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% z\
CITY j»tr»'ji >OtAiiO\N 9 j
Emma H. Bartlett nas sued Christian
Peters to. recover 1845 for rent of a
building at 12b West Seventh street.
Saniiiel Schwab & Bro. have
begun an action acainsi Jeffrey Spen
leer to recover §17u.^8 for mercii..n..ise
Krnoiicdat the health office v^'er
day:Diplnneria at 58 Fuller rttrwrfaiiil.:
membraneous croup at -i'J\i iiiuuii-i\*\
Joseph- Davignon. chanced wiiti.ihe
larceny of a wati-h-froni Aiciioia^Miui
icls, was discharged in the police c > irt
\ esterday.
At (i o'clock this iu'iirniiiir theie *M
be held at tin uigh N0i.0..i iuiiioi..^- an
exan:iuatioii of pupils lor Hiiiui^ion to
Hie high school. .. .. . .; ... :
A small lire in the yard of t lie North
western. Fuel coinp.iuy, at Cotn.i and j
Western avenues, ualieti oil. i..i- iii part
men t last night. -.'""'^r
At '.i o'clock TiK^'t-y inn n<Hin an ex
illation of teachers lor' Hit corps
kindergarteners will be held m the
high sciiool building. .':'?■-.'' .".
Patrolnian H. C. -Ward, auixiiuted to
the force some six in> itlrs <■_". lemiered
his resignation yc»Yeiii..v.< ..»i. \Vard
will make his h'jine in ujeiuiuivai
BowcQe, S. D.
The detectives have a clue to the
thieves who robbed the store LI Kopra
via at 991 West S^x. .all .-<»ieel ..i ..-_«i.)
worth of dry goods, ititu < v, «ci to uricst
the thieves today.
Thomas A.Lacey, one, oi me electrical
stall of the St. Pwui i-.uim- .. loiupany,
was married at Bloi.tiii.^uui, : Hi.,
Wednesday, Sept. 6. 10 »«•»■»» »J"sie K.
Kirk, of Dubuque, 10.
Thy ease against Dr. U. E. Di.xou,
charged with failing lon-poi. acusefof
diphtheria within t*eiit»-iour ii««urs
alter he had Keen oalleu. «i^^ roii.iin.iil
in the polioe coun jesiviiu.\ mcc,.:. 1-. ■
•iuut:e Brill has Ueuieu tut ii.oi.ui. i>-r
a new trial in the uppiui oi -..i- luh iuii
«V Alton Railroad ci.ui.aii> nY/in iiie
tiisaiiowair.-e of ii» c.a.m mi me* u»<iiier
ol the assignment oi u«r St i'aui «.ici
uian Fire Insurance coiupuny.
The Young Pt opie's ■&«/i-ieiy of toe
Church of the Mi-.-. vii aiun'UiiCi-s .ill
fnteitniuuieut for I. i «ji.o.«> fvciiu.ii next
Wliicli is novel in Us ..«>. am. cfi....iii>
cannot fail to prove Vi-i> iivii-iium. ii
will consist of reaiiit.^.i. ncuuiiona, etc,
iroin Longfellow's wuiiva.
Patrolman Grub«-r iiad a tussle with
ex-l'atroliuan Lou. v.<..i\ m last nistii on
Seventh street, a;.u uun..t. me one
round catch-as-caii i -tun sitjiick l»B»ttiu
three times in the i.vud wuii vi» ciuu.
(■a. in was locked up, cnar^i'u kviui
ing drunk and disoiut m, ana w. J«»i.ts
culled lo sew up Hie euls in lus lie uu.
Marshal J. C. bou.mov.er lias made
application to the attorney general lor
permission to rent eigiit rooms in a
buildinu at Duluih to used iv hold
ing the October term ol Hie leUtral
courts there. The moms .will cost %3vO
for rent, and the use ol the lurnuure
Will cost £90. "."■
The examinations of candidates lor
■ the women's concerts. ai the world's
fair take place at 2 p. m. on the second
and fourth Tuesday oi each inoniir at
Music hall, world's tair grounds. Ail
who have passed the slate examinations
are at liberty to apptar beiore tne ex
amining board in Chicago without fur-:
ther notice.
Special attention paid to music and
art at St. Joseph's Ae.uleiny. Lessons
begin Sept. 4lh. • ,
Harlbu Wilson, of Juliet, ill., is visit
ing lends in the city.
Mayor Wright, who has been away on
a hunting expedition in the .western
part of the slate, has relumed. " :
Mrs. J. M. Humphrey and daughter
Minnie, of New York, and Mrs. W. M.
Blake, of Wisconsin, are spending a
tew days with Mrs. O. C. Ford, of Mar
tin street. -■:'..•-
John Eiselmeier, who has for many *
years been employed in the city schools,
- has accepted a position in the Milwau
kee schools, to which place he lias re
moved with his tatuFly. -'• '-■■ ■'-■ '\ ;"
9 km
-i-1. JR. Mi © O
*s S * ■-■■ XL - >
>■ - ■"■' IM v*. °
% ££ z •
>S Pi
° mmm\ H
$3.00 $4.00
$3-50 $5.00
0 © m_w '-'■ ■'■■■'':■
I * Hal
is tip=top value, ; and
sold by most houses
at $4.00.
The styles are the swell- '
est, the quality and. general
excellence the very highest.
T&afldeDS Clancy
.... 133 East Sixth ....
WANT A COOL $10,000.
Nov. 1 Named as the Date -When
the Needed Money _ Must Be
Forthcoming — Bids' for Fuel
2 hat Savor of a Combine — A
EpeejaJ Committee Will Con
sider Them 'today. .• r -rr.-. ?. : : f
The question of finances bobbed up
again at the ineetiiur'of the lire commis
sioners last evening. Commissioner
Martin said there was no doubt but that
the board would be in the neighborhood
of $10,000 short on Nov. Land the council
ought to be advised at once of the short
age, He did not intend.to go an the bark j
of any note this year lo help pay sala
ries, as was done last year. j He said In- j
had talked with some of the member's of ' |
the council, and had been advised ih;ii |
the lire commissioners should notify tl.e ;
council officially of tl.e condition of the
fire department- fund. .In order to do
this, he had drawn up a communication
which could be scanned by tiie. board
and then sent to -the council, The.com
munication read : ?" :: ; ■
The board ot fire commissioners here
by call the attention of your honorable
body to the fact that on Nov. 1, 1893,
said board will he short in funds to the
extent of £10,000. and hereby ask your
honorable body to provide some means
to make up this shortage. We also wish
to inform you that we ' shall have re
ceived by Die. 31 $193,000 out of our ap
proiiriatioh of $215,000. The., expenses
of the department for 1893 will be in
round figures 12J5.000, hence the short
age of flo,ooo. It will be absolutely
necessary that immediate steps be 71
taken to insure the board of fire com
missioners that said $10,000 will be pro
vided for them in due time. (namely, by
Nov. 1). It is a well-known fact that the I
lumrd has made" reductions in salaries j
and maintenance of the department.
We send you this communication 'at
this early date so as to give you ample
notice of the absolutely necessary wants
to keep the department in its. present
efficiency the I a nee of the year. ■.;-'.■•'
Commissioner Stillwell said he failed
to see how the council could help the
board out of the financial muddle. . ,
Commissioner Martin suggested that
the amount could be taken from the i
general fund, but it was announced i
there was no general, fund from which
the $10,000 could be taken. ";. ; . ii
The members of the board were .in i
favor of sending the communication to j
the council, and Mr. Martin said when j
it reached that body it would be referred |
to a joint "Committee on : ways* and ■ |
means and then some definite action {
taken. The secretary wasrinslructed to
forward the same to the council. ' -!••.•:
The Bonn Manufacturing company
called the attention" of the board to the
hee« for more tire -protection for their :
plant in East St. Paul, and advised the ■■
extension of the water main on Wells
street and the placing of single and j
double hydrants in the vicinity of their ;
plant. The communication was re- |
ferred to the water board with the rec- ]
ommendation that the main be ex- i
tended. ' ':: ■ '; •:.;": :
Chief Jackson reported the resigna
tion of John M. Benjamin and the' ap
pointmentof C. 11. Brown to fill the
vacancy; also the promotion of .Norman j
Schatthausen from Truck No. 2 to |
lieutenantcy of Engine Company No. 8, ,
vice M. .1. Oloonen, deceased.
The report of the secretary gave the j
following figures: Bolance Aug. 1. !
■$47,027.31; nay roll for August. $12.
--'.17.5.57; August -bi115,' "*1,179.54; balance
Sept. I, #3^873.90.
Six bins were received and opened tor
furnishing the department with 800 tons
of coal. The bidders were Pioneer Fuel
company. John Dowlau & Son, Lehigh
Coal and Iron company, James Cleary.
Eliuund <& Carlson and Northwestern
Fuel company, .. ... ...
Commissioner thought the
bids savored a tiifle of combination, as i
when the former bias were received the '
Pioneer Fuel company offered to fur
nish hard coal -at $7.87, and now the
figure was $8.10. All of the bids seemed .
to him to be about the same, and at his
suggestion they were referred to a spe
cial committee consisting of Messrs.
Piendergast. Martin and Still well; who
will settle, the matter at a special meet
ing this afternoon at 4 o'clock. ■:-. -.. :
Chief Jackson asked that the street
railway company be requested to stop
cars on the East Seventh street line at |
either side of Minnesota and Seventh \
streets. In case this were not -done, he
said there was likely to be: a collision
and damage to property, and . probably
loss of life. All the apparatus, the chief
said, from- headquarters used Minnesota
street in answering alarms, and •• the
electric cars went past the corner of j
Seventh and Minnesota streets like a
shot out ot a gun. The 'secretary was
directed to : notify the street railway i
company of the matter. i i ; • - - \.
■ Bids tor 'lurnis'iiiig , the -department',
with 15,000 ' bushels of oats and 400 tons
of hay were ordered advertised for. \.
, News for Anglers.
During the past few "days large catches
of black bass have been made at the
Chisago Lakes. Forest Lake and Pine
City. Tne weather is right for good
sport, and a large, number of local
augiers will undoubtedly spend Sunday
at these lakes. •".-.: -^ V,-?
' Forty-Two Years an Engineer.
Erastus W. Phelps and wife, of Ely
ria, (>.. are the guests of his sister, Mrs.
I E. M. Porter, of this city. Mr. Phelps
I enjoys the distinction of being the oldest
engineer in the employ of the Lake j
Shore & Michigan Southern railroad. j
having been in the service'of the road i
continuously for the past forty-two
years. He has been singularly.fortunate
Silver, Gold or Paper. We take
either, and in return give you bet
ter , , t
VALUE==^« j
than can be obtained elsewhere.
Facts. •
Saturday Snaps.
Regular 35c Java and Mocha . . V. :: . 2'.ic
Regular 50c Japan Teas : . .\ . . 32c J
Fancy Creamery Butter : . . /; ; . . age
Ginger Snaps, per 1b.'.'. . . ; . „ . . :.-'\;'\ 4 C "
Fine Dairy Butter in 5-lb jar5;..:..?i.00
I Miimeionka 1 e'.aware Grapes, pcr 1 ■
, basket .......
, il dm- line of Fruits is the lies t-se lee ted •
: line to be found. Pr-ices away down, j j '
lidund Bros, *£,
■ Cor. Wabasha and Seventh Sts.
ill regard to • accidents," and. although
"past the meridian of lite, is much; more
active than many of his juniors. ■: *
Business ''Finished.''' and New Of
' fleers Chosen.
The last day's meeting of the State
. Dental association was called to order
by the president at 2 p. m. yesteiday.
The committee, of which Dr. Weeks, of
Minneapolis, had .been appointed chair
man, reported .favorably j.u regard to the
holding of" a Northwestern denial con
vention, at which ail tim states adjacent
to Minnesota would be represented.
• The cummiltet Was continued, and was "
. authorized to devote itself in the .mean
time to discovering the sentiment' of
' other associations oil tin: proposition,
and in addition ifcwas authorized to ar
range tor a meeting, if possible, next
.war. t-:- -
■ On motion of Dr. Weeks the resigna
tions .of. Drs. [Brumuicrj Ancle, and
Clark were..accepted.
- Dr. Orion, muster .of clinics, read his
report of the clinics «vhich were held in
j tuV morning. -A . snort discussion ; tol-
I - liiwvu <>i the many uoveJ methods that
I huu b.-i-n shown by the dentists who had
I tak.-n part in tuts meeting. Dr. Van
| Duzee raid that Dr. Orion's modesty
nan undoubtedly prevented him from'
«ayiiiir anything about his own clinic,
wine. i was one of the most interesting
that had been held. Dr. Van Duzoe
aasertea that he had nevei'seen such a
tine piece or work in all his practice be
Dr. Reid, after hearing how the work
hail been ik>i>e. jumped to his feet, and
said some very complimentary things
about Dr. Orton. and advised him to
continue doing his work in the way he
had begun: •■•■'
Dr. Pruyin presented a ease of en
. largement of the lower jaw, which in
terested the dentists who were present
very much. The case was one of a
man in whom the trouble begun when
he was thirty-three years of ago, con-;
tinuing to grow worse . until he was
. sixty-live, when he died. .
Dr. C. A. Van Duzee then rose to dis
cuss the case _ of. -Dr. Davenport, of
Mooriiead, about whom rumors had
been circulated to the effect that
a student, assisting him in
his office, had been practicing.:
! without being duly authorized.
The doctor spoke in very forcible terms
or the action of the man who had set
these rumors afloat, and then failed to
appear at the meeting at wnich he knew
tne matter was to be brought ui>. Dr.
Davenport is a member of the associa
tion in good standing, and very highly
thought of by all members of the pro
fession, lie had been communicated
with by a member of the state board lit
examiners, who. m reply, had received
an affidavit sworn lo by a justice, winch
unite settled the matter.
The election of officers resulted in
I Dr. lionin.son being elected to till a va
j cancy on the board of examiners. M lie
oilier officers lor the ensuing year are:
President; Dr. Steams; vice president,
Dr. St. Joiin; secretary, Dr. Jones.
Dr. Keid was unanimously re-elected
treasurer; 'master of clinics, Dr. 6. 15.
I Krammer. Tne treasurer's report was
I read and. accepted. The meeting fien
! adjourned, ail reeling that they had
spent a very profitable three days.
\ Less Than Four hundred Are
:•- ; '•■ ■ • * .Registered.. ■ • ; I:V-r!/'
Up to the closing hour last night 968
j men had registered their names at the
i bureau for the unemployed ac the court
j ■ house. The secretary said there was no
: work at present for ihe men, but it was
j expected some arrangements would be
, | made in the course of a few days. As
semblyman Doran said the registry so
' far showed that there had been many
misstate men made regarding the num
j ber of unemployed men .in the city.
I Some had placed the figure as high as
! . 0.000, but this was riot borne out by
j facts. A large number of those unem
! ployed, he thought, were only tempo
rarily out of work, and as soon as the
.. shoe shous and harvester works started
up these men would have employment.
The committee in charge of the bureau
" lias sent eighty men, out to work on the.
railroads, and also a number to no
harvest fields. More would have been
sent on r harvesting excursions, but the
men were obliged to pay their fare and
this debarred them from going. .Persons
, having employment for men are.request
ed to leave word at the office of the comm
ittee in the court, house. •
; Flattering Testimonials to the .
• Pastor of Oxford M. K. Church.
- The official board of Oxford M. K.
church at its regular monthly, meeting
last evening adopted the following res
' olution: '•'•■■■" '.. s '..'.*:V~*
Whereas, The present conference year
: has been -marked with blessing and
, prosperity to Oxford church, an increase
j of spirituality, an increase of members
I and a large reduction in its debt, not
withstanding the stringency of the
times, and - . . i i: -'.-;• .■■; . .-.*.>. \^-.
Whereas, Much of this is due, under
the blessing of God; to our pasiyr, Key?!
. J. W. Davids, who has been faithful in
season and out of season, and amid dis
i couragements has at all times shown a
meek and loving spirit, and- whose wife
; has been a worthy helpmeet: therefore
', "Resolved, That this official board here
\ by»exuress their appreciation of his la
• bors and ask for his return to the charge
■ for another year, and that the secretary
v of this meeting send to the bishop a copy
of this resolution. ■ •'■.•
.East Seventh Widening.
• The board of public works . yesterday j
listened to testimony offered, as to the
value of the property to be taken for
. the' widening of Seventh street, be
tween Rosabel and Broadway. The.
witnesses examined placed the damage
to the property -taken for the improve
ment at about the same figure as placed
on it by the owners. Attorney Pierce,
oil behalf of the owners to be .issessed,
addressed the board, claiming the dam
i age to the owners of the propenjMaken
; would be about offset by the benefits
: j derived by the improvement. The
board took the matter under advise
; I m°nt. ■ . -;;;^r '.•;
' Mental exhaustion and brain fatigue
! , Promptly cured by Bromo-Seltzer.
Senator Barr, of Mankato, and Editor
I Childs, of the Waseca Radical, were ]
callers at the capitol yesterday.
H. W. Brewster, of the state school of j
agriculture, lectured Thursday evening i
I ■before the teachers' institute at Litch
Prof. D. L. Kiehle lives how at Min
neapolis at 2801 Portland avenue. . His I
letters continue to come addressed to j
the capitol.
lion. Daniel Buck, of Mankato; Hon.
J. J. Thornton, of St. James; Hon. F. C.
Morgan, of Minneapolis, were callers at
the capitol yesterday.
! j ' Frank Valesh, of the state labor bu
reau, arrived home from Chicago yes
, terday. He has been attending the labor
'. : congress at the world's fair.
j A report from Warden Henry Wolfer,
of the Still water prison, of the miscel
| laneous earnings uuring August; winch
' amounted to £6,175.39, was received by"
State Auditor Biennaiin yesterday.
State Auditor Biermann yesterday re
j ceived the following expense bills for
' | August: Minnesota state prison,
| $U,002.05; school for the feeble-minded,
a \ $7,943.00; University of Minnesota, f 11,-"
c" j 578.01.
c': ; The Red river drainage commissi* n
c^ meets. at the cap itol. at 10 o'clock^ tu.s
0 morning to open and consider proposals
• for opening outlets of the Sand .Hill
? I river in Polk county and the Tamarnac
1 . "river in Marshall county. . * • . ■•"* •■ ;..
1 The Northwestern. Soap company
• I -filed its articles of incorporation at the
- ' I office of the secretary of state yester
l day. .Its capital stock is fixed at $100,
--. | 000 and the indebtedness to $50,
--| OuO. The iucorporators are Thomas E.
1 Mercer, E. B. Mercer and Harvey J.
j Giliam.
■ !..v'.- \ .-:.•".•.>>, -.».-:■ .-; ■:■-•.- 'v.-.-i
■ : : ■■• v - ■« : •> :-.SZZ, 7. ~ --, .;■• •". ■ .-:
jim;hi;nt rate for FLAXKEKD
A- Distinction Drawn. Between
[I Public , and Private Ware
; houses fpr Grain Weighed O&t
■ oV. Stora— Effort, to lie Made '.■to
: Make the Latter Sell-Support
'Ihe railroad and warehouse -conimte^:
sion " held .a meeting' yestentaj' to con
sider the question of fees for inspection,
and weighing fur the. ensuing year, ami;
adopted followinir resolution : ;\; tav
Resolved, That from and after Sept.?
15. 1893, the chief inspector of grain is
hereby authorized to collect until fur->
ther notice on all grain, except flaxseeds
inspected under his directions, as loH
lows: '■ , . •. ; ;• -. ; vj
For inspection on arrival or into store,
for each car load,. twenty (20) cents;- for
inspection "out of store" from public
warehouses twenty (20) cents per car
load to cars, • forty (40) cents per 1,000
bushels to vessels; for inspection out of ,
store from private warehouses thirty,
(30) cents per car load to ears, sixty (60) ■
cents per 1 .000 bushels to vessels.. '-
The charges for weighing shall be as'
follows: For each car load weighed on'
arrival or --into store," twenty (20) cents:
for weighing "out of store" from pub
lie warehouses, twenty (20) cents per |
car load to cars, forty (40) cents per I,UOO I
bushels to vessels; for weighing "out of
store from' private warehouses, thirty
(30) cents per car load to cars, sixty (Go) T
cents per 1,000 bushels to vessels. "• :
: On Uaxseed the charges shall be as
follows: For inspection on arrival or
"into" store, sixty-live (65) cents per car
load; for inspection "out of" store from"
public warehouses, sixty-five (6.J) cents
per car load to cars, or per 1,000 bushels
to vessels; for inspection "'out of" More
from private warehouses, one ($1) dollar
per car load to c: rs, or per 1,000 bushels'
to vessels; the charges lor weighing
liaxseed shall be as provided above lor ;
all other kinds of grain. The charge
for weighing at railroad yard scales
snail be $1 per car.
By the above rule, it will be noted, a *
distinction is made between public and
private elevators in Hie fees charged for
inspection and weighing grain "out of"
store, lieretotuie no such distinction
has been observed between the two
classes of business in thii respect, but
the increase in the number of small "
private warehouses, the limited amount)
of business received from this source |
and Jho forced extension of service
without adequate compensation \ has
made this action necessary.
Public warehousemen are compelled
by law to submit for inspection all grain
"shipped out," as well as that "received
into" store, while it isa matter of option "
with private warehousemen which has'
generally been taken advantage of. It
is proposed under this rule 10' treat in
spection and weighing from private
warehouses as a distinct class of ; work, :
and to place it upon a self-supporting '
basis.-' The rule, will oe applied without
discrimination to all warehouses of this'
character, large; and small, and it Is y
expected ; that under "its operation tiie
large drain upon the resources of the'
department . from this cause will be 1
almost, if 'not wholly, checked. , f
.Ail persons baying deposits in or
claims : against " the National German-.,
American i>a fere requested to call 'at:
t*ie bank, as soon as convenient, with a
view of cjiicurrini: in an agreement
wlych will enable the bank to resume
business at an irly d ay. \ "> , - „j
: ";V : 'A;BANSkKV COUNTY. .''.'■ f'l*
Triumph of the Cow Duwd In.
r. ■„.', [:'. Freoborn. , — ...--1 1
Assistant Dairy Commissioner A. Hi"
Bertram has just returned from' a ' visit
to : the FreebTjrn county fair, held at
Albert Lea, and speaks enthusiastically,
of dairy interests in that county. He
says.that the hard times prevalent
throughout the country are not felt
there. ■'- The farmers do not depend on
the wheat crop, and are ; tiie re fore not
waiting for a rise in price. Their crop
-of hay, corn and oats has been good, and
this they readily convert into a high
grade of- butter, which fiuds ready sale
at uood pi ices. ' .
A few years ago there were only a
few farms in the county that were not
mortgaged, but now mortgages are ex
ceptions." All this has been brought
about by the cow. "Creameries are lo
cated within four or five miles of each
other all over the county, and their
products are in demand all over the
United Stales. The rarmers in the
wheat-growing sections 1 may learn a ;
lesson from the farmers ot Freeborn
county. The butter exhibit at the fair
was very fine. '
McGinn Will Arrive With Miller
'■„.. -. This' Morning.
A telegram , from Chief of Detectives
McGinn, dated Chicago, was received
last night, announcing the safe arrival
in that city of himself and his prisoner,
j Benjamin Miller. The officer will ar
rive with Miller this morning, and the
preliminary examination of the quar
tette of robbers will be commenced at
10 o'clock in the police court. County
Attorney JJutler will conduct the prose
cution and \V. W. Ervvin will appear for
the prisoners. It is expected the exam
ination will occupy the" attention of.ttie
court the entire day, as over t\veuty : five
witnesses have been subpoenaed tor the
state. ' ' ! ' . • ; ...
Has Senile Dementia. ' ■ '.'I.-
Rose' Mularkey, an old lady of seventy
years, was adjudged insane by.the pro
bate court yesterday, and will taken
to the Rochester asylum. She is the
woman who was found pouring oil on
combustible materials in a burn at' 2 I
o'clock last Thursday morniue, with
the presumable intention of starting a
tire. She resided at 879 Juno street.
j She has senile dementia, and wanders
about the streets in an aimless manner.
'\P\jL> ■««»"*'*" - . mt - ."**»«»gft^8l
Mr. N. L. Suiter
A well-known pbotograpoer of Merced, Cal.,
iestiHe.->: '"Mj" face and body were covered
with red blotches which disfigured me and
caused much sirffering. Oiher medicines
failed to help my ease, but after takiug four
bottles of
Hood's Sarsaparilla E
I am entirely free from any blotches and am.
perfectty'weli."" HOOD'S < I Hi:s. |
Hiod'« Pills are purely vegetable and
carefully prepared. */oc. Try a bo*.
Saturday specials.
I Three lines of | Ladies'
Vests will be closed out at
Jcssthaii manufacturer's cost i
today. Vl ; . : " • ■>.
» \ Ladies' Lisle or Balbrig
gaji Vests, Richelieu ribbed;
16w neck, no sleeves,
t"■\r 2 for 25 Cents; r
worth more than ' twice as
much. • ;>
.-• I Ladies' straighfor shaped j
fine ribbed Balbrigg-an Vests,,
long sleeves,
■■:■" ■ '. 19 Cents
each. Not more than three
to one buyer. H^
I Ladies' fine Swiss ribbed
i Pure Silk Vests, low neck,
ho sleeves,
C; 48 Cents
each; have been our best
sellers all through the sea
son at 85 cents.
- :■ .-'■.'. -'J:'.. ". ■■ fa
/ A little ' lot of French j
Suede Gloves, 4-button
lengths, and 6- button Mous
quetaires, .light tans, sizes
6^ ; and 7 only, will 'be
closed out at 75 Cents a
pair; regular price 1 .50. -,
! ' We will continue to sell
today genuine "Jouvin" 8
' button length Suede Mous
quetaires, mode, tan and
_gray shades, all sizes, at "; ■
Hj|f| ■$L6sf;v--:--;^;
--a pair. „:■; ■.--I-:-: .-.'"' .'::■'■': T.
:< ! Pure Irish Linen ; : Hem
stitched Handkerchiefs in
boxes containing six. .• "■;;* ;^-
I 1 Ladies' size, 1 .25, a box.
;) Men's size, $1.50 ;tf : box.
in THE LINEN room; :
-; i 38 , Soiled Linen Table
Cloths, with borders all
around, will be sold out like I
this, today. : f ;: \, ... \ .
<_ $3.00 kinds for $1.98.
; : $3.25 kinds for $2.20.
$3.50 kinds for $2.31. .
I : Send them straight to the
laundry and you will still
save 85c or $1.00 on- each :
cloth. They ought , V*b'e '
sold out before noon.
15 pieces Scotch Net for
Draperies, white and ecru, ;1
31 inches wide,
25 Cents
a yard, worth 45c.
j Colgate's Triple Extracts
in bulk, all odors, 19 Cents
an ounce. We furnish bot- J
ties. : ::^ . '._ ■'
: . 300 boxes high-grade
Toilet Soaps, assorted odors.
19 Gents a box, containing
3 cakes; each cake weighs 5
ounces; sold in boxes only.
554 boxes Art Stationery,
Octavo and Commercial
sizes, 17 Cents a box, con
taining 24 sheets of paper i
and 24 envelopes to match.
Fast Black Corsets, long
waist, high bust, all • sizes
except 20, 21, 22 and 23,
for 75 Cents.
1 .
" Men's imported heavy
ribbed Balbriggan Shirts
and Drawers in the follow
ing sizes LlShirts, 36, 38
.^«d 40; Drawers, 30, 32 and
Ml :: r 'Price today, 85 Cents
1 -'each; actual value, $1.50.
Four-in-Hand and Teck
Scarfs, All Silk, light and
dark colorings, 19 Cents
each; regular. 50c qualities.
*i§ Open all day : today.
Field, Mahler & Co
Wabasha, Fourth an Fifth Sts.
No.. 31 E. Seventh St.
GEO.H.BYER, Manager.
Pork Chops ...... ." 12Ke
Beef Roasts . . • ... . . . . : . . . Bto 12 Me
Boston Beef Roasts. ••• • • < 10c
"8eef5teak; .......... ... ...... . . Be
Corned Beef. ... . ..... . ... . ..4<e to 8c
Tressed Corned 8eef. . . ... .... 8c
Lamb Ch0p5................. 15c
Lamb Hindquarters 12 He
Legs of Mutton 10c
Larii... I2)!c
Spring: Chickens ••• lie
. Fowl — — ;:.. lOe
Suqrar-Cured Earns 12 l ia
California Hams luc
We have received toiay direct
from the country 100 5-pound jars
of the sweetest table butter (none
better in the market), for which we
i will ask you the small sum of
$1.00 PER JAR.
Other dealers.ask from 25c to 28c
per Hound for no better quality. |
Be-t creamery butter. 25c
Full cream cheese. . . — 12 Me
Brick cheese. V2.%t
W. A. TIL EN, Manager.
li w^^&^ uHsj fc
Bra itch Stores in All the
Principal Cities of the Uni- i
ted States.
last Year's Business Over
92, 94, 98 E, Seventh St
We are compelled to make this cut, owing
to the low price of silver bullion.
a. hTsimon
Leading Jeweler, Diamond Merchant,
Open Evenings, Co-, 7th' & Jackson Sis. .
Don't Pay Monay for Water!
A Solid Extract of Beef is more Eco
nomical than a liquid, for the reason
that it is concentrated, and house
keepers will llnd it much cheaper to
Liebig Company's
Extract of Beef,
a solid, concentrated extract, free
from fat and gelatine .or any foreign
substance, and dissolve it themselves.
The /Q « signa
ine - jb£*~*>t*Z<*£L-*i&£*%i on the
has /} jar
this ■ ** . \J in blue.
— — — ■ — ■■ — — ■— ■ MtX
Call for
MllSir 30-Page
UOl^- Collection. ~m
FREE Songs and ,
1 lILI - Instrumental.
97 E. 3rd, St. Paul, Minn.
Mailed on receipt of '2c Stamp. ■; -• ■ -■
Afflicted EYES Successfully Treated
Granulated Eye« a Specialty.. • -
Examination* Free. ' . -' .. -
JOS. LICK, 34 E. Seventh St.
\\ Transportation and Accommodation Go.'s
I Over Chicago & Great Westerh Railway.
I Pas the bill for I" 4 DAYS' BOARD, ROOM «
1 FEjS me " m fW 1 and RAILROAD TICKET.
% Tickets on sale now at
| The Gommareial Bank, Gor. Third and Robert Sts.
ify Don't Forget the Place, The Commercial Bank.
$ This is the third of these cheapest Excursions ever run
$ to this and any other World's Fair.
g The quickest run! The best service ! Leaves St. Paul
7:30 p. m., arrives in Chicago 9a. m. The train will have
Compartment and Pullman Sleepers and Coaches with re
x dining seats (which are free), wash room, with clean
r towels, soap, etc., in each car. I
The FAIR VIEW HOTEL is one of the best-conducted
Jof the World's Fair hotels. Electric light, only TWO STO
-2 RIES HIGH, good beds, good food and polite attendance
$ w Don't miss the chance to see the Fair cheaper than you
ever expected.
The Dates of Excursions :
• Every SUNDAY AND MONDAY until the close of the Fair.
m Beginning Sunday, Sept. ioth and nth.
Dnn'i make a mistake in the place to get your tickets — THE
$ COMMERCIAL BANK, Third and Robert Streets, St. Paul. Tickets
on safe now during banking hours. '
£ J. W. ALSTON, General Manager, will accompany the excur- \
Z sion Sunday night
I - .-..■•..■ .• -__ ■■■ """C^li* 1 - 'Y'TT'Tr! -— — — i' ■•■-•■■' . ■..,
';;:■:•■■ ; '- ; ' i- |g SUPPLIED ALONE FOR .;.:\!;-
, Or with the Weekly Globe for !
On receipt of two consecutively dated coupons and 75c wo
will furnish at our office, or send by express, prepaid, one of -
the celebrated Neely Historical and Political Charts and United
States Maps. ' . • ■ ••• --\P-;.-; : .....'".".■*' ■ ■'■ *'r/l
fc Or for One. Dollar and a Half we will send the Weekly
one year (subscription price one dpllar) and Map, post or ex
press paid: r ;. v ■:•• = ■•■-.•.•..••■■ ■.. . •..,,,
I This gives you the Map for seventy-five cents alone, or foo
fifty cents in connection with the Weekly Globe. >• "; ■ ' •
\ •••-• It is a double wall map, 5 feet 6 inches by 3 feet 10 inches,!
mounted on rollers top and bottom, ready to hang-. . „ ; .'.;
"..;.; Better than an Encyclopedia! A panorama of American ■•
History printed in 11 beautiful colors. : ' . , : v "
■ It tells how many Presidents we have. had and politics of i
each. What party George Washing-ton represented. What ;
Presidents died while in office. How many Presidents served I
two terms: Which candidate received the larg-est number of
votes and defeated. . When each political party was or
ganized. How many Congresses have convened and the polit- •
ital complexion of each. The number of States in the United •
States and the one having- the most miles of railroad. How
many political parties have existed in the United States. . A ;
complete history of our Government by Administrations, polit
ical parties and Congresses from Washing-ton to Cleveland. '
: On one side, the largest and .: latest United States Map,
showing- all states, counties, railroads and towns (price alone, •'
--$5), and on the other side a diagram showing- all the political!
parties, 11x66. A diagram showing- all Presidents and Cabi-, •
nets, 5x66. ; A diagram showing political complexion of eacb
Congress. A diagram showing creeds of the world, 13x10. A, !
diagram showing- standing armies of each nation, 13x10. A
showing naval tonnage of each nation, 13x10. A com
plete map of the world, 13x20. A map of Central America
10x13. A map of Alaska, 10x13. A map of South Africa, lOx
13. A map of Upper Nubia and Habesh, or Abyssinia, 10x13.
A map of Persia, Afghanistan and Beloochistan; 10x13. A com
plete map of solar system, best ever made, 10x13. Names of
all Cabinet officers, with length of term. Pictures of all the '
Presidents from Washing-ton to Cleveland.
• Send in two of these coupons,' consecutively dated, with
your letter and remittance: ' " • •' ' • :
J SEPT. 9, 1893.
5 To Publishers of Daily Globe: ■ : r '.
£ In accordance with your offer of Neely Historical
f Map for 75 cents, or with the Weekly Globe one year for
5 51. 50, you may send as directed in accompanying letter
5 and in accord with remittance therein. . '
m '••—■■'.■ ■ -■■",,■' r* ■s' ' *
: IF YOU ARE : —
Going Into the Country,
You Will Want the Globe to
Ij&gr* Leave your order and address at
. the Globe Counting Room, ..- \ '■'-.: ...... '..-.. = •"'.:' ...

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