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The Dakotas Have Both Gone
Republican by Heavy
Congressman Johnson's Plu
rality Is Larger Than
Ever Before.
The North Dakota Legislature
Is Very Strongly Re
Special to the GJote
lii-hon. S. 1).. >?ov. 7.— Complete re
turns tor Beadle comity (five Sheldon,
for governor, LI 18, Howe 592,1" Ward
162. Congress, Gamble 1,118. Pickler
1.05 M. Kelly 002, Knowles 572. Lynch
157, Conner 147. The Republican legis
lative ticket wins by 200 to 400 majority.
Secretary Failing states that the Popu
list committee claims 31 out of 120
members of the legislature. The total
vote of the Male will be about 70,000.
Sheldon's plurality is from 10,000 to
18.1OU against 10,000 in 1892. There is a
decrease of nearly '20 per cent in the
I'opuiist vote.
\ Hilktoll.
Si<rin! to the (.lube.
Y.wkit'N. S. I).. Nov. 7. — Yankton
Coiimy complete gives congressmen.
Gamble. Rep., 1,418; Pickler, Rep.,
L.SS! : Kelly. Pop.. 739; Kuowles, lVp..
750; Lynch, Dem.. lJ7o; Connor, Dem.,
28U. Fi'i governor, Sheldon, Rep., 1,310;
Howe, I'op., 859; \\ ;ird. Dem.. 30S&, For
the legibiaiuie, KitiKsbury, Rep., for
tlie seuale, has '1\ ', over Vanoidet, Pop.,
and Ku*>s*-11, b;.n>;stud and Papik.lieps.,
are elected to U;e house by like major
ities over Walpole, Ritenuark auu Bag
Slad, Pop.
Special to the Globe.
BIILBAKK, S. I)., Nov. 7. —Grant
count gives the Republican state and
congressional ticket about three hun
dred plurality over the Populists. Tne
Dentocraiif slate ticket polled about
Dtiy votes. The Populists elect county
commissioner and treasurer, and the
Republicans capture the remainder of
the county ticket. The result was anottt
as trreat a Mil piise to the Republicans
as to tlieir opponents.
Special to the Globe.
YYii.mot, S. 1).. Nov. — Twenty-five
out of 2'S precincts in Roberts county
for governor give Howe,Pop.. 40l;Shel
don. Rev.. 1*02: Ward, Dem., 75. For
congress, Pickler yO3, Gamble Sl)s,
Kelly 432, Krjuwles 400. Connor 44,
Lynch 46. Fur state senator. Pease,
Rep., 924; Brown. Pop.. 528. For staie
represe*nia:ive, GundeftMHL. Rep., D 18;
Dates. Pop., 5-' l». The oilier three
precincts will increase the Republican
majority oonie. The Poj-ulists have
made big gains in Roberts county.
Sppcia! to the Globe.
AiiF.iiDi.K.N, S. D.. Nov. 7.—Brown
counlv, nearly complete, gives the Re
publican ticket pluralities ranging from
100 in 3(0 votes. 1 tie Populists concede
the ekc-iini i»l every Republican candi
date, including six members of the
legislature. Day and Marshall were
earned by small pluralities by the
fusion candidates.
?yi<-<iai to the Globe.
VVi.B-TKi:. Sj. I>-, Nov. 7.—Total re
turns lit Day emintv are, for governor,
Sheldon, 1.(7"j; Howe, 1,138: Ward. 75,
Congressmen, Pickier. 1,031; Gamble,
1.029; Kelly, 1,137; Kuowles, 1,005;
Lynch, 70; tommr, 71. State senator.
Langland, Rt-p., 1,077; Kelley, Pop.,
1.1.4. Representatives, Moore, Rep.,
1,073; Patterson, 1.105; Gorman, Pop.,
1,177; iioiu.qinst. 1.105.
Special to the Globe.
(Janton, 8. D.. Nov. 7.—At this time
it is impossible to say what the result is
in this. Lincoln, county, more tnan that
xhe Republicans have made heavy pains
in this city. Tne vote was the heaviest
e\er polUa in the city, being 31.), of
wiiKli 196 were straight Republican and
4.» Independent. Without doubt the
Xt-publican have everything in sight.
f perinl to the Globe
Di:ai>\vo<>t>, S. D., Nov. 7.—The Re
pubKcaua liave elected the state and
letislative tickets by a plurality of
about 4(KJ over the Populists. This is
a loss of atto'it 500 voters for the Re
publican party since the election two
years atro. Eight small precincts are
[ret to be heard from, but they probably
will not affect the vote very materially.
lrrf ial '.o the Globe
11 ii.i.i B, S. 1).. Nov. 7.~Thlrty-eight
towns give a total or 1,200 votes. Tne
tate, congressional and leKi«lative Re
publican ticket is elected by 40 plural
ity, a change of SO votes in favor or the
KeDublicansover two years ago. Tho
retiiaiiiitig two towns will not change
lii«j result. '
Ipcrial to the Oiobe.
W'atkbtowx, S. p., Nov. 7.—The
rote on governor for this county is:
Sheldon 1.1:] 0. Ward 407, Howe 14&
Legislature, senate. Wheeiock. Rep
1.044: Van Liew, Dem., 716; house'
Glass. 1,042, Nichols--, , Hep., 121-
Thomas, fusion, 564;UrecDstein, fusion!
Bper'nl to the G!obe.
Bbittok. 8. p.. Nov. 7.—Sheldon has
a majority in Marshall county of 12;
Piekler for congress 20. The 1 ndepeud-
Hnts fleet the entire county ticket ex
cepting clerk of courts.
Special to iho Olote.
llAmfOX, S.D., Nov. 7.-Lako county
gives Sheldon, for governor, Gamble
and Tickler, for congress, good ma
jorities. Shirley and Drake, Populists
hie elected to the legislature.
Special to the Globe.
Fi.asi>bau. S. D.. Nov. 7—Mondv
county, governor. Republican, 05 plur
ality, Piekier 90 plurality, Gamble 60
The Republican legislative ticket i's
Special to the Globe.
I'akkku. 8. D., Nov. 7.—The Repub
licans have elected every county officer,
and will give the state ticket 500 ma
Ipeclal to the Glo'
V 7KKMir.uoN,. The vote
."8 a stand-off. It. T**<l*«i> l.cuus get six
eoantjr r^eia nutf the PoplH:^ s«vpn.
"The legislature is Populist. Tn<T*ij"iU_
jorities -are small. The^KepTuullvjui
state ticket i? probably ahead, but there
are no returns, y•:;.'•■■■;", -j ..,;-■
Sargent. . ";';"( .:' ;:"
Special to the Globe.
Foiiman, N. D., Nov. —Sargent
county complete: Johnson 508, Muir
563, Reeve 30, Ellis 21: governor, Allen
594, Kinter, 132, Wallace 500. Hodgson
and Ciyau, Populists, «re elected repre
Special to the Globe. ■ • *
Fahoo, N. D., Nov. 7.— Thirty-nine
precincts out of sixty in Cuss county
give Johnson, Rep., for congress, 1,582:
Muir, Pop., 1)18; Keeve, lud. i>em.,
08; Allin, Rtp., for governor, 1.772,
Wallace, Pop.. 523; Kiuter. Dem., 000.
This is a Republican tain of 200. which
remaining precincts will increase. Nich
ols. Rep., tor state treasiu-rr, cairies his
home county by 1,250. The entire fu
sion county aud legislative ticket is
Congressman Johnson, Rep., is eleci
ed by au increased majority ov£? Muir,
fusion, and Keeve, Ind. Dem. Alliu,
Kep., is elected governor by a majority
ovt-r Kinter, Dem., and Wallace, Pou.
The Republican majority isjabout 7,000.
Special to the Globe.
CiKAKTox, N. I)., Nov. 7.—Twelve
precincts out of Walsh county, includ
ing CJrafton City, give for congressman.
Muir 4/W. Johnson 570; sovernor, Kinter
473, Allin 677; treasurer, Nomland 041,
Nicuols672; superintendent. Eisenruth
oi)7. Bate* 781. The whole Republican
legislative ticket in the Fourth district
is elected.
Sf.ecini t-Mhe Globe.
Devil's Lakk, N. 1)., Nov. 7.—Ram
sey county is all in. The majority on
governor is 422; plurality, 540. John
son's majority is 378; his plurality 410.
The Republican legislative ticket is
Special to the Globe.
Dickinson, N. I)., Nov. 7.—Stark
county will cive for congress. Johnson
about 400, Muir 175; governor. Allin
*25, Kinter 85, Wallace 125. L. A.Sinp
son. Rei>.. is elected a member ol th*»
Grand i orki.
Special to the Globe.
Ukanp Porks N. D., Nov. 7.—Grand
Forks county irives SO Republican ma
jority on jrovernor and congressman,
and elects all six Republican represent
atives ana the senator.
The Best Trains to Duluth,
The Best Trams to Chicago,
The Besc Trains to Omaha,
The Best Trains to Kansas City
Run V ria The N nh- Western Line.
After a two weeks' absence in the
Ea-t. VV. O. McNaughton, traveling
passenger agent of the Erie lines, has
Duluth and Superior are to be inserted
in the St. Paul and Minneapolis rate
sheet. This will secure uniform rates
to those points.
The Milwau kee announces that Kings
Cooley and Homer will be regular
freignt and ticket stations, with M. T.
Kane as azent at the former and M. P
Peterson at the lattrr.
li was learned yesterday that J. C.
Hull, of the Lake Snore, now confined
at St. Luke's hospital, is slightly im
proved. J. V. Cherry, of the Baltimore
<V- Ohio, who is at the same hospital un
uer treatment for blindness, is no better.
On and after Nov. 7. on the Milwau
kee, ticket offices will be opened at Wa
eouta, Whit titan and Richmond, with 11.
D. Witte as asent at Wacoutii. William
Kuglen, agent at Whitman and 11. S.
Clow agent at hichinoud.
Receiver Payne, ot the Northern Pa
cific, will arrive here from the East to
day. John C. Spooner, one ot the coun
sel for the receivers, came up yesterday
from Madison. Mr. Payne is the only
one ot the receivers who will come here
at this time. Receiver Oakes has gone
to Europe, and Receiver Rouse is still
in New York.
To Our Hubscribers.
The portrait offer has been taken ad
vantage of by so many of our subscrib
ers that it wili be lmuossible to deliver
some or" the pictures at time promised.
We wish to say u> those intending to or
der that pictures must reach us imme
diately if you deoire tliein tor the holi
Killed an Election Jndgc.
Chicago, Nov. 7.—The attempt by a
gantr of toughs to steal the ballot boxes
at 115 Oak street at 12:50 this morning
has resulted in murder. Gus Colean
der, the judire of the election, who was
shot in the abdomen, died some hours
later. Coleander was a saloonkeeper.
The police think they nave the party
who did the shooting. At tne Emer
gency hospital is a man with two bullet
wounds, one in the thigh and one near
the heart. He was brought in early this
mon ing, and as he was unable to give
an ac uuitt of himself he was imme
diately suspected. His name is with
held by the police. J. F. Waters, who
was shot in the arm. is well enough to
finish counting the ballots.
Many years ago Dr. R. V. Pierce, chief
consulting physician to the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N.
V., compounded this medicine of vegeta
ble ingredients which had an especial
effect upon the stomach and liver, rous
ing the organs to healthful activity as
well as purifying and enriching the
blood. By such means the stomach and
the nerves are supplied with pure blood;
they will not do duty without it any more
than a locomotive can run without coal.
You can not get a lasting cure of Dys
pepsia, or Indigestion, by taking artifi
cially digested foods or pepsin^—the stom
ach must do its own work in its own way.
Do not put your nerves to sleep with so
called celery mixtures, it is better to go
to the seat of the difficulty and feed the
nerve cells on the food they require.
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Biliousness and
Nervous Affections, such as sleepless
ness and weak, nervous feelings are com
pletely cured by the "Discovery." It
puts on healthy flesh, brings refreshing
sleep and invigorates the whole system.
Mis. K. Henke, of No. 896 North Ha hied
St., Chicago, ///., writes: "I regard my im
provement as ''filmic
Golden Medical
nccticm with his MK/mKK£gjkj& jjf**^
liver was dread- *1 %y^P^j» -^a
reef- _ . Mr*. Hknke.
Now, after two
months I am entirely relieved of my disease.
My appetite is excellent ; food well digested;
! bowels regular and sleep much improved."
They Go In to Smash All the
Quotations in the Grain
Corn and Oats Followed and
Provisions Show a De
Speculators Trading on the
Probable Effect of the
Tuesday Elections.
CHICAGO, Nov. 7.—After a firm open
ing on better cables, wheat broke sharp
ly today on free selling, and closed %c
lower for December. Mny corn closed
,Vc lower; May oats, }^a lower, and
provisions at moderate declines.
On the slight display or streneth
early there was an immense amount of
wheat for sale, and the pressure was so
general that the market couid not ab
sorb it even in the face of the firm ca-
There was an expectation of a large
increase in the world's visible supply ,
and the amount put afloat last week by
exporting countries was about 2.000,000
bushels in excess or the weekly require
At noon Bradstreet's came in showing
an increase In the world's Tisible.
After a rally on Bradstreet'3 the mar
ket attain turned weak on the free real
izing, and fell to 58% c for May and 53, s<c
for December, closing at those figures.
The corn market was neglected to a
large extent for the wore active deal in
the neighboring wheat pit. It was firm
at the start, but weakened with wheat.
In spite of smali receipts. May opened
irregular at from 51^C to 01-^c, de
clined to 50^gC, and closed witn sellers
at 50^c.
Another quiet session was passed in
the oat market, The fluctuations were
governed by corn principally. May
started at 3'2s^c, sold down to 32^@
S2}{e, and closed at 32}£c.
Heavy receipts of hogs and a prospec
tive continuance of such a movement
caused a weakness in provisions. Of
ferintrs from packers were heavy, and
longs sold also. Compared with Mon
day's elosintr prices, pork is 12}<,'c lower,
lard 5c and ribs 10c lower.
Freights slow at lc for grain to Buf
The leading futures ranged as follows:
- Artiplfs Open- llixh- LOW-1 Clos-
ARTICLEB. j ng i est | est I JnK
Wheat, No. 2—
November..... 54 siVs 53 53%
December. . .. 543^-% 545* r>;iM> 515%
May 501,2-% 50% 5bV2 55«,2-%
Corn, No. 2—
November 51% 517S 51V2 5Hi
December 61*8 51^ siii,? s'Vi>
May 511,8 51% 5.3,g ,%%-vs
Oats. No. 2—
November.... 284 .2S^ *.*<*j:.\'%-Vfc
December :8% 2yi£ 28% 28%
May 3*.'% 3-.'% 32*(33%-VS
Mess Pork—
January 11 85 11 871,2 11 75% II 75
Lard —
January 690 690 6 S2Mj 685
May 1 Oil,? 105 6 % 1.2 700
Short Ribs-
January 500 6 O-'Vs 595 5 971/2
May 520 i; 20 610 610
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour steady, unchanged. Wheat— No. 2
spring,o?>;;@sß^o; No. 3 spring, none;
No. 2 red, 53^@54J^c. Corn-No. 2,
51}-.,' c; No. 3 yellow. 4GK<\ Oats— <Jo.
2.2B>£c; No. 2 white. [email protected]: No. 3
white, ol [email protected] Rye— So. 2. 47c.
Barley— No. 2. 55c; No. 3, . 52(a>54>*c;
No. 4.51)£@53c. Flax seed—No. 1. f 1.47.
Timothy bred— Prime, $5.40. Pork—
Mess, per bbl, $11.87)43. Lard— Per 100
lbs, 5H.J10. Short Ribs— hides (loose),
[email protected] Shoulders-Dry salted
(boxed). b%@.h%c. Sides—Short clear
(boxed), 6^(fl66^c. Whisky— Distillers'
finished goods, per gallon. $1.23.
Sugars—Unchanged; cut loaf. b}£c\
granulated, 4%c: standard "A," 4%c.
Receipts— Flour, 39,000 bb!s; wheat,
142,000 bu; corn, 210,000 bit; oats.
277,000 bu; rye, 7,000 bu: barley, 144
--000 bu. Shipments— Flour, I'J.OOO bbls:
wheat, 20.000 bu; corn. 134.000 bu;
oats, 104,000 bu; rye, 6.000 bu;
barley. 61,000 bu. On the produce
exchange today the butter market
was steady; creameries,' [email protected];
dairies, 12(§20c. Eggs firm; lSJ 2 (a);!0c.
Sew York Produce.
New Yokk, Nov. 7.—Flour -Receipts,
83.200 bbls; exports, 37,700 bbls; sales,
32.000 pfcgs; market firm and fairly ac
tive. Southern flour dull; rye flour
slow; sales. 400 bbls; buckwheat flour
steady at ?2(32.15. Buckwheat quiet;
[email protected] Cornineal quiet; sales, 200 bbis,
2,400 sacks. Rye dull; car lots, [email protected],
delivered. Barley quiet; No. 2 Milwau
kee, 61 (tt62c. Barley mult dull. Wheat
—Receipts. 266,200 exports. 120,000
bu ; sales, 5,800.000 bu futures.
16.000 bu spot; spot weaker; No. 2
red, store and elevator, sG'^@so^c'
afloat, 57%@57%c: f. o. b.. 58% c;
Options generally weak all day, closing
at %@%e net decline. No. 2 red, Janu
ary, closed at 5Sc; March closed at COc;
May closed at Gl%c: November closed
at 56?4c; December closed at S7#e.
Corn — Receipts, 79,200 bu: exports,
2,200 bu; sales, 220,000 bu futures; spot
dull; No. 2, s'Jc: options were weak all
day, closing at %(a>%Q net decline; Jan
uary closod at 54^c; May closed at
54% c; November closed at 57c; Decem
ber closed at 55% c. Oats — Receipts,
178,600 bu; exports, 700 bu; sales, 75,T)00
bu futures , 51,000 bu spot; spot easy •
No. 2, 32°^@33c; No. 2 white,
36% c; option market was gov
erned by corn all day and closed
at %c decline. January closed at 34}£c.
February closed at 35c; May closed at
36^c, Novvein closed at*32%c, De
cember closed at 33>^c. flay steady.
Hops steady. Hides firm. Leather
firm. Beef steady. Cut meats dull;
pickled shoulders, sV£@s%c; pickled
hams, [email protected] Lard steady: Western
steam closed at $7.25 bid; November
closed at $7.25; January, 17.20.
Pork steady. Butter firm;" Western
dairy, [email protected]; Western creamery, 15
@24c; Western factory, [email protected]; El
gins, 23% c; imitation creamery, [email protected]
18c. Cheese firm; lame, [email protected]:
small, [email protected] E^gs quiet; receipts,
10,231 pkg6: Western fresh, [email protected]^c;
cases, ?3v<53.50. Tallow easy; city, 4^c.
Duliif h Wheat.
Dyi.XTTN, Minn., Nov. 7. — Wheat
opened firm, %c advanced for May at
60% c. The strong opening was in sym
pathy with higher American markets
and strong cables. Buying orders were
few, However, and the market soon be
came heavy,selling off by noon %c from
top. Business in futures was fairly
active, although little was dune in De
cember Wlieaj! Cash wheat was in good
demand, both for shipment and to mill.
MiHs took about 50,000 DO. They paid
He premium for stuff to arrive within
one week, {shipper's bought on a basis
of No. 1 hard at 59^X«fi59)^c. About
300,000 bu was worKtd for shipment.
The market closed easy, V£c deolened
for spot wheat, and %a for futures, not
withstanding th» higher closing cables.
Close—No. 1 northern, cash, 57>jc;
No. 3, sl>£c; rejected, 48>$c; No. 1 hard,
lk'c over No. 1 northern.
Futures—No. 1 northern, December.
56% c bid; May. 60c bid. Flax, 142
Rye, 45c bid, Oats, [email protected]%c. Barley,
[email protected] -.'
Receipts Here and at Superior-
Wheat, 429,803 bu; oats, 27,214 bu; rye
-1,215 bu; barley, 61,614 bu; flax. 9,079
bu.;: Shipments Wb*a|, 145,736 bu.
Cars inspected In—Wheat, 558: barley,
Mr flax. Hi ry&a- oats, 34; yVSr fa
•^vheat, 1,465 W^X.^: ' "*4. -T . * ,
„ ; Milwaukee. ,«~
Mn.wAt'KKK. Nov. 7.— Flour fairly
active. Wheat quiet and steady; No. 2
spring, 50c: No. 1 northern, 62c; May,
59c. Corn lower and dull; No. 8, 48c.
Oats steady; No. 2 white, ?.2^c; No. 3
white. 31%@32Kc. Barley steadier; No.
2. 55Jc; sample, 51(<z>54c. Rye lower;
No. i. 50^>. Provisions higher. ; Pork j
% 12.05. Lard. fG.BO. ■ •i"1
Liverpool. - :
Liverpool, : Nov. 7.—Pork dull.
Hams dull, shortcut, 435. Bacon, hold
ers offer moderately; short ribs strong,
36s (id; lung and short clear, 55 lbs,
steady, 34s 6d. Shoulders steady, 89*-
Cheese dull, finest white and colored,
48s 6d. Tallow nominal. Turpentine
steady; spirits. 20s 9d. Rosin steady;
common, 37s 9d. Hops at London (Pa
cific coast), firm; new crop, £2 [email protected]£3.
On Real Estate Security.
Manhattan Building.
New York.
New To«L Nov. 7.—1 he speculation
on the stock exchange thrs morning was
marked by a strong tone, and there was
good buying tluoughout the entire list.
Significance of the election result from
a upeculailve point of view is that it
makes it certain as the street reads the
situation that for lie present no tariff
tinkering will be induced with its dis
turbing intlu nces in the commercial
community, and the downfall of the
Populists in the West checks the growth
or an agitation which had already begun
to bo hurtful to their interests and tend
ing toward inflationism. With these
views fixed firmly a majority of the
traders on the exchange went on the
board as buyers, and their purchases
sent prices up with a rush. At the
figures some operators who had
acquired lines of stock at the lower
figures of last week, undertook to real
ize profits, with the result first of check
ins; the advance and then of breaking
prices, it was not until about 2 o'clock
that tue market recovered from this de
pression, but since 1:30 there was a
steadying of the speculation, which
grew into a heavy purciiasiug UK-ve
ment around delivery hour. Specula
tion became active* and buoyant and
there was a shaip appreciation in val
ues which continued to fhe close, the
market finishing up strong and buoyant.
Compared with the closing figures of
Monday, the last prices made today are
M<§'*K higher, the latter L:ike Erie &
Western preferred. Lackawauna and
Consolidated Gis, tt£; New York
Central, 2; Rock '"island, 1%;
St. Paul and Denver & Rio Grande, \%;
Colorado Fuel, I} 4; Pacific Mail and
Lead preferred. \% ; American Express,
\xi\ Wheeling & Lake Erie and Laclerie
Gas preferred, 1; Burlington, Louisville
ft Nashville, Southern Pacific, Union
Pacific, Norfolk ft Western preferred,
Denver & It G. preferred and General
Electric. %\ St. Paul and Northwest,
%. A few fractional declines were re
corded in the inactive shares.
The bond market evinced the same
strong tone which moved prices in the
share list,and prices generally advance?
throughout the day. There " was very
Heavy buying of the leading mortgage*,
the transactions for the day rr»~*"iiig
the unusually large total of I3.SSC i.l
Bankers end Brokers,
311 Jackson St.. St. Paul, Minn.
Stock Market— Closing. .-
Atcbison til* C. P. D. Gulf. T~
Adams Express .147 Northwestern.. 101^
Alton & Terre H. 33 do pfd ' 143--■■
♦do pfd. IDS N. Y. Central..'.. l'Kiife
Am'can Express. IIOV2 N.Y.&New Ens. 31^
Baltimore & Ohio 67 Ontario & West Kit>
Canada Pacific. 0.^4 Oregon Imp. 13 "
Can. Southern. .. 50* Oregon Nay ... 21
Central Pacific. 16U O.S.L.&U.N. 6
flies. & 0hi0.... l<Ji& Pacific Mail... £3%
Chicago & A1t0n.144 P. D. & E ... 3%
C. 13. & Ci 74V2 *PittsbnrK . ...*lsfi'
Chicago Gas 15 Pullman P. Car. 158
ConsolidatedGas.l-M Reading.- iSifc
C. C, C. & St. L. 373;, Richmond Ter. . ,1^&
Colorado C. &I. 8 do pfd '. 21.14
Cotton Oil cerla. £714 Rio G. Western.. 15
Del. & Hudson..l2sV2 do pfd 42
Del., Lack. & \V.].'.O Rock island... .Km
D. & R. G. pfd.. 3C&4 St. Paul 6314
Dis. &C. P. Co.. 10»ib do pfd . . 120
East Tennessee.. 11 St. P. & Omaha ' Site
Erie 14Mi do pfd 108'
do pfd 28 Southern Pacific. 19M>
*Fort Wayne 157 Sugar Refinery. ..8814
Gt. North, pfd... 10:i'2 Tenn.Coal&lron. 10%
C. &E. I. pfd.... <J4 (Texas Pacific... 11.%
Hockinc Valley.. 19 Tol.&O.Cen.pfd 73
Illinois Central.. Union Pacific last
St. Paul &D 22 iU. S. Express! '.'. "42
Kan. «St Tex. pfd. i 3% Wabash.St.L.&P. £s*
Lake Krie<<:West. 17%; do pfd... . 14^4
do pfd 7C% Wells-FareoEx. 105
Lake Shore 134*4 Western Union. 17*
Lead Trust 4;>% Wheeling* L. E. 11 (2
Louis. & Nash... sf4fe do prd 40
Louisrille&N.A. 7V? M. & St. L.. 25%
Manhattan C0n..107% D. & R. G '. 12^
♦Mem&Charrt'n 10 i General Electric' 37%
Michigan Cent... 9714! National Linseed 1!)
Missouri Pacific. 29 | Col. Fuel & Iron ''3
Mobile & 0hi0... 19Vi *do pfd. .65
Nasb. & Chatt... CC H. & Tex. Cent 2<6
Nat. Cordage.... 13% ToL.A.A. & N.M. 47&
do pfd.... 22 T., St. L. &K. C. 1'
N. J. Central.... 91 Ma Southern 13%
N. &W. pfd..... 2314 do pfd 41
N. American Co. 5 i Am. Tobacco 03%
Northern Pacific. 4Vn do pfd " 106'
do pfd ....... 18% '
——. . . __
•Bid. ~~
Loan Money on Improved Property la St.
Paul and Minneapolis
At 6% 'On or Before'
New Pioneer Press Bids,. Heeve Building
U. S. ssreg H9V4 D. & K. G. 7s ... mvi
do coup 110 do do 45.. B2Va
do reg 115% *G., 11. &8. A. 6s. 95
do coup 116 *ao do 75.. 95
♦do 2s reg .... 96 *H. & Tex. C. 5s 104
♦Pacific 0f'95..101 do do 6* 100
Ala.. Class A 103 M.. K. &T.first4s tB%
dodo B 106 do second 4s 44%
♦do do C 92V2 ♦Mutual Uulou6s.lOS -
♦do Currency.. 02V2 N. J. C. Gen. 65..113V$
La. new consol 4s 95 ♦N. P. firsts . 115 '
♦Missouri (5s 100 do seconds.. 88
KorthCarollnaßs.l23V2 #N. W. consols - 141
♦do 4s 99 do S.F.deb.ss "109
S. Car. non-fund. IV2 Rio G. West. l«s. 6.1%
Term. new set.tiß. 79 ♦3t.Paulcoußol7sl3o
*do do ss. 102 do C.&P.W.Si 112
♦do Old 6s 60 St.L.&I.M.Gcn.Ss.TWa
Va. Centuries 68 St.L.&S.t.G.6s 98
do deferred.... 8^ Texas Pacific lets 8&%
Atchison 4s 69 do seconds... 26U
do Second A. 21Vi U. P. lstsof '90 108 t
Canada 80. 2ds. ..105U West Shore 4»....icfii*
Erie seconds 71 Soo It. R. 87^
♦Bid. r~ ~ " ~T
Investment Bankers.
Dealers In Firm-Clan*
Bond*, Bank Stock* and
Commercial Papers,
money to loan In Large Amount*.
Germania Bank Bldg., and Temple Court
St Paul. Minneapolis
Hew York Money.
New York, Nov. 7.— Money on call
easy at 1 per cent. Prime mercantile
paper, 2>^@S3i per cent. Sterling ex
change weak, with actual business In
bankers' bills at *[email protected] for de
mand, and f4.8G.1£@4.87 for sixty days.
Posted rates, 14.87^(^4.88 and 14.88K
@4,89. Commercial bills, 84.85%@4 85?/
Bar silver, 03}<c. Mexican dollars'
61Kc. Silver certificates, 64)^c.
I' "'-inife.
Chicago, > . 7.—Clearings, 120,*
087.053. Money. 4^4)^ per cent on call,
[email protected]> on time. New York exonange at
- ••'■«. •• ■ •«.» _ • — ■ •
pir. . Forei(fn-s^^»e dull. Sterlirf
commerfilnl, $4.85^1?. 1 v^- ~.
| Btoclcs In London. -~
London, Nov. The stock exchange
today was generally buoyant. The
Evening Standard says: "Americans
continue to be purchased in view of
the Republican success. Grand Trunk
was the exception, the general rule
with it being lower quotations. '
i i;, I^mloh Financial. .
l New Yohk, Nov. 7.—The Evening
Post's London cablegram: The "boom
let" in Americans continued today, but
prices finished under the best. The
best opinions regarding the rise as more
or less of a spurt, an*l the influential
houses here are not taking a hand in
. the rise. It is manipulated by the same
operators as was the rise in August
i last. Other stock markets were irreg
ular. '■- ;•.: -•■..
The trade returns for September are
: moderately encouraging. Exports to
• America showed a large increase. The
■ new Mexican sterling loan of two and a
halt millions will be issued tonight; the
| price will be 68. The China loan was
applied for twice over, tf here was a
weak allotment of India council drafts,
only S3 lakhs. The Bank of England
has lowered the selling price of her gold
to77slO}£d. ■■■■■■ ■
These [uotations Furnls'uJ ')/
Jameson, Hevener
&. CO.,
Hay, Feed. Flour anJ Seed 3
St. Paul Produce.
Butter—Fancy separator, 22(a>23c; ex
tra creamery, [email protected]; first.creamery;
[email protected]; second creamery, [email protected]; fan
cy dairy. [email protected]; first dairy, [email protected];
second dairy, 13(a)14c; fancy roll and
print, [email protected]; packing stock, [email protected];
grease. 4(a>sc.
Cheese— Full cream, ll%(a>l2c; pri
most, s,[email protected]; brick chees», [email protected]>£c;
Limburger cheese, :[email protected])^c; Yoifng
America, [email protected]%2; Swiss, 12(a>14c:
skims, [email protected]<,'c.
Eugs—Fresh, cases included, 17Ke;
fresh, cases returned.l6>[email protected]; seconds,
cases returned. [email protected]
Poultry—Turkeys, toms, [email protected]}^c: tur
key.*, hens. 7(<£7>j'c; chickens, bpriutr,
53i>@O) 2 e; hens,f)@sKc; mixed, cox. .4
@4>^'c; ducks, spring, 7c; geese, ii(a;7c.
Vegetables—Onions, Spanish, crate,
$1.75; onions, Minnesota, per tiu, [email protected]
50c; radishes, per doz, 10c; cauliflower,
per doz. [email protected]; cabbage, dm, 50
@60c; cabbage, ton, $12(«U3; beets, duz,
30(a40e: celery, doz, 2.j(d>3oc; lettuce,
doz, ]2(<slsc; rutabagas, per bu, [email protected];
strintr Deans, bu, 75c; tomatoes, home
grown, bu, [email protected]$l ; egg plant, doz, [email protected]
Dressed Meats — Mutton, packing
house stock, 4^@sc; country, 4>^c;
veal, fancy, 6}s(d>7c; medium, 5((Mi.:;
lambs, country, 4(a/sc.
.Pork, Beef, llama. 'Etc.—Hides,
steer, green, per Ib, [email protected]%c; cow, green,
[email protected]: calf, green, 7c; steer, salt, 4 14
@sc; cow. salt. 3>£@4c; pelts, [email protected];
wool, washed, [email protected]; wool, unwashed,
[email protected];tallow, [email protected]^ac;pork, iuess,sl3.sO
@14; beef, mess, $S.so(^'J; bacon, 510.50
(all; hams. [email protected]: hams, picnic,
[email protected]; dried beef. [email protected]; lard, $7.50
@8; hops, [email protected] . -
j Oranses—Seed I mars. Riverside. $2.50
®3; Mediierranean sweets. $4®4.50;
Hodis, $5.50(^(i; Floritlas. $3.50014.
•Lemons— Extra fancy, |[email protected]; fancy,
j Bananas—Port Llmons, $1.75(3)2; Hon
duras No. |_ *[email protected]; Honduras i\o. 2,
$1,250)1.50. Cocoanuts. per 100, [email protected]
; CaliforiiiaFruits-Peaches, box, free,
[email protected]; peaches, box, cling, bsc;
peaches, Michigan, basket, 50(5G0c;
peaches, Michigan, bu basket, §[email protected];
pears. Bartletts, box, $1.75(^2.25; pears,
New York Duchess, bb1,53.75(«f4; pears,
Winter Nellis. $1.75; "pears, Bearie, $2.
•Berries—Cranberries, bu, [email protected];
do bbl. B. & B. [email protected]; Cape Cod,
[email protected]
Grapes — Tokays, crate. Singles,
50; Morocco, crate. [email protected]; Mus
cats, crate, $1.50; Emperor, $1.40;
Concord, basket, [email protected]; Catawba, bas
ket. [email protected]'5?.
.ADples—Fancy stand, bbl, $2.75(5)3;
fancy, bbl, [email protected]; standard. [email protected]
2.50; fair, [email protected]; common, [email protected]
Potatoes — Minnesota, bu. [email protected]:
Western, per 100 lbs. 85c(«)?1.05: sweet
Jerseys, per bbl. [email protected]; sweet Illi
nois, per bbl, $1.750j2.
Drifd Fruit—Apples, evaporated, per
lb. ll>^@l3c; peaches, peeled. ][email protected];
peaches, unppeied, [email protected]; pears, [email protected]
10c: apricots, [email protected]; raspberries, [email protected]
23c; blackberries, 7&7i4c; prunes,
California French. ()@'.)c.
Game and Fish—Venison, saddle; [email protected]
10c; venison, whole, 6(<t;7c; prairie
chickens. [email protected]; partridges, [email protected];
jack snipe. [email protected]#l. Ducks-Mallard,
doz. ?2.25(§2.50; teal, [email protected]; common,
$1. Black bass, 8(«,9c; pike. [email protected]; pick
erel, [email protected]: croppies. 3c. Geese, doz, $5
@6; brant, doz. [email protected]
Established 1879.
Minneapolis. Duluth
Minneapolis Markets.
The market opened up strong. The
higher price brought out considerable
wheat and prices declined a cent. Later
there was some. reaction. Foreign mar
kets were higher in the United King
dom, but lower on the continent. Some
export demand was reported. The in
crease, as reported by Bradstreet, was
less thau had been expected, and helped
to cause the strength shown late in the
session. Prices ruled as follows :
May— Opening, 59&@59%e; highest,
59#@59%c; closlner. 58^@58Kc. ..
November— SGKc.
December— Opening, 5014 c; highest,
56*4 c; lowest, 55}£c; closing, 55Kc.
On Track— 1 hard, 58c; No. 1
northern, 57c; No. 2 northern, 55}ic.
Some Sample Sales—No. 1 hard. thin.
1 car, 58c: No. 1 hard.l car, 5S%c; No. 1
hard, 1 car, 59J£c; No. 1 northern, !>3
cars. 57Xc; rejected wheat. X% lbs off,
3 cars. 55>£c; rejected wheat, 2 lbs off,
7 cars, 53c; rejected wheat, \}{ lbs off, 2
cars, 5G%c; N0.3 white oats. a cars, 30c:
No. 3 white oats, 2 cars, 2tt%c; No.
oats, 5 cars, 29% c; No. 3 barley, 50 lbs,
1 car, 46c; No. 2 rye. 1 car, 45c. "
Flour— First patents, [email protected]; bak
ers', $1.90(§2.15; low grades, [email protected]
Bran and Shorts — Bran, $9.50(^9.75
bulk; [email protected] In sacks; shorts, $11
Hay—Market is steady; choice lowa
upland, *[email protected]; choice "Minnesota up
land, 97<9&fiO; medium upland, ?5(a6;
coarse hay. [email protected]
I Corn— No.3, 53c; ear corn, 43c
Oats— 3 white, 30c; No. 3. 2914
@30c. ' *
i Rye—No. 2, 45c.
s Barley— Nominal; No. 3. 45(n)40c.
; Ground Steady; No 1, per ton.
car lots, 19.50; corn meal, carloads!
[email protected] per ton; granulated, |24(<5
24.50. :\r--
Live Stock Commission.
Union Stock Yards, South St. Panl.Hinn
Union Stockyard*.
Recei pts—l,ooo hogs. 125 cattle; 15
calves, 238 sheep.
Hoes—Steady and active. A light
run. and were soon disposed of. Qual
ity rood, a couple of bunches being
good enough to bring #4.50. Late ar
rivals sold lower In sympathy with
Eastern decline. '■•
Cattle—Steady. The offerings were
mostly medium quality mixed butcher
stuff, and trading was not brisk, al
though a good clearance was made.
Stackers are weak.
Sbeep — Good mutton* and lambs
stead r.Rnd in. fair demand; common
very dull," - --L **"* .
.w ■„, ■•- /■ . : , ... „;.".;■
Chicago live Stock.
Chicago, Nov. 7.— The cattle market
was active and firm. Bidding was
sharper than it has been for a longtime.
Receipts were unusually light for
Wednesday. Anything good enough
for exporters or Eastern buyer* was
salable at an advance of 10 cents, and
holders of lower grades unloaded at*
prices better by [email protected] cents. Choice
steers were in slim supply, and while
strictly prime brought $6.45 there
were lew trades above $5.50. From
$2 to $2.75 took the major part of the
natives, and prices below $3.40 bought
must of the rangers. Stockers and
feeders were firmer. Veal calves also*
sold strong. There was a reasonably
steady tone to the hog market at the
opening, and a veiy weak one later
in the day. The close was 5c lower
than the early market. Receipts
were large, and with a prospect I
of liberal receipts for the remain
der of the week, buyers were .in
clined to hold off. A few choice heavy
lots sold around $4.75, but the prices
most frequently'paid were [email protected],
light and medium weight selling large
ly at that range. There were numerous
sales below $4.50, and pigs generally
changed hands at *[email protected]
Continued firmness marked the sheep
and lamb market. Good to choice
sheep were quoted at [email protected], and
poorer grades at $1.25(0j2.50. Lambs
were salable at [email protected] tor poor to
Receipts—Cattle, 12.000; calves, 500;
hogs, 33,000; sheep, 10,000.
Report* <I by the State Ware
house Commission.
Secretary Teisberg, of the state grain
coin mission, has issued the following
statement showing comparative market
price of No. 1 hard wheat at Duluth
on the 22d day of October, 1894, as com
pared with sale of 2.000 quarters (10.000
bu) of same made at Liverpool on that
day, for London delivery, c. i. f. (cost,
insurance and freight):
Oct. Price No. 1 hard in Du
luth 58.25
Duluth elevator charges, weighing
and inspection 00.85
Lake freight and insurance, Du
luth to Buffalo. 03.50
Buffalo elevator charges and com
missions 01.00
Canal freight and insurance. Buf
falo to New York 03.00
New York elevator charges, viz.,
towing, demurrage, weighing,
transferring and trimming, 01.50
Ocean freight and insurance. New
York to London 03.25
Loss in weight, Duluth to London. .00.50
Cost in London, "c. i. f." 71.85
Oct. 22. -2.0U0 quarters (10,000 bush
f!s)iMt!d inLiverpooi at22slullings
11.,I 1., pence per quarter (ot 4SO lbs).
or 67% c perbiuliel 07.88
Difference in price (nearly •* cents).o3.97
On the previous day 8,000 bu Manito
ba No. 1 hard sold for 07.: 8 c per bu.
On same day 8,000 bu No. 2 American
red winter sold for 59^c. New York
quotations that day for same wheat were
56c afloat, to which add 35^c for ocean
freight and insurance, the result would
ba an even deal, if no loss occurred by
shrinkage or waste. •
ToCalifornia Without Change V Tia
"The Milwaukee."
On Saturday. Nov. 10th. 1894, aud on
every Saturday thereafter, an elegant
Pullman Tourist Sleeper will leave
Minneapolis (5:25 a. m.), St. Paul (8:35
a. m.) and arrive Los Angeles, Califor
nea, at 0:30 p. m. following Wednesday.
Via "The Milwaukee's" famous
"Hedriek Route" to Kansas City, thence
via the A., T. ft S. F. R'y through
Southern California.
A most delightful winter route to the
This car Is "personslly conducted"—
in Immediate charge of an official and
an attendant through to destination.
Kate per berth, jO.OO through from St.
L cave fet. Paul-Minneapolis every
Saturday morning, arriving at Los Au»
geles every Wednesday afternoon.
For berths, eompl c.c information and
lowest rates apply to "The Milwaukee"
agents, St. Paul»Minneai>oli.=, or ad
dress J. T. Conley, Assistant General
Passenger Agent, St. Paul, Minn.
Brndstreet's I.eporc of Grain Sup
plies in the United i tales and
New Yohk, Nov. 7.—Special cable
and telegraphic advices to Biadstn-et's.
cohering principal points of accumula
tion in the United States, Canada and
Europe, indicate the following changes
in stocks of train last Saturday, as com
pared with the preceding Saturday:
Available supplies: United States
and Canada, east of the Kocky mount
ains, wheat, increase. 2.148.000; United
States and Canada east of the Rocky
mountain?, corn, decrease, 151.000;
United States and Canada east of Kocky
mountains, oats, increase. 257,000;
LTnitt'd States west of Rocky mountains,
wheat, increase. 1,122.000. Atloat for
and in Europe, wheat, decrease, 304,000.
The larger increases of domestic
wheat stocks east of the Kocky moun
tains not reported by the train ex
changes include 140.C0J bushels at New
port >.ews, 121.000 bushels at Louis
ville, 184.000 bushels in Chicago private
elevators, 58.000 bushels in Northwest
ern interior elevators, 35,000 bushels in
Minneapolis private elevators and 27,
--000 bushels at Rochester.
Corresponding decreases include 125,
--000 bushels in Milwaukee private ele
vatots, 100.C00 bushels at Jolier, 37,000
bushels at Akron and 28.000 bushels at
Queer People
Arrangements have just been com
pleted which enable us to give the little
folks a treat. Parents will do well to
take advantage of the offer as contained
in the advertisement in this issue of
"Queer People."
Warden Wolfer Is In receipt of a com
munication from the hemp districts in
Nebraska stating that the shipping of
hemp to the binding twine factory in
this city will begin In a day or two.
The death of Rev. B. Locnikar, O. S.
8.. Abbot of St. John's abbey, occurred
yesterday at the residence of Father Ai
phonse. Deceased was 4(5 years of age
and his death was due to fttrictot'a
disease. He was president of St. John's
university. The remains will be taken
to St. Paul for interment.
The Best Trams to Duluth,
The Best Trains to Chicago,
The Best Trains to Omaha,
The Best Trains to Kansas City
Run Via The North-Western L'ne
Cincinnati, 0., Nov. 7.—ln the cir
cuit court of appeals for the Sixth cir
cuit today P. M. Arthur, the grand
chief engineer of ihe Brotherhood of
Locomotive Engineers, voluntarily dis
missed his appeal from the injunction
Issued against him by Judge Taft on
the prayer of the Toledo. Ann Arbor &
Northern Michigan Railroad company
to compel him to rescind his order to
members of the brotherhood in the em-
Rloy Qf companies operating connecting
nes to refuse to haul cars of the Tol
edo, Ann Arbor & Kortljern Michigan
Railroad company, and restraining him
from Islaing any fifrther order of the
same kind to enforce a boycott. This
end» Toledo & Ann Arbor boycott liti*
gaUon. Judge Ricks' order in the case
was sustained by the circuit court of
appeals In October last. Judge Taft's
order was appealed from.and the record
printed, but this dismissal leaves the
order uuuiaturbed.
the globe building
fire Prooi - = *
Steam heat; all modern conveniences.
Best location in the city for offices.
Taylor's Renting' Agency
Room 16, Qlobe. J. \V. Taylor, Supt.
In accepting the Presidency of the Honduras National Lottery Company
(Louisiana Stale Lottery Company) i shall not surrender the Presidency of the
Gulf Coast Ice and Manufacturing Company, of Bay St. Louis, Miss.
Therefore address all proposals for supplies, machinery etc., as well as all
business communications, to PAIL CO3IIAD, Puerto Cortex, Honduras,
Care Central America Kxpres-,
r5t»»E 'jSJB '&%s?**>- jr. 9HAIM »
TItEATMEKT. a specific for Hysteria. Dizzi
ness, Fits. Neuralgia, Headache, Nervous
prostration caused by alcohol or tobacco;
wakefulness. Mental Depression, Softening
of Brain, causing insanity, misery, decay,
death: Premature Old Age. Barrenness, Loss
or Power in either sex, Impotency, Leucor
rhoea and all Female Weaknesses, Involun
tary Losses. Spermatorrhoea caused by over
exertion of- brain, Sell-Abuse. Over-indul
gence. A mouth's treatment, Si, is lor J\ by
mail. We guarantee- six boxes to cure.
Each order forß boxes, with $.">, will send,
written guarantee to refund if not cured.
Guarantees issued only by W. K. Collier
Druggist, Seventh and Sibley street*, St. Paul
The Dining Car Line to Fargo, Winnipeg,
Helena, Butte and the Pacific Northwest.
Diuiug Cars on Winnipeg and Pu-L^ 1;, „*'•.
Cific Coast Trams. { aul ™ ul
Pacific Ma?: {Daily) for Fargo,
Jamestown, Livingston, Helena,
Butte, Missoula, Spokane. Ta- 1:15 7:25
coma, Seattle and Portland p. m. a. m.
Dakota and Manitoba Express
(Daily) for Fergus Falls, Wall pe
ton, Crookston, Grand Forks,
Graf ton, Winnipeg, Moorhead, S:OOT:O3
Fargo and Jamestown I p.m. ia. m.
Fargo Local (Daily except Sun
day) for St. Cloud,. Brainerd 9:00 6:20
and Fargo i.m. p. m.
Dakota Express does not run west of Fargo
on Sunday.
Pullman Sleepers Dally between St. Paul
and Grand Forks, Graf ton, Winnipeg, Fer
gus Falls, Wahpeton ami KHrgo.
Pullman First-Class and Tourist Sleepers
and Free Colonist Steepen are run ou
through Pacific Coast Trains.
C. E. STONE, City Ticket Agent, 162 East
Third Street, si. Paul.
SOO XjinSTß,
sr.p.iii, UNION DISFOr.
l»nllv a* follows: Leave.
Boston, Montreal and New Ens
land point? 6:, 10 p. m.
Vancouver, N. Whatcom and Pa
cific coast points 3:15 a m.
For further information and time of local
trains call at ticket office or consult folder.
i£S4S5&g^L Trains leave St. Paul 1:10
jM^^^Wj p. in. ami 7:15 p. m. daily
® Trains leave Paul 1:10
p. in. atvi 7:15 p. m. daily
for Milwaukee, Chicago
/^sS^w^l ami Intermediate points.
I^^^^^^ Arrive from Chicago S:'^o
>^^sS^^/ a. m. and 4:00 p. in. daily.
a^?*^ Dining cars on all trains.
City ticket oflice, 104 East Third Street.
I Leaves Union Depot
nnßuvßEaM for c'hioa^ro. St. Louis
uj || 11 iTTT*JiITIpI and down-river points
nMU|UU^L4M| ~: 3l> A.m. Arrives from
!HBi nVßHlChica^o 2:30 p. m. dai
'tlllrKli ly' L<?aves Union De
«^gMtegEHpot for Chicago and St.
HBSI^9BBfIBI l-"Ui.s 7:40 p. m. Ai
fives from same points 7:45 a. m. daily.
«„ —Trains leave Unlou Depot. City
Office. 304 Robert street, corner Fifth. Tel"
eptione, 150.
♦Daily. tDaily Ex. Sun. [ Leave. Arrive.
Chicago, Dub. Night Ex. j *.J:3O pm
Chi., Dubuque, Kan.City,
St. Joseph... t8:0Oam 1+10:50 pm
Dcs Moines. Marshal'wn,
Waterloo, Cedar Falls.. *7:30 pm *T:3sam
Dodge Center Local *3:35 pin ♦10:10 am
Egypt,.he Hile & Palestine
'I be Annual Series of Parties to the Orient
j leave New York as follows:
i ">.!>>. >oriiisiniiia** Jan. 5
J.**S S. Werra" Feb. 2
; "S. S. Kaiser Wilhelm II." Feb. 23
Including Trip on the Sllc to the FIrM
j <'niaract and Cauinliii; Tour in the
j Holy La mi.
Cruises to the Tropics.
Three attractive Winter Cruises by
! the fine steamships of the Quebec Steamship
I Company to the *% est Indies.'ss follow*:
j February 2d "S. S. Tfatliana"
! February 13lh "5. S. Orinoco"
l February 23d *«S. B. « arlbbee"
Deftrriptive I*, o^riuiimes. contam
! ing Rates and full particulars Free from
| 234 South Clark St.. Clileaso, or
261 and 1225 Bioadu;i;..\cn York.
Tickets: 193 E. Third St. ana Union Depot.
leave. I St. Paul Union Depot. ai:k:vs.
Willruar, Morris. Browns
bS:O3 am ..Val. and Breckinridge.. b 7:oopm
' Fergus Falls. Fargo, «'d
18:30 ami Forks C:ospra
Osseo, Clearwater and St. |
b3:30 pm Cloud il.ll :55 am
b3:30 pm Anoka. Bt.Cloud.Wll]mtr[blO:ii
b4:30 ptu .Excelsior A: Ilutchiuson. bll :55 am
ißreckinridge, Fargo. I
a 6:30 pm ... Graf ton. Winnipeg a 7:3Jasa
tAnoka, St. Cloud, Ferg.
Fulls. Crookstou, Grand
Forks. llelena.Bulto. An
aconda, Spokane, Seattle.
a7:45p00l Pacific Coast ..;. a 7:i3ata
bs: <S amjSoO Falls, Yank ton. S. City jb 7:ojpm
a. Daily: b, Except Sunday: (Dining nuj
Buffet Cars, Palace Sleepers. Tourist Cars.
GaMcrn iUlunenota Railway
Runs the only fast train from St. Paul
through Union Depots Minneapolis and West
Superior to Duluth without change of car*.
Finest Buffet Parlor Cars in the West.
Leave. St Paul Union Depot. ; Arrive
West Superior and Doluth,
1:05 pm ...Daily Except Sunday.... 5:53 pa»
Thro 1 Trains LvViTioiiDepot: •D.iily. tllx.Snn.
CHICAGO—•B.-06 am. W:25 pin. *S I
SU CV, OMAHA, KAN. C'Y-t3:40 am. *7
DI'LUTH & SUPERIOR-t 10:55 am. *U£opm
ItuiKATO-t&OG pii>. Nrw Office-K.bert A f-th,
Chamber of Commerce LJUij;., Gpp. Hotel Ryan
Chicago, Milwaukee A- St. Pan I RK
Le.— Paul— At
Chicago "Day"' Express.. + ;:■■.>.> Km j* 10 pm
Chicago "Atlantic" Ex..j*::.v> pni n :.v> am
ChicwßO ."Fast Mail" j*(i:.V- pm *.':4>pni
Chicago "Vestibule" Liiui*.J:lo pat *7:50 am
Chicago via I)ubiK|iie 1+4:10 pra tIC:SO air.
Dubuque via La Crosse.. ts:CS am tio:4.> pm
M. Louis A Kansas City.. *S:a.) am *ti:'s | m
Milbnnk and Way tS:;S) am tO:3l> i-ra
Milbankaud Aberdeen.. *.i:l; 1) pnij *7:45 am
*!>■;>•. tEx. Sun. JKx. 5Kx. Mou.
For full iuforiu&tiou call at ticket office.

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