twenty (20) per cent, or a cer
tified checK on a . bank of St. Paul in a sum
of at least ten (10) per cent of the gross
amount bid must accompany each bid. Said
check shall be made payable to the Clerk of
said Board. -»•' ■■■ „..>. .;,-._ .
The said Board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids. R. L. GORMAN.
Official : J. T. Kerkei:, President.
Clerk Board of Public Works.
| ■ octs-10t
STREET— Office of the Board of Public
Works, City of St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 4.189 i—
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Public Works in and for the corporation of
the City of St. Paul. Minnesota, at their
office in said city, until is m. on the 17th day
of October, A. 1). 1892, for constructing a
sewer on Burr street, from Whitall street to
Fauquier street, in said city, according to
plans and specifications on file in the office
of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties in a
sum of at least twenty (20) per cent, or a cer
tified check on a bank of St. faul in a sum of
at least ten (10) per cent of the gross amount
bid musi accompany each bid. Said check
shall be made payable to the Clerk of said
The said Board reserves the right to reiect
any and all bids.
R. L. GORMAN. President.
Official: J. T. Kerker,
Clerk Board of Public Works.
' octs-10t
Rnmsey— District Court, Second Judicial
: District.
Deliina Peltier vs. Oliver Peltier. Summons.
The State of Minnesota to the above-named
You are hereby summoned ana required to
answer the complaint ot the plaintiff in the
above entitled action, which is on file in the
office of the clerk of said court.in his office at
St.Paul.Minnesota,and to serve a copy of your
answer to said complaint on the subscribers
at their offices in rooms 89 and 00, Court
block, in the City of St. Paul, Ramsey County,
Minnesota, within thirty days after the
service of this summons upon you, exclusive
of the day of such service; and if you fail to
answer the said complaint within the time
aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action will ap
ply to the court for the relief therein de
manded, together with the costs and dis
bursements herein.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
TION—Office of the Board of Public Works.
City of St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 1, 1892.— Sealed
bids will be received by the Board of Public
Works in and for the corporation of the City
of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their office in said
city, until 12 m. on the Kith day of October, A.
D. 189-2. for filling marsh, swamp and pond
so as to abate nuisance on westerly portion
of Stinson's subdivision of block 96. Lymau
Dayton's addition, in said city, according to
plans and specifications on file in the office
of said Board.
: A bond with at least two (2) sureties in a
sum of at least twenty (20) per cent, or a
certified check on a bank of St. Paul in a sum
of at least ten (10) per cent of . the gross
amount bid, must accompany each bid. Said
check shall be made payable to the Clerk of
said Board.
i The said Board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids.
R. L. GORMAN, President
Official: J. T. Kerker.
Clerk Board of Public Works.
180 East Seventh St., St. Four, Minn.
38 Washington Ay. south, Minnea?3lis
Speedily curesall private, nervous, chronic
and blood and akin diseases of . both - sexes
without the use of mercury or hindrance
from business. NO CURE, NO PAY. Pri
vate diseases, and . all old, lingering cases,
• where the blood has become poisoned, caus- .
ing ulcers, blotches, sore throat and i mouth,
, pains in the head and bones, and all disease*
of the kidneys and bladder, are cared for
life. - Men of all ages who are suffering from
the : result of youthful indiscretion or ex- '■
cesses of mature years, producing nervous
; ness, indigestion, constipation, loss of mem
ory, etc., are • thoroughly and permanently
cured. SS9V£4BMsH9SBSMISBPQtai
Dr. Feller, who has had many years of ex
perience in this specialty, is a graduate from
one of the leading | medical colleges of the
country. He has never failed in curing any
cases that tie has undertaken. Cases and
correspondence sacredly confidential. Call
■or write for list of questions. Medicines sent
by mail and express everywhere free from
lisk and exposure. .-. ;
A A —AT -THE MINER." a pleasant
• -"-• home for the winter.ste«m heat aud
modern conveniences; day boarders accom3
dated. 162 College ay.. corner Sixth. . ■-. '
BOARD— Furnished front * alcove room."
for ; two, with board; modern conven
iences; central location. 542 Canada st.
BOARD— East Eleventh St— Three or
. four persons can obtain pleasant rooms,
.with board; references exchanged: •
BOARD— furnished rooms; bath,
parlor, piano and board; $1 per week.
64 Iglehart st. ..-■:■
BOARD— board and heated rooms,
with bath, at lowest rates at 245 West
Sevouth st. .-.-...
BOARD — Nicely -furnished room with
board; house modern; parlor and piano.
50 Til ton st. , ■■ . .
BOARD— Furnished rooms with board for
gentlemen, §3.75 per -- week. 188 East
Tenth st -•■••-.-
BOARD— Kooms, single or in suites; heat,
gas and bath ; also table board. 254 West
Fifth St., corner Smith ay. . ,
BOARD— Three rooms, one alcove, one on
first floor, with board. 633 Wabasha st.,
corner Iglehart. ■
BOARD— Cedar st. ; to rent, furnished
front alcove room, suitable for two, with
table board. .
I" YTLETERRACE-528Cedar-Forrent
-Li two front parlors, with alcoves; with
board; 6 o'clock dinners.
-tx furnished rooms; location central and
the best in St. Paul; rent moderate, and fur
niture to besola at a sacrifice. Address H91 £
Globe. .. : ■ . ■'
FOR SALE— and restaurant doing
good business; central located; rent
cheap. Inquire at A. Yoerg Brewing Com
pany's, West St. Paul.
I^OH SALE— West Superior, Wis.— fine
-i- ' • grocery; clean stock; doing a good bus.
mess; best location in city. Address R.,
Globe. : .
FOR SALK — Dairy, confectionery and
cigar store; doing good business; have
other business to attend to. Address S 85,
Desirous of retiring from business. I
offer as complete, clean, well-assorted hard
ware business for sale as can be found.
Write or examine stock:. Charles DamoreL
Wahpetnn. N. D. .
HE TOURIST— Oniy first-class hotel In
JL Rice Lake, Wis. ; city of 4.000 inhabi
tants: doing good business; best of reasons
for selling. R. W. Bull, Rice Late.
'no BUY— stock of groceries and fixtures.
-L Address F >«, Globe. "
ANTED — Partner with, $500 to take
half interest In old established retail
manufacturing concern: must be young
man; active, educated and possessed with
business ability. 89, Globe.
WANTED— buy a confectionery,
S - fruit and cigar store. Address Box 25,
White Bear. Minn. .: ■
BILLIARD SUPPLIES: Warerooms. 405 and
407; Office and Factory, 411 and 413 Fifth ave
-11 ue south. Minneapolis. Minn.
Proceedings Board Fire Com'
Regular Meeting.
Office Board Fire Commissioners, i
■ St. Paul, Sept 3J, 18»2. (
The Board of Fire Commissioners of the
City of St. Paul met at 3:30 o'clock p. m.
Present — Commissioners Prendergast,
Mitseh and Mr. President.
Commissioners Freeman and Mar
The minutes of the previous meeting were
read and approved.
From the Boston Woven Hose Company re
lating to the replacement of bursted hose.
Accepted and filed.
From the City Clerk notifying the Board
that the Council had adopted the Board's
recommendation for granting a permit to
the Cornplanter Oil company to store
and keep for sale petroleum products
in fire-proof building situate on lots 8 and 9,
block 14, Morrison's Addition to West St.
Accepted and filed.
. From the Northwestern Telephone Ex
change asking that the Board reconsider its
decision in regard to resetting of poles, in so
much as it refers to Washington street, be
tween Fifth and Seventh streets.
Referred to Committee on Machinery.
From the Chief Engineer, reporting resig
nation of Julius Norton and John Anuen;
the appointment of Thomas Welsh, Maurice
Lynch and G. \Y. Lijjhtner; the transfer of
G. W. Gillham from third pipeman of En
gine No. 4 to second pipeman of Engine No.
G: also of James Ilylaud from driver of Truck
■No. 6 to driver of Hose Company No. 2.
While responding to an alarm of fire on Sept
29, at 6:54 p. m.. No. :'. hose cart was upsst at
the corner of West Seventh and Chestnut
streets. TheX'aptaiu, John R. Conroy, was
very badly injured. The cart was damaged
It will be. necessary to have it repaired be
fore going back in service. The following
hose burst since last report: Eight sections
of Eureka, one section of Volunteer, one sec
tion of Hercules and two sections of Victor.
On motion, report was accepted and ad
The Superintendent of • Fire Alarm re
ported: The Birge door opener had been
placed on Engine Houses Kos. 6, 0, 12. 4, and
chemical Houses Nos. 3 and 4. The fire
alarm system is in good working order.
Report accepted and adopted.
. The following bids were submitted for fur
nishing the department with oats and hay
for one year, commencing Oct. 1, 1802:
Oats Hay
Per Bu. Per Ton
James Heavener & Co., No. 3
white .37c $8 85
Tierney & Co., No. 2 white... :37c , 900
E. McNamee, No. 2 white ...40c 9 80
Griggs Bros.. No. 2 white '.■:... 36 c 9 20
.loslin & Co., No. 2 white 48c 8 50
F. J. Brings y 4.)
On motion, the Board awarded contract for
furnishing oats to Griggs Brothers at 37 cents
per bushel for No. 2 white, aud awarded to
Joslin & Company contract for supplying
hay at the price of $5.50 per ton.
Contracts were ordered drawn* in accord
ance therewith.
On motion of Commissioner Prendergast,
the Chief Engineer was Instructed to make
requisition for 2.000 feet of hose.
The pay roll of department for month of
September, amounting to $14, 766.93, was, on
motion allowed, and referred to the Comp
troller by the following vote: -
Yeas— Commissioners Prendergast. Mitsch
and Mr. President— 3.
Nays— None. . . • . .
Adjourned. . ' .*
Reuben Wabner, President.
Wm.O'Gorm an. Secretary. .
Mr GLOBE is th« I
\ f organ of the j
tl ~ masses, but ol j
I HP no party, class
I IIU or clique. It I
is looked up- j
on by the
llaaiilala masses as a
PROD 6 S friend and
I tiU|JI(J O counselor, be- \
sides a steady !
I news-giver.
Paper. I j
liiivanagh A.- Johnson, Auc
■ <ionecr».
-nery goods and elegant fixtures by auc
tion. W e will sell at public auction in the
' store.No. 68 East Third St., on Monday. OcL 10,
■atlo a. in., the stock of millinery goods of E.
Thompson, insolvent. This stock consists of
au elegant line of trimmed and nntrimmed
hats and bonnets, fine velvets, laces, ribbons,
feathers, plumes, etc. The fixtures consist
of wall cases, fine mirrors, hat stands, sofa,
two handsome chandeliers, an elegant cherry
mantel, draperies, one furnace, . body Brus
sels carpets, partitions, etc. The fixtures ara
solid cherry, polish "finish, and are without a
doubt the finest in the city. Tailors, milli
ners, or furnishing goods men should attend
this sale. Kavauagh & JohnsoD, Auction
eers, 186, 188 and 190 Bast Sixth st. . .
' ■
*' SIDNEY **"'""'
Will leave for St. Louis and all intermediate
landings ■ . -
SATURDAY, OCX. 9th, AT 10 A. IW.
Through tickets to Chicago via rail and
river. For full information regarding passe
ger and freight rates apply to "
Freight »nd ticket office and dock toot of
Siijley street, opposite Union Depot.
Telephone -X>4.
To Fargo, Winnipeg, Helena, Butts
and the Paclllc Northwest.
_. ~ ~ ~~ St. Paul
Dining Cars on Winnipeg and Pa- . -.
cilic Const Trains. Lv. Ar.
Pacific Mail daily for Fargo, *
. Jamestown. Livingston. Helena,
Buite, MisßOula, Spokane, Ta
coma, Seattle and Portland 4:15 12:n
Jamestown Express, (daily ex- p.m. p.m.
cept Sunday) for Fargo and
Jamestown 9:00 6:29
Brainerd Local (daily except Sun- a.m. p.m.
day) for Anoka, St Cloud, Lit
tle Falls and Brainerd 5:35 10:3)
Dakota and Manitoba Express, p.m. a.m.
(daily) for Fergus Falls, Wahpe
ton, Crookston, Grand Forks,
Grafton, Winnipeg. Moorhead, 8!00 7:11
Fargo and Jamestown ...... p.m. a.m.
The Dakota and Manitoba Express does not run.
west of Fargo on Sunday.
Pullman sleepers dally between 8t Paul ill
GrnndKork9.Gra ton, Winnipeg, Fergus Falls,Wan
peton and Fargo. Pullman Fint-Ciaas and Tour
ist Sleepers and Free Colonist Sleepers are run . a
through Racine Coast 'I'raina. aE. BTOKB, Ctif
Ticket Agent, 162 East Third Street. St. PauL Q.
F, MtNEII.L, City Tickei Agent. 1» Nicollet House
Block. Minneapolis. Minn.
Through Fast Trains for Chicago. Milwaukee
and intermediate points leave Minneapolis
12:45 p. m. : 0:25 p. m. St. Paul. 1:30 p. m.:
7:15 p.m. Arrive St. Paul, 8:30 a. m. H:4j
p. m. Minneapolis. 9:15 a. m. ; 4:13 p. m.
Ticket Offices— lso East Third street, St
Paul: 13 X icollet House Block, Minneapolis
and Union Depots in St. Paul, Minneapoll
and Stiilwater. ('Daily. tExcept Sunday
JExcept Monday. sSunday only. ■ * d Except
Saturday.) - ■• ■>? •-. ... •••;
Leave Arrive
Through Trains. St. Paul. St. Paul.
Chi. "Badger State" Ex. :00 a m +0:5.> p m
Chicago "Atlantic" Ex. +">:3sp m *1 rf»o p m
Chicago Vestibule *8 p m *7 :25 a
West Superior '. I til :35 am Tr»:oopiu
andDuluth ( *jo:4opm *ii:f>oam
Ashland. Hurley . .1 +9:35 am +5:00
Bayfield&Washburu ( •JO:4ODm *3:;>otim
1 Joseph A Kansas City •7:35 am *i° :40am
Omaha & Kansas City.. *7:53pm *7 :40 am
Sioux City and Hills *735pm *7:4oam
Sioux City & Worth'g'n t7:33am *.; :.VJ p m
Pi tone & Sioux Falls. 1 7 p m +ts:s2pm
KewUlm, Tracy & Piene 87 :55 pm it :40 am
f \tv flffiPPl 115 East Third St., St. Paul:
tlljf \lW\j\fo 300KicolletAv.. Minneapolis;
and Union depots in both cities.
St. Paul Union Depot. auuivb
hR-flnn.ni f Willmar .Morris, Brown's 1 k, „
bB-05a.m. i valley and Breckinridge/ P- "•
l>S:3oa.m. Fer. Fp.lls.FarjfO & (i. Forks il>r.:lo p. m.
b3::iop.m. Osseo.Clep.rwateri St.Cloml. Ml £5 a. m.
b3:3op.m. Anoka. St. Cloud & Willmar. l.lu:.wa. m.
b42up.m. Excelsior and Hiitctainson... biluwa. lib
f^Villtnar, ISioux City. 1 I
Sioux Falls,d\Vatertown,
dlluron,Wtihpeton, cAb- I
a6£3p.m. { erdeen, cEllendale, IFar- \ 1a7:15 a. mi
co, bCasseltvu, ration, I
Winnipeg ani Pacific j
I Coast- j
lAnoka, St. Cloud, Sank 1
Center, Falls.Fur- I
n7:4op.tn. 1 go, Crooksion, G. Forks, }• a 3:55 a. m>
Great Falls, Helena; I
Butte nnd Pacific Coast J
( Columbia Falls. Kalis
a":lop.m. -I pell,Bonner'sl'erry,Lib- v a 653 a.m.
by Creek and Spokane. )
' /■Dulntli, W. Superior, Elk \
bl:o6p.m. J Kiver, Milaca. lliuckley, V b7.-aj p. m.
(Princeton, Anoka.* )
o. daily; b, except Sundays: c, Monday, Wmlnen
day and Friday; d, Sunday, Tuesday and Thurs
day. *Bui:et parlor cars on trains to l)uluth nnd
West Superior; ißuHet sleepers. {Dining cars
palace sleepers and free colonist sleeping cars.
% Ticket Offices: 'SiS
St. & Union Depot, St Paul
A— Means daily. B-Excep
Sunday. C— Except Saturdays
D— Kxrepi Jlond«yß.
Leave— St. Paul— Ar:iv»
( B T:cs a m li 11XS p la
La Crosse, Milwaukee and J A 2:40 p m A 12:50 p iv
CuJcago - (.A6:CopiaA 7:30 am
Bubuque.. _'.. /B 7:35 am D 7.45 am.
' "' I B 7:15 pm B ll:0i pm
jWnrslialltonn, Oltuniwa, /A!>:l">uin 1) 7:45 ma
St. Louis & Kansas City. C 7:15 pm A ti:SD pai
Aberdeen and way _ fßfiruoain A 9aoa m
J \A(i:liipir> B 0:30 p ni
For information as to otlitr trains sec genec
older at ticket offices.
Minneapolis, St. Paul &SaultSte.
CITY (Mplis. Guaranty Uidj, "
__jtLea&Bsk J* 111 > tl-Boston Ex lv M pis (A)
>g?^~^Sg Aj pm; Wisconsin Div. iv.Upla
UsE^ii < B ) »a m: Minn. Div. lv Minne-
B jKfSTSraaDolis (B) - ■"' am ' ( a > :>: " -
nrjivJJHm; St. C'roix Fallsac. lr SM'.iit
B^JB*^*^ A, daily from Union station: 3. ■
except Sunday from Union sta
tion: C, except. "Sunday, from Broadway sta
tion, St. Paul
;■■• A., T. &S. F. R. R.
Run through Pullman Palaca and Touri3|
Curs' daily from Chicago and Kansas Ciiy to
California; also through Pullman Cars daily
to Denver. Salt Lake City, Ogden, Fort Worth I
and Galveslon, Tex. . ■ . .
'-" For rates and further Information npply to ■
E. iiurdiik, General Agent, 013 Guaranty
Building. Minneapolis, Miinu.
V» Co. (operating Chicago. St. Paul & Kan
sas City Railway). Trains leave union depot ' '
City Office. IV > East Tiiird btreet. ..
*Dwly.tDnily ex. Sunday. Leave. i Arriva
tChicago a.st Express..... i :^'s ani|l(>:4i'pui
flown. AIo. & Kansas Ex.... 7:25 aaiilO:iJJpra '
*Dodge Center L0ca1.'. ...1.. 4:35 pm 10:15am'..
;.*chic«BO Limited 7:;?j tua 7 :'.<•> am
*Des3loiue^,siL Joe& K. c.. 7:oapm 7:33 am
HjillWUlC' ' for Chicngo, SL Louis ami
B'HiiM'.t.Plli down-river points, 7:jj a. m. ; ar-
MftltH^! rives irorn same points, t:l'J p. m
j^jji^i^; daily, except Sunday.
Leaves for Chicago and St Louis, 7:30 n
. m. ; arrives from .ss.iae poiis, 7 :;*> a. ul dail*

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