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— . __H__^_H_^H__H_HH___________Maati.___f^H
Excelsior Complexion Remedies
All Foreign aud Domestic Remedies Outclassed by Them.
The Hair Conquered.
Mme. MT Yale's
Its Mighty Ruler.
For the lirst time in the history of the
world gray hair is turned back to its original
color without dye. Mme. M. Yale's Excel
sior Hair Tonic has the marvelous power of
giving the natural coloring matter circula
tion, consequently restoring the gray hairs i
to their original color. Its complete mastery
over the human hair has created a sensation
all over the world that will never be forgot
ten, as its discovery has been hailed with
endless joy no more gray hair to worry
over, and no more necessity of using Injuri
ous hair dyes. Mme. Yale's skill as a chem
ist has never been equaled by man or woman !
—she stands alone a queen and conqueror. '
The whole world bows' down to her as a pio- I
neer and scientist. Excelsior Hair Tonic
will stop any case of falling hair in trom
twenty-four hours to one week. It is a guar
anteed cure tor any ailment ofthe hair or
disease of the scalp,
IT IS ABSOLUT PUKE, and can be
taken internally without injury. It contains
no'.hing greasy or sticky, has' a delightful,
delicate odor, and makes the most perfect I
hair dressing known for geueral use. It
will keep the hair in. curl for days, and cre
ates a luxuriant. growth.and preserves
Its natural coior until the end of your days.
After the hair has been restored to its natural
color it is not necessary to continue it except
for general use, as the hair grows its natural
color from the roots the same as when a
child. Every bottle is guaranteed genuine.
that every bottle is labeled Mme. M. Yale's
Sxcelsior Hair Tonic. Price, g1. 03 per bot
-2». li for 55.00.
s*. B .— By calling at any lirst-class druggist ladies may obtain a copy of Mme. M. Yale s
glauty Journal, just out, containing valuable hints on cultivating natural beauty, also a
fell list of Mme.. Yale's Complexion Remedies. All druggists sell and indorse these reme
aries. Address all correspondence to MME. M. YALE, Beauty and Complexion Specialist,
Temple of Beauty, Chicago, ill.
W. S. Getty, 348 Robert Street. A. T. Hall, St. Peter and Fifth* Wabasha
Reitzke & Co., The Albion. and Isabel.
B. J. Witte, 360 Market Street. Lathrop Mnssetter, Wabasha and Fourth
George Ticknor, Ryan Hotel Pharmacy. Noyes Bros. & Cutler.
P. H. Middents, Wabasha and Ninth. Ryan Drag Co., St. Paul.
- — ;*__**' -*
| ; ,^}%a: <&. •*' ,j-Af}V^J?W'Z, "
/^/' /y m
" J
100 dozen Ladies' Extra Fine 50-g-auge -*^§| Jffl
Maco Thread Hose, High Spliced Heels, v? *™^ (^
Double Soles and Toes, worth 50c aiggmjß&F
50 dozen Boys' Genuine Iron-Clad Hose, -0E& -4f^
best value ever offered; worth regularly, J? ■< f^ .
4 oc - for *^aa% i&®
85c French Mold Ventilating Summer & f&^
Corset, medium or extra long waist, frj ,Tri^^
for only
ico dozen Fine Heavy Pure Silk Mitts, last QP^
year's price 40c, for .fc.O'L'
75c Extra Heavy PUR% SILK GLOVES, A 0 0
reduced to .*-* jBOC_/
Half-Price This Week.
Wabasha St., Near Sixth St.
Mme. M. Yale's for Purity and
High-Class Merit.
So Say the National Judges on
Mme. M. Yale,the Pioneer
of Beauty Culture.
The whole world bows down to her mar
velous beauty and superior intellect. At 41
she does not look more than 18, a sweet
childish face of remarkable brightness and
fascinating expression; liquid eyes of a
fathomless depth fasten their gaze on one's
memory for all time, for once seen they can
never be forgotten. It would be impossible
for the greatest artist that ever lived to do
justice to Mme. Yale's exquisite complexion
and Ihe glorious sheen ot her golden hair.
Such tints exist in nature only, and cannot
be imitated.
Mme. M. Tale's Excelsior Complexion
Remedies are the only means by' which
natural beauty can be cultivated. Ladies
are cautioned against imitations.
Guaranteed to remove wrinkles. Mme.
Yale's Skin food feeds the dry and impover
ished skin and nourishes flabby flesh until it
becomes firm, healthy and youthful. It will
remove any case of wrinkles, it matters not
how old the person is or bow longstanding
the wrinkles. It comes in two sizes; price,
$1.50 and $_.
A guaranteed cure for any case of Freckles
iv existence. Everybody has heard of the
wonderful La Freeklo, the only cure for
Freckles in the world. One bottle is suffi
cient in most cases. It takes from three days
to one week to cure any case. A few appli
cations will remove tan and sunburn com
pletely. It always leaves the skin clear, bril
iant and beautiful. Price, $1.00.
**t W
The most prominent social events of
the nasi week were the Shaw-Hamilton
wedding and the Colonial May fete.
The slorm of Tuesday evening Inter
fered to such an extent with the latter
affair as to affect the attendance of what
was, notwithstanding* the bait night, one
of the most successful of long list of
benefit eutertalnmentSy
Weddings, of course, will not brook
lhe interference of storm and wind, and
the one celebrated at the Central Pres
byterian church was a very brilliant
Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Mills Hayes
gave the lirst of a series of three re
ceptions at their home on Pleasant
avenue, on Thursday afternoon. Mrs.
Hayes was assisted in receiving by
Mrs. Samuel Gilbert, of Chicago; Mrs.
C. C. Byrne, Mrs. S. McCook, Mrs.
John Farmington, Mrs. A. G. Brisbine,
Misses Hall, Smyth, Margaret Smyth,
Day, Wilder and Mitchell. In the
evening a number of young people
called and there was dancing. The
second reception will be on Thursday
afternoon of this week.
The choir of the Church of the Mes
siah very wisely postponed the sacred
concert that was to have been given on
Tuesday evening last (the night of the
severe storm) until tomorrow night,
when it will take place in the guild
hall, corner of Kent and Fuller streets.
Some of the selections to be given
by the choir are taken from the new
hymnal and it would therefore add to
the enjoyment of the music for the
audience it all would bring hymnals
with them.
A benefit musicale for Miss Florence
Marvin Pace will be given Thursday
evening, at Burlington Heights hall, in
whicli several local artists of note will
take part. Among the solo numbers on
the programme are a violin by George
L>auz, and a piano solo by Miss Mabel
Deniug. Mrs. Allan Krieeer, John
Williams, Percy Churchill, Will Lamp
and Miss S. C. Monen also contribute
numbers. An informal hop will follow
the musical programme.
The 'Mendelssohn- Quintette Club
Concert company, of Boston, Mass.,
will arrive in this city on Friday next
and give a concert at Stillwater on the
following Tuesday. This is probably
the last season' that the Mendelssohn
club will travel extensively, for Mr.
Ryan has accepted the directorship of a
large conservatory of music in Augusta,
('a., entering upon his new duties next
October. ,-
The members of the club will prob
ably go with him as teachers, but in the
future they will confine their concert
work to the neighborhood. The mem
bers of the quintette are Miss Lila Juel,
prima donna; Andre Verdier, concert
master and solo violinist; Arthur L.
Poole, second violin; Joseph Rooden
burg, flute and viola virtuoso; Ludwig
W. Hoffman, solo violin cellist, aud
Thomas Ryan, solo clarionet and viola.
A musicale will be given at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E, Mar
vin. St. Anthony Park Nortli, Thurs
day evening, May 24, in aid of St.
Matthew's Episcopal church. The fol
lowing programme will he rendered :
(a) March Espanola, Romero; (b) Waltz
Lindell, Sutorius, Twin City Mandolin
club; Musical Dialogue, duet, Mis.
Thompson and Mr. Colville;' Raff's
Cavatina, violin, Mr. Pompe; "Ausdie
mere Angere," Re.s. Mr. Colville;
Scene. "Richard 111.," Sanford
Dodge; Aria, "Mignou." Mrs. Col
ville; Trio,"Rest on this Mossy Pillow,"
Mrs. Marvin, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs.
Colville; "Father and Son," three act
comedy, Sanford Dodge; " 'Twas
April," Nevin, Mrs. Marvin; Mandolin
Quintette, (a) Waltz Oriental, Bellinghl,
lb) Spanish Gallopade, Romero.
A pleasant musicale was given at Mrs.
O. C. Ford's, of Goodrich avenue, last
evening in honor of Mrs. 1. M.
Cooke, of River Falls. Miss Alma A.
Hulda Voelsch presiding at the piano
with violin. and accompanied by Charles
Gleason with cornet. The solo by Mr.
Gleason w..s beautifully rendered and
charmed his hearers.
Fine display of Millinery during the
entire week, beginning Monday. May
21, at The Hai.kis Millinery Co.,
20 East Third Sireet.
Metropolitan Wednesday Evening
— House of the Good Shepherd.
The annual concert for the benefit of
the House of the Good Shepherd will
take place next Wednesday evening at
the Metropolitan opera house.
This is one of the most deserving
charities in the city, and should receive
every encouragement. __Q|
The gentlemen having the matter in
charge have spared no time or trouble
in their endeavors to make the concert
a financial and artistic success, and a
glance at the programme will show that
the high standard of previous years has
been fully sustained, all the participants
being among the best professional and
amateur talent in the city.
The tickets have been placed at the
uniform price of $1. and can be ex
changed at the box office for reserved
seats after Monday morning. Already
a sufficient number of tickets have been
disposed of to insure a large audience.
Following is the programme:
Programme for Good Shepherd con
cert, Metropolian opera house, Wedne
sday evening. May 23, 181*1: BTS
Quartette— "Gaudeamus"—
Mrs. Arthur ii. Rogers, Messrs. M. Keat
ing, Charles Morrow, John Gehan.
Violin Solo— "Lengeiide"..Wieniawski
Prof. Emil btraka.
Solo.Contralto— "Sunset". . Dudley Bunk
Miss Anna Campbell.
Mrs. William Morris.
Cello Solo— Andante Uolterroann
Prof. Emil K. Winkler.
olo— Soprano— "l Love My
Love" Alfred Pease
Mrs. Frederick P. Wright.
PART 11.
Apollo Circle Vita Palermitana
Misses Florence Owens, Mary Owens,
Lucy Bartles, Lotta Auklviii, Mary
Marshall, Jennie Lamprey, Lillian
Lamprey; Messrs. Edward Marshall,
John Marshall, Eugene Towle, Will
iam Benz, F. W. Van Vleek. Fred
erick Whitcomb, Edward Dorsey,
Lester Million. li. P. Smith.
Recitation — ! Original
Irwin J. Bcae ( nt.
Soprano Solo. ''Angels Serenade". Braga
Miss Sarah Meaiev. •".,-■..
Violin Ol'ligato G. Yon Ooetzeii
Bass Solo Prof. A. De C. Madeira
Tenor 5010.... T..M. Keating
Apollo Circle Selected
Accompanist, Miss Katherlne Collins.
Young Women's Friendly .-Issocia-'*!
tion KntertninniiMit .
The members of the physical training
class or" the Youna. Women's, Friendly,
association of this city weie the- -fin- .<i-?
of the Minneapolis Young Women's
Christian association last Wednesday
evening, and gave an exhibition drill in
fancy marching at the entertainment of
the Minneapolis class in the gymnasium
of the Young Men's Christian associa
tion. The affair was a success, and the
young women of both cities did excel
lent work. Next Sunday evening the
St. Paul association will entertain the
members of the Minneapolis class, who
will take part in the entertainment to be
given at the rooms of the Young Wom
en's Friendly association, .corner Sev
enth and Jackson streets. The follow
ing Is the piogramme for the evening:
Music, selected, by trio ; from -McCoy
sisters' mandolin orchestra; Swedish
exercise, physical training class; dumb
bell drill, physical training class; club
Swinging, Miss Mayhew: fancy march
ing, : physical training class;? music,
selected, by" trio from McCoy .sisters'
mandolin orchestra; wand drill, physical
training class; Pizicatti chorus, dumb
bells, class Irom Young Women's
Christian association. Minneapolis;
club swinging, physical tram ing class;
music, selected, by trio from McCoy
Sisters mandolin orchestra.
An interesting event in Odd Fellow
circles during the past week was the
marriage of William Jones and Miss
Laura Christie, which occurred at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. aud
Mrs. A. Christie, 1131 Fauquier street,
on Tuesday evening, May 15, at Bp. m.
The ceremony was performed by the
Rev. C. Dickinson, pastor of the
Atlantic Congregational church, and
was witnessed by about seventy-five
relatives and friends of the contracting
parties. The bride was attired in a dress
of golden brown silk, trimmed with
real lace, and carried a bouquet of
flowers. After the ceremony congratu
lations followed, and the guests enjoyed
a wedding supper. The presents were
numerous and costly, ami attested the
high esteem in which the young couple
are held by their friends. Mr. and Mrs.
Jones will' oe at liome after June 1, at
1129 Fauquier street.
At a meeting held in C. S. P. S. hall,
! corner West Seventh street and West
i crn avenue. Friday evening last. May
18, it was decided to have a camp of the
[ Modern Woodmen of America organ-
I ized in that locality, so that the work
ingmen and business men of the Fifth
ward may have a safe, sure and per
manent protection for themselves and
families. A charter list was opened,
and a large number of signatures ob
tained. The list will be circulated for
signatures till Tuesday evening. May
29, when the camp will be duly organ
ized at the same hall. The fee for
charter members is nominal. . It is ex
pected to organize with forty members.
Frank L. Bixby, the manager of the
Grand, is as popular with his tenants as
he is with playgoers, ana as acting land
lord has made innumerable friends. In
proof of this the tenants of the Grand
Opera House block yesterday waylaid
him in a body and presented him with a
handsome and serviceable silk-finished
mackintosh as a mark of their friend
ship and their appreciation of the man
ner in which lie had ever treated them,
and as a souvenir by which to remember
them when lie is making the dramatic
circuits of the country. rn-.!
Myrtle Temple, P. S. No. 2, initiated
one candidate at the last meeting:.? Ar
rangements have been completed for a
calico hop on May 21. The sisters will
kindly be at the temple at 7:3U'to:trans
act some special business. . o-.ri: •■:
Miss Furey, of Dayton avenue, gave a
progressive euchre Wednesday even
ing for hei* guests, the Misses, Creigh
ton, of Omaha. ■*„'. '-..••Vd
Little Willie Ilutcliins entertained a
number of his friends Friday' afternoon
in honor of his third birthday.' ,
..! 1 ■ - •'■''■- -'■ ' ■-■-■■ "-»' HJ 1
Don't fail to see the fine Millinery
display at 20 East Third Street, Harris.
St. Patrick's Total Abstinence soci
ety and ! the Ladies' auxiliary invite
their friends to a lawn festival whicn
will be held next Wednesday, evening.
May 23, on the grounds surrounding the
parochial residence, corner Case and
Mississippi streets. A variety of choice
refreshments will be served, and the
Fort Snelling military orchestra will
furnish the music. A large attendance
is already assured, aud an enjoyable
evening is anticipated.
The St. Paul Bethel association will
hold its annual meeting on Thursday,
May 24. at 8 p. in., at the residence of
Mrs. Newport, 217 Summit avenue?
The work of the association for the
past year will be fully reviewed, and the
plans for the future discussed. All
bethel workers and their friends will
be interested. - *^:> ..: :
The young people's society of the
First Methodist church are planning a
social, to be given in the church parlors
Friday evening, June 1, which will be
well worth attending. One of the
many attractions will ■be the decora
lions. The rooms will be prettily
lighted by Chinese lanterns.
Tlie ladies of the Garfield W. R. C.
will give an experience social Friday
evening. May 25, at Garfield Post hall,
350 East Seventh street. There will be
dancing and games. All other corps
and posts and Sons of Veterans and
friends are cordially invited. Admission
10 cents.
Cards arc out announcing the wed
ding of Miss Mabel Gravel, daughter of
F. X. Gravel, of tins city, to George C.
Lambert, of the St. Paul bar, and
formerly of the firm of Willrich & Lam
bert. The knot will be tied at St. Louis
church Wednesday evening at 5 o'clock.
The ladies of the First Presbyterian
church will give one of their delightful
entertainments Thursday evening, May
24, at corner Lincoln and Grotto streets.
Everybody is cordially invited.
Mr. andoMrs. J. Ralph Van Duzer,
of Middletown, N. V.. who have been
making a tour of the .lutes, have been
the guests oi'SMrs. 1. T. Van Duzer,
Van Slyke place, the past week. _ . , -•
The Eighth company of the Boys' bri
gade will give an entertainment at 'the
Central _>;. E. church Thursday 'even
ing. Refreshments will be served mir
ing the evening. - : a •*-'
The ladieo of Garfield Women's Relief
Corps will serve free dinner May 30,
Memorial day, to all old soldiers .and
Sons of Veterans. ' v.;-*,*! .-■■:■
The many friends of Mrs. Elsie "Rey
nolds, in California, will be pleased "to
hear of her safe arrival at Mrs. flask-el's.
in St. Paul. , _»c--i3i
Squire Powell, of Suiitliville,' Mo., is
visiting his daughter, Mrs. ' A.
Moore, I*-*. East Fourteenth strtieU--
Miss Queen Arey, who gave a very
artistic portrayal of the "Fairy Queen,''
in the recent production of the
"Brownies in Fairyland," at the Peo
ple's church, has been invited lo accept
the role in the same cantata at Minne
apolis during the present week.
Mrs. M. E. Ferrey and sister, Miss
Davidson, have returned from spending
the winter in California and are at
home to their friends at bl2 A.- bland
avenue. ~
The Misses Creighton. who have been
visiting-Miss Furey for -tue pa>t ". two
week.-, have returned lo their home in
Umaua. :"- ? .:-.*. P
Mrs. 11. P. Hail and daughter have
returned to St. Paul, and iiu- family are
settled at the Marlborough.
Mr. and. Mrs. C. A ? Rose, of ßedford:
sireet. left last Thursday . lor •a • trip
through lowa and Illinois. ...'. -?■.. 3 .."•.-: *-
C. H. Wairen, of Hie Grent North
ern road, and family left la^t nignt on
a 11*1 ) > fur Europe. '
Mrs S auia!].. of 822 Selby kiveiiue. is
visitiriirfrieiiiis in New Vi ii i-.iv anil
laltl ./.. 1... •.,.- ..-..- „., I ...Z ....,-_
'-' ? ; X rs. '11 M.'nsFistiT :ml daughters
leave tei thu ___._t iuio evL'oii.g. ,; -•'.-•
HUIrIRS. • "-HHO I HERS*. ."OHOI.HLRS:; "onuihEßS. l
KUiHUiS. • I ciWiHLRS»- 'ijfiUlHlß:*, ■BROTHERS. M
The enormous difference between ascribed previous values and
present prices in many of our sales this season has struck many with
astonishment, and a few may, parhaps, have been ungenerous enough
to receive these strong statements with skepticism, but the tale we have ]
to tell in regard to these Skirtings is more wonderful than anything we
have hitherto said, yet it is strictly true.
We will offer tomorrow the sample pieces of a manufacturer's
agent, 118 in all, 45-INCH EMBROIDERED SKIRTINGS, ecru wiih
colors and white with colors, none of which have been retailed for
less than $1.75 a yard, while many of them have been $3.50.
All alike go tomorrow for (59 Cents a yard. Further comment
on this would be superfluous. Do not trust to finding any of them
in the afternoon. _£§
Millinery Department.
TRIMMED HAT SALE. Special clearing sale of early styles In
fine Trimmed Hats for three days. All our choice Trimmed Spring
HATS AND BONNETS, the former prices of which have been
$7.50, $8.50 and $10.00. Clearing price, $4.48 each.
All our choice Trimmed Spring HATS AND BONNETS, the former
prices of which have been $15.00, $18.00 and $20.00. Clearing
price, $9.98.
Children's School and Dress Hats at Special Prices.
On exhibition tomorrow, the m ost extreme styles and novelties in
SUMMER MILLINERY at extremely reas or.able prices.
Silks — May Silk Sale.
98c a yard for lovely Navy Blue Louisine Silks with hair lines of
white, gold and cardinal; $1.50 a yard has been the regular price.
If you want a stylish Summer Dress or Waist, see these on Mon
day. They will go quickly at 98c a yard.
88c a yard for beautiful NOVELTY TAFFETA GLACE SILKS.
Especially designed for pretty Waists and Dresses. A round price
o/88c a yard for over one hundred pieces. The . former prices
ranged from $1.25 to $2.00 a yard. We doubt if any such variety
of designs and colorings can be had elsewhere. Take special
note of the price. It is for this week only. 88c a yard, worth up
to $2.00 a yard.
THE DICTUM OF FASHION is that to be in high style you must
have a BLACK MOIRE SILK SKIRT to be worn with fancy silk
waists. To go with the silks at 98c and 88c a yard, you can take
your choice of ten different styles of BLACK MOIRE SILK on Mon
day at 98 Cents a Yard.
$1.50 a yard would be cheap for any of them. This price holds
good all the week. 98c for choice of ten styles $1.50 grade
Black Moire Silk.
EXTRA SPECIAL FOR 50c A YARD— IO pieces, 500 yards, very
heavy White and Cream JAPANESE HABUTAI SILK, over three
quarters of -a' yard wide, and every yard worth 85 c to $1.00.
Ask to see our specialty.
To be had here only. Price, $1.00. Width, 24 inches.
BLACK HABUTAI SILKS, 29c, 39c, 50c, 65c, 79c, worth nearly
double these prices.
.'.„'. We respectfully suggest and recommend shopping in the forenoon
when convenient.,: We are always rushed afternoons in our bright,
busy silk department. :,-. *
_ .^-If"'* , -—a-*-*-*-*-— — -— ■ Ml
Colored Dress Goods.
Choice of a variety of Dress Patterns of most excellent fabrics at
an immense discount from opening prices. The discount in many
cases amounts to a cutting of the price in two. There are many
valuable imported dresses among them — valuable in the sense of
being high grade, fashionable materials, but the prices are now so
low that you might be apt to underestimate their real worth. See
the Dresses we offer for $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00 and s6.oo.
FINE FRENCH CHALLIES have been remorselessly cut, and
there are among them dozens of the most beautiful styles of the
season. The best 60c Ch allies are this week 39 Cents a yard.
SUNDERLAND SERGES are pleasant to handle and pleasant to
write about, for they are of the things that are true and dependa
ble through and through. Whether you intend journeying by sea
or land, you will find you can rely on our Sunderland Serges. We
all thought them cheap some time ago at a dollar a yard, but our
special price now is 59 Cents.
Black Dress Goods.
Our Best Black Goods have not escaped the rage for reductions.
Our finest imported Dress Patterns have been cut down. You can
buy them this week at one-third less than the prices of the begin
ning of the season.
We offer many of our most desirable summer fabrics at less than
cost. This is the case with LACE BORDER CAMEL'S HAIR GREN
SILK STRIPE VEILING. These wen imported to sell for $1.50.
Our price on Monday is 85 Cents for choice of any of iham.
Best Seaside Grenadine, 40 inches wide, for $1.50; 46 inches
wide, finest quality, for $1.75.
Ladies Furnishings.
Bridal Trousseaux form a very important part of the business of
this department. Orders are executed with special cars. The
designs for Nightgowns and fine undergarments which we are
prepared to show are among the most bewitching produced in
France. We invite attention to recent styles in Chemises, Fancy
Drawers and Negligees just received.
infants' Dresses and Dresses for Children of 2, 3 and 4 years are
specialties to which we give much attention. They are hand-made
and the best of their kind.
Have you seen our new styles in Dotted Swiss or Lawn Sun Bon
nets and French Caps for Infants ? They are quite pretty and
distinctly novel. •'*,
CUR CORSET Department leads and eclipses any other of the
same kind in the Twin Cities. Our Corsets are the best in the
market. The Fasso is acknowledged queen of Corsets in Europe
and America. We show a medium-priced Corset, modeled after
the Fasso; white, $2.50; black, $3.00.
HER MAJESTY'S CORSETS lead all others in reliability and elegance at the
pri'ts tor which they are sold. They are absolute'y unbreakable, aid never
lose their shape. The j are highly recommended for stout ladies, try them,
a-d you will never t use any other.
Ruth Summer Corsets this week, 50Ca Thomson's Summer Corsets, $1.00.
Black Summer Cor els, $1.00. •**• P. Summer Corsets, $1.75.
If you are n'.srssied In fine Combination Suits, observe this- We will sell,
b3ji.-mi.-iy McnJny an I continuing until we are all sod, our well-known Phyl
lis Sea I.lsnl G-t'on Combination Suits in these various shapes— Low Neck
Slave ess, Hig< Neck -Sleeve ess. Hinh Neck Short Sleeves, High Neck Long
Sleeves. Ecru; Cream or Fast. Blade; fie prion of which have been 53. 50 io
54.75, accor. J iny to size, all nt S2«'so J** 9 **' garment; We will at the same
time se lour $9 07<jJii i'.y.Phylii i Pure Si Combinations for $5,00 each.
* - - i - -.-■■ /- : t j*.- ----- : ' *" '"°- _ - -
Mens Fum/shmg Goods Dept.
A: Everything corno-e for summer wear. ? Negligse Shirt-, Fine Wo:l or Cotton
;'.-' '•;'. Undirwea-, ; alt-Hose, hight", hirts. Pajamas. Suspended". Neckwear, Collars
':' : and Cuffs, Cress?, hirts, -'* bath „ hobes, Handkerchiefs,' etc. Best ' Materials,
.-■iA' I i:.est Finish, lows3i Prices. '■*?'.;;; ■*■ "-.
Butteric'iA Patterns f:r. . ummer are n * -** here. We are sole agents in St. Paul.
'- ._--------_-_---W--H^-_-_.^i-------Mltlll. Jl.** llll'l -_-----*-_■«----«■ #----- j... *~— «—~l
'-. IN OUR.
No matter what class of CARPETS, RUGS or MATTINGS you are
considering, we are prepared to supply then?. Our stock is com
plete in all grades of Carpetings, from WILTONS, AX MINSTERS
and BRUSSELS to the cheapest Ingrains. We offer many private
patterns and exclusive colorings at low prices. When you con
sider that all our goods are clean and new it will be evident we
are in a position to interest you.
We place on sale Monday several new styles in Japan Mattings.
We have also a choice line of China Mattings at 15c, 20c and 25c.
We ask an examination of our Carpet Department.
Drapery and Furniture Department.
We have never commenced a season so well equipped in this de
partment as we are at this time.
We have a choice assortment of beautiful Cretonnes and Mu&*
lins for Summer Draperies which will be found quite inexpensive
and very artistic. Our stock includes Madagascar Grass Curtains
and dainty Cotton Stripes for Lake Cottages in varied assortment.
OUR HAMMOCK PILLOWS at 49c and 79c are very cheap, and they
are going fast.
On Monday and Tuesday we will sell—
$5.00 Chenille Curtains for , $3.50
$6.00 Chenille Cut tain* for $4.50
1 -Panel Oak Screens, to cover fireplace .... $!,59 each
3-Panel Oak Screens $4.69 each
These are bargains. We doubt much if better values have ever
been offered in St. Paul, even at assignee or closing-out safes.
We offer excellent specials in RUFFLED and POINT D' ESPRIT
Our odd pieces and sets of Upholstered and Fancy Furniture are
particularly attractive at the reduced prices for which we offer
We reupholster Old Furniture at low prices.
Cloak Department.
Ready-to- Wear Tailor-Made Gowns in many handsome styles, all
new; the most complete assortment ever shown in St. Paul.
Our No. 998 Serge Suit in the popular Ascot style is the best for
the money in these cities. In fact, it is worth much more, but ii
is our leading number, and is sold very low.
Another suit in the Tuxedo style, which we sell for $12.50, has
proved very popular, and we have great difficulty in keeping up the
assortment of sizes. The Jacket of the Suit is siik-lined and silk
A Suit in the Ascot style at $13.50 has also proved an immense
seller. The Jacket is silk-lined, and, like the Skirt, is trimmed
with braid. These last two suits are both made of 12-ounce Serge,
in navy blue and black.
Our stock of DUCK and GALATEA Suits is very full, and our trade
in them has already been surprisingly large.
We are offering the balance of our stock of SPRING CLOAKS for
Women, Misses and Children at prices low enough to close them
all out.
Children's Dresses of all kinds will be sold cheap.
Wash Fabrics.
Our low prices on Cotton Dress Goods have awakened wide-spread
interest. The difference between the prices at which we offer the
most popular goods in the market and those ordinarily asked else
where is so great that very few are at a loss where to buy. Even
the wholesale jobbers do not beat our prices. New goods come in
every day.
Elegant designs in Printed French Organdies will be shown on Mon
day. We sell 32-inch ZEPHYR GINGHAMS, as fine as David and
John Anderson's or any other you can find, for (5c a Yard-
Kid GlovesA
We show the strongest stock of Fine Kid Gloves in the Northwest. We hare
the REYN'IER, TREFOUSSE and PERRIX Gloves in the new colorings
and full lines of sizes. *
Everything new in Trimmings can be found in this department. We have fine
Jet Trimmings in all widths, and Scale Jets in a variety of pretty styles.
Notion Department.
STERLING SILVER BELT BUCKLES. 925-1000 fine, with ornamental
slide, to match bucde, and catch; special price, $1.19-
A bare list of the bargains in our Action Department would more than fill our
entire space. You can positively save money here in anything you may wish
to buy.
MAIL ORDERS are always welcomed and filled at lowest special prices.
OUR NEW CATALOGUE for spring and summer is now ready, and will
be mailed to any address outside of the Twin Cities free of charge.
Sixth and Robert Streets, St, Paul, Minn.
•y^'--™ ' ■ " j ■ ; ■ _ " — i■- ii— -—^
"•*"■*•' m a a^__* m m m \>- m m DEI irT P
Will Be Sold Out at Retail.
Wholesale Prices !
The entire stock will be sold as advertised. Come early in the week and get bet bap.
"-"• ' Ketail Prices. Sale Prices.
Trimmed lints. Toques and mr- /-,/■»
I'onnets gio.oo JpOaUU
Trimmed Data and ma en + _ cpo Af,
Toques 53.00 to 55.00 ....Jpl.OU 10 JpO.UIJ
21.'i dozen Untrimmed Hat! I r-r\ a. m. O"**
Ladies' and Children's, all styles J* si. 03 to 52 53 .... OUC 10 <J)l.__iO
25 dozen Leghorn "".' -__-./*- a.
ants s ,ja 50 Cants •
Wire Frames— Toques I O Cents, flats. . *n Ccuta
avjdozeu Flower*, nil kind*, nt just one half what you pa", at a retail store.""
fill* and Velvet ltoses. all colors, worth SI.OJ. sell nt "iii Cent-,.
I'.lbboiis and Laces, nil kinds, colors aud bine!., at
Sale Begins Tomorrow Morning, May 7th,
""faai-iaotiircr and Importer or Pattern Lints.
Served to order at our new parlors.
ITU""*' fi_ E_l Butter, Eggs. Milk.
I* - H"C B~~_,__^9 II Cream— anything in
* "V a-***- 7 ■ * the Dairy line.
J. TUOR & CO., New Dairy,
461 St. Feter Street.
- Examinations made nud estimates given
wit luitt charge- s'li Endicott Arcade
Robert Streel Entrance. "S*»* •:■'-:
CURED pay.
Finnncial Keferenco:—
Fibst National Bans.
We refer you to
•*,SU9 patient*-.
No operation. No detention from business
Written guarantee to absolutely Cure all
kinds Knpture ot either sex without use of
knife, from one to three weeks, uo matter of
bow long standing- Examination Free.
"jj-y-'Sfinl (or Circnlar. "-„.
11l O. i:.'IILI.KH CO., Suit 5111 Guar
anty Loan Building, - Minneapolis, Mini

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