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St. Paul daily globe. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1884-1896, January 07, 1894, Image 7

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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The above cut represents the size of the book. It is magnificently bound in blue and gold. Size of cover, 9x12. Size of page, B^xlOK.
__________________! — i _______________
This Remarkable Book Contains 529 Pages and
256 Photographic Views of the Great
Columbian Exposition.
— I■' "" i _______ ___mm-——*-—
--■ - **'• ';;,."';"' *rTf I WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION
Fkudixaxd W. Peck. Vice President- L -.-——* >^ -■-■
Robert A. W.u.i.Ki-.SecoiHl Vice President ( EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT.
llowakd O. Edmonds. Secretary. ) EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT.
CHICAGO, June igth, zSgj.
The Illustrations in this publication, issved by the Globe Bible Publishing Com
pany, of Chicago and Philadelphia, are from original photographs of the World's
Columbian Exposition, the use of which is authorized and permitted by the Exposition
management. H. N. HIGINBOTHAM, President.
Thirteen Original Buildings, , - War Ship Illinois,
Forty State Buildings, Lake Front, , t
Buildings of Nineteen Foreign Nations, Lagoon,Pavilions,Gardens,Fountalns,Statues
Court of Honor, Midway Plaisance and Its Scenes.
Opposite every illustration is a full-page description of the picture, making a complete
Literary, Historical and Pictorial volume. .
You Live the Exposition Over Again, or you see it reproduced in all its beauty and glory
in permanent form. An Ornament to the Finest Parlor in the land, and a Columbian Object
Lesson. The Great Work can be seen at the GLOBE Counting Room.
A PHOTOGRAPHIC PANORAMA of MAGNIFICENT BUILDINGS, fresh from the hands of genius; the wedded architecture of a wondering world; GLITTERING DOMES, TOWERS and PINNACLES, reaching
upward to the kisses of the sky. ARCHES delicate in design as spider's webs, or massive as tunneled mountains; INTERIORS exquisitely clear, each delicate detail admirably defined; EXHIBITS ranging
through every branch of science, art, agriculture, industry, ancient and modern; STATUES, the frozen thoughts of noble minds; FOUNTAINS jutting their jeweled jets in diamond strings; PAVILIONS of all
nations; FOREIGN VILLAGES, Streets, Theaters, Cafes Chantant, Race Types, Beauty Shows, Gondolas gliding over deep lagoons between snowy edifices, the Glittering Lake flashing back the glories of the sun,
wooded islands, and a thousand other attractions of the D&EAM CITY by Lake Michigan; a glorious book and a glorious subject. (-■
Size of picture, 6xß.
A Superb Volume of the WORLD'S CO-UMBIAN EXPOSITION, magnificently
illustrated with •*. grand collection of original cop yri_*litetl photosraplis, the use of
which is authorized aud permitted by the Exposition Management, comprising Dedication
Ceremonies. Oct. 22, 1892, iv Manufactures aud Liberal Arts Buildiug, Panoramic View of
the Exposition. ... ...*.
flflTipral FYtflVlAl* Vic*_C of the Administration Building, Machinery Hall, Agricultural
UOUCIQI DAIOIIUI lICWa Building. Manufactures and Liberal Arts or Main Buildiug.
Electricity Building. Mines and Mining Building, Transportation Building. Horticultural
Building, Woman's Buildiug, Art Building, Fisheries Building, United Slates Government
Building. . . ... ;..i
Pan AT Di*nfrt*f""" r'h"* of the "Court of Honor," Columbian Fouutnin.Electric Fount
. __Ul__lU* oiapil_o iapil_ a - _ Si Columbus Quadriga, Statue of the Republic, 00 feet high.
Wooded Island, Lagoons. ■:'-.'
ftPllAral FYfprifir PhAtmJrflT>h"l of ,he Forestry Building. Anthropological Building.
UCUDlttl -Alt'l.U. rliUlU^lapllb Dairy Building, leather Building. Peristyle ' Cafe aud
Music Hall, Laudiug Pier 2.500 feet in length, Ceutral Railroad Station. Choral Building.
Children';; Building. Battleship "Illinois" or Naval Exhibit, Stock Pavilion, Convent of La
Kabida, Krupp Guv Buildiug. - -* 7 ,- - " '.V 7
Photographs of the State Buildings and Their Exhibits c o c r fGa. ! ! 1 id c a 0
111., Ina., lowa, Kan.. Kv.. La.. Me.. Md., Mass.. Mich.. Minn., Miss., Mo.. Mont., Neb.. N.
H.. N. J.. N. V.. N. C. N. Dak.. Ohio. Ore.. Pa., It. I.', S. Dak.. Term.. N. Mex., Ariz., Oklo.,
Tex., Utah, Vt., Va., Wash., W. Va., Wis., Wyo., Ala.. Alaska., Nev., S. C, Del.
TntfipiAl* DhfttnrJranri-' Af P^hihito include many of the United States, also of Argen
llilGliUl rllUlUgldpili UI CiAUlUllb -me Republic, Australia. Austria, Belgium. Bo
livia, Brazil, British Guiana, Burmah, Canada, Cape Colony. Cape of Good Hope. Ceylon,
Chili. China. Corea, Costa Rica, Cuba. Denmark. Ecuador. Egypt, France, Germany. Great
Britain and Ireland, Greece. Guatemala, Hawaii, Havti, Holland, Honduras, ludia, Colom
bia, Italy. Jamaica. Japan, Java, Liberia.' Mexico, New South Wales, Nicaragua, Norway
and Sweden, Panama, Palestine. Paraguay, Persia, Portugal, Russia, San Domingo, Siam,
Siberia, Spain. Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela, Yucatan.
Viowc Af thfl FnT-oi-Jn Rnilrlintfc include Austria. Brazil, Canada, Ceylon, Costa Rica,
_18-_ UI lilt) rur.lgll DUUUl___ France, G.rmanv. Great Britain and Ireland, Guate
mala, Hnyti, India, Nicaragua, Norway aud Sweden.Russia, Siam, Spain, Turkey. Venezuela.
Photographs of the Side Shows io the Midway Plaisance _^%i\ lali___l1 a li___l
meyan, Turkish, Irish. German. Austrian Villages, Bushman's Cabin, International Cos
tume and Beauty Show. Dutch Settlement, Street In Cairo. Solomon's Temple. Blarney Cas
tle, Ferris Wheel, Egyptian Obelisk, Moorish Mosque. Turkish Minaret, Cycloramas, Pano
ramas, Menageries, Casinos, Cliff Dwellers, "Esquimaux, Arabs, Snake Charmers, Turks. Etc.
# SUNDAY, SINDAY, JAN. 7. 189 ..J _
J Name. ...«•....•••. .«•.••••«-*»•• .. *•«..... i
5 j
£ Street and Number. ..#*.. _
J Town and State. ....i' J
t Address"World's Fair Department," Daily Glebe, St. Paul, Minn €
A -*_*?■■ rite your name and address plainly on above coupon. A
"Shepp's World's Fair Photographed"
Is a Subscription Book sold at $4.50. The Globe has secured Exclusive Control in
St. Paul for this wonderful work, and, by .ordering a large edition, is able to make
these offers:
Any one sending in one Sunday Coupon and one Daily Coupon, together with
$2.50, will receive the volume. Or, if you do not buy the Sunday Globe, four Daily
Coupons of different dates and $,2.50 will secure the work. If sent out of town, the
party receiving it will have from 20 to 30 cents express charges to pay, on its receipt.
For Three Dollars the Book and One Monthly Subscription to the Daily and
Sunday Globe, by mail or carrier, will be given. For this sum the Book will be sent
to mail subscribers, express charges paid, and delivered free in the city.
For THREE DOLLARS the Weekly Globe will be sent One Year, and the
Book, express charges paid. .' •■'•■. ' .
These Offers are the Opportunity of a Lifetime.
The making of "Shepp's World's
Fair Photographed" has absorbed the
entire interest and energies of head,
heart and hand of the publishers, and
entails such a financial outlay as guar
antees the very best results that human
eyes can gaze upon. The official heads
of the Exposition Management would
not give the seal of their approval to any
thing but the best, and we think the
very best none too good for our
patrons. The photographs of the build
ings in this book stand out clear-cut as
cameos against the sky. Every nice de
tail of ornament and design is clearly
visible. Almost every mark of the chisel
reveals itself clear-cut as an intaglio.
Photographs of
the Exhibits.
In "Shepp's World's Fair Photo
graphed," the interior views of build
ings, pavilions and exhibits are distinct,
definite and beautiful, defying competi
tion. Nearly every country on the Globe
paid tribute to the World's Columbian
Exposition. Woman vied with man in
the splendid display made. Anchored
within the walls of the "White City
was a wealth of artistic and industrial
treasure, the purchase of which would
bankrupt the richest nation on earth.
From snowy Alaska to Cape Horn,
from the isles of the engirdling oceans,
from the nations of Europe and Asia,
and even from Africa and Australia,
glorious treasures were poured in in one
generous avalanche. Whatever human
intel igence could conceive, or human
skill execute, was found in these treasure
palaces of the world.
Huge trains drawn by palpitating en
gines, snorting in steam over thousands
of miles, bore these inexhaustible riches
to Chicago for many months. We bring
them to you in our wonderful book,
which, now that the World's Fair has
passed away, will remain not only a
souvenir, but a vivid panorama of the
most marvelous display of ancient
or modern times.

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