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Frazil's New President to Be
Inaugurated at Rio Jan
eiro Today.
Composed of Statesmen
Prominent in the Pres
ent Administration.
rebels Suffer Defeat After
Nearly 250 Are Killed on
Both Sides.
Washington. Nov. 14. - Brazilian
cflicials here give interesting details of
the new cabinet of Brazil, as briefly an
nounced by cable. The list is said to
contain errors In the names, due to
tr.insinission, and the list corrected, as
far as possible here, is as follows: min
ister ot finance, Roderirues*Alver; in
terior and justice. I'valdino do Ainaral;
foreign affaire, Hosa B. J^ilva; industry,
SautosPires; war, (.Jen. Bernardo Var
ques; marine. Vice Admiral Joaquim
Francisco de Abreu.
The significant feature of the new
cabinet is that it disclosed the cordiality
between the retiring president,Pelxoto,
and the new president, Moraes, who
will Lie inaugurated tomorrow.
The new minister of war is one of
Peixoto's elojt'st friends. He and the
new minister ot marine have until now
taken no part in politics, and have been
simply soldiers. Both were prominent
commanders in the war with Paraguay.
Admiral Abreu was a hero of the famous
naval battle of Kiachuelo. During the
recent revolution he was in Europe in
specting the war ship Brazil ordered
there. The new minister of finance
occupied a similar position in Peixoto's
first cabinet, and distinguished himself
by his monetary policy. He was a Con
servative and member of parliament
under the empire during Dom Pedro's
time. Of late he has been senator from
Sao Paulo. His department will have
charge of the tariff relations with the
United Stales. The minister of indus
try is a deputy representing the state
of Minas. a civil engineer and professor
ot the school of mints of Ouro-Pretuto.
lie has always been a Republican.
The minister of foreign affairs, Rosa
E. Silva. is speaker of the house of rep
resentatives, and an old deputy from
the state of Pernambuco. He was in
the parliament of the empire, and was
minister of the interior and public in
structor under Dom Pedro in the cab
inet, and introduced the bill for the ab
olition of slavery (1888). He is a lawyer
of ability, and has traveled extensively
in Europe.
In 1801 he was a member of the spe
cial committee of the house which re
ported on the treaty of ibM concerning
the boundary line of Uistones. This
committee proposed the rejection of the
treaty and the submission of the con
troversy to the arbitration of the presi
dent of the United States of America.
Mr. Kosa E. Siiva, during the empire,
belonged to the Conservative party.
The minister of interior and justice is
also a lawyer, and vice president of the
fcenaie. He represents In the chamber
the state of Parana. He has always betu
a Republican.
Rebel Chief Salpado Defeated
With Heavy IjOSB.
Montevideo, Uruguay, Nov. 14.—
Advices from Rio (Jrande do Sul say
that the Brazilian rebel chief Salgado
was defeated at Lima in a battle lasting
nine hours. The government loss is
stated to be 181 killed and the rebel
loss 02. Some of tiie rebels caotured by
the government troops were shot, while
the government soldiers captured by
the. rebels were given the option of deai.li
or enlisting under the rebel Hag. All
deeded to enlist.
Who and What They Are.
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Unceasing Flow of Sightseers
Passed the Royal Remains.
St. Petkrsbubg, Nov. 14.—Through
out the whole day, with the exception
of the time when the members of the
imperial family were attending relig
ious services in Hie cathedral, there was
an unceasing flow through the cathed
ral fo.- the purpose of taking a last look
at the face of the late czar. Around the
bier 9tood a number of candies which
lighted the features of the czar. Many
of the people wept »s they passed the
coffin. Every one showed deep emo
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—- — •
McCarthy Declares «ho Irish
Party Not Fettered by Any Gov
IH'ki.ix. Nov. 14.—At ft meeting of
the central branch of the National
Federation this afternoon Justin Mc-
Carthy said the delegates met under
most encouraiing auspices. They had
set before the country a clear and
deiinite programme, and only wanted
the assistance of the people to cany
it out. It was not true that the
Irish parliamentary party had ever
pie iKed itself to" any English frov
eminent. They were as free as ever
to declare their own terms aud to
break from any government refusing to
recognize the full claims of the Irisri
people, whoever went out or came into
office. The success of the Irish claims
whs certain in tin- near future. If the
long struggle was continued the Irish
party would hold the balance of power,
lie did not believe the present parlia
ment would last beyond the next ses
sion. They would nut in the present
government again if, in the meantime,
it did what the Irish wanted. Although
it was scarcely possible that the Tory
government would be returned, yet.
if it occurred, the Irish members would
reduce it to a failure if it did not listen
to the Irish demands.
Powderly Expected to Arrive To-
Day—Sovereign's Ke-election
Xkw Oki.kans, 1,a., Nov. 14.-The
late arrivals of the delegates to the gen
eral assembly of the Knights of Labor
which is in convention at Screwman's
hall have swelled the number to 100, and
it is the largest meeting held by the
order for several years. Two sessions
were held today, with Master Work
man James Sovereign presiding, and all
of the general officers occupying their
respective positions. The morning ses
sion was taken up in routine work, re
ports of law. finance and credential
committees. The latter reuort is being
made in sections, as a contest is ex
A telegram was received from the
Woman's Christian Temperance union
asking an opportunity to address the
assembly. Acomnittee was appointed
to fix time for the assembly to meet the
ladies. The afternoon session convened
at 2 o:ciock and adjourned at 5:30
o'clock. At this session the questions
affecting the coal miners were taken up
and finally referred to the committee on
grievances. The press committee stated
that action was taken on local assemblies
which had been temporarily suspended
on account of the questions of law, but
the committee do not say what the re
sult of the deliberations were.
The work of appointing committees
consumed the greater part of the ses
sion, and the following were appointed:
On Examination of Resolutions aud
Distributing the Same to Committees —
Eld on W. Bovutou, uf Maine; 11. Nhurt
ben, of Ohio; C. O. Purdy, St. L< vi*.
On Legislation — Dan Delon. New
York: William Lugato, Texas; X T. S.
Robinson, Indiana: A. S. Worstey, Ken
tucky: E. D. Adams, Nebraska.
On State of tiie Order- Henry Trap
hagen, Philadelphia; MiKe O'Kelly.
New York; A. J. Wilson, Idaho; O. M.
Marmott, Pittsburg; M. J. Connolly.
Brook lyn.
On Mileage—Charles F. Berthold, W.
J. Lynch, New York; John W.liawkius,
Chicago; J. A. Dauer, Ohio; J. A,
Ruder, Montreal.
Terrence V. Powderly is expected to
arrive in time for tomorrow's session.
It is exuecled the election of officers
will take place tomorrow. Sovereign,
it is claimed, »vili be his own successor.
To California Without Change Via
"Jhe Milwaukee."
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Horrible Stories of Massacre in
Armenia Confirmed.
Sophia, Bulgaria, Nov. 14.—The re
port received by the London Daily
News from Constantinople on Nov. 12
that 3,000 Armenians, including: women
and children, had been massacred in
the Sassoun region near Moesh, Tur
kish Armenia, daring a recent attack
by Kurds, is seemingly confirmed by a
story which has readied Varna that a
force of BsiKhi Bazouks raided a num
ber of Armenian villages and killed and
wounded (5,000 persons.
The Daily News' dispatch referred to
said that the Kurds massacred 3,000 Ar
menians and destroyed twenty-five vil
lages. The Turkish officials at Con
stantinople declared that the report
was not true, and that it grew out of
the suppression of a small rising in the
region mentioned. It was added that
the British ambassador at Constantino
ple was making inquiries into the mat
ter. •
Germans Unrelenting.
Bkbtjh, Nov. 14.—The corresp*
of the AssociHled Press in this city Is
informed upon good authority that the
prohibition against the landing at Ger
man ports of American cattle and
American fresh beef will not be raised
in the near future. The officials of the
United .States embassy will submit all
the arguments to expert testimony.
The Hariiburir-Arnerican steamship
line and tli»» merchants of Hamburg,
Bremen. Lubeck,StetUu and Flensburg
have filed protests asaiust the prohibi
To Our Subscribers.
The portrait offer has been taken ad
vantage of by so many of our subscrib
ers that it will be impossible to deliver
some of the pictures at time promised.
We wish to say to those intending to or
der that pictures must reach us imme
diately if you desire them for the holi
Wheat Jumped lc in Early
Deals, Breaking- Recent
"High" Marks.
Brought About by Unfavor
able Crop and Visible
Supply Reports.
Sugar Led on the Downward
Road—Heavy Tone in
Chicago, Nov. 14.—The wheat mar
ket rose, today above its recent high
water market, anu had a good deal to
encourage it in such an unusual course.
Strength in foreign markets, diminish
ing stocks in the world and an unfavor
able crop report from Argentine all
contributed to an advance of 15 4 ' c per
bushel. Corn, oats and provisions alt
appeared to need the help given to
them by wheat. May corn closed V^c
higher, May oats ? 8 c higher and pro*
visions with but little change.
The wheat market responded with
alacrity at the opening to tne strength
of the Liverpool cablegrams. That mat
ket's advance, in view of the decline
here yesterday, was a surprise to the
trade. France and Berlin sent higher
quotations, and the home markets of the
Northwest were surprisingly strong.
Commission houses here were flooded
with buying orders. New York sent
large buying orders also. May, which
closed yesterday at s'J>£c, found hosts or
buyers at the opening at from oJii'c to
o0 3yc, thus recovering in one jump all
the ground it lost yesterday. After
playing for a short time between the
quotations named there came additional
buying support, with a sprinkling of
foreign buying orders, and this in
creased the previous strong tone, the
price before 11 o'clock reaching GO^c
for May. The market held firm in ex
pectation of getting further support
rroiu the world's supply figures expect
ed from liradstreet's. sAt 12 o'clock
that statement was received, and it did
not disappoint the bulls. As soon
as it was published there was a rush
among the local scalpers for wheat, and
they pulled and tossed about, making
excited dives in dozens for every lot of
fered at the bid price until in ten min
utes from the receipt of Bradsireet's
fieures,May wheat suld as high as (H^c.
Taking the net result of Bradstreat's
statement, the world's visioie supply
decreased 470,000 last week, and that
caused the quick advance referred to.
It is said in dispatches from Liverpool
that Argentine wi.eat crop prospects
were suffering from excessively wet
weather, this being given as the prin
cipal reason for tho strength in foreign
markets. The market wound up strong
aud closed at (ile for May.
Corn still leaned upon" the neighbor
ing wheat market for support." The
price was raised a little by the bullish
ness of wheat, but not surticiently so to
create auy general alarm among the
The opening price for May was at %c
advance on yesterday's closing quota
tion, and the increasing strength of
wheat as the session progressed grad
ually worked up the shorts from a state
of indifference to a condition of some
anxiety. May, under a liberal demand
from that class of buyers, advanced to
50; 4 c and closed at st%c.
The aggregate sales of oats hardly
amounted to an average good day's
business, but a strong market was ap
parent, and at intervals considerable
activity was noticeable. The principal
governing power lay in wheat and coin.
Mas started at 32&(332>{e, sold up to
82% c down to 82>£(g3226c nnd closed at
32« c.
The receipts of hoars here and else
where in the West amounted to an
enormous aggregate compared with
recent numbers. Considering such re
ceipts the steadiness of the provision
market was remarkable, although dur
ing the greater part of the session the
feeling was heavy. Owing to the
strength m wheat prices recovered to
about the level or the closing rates of
the day before. January pork and lard
are without chang*»,and ribs2 1., c higher.
Freight rates, IJ4C for corn and barley
to Buffalo.
The leading: futures ranged as follows:
Articles °!' 811- Ul« ti- Low- Clos
ing. est. est. ing.
Wheat. No. 2—
November..... 54% 63% 54% 5>%
■December.... 55i.ii 56% 65^(56-56%
May 60\4-% 611* w "A 01-61 V*
Corn, No. 2—
November.... 5Us 51% 51 fil%
December 50^ sli* 5114 511,8
May 50i,i 50%00V8- l 4 50%
Oats. No. 2—
November.... 28% 287« 28% gg%
December..... 29 Wy, 2875-~'J 20>A
May 32%-vz 32%;«%-va 3^%
Mess Pork-
January 12 10 12 22V2 12 10 1° 2'i"
May 12 45 12 57Vj 12 ill's 12 57V2
January. 705 7 12V2 705 7 12V&
May 7 221/2 '/ 27%8 720 7 271*
Short Ribs—
January....... 610 6 171^ 610 6 171/2
May 6 271& 6 37V*j 627 6 37V2
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour [email protected] higher. Wheat — No. 2
spring, syK<sGoc; No. 3 sprint, none;
Mo. 2 red, 55>£<a;56J-«c. Corn-No. 2,
51% c; No. 3 yellow. 4t>%c. Oats— No. 2
2'Jc; No. 2 white. 33c; No. 3
white, [email protected] Rye—Mo. 2.47^c. Barley
—No. 2, [email protected]; N To. 3, [email protected]>fc; No. 4.
[email protected] Flnxieed—No. 1,11.45. Tim
othy Seed—Prime, $5.55. Pork-Mess,
per bbl, f12.35(aU2.50. Lard—Per 100
lbs, 87.15. .Short Ribs—Sides (loose),
[email protected] Shoulders — Dry salted
(boxed), s^@s%c Sides—Short clear
(boxed), (%Mti%c. Whisky—Distillers'
finished goods, per gallon. $1.23. .Sugars
unchanged; cut loaf, s)s'c; granulated.
4%c: standard "A," 4%c. Receipts—'
Flour, 50,000 bbls; wheat, 01,000 bu;
corn, 175,000 bu; oats. 191,000 bu; rye
7,000 bu: barley, 127.000 bu. Shipments
—Flour, 8.000 bbls: wheat. 8,000 "bu
corn, 60,000 bu; oats, 55,000 bu; rye.
2,000 bu; barley, 75,000 bu. On the
produce exchange today the butter
market was linn; creamery, [email protected];
dairy, [email protected] Eggs firm; 21"@22c.
I>iiluth Wheat.
Dui.XJTn. Minn.. Nov. 14.—The wheat
market was strong and quite active to
day, owing to strong cables, a good de
mand and a general bullish feeling.
May opened at }{c above yesterday's
close and December started late at %c
advance. The trading in futures was
mostly in May and was quite lively.
May sold up steadily from the opening,
and closed with sales at the top figures.
There was a good demand by shippers
and elevators for cash stuff, the shippers
taking about 250,000 bu. Mills were not
buying. The close was [email protected]}£c higher
tnan yesterday for cash; l%c higher for
December and l^e. higher for May.
Following wers the closing prices:
No. 1 hard, cash. Gl>£c; November,
6lKc; No. I northern, cash, GOJ^c; No
vember. Go>£c; December, 59% c; May.
62K0; No. 2 northern, cash, 57c; No. 3,
54c; rejected, 51c; to arrive. No. 1
northern. 60)^c; rye, 45c; flax, t1.38;
No. 2 oats, Sl^fe; No. 3 oats. Sic.
Receipts here and at Superior-
heat, 239,26'J ; oats, 19,151 bu; flax.
7,192«bu; barley, -52,818 bu. Shipments
—Wheat, 100,648 bu;fl»x, 33.108 bu. Cars
inspected today— Wheat, 323; corn, 7;
oats, 14; flax, 8; barley, so.
j Milwaukee, Nov. 14. — Flour firm.
Wheat stronger; No. 2. spring, f>7j£e:
No. 1 northern, Gsc; May, Go^c. Corn
linn; No. 8. ,4'Jc. Oats higher; NoViJ
white, S2?^c;; No. 3 white. •H){§:)->}ic.
Barley linn; No. 2, Me; sample, ,V 2(«;
.r)(Jc. ■ Ryo linn; No. I, s sU^c Provis
ions lower... I'ork.. 112.15. Lard, $7.05.
Liverpool, v .^'.^ ? -fi
LiVKiti'Ooi., Nov. 14.—Wheat fifm.
holders offer sparingly; No. tired :i^lii*
ter. 4s (.M; No. 'i spring. s*. Torn
dull. Holder? offer sparingly; Novem
ber, 4s 10; Vi; December, 4s 10d; Janu
ary, 4s ti,l^d. Flour firm, holders otter
moderately; St. Louis fancy winter,
5s M. Lard steady, holders offer spar
ingly; spot, :>Ss. Pork tirm, holders
offer sparingly; prime mess \Yesierm_
(Ms 'Jd; do medium, 5Cs 3d.
.\cw York i'roftiicc. !
New Yokk, Nov. 14. — Flour Hh lie™
ceipts. 24.500 bl>ls; exports, '.(,000 blila:^
sales. 30.000 pkgs; market etrouiL. am**:
higher; spring patents held 1<%20iS v
higher, and winter wheat s(U)ioe: mis
bad a tendency to check business; Min»<
nesota patents, [email protected]; Minnesota
baker*', $2f£3.25; Soutnern flour hAner^
sales, 450 pki;s; rye Hour linn ii.id act
ive; sales, 1,050 bbls; buckwheat lllouf'
firm, $:i;0)2.0d. • Buckwheat thin. 1
Cornmeal quiet; sales, 2.400 sacks,
Kyo nominal. Barley uull. Bar
lay malt held steady. Wheat
—Keceipts,. 101/.MH) bit; exports.
71,700 bu; sales, 12,370,000 bu futures; i
spot marKet nominally strong; No. 2
red, store and elevator, 59)£c; afloat.
Co3^@GoXc; f.o. t>.. sic; No. l northern.
•i'J>V". delivered; No. 1 hard, 70^c de
livered; options active and strung all
day on good buying, said to due to
Argentine crop damage reported; ex
citea covering by local shorts, outside
buying and an unexpectedly heavy
decrease in Braiistreet'a European
slock; closed at l^c net advance.
No. 2 red. January, 60 1-lo;a6o%e,eiosed
atGO^c; February, 013 '0<aol;'- R c,closed
at 6i; >,<.•; March closed at o^e; May,
o:r: 4 closed at 04c: Noveinuer closed
ats9#c; December, [email protected]'J^c, Closed
at s'.t;'^c. Corn -Ksceipts, 42,000 bu; ex
ports, 42,200 bu; sules. 405,000 bu fui
ures,s3, 000 bu spot; spot market strong;
No. 2. 59e elevator, [email protected]%c afloat; No.
3, [email protected]}£<r elevator; option market
strong ana higher with wheat, and, on
continued unfavorable weather West,
closed at %@l}^Q net advance: January.
54%@553£c.cUKed at sr>% C ; May, 54 5-10
(a.) 4 --closed at 54, 7-- B 'c; Novem
ber. i>sl4(iesU%, closed at 59^c; De
cember, l ' 4 iiVb7c, closed at 57c.
Oats—Receipts* 134.309 bu; exports,
500 bu; sales, 255,000 bu futures, 07,000
bu spot; spot market firmer; No. 2.
33^@33&c; No. 2, delivered. :'.4? 8 c; No.
3, $o£e; No. 2 white, 37KC'^7»ic; No.
3 white. 3G%«; track mixed Western.
33}<£@:34>£c; track while Western, 36(4
41c; track white state. [email protected]; option
market fairly active and higher will
wheat, and closed }{@%c nee advance;
January, 34%@34>£e. closed at 34% c;
February, ?&%@&h%c % closed at 35°£e;
May, 5G>- 2 @3fs^c, closed at 30?ic; No
vember. £&%c, closed at 33% c: Decem
ber, 33%(a)33%c closed at 33% c.
Hay tinner. Hops steady,
liiues steady. Leather steady.
Wool dull. Beef steady; beef hams.
?17(«17.50. Cut meats steady; pickled
bellies, o>[email protected]^c; pickled shoulders,
sJ^c; pickled hams, B%(a9)£c. Lard
lirmer; Western steam closed at *7.55
nominal; sales. 100 tierces at $7.55; city,
7) 4 c; option sales. 500 tierces; Decem
ber, $7.7.45; January, $7.45; refined
easier; continent, $7.1)0; S. A., &|4O;
compound,ss.so. Fork dull. Butter tiriii;
imitation creamery, [email protected]'.)c; Western
dairy, [email protected]; Western creamery,[email protected]
17c; Western factory, [email protected]; Elfins,
20c; state dairy, [email protected]>£c; state cream-.i
cry. [email protected] Cheese linn; stale larce,
B>[email protected]%c: small, [email protected]; part skims,.
•5. 14(rt7!. i c;full skiins.2}2(cc3c. Eggsqtliet;^
state and Pennsylvania, [email protected]; ice
house, 17(a;22c; Western fresh, 18&25 c;;
cases, S3.sovSp4; 'receipts, 2,578 pus?s. :.
Tallow firmer. ■'*■' : »
Loan Money on Improved Property io St.
Paul and Miuneapolis w ' I ;"
At 6% 'On or Before'
New PioneerPresi Bids,. Reeve Building
Sew Yorlc.
New York. Nov. 14.—With the ex
ception of slight rallies between 11 and
12 o'clock ami about 2 o'clock, the stock
market was a declining one. The Rood
effect of the proposed government loan
had been discounted during the past
two days, and when the official an
nouncement of the issue came this
morning those who who had bought
stocks yesterday and the day I*fore
were ready to dispose of them to take
the accruing profit. London was also a
seller, the same conditions as to the
bond issue pievMling there as here.
It was apparently expected that
til ere would be a good outside demand
for the stocks this morning, but the com
mission houses were practically with
out orders and the room traders" were
not purchasers. Alter an irregular
opening, the market generally took a
downward turn, led by Suirar, with the
grangers also prominent in the decline,
Burlington beingsold heavily on Boston
orders, on rumors that the dividend,
which is expected to be declared next
week, will be scaled down. At the low
er figures there was some covering of
short coutracts, which caused a btief
rally, but renewed gelling of Sugar sent
prices down again. A small recovery
took place shortly before noon, but
speculation quickly relapsed Into de
pression and there was a steady depre
ciation in values until around 2
o'clock, when, the pressure to sell hay -
ing been removed, a gain ranging up to
1 per cent was made, but during the
last half hour of business an
active selling movement was in
progress which resulted In the estab
lishment of a lower range of
prices, the market closing weak and,
in the majority of instances, at or near
the lowest point of the day. The bulk
of the transactions was in Sugar, which
broke S& and closed within H of the
lowest figure touched. The preferred
9hares also declined !}-£. The other
more important losses on the day are:
Northwest, Missouri Pacific, Consol
idated Gas and Louisville, New Al
bany, 1 per cent: do preferred, 3; Bal
uioro & Ohio, I 1:,; Michigan Central,
\%\ Pittsburg. C, C. «& St. Louis pre
ferred and Burlington «fc Quincv, 1 per
cent. St. Paul is down }£ and Hock
Island 3,2. The only shares which made
more than a fractional gain were Ore
gon Navigation, which, on a purchase
of 100 shares, advanced \% per cent.
A generally heavy tone characterized
the dealings in the bond market for the
greater part of the day. Near the close,
however, a better toue prevailed and
some smart advances were noted, In
cluding: Western North Carolina con
sols 6s, 3 per cent; Wisconsin Central
incomes, \%\ St.Paul,M. & M, Montana
Central (ss, 8, and Hannibal & St.
Joseph consols, International & Great
Northern seconds, Lake Shore firsts
registered and St. Louis & San Fran
cisco consols 4s. 1.
Declines — Richmond Terminal ss,
trust receipts, I, I*', and Cincinnati, In
dianapolis & St. Louis 4s, Kansas Pa.
cific consol 6s, Morris <fc Essex 7s, St.
Paul, Chicago and Missouri division 5s
and Cordage firsts 1.
Total Kales or Storks Today
were23*),S2B shares. Including: Amer
ican Sugar, 17.200: Bay State Has,
2,800; Burlington,2B,9oo; Chicago Gas
13.700; Louisville & Nashville, 700'
Manhattan Consolidated, 12,200; New
Jersey Central. 4.000; Northwest' 5 <joo*
Rock Island, 7,600; St. Paul, ls'uoo-
United States Cordage, 2,000; Western
U 111011,8,300.
Bankers and Brokers,
311 Jackson St.. St. Paul, Minn.
--;,:-■ Stock Market— Closing. \ {.. .
Aichison f,i>Bil . P. 1). * Quit. 41/2
Adams Kx^iress .142; Northwestern.... 102 I
Alton & Terre'H. 30 do pfd 1-5
do pfd 1!)8 N. Y.Ceutral...: icj.%
Ani'can Kxprenß.ll2 N. New Eng. 32%
Baltimore A: Ohio CS"/? Ontario & West. itJVfc
Cjinada Pacific 62 |Ore«on Imp 13
Can. Southern... f»li,"> 'Oregon Nay Vl
Central Pacitlc. ]5%|;).5.L. & I. N 8
Chest. & 0hi0.... !<»«, Pacific Mail.. -"•' 2*.%
Chicago & A1t0u.142 P. D. & X ... 32
C. U. & H ' 74V2 I'ittsburK... "ifß
Chicago Gas <•'■«* Pullman P. Car. 158
Consolidated(Jaß.U»2i/2 Heading .:. 171*
CV. C. C. A St. L. 3U Jtlehmond Ter... 17%
Colorado C. &I. 8 do pfd. ... 21VJ
Cotton Oil certs. ">u Rio G. Weistern.. 16
Dei. dc Hudson.. l.'Gi^ do pfd ... 43
Del.. Lack. & VV.IOO Hock Island... .64
I). & K. G. pfd.. i'o% St. Paul 62%
Dis. &C. P. Co.. 11% do pfd..... 12014
East Tennessee.. 10% St. P. &■ Omaha . 35%
Erie 14Vs do pfd 110
do pfd 281,9 Southern Pacific. 19
Fort Wayne 158 Sugar Refinery.. 877&
tit. North, pfd... 10016 Tenu.Coal&lron. 15%
O. &K. I. ptd.... 94 Tcxbs PHCiflc... 10
Hocking Valley.. IKU Tol.&O.Cen.pfd. 75
Illinois Central.. OIV2 Union Pacific... 13
St. Paul it I) 21% U. S. Express.... 43
Kan. & Tex. pfd. a* Wubash.«t.L.&P. Gi^
Lake KriectWest. 17% do pfd 14%
do pfd 7v«»fe Wells -Panto Ex. .Km
Lake Shore 137 Western Union. 69
Lead Trust 41% Wheeling A- L. E. 12%
Louis. & Nash.. 55% do pld 4lu
Louisville &N. A. 7 M. & St. L 29 "
Manhattan Con.. 105% 1). A: K. <} ..... .. 12
Mem <&CU,arlTii. 10 General Electric 3«
Michigan Cent.:. Itsi National Linseed :iOV2
Missouri Pacific. 2841 Col. Fuel & Iron.. 24^
Mobile & 01110... 19 do pfd . . 70
Nash. & Chiiu... 66 11. & Tex. Cent.. iVz
Nat. Cordage 111,« Tol-.A.A. At N.M. 4V2
do pfd IS.-VS T.. St. L. &K. C. 1
N. J. Central.... 05 do pfa 6
N. <& W. pfd 22 Southern '.'.'.'. 12%
N. American Co. 4% do pfd 30%
Northern Pacific. 4% Am. Tobacco.... 1% V2
do jifd / 18 do pfd 1.*%
U. S. ssreg. U75iD. & It. G. 7s ....11H
di). r>sconp 117(S| do do -15...... t3*k
do -Is rest 114 G.. 11. &S. A. (is.. 90
do coup. .1141.4 do do 7b... 9;»
do reg. 9C> H. & Tex. C. 5s . .I 1 514
Pacific 6s of'9s. ..101 i do do tis .. ,I<j
Ala.. Class A 103% M.. K. &T. first 4l £3
dodo B 106 do second 4s 4i.J(4
do do C O'.'Lo Mutual ruiouG')..] 8
do Currency.. <»2V2 N. J. C. Gen. ft. .115
La. new consoi 4s 9."i N. »'. firsts ;..1!5»&
Missouri tis; 100 do seconds.... 8M«
Nortb.CarolinatSs.l24 N. W. consols 1»:;%
do 4s 100% do S.F.deb.ls..loJ
S. Car. non-fund. lVs U:o G. West. lsts. 7. Vi
Tenu.nevset.os.. M) St.Puul Cou.Ko!7s.iao 14
do do 55..102 -it.P. c.&P.W.Ss..llii,i>
do OKI 65..... tin at.L.«&l.M.Gen.f.s.BU&
Va. Centime* :.8S? Si.L.AS.I'.G.Cs.. «.)8
ao deferred — SVi Texas Pacific Ists 8 %
Atehison 4s fS% do seconds 264%
do Second A. 20V2 U. P. IMb of 'D 0..!. CVi
Canada So. £d5...l ru West Shore 4»....10i%
Cen Pnc.lsts. '95.1(i2V2 *oo K. X... 88
Erie seconds 75
>o»v voi'k Jtmtnsj >tocß»— Wes:.
Bolwer $'j t Ontario $0 50
hollar 6." Opbir 3 10
Crown Point .... B5 Plymouth '.'0
Con. Cal. & Va... 4 11Quicksilver 1 00
Deadwood 4': do pfd ..15 00
Gould & Curry... Si- Sierre Nevada £9
Hale & Norcross. 1 15 Standard 1 30
Homestake 16 in Union Con 50
Iron Silver V Yellow Jacket... F-5
Mexi«v»n 1 i(
Chicago,' Nov. 14.—Clearings, $16, -
003,000. Money, 4(a4 I. J per cent on call.
f»@G on time." New York exchange at
2uc premium..- Foreign exchange
opened linn. Sterling commercial,
[email protected]
Sow York ?Honej'.
Mew YORK. Nov. 14.— Money on call
easy at 1 per cent; last loan closed at
1 per cent. Prune mercantile paper,
%@3)£. Sterling exchange fairly firm,
with actual business in bankers' bills lit
[email protected] for demand, and $4.86(a>
4.8(i 14 for sixty days. Posted rates,S4.B7
@4.87>i and §4.88(j£4.88X. Commercial
bills, 64.85. Silver certificates. 63% c
Government bonds easier for fives,
firm for fours. Slate bonds quiet. Rail
road bonds firmer.
These [notations Furnls'ui i]
Jameson, Havener
& co.,
/ •';•' —WHOLESALE- ■
Hay, Feed, Flour 'and Seeds
St. Paul Grain Market.
Wheat—No, 1 hard 5J>(«/59c
Wheat— No. 1 northern 57(g!5Sc
Wheat—.No. 2 nortnern 55(a xsoc
Corn—No. 3 [email protected]
Corn—No. 3 yellow [email protected]
Oats—No. 3 white [email protected]
Oats—No. 3 29>£@30Kc
Barley [email protected]
Rye—No. 2 43(a>44c
Flour—Patent '. [email protected]
Flour—Straight J2.S()@3
Flour—Bakers' -. [email protected]
Flour—Rye §2.30(^2.61)
Buckwheat Hour £[email protected]
Cornineal—Boiteil [email protected]
Cornmeal—Coarse [email protected]
Ground Feed—No. 1 fl'[email protected]
Ground Feed —No. 2 ....sl'[email protected]'J.sO
Ground Feed—No. 3 119(319.50
Bran—Bulk [email protected]
Shorts— Bulk |[email protected]
Hay—No. 1 upland piairie fs.ouio;'.)
Hay—No 2. upland prairie ?5(a8.50
Hay—No. 1 wild [email protected]
Hay—No. 1 [email protected]
Timothy seed, per hu *2.20(a)2.50
Clover [email protected]
biraw [email protected]
St. I'aul froduco.
Butter— separator, 23(g>24c; ex
tra creamery, 20(&22c; tirst creamery,
17(a!lSc; second creamery, 14(a;15c; taii
cy dairy, 18(£'i0c; tirst uairy, Itkal7c;
second dairy, 13(a)14c; fancy roll and
print, lft(<tl«c; packing stock, [email protected];
grease, *(a>sc.
Cheese—Full cream, ll}£@l2c; pri
inost, s}[email protected]; brick cbees», [email protected]>£c;
Limburger cheese, [email protected])£c; k'oung
America, ll}[email protected]>£3; Swiss. 12(a)14c;
skims, s(a>s>£e.
Eggs—mesh, cases Included, 17}^c;
fresh, cases retunied.l6>£(gil7c; storage
cases returned, I4igu>c.
Poultry— touis, 7>£@Bc: tur
keys, hens, 7(«27>2c; ciiicKens, spring,
6>S(«)7c; hens, o^t^tic; mixed, tie; cox, 4
(2H>ac: ducus, spring, 7c; geese, 6(a7c.
Vegetables—Unions, bpauisn, crate,
$1.75; onions, Aiinne.>oia. per uu, 4U(o)
50c; radishes, per doz, luc; cauliflower,
per uoz, i.25c; cabbage, doz, 50
istsoc; cabbage, ton, §14(«;ib; beets, doz,
bO(cc4Oc; celery, doz, to^SOc; lettuce,
doz, 12(ioi5c; rutabagas, per 0u,40®45e;
string ueans, ou, 75c; tomatoes, homo
jrrown, bu, 75c^|]; egg plant, uoz, 50(cg
> Dressed Meats — Mutton, packing
house stock, 4%(d)5c; country, 4> 3 c;
veal, fancy, tij 2 (i£<c; medium, s(aoc;
lambs, country, 4^.3c.
- .Pork, Beef, Ham*, Hides, Etc.— Hides,
'steer, green.-per lb, 4(u4>fjt; cow, tfieen,
B(g).i>- a c; calf, green, <c . steer, salt, 4i a
(u/.ic; cow, salt, 3>^@4c; pelts, l5(g;0uc;
wool, washed, 13(q>hu; Wool, unwasiied,
y(a;llc; tallow, 4(^4>oc; pork, mess,fl3.so
'j(SI4; beef, mess, *a.sUt«!y; bacon, *1u.50
■ <«/ll; hams, £llyJll.5o; uains, picnic,
$<'[email protected]; dried Deer. y>£(^llc; laid, ?7.50
"(SIS; uops, iy(o*2lc.
Oranges—seedlings, Riverside, $2.50
@3; Mediterranean, sweets, $0.5u(54;
Kodis, Ss(g>s.su; i?'loriaas. $3(0.3.50.
Lemons—Extra faucy,s4.sO(i£s; fancy,
;, liauauas— PortLlmons, [email protected]; Hon
duras JNo. 1, [email protected]; Honduras Jso. 2,
(1.26(4)1.50. Cocoanuts, per 100, $3.5U(<i4.
California Fruits — reaches, box,
free, (1; peaches, box, cling, 85c;
peaches, Michigan, basket, [email protected];
peaches, Michigan, on basKet, $.!(wz;jb;
pears, bartletts, box, f1.75(<52.25; pears,
New I'ork Duchess, bbi, *;•!., rjn 144; pears,
Winter JSellis, |[email protected]; pears, Beurie,
[email protected]
Barnes — Cranberries, bu, [email protected];
do bbl, B. & 8., |y<£ty.sO; Cape Cod,
'[email protected]
Grapes — Tokays, crate, Singles,
(1.50; Morocco, craie,'([email protected];Mus
cats, . crate, 1.50; Euiperor, 11.40;
Concord, basket, 21(533c;- Catawba, bas
ket, 22(ft'25j.
ADples— Fancy stand, bbl, |2.75(0!3;
fancy, bbl, GS.;6S(ipl?6; standard. &Kdi
2.50; fair, $1.75(t£2; couiniou, [email protected]
Potatoes — Muii^ota, bu, 4a(ffsoc:
Westwu, per 100 M, i^c^fl.Us; »weui
Jerseys, per bbl. [email protected]; sweet Illi
nois, per bbl, $1.75(u)2. , '?- ;\.
Dried Fruit— Apples, evaporated, per
lb, ll)£@13c; pearlies." peeieti. l.^lBc;
pi-aches, unpeeled, [email protected]; pears. [email protected]
10c: apricots, [email protected]; raspberries, [email protected]
23c; blackberries, 7(ffi7>^e-; prunes,
California French. [email protected] -
Game and Fish —Venison, saddle.
10c; venison, whole, 6(a?7e; prairie
chickens. [email protected]; partridges, [email protected];
jack snipe, [email protected] Ducks— Mallard,
doz. [email protected]: teal, ?1(0.'1.25; common,
|L Black bass, 8(«)9c; pike. ?)(rt'oc; pick
erel, [email protected]; croppies, Be. Geese, doz, ?5
@G; brant, doz. [email protected] ,
Kstatjlished IS7D.
Minneapolis. Du!uth
Minneapolis JSnrkct*.
The market was strong and active.
The news was bullish, and started somo
of the big shorts to buyins. Foreign
markets were firm and higher. The
advance in Liverpool during the past
ten days now amounts to about 10c. A
eood many traders kept from investing,
thinking that the advance had been
fully as much as the situation would
warrant, and fearing a reaction. Cash
wheat in the Northwest kept strong,
and there were no signs of prices drop
ping any nearer May. A fair export
demand was reported.
May— Opening, OO^c; highest, 6lc;
lowest, GO^c; closing. (i()%c.
November—Closing, 51)>£e.
December — Opening, 58c; highest,
58% c; lowest,sßc; closing, 58% c.
On Track—No. 1 hard, 00% c; No. 1
northern. 5!%c; No. 2 northern, SSKc
Some Sample Sales— No. 1 hard. 7
cars. Glc; No. 1 northern. 61 cars. 59^c:
No. 1 northern, 53 cars, to arrive, 00c;
No. 1 northern, 40 cars, 00c; No. 1 north
ern. 89 cars, to arrive, 59% c: No. 1
northern, 2 cars, elevator wheat. 59% c;
No. 1 northern, 2 cars, thin, 59Kc; No.
1 northern. 10 cars, old, GO^r; No. 1
northern, 25 cars, to arrive. 59>.<c; No. 1
northern. I car. to arrive, 59>lc; No. 1
northern, 20.000 bu. to arrive,
60c; No. 2 northern, 4 cars. 5S%c;
rejected wheat, 1 car, lld off, 57c; re
jected wheat, 2 cars, 1 lb off, 5Sc;
rejected wheat, 1 car, \}4 lbs off, 5Sc;
No. 3 coin. 3cars, new. to arrive, 51 l-:,'c;
No. 3 oats, 1 car, 29#c; Nc. 3 w'h'ito
oats. 1 car. 30>£c; No. 2 while oats. 1
car. 31c: sample barley, 1 car, part oats,
50 lbs. 47c; No. 4 barley. 2 cars. 50 lbs,
49c; No. 4 barley, 1 car, 50 lbs, 47c: No.
4 barley, 1 car, 4Sc; No. 2 rye, 1 car,
45c; No. 2 rye, 1 car. thin, 44% «:
Flour— First patents, $3.20(q)3.60: bak
ers', $2.15(a2.30; low trades, [email protected]
Bran ami Shorts — Bran. [email protected]
bu1k;[email protected] in sacks; shorts, $11
(a; 12.25. ;
Hay— Market is easy; choice lowa
upland, [email protected]; choice Minnesota up
land, $7.5.'(a55.50; medium upland, [email protected]
0; coarse hay, [email protected]
Corn—N". 3, 52><c; ear corn. 49c.
Oats— No. 3 white, 30^@30Kc; No. 3,
29% c.
Kye— for No. 2.
Barley—Nominal; No. 3. 46(a>48c.
Ground Feed— Steady; No i, per ton.
car lots, $18.50(^11); cornmeal, car load,
$1i).50(a20 per ton: granulated, [email protected]
Live Stock Commission.
Union Siock Yards, South St. Paul.Hinn
Union Stockyards.
Receipts — 4,608 hogs, 440 cattle, 21
calves, 305 sheep.
Receipts were the largest in
the history of I lie yards and the market
active, all going to iocal packers except
stock pins. The quality averaged lair
to «ood for the bulk.
Representative sales-
No. Wt.Dkf?. Price No. Wt.Dfeg. Price
1 stag. 300 ... Si CO 70 210 16J ?4 25
1 sta.u.47o .. 353 60 . .22!) 40 4"5
68 271160 430 54 216 430
30 103 80 415 31 222 . 420
82 W ■■ 425 57 '.;;;'.210 " 4 3')
70 250 40 440 65 258 130 435
77 210 MB 415 61. 248 12') 430
57 270 10) 4 221*63 239 43 4&5
45.. .310 SO 4 711,2 18... 223 420
63 .....250 .. 435 47 177 80 425
J5 m •• 4 17l, 2 -.!) 314 80 435
15 118 .. 350 8:) 202 , 430
•> 130 .. 355 68 ?45 SO 440
21 137 .. 355 16 397 80 425
20.... 110 ..3 00 65 297 120 4 -571.4,
75 106 .. 350 ;71 239 SO 430 '
56 324 hO 440 30 -61 120 430
60 193 .. 43J ! 6 . an) 495
58 264-240 435 20 349 SO 435
27 20) SO 420 14 3:6 .. 433
16.... 222 40 435 74 221 40 430
65 282 .. 440 67 239 40 430
62.... 261 200 440 34 23i 80 435
71.... '-61 160 435 58 .... 280 435
45.....311) 80 4 171*. 72..."!219 £6 425
57 255 ISO 4: '2 71 201 40 425
78 193 - 4i.~«49 335 120 433
63 250 .. 435 OS 233 435
79.. ...1!)2 120 42J 53 170 " 425
70 303 .. 425 70 .223 80 4"5
53 191 .. 420 72 205 80 425
12 258 40 420 U4 233 SO 225
3. ...253 .. 435 56 241 33J
67 243 40 430 28... 2^7 " 43
119. ...246 240 430 :>1...! ."aid "' 4 0
128. ... 244 .. 435
('attic-Steady and active. Good de
mand for tair to erood butdier stuff;
common cattle not brisk, but were well
sold out.
Representative sales— . *
Nj. Wt Price No. Wt. Price
-cows 1.0515520 C 3 steers.... 810 8^25
1 cow 1,150 aOO (3 calves. . 120 250
2 heifers... (5.'5 175 4 cows.. ..1,042 2 25
7 cows 868 2&■ -'calves.... uiO 4 50
7 mixed.... 067 2 25 4 canuers.. 030 135
4 bulls 1,175 150 j a calves.... 126 4 50
1 steer..... 8?o 2 25 l calf 330 A 00
7 5teer5....1,055 2 00 I heifer....1,040 2 40
4 bulls 1,177 140 a Heifers. . 74: i 185
lox 1,280 110 1 1 bull 770 150
2 heifers.. 755 1 50 10 stoekers.. 644 185
1 cow 1.110 115 1 bull 1,380 125
2 oxen ...1,550 1 75; 11 stackers.. 748 190
3 stoekers.. 750 100 3 stackers.. 758 2 10
3cows.— 080 180 I 2 dinners.. 800 125
1 cow 970 150 I lean tier... 910 12.5
1 cow .... 1.100 2 15 1 heifer. .. 900 2 10
4 mixed ...1,087 1 73 I ox 1.193 2 10
4 cows 1,032 150 I dinner... 940 125
14 cows I.OOS 150 4 stockers.. 870 2 10
1 heifer... 600 2 o'j 1 calf ..... 119 4 40
Sheep— Best grades steady; choice
lambs firm; common stuff very dull.
Representative sales—
No. ' Wt. Price No. Wt Price
s'Jlainbs.... 71 §J 3 U ewes <J5 $i 75
Chicago Live SStoelc.
Chicago, Nov. 14.— Hops—Receipts.
57,000; official yesterday. 3G,521; ship
ments, 8,653. Left over, about 6,500.
Quality quite good; a greater propor
tion of heavy lots. Market active,
but weak. Pins, [email protected] lower. Sales
raneed at [email protected] for lijrht; S4.2o<a}
4.40-for rough packing; $4.25(<£4.50 for
mixed; ?4.45(^4. m for heavy: packing
and shipping lots, and [email protected] for
pigs. Cattle— Receipts, 21,000;' market
active; good trades firm and unchanged;
common. [email protected] lower. Sheep — Re
ceipts.2o,ooo; supply in excess of the
demand; prices [email protected] 10c lower
Available Supplies Show Big
New York, Nov. 14.—Special cable
and telegraphic advices to Rradstreet's,
covermt: principal points of accumula
tion in the United States, Canada and
Eurone, indicate the following changes
In stocks of grain last Saturday, comp
ared with the preceding Saturday:
Available supplies past Rocky
mountains: Wheat, increase. l.i;is,
--000 bu; corn, increase, 22.000 bu:
oats, decrease.oll,ooo bu. United States,
west of Kooky mountains, wheat in~
crease, 500.000 bu; afloat for and in
Europe, wheat, decrease. 2,208,000 bu.
Lame increases of dojneslie wheat
stocks east of the Rocky mountains not
reported by the grain exchanges in
clude 150,000 bu In Northwest interior
elevators. 10!U)00 bu i:s Chicago private
elevators, BS.OOO bu at Rochester and
30,000 bu at OvdtMiabunr. Correspond
ing decreases Include 396,000 bu at. Fort
Wiiliam. BS.UOO ou at Newport News,
39,000 bu in Minuvapulis private eleva
tors and 8,000 bu iv Milwaukee private
fire rTOOI' v ■""''-"^st^s? i? i.
Steam heat; all modern conveniences.
Best location in the city for offices.
Taylor's Renting* Agency
Room 16, Globe. J. W. Taylor, supt.
In accepting the Presidency of the Honduras National Lottery Company
(liOiusiana State Lottery Company) 1 shall not surrender the Presidency of th*e
Gulf Coast Ice and Manufacturing Company, of Bay St. Louis, Aliss.
Therefore address all proposals for supplies, machinery etc., as well as all
business communications, to PAIL, ((WKII>, Puerto Coivez, Honduras,
Care Ceutral America Fxpres<-\
CorxTY Auditor's Office, > r\
St. Pail, Nov. 13, ISO 4. t"U
Sealed proposals will he received at the
office of the County Auditor until the 2.'th
day of Xovember.A.D. 1804.at 3 o'clock p.m..
for tarnishing Coal for the Court House and
City Hull Building for one yenr from rime of
contract. Bids for furnishing the followiiijr
grades of coal are requested:
Mansfield Lump.
lloekinn Valley Lump,
Streatoc Lump.
Yoogfaiogeny Lamp
And Youghiogeny Nut.
Said proposals to be securely sealed and
addressed to M. P. Kam. County Auditor, St.
Paul," Minn., and marked 'Proposals ior
Coal. M. F. RAIN.
County Auditor.
180 East Seventh it, St. Fauf Mhi
Speedily cures all {titrate, nervous, chronic
and blood and sttin diseases of both •exes,
without the use of mercury or hindrance
from business. Pn-
Tate disease?, and all old, MoxennM cases
where the blood has become poisoned, caus
ing ulcers, blotches, sore throat ana mouth,
pains in the head and bones, and ail diseases
of the kidneys and bladder are cured for
life. Men of all ages who are suffering from
the result of youthful indiscretion or ex
cesses of iniitnre years, producing nervous
ness, indigestion, constipation, loss ot mem
ory, etc., are thoroughly and permanently
Dr. Feller, who has had many years of ex
perience in this specialty, is a (tradaate from
oue of the leading medical colleges of the
country. Ho has never failed in- curing any
cases that he htis undertaken. Casesaud
correspondence sacredly confidential, Cal
or write for list of (juesticns. Medicine sent
by mail and express everywhere free from
risk and exposure.
Thro' Trains Lv Union Depot: 'Daily! tEx Sun.
CHICAGO—*S:CO am. t6:25 pm. *&*} pa
SU C-Y.OMAHA, KAN.CY-tS 40am. •7:55 pm.
DI'LUTH & SUPERIOR-tlfessam. *ll:t0pm.
IfAMXATo-tSKSpm. New Omcc-Robert&bth,
Chamber of Commerce 151dg., Opp. Hotel Ryan
Clilcatto, TlllwaukeeiV stPuul 15IC
Le.—St. Paul—Ar.
Chicago "Day" Express., fij.ja am *iU:-i;>pm
Chicago "Atlantic" Ex.. *.':5.'5 pm 'liv, am
Cliicßuo "Fast Mail" #6:35 »m *2-4Ty «m
Chicago "Vestibule" Lim «3:10 pm *7:50 am
Chicago via Dubuque.... t4:10 pm tll):50 am
Dubuque via La Crosse.. tr<:i)s am tiO:4> pm
St Louis & Kansas City.. ♦,<:;{) am •8:23 L
Mi bank ami Way 1S:J0 am +6:a<J pm
Milbauk and Aberdeen.. M:ls pm *;-4, nm
For full uiforiuatiou call M ticket office.
Instant relief, cure in 11 days, never re
turns. 1 will semi to any sufferer a prescrip
tion with mil directions for streiiKtbeninu
weak organs, ami i sure cure of lose viuluv
iinpotcucy. nervoui il_>bi:itv. Ac \.,1 dfew
U. ii. WltlGllT, Box 16T5,Mar s Uall, MicU
I Tickets: I-.).) E. Third St. and Union Depot.
• leave. ! St. Paul Union Depot. ; ai:kivs.
i iWiilrnar. Morris. Browns
; bS:OS am ..Val. ami Breckinrid«e.. b 7:03 Dm
Fergus Falls. Fargo, G'd
• t>S:3oanv Forks b C :05 pm.
Ossco, Clearvvater and Si
b3:3opm Cloud ....♦ bll am
b3 pm Anoka, St.Cloud.Wil]msr;blU::>3 am
hi :3o pm .Excelsior&Hutchiuson. b11:55 am
(Bieckiuridge, Fargo. j
a6:3opm .. .Grafton. Winnipeg.... a ?:3J&3t
iAnoka. St. Cloud, Fers.
Falls. Crooksion, Grand >
Forks, Helena,Butto, An
aconda, Spokane, Seattle
a<:€> pm Pacific Coast a 7 -Ham
b.-:oam soo Falls,Ynnkton.S.City b 7:0" pro
a. Daiiy; b, txeept Sunday; ♦Dining nad
Buffet Cars. Palnce-sleepers. Tourist Cars.'
Eastern .Uiuuexoia Halhvav
Runs the only fast train from St. Paul
through Union Depots Minneapolis and West
superior 10 Duluth without change of cars.
! Finest Buffet Parlor Cars In the West.
Leave. St Paul Union Depot. | Arriva"
West Superior and DuluthJ
j:o> pin Daily Except Sunday.. ..j 5: y> p«a
| The Dining Car Line to Fargo, Winnipeg
I Helena, Dune and the Pacific Northwest.
Dining Cars on Winnipeg and Pa-{ -- St- -
ciric Coast Trains. Paul Paul
i.ye Arr.
Pacific Mai: (Daily) for Fa-no ! *
Jamestown, Livingston. Heleiial
Butte. Missooia, Spokane, Ta- 4-15 7.05
coma, Seattle and Portland .... p, m am
Dakota and Manitoba Express -™
(Daily) for Fergus Falls, Wahpe
ton, Crookston. Grand Fork?
Grafton, Winnipeg. Moorhead, SzoO7tM
Fargo ann Jamestown r>m -" m
Fariso Local (Daily except Sun P '
day) for St. Cloud, Brainerd ;>:OO 6r23
__niid Fargo. ... Urn, p.m.
onSunday:XPreSS d°eS nOt fUn WCSt of Far
Pullman Sleepers Dally between St Panl
and Grand Forks, Grafton. Winnipeg, Fer
gus Falls. Wahpeton and Fur-o
Pullman Fim-C!a*s and Tcarlst Sleepers
iV (lonist Sleepers are run on
through Pacific Coast Trains,
c. X stonk, city Ticket Agent ' 162 Bast
Third Mrect. m. Paui.
p 11H -AGO GR BATW is I R\ 1 LWAt
n^^ ~»T- r ia« S K !eave l 'Ill°n IVl' City
Office, 364 Robert street, corner Fifth 1 if.
epnone. 150. "
♦Daily. fOaily Ex. Sun. | Leave. Arrive
Chicago, Dub. Night Ex. | *4U»mi
Chi., Dubuoue. K. C. )
St Joseph. Dcs Moines, V t8:f« am tlO:lOMa
Car Falls, Marshal'wn, ) j •r:3opmj »7:;Ciwn
Dodge Center Local ... | *„:}•< pml*iO:l<l am
Dally as follow*: Lear*,
Boston, Montreal and New Ear
land, points G:.lon. m.
\ aucouver, N. Whatcora and Pa
cific coast points % 8:15 a in
For further information and time of local
trains call at ticket office or consult folder
iSS^Bs^k Trains leave St. Taiil 1:10
jf^jM^ p. m. ami 7:16 p. in. daily
'^iv^Mixi fOr Milwrwikre, CnU-aKo
{nH^I niu' intermediate points.
wSpSffßtgwH Arrive from Chicago 8:20
a. 111. ami 4:00 p. in. daily.
Dining cars 00 all trains.
City ticket oftiof. let East. Third street
|i^fftWiKflttMjjKfl Leaves Union Depot.
(gIjfiXISHQVBH for ChU:aj(o, St. I.iniw
SlllllllillLlllilli ni^ owri"rivor points
iL^ULUUrjMM 7:80 a.m. Arrlvosfrom
H|^BF^H| Chicago 2:30 p.m. O.ai.
HUHI ly- l^«v^ Union L»©-
ISSSBiBB&Bll pot for rhica?a -'-J sn.
ISS^^^99ISS< l.imis 7:4 c) j> 7". \^
rives Horn, name points 7:45 a. xv. dally.

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