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you Can Sst Anythtns set Rfd of Anytfiins Th^oLisii'Siobe Wants
Detectives and Volunteers Hunt
Thanksgiving lor Chicago's
Lone Highwayman.
Several Shots Exchanged "With
11 mi, but He Managed to Klude
His Pursuers.
CmcAOo, Nov. 25.— The masked man
Who is terrorizing Lakeview was hunted
yesterday In an extra corps of. police
men and many volunteers, who sought
excitement on the holiday. He was seen
several times yesterday, and a dozen
shots were exchanged with him, but no
: one was hurt, and each time the. fellow
• got away. It is believed the ;. man
will not attempt any robber
ies at nijrhr,. so the policemen
were called of the chase at 5 o'clock.
Late last evening the lone highwayman,
or one who is supposed to be the Lake
view desperado, halted a man at Ken
more avenue and North Fifty-ninth
street. The citizen gave up what cash
he had, and the thief made his escape.
The police were placed all along the
principal streets leading to - the city.
Capt. bchuttler, who was in command of
the forces in the precincts in which the
robber had ln-en working, had stationed
officers all through the district.
About 4 p. in." a solitary horseman
rode up to Sheffield avenue station, and
asked a policeman to go into the station
and secure him a close description ot
the mounted robber. The policeman
did so. The inquirer was mounted on a
line horse, and as he rode away Capt.
Schuttler came up and severely repri
manded the officer. It is believed the
inquirer is the robber. He ansvveis the
description closely, so does his horse.
After he learned the description of the
highwayman he rode rapidly away.
The entire portion of Lakeview over
which the robber had worked was pa
trolled yesterday by young men on
horseback from the city. They included
clerks from manufactories, railway of
fices and from all the great down-town
establishments. They all came to the
Sheffield avenue police station and
asked for a description of the robber.
All these young men were armed. They
went out to try to shoot the highway
man. Officers were mounted and held
in reserve at the police station and en
gine houses all day in the territory
where the robber was working. Thirty
five detectives from down town were
scattered through the district.
The fellow was sighted near the
Mount Pleasant house late in the after
noon by Michael Fitzgerald, who, see
ing him with his mask on, shot at him
twice. Tlu) fire was returned, lie was
next seen by Michael Simon, lie had
evidently been hiding in a straw pile
back of St. Boniface's cemetery. As he
emerged from it with a mask on Simon
btepped out in the street and ordered
him to halt. The horseman leveled his
revolver at Simon and tired, liis aim
was bad. .Simon returned the fire, but
the horseman spurred up and escaped.
Ho was next seen at Ed Kelly's road
house by Nick Harrison, Dick Donovan
and Thomas Barrett, all officers, but he
escaped them. He was afterward seen
near Pat Ahern's place. Ahem ran out
and tried to get a shot at him, but he
rode rapidly away.
Winter Tourist Tickets
Now oil sale, via Chicago cfc Great West
ern Railway, to Tennessee, Mississippi,
. Georgia. Florida, Louisiana, Alabama,
Texas, New Mexico and California.
• City Ticket Olh'ce, 105 East Third street.
Their Annual Convention Held in
New York.
New Yoiik, Nov. 25.— Chi Psi, a
national organization of Greek letter so
cieties, embracing twenty-two leading
colleges, held its annual convention in
the St. James hotel today. There were
seventy,.ilt'k-!rates present, among them
ex-Congressman Henry Stockbridge Jr.,
of Baltimore; Henry W.'Urady Jr., of
Georgia. and Lee Marshall, of
West Virginia. The business to
day was considering of applica
tions fur charters. " The colleges
represented included Yale, Brown, Rut
gers, Lenten, Lafayette, University of
virgin a. University of California, Uni
versity of Georgia, University of Ohio,
Stevens institute and Troy polytechnic.
A banquet was given in Sherry's to
night at which Judge Henry Speer, of
Georgia, mndu an address on the negro
question, and Mr. Garrison read a poem.
At the close of the session of the Chi
Psi fraternity James D. Adams, of New
York, Cornell, '92. was unanimously re
elected president for two years. U.S.
Brookmei»r, of Boston "institute of
Technology, "J3, was elected secretary
for one year.
A Bright Woman Lawyer Becomes
a Deaconess.
Among the women who were recently
consecrated by Bishop Potter In Grace
church as the first deaconesses in the
Episcopal ; church in New York was
Miss Kate Newell.
Miss Newell two years ago had a law
office of her own on Broadway, opposite
the city hall, which she very quietly sur
rendered to devote herself to the service
of the church.
For several years she had been em
ployed in the patent office in Washing
ton, where she was first attracted by
the intricacy of the law as applied to
patent causes.
Afterwards she drew a large salary in
New York From a firm that made patent
law a specialty.
Having mastered the patent law she
was formally admitted to practice before
the United States courts, then she
opened her Broadway office and did a
large and well-paying business. She
was often consulted by young patent
lawyers who hail heard of K. Newell
without knowing that "X" stood for
Now that the church has absorbed her
the only woman patent lawyer in New
York is lust to the profession.
Although fully admitted as a patent
solicitor— this is the patent lawyer's
legal title— she often employed male .
counsel to appear for her before the
United States courts in New York.
This was i.ot done from lack of skill,
for she prepared her own briefs and
points for the counsel, but rather from
a sense of the oddity of seeing a woman
opposed in legal battle to perhaps three
gray-haired lawyers. ■
It was not infrequent that the presid
ing judge, tiring of the-' argument of
dull counsel, requested Miss Newell to
enlighten the court.
Then it was that she forgot" the incon
gruity of the situation, virtually dis
missed her counsel, took up the intri
cate points ot the case, and. in weli
chosen, even eloquent, language, ex
plained and pointed out the legal au
thorities bearing upon the subject. She
was most successful when .she tried
her own case:-.
, Miss Newell was never admitted to
the New -.York state bar. but Mr.
Thomas J. L. McManus,: who acted as
her counsel in state litigation, has a
high opinion of her legal attainments.
These are all now sunk in the service
hi the church. __
Her Knowledge of. Horses Was
She was an independent sort of a girl,
recently in possession of quite a fort
une, and slit: concluded ■ a hoist.) was a
necessity in her new establishment, so
Bhe 1 scut for a dealer and had a talk
with him. What she dulu'tiuiow about
horses would fill a liveff stable, but she
tried to make the dealer believe she
was a judge, and told him to brinjf tier
something to look at. The dealer came,
and she went out to pass judgment,
fcjlie walked all around the animal, crit
ically, as professionals do. ; •' fl&'pSf. P
"Is lie well trained?". she inquired
with the air ot a jockey. C? : ' ; Ir ; • .
"Certainly, miss," replied the dealer.
"She is well gaited and line in har
ness." I
"Urn— urn." said the girl ;l "is she all
right in the botts?" %
••Yes, miss,"' irasped the dealer, "but
you see I've only got shoes on her fore
He said that because, really, he didn't
know what, else to say. ■ .; -i.
The girl laughed merrily.
"I noticed that, but you couldn't very
well have them on v her : - live fee t y could
you?" she gurgled.
"1 mean, miss," stammered the dealer,
"that she is shod only on the fore" feet."
"1 understand," she said, seriously,
"but that, can be cured without any dif
ficulty, can't it?" ! ' ; ■
"Very easily, indeed, miss,". assented
the dealer, with a great sense of relief.
"She seems to be all right in the fore
shoulders, but her hind shoulders don't
seem to be quite right," suggested the
"There's nothing the matter with her
there,'- assented the dealer. "She is per
fectly sound."
"'1 here's no danger of her withers be
ing spavined, is there?" she inquired,
carefully. "I've seen horses like that,
and they always make me nervous."
"No danger iv the world, miss," the
dealer assured her. '
"liow old is she?" inquired the girl.
By this lime the dealer knew his man
and was continent. '
"Being a lady, miss," he smiled, "I'd
rather not tell her age."
"How considerate of you," she said
earnestly, "I'll take her,'' and the dealer
sent in a bill lor $250, representing a nut
profit to him of $100.
" — ' " '.* " . ~
To Old Mexico and Return.
On Nov. 20 and to 26 inclusive,
the Chicago Great Western Kailvyay
will sell tickets to Mexico City, Mexico,
and return, good until Dec. 31, for one
fare for the round trip. City ticket
oflice, 105 East Third street.
Never Looked lor Such Luck.
"And you love my daughter?"
"Yes, devotedly." j;rf..
"Ana I suppose you want to marry
"Yes, immediately."
"But she is my only child, her future
welfare is my greatest anxiety, my own
prospects for leaving her well provided
for are not bright, and 1 cannot part
with her unless lknow to a well-ground
ed certainty that the dear child will
never come to want. Who are you and
what arc you?" . . ,' : .-'
"A prize tighter who is goiug on the
"What! O joy! Take her and be
happy! I built a little high, to be sure,
but 1 never looked for a streak of luck
like this."
Texas tings.
To Ola Mexico and Return.
On Nov. 20 and to 20 inclusive, the
Chicago Great Western Railway will
sell ticket* to Mexico City, Mexico, and
return, good until Dec. 31, for one fare
for the round trip. City ticket ofiice,
195 East Third street.
. X went down tode meetiii',
lint didn't go ter stay—
Oh, rook-o-my soul, my soul. "■■
Per the parson pin ted at me, •>';« 'I'
An' den I liearn him buy:
"Oh, brudder. sinful brudder,
Jes>' let me hear you pray."
Bull says: : "Please excuse me,"
. An' den I went away —
Oh, rock-o-my soul, my souL
Next day I seed de parson ;■ ■ :>* ! ;.,•;-.;. <
A lisliin' at de creek— ■ • V •;■•; '..":;;■
■ ■ Oh, rock-o-my soul, my souL \ .
I watched him frude bushes. •. ' ■;:
An' he looked so berry meek— ■ ■ ■ ■
Oh. rock o-mv soul, my souL
I feed him take a bottle
From a pocket in his coat.
An' de contents ob dat bottle .•: -V : ..'.'/ '
Went a-scottin' down his throat—
Oh, i'oek-o-my soul, my soul. .
I riz from out de bushes
Ana cum up to his fide —
Oh, rock-o-my soul, my soul.
You could almos' see de blushes
A-peepln' fru his hide—
Oh, rock-o-my soul, my soul. ■
Says lie; "Well, Brudder Marston,
be fishin's berry good." - ■" , J,:
Den gays 1 : ''It orter be
Wid Ticker in your blood"— ' '
Oh, rock my soul, my soul.
Den says he: "Dat ar' linker
•& ' ■ Is a liuuameut I takes"—
Kock-o-my soul, my soul.
Den says 1: "Dat ar' liunament
Is good fer breeden' snakes."
Oh. rock-o-my soul, my soul.
Den says he: "You's mistaken,
Kase 1 takes it fer a cold;
An' I'm doncatalKin' wid you,
Fer you is a sinner old" — •
Oh. rock-o-my soul, my soul.
Den said I: "Urudder Ivans
De opinion 1 mus hold
Dat de debe! am a triggerin'
For to keep you wid dat cold,"
Rock-o-my soul, my soul. ■
De person riz to grab me ■■,■•- :
By de nape ob my ole neck.
Oh, rock-o-my soul, mv soul 5
His breal it .smell so awful
Dat it nearly made me sick.
Oh. rock-o-my soui, my soul.
We clinched, an" den we tussied,
An' 1 bit off half his year;
Oh, rock-o-mvsoui.'my soul.
I ripped his meetin' gyarraents,
Den lie bellered like a steer,
Oh, rock-o-my soul, my soul.
An' he fixed me. an' he begged me
For to let him git away;.
Den i said: "Brudder Ivans
Jes' let me hear you pray,"
Oh. rock-o-my soul, my soul.
—James T. Ellis in Cincinnati Enquirer.
Cy^|JP o fßl3§
©KB* extcj-qx.® :
jßotTi the method and . results wnca
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acta
Eoutly yet promptly on the Kidney*
i?er and Bowels, cleanses the sya»
£em effectually, dispels colds, head
tehes and fevers, and enres habitual
constipation. Syrup of Tiga is thai
inly remedy of its kind ever pro*
flucfcA, pleasing to the taste and a©-
B«ptable to the stomach, prompt in
Its action ami truly beneficial in its
effects; prepared only from the most
(stealthy and agreeable substances,
Its many excellent qualities com*
mend it to &11 and have made it tht
most popular remedy known, \ ■
Byrnp ot Figra is for sale in j 600
and 91 bottles by all leading drag*
fists. Any reliable drug-gist who
may 'not have it on band will pro
eura it promptly for ariy.-oae Vfh9
wishes to try It. Do lwt accept any
lubititute. > ; ; ; ; : '•.■'!"»■ -
: '' SAX FRANCISCO, CAL [ -; •
mxLUimUi* L4L. M3C. M£J* MAOlt. M. /*.
••■ situation offered.
AGKXTB for Hunkers' Mutual AidAsH'!),;
„ easiest uluii in state to work. D. T. Mc-
Naugh ton, Secy, flermaniaßank Did St. Paul.
-•L?ARIJI-:K—Good white barber. wanted. . O. i
JD E. Pnrker, Owatonnn, Minn. _
BARBER— first-class barber wanted for
Saturday at '2o4 East Seventh St.
BRICKLAVKRS — Thirty bricklayers
wanted at once. Anply 315 and 322
Corn Exchange. Minneapolis. • .-■■---
one blacksmith's helper; : must be good '
floortnan. W. Cordluer. Princeton, Minn.
BLACKSMITH— First-class blacksmith at
Lake Elmo. Minn. -
BOTTOM FINISHER— Wanted, a pood
bottom finisher. E. V. Williams' Shoe
Factory. Wlnona. Minn. : ■' ■■ i ' , ">' : V
CANDY FULLER- wanted for window
work. Apply to Yerxa Bros. <& Co.. Sev
enth and Cedar.- •• • - •
CIANVASS- —Experienced canvassers
t wanted by p. Appletou & Co.: anew
line of subscription books. 313 Wabasha St.,
St. Paul. - ■ • -: ■-■-'
CIGAJtMAKERS wanted on hand work;
O also stripper boys, at LowensteiuV, 338
Jackson st. . - -
C~^LEiiiv— Wanted, drn,j clem, registered:
* I give references. George S. Spaulding, '
Alexandria, Minn. - • ■
f>AKM HAND- Wanted, a man to work
on farm. Apply 370 Robert st. -
JF YOU are out of employment, register,
with Mercantile Bond and Reference Co.,
303 Jackson St., Rooms 8 and 9. -..
MAN wanted; salary and expenses: per
manent place: whole or part time.
Apply at once, Brown Bros. Co., Nursery
men, Chicago. ■
AN AND WIFE 4or cook. Apply 2064
IVI Summit ay. . . .
pORTEK wanted at Hotel Sherman.
handle the Patent Chemical Ink-Erasing
Pencil; the most useful and novel invention
of the K>»e: erases ink thoroughly in two sec
onds; works like magic;- 200 to per cent
profit; agents making $50 per week ; we also
want a general agent to take charge of terri
tory, and appoint sub agents; a rare chance
to make money; write for terms and sample
of erasing. Monroe Eraser Mfg. Co., X 4, La
Crosse, Wis. ' \:
O more first-clnss men to handle the best
line of installment goods in the Northwest;
big pay to right men. W. A. Edwards, 81
West Third St., St. Paul, Minn.
SALE MKX- Wanted, three experienced
crockery salesmen with an acquaintance
In 'territory tributary to Minneapolis. T. J. •
Preece Merchandise* Company, 312 and 314
ay. north. ' ; ' -
SALESMAN— Wanted, by a leading Mil
waukee wholesale liquor htruse, an ex
perienced salesman, on liberal commission,
with an established trade in North and South
Dakota: must have first-class references;,
none other need apply. Address Q, 70, Globe.
SOLICITORS— Hen and Indies; I have a
couple of rapid-selling specialties intit I .
want introduced in St Paul and Minneapo
lis; $4 a day and upwards being made else
where. Apply to A. P. Davis, Oriental-Laun
dry, Tenth and St. Peter sis., St. Paul. . ; ' '".
SOLICITORS— anted, by New York Life
Insurance Company, as solicitors,, men
of ability, well recommended; its newest
policy is the best ever originated; liberal con
tracts given. Address Company's Northwest
ern Branch Office, 304 New York Life build
ing, St. Paul, Minn. .".- . -'..■_ '■'■■■-'■'
cI'J^OdRAI'HKKS furnished with posi
-0 tions ana business houses supplied with
out charge to either party. Apply to Wyckotf,
Seamans & Benedict, 04 East Fourth st. ;, tel
ephone 40(»." '. -'."■■
SOLICITOUS— Men of energy and tact to
solicit for Bankers' Life Association of
St. Paul: salary or guarantee as preferred.
Address C, E. Secor, St. Paul, Minn.
SYRUP MAKER— A man who thoroughly
-understands the making of syrups and
jellies may apply to Ycrxa Bros. & Co., Sev
enth and Cedar. ' . . ."
TAILOR — Wanted, -good pants maker;
-i ' steady work. " Apply to James McCal
lum. Merchant Tailor, Staples, Minn.
TAILOUs — Ten first-class tailors wanted.
. X McGmih &-'Jo.. 370 Robert 5t,,. ; i •: - ■
'PEAMSTEk- Wanted, a' man to drive
1 team. Call at 43012 Minnesota st., coal
office. .
aJA enced traveling salesman to sell goods
to the retail trade in Wisconsin ana Minne
sota for a Detroit. Mich., wholesale notion
and gents' furnishing goods house. Address
Monroe, Rosenlield & Co.. Detroit, Mich.,
and state where last employed and give ref
erences. . * "
ENERGETIC AGKNTS wanted in each
-Li county to sell the latest and best wash
ing machine. Whirlpool Washing Machin
Co., Muskegan. Mich. • • ." -: ■ .- ■~.r.£'.''l
\TAJ\TED— Youiig~meir~to~learn~ teleg-
VV raphy and railroad business; the suc
cess of our graduates is unparalleled; grad
uates aided to positions. Northwestern Tele-'
graph Institute, 330 Grand Block, St. Paul,
Minn. .'.'.'
WOODCHOPFEKS, experienced, want-
VV ed; good wages; winter's work. C.
W. Youngman, 117 East Fourth st.
• ' ment Bankers, loin; money on ■ itn
• roved property in St Paul and Minneap
olis .at li per cent "on or before. " Offices,
New Pioneer Press Building, St. Paul, and
Reeve Building. Minneapolis.
money at a lower rate than you can
trcrrow through any other agency? The
American Mortgage Loan Company, Room 7,
First National bank building, corner Fourth
nnd Jackson etil, will let jou have any
amount. $10, $2<V i'2s, $4( % , $75, $li;O oi
|200— -in • fact, any mm you wish— onvour
cold watch, diamonds, household furniture,
horse, buggy, piano, carriage, etc., at a lower
ate than you can possibly get it elsewhere.
Goods can remain in your possession, and
you can pay a part any time you want »nd
top Interest. Business private and cc ■ fl-
Cential. You can have your own time la
paying up principal. -
A A — LOANS on furniture, pianos.
• Jlx* horses, ; diamonds, watches and
sealskin facques; lowest rates. Minnesota
Mortgage Loan Company, Rooms 13, 14. First
National Bank Building, corner Fourth and
Jackson sts.
DANK STOCKS a specialty; bonds, com-
JJ mercial paper, mortgage-, securities
bought and sold. George W. Jenks, Invest
ment Hunker, Minnesota Loan and Trust
Building, Minneapolis. ;
I H.WE good loan applications tor the
amount of $15,000. Have you money to
loan? Address L (SO, Globe. -
LARGE AMOUNTS of money to loano'i
JLi improved property at 5 and li per cent.
Smith, Parker & Oilman, New York Life Bids.
Bonal property. Room 131, Germania Life
Building, Minnesota and Fourth.
amount on any security. S. C. HOKTON, 303
Jackson, corner Third," Room 4.
MoNi.v To LOAN without delay, from
$10 upward, on furniture, horses, jew- i
elry, etc. : time checks, notes and second
real estate mortgages bought. Minnesota
Loan Co.. 117 East Fourth st.
ONEY" TO LOAN— SHOO to $5,000 sums, •
at low rates of interest. 11. 11.
Schulte & Co., 103 East Fourth st. ; .-.-> -" ; ;,
MONEY' loaned at half usual rates on
furniture, pianos, horses, diamonds or
..personal or collateral security; loans can be
paid in monthly or weekly installments. J. ;
L. Strauch, 10 Globe Building.
MONKS ON HAM) to loan on city prop
erty and farms; lowest rates; no delay.
W. F. Moritz, 1013 Pioneer Press. -
MONEY LOANED on life insurance pol
icies; or bought. L. P. Van Norman,
Ll Guaranty Lean Building, Minneapolis.
-P-R-I-V-A-T -E-
Money loaned on diamonds, watches, pianos,
furniture or goods in storage at lo went rates,
and small monthly return ■ payments; notes •
and mortgages bought; most private loan
rooms in ' the city. Ohio Investment Com- '
pany, 3... Globe Building: ■ take elevator.
buys, sells ' mortgages,' loans money 'at*
buys, sells mortgages, loans money at
current rates. W. P.Westtall.bec. ; E. J.Dar- i
ingh. treas. :.r. and .4 Globe Building. ;
X corner Fifth and Jackson always has
"money to loan at ; , 7 ands per cent, and
'. chart no commission. .■ .. . -
HKiil-KK & lfT"Vjrrt^imiinniiri ~
oiniltitralu U..T Vimiour l'i»»u U 1.1- I
' sirrrATiojis offered. ■•:
'.' Female* .\''?;'r.Cu'i':
AT LARPENTEUR'S all places free and;
xl ; best help. 51 West Exchange st. ,;. •_
GA*HIKK— Wanted, an experieueed-^ri
• ier. 'Apply at Dickinson"*. :* ' Jr ' Jf>
: . — — rtiiJ'. 8
COOK— Good cook wanted to do washms,
«nd ironing: none but willing girls jiy,eq,
apply. Mrs. L. Baker Jr., 4GS Portland aTl ;'
COOK— Wanted, first-class cook, als%«i?l
-. for general . housework : good wfS£4ri
none but those experienced and wlllins to
work need nppiy. 235 West Fifth st. ;. A*, ...
(MCKA3I DU'PKK wanted. April f«
■> candy department' of Yerxa Bros. & Co.
pHUCOLATK D I PI'EK wanted. xVY>pty> !
v>»at candy department ot YerxaHros.
DfUJsii ROOM GlitZ wanted a¥ x 2iV
East Eighth st. y'd'^h
HOTEL. COOK, second and waitf&p%|
"Phillips, Wis:, $15 to $j5. Douglass.^
Seventh. ' . .* . -„ J t
HOLSJiWOKK — Wanted, a good girt for
Xl general housework in a small family,} 19
go to Kansas for the winter; expenses P'l'dj,
city references * required. ' Apply at 313 Kast
Tenth bt. - - -- - ; ■'"•;■ - '':■";
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, thoroughly com
petent girl for general housework; must
be good cook; family of three; good wages.
01 Abhland ay., near Western. •■'..-' '■ ' ' .
OUSE WORK— Wanted, girl for general
Cl housework. Call Iglehart st. . ■■•- .
HoistwoKK- Wanted, girl' to. do gen-'
XI eral housework in small family. n72
Aurora ay. ' . . . '»'
HOU.SKWORR- Wanted, good girl [ for
general : housework. Apply., at ' 600
Cedar st. ... ::.•;
M OUSE WORK— Girl wanted from fifteen
XI to eighteen for general housework; fam
ily of two, inquire fetXi Aurora ay. ': ;'"-~' : .
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a German . or
Scandinavian girl for general. house
work, a. 462 Holly ay. ; no washing. '.
LAUNDRY GIRL wanted at me Great
Northern Hotel, 291 Sibiey st. . *
MUSIC TEACHER wanted to leich'for
111 room and board. 217 Kast Eighth st.
. - ; II ouse* For Sale.
FOR SALE— Eight-room house; modern
improvements; good location; will Sell
cheap or trade for clear lot or merchandise.
Address M 7(i, Globe. ' .*,. '"■ - ; . -,■ .
Foit HALE on long terms, house and lot,
r>s Manitoba ay.; house and two lots,
Hazel Pane; two brick stores and lots, St.
Paul Park. Inquire at 130 East Seventh st. .--..
OK .SALE— Ch«ap. one eight-room douse
on Carroll St.. west of Macknbiu; all
modern conveniences; house first-class con-
Address 87, Globe. ; .
„ ;tl i «.«•«'! 1 Hiit'on «.. . [
DESI/lABLfcI'IiOPEItTY at a sacrifice;
owner leaving town; a snap for some
one. L 79, Globe. .
WHKKI.KK & A realestate: list,
Dnrerains with them Pioneer Press Bid?
•"■■■•'■■■. rf ' ■ ' . ",--/; s ' '.* ;' '. ' • - ' ! * ■
BUSINESS CHANCES— Wanted, a good
i party to open a notion and fancy goods
• store corner Selby ay. and Victoria st. ; loca
tion first-class. 'Until trade is established
1 will make rent: very low to right party.
Address W. P. llilliard, lioom 45, German-
American Bank./:. ■ .'■' -■" --■• - | ,'
IJ>OK SAL.l:— Eighty acres of scrip land in
. ■ Itasca county with i trespass. Address
|"D 1 0," Globe, .Minneapolis. . '•'-.*! \..
XV tnres— The valuable and well equipped
restaurant. and I,ht. still in operation, for
roerly owned and managed by the late W. J.
DMmiebac.k, is for sale: the opportunity for
the purchase of a '.first-class plant at very .
low price is unequaled. Address T (S&.
Globe. ■■■•■■■•.■■■■■••■ ■:»■.;:-■.■'■ --'"tL'.:-' r -^. ' -" .|;-,
proper party an interest in an old estab
lished business paying from 10 to 20 per cent
per annum: $10,i/00 to $.K),000 required. - Ad
dress iv own name, Lock Box Sao, St. Paul,
-Minn. -■■•:.■ ■ . ■-■■•■ • ;■..:,. -j :
WANTED — Energetic men as county.
agents. We guarantee $1,000 a year.-
Dr. Mutton, Capitol Itlock, St. Paul, Minn. -!■■
WANT . l>— (jood butcher to open a first-
VV.^ class meat market, corner Selby ay. and .
Victoria it. ; splendid trade can be secured
from the start; to responsibly party I will
make \ low rent." Address W. P. Hilliard,
Itoom 4.\ German-American Bank. , ■£'-.;■-■
BENEVOLENT, and relief societies will
find Burton's, '.A East Seventh st., the
best place to buy second-hand clothing.
BOA HOI NO MOUSE of seventeen rooms,
rent.very cheap, twenty-live permanent
bonrdern: small cash payment down, rest on
time. : Mercantile Bond ■ and .Reference Co.,
Hooms 8 and 9, 303 Jackson. -'•■
OFFICE FURNITURE— For sale, flat
- double desk, , chairs, letter press, stand
and notarial seal. 312 New York Life Build
ing; . : -■'■••■•■."- ' : .
PIANO — sale, a large Weber Parlor
JL I Grand, in perfect shape: a fine instiu
ment for a large house, society or club rooms;
cheap. . Address A. P. Davis, Tenth, and St.
Peter sts., St. Paul. : •
SEWING MACHINES— For side, second
hand high-arm sewing machines; $5 and
Upwards. ■ Domestic Otlice. KtK East Seventh.
costumes, wigs and grease paint. Mrs.
L. Neitmaun. s<i Kast Seventh st.
WANTED— Cow,, horse and a paij of
bobs in exchange for clothing. 1201
Edeerton st. -•■'■■ -'-.-■•■'■
BILLIARD SUPPLIES: Warerooms, 405 and
-407; Office and Factory. 411 and 413 Fifth ave
nue south, Minneapolis, Minn. --
PARK— Office of the Board of Public Works,
City of St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 22, 1892.— Sealed
bids will be received by the Board of Public
■ Works in and for the corporation of the City
of St. Paul. Minnesota, at their office in said
city, until 12 m, on the sth day of Decent
ber, A. D. 1892, for filling and draining lots
2 and 20, and that portion . of : the alley ad
joining said lots in block '.'3. Oakville [Park,
in said city, so as to abate nuisance of
swamps, marshes and stagnant ponds there
on according to plans and specifications on
file in the office of said Board. |
A bond with at least two (2) sureties in a
sum of at least twenty (20) per cent, orneer
tified check on a bank of St. Paul in a sum
of at least ten (10) per cent, of the gross
amount bid must accompany each bid. ; Said
check shall be made payable to: the rfc of
said Board. ~ . • „. - \
The said Board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids. ■ - .-.: I o-' I
~ •- J. C.QUIN BY, President Pro Tern.- —
Official: J.T. Kebkek, I pi o).
. Clerk Board of Public Works.
nov'23-10t, :j - -.-;
■".. Ramsey— Court, ; Second Judi
cial District. ~ ; - ■ • _ • .
• Caroline Kuuppel, plaintiff, against Charles
Knuppel, defendant— Summons. ;. „.
The State of.Minueaotalo the above-named
defendant: : •
••■ You are hereby summoned and required to
answer the complaint of the plaintiff in the ■
above-entitled action, which is on file in the.
office of the clerk of the paid court, and to
serve a copy your answer to said complaint
on the suiscribers, at their office In the city
of St. Paul. county of Ramsey, Minnesota,
within thirty days after the service of this
summons upon you. exclusive of the day of
.such service and if you tail to answer the
said complaint within the time aforesaid, the
plaintiff in this action will apply to the court'
for the relief demanded therein, together
with i.iaintiffs costs .and disbursements
herein. ■,■.•.■:■■;■■ ...
DAted Oct. 17th. A.D.1502. - ..- . •
A-.-.-i'"..' DONNKI.I.Y .0 SUTLER.
PlaWUiflTs iU— »*k i
. . .. .: - jiaic. ...._.. ..,;, ;:.".;. ;'
A GOOD KAMI who understands milking
and taking care of cows would like a
position. .78. Globe.; ■; ; ;, V • ?/ ■ -." :
would like a position of any kind, ware
house or work in wholesale house; will work
about private house or fire furnace for win
ter. L 77, Globe. :.... .'... •,."■—:,.,- .
BAKER— Situetlon wauted ! by first-class
bread and case baker. Address Baker,
621 Jefferson st. northeast, Minneapolis::
country preferred. -. ; :■;:.;.*■
BOOKKEEPER— Experienced bookkeep-
AJ er is onen for engagement in commer
cial house or by tradesman.- J. S., C 69 Broad
way, St. Paul :,
BOOKKEEPER— A young man wants
position as assistant bookkeeper, col
lector or clerk; experience more of an object
than salary; good references. Address C 79,
Globe .: ' ■'.;■■ ";'"'". ' - :
DOOKKKKPKK, experienced, wants set
JJ :of books to keep evenings. A. F.,<;lobe.
L>OY— strong boy of 16 would like to
-L» learn a good trade. A. Ilartinau, 32
Iglehart st. .-. . ; .
BOY would like a job out of school hours.
i-> Address W. C, 673 St. Peter.
BOYs FOR PLACES, places for boys;
I employment bureau for poor boys, free.
Newsboys' Club Room. 313 Wabasha st. ;open
from ; l to 15! a. m.. and from 7 to 'J p. m.
-Employment— Wanted by a
v boy of sixteen, a paper route to carry.
Address 673 St. Peter st.
COACHMAN— situation as coach-
V man by experienced man: can furnish
reference. Call at 220 Pleasant ay. ~
COACHMAN— wanted an coach-
V> man by experienced man: can furnish'
reference. . Address Coachman, .64 West
Fourth st. . ..-.
pOACUMAN- Wanted, a place as coach-
man, or to take care of house and steam
heating. Call at 224 East Fifteenth st.
pOACHMAN — Wanted, situation as
>-/ coachman by experienced man; can
furnish refereuze. • Call at 64 West Fourth st.
pOACHMAN-A young man, twenty-five
v years of age. can talk both German and
English, in a good horseman, is wanting a
situation. Inquire 147 East Seventh st.
COOK— A competent restaurant and hotel
cook desires a position ; first-class refer
ences. Address 1) 80, Globe. ■ .
pIGAKMAKKB- Young man who has
v . worked one year at " cigar | trade would
like to finish trade; will work in j city or
country. Address A. D 97 West Seventh St.,
St. Paul, Minn. .... . . . •.
CiLKlili— A ■ young Scandinavian, would
i like a situation iv a store or office; writes
a fair hand and understands bookkeeping;
wages no object if steady place. Address A
74, Globe. i , ;
('iLERK— Wanted, a situation as clerk by a
• young man of good address uua two
years' oflice experience; good penman. Ad
dress (\ 92, Globe. '■ • ' ■ .... .
COLORED MAN wants work of any
kind: can furnish good' recommenda
tions. » Call or address Walter ISucklins, 200
State st. ■ ■ .. . -,.....
1 ST— Registered ; good reference.
C 22. Globe. , --■■;-.
DRIVER— situation wanted as driver for
meat market on St. Anthony hill; can
control trade: W.S.Gove.'Jßl St.Anthony ay.
DRIVER— Situation wanted by a young
- man as driver or clerk in store of some
kind; is well acquainted in city. Address D.
F. D., 168 Martin. . - ' j
EMPLOYMENT— Young man . wishes a
job of some kind in the city; can give a
good recommend. Addr Henry Glrard, 157
Eaton ay., West St. Paul. •■-.-.• --.i 1 '
PMI'LOYKKNT- Young man wishes a
S2j job of some kind in the city; can give '
best of recommendations. Address :H. G.,
Eaton ay.. West v t. Paul. * ] :. j :v '-
EMPLOYMENT— Wanted, by two young
J-i '■ men. a position to engage time after 3:^o
p. m. and Saturdays. Inquire at 1036 Wesley
ay., Hamline. ;>..■-.
ptliNlTt'Kl'J GlLDEß— Situation want-'
X! '• ed by a first-class picture frame and fur
niture gilder and finisher. Apply C. P., 901
Well* St., St. Paul, Minn. . ; - ■ : ;
; HARDWARE MAN— Situation- wanted
JLI;: by gentleman in hardware -business,,
I either traveling or in store ; have had eighteen
years' ■ experience. Address G - 25, Globe,
Minneapolis. ' ■. ... ; . -; K'.. ; ,-
JANITOR — Wanted, a position. as church
v . janitor. Address D. 8.. 106 Western ay.
south. ..... ; :. ■ . .
MAN wants to carry children to and from
school and . kindergarten; a warm
coach made for the purpose. Address 1). B.
Geil, 106 Western ay. .
PRESS FEEDER— A young man would
like a place in some printing office as
feeder; can feed register, work. . Call or ad
dress Otto G.Wood, 241 Page st.,West St. Paul
Minn. : ■, .: --..■' ' " /
PRINTER — Situation Wanted — Able
bodied; can do office work: experienced
with newspaper: manual or outside work in
part; can leave city; good terms to right
party. "Printer," 85 West' Congress St., St.
Paul. : ' - ' -. .
would like steady place in or out of city.
J r >. Globe. ■ •■ ■■ •■■ --->
SITUATION wanted by a young man will-
O ing to do any kind of hard work; will
board with party if desired. Address B 95,"
Globe. . . ■ ■ . : ■ ■ ,
STENOGRAPHER — Male stenographer
O just out of position wants to work; can
come well recommended. Address U. J., 037
Endicott building.
STENOGRAPHER— A competent male
O; stenographer wishes a position; is fully
qualified. Address l i. 8 . Globe.
pairer — Situation wanted as general
stove and furniture repairer. Address J. A.
P., 96 South Waba>ha st. .
;.'pjSAMßTJSß— Employment wanted,- with
•-L ■ . team ; ..well acquaiuted in the city; will
work cheap. Address W 87, Globe. .
OKK'FOic BOARD— Wanted, place
to work for board. Address' 11. H. J.,
-Cuhiss College.
WORK FOR BOARD— Wanted, a home
by a young man.' going to : Curtis col
lege, to do work for his board before and"
after school hours; best reference will be
given. Address J 72. Globe.
WORK FOR BOARD— A strong voting
man wants a place to work for his
board and go to school ; city references. Call
or address 44 German-American Bank. '-.■■/'-
WORK FOR BOARD— A willing young
man wants to get a place to work
mornings and evenings for board, and attend
school. Call at Globe Business College, Endi
cott Building. *
A A- —AT "THE MINER," a Dleasant
■Hi home for the winter: steam heat
and modern conveniences; day boarders ac
commodated. 162 College ay.. corner sixth.
BOARD — Nicely furnished front room
; with alcove, suitable for two gentlemen;
board. 578 Cedar st.
BOARD— Room and board in private fam
ily for one or two young ladies; furnace
and gas. Address V 74. Globe.
OOARD— Furnished rooms with board in
BOARD— Furnished rooms with board in
XJ laige modern house. 210 East Ninth st.
BOARD— Furnished rooms, with board,
for gentlemen, $3.75 per week. 188 East
■ Tenth st. .■-;;•';.;. .
Fj, KOCH EX, N. W. Steam Dye Works
• . office, 410 Robert st., Ryan block works,
'.'., and i>7 Indiana ay.
JAMISON & CO., New York Steam Dye
Works; ladles' and gents' clothing a
fpecialty. 14 West Sixth st. '
AHI.i.KT & MlN'lhL, Minnesota
Steam Dye Works. 244 East Seventh.
tablished 185G—J. C. Kahlert, proprietor:
artistic cleaning of. ladies' and gentlemen's
garments. 128 West Third st. : .
I 1 . fixtures, ice boxes.* mirror?, poo: and".
bliiard lalles, counters and_bheiviiitf. 'd&
:-.--- . & emales. -
A LADY who has a few spare hours every
: day would like to take care of furnished,
rooms and do mending. Address Mies J.
Lliibridge. General Delivery. City. .
CLERK— A young lady wishes position as
V-» . clerk in confectionery or florist Ad
dress M 95, Globe. . :'.
CIOOK — Situation wanted as first-class
'. cook: can furnish good references. Ad
dress 203 University ay. -^
•TV AY WORK wanted by two young wom
*J en. 21 East Ninth st.
I AY WORK— A young lady would like
-L-' some kind of work by the day in a
store or factory: call at once. 358 Minnesota
st. ■ . ■ ■ . " • „ / \.:x\T.
DRESSMAKER— A competent dress
maker desires a situation; can furnish
machine if desired: Swedish descent. Call
at once at 4'J West Fourth st, „ ,-.
riRESSMAKING in families is thorough
±J ly competent; tailor system ; reference*.
Addrc^ Dressmaker. 470 Temperance st. J :,
1 \kESSMAKING — Wanted, by an ex
xJ perienced dressmaker, sewing in family;
guarantee perfect cut and fit. Address M
U3, Globe. . - .. ■ .
EMPLOYMENT — Situation warned by
Hi young man at work of any kind; cau
milk or tend horsed. Address J. Austin, 53
West Tenth st. ' ■ - . " . . >
EMPLOYMENT— A lady with plenty of
■m-J leisure time would like some work to
occupy several hours a day. Address O 77,
Globe. . -
II OUSEKEKPER— Lady thirty years old.
li with child, would like position as
housekeeper. Address Housekeeper. 275
Eighth st ' . ■ ■ .
LIPUSEKEEPKK— A lady, full/ coinpe
-11 tent, wants a situation as housekeeper.
Address O 100, Globe, Minneapolis.
M OUSKKEEPKK— A woman with two
H children wishes to go as housekeeper
can give best of references. Address or call
at 055 Sherburne ay. ; a home more of |an ob
ject than wages. .
OUSEKEKPER— Widow with little girl
would like a place as housekeeper for a
priest or other respectable parties; is compe
tent and can give reference. Address House
keeper, 333 East Sixth St., city.
II OUSEKEEPER— Young American lady
O. wishes position as housekeeper for
widower or single gentleman able to give
nice home and liberal salary. M 82. Globe.
LADY'S MAlD— Young lady of refine
ment wishes position as lady's maid or
companion; no objection to leaving city.
Address J 69, Globe. '
LADY with good references would like
position in family going South. Address
S 64, Globe. .\
desires situation for rest of season, in
St. Paul or Minneapolis. L. G.. Globe.
NUi.SE— Professional 'nurse, of refine
ment, would lake charge ot invalid, of
chaperon party; accustomed to travel; lirst
class references. ; U 85, Globe. /
OFFICE WORK— A lady would like writ
v_' ing to do In office or position as : clerk.
Address V 79. Globe. ' . .
SALESLADY— An experienced saleslady
in milliner shop would like a situation
with chance of learning trimming. Address
11. M. 11., 677 St Peter St., Mltford House,
SEWING— Wauted. by young woman, plain
O sewing to do at home. Address J 84,
Globe. [
SEWING— Dressmaker wishes sewing in
families; cutting and fitting especially;
reference if required. 417 University ay.,
down stairs. '
SHAVING— A competent dressmaker would
O like sewing in families or. at home;
. good cutter and fitter. No. MB Rondo St.,
corner Western ay. : ■■•'
OTENOGRAPUER— Position wanted by
O a young lady, well experienced; cau fur
nish best of city references; please address
or call 23 Central aye.. B. 8., city.
STENOGRAPHER— Wanted, by a young
O . lady with experience, a position as sten
. ographer and typewriter, or any kind of office
work: am willing to work for small wages:'
Please address 10» Valley st. : ' ■ -•■
STENOGRAPHER— Wanted, position as
O stenographer and typewriter; i seven
years' experience in wholesale houses. Ad
dress W 76. Globe. .. . . .'; '. '..■■■;■
OTENOGRAPiIER— A young lady wishes
O. position as stenographer: is good pen
man and typewriter; or would like to get in
a confectionery or florist as clerk. Address
Q 94, Globe. ' . ;
. TENOG RA PH ER— Stenographic posi-
O tlon desired by young lady. High school
graduate; can furnish city references. M S3,
Globe. ' . .. ■ ■
OTENOGRAPIIEK— Young lady, under-
O standing punctuation and spelling, de
sires a position as stenographer; Remington
operator. Address <l 87, Globe.
ASHINO WANTED at 450 East Sixth
st. ; collected and delivered. ' -
I.OBT ajxi> Fouari» '
COW LOST— Middle-sized muiey cow
v--' with while .black spots: reward for
return or information. Address J. Arousohn,
112 Viola.
11 ANDBAGLOST— In an East Seventh
IT. St. cable car, Nov. 25. between 6:30
and 7 p. m., a black velvet handbag contain
ing a purse and key. A liberal reward will
be paid for its return by Robert Seeger, 260
East Seventh st. ' :■■ ■■ -
HOUSE STOLEN— mare,"- seven
years old; weight 1,000 pounds; has had
left ear split, and had outside piece of about
two inches cut off; she was hitched to side
bar top buggy, with large ducking-covered
blanket in it. Finder please notify chief of
police of St. Paul, or owner, Fred Scbra'der,
No. 20 West Fourth St., and receive liberal
MARE LOST— A dark brown mare, six
years old, weighs about 900. Liberal
reward to '. finder at Almen Bros., 618 Cedar
ar. south. Minneapolis. '
PIN LOST— An oval cameo pin, set with
three pearls; initials i). S. B. marked on
back. Return to 20 Isabel st. and receive re
WATCH LOST— Lady's gold watch, with
name Jessie engraved on case; black
onyx fob chain. Finder leave at Globe office
and receive liberal reward.
worth, clairvoyant: business test med
ium thirty years' experience. 607 Wabasha
st.. city. ' '
Massagist. gives massage treatments:
also improved Turkish baths; treatment at
private residence a specialty; prices reason
able. Office 113 Moore Block, Seven Corners,
St. Paul. < ■ ■
KOAL-SPAR saves quarter of coal ; easy
to apply, quick fire, no gas. clinkers or
cinders; free samples; by mail, six cants. J.
Middloton & Co.. Sole Agents, 14 Third st.
south, Minneapolis, Minn.
Mass AGIST— Scientific face massage;
also massage and alcohol treatment;
for ladies only. 152 Pleasant ay.
MRS. FRASER, maguetist, treats succes
fully nervous debility, lack of vital
force, rheumatism and paralysis. 413 Ma
sonic Temple, Minneapolis.
MRS. KATE HOSKINS, psycometric
reader and trance medium. 2JSVa West
Seventh St., St. Paul. ' .
MRS. M. A. TtSrsEY. 223 East Elehth «t..
Magnetic and massage treatment for
paralytic rheumatism and nervous diseases.
Clairvoyant reader. Call *. m. to p. m..
now located in the Lowry Arcade,
Fourth st. entrance, near Wabasba; regular
classes for adults Thursday evenings' ut ß;
a new class for misses and masters com
mences Thursday, Dec. 1. at 4 p.m.: hall to
lent for private parties, sociables, n,u.iicales,
etc. Send for circular, or apply Saturdays
and Thursdays, 2 to 6 p. m.
and Art, -'(i East Exchange St., St. Paul-
Piano, violin, guitar- and mandolin taught.
Lessons given in drawing and painting.: Call .
or bend for prospectus. ,
BOARD— Young man of good habits de
sires room and board at S2O a month' in
private family. Particulars to M 81, GloDe.
BOARD— Youug lady, wonts board In Cath
; olic family;-, state terms; references.
Address S '.:>. Globe. - .
< I.OAliti4Kl\<;.
A. . 100. East' Third St.. -repair or ' reomdel
bcal, plush, or fur ; clonks. and the work is
Renting Agency.
f* 11. St'HMTTtiEK & CO., real estate.
v/» house-renting agency and insurance.
Rooms l> and 10, Scboch Clock.
pOTTAGKS- For rent, several-cottages.
Vv large and small houses and stores, very
.Cheap,.- C. A.'Esterley. 4 Maunhelmer Dlocic.
HOUSE— No. 604 Marshall hv.— New; ten
rooms; modern improvements.
House, No. b'JS Selby ay.: new; complete
in every respect: eight rooms.
House, No. ' 6SO Mlnnchtiha st ; seven
rooms; cheap rent. G. S. Heron, No. 45, N.
O. A. Bk.
I I Olj'jse— Ten-room house, with all mod
■ lJ_v=; crn Improvements, corner Iglehart and
Louis st«. : will rent cheap, if taken at once.
Apply at 227 Iglehnrt st.
HOUSK— For rent, at. $20.00 per month,
good . teven-room house and barn, cor
ner of Victoria st. and fcelby ay. ; 1 will rent
to desirable tenant until May 1 at this price.
William P. Milliard, lioom 4'>. National Ger
man-American Bank.
HOUSKSrOK KMT— John H. Hickey,
Germania Life Building. Minnesota and
HOUSE— rent, house No. 576 Lincoln
■Tar.; to good parties cheap for winter.
Apply to owner, Koom 86, Globe building. '
HOUSE— For --rent. No. 600 West Seventh
■ , St., seven-room house with city water,
bath room aud a barn tor two horses; all In
good condition;, will rent to good party ior
$I."> a month. Inquire West Seventh st.
H Oils I-:— Furnished house; eight rooms;
modern conveniences, including fur
nace. Room 21!), Manhattan building.
Davidson Block— Corner Fourth and
Jackson— Houses, stores and flats for rent in
all parts of the city.
J. AY. Slicpartl,
04 East Fourth st.
-0 / At sit House of Hope Church— Nino
rooms; modern house.
rrr>Q Marshall, AY. — Eight-room
/ X/t7 modern house, with yard: in per
fect order throughout.
6)(\i) EAST NINTH ST.— Largo modern
/vU>v house and barn ; convenient to bus
iness for boarders.
A I'ARTMKSTS with steam heat in
xi . Premier, Alden, Victoria and Richmond
apartment houses; also four-room apart
' Flats.
FLAT— For rent, a nicely furnished nix
i~ room tint, containing ail modern conven
iences, corner Selby ay. and Victoria st. ; I
will rent to a small family for $33 per month,
W. P. Uillard, Room 43, National German-
American Bank. r ' '
FLAT— To rent, a Hix-room flat tit $$ per
month; nice brick store on University
ay. at $15 per. mouth for the winter. 11.11.
Schulte & Co.. 108 East Fourth st.
FLAT— A fine seven-room flat for rent.
Apply 141 West Third st.
■ Counts.
A— 11OTKI. BRUNSWICK, for centle
• men only; fifty modern Bleam-healed
rooms by day, week or month.
Broadway, 044— Between Thirteenth
and fourteenth— For rent, one to four
rooms, with city water and sewer.
CiKI>AK ST., 637— One largo room, with
J bedroom connected: both front rooms,
furnished; five minutes from city hall.
CKDARST, a;i>— Nicely furnished room:
vJ gas, bath and furnace heat: suitable for
two. ' - - .. •
v> —Over Drug Store— Furnished rooms by
the week; unfurnished for housekeeping."
EIGHTH ST., 83, EAST — Furnished
rooms for rent. ''."..
pLBVKNXII ST., 08 EAST -For rent,
-C< om nicely furnished front room; hot
water, heat, bath, etc.
' pIFTII ST.. 228 WEST— For root, front
1 sitting room and side bedroom, furnished,
HOTEL BARTEAU.!W— Nicely furnished
.I J rooms suitable lor man and wife or
four young men.
PLEASANT AY., 145— Near Cable Line—
IT Nicely furnished rooms, in the brick
row, with or without board.
RONDO ST., 809— For rent, two furnished
XV rooms; lndlos or gentlemen; with bath.
ROOMS — Two front rooms, unfurnished,
suitable for lii'ht housekeeping, In
quire ground floor, IC7 West Fourth >t.
ROOMS— For rent, large, nicely furnished
rooms; all conveniences; private fum
ily; 810 nnd $12. F 88. Globe.
SELHY AY., 251— Nioely furnished largo
front room, with alcove; also single
rooms; all modern improvements; day board,
with 6 o'clock dinner.
ST. PKTKR ST.. 385— Front room, with
chamber attached, suitable for one or
two gentlemen; steam heat, electric light;
%l % a month.
SUMMIT AY., 132— Furnished rooms with
or without board.
JIIRI> ST.. 07. EAST -Third Floor —
X One nice furnished room for one or two
gentlemen, for rent. _.
UTOPIA— Nicely furnished front rooms;
steam heat, with or without board. I'J.I
St. Peter st. '
W a hash A ST., 523Vi— Corner Tenth—
Furnished rooms for reut: piece quiet.
ABASJIA ST., 457— Large, nicely fur-
VV nished front room, with alcoe, steam
heat, ens and bath, suitable for four gentle
men, for rent: also other rooms from S7 up.
FA — For rent, 4(K)-ncre farm, forty
* miles from Minneapolis, one mile from
railroad station ; on shares or for cash rent.
J. Zimmerman, 110 Fifth st. south, Minne
A KIUVED TIIJS WUICK. ond for sale
A cheap, two carloads of heavy horees
cheap, two carloads of heavy hones
and mares; weight, from 1,300 to 1.700
pounds; come and look nt these if you want
to see good stock at low prices. Minnesota
Sale Staple, 110 Fifth st. Botiili, Minneapolis.
CUTTERS, robes, etc.. for sale nt Warring
ton & Co.'s Livery, 402 Selby. John
FOR HALE— A No. 1 Concord buggy; cost
(135 last spring; will sell for $05. Bd7
Olive st.
FOB SALK— Cunningham coach; In first
order; will sell at one-half its valus.
637 Olive st
HORSES wintered at Dell wood Farm; the
best ot accommodations: only seven
miles out; horses called for and returned to
any part of the city. N. R. Frost, 10 Frost
WANTED— Cash paid for horses, bug
gies, wagons, harnesses, cutters, etc.;
come if you want to sell, liO Fifth at. south,
WANT TO HUY a good driving horse
or two ponies; must be young, sound
and cheap; for cash. James O'Meara, 303
Jackson or 578 Iglehart st.
v-> - —Open daily (except Sunday). Text
book •'Science and Health" on sale. 10 Hotel
Barteau. BFB&
v Co. (operating Chicago. St. Paul & Kau
nas City way). Trains leave union depot.
City Ottlce. 19 > East Third Street.
*a~l)aily.tl>ally ex. Sunday. I.oave. Arrive
tL'hicago Fast Express ■ :,'."■ am U>:4<ipm
tlowa. Mo. & Kansas Ex.... 7:25 am 10:Wpm
♦Dodge Center Local.. 4:35 pm 10:15 am
♦Chicago Limited 7:30 pm 7:i>iiin
»Oes Mo!neß.!»c Joe AX. C. /:30 pml7: 13 am
A., T. &S. F. R. R.
Run 'through Pullman Palace and" Tourist
Cars daily from Chicago and Kansas Ciiy to
California; also through Pullman Cars daily
'to Denver. Salt Lake City, Oudeu, Fort Worth
cud Galvesiou, 'lex.
: For rates and further Information apply to
E. Burdick, General Agent, oti Guaranty
Kavanagh »V Johnmu, Auction
<■<• .
isTK.YTOK IAU of -Cloths and
Tailor Tiimmliifrs.et<\.nt Public Auction.
We will sell hi public auction, at the store.
No. 471) Wiibnstia st., commencing on Monday,
Nov. 2x, at 10 a. in., the entire Hock of lie
cloths belonging to the estate of James King.
now King & Sons. • This itock consists of
about tTi.i'O.) worth of chinchillas. Kerseys,
meltons, worsteds, cnsslmeres, cheviots, im
ported and domestic. The stocK Is one Of
the Quest in the city, and will be sold in
quflcrflties to sun purchasers. Parties look
ing for hargnius in n rail or pants pattern
should attend this sale. Kavau:tgh A; John
son. Auctioneers, I-''. is.*. 1.)) Kirn Slxili St.
HM. T km i* MS, *Jt> oeriuauia Life insur
» ance Building.
To Farao, %Vluit|i>«><£, Ilelcnw, Knits
and the I'm Ut<- North
Dining Cars on Winnipeg and Pa- — -.— !_ _
ciHc Coast Trains. Lv. Ar.
I'nciiic Mail dally for Farßo, "" '
Jamestown. Livingston. Helena,
Buite, Mlasoula, Spokane; la
coma, Seattle auti Portland.. ... 4:15 12:11
Jamestown Express, (dally ex- p.m. p.m.
• cept Sunday) for Fargo aud
Jamestown .;■.;-.; .. ;....;. 0:00 6-1
Brainerd Local (daily except Sun- a.m. p.m.
day) for Anoka, St Cloud, Lit
tle Falls and Brainerd. . .... 5:35 10:3)
Dakota and Manitoba Express, p.m. a.m.
(daily) for Fergus Falls. Wahpe -
ton. CrookKion, Grand" Forks,
(iraflou, Winnipeg. Moorhead. 8:00 7:11
Fargo and Jamestown p.m. a.m.
The li.iknu mid Manitoba Exsmai dtemui run
went of Fargo on Sunday.
Pullman ttleeper* 'Ully belwren 8U rum ill
Grand For Gra ton, Winnipeg, r gun Fulls,\V.\h
peton find Fargo. Pullman Kir<i v >< liir
litUleeperi and Free Colonist Sleeper* are run >«
throudli I'nciflc Count iraln*. C. K. sJ I'ON'K, Oil*
Ticket Agent, id X ist Third Street. 4t. I'.ul. U.
I M«HBUUU City Ticket A<e:ii. H Nicullct lU.ua
Wnck. Minneapolis, Mtnn.
Through Fast Trains for Chicago. Milwaukee
and intermediate points leave Minneapolis
12:46 p. m . : 0:23 p. in. St. Paul. 1:30 p. in. :
7:15 p.m. Arrive St. Paul, 8:30 a. m.: 3:43
p.m. Minneupolls, t):lsa. vi.: 4:15 p. m.
Ticket Olliees— ls9 East Third street, St."
Paul; i;t Nicotiet House BlocK, Minnoapoll
and Union DopoU in St. Pant, Mluneapoli
and Stiil water. (*Oally. tSxcept Sunday
tExcept Monday. aSuuday only. dßxeept
Leave Arrlvo
Through Trains Si. Paul. si. Pau
Chi. "Badger State" Ex. *S:Goam t3:s"»pm
Chicago "Atlnntlc" Ex. t.:ir>pni ♦11:55 pm
Chicago N. Western Lim 'SilOpm •7:2O» m
West Superior I Ti):ouain ts:oopm
aiidUuliit^i I »U:oopm *u:.V)arn
Ashland, Ilurley ....I t«:i:oani t^:oopm
liaylteldi Wtwlibiim I •il:.i)iiui *<]:."iouni
Si Joseph* Kansas City *7 am ',i':lliiii
Omaha <& Kansas City.. *7:.» spirt *7 :40 am
Sioux City and Ulk Hills "«7i")spni *7:4oara
Sioux City die Worth'g'n • t7:3.*> am •J:V.'p m
PlpestoueA Sioux Falls. t7::is pin tis:sJpm
Newl'liii.'l'riicy & Plene s?:.y. pin t7:t>;in
i^^v^ Ticket Offices: I SA
% Ticket Offices; SS
M .VI I „i..n1)(.p0»,51Pa,,l
A— Means ilailv. B Exi rpt
c^lr^HPAUl' / JSuii(lay< C^Kscept Sulur.luys.
'^^*SftU'' / t>— Except Monrtavs. '
Leav<>— Jit.Pnul— Arrlw
Cli 7 ;fl ii in It 1 'I , (i p
L«Crosse,Mllwraukeeand } a t&i i> in A 11:05 a r,
CbiGBKO ...„ _„ (A 8:10 p in A ?:M> a n
Dubuqu0......'..;.'.^' ;1'..L.... /l!T:V)a in I) Mian
1 i; 7:15 (> in li IU: i , p ii
Jlnrt-linlllown. Oltuniwa, |A!i:lskiii I) 7:l')ii.n
M. Louis &. Kansas l.'ity. ( C 7:15 in A toil p m
berdeen and Way ...„_. {^^Sb 1%Z%
For iii.'orm itlon auto utlicr tr.ii.H ma general
older nt ticket oillcm.
Pifv flffiPPC "•'' Ea«t;iPhJrd .st^ St. Paul;
tlljf Uliltca 3WNicolletAv.. Mlnncapoiin;
and Union depots in both clliei. •> v
bt. Paul Union Depot. AituiVK
■„..„ m /■Wlllmar.Morrld, lirown'iil .. „
bß.oßa.ro. U-nlleyan.l RreJklnrldße/ b6:31 «•• "»•
1 !,.«,, m '•*■■ Kails, Fargo AG. Forks l*:10 r». in.
bJ'-ioi.m' U«spo,cictirwati>r.<ißt.aoud. hio«ia in.
,:::' ' Anoka. St. Cloud A Willnmr. Ml: 55 turn
SIT™ Kxoelatorand Hutcbiimon... I»U :f>&n.in
b4*p.ui. rwillmar, ISloai City,
Sioux Kii!lx,'l\ViiUTl<m-ii.
l iitr>ii,\Vnlj|.<'ttiti, rA1i
„,,,„,„ ■ erilci-ii, t'Kllcndale, :Fitr- a7:U a. m.
ac.33p.m. bcawwltcn. Graiton,
Winiiipej an I I'u.ltlc
lt'i,ii«t. /
(lADOka, St. Cloud, «nuk »
1 PWIIWi Kill Is, fur
n-.j/w, m { to, Crookaton, O. Fork*, aS:SJ a. m.
a<.«p.m. (ir( . „ Uelena>
Huttc and Pacific Coast J
I Colombia Falls, Kali*- |
m •{ pell, Bonner'i Kerry, > assfl a. m.
a7;4op.m. ( by Creek and Siuikiino. ■)
„,„„.,„ /J^ilnth, W. .SujMTior, Elk i ,
bJ«6p-m. I lUve - M Uacfu uinckley. '- Win p. m.
I Princeton, Anoka.* J
<3nily; b.excapt Sundays; c, Monday, Vcdnas<
dny find Friday; v, Sunday, Tuesday ami Tlmra
liny. *Bu ct parlor enraou tr:ili.» to l>n!utli nnJ
West Superior; IHuret (lce|<ers. iniuln/ can
1 nlai -v hlci-iic rs and ivi- colonist - !*•*-[•: ti i» cm ■<
Minn eafolis, M.Kui&sAts.llariafl
The following changes
_;£*'££& effect on and nfter Nov. I:
'r^KSI From Union Depot— Montreal
JM tt^BaXMi\in\ Boston lixpress leaves St.
fe^WW3SPnul daily ill 7: i. 1 ) p.m.: Mont-
II ill I lap v "* and Boston Xx press leaves
K'j^^^^TJMiuiifapolis ''"''- v a: " ; -* : 'i'. m.
Prom Soo Line. Depot. 2nd St.
and 4th Are. 'North, Minneapolis— Wisconsin
Division Local, leaves Miiineapolis dally (ex
cept suiidnvi 8:20 a. in.; .Minnesota Division
Locals leave Minneapolis daily (except Suu
day) U:00 a. m. and 5:33 p. in.
From Broadway Depot, Foot of Cable Line,
St. Paul — m. croix Falls Accommodation,
dally (except Sunday) 8:45 p. ro.
Guaranty Building, i o. ISS Imi>i.;'l st
W9SBB Leaves for Chicago. St. Louis and
iffinjrajjijf down-river points, . :">i a. in.: ,ir
Siji&HH'rives from bume points ti:ljp. m.
■gM^ftdiiily. except Sunday.
Leaves for Chicago and St. Louis. 7:11 p
m ; jfrrives from tame points, 7:;iTin. m .latlv
Galenic Medical Institute
"•riiifi i*ti-- Established la 1351
for the cure of private,
/xSsf^f? o **^^^. liervolls au '^ c v ii(jn:c
EMife? v^ft diseases, including
E^B^hßU Spermatorrhoea, or
Nervous Debility, I in
it!£^siV»feS-*ls' orrhoen, <;l«ct, Strict
jg*^i«'>iiv»p^a ure, Varicocele, Hydro-
K^§^ej^^f^^f\ fe ' e ' Diseasesof \vom-
CQPYoR^jJfD. The physicians of
Jrr the old and ICcllablo
jus ti tv to specially
treat all the above diseases— regular grad
uates—and guarantee a cure In every case
undertaken, and may bo consulted person- *
ally or letter.
Sufferers from any of these ailments, be.
fore consult, :ii{ others, should viuderstaud
their diseases and the litest improved treat
ment adopted iitouriiistituio by reading our
The Secret ' Monitor and Guide to Health,
a private Medical Treatise on the nbovo dis
eases, with the Anatomy and Physiology o!
the Sexual system in Health and Uiacu.se.
containing nearly 300 pages, and uumerqui
illustrations, sent to '*y address otr receipt
ot reduced price, only VwentyCcuts,or valua
in one or two-cent stamps.
Pamphlet and chariot quesllonsfor stating
case sent ireo
All business Htrlctly confidential. OUice
hours, 8 n. m. to i>:\io \>. m. Sunday:* ex
- Address letters thus:
St, Paul, Ulna

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