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fl OB .. _ _ IJ)
7^ pi fi i ni fti»i & i ni _ri*_u«*_, i m ■ii** m i k«i «ii n "4* i n* i iti
$ We have secured a local anaesthetic that is simply wondrous in its effects. We do NOT CHARGE EXTRA, for its U
ig use. The universal testimony of those who have tried it FULLY CONFIRMS ALL WE CLAIM FOR IT. Some of the J
f) expressions heard are : "It is delightful." "Did not know the teeth were out until I saw them." "A complete success." f)
_£ "Perfectly painless." EVEN THE CHILDREN DID NOT WHIMPER. We will continue until January Ist to make GOLD _t
S CROWNS for $5.00. ARTIFICIAL TEETH, $6.00 per set. 8
#. You Cannot Give Your Friends a' Mora Desirable Christmas or New Year's Present Than an Order on Us for a Gold Crown or Set of Teeth. i
W\ __ — -— ra. 2)
g 78 and 80 East Seventh Street. Corner of Minnesota, g
the adornment of bodices.
Some of the Latest Creations of
Redfern — The Skating Coat
One of the Richest of Them —
Made of a Rough Cloth of
Hunter's Green — Other Gar
Special Correspondence of the Globe.
New York, Dec. 22.— Once more the
festive season having come round, wejare
moved to consider what I may call
"festivity attire." This comprises
theater costumes, skating costumes and
real evening dress.
The theater costume, by this time,
has grown to be a carefully thought out
arrangement of garments admirably
suited to artificial light, and with a
successful aiming at artistic effect.
-Women have begun to realize that when
they are sitting down, the skirt is not a
matter for adornment, it is the bodice
that requires the most attention. 1
tried to be eloquent, I believe, last
week on the subject of theater bodices,
so this week 1 will simply content my
self with giviug a sketch of this new
and useful invention. I will incident
ally remark that it should be chosen by
The sketch which we give is of . a
thick amber-colored crepe, with revers
of handsome black moire. There is a
gathered band round the neck of umber
crepe and a bib of pure white lace. The
girdle consists of links of gold, drawn
together with a big bow of black ribbon.
The sleeves are very full, with a finish
of lace and ribbon.
For evening gowns the simple flower
decked style has come in again. A gar
land of roses around a decolletage is a
popular style. This gives every girl a
Sam a Miss Delia Stevens,
GfOIUS8 of v ßosto \ Mass r:
we «_wbbiw- writes: I have al- ,
ways suffered from hereditary Scrofula, i
for which I tried various remedies, and '
many reliable physicians,but none relieved ',
me. After taking six botdes of ISEEB '
I am now well. lam very grate- Kj___sSfg_^ '
ul to you as I feel that it saved me from ',
a life of untold agony, and A ■ .
shall take pleasure in HRSil'Sfa '
speaking only words of w*B«_ SSa |
"praise for the wonderful medicine, and
in recommending it to all.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed free.
«• SS 1,1
a Signs of Heft
/j? You don't have to look
twice to detect them— bright
eyes, bright color, bright
.smiles, I"T*r-rr_
krig ht in I liirTTn
every ac- F~ — *^-L__LXJ
tion.' o SCOTfs]
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overcome } uV_u*' \
only when hfTJJTT
weak tissue mt l
is replaced by the healthy
[kind. Scott's Emulsion of
cod liver oil effects cure by
building up sound flesh. It
is agreeable to taste and
easy of assimilation.
H * .'--■-•
' gre ared by Scott & Bowne, _*. Y. All druggists.
Lumbago, Sciatica?
ICidney Complaints;
, Lame Back, &c 8
$8. SAKDEM'S^TRie mt
f With Eleotro-Masnetio SUSPEN3CTKY.
! r.* Latest Best Improvement*! *.'.' .
I 1-utept I'atcntsl Bett Improvement* I
I tVill cure without medicine all Wealnei* resulting from
; "-taxation of brain nerve forces: excesses or Inuij
■ cretlon, as nervous debility, sleeplessness, languor.
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j general ill health, etc. This electric Belt contain.
i vVoiderful ImproTeraesU cVfeV all others. Current i
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»ftestiraonlal3ia this ana evej^y other state. "-*&-
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WrtttU-it . boon ever offered weil, men, FRIE wlihl.v
|JK»s.- Hs.-ltt w-f fifreiarufllJA^STKßqin 00 tt
19 J iap, 6 ,hd f Or Ilius'd PflaipUlOt. qjiUltid, e efcl _ a, ii ■-
Md Ay! _s*ad St. _____LSNlLaJes_Lflft toNN .
chance of wearing something: that be
comes her. Moire is as fashionable for j
evening garments as for out-door ones.
White moire made with a well cut sim
plicity and garlanded with damask
rose 3is what Redfern has been making
lately, and what he says is the consum
mation of good style for evening gowns.
For those who like simplicity of a still
more pronounced degree, there is white
muslin. But we find, as in the revival
I ""■:■:■: "'IV
of moire and ermine, that the white
muslin of today is not the white muslin
of our foremothers. We go in for a
different kind of simplicity now. The
kind of simplicity which I have seen at
Redfern's is accordion-pleated. There
is one slight drawback to this. You
mustn't sit down. If you do, the effect
8 destroyed at once. Ah me! What
will a woman not suffer to be fashion -
able? The accordion-pleated evening
gowns are nearly all trimmed gener
ously with insertion, aud the effect of
these simple, but chic, gowns is prettier
far than I could attempt to describe.
For those women who are frank
enough to own that "sweet simplicity"
is no longer the thing for them, pale
tints of moire trimmed with both lace
and fur are recommended. A lovely
eau de Nil moire gown, with a berthe of
shaded velvet— the kind of velvet, you
know, that has a mother of pearl effect
about it— this berthe being edged with
fur, with a tablier of the eau de Nil
moire over the velvet, and the foot of
the* skirt edged with fur. was a very
original costume which I saw at Red
fern's last week.
And now we come to another Redfern
production, the skating coat. I can do
no better than to give a sketch, which I
will describe.
It is made of a rough cloth, of a hunt
er's green in color, trimmed with nar
row rows of sable. The ruche around
the neck is edged with sable, and the
loose bishop sleeves have the cuffs
edged with it. Golden cord fastenings
and a golden satin lining finished off
this very stylish coat. It is loose
fronted. Le Baron de Bremoxt.
She Wanted the Facts.
New York Herald.
The following little story is told of a
citizen of Port Chester, N. V.. whose
education was somewhat superior to his
wife's, a fact regarding which she was
very sensitive.
On one occasion the man drove over
to White Plains to Inquire regarding
the health of his sister-in-law. Who was
dangerously ill. Upon returning he
was met by his wife, who aSked of her
sister's condition.* _
"She is convalescent," replied the
Immediately, In the most em
phatic manner, the woman cried out:
"I waptnfcue of your soothing Words; I
want facts. You tell me this riiinute.
Is my slste J dead of alive?"
| FII«A_\'CIAI_.
Mew York.
Wall Street, Dec. 23.— While New
Euglaud was the leading stock in to
day's speculation on the stock exchange
and took up one-third of the dealings,
there was a fairly active and well-dis
tributed business in the rest of the list.
The trading was mainly on the bear
side of the market, but the shorts did a
little covering which checked the down
ward tendency at frequent intervals
and served to indicate that the short
interest was not prepared to leave out
very long lines over the Christmas
holidays. The London stock exchange
being closed uutil next Wednesday kept
the arbitrage houses out of the market,
confining the speculation to purely local
lines. There were both selling and buy
ing orders in New England from Boston,
but the former largely outnumbered the
latter,and a prominent broker,said to be
acting for persons usually well in
formed as to the company's affairs, was
a large seller of New England, When
it became known that a directors meet
ing yesterday had appointed Messrs.
McLeod, Prince, Armstrong and Ervin
a committee to raise the $200,000 re
quired to meet the January interest,
thus confirming the general belief that
money had not yet been obtained, there
wes a rush to sell the stock, which be
came more pronounced when it was
rumored that the opposition company
had obtained control of New England's
floating debt with the object of forcing
a receivership. Under combined
sales of long stock, and for the
1 short account, the shares broke
4% per cent amid considera
ble excitement. The lower range
of values induced some buying which
resulted in a recovery of 1%, followed
by a reaction of 1% and a final rally of
1 per cent, the loss of the day being 2%
per cent. The only other stock the j
sales of which reached 10,000 shares i
was Western Union, which, after ad
vancing H at the opening, declined 1%,
closing at a recovery of %. A drive
was made on Distilling, which sent it
down 2%- per cent, being based on
advices from Washington that the ways
and means committee had not yet defi
nitely decided to increase the spirits
tax. When the pressure to sell was re
moved the shares quickly rallied, and
closed 1% above the lowest point
Atchison was held pretty steadily
throughout the day, at one time being
}{ per cent higher than the closing fig
ure of yesterday, then reacting %, and
then recovering to and closing at yes
terday's price. There was a general
rally in the final dealings, and the mar
ket closed firmer, but [email protected]% lower on
the day, the latter New England. 1%
Tobacco and Pittsburg, C. C, C. & St.
L. preferred, I%', National Linseed and
Green Bay trust receipts, 1 «per cent
Distilling, Cotton Oil, common and pre
ferred, and Canada Southern, 1 per
cent. New Jersey Central shows an
advance of 1 per cent, and some few
other shares are a small fraction higher.
The transactions of the week have
resulted in a universal depression in
values, there being scarcely a stock
dealt in which has not declined from
the closing price of Saturday last. The
-principal breaks are: Evansville &
Terre Haute, 16: New England, 11#;
Pullman, 8; Interior Conduit and In
sulation, 7%; Cotton Oil preferred. 6)4;
Cotton Oil common. 2%; Morris & Es
sex and Pittsburg, C. C. & St. L., 5%;
Western Union, h)i; Alton & Terre
Haute, Delaware & Hudson, Rubber,
Rio Grande Western and C, C, C. &
St. L. preferred, 5; do common, 3; Dis
tilling and Linseed Oil, 4%; New York,
Chicago & St. Louis seconds preferred,
4%; Susquehanna & Western preferred,
4%; Manhattan, 4\_; Chicago Gas. 4%:
Atchison, 4)4; Starch, 4\i; Lake Erie
& Western preferred, Pittsburg &
Western preferred, 4; Tobacco, 7;
Great Northern preferred, 3%; lowa
Central preferred, 3K; St. Paul, 3%; do
preferred, 2; Lake Shore, 3)4; Hocking
Valley, '6)4; New Jersey Central, Can
ada Southern, Mobile & Ohio and
Sugar preferred, 3; do common, 2%;
Lead common and preferred, 2%; New
York Central and Consolidated Gas
2%; Lackawanna & Western and Rock
Island. 2%; Missouri Pacific and Min
neapolis & St. Louis preferred, 2%;
Northern Pacific preferred, Oregon Im
provement, Chesapeake & Ohio and
Colorado Fuel & Iron, 2)4, and Union
Pacific, Oregon Navigation, New York
& Northern preferred, Nashville. Chat
tanooga, Baltimore & Ohio. Chicago,
Burlington & Quincy, Illinois Central
and Green Bay and Winona, 2 per cent.
The only shares which have advanced
on the week are Cordage preferred, I^,
and Wells Fargo, 1 per cent.
The bond market was weak today ex
cept for the Atchison issues, the fours
after receding % rose 2%, the seconds
reacted 1)4 and advanced 1)4, Oregon
Short Line sixes declined 4s£ aud re
covered 3 per cent. , Louisville, New
Albany consols declined 2*4. St.Louls,
Vandalia & Terre Haute seconds guar
anteed rose 2 per cent. The principal
changes on the week are:
5 Declines— Dulhth & Manitoba firsts,
18>£; St. Louis & San Francisco general
sixes, 8%; Peoria, Decatur & Evans
ville seconds. 6)4; Virginia Midland
stamped guaranteed, 5; Chicago & Erie
incomes, 4%; Oregon Navigation sixes
and Oregon Short Line sixes, 4; Read
ing second preferred incomes, Toledo,
Peoria & Western firsts,. Atchison, Col
orado & Pacific firsts and Atchison sec
onds, 'i)i, and Atchison fours, 2%.
Advances— Minneapolis & St. Louis
seconds, 14%; Detroit Union Gas con
sol fives, 9)4; D., L. &W. sevens of
1007, 5)4; St. Paul firsts, I. & D. exten
sion, 5, and St. Paul & Northern Pacific
sixes, 4)4. . ~
The Total Sales of Stocks ■
.today were 149.900 shares, Including:
Atchison, 7,200; American Sugar, 4,500;
Burlington & Quincy, 6,200; Chicago
Gas, 9,700; Distilling and Cattle Feed
ing, 9,900; General Electric. 2,800; Louis
i ville & Nashville. 2,100; Missouri Pa
cific, 4,500: New York & New England,
57.000; Rock Island, 4,600; St. Paul, 1
9.100; Union Pacific, 2,100; Western 1
Union, 10,500.
Stocks— Closing.
Atchison .... 14% Nor. Pac. pfd.... 19
Adams Express. 150 U. P.. D. & Gulf. 4.5-
Alton& Terrell.. 18 Northwestern.... 99%
do pfd 145 Northwest'u pfd.l34
Am'can Express. ll2 N. Y. Central.... 98
B. &0..... ...... 68.2 In. Y. & N. Eng.. 16%
Canadian Pacific 70% Ontario & West . 15%
Canada Southern SOW Oregon Imp 13
Central Pacific... 18 Vi Oregon Nay...... 20
Ches. <__ 0hi0.... IGVs Or. S. L. <__ U.N. 5
Chicago Alton... 138 Pacific Mail 13
C. B. &Q 75 P.. D. & E 51*
Chicago Ga5..... 61i*j Pittsburg 148
Consolidated Gas 126 Pullman P. Car. .163 .i
C. C. C. <__ St. L. 35M. Reading IBV2
Col. Coal & Iron. 10 Richmond Ter. .. 2%
Cotton Oil Cert .27 do pfd........ 12
Del. & Hudson. ..I*_B Rio G. Western.. ?l4Vi
Del., Lack. <S W. 161 do ptd ,42.
D.&R. G. pfd... 30% Rock Island. ....'64%
Dis. &C. P. C 0... 23 .» St. Paul J 57%
EastTeun.. ...... % do pfd 116 1
Erie 14% St. P. &Omana.. 35£
dopfd 30.'2 do nfd 112.
Fort Wayne 148 Southern Pacific. 20 '-
Gt. North, pfd.. 102 . Sugar Refinery.... 80 ._■
C. &E. I. pfd. ... 96 Tenn.Coal&lron 15%
Hocking Valley.. ISV2 Texas Pacific... 6-
Illinois Central.. 89 Tol. -SO. C. pfd.. 70%
St. Paul & Duluth 24 Union Pacific. . . . 19
Kan, & Tex. pfd. 22.*. U. S. Express.... „5 0 .
Lako Erie &West 14% Wabash,St.E.__ P. 0 C"&
dopfd 02 .do pfd.. .13%
Lake Shore. 122% Wells-Fargo Ex.. „
Lead Trust 22t_: Western Union .. 61%
Louis. & Nash ... 47% Wheeling & L. E. 13 -S
Manhattan Con.. do p1d... ...... 48%
Mem. <St Charlst'n 10 M. & St. L ,10Va
Michigan Cent... 99 D. &R. 9%
Missouri Pacific. 21% Gen. Electric:... "37%
Mobile* 0hi0... 10 National Liu.;... j21f,;
Nashville & Chat 70 Col. F. & 1r0n... 25, _,
Nat. Cordage 16% do pfd.::.:.., 70
dopfd :40 H. <__ Tex. Cent.. •"_:.
N. J. Central.. - .113 ti Tol.. A. A. & N.M. 6%
N. &W. pfd 19%T01.,5t.L. &N. C. 1
North Am. C 0... 3%| "do pfd 8
Northern Pacific. 4%
'.:*.;■/*-- Bonds.
New |Yor.K, Dec. 23. —Government
boudsQeasier. State bonds, nothing
US. Reg 112% N W. consols ...138~~
do 4s coup 114 do deb. 5s ....107%
do2ds 95 St.L. &I.M.G. 5s 76%
Pacific 6s of '95. .102 St.L.&S.F.Geu.M.IOO
Louisiana S. 45.. 96% St. Paul c0n5015. .127%
MissouriOs 100 St. P., C.& P. Ists. 109%
Tcnn.ne.v set.6s.loo T. P. L. G. T. R.. 73%
do do 56.100 T. P. R. G. T. R... 18
do do m. 74 U. P. Ists 105
Canada So. 2d5..103 West 5h0re...... 104
Central Pac Ists. 105% Atchison 4s 68%
D. &R. G. 15t5.. .112 do 2%5A.. 34
D. <__ R. G. 4* 78 G. 11. &S. A. 65.. 92%
R. G. W.lsts.... 70 do do 7b. 94
Erie 2ds 75 .__ N. Y. Cen. Cs 107
M., K.& T.Gcn.fis 44 do do 65.... 103^4
do do 5s 79 N.C. 65... 115
Mutual Union 65. 11 l do 4s. ........ 95;
N. J. C. Int. Cert. 113% Term. old Cs 60
N. P. Ists. 110% Va. Centuries.... 56%
do 2s ... 89 do deferred... 6
San Fraucisco .Hi nine Stocks. ____
San Fbancisco, Dec. 23.— The official clos
ing quotations for mining stocks today were
at follows: ■-■*."'■•■_'■•
Alta SO 15 Hale & Norcross.gO 60
Belle Isle 5 Mexican 75
Belcher 80 Mono lo
Best & Belcher.. 1 80 Ophir 1 35
Bodie Con 20 Potosi 60
Bulwer 5 Savage 40
Chollar....' 40 Sierra Nevada... 1 05
Con. Cal. & Va... 2 90 Union Con.. 70
Crown P0int...... 40 Utah 5
Gould & Curry.... 70 Yellow Jacket... 90
Bank Clearings.
Chicago, Dec. 23.— New York ex
change, 80c premium. Sterling ex
change dull ; actual, [email protected]}£. Clear
ings today, $12,117,000; total for the
week, $81,025,000; for corresponding
week last year, $100,340,000. Money
plenty; demand light; rates unchanged.
Chicago Stocks.
Chicago, Dec. 23.— Stocks dull and
heavy. Closing prices: Packing, pre
ferred, 48; Alley L, 40%: Lake Street
L,2G)4; North Chicago, 248; West Chi
cago, 148^; Chicago Gas ss, 84.
TSexr York Money.
New York, Dec. 23.— Money on call •
easy at [email protected])4 ncr cent. Prime mer
cantile paper. 3)[email protected])_ per cent. Ster
ling exchange inactive, with actual
1 business in bankers' -bills at §4.86%(2l
4.57 for demand, and at $4.B4j£@4.S4"K'
for sixty days; posted rates, $4.85®
4.875£; commercial bills, $4.83^@4.83>^:
silver certificates, 6'J^c last bid; no
- rd.i
Sew York Produce. !.}.
New York. Dec. 23. — Hay quiet*
shipping, 60c; good to choice, Cc. Hops
dull. Hides firmer. Butter dull; West
ern dairy, [email protected]; Western creamery,
[email protected]: Western factory, [email protected]
21c; Elglns, 2S)4c; state dairy, 19
@26c; state creamery, [email protected] Cheese
steady; large, [email protected]>£c; small, 10)[email protected]
12^c; part skims. [email protected]'J)4c; full skims,
[email protected] Eggs easier; ice house, [email protected]; '
Western, fresh, [email protected]: Southern, [email protected]
25c. Cottonseed oil dull. Petroleum-
Spot market dull and nominal. Rosin
dull; strained common to good, $1.27%
@1.30. Turpentine dull; [email protected]£c.
Rice quiet; domestic fair to extra,
3*¥@sKc; Japan, 4%@4)4c. Molasses
dull and nominal. Pig iron dull;
Scotch, [email protected]; American, [email protected]
Copper quiet; lake, 10.30 c. Lead firm
er; domestic, $3.25. Tin quiet; straits,
$20.65. Spelter nominal. Coffee— Op- _
tions opened dull, at an advance of -5*
point:- on March and 15 points on Sep
tember; others changed and ruled quiet,
hut firm, aud closed steady at [email protected] :
points _ net advance; .sales, 6^250
bags, including January, 16-950;
February," 10.65 c; Mar®, 10.§Oo;
May, 15.75 c; July, 15 Bbc; Sep-'
tember, 15.10 c; Decern bet, [email protected]
19.45. Spot coffee— Rio quiet, . No. 7,
@%c. Mild, quiet and steady. Cor
dova. [email protected]; sales 750 bags Mafacaibo
and 100 h^.gs Jamaica p. t. ; no sales Rio.
Hamburg quiet and unchanged to )i pfg.
lower. Havre dull and **©} frafic
lower. Loudon quiet Svgar — Raff
quiet. Fair refining 2%c; centrifugals
2^@ls-16c. Sales hone; refined quiet.
Kio coffee quiet; No 7, 15, SICK); exchange
10% d. Receipts 8,000 ; stock 212.000
1 bags. Santos coffee market steady : re-
I cipts 8,000 bags; stock 173,000 bags.
1 Good average Santos 15, $700. Cleared
from Rio December 22. 14,000 bags.
Are Furnished by
Commission Merchant, St.Paul.
St. Paul Grain Market.
Wheat— wheat was in fair de
maud, with prices firm, while futures
were weak and lower. Cash No. 1 hard,
[email protected]; No. 1 northern, [email protected];
No. 2 northern, [email protected] \ ;.- ■";';■ -.;---_
Corn— There was a good supply, and
prices remained unchanged at [email protected]
for No. 3, and [email protected] for No. 3 yellow.
Oats— Cash oats were about steady at
28c for No. 2 white, [email protected]^c for No. 3
white, and [email protected] for No. 3.
Barley— [email protected] zr'Al'
Rye— No. 2, [email protected] r .
Flour— Unchanged; patents, [email protected]
3.80; straight, . [email protected]; bakers'. [email protected]
2; rye, [email protected]; buckwheat, [email protected]
Bolted cornmeal. [email protected]
Ground Feed— Quiet and unchanged;
No. 1, [email protected]; No. 2, $15; No. 3. $15.50;
coarse cornmeal, $13.
Bran and Shorts— The demand is only
fair, with prices unchanged; bran, $10®
10.50; shorts, [email protected]
Hay— The receipts continue light, aud
so does the demand, prices ranging $6.50
@7 for choice upland, and [email protected] for
other grades; timothy, [email protected] ■-;-■■■••■■
• ;-7C* ■■,■*-■ -;• - - - ■ *••*-• '■
• "_'.'.•-.....;..." ■ Chicago. -. -• .
Chicago. Dec. 23.— Cattle— Receipts,
[ 1,000; shipments, 1,500; a fair business
for a Saturday; pens cleared; sales,
[email protected]: for good to extra steers and
others. [email protected] flogs— Receipts, 10,
--000; shipments, 6,000; active and a trifle
higher all around; rough, [email protected];
mixed and packers, [email protected]; prime
heavy and butcher weighs. [email protected];
light. [email protected] Sheep and Lambs-
Receipts, 1,500; shipments, none; slow,
unchanged; top sheep, §[email protected]; top
lambs, $3.75*@4.25; a lot of 3.000 good
Western ewes, averaging 88 lbs, sold
for $1.85; the lowest price on record.
Kansas City.
Kansas City. Dec. 23.— Cattle—
ceipts, 1,600; shipments, 2,500; best cat
tle were strong, others steady; Texas
steers, [email protected]; shipping steers, [email protected] j
5.50; Texas and native c0w5,[email protected]§;
butchers' stock, [email protected]; stockers
i and feeders. [email protected] Hogs— Receipts,
3,800; shipments, 400; market steady to
strong; bulk, [email protected]; heavy, packing
aud mixed, [email protected]; light Yorkers
and pigs, $4.90(«_5. Sheep— Keceipts,
100; shipments, none; market un
Exports and Imports.
New YoßK.Dec.23.— Exports of specie
from the port of New York foi* the week
ending today were: Gold, $75,204; sil
ver, $1,083,204. The imports from the
port of New York for the week ending
today were: General merchandise,
17,301,051; dry goods. $1,153,514; specie,
$207,828. ;
Union Stockyards.
'■ Receipts— 7oo hogs, 6 cattle, 2 calves,
31 sheep. . - -
Hogs— higher and active; yards
clearing early to packers. Quality
good, one choice load selling at $5,
Bulk sold at [email protected] :. '■
Cattle— Quiet for lack of material, but
steady. A few head of holdovers were
in the pens, and the yards were cleared
before the close. There will be no
market on Christmas day.
Quotations: Prime steers, [email protected]
3.50; good steers, [email protected]; prime
cows, [email protected]; good cows, [email protected];
common to fair cows, |[email protected]; light
veal calves, [email protected]; heavy calves,
$2©3; stockers, [email protected]; feeders,
§[email protected] ; bulls, $1. [email protected]
: Sheep — Steady. Moderate demand
for fat muttons and lambs. Quotations:
Muttons, [email protected]; lambs, [email protected];
;stockers and feeders. [email protected]
Pittsburg, Pa., Dec. 23.— Petroleum
National Transit certificates opened
at 79c; closed at79c; highest, 79c; lowest,
79c; nb sales.
He Wanted to Be Foreman of the
Composing Room.
Puck. :
-. ."Col. McMaplecall," read the manag
ing editor from the . applicant's card.
'.'•Ahem! so you want to be foreman up
stairs, eh? Do you think," he contin
ued, doubtfully, "that you are capable
of running a large printing office to the
satisfaction of all concerned? You must
reflect that in these days of trades
unions and walking delegates, when
workmen strike on the least provoca
tion, we are obliged to conduct our busi
ness not so much to suit ourselves as to
meet the exactions of our employes. Jr
you are quite sure you can succeed in
satisfying every one, in offending
nobody, in giving each of the men just
what he wants— or lv deluding them
into believing yon are doing so— in
reconciling all the petty jealousies, in
keeping a smiling face under the most
trying circumstances—"
"Yes, sir; that's where Pm right at
home," interrupted the applicant, em
phatically. ;•; "Oh, I have had charge of
men before— and of women, tool My
experience as a. strategic, diplomatic,
long-suffering, never grumbling, much
badgered commander has been exten
sive and crucial, sir; crucial 1" „
_•- "Indeed!" returned the ■'-■ managing T
editor, raising his . eyebrows; "ahem!
Col. McMaplecall, may I— er— _ iu^t
what you were colonel of?" - j
"Certainly, sir," replied the would-be I
f oreman, drawing himself up with an
air of conscious pride, "for five seasons,
sir, I was colonel of a comic opera com
pany, in which there were two feline
prima donnas, three savage tenors,
four fighting funny men, and a chorus
of sixty turbulent voices."
"Say no more, colonel," cried the
managing editor, with a radiant smile;
p"the lace is yours to command."
A Debt of Gratitude.
Detroit Free Press.
Mr. Slimson— Willie, why didn't you
take off your hat to your aunt when we
passed her. ■ '■'. I
Willie Slimson— Because, pa, I was
over to her house yesterday, and she
wouldn't give me a piece of pie.
Mr. Slimson— Then you should be
doubly polite to her, Willie, for having
saved your life.
Galenic Medical Institute
Ko. 67 E. Third St., St. Paul, Minn.
§ The physicians of
for the cure of private,
nervous and chronic
diseases, mcl uding
Spermatorrhoea or
Seminal Weakness,
Nervous Debility, Im
ure, Varicocele, Hydro
cele, Diseases of Worn
The " physicians of
the old aud Reliable
Institute specially treat all the above diseases
are regular graduates— and guarantee a
cure in every case undertaken, and may ho
consulted personally or by letter.
Sufferers from any of these ailments, be
fore consulting others, should understand -
1 their diseases and the latest improved treat
ment adopted at our institute by reading our
The Secret Monitor aud Guide to Health,
a private Medical Treatise on the above dis
eases, with the Anatomy and Physiology of I
the Sexual System in Health and Disease,
containing nearly 300 pages, and numerous
illustrations, sent to any address on receipt
of reduced price, only Twenty Cents, or
value in one or two-cent stamps.
Pamphlet and chart of questions for stat
ing case sent free.
All business strictly confidential. Office
hours, 8 a.m. to s : 30 p. m. bundays excepted.
Address letters thus:
St. Paul, Vl inn
Mediterranean IT A I V
Express Line to IInL a
Twin-Screw S. S. Winter Service from
New York to Naples and Genoa via
Algiers; also from New York to Al
exandria, Egypt.
Grand Winter ftPIEMT
Excursion to the UlllCN I
S. S. Furst Bismarck from Hew York Feb.
1, *94, to all the important ports ot the Medi
terranean and the Orient. Duration 65 days.
Send for Illustrated Pamphlet and Travel
ers' Guide.
Hamburg-American Packet Co.,
37 BroadWay, N. Y. 125 La Salle St., Chicago.
Over Commercial Bank.
_^^^ Minneapolis, St. Paul
|p|i||| & Sault_Ste Marie Ry,
§}|S£***SL; US Hubert St.
■B__B^^ Telephone, 1053.
Leave. St. Paul Union Depot. Arrive.
;2".T'i"' Atlantic Limited Veati- : Ay~<,A
buled through train, daily,
lot Escanaba, Sault Ste.
Marie, Montreal, Boston,
New York and all Eastern
6:00 p. m. points -.-- ... . 19:3! a. m
Pacific Limited Vestibuled
through train, daily, for
Valley City, Mlnot, Van
couver, Seattle, Tacoma, -
Portland, San Francisco
and all Pacific Coast points,
7 :Bo p. m. China.Japan and Australia. S*i> a. m
Wis. Div., local, daily ex- -
cept Sunday, via St. P. &D. 3li i'A'.'A '
R. R. and Bald Eagle, for . — . .
Turtle Lake, Prentice and -■' '
£;20 a. m. Rhlnelanaer ....... - 0:25 p. m. ' !
Broadway Depot, Foot 4th st J"j ' ' '"
St. Croix Falls Accommo- '106 •'
6:00 p.m. datlon, daily except Sunday 132) a m.
Soo Line Depot, 2d st. and
_* -.■.*..'_ 4th ay. north. Minneapolis.
Minn. Div. , local, daily ex
cept Sunday, for Buffalo,
Paynesville, Glenwood and lA-y.A
8:30. a. m. Oakes -------- i; :> p. m
The Dining Car h'.if* to Fargo. Winnipeg,
Helena, Butte arfd the Pacific Northwest.
** nJ St. Paul. I
Dining Cars on Winnipeg and —
Pacific Coast drains. Lv. Ar. |
Pacific Mail (daily) ior Fargo, """'
Jamestown, Livingston, Helena,
Butte, Missoula, Spokaiie, Ta- 4.15 7:03
coma, Seattle and Portland. ... p. m. a. m.
Dakota and Manitoba Express!
_ (daily) for Fergus Falls, WaliDe-l . . .
ton, Crookston, Grand Forks,
Grafton, Winnipeg, Moorhead, S:00 7:33
Fargo and Jamestown .. p. m. a.m.
Fargo local (daily except Sun
day;, for Si. Cloud, Brainevd and o*ool 6:30
Fargo. a. m.lp.m.
Dakota Express does not run west or Fargo Sunl
days, Pullman Sleepers daily < between St.. Pau,
and Gland Forks.Grafton.Winnipeg, Fergus Falls- .
Wabpeton and Fargo. Pullman First-Class and '
Tourist Sleepers are run on through Pacific Coast !
Trains. C. E. STONK, City Ticket Agent, Wi East
Third Street St. Paul. -
*. Arrive "'"y.--. Depart « :
fj4opm|3:ooam| St T&A I . :'.spm|.
4^___________t______o_____\ lis] 12:45 pm|j:26pm
Direct l_lue to Eau Claire, untnaot-n
and Milwaukee. '. ■
: A'\ ;■ A All Trains Bun Daily. •
Or with the Weekly Globe for
On receipt of two consecutively dated coupons and 75c we
• will furnish at our office, or send by express, prepaid, one of
the celebrated Neely Historical and Political Charts and United
States Maps.
-;- Or for One Dollar and a Half we will send the Weekly
one year (subscription price one dollar) and Map, post or ex
press paid. -•_•_■ -'■-'...'
This gives you the Map for seventy-five cents alone, or for
fifty cents in connection with the Weekly Globe.
It is a double wall map, 5 feet 6 inches by 3 feet 10 inches,
mounted on rollers top and bottom, ready to hang-.
Better than an Encyclopedia! A panorama of American
History printed in 11 beautiful colors.
It tells how many Presidents we have had and politics of
each. What party George Washing-ton represented. What
Presidents died while in office. How many Presidents served
two terms. Which candidate received the largest number of
votes and was defeated. When each political party was or
ganized. How many Congresses have convened and the polit
ital complexion of each. The number of States in the United
States and the one having the most ' miles of railroad. How
many political parties have existed in the United States. A
complete history of our Government by Administrations, polit
ical parties and Congresses from Washington to Cleveland.
On one side the largest and latest United States Map,
showing all states, counties, railroads and towns (price alone
$5), and on the other side a diagram showing all the political
parties, 11x66. A diagram showing all Presidents and Cabi
nets, 5x66. A diagram showing political complexion of each
Congress. A diagram showing creeds of the world, 13x10. A
diagram showing standing armies of each nation, 13x10. A '
diagram showing naval tonnage of each nation, 13x10. A com
plete map of the world, 13x20. A map of Central America,
10x13. A map of Alaska, 10x13. A map of South Africa, lOx
13. A map of Upper Nubia and Habesh, or Abyssinia, 10x13.
A map of Persia, Afghanistan and Beloochistan, 10x13. A com- '
plete map of solar system, best ever made, 10x13. Names of -
all Cabinet officers, with length of term. Pictures of all the
Presidents from Washington to Cleveland.
Send in two of these coupons, consecutively dated, with
your letter and remittance:
J DEC. 24. 1893. J
J To Publishers of Daily Globe: £
# In accordance with your offer of Neely Historical 0
J Map for 75 cents, or with the Weekly Globe one year for €
J $1.50, you may send as directed in accompanying letter J
5 and in accord with remittance therein. " J
___W____\ ticket offices I GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY
'../- : /_aH___\tt r *__ql] . : *59 E. Third St., j T;n|, 0 * 0 300 r.icbllet ay., Minneapolis; 19. I_. ._ I
.^il^l.U'lKllitM''- Telephone NO. ■ | lluflGlo ,St. Paul. Union depots both cities.
VliyrlllStflti-iTßf^ 480" and UniOS LEAVE St. Paul Union Depot, akkivk.
\_\__SSt_%_\__i__W Depot, FOOt Of Willmar.Morris. Browns
a&**Sj>jm__9Jr _hm-_ ci,„ fl i a* t>8 .05 am Valley... :00 pm
"•• tf<WjTJ«S^r:H- olOlej Mreei, 01. Fergus Palls. Fargo and
' fg__J_}________*^ Paul. . bß:3oam Grand Forks b6:osam
fflnn BEST EQUIPPED ¥ TMp b8 :30 am Osseo, Clearwater and St. b6 :03 ■
* » MOST EQUIPPED r.fIJP bß:3oam Cloud St. Cloud " iid b6:o3pm
*«6 MOST POPULAB Uljab A noka. st dkrad _______
Va t tit • -crn n«T fmnrTi b3 pm Wi11mar.... ............ bl0:5. am
"ALWAYS ON TIME." b4:aopm Excelsior & Hutchinson, b11 :55 am
. — — — -*- — ' - Willmar, Sioux Falls,
ail 7.P ail 7- , '.Except Sun. I Leav« i Arrive b8:50 am Yankton, Sioux City.. b7:00 pm
,E_r. Monday. . ?Ex. Sat. 1 St. Pan! .St. Pan! Breck., Fargo, Grand
(CHICAGO TRAILS. ~~~" ' aC:3O pm Forks. Winnipeg a7:oj am
Badger State Express *3:00 am tlO :10 pm tOsseo, St. Cloud, Fergus
. Atlantic (.-Southern Bx +6*.Mpm :55 am Falls, Crookston, G.
L North-Western Limited »B!_opin *7:500 m. Forks, Kalispell, Spo-
Marshfield and Wausau.. +B:oQam +10:10 kane. Seattle, Great
Green Bay, Stevens Point +8.00 am +10:10 pn_J Falls, Helena, Butte
Ashland, Washb'n, Bay'ld +9:C*oam +5 :03 pm a 7:45 pm and Pacific Coast al0:30 am
Duluth and Superiors,... +9:oo am +a:oopm ! eastern Minnesota.
l)uluth and Superiors.... *li :00pm »6*soam' Duluth, West Superior,
Pipestone & Sioux Falls.* +8:10 am +6:lopm Elk River, Milaca,
Winnebago & Elmore ... +8:10 am +6:lopm' Hinckley, Princeton.
Omaha, St. Joe, Kan. City *8 :10 am »7 am ____ nm § An0ka. ...... ........ b6 pm
Omaha. St. Joe. Kan. City »7:45pm *7:4oam* „ . -, T „ ~*_ — " .„ _. . ; —
Soo City & Worthington *8:10 km '6:10 M * daily ; except Sunday V, Uf l et parlor
Soo City A Worthington. *7;45pm :40 Km cars on trains to ♦™ lv - th and W. Superior;
Tracy. Watertown, Huron 87:45 VMm tßuffet sleepers. JDining and Buffet can,
' ______J_____Z_ ™°"* palace sleepers, tourist cars. - - ■*„- _.
/wJfe*^ T'lCkGt OlfiCßSi Robert Phicago GREAT western RAIL.WAY
/w „.W- street, corner Fifth, and \^ Co. -. Trains leave Union Depot. City
PllffTlWAuKEElvxiioTx Depot, St. Paul. j Office. 304 Robert Street, corner Fifth.
4**MS2Bx\o& / •Daily. . tEx. Sunday. »Daily. tDaily ex. Sund. [Leave. Arrive .
/ lEx. Monday.JEx. Saturday +Chicago Fast Express. ... 8:00 am i 11 :15pm •
t****"./ Le.— St.Paul— Ar +lowa, Mo. <J_ Kansas Ex... 8:00 am 11:15pm -
;«,.„„„„ ••■>,,.,'•,. .wo-- ' 77^. rrr~ — *Dodge Center Local 3 :35 pm 10 :05 am " .' .
cnicago -^nti^^ress two aui Tiu:4jpin tchinavrr, ™ffi "*' i «' ?__S ** t.-i-^m
Chicago "Atlantic" express *2 65 p m *12:13 p m «h.L sf_S.h cf t' V 'i- VV 1™ P i.£ am ■"*-
Chicago "Fast Mail" .... . *6:55p m *2:15 p m * I)es Moines. St. J. &K. C. 7:30 pm ■ •■Sjtxrn
Chicago "Vestibule" Lim... *Bio m *7:5-3 m — * — = - — zr—. =; rr~
Chicago via Austin and L>u- ___ ' -" 'Sol Leaves onion Depot for
buque _..._ 3 '65p m tl0:30a m iw^^S®_ti^__^ Chicago, St. Louis and
Dubuque via La Crosse ........ 05 a m (10:45 prn I'lißi^il^^l down-river points, 7:30
_t. Louis and Kansas City., '.^am *_:3o p m IB 61 1 1 1 111 .13111 I a. m Arrives from Chi
lalmurand Davenport 18:30 a m t(.:_op__r B 3 ■^fe*__^Vßigs»3 eai?o2-*-10 i> m Daily
Milbank and Aberdeen ...-__.. 18:2) a m +**_£.__ - |lS£^gPs^pM Lelves UniSn Der,of for
Milbank and Aberdeen ffc» p xxx r 7:» rx xa jgjf^ff^ ChtcagO and St. P Loui_! .
Minneapolis trains leave *8, +7*.__ a. m., IBRWOftSHir.I 7:400 "*• Arrives from i
2:15*3, +15:15 and +lo:so p. m. - Bfc—^-^^p^aj same" points 7:45 tun)*
_f ordetall ioformaUon call at ticket oflioei —- —Dolly. %-

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