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The sixth annual charily ball of the
Eighth Ward Relief association will be
held at Relief hall Friday evening,
March - 1 4.
Prof. McLean's lecture on "English
Government" in the university exten
sion coarse has been postponed until
next week.
George Gnnneson, of 2208 Aldrlch
avenue, is thought to be insane. lie
was found wandering about the streets
in a demented condition, and was taken
in charge by the police.
The sale of Beats will conimenca to
morrow moraine for the engagement
the coming week of the eminent emo
tional actress, Miss Kate Claxton, in a
presentation of the great melodramatic
success, "The Two Orphans."
Only five members of the board of
trade were present yesterday morning.
and after considerable desultory discus
sion adjournment was taken* for one
week. The discussion of railroad dis
crimination will be mule the special
order of business at the next meeting.
In spite of the snow storm, the Bijou
drew a large and enthusiastic audience
to witness the performance of Hanlou
Bros. 1 "Fautasuia." This entertainment
is full of good music, bright illusions,
specialties and scenic surprises. George
H. A. lams, who plays the role of Pico,
is decidedly entertaining. Tomorrow at
2:80 a matinee will be Riven.
Mrs. Mamie Masher, who left her
baby in charge of a Mrs. White, 1825
Washington avenue south, while on a
visit to Missouri, upon returning to the
city a mouth ago could find no trace of
the woman or child. The officers have
just located Mrs. White at 4.'4 Sixth
street south, and have secured the child.
Yesterday morning a special train oh
the Chicago, Milwaukee A: St. Paul rail
way, bearing a number of prominent
business men of this city, together with
the stockholders of the Minneapolis
Threshing company, left the Milwaukee
depot for the purpose ot inspecting the
plant of the Minneapolis Threshing Ma
chine company, located at Hopkins.
The following seniors have been
placed on commencement, in the order
named, for the delivery of orations:
Miss M. A. Smith, "Private vs. Public
Charity;" a. M. Bersetb, "Influence of
Science Upon Religion;*! B. C. Taylor,
'•The Neirro Problem;" 11. O. Hannum.
"Arbitration;*' J. E. Phillips, "Mistakes
ot the Present Century:" Miss M. O.
Colter, 'Passion for Power."
JPanny Davenport began her engage
ment at the Grand opera house last
night in Sardou's "Cleopatra." Those
wiio saw Miss Davenport in "La Tosca"
a few years ago can form no conception
of her ability, as in "Cleopatra" she
rbes to a height which gives her imper
sonation a tinjsh and color never before
seen in a representation of Egypt's
famous queen in this city. The princi
pal roles are in the care of competent
players, and if the play receives its just
dues, the Grand will be crowded during
the entire week.
Seven warranty deeds were filed with
the register of deeds yesterday, aggre
gating 19,128.
Bernard F. Mooney asks to prove the
will of James Mooney. There are seven
lairs, who will get $5,450.
Wifiiam Ivey wants $1,705.95 from the
street railway company on account of
alleged personal injuries.
The Wiunebago Paper Mills have sued
Richard li. Jordan to recover $11,231.92
on several promissory notes.
Martha 11. Emery asks to prove the
will of John G. Emery, who leaves ail
estate of £19,000 to four heirs.
Annie Fust has begun suit agaiist
the street railway company to collect
15.140 for alleged personal injuries.
Mary L. and Noah H. Kent have sued
tin* Northwestern Guaranty Loan com
pany to set aside a note and mortgage
of §1,520.
The probate court has been petitioned
to send George (.Jill, aged thirteen, to the
reform school at (Jwotonna. His par
ents live at 895 Tuscarora avenue, St.
Marriage licenses were issued yester
cl:.y to La Rue Buxton and Georgia Bur
ton, William S. Neediiam and Annie K.
Sarvis, Bert J. Brush and Alice J.
Moore, and Robert J. Upton and Flora
E. Wood.
Martha K. Barnes has begun an ac
tion against the Great Northern Rail
way company, as owner of tim Lafay
ette hotel, to recover 52,150 damages on
account of injuries received from a sky
rocket last Fourth ot July at the lake.
Henry I. Shuman says that he was
brought before the municipal court on
a charge brought by Julia 11. Krueger,
■who said lie had threatened to Kill her.
He was acquitted, and now brings suit
for $5,025, claiming that it was all due
to malice.
In the Lock-Up.
Inspector Lawrence returned from
Granite Falls yesterday, whither he
went to arrest T. O. Harare, who is
wanted by the Minneapolis plow works
for obtaining goods under false pre
tenses. It appears that Hamre secured
fcouds from the plow works to the value
of 9290.90 on the statement that his en
tire indebtedness aggregated but a triile
over $3,000. After be had secured the
geods the company ascertained mat he
owed considerable over * 15, 000. Hamre
is in business at Granite Falls. He was
locked up at the central station, and
will be arraigned in the police court
this morning.
Inspector Hoy arrested Charles 11.
Russell and locked him up at the cen
tral station on the charge of obtaining
money under false pretenses.
For Homo Kule.
At a meeting of Irishmen and Irish-
Americans held in this city last Sunday
afternoon it was decided to appeal to
nil Hibernians for contributions, the
same to go towards assisting the Na
tionalist members of parliament in their
endeavor to secure home rule for Ire
land. It was also suggested that it be
urged by speakers before the radons
entertainments to be held on St. Pat
rick's day that all Irishmen, Irish-
American's and those who sympathize
with the cause may have an opportunity
cf contributing their mite— no matter
how small— to such a fund. J. C. Scal
len, cashier cf the Irish-American bank,
was appointed custodian of all moneys
received, and the names of donors and
amounts will be published in the Irish
Because the Pine Burst.
A steam pipe on one of the big boilers
at the street railway power house, on
Thud avenue north, burst yesterday
morning and injured two men quite
seriously. N. Kciehle, the chief engi
neer, attempted to remedy a break in
the boiler, when the pipe burst and he
was hurled to the hard floor. His as
sistant, in running to the aid of Ji is
chief, was severely scalded about the
neck and face. Koehie was injured on
the head from the fall. He was also
scalded considerably. Dr. Fitzgerald
gave the men all the aid he could, and it
it is not thought anything serious will
W. £>. Edwards, Palmyra. 0., writ** :
•*I have frees » great snfferor from
Costivencso ana Sick Headache, sow
have tried many medicines, bat
E|2 H-I B || '
Is the only one thet gaYO me relief. I
find thai one pill sets better than
'."co of cay other Itind, &n:l does not
Weaken or gripe." Elegantly sugar
touted. Qoso saiail. Price, 25 cents.
ISce, 140 to 111 Washington St., N. Y.
The Republicans Have Sworn
to Oust Bradish From
the "Soo."
A New Manufacturing Con
cern Will Be.'in Opara
tions This Morning.
A Journal Printer in Trouble
—The Inspectors Find
Vun Parker.
Th? Snow Storm Knocks Out
the Street Cars— itiills'
The new council committee will pro
ceed to transact business this week as
though nothing had happened. The
Democratic aldermen are perfectly con
tent with the condition of things, and
the threats of injunctions have no ter
ror tor them. The one new thing that
developed yesterday was the informa
tion that .-vld. Bntdisu is about to lose
his position as claim agent for the - s "o
road. He has held th a position for
some time, and in spite of the elamor
lllgS of iiis constituents that he could
not do justice to a railroad corporation
and the city at the UlCt time, he re
fused to give it up. It w.is stated yes
terday that he secured this position
through the influence of his X -publican
friends, who have soured on him for the
part he took in the council proceedings
ia>t Friday night.
These Republican friends, it is stated,
have gone to the Cure again, but not for
Aid. Bradish this time. I'hey want his
scalp, and have insisted that Mr. Lowry
should discharge him. TUvy were not
actuated alone because of the council
affair, but because ot certain utterances
made at various of the meetings, which
were not in accordance with tiie beliefs
of the stockholders of the road.
A NEW . !>r ifitT.
The Wornieko ..'.nulact urinjj
C'om;>tuiy i>cgi:is Operations
A new manufacturing pluit will be
gin operations this morning, in spite of
the snow and sleet. Yesterday negotia
tions for the purchase of the M. £ Burr
wooden specialty factory on Lower Nic
ollet island were concluded, and the
concern will now be known as the Wer
nicke Manufacturing company. O. 11.
L. Wernicke, the patentee and owner of
; the patent portable shelving that- has
been manufactured in the city for some
time past, has organized a company
with a capital stock of ?SO,OJO. of which
$20,000 has already been paid in. The
stockholders are O. 11. L. Wernicke,
president: J. W. llartzel, secretary and
treasurer: J. L. Gable, vice president,
'and F. A. Monteius and J. W. Patton.
The new company will begin the work
of manufacturing the shelving at once.
Aside from this, all the wooden spe
cialties heretofore manufactured by
I Mr. Burr will be turned out in the
' same establishment, the new company
i having purchased the patents from him,
also the patents of wall brackets and
adjustable shelving from J. W. Patton,
of Macon City, Mo., who is one ot the
stockholders. The president, Mr. Wer
nicke, is well known in the city, having
j been the local manager for the Buckeye
I reapers and mowers for several years.
| Mr. ilartzel is connected with Van
Duzen & Harrington, and Mr. Gable is
the local manager for the Nichols-
Shepherd company.
A Journal Printer Gets Himself
Into Serious Trouble.
J. W. Hayes, who acts in the capacity
of assistant foreman on the Evening
Journal, has been indicted by the grand
jury of the United States circuit court
jof this district, on the charge tof
| having made arrangements by mail to
deal in a proscribed article for the use
of women, and with bavin* rented a
postofhee box and Having had circulars
printed minutely describing the fashion
and use of these articles.
Hayes was arrested Saturday by the
i United States marshal, and pleaded not
guilty to the charge, bail being fixed in
the sum of $500- The case was set for a.
hearing this moriiin* and the assistant
I county attorney will act as counsel for
the defense. Two count* have been
found and a demurrer entered in each.
The ease of Mary J. Robinson against
the street railway company, to recover
damages for personal injuries, was
taken up yesterday and was on trial
during the alternoon.
The Inspectors Find the Colored
Slasher, Van Parker.
Inspectors Howard and Hoy yesterday
arrested Van Parker, the colored tough
who slashed Henry Hubbard, the porter
at the Shades saloon, Sunday morning
in such a ghastly manner. The inspect
ors found Tarker in hiding in a little
room on the third floor over the Amer
ican express office on Henuepin avenue.
The colored family who lived there had
stowed him away in this room and
given him a lot of meat and oread to
live on until the police liaa ceased their
search for him. Parker was arraigned
in the police court and had his case con
The proprietor of another disreoiuable
saloon was arrested yesterday. It was
Sodiui, who conducts a resort at the
corner of Third avenue south and Sec
ond street, lie was arrested on com
plaint of ex-Patrolman Aurbach on the
charge of selling liquor on Sunday. His
case was continued until tomorrow.
This is the culmination of the row in
Sodini's place, when Aurbach was ai
rested and locked up at the central
station. Aurbach swore he would be
j revenged, and he certainly will be, for
jit is understood Mayor Eustis will re
voke Sodini's liceuse. He lias been
arrested four times for conducting au
establishment in violation of the law.
Effects of the Storm.
The storm of yesterday raised the
dickens with the street railway traffic.
During the afternoon can on several of
the lines were kept running on pretty
good time, and the iuterurbau was kept
open, but when the shadows of night
fell and turned the snow iuto.a inantie
of gray it was next to impossible
to secure a car to any part of the
city. The company finally abandoned
! all attempt to accommodate the public,
for it was all the snow plows could do to
shove themselves through the banks of
white. The wind blew great guns, and
it was a rare thing to see a pedestrian
battling aiong the sides of buildings
after 9 o'clock last night. The mail
service in the outskirts of the city wns
seriously interfered with on account of
the stoppage of cars, and many an
anxious sweetheart went to bed last
night sighing for the letter that did not
Mills Is an Attraction in Spite of
Snow Storms.
In spite of the snow and wind the
Mill's revival meetings were well patron
ized yesterday. The first was held in
Westminster church at 10 o'clock, and ,
at the conclusion the revivalist repaired
to Century hall, where he inaugurated
the so-called "good cheer" noon meet
ings. These noou meetings will cou
tlnue to be held every day until further
notice. There was a large attendance, 1
and they give every indication of being
a success A woman's prayer meeting
in connection with tin- revivals was held
In the afternoon at the Sweiish Taber
nacle. Another one was held at the
Hope chapel. Following is (ho pro
gramme, for today's nteewugs:
10 a. in., at Weilmiuiier church, Mr. Mills:
12 in , prayer meeting In Century hall; 8:30
p. in., -Swedish Tabernacle. Mr. Mills; 8:39 p.
in , Hope clin|>el. Dr. rhßptnuti: 7:4.1, Swcu-
Mi Tabcmßcle, Mr. Mills; i :4.», Hope chapel,
Dr. Chapman.
Frank O. Carpenter.
Frank (i. Carpenter, the worhl-re
nowned newspaper correspondent, ar
rived in the city yesterday and took
quarters at the West. Mr. Carpenter is
at present on a lecture tour, and rext
Wednesday niu'iit will speak at the Ly
ceum tor the benetit of the Minneapolis
Press club. Qe entertained a number
of the newspaper men in ttie city yes
terday with stories of his travels, and
proved himself as biilliant an enter
tainer ami conversationalist as lie is a
wiiter. In speaking of newspapers ami
newspaper work, he said that in his
opinion the secret of success in the
business was that every inch of a news
paper space .should represent either a
dollar or an idea.
in Bad Kepair.
The Central nigh school building is in
bad repair, and for so. lie time past tne
pupils nave been somewhat timid about
attending school. Building Inspector
Hazeii paid a visit to the building yes
terday iui-1 gave v «i thorough inspec
tion. ' He found that the roof over the
Eleventh street addition had tagged
considerably; also that many of the.
lintels and capstones were cracked, and
that tne old part of the building was
cut with several Urge seams in the
mason work. The inspector also dis
covered that the building bad settled in
the center on the Fourth avenue side.
He did not consider the building un
safe, however, but declared that it was
in u.ucii need ot repairs.
Mr. Donaldson vi Home.
L.S. Donaldson, of the Glass block,
arrived Home Sunday from an extended
tiip through European countries, lit
speaking about the condition of trade
a. iii laoor on me comment, he said:
"The state ot iuuor is in a deplorable
condition. Tne .Manchester cotton
strikes nave demoralized trade gener
ally, and all over England thousands of
men are without worK, the number of
unemployed ueimr something trigbtful,
and mis luu affected railroad rates and
shipping interests, as very little is being
shipped fiom die factories or mines."
The Police Fund Shortage.
The committee appointed by Superin
tendent of l'olice Smith to investigate
into the police fund shortage held a
meeting yesterday alternotm at the city
hall. The matter was thoroughly dis
cussed, and ex-bunt. Henderson, wlio
wrs present, was put Ui rough another
course ot examination. Loumy Attorney
N \e was also present, anil some plan of
action was decided upon, thougu the
exact nature of it coulu not be learned.
Tho C\>u;uy Jurors.
.Judges Hicks and Hooker, County
Auditor Cooiey, Court Stenograpuers
May bey and Tuisiey and Deputy Kris
ter of Deeds Peterson were yesterday
drawing up a list of 1,.VJ0 men to svrve
on juries during the coming year. There 1
were many complaints last year from
attorneys as tome quality ot some of
the juries drawn. .None out men wiio
appeal to uj reputame m.'.i, witn so.ue
Visible means of support, will be placed
upon the list.
Col. Mactson'j Will.
Christine Muttson, the wife of Col.
Hans Mattsou, who died last week, tiled
a petition in ii:e prooate court yester
day to prove the will of thevleceased,
who left personal property valued at
MU,(KX» ana $:is,i/uo worm ot real estate,
besides lite insurance amounting to
some 114,000. all of which noes to . Mrs.
Mattson, his wife, lour sons and one
daughter, and to me, three children of
his sou V\ illiaiu.
Striking L'plio.sterers.
The Union Parlor Furniture company,
at 217 and 221 Main street southeast, is
having trouble with its upholsterers.
Yesterday two men were discuarged,
and at 11 o'c.ock me entire on nit of
workmen in the upholstery department
walked out on a strike. Tue other em
ployes oi Uid company remained an
their benches, for me strike did not
affect them. Tne strikers are members
of the upholsterers' union.
Battered 'n.lj t'erkins."
St. Loris, March i:}.— Melvillo D.
Landon, belter known as "Eli Perkins."
was one of the passengers on the train
leaving Chicago yesterday morning en
route to tnis city. Shortly after leaving
Chicago Mr. Lai.dou began a heated ar
gument with the purler of the Pullman
car in regard to the ventillation of the
car. The porter resented the remarks
of Mr. Laiideu and in me iigbtirnlch
followed the noted lecturer was badly
bruised and disfigured. Uu arriving
here the porter was discharged.
Quashed the Indictment.
New Oki.eans, March 13.— The su
preme court has quashed the indictment
against Chief of Police Gaster, upon
which, he had been convicted in the
district court. The case arose, ostensi
bly from failure oriefusal of the chief
to arrest a saloonkeeper, who was
pointed out to him uy Assistant District
Attorney Adams as violating the bun
day law.
McKinley Annoyed.
Columbus, 0., March is.— Got. Mc-
Kinley said tins morning .when asked
about the report sent out from Chicago
that the subscriptions to Ins trustees in
his behalf weie sufficient to discharge
his entire. liability in the Walker fail
ure, that he knew nothing about it. He
seemed very much annoyed by the pub
lication, anil was not inclined to be in
terviewed concerning it.
Another Victim.
Boston, March 13.— Horace Partridge
& Co., alter a brief investigation made
since their fire, made the authoritative
statement today that the fire originated
from causes still unknown in the men's
south toilet room on the third tloor, near
tlie elevator well. Chauneey Paige,
eleven .\ears of age, is missing. He
left his home Friday afternoon, and was
soon afterwards in the vicinity of the
fire on Lincoln street. He has not been
seen since, it is feared that he may
have been killed by falling walls.
Miners Burned hy Gas.
Connei.lsvilt.e, Pa., March 13.— An
exDlosion of mine gas occurred this
morning in the Whitsell mine, of the
Kainbow Coal and Coke company, neap
Perryopilis. Ten men were injured.
The mine boss cannot recover, and six
of the miners were very seriously burned
about their faces and bodies, so that
their recovery i 3 doubtful. The ex
plosion was caused by a party of miners
who were inspecting the mine, in some
manner filing a body of gas. The in
jured were removed to the Cottage State
hospital. _
Took Too Much Water.
Ottawa, 111., March 13.— John H.
Cartwrieht, a prominent lawyer, aged
thirty years, and a leading prohibition
ist, was drowned in the Illinois river
this afternoon by a sailboat capsizing.
Placed on the Free List.
City of Mexico, March 13.— Presl
nent Diaz has decreed the free importa
tion of maize and beans for an indefinite
period. It i» expected, however, that
high railway rates will check importa
Confidence in th 9 French Gov
ernment Voted by the
M. Bourgeois Appears Before
the Panama Conspira
tors Tribunal.
AH the Insinuations of Mme.
Cottu Emphatically Re- i
Charles de Lessep3 Dramat
ically Defies the Ex-Min
ister of Justice.
Pa his, March 13. —The chamber of
deputies, by a vote of 897 to 2>s, has de
clnred its confidence in and voted to
support the government. The vote was
taken after an exciting debate, in which
|L Kibot. the premier, and M. Burgeois,
the late minister of justice, took a lead-
Ing part as speakers in defense of the
course pursued by the government iv
reference to the prosecution of the l'an
aina canal defendants.
The approaches to the palais do
justice wen thronged today by excited
crowds. There hns not been such ex
citement in Paris since the beginning
of the Panama scandal. The crowds
were composed of all classes, from the
militant socialist to the wealthy mer
chant and financier, and there was
an oxinons murmur of angiy talk,
and » menacing frown on the faces
of the lower classes In the throng that
reminded of day* preceding the com
mune. The court room was thronged
with as many as could obtain admit
ance. The prisoners seemed themselves
revived by the new interest which their
case hud awakened, and some thought
that the features of Charles de Lesseps
Bore v Look of Triumph.
As soon as the court opened Presiding
■Judge Desjardins ordered that M. Bour
geois, the late minister of justice, should
be summoned to testify at s§mo time
during the day.
Deputy Fernand Myge, of Piodomiex,
who belongs, according to his own state
ment, to the party of "th« appeal to the
people," testified to the accuracy of the
statement that M. Yves-Guyot was the
source of the report that M. Constant
had communicated to President Carnot,
in a council at the Eiyse^-. the list of
deputies implicated In the alleged
Panama briberies. Count Cafferelli.
Monarchist deputy for Aisne, gave
similar testimony, which was ccorrotto
rated by the Radical deputy La Brousse.
Deputy Sainte Martin, Union Conser
vative, who had been a member of the
committee on the application of the
Panama Canal company for leave to
issue lottery bonds, testified that he did
not st'e M. Sans-Leroy, one of the de
fendants, who was accused of changing
his vote in the committee as the result
of a bribe, leave the committee room
just before the critical division on the
bill. Sainte Martin said that he had
been told that S.ins-Ljrov wiMit out to
see Arton, and that afterwards Sans-
Opposition to the EIH Csase:l.
M. Market, a member of tiie same
committee, testified that he did not see
bans-Leroy leave the room~6n the occa
sion in question.
M. Gofiard testified that he knew the
secretary of M. Henri Cotlu, and it was
at the initiative of the Secretary that he
saw Police Commissary Nicoll, with the
view of effecting an arrangement be
tween the government and the Panama
directors. This interview led to the
discussions which tooK place between
Madame C >tiu and M. Soiooury, chief
of the detective department. The wit
ness said that he acted entirely on ii is
own responsibility in bringing about
the interviews.
M. Bourgeois* late minister of justice,
next tooic the stand, amid murmurs of
excitement on the part of the audience.
M. Bourgeois spoke with firmness and
energy, and showed a disposition not to
reserve anything that could explain his
position toward the Panama case and
the defendant!-, lie emphatically re
pudiated ail the insinuations contained
in the evidence of Mine. Cottu. He de
nied having authorized anybody to act
in his behalf. He said that lie had only
permitted Mme. Cottu to see her hus
band from
Motives of Humanity.
"1 never heard anything," exclaimed
M. Bourgeois, "of tue interviews be
tween Mine. Cottu and If. Soinoury un
til the statements were made in court.
The insinuations," cried M. Bourgeois
earnestly, "are simply infamous false
hoods, i never gave any order calcu
lated to induce the officers of justice to
shirk tneir duty or to do anything con
trary to law."
Judge Dcs Jardlnes— Mine. Cottu has
not said anything asrainst you.
M. Bourgeois— l read the report of the
trial, and, therefore, 1 am here to deny
the insinuations.,
Judiie Dcs Jamines— The report was
perhaps inaccurate.
The Advocate General— lf the per
sonal character of M. Bourgeois had
been called in question without my be
ing able to defend it, I, who perhaps
owe my place here to him, should not
have hesitated to resign.
Prolonged murmurs of" approval
greeted this avowal of loyalty, and were
formally cheeked by the presiding
judge. M. Bourgeois then resumed:
"I do not know what this new
maneuvre means. I do not even wish
to know, but I feel it may prejudice
the disclosure of the truth', and give
rise-Jto the idea that justice is not free.
In leaving my office to protest, I wished
to say rhat 1 would not allow the ac
cused to become accusers, nor the min
ister of justice himself to become ac
A Manifest Sensation.
These words, uttered with firmness
and dignity, caused a manifest sensa
tion in court, and everybody looKed at
the defendants and their counselors for
the effect produced. M. Barboux, ris
ing, said:
'•I do not forget that M.Bourgeois was
only yesterday the minister of justice,
and 1 ask him respectfully to say what
maneuvres he alludes to."
M. Bourgeois (sternly) — I do not
know, but 1 am conscious of them.
M. Barboux— Nobody here doubted
B A 111 II 1 1 1 1 nlw ( '
[ Indigestion, Want of Appetite. Fullnns I
i after Meals, Vomiting; Sickness cf\'
1 the Stomach, Bilious or Liver Com- <«
I plaints, Sick Headache, Cold Chills, '
i Flushings of Heat, Lowneta of Splr- \
| {(«, and All Nervous Affection*, %
i To euro th«M complaint! xr» mart rsmova <
the oaase. The principal csoso Is gaiorallr <
1 to be found in the stomach and llvert put (
'Om tico organ* right and ml! will It we«. From J>
. two to four Pills twic* *, d*7 for a abort tune I
i will remote the aril, and restore th» cttsSrer 7
>to sound and lasting health. . »~ I.
;Of all druggists. Price IB OGfitt a box. I
i - New York Depot, 385 Cao&l St. '
the sincerity of Madame Cottu's evi
Charles de Lesseps here arose, and in
a bold manner, in tones tnat rang
through the court loom, he uttered:
"M. Bourgeois attacked me a little
while ago -well, monsieur, here 1 am,
face to lace with you— what have you to
say to me?"
l>e Le&MDI folded his arms, and
looked defiantly at Bourgeois. 'while a
violent uproar among the audience
greeted this sudden ebullition on the
part of the leading defendant, whose
conduct up to this time had been at
least within the rules of orderly pro
Judge Dm Jardines indignantly spoke
up. "I cannot," he said, "allow these
dialogues. The law must be recognized
by all.''
The audience calmed down and M.
Boorgeoii proceeded to roply in delib
erate language to M. Barboux.
"1 have not," he said, "to discuss the
truth of what 11. Barboux chooses to
say. but I affirm in portion the evidence
in which 1 was called in question. M.
Soiuoury was
Not Aware ol" the Fuel*.
His statement did not dispose of the
charges against me. Therefore I am
hereto rebut them. The whole affair is
tin; result of a maneuver, the authors of
which 1 do not know."
With this M. Bourgeois retired from
the witness stand, and Madame Cottu
was recalled. Madame Cottu declared
that (iolianl had told her he would go
and see M. Bourgeois In regard to her.
M. Goliard followed Madame Cottu
on the stand, and confirmed her state
ment to the eticct that In- had told her
he would see M. Bourgeois, but he
added: "Nobody authorized me to say
M. Bourgeois arose and exclained:
"Jf any cue knows that 1 acted contrary
to the dictates of honor let him speak."
At these words the uproar in the
court room was renewed, many, as wa3
evident from their murmurs and ex
clamations, taking part with M. Bour-»
geois and others with his accussors.
Judge Dcs Jardines concluded that the
must effective way to allay the excite
ment was to suspend tho hear
ing, and he gave an order
to that effect, it took some
time, however, for the excitement to
subside. When the hearing was re
sumed M. Soiuoury was recalled, 110
made a long statement to the effect that
neither M. Bourgeois nor any other
minister was in any way responsible
for his interview with Mine. L'6ttu.
He himself had originated the
Idea of a conference with her and had
arranged the meeting without commu
nicating with his superiors. For pro
fessional reasons lie had deemed it best
to keep the matter secret. He believed
thai he whs only doing his duty in try
ing to get at the "center of the scandal.
The charges that he had threatened
Mine. Cottu or had promised her any
favor in return for information which
she might give him were utterly false.
Captured Government Arms.
Valparaiso, March 13.— A message
from Rivera says tnat the Federals in
Kio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Have capt
ured a large amount of arms and muni
tions or war which were being forward
ed to the government troops. The cor
respondent added that the Monte
Caseros district has been almost con
verted into a barren waste through the
cruelties practiced upon the people by
authorities. Chief of Police Alonzq has
publicly whipped the mother and sister
of ex-Chief of Police Gonzales, who
was guilty of great oppressions in 183' J.
Caprivi Will Not Resign.
New Yoi:k. March 13.— De?pite the
demands of the radical press for his re
signation. Chancellor Caprivi, accord
ing to the Berlin correspondent of the
fiyeuing Post in a cable special, appears
determined to light on till the last. It
is understood that even should the com
mittee, as expected, again reject the
army bill on Thuisday, he will take no
decisive step, but calmly wait until the
measure is submitted to th<» full house,
when he hopes the decision will be re
Believe tho Naronio Is Lost.
London. March 13.— A dispatcii from
Lisbon states that a mail steamer just
arrived at Lisbon from the Azores
brings no tidings from the missing
White Star steamer Naronic. Officials
will not abandon hope until after the
arrival of the next two mails from the
Azores, but the general opinion among
shippers is that the Naronic is lost.
Postponed Until After Easter.
London. March 13.— 1n the house of
commons today Sir William Vernon
llarcourt, chancellor of the exchequer,
announced thatt the second reading of
the Irish home rule bill would be post
poned until after Easter. The an
nouncement was received with cheers
by tiie opposition.
Disputing Over Territory.
St. Pkt&BSBUBG, March 13. — Tlie
Chinese authorities in Kashgar are, it is
stated, preparing to s<.:ize the portion of
the Pamir region occupied by Russia
and to which China lays claim. The
Chinese are said to bo very indignant at
what they call the violation or Chinese
Completed a Long Ride.
St. Pbtebsbvbo, March 13.— Maj.
Fukushima. formerly of the Japanese
legation in Berlin, completed yesterday
at Vladivostock his horseback ride
across European and Asiatic Russia.
Alabama's Plan.
Washington', March l:».— In view of
the difficulties encountered by the sen
ators and members in meeting the
wishes of their constituents as to the
executive appointments, thu members
of the Alabama delegation have come
together ana agreed to meet at the capl
tol in Washington Tuesday, March 23,
and consider fairly, fully and carefully
all applications that have heretofore
been, or may up to that day be submit
ted for such joint recommendation.
liittlo for Creditors.
Wilkesbahre, Pa., March 13.—Ap
praisers Reynolds and Crane have com
pleted their final statement of the
assets of the Ilockafellow bank, which
closed its doors Feb. 8. The total
amount of assets now valued as good,
less the value of Kockafeliow's mort
gaged house, is $42,46;), while the liabil
ities are $432,000. ,
Subsiding fll Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia, March 13. — The
floods in the eastern section of Penn
sylvania are abating, and no further
damage of a serious nature is anticipat
ed. In the mining regions a number of
mines have been flooderl, tnrowing
probably 4,000 men and boys out or
work. It is expected that mining will
be resumed in a few days.
Publishing House Burned.
Special to the Globe.
Cloquet, Minn., March 13.— The Odd
Fellows' hall and all the fixtures, to
gether with the Pine Knot Publishing
company's building, were totally de
stroyed by fire early this morning. Loss,
15,000; insurance, f 2,500.
Offer to Arbitrate.
Pittsbukg, March 13.— The striking
coal miners of the Monongahela valley,
through the executive board, have made
a proposition to the coal exchange to
submit the question of wages to arbitra
tion. The operators say it will not be
Sunday Closing Defeat.
Ottawa, Out., March 13.— A resolu
tion was introduced in the house of com
mons today declaring the world's fair
should be closed on Sundays. It was
defeated by a vote of 76 to 34.
Harry Kernell Dead.
Afbury Park, N. J., March 13.—
Harry Kernell, tho famous circus com
edian, died in Bloomiiigdale insane
asylum at 5 o'clock this afternoon, of
pareisis. Mr.X ernell was in his forty
tifth year and leaves a widow and two
T. •run on Which •!. ■ Will Prepare
to Meet Corbett.
Sax Prahcisoo, March 13.— Peter
Jackson today spnt a letter to Jim Cor
bett, in which he calls attention to
Corbett's recent reply to his challenge,
in which Corbet! said that if Mitchell
did not aopear at the ringside on
the day of their tight next December
Jackson could take his place. Jackson
then declares that this proposition
"looks like a blutf." but he accepts it
on the. following terms: Corbett
and Jackson to deposit $5,000, Jack
son to cancel iiis theatrical engage
ments three mouths previous to the
date of the Corbett-Mltchell light, go
into training and *be at the ringside on
that date; then if Mitchell does
not appear Jackson will bet #10,000
and all the purse that he
can dereat Corbett. if Mitchell
should appear Corbett to .forfeit the
$5,000 for Jackson's loss of time and
training expenses, and Jackson to for
feit the $5,000 should he himself fail to
appear at the ring side. Parson Davit's,
Jackson's manager and backer, states
tiiat Jackson will tight Corbatt for $10,
--ii in a side without any purse, if neces
Honduran Revolutionists Win a
Great Victory.
Panama, March 13.— A dispatch from
a correspondent in Tegueigolko says
that Gen. Dervencia Sieno, chief of
Bonilla's army, has won a great victory.
At the head of the forces sent
against (Jen. Vasquez, commander
of the government troops. Gen. Sierra
attacked the advance line of the
enemy's army. Vasquez's forces were
driven back after a desperate fight and
Sierra's troops passed on toward Coni
agagua, from which point Gen Vasquez
is conducting his operations. The siege
of Comavoqua has already begun. Mean
while Bonilla has established the head
quarters of tiie revolutionary govern
ment at Amopola. It is reported
that President Ezeta, of San Sal
vador, has sent arms qpd rein
forcements from that republic to
aid Gen. Vasquez, while a strong force
of Nicaraguaii troops is stationed along
the Honduras frontier, apparently
about to inarch to the assistance of Gets.
Bonilla. This leaves little room for
doubt that Central America will become
involved in war.
Ann Arbor Men Go to Work This
Toledo, O.. March 13. ~ lt Is apparent
that the bottom has suddenly fell out of
the Ann Arbor strike, and that
the difficulty will be satisfactorily ad
justed within the next twenty-four
hours. Chief Arthur, with his assistant,
Youngson and Chief Sargent have been
in conference all day with the strikers
and Commissioner Kirby. After learn
ing what concession the brotherhood
was willing to make to the Ann Arbor,
Mr. Kirby constituted himself to wait
oa the president of the road. After a
long discussion it was agreed to set the^
men to work tomorrow morning.
The Racing Committee Parcels
Out the Dates.
Chicago, March 13.— At a meeting of
the racing committee of the Leacue of
American Wheelmen and representative
Chicago cyclists held here tonight,
Chairman Raymond announced that
the meetings in the Western circuit
to follow tiie treat meeting in Chicago
as decided upon, would be as follows:
Chicago, Aug. 5 to 12; Peoria. 111.. Aug.
14 to 15; Milwaukee, Aug. 17; Hipon,
Wis.. Aug. 18 and I 1.); Minneapolis, Aug.
551; Evansville, lad., Aug. 2:5; Indiana
polis, Ind., Aug. 24; Cincinnati, Aug.
20; Columbus, 0., Aug. 2S and 29;
Cleveland, Aug. 30 and 81.
Three Railroad Men Meet a Hor
rible Fate.
Utica, N. V., March 13.— An oil train
on the Erie & Western railway broke in
two on an up-grade near Oneida today,
the rear part colliding with another
oil train that was following. The
engine and four of the cars were
wrecked and burned. Engineer Michael
Donoiiue. of Oswego; Fireman Martin
Dalrymple, of Oswego.and Head Brake
man Burke, of Norwich, were instantly
killed and their bodies burned.
Many Killed by the Collapse of a
BBBLIH, March 13.— A building in the
Sprudel strasse, Carlsbad, collapsed
today, while twenty men were repair
ing it. Fourteen were killed. Seven
of the bodies have been taken from the
ruins. _
Took a Fearful Revenge.
Mapison, Ind., March 13.— The mys
tery surrounding the poisoning or the
Ross family has been relieved in a
measure. It is now generally believed
that Eva Koss poisoned herself and
then put arsenic in the coffee.
The girl, it is said, supported the entire
family and was not well treated by
them. She grew tired of life and took
revenge upon her relatives before kill
ing herself. Albert Ross died today,
making the third death in the family.
cr» Expelled Mrs. Ormsby.
New Yokk. March I(3.— At a meeting
of the Women's National Democratic
Influence club today Mrs. Mary Frost
Ormsby was expelled from the presi
dency of the organization and from its
membership. She was charged with
the betrayal of trust. The matter of
electing a new president was laid over.
Burning of a Steamboat.
Ai.KXAM)KiA,|La., March 13. —At 9:15
tonkin thesteamerValleyQueen passed
Boyce and in thirty minutes her dis
tress signal was heard and a big lire
was observed up the river. It is leared
she has burned up.
A Little Blaze.
Fire in the residence of A. Polsky, 220
State street, last night, damaged the
premises to the extent of SIOO. it was
caused by a defective chimney.
dyspepsia, jaundice,
sick headache.
remedy for
all disorders of
the stomach, liver,
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