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Tv;o Train Wreckers Impli
cated in the Heafford
Junction Wreck.
Cue of the Prisoners Gives
Full Details of Their Dia
bolical Conspiracy.
Duluth Forg-er Is Wanted by
Chicago Police for a New
Merrill Wis.. Oct. 31.—Wholesale
murder and express robbery was the
motive tiiat inspired the recent train
wrecKing on the "Sao" road. Two men
charged with the murder of one man
who lost his life'by the wreck, were
given a DrHJmitiarv bearing today and
held tor trial. One of the prisoners has
confessed, and his story details the
methods pursued to derail the through
Minneapolis-Boston limited, near lleaf
fdid Junction. 011 the night or Oct. IT.
In the crash Fireman Charles Cottrill
was instantly killed an 1 Engineer
James Duich seriously injured. Tins
-plan was to cause a wreck that would
kill every person on the train and then
rob the sate in the express car, as it was
supposed the safe contained a lance
sum of money. The wan whu confessed
is Leavitt Hiizleton, about twenty years
old, wi.o claims to be a resident ot
Braiiicrd, Minn. His companion is
Frank Williams, a short, thickset man,
who claims to iiave relatives and friends
at Appleton, Wis. Williams stoutly
maintains that he knows nothing of the
The otlicers traced these men from
Minneapolis to this city. On Sent. 30
they broke into and stoic an oil coat and
overcoat at ih«> tool house at Prentice.
That night they sawed a bridge near
that place, but owing to the short time
iv which they hf»d to do the work, it was
not complete, and the train passed over
safely. Tlie following week's time wtis
spent between Prentice and Rhine
lander. On Oct. v they were seen in
Riiinelander. and there purchased some
groceries. On Oct. 7 they sawed tne
piles and string* rs of the high bridge
near Heattonl /unction, and the west
bound passenger train wvnt crashing
down a 'J.Vtoot emo.iMKinent. The
train was running stow, so tlie wreck
was not as complete as the wreckers ex
pected. The uajecase. smokine and
day coaches and two sleepers were not
broken, and none of the passengers
were hurt. Oil (let It Sheriff Patzer
received a te.e*ram from the station
agent at irtna to look out for two sus
pieious-laoking characters. That iiucht
the sheriff, accompanied by others, sta
tioned himself about « miie from the
city, near Lakeriew, and about lo
o'clock two nun appeared. They were
ken into lu.i.oly, an 1 were fouiid to
by heavily armed. The Soo oflicials
were notified and detectives put on
their rase. '! !;e men wen- sentenced for
tliir'.y days for carrying concealed
GeMen Medical
Cures Ninety-eight per cent, of aU
cases of Consumption, in all its
Earlier Stages.
Although by many believed to be in
curable, there is the evidence of hun
dreds of living witnesses to the fact that,
in all its earlier stages, consumption is a
curable disease. Not every case, but a
large percentage of cases, and we believe,
fully gSpcr<cnt. are cured by Dr. Pierces
Golden Medical Discovery, even after
the disease has progressed so far as
to induce repeated bleedings from the
lungs, severe lingering cough with co
pious expectoration (including tubercu
lar matter), great loss of flesh and ex
treme emaciation and weakness.
Do you doubt that hundreds of such
cases reported to us as cured by "Gold
en Medical Discovery" were genuine
cases of that dread and fatal disease?
You need not take our word for it. They
have, in nearly every instance, been so
pronounced by the "best and most ex
perienced home physicians, who have
no interest whatever in misrepresenting
them, and who were often strongly prej
udiced and advised against a tfjal of
"Golden Medical Discovery," but who
have been forced to confess that it sur
passes, in curative power over this fatal
malady, all other medicines with which
they are acquainted. Xasty cod liver
oil and its filthy " emulsions " and mix
tures, had been tried in nearly all these
cases and had either utterly failed to
benefit, or had only seemed to benefit a
little for a short time. Extract of malt,
whiskey, and various preparations of the
hy;;opho?phites had also been faithfully
tried in vain.
The photographs of a large number of
those cured of consumption, bronchitis,
lingering- coughs, asthma, chronic nasal
catarrh and kindred maladies, have been
skillfully reproduced in a book of i6c
pages which will be mailed to your ad
dress for six cents in stamps. Address
for Book. World's Dispensary Med
ical Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
rfSAO'^—— n«j mm Tm " J jwjl— B
13 THE 1 to 4 DAY CURE."fcA
At Druggists or sent with Syringe for ?i.oo.
"Injection Malyrtor isTHFTIiKSTof all similar
ferned.Pß." I>r- HKNRY BENY. Biddeford, Me,
JJALYDOP. MFG. CO., Lancaster, 0..U.5! A.
"It will all come out
in the wash," «
if you use Pearlinc
» ' ■
j€s?34w Vnil '*5 0'iarebe£, n hnmbuggredbythe "Electric Belts," • Fellow Sufferer,""Doing."
j&i*^^. IUU Crayon," Troches" •• Vacuum," "Free Cure" Quacks, and who have found
€ $3& *-t J onrsei f f rowl"«f older and worse YOU who have given up in despair aying
B*Am, sSSl am °o<>m. e.a< there *• "• h »Pe for ■»<■' *° ?•» I «»7« who are sinkingint"- early
fI&MpaKS <frave, or dnttin? ui>on ashon-less sea of sickness and iiiisfortime IP. nnd SiJ*.~VlB
JEST ■S-OTTEtSJEJXjFI Tll££KlSUUl>£! Tl33B^jqiiis'Jsi! ©TT^J-HB
PERFECT manhood rested
Od&MisI&LE&V' * m* ?u !! hi!lorof JOII"««j »"<1 for QCESTION LISTS and 180 P«jc Took. My res<mrce 6 «re hound
- a»Bgfae*». mysk.l, i^reit. I h.Tecoredl thousands. I C*N CVRE tOl\ Tw^ntJ years' *iperi«ce. ir AFFLICT.
weapons. Lnst Wednesday th«y were
taken before Court Com;: iss oner
Helms, charged with the murder of
Fireman diaries Cottrill. They plead
ed not utility, and their examination
was set for today.
Last Friday Leavitt Hnzh ton slpnl
ed his willingness to confess. lIU
statement was taken before Ed Kleutz,
notary public, in the presence of Sheriff
Patter, District Attorney Anderson and
F. X. liotze.
llazletou says: "About dark we set
to work with the purpose of wreckjug a
passenger train so that we coula roe
the express car. We expected that the
wreck would be much worse than it
was. We expected the cars would all
be thrown trom the tracK, smashed up.
and Hie passe tigers and train crew all
killed, so that we would have no one to
prevent us troin accomplishing our pur
pose. We luougnt mostly of the- money
we would get, and not of the loss of
lite. We began work west of the cen
ter of the bridge. We cut all the
stringers across the bridge, and two
sets ot them at the ends,and then sawed
tne piles or posts upon' which"- they
u-j»U;U. We also cut a brace. Alter
a Hum passed over we sawed
one of the outside ; posts, and
another brace, took Hie bolts (Mil of the
h'sliulates, pulled the spikes next to the
hsTiplmea and removed the bolts from
Luc fishplates at each end of the bridge
until the westbcui.u passenger train
came and broKe through the bridge.
Wo were on tiie south side ot the track
on tiit; east end of the bridge when i tie
crash came. Then we walked westward
to the point where the wreck wns. We
heard some one crying, 'Are you bun?'
Tlie other man answered 'A little.'
Tlieu we heard some one crying out
again. We did not wait to hear more.
A man was coming towards ii*, and
mat scared me out. We walked away,
and went down pretty near to the. next
town on tile Chicago, Milwaukee & St.
Paul track and weal into a hay bain.
We remained there three days and then
Maned. tor Merrill."
WiilTEU.\.\ iiAb FL.KD.
Duluth Furger is v anted by Chi-
ciig'u l*o.ice lor a .tew Swindle.
Chicago, Uct. 31. — '-There is no
douot U;at ex-beuator Alouzo J. Wnite
man, of Minnesota, Hie forger and race
tiacK 'welalier,' lied to Europe a lew
days ago uu the steamer Ems," said
supi. Murray, or the Piuiieiiau agency
"\nien Harry Conway was arrested
some Uine ago on UN) cuarge of ueiuj;
tiupiicciicii in avMuulmg the National
ljuiiK. 01 Hie KepUUIIC out ot 9-MU, W liue
an at once aisuppcaieu. Scvoal Huya
ego Citu wuy cour«.-.->sv;u, ana said lint
in uitciuan was ills uai in robbing the
u.uik. vv c baa not &u.speciea vViniemiiu
01 tuc crime at ail, mm so nad not. uecii
looking lor nun, ana con way's tulotiua
liou c.ime 100 lute io do us any good."
A man who is well acquainted with
\V niieinan sent ins Uitumuer to Europe
011 lite ji.tiis. As lie waved ncr goou-oye
WUttU luM sieainer lett the dock, lie saw
V* lnleiLi.iu auiudiiiii on me decK 01 me
vessel, ihe loiter Waved ms iiuiiu 111
adieu to ins acquainiauce, wnuiutoiiued
u» 01 Hie occuncuce."
KNLi-^ ta I'iilCKY.
How He Drove a Leading Keptib-
Mean From tiuj Party.
Special to the Globe.
Hallock, Oct. 31.—A surprise party
was in store for the Republican leaders
<f ;h; Ked river valley on Monday
morn in it, when it was learned that lion.
James Ford, chairman of the Kittsun
county board of county commissioners,
who is, by the way, a life-lons
Republican, had publicly taken up
the light against Kuute Nelson, who
aicaiu aspires to be governor. Chairman
Ford was interviewed by a Globe re
/tier today, and askeed the grounds
fr :iis iltisiroioii of Km te Nelson and
his party. Mr. Ford did not hesitate
a moment to give his reasons, which are
as follows: He said: "You remember
at the time the drainage bill was passed
for the Red river valley a clause of said
bill provided for the appointing by the
chairman of the board of county coin*
missioned of a resident of said "county
to look after the work to be done in
said county. On the.2Bth day of last
June Gov. Nelson nuiitied Auditor
Gunnarsou, of this county, that the ap
pointment it as to be made July 1. The
letter went to the auditor and was then
forwarded to me, which was received
one day after an inspector was
to have been appointed, In the
first place he only allowed two days for
nit to get his letter and to appoint a
man whose interests were with the
farmer, and as no such letter could ex
pect to be lorwarded to me anil answer
given in that time, the governor at once
appoints Capt. Donaldson, one of J. J.
Hiii's employes, as such representative
of the taxpayers."
We ml Donaldson does not and has
not in many years paid a collar of tax
in the county in which he lives; yet he
can make more noise for the Republi
cans thau any other man in the party.
Mr. Ford stated that ''Knute Nelson's
action in this matter only convinced
him the more that he was the
favorite of the railroads, and would at
all times work to their interests, instead
of the tillers ol" the soil, and that his
acts, which were evidently pren:edi
ated, were enough to convince every
.rue Republican that a chance in the
lOiveruor's chair was most essential."
Mr. Ford is very emphatic in this mat
ter, and will use his influence against
Knots Nelson for governor. He is tree
to state that the delay of said letter was
intentional on the part of the gov
ernor, so that he could have Jim Hill's
man Donaldson appointed.
said to Be Sought by the Pnget
Sound Country.
Wkst Sipekior, Wis., Oct. SL—F.A.
Lingham, of Jolianesbunr, Africa, is
negotiating with Capt. McDouj?all, of
the American Steel Barge coniDany,
w h reference to chartering the steam
r Uity or Ev«reit for the lumber trade
between African ports and Puget sound.
Mr. Llngtuua is also negotiating with
the barice company lor the construction
of new vessels for this lumber trade,
which he says is becoming very im
portant. The company will build s«v
eral vessels designed especially for the
lumber trade if Mr. Llntrham and asso
ciates will make a contract of a satis
factory nature. Details of the irausac
tkm will be made hi New York.
Blue Earth Farmer Killed.
Special to the Globe.
Maxkato, Minn., Oct. 31.—While
driving home last night John Hasiip
fell from a wagon and was killed. His
horses went directly home and he was
found under a watron box. Ue was a
farmer sixty-two years old.
The marriage or W. W. Uibbs. of St
James, to the daughter of Elder Staf
ford at the M. E. church, occurred at 7
o'clock this evening.
It Weakened the Wheat Mar
ket and Knocked 1-2 Cent
Off Prices.
With Heavy Offerings and
Little Demand—Provis
ions Firmer.
Prices Irregular, Grangers
Monopolizing* the Activity
—Close Heavy.
Chicago. Oct. 31.—Weak domestic
markets and an increase in the world's
visible supply weakened wheat today
and knocked j 2 c off the price of Decem
ber. Corn followed, closing J b 'c lower
for May, and May oats sympathized to
the extent of ? H c. Provisions were dull,
but firm and siiirhtly higher.
Wheat was less bullish at the opening
than it was r.t the close of the market
yesterday. Before 12 o'clock there was
a break of %c in the price of May corn
that brought about a heavier feeling in
wheat, and a decline In the latter to
57% c for May. December, which had
opened at ht% c bid and sold as hieh as
52% c, got down to 52^@Kc on the de
cline last referred to, and it was cling
ing around the bottom price, of the fore
noon when Bradstreet's visible figures
came in. The looked for report of the.
world's visible in some respects more
than satisfied the previous estimates
concerning it. It showed a gross in
crease in the world lor the week of
4,35G.0C0 bu. The selling increased and
prices declined. ':~-'i~-'
Country offerings of new corn for for
ward delivery were said to bu more lib
eral, and less desire was evinced to
cover short sales mad;! as hedges against
previous tor ward sales of new corn.
May opened at 51}« c, with sales at the
same time at 51^<gdl&c, after recover
ing to 51%e. It ruled very weak after
that, ana uecame heavier and heavier
alter a weak ana poorly sustained rally,
selling near the end at 50}.< c and wind
ing up at [email protected]"^c.
Following corn in its fluctuations and
meeting with but fair sale, the oats
market was a very uninteresting one
throughout today's entire session. May
opened a shade easier at 32j?£c, touched
32^0, and sold down to 32j?gc, where it
.Provisions showed some disposition to
rise, and the fluctuations were confined
to narrow limits. Pork, compared with
yesterday's close, is life higher, and
lard is also 2>£c higher, with ribs un
The leading futures ranged as follows-
Articles Open- *"**- Low- Clos
ing. est. ML nig.
Wheat, No. 2—
October 51% 51*51^-^ 5%
December. ... ;>^-3, 4 ;,^7w o^-*v 52%
May 37%-% oT^-Ts 57U J7<4-ifo
C orii. No. 2—
October. 53 53 51% 51%
November 51% Set) RU4 511/2
December .>!V2-a4 52 5G%-V» ■ 61VS
May 51^8-1,? 51% 50VS 5<H4-*ii
Oats. No. 2—
O<jto;er 281/2 2SV2 "B^4 2814
November 2SV» 28% ?si£ 28 to
May .32% -iZM .KVi-Sfc £><*-%
Mess Pork-
January... 11 85 II 921* 11 8:i/2 11 82Vi2
Lard - •• : -?■■">■■
January....... 685 6 02V2 6 8.) 6 85.
May.. -6 02V2 705 703 705
Short Ribs—
January....... 600 6 02% 5 97^ 5 97V<>
October. 025 ti 25 |(i 15 619 ~
Casli quotations were as follows:
Flour easy. Wheat—No. 2 spring, 55^
@5G%c; No. 3 spring, nominal: No. 2
red, 51%@52Xc. Corn—No. 2, slKe;
No. 3 yellow. 51c. Oats—No. 2. 2S^c;
No. 2 white, 32)£@33e; No. 3 white, 32
@33% c. Rye-No. 2. 47c. Barley—No.
2. 53c; No. 3, [email protected]%c; No. 4. 51><(«>
52c. Flaxseed — No." 1, *1.40%(5L.4L
Timothy Seed—Prime, M 50. Pork-
Mess, per bbl, [email protected]!».5O. Lard, per 100
lbs, $0.9."). Short Ribs—hides (loose),
[email protected] Shoulders — Dry salted
(boxed). $5.12^@5.50. Sides — Short
clear (boxed), $1>.37>£(5:6.50. Whisky
—Distillers' finished goods, per gallon.
$1.23. Sugars—Cut loaf, 8 c; granu
lated, ±%q.\ standard "A," 4^c. Re
ceipts—Flour, 14.000 bbls; wheat, 14,000
bu; corn, 155.001) bu; oats. 188.000 bu;
rye. 3,000 bu; barley, 73,000 bu. Ship
ments—Flour. 15,000 bbls: wheat. 0,000
bu; corn. 82,000 bu; oats, 81.000 bu: rye,
2.0U0 bu; barley, 45,000 bu. On the
produce exchange today the butter
market was steady; creamery, [email protected];
dairy, [email protected] Eggs firm; 17> 2 '(a;is)£e.
Room O, Olltillaii Block,
Commission Merchants & Stock Brokars.
Grnin, Provisions and Stocks boucht and
sold for cash or on margins. Out-of-tow.i
business a specially. Write for our price
E>(iiii(h U In At.
Duluth. Mini?.; Oct. 31.—There was
a dull and steady wheat market here
today. May opened %c below yester
day's close, at 59^c, and held steady at
about that figure during ihe first l.our;
then it sold steadily at Be until near
the close, when the market weakened.
Futures and May sold down to 58J£c.
There was considerable activity In cash
wheat. The shippers took 200,000 bu on
a basis of 57%@58c for No. 1 hard. The
mills were liberal buyers, paying J^c
premium for sample lots. The elevat
ors bought moderately.
The close was %c lower than yester
day for cash and %c lower for futures,
as follows: No. 1 hard, cash, 57>^c; Oc
tober, 57#e; No. 1 northern, cash, 55% c;
October, 55% c; December, 55}£c; May,
5S%c; No. 2 northern, cash, 52% c; No. 3,
49% c; rejected, 4(%c; to arrive, No. 1
northern, 4 55% c; rye, 45c; flax, $1.37;
No. 2 oats. 31> 2 c; No. 3 oats, 31c; bar
ley. [email protected]
Receipts Here and at Superior —
Wheat, 23'2.:;32 bu; oats, 14,923 bu; flax
14,187 bu; barley, 21,237 bu. Shipments
—Wheat, 209.500 bu: flax, 567 bu; bar
ley, 13,548 bu. Car Inspection Today-
Wheat, 200; oats, 10; flax. 20; barley, 19
Sew York Produce.
New York, Oct. 31.—Flour -Receipts,
24.(.K)0bb19; exports, 15.900 bbls; sales,
10.100 pkss; market firmly held for
spring patents,which are scarce; spring
bakers' are in some demand; Southern
and rye flours dull; saNs, 525 bbls rys.
Buckwheat flour steady at $2(22.10!
Buckwheat quiet; [email protected] Cornmeal
steady; sales, 400 bbla, 2,400 sacks.
Rye nominal. Barley in fair demand.
Barley malt nominal. Wheat—Receipts,
344,000 bu; exportg, 04,100 bu; bales,
3,000,000 bu futures 35.000 bu spot;
spot market easy; Mo. 2 red, store
and elevator, 54% c; afloat, 56j£c;
f. o. b.. 57c; afloat; No. 1 northern,
64c delivered; options were firm all the
niorning and early acternoon on higher
European advices, foreign buying and
good local covering, but finally weak
ened in sympathy with corn and closed
heavy at net decline; February
closed at 57^c; May, 60)^@60 13-16 c,
closed at OO^c; November, 54^c, closed
at 54% c; December,ss%@s6 5-lttc,closed
at 55% c. Corn—Receipts, 19,500 bu;
exports, 13,200 bu; sales, 585,000 bu
futures, 30,000 bu spot; spot quiet; No.
2,61 c, and 59Jic to arrive delivered;
options strontt during the foienoon on
rains West and good covering.but broke
later on larger car-lot estimates, and
closed at %@%c decline; January closed
at 54>$c; May, 54%@55 9-16, closed at
54%e; November, 57^(g)58c, closed at
57,7ae; December, 57c. closed at 56c.
Oats— Receipts, 17,000 bu; exports, 1,700
bu; sales. H'J.OOO bu futures, 40,600 t>u
spot; «pot market easy; No. 2,'T32^@
S2j^c; No. 3,31«{e; No. 2 white, 36^c:.
No. 3 white. 35% c; track white Western.
30(a40c; < track white state. [email protected];
options* advanced early with '■: coin,
but finally weakened, And closed
'40 net decline; February closed at |
{Js^c; May-closed B(3J£c; November;
closed at 32?-£c; December. 33#@33»<c.
closed at 33,^c. Hay steady. ■: Hoj^
quiet. Hides steady. Leather' atitfT
wool and beef quiet. Cut meats weak;
pickled bellies, G&@7J*c; pickled
shoulders, s^®s%c: pickled hnnis,
[email protected] Lard steady; Western steam
closed at $7.30 bid;city at S6.so;Oc!ober,
$7.30 nominal; January, $7.32 nominal;
refined steady; continent, [email protected]:
compound, [email protected] Pork activii,
steady; new mess, $13.5(Ka>14.50; extria
prime family, $13.;>0(al4; short clear,
*14(#10. Butter dull; Western dair*.
ll(d>l»ic; Western .creamery, [email protected]>53;
Western factory, 10»..(ie We; Elirin<,
23 l a c; .imitation creamery, [email protected]£q;
staie dairy, [email protected]; state creamery, if?
@28e. Cheese him; large, 8(u;10.!*c!:
small, S^'callc; part skims. 3)4(eC7c: full
skims. 2>£@3c.. Etrgs steady; state and
Pennsylvania, 21, l 2 c; ice house, IG®
Ki>sc; Western fresh. [email protected]; cases,
*2.7£^3u50.' Tallow tailly active. v |
On Raal Estate Security.
Manhattan Building.
Mn.wAt kkk, Oct. 31.—Flour quiet
and unchanged. Wheat weak; No. 2
spring, 55ej^; No. 1 northern, 60& c;
May, 57% c. Corn ■ steady; No. 3, 53c.
Oats hither; No. 2 white, SS^c; No. 3
white, 31,' 4 c. Barley hieher; No. 2.
53}^c; sample, 51(a50c. Rye scarce and
firm: No. 1. SUe. Provisions strong.
Pork, £12.10. 'Lard. 50.95.
Liverpool, Oct. 31.— Wheat steady;
holders offer sparingly; No. 2 red win
ter, 4s 4}.,u; No. 2 red spring, 4s SO.
Corn—Spot, nominal; supply poor;
futures firm: holders offer sparingly;
November. 4s l%d; December, 4s I.,it:
January, 4s 5,' 4 ,i. Flour steady; holders
offer moderate! v; . St. Louis fancy win
ter, 5s id.
Investment Bankers.
llealersin t-irr-:-<'la** „
ifoiidt*, Bank Stocks and
Commercial Papers.
money to liOauin Larj>e Amount*.
Germania Bank Bldg., and Temple Court
St Paul. Minn eapoiis
New York.
New York, Oct. 31. — The move
ment of prices on the stock exchange
today was irregular in the main. In the
early tradings the mangers monopo
lized the business and were in eood de
mand to cover short contract*, with the
result of an advance of -1% in Delaware
Lackawanna, 1% in New Jersey Cen
tral, 2}i in Delaware ft Hudson and
}& in the grangers. Sugar was notably
weak, declining 1% per cent on brisk
selling, but closing with a loss of only
}i on the day. In »he general list a re
actionary movement set in before 11
o'clock', in which, however, only
part of th« early gains were
lost, and by 11:30 the upward tendency
was again predominant, the highest
prices of the day being current at that
hour. Toward noon the bears attacked
values in force. Northwest having to
bear the brunt of the raid and receding
2% per cent. Burlington & Quincy fell
off I^, St. Paul 1}.,, and Rock Island %,
Manii.tttan gave way 134, St. Paul '&,'
Omaha \%, Western Union %, and the
coalers 1%. for New Jersey Central U£,
for Delaware & Hudson 1)4% for Dela
ware & Lackawaniia. In the final deal
ings some few shares rallied a fraction,!
but the general market closed heavy,
prices compared with yesterday's clos
ing being irregular.
Bankers and Brokers,
311 Jackson St.. St. PaunE
Stock Market—
Atchi>ou 4% U. P. D. & Gulf. 3"i
Adams Express .144 Northwestern 91%
Alton & Terre H. 31 doDfd... 145
*do pfd 170 N. Y. Central.... 9i%
Arn'can Express. llOVj N. New Bug. 3J$4
Baltimore & Ohio Ontario & West., lSafe
Canada Pacific."till*) Oregon. imp 14V2
Can. Southern... 4i»V2l Oregon 20
Central Pacific. 14 O.S.L.&U.N t;i&
Clips. & 0hi0.... 17%|Pacific Mail..; I'JVs
Chicago & Alton.l P. D. & E 3
C. B. & CJ....... 72i,i9JPittsbure 19641
Chicago Gas 737,8 Pullman P. Car..l;V*ifc |
CousoiidatedGas. 118 Heading 17&8 !
C. C, O. & St. L. 30 Richmond Ter. .. 171*
♦Colorado C. &I. 7il do pfd 21Vj
Cottou Oil certs. 27 Rio G. Western 10
Del. A Hudson.. l29Ml do pfd 42
Del., Lack. & \V.ls7^ Koek Island... . eu».fr
D. & K. O. pfd.. 32% St. Paul 60V8
Dis. &C. P. Co.. y% do pfd llfei,2
East Tennessee.. 12Vl St. P. & Omaha . 'A'.Vi
Erie 12V 2 do pfd 100
do pfd 2SMt Southern Pacific. 17%
Fort Wayne 155 Sugar Kefiuery..
Gt. North, pfd...loJ jTenn.Coal&lron. 15%
C. &E. I. pfd.... U") Texas Pacific... lifts
Hocking Valley.. 17i^ Tol.&O.Cen.pfd. 7_'V2
Illinois Central., fey^ Union Pacific 11%
St. Paul & D 21% U. S. Express.... 42
Kan. & Tex. pfd. 20V» Waba*h,J«t.L.&P. 6
Lake Erie <&West. 15%' do pfd... Jii%
do pfd 68 Wells-FareoEx..U>s
Lake Shore .....13U4 Western Union.. 81514
Lead Trust 38% Wheeling & L. E. 10%
Louis. & Nash... 52% do ptd 3'JV"
Louisville &N. A. 7 M. & St. L 2tH*»
Manhattan Con..lO('.i^ D. & It. G 11%
*Mem.&Char;'t'n 10 General Electric. 34%
Michigan Cent... 97>4 National Linseed 20V*
Missouri Pacific 27% Col. Fuel Iron.. 22
Mobile & 0hi0... 17 1 do pfd . ...72
Nash. & Chatt... C 6 11. & Tex. Cent 2i&
Nat. Cordage.... 12.% T01.,A.A. & N.M. 5V*
do pfd 22 T.. St. L. &K. C. 1
N. J. Central 91M) do pfd.. . . 6
N. &W. pfd 21 Southern, pfd. .. 40
N. American Co. 4 Am. Tobacco.... 981,2
Northern Pacific. 41& do pfd. 106
do pfd lt>i/s
' *Bid. ; ' "7
Loan Money on improTed Property in St. !
Paul and Minneapolis '
At. 6% 'On or Before'
New Pioneer Press Bids,. Reeve Building
U. S. Reg 119 11. P. 1 of «J5.. 10^ {
do 5s coup 120\i Erie seconds.... 71 ' I
do 4s reg 115% ♦«., H. &8. A. 6s. 95 i
do coup .lISVi do do 7a 98 ■
♦do 2s reg ... 96 H. & Tex. C. 83 104 ';
♦Pacific Cs of 95.. do do 6s uou!
Ala.. Class A 10216 M.. K. &T. first is 81 Vi
do do B 108 do second 4s 43
♦do do C......92V2 ♦Mutual Union 6s. 108
♦do Currency. 02% N. J. C. Gen. .115%
La. new consol 4s 95 N. V. firsts 114
•Missouri 65...... 10 do seconds. 87%
NorthCarollnaes.l23 *N. W. consols .142%'
do 4s 100 *do 8.F.deb.55.11l |
S. Car. non-fund. 1% Rio G. West. Ists 67%'
♦Tenu. new set.6s 79 St-Paulcousol 7s 131
♦do do 5s 102 do C.&P.W.51. 110%
♦do Old 65.... 60 ♦St.L.<Stl.M.Gen.ss79
Va. Centuries 58 St.L.&B.F.G.6s 94 '
do deferred.... 72% Texas Pacific lsts 86%
Atchisou 48 66\4 do seconds ... 25%
do Second A. 19% U. P. lst» of '96.. 105%
Canada So. 2d5...104% West Shore 45.... 105%
D. & K. Q.7b ....115% South 5& 67%
do do 4s 80 ™ ■
♦Bid ' "" "' "' '" ' """'i 1 !■■■
To Loan on St. Paul Real Es
St. Paul Title insurance I Trust Go
New York Money.
New York. Oot. 31.—Money on call
easy at 1 pec cent, last loan i, closed 1
cent. Prime mercantile paUer, 25^
®3>i. Sterling exobauKe slightly easier.
with actual business in bankers' bills
nt 54;87^@4.87% for demand, and
f4.Sfi% for sixty days. V Posted
rates, [email protected] and f4.88Kc^4.59;
commercial b.ills, $4.85% Silver
certificates. 64c.
Chicago, Oct. 31.— Clearings, 815."
--112,000. Money,4<g)4K per cent on call. 5
(aGon time. New ork exchanee.SO cents
premium. Foreign exchange opened
(luil. Sterling commercial, [email protected] J '-
I ondon Financial.
New Yokk, Oct. 81.—The Evening
Post's London cableitrain: The stock
markets were steady todify on the whole,
being very little affected by the sad
jiews fmrn the czar. Americans were
ZXafber better on purchases against op
tions, but Louisville and St. Paul closed
weak. Mexicans broke sharply auain
an forced sales ot" pawned stocks. The
Paris bourse keeps very firm. It is be
tieved that the bear speculation in the
Russian roublw on the Berlin bourse
.may result in serious difficulties, if not
failures of bear operators there. More
jrold has pone to Paris. A recovery in
■French exchange is expected with the
conclusion of the bourse settlement.
,' These Cuotations Furflis^! Yjf
Jameson, Havener
&. CO.,
Hay, Feed, Flour and Seeds
'£ S.T. F'A.XJLj.
; St. Paul Grain Marltet.
Wheat—No, 1 hard [email protected]
Wheat—No. 1 northern 5(i(«;57c
Wtieat— No. 2 northern..". 53(«54c
Corn—No. 3.. 54(«.)4
Corn—No. 3 yellow 54j^(j£55c
Oats—No. 3 white 90}£<$3lc
Oats—No. 3 [email protected]
Barley [email protected]
Rye—No. 2 : [email protected]
Flour— Patent....* ....53.10(a>3.30
Flour—Straight:: .-. .s2.«[email protected]
Flour—Bakers* [email protected]
Flour—Rye 12.30(0)2.60
Buckwheat flour $ri(u)ji
Cornmeal—Bolted [email protected]
Corn meal— Coarse.. $21).50(<g21
Ground Feed—No. 1... *[email protected]'2u.sO
Ground Feed—No. 2. $2U(u;2o.s'J
Ground Feed— No. 3 '.'.5206820.50
Bran—Bulk *ll(a'11.50
Shorts—Bulk :. $11.5()(«>12
Hay— So. 1 upland prairie [email protected]
Hay —No 2. upland prairie..... [email protected]
Hay—No. 1 wild *o.so(a'T
Hay—No. 1 timothy ..SK)[email protected]
Timothy seed, per hu $2.20(u)J.50
Clover. J?5.20(.«y'>.40
St Paul rrvdure.
Butter —Fancy separator, 2:>@24c; ex
tra creamery, [email protected]; first creamery,
1([email protected]; secoW creamery, 14(itl5c; fan
cy dairy, 20c; first dairy, 16^ 17c;
second dairy, 13(a)14e; packing slock,
[email protected]; grease. 4C«>sc.
Ctieese—Full cream. ll^(3>l2c; pri
mt)st, 53a'(o;6c; brick chees", [email protected]}4'c;
Limburger cheese, !U(slo%c; i'oung
America, U}{@Vl%z\ Swiss. 12(t^l4c:
skims. [email protected]>6C.
Ben— Fresh, cases included, 17c;
fresh, cases ret [email protected]>3dC; seconds,
cases returned. 14(g15c.
Poultry—Turkeys, toms, [email protected]^c; tur
keys, hens. 7(tt7, lie; chickens, spring,
sJ.^@6c; hens, s(c&.V4'e; mixed, sc; cox, 4
@4> 2 'c: ducks, spring, 7c; geese, 7c.
Vegetables—Onions, Spanish, crate.
51.75; onions, Minnesota, per bu. [email protected]
50c; radishes, per doz, 10c; cauliflower,
per doz. [email protected]ßse; caboage. doz, 50
@00c; cabbatre, ton, [email protected]; beets, doz,
w(g4oe: celery, doz, 25(^30c; lettuce,
dt»z, 12(^15c; rutabagas, per bu, [email protected];
ItriDX Oeans, bu, 75c; tomatoes, home
grown, bu, 75c(«!*l; egg plant, doz, [email protected]
l>;essed Meats — Mutton, packing
house stock. 4V4(a)se; country, 4>£e;
veal, fancy, 6j£(«;7e; medium, 5(«;f)c;
lambs, country, 4u^sc.
Pork, Beef, Hams, Hides. Etc.—Hides,
steer, green, per Ib, 4(a>43<?c; cow, gre^n,
[email protected]^c: calf, green, 7c; steer, salt, 4V a '
@sc; cow. salt. 3;. 2 @4c; pelts, [email protected]'Jc;
wool, washed, 13® 14c; wool, unwashed,
'.Kitlie;tallow, 4(it4,'.jC; pork, mess,sl3.so
(ecl4; beef, mess. $S.so(a'J; bacon, $10.51)
(all; hums. $U(a)ll.su; hams, picnic,
§[email protected]; dried beef, 9}Ra)llc; lard, $7.50
@8; hops, [email protected]
Oranitcs—Seedlings, Riverside. $2.50
@3; seedlings, Kedland, 12.75(^3'; Med
iterranean sweets, $4(a>4.5U; Rodis, $0
@0.50; Floriaas. $4(a:4.25.
Lemons—Extra fancy, [email protected]; fancy,
£[email protected]
Bananas—Port Limons, 51.75(5)2; Hon
duras No. 1, ?1.75®)2; Honduras INO. 2,
?1.20(cC1.50. Cocoanuts. per 100, $3.50(*4.
CrtliforniaFruits-Peaches, box, free,
[email protected]; peaches, box, cling, 85c;
peaches, Michigan, basket, [email protected]'0c:
peaches, Michigan, bu basket, [email protected];
pears, Bartletts, box. [email protected]; pears,
New York Duchess, bbl, $3.75(«i4; pears.
Winter Nellis, *[email protected]
Berries—Cranberries, bu, [email protected];
do bbl. B. & 8., |[email protected]; Cape Cod,
Grapes — Tokays, crate. Singles,
$1.50; Morocco, crate. [email protected]; Mus
cats, crate, $1.50; Emperor, $1.40;
Concord, basket, 21(a"35c; Catawba, bas
ket. [email protected]?.
ADples—Fancy stand, bbl, $2.75(«>3;
fancy, bbl, [email protected]; standard. *2(a)
2.50; fair, $1.75(a2; common, [email protected]
Potatoes — Minnesota, bu, 45(i£50c:
Western, per 100 lbs. 85c(dStl.O5; sweet
Jerseys, per bbl. [email protected]; sweet Illi
nois, per bbl, 1.75(3)2.
Dried Fruit—Apples, evaporated, per
lb, ll>a'(sl3c; peaohes, peeled, [email protected](ic;
peaches, unpeeled, [email protected]; pears, [email protected]
10c: apricots, Il(ajl2c; raspberries, [email protected]
23c; blackberries, 7(5)73*.'c; prunes)
California French, [email protected]
Game and Fish — Prairie chickens,
[email protected]; partridk-es, [email protected]; jack
snipe. [email protected]$l. Ducks—Mallard, doz,
[email protected]: teal, [email protected]; common, il.
Black bass, B(a9c; pike. [email protected]; pickerel,
[email protected]; croppies, 3c.
Established 1879.
Minneapolis. '?. Duluth
„-: i Minneapolis Markets.
. Foreign markets were better, closing
cables showing a smalt advance in the
principal markets in the United King
dom and on the continent. There was
also more export demand reported from
the East, some 200,000 bu being sold.
More business, jt is said, would have
been, done except for lack of ocean
freight room. Wheat ranged as follows:
May— Opening, 57% c; highest, 57%(u>
57J£c; lowest, 57% c; closinir,s?%@s7>£c.
.October— Closing, 55Xc.
December— Opening, 54% c; highest.
54J£c; lowest, [email protected]%c; closing,s4%c.
Oq Track—No. 1 hard. 56% c; No. 1
northern, 55j^c; No. 2 northern, 54& c.
Some Sample Sales—No. 1 hard, 5 cars,
57c; No. 1 northern, 67 cars, 50c;
No. 1 northern, 1 car, 56}£c; No. l
northern, 25,000 bu, old, f. o. b., 57#c;
No. 1 northern, 22 cars, to arrive, 56c;
No. 2 northern, 1 car, stained, 54^c;
No. 2 northern, 11 cars, 54)£c; No. 2
northern, 1 car. choice, 55c; No. 2 north
ern, 1 car.smutty. 54>^c; No. 2 northern,
lear, 54% c; No. 3. 1 car, 53c; rejected
wheat, 6 cars, 1W lbs off, 53c;. rejected
wheat, 2 cars. 1 lb off, 55c: no grade
oats, 1 car, 29>£c; No. 3 black oats, 1
car, 28Xc;No. 2 white oats, 1 car, 30>£c;
barley, 1 car, vwry wheaty, 40c; barley,
1 car, 50 lbs, 44}^c; barley, 1 car, 50 lbs,
47c; No. 2 rye, 1 car, 44>£c.
Flour—First patents, [email protected]; bak
ers', [email protected]; low grades, $1.60(<51.65.
Bran and Shorts—Bran, $10 bulk; 111
@11.75 In sacks; shorts, $11(312.25.
May—Market is steady; choice lowa
upland, [email protected]: choice new Minnesota
upland, [email protected]; medium upland, [email protected];
coarse hay. [email protected] ;
Corn— No. 3, 53c.. "
Oats—No. 3 white, 29^@20>ic; No.
3, [email protected]>sC. "
Kje-^o. 2, UXo.
Barley—Nominal; No. 8. 45(a)4ac.
(Jround Feed-Steady; No 1, per ton,
car lots, $1'.i(c41U.50; corn meal, car loads,
120.50 per ton; granulated, 124. 50.
Live Stock Commission.
Union Stock Yards, South Et. Fani.Minn
Union Stockyards.
Receipts — 164 ho^s. 401 cattle. 17
calves, sheep, 1 horse.
• Hogs— 5c higher and active. Quality
not so good as yesterday. Yards cleared
early. « ,
Representative sales- ; •
No. Wt. Dks.Price No. Wt.Dkf:.Price
15iag..530 .. $if>i)64 2.'7 12J $4 <£%
17..... .103 .. 410 7 ......343 . 4 3'J%
7 .103 .. .4 1058 252 40 35
6 221 .. 410 50...... '."Si .. * *
43 200 40 415 31 .... 260 160 4 b '
10 233 .. 415 71 '.'32 40 4?5
3 300 ..•■ 4 2086 130 123 433
64 261 80 420 13 888 .. 4 35
--16 Hi 40 425 53.......252 12 435
17 144 .. 42563 2R6 8) 435
54.......254 4) 4 25.3 232 100 435 .
2 8!J .. 425 «2 257 120 4 3(i%
33 211 40 425 65...... 262 .. 4 31%
74... .^7O 40 43 9 30.) .. 440
61 220 40 4 4') 74 .245 .. 440
67..... .245 300 430 1 350 .. 440
47 235 40 430 65 254 80 445
Cattle—Steady and active. Good de
mand for all grades and a irood clear
ance Bade.
llcpresentative sales —
No. Wt. Price No. Wt Price
» cows 970 gl 55 2 stackers.. 66J $2 (0
1 cow h3O 155 SlteifM*... 53) 1 50
1 cow 800 1 f.:, 11 Btockers.. 7G4 140
1 cow 1,150 155 1 bull 1,140 160
17stockcrs.. 66 170 1 feeder.... MIO 2 35
-'stocKei'*.. 755 170 3 calves .. 126 400
2 buhß l,oio 1 50! 2 oxeu I,ps:"> 2 20
sstockers.. s'.i!i 1 70 3 heifers . 7~3 285
1 st,is 1.080 175 3cow« 1.02 C. 1 G5
1 steer 1,100 2 00! 15 steers . ..1,074 2-JO
Sstoekers.. 896 2 00114 cows. ...i,0.:5 2 ;;o
lSstoekera. BTS l (iv! 6 steers ...1.300 2 9'J
1 steer 1.180 1 75 2 oxen 1.5" 0 200
4 oxen .... 1.440 2 !5 2 bulls 1,435 1 SO
1 cow I,U2') 2 001 1 bull 1.300 1 50
lcanner... 830 1 00: 1 bull .1,080 1 50
2 oxen 1,475 3 00 1 stag 1,520 IK
Scows 814 180 1 cow .. .. BfeU Its
1 cow 2-'OO 15 mixed.... 710 1 fiO
B steers ...1,143 i 90 3 mixed... 920 185
7 cows 9:>9 141' 3 oxen 1,500 170
1 heifer.... 900 1 751 2 Winners.. 1.345 ] £5
4 stocuers.. 757 170 2 bu115..... 69-J 125
1 steer 920 1 751 1 bull 1.010 1 10
2 oxen 1,000 175 1 cow 8(50 135
2siockers.. CO 1 60 1 Lull 1.3u0 160
4 cows 950 1 45 15 stoekers.. SU6 2 10
2 heifers... (iBJ 1 55 27 feeders... 928 2 05
2siockera.. (500 20j 24 mixed.... faL2 175
Representative sales-
No. . tvt. Price
117 mixed , 71 S2 I^2
Chicago Live Stock.
Chicago, Oct. BL— Hosts—Receipts,
27.000; shipments,6,9B6: left over, aiu.ut
0,000. Quality not so good; no trood
heavy luts on the market; active, s(aloc
advance, packers and shippers both
baying freely. Sales range at [email protected]
4.ri5 for light; *4.2J(^4.4J for routrii
parkins; §4.35(«!4.75 lor mixed; $4.45(a>
4.85 tor heavy packing aud shipping
lots, and jf2.soCq-4.40 for pigs. Cattle-
Receipts, 21,000; supply in excess of de
mand, hence pi ices are w^ak and [email protected]
lower. Shtep-Receipts, 15,000: in good
demand, active and tirm at [email protected] ad
Reported toy t!»e State Ware
house Commission.
Secretary Teisberg, of the state rail
road aim warehouse commission, has
issued the following weekly statement
showing price of No. 1 hard wheat at
Duluth Oct. 15, 1894, as compared with
actual sale of 8.000 bu of same sold in
Liverpool on same day, for London de
livery, c. i. f. (cost, freight aud insur
Oct. 15.—Price No. 1 hard in Du
luth 58.75
Duluth elevator charges, weighing
and inspection 00.55
Lake lreight and insurance, Du
luth to Buffalo 03.50
Buffalo elevator charges and com
missions 01.00
Canal freight and insurance. Buf
falo to New Yoik 03.00
New York elevator charges, viz.,
weighinsr, transferring, demur
rage, towing, trimming, etc 01.50
Ocean freight and insurance. New
York to London 02.25
Shrinkage in weight,Duluth to Lon
don 00.50
Cost in London, "c. 1. f." C 9.35
Oct. 15.-1,000 quarters (8,000 bush
els) sold in Liverpool for deliv
ery "c. i. 1." 111 London for 22
shillings 6 pence pel quarter of
480 lbs, (or 071.2 cents per bushel).o7.so
Loss on the transaction (about
\% c per bushel) 01.85
On same day 8,000 quarters (of 500 lbs)
No. 1 California sold lor 23 shillings per
quarter or 6(s^c per bushel, and 9,500
quarters sold lor 22 shillings 10>^ pence,
or about 65%0 per bushel.
Oct." 10. 4,u00 bushels No. 1 hard Man
itoba sola for 6Gc, "c. i. f."
Statement of receipts and shipments of
wheat at the ports of Boston, New
York, Philadelphia aud Baltimore for
two weeks ending Oct. 27, 1894:
Receipts 2.973.1) J4
Shipments 1,269,993
Previous two week's—
Receipts 2,100,304
Shipments 1,590,147
William 11 Howard and wife to
Emily H Bradley, It 97. Howard
Park £500
Frank T Dougherty to Christian
Benecke, it 4, bIK 4, University
Avenue add 600
Elizabeth Carl ton to James Smith,
it 15, blk 8, is wringer & Don
nelly's add to Holcoino's 2,000
Michael A Kane to Joseph Gisch,
Us 43 and 44, J F Ei&enmenger's
Lake Villas 500
Charles A Pearson to liiena
Strong. Its 1 and 2, blk 1, Hazel
Park Div No 2 ?.... 975
Walter B , Boyd. to Joseph
Millers, w}4 of se} 4 of Se Hof
sec 3, town 29, rang*' 23 w 3,1C0
Elizabeth Pock man to John T
Brown, pt of It 12, blk 22,5t
Paul Proper 5,000
John T Brown to Emily X New
comb, same 5,000
Joseph D Hatpin to F W M Cutch
eon, Its 1 and 2, blk 73, Dayton ft
Irvine's add 15,000
Charles J Turner to The Minneso
ta Savings bank, It 4, blk 15,
Morrison's add to West St Paul. 1,000
Walter R Wilmot to Charles J
Turner, same 1,000
William Thompson to C C Burgh,
part .of It 5, blk 1, Scribuer &
Crittenden's subd of Its 8 and 13
of Smith & Lott'a Out Lots 5,500
Total, twelve transfers $40,175
The famous electric-lighted, vestU
buled limited or "The Milwaukee/
leaving St. Paul each evening at 8:10
p. in., carries the latest private compart
ment cars, library buffet Binokint: cars
aud standard palace sleeping cars.
Youngster* Taken In Tow for
Special to the Globe.
Albert Lea, Oct. SI. — Miss Ida
J. Isaacson died at her home in the
town of Freeman a few days ajjo froui
consumption, aged twenty-four years.
Her mother and one sister have previ
ously died with the same disease.
11. S. 11 iI be boo. Prohibition candidate
for governor, speaks hore Thursday
night and at Alden, this county, Thurs
day afternoon.
The new electric light plant has
started up for business, and it runs per
fectly. It Is an entirely new outfit and
is one of the finest plants for
a town of the size in the
state. Sheriff Mitchall arrested
£. C. Stacy, Jr., of this city, and George
Steam heat; all modern conveniences.
Best location in the city for offices.
Taylor s Renting Agency
Room 16, Globe. J. W. Taylor, Supt.
In accepting the Presidency of the Honduras National Lottery Company
(Louisiana State Lottery Company) 1 shall not surrender the Presidency of the
Gulf Coast Ice and Manufacturing Company, of Bay St. Louis, Miss.
Therefore address all pronopals for supplies, machinery etc., as well as all
business communications, to PAfTL, COSKAI), Puerto Cor:ez, Honduras,
Care Central America Kxpress
Dur.son, of Austin, at Waseca last
week on a charge of "going through" a
room at the llarlow house, Jackson.
They were taken to JaeksonSand the
former admitted the larceny. The same
day Arthur Ball, of this city, was ar
rested for burglarizing a house in Al
bert Lea township, and as the goods
were found he was locked up. In de
fault of §309 bail he was committed to
await the action of the grand jury. All
three are less than twenty-one years
of age, and have had rather a shady
reputation heretofore.
Julius Miller, who was in jail here
on a charge of incest, has secured bail
in the sum of $3,000, and lias been re
leased until court in December.
A farmer in the town or Bancroft
! had occasion to remove an old corn
! crib a few days ago, and in doing so
killed 128 rats.
To Florida
And all points South. One fare for the
; round trip. Nov. 6 and Dec. 4, via Chi
! cago & Eastern Illinois railway. Ohas.
W. Humphrey. N. P. A., 170 East Third
street, tit. Paul, Minn.
The Dining Car .Line to Fargo, Winnipeg,
Helena. Butte and the Pacific Northwest.'
Dining Cars ou Winnipeg and Pa- p -. „*['•.
cific Coast Trains. j^ 1 **"*
Pacific Mai! (Daily) for Fargo,
Jamestown. Livingston,
Butte. Missoula, Spokane, Ta- 1:15 7:2~>
coma, Seattle and Portland p.m. a. m.
Dakota and Manitoba Express
(Daily) for Fergus Falls. Wahpe
ton, CrooKston. Grand Forks, .
Grafton, Winnipeg, Moorhead. >:00 7:03
Fargo and Jamestown p.m. a. m.
Fargo Local (Daily except Sun
day) for St. Cloud, Bramerd ):00 6:20
and Fargo Lm.jp. m.
Dakota Express does not run west of Fargo
on Sunday.
Pullman Sleepers Daily between St. Paul
and Grand Forks, Grafton, Winnipeg, Fer
gus Falls, Wahpeton and Fargo.
Pullman J^irst-Class and Tourist Sleepers
and Free Colonist Sleepers are run ou
through Pacific Coast Trains,
C. E. STONE. City Ticket Agent. 162 East
Third Street, St. Paul.
Dally as follow*: _ Leave.
Boston, Montreal and New Eng- ~ ;
laud points C:.lOp. m. i
Vancouver, In. Whatcom and Pa
cific coast points 8:15 a m.
For further information and time of local
trains call at ticket office or consult folder.
J&g£Ssd&b Trains leave St. Paul 1:10
I^^^M p. in. and 7:15 p. m. daily
/|aßJMnij|n for Milwaukee, Chicago
iii!»y^jgy||\ and intermediate points.
WaHffff|BH Arrive from Cnicago 8:20
XjggSgSgJ?' a. in. and 4:00 p. m. daily.
Dining cars on all trains.
City ticket office, 164 East Third Street.
jSSSES I Leaves Union Depot
IlifllfliT- Pill <^r Chicago, St. Points
HHIImIIi 11^ d°Wli-river points
MMpHßC^lnnij ": 30 a.m, Arrives from
HMtP^wP^Sl Chicago 2:90 p. in. dai-
Hmill |IHHSi lv Leaves Union De
jaßAL^U^H pot for Chicaso and St.
IBSS^BSBCBBI l-oiiis 7:41) p. m. At
rives from same points 7:45 a. m. daily.
i Egypt,! fee Kiss & Palest ins
The Annual Series of Parties to the Orient
I leave New York as follows:
I **&*. S. >ormaimia" Jan. 5
"* S. Werra" Feb. £
"S. S. Kaiser Wlllielm II." Feb. 23
Including Trip on the .'Nile to the Firs!
! Cataract and ('amniuj; Tour ill tli«
j Holy Land.
Cruises to the Tropics.
Three attractive Winter cruises b]
the line steamships of the Quebec Steamshi|
I Company to the West Smile*, as follows]
February 'Id. **;<. S». "la(li:u>.i'
February 13tli "S. §* Orinoco*
February 23d *•**. S. <arlbbee>!
Descriptive Fiosrumnie^ contain
Ing Rates and full particulars Free from
23-1 South Clark St.. Chicago, or
261 and 1225 Broadway. New York*
I —
Tickets: I.M E. Third St. and Union Depot.
leave. | St. Paul Union Depot. I arrive.
Willmar, Morris. Brown?
b9:95 am ..VaL and Breckluridge.. b 7:03 pm
Fergus Falls. Fargo, G'd
ibS :30 am Forks \b 6:35
I Osseo, Clearsvater and St. |
; b3:30 pm Cloud bit 35 am
b3:;iopm Anoka, Cloud, WiUm£.r]blO:s3iun
I b4:3opra|. Excelsior A Hutchinson. bll:ssam
I tßreckinridge, Fargo. i
j aC:3Dpm ...Grafton. Winnipeg fa 7:33aai
*Anokrt. St. Cloud, Fen;.
Falls. Crookston, Grand
Forks, Helena.Bntte An
aconda, Spokane, Seattle.
| a" :45 pml Pacific Coast ■ 7:1," am
[ b y: "S am|Soo Falls.Y»n>tton.S.Ctty|rj 7:i)lp:n
a. Daily; b, Except Sunday: tDiuing and
Buffet Cars, FalaceSlecpers,*Ton:i>t Cars.
Eastern minnesoUi Hallway
I Runs the only fast train fro.-.; St. Paid
through Union Depots Minneapolis and West
Superior to Dnlutu without change of earn
Finest Buffet Parlor Cars in the West.
Leave. | St Paul Union Depot. | Arri va
West Superior and Dulnth,
3:05 pm ...Daily Except Sunday.... >:"■ pm
Thro' Trains Lv Union Depot: *Daily.tEs.Snn.
CHICAGO— am. tG:'25 pin. ' *g:10 pm.
SUC'Y, OMAHA, KAN. C'Y-fS 10am »7:sspia.
! DULUTH & SI PERIOR-t 10:55 am. *ll:l0pm.
[ MANKATo-t.VCoj-ai. New Orncs-Rcbcrt &6th.
Chamber of Commerce Blt^r;.. O -. !' tr' Rv.-in
Chicago, Milwaukee A SI. Pan 1 5* It
I.e.— St. Paul—Ar.
| Chicago "Day ' Kxi>r-» . t :■■ nm,*iO: j5 pm
: Chicago "Atlantic" Ex.. ♦-':5."> pm *JJ:SS am
Chicago "Fast Mail" *(S:V» cm *.':k'> pm
| Chicago "Vestibule" Lira *3:1) pm *7:50 am
j Chicago via Dubuque tl;I0 pm t!Q:SO am
; Dubuque via La Crosses. t»rf)s an; tiO:4s pm
; St. Louis & Kansas City.. >:.<> am *5:35 pm
Milbank and Way rß:s> am tti:*> pm
Milbankand Aberdeen.. t\>:ls pm t~:45 am
*!>ly. tKx. Sun. *Ex. Sat. Mou.'
For full Information call at ticket office.
v^ CO.—Trains leave Union Depot. Cit
Offlce. 304 Robert street, corner Fifth.
♦Daily. *Ui>lly ex. fund, Leave Arrive
•Chicago Express .. 3:3jpm - '
tchicaijo. K»u. C. <& 10. Ex J>.-00 am ;O:."X)pt»
♦Dodge Center Local It :35 pm 10 :1 am
♦Chicago Limited ! 7:30 pm ?3>am
♦DetMoiues, St. J. & K. C.I "Wpm tSßaa

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