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The Blanket Ballot Gives the
Judges Tiresome and
Long Sieges.
Official Returns Settle the
Next Minnesota Congres
sional Delegation.
two Democrats, One Populist
and Four Republicans
Win Honors.
State Still in Doubt, as Well
ar> the State Legis
Baldwin's Gallant Run Against
Great Odds in the
Congressman Hall's Plurality
About Two Thousand-
Late Returns.
First District— J. A. Tawney, Rep.
Secoud District— J. T. McCleary, Hep.
Third District— 31. Hall, Dem.
Fourtb District— A. K. Kiefer, Kep.
Fifth District-Loreii Fletcher, Kep.
Sixth District— M. K. Hiilihvin, Dem.
Suvcuth Disiiict— ll. E. Boeu, i'co.
Official, or rather semi-official, returns
havo been received so far from about
forty-five out of the eignty counties of
the state, but these are suflicient to set
tle the makeup of the Minnesota dele
gation in the lower house of the next
congress. In several of the districts
the contest is close, and the victors
have had few votes to spare. This is
true in the Seventh, where Boeu,
Hie People's party candidate, wins by
Bbout 1.200, and in the Sixth, where
where Maj. Baldwin is ahead about
1.000. Congressman Hall's majority
will reach 2,000. lie carried Meeker
county by 44, a train of about
410, "and gallant old Scott rolls
up about 1,800 for him. Dakota
slumped a couple of hundred,
but McLeod, Carver, Sibley and Le
Bueur nil came to the front and center
with substantial evidences of their
Democracy, Goodhue gave Heatwole
1,400, Rice about f>oo and Reuville less
than 200.
And yet Chairman Jamison, of the
Republican state committee, has been
claiming that the district is doubtful. '
In the Sixth district Maj. Baldwin
surprised the ooposition. Lie carried
Steams by 2.200, the home of his op
ponent, a pretty substantial proof, by
the way, of the Democracy of the men
Of old Steams. Duluth turned around
and gave Maj. Baldwin the hand
some majority of 451, which
absolutely insures his election
by at least 1,000. This is a triumph
worth winning. The fight was against
great oilds, and its results will have a
tendency to stop Kindred-Nelson ex
hibitions iv the future in this state.
As to the state ticket the returns are
bo tar from complete that it is almost
impossible to make an estimate. There
is no way of figuring out the
returns of this election. Hardly
any two counties bear any resemblance
in the way of loss or train. In the Red
River Valley Donnelly seems to come
nearer holding the Owen vote, and
in Kittsou, Marshall, Polk, Wil
kin and Clay the loss to the
new party seems to be found in both
the old party camps, but with Lawier a
little ahead. Lawler's plurality over
Nelson in Polk is 230, a train of nearly
100. In Marshall about 300 are gained",
and in Kittson about 200. In
Otter Tail and Grant Nelson has
profited slightly more than Lawler from
the "eclipse of the Satre." Lawler's
plurality in Ramsey exceeds tnat given
Nelsoii in Hennepin by about 500, and
Lawler gains over 800 in St. Louis.
There are losses in several First district
counties, because that was Judire Wil
son's old home, but there are handsome
gains in the Second and Third.
On the basis of the returns so far re
ceived Mr. Nelson will not carry the
state by over 5,000, and Lawler is by no
means impossible. In the. reports so far
received it must be considered that
every one of Nelson's home counties,
lope, Douglass and Grant, are in and
ha\e been counted.
The legislature is close and will not
be five either way.
Owatonna, Minn., Nov. Tawney,
Republican, 13 majority; Buckham,
Rep., 1.110 majority; John Vir
tue, Dem., 110 majority; A. G. Leick,
Dem., 242 majoriry; W*. E. Martin,
Kep., 1157 majocity: Barncard, Kep., no
opposition; George Sloan, Rep., 194 ma
jority; Chaclwick, Kep., 40 majority;
Mitchell, Rep., 2T9 majority; W. E.
Mitchell, Rep.. 630 -majority; Gamble,
Dem., 3 majority; Brady, Dem., 34 ma
jority; Nelson, Itep., 7 majority.
' Olmsted.
Rochester, Nov. 10.— The official
canvass for Olmsted. county was com
pleted this evening, and resulted as fol
io -vs: Cleveland, 1,864; Harrison, 2,150;
Weaver, 135; Biflwell. 54; Fusion, 1,805;
Lawler, 1,944; Nelson, 2,072; Donnelly,
150; Dean, 131. For Congress— Harries,
Dem., 1.944; Tawney, Rep., 2,118; Ver
milyea, Pop., 157; Harsh, Pro., 144. The
members elected to the legislature are
both Republicans, li. M. Kichardsouand
Joseph (Jnderleak. *
WASECA,Minn., Nov. 10.— The county
canvassing board canvassed the vote of
Ihis county with the following result.
Official ligures are: Harrison 1,076,8id
we1l 13(5, Cleveland 1,042, Weaver 197,
fusion 1,020, Donnelly 205, Lawler I.OIS,
Dean 117, Knute Nelson 9GO, Swan Nel-
Bon 202, Hawkins 970, Kron 126, Clough
921, Martin 205, Peter Nelson 980, Aaker
119, Brown 939, Ringdal 190, Leicht 996,
Evaus 120, Bobleter979, McDonald 214,
Nethaway 969, Taylor 127, Childs 966,
Davison 205, Buck 1,085, Canty 936,
Mitchell 1,459, Dickinson 821, Vander
burgh 812; first amendment, yeas 987,
nays 412; second amendment, yeas 856,
nays 1,216; congress, Harsh 127, Ver
milya 21G, Harries 1,015, Tawney 982;
district judge, Buckham 1,528, Fisk 862.
IpecSal to tbe Qlobe.
Lais£ iiENTON, Nov. 10.— Official vote
r **^^^--^'«L^' W^*
of Lincoln county : Cleveland electors,
73 plurality over Harrison electors;
fusion electors, 19.> plurality; Lawier,
6 plurality over Nelson.
Special to tbe Globe.
Redwood Faixs, Minn., Nov. 10. —
The official canvass of Redwood county
going on here today and tne elec
toral canvass elves. Republican: Carl
son. 1,155; Fox i 1,097; (Jray, 1,098; Hunt
ington. 1,093; Jenuison. 1,088; Hospes,
1,074; Brown, 1.0'.U; (,'ulki:i, 1,079; Don
aldson, 1,086. Democratic: South, 645;
Nelson. 588; Jones, 580; Quinn, 581;
Shea, 580. Fusion: Meighan, 734;
Stromberg, 811; Dillon. GS4; Holloway,
079. Populist: Norton, 203; Mc-
Grath, '244; Thorn, 241; Clark,
225; Brown, 231. Prohibition: Har
rison, 111); Mahoney, 118; Childs,
113. Johnson Conly 112, Marshall 111,
Peterson 115. Murdock 111, Vaughan
110. Straight Republican county ticket
elected as follows: Representative, O.
B. Turrell; auditor, A. 11. Anderson;
treasurer, Emit Kunxeli; sheriff, Casper
Blethen; register of deeds, (ieorge L.
Evans; clerk of court, J. L. Byram;
judge of probate, Erastus French; su
perintendent of schools, S. J. Race.
Wortiiixgto.v, Nov. 10. — Nobles
county complete: Congress; Bronson,
Pro., 135: Hammond, Dem., 585: Mc-
Clary, Rep., 793; Long, Peo., 444. Rep
resentatives: Maxwell, Peo., 0:27: (Jil
dea, Peo., 798; McGilvery, Peo., 851;
Shell, Rep... 1.00); ilolnuui, Rep., 727;
Lockwood, Rep., 750.
St. Kiliiin, Town of Willmont— Cleveland,
B2; fusion. 4!); Harrison, 8; Weaver, 19; Law
ier, :;7: Nelson,!): Donnelly, 24; Hammond,
M; Long, 'M; McCleary, B.
Montevideo, Nov. 10.— Chippewa
county, official : Cleveland 490, Harrison
700, four fusion electors fiOO. Nelson 730,
Lawier 4:57, Donnelly 834, Deane 13G,
McCleary 702. Hammond 455. Lonir 294.
Legislature— Claguett 026, Bently 587,
Jacobson 656. Young 579, Maguire 603.
The election is conceded of Maguire,
Peo.; Jacobson and Young, Rep.
Specml to the Globe.
New Ulm, Nov. 10.— Brown county,
official: Cleveland, 1,150; Harrison,
1,080; Weaver. 475; fusion, 1,450; Law-
Jer, 1,103; Nelson, 993; Donnelly, 577;
first elector runs ahead of average;
William Skinner (Democrat) elected to
Special to the Globe.
Cubuie, Nov. 10.— The following offi
cials are probably elected for Murray
county: Charles E. Wild.auditor; Peter
Peterson, treasurer; James Lowe Jr.,
sheriff; William 11. Bottoms, register;
Zeb W. Marsh, judge of probate; P. P.
Smith, county attorney; Edward Mott,
superintendent of schools.
Special to the Globe.
Bluk Earth City, Nov. 10.—Nel
son's plurality in the county, 647, a gain
of over 20(J In two years for Democrats.
Special to the Globe.
Henderson, Nov. 10.— Returns for
Sibley county give Lawier 1,181, Nelson
850, Donnelly 455; conggressman, Bor
chert 386, O. M. Hall 1,179, Heatwole
1,001. Democratic representative elected
by 343 majority.
Special to the Globe.
Fakibault, Nov. 10.— The official re
turns from this county (Rice) have all
been received by the county auditor,
but will not be canvassed until tomor
row. The entire Republican ticket,
with the exception of clerk of court,
attornt-y and representative, is elected.
Heatwole received a plurality of over
500. Judge Buckham, Republican can
didate tor" judge of the district, carried
this county by 2,000 majority.
NouriiKiKLi), Nov. 10.— Returns re
ceived at lleatwole's home compel his
friends to concede Hall's election by
300 plurality. Think that official re
turns will show a decrease. The vote
by counties is as follows: For Hall:
Scott 944, Sibley 178. Le-Sueur 350, Da
kato suo. McLeod 098, Carver :«0; total,
3.000. For Heatwole: Goodhue 1,500,
Meeker 200, Rice 000,Renville 400; total,
2,700; Hall's plurality, 300. Revised
city vote gives majorities for Repub
licans on national, state and county
ticket. Representatives elected are
Kelly and Olliver, Reps. ; Roach, Dem.
First amendment, 150 iv favor; second
lost by 201).
Special to the Globe.
Red Wing, Nov. 10.— Returns from
twenty-seven out of thirty-one precincts
in this county give tor the presidential
electors votes as follows: Republican
3.007, Democratic 1,536, People's 161,
Prohibition 300, Democratic-People's
1,330. For congressman, thirty pre
cincts give Hall 1,929, Heatwole
3,323, Bordert 101, Reed 242. For
governor, thirty precincts give
Lawier 1,534, Nelson 3.299, Donnelly
825, Dean 266; for lieutenant gov
ernor, 27 precincts give Hawkins 1,438,
Nelson 287, Kron 327, Clough 2,697; for
secretary of state, the same precincts
give Nelson 2,010, Martin 189, Aaker 252,
Brown 2,434; for judges of tiie supreme
court, Davidson has 313, Buck 1,381,
Canty 1,395, Mitchell 3,588, Dickinson
2,531, Vauderburgh 2,557, in tha same
The Republicans elect their three
legislative candidates and full county
Special to the Globe.
Bikd Island. Nov. 10. — Eighteen
towns complete give Hall 661, Heatwoie
831, Borchert 732. Twelve towns com
plete: Lawier 533, Nelson 454, Don
nelly 452. Towns not heard from will
show a gain for Nelson and a larger
gain for Donnelly. Returns from all
but three towns indicate tne election of
James Hauna, Pop., for representative,
almost to a certainty, although the vote
is close between Hanna and Kirwin,
with McEwen close enough to be a pos
sibility. Populists elected auditor,
Democrats elect judge of probate, and
Republicans elect register of deeds,
county attorney and sheriff, and proba
bly treasurer.
Special to the Globe.
Hastings, Nov. 10.— Nearly all re
turns in. The vote tonight stands:
Harrison 1,206, Cleveland 1,543, Weaver
217, Bidwell 148; governor, Nelson 1,031,
Lawier 1,449, Donnelly 799, Dean 130;
member of congress, Heatwole 1,277,
Hall 1,703, Borchert 221, Reed 168.
Democrats have carried nearly entire
county tlcKet, Republicans electing only C.
F. Staples as representative, M. C. Tautges
as county auditor and B. McKelvy as super
intendent of schools.
Montgomery, Nov. 10.— The vote of
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On in ai i Dioyi
ally hLL nlujiiii
No Figuring 1 Able to Take the
Buckeye State From
Errors In the Republican Fig-
: ures Taking Away Their
California's Latest R9turns
Show Cleveland Carries
the State.
Weaver Walks Off With the
Electoral Vote of
Idaho. |
Republicans Tearfully Con
cede Kansas to the Third
Later Returns Increase the
Democratic Vote All Along
the Line.
Civcinnati, Nov. 10.— The Commer
cial Gazette, on carefully compared and
semi-official returns from eighty-one
counties In Ohio and conservative esti
mates on the other seven counties, esti
mates Cleveland's plurality in Ohio at
078. In some parts of Ohio Republican
scribes seem to have been figuring for
Hamilton county on Taylor's ra-lity
for secretary of state, whereas Taylor
ran 500 votes in round numbers ahead
of Harrison in Hamilton.
Sufl'cr a Relapse.
Coi.umhus, Nov. 10.— At 6p. m. the
situation in Ohio is that the official
count alone can decide the result.
The Republicans suffered 8 relapse
this afternoon by discovering a
mistake of 1,000 in their footings.
This reduced the supposed Republican
plurality of 1,700. These figures are on
S. M. Taylor, the head of the . state
ticket, and, as lie runs ahead of
the Harrison electors slightly,
the indications are that the
Cleveland electors, will be chosen. S.
M. Taylor's nominal plurality of 700 at
this writing is likely to be cut ou ac
count of a discrepancy of 500 in the re
turns from Hamilton county. The vn T
official returns show that he ran 500
ahead of the Harrison electors there,
which does not seem probable.. ________
All the counties in the state except
four have been heard from, ana there
can be no great change. The Demo
crats are claiming the election of. the
Cleveland electors by 500 plurality, but
think the official count aione can decide
the results on state ticket.
Getting Very Close.
At the Republican headquarters at
midnight official returns of the head of
the ticket had been received from
fifty-four counties. and with
the others carefully estimated
showed a plurality of 1,440 for
Taylor, Rep., for secretary of state.
The gains on the official returns have
been gradual and steady for the Repub
licans. The chairman thinks these fig
ures will be about as nearly correct as
possible until the official canvass is
• At Democratic headquarters they
have been receiving additional inform
ation all day, and while they recognize
that the tide is aeainst them they do not
dispute the correctness of the Repub
lican figures. They authorized the
statement at 11 p. »n. that figures then
indicated a small Democratic plurality.
They said
"We think it proper to await the of
ficial count for final result. In justice
to our party friends and the public we
hope they will have confidence with us
to await the official count.
"The committee is claiming COO plur
ality. The Republican committee also
claim the selection of the presidential
electors, although Taylor. Republican,
runs a little ahead of Harrison.
Cleveland Undoubtedly Carries
the Golden State.
San Francisco, Cal., Nov. State
returns still come very slowly and in
dicate that the presidential vote will
have a narrow margin either way. Six
teen hundred precincts give Harrison
101,727, Cleveland 104,201, Weaver 18,
--933. Five hundred and niuety-niue
precincts are still to be heard
from, mainly, from country and
mountain districts. Later re
turns on congressional candidates
do not change former estimate of three
Republicans, three Democrats and one
fusion of Democrats aud-People's party.
Elert, the non-partisan candidate for
mayor of San Francisco, is leading the
six other candidates on unofficial re
turns. Two proposed amendmeuts to
the state constitution, providing for the
election of United States senator by a
direct vote of the people and an educa
tional qualification for voters, appear to
have been carried overwhelmingly. The
legislature is still in doubt.
Sufficient returns have been received
from California to show that Cleveland
has carried the state by at least 3,ooo plu
rality. Returus are in from nearly three
fourths of the precincts in the state,
and those give Cleveland a plurality of
230. Nineteen counties, from which less
than half the returns have been re
ceived, gave Cleveland a plurality of
nearly 500 in 1888. The chairman of
the Democratic state committee claims
that Cleveland's plurality will be 4,200.
The Republican committee admits that
the sta}e has gone for Cleveland.
; The congressional contest is still in
doubt. Three Democrats and a fusiouist
(Democrat and People's party), are
elected, and probably three Republic
ans. The Republican committee admits
that the Democrats will have a majority
of one or two ou joint ballot in the legis
lature. The Democrats claim a major
ity of from six to eight.
The Populists Carry the State by
Topeka, Kan., Nov. 10.— Peo
ple's party, assisted by the Democrats,
have certainly elected the Weaver elec
tors, the entire state ticket and congress
man at large by a majority of at least
4,000. " This is practically conceded by
the Republicans tonight. The Repub
licans have elected Case Broderic i«
the First district, E. H. Fun^ on - j n tne
. Second, aud Cb^erTJusXls in the
THE GLOBE— It's AH Over, So Shake Hands and Be Friends.
Fourth. The PoDulists have elected T.
J. Hudson in the Third district, John
Davis in the Fifth, W. M. Baker in the
Sixth, Jerry Simpson in the Seventh,
and A. Wliirris at large. In the l?gis- ',
lature the Populists have elected twen- j
ty-three senators and the Republicans i
seventeen. In the house the Populists
have sixty-five, the Democrats two, and j
the Republicans seventy-two. The two
D«moerats are pledged to vote for a Re
publican senator, thus giving the Re
publicans a majority of three on joint |
ballot and insuring the election of a |
Republican senator. Ihe olficial count
will be completed by Monday. j
Republicans concede their defeat;
Chairman Simpson, of the Republican
committee, admits that the face of the
returns show a Populist victory, but
says he will not give up hope uutil the
official canvass shows Republican de
feat. ' ' : . ____!_l_ ' ':".$
Cleveland and Peck Are Both
. , ' _ Safe. ~", . >,V
Madison, Wis., 10.— It is an ab
solute impossibility; to yet give the def- 1
mite results of the election in this state. '
The counting has not , only been slow
to : an unparalleled extent, owing to
the size of the., ticket, but very
nrany precincts are remote from rail
way or telegraph stations. Even in this :
populous portion the full returns are
not in. A portion have not yet come
lrom the counties of Burnett, Manitou,
Oconto and Oneida . and from many
others the reports are unreliable. While
the the latest information some
what reduces the plurality of
Peck, (Dem.) for governor, it clear
ly exceeds 5,000 and Cleveland will
run 2,000 better than he did. Peck's plu
rality will be the smallest of any Dem
ocratic candidate on the state ticket.
State Treasurer Hunher and Secretary
of State Cunningham ran the best, as
they also did two years ago.
The Democrats have elected 11 sen
ators and the Republicans 4. The Re-,
publicans have but 2 hold-overs and the
Democrats 10. The senate has 21 Dem :
ocrats and six Republicans. One dis
trict is in doubt still, and is not in
cluded in the above compilation. In
the assembly there will be 54"
or 55 Democrats and 45 or 46
Republicans, one district being in
doubt. The Democrats will have a ma
jority on joint ballot of twenty-nine,
thus insuring the election of a Demo
cratic United States senator in place of
Philetus Sawyer. Late returns do not
change the congressional situation.
Cleveland's Plurality in the State
, -_•' Will Be 20,000. '
Chicago, Nov. 10.— Six hundred and
ninety-three voting precincts in a total
of 710 outside of Cook county give Har
rison 139,303; Cleveland, 127,507. The
vote on governor is very close to
these figures, Altgeld running a
little behind Cleveland and Fifer
ahead of Harrison. Cook county
has given Cleveland a plurality of 32,000
and Altgeld one of 30,000. The remaiu
mg precincts cannot alter the result,
and it is safe to say that Cleveland has
the state by 20,000 and Altgeld by 17,00.0
Tne Republicans in this county have
plucked a brand from the burning bush
by the defeat of Van Praag for the state
legislature. That and the victory of
Aldrich iv the First congressional dis
trict are all they have to content them.
Harrison's Plurality Will Be
About 20,000. . _ . i.; v/
WniTE River Junction, Nov. 10.— ,
Returns received from 218 towns in this!
state give Harrison 36,050, Cleveland'
15,009, Bidwell 1,368, scattering ;'. 59; \
majority for Harrison, 26,012. This'
indicates a decrease of 6,238 ; in,
the Republican vote, 542 ;in -the'
Democratic vote and 75 in the Prohibi-r
tion vote, as . compared with the vote of.;
1888. The twenty-five remaining towns
in 1888 care Harrison a majority of;
1,440. Providing the ratio of decrease;
in the remaining twenty-five 1 towns is c
the same as on the 218 ! towns heard '
from, Harrison's majority this year will
be 20,389. . . '
Cleveland's Plurality Will Be
Nearly 5,000. "'■"■ -^
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. . 10.— It .is
now positively known that the following
congressmen, all Democrats, are elected
in Alabama: First, Clark; Second,
StallinEs; Third, Gates; Fourth, Kob
bins; Fifth, Cobb; Sixth, Bankhead: ;
Seventh,. Denson; Eighth, Wheeler;
Ninth, Turpin. Official returns from
all but five counties give a majority for
Cleveland of 46.315, 1 which is a big in
crease over the state election in August.
■ _ ■ • ~- •• w - ■ - ■ ; ' >i" i
Cleveland's Plurality L Will :Be
About 4,000. ■ fs£;i
W^BUSG, \a., :N. ov. . 10.- The re
turns from thirty-four of the courities'of.
West Virginia are now complete, and
show that tne Democrats will have be
tween 3,000 and 4,080. The Democrats
will have a majority of at least fifteen
in the legislature on joint ballot, insur
ing the return to the United States sen
i ate of Senator Faulkner.
All doubts have been cleared regard
j ing the complexion of the congressional
i delegation from this state. Governor,
I the Republican candidate in the
Wheeling district tonight concedes
the re-election of Pe.ndleton. The
delegation being solidly Demo
cratic W. L. Wilson, J. O.
I Pendleton. John I). Alderson and Far
mer Capehart are all re-elected by ma
jorities ranging from 200 lo 1,000. The
Democratic plurality on state and na
tional tickets will be between 3,000 and
1 4,000. Senator Faulkner will succeed
himself, the legislature belne Demo
cratic. Three-fourths of the state has
\ been officially heard from.
Weaver's . Lead Over Harrison
U r : Cannot Be Overcome.' /, V
;: Denver, Col., Nov. 10.— The returns j
I from the state, with • the exception of
I three uuimportantjeounties, have been
received. They - not represent the
total vote, because, in many instances,
majorities given. They are as
follows: Weaver.3o,449; Harrison, 4s7.
For governor, Waite, Pop., 33,376; Helm,
Rep., 26,902; Mauphin, Dem., 5,063. For
congress, First district, Pence, Pop.,
15,903; Coe; Kep., 13,674; Taylor/De'm.;
1,595. Second district, Bell, Pop., 23,
--555; Eddy, Rep., 11,816. L. M. Goddard,
Pop., for supreme judge, ran ahead of
his ticket, and will have probably 14,
--000 majority. ; : .
' The legislature so far as heard from
is estimated as follows: Senate, Popu
lists and Democrats, 12; Republicans,
11. Of the hold-over senators 6 are
Democrats, 5 Republicans and 1 Peo
ple's party. This will give the Repub
licans 16 votes in the senate; opposi
tion, 19. It is not thought that this will,
be changed, as the precincts ; not yet
: reported are small ones. .In the house,
as far as heard from, there are 35 mem
ibers elected on the Republican ticket;
13 on the fusion ticket of the Democrats
and the populists, and 15 straight Popu
lists. ; •
' . :. TKXAS. ' .
Swapping Greatly Reduces Cleve
;v; land's Mammoth Majority. ■
•v Austin, Tex., Nov. 10.— Cleveland's
["■majority is greatly reduced from foar
years ago. There has been much swap
ping because of local and state elec
tions, and the Hogg men have
scratched Cleveland extensively.
.The ..-.Populist ■ ticket ■ has devel
oped unexpected strength all over
the state. Speculation is rife here that
Hogg, if the legislature is with him.
will go to the United States senate in
place of Roger Q. Mills. Mills has
alienated the ; Clark nren by deserting
for Hogg, but has not .won over Hogg
supporters - because he left the state
when Hogg wanted and needed help.
Galveston, Tex., Nov. 10.— There is
■no doubt whatever ot Hogg's election
over Clark and Nugent for governor by
a plurality anywhere from 25,000 to
50,000. Sufficiently complete returns
received safely indicate what are yet to
It appears now that Clark, who re
ceived the indorsement of the state Re
publican convention, did not receive
v more than 50 per cent of the Republican
Ivote. A majority of the negroes in the
Iblack counties voted for Hogg. •
1 '-,: IDAHO.
Takes the State Out of
[",'! the Harrison Colnmn.
f Boise. Idaho, Nov. 10.— Less than
[half the state has been heard from so
tar. The indications are that the ma
fjority of the Weaver electors may reach
S.OOO. 117 out of 270 precincts give Mc
jConnell,. "^Rep., 5,879 for governor;
JBurke, Dem., 4,858; Crook, P0p.,'3,295.
i Sweet, Rep., for congress has a plural
• ity of 3,000. : ; '
\: ■ ~~ 7 <%-
Cleveland's Plurality Will Be Over
Indianapolis, Nov. 10.— Official re
turns have scarcely begun to come In
yet. Unofficial returns or. 88 of the 90
counties, with the other four estimated,
give Cleveland 11,185 plurality. No
figures can yet be given as "to the total
vote or the vote of the People's party
and Prohibition candidates.
Republicans Elect the governor
, for the First Time in Years.
;L; Concord, -N. H., Nov. 10.— Returns
from foßty-seven towns and cities give
Harrison ; 42,119, Cleveland 88,822, Pro
hibition and scattering ; 1,521. Smith,
Republloan for governor, will be elected
by a" majority, of about 500. This Is the
"first time In se VeraTyears that the choice
for governor ha 3 beeu made by the peo
ple in the state 1 .
Another Great Commonwealth
Casts the Republican
Fusionists Carry the State
/op All and Will De
feat Casey.
Republicans Squeeze Into the
State Offices Out in
But There Is a Chance, the
Legislature Is Dem
Special to the Globe.
B ism Aitc k, N. D., Nov. 10.— Returns
from twenty of the leading countk'S
nearly complete, knock out the previous
Republican estimates, and it is now
certain that the entire Republican
state ticket is defeated by majorities
ranging from 300 to 1.000. It is now be
lieved Harrison electors are also de
feated, but Johnson, Rep., for congress.
may pull through. The legislature is
In doubt and Republican by four or
five majority.
A Low Tariff Man Will Succeed
Senator Casey. -
Special to the Globe.
GBA.ro Forks, N. D., Nov. 10.—Lat
est returns, mostly official, give Short
ndge, fusion, for governor, 1,707 major
ity. Balance state ticket and Weaver
electors slightly less. Shortridge has
majorities in the following counties:
Barnes 230, Bottineau 149, Cavalier 533,
Dickey 150, Grand Forks 160, Griggs
100, Lamoure 135, McLean 41,
Nelson 150, Pembina 300, Rich
land 500, Sargent 28, Steele 150,
Walsh, 1.450; Wells, 8. Burke, Kep.,
has Benson, 197; Burleigu, 250; Cass,
400; Emmons, 100; Foster, 23; Kidder,
150; Logan, 50; McHenry, 100; Mcln
tosh, 100; Morton, 150; Pierce. 57; Ram
sey, 70; Ransom, 26; Rolette, 100;
Stark, 150; Stntsman, 60; Town
er, 100; Trail I, 200; Ward,
100. Secretary W. A. Joy, of the state
Democratic committee, says there is no
question but that the Democrats and
Independents will control the legisla
There is a total vote of 93 on joint bal
lot and the comoination will have 47
votes sure and probably 53, the follow
ing winners being ascertained: In the
First 1, Second 2, Third 3, Fourth 2,
Fifth 1, Tenth 1, Eleventh 2, Twelfth 3,
thirteenth 3, Fourteenth 1, Fifteenth
1, Sixteenth 1, Seventeenth 2, Eight
eenth 2, Nineteenth 2, Twenty-first 1,
Twenty-second 2, Twenty-third 1,
Twenty-fourth 1, Twenty-fifth 3,
Twenty-sixth 2, Thirty-first 2. These,
with six holdovers, make a majority
safe, and there is a probability of elect
ing combinations to the extent of one in
the Twentieth, two in the Eighth, one
in the Twenty-eighth, and one in the
Thirtieth, insuring the electiou of a
United States senator.
Their Death Knell Has Sounded
in South Dakota.
Special to the Globe.
Sioux Falls, S. D., Nov. 10.—Com
pjete returns from 39 counties and 107
scattering precincts give the Republic
an electors a plurality of 3,815. Repub
lican electors will have a plurality of
between 5.000 and 6,000. The entire
st»le ticket by somewhat larger vote.
Republicans will also control the next
legislature. Chairman Pellermau, of
the Independent state central commit
tee, attributes the ioss of the state by
Weaver to the heavy falling off in the
Independent vote. In some counties
the Independent vote fell off one-half.
This election will probably be the death
blow to the movement in this state.
The Democrats May Yet Carry the
Special to the Globe.
Butte, Mont., Nov. 10.— Later returns
from this state show the election of the
Harrison electors by about 500 plurality.
Richards, Rep.., is elected governor by
550, and Harttnan t representative to
congress, by 850. Present indications
are that the legislature will be Demo
cratic by one majority on joint ballot.
If this is confirmed, a Democratic
United States senator will be chosen to
succeed Sanders, Rep,
Democrats Now Confident of North
Special to the Globe.
Fargo, N. D.. Nov. 10.— North Da
kota furnished another surprise in the
political line. Tbfc election of Burke,
Kep., for governor, and the electoral
ticket was conceded yesterday, but to
day when returns from Democratic
strongholds came in, it was found they
had given Sbortridge, fusion, for gover
nor much linger majorities than were
anticipated. Walsh county irives Short
ridge I,3oo majority and Pembina county
000. The Democrats claim the state by
1,000, while the Republican central
, committee still claim Burkes election
by about 150 votes.
The Expected Sweeping Repub
lican Plurality.
Special to the Globe.
Dkadwood, S. D., Nov. 10.— Returns
from forty-one precincts in the county
of Lawrence give Cleveland 488, Har
rison 1,925; Weaver 1,420, Couchniau,
8.%, Sheldon 1,850, Van Osclell 1.083;
Lucas, Kep., 1,700: Kelly 1,140, Lard
ner, Peo.. 1,580; Sol Stnr, Kep., for
senate, plurality 400. The probable
plurality in the whole county for Har
rison for president is 500; for Sheldon
I for governor is 700; for Lucas for con
gress Is 1.700: members elected to the
legislature, Republican, fien F.Walters,
Elijah 11. Fowler, Archie Ferguson.
The total vote in county is 4,250.
Carried by Weaver.
Special to the Globe
Buitto.v, S. D., Nov. 10.—Independ
ents carry this county for Weaver by
fifty plurality.
Brown County.
Aijrrdkk.v, Nov. 10.— Brown county
complete with the exception of one pre
cinct gives Sheldon 1,87% Van Osdel
1.208 and Couchman 495; Republican
electors 1,337, Independent 1,529, Dem
ocrat 208. Republicans elect entire
legislative ticket.
Labor Inspector* Capture Thirty
Belgian Glass Blowers Who
Were Under Contract.
They Were to Take Strikers'
Places in a Pittsburg Glass
New York, Nov. 10.— The Ellis isl
and officials today made an important
detection of a crowd of contract labor
ers who were coming to this country to
take the places of strikers at Pittsburg.
Several days ago Contract Labor In
spector R. D. Layden, of Pitt6burg,
telegraphed to the contract labor bureau
that half a dozen Belgian glass blowers
had left Antwerp Oct. 20 for this port,
under contract to work at a glass-blow
ing establishment at Pittsburg. The
men had been engaged to take the
place of strikers and work for less pay.
The steamship Frlesland arrived from
Antwerp Wednesday, and it was re
ported that there were no steerage pas
sengers on board the vessel. The labor
inspectors found Francis Videl, a
former foreman In the Pittsburg gas
works, with the fiyo contract workmen,
in the second cabin. Afterwards labor
inspectors discovered twenty-four more
glass blowers under contract among the
Second cabin passengers on the Fries
land. Today the men were taken to
Ellis island and accused of coming here
in violation of the alien contract laws.
i They were placed in detention. The
I capture of the thirty glass blowers is
considered the most important that has
been made in a long time. If a good
case is made out against the owner of
the glass-blowing factory he will be
A Badger Citizen Found on a
Railway Track in Chicago.
Chicago, Nov. 10.— Lloyd Sanborn,
of Appleton, Wis., died at the county
poor house early this morning. He
was taken there by Irving Park police,
who found him lying beside the Chi
cago. Milwaukee & St. Paul tracks at
Mayfair, with both legs cut off. He
was unconscious when the poor house
was reached, but was revived only to be
ploced under the influence of ether
while his injured legs were amputated.
Mew Banks Authorized.
Washington, Nov. 10.— The comp
troller of the currency has authorized
the following-named banks to begin
business: The Central National, of
Milwaukee, Wis., capital $300,000, and
the First National bant of Oliddeu, 10.,
capital $00,000.
NO. 316.
Democratic Officials Will Con
tinue to Administer the
County Affairs.
Every Man Except Miesea
Elected by Comfortable
Olivier, Butler and Whitcorab
Exhibit Great Running
Burns Is Elected Auditor Be
yond a Doubt— Results
in Detail.
Ramspy county is naturally anil safely
Democratic. This tact has been proven
conclusively by the results of Tuesdny's
votintr. Daniel \V. Lawler received a
handsome majority in the face of many
adverse circumstances, not the least of
which was the linancial inability of the
county committee to give the proper
attention to many legitimate nnd neces
sary details of campaign work.
Some peculiar complications entered
into the local situation, and the effect
of the voting on congressman was felt
more or less by every candidate on tho
county ticket. Absolute Ignorance of.
the intricacies of the Australian ballot
in hundreds of instances, niuunder
standing.of its peculiarities In others -
as, for instance, where some voters
marked a cross opposite the name of
the regular Democratic nominee for
sheritf and also one in front of
the words "independent Democrat"—
was the cause of scores of votes being
lost, the Democrats especially Buffeting
from this cause in heavy precincts. \.
H. Kiel'er was the ouly Republican
voted for on a vast number of tickets,
showing that his still hunt was not
made in vain. The same thine Is truo
Of Dennis Sullivan's vote in many in
Tue cut -throat candidates w*re solid
ly arrayed ajrainst Democrats wherever
their black tlaL r was hoisted, and vet
they accomplished very little in th«
aggregate— far from enough, In fact, to
please even the least exacting of their
Republican monitors and paymasters.
They come out of the contest without
even the respect of their temporary
'VThc Gt<OBR'S list of chosen ones, as
printed Wednesday morning, stands
Dractically without chance. John W.
Willis, Charles L. Haas, Pirrce Butler,
James 11. Burns, K. ('. lyes. A. N.
Nelson, John 15. Olivier. Dr. E. H.Whit
coinb, 1). L. Curtice. John llogan, Benn
Davis, Paul Lavallee. Charles Lauer,
Peter Daly, Charles K. iMcCamtn, P. 11.
Kelly, August Nilssoiii Dr. ; Cv Williams,
John H. Ives. John V. I Dodd; William
Itodeer and R. A. Walsh are all elected ■
by majorities that vary .greatly, but will
serve for all practical purposes.' "■ * - ■*
There is a probability that Nic J'oth.'U
is beaten for county commissioner by
Robert Seng. If this should prove to b«
the case. Potheu has no one but him
self to blame, as he seemed to take no
interest in the canvass. David llauna
also seems to be beaten by Wright for
county commissioner from the country,
but Mr. Hanita made a run lie need not
feel ashamed of, considering the des
perate light made to save his opponent.
On the whole the Democracy of Kam
aey county can tranquilly enjoy the
laurels won in a hot contest, with the
odds seemingly dead against them at
the start, except that they had laid the
foundation for victory by nominating n
ticket that would wear well. <Joy. Mer
riain has been given n body blow thai
ought to make him very sick, by tho
tiiumphant election of lion. John W.
Willis to the district court bench. On
this point the people have spoken with
no uncertain voice, and even the sus
picion of treachery will meet Demo
cratic condemnation .in future, as the
so-called independents will iiud to ilieir
cost later on.
Lawler Carries the County lijr
Over 3,500.
The figures on governor given yes
terday were wonderfully correct, con
sidering the number of missing pre
cincts. The returns are not yet com
plete, but closely estimating those that
have not come 10 hand, the result is as
Ward. Donnelly. Lawler. Nelson.
First :;'.».'• WO MMi
Second 3;i7 1,088 KJ3
Third 184 753 643
Fourth iJOO 1.521 fcJ7
Fifth 4U 1,801 624 •
Sixth 435 1,863 608
Seventh 121 860 1,052
Eighth G35 1.519 BCS
Ninth 438 1.111 775
Tenth 112 Z>l Ml
Eleventh 89 227 290
Couutry 61 692 531
Totals 8,883 12,292 8,733
Lawler's plurnlity, 3,559.
He Carries Kamscy County by
Some 000.
Kicfer's "magnificent" run in this
county simmers down to a plurality of
under 1,000 after all. With figures mis
sing from Mounds View, Seventh pre
cinct of the Seventh ward and Third
and Eighth precincts of tin; Eighth
ward the result is given below. The
complete returns will reduce the plu
rality below 'joo.
Wards. Kiefer. Cai>tle
First I.C'JI 879
Second 1,138 7Ct
Third 734 651
Fourth 1,218 1,312
Fifth '.Wl 1.3X5
Sixth 1.090 1,218
Seventh I.CMS 656
Eighth 1,219 1,4:«
Ninth . ' 1,078 l,im
Tenth 357 263
Eleventh 351 225
Couutry 549 74^
T0ta15..... 11,480 10,500
Kiefer's plurality, 06DL
Gov. Merriam's Double-Dcallnc
Fittingly Kobuked.
Hon. John W. Willis has received a
flattering indorsement from the peoplo
among whom he was born and raised,
and the district bench of RaaaMj
county has received a valuable member.
Judge Willis is but on the thresshold of
an exceedingly promising career. Fol
lowing is the vote on judgeship iv do
Wards. Willis. Cornish
First 037 I.TUt
Second 783 1,008.
Third..... 'ir ftU

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