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Cta is VNX AY liKKAKFAST. §3
The pressfeeders' uuion will give a
pochil dance at Labor hall Tuesday
'i ne regular weekly meeting of the
Lady Somerset W. C. T. V . will be held
Monday with Mrs. Valentine, at 3 p. m.
The Maple Leaf Dancing club will
give another of its popular entertain
ments Wednesday evening at Lleder
tafel ball, on the West side. Dancing
Will be the chief feature oi the evening.
- The Young People's Society of Chris
tian Endeavor of Bethany Congreira
gatieaal Church, -on the West side, will
give a Hallowe'en party at the residence
Jfrs. D. Kribs, corner of Isabel and
Hall avenues, Tuesday evening.
The St. Paul Electric Manufacturing
and Construction company has made a
voluntary assignment to Edward Vanish
for the benefit of general creditors. The
assignment is executed by Paul Martin
as president, and Henry Martin as sec
The ladies of Ascension Episcopal
church will give one of their pleasant
socials at the residence of John Dale,
on Prescott street, Wednesday evening.
These socials have always been pleas
ing, mid this one will bo" an unusual
£4.00 .Shoes for 12.90 at the Lovering
Shoe Company Sale this week.
police COURT cases.
Continuations and Dismissals
Were the Kule Yesterday.
The examination of Daniel Sullivan,
charged with attempted assault on Mrs.
Annie Timinernian, was continued in
the police court yesterday to Nov. 1.
j A week ago yesterday James Connors
was arrested charged with the larceny
of . a pocketbook from Mrs. Taylor at
the market house. In the court yester
day Connors was discharged, the evi
dence against him being not considered
{Sufficient to hold him.
John and James Casey, who were ar
rested Friday by policemen as the par
ties who held up John F. Cappell in his
drug store Thursday night, were ar
raigned in the police court yesterday.
Their cases were continued to Tuesday,
and in default of 6:2,000 bail they were
committed to jail. The prisoners claim
they will be able to prove an alibi, and
the police now say they are not sure
that the men are the ones who commit
ted the robbery.
John Holt was before Judge Cory yes
terday charged by Hannah RoseiigrLMi
with having failed to carry out his
promise of marriage. As the" woman's
condition was such that a marriage
would relieve her of a deal of responsi
bility and odium she had Holt arrested.
The case was dismissed at the afternoon
session of the court, Holt having paid
to the complaining witness $150 to with
draw the complaint.
"Warmth Is Life."
Warmth and good looks combined
characterize the Winter Apparel for
men and boys at "Plymouth prices'' at
the "Plymouth Corner," Seventh and
Bids Invited, and Limitation
Placed on Stock Subscription.
The directors of the Minnesota Fuel
company passed a resolaton to open an
office in Minneapolis. This action was
taken upon invitation of several promi
nent citizens of Minneapolis, who rep
resented that such a step would meet
with the hearty approval and support of
the people of Henuepin county.
The general manager was instructed
to advertise for sealed bids for the de
livery of coal, bids to be opened Tues
day at 4 p. in., at the company's ortice,
No. 4S East Fourth street, and was also
instructed to contract for the necessary
coal boxes.
A resolution wos passed setting forth
that 30,000 shares having been already
subscribed, no person hereafter would
be allowed to take more than twenty
%hares, the object being to prevent
other corporations securing control.
The invitation for bids and the resolu
tion appear in lull in our advertising
Fine and Fashionable Furs.
Much the largest stock in the North
west to select from at the "Plymouth"
Fur Annex Building. Four lloors de
voted exclusively to the manufacture
and sale of Furs. No. .'SO'J Nicollet.
Twc Wives Seek Le«al Separation
' From Bad Men.
! Nora Brady asks fora decree of di
vorce from Paul Brady because ot wil
ful desertion, and wants to resume her
maiden name, Nora Corcoran. She is
thirty-eight and be forty-five years old.
They wen; married at St. Johns, Sibley
county, Minn., in ISTG. and have thiee
children, the oldest being nine and the
youngest six years old.
Matilda Benoues prays for an abso
lute divorce from Diedrich Charles
Behrnes. They were married in St.
Paul, May 9, 18S7. She is twenty- seven
•and be thirty years old. The wife
charges her husband with being a gam
bler, squandering his means at the
gambling table, leaving her without
means of support. Various instances
of cruelty are cited, in which he is said
to have choked, beaten and kicked his
■wile, besides charging her falsely with
immoral conduct. On one occasion he
hit her on the nose, drawing blood; on
others iie knocked her down and
choked her until she could not stand.
She owns a house and lot in Duluth of
Which he has been collecting the rent.
An easy fitting Shoe is like an easy
conscience. They both wear well. It
is a habit to acquire the latter, while a
visit to Schllek & Co., 103 to 107 East
Sixth, will insure the fust.
Kenyon's Report on Banks.
The following is an abstract of reports
made to the superintendent of banks,
M. 1). Kenyon, showing the condition
of the 135 state banks in Minnesota, at
the close of business Oct. 3, 1893:
Resources — * ■•
Loans and discounts... 625,454,331 31
Overdrafts 142,483 05
Other stocks and bonds..;. 530,750 03
Due from other banks 3,301,882 41
Banking house and furni
ture and fixtures 1,488,595 19
Other real estate , 501,027 41
Current expenses 280,546 05
Taxes itaid ... , 22,583 69
Checks hint cash Hems 170140 90
Exchanges lor clearing
_ buus«*.. 451.W90 85
• Cash on hand ; 2,627 C33 50
"United States bonds ' I*loo 00
Miscellaneous 58,256 06
_ . Tot | i . 1 : ■ e35.UJ7.M27 05
Liabilities— • .
Capital stock paid in 59.27.T 500 00
Surplus lund 953*517 41
Other undivided profits.. .. 1,967,541 :>~
Dividends unpaid 18 523 57
Due to depositors 20,658,153 28
Due to oilier banks 1.198,700 37
Notes.and bills rediscounts 555,042 45
Bills payable 459,297 79
Other liabilities 103,650 61
Total 135,187,927 05
Reserve, 273£ per cent.
fit seems strange that daring times
like these, when hold-ups and burglaries
are a daily occurrence, people should
continue to carry money on their per
sons, or hid away in their houses. We
have an institution in our city which
was organized and is conducted under
state control and supervision, whose
purpose it is to keep safe and invest in
the safest possible manner the funds
entrusted to its care. We recommend
to all those who wish to put away their
savings safely our State Savings Bank,
! Germania Life Bdg., 4th and Minn, sts.
where deposits are taken from $1 ana
NEARLY 8900,000 ON HAND.
Everything in Readiness to Open
the Bank Tomorrow — There"
Will Be $551), OOO in Cash Af
ter All Demand Liabilities Are
Paid— Resolution of Thanks to
Comptroller and Examiners.
There was a largely attended meet
ing of the stockholders of the National
German-American bank held at Ford's
music hall yesterday forenoon. This
was an adjourned meeting, which was
held to receive the final report relative
to the reopenins of the bank.
J. W. Lusk, the new president of the
bank, presided, and made a very encour
aging statement of the condition of the
bank. He stated that the amount of
money on hand tor the opening Monday
is ?590,0<12.44, and that the demand lia
bilities are 1337,968.01, leaving a surplus
of absolute cash, after paying all de
mand liabilities, of §559, 274.43. He
congratulated the stockholders upon
the successful efforts which have
been made to secure the necessary
funds for reorganization, and said
that great credit was due both
to the parties in charge of the affairs of
the bank, and also to those indebted to
the bank- who in soch stringent times
had made such report of the cash on
hand possible. lie especially recognized
the co-operation of Comptroller Eckois
and BankExatniners Lynch, Thome and
Lawler. lie also alluded to the fact that
(iustav Willius, the former president,
who had retired on account of ill health,
would now give his entire time to the
affairs of the bank, and spoke specially
hopefully of the future prospects of the
institution. Mr. Lusk spoke feelingly
of the trouble and anxiety to which Mr.
Lockey, the former president, had been
subjected, all through the trying ordeal
of the suspension, and his loyal zeal
and work for the reorganization
lie felt grateful for the con
fidence which had beeu reposed in
him by those interested in the bank,and
hoped to be able to show that no mis
take had been made in the reorganiza
tion scheme. The' board of directors,
which iiad formerly been nineteen, an
unwieldy body, was now reduced to
nine, and composed of men who were
t horoughly versed in business, and
would give the benefit of their ability
and services to the affairs of the bank.
Gen. Sanborn offered the following
preamble &nd resolutions, which were
unanimously adopted:
Whereas, The complications and em
barrassments resulting from the sus
pension of payment by the National
German-American bank on the 4th day
of August last have now been ter
minated by the careful and intelligent
management of the honorable comp
troller of the currency, and the bank
placed in a position of perfect credit
and undoubted financial strength, with
the least possible loss to the sharehold
ers, and with tne smallest amount of
damage to the business couimuuity and
public interests, therefore.
Resolved, That acknowledgments
and sincere thanks of the stockholders
of the National German-American bank
are due and Hereby tendered to Hon.
James H. Eckels, comptroller of the
currency, for the cautious, intelligent
and wise course adopted and pursued
by him In the management of the com
plicate! affairs of the bank while in his
control under suspension of payment,
whereby the losses to depositors and
creditors have been wholly averted, the
losses to stockholders and the damages
to the public interests have been min
imized to the lowest point, and the bank
been reorganized and resumption re
stored and re-established upon condi
tions that will entitle and insure to the
bank all the confieence and good will
of its best days in the past.
Resolved, That in the management of
the affairs of tins bank especially, as
well as in that of all the banking inter
ests of this country through the severest
financial crisis that the nation has ever
passed, the Honorable comptroller has
demonstrated the highest ability in the
discharge of the duties of his office, and
has exhibited a determined purpose to
discharge its duties with sole reference
to '.he requirements of the law, and the
promotion of the public welfare, and
has earned and will receive the confi
dence and support of all sound business
men, and Hie highest appreciation of his
Resolved, That a copy of these resolu
tions be transmitted by the president of
this bank to the honorable comptroller
of the currency and to the honorable
secretary of the treasury.
Resolved, That the shareholders of
the National German-American bank
hereby express to Hon. A. D. Lynch
and lion. Gilbert G.Thorne.bank exam
iners, and to Hon. Daniel W. Lawler.
special bank examiner, their Inchest
appreciation for their untiring devotion
to the interests of the bank anditsshare
nolders while under their immediate
control, and for their zealous and intelli-
Kent labor on the discharge of their
duties as bank examiners, and in the
collection of cash ironi the assets of the
banks, and adjusting and arranging its
affairs In .such manner a.s to avoid all
possible loss and hasten resumption,
whereby each has demonstrated his
ability and fitness to discharge the high
est trust that may be committed to their
hands, and whereby they have earned
our warmest thanks, which are hereby
tendered to eacli of them.
Resolved, That the president of the
bank be requested to transmit a copy of
these resolutions to each of the exam
iners above named, and cause the same
to be entered ot record in the proceed
ings of this meeting of the stockhold
A. D. Lynch, the special represent
ative of the comptroller, made a brief
but happy speech, lie said it was
pleasant to meet friends under such
agreeable circumstances as had called
them together at that time. He
thought tne work which had been ac
complished was a subject of special
gratification. When he came to look
into the affairs of the bank there were
bat ?4;J0,000 on hand, but by the good
work of Examiners Thome and Lawler.
together with Mr. Lockey, there had
been nearly half a million dollars addi
tional collected, until the amount avail
able was, as stated by President Lusk,
nearly $000,000. lie thought it demon
strated the good character of the as
sets when it was proven possible to col
lect over £400,000 in two weeks' time.
The depositors, too, were entitled to
great commendati on for their" forbear
ance, and for their readiness to
exteud the time of payment upon
the sums due them. Great con
sideration ought to be extended
to the depositors, and every aid possible
rendered them. He desired to espe
cially impress on the meeting that it
was the duty of the stockholders to
stand by the bank; that they should not
draw out monuy, but put more in. The
bank was deserving of confidence, and
the stockholders who were on the in
side knew l hi:-, but if people saw stocK
holders unnerved, it created distrust,
which was very damaging. The stock
holders, therefore, were in position by
their course to make the work of resum
ing and rebuilding of the bank a com
paratively easy task. lie said the
comptroller desired to see the bank le
gume as soon as it could be placed upon
a safe financial basis, and he had ex
tended every possible facility to ac
complish that end.
Mr. Lynch thought that under the
conservative management of Messrs.
Lusk, Willis and Loekey, and the re
duction o£ the board or airectors to
T nine financially strouir and well-known
i business men. the bank should rank
with the soundest institutions of St.
Paul. He expressed his personal pleas
ure over the result, and his intercourse
with the business men of the city, and
thanked them cordially for the good
will expressed toward him.
'.There- being no further, business be
fore the stockholders, and the arrange
ment for the reorganization being an
accomplished fact, the stockholders'
meeting adjourned sine die.
Mr. Lynch leaves oil Monday after
noon for Helena.
The First National bank yesterday
turned over to the newly organized Na
tional German-American bank $550,000
being money collected by it for the
bank since its suspension. The pay
ment was made In ; gold, and . required
the use of an express wagon to convey it.
English Cashmere ' Hosiery Only
25 Cents.
Fact. "Plymouth Corner," Seventh
. and Robert.
/Seizure of the First Ever Made
in Minnesota.
E. J. Graham, deputy dairy commis
sioner, is home from a tour of inspec
tion among creameries in Mower and
Freeborn counties. At Austin he found
two tubs of oleomargerine in a hotel,
and confiscated them. At a creamery
in the eastern part of Freeborn county
he found the workmen engaged in
manufacturing "tilled" cheese. The
work had just begun, and twenty-three
of the bonus cheese were on hand.
These he confiscated. Mr. Graham says:
"1 think this is the first tilled cheese
ever made in the state. The cheese is
made in this way: The milk is run
through a separator, thus extracting all
the fatty substance. To. the milk is
then added 3 per cent of deodorized
lard. In this way an article is made
which is put upon the market to take
the place of full cream cheese. The
parties did not attempt to conceal their
operations, hence i suppose they were
not aware that they were violating the
law. However, they knew that they
were doing something doubtful, for
they had consulted a lawyer at Albert
Lea as to whether the manufacture of
the article would be a violation of law.
The lawer told them that he thought it
would not be. The cheese were not
labeled, but the men told me that they
intended to label it as "filled cheese."
Ladies' 82.50 Shoes tor $1.05 at the
Lovering Shoe Company Sale this week.
The Bid Revolves Around Again
• to the Prof, of Penmanship. f|
The committee, consisting of Mayor
Wright, City Treasurer Millet and As
semblyman Wolterstorff, known as the
purchasing committee for school board
supplies, met yesterday afternoon to
award contracts for furnishing the
schools with 900 gross of pens and a
quantity of lumber and hardware for
the manual training school. The bids
for pens were not acted upon, the mayor
suggesting that the supervisor of pen
manship be asked to pass upon the
quality of the pen submitted by D. S.
Sperry, which the bidder offered to sell
for 23 cents per gross. F. A. Bristal
agreed to sell the pen known as the
Lakeside College No. 100, at 33 cents per
gross, and the question to be decided by
the penmanship supervisor is whether
the 23-cent pen is the best bargain.
The Gribben Lumber company was
awarded the contract for furnishing
?GOO worth of lumber, and the St. Paul
Hardware company was given the con
tract for 5300 worth of hardware. The
supervisor of penmanship, it is expect
ed, will submit his report Monday, and
after this formality has been gone
through with, the committee will award
the contract.
Stop at Rietzke'fl Pharmacy, corner
Selby and Western avenues, and buy
your moraine smoke and get a copy of
the Globe free with our compliments.
H. W. Kietzke.
Extended to a Common Drunk in
a Case of Need.
At the request of Judge Cory Gov.
Nelson yesterday pardoned from the
workhouse John Haines, who on
Wednesday morning was sentenced for
ten days by the judge. It was a com
mon drunk case. The morning after
the sentence Mrs. Haiiies gave birth to
a child. The tamily lives on Jefferson
avenue and is destitute. Reiief Agent
llutchins went to the house and round
that the children were starving, not a
particle of food being in the house.
Not Seeing the Tailor This Year.
. The stern logic of the times Is driving
people to the best ready-made clothing,
and the most fastidious find to their
surprise that the best ready-made cloth
ing is in every respect equal to the best
custom-made. Examine for yourself.
At the "Plymouth Corner," Seventh
and .Robert.
People's Church Lyceum.
Hon. John W. Willis will address the
Lyceum at its regular meeting tomor
row evening upon "The Judicial De
partment of the City Government." in
which he will discuss the maintenance
of public order, and the administration
of public justice by the city, with spe
cial reference to St. Paul. This is the
third topic in the Lyceum's study of the
problems of municipal government, and
the topic will be generally discussed by
those present. There will also be the
usual musical programme. The public
is invited to this meeting.
Gloves Versus Pockets.
It seems too bad thai anybody should
go along the street with his hands
buried in his pockets while the "Plym
outh" will cover them with nice, warm
Gloves and Mittens in the fashionable
colors— for £1 and §1.50. "Plymouth
Corner," Seventh and Robert.
Postoinee llobbers Arrested.
Deputy United States Marshal Good
ner arrested Earl Tucker Thursday and
Stephen Barlow Friday, on Mille Lacs
lake, on a cha:ge of robbing the post
office at Vinelaud, Mille Lacs county, of
$124 of government funds and some
money belonging to the postmaster, on
the night of Sept. 9. The men were
brought to St. Paul yesterday, and will
have their examination Monday before
United States Commissioner Spencer.
Best Clothing at the "Plymouth."
Fact. "Plymouth Corner," Seventh
and Robert.
and Only
Is the medicine you should
take if your blood is im
pure, your digestion poor,
your nerves weak and de
bilitated. It will purify,
• vitalize and enrich your
blood, and give you
nerve, mental, bodily and
„ digestive strength.
Hood's Cares
Sold by all druggists. SI ; six bottles for 35.
Hood's Fill* Cure all Liver Ills. 25c.
& CO.
. *
. The big stock of Higjf
Grade Wool Dress Goods
and French Novelties shown
last week is only a sample
of the still greater stock
which will be here tomorj
row. The assortment will
be larger than it was at any
time this season. Of course*
we would not have bough J
so large a stock if the prices]
had not been right But
when the best and finest
goods that were brought to
America could be bought
for half-price — and in some
cases even less — we were
not the people to let the
chance slip by. - f
Why should we? |
We have the capital and
the courage to buy big lots.
We have an outlet for big
lots of rich goods.
And we never miss '%
chance of giving our cus
tomers reliable Dress Goods
at • :
These are some of the:
styles: Faney k Jacquards,
Pointelle, Boucle, Hop Sack
ings, Scotch Suitings, Fancy
Camel's Hair, Scale Cloth,
Prices will be 69 C, $1.25
and $1.50. The ordinary
retail values range from
$1.25 to $3.00 and $3.50 a
New Scotch Plaids in
bright colorings, 85 cents.
Fancy Silk and Wool
Plaids, $1.50.
That the great Dress
Goods values may not over
shadow the Silk stock, we
will offer an equally attrac
tive bargain in Silks. Our 1
Silk men say it will be the
greatest special sale of the
.More than 300 pieces of
our newest Autumn Silks,
the most fashionable Silks
in St. Paul, plain and fan
cies, will be sold for
88 Cents
a yard. They're marked
down from $1.06, $1.25,
$1.50 and some from $1.75.
It is part of our regular
stock — best and newest
and most fashionable that
money and good taste can
bring together. In this lot
are ' Novelty Changeable.
Cords, French Taffeta
Plaids, Novelty Taffetas,
Novelty Brocades, Surahs
and Satins, Black and White
Satins, Crinkled and Plain
French Crepes, Moires and
Crystals. The price for any
of them will be
88 Cents
a yard.
One word more. Our
Silks are Silk, and our Wool
Dress Goods are wool. We
have no cotton mixtures in
our Silk Department. That's
a good thing to remember
in these days of shoddy 25
and 29 and 33-cent Silk"
-. »<l
The cry of hard times is
heard so often that this state
ment will be read with pleas
ure by men engaged in all
lines of business:
"We have sold more*
Cloaks this month than in
any former October since
we are in business."
And these statements will]
be read with equal pleasure
i by economical /women who
delight in stylish and com
fortable wraps:
We never had so large a
The styles were never
more handsome.
. And the prices were never
* It takes very little money
to buy warm t perfect-fitting
and stylish Garments in this
store. r ■ - •:: > : -
; Jackets run from $4.50
to $90.00 each. We r sais
that before, but it's worth
repeating. It tells in few
words that the stock is
to the wants of all
Three different lines of
Jackets in the
ffnost stylish shapes of the
season, at
Each. These we sell every
day in competition with
fc 16.00 Jackets.
* 1 Exclusive styles at $ 1 5. 00,
I $19.00, $22.00, $25.00,
$29.00 and in easy stages
up to $50.00.
Cloth and Velvet Capes
in latest Paris fashions, knee
lengths, $9.00 to $65.00.
The younger people are
not lost sight of.
Jackets and New
markets and Children's Coats
and Gretchens in the most
fashionable shapes and ma
Our strong point is this:
Not a single Fur Garment
was carried over from last
year. Not one.
Astrakhan Coats made of
full-size skins, 32 jnches
long, with high storm collar
and full sleeves, $25.00.
Electric Seal Military
Cape, Satin - lined, high
storm coliar, full sweep,
Astrakhan Capes, 27 inch
es long, with attached But
terfly Cape, satin-lined, full
sweep and very high storm
collar, $27.00. It's a won
derful garment for $27.00.
Genuine Alaska Seal
Jackets, 32 inches long,
Reefer style with high storm
collar, $225.00.
$1.50 and $1.75 qualities
of genuine "Jouvin" Kid
Gloves for
95 Cents
a pair. The lot is not large,
and some sizes are missing.
These are the kinds and
"Jouvin" 5-hook Glace
Gloves, black, tanjand brown,
in sizes s^', 5^ and 6;
and 6-button Suede Mous
quetaires, tan shades, in
sizes 6^ and 7. Any of
them for 95 Cents tomor
row. Don't expect to find
them late in the afternoon.
100 dozen pure Irish Lin
en Hemstitched Handker
chiefs, with Old English
Initials, 25 cents.
The department for In
fants' Wear has more room
and a larger stock is car
ried. It is located in the
new Corset room, to the
left of the Wabasha street
Infants' Flannel Sacques,
finished with white, pink or
blue ribbon, 65 cents; reg
ular price, $1.00.
Infants' White Silk Caps,
crocheted by hand, wool
lining, $1.50.
Infants' White Saxony
Mittens, 25 cents.
Infants' Long Coats,
$2.50 to $15.00.
1 'ZZ" Corsets are the most
popular Corsets we sell.
; They're graceful and fit
perfectly slender as well as
'large figures. They wear
better than any other
Corset we know of, and
they're not as expensive as
other high-grade French
Corsets. White or black,
for $3.00.
"P. D." Corsets, of fine
French Coutille, long waist,
white or drab, $1.75.
Equipoise Waists, the
modern corset substitutes so
highly recommended by
Mrs. Jenness - Miller, are
carried in full assortments.
White, $2.25; drab, $2.50;
black, $3.00.
No housekeeper should
miss this:
A lot of Scotch Table
Linen, 10 different designs,
full 68 inches wide, of extra
fine quality, 88 cents a
yard. It's worth $1.25 now,
and if Linens keep going
up will soon cost $1.50. .
Austrian - Linen Hem
stitched Table Sets at less
than present cost of im-
Dortation. Both Cloth and
Napkins are hemstitched.
511.00 Sets for 87.00.
$12.50 Sets for 88.50. -
- 515.00 Sets for 310.00.
822.00 Sets for $16.50.
523.00 Sets for 518.00.
. -' You - might suggest .to
your husband that one of
these sets would make an
acceptable Christmas gift. '
Two bargains in Real
Brussels Curtains of this
season's importation:
53. 50 kinds for 86.00 a pair.
810.00 kinds for §7.50 a pair.
Both kinds are 2>% yards
"Our own make" Silka
line Comfortables, hand-tied,
filled with pure, clean cot
ton, $1.75.
Down Comfortables, cov
ered with fine French Satine
and filled with "odorless"
down, $5.00, $6.00, $7.00
and $8.00.
75 pairs California "Pure
Wool" White Blankets, 1 1-4
size, $5.00 a pair; actual re
tail value, $7.00.
And a finer grade at
$6.95 a pair is worth $9.00.
Mail orders receive most
careful attention. Anything
not entirely satisfactory on
receipt, either in regard to
quality, style or price, may
be returned at our expense
and money will be refund
ed. Could any proposition
be fairer?
Don't forget our half
price sale of Imported
Dress Goods.
Field, Her & Go
Wabaslia Streel, Fifth Street,
Fourth Street, St. Peter Street.
The Dress Goods men
tioned at head of this ad
vertisement came late yes
terday. Prices will be 50c,
69c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25 and
$1.50. ______
Field, Mahler & Co
Practical Shorthand School.
ATTEND BertCorpg
TIIE Teachers
' V^2-l^/ Northwest.
Send for Catalogue.
Pioneer Press Bids:, St. Paul, Minn.
l 3T'Compct*nt Stenographers furnished for
permanent or temporary work.
180 East Seventh st., St. Paul M nn
Speedily euresall private, nervous, chron
end blood and skin diseases of both sex
without the use of mercury or hindranc
irom business. NO Cl HE, NO PA Pri
rate diseases, and all old. lingering cases
where the blood has become poisoned, cam
ing ulcers, blotches, bore throat and mouth,
pains In the head and bones, and all disease]
cf the kidneys and bladder, are cured for
life. Men of all ages who are suffering from
Hie result of youthful indiscretion or ex
cesses of mature years, producing nervous
uses, indigestion, constipation, loss of mem
ory, etc, are thoroughly and permanently
Dr. Feller, who has had many year* of ex
perience iv this specialty, is a graduate from
one of the leadin; medical colleges of the
country, lie has never failed in curing any
cases that he has undertaken. Cases and
correspondence sacredly confidential. Call
or write for list of questions. Medicines sent
by mail and express everywhere free from
risk and exposure.
Health Is Wealth.
Dr. B. C. West's Nxstb avd BaAtxTaso
Jikxt, a guaranteed upeclUo torHytterlc Die
eineie. Convulsions. Fits. Nervous Neuralgia
Headache. Nervous Prostratiou caused oy to*
use of alcohol or tobacco, Wakef ulness, Meu
lai Depression, Softening of the Brain re
sulting In Insanity and leading to misery de
cay and death. Premature Old Age. Barren
ness. Loss of Power in either sex, Involun
tary Losses and Spermatorrhoea, caused br
overexertlon of the brain, self -abuse or over
indulgence. .Bach box contains one month's
treatment. Si a box, or six boxes fur $\
tent by mail prepaid. We guarantee six
boxes to cure, any case. With each order for
fix boxes, accompanied with $ , we tend tin
purchaser our written guarantee to refund
tie money if it does not effect a cure, i ;uar- •'
•ntees issued only byW. K. Collier, successor
loHipplerA Collier, druggists, aeve:i:ii a-»J
If ibler us.. St. Paul. Alinn.
Or the Liquor Habit, Positively Curoi'
by a<Unlniftt*rlns; Dr. HaliifV. . '
Volclen .Specific ■
It Is manufactured as a powaer, which can*be
given in a class of beer, a cap of coffee or tea, or
in food, without the knowledge of the patient. It
is absolutely harmless, and will effect a perma
nent and speedy cure, whether the patient i 9 a
moderate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. It ha?
\,.t:i given in thousands of cases, and in every
Instance a perfect cure has followed. It neve
/all*. 49-patrf Book free. To be had of
1,. .V- W. A. MUHSETTEII. 3rd & Wabaaha Et,
Trade supplied by OYES BROS. St CUTLE ;
SPECIFIC VO.rropi.CJaciDstil.C
This is the Overcoat Store.
We've always shown the largest assortment; have
always thought it good business policy. Anyhow,
we've been well repaid. Every winter we've sold
dozens — yes, ; hundreds — of customers that haye
looked through the other stores.
As early as last February, we began ordering
Overcoats for this winters trade. Looked the
market over thoroughly. Had Overcoats made to
our order in Boston, New York, Rochester and Chi
cago. The result is a complete stock of
Plain Overcoats,
Fur Coats and
Fur-Trimmed Garments.
All that is fashionable in Cloth and Cuts. Two
thousand Garments, from the finest made, at $25
$30, $40 and $45, to a good Coat or Ulster at $10.
Special Values.
Our Beaver Coats at $10 and $12. The fine Ker
sey Coatsats 15. The Frieze . Ulsters at $12 and
1 5. We're selling a great many.
Long-Cut Single or Double-Breasted Sack and
Cutaway Suits. We're after the young men's trade
. with up-to-date clothing at prices to suit the times.
Seasonable Underwear, Neckwear, Hosiery and
Gloves, direct from the makers. The Lewis Under
wear — best in the world.
Boys' Clothing on the second floor.
Seventh and Robert Streets, St. Paul, MiniK
— a
And We Don't Intend to Buy Any More.
Our Closing--Out Sale was so successful that it reduced our
stock more than one-half in the last 30 daj-s. We have left in
Stoves of well-known makes four No. 216 and six No. 214
Square West Point Heaters; five No. 3 and three No. 4 Imperial
Normans. This Stove we guarantee to only burn two tons of
coal for the winter and heat three rooms. We can prove that
by our customers who bought the same stove last winter.
Our No. 9 Base Burner and Self-Feeder has proven the best
Stove in the city. Tq satisfy yourself call on us and look them
over. We will convince you that what we say is so.
For to heat one or two rooms we will sell you Heaters from
$3 and upwards. As we got a large stock of these small Heat
ers on hand, we must close them out or give them away.
In Bedroom Suits we have left —
4 Suits at $9.00 3 Suits at- $15.00
I Suit at $7.65 6 Suits at $18.00
3 Suits at $12.00 8 Suits at $20.00
The prices on the above have been cut SO and 10 per cent
of the regular selling prices.
In Carpets the stock has been greatly reduced, and what's
left will be closed out at any price. But our assortment of
Crockery, Glassware, Lamps and Tinware is still quite large,
and must be closed out. We offer a fine Brass Banquet Lamp,
shade complete, $1.84. A beautiful Lamp, handsomely
decorated in gold tints, for $1.25. Remember we have car
ried a full line of Household Goods, and have left on hand a
lot of odd pieces in Parlor Goods, such as Rockers, Sofas,
Divans, Lounges, Chairs, etc.
For Monday and Tuesday only, High-Back Dining- Chairs
for 45c; regular price $1.00.
You can't miss the place If you come to the V Corners. Count 5 door*
on the left-hand side going west.
See Our Scllinsr-Out Sign Hanging Across the Sidewalk.
The Stock of Slightly Damaged
Aiififnfciy Goods
Will be removed to 140 East Seventh Street (near Jack*
son), on account of repairs within the building on Fourth
Street, sale beginning Monday morning at 9 a. m. - Great
Bargains in :^ v : -
Trimmed and Untrimmed Hats,
Silks, Velvets Ribbons
Knit Goods, Laces, Etc.
All must be closed out in a short time.

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