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The Gubernatorial Plum Will
Be Awarded to the
His Plurality Will Be Less
Than Half of Merri
am's in 1888.
Judges Buck and Canty Are
Elected by Handsome
The Legislature Will Be Anti-
Republican on Joint
The Republican party of Minnesota
pulls out ahead this year and elects its
candidate for governor by a plurality of
about a dozen thousand, and the bal
ance of the state ticket by pluralities
a little greater. The judicial
ticket, however, is Jar behind,
mid Judges Buck and Canty
have been elected by majorities rang
ing from 12,000 to 20,000. Throughout
the sfite both seem to have received
Dearly the solid vote of the Democrats
mid Populists— where they have failed
to do this JVdges Dickinson nnd Van
derburgh have fallen far enough behind
the Kepublican ticket to make up the
difference. In fact, there is scarcely a
county in the state in which these two
candidates have uot been cut to a con
biderable extent.
The Pioneer Press will probably at
tribute this to that terrible Prohibition
indorsement, after the manner of the
explanation of the defeat of Judge
Cornish by lion. John W. Willis. The
people, however, know the true explan
ation of the retirement of Judges Van
ilerbiirgl) and Dicicinson. It means that
the people want new blood on Ihu su
preme bench, and blood, too, that beats
closer to the people.
The vote of Donnelly will probably
reach 37,000, which added to the Demo
cratic vote still leaves the Republican
party in a minority of at least 25,000 in
the state. This quite different from the
palmy days when majorities of 20,000
80.000 and even 41.000 were not
unusual. The oppositions to the
Republicans is bound to crystal
lize into the majority party of this slate
In the near future. Every one of the
men who voted the People's party ticket
last Tuesday is a low-tariff man, is op
posed to the rule of trusts and monopo
lies, and for these reasons can never go
biick to the Republican party.
The campaign of Dan \V. Lawler was
a most magnificent one, faultless from
beginning to end. Everywhere he was
received with tiie wildest enthusiasm.
It was a campaign such as had never
before been given the people of Minne
sota, and its results are, while not suc
cess, in the highest degree satisfactory.
in 1866 Gov. McGill escaped defeat
by the narrow plurality oi' 2.0C0.
In 1800 (Joy. Merriani had a narrow
escape, having 2,200 votes more than
Juu>;e Wilson.
There was no independent party in
ISBO, barring the 8,000 Prohibitionists,
and the 2.000 plurality of Goy. McGill
w>s close to an absolute majority.
And in 1888 the Republicans secufetl
an absolute majority of over 20,000.
And this year they come out of the
campaign in a minority of 25,000 without
counting the cold-water people. And
yel the Republican organs compare
Tuesday's result with tlie victory of
On their own figures Minnesota is
bound te go Democratic in lb'J4. The
table follows:
Counties— Lawler.Nelscm
Aitkin 16i> 883
Anofca tiSti 811
♦HccUer..- .... 200
Beuton Clis 390
Bitr Stove 4?5 is."Ji>
ltlue Kurlh 2,347 2,389
iim-vh 1,103 U!KI
Cnrltou 401 525
*Carver... . 6'X)
1 nsa — —
CUippewa 437 T;io
Cliit>a«o 278 1,2tt7
•Clay 400 b3O
CooU . .... .'. ..
UotUmwood 1&5 f>47
Crow Wing 050 O'JB
Dakota I,T^O 1,162
Dodge ;.-. 541 1,189
Douglas :..'.'. G.ti 1,340
l'iiiiu.uiit .... (517
Plllmore 1,003 2,275
Freeborn 892 1,017
(joodliue 1,544 3,:suj
Grant 303 7<)l
IltMinepin .' 14.586 18,0'X>
Houston 1,213 I.4is
Hutibard : 121 - 150
lsunti 100 525
♦Itascu 300
Jackson 609 839
K:\nabfC S3 170
Kandiyohi 293. l,a«Jl
•Kiitsou >0
gui Pane 374 1,202
• Lake — —
•Le Sueur 800 —
Lincoln 312 307
Lvon 308 740
•McLood fcOO
itstrsball 3-'O 487
Martin 7Gi) 1,013
Meeker 1,144 J.o'J3
MilleLacs 203 3;K)
Morrisou 1,555 94(5
Mower ; 1.375 2,1^4
Murray 529 513
Nicollet'. 1,001 1,022
Kobles 014 610
Noinian 109 783
Olmsted 1,914 - 2,072
Otter Tail L 225 1,985
pine 495 Jtis
Pipeslone 'i'-io 412
l'oik... 1,350* 1,120
Pope 205 1,070
Uiimsey 12,^2 8,7:w
Kedwood 608 1,010
]{enville 125
Ilice 1,533 I,Sj7
]tock : 325 800
Bt Louis 2,914 4,398
(jCOlt 1.8, r ti4)>
gherburne 270 &v)
t-iljlcv 1.181 850
Bicarus 4,4: iS 1,482
bteule 1.271 1,278
6te\ lib 486 684
bwlfl tißs 708
Todd HO
Traverse 241 311
•Wobnsha BUO
Wtideua 424 504
Waseea 1,018 flUo
■\VashiiiKtou 1,337 1,0(15
•Wnlonwau 40'J
WDkin . v . . 339 371
Winona -. 2,994 2,192
WriKht 1,780 2.110
Yellow Medicine 304 881
Totals ....... 84,027 90,202
KelHou"s plurality, 12,175.
Returns From the Fai'in Towns
Auainst the Republicans.
That the Republicans desire to con
trol the next legislature no one who has
watched the movements of Senator C.
- K. Davis' law linn and the Republican
machine, will doubt: but desiring and
l:fiv:iii< ftre two very different things.
Hardly had the polls < been closed last
Tuesday when the claim \vap niade that
the Republicans had elected enough
members of the legislature to control
the election of a United States senator
"^^^Qs^p^g^^^v^^y f *'^ r
Of course neither Chairman Jamison
nor C. A. Severance, the handsome but
decidedly mimathematical partner of
Senator Davis. Knew anything about
the result of the legislative contests.
But they claimed everything in sight.
At lirst they claimed live members in
Ramsey, fourteen in Hennepin. one in
LeSueur, one in Steele, four in the
Forty-sixth, lialvor Steeierser. in Polk,
Thorpe and Peterson in the Forty
ninth, ilolman, Loekwood and Bchellin
the Seventh, one in the Stearns-Oenton
district, three in the Fiftieth district,
three in ltice, as well as several others.
The returns begat: to come iv about
this time, and each day the friends of
.Senator Davis Dave been oUWj;ed to con
cede one or more members to the op
position every hour until yesterday. Out
of all the lonir list given above but two in
the Forty-ninth, twelve from Hennepin
and two in Rice county remain.
The real truth of the matter is that
the Republicans have not carried the
legislature, and the best posted men
around their committee are very slow
in making claims. As every one knows,
the lirst returns received ot the election
came from the villages and towns which
are strongly Republican, and on those
early returns the Republicans base their
claims. To have a majority on joint
ballot the Republicans must secure
sixty members of the lower house, and
the leaders are really only claming
sixty-six. From the returns SO far
received they have fifty-three, with
chances of securing three and possibly
four more. The opposition will not
have much of a majority, but it will be
enough to insure the return of Senator
C. K. Davis A revised list of the mem
bers elected and probably elected fol
First District, Houston County— D. L.
liuL'll, Dem.
Second. Killrnore County— S. A. Langum,
Hep.; C. L. \\ oolridgc, Hep.; J. It. Nelson,
'liiird. Mower County— J. J. Furious,
Dem.: O. W. Benner, Rep.
Fourth, Freeborn < ounty— William Chris
tie, Uep. ; JolinM. Zelsler, Itep.
Fifth, Faribault— S. J. A boot, Kep.
Slxih— Martin and VVatonwan— D. C. Hop
kins, Kep.
seventh, Murray, Nobles, Pipestone and
Rock— P. Gildea, Peo.: J, li. .Maxwell. I'eu. ;
George McGilvery, Dein.
Eighth, Cottottwood iina Jackson— John
Paulson, l!up.
Ninth, Kedwood and IJrown— William
Skinuer. Dem.: <>. I',. Turreil. K'-'p.
Tenth, Hluu Earth— B. brules, Dem.: W.
L Com stock. Dem. ; Gilbert GutterßOu, Bep .
Eleventh, Waseca— H. M. Buck, Kep.
Twelfth, Steele— John Virtue. Dem.
Thirteenth, Dodge-John G. Bridge. Uep.
Fourteenth, olmated— H, M. liichardson,
Fifteenth. Winona— M. J. McGrnth. Dem.;
Frank Mnnahau, Uem. : S. R. Van taut;
Louis SikorHki. Dem.
sixteenth, Llucolu, Lyon and Yellow Medi
cine—J. K. Glbb, Peo.; <». c. Wilson, Peo.
Seventeenth, Nicollet— Joseph Diupolder,
Xi rhteenth, Sibley— Thomas McKasy, Dem.
Nineteenth, Le hueur— John Wacek, Dem.;
B. li. s:inls, Dem.
Twentieth, Rice— Joseph Roach, Dem.; A.
B. Kelly. Kep. ; h. F. Oliver, Kep.
Twenty tiret Goodhue— F. M. Wilson, Kep.:
J. L. Schofield, Kep.; w". 11. lliiinlin. Dem.
Twenty-second, Wubashn— a. J. French,
Dem. ; II". McKenny. Dem.
Twenty-third, Washington — John Me-
Carthy Dem;; August liooreu, Kep. ; John
Zelch, Kep.
Twenty-fourth, Dakota— C. F. Staplen,
Rep.; M. A. Dougherty, Dem.
Twenty-fifth. Ramsey— Charles Wullblooin,
Ker>, ; I'.ll. Kelly, Dem.; J. A. Nilsson, pern.
Twenty-sixth, Ramsey— Dr. C. Williams.
Dem.; John 11. Iveß, Dem.; John V.I. Dodd,
Twenty-seventh, Ramsey — H. 11. Ilorion,
Hep.; W'llli.im Rodger, Dem.
Twenty-eighth, Ramsey— It. A. Walsh, Dem.;
D. M. Sullivan. lieu.
Twenty-ninth, Hennepin — Goor<*e M.
Bleeker, Dem.; li. ('. lleinrielis, Dem.
Thirtieth— J. T. Wynum, Kep.; KF. Coin
stock. Itep.
Th.rtv lirst— C. S. C'liirns. Kep.; A. C. Pray,
Rep.; Emerson Cole, Kep.
Thiriy-siirond— John Holruliere, Rep.; C.
A. Carlson, Kep.; George 11. Fletcher, Kep.;
P. i». Winston, Dem.
Thirty-third— S. A. Siockmau, Dem. -Pop. ;
W. S. Elliott, Kep.
Thirty-fourth— Stephen D. Howard, Kep. ;
J. J. Boston. Rep.
Thirty-fifth, Auoka and Isanti— G. Wah
lund. Rep.
Thirty sixth, Scott~F. J. Leonard, Dem.
Thirty-seventh, Carver — John Boyluu, Dem.
Thirty-eighth, Snerburue and Wright-
Henry Berning, Dem.; 11. C. Bull. Dem.; J.
A. Holler, Hep.: L. J. Swansou. Rep.
Thirty-ninth. .Meeker— A. T. Koeruer, Ucd.
Fortieth, McLeod— P. K. Barrett, Dem.
Forty-first, Kandiyohi— Andrew Kailson,
Forty-second, RenvJlle —P. 11. Eirwan,
Forty-third, Chi ppewa, Lac gui Parle and
Swift— John McGulre, Peo. and Dem.; E. T.
Young, Kep.; J. F. Jaoobson, Rep.
Forty-fourth, Kanabec, chisaKo and Pine —
A. .1. Anderson, Kep.
Forty-fifth, Steams and Beuton — C. A.
Hauck, Dem.; P. B. Gorman, Dem.; J. U.
Liuaeman, Dem.; F. K. Minnelte. Dem.
: Forty-sixth, (row Wing, Mo rison, Todd
ana Mille Lncs— H. <'. Stivers, Dem.; W. E.
Lee. Rep.; W. E. Fleming, Rep.; William
Fuller, Kep.
Forty- seventh, Pope and Douglas— A. G.
Johnson. Kep.: J. E. Johnson, Kep.
Forty-eighth, Otter Tail— Thomas Cole,
Peo. and Dem.; H. P. Hjor«e. Peo. and
Dem. ; L. 11. Olinsiead. Peo. and Dem.: O.
A. Kiehardspn, Peo. and Dem.
Forty-ninth, Isit; Stone, Grant, Stevens and
Traverse— D. P. O'Neill, Peo. and Dem.; G.
I. lecker, Dem.
Fiftieth, Wilkin, Clay, Becker —E. J.
Moore, Peo. and Dem. ; Joseph Guun, Peo.
ajul Dem.; O. G. Farsdale, veo.
Fifty-lirst, i'olk, Beltraini and Xorrnan— B.
M. Cnesley, Peo. ; Haim J nelson. Peo. and
Dem.; John D. Knutson, h"eo. and Dem.
Fifty-second, Kiltson and Marshall— F. W.
Wagoner, Peo. anil Dem.
Fifty-third, Aitkin, Itasca, Hubbard, Wa
dena, Carltou— J. U. Harkham, Uep.
I-'ifiy-Foiutli. St. Louis, Lake and Cook —
James A. lioxgs. Rep. ; Lou iierritt, Kep. ;
J. li. Cotton, KeD.
Totals— House—
Democrats and People's 58
Kepubiicaus. 5S
Democrats 16
Alliance 13
Republicans ~'s
Anti-Republican majority 4
Special to the Globe.
Albkbt Li:a, Nov. 11.— official re
turns give ' Harrison 2,001, Cleveland
701; fusion electors behind; Nelson
1,917, Lawler 692, Donnelly 295, Dean
170; Tawney 1,849, Harries 7SG. Ver
mllya 278, Harsh iil4; representatives,
William Christy 1,838, John M. Grissler
1,789, Knatvoled 1,192, Ash 924; John
Whitock, tor jadite, 2,"898, llrwelda SUI.
Special to the Globe.
JACKSON, Minn., Nov. 11.— Official
count: Nelson S&), Lawler 609. Don
nelly 312, McCleary 883, Hammond 600,
Lone: 344; electors about same as vote
for K^vernor. Paulson is elected rep
resentative from this legislative dis
trict by 141 majority.
Blue Earth.
Special to the Globe.
Mankato, Nov. 11.— The official vote
of Blue Earth county was made this
morniiifr, with the following result:
Harrison, 2,011; Cleveland, 2,305;
Weaver, 339; Bid well, 341; K. Nelson,
2.3G9; Lawler. 2,347; Donnelly, 403;
Dean, 329: Olougli, 2,328; Hawk
ins, 2,258; Nelson, 438; Kron,
348; Brown, 2-iiGl ; Nelson, 2,271;
Marlto, 436; Aaker,36l; Bobleter,2,4ot3;
Leieht, 2,279; Kinirdal, 437; Evans v 3l?B;
Childs, 2,392; Nethaway, 2,2?6; McDon
ald, 490; Taylor. 387; Dickinson, 2,263;
VanderbenUi, 2,0(3(1; Buck. 2,975; Mitch
ell, S.C6B; Canty, 2,297; Davidson, 525;
McCleary, 2,565; Hainniond,2,244;
380; Uruwn. 290.
\V. L. (Jomstock. Dem.; N. Brules,
Dem., and <}. (iiiltersen, Rep., will
compose the legislators of this county.
Special to tbe Globu.
Redwood Falls, Nov. Redwood
county official vote: (Jovernor, Nelson
1,010, Lawter COS, Donnelly 333, Dean
111; lieutenant governor. Clough 975,
Hawkins 559, Nelson 319, Kron 125; sec
relary of state, Brown 992, Nelson 585,
Martin 321, Aaker US; state treasurer,
Bobletter 954, Leiclit 507, Riadahl 3US,
Evana 147; attorney general, Chiiila
1,018, Netlieway 558, McDonald 324,
Tavlor 128; supreme court justices,
Vanderburgh, 854. Dickinson 879.MitcM
ell 1,2-20, Uuck 747, Canty (570, Davidson
37; representative, Turrell 1,221, blew
art 857.
Special to the Glooe.
Slaytox, Minn., Nov. 11.— Official
vote of Murray county: Harrison 586,
Cleveland 517. Bidwell 73. Weaver 380,
fusion 773; for governor, Nelson 513,
Lawler 529, Donnelly 439, Dean 57; for
congress, McCleary 544, Hammond 453,
Lout? 524; for the legislature, Ilolnieu,
Hep., 746; Lockwood, Kep., 513; Shell,
Kep., 478: Gildea, fusion, «C 5; Maxwell,
fusion, 800; McGi lie very, fusion, 793;
amendineiits, first, yes 437, no 304; sec
ond, yes 292. no 54: i. The People' s party
elected all county officers but auditor
and coroner.
Special to the Globe.
Lakkßenton, Nov. 11.— official
count of Lincoln county gives Cleveland
400, Harrison 317, Weaver 318, fusion
602, Bldwell 81, Lawler 312. Nelson 307,
Donnelly 377, Dean 72. For congress,
Hammond 293, McCleary 321, Long 881.
For legislature, Gibbs. fusion, 539; Wil
son, fusion, (ill: Lende 273, Tyler 280.
/ ~— — ——~
Special to the Globe.
Shakopke, i\ov. 11. — Scott county
official: Harrison 760, Cleveland 1,937,
fusion 1,781, Weaver 99, Bidwell 32;
governor. Nelson (548, Lawler 1,853,
Donnelly 15«, Dean 43; lieutenant gov
ernor, dough 040, Hawkins 1,850, Swan
Nelson 121, Kron 38; secretary of
state. Brown 050, Peter Nelson 1,8(57,
Martin 104, Aaker 33; treasurer,
Bobleter 003, Leieht 1,'.)77, Kiniriiahl
ill, Evans 37; attorney general, Chi Ids
639, Nethaway 1,831, Macdonald 23a.
Taylor 33. Davidson 10; judges of su
preme court, Vanderhurgh 541, Dickin
son 535, Mitchell 2,019, Buck 1,812,
Canty 1.741, Davidson 150; congre>i»,
Heatwole 701; Hall 1,938, Borcliert 69,
Keed 39; judge, well 1,730; legisla
ture. Leonard, Democrat, 1,893, Vogel,
Kepublican, 8(34.
The Democratic nominees for county
offices were all elected by majorities
from 1.400 to 1,600 where any opposition
was iiad.
Specinl to the Globe.
Hastings, Minn.. Nov. 11.— The fol
lowing is the official count: Harrison,
1.461; Cleveland, l.'Jtii; Weaver, 204;
Bidwell. 10S. Cleveland's plurality, 483.
Nelson, 1,102; Lawler, 1,720; Donnelly,
807; Dean,227. Lawler's plurality, 558.
Heatwole, 1,461; Hall, 1,993; Borchert,
256; Keed, 182. Hall's plurality, 537.
Special to the Globe.
Little Falls.Nov. 11.— Official Vote
of Morrison County — Democratic elect
ors. 1,585; fusion, 1,443; Kepublican,
1,135. Governor, Lawler 1,555; Nel
son 1)44, Donnelly 310, Baldwin,
for congress, 1,521, Searlo 1,072,
Parsons 158, Currial, Pop., 88, Fuller,
for legislature 1.270, Lee 1,022,
Fleming 1)25, Dunn 913, Stiv
ers 1,46.-», Sheets 1.379, Kasical
1,497, Carter 1,241. The People's
party polled about 100 votes as far as
can be learned. The vote on legisla
ture in this district is: Fuller 3,199,
Lee 3,141, Fleming 3.083, Dunn, 3,009.
Stivers is probably the only Democrat
elected, and has 3,062 in the district,
Sheets 2,799, Rascot 2,683, Carter 2.393.
The entire Democratic county ticket is
elected by majorities ranging from 100
to 1,000, and is the -first time since the
organization of the county that the Re
publicans have not had some one in
Specißl to the Globe.
Pine City, Nov. 11.— The official can
vass of Pine county gives Harrison, 538;
Cleveland, 458; fusion, 479; Bidwell,
45: Governor — Nelson, 405; Lawler,
495; Donnelly, 104; Dean, 46. Con
gress— Searle, 486; Baldwin, 544; Par
sons, 03; Conal, 50.
Searle Is Beaten for Congress by
About 400.
Special to the Globe.
St. Cloud, Minn., Nov. 11. — M. R.
Baldwin, of Duluth, will be the con
gressman from the new Sixth district.
He has squeezed through by the ap
parent plurality of 390. Judge Searle
concedes his defeat. Following are the
unofficial returns:
Baldwin. Searle
Aitkin .-. 22t 36J
Auoka '. 706 936
Uenton 555 875
Carlton..... 391 _ C 53
Cuss 175 474
Cook _, 15 36
Crow Wing R24 913
Hubbard 1-28 166
Itasca 434 091
Lake 215 45
Alille Lacs 7 167 4C9
Morrison. .". :.."... '....: 1,521 1,072
Pine 544 486
St. Louis 4,036 4,1t51
Steams 4,154 1,9!>5
t-herburue 250 628
Todd 979 1.127
Wadena '.....' 302 422
Wright 2,106 2,414
Totals .17,816 17,426
Baldwin's plurality ............390
Special to the Globe.
Elbow Lake, Minn., Nov. Grant
county complete, but unofficial: Presi
dent, Harrison 775, Weaver 182, Cleve
land 319, Bidwell 126, fusion electors
4J9; governor, Nelson 791, Donnelly
194, Lawler 303, Dean 95; lieutenant
governor, Clough 660, Swan Nelson 242,
Hawkins 233, Kron 171; secretary of
state. Brown 677, Peter Nelson
333, Sfartin 213, Aaker 124;
state treasurer, Bobleter 727, Leieht 235,
Ringdal 249,Evans 123"; attorney general
Childs 726, Nethaway 224, Macdonald
245, Taylor 135; supreme court judges,
Mitchell 802, Vanderburgh 718 Dickin
son 717, Buck 444, Canty 420, Davidson
867; "congressman, - Feicy, Rep., 692;
Boen, Peo., 283; Kefso, Dem., 207;
Hampson, Pro,. 131. . . „
Representatives, Forty-ninth dts
continued on Fourth Page. '
Republicans Claim the Buck
eye State by a Small
Part of the C!e /eland Elect
ors, However, Will Pull
California and Wyoming Will
Probably Give Harrison
Their Votes.
Republicans Save Very Little
Out of the Kansas
Comjmbus, Nov. 11.— At midnight tlic
Republican state conunittce completed
their table of pluralities;. with all the
counties heard from officially, with tiui
exception of tour, and these are es
timated. Some corrections were re
ceived at a late hour from Hamilton and
Guyaboga counties, which were among
those not recently reported. These re
duce the plurality of Taylor, Rep.; for
secretary of state to 707, and the table
shows the Harrison electors to have
been elected by 787 plurality. ,The
committee, however, concedes the prob
able election of Seward, the elector who
heads the Cleveland list, owing to the
bunding on the part of voters who.
placed the mark .opposite the name of
the first elector and the others were not
counted. The Democratic committee
claims the elections of Electors Seward,
Curtin and possibly others. 3
Republicans 'May Carry the State
by a Small Plurality. '
San Fkancisco, Nov. 11.— Returns'"
up to 6 o'clock this afternoon from all.
but 39 precincts in San Francisco and.
258 outside precincts irive Harrison 100,
--730, Cleveland 103,087, Weaver 20,!)!>7;
Harrison's plurality, 3,'J2:j. The remain.-*
ing San Francisco precincts will not be
counted until next Monday, when the
oiliciai canvass begins. The present in
dications are tliat the Republicans have
carried the state by a small plurality on
the presidential vote. ;■;
Results received i from congressional
districts have not changed the estimates
materially from 'those iirst reported.
ilillborn, Rep., and English, Dem., are'
running very closely in the Third dis-;
trict, and the successful candidate will
have a plurality of only a couple, of ,
hundred. Indications point to the elec
tion of Ilillborn. Loun,.Rep., and Bow
ers, Rep., are probably elected froni
the Fifth and Seventh districts, tin;
only remalfliiig- 'districts regarded, as
doubtful. •'""■' "'• '"" i ' ; i
The Harrison lOlectors Have a Ma-,
jority of 500.
Chetenne, Wyo.,. Nov. 4.— The Har
rison electors are elected by about 500
majority. Their names are John 11.
Barren, John C. Dyer, William K. Kil
patrick. Coffeen is elected to congress;
by a small majority. Osborne,: Demo
crat, for governor, has about 2,0U0 major
ity. The legislature is Republican by if
majority on joint ballot.
KANSAS. . ,;
Republicans Save but Liittle Oat of
the Wreck.
Topeka, Kan., Nov. 11.— The Repub
licans of Kansas are now looking around
to see if they have really saved any
thing from Tuesday's wreck. One can
clidate after another whom they thought
had survived the general disaster haY
been found to have gone under, until
now their only consolation is in the
election of two congressmen. Today
the unofficial returns show that Con
gressman Funston has been defeated
for re-election in the Second district,
and that the Fusionists have secured a
majority oi nine on joint ballot in the"
legislature. ", ;
The official count was begun all over
the state today, but it will not be com-"
pleted until Monday or Tuesday of next
week. The exact complexion of the
leuislature cannot be known until that
time. The count in the Second district,
where A. L. Moore, fusion Democrat,
has, on the face of the unofficial re-
defeated Congressman Funstor/,
has already developed a loss of B'J for
Mr. Funston, and the Populists expect
to uncover further mistakes winch will
ye Mr. Moore the election by about
200. Mr. Moore alleges gross election
frauds, including illegal registering and
voting by the Republicans in Kansas
City, Kan., in the interests of Funston,
and if the latter should be declared to
be elected he will contest the seat in the
house of representatives. :
A Populist majority in the legislature
of course means the retirement of Hon.
Bishop W. Perkins from the United
States senate.to which he was appointed
. by Gov. Humphrey to serve in the place'
of the late Senator Plumb until the leg
islature should choose his successor.
The successor to- Mr. Plumb will be
elected at this winter's meeting of .the-;
legislature. A Populist majority would
doubtless have to choose between Jerry
Simpson and Judge John Martin. The
lattef is an old-time Democrat of To
peka. He was the chief mover in influ
encing the Democrats to fuse with the
People\s party, and is for that reason
favorably regarded by many third party
men. His chances for election to the
senate appear to be good. Jerry Simp
son is generally regarded by the third
party people to have secured honor:
enough in his re-election to the house,
and his aspirations to sit in the'senate
will probably be squelched. •• ' :
The latest returns show the legis-r
lature to be tied between the Republic
ans and Populists, on joint ballot, with
two independent Republicans and one
Democrat in doubt. It is ; asserted' by
Republicans that the Democrats and at
least one of the independents will vote
with them on the election of a United
States senator, but this has not been
confirmed. :.i/, ■"...:>
The Republicans tonight claim that
changes in the returns leave the result
of the. election in Kausas still in doubt, '
and are hoping that the apparent ma
jority of the Populists will be entirely
overcome when the official returns are
all in. It is probable that the fusion
electors and state ticket have carried
the state by from 1,200 to 2.000. llow
ever, tljere are between fifteen '■'■and*
twenty sinall--' counties - from ■"- which uo
returns whatever : nave yet been re
ceived, and it is DSrely ; possible
part of tne Republican ticket will be
shown to haveainaiorUyj^ • j. '„ V-.
Connecticut. ' J V-
New Yc«k, Nov. : 11.— a special to
the Mail and Express (Rep.) from the
_-^^^&v \ \7ff/T /
Hartford, Conn., Post (Rep.) says that
the corrected returns make it no longer
doubtful that Morris, Dem., has se
cured a majority and is elected gov
ernor by the people.
Hogg Leaves His Opponents Far
in the Hear.
Gat-veston, Nov. 11.— Fuller returns
from the state confirm the estimated
election of Hogg by 50,000 to 75,000 plu
rality. The next legislature, both house
and senate, will be overwhelmingly
Democratic. The Populists will have
less than a half dozen senators out of
thirty-one, and less than twenty of a
total of 128 in the house. There will be
two or three Republicans in the lower
house, but none in the upper. While
complete returns are not in there is no
longer any reasonable doubt that all the
Texas Democratic congressional candi
dates are elected. The delegation in
the order of districts stands as follows:
J. C. llutchinson. S. E. Cooper. C. B.
Buck, Kilgore, re-elected; D. B. Cuiber
son, re-electea; J. W. Bailey, re-elected;
Joe Abbott, re-elected; George C. Pen
dleton, C. K. Bell, J. D. Savers, re
elected; Walter (iresham, W. 11. Crane,
re-elected ; Thomas Paschal, J. V. Cock
rell. Cleveland's plurality will exceed
There is a probability that the Demo
cratic family war in this stato will be
kept up and hostilities renewed two
years hence. The executive committee
of the Claric faction, at a meeting to
day, resolved to perpetuate their organ
ization, and the Hogg faction, be
ing victorious, will be kept up. State
Chairman Mattock.of the Clark branch,
is out in a card today congratulating
the state Democracy on the national
Nearly Compete Returns Give
Harrison a Plurality oi" Nearly
Dks Moines, Nov. 11.— Returns from
seventy-niae counties and pluralities
from eighteen more, and au estimated
plurality from one, Huniboldt, gives
Harrison a plurality of 22,872. Com
plete returns cannot change the result
materially. That may therefore be
accepted as the siz.e of the Republican
victory lv lowa. If to this is added the
Democratic plurality of last year, 8,213.
it shows a total gain of 31.085.
The figures from the congressional
districts shdw the following result: In
the First district, Gaar, Republican, has
a plurality of 054; in the Third, Hender
son, Republican, 1,411; in the Fourth,
De Graff. Republican, has 1,256; in the
Fifth, Cousins, Republican, 1,902; in
the Six'h, Lacey, Rep., 1.430; in the
Seventh Hull, Rep., has 6.160; in the
Eighth, Hepburn, Rep., 1,868; in the
Ninth Hagar, 3,555; in the Tenth
three counties are wanting, and are
estimated on the basis of last year, with
an increase this year; this gives bol-
Uver 6,775; in the Eleventh Perkins,
1,485. .
— — —
Grover's Plurality Will Be About
Indianapolis, Nov. ll.— Complete
returns from eighty-eight counties in
Indiana show a net Democratic gain
over 1888 of 1G.300. making the
Democratic plurality thus far
7,95fc. The remaining five counties
will probably increase this 50C.
Complete official returns from the
Tenth congressional district show the
election of Hammond, Dem., over John
son, Rep., by a plurality of 138. The
congressional delegation therefore con
■ sisls of eleven Democrats and two Re
publicans 1 .
Omaha, 1?ov. 11. — Seventy-three
Counties of Nebraska out of ninety give
Harrison ■74,607,CleyelajuUil«7.7&,Weavej
68,643. The same counties gave Crouuae,
Rep., for governor, 09,(524: Morton, j
• Dein.. 3s,:','.r>; -Van Wyck; P0p.;? 58. 700.
The election in the First- congressional
district is still in doubt. The Repub
licails lack two members of controlling ]
the legislature on joint ballot.
Two Congressional Districts Still
in Doubt.
Detkoit, Mich., Nov. 11.— The only
change in the congressional situation is |
the doubt thrown upon the claims of
Weadock, Dem., to election in the
Tenth district. Van Kleek's friends be
lieve' ho has a small plurality
although Weadock's managers say that
the Democratic plurality will reach 850.
In the Fifth district, Richardson (fusion) j
has so small a plurality on the face- or |
the returns that it will need the official j
count to convince Belknap's friends
that lie is defeated.
Nino Democratic Members of
Congress. --,- \
Birmingham, Ala..- Nov. 11.—Ala
bama sends . the following delega
tion to—. the Fifty-third congress:
First . district, Richard H. Clark;
by 5,000 plurality; Second. Jesse F.
Stalling:*, by 5,00o; Third, William C.
i Oates, 5.000; Fourth, Gaston A. Rohin
-1 son, by (1,000; Fifth, James E. Cobb, by I
1,000; Sixth. J. H. Bankhead, by 7,000; ,
Seventh, William H. Denston, by 2,000;
Eighth, Joseph H. Wheeler; by 1,500;
Ninth, Louis VV. Turpin, by 1,100. All
are Democrats.
Republicans Scarce in the Legis
lature. .
Raleigh, N. C, Nov. 11. -The Dem
ocrats have elected all the congressmen
from this state except perhHps in the
Fltth,' which will bedecided only by the
oflicia.l coujit. The . Democrats also j
have the largest majority in the iej?is
laturo they ever had In the senate
there are for ty-five emocrats, two
Populists, one Rapubli.-. 11 and two seats
still in doubt.
Cleveland's, Official Plurality Is
-,; 500. .
Wilmin'oton, Del., .Nov. 11.— Official j
count shows following vote for state
complete: Cleveland i 5,573, Harrison
18 0G7, Bidwell 559. Cleveland's plural
ity 506. Congress— Causey, Dem., 18,
--554, Willis, Rep., 18,000, Pro., 5G3. Cau
sey's plurality .475. ..y^' •
South "Carolina.
Chari-estox, S. C, Nov. 11.— The
South Carolina .. delegation to congress
will stand as follows: First district, W.
R Brawley, Dem., re-elected; Second,
W. J. Tallbert, AH., Third, G. W. Shell,
Dem., re-elected; Fourth, A. O. Lati
nier, All.; Fifth, T. J. Straight, All.;
Sixth, J. L. McLaurin, All. ; Seventh, E.
W. Molse, Dem. . ; .
.'■ : Wisconsin.
' Milwaukee, Nov. Corrected re
turns i received today from all but five
counties, and "taking the ■. Kepublican
claims of these, shpw that' Cleveland
and Peck have oarrled Wisconsin by a
little over 8,000 plurality. The official
count will not change these figures
materially." " . ./ " -" "
West Virginia.
Charleston, W. \a., Nov. 11.— The
majority '-. of Alderson, '< Dem., for con
gress in the Third district over Rucker,
Rep., is estimated at ffo'm 1,500 to 2,606 V
POETLArN-D.Novjii.— Complete re
-1 turns fiom Oregon will not be in for
several days. The recurus from twenty
six counties, eight of them complete,
irive Harrison 30.833, Cleveland 11,198,
Weaver 23,488. . Pierce, fusion candi
date for elector, 88,080 votes/The
five counties to lie:ir from will not ma-,
terially effect the result.
New Mexico.
Albuquhrquk, N. M.. Nov. 11.—Jo
seph's election io congress Js conceded
all around. There is 200 hundred ma
jority for liini in Dona Ana county,
which was supposed to have gone for
Catron. His majority in the territory
will not bo less than 000.
, . AV.iHlilnylon.
Tacoma, Wash., Nov. 11. —The latest
returns do not materially cbftDZe tho
result in this stale. Harrison carries
the state by 4,000. Gov. McGfew, Hep.,
will navo a plurality of 2,000. Tin: Re
publicans elect both ressinen by a
food plurality. In the legislature the
jit-publicans have IS majority on joint
' BOSTON, Nov. 11.— The discovery of
an error in the governor vote of Marl
boro increases Gov. Russell's plurality
100 votes, milking it 2,037.
Chattanooga Fittingly Celebrates
Democracy's Appomattox
, Chattanooga, Term., Nov. ll— This
city is ablaze with red fire tonight.
Never before in the history of this sec
tion of the country has shell a de
monstntion been made in honor of the
success of any party. For an hour there
was passiiiK an endless procession of
horsemen and pedestrians with torches,
and everything conceivable that
could make a noise was brought
into requisition. Men paraded in
all kinds of fantastic costumes.
A leading feature of tbe parade was a
large elephant, which a circus man who
happened in tiie city the day of election
bet and lost.
A Buckeyo Man Ahead a Wife by
Keanon of Cleveland's Election.
Ci.Nr 'A 1 1, Nov. 11.— Henry Ku
dolpb, residing at Evanston, this state,
has for several years sought the hand
of Miss Lawrence, of the same place,
but unsuccessfully. Just after the Chi
cago convention Miss Lawrence bet
Kudolph that Cleveland would not win,
the stake being her hand. Tuesday
night Rudolph came to this city to get
the returns. He was the most anxious
man In town. When it became known
that Cleveland had bren elected he was
wild. Yesterday morning he returned
to Evanston, brought Miss Lawrence to
the city and married her.
H';-. -./•■- . . .
Gilroy's Expenses.
- - *
Nkw Yokk, Nov. 11.— Mayor-Elect
Gilroy today filed with the county court
a sworn statement in accordance with
law of the expenses of his election. Mr.
Gilroy piaces the total cost at 19,345.00.
Dahnmoyan Allies Shot.
Paris, Nov. 11.— dispatch from
Porto Novo says that the Belgian,
Engles, and the Germans, Fuech,
Weckel and Schulz, all of whom have
been leaders of the Dahomeyans, have
been captured, court-martialed and
shot. The Portuguese, Mai known
to have been influential iv eanaing
trouble between France and Dahomey,
has escaped.
Biod From His Injuries.
Special to the Globe.
Gaby, S.D., Nov. James Wbalen,
the brakemau who was accidentally run
over by a gravel train Wednesday night
while going to open a switch, died from
hjs injuries. He suffered severely dur
iug the night.
NO. 817.
One of the Stolen Montana
Seats to Be Returned to
the Democrats.
The Legislature Has a Certain
Democratic Majority of
One on Joint Ballot.
The Fusion State Ticket in
North Dakota Comes Out
Republicans, However, Save
the Legislature by a Ma
jority of Twenty.
Special to tfio (;!,,(.(•.
Hki.kna, Mont.. Nov. Unofficial
figures on the legislature show: Senate,
10 Democrats, 5 Republicans. 1 In
doubt; house, 25 Democrats, '23 Repob
licans, 4 Populists, 3in doubt. One of
the Populists was indorsed by the Dem
ocrats and pledged to vote for a Dem
ocrat foi United States senator. The
vote on the doubtful ones is so close
that it will take the official codnt to de
cide. Giving the Republicans all four,
the Democrats will still have one ma
jority on joint ballot. This insures the
selection of a Democrat to succeed San
ders, Republican, in the United States
"euate. Euough returns are In to show
that there is a Republican majority on
tho presidential ticket, congressman
and all the state ticket except attorney
general and Blake for chief justice of
supreme court, who is beaten by Pem
b.'iton. Democrat and Populist. Has
kell. Republican; Day, Democrat, and
Ella Knowles, Populist, for attorney
general, are running close. The lady Is
about 800 in the lead so far.
Drammer Boy Dnrke Ih Scheduled]
t<> stay ut Home.
Special to the Globe.
BISUAHCK, N. D., Nov. 11. -Returns
today make the detent of the Repub
lican state ticket certain, except secre
tary of state, but the legislature will be
Republican on joint ballot by at least
twenty, thus insuring the election of it
United States senator. Johnson for
congress is elected by a small majority.
They Celebrate the Great Victory
of Tuesday.
Special to tho Olobo.
AiiKitnKKN', S. D..Nov. 11.— Hundreds
of Democrats poured into Aber'laen to
night from neighboring towns and tho
adjacent country to celebrate tho great
triumph of Tuesday. Eureka furnished
a band and ..sixty. Democrats. in Hue,
making the largest single delegation.
Prominent Democrats addressed th«
crowd from the Shei man house balcony
and enthusiasm ran hjgh. Republicans
and Independents helping to make tho
noise, a grand torchlight procession
and a fine display ol fireworks were
among the features. The festivities will
continue till morning.
Sioux Falls, S. D.. Nov. —Sioux
Falls Is one blaze ol lire tonight. The
Democrats arcpaiutinir the town a lurid
hue. During the afternoon delegation*
of Democrats and bands arrived from
all directions to take part iv the cele
bration of Cleveland's sweeping victory.
By 8 this evening, the hour set for the
parade to start, the streets wero
throiiged with thousands of people.
The parade was a magnificent atTalr.
It was over a mile long and was very
enthusiastic, It was a mass of tiro
from end to end. The parade brought
up at the opera house, where speeches
were mad" by a number Of local Dem
liURO.v, S. I)., Nov. 11.— A splendid
Democratic {jubilee was held here to
night. Bands played, cannons boomed
and bonfires and Illuminations blazed.
There was a torchlight procession and
speeches, it was the finest demonstra
tion since the. statehood jubilee.
ItOBBKI) Ol $500.
Audacious Kobbcry by n in^ii.
wiiyiiinn at Winoua.
Special to the Globe.
WiNo.VA, Minn., Nov. 11.— One of tho
most audacious cases of highway rob
bery ever known iv this city occurred
last evenintr. James Keenan, a wealthy
farmer residing neai Spring Valley,
was in the city last evening, aucLnpon
inquiring the location of his hotel from
a Btranger received a stunning blow
under the ear from the latter, who Imi
mediately jumped upon Keenan, and
tear'iig open bis coat and vest ab-
Btrated a pocketbook containing 1500 in
cash and a promissory note and deed
amounting to nearly as much more in
value. No clue is had to the highway;
man, whom Keenan thinks w.is a man
with whom he had been drinking iv v
saloon durimr the afternoon.
Contests Probable.
Special to the Globo
810 l Falls. S. D., Nov. 11.— Tho
canvassing ol returns from this county
began this afternoon. 'I here is iik.lv
to be a contest on superintendent of
schools and one on state senator. On
the face or the return's Hunt, Republic
an, for superintendent of schools, is
elected over Brown, Independent, by
two votes, and Hart, Republican, lor
the sttite senate, is elected over Meri
deth, Independent, by seven. It was
thought up to the making of the official
canvass that Meridelh was elected by
Prairie Fire Spreading?.
Special to the Globe.
Gary, S. D., Nov. 11.-A prairie firo
Is raging about fonr miles cast of here,
with the wind blowing a huricane from
ibe south. It Is not known whether
any losses have occurred, but unpro
tected farmers will undoubtedly .sutler,
as it has. spread amazinirly.
House Burned.
Special to the Globe.
He.vry, s. D., Nov. 11.— The bouse
and its entire contents of il. A. Loom is,
a farmer near Henry, burned this aft
ernoon. The loss Is tritril; no insur
ance. The separator of A. P. Weimor
caught from the engine and was en
tirely destroyed. There was no other
While C'lt»aiiiii£ h Ilevolver.
PsiiKosir, Wis., Nov. U. — While
Cleaning a revolver this afternoon,
Douglass 11. Hine accidentally shot him*
self, inflicting a fatal wound.

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