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Plenty of Militia on Hand to Sap
press a Kolbite I/prising.
Montgomery, Ala., Nov. 28. —
Since tie memorable days of 1861 has
the capital of Alabama witnessed such
a warlike dUplaj as that which will be
seen in Montgomery during the next
five days.
Practically every militrry company in
the state is here, ostensibly to partiei»
pate in the ceremonies of inaugurating
Uov. Oates, but in reality to promptly
and effectually squelch any demon
stration mi the part of Reuben F. Kolb
and his followers.
The soldier 1 have already begun to
put in an appearance, and tomorrow and
next day will bring still more when the
whole of Alabama national guards will
be mobalized at the capitol. While the
majority of i»eople regard the threats
of (.'apt. Kolb aim his sup
porters as idle men. as dis
appointed politicians, (iov. Jones does
not propose to take any chances on the
probability or improbability of a show
of force by the bites. The day after
Kolb made his famous blood and
thunder monifestn public, Gov.
Jones went quietly to work on
his plans to have a military
force here to attend the inauguration of
Dates. Specific instructions were sent
to the commanders of the militia in dif
ferent portions of the state, directing
turin to bold their companies in readi
ness for a call. A few days
later the captains of the com
panies, or a majority of them, were
directed to proceed to Montgomery
not iater than Friday. Nov. 30, and In
obedience to those command* thai the
soldiers are arriving here. The militia
has been Riven instructions to shoot to
kill if ani outbreak occurs. In addition
to the military companies which will be
here there will also be a strong force of
policemen and deputy sheriffs ou hand
Dy the Rurninj of a Ricyele Fac-
Tory at Toledo, O.
Toledo, ().. Nov. 28.— The extensive
bicycle factory of the Dozier Maiiufact
uring company, said to be the second
largest or its kind in the world, was
completely destroyed by tire this even
ing. The hist of the 500 employes, now
thrown out of work, with no prospect of
early resumption, had left the mammoth
structure but a short time before tiie
alarm of tire was sent in. The factory
is nearly three miles from the center of
the city, so that when the first of the
tire apparatus arrived on the scene the
flames had control of the building. All
but three of the eleven lire companies
respouced to the alarm only to
hud , to their chagrin, that there
were but two hydrants from which
to take water. i tie two streams were
wholly inadequate to cope with the
Maze, and half an hour after the alarm
was given the factory was almost a
complete ruin. The tire started in the
"assembling" room of the factory, and
was caused by the explosion of a large
tank of enameling fluid. The loss is
about 5.v0.i.H.0. with insurance of $350,
--000. The insurance is divided among
all the agencies represented here, and
the individual amounts cannot be
A Train Huns over Three Tramps
Asleep mi the Track.
Ei.mira. Cal., Nov. Three tramps
were killed on the railroad track n^ar
here early this morniiue:, and another
man was probably fatally hurt. When
Freight Train No. S arrived at the depot
the engineer discovered remnants of
human bodies on ins locomotive, and an
investigation soon proved that the train
had run over four tramps, who were
supported to have fallen asleep while
wanning; thtmselves on a heap of
smouldering embers lying on the track,
oil tiie outskirts of town. Three were
instantly killed, and their bodies
were mangled in horrible manner.
The only snrviver is a mulatto boy
seventeen years of age, who gives all
information that can be obtained as to
the identity of his companions, lie is
John Brisco, of Davenport, lo; Johnnie
or Vennie Irviu, alr-o of Davenport,was
his companion. Hie other victims who
weie also mere boys, were unknown to
lirisi-o. The attending surgeon says
that Brisco will probably not recovor.
And a Million Dollars Property
Loss by Forest Fire 9in Tennes
i-vii.i.K. Kv., Nov. 23.—A special
to the Times lrom Milan, Term., says:
Forest fires ate still raging over the bot
toms of West Tennessee, and destroy
ing cotton, com, fences, barns and other
property. Eij;hi lives have been lost in
trie tire.«, and it is estimated that more
than a million dollars in property have
been destroyed.
No ram of any consequence has fallen
in this section between the Tennessee
and Mississippi rivers in seventy days,
and stock is suffering for water, which
lias to be hauled from rivers in some
sections. The farmers are praying for
Fatal Fire fn a Washington Dive
— Two Will Die.
Washin<;t< v, Nov. r.'S.— Two women
were daimeronsiy and one probably
fatally hurt tbis m<>niin«: by jumping
from the third story of a disrepu table
house kept by Nellie J.a Rue, on Thir
teenth street, during a fire. They are:
Flora Preston, twenty-four, spine
fractured and in bad shape geuerally.
Minnie Moore, twenty-five, back
Bfile Addignn, thirty, fractured skull
p.!:d broken collar bone, will probably
>p\erai other inmates were more or
less hurt. The damage by the fire is
about ?:,,(KX).
Spuing \ai.i.iv. 111., Nov. 28.—Fire
last niirht destroyed tho top workß and
ci-ing or Mine No. 1, of the Sprine Val
ley ( o.il company, and the caving in
around tl.'j mouth iias so choked up the
shaft tfiat the 1,000 miners will be idle
for some time. Five hundred men were
in the mine at the tin.c, and preat ex
rilenient prevailed for some time, but
all ese.-if) ri safely. Loss, 180,000; m
burancc, t60,000.
Noted It)«lncator Dead.
CirAKIXtTTK, N.C., Nov. 28. —Dr. Rob
ert Labeniethy. the founder of Ruther
ford college, and onp of the best known
educators in the South, died last night
at liutberferdton, N. C.
Morgan Succoeils Himself.
MhxTGOMEKV, Aia., Nov. 28.—The
leirislatiiK', in joint session today, elect
ed John T. >iori4Hii to succeed himself
as United Stales senator for the six
jnfiii term beyi;inlng-March 6 .rtSda.
mii ajio^s om'i:i;i:i>.
*f»t !«■<>..
-TV our plan in counties; goo 1 results. Box
-3■', Sidney, 10.
AHIONTfI wanted to canvass the counties
In which they live: under our new pl.t
they can earn from 875 to Ji.'i < per month;
write for particulars. Only tlioso who are
■wiilinc to make a house to house canvass in
the country and towns are wanted. Ladies
eau do the work as well «>> men. From $."> to
$l."> per day easily niiuie. No capital re
uuired. Address by mail only, 1) 4, care of
the Globe.
AGENTS In every state on salary and com
mission. Agents malting SsntoMeWeekly.
Eureka Chemical & Mfg. Co.. Lacrosse, Wia.
AGKKTS* —Wanted, agents for Bankers'
Life association,^ Paul. Minn.: strongest
home company furnishing guaranteed pro
tection at lowest cost; profitable position
open in St. Paul and throughout Minnesota.
Write for agency.
HOY— Wanted. ■ good boy to team a Rood
iriule. 71 East SeveutU. Hoom ft.
CANVasskks— Wanted, first-class male
and female canvassers for a first-class
book. Address, with reference*. North Star
Specialty Co.. V. O. Box 44 J. Minneapolis.
P 11: EM A X — Wanted, first-doss fireman
A lor stearu heiiting dlhui. M ](». Globe.
*sJ month and expenses. Oflice. furniture
advertising furnished. Goods monopol y
Expertence unnecessary. Address K. ?,
Co.. 121 (.'olonnade Building. Hosion ,Masf>.
U'AMlil)—Active men in sumll towns;
»» S"i> per month can be ninde, and will
prove it; we furnish samples free; write us;
we will explain. Address Uox 5306, Boston.
SAI.ESMKN, salary or . commission, to
introduce our goods to the trade. Per
manent position. Staple line; fest sellers;
bis profits; pleasant work. Address with
stamp, KingMfK. Co., 1) ;">ti, Chicago.'
want to let contract to hall logs on good,
easy two-trip road at paying price; no hii's;
Rood stabling and board for horses and men
furnished; will require twenty to thirty
heavy teams, call today (Thursday) at Mer
(■hunts' hotel or address.!. F. Van Doo/.er,
Ashland. Wis.
IVAKHM.IhiK wanted at 110 East
>» Seventh st. L. 8. Weiler.
l esunie.
AGKXTS wanted to canvass the counties
in which they live; under our new plan
they can eajn from §?."> to cl"'l* per month;
write for particulars. Only those who are
willing to make a house to house eunvass in
the country and towns are wanted. Ladies
cun do the work as well as men. i'lotu S> to
SI.") per day easily nmae. No capital re
quired. Address by mail only. D4. care of
HorsihKKi'tK- Wanted, Scandinavian
housekeeper to take care of house and
children. Call :iB7 sibley st.
JI'ITIIK KKMi-.UiKS a! 0 sold by all
TVTUatMC—Wanted, an experienced nurse
1* for two young children; must have good
K'stimonirtls and be trilling to leave city dur
ing the winter. Mrs. EL K. Tnouipson, liS3
Woodwajd ay.
Kaianngh A Jolin*Ai, Auction
DO YOU WANT boots and fine house
furnishings cheap? liead what we
shall sell at public auction on Saturday, Dee.
I. tu 10 a m., in our store. Nos. 22 "and 24
East Seventh st. : ID handsome bedroom
suits, cost from S'2"> to 5150 apiece ; very flue
hall tree: 5 pieces tapestry-covered parlor
suit, divan, mahogany music stand, solid
mfihosmuy tettees and chairs, a few very nice
nieces In antique goods, bronzes, bric-a-brac,
French clocks, large p'ei class, silver tea
set (cost $.'}>!). l bra nd new Domestic sewing
machine, three-quartered oak sideboard, 3-ex
table, one of the finest music boxes in the
Northwest, playing IS airs: a private library.
of which the following is a partial list: U.
S. Gram's Works. Shakespeare's. Lyt
oil's. Scott's, Byron's. Tom Moore's.Dickens'.
Victor Hugo's. Dante's Inferno. Shepp's
Photos of the World, Gibbon's Koine. Civil
Wai; etc. also a large collection of law
book", carpets, draperies, silks, chinaware,
dishes, stores, etc. If you are looking for
bargains in high class "goods by alt means
attend this sale. Kavanagu & Johnson.
Auctioneers. N. B.—Goods can be bid off
and will be held for buyer by paying a de
posit of 10 per cent.
.11 i «•<■«■! i ;iii«'f >•!•*.
and Saturday at Ip. m.: private Bales
daily. Minnesota Horse Auction and Com
mission Stables. 116 Fifth si. south, Minno
apolis. Winsiow & Zimmerman, proprietors
UASk STOOhS aapecialty; bonds, coin
-D mtrcial paper, mortgages, secunuea
bought aud sold. George W. Jeuki. Invest
nieut Banker. Minnesota Loan and Trust
Building. Minneapolis.
jVTONKV ON" HAKU to loan on city prop
i-»-L erty and farms; lowest rates; nodelay.
W. F. Moritz. 1 :\.i Pioneer Press.
Mo*'.i i.<- A*> .> on life insurance ap
ieles; or locght. L P. Van N'ormau
tlf.iißrrintTi.car' Building. MnneaoolU.
QfxA TO $00 short-time loans procured
'u>fJ\J on personal property. Ohio luvest
vestment company, seventh floor Globe
lA and Commission Stables. 116 Fifth st.
south, Minneapolis, hold auction sales
every Tuesday and Saturday at 1 p.m.;
private sales daily. We have" from 50 to 100
horses constantly on hand, consisting of
draught horses, farm mares, drivers and gen
eral purpose horses. Winslow & Zimmer
man. Proprietors.
WANTEO— Second-hand Frazier cart;
state condition of cart and price. Ad
dross G 20. Globe.
FOX SALF- Nice, paying little office busi-
S. ness, desk and office furniture. Call
Friday at 206 Manhattan building.
USICAI, FAKi'li-COMKDY for sale
or lease on royalty; over Si,ooo worth
of special pictorial lithograph work on hand.
Highest indorsement* from managers and
the press. Address Farce-Comedy, iiox 241,
ANTED- To buy hardware Interest, or
»V opening to start; state name town and
county. Address P 42, Daily Globe, Minne
FOB WAf.g.
JUI'ITEU HtMKDIfcS are sold by al
SPECIAL SAL.X of second-hand stoves
and carpets at Ryan Furniture and Ex
change Company. 142 and 144 seventh st.
ASK through the Globe's Guaranteed
Wants, and it will be given. An ad on
this pago will bring result!, or your money
will be returned to you.
LEAVE your •'Want" with the nearest
Globe agent. See list on this page.
T/AHLisKT & MINTEL — Minnesota
IV Steam Dye Works. 244 Kant Seventh.
I*l Academy—62o Central Park East—
"The waltz taught In six private lessons."
and Art, at! East Exchange St, St. Paul-
Piano, violin, guitar, banjo and mandolin
aught. Lessons given In drawing and palut
nsf. Call or send for prospectus
TORM I>OUK, sides ana top wanted. ?
17. Globe. . ..'/.,.;.■: ...
Vl**: WHITER— to t>uy, a sec
.X ond-hand Remington typewriter on
monthly payments; No. 5 preferred; good
condition; cheap. Q 21, Globe.
II :.!«■.
Al'l'i!'- '•'•«'»•■ ■- \ roans boy fourteen
years old would like to learn the cifer
niHKing trade, ns Butternut tiv.
A YOU NO MAN wishes in take lesfons
in sinKing; state rate; must be mod
erate. Address F i.i. OloLe.
BOY of sixteen years wishes work of «ny
kind: liaudy with lijiim; or i<> do office
work. Address W. I>. U.. M RAM Klerentti si.
BOOKKKh I"Kj; of long experience mutt
work; will accent anything; must have
work soon. X 2U, Globe.
BOOKKKKI'KK — Wanted, position as
bookkeeper or clerKing in retail store;
have bad experience at above work; can fur
nish first-class reference*: will work cheap.
Aadresa A. J., IS East Eighth st . city.
/^asiiikk—u anted, a position as cannier
-/ or general office worn; best of refer
ences. An.-wer X 23. Globe.
CLKUK —Young mini of eighteen would
like v position in some store; is well ae
qn.iin'ed wilh city. Address 103:> MiniK'iniha
St.. cily.
CiOI.I.Kt'TOK- Wanted, j.osition as col
lector or solicitor: have iitid three years'
experience m ciiy: best of references. Ad
diess J is, Qtobe.
Di. IVKR wents work dririnc a delivery
wagon, or work around some store; very
useful and willing; in need of work and weil
acquainted in the city. Address Driver, 450
Khs! s,ixth st.
DKl\ Kit— Wanted, position to drive laun
dry wagon; thoroughly : cquainted iv
city. I. Il \V.. :itifi Summit pmce.
DKIVKK— Voting 111811 wauls a position as
a driver in a furniture house; will take
a heating store and Borne furniture in part
for salary. Address M., 44:1 West l'nge st.
PMI'LOVIUMT-A voting raauof Kood
Xli education, first-class l.ciiman, wants
position of any kind; best of references. J
19. Globe.
EMI'I.OYMKNT- (.emlemau of educa
tion and business experience de.-.iros
employment for two or three bouts daily.
Address .) ',". Ulobe. .
EMPLOYMENT— Position of any kind
wanted liv a young man; is well ac
quainted in the city, and has the best of ref
erences. Address L. P. Miller. 871 Burr.
EUi'I.OY.MIiNT — a young man of twenty
would like situation of some kind: can
take care of horses nnd is well acquainted
with city; can speak and write English and
Scandinavian; has the best of references;
trill work cheap. Address 774 Fauquier st.
E.M PLOIM K.N i' Young man wants work
of any kind. F 11, Globe.
FIKKMAN— Young man would like a ;>o
sition as tireuian or tend to fiirnr.ee,
with experience, itoea 10, L'topin, corner
St. Peter aiid Exchange.
PAPfcKHANOKIt — A first-class paper
hanger v ill do papering and kalsomin
ing for board or room reui. Address C. X..
:i;> Kr.sl Seventh sst.
PHARMACIST, registered, desires per-
L manent position: speaks English and
French; highest references. Druggist, 349
Wabasha st.
pitlNTKß—First-class nil-round printer
A wants situation in country oflic-e; edi
!ori.",l experience, best references. Address
Printer, 11 East Third st., St. Paul.
SITUATION wanted by a man who is will
ing to do any kind of work, either in or
out oi city. Cull or address D.M., 418 St.
Peter M. cily.
rpKA>iSTI-:. k s_'i wo j^ood German boys
JL want situatiou as teamsters or coach
men. John ?iekarl. 450 St. Petei si
WOIJK FOX BOAKO-Wanted, by a
young man. any kiud of work for
board and be allowed to attend school. J.
11.. (HI Kndicott Building;
UOIIK KM* DUAUD-Boy U) years old
woula like to work for boarJ* and at
tend school; understands the care of horses;
can furnish best of reference from former
employer. A. B. X., 3!U East Jessamine.
YOI.NCJ MAX wants work about the
house, ('all or address IK-iO Forest st.
-PkOF. IJTTW*. the well-known clair
voyant of New Orieaus, 5-Q Cedar st. Ladies,
50c; gents, $1.
worth; prices reduced 50 cents; thirty
years' experience. 13 Eighth at.
Madame Ina Walker, "life reader,'' for
faithfui reading of your paot, present and
future; she will guide you in all affairo of
life by a power higher than human; corre
spondence confidential: ladies. 50 cents;
gentlemen, $1. 505 Wabasha St., opposite
[%/l ADAM ST. .JOHNS, clairvoyant, mag
t»A netic healer, tells past, present aud
future. l.'W West Fourth st.
Mas. I>K. KEABDON-Massage.electric
vapor baths. Over Yerxa'a, 34 East
Seventh, lioom 304; 9 to 0, Sundays in
% I US KATE UOSKINS. 149Va West Sixth
I'-l st.; trance medium and magnetic
healer. St. Paul.
MKS. UK. WILLIAM, clairvoyant and
massagist, reveals past, present aud
future. 80 East Eleventh st.
-L»-l rade and theatrical masks, wigs, beards
aud grease paint. 56 East Seventh'st.
G24 Wabaaba St.—Magnetic and jiassage
treatment for paralytic, rheum aUsm and
nervous dlseasei: also batha J a.m. to I D.m
andniavsage; satisfaction guaranteed.-
No. 27 East Seventh st.
MRS. LEWIS, experienced massagist;
hours 10 to 10 daily. 35 East Seventh,
Rooms M and 30.
\\T ANTED-To know the whereabouts of
*» Rosalia Krawczalc, wife of George
Krawczak,\who was last seen on Western ay.,
corner Edmund st.. Oct. 30. Any informa
tion will be thankfully received and Inform
er rewarded by George Kruwczak, 207 Ed
mund at.
fcf»J£* KAST SEVENTH ST. —Expert
/wOU Massage. Magnetic and Alcohol
Baths. Anna or ('hicago.
i\o!st Axn Fotm.
8K1..L, LOST—solid bell made of same
' metal as Columbian Liberty bell: name
and date July 4, 1.76, engraved thereon.
Finder please return to Globe office and re
ceive liberal reward.
OVERCOAT LOST—Coouskin overcoat,
between west end of cable iine and St.
Alhans barn. Finder please return to 62
East Third St. and Teceive liberal reward.
X or bt. Paul, a pocketbook containing
about 100 in currency and valuable papers.
Finder will receive suitable reward by re
turning to No. 28 East Fourth st., St. Paul,
or Police Headquarters, Minneapolis.
OSARY FOUND—White bead rosary on
Cedar st., Sunday, Nov. 25. 1804; owner
can have same by calling at Globe office.
XV ways the standard of comparison, al
ways the best and til wars have the latest Un
drovements. Typewriter paper and •■ppliet
of all kinds Haohlues for rent. Wyokoff
Seam am A Benedict 04 Rail Fourth at
MUM. CURTIS has Just retnrned from the
East. Ladle* desiring dainty waist*
and perfect-fitting, stylish gowns will find It
to their interest to call at 407 Colonnade
NEW goods for i«o'd-htnd.fisanFarnUnr«
11 and Bxchang» Co., Ui and 144 % 7th s
HBI. TKUPLis—Publjo Aocotmtant aod
• Auditor, QesmauU Life Bhlr. BtP»a>
hITIMTIOHS \V.t!%Tt:i»
I t'liiatle. ...
|)OOkltKl.l'i:i; — Position wanted' by
J' lady as bookkeeper, cashier or oilice
work of any kind; best city references. ft*
Karl st. • ),
CASH iKK-Voting desires position ms
>- cashier, can also do bookkeeping and
typewriting, 111 St Paul or Minneapolis. Ad
dress 8 19. Globe. • :
KK-A trustworthy young lady would
tike half day position either clerkins; or
an office assistant; understands typewriting,
Call or address gagl Bay lew ay.. city.
CUj*CK«—a yonng i>ifl would like a nosi
' tion as clcik in a small store. 71S llut
tern tit nv.
CtMIK— Experienced cook would like situ
ation. Call -.'is West Indiana aw. West
St. Paul.
C^liOK —Situation wanted by a girl as cook
-•' or laundress in private family, call or
address CC.i East Tenth st.
(ujoK— Wanted, by a colored girl, a place
to cook—boarding house or privaie lam
ily. ISI West Tiiird st., u\< stain.
pOMI'AMOX-V(.ung lady desires post
v-> tion as companion; is'willing; to do
writing or lnrht work morniims in exchange
for board and room. Call or address F., r..V
Mount Ida.
« HtJH'OlTtiK—Ladv wishes situation
V> as compositor; references furnished.
Address N •_'(', Globe.
DltlssM AX - N<i-A TOtrax widow would
like to do dressmaking or plam sewing.
Address Mrs. Maskl. 4!i West Ninth st.
DKKshMAIiER wants sewing in fami
lies, (all or address SSI Canada st.
DKKmsMAKKK— An experienced dress
mnker wanta newinc by the day xv fam
ilies. (Jail or address ,-15 Rondo st. •
I I OtSKKUKPUK-Wanted, situutir )u by
LI a. competent housekeeper; no objection
to ifoinx out of city, c all or address so East
Eleventh st.
HOI SKKr KJ KK-Hetincd German lady
would like to take care of a household;
teißtUiieal: references exclnuiKed. Address
8. IL, SAM Fuller st,
HOISKWOKK- Place to do housework,
hotel work, lauudry or auy kiud of
work. 24^' Kat;le bt.
rjOUSKWOKU- Young German girl
«-A wants place to do housework; small
family. 78 West Tenth . .
OUbISWOKK— a girl would like a place
to do housework. fail or address
S-herman st.
OI'SKWOKK - A good German girl
wants to do general house work. M
Unnltnd, 460 st. Peter st.
HOISKWOUK- A young lady (English)
wants situation to do general housework
in small family; cnu sew; comfortable place
more an object. M. 11.. 471 Partridge «4.
OUSEKKKI'iiis-A middle-aged lady j
wishes situation as housekeeper; is ]
good sewer and first-class cook ; can give best |
of city reference. Call 34 vVest Indiana ay.
HOUSKWOKK— A young girl would like
a position to assist housework in,*a
small family. Address Tin Oito ay. ,-
HOU»K\VOKK— a young widow would
like « good place for general house
work; best of references given; wages not,
less than $15. Call or address 457 "Univer
sify ay. " '
LJOUSKKKKPKK—A position as house-
IA keeper, by a midaie-ased lady; city pr
country. Address *| 141, Globe.
I" ACNDKKKS — A first-clas-s laundress*
-Li would like rough-dry washing to do«t
home; good work guaranteed; clothes called
for and delivered. Address Laundress. 45ii
Kast Sixth hi.
01 Fit X WORK-Youn« lady wishes sit
\J uation in doctor's office. Address P Jit
Globe. . \
OKAMSTKKSS—A girl wants a positiorrto
O do sewing and assist in light housework ; *
is a good seamstress. Address 433 Miunehaha
st east, city.
SECOND OIKL — A young girl, would
like a position as second girl in a small
family: has had experience. 750 Stuart ay.
SK WIN Wanted, sewing in families by
dressmaker who is thoroughly compe
tent; will make you stylish and perfect-fit
ting garments at your home very cheap to
introduce my work, or will take the work,
home if preferred; satisfactory work or no
pay. M IS. Globe.
STtNOGKAFHKH — A competent lady
O stenographer would like a half-day po
sition; understands law and mercantile
work: copying done. 60 Uerxnania Life,
Fourth and Minnesota sts.
TIT ASHING— to go out washing and
>V ironing by the day, Call atsU6Chailes»t.
mASHERWOMAN-A strons; woman
* \ wants washing or cooking or any kind
of days' work. 233 East Seventh, corner
Wacouta, Room 16.
\\T ASHING and ironing. 49 West Ninth
|* » st.
WASHING— Wanted, washing to take at
home. Call at 226 Rondo st.
\\T ASHING—Wouman goes out washing.
VV ironing and housecleaniug. Inquire
at kitchen of restaurant. No. 511 St. Peter st.
BOAitO— Two nicely furnished rooms,
with board and steam heat. 101 Summit
ay., opposite Sixth st.
BOARD— Wanted, a lady or two to board
at a reasonable price. Please call at 345
Sherman Bt.
BOARD —Lyons Court — Special family
rates; steam heat and modern. 'Slbley
St.. between Ninth and Tenth.
BOARD — and room at 64 East
Eleventh st. '
BOARD— Pleasant rooms, with board. 29
East Tenth, opposite Capitol.
fcfcrpHE Ml NEK"—pleasant rooms, with
-L board; centrally located for business
people. 162 College ay., corner Sixth.
I Quiucy Bay. —U. S. Engineer Office
Rock Island. 111., Nov. 28. 1894.— Sealed pro
posals will be received here until 2 p. m.,
Deo. 28, 1894, and then publicly opened, for
dredging in Quincv Bay, 111. All information
furnished on application. A. Mackenzie,
Major Corps of Engineers.
Mf. Stubb Pen—There ! that batch of jokes has fallen
Into the ffi-e. Pick *em out, Puss, please.
• M»». Pten— save your chestnut* from the fire, deaf;
I OK Etll^'J.
rt •■■»».
C. fl. UlMbtlil.
t . The Itciital 4k«*"<«
flakes a Specialty ol* fC<ulcsi^
aOl» Man had mii Uuiluiiig.
J. W. Mm |i»r<l,ni l-litst ItEi St.
acts os owners' agent, collect* rents;
hleamheated iipHriiuents for &.V, $.'5, $Jj and
*-i : reduced rental.
TAYI.OJI'S i:*;NTINO A«il..N<;i —
Flnt*. ~ "
pi'AT of seven rooms, first lloor; modern
i- improvements, storm windows 170 West
Ninth. Apply in rear house.
FLAT— Furnished flat to rent tor house
keeping; furnace heat and all modern
improvements. «j.";> St. Peter st.
. Ofliccs.
SOME of the best law offices in suites of
two and three rooms, and two large single
front rooms on first anil second floors, with
large vaults, in the Gilfiliau block. Prices
very low. J. K. Hoffman.
A— HUTKI, BKUXSWJCii; for geiltlS
• men only; fifty moforu steam-healed
rooms by day, week or month.
FIFTH 5T.,231 WKST—Third Flat-Steam
■ heated rooms for rent.
L(H«TH ST.. 14:1 KMT—Furnished
t rooms in suites, with bath; no objection
10 light housekeeping.
IGL.fcHA.KT. NO. 81—Pour nice rooms for
rent, ground fioor; all improvements;
desirable in every respect; $10 per mouth.
NINTH !Vi\, im WhsT-Large, nicely
furnished front room; centrally lo
cated: second floor.
r> OOM-Kor two young ladies, furnished
-1A room, v.Hii all modem improve meuts,
on ground lloor; private family. Address X
21, Globe.
ROOM— Front room, sieam heat, hot bnth;
suitable for two adults. Cill'lUlVa West
Seventh st.
ROOMS— From Dec. I, nicely furnished
rooms, furnnce heat, rhs and use of
bath: private family; location. Summit ay.,
opposite the Marlburough. Address IS £2,
ROOM —Newly furnished room, furnace
hent and bath; one block from Capitol;
reasonnblfi. Address B IS, Globe.
81*. I'KTKK hi., u;ii-lsetv.eeu bummlt
and Iglehart—Newly furnished room,
with board: modem; Übe of parlors and
WAI.MT ST.. ;m—Three rooms fur
[VV nished for light housekeeping; refer
ences given and required.
\\J ABASH A ST., fi^ia— Corner Tenth St.
>V —Furnished rooms for rent; rooms
keptwHrm: place quiet.
251, 253 and 255 Nicollet Aye.,
| The oldest and Only reliable medical office of its kind id
the city, as will be prove i by consulting old files of the
daily press. Regularly graduated and legally qualified)
lung engaged in Chronic, Nervous and Skin Diseases. A
friendly talk costs nothing. If inconvenient to visit the
city for treatment, medicine Kent by mail or express, free
from observation. Curable casos guaranteed. If doubt
exists we say so. Hours 10 to 12 a. m., 2to 4 and 7to 8
p. in.; Sundays, 10 to 12 a. m If yon cannot come, «taW
case by mail. Special Parlor fnr Ladles.
Uortfniie nohllltV «'K«nte Weakness, Fp.lllns; Bern
ItCIIUUO UCUlliljt ory, Lack or Fumy, fhy.ieiil
Decay, arming from indiscretions, Excess, Indulgence or
Exposure, producing gome ct the following effects: Ner
vousness, Debility, Dimness of Sight, Sell-Distrust, Dcfeo
live Memory, Pimples on the Face, Aversion to Society,
Low of Ambition. UnfitneM to Marry, Melancholy, I'yspep
cia, Stunted Development, '..osj of Power, Pains in the
bask, etc., arr treated with success, Safely, Privately,
Speedily. Unnatural discharge* cured
Blood, Skin and Venereal Diseases, t^\
affecting Body, Rose, Throat, Skin and Bones. Blotch*),
Eruptions, Acna, tciema, OiJ t/res, Ulcers,' Painful Swel
lings, flora whatever cause, p"w:ti»ely and forever driven
frum the system by means of Safe, Tlme-tcUe.-l Kcmpdles.
Stiff and Swollen Joints and Rheumatism, the result of
Blood Poison, surely Cured. KIDNEY AND URIM-
I AWY Complaints, Painful, DifQeult, too Frequent or
Bloody Urine, floaorrhoea and Strirture promptly cured.
rAT DDU Throat, Sosp, Long bfetiatn, CunsumptioH
UAlr\nnri|i>thu&, Sptlepay; Constitu
tional and acquired Weaknesses of Both Sexes treated Suc
cessfully by entirely Hew and Rapid Methods. It la self
evident that a physician paying particular attention to a
class of cases attaint) great skill. Every known applica
tion is retorted to and the proved good remedies of all
age* and countries are used. No Experiment* are Bade.
On account of the great number of cases applying the
charges are kept low; often lower than others. Skill and
surfect cures are important. Call or write. Symptom
"jtt and ?arahplet free fey mall, me Doctor has sucoeas
tally treated and cured thousands of cases in th.is city and
fie Northwest. All consultations, either by mail or verbal.
re regarded as strictly confidential and are given perfset
DR. BRINLEY. Minneapolis. Minn.
gjCjg^aa SSlj tEt |/Tifci3Li
TKEATMBKT, a specific tor Hyßteria, Vlzzl
ness. Fits, Neuralgia, Heartache. Kervou
proetratlon caused by alcohol or tobacco
wakefuluess. Mental DeoressloD, Softening
of Brain, causing insanity, misery, decay
death: Premature Old Age. Barrenness, Loss
of Power In either sex, impotency, Leucor
rhcea and all Female Weaknesses, luvoluu
tary Losses, Bpermatorrbcea caused by over
exertton of braiiu Belf-Abuse, Over-Indul
gence. A mouth's treatment, 91. 6 lor %\ by
m%iL We gnaranlee six boxes to cure.
Each order forß boxes, with 1&, will send,
written guarantee to refund if not cured.
Guarantees issued only by W. K. Collier
Druggist, Seventh and Sibley streets.St. Paul
to /^hicag-o
/jj^Whb . HELLO — Central ! '* Connect me withf
|ffSj|iJ||l 1 Mrs. Palmer in Chicago."
rOSI,/^^^ HELLO ! "Is that Mrs. Palmer?"
$2M " Yes. What is it, Lillioukalani ? "
C /j^BSBB^^I^ "Coxey's Army ?" >
?/ "^^^S^i^^ "°h n °' y°u maka -c h
> i^i^^^^w\ /Km this is ••something real
— W^&Wf sZJB? Have you heard of the new
I I/. /*' e*^^^Sw JO%Sf music portfolio just out ?
lIIIIHI i A ////^m: "The World's
////// / /A-\/ I I • IfX **W y V KJfl I%A &
lli//\M. Ilk 3?^ Sweetest
Oh, thank you, but I've ' -c~ : l£^YJ\ '{■ \ } /
just got the first ":-^^s. '^v-^vJ 1'! WW'Wftk I J/I
number and am perfectly W : w^V^/ //I
delighted with it. My boys X^^^/^S^s^ ( >^, I
and girls are going to have I ly^^^g*^) \"*^^^t
a grand rally here to-night :_ J \M Wy/7^^^>^ I—— <T
to sing the songs. I had to ' / IWl^^^h^fC %i
get twenty copies for them. : i |f/j lOf >^\\\ I V |/f
Isn't it just splendid? I'm \. 'Will I[l Cl^/ \|f \
glad you've got it. if/// 1/ \
GOOD-BYE! M/f * \
GOOD-BYE ' I '7 \
, <tie s:reat Basso Prof undo of Bos- SJ Think of
ton, who sang the grand solo in the X lilll2V Ul
open air to 100,000 people at Phi la- $1 (stP^ f}f\f*t
delphiain 1876, says of these songs: <J;J CpOjVyV/'L/
I am happy to express to you my Jj> IVicrfif
cordial endorsement of the work as most <^;» a liigill.
desirable for the home circle and the ex- <„> That is what the World-Renowned Queen of Song,
cellence of its selections as deserving of jj! Aj I* r» •
great praise. With sincere congratula- U\ AdClina. P3.ttl f
tions on the musical success of your work, <!► receives in any part of the worJd for . .
.... . , , . . 3 . . 'i S receives in any part of the world for singini
and kindest Wishes for the financial SUC- || justa few of her favorite songs. You can get
cess which it SO well deserves, <> them all for a much less sum in
I remain |> «J he World's
Very sincerely yours, <<►
m. w. whitney. & Sweetest Songs.' 1
It is issued in twenty weekly parts, each containing forty-eight pages of mask
and four beautiful illuminated portraits of Star Musicians. There are twenty lovely
songs, worth at Sheet Music Price About $io.oo.
One of the Most Pathetic Songs Ever Written.
Lovely as Can Be.
A Delightful Minstrel Melody.
Above Alone Could Not Be Bought in Any Other Way Short of FIVE TIMES Our Price for the
ENTIRE PART. It Also Contains
Sailing Godfrey Marks Mrs. Lofty and I Hutchinson
The Old Sexton „ Russell The Old Arm Chair Russell
The Basket M aker's Child Thompson Clochette Molloy
When Ye Gan gAw a, Jamie Demar I Cannot Sing the Old Songs Claribof
One Sweetly Solemn Thought. Palmer The New Kingdom Berthold Tours
Janet's Choice Glaribel I Will Arise Dr. Leslie
Twenty Years Ago. ........ ... , ..Hayes Siloam VJoodbury
No, Sir..- Wakefield Admiration Haydn
Whistle and Wait for Katie Baker
Besides the above it is embellished with FOUR ILLUMINATED PORTRAITS
OF STAR MUSICIANS— CarI Streitman, Emma Nevada, Eugene Pappenheim,
Delia Fox. These would cost 50 cents each elsewhere.
Because it Is easily worth 50 times our price. NO COUPONS. 10 Cents in
Silver (Not Stamps) secures each part. Address

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