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wmmi UNLUCKY.'
His Battle With 2?.iiler at
Coney Island Declared
a Draw.
When It Devikips That Xc-
AuiHle Had Broken His
Important Sale of Yearling*
Frcm tlie Palo Alio
Coney !-i.am». Nov. 19 — The fact
thai Jack MiAtiuttV «a« U> ai»Mear U»-
Mt«ht. Ui-.> l!«»; alt .1 caroful |»r«-|»an»
liuti. itgaiiist a ir|«r«*!ifni»uvtf of llie
Quaker C«iy, aUraeltMl aTr»»\v»l«I 3.5QP
ih-,.;-•(•[(« Hit- Atlantic Athletic Club**
an-ua Isei-p. lus}iectiJf M K.-.\ V ati.l
(.':•!•:. l\at> ■•;.. with forty l»f '!»>' !»r«»utr
1\;. |Mi!io\ w« (>• «»« ha.: I so _v re ye lit a
lfClii iril.'V Ml "•iOuck-nUls.
Use lii'kt ihhil was v>-i*.\«i'!i Jerry
Uafiu'U; of New l*«.rk, and CiHy M'.-.1
--j-iiy, til Ai.>:iaiia. It was deflated ■
I 1 >• iu-xi iM'Ut w:;.- brtU'vril I'addy
MtKrideand JiihViny;Guimai»,,»f house
Island City. in the litiis loiilTd the
pace jMtued too hot foi llio l»iakrr lad.
ai.d ..,;• r tliey iinit loUi-'ht lor one lllll'.-
UK? :;:•>! furiy-five srcuiiil-. the boat
was sit.pi.cd on *C"C«»Ullt '"I i>--iu'»> in
tei !> rei.t-e. The r.feree cave his dc
risioii i.i tavar l«»ritiaii.
Hut.- was along d. .ay before the
C(»tite?t i>] the evening was called, and
bolls iui-u i-.i ;.«'•( tit to iiclit for then
lives v\hi*fi they e.-itcmi (lie ring. They
wviiihcd in til 13S potiitds, and McAu
litfc iooked a very differiut man I rum
what lie was the niuiit he l«>iuht Yuuiijj
(JiilTo. MeAulitTu was si c-imieii by
Jiti:ut> Ni'ivn . Con MrAuiifTe am! Jack
Mn-ch;;n. Zeiglri's barkers wt'ie Char-
J«-y \\ :.;,-. of New York, mid lluett
Keiiueriy and 15i!l\ llaui!i:o:i. oi l'iiiia
t;-«u<ut Unir—Z«-lgier at once pro
(•••ivliit to iu'u ti;ail< is. ami lit a Ptui.;*
u<.-i;>!:ia:i\s stock went up a treat many
ps.lias, iiiiutits wi:e easy at ihe close
«.. ;ue rnuiai.
!;,it,ml "I v.u—McA.iltiV led with his
i.'.'t, and tin- Quaker ii inched. M.-Au
l:rtVswt!iit; wide aii'l £«•! a kfl-hand
>\\:i< ti< m Zt-i^icr in return. McAu-
Isffe irU v\itii his ri^lu uii'l laiHlcu.cou!
terfil by /. i^'U-r. Z^iitJer led witn t !ie
l'.ti!. but t>i: short. Kjpid exchaii^rs
followed, Zeiuier laixltttl iv.tn the ritrht
am! Ilowed it with a body t»Jov. >;c-
Aulillo ; (■:'. landid asii!!^*-! on tlu-faee
;!:m( ;:.e round t-i ui-d ill si clii -cii. ."ionic
thiiii: s«-«-!i.ed to to wr« n-r with MeAu
liff«'» ha.in in tne second r«>und.
la.iuu! Tbree—'lite men opened up
lieu-fly, stud while* &!rAiiljffu i>mK-lietl
his ii!a:i rr»q»eut!y. Z:vi:lt r coiiti!J<M*d
to mi\ matters and honor* were even; if
ai:\ / iuj£.ti c LMiiladeJpliiau riad a shade
•<:■<.*■: [.<.■'. Of it. Fitrhtiii!! lx;c:iiiie so
lirrce chat the police n.ti'rtejed and
slopped ttirtlier proceedings! The re
i ur lieetared list- ti.:. 1. a draw.-
Alter tne contestants had left |hs
riiue it was discovered that .MiA'iiilio
i .;i btokeu two sinaii bones in his li-it
v. ii>i ;;tlii-i It was clU:il)i-ii. w.ts d»#ne .11
•::-■ >. c-.ij;d n-iMid. aj;d ■'<. w.m probably
vvltVii MeAuiiffe landed a heavy blow
on lh« i'liii;'.tie;piii:»ii*a shoulder.
A«v.ays a beacon uf hope to the cond
: ••■,-< ■■;■; r—Dr. Price's Cream Baking
lVwd. r.
i'alo Alto Vearliijgs Rt'iu^ Ki>s
San fit ax Cisco; Nov. 1.).— sale
tit l';ii<j Altoyearlings iiy was the
li:< >i »uct;essful »f the year as retards
{nice-. Sixteen yearlings were, sold tor
>■!:.:;!."). an ay! j._e of ?f?'.),-i44. Those
i>:::i^i< ?."ii;o anil over weir: .Salisbury,
by UH-iiie-l-'liii, fi.'iOU. in Burns *fe
W aterhdiise: S'.veet U.iij'-. by Flambeau^
Fairy n<«s»e.'W,stX),' l to Burn* & Water
iiou.x-; <h: 'nalioi!. by Flanibecu-
Ainella. >'('.('. to A. 15. Sp:eeUle>:
I' <jtie. 1.-y ]-'iaiiibeaii-r« ?.">(H), to
A. 11. iSi>rt*'cKU*£; (lenr^ij, Flau.beau
(.ciii.i. ?:.00. to A. B. SjiiccklescCassrus.
i>y L'lanioeau-'leardiup. i>;.**(». lit Bums
a ltd Waieruotise: K.t\r;-i it. by Fhtu:
beau-btiaiir.«n Him*', $lj>UK fo A. B.
Spreekles: Ki;;i>m<il, by Fla tibeau-
Stu>ic. •:«.">(>. loA. B. Si.rerkies: <Jlau
i-ius. by F!ai:ib'-sii-<j!emlr\v, 12.00(1 to
Col. J. (hint:: <o!i>iii::, i>> I'iociu-C'or
ir-!iu, fl.iGu, in i»»i!i> asm Waterhouse.
I I'JZ,-. Vi< l i>j.
Dr. JoimtiM iiicJi Denies
hem>U<wU i<anMtr&
Sykaci'sk. N. V.. Nov. [<:>.— Dr. D. M.
T<>Ui:un, \vlk» conduct* d ti,e autopsy on
(<>!• Uiurdaiu tire boxer, who died S;if
mday from the effect* iif a blow struck
by Uo!> i'itzstimnoiis while the two Were
ttivinii a:. extiibUuu of >\vm tuil'. to
itiilienafit when hhown ihe stateiiicniot
Dr. TaiMKT. of iti(iiitiiaj)«)i;s, that Kior
dsn probably dieu under th»; surgeua's
knife. To Hie Question^ "Is there the
least particle of doubt but what [liordau
was dead wiicu the post-mortem cxain
j::i!!oti was bej:tin?" Dr. Tutniati said:
"Net the* least. Hizor mortis was well
marked when the autopsy began."
Boston, Nov. I l.*. —Uotli Bob Fitzsim
iikjiis and <;'j,t. (Won, Itts mauattcr, said
today. rreatditiK Die slatetoeut from
ChicaKO. that Corbett : ait offered the
trntt-fHUMd financial aid in the present
inrtjble. that us yet no tender of assist
ance or Mij.atliy had beeo received by
G.-*}>lier« Give the bafayettea a
Bad l>«f<«j«t.
The regular bowline: season at Foley's
for the season of 1894-95 was inaugu
rated last night, It the fervor that
marked the first me. of the tourney
continues through tl.e season it will be
a hummer. The Gopher.* defeated the
Lafayette* in a score of 656 to 821. The
individual scores were: Gophers—
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
i pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
torn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.
l>ahle. iiu4;.<;utJH!nz. \\\, US: (!eib, ('..
174; Winijuest; 17i',: ■ MannhaVt.' 1lM; \
l lai, KM. l.afayiijes—Hai.^ley, - .14:.; ;
Kuliliiiatiul 1T:»: .sc!j:ill»t. l:-;u; Kaehu*. i
toil; A«l.«ii!<. 210; io:a!. !>_'!.
i tie next itiMii- will be between the j
.Su'uniiis an.l l.io.i.iways Wednesday <
>l*.\l.!H.Ni; 1(1 (.'IiSSKS
Kx-Bj|<*« Ball Maunder Approve*
I tiff I «««ji»•«"'• 'cldie-s.
( Hit A(.;i, Nov. l.» ill ailMkft* lt> t!i<*
lit :t i<» c ,:s In !.is iiiit- !i!it.li «>f ! e-;:i'.rn»*
into aciive Ua*r Uail MMiiaxvtHetit, A.
('•. Spa;«iing itaiu lutiiirht:
"No. I have no iiftrntJHii «.f ''again
taking ii|> the,detail i:i;in;t^^i:ifiit of
base bull :;li »ir«. for my other busi
ness interests utii nut permit liio !t>
tcive. ii tin? necessary time, lull 1
am just a* imteli \< :»ifi.>d in
our Mat tuna J imiuc a- i-Vej, and any at-
I»*ii* to oVjrnu w au-,«ipi'ti-U.<;n to the.
present IMHM. ball ifuwrtuHiMit will al
ways tiitd my ready to a-»si«it in any way
i van to preserve itie. game, us I believe
ii only can be |*r«*M-i d, through the
National ifii^tu 1 ami tin* 1:1 mil" a->:tcia
ii«iiis ailiiiatcd with ii, ivurkiti? tst.'lei
>vltut i> known hs tile national agree
ment." .
Keren to the league address, Mr.
S|t»kitHK said:
"The docuu.cul speak fun: self. It
Certain!v inaugurate* a new era in
base ball s;ovf rument v Urre'.oUire th«:
discipline 'managers ami |.l;iy«i.s lias
been lef; entirely in the hands of lite
individual club*, uitii the result that
oftentimes tho-e \\h» have violated
1-HSt! ball ruies have. Urea par
doned and their offense* condone^
I'fcausf nt Kiv-.;l C!>in:i;i<i!i<, belt
i>li illU'ifst or utTSonai reasons.
Now this is all rbatterd, ami
Hie national i:«i:i;d wiMiM r<r|*refl«iiU
'';-:illi/.--'.t !>.^;- |MiJ ii.i* hern cl<.UieU
with lull power l«s itiM'i:»liiif. MlS|H'll(i
<>i t'.\|K-l any t.:i.i» t>i<ii.-!iti. umpire,
liiaiiaui't' «r jiiijycro; ;\t,\ cluL> vvjirUiiii:
i:i!i!i-r i!ie irnlioual ;t£ivt*:iit*ii(; who
sfcrctly i«: openly all< lir.U Iw muter
laHie, uitpair urttestrify I'm: pivsfiitba.si;
ball tc«ivt-i'ittiifiil. In oiln-r words, a
iivw law has brt-i^. rrratiHi i>». p:iuisli
treaM*« -anil stamp <mt anaichy. as vm'll
as ; tiji.i.'ii »tm iii-iK»m-»iy.
"I'ht, 1 unliuiial ii-!nlciif\ of ail pr«fe»
sit»ii:»l sport U iio.\ nwanl, anil u> pyr-
IK'iiiau- it and Kci'ii it pure ami clean
Mt|uur» it sin.ni; central tnieaiiizjUuii
that Uas tilt* prt-6tia«and pnv.ir to U«-ip
it ii!n:<*r llHtrouttl; control, and to ac
c-oiiipii^ti this oit«-M i"equirrs whal may
sotm-tiim s appt-iir to a casual übjiervi'r
m arbitrary i«Tu s-evert' liK-tliiHls.init in
reality such Hu:io;i i.-. uftru necc.>sarv to
preserve the .sport itsvil, as well as "iiie
iitli-u-.-i, a» i.i • as^ Uiiii, tit uion
saiiiis of playus hliu niako I heir liveli
hood out i;f H.
"i consider the National league one
of Site most remarkable oricaiiizaiions
for me t:overiiuiein and control 01 iii.y
professional .-.jioii tna't ha-, ever existed
it: the world, and while it ha* made,
some mistakes in judgment. it lias never
sacrificed principle and lio;;o;."'
"IK» you underhand ITutij iheleairue
address that Huckenbi'r^er. JJarnie and
l'lciler are actually expelled?"
"Ui-jl, from a eurefui riraujiigof that
(iocuniem it would took miirluily like
ii. It cer;ainly neaiis that th'-y arc
now suspended until i»ec. 31, ''.)}, but
vvili be irivi-ji a cna.-ice to explain their
aclionsj and show [roodscause to die
board why the suspension should not be
made permanent."
Fred I'fellVr mid louiirht that he
would ha/c a ;ormal answer prepared
to the ••manitesio" in a few days". Ai
present he did net care to discuss the
subject, "i tlo not want to do as they
havts done." he said, "and that is. speak
too hastily. 1 think it will be generally
conceded tiii't He league ha.i made a
mistake. For my part. 1 will say that 1
have done nothing of ' which 1 am
ashamed, or vvha-n i would not do
Jockey .Jones anrl Cltarlcy X to Bo
I: ii led Oft" Hie i ur!'.
N!:\v V(u:k. Nov. 19,— The. board ->f
stewards of tie jockey club ui«t here
today. The session lasted from 4 o'clock
until nearly midnight, with a brief in
termission. There were present: Au
gust Beliuon' m John Hunter, W. Thomp
son and Dr. Gideon Kuapp. Mr. Keene
was absent because of illness.
The session was devoted to the case
of Jockey Harry .Jones and U. Wolff,
better known as ••L'liusley li.'
It will be remembered: that Jockey
Jones accused Cnariey B. with induc
ing him to pull the horses Clarus and
Hiherni.i Queen at the ■; Providence
meeting. Mr. Wolff was also present
and made a genera! dental of the
charges. The result of the .vault*'
deiibeibiions was -that belli Giiarlev B.
ami Jockey Jones will be ruled off the
inrr. . ■ : .. - • .
Alexander Shields, who was ruletl off
at Brighton Beach last summer, when
he was chanced with conniving,: at the
nulling of nis horse Lo^an, was rein
slated. . :■..-- ?
Tlie Daily-Woods case was also con
sktrrrd, but was held fut further mves
The Stewarts, by unanimous consent,
refused to grant an nsion of time;to
the meeting of the Virginia Jockey
club. ."..,:. : ' ,:. .
home Good Work on the New
Louisville Track. "
Locisvh.j.e, Nov. 19.—Over 1,000
i people saw John £. Johnson, the cyclist,
j continue his great work ,of record
i smashing at Fountain Ferry Park today.
I Me clipped off ft second from the mile
world's record for the standing «tart,
paced. dome Hie mile in 1:563-5. lie
was pae«-d by a quad and triplet. There
was a stiff breeze blowing from : the
west when Johnson mate his htait,
which adns to his credit tor breaking
the record. The time by quarters was:
Quarter, -'8 2-5; half. 35 2-5; three
quarters, 1:18: mile, 1:5(3 3-5. Previous
world's record, 1 :.»7 o-5.
The track, which is three. laps to the
mile, was in tints condition. Hie sur
face is of granitoid, bctt>K the smootiiest
and fastest known surface in the world.
The ends are banked or built up so ns
to make it possible for wheels to make
the turn at full sueed without dauber of
One hundred and twenty-five head of
Heavy Lrf*a*citig Horses to be sold next
Tliursday at the Midway Horse Market.
Bineham Won in S4 Innings.
Another week in the Fcley billiard
Louruanient opened last night with
Capon (250) pitted against Biughaiu
(225). It was won by Bingtuun in eighty
four innings, which made his actual
average 2 57-84, and that of Capen 3 5-21.
Bineham's Mien run was 15, and his
other double figures were 13 and 10.
' apen made as his doubles 11, 11, l:j
and 11.
Robert J paced a mile in 2:o2>i . Not
s:> fast as the work of Dr. Price's Buk
nig I'owder.
Fleetwood Ranea Cio Over
Nkw Yoi:k, Nov. It.— The races
which were scheduled to take place at
Fleetwood Park tomorrow, indudiug
I'xhibittoni against time by Alix, John
R. (ientrv,Directly and Flying Jib.have
tieen postponed until ISa! hi lias nciit. on
account of the poor condition o: the
Carver Won This One.
Chicago, Nov. 10.—Dr. Frank Carver
defeated George Kieinuian. of Chicago,
in a live bird contest for $100 r side this
afternoon. Carver scored 91, Kleinman
87 of a possible 100.
sroiuiNr; mci*AK«K.
The St. Paul High school football
team arc expecting to Koto Parico on
Thanksgiving to meet the team from
the agricultural college there that day.
Buy your Gas Fixtures from P. V
Dwyer Bros. Co., M East Third street
and you will be pleased to jcive" thanks
ou aSov. &J. ... ...-•-.• ;..-<••:,. ..;.
Remains of Alexander 111.
Foraver Removed From
Earthly Sight.
Ceromonies Which Were Wit- !
nessed by Ihousunds of
Mourning Subjects.
Impressive Services in Ber
lin Attended by the Em
peror—la Paris.
London. Nov. l'j — A special rtis
»»»!(•:; mi the Daily N«w> say it was a
terrible, u.ouicnt ulifii the time came
fur the family ol Czar Alexander to bid
tarewetl to his reiuaiu». The wi.So'Ved
eniptfss mounted '.he steps of ll<« bier,
Micpoiied by her son. Czar Nicholas.
HiT feeliiiks spent ili«ni-elves ill a
burst of hysterical sobs ami tears, fioui
uiiicli she was uiutbie. to levoVerl
-Wain and aica.li she- bent over and
K..s»e(l the hands lying over her hus
band's breast. Tlie.li she stood aside,
ana ilu- other imperial and loyal jiei
sutu£t*s ki-sed the hands, after wiiieh
the sfv.'lU'ial public «V(tli4r»w. rl liea a
r:<:>ary was laid upon the forehead and
absolution written upon panhm:-*ul was
placed in his hands, the lniei inriit
The housewife who hesitates in dm >s
ing a baUiii". powder will not, Miceeedi
Let her take Dr. Pi ice's every lime, and
she will have no trouble.
SOIjKMN AMI i.il'itKSSlVl.
Thousands of Muscovites Witness
tiii- KntcHnftmeai.
St. Petersburg; Nov. 11).—The en
tombment of the remains ot 1 iate
Czar Alexander 111. lank place today in
the Cathedra] of St. Peter and M. Paul.
A thick fog enveloped tin: city, but life
populace was astir at the earliest pos
sible hour, and at tin* Minis: time the
troops detailed to take part in tl'.o fu
neral ceremonies commenced moving
towards the position assigned to them.
The cathedral was paek'd with people,
including representatives of all the im
perial and royal families of Europe. The
funeral s-rvices wen* conducted by the
metropolitan or St. I'etersburtc and by
the metropolitan of Moscow, lite for
mer conducted the czarina to her place
near the cofiiti, which reposed in stale
in the center of the cathedra!. Th.' czar
and the gran ! duke* and the members
of the royal families present took up
positions on th« riant of the coffin, and
ihe many military officers in attendance
were grouped behind the bier. On the
left were the foreign ambassadors and
ministers and their starts, while, grouped
around in different parts of the catlie
dial were conn; less delegations from
Hussian cities and elsewhere, including
;lie numerous delegations 1 rom France.
The general services beiran at lli::;o a.
in., ami lasteci until 4 o'clock. Over
thirty members of the royal families of
l]'irop)\ attended by KitltCTlMC suites,
were present.
After the lowe service the czarina, the
czar and others present took
A Last' Farewell
of the remains uf Alexander 111. Ibe
czar then hud the imperial mantle over
the body, and lite coffin was carried by
the czar and certain of the princes to
its tomb.
Enormous crowds of people leathered
on both sides of die Neva long before
Hie ceiemonies commenced. Tl.e open
ing ceremony was announced by three
cannon shots from the fortress.
The czar, the imperial family and the
royal mourners were received at the
dour or the cathedral by the metro
politan of St. IVtfisburj? and by all
the members of the holy synod (tearing
crosses and holy water. The* imperial
party formed in a solemn procession,
which marched up the aisle until the
czar and the other mourners reached
their appointed places. The funeral
service then commenced, and during
its progress tapers were handed to all
thy. mourners. Then the blah priest
with a burning torch lighted the czar's
taper and afterwards did the same, wild
these held by the imperial family, alter
which the priest lighted the taper* of
ali the other mourners in turn, accord
ing to rank, until everybody was kneel
ing and holding flickering tapers in
their right hands, which, with clouds or
incense, followed by the solemn cliai.t
in« of the priests, cave a
Mont Weird, i.flp<!
to the wi.ole scene. At the conclusion
of the. tuueral service, lh-.' mourn xs of
the imperial family paid their last re
spects to the dead cznr. kissing the icoti
lying on his breast. The czar assisted
t.'ie czarina, who was terribly affected.
Eight Keuerais then removed the pull
and carried the cuttin to the altar, while
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
'ess expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's Lest products to
(he needs of physical* being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
leniedVi Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to Its present
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect laxa
tive; effectually cleansing the system,
dispel ing uolda, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys. Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable mbalance.
Syrup of I* Iks is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and $1 bottle*, but it is ma
ufactnred by the California Fiji Syrup
Co.only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name. Syrup of Figs,
and luting well informed, you wili itui
:.ccei»t any substitute if offered.
•l«ht other generals bore the i>a.l -be—
hind Him MtJHil. The czar then placed
his lather's imperial ni.tuHe \v:;hii III"
--cotliu. which was then liv.illy closed,
and Hit- procession to the loinb was
formed, it was headed b'v the metro
loiitan of St. Petcrdburi; and : tiic
cieivy, intoniiu a solemn chant. The
cl«-i»{y were followed by tin- coflin,
which was txtriie by the czar, the grand
duke?, foreign princes an I th« most
distinguished uenerals.
'1 he most impressive portion of the
cere:iii>ny was at the lowering of the
late czar's reinaiiis into the vault Uj:
lu^li civil urtlcris of the government.
As (he ciitlin disa|ipe»red from view
Hie loud iiooiiiin^ ul cannon and the
salvoes liie.) by pUtoous of infantry
from the ailjoihinji fortress reverberat
ed lliitiu^h «iii» i-litiich. iiKii^iin^ with
Hie W(»r»u ot the burial service, and the
low>-iin^ of the mournini: -Ana and the
lioisliiDC-ot lit- oKlinary iniperial ibUti
dard to he lo'rtreas tower proclaimed
lv the world outside lltHl the last act in
Hie mournful, drama had been eonclud'r.
etl. The czar bore the ordeal with for
titude, but many among the group of
imperial and royal person axes clustered
i'.iuuiid.tlit' open i rave were visi'.dy a^
The czar remained in the church until
the tomb was tiiiHliy closed. After this
last ceremony the imperial insignia
were, carried back in state, in a number
of OHiiiH^t a, u» the Aimer palace, and
were there deposited in their accus
tomed place in bt. (jieoi<e's hall.
t'<4ti«l Crtisli \iii i»x >l»i-*t:<»viteH
to *'cc (Ik- i zar.
London, Nov. 19. —The correspond
ent of tliG' biandard at M. l*t«U;rsl».ur«
dtscr:bt-s the scene ot contusion buuday
atler:i«:o:i in the vicinity the fortress
of Sir Peter and St. Tank For more
than -a mile In all directions was a
si'eliiir.y;. hiittocatiujr mass ot people,
aiiiontj; wli to the Cossai-ks wore, vainly
tiyiii^ to keep order v.ilh knouts and
the heels tit their wild horses, regal
lens of Use iivfs or lillilis uf lilt; people.
Finally tire engines were brouirnt, hose
siteicheit and vva.er turned on. Tiie
powerful streams scattered the people
in the liont line chaff, • -»1 1 yto oe driven
back by the pressure li.hu ber.iud.
i'hf Cossai-ks struck the Di'ople iicioa.s
their laces with jrreat whips. One man
was killed by a kick. A boy was sutlu
caied in the crowd.
As the czar and <lrand Duke Michael
passe;! in an open carriage on their way
to tin- 'cathedral the same aflernoon a
man with, a >beard and dressed as a
peasant sprung with two bounds into
the road and drew from his pocket a
pacKi t, which he threw at the czar. His
majesty started back ami then coolly
picice.l up the package. The incident
caused intense commotion, Ihe crowd
believing that an attempt had been
made io:'.ss:issi!iate the czar. The of
fender was instantly seized and hustled
to tile guard house." Th« 'imperial car
nage proceeded an; id the murmurs of
the crowd. Later it was announced
that the czar had accepted a petition
that had been thrown lo him.
I'he papers uf bl. Petcr^'ouij: m;.ke no
mention ol Hie occtMience. The con
tents uf the petition are kept secret. It
is believed thai the peasants diess worn
by the man was a disguise.
Prince anil Princess of Wales
wait the Kveni. ; >C|
St. PKTi:s:si;t i:«., Nov. -It is the
inteniioi: of 'he Prince and Princess i«f i
Wales to remain in St. Petersburg .
until alter the marriage of Grand,
Duchess Ale-xaudriua Feodoravna (Prih-V
cess Alix) to Czar Nicholas. Both Czar
Nicholas and his moiher have expressed
their profound gratitude (or the uevo- (
tioii and kindness of the Prince and,
Princess of Wales in their trying ordeal:
Sixty Workmen ami >titilents at
\\ arsaw Arrested. .:,
London. Nov. 10.— A dispatch from
St. Petersburg to the Titnes says that
sixty workmen and students have been
arrested at Warsaw in connection with
the issue of a proclamation advising
the Poles to decline to swear allegianae
to tzar Nicholas.
ilo;al Miaimo »
St. I'ETEUSiuTKG, Nov. ID.—Applica
tion's arc being received from ail parts
of Russia tor flowers that were used in
the fortress cathedral during the lyiistr
in state of Czar Ah xhihut's body and
at the funeral services. There will be
tomorrow a general distribution of the
flowers to those who desire to secure a
memento of the dead czar. Th** Rural
offerings received from France were
very numerous.
C.'eremonie* in I'aris.
■Takis, Nov. 11).— An impressive fu
neral service in memory of the late czar
of Russia was celebrated here today at
the Uus>ian church. Ptesidcnt Casimir
-I'erier drove to tiie church in a state
carriage, and ati the members of the
diplomatic corps and cabinet officers
were, present at the service, as well as
a numt)<-r of the most important mili
tary, naval and municipal officers.
Duriim the religious ceremonies 101
minute guns were tired by a detachment
of artillery stationed at the Arc de Tri-.
omphe. After the ceremony the presi
dent stood upon the steps of the
church, surrounded by the other mourn
ers, and witnessed the inarch uasl of
the troops which had been paraded in
honor or. the late czar.
Kaiser Attend* Serviue.
: UKiii.ix, Nov. 19.—An imposing fu- I
neral ceremony in honor of the late Czar |
Alexander ill. took place today in the j
church of the llusskin ainbassy. The j
traffic about the neighborhood was sus- |
pended during the service, and there !
was a lam** iruard of honor outside the I
church. Emperor Wiiliani, in ICussiau
uniform, accompanied by the empress,
drove to the church in an open carriage, j
and was present throughout the cere
mony. AH the diplomatic corps, in-,
cluuintr the United Slates ambassador.;• j
Hon. Theodore Kunyou, and many |
oilier notabilities wen- i>reseiit. . Jf,i ;
Whfct housewife ever worried about
her baking who used Dr. Price's Bukiu,g
Powder. Not one!
To California W tthotit Chnngc Via
"The Milwaukee."
On baturaay. Nov. 10th, 18!)4, and op
every Salurday ilu-reiirier, an elegant
Pullmaii TouristfSlceper will lepv* Aliii
neapolis (8:S a. in.), St. Paul (8:35 a.
in.), and arrive Los Angeles, California,
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V;a " 1 heWilwaukeeV fanious "Hed
rick Bottle" to Kansas City, thence via
lh« A., T. & S. F. K"y through Suuth
ern California. ,
A most delightful winter route to the
This car i.s '•pcraonally conducted'"-^
in immediHte clr.irice of an ntiicial and
an altesidaut through to drsHnation.
Kate per berth, {C.CO throuirh in.in St
Leave St. Paul-Miuneapoiis every.
Saturday morning arriving at Los An
icc.'cs every Wednesday afternoon.
For berths, complete information and
lowest rales anpi) to "The Milwaukee"
agents, St. Paul-Minneapolis, or ad
dress J. T. Conley, Assistant General
Passenger Agent, St. Paul, Minn.
T<» Our Snbs<%riber=.
'I lie portrait olTer has been taken ad
fdßtMK of by so main of our subscrib
ers that it will Ik* in possible to deliver
some of the picturts at time promised.
We wish to say to those Intending to nr
are that pictures must reach us imme
diately if you desire Mew for the holi
days. '■ . •■■■ ■•■ ■ ; • •■■•' ■.;. -.■:
11. J. O'.Nril. ibU Uliti Mi V\ t*M i hint
Was P. F. Pitzel Murdered for
Insurance Money,or Is
He Alive?
Grand Jury at Philadelphia
indict Three Alleged
Claims Nothing: More Serious
Than Conspiracy—Mur
der Is Suspected.
I'mi.AOKi.i'UiA, Nov. 19.— The jrr»inl
jury late t<»is afu-ino,<n Ijjuikl n true
bill airatnst Hennanii MiiiUet, alias H.
11. ttnlNMt now a piisunri in Huston;
Jeptha li. Howe, the. St.-Louis lawyer
who collected the insurance money on
V. F. I'm i's policy lor tin; lalit?r\
widow, and the widow 'herself.' i lie
indiciin nt reads tor "conspiracy to
er.tat a.id defiaml."
Alexander McKniihr, vice president
of tilt* Fidelity Mutual (.'onuiany,
the rollowinc statement this alteruoo!)
l«»a representative of the Associated
"While the^uspicion has jfrowij until
we are nearly positive that H. F. l'ltzel
was murdered, the only charge made
before tiie Kta-ul jury; was that ot con
spiracy to dot'ran i. ''*'"'.' '»":'*■
"i am positive that the body found
on Sept. 4 at No. l:-J10 Caltowhilt .slieMi;
un which an inquest was held'the next
day as that of B. F. Perry, is hoik*
other than that of P. P. Pitz.-I," said
Coroner A-shlM-ittite today. "1- am not at
liberty at present lo disclose my rea
sons for this assertion, but it 1 were,
and pointed them out, you would be
convinced, notwithstanding Hie stories
as to the wretched" man's expatriation in
South America orelsewcre,,thai ho nut
his death riglu lure in Philadelphia."'
It was stated this afternoon that Mrs.
Pitzel has been arrested in Burlington,
Vt., and made a confession.
lloliite* < oiiie»s»e*.
Boston, Nov. iy.—ll. 11. Holmes, the
alleged hie insurance: swindler, was re
moved from the city ui'isou. to police
headquarters today where ins |i!iol»
--tirapli ami measurements \rere taken.
In a 'private room ins confession was
liken down by a stenographer to be re
produced in court in Philadelphia. He
was careful not to implicate any one
except himself, and lie Mated positively
thai the body toomi in un? room at
Philadelphia was not Ihat of P. F. Pit
zel, the insumi man, but .i corpse ob
tained t'r m a medical friend. The po
nce authorities tjo not place credence in
Holmes' story in this couuecuou, and
Relieve thai l'itzel ivas murdered. In.
the municipal court Ju«Ue Ely di.«>
missed liie case against Holmes iiere,
and it is thought the Puiiai'el|ih;a po
lice will take the prisoner lo that city.
• The detectives nave practically aban
doned the murder :tuor> and think
they are on me track of Piizel in the
person of a man calling himself B. F.
man. whose win reabouis they lefUotj
io divulge. They stated touigut Ihat
Mrs. I'itzel had made a confession sub
stantially the same as thai of Holmes,
except thai he believes her hu>b.«iid to
be in Suutii Aunrica. She iias not been
liiiij,»tne« Hie alleged erim« wascom
iiiiitetl. The uisurai.ee otliciub piofess
also to have received woui that Holmes
and Mr.-*. Pilzel were en route to this
city, having lett Boston tonight. Mrs.
Piizel, ii" is staled, was decoyed troin
Burlington, V 1.,10 Boston by a coin in
liicaliou, which »lio supposed to be
lroiu Holmes. . : :
P stauds for purity, uower ami pienty.
it stands aiso lor irice'e>— i»r. i'ricc's
ijakiug Powd'-r.
UOtVi; Ai.liOtlhO liAIU
Th« fet. liOuiM l.attji'l' Talks of the
I'itSei C: oii<4i>it-iti:y.
St. Louis. Mo., Nov. ill. —.drptha D.
Howe, an attorney of this city, was ar
resu-d today on the cliiifjrv: o; L*on:-pi[
iiiif with on.- 11. 11. Holmes to deu.iiid
the ■ Fi«ielit\ .Mutual L:fe Insurance
Company of Philadelphia out of $lu,ouo.-
The arrest was tnaiie in coiiuu.-tiou
with the insurance »\vtiitil« case report
ed from Philadelphia last Saturday
night. AttorneyHowe was taken be
fore Cnief lliiniiran at tiiu> F-onr eon its."
At the conclusion ot the conference
Howe was released on a ¥3.(XX) l»ottd.
Howe fined a tioeiimei.r. to wint-li liie
chief also »>ut his siciirtltire, and i', was
turned over to W. E. Gary; St. Louis
manager of tlie Fidelity Mutuai, who
was mvsenl. Neither Gary nor Chief
llarngau would taik about" the ease to
representatives of the press*l -.
Howe, nowevi-r. mutlelUis statement:
"1 will say the snsne to yon that 1 have
said to Mr. Gary and the chief. Ido
not in tin 1 first place believe that-a
:ian<l lias been coimi.itted. .1 believe
Hie. liody Jdenlitied l»v I'iiz.M's iifteeii-'
year-old dausrnter was that of tier
father. The murks of tilentihcatioii
were present. As to l«»vv i Jitzel met
«.it> dtjath 1 c«nnot say. lint as 1 saidto
Mr. Gar if a fraud has been coin
mrttett. 1 am M anxious to have it in
vestigated as any one, and will do all in
; my powtr to UriiiK Uhj"guiity one to
I punishtnent. 1 took the ca*e in rood
i tiitli, and acted as any attorney would'
have done. Mr. Gary asked me if lhis
were proved a iraud if 1 would ue wi.l
ins to return to the company my lee. 1
I told him 1 would be not only willing,
but wi.uld not under any circumstances
keep any part of it." Mr. Howe bays
he has no feat of the result of Ins cas"\
out dislikes the nutoriety it jrives him.
■ *1 heiiclelity Mutual 'Life Insurance
company toucan au aitacti'.neiu suit m
tlay in the circuit cnurl against J. I).
.we ami Carrie A. IM/.el. tin- reputed
duw of the supposed dead man. The
suit is for jflO.uuu. The writ was ex
ecuteu by Karuishinjj the Merc: ants*'
National bank, in which it is staled me
l'iizels have some Hinds.
j As soon as sin* received the money 1
Mrs. Pitzel and family are said to bate !
moved to Da veil pur., 10.
' : Holme*, or 11. M. Howard, as he was
known in this city, liMt» i rouble hero
last summer by seliini; a stock of dnurs
tin wlujh mere was a mortgage. It is
claimed by detectives here thai Howard
Staled to several pi-Uoi.urs in jail, so
that it came to the ears ot the guard, that
he had the best scheme ever conceived
for tJ \vi mil j n trail insurance company if
willy he could yet some sharp attorney
to help him. While in jail Howard be
came acquainted in a professional way
with Attorney Howe. After benn; re
leased on tin- charjres against mm here i
Howard, it seems, went to Philadelphia j
and assumed the name of 11. 11. i
Holmes. While here, however, he is '
said lo have made the acquaintance of
It. F. I'it/.cl, whose supposed body was
found in Philadelphia." The alienation
now made by Howard, who is under
arrest in Boston, is thatlhe body was
not. that of l'itzi-1. but one which he,
as a drucglst, had obtained from a
medical college. He says that Pit
zei'a wife and daughter were aLso in
the conspiracy, and it . is II .\vnr,l
who claims 11. at Attorney H.me
knew of the couspiiacy. Howe claims
I c knew of no coiispiraVy, and that the
iirsi he knew o! the case, was when .Mrs.
Pnzel came lo him ami asked him to
take charge, of it tor her. This he dhl.
and went on t.» I'iiii.idrlidua lakini:
I'lizi'l's ilnuulitri with him to iiU-utit>
t!u* body, and co ft I | to, minify.
{MltCl* l'.l/''l\-» MM, p-N .1 miv.ii IKI if.
of uiui h.«N ik-ou »««u. 'nils, ho\vev«r.
friends take as their grounds for de
reirar. They claim that Howard.* "story
<>I substitulinirsi body (nrthatuf riizel's
is not true, Hud g.ve it as their belief
that I'itzel has been murdered and that
il really w;is Ills body which was identi
lied by his daughter i>i Philadelphia.
l>«IUH!>ill» /!>.Unionv. (
It was tome time before Chief Unrrl
iritii would eoiiaen! to', talk coucrninjc
Hone's arre.>t and the part hit had in
unearthing the. plot lodetiaud Hit? Phil
adelphia lit in. The lime for talking
had not arrived, Ms all th* uitrlit-S iiu
plii'itleu in tin- well-laid tcheumlißd not
bet*|i aj'i>ielitii(lefl. and two ihiu-Ii pub
licity at tliio moment would canst' them
!•» put themselves beyond ttie reach of
th«; law. lie liimliy ««nl:
"I'll tell you just whttt 1 know about
yuunir Howe. Marion I', lltrdtcpt'lti. tile
<iltiiuta!« train robber, i.ow a prisoner
in the cjiy jail, has told me of Howe's
etl'oris to .-.in utricle him keys and to aid
nun on various iic'ca>loirs Ul escape.
You know ihai Howe is a Grottier) of
.McDonald's liter, and McDunvld is
Hi'dsputli's attorney.
"Tut? tir«t intimation 1 had was from
Mtuion lledifpelh. Hi» letter u» me.
and Hie Ktatvuiei'it which followed.wril
leu by him at my miut st, tell the story
of Ihe discovery of the plot."
Chief ll»nii£au liiiiidfd the, reuorler
the several coniniuiin 110:11 the
man whose iriiut lias been famous 111
tue great robbery ot the Missouri I'acitiv:
train at (ileimaii-. Mo.. about two years
aX», iiuioiiji which was the to:lowing:
Cay. 10-8-".!4.— Maj. i.nawn-i.ce Hai
rJKan, Ctnef ot i'olict— Dear Sir: 'Ircit-
Ims been a *lu.<X)O swimHe worked! upon
a I'tiiUtUt-ipiiiii life uimmmiky coui
puny, and possibly a murder loinmiueil
in w.irKius: it. 6i-vfiity-live hun
dred dollars of tt.e money Inio already
been paid, and fu'.oOO is yet in the bunk",
Mi UK to a >«niauliie. over Uie fee thai
Hone is wanting lor his part in it. 1
fan give souie liiten-sliiig iuforiuatiun
reKurdiii'i it. and perhaps save the in
surance company Mjinelliiut; if they arc
noli lied at once. '
Mauion C. Hkih;i:i'i:tu.
.). C. Armstrong,, a jail guard, in a
sworn statement, also in possession of
Chief of Police liarngan, deputed ilia.
he was approached by Jepiini I). Bowe
lor the purpose of getting his assistance
111 securing Hudgepeth's escape. The
statement (it lk'd«iepeili, before men
tioned by Chief Hanman, is as follows:
Details the Plot.
City. Oct. 9. imi.— M.tj. Lawrence
Harridan, Chief: of Police— Dear Sir:
When H. M. Howard was in here some
two months ago, he came to me and
told me lie would like to talk to me. as
lit* had read a great deal of me, ele.
After w« got acquainted lie told
me ilia: he had a scheme by
which he could matte $ 10,000, ami that
he needed some lawyer who could be
(rusted, and said mat it 1 could intro
duce him to one he would give me $500
for so doing, He then told me that B.
F. Pitzel's life was insured for $10.
--uoo; that I'iizel and he were going
lo work Hie insurance company for
that sum. He told me just how they did
it.: lie -ai«i that lie was an expert at it
and that lie had worked it before, and,
oeing a druggist, he could easily m -
ceive the iiiMirance company by hav
ing Piizel nx himself up according to
his directions and make it appear that
he was mortally wounded by an
explosion and then put a corpse
in the place of J'lt/.ei's body, etc., and
have It identified as that of Pilzel. In
a few days Mr. Howe came lo me and
told me that Howard had gone to him
and introduced himself, saying that 1
lecuimuehded him, and that he (How
ard) had laid the whole plot open to
him. Howe said that lie never heard of
a fitter or smoother piece of work—that
it was sure to work ami thai Howard
was one of the smartest and slickest
men mat he ever heard of, etc. Howe
told me that he would see 1 got my
$500 if it worked, and that Howard was
going tin East to attend to it at once.
Howe told me it was the Fidelity Mu
tual of Philadelphia. Howe, told me
every two or three days that everything
was working smoothly, and when no
tices appeared in the newspapers of
Pitzel's death, Howe came down. at
once and told me how it was now only a
matter of a few days until we got the
money, and that the only tuiiut to keep
the company from paying it was thai
Howard ami Pilzel were so hard up for
money that they could not pay dues on
the pol cy until a day or .so before it
\v\isdiK\ and then had to send it by
telegraph, and that the company might
claim that it did not get the money un
til after the lapse of the policy,
but it * did not claim this, ami
so Howe and a little girl. 1 think Pit
zel's daughter, succeeded in having
the body recognized and identified us
that of i!. F. *3iizel. Howe told me that
Fit/el's wife was privy to the whole
thing. He says ihat Howard would
not let Mrs. Pitied go to Philadelphia to
identify liie body of her liusoai.d, and
that lie (Howe) leels almost certain that
Howard deceived Pitzel.and that i'i:ze!,
in following Uowaru's iusiruciloii!!. was
killed, and that it was really the body
of Pitzel.
Tile policy was made out to the wife,
and when Hie money-was put into the
bank Howard stepped out and left the
win: lo settle with Hows for ins serv
ices. Slit; was willing to i>av linn $1,000.
but he wanted $2,50t>. So ?2,500 is held
until tliry am over so/iaboliti): about it.
Jt is hardly woitt: while to say thai I
never trot tMe $s;i(> iiowaid iuldt»«tio
tin* lor ii;troductti< him to Howe. Tills,
ami a lot more, 1 will swear to. I wish
you would sc*e the Fidelity JSiutucl IJfe
aud set? if tin-y Law bti«ii made (he
victims of this swindle, it so. tell them
1 vvunt to sen them. Yours respectl v,
i-if. M. C. H."*
Upon this information Howe was ar
rvstrd this morning-. ••I'imiii rt'C'iv
inir this communication," continued
Mnj. Harriir«n, wl wrote the
rtttef of police of Piiiludelphia,
but die poliiy had be«a paid and every
(lung was satisfactory to the company,
who entertained no suspicion in the
matter. I Ikm informed "their agent
hfiv of the facts, wall what results you
already know."
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Puwuer is world-wide. It challenges
comparison and outstrips competition.
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in. instead of 7:15 p. in. Supper and
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Dukf* of -ax'- »V ri<u;ir HI.
Wi:im\i:. N..v Ml— A dispatch from
Cape Martin, on the Uiviera. states thai
the hereditary (Uraiid Duke of ijaKc-
W««imar is ill vvitn pit •utimtiia.
id every Humor of the Blood, Skin, ami Blip
-«^N^!a?«fc. witl> lo*l' ol "i<i!". whether «impl«-i
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.iW. W tisiy, tpeedily, pcrnisnently, and
'^**3BstJi .'iM.noinirnll.v cur»:U by Cuticl'ka
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+ m yxpf > daM*ad all other n> iidlw i,«ii.
■ t tJompU'te home treatmeut for
«<«sry humor e»uiti«tvui> *Ucr».
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load has U«*come ainiost t(»o h».»vy to
hear. 'Tt'iis class is How ask in if lor
! local self government. While thi* plnn
jis donblie.>* fjielerabte to ilie. present
i >ys;em. there is nrrave danicer unless an
educational «jualiij''<«tio!i is prescribed
t for the voters, 11-irdlv any city in the
country, certainly no northern city, has
so liirk«* a proportion of ignorant voters,
whose votes in many cases can be pur-
Chased; as easily as ■ in the. any* of
"Bms" ."Shepherd.
While'opinions may differ as^to the
proper. »y«ieiH (d^uveruiueiii tor the
District of Columbia, there is absolute
iiwaiiiiHity'in the opinion that congress
has made a very fiijtic Joh of it.
Hl.'-i XUI A »<J VI'KGOAT,
("Miner.hi Jlenie* H^inic « Silverite
f 're* idjfiii lit I din i(1 a t c.'
Washington. Nov. 19.— The renewed
reports that 'Senator Cameron lias *iveu
his consent to be. the presidential candi
date, of a "protection and free silver"
{•arty meet* with air emphatic denial
fro'ni" close and intimate friends of the
senator here vvtio ate in a pnsiiiou to
speak with authority. The senator has
received a number of letters from eii
thusJaslic silver men who assure him
thai they are. ••vvitu you in IS.)*;." The.->e
lettei^ have , reet-ivrd | tilts same formal
aekuowleU«;meut giveil ail ieliers re
ceived by tin- senator. Further than tha 1.
however.theie lias been 1,0 correspond
erice which contemplaiet, the use of the
M mitor's naiiic at the lieau of an
independent sliver movement. Mr.
Cameron said recently, to an Associated
I'ress reporter that while he was for
silver, lie was none the less a X' public-
Hii, and it was as a llepuhlii-aii mm he
hoped to see tbe white uieial suiiabiy
lecoirnized. This statement has been
\\ide.iy circulated, and Mr. Cameron's
friends say it embodied his ex*it p>->i
lion. 'Ihey lepudiale the idea that he.
m conspiring with Senators Stewart.
•Jones aim oiikms to "demand a siiver
plank in the liepulilican platform or
that he will lead :v deteclion from that
party. Tins senator is in New York
today. The views herein expressed
reflect those of the senator himself, as
they come hum those having eohfideu
tial relations with him.
AliL JilM' Pi.KAD.
iiavemejer anil Searlea Not Out
of the Net.
Washington, \i»v. 19.— District At
torney JJietiiey has notified ail of the
persons indicted lor refusing to answer
questions lie! r<* the senate sugar inves
t.^alintr couiini:iee, including; Messrs.
tlavemrycr and bearles, that they must
appear and plead or demur t< the in
dictments. It is expected hat demur
rers will be filed. Mr. Bierney was
asked if the demurrers would not be
the same as in the oases of MacArtney
and Cnapiiiati, mid he said that some
new points coni I be pif>entel because
<htt'>-r»*nt questions were nsked these
witnesses,ilavemever ami Searies heiiiK
asked as to the amounts of money they
ittribilled while the newspaper] men
were asked where they sot information
on which their articles were based. Sir.
Biernev asserts, however, that the only
dii! ere net* can be as to the materiality
of the questions asked.
Judge Wilson, attorney for MacArt
!»••>" ai>d Chapman, has notified Mr.
Bierney that tue petition for an appeal
from Judge Cole's decision will be liled
tomorrow in the court of appeals.
"Sugar and spice, and all that's nice."
make splendid cake win.' i used with
Dr. Trice's Baking l'owdir.
Supreme ( ourt Ail,j.>uriit*.
• Washington, Nov. 19.—1n tin* su
preme court today opinions were handed
down in several cases involving rights
of Indians. In two of these cases the
question had been raiseu uhel'ier tin-
Delaware and Shawnee Indians were,
entitled to any part of the proceeds of
lands owned by the Cherokeas, The
decision in both.ca.-es was delivered by
Justice Brewer, and was to the effect
that the fcihawiiees and Delaware.*, hav
ing" been au&orued by the Cherokee
tribe, were entitled to equal beiu-rits
froit« such sales or from the proceeds ot
the other similar transactions ot the
Cherokees themselves. The court an
nounced a rect?s> from next Friday until
Monday, the oil of Dree inner.
New mi try in .-\n>eriea.
VVashixgtox, Nov. l.». — A report
from Hit- ctiu.iiiisbioiiei •■ iinmliiralit'it
at New York slates that twenty-six
diamond poiisiiers havH arrived there
from Atiislerdain. Alter examination
they wv.ii- pel mined to land. Tint state
ment is also made liiutof the UMHX) dia
mond cullers in Holland Sully 5,000 are
onl «if employment, and mat ninny of
them are coining to tne lulled Stales,
the inference UeiH<-uitti liiu diamond
cuitinx industry is l»i»{«»y l>euitr iran>
ferreti. ftom Amsterdam lo New York
and Chicago. ... .
1-^vatliiiK l-ivi< service.
i Washixutox, Nov. lit.— civil
service c«iHi»i:s»iou win report as illegal
the appciiituient of seven waicLineti in
the Balliiiiuri' postoßice and liieir sub*
sequent'protiiolioii to ttu- places covered
in the *ecent «ivil 'service ex'.'-nsimi.
T.'ii.s -is the case in wtiicli i'ostniaster
Wat field had a heMinsr on Saturday
last. The repoi tot tltt* c«uiinissi«ii ha
not be'.-n ;prepared, but ii will present
nil the fail* and the conclusion lound.
Whether it will lecounisend lit« di.v
missal or the appointees has not yet
been de.UMmined. .;
A Cincinnati! uqttiry.
Washington, Nov. I'J.—Acting Sec
retary MeAdtfo today appointed a court
of inquiry to investigate Hit* accident
sustained Us the cruiser Cincinnati last
Friday oil Execution Buck, New York
harbor. The. court will consist ul Ad
miral Meade, Captains Farqtihar and
Casey, and Lieut. VV. J. Scars, jud^e
advocate. It will ine*l atNcwYoik
navy yard tux.* Wednesday.
Honors lor Kate Field.
\YAsiiiM.ton, Nov. 19.— Kate Field
has been made an officer of public in
siiiictiou by the French government,
the highest, distinction in the depart
ment of public instillation, for service
rendered to literature and art. Mie re
ceived the luevct today Iroin the French
legation in tins city.
Miles fit the rMnit.il.
Wasiunciox, Nov. 9. — Mai. (Jen.
Miles arrived here this afternoon on his
way from 'Chicago to New York, to
assume command of the department ol
llh' East, lie failed at Hie war depart
ment foi a few minutes this afternoon
and saw lien. Selmh'Hd.
Civil •oi'Vici' j- xtsndet]
\\ a^uim.ton. Nuv. lit. —It is ex
pected "that an or«'l*»r will bt> Issued by
tho president toniormw maUiaz a lar»;^
number of ofliees heretofore outside ti>t»
civil sftvice system subject to e\;unin;i
lions under the ilirerlii.u of the civil
service commission. It is understood
that the extension will include post
Sherman's Ileuret*.
Wa-ihn*. ion, Nov. id. -S»M»ator John
man said today hat ho would in t
bo al>k* to , uttt*nd Ihe lii>me Murkfi
club banquet in Boston on the 23d iip*t.
We hound It All
That bad been represented. "The
Burlington" trains ; are eitnrutit. th.«
sleepers' luxurious, the chair cars en
joyable. And the «rvir* fast Ami safe.
11 lands you iii the treat Union Station
at Chicago jit it O'clock.—La Moure(N.
l>.) Chiouicl*.
a CAPITAL 13 mmm.
CZAR ALEX/1.V05H //'. Bt'HlzD IN THE
llupOßtng ntimUtmm C«rriiin n
in tht-. i'rAsenue of Kmic» and
lViiiue«-i|, Body I'lm< in
Urn Cry pV. '"' '
« While the !»ells tolled mid the minute
Kiiiix boomed their requiem, prl-ata
chanteu »i lt , lionnrnuV llfi-rk liturgy
over the body of Czar Alexander 111. lii
Hie "Forrr^i CHth.-drai." St Peters
'•uric. Oil a bUi-i^eovered dais. litre*
a eps above the 11<»..r of the nay. . the
coffin w»j( pl^O. Candelabra bUziVx
llboUtitllMliltiC to R-ll.Vr III* <lo»Ill
1:1 Ihe treat chuteh.
Over the catafalque was spread a
black canopy lined with einum-. -„„
r»»rtejj by tour irreat pillar*. The. *«,
Kenta velvet eoveruu: the s!eps of the
lima was strrwii win, golden ragjes,
and cnnuinsrly wrought widths or sit.
v*-r Kill tend a bunt Hie cataLtr^iic.
; ilie OzajTs body wore a simple uni
form. i»,« waxy hands were rrrw&ij
•••■low a sacred ii.ia«- of .s,. Alexamiei
->«-wsU-i. ill*. new Czar. Nicholas H
u:s «uo.her, I.L*>fhauerd- i'riuees* AJijj
••I lir^e-Darmsiaiil; iurfu^r» at tii«
imperial latiiily and hurlj oiiic.alaur tiif
i'iii|.iiv advanctii in mm nun reverently
Ui>afd the itna^f.
Ait.l Hie c-liHiitiits bad died away the
CAsl.rl was Imv.-r.-.i i;ji«, th- rrvpt. ami
I lie opemnsr in iiie H.,or was cloVu uv a
sii;i:t wolklijiu: »;.i>;ti pounds; .
1 lie whole city was in inourniinr. \t
Interval*oil tin- Ncv.ski I'ihwjm^' (lj! \-.
loot pillar* Jji.re somber urns in which
incense binned.
Unix aiio the court doctors kjave up
the attenipt to bid* It* nature of the
Czai * iIIUHS*. ii! S M.-ijt-.-ty was at-
Irttked by Bri^lii'h disease of tt •• kiii-
Jieys two years a^o. Hint lit- rrceiv«-d fair
warnui« thai his pale, iirawn face, pains
Hi Hie hack, faint h p«ll«_iiii<i : ,iiit-s.
jreiivrai w. alv:u->s Hint puflins un'rter Die
eyes meant one liihur. U« ..uld not
iisu-ii to advice, and he Is .lead Une be
tore old ajr<? coui.i have imi-lie.! bitw.
liriL'ln's disease was a dreadful ;;-ent
of ilcaih lutiie iHjhue it was Known by
that name. It was believe,! to be in
curable, and with reason, until asm
leiuedy was put forth to combat it
1 hose who aiitlVr rroui the malady arc
sometimes reluctant to believe that any
tiling can cure them;
Ihere is one skeptic less every time
Uan:ers Safe Care has a chance U
snow what it can do. The a'a&htuii tint
Hits luetlieiftt can and repair tiu
ravage* of advanced kidney disease it
ma.te without any "ifV "and -buts.':
.Nature, gives you fair warning when
your kidneys are below par. Do not
reject her adniOiiilion, as ii ie late Czjj
Consent to be sick and you wilt sooc
h« well ir you use Warner's tjife (Jura
i lie warmest words of praise for this
reive.i.v c«»uie from physicians a Most
l»o>t!lity t.i propiietary medilines ii
general is notorious.
They know how Warner's .Safe Curt
acts upon I lie jurfnaiy organs, >>« thai
relief is immediate an i curt- tv;::iin.
I iii'V have felt iis power in their own
A u«u;iitine from perfect health with
out positive syitip:oius of orgamc dis
ease is often erroneously aiiriimted M
cold or overwork, when in fact llu-. i;id
tifys are aftVcteO. Tiien 19 tlia time tc
take Warner's bale Cure, for ttiiiMugti
it conqiß-rs Hie worst cases, uf course- it
makes much shorter work of thetti.ubU
if no time is lost.
Blights diswasi* kilts men in middle
lite. Warner's bate Cure preserves
men for a ripe old aire.
Humbert i»e«(Rrou<i.
ROME. Nov. l'j.— -King Humbert lias
sent SO,OOO lire.. tor the relief,, of I lie
earthquake sufferers,' and ■ I'reinier
Crispi has aonu'leii me sum of IT.U-jO [in
for the same pui pose.
l heap Hniiii'seunt-K.' Kxc«ur9ioa«,
Cheap Homeseeke.rs' Excursion i'ie.k
els will be on >ale via "ihe Norm
Western Line"—C. bi. P., M. ad. i:"y
—from .Minneapolis aiul Si. ran! i*«
Nov. -iO:: . Dei-. 4tn .-.1..1 18 h. ;u;ul p.i.uts
in Northern Nt-:ira>ka. m ihe block
lliils. to all poinis in Indian "territory,
Kansas. AiKansas, UKtahomii, Texai
ami Mi.-is.»:pp;. For detailed iiilina
lion apply lo acenis. cu:t.ec Kol)ert and
Sixth siri-«-ts, si. Paul; 13 N^oiiel
il«!U<t* I>lock, iViiiMieapolfs, and" uii.ron
t-v !.«-..iu.»n.za«ii;n.
New Yo::k. Nov. I l.).—The dtivctori
o! ihe Alcliisoii, '1«>ih;K;: & Santa l'«
Kai.'ioad comi»anv met today and eject
ed a reorganization commuter, with
powir to act. The comiuittre ri'iisHti
of E. B. Clntm-y Jr., Thomas Fowler.
\V. L. BnM. licuMa A. Nick»-rs«ijj um|
E. .1. Bi-t'vvynii. The i'oiiimiUe<' iii at
once set .nit to make a |>i<ui of r^oiKaiH
izaiion, ami ..ill cotitiuub uutil the litiai
details are worked out. i lie oflkvr(
will hold over.
Italy 'oks* .n*i Interference^
Lt).\i»ox. Nov. 19.—A special di>p;t!cl
Frotti JJome says that Italy has niH-iniec
the power* ilMit >ln- cannot approve o 1
any form of intervention between (.'him
and Japan.
<>nly One Clianfje in B. & O.
Baltimore, Nov. 19. -Tim aunua
inevtinsjof the Baltimore «v Ohio si<.c-k
holders was held today. The old boari
was re-cleeied, William T. Dicksoi
lakinu the i.lac« of (.dalles J.M.Gwyno,
(I- e»-ased.
Dr. Pierce's^^^
Pleasant Pellets
To any one sending name and add rex
to us on a postal card.
once Used, They are Always in Favor.
Hence, our object in sending them out
—— OS TRIAL -««*
They absolutely eyre Sick Headache,
Biliousness, Constiin7 Coated
Tongue, Poor Appetite, Dyspepsia" ami
kindred derangements of the Stomach,
Liver and Bowels.
Don't accept some substitute said to
be "just as good.'
The substitute costs the dealer less.
It costs you ABOUT the same.
HIS profit is in the "just as good.'*
Address for Frek Sample, . . »
World's Dispensary Medical Association.
No. 663 Mala St., BUFFALO, S. M ::
■ ■

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