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ABOUT ;'f J^m-^. ■ .
CLEANED WITH ga^gEmE^^ Dr. Hurd's Painless and Patented System numbs the nerves of feeling, pro-
gg. ra *&sm^ ummmu .'ujhimu Ea^w^i 1 yF"IL 1 duces a transient Harmless intoxication, and agrees with all constitutions,
fll JH ppHfl %jW 3 Hkp ||P^ ffSll |P~ ;SP™ I /f^^llSßl!^^ being composed of the same elements as, Air, only richer in Oxygen. In fact,
BWII ilil lUX 5 fillip 11 es P^K Ip^ Bfe i lit is that part of the Atmosphere which no life could exist without. It is a
lipi Si™ Wysk. 1 il^Sii SLJI SGll BUsbi 1 / i restorative in fainting by its tonic effect, also an antidote to many Poisons.
MIM h&BB mmm MVH V&M! ksi^ E"&&^ kjilSU ■ / "^^^^^l i I)on ' t dela Y if y° u require teeth extracted. The Dr. Hurd System is positively
/ TP/"Si<r^ r P¥-l irSAdTPIC? I j\ :^^^^^ftl i Painless and Harmless. Twenty years' successful use in thousands of
Ki UU* 1 O Ir/^S ICa £ ] W *§5sT iSfflESlf 1 case3 and no bad effects. The most delicate need not dread tooth extraction.
_ • I 1 7*^ IHHf I From one to thirty teeth in three minutes. Dr. Hurd extracts more teeth than
t TMsTT^nTomo .4. 1 . CxJ> j£wW I all the dentists in St. Paul combined, and makes Best Teeth at very lowest
WflftDfl Tin Ifflf? PFT IT 9 ALLDRLGGISiSkeepit. >If yours j| J^- &W 1 prices, and guarantees perfect fits and satisfaction.
iMh DU YOU bbl 11 1 you Do not accept any other prepa- gIT-■ *>T j 24 east third street, st. paul. •—
ration called "just as good." THERE ARE NONE p^i^aiSi^^f^i^il Ss^^ N^ L p^ss^saaa^gigg^^gjs^sgg^^g^
JUST AS GOOD. The manufacturers of the King | 33^—- H i ß^ 13 ' lA| I M ffl A A
but nature's ingredients are used in this paste ;— in- j v<^^^^C^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Nv * J
How is one to tell the genuine article when there are | ffaJ^^^^^^Si il^^^^^^^W^H^^^A 1 . '*"*"? " a/ 75 ' /55/ ' m l T y 5 ' 1892 J *
c« •.i.onTr pmintoTfoitc all V^flc nn tTiA mqrkpt? B fl /M/Ms^'^m I Jyy^Zr \\vXWN& *JL Jp&^\ \ \ The Latest Improvement In Dentistry for
so many counterfeits of all kinds on the market \ ip/^^^J^ J^Wl^t L^P^e* * X \\ I UfiT fUMP T OWPB TEETH EIBMT VTMDT AHE
«S=^a ■% IP Iff ■Fflp'^a I rffitt* V l^Av^rt I - UNDER ALL CONDITIONS.
/d§^*^fi!i^c* TRAD EI? -^ w¥v^ l #?^^lrfP 1 ||S^ V3i^^^^^ I BuLOWESi ARTIFICIAL TEETH. ■■
• /^yllp^^P^fi I *^^ *J >. v — s<-*^e'/^l lii 1 3^' P l* i> 1 n^U^O P lfl/l(l*^ — "'■■ '■ r-°^ % : 1 less skill is used in constructing lower plates. The den-
E®^j^bk^\l^l^« H *^*^ JS:|fl|' 1 * "^ifa \/M©t^* 1 » u^ I B/'''|/-£iS3»v 1 tist does the best he can. The plates are made to accu-
O Xt y \ O i 0s&& €&& % E#ff^° ** i^v »r«*i I y( / l''Lf^P SroraJ I rately fit the gums, but the conditions are less favorable
HHL Jliik. \ s& if & klyk W^^^ I ly|^^%s <<*^L •^^Saw ron the lower jaw. The alveolar ridge in many cases is very flat
Without ThlS None Are Genuine. $ (^-^l^^^S^ \ 11^*^1!^ Hi! *3 IP / l€^^Sl^^^^=^ I and has but little surface for adhesion, compared with the upper
VYiUiuui ih» nuuc nic utnuiuc. l. JUjTB?! tt2Gffl6ftßM \ iriTCll^ €f F' / WK-^jSNtrSJvsrCll " I J ' aw - Ineatin ff and talking the contraction of the musoles of the
rm 1 n, 1PO r,^Vi wi+ QO o o-vmmn+AP nf nvpAllAriPP I si Sr ss^ W^S^S K^=^fi \ p4iiraU 11^1^ / FT^W^^fl W^HM, fej face and tongue have a tendency to dislodge the plate, and the
ThOUSandS iniOW It aS a guarantee OI excellence. | f% •Slrv^Sv3S& -31 \lt i I Ao*^^^ / £? tS^ &fl I upper plate is also liable to fall when the patient attempts to use
It is put UP in tubes Convenient to Carry in the pOCk- | JzJxJSk \VSIk \i% w H **^ ABKt _, / l/^MF^&r/i&m -I the J ront . teeth The lower plate being loose, and in constant
et. A whole family can use from one tube with 1 R^^U^^^^feil \ --AATU PMlf/ (^^4^W l L I motion, is liable to produce irritation. It is well known that
et. A Whole family Can USe trom One tUDe Wltn | p^^g^^^^fe^^l \ &&■*s&s P4jS&/ * v . erv few . full dentures are satisfactory to either patient or den
perfect Propriety and Cleanliness. There is no Waste, 1 "^^M^-S-^W^^^ : \TOUIn H» / /^s^pjb^^g 2^L^ | tist. This is a serious matter to those who are doomed to wear
««/! +1-1 1^ will lacf ciG Inner oc thrPP r»n pirn o-pq 1 HTI FRIMuMTIFIM!mi^M Vfl«? w y TM §WRm % artificial teeth, and any improvement in this line should receive
and One tube Will last as long aS tnree paCKageS | ]!^liMilsilL^™VßM V^ r -^$£gf -IS <^B^m J considerati9n. These difficulties may be overcome and the plates
Of the Ordinary SOapS and powders. It is peerless, d 4«L^£SvS3 X> S. jsL3 / ff^-^iiJS^^fei «^c^ 1 h ld fi^ m v in p lace by the use of springs attached to the lower
\\ru n + 8e +U** l^J*,^. R OO T^^rw+li Docfp HnnH 1 f^T^^S^^^i^SS? "S^^ 3^ f r^H^M? tS*n^ I plate, but not fastened to the upper plate, causing a slight pres-
What IS the King Bee TOOth Paste UOOd | [^"om^^W^^% V-^? 4S.^^Sfe^^S I Sure between the upper and lower plates, in which position it
for? ItS USe makes the teeth pearly White and | I^fafl t i^S\ T -^ il2 % = ,^&» I has been demonstrated that the springs do not in any manner
keeps them so. It keeps away that dirty secretion j ■i-rr^^gga&mriirrw^jßSie. ____„ „ w^_____^^^Tr ,1 interfere with the movement of the jaws, or otherwise mconven
keeps them so. It keeps away that dirty Becretion «| * ,„ i..,-^^^.^,^, ience the nearer.
called tartar, which is so destructive to the tooth Hgaa%?rei3Tq«[Bigag^^
structure. It cures that inflamed condition of the gums so ten seen and which is often caused |: S% &30 I B_i It IMPBfIVPMFHT ff% A 1 IFfli A
by inferior preparations. And last, but not least, by using it on arising in the morning that | .^^^^llp Iff J HlllPH __i» "" HjPHfll! V^lSllPft
offensive taste in the mouth, so often experienced, is removed and you are enabled to enjoy I AjMr^^M a • e e ©li^e W lfi^^^ WFI^iBS^SB 9 i^ii^^
that mOSt important of all meals Breakfast What does it COSt ?It 1^ ICj T l The patent granted Sept 24> 1889> i8 an improved method for making partial dentures Itdoes
past tWO years, and always brought 50 Cents a tube; but OWing tO ItS being manUiaCtUiea L>y m p a .ont=d C( ,p t 2^ '89 away with the large suction plate in common use. The plates are very small, only about one
cnA/»i Q nTT devised macMnerV the PRICE HAS BEEN REDUCED TO 25 CENTS. P and Fet>: 25/1890. eighth to one-fourth the usual size, and being constructed on true mechanical principles, fit the
Specially devised, macninery, me rill^JL XIJL& &I^JLJ\ JIILJJU^Ms^ ±y *o +I,^ v.^rv,^ 1 mouth with perfect accuracy. Any number of teeth can be put in without extracting any good
The above IS Only One OI hundreds OI Similar Conversations neara aaiiy 111 tne llOmeS OI m teeth you may have, and no plate in the roof of the mouth. The patent plate is specially adapted to lower dentures, since it /a well
npfmle who USe Dr W J. Hurd'S King Bee TOOth Paste. Buy a tube Of it and keep it in yOUr 1 known that thedantal profession have nothing successful to offer in that line; and furthermore, partial lower plates have not nor cannot be successfully
people WHO USe Ur. W. J. nura S lUng Dee 1 OOin t-a&LC. .DUy 1* LUUe Ui ±l auu js.cc t- iu iu j uux p made by any other method This is an important matter, whgn wa taka into consideration that lower teeth are as necessary as upper.
toilet room, and you will be well served. I -.„ .-* - hjihbb-*^ ** . w- „ . .^^ ** . __ -..«,.
FOR SALE THROUGHOUT THE GSVILBZED WORLD. BLL DBUOSiSTS. |- DR. w. J.6iUKD 9 24 East Tllirci St- 5 St. Paul, r^snn
Qualification of Members and
Plan of tho Organization.
The preliminary mettine held Friday
evening tor the purpose of organizing a
council of the Junior O. U. A. M., while
not largely attended, assured the suc
cess of the movement. As this order
has been so very successful in the East,
having a membership of over 200.000, iu
over I,'JOO councils distributed through
out thirty states, it cannot help succed-
Ing in St. Paul.
Great care is used in selecting mem
bers, ns quality is of greater importance
than quantity.
It is strictly a loyal patriotic organi
zation, fraternal and benevolent, non
partisan and non-sectarian.
At a cost of $2 entrance fee for charter
members and 15 cents weekly dues it
pays S5 per week for sick benefits and
$250 iu case of death. There are no as
sessments or other charges.
The motto of the order is "Our Coun
try." "Principles; Not Men" is the
It is not fanatical or bigoted, but
y^v'jyi LITTLE
yi^l\V m tss^ OF SNOW!
"Will soon be rolling down your back, and last night's gentle
reminder ought to impress upon your mind that it is high time
to place your order with us for
A Warm Suit,
An Overcoat or
A Heavy Pair of Pants.
You should order at once while OUR STOCK IS LARG-E,
Suits to Order $20 to $50
Pants to Order .- , $5 to $10
Overcoats to Order $18 to $40
RfiREPT I. M^ p^ J|t y __.._.. -_ ■_■ jtj. RfIRFRT
12,1 TAILOR £!k
trusts to forming public sentiment in
harmony with its objects.
Restriction of immigration is the great
national work of the order. The follow
ing is from the declaration of principles :
"That the constant landing upon our
shores of the hordes of Ignorant, vicious
and lawless criminals of the old world
should be viewed with alarm by the
loyal and patriotic citizens of this coun
try. We affirm a warm and hearty wel
come to all immigrants who desire to
better their condition and become a part
and parcel of our nationality, but we
have not one square inch of room for
the auarchist, the socialist or the nihil
ist, or for any one who is not willing to
bow allegiance to the flag which is pow
erful enough to shield and protect them
as well as us, in the exercise of all civil
and religious liberty."
On the first of last July there was
over one million dollars in the treasur
ies of the councils.
The order has the indorsement of the
leading meu of the nation, comprising
all professions, political and religious
A meeting will be held in A. O. U.W.
hall, 71 East Seventh street, Monday
evening, Nov. 20, and all patriotic
Americans are invited to be present.
$25 in Gold Given Away.
$35 every week. See advertisement of
the Plymouth Clothing House ou page '6.
When Yon Arc Hungry Eat j
At Stephen Burns' New Restaurant, 321 Wa
batsha street. Open day and night.
Skatesl Skates!
The Barney & Berry American Club
1 and American BinK are always the best.
All prices, 50 cts. to S5. St. Paul Hard
ware Co.
For Great Bargains in Fire Mil
Go to the Fire Sale. 151 East Seventh
street. Everything must go. Only one
week more.
Mothers, "Be sure and use Mrs. Win-
Blow's Soothing Syrup for your children.
We Buy and Sell
Second-hand Stoves. Karst & Breher,
successors to Foos & Co.. 183-IS7 West
Third, corner Exchange street.
5 O'clock Teas.
Elegant new line just received. St.
Paul Hardware Co., Seventh and Min
nesota Sts.
IVloncy-SaTing Men
Should inspect the varied assortment of
handsome new material for Fall and
Winter Clothing shown by McGrath &
Company at 870 Robert street, and
should place orders for any garments
needed while "Me" is quoting such' ex
tremely moderate prices that is, Hard
Time figures. Ciothing made by this
firm is inviucttile for style, appearance,
fit and workmanship.
Scliroeder & Dickinson, 16 East
Sixth street.
For Upholstering, Carpet Cleaning, Feathe
an Mattress Renovating.
The Millinery Fire Sale, 151
East Seventh Street,
Will positively- last only one week
longer. Great bargains. French Hat
and Bonnet Frames only five cents.
Children's Hats and Caps from 15 cents
and up. Fancy Feathers, five cents and
up. Fancy Trimmings five cents a yard
and up.
Go to the P. F. Egan Jewelry Auction
Sale for your Holiday Gift3. Now is
the time to buy. 377 Wabasha street,
near postofflce. _
The matchless Slmw Pianos
fwy^gjuftfggl' Have just been select*
j^^^feg| ed by tne Cleveland
«Have just been select
ed by tne Cleveland
School of Music.Cleve-
land, Ohio. They have
<ks3&^iW»z recently been chosen
by several St. Paul
' lr> ~*^ musicians. We have a
number of special bargains now. S. W.
Raudenbush* & Co., 330 Wabasha street.
Positively Only One Week
Of the Great Millinery Fire Sale, 151
East Seventh street. Elegant Trimmed
Hats from fifty cents and up. Un
trimmed Hats from five cents and up. '
! Fancy Ribbons, five cents a yard and
up. Silks, Velvets, Satins, 15 cents a
yard and up.
Corns or Bunions treated. Cure or no
pay. Permanently at 423 Wabasha.
Separate parlors for ladles.
J. gasoline engine is now on exhibition at
200 and 202 Washington av. north, Minne
apolis; thQbest and least complicated engine
ever put ujjon the market; step in and look
it over, Seuurlger & Marsden, General
agents* SQB
DaVISON— In St. Paul, on Saturday. Not
11th, of pneumonia, fifter a brief illuess,
Harriet Amanda, wife of Alfred D. Davi
6on, a;?ed seventy years, at SS'J Marshall
avenue. Deceased came to St. Paul in
1856. Funeral from Central Paik M. E.
Church on Monday, Nov. 13th, at2:3o p. in.
FROISE'i'II— The funeral of Bereudt A.
Ffoiseth will tako place Sunday. Nov.
12th. 2:30 p.m., from his son's residence,
1153 Payne avenue. Friends are invited.
MANNING— In St. Paul, at the residence of
his son-in-law, O. E. Davis, 223 Gates
street, Saturday, Nov. 11, ai 9a. m., James
Manning, aged sixty-six years. Funeral
from above residence at 8 a. m., Monday,
Nov. 13. Service at St. Patrick's church,
Inver Grove, at 10:30 o'clock.
CARRIAGES for funerals, S!. Cady's Liv
ery. 475 Rosabel St.; telephone call, 408;
call 2; cash onlv.
The lucky man has one
of those big spreading ties
that we are selling at so
But it's more than luck;
it's horse sense — there's
$i.oo or $1.50 worth of big
ness, goodness and style in
those scarfs.
Clothing House.
Seventh ana Robert.
tonight at 8 p. m.
EIGHTH STREET, BETWEEN MINNESOTA ' AND CEDAR. Appearance of Sunday, Nov. 12th.
'^^^^^^W^M 1 Of Londo n i Englan(3f
wipe I Religious Illustrated Lecture
'^Pl^^l^fel^^^^ SPIRITUALISM
W^Sl^^^^^^^C '. AND THEOSOPHY. '
Mls3 Fay has just returned from an extensive tour of Europe, and wi}l on this occasion present an entirely new line
of manifestations in the broad pas light on the open stapre. She is positively the only lady In the world who has the In
dorsement of the Royal Society of London, England, Prof. William Crooks, Huxley, Varley, Tyndall, Sarcent, Cox and
others— some claimed Odic force, some electricty or magnetism, and still others supernatural power. Forms, hands and
faces will be seen so plainly as to be recognized by persons in t))e audience. Tables will float in mid-air. The Spirit hand
will answer ail questions. Twenty or thirty communications will be received for persons in the audience. Beautiful
flowers will be materialized and passed tQ the ladies by hands plainly seen, and many other tests of this remarkable power
never before witnessed in any seance in America.
4.000 CHAIRS, 25 Cent§. Dooys Opa at Commence at BP. 51.
,UUU UnAlriO, Vs6nT§« Secure *«-au uiia avoid tlic crowd at uii;iit.
On sale Sunday at 10 A. IK. at Auditorium,
J i B\ i L Eli i¥l L 1
In His Entirely New Play,
To Ladies in the City and Vicinity:
We call your attention to the fact, in
getting out your Garments for use, that
some alterations may be necessary, and
the same will bts made at the lowest
price by the Practical Furrier, «
above Mrs. Schultz's Millinery Store.
All kinds of ftew Garments on hand.
Also prepared to order, by measure, In
the latest styles.
~ ; -
414-416 \Val»n-!i;i St.,
Between Sixth and Seventh.
SSBSB"- =Nov. 16, 17, 18.
SATURDAY, " UII . IU J llf iwi
In a New and Magnificent Production of
Thursday Might a'nd Saturday Matinee.
Friday Night.
MARY STUART{ satub^Jht.
Complete Metropolitan Cast. Exquisite
Sceuic Settings. Best Performances Given
by Any Company.
Tour under direction of Frank L. Perley
and J. J. Buckley.
Sale of Seats Begins Tomorrow.
£ GRAND. 3
TONIGHT!' 1 Charming Comedienne,
att In Her Great Irish Play,
week, Killarney!
Next Sunday, "The Still Alarm."
Ladies' $4.00 Cloth or Kid
Top Boots, with patent leather
tips, 52.90.
Ladies' $4.00 Lig-ht Hand-
Turned Flexible Sole Boots,
Ladies' $4.00 Extension Edge
Common Sense, thick soles,
Youths' $2.00 School Shoes,
Children's Shoes at Cut I
Men's $5.00 Double-Sole Wa
terproof Bluchers, tan and
black, $3.85.
Men's, $5.00 French Calf
Hand-Sewed Shoes, $3.85. §
Men's $5.00 Cork Sole Shoes,
Men's $3.50 Calf Sewed
Shoes, $2.65.
All kinds of Overshoes and
Ladies' All-Wool Overgai
ters, our own make, 75c
Open Monday and Saturday Evenings.
£ Kan cunr f^n st.rauu E6 ■
WAN! if the Globe
" IUII as a want medi
um is not more
popular than all
AiS 0 other papers eom-
HUUI tined.
.-b k h k h hh
W time J
And have thorn laid aside.
Fine Jewelry,
Opera Glasses
Largest Assortment. Lowest Prices.
i DUuiidlEiUuil;
II East Seventh Street,
Two Doors Below Wabasfia St.
Practical Shorthand School.
ATTE> . I) J&§jSj&p^ Best^Corps
THE Teachers
£%«£2^--*-^§/ northwest.
Send for Cataloßue.
Pioneer Press Bid;;, St. Paul, iTllnn.
' USTCompetent Stenographers furnished for
- permanent or temporary work.
Health is Wealth,
Dr. E. G. West's Nkuvs and Qrais Ta*&t
JBENT, a «ua,rautecd spociiic f orH;s;erlc litjt
eioess. Coiitul&lous. Fits. Nervous Neuralgia
Headache. Nervous Prostration causod try th#
use of alcohol or to Dacca, Wakef uines*, Mett.
tui Bcpresgion, Softening of tho Brain r»
Bultios In iosauity and leading to misery, d*
cay nsd death. Premature Old Ago, Uarrenv
uess, Lpss of Power Ja either sex, Inva'uu.
tary Losnes aud apermatorrncea, caused by
overexertlon of the brain, self-abuie or oyefr
indulgence. iSach box contains one mouth.'*
treatment. ' 81 a box, or six boxes for $$,
cent bv mail prepaid. Wo guarantee att
boxes to cure nay case. With each oider for
cix boxes, accompanied with 83, we eend.tag
purchaser our written guurantee to refund
liio money it it does not effect a cure. Guax»
aiitees issued only by W. K. Collier, successor
|ouippler& Collier. druKsribt* life Veath aa«t
tfiblcr tUt., su t»ui tf iua»

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