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Thus Holds Attorney General
Childs Concerning- Judge
Willis' Term.
Hon. R. A. Walsh Given a
Hearing- Before Decision
Is Made.
Conceded at Time of Election
That There Were Only
Two Vacancies.
Judge Willis yesterday received from
Attorney General Chil.ls hi* opinion as
to the date of the expiration of his term.
Mr. Guilds states that lie is of the opin
ion that the judge is entitled to serve
out his full term of six years. The
opinion follows:
Opinion of Child*.
In your communication of the '20th
nit. you request my views ;ts to the date
ot the teiinitiation of your term as mem
ber of tiif iii>;r:d bench ot the Second
judicial district, and assign as your rea
son for the submission of the question
to me the fact that "sume commotion
and anxietj isnaturaliy caused by svg
as to your continued
term of ofiiee."
It is only in view of the public Im
portance of {'.:■,• question that 1 under
take to advise you in reply to your in
quiry, as any opinion on my put at this
time is, at best, merely anticipatory of
my official action in ease I lie aid ot my
ollice shall hereafter be invoked in a
proceeding to test your right to the said
As an act of courtesy to Hon. K. A.
Walsh, 1 at once advised him upon the
receipt of your communication of the
tenor thereof, and iuvUed such a state
ment of his views upon the question
submit ted as he might be pleased to
lie having promptly signified a desire
to be heard upon the question. I have
delayed this reply until the present
date, as well to accommodate him, as to
avail myself of whatever considerations
be intent urge.
l'he facts briefly stated, material to
the inquiry, are as follows:
Statement »ff Facts.
Hon. Orlando Simons was elected to
the office of district judge in the said
district for the term beginning in Janu
ary. ISBD, and terminating under ordi
nary circumstances at the beginning of
the official year commencing in .Janu
ary. lv.">. A vacancy occurred in the
Saul office by reason of the death of
Judge Simcii!?. which was tilled by the
appointment of Hon. W. I). Cornish,
who continued in office until the relin
quishmetit thereof to you in January,
The terms of Hon. 11. R. Brill and
William L. Kelly will expire with the
present year, and accordingly nomina
tions were made by the several political
parties in the said district prior to the
late general election with a view to the
selection of their successors in office.
No dominations were made lor the elec
tion of your successor, us it was gener
aliy conceded that you were entitled to
hold for the period of six years from the
dale of your induction into office. No
doubt attends the election of Judges
Brill and Kelly ; but it is'conteuded by
Mr. Walsh that, inasmuch as lie received
the highest number of votes, excepting
them, lie is thereby elected your succes
sor; provide*], of course, you are en
titled to hold under your election in
1-M only for the remainder of the orig
inal term of Judge Simons,which would
have expired, as already indicated,with
the beginning of the official year in
January, 1895.
Although Mr. Walsh has presented
his claims with great ability in the brief
banded me by his counsel, 1 am unable
to subscribe to the conclusion lie seems
to have reached, as 1 regard the ques
tion lone sine settled by the case of
Crowell vs Lambert, 'J Minn. 207.
Whether or not the decision in that
cast; is sound and in accord with the
weight of authority in this country, it is
sufficient for my guidance in determin
ing the question submitted.
While the ollice there involved was
that of a judge of probate, I am unable
to discover any distinction in principle
which saves the office of district judge
from the force of that decision.
It was there held, stating the propo
sition broadly, that a person who may
be elected on the happening of a vacan
cy to fili an office falling within the con
templation of the constitution wherein
provision is made for the tilling of such
a vacancy, holds the ot?ic« for "the full
constitutional original term, and not
merely fur the unexpircd term of his
Fur] . ennor?, it is proper to state that
this <:lf>ce, as well as the bar generally,
has deemed the question closed in this
state by the case above cited.
It is, therefore, my opinion that you
are entitled to hold your present office
for the lull term of six years from the
date of your induction therein. I am,
very respectfully,
11. \\\ Childs, Attorney General.
Diachrjged Policeman Wants Sal-
nry Withhchl by Comptroller.
The case of John Yorks against The
City of St. Paul was taken up before
Judge Brill yesterday, aad after a hear
ing of the evidence and an argument
on the law was submitted to the court,
with leave given to file briefs. Yorks
was appointed on the police force with
a number of others by Mayor Wright
Mayor Smith discharged him and others
for reasons assigned to council. Five
of them brought suit for .salary during
the time of their dismissal and "the con
firmation of the action of Mayor Smith
by the present assembly. Forks was
found to have been over thirtyfive
years old when appointed by Mayor
Wright. This led Corporation Attor
ney Chamberlain to taKe a new tack In
his case. The assembly presided over
by President Van Slyke continued the
action of Mayor .Smith in September,
and again the present assembly in Oc
tober confirmed the dismissal. Yorks
sued for the salary for the in
tervening timo and also for the por
tion of the salary due for the part of
October last year which is held back by
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the comptroller. After a conference it
was decided to eliminate the back salary
of last year from the case, and to sub
mit the ease on the question of being
allowed to draw pay during the time
Intervening between the nction of the
two assemblies. The question of his
being over age when appointed is also
one point in the case. The question ol
the part-month salary claimed by all
the policemen will not ba decided in
this case, and City Attorney Chamber
lain laid down the dictum that on that
question he and the comptroller would
wage a relentless war.
De Frenchy Says Mis Mine Is
William I)e Frenchy, a good-natured
Italian who has conducted a small
grocery store in this city tor many
years, and who has been considered a
harmless. Inoffensive man, was indicted
soiuo mouths ago tor seUiIMK liquor
without a license. His trial came on
yesterday. The evidence was, briefly,
to the effect thai he had accepted pay
from a customer at his stc re for a glass
of wine, of which a sample was pro
duced in court. Mr. be Frenchy was
asked to identify the sample of stock
of liquor introduced 111 evidence,
and said it was the best, qual
ity, and told of the several
varieties of nr.ipes he had used in mak
ing it, and, after a long pull at the bot
tle, declared it had not been adulterated
since seized on his premises. He de
clared it to In? as trood as any made in
the old country, and could sea no harm
in charging tha man for some of it when
he asked fur it. The jury retired late in
the evening, and it remains to be seen
whether or not twelve men take such
an innocent view of the facts as did
Mr. l)e Frenchv.
William L'askeruoski was acqitted by
the jury that tried him for assisting
Fred Dclono in stealing the horse of
Louis Hondo. The jury seemed to take
into consideration his lack of force in
intellect, and showed their leniency.
Counterfeiter Committed.
Henry Shu maker, the counterfeiter
arrested red-handed in Minneapolis on
Wednesday, was arraigned before
United States Commissioner Tight', in
this city, yesterday, and pleaded guilty
to the offense, lie was committed to
the Ramsey county jail until the Jan
uary term of the United Slates district
com;. wlhmi he will be tiven an oppor
tunity to plead Kuilty to a formal in
dictment and be sentenced.
Kut It Appears to Be Only a
Squabble Over Keal Estate
John H. Lawton, the real estate agent,
was arrested yesterday on the charge of
appropriating to his own use a deed of
two lots of land in Crawford county,
Wisconsin, which deed, according to the
complaint, Mr. Lawton held in trust for
Nancy llorsnell. Tlie complaint was
sworn to by William T. Horsneli, of this
city, on behalf ot Nancy llorsnell. It
alleges tiiat the lots covered by the deed
are worth ILOOQ. The case was con
tinued until next Thursday, and Mr.
Lawton was requested to turnish £500
bail, which lie promptly secured.
The trouble, it was stated at Mr. Law
ton's ollice, is tho result of a real estate
transaction, out of which has arisen a
dispute over the payment of a commis
sion to Mr, L.iwton. It is denied that
there is anything of a criminal nature in
tiie action or Mr. Lawton.
Soldier Fined *10.
Another Fort Snelling soldier boy re
ceived a dispensation of civil justice
yesterday when Judge Orr fined him
$10 for drunkenness. The soldier an
swered to the name of James Connelly,
and his attorney uleaded with the court
to let him go, as he would receive ade
quate punishment at the fort,but Judge
Orr saaid he would not grant immunity
to soldiers because they wore uniforms.
A Ninety-Kay Sentence.
George Montgomery, an eccentric in
dividual of communistic theories, has
been bothering the residents on St. An
thony hill by calliue at their bouses and
demanding them to share with him
some of their worldly possessions. He
was sent out to the workhouse yester
day for ninety days.
John and Charley Johnson, the two
boys charged with stealing coal from
the Omaha yards, were fined 85 each
yesterday, but the tine was suspended
after Judge Orr had admonished their
father to take better care of them, or
he would have to pay their lines if the
offense was repeated.
Happy Entertainment at Christ
Church Guild.
Notwithstanding the disagreeable
weather there was a large attendance at
the Guild hall of Christ eh arch last
evening, the occasion being the pre
sentation of "The Darling of the Year,"
a most charming entertainment given
by the little girls' guild. It was the
first venture ever mado in the way of a
public entertainment by the little
misses, and their success was all that
could be desired. The play, if it can be
called such, was written and arranged
by MUs Maude Lyon, and consisted of
dialogue and choruses, bright ana
sparkling. The participants were
Jane llaltowell, Wilhelmina Jack,
Pearl Gemehlo Harriet Armstrong,
Julia McMastera, Eleanor Bag
ger, Evelyn Officer, Mac McCarthy,
Grace May, Jessie llalloway, Allie.
Cushman and Isabel, all attired ia
pretty gowns of tissue paper, represent
ing the months of the year. The young
misses received hearty encores. The
elosinc piece was a dialogue, in which
Miss Jan.; Hallo well, Master Henry
I,yon and Master Billy IStowell took
part. They were well charcoaled, and
their negro dialect, while not perfect,
was most amusing.
In a large booth were fancy paper
articles for sale, all made by the little
yirLs. This was in charge of" Miss Ma
rie Neuhausen, w. o was assisted by
Misses Mary Saunders, Marie Singleton,
Emily Ife, Eva Ife aim Emily Greenly.
Change of the Law for Loaning
(state l'ur.<l«s.
State Treasurer Bobleter is preparing
his report to be submitted to the legis
lature. It is his intention to make rec
ommendations concerning the invest
ment of the irreducible school fund
which will be a departure from the pre
vious custom. Heretofore some of the
funds have been invested in bonds of
other states. Part of it is loaned to
school districts to make improvements.
Th*' fund is increasing very rapidly,
and now amounts to more than
a dozen millions of dollars, and
is still Increasing. Of this there
is nearly 00,000 invested in securi
ties that bring only 4 per cent income.
The proposition of Col. Bobleter is to
hare the law amended so that the fund
may be loaned to municipal corpora
lions at Hume, For Instance, Hie itiOucv
might be loaned to St. Paul to carry
part of its municipal debt. The security
would ba ample. There is no doubt the
investment in municipal bonds would
be as safe as if made in various stale
Such There Was in the Early
History of Minnesota
In Six Decisions of the Su
preme Court Five Are
Order Against Germania Bank
as Garnishee in an Insur
ance Case.
Tiie supreme court yestenlay handed
down six decisions, ail of ihem written
by Justice Canty. In five cases tlio
judgments and orders of the lower
courts were reversed. In the land case
of Thomas ft Ciiaham, appellants, vs.
Hanson ft Mendenhail, respondents,
the judgment of the district court is
reversed. The land over which the dis
pute has arisen is situated in what was
once known as Toombs county. In
1836 the land was patented to one Ken
ville, and four years later ho conveyed
it by warranty deed to H. J. Menden
hail. The questions arising in this
case are first, whether on March 13,
1862, Toombs county was organized ana
had a register of deeds, and whether on
that day the deed to this property was
recorded in the latter's office. The
lower court held that there was nothing
to snow tnat Toombs county was oven
organized and entitled to a register of
deeds. The supreme court holds that
by the act ot 1858 the county was not
only established but also organized, and
the office of register of deeds created.
The title and syllabus of the case fol
low :
Toonib* County Existed.
Pack Thomas mid Edwin S. Graham, appel
lants!, vs. Peter Hanson and ]{. J. Menden
hall, respondents. Judgment reversed.
Canty, J.
Held, that by chapter 64, 6. L. ISSB,
Tooinbs county was not only established,
but also organized, and the office of reg
ister of deeds created. Where an in
dorsement on the back of a (teed pur
ports to be a certificate of registration
sighed by the register of deeds of that
county, certifying that the deed was
recorded in his office March 13, 1862,
Held it was sufficient evidence that
the deed was so recorded without proof
that such register had been appointed
or elected.
The failure of the register toaflix his
official seal to such certificate is eared
by section 188, chapter 8, (J. St. 1878.
Such public records do not cease to be
constructive notice when they are
The provisions of chapter 67, G. L.,
ISO 4, attaching said county to Steams
county for recording purpose con
strued and held the record ot deeds al
ready recorded in the former county
does not cease to be constructive notice,
by reason of the provisions of section 13
of said act.
Tin; register of deeds should have
kept his oftiee at the county seat, but
his failure to do so does not render void
the records in his oilice.
7<liiy Sue lor l,oxs of Services.
Bernard Smith, respondent, vs. William 13.
Mitchell, appellant. 'Jrder reversed.
Canty, J.
Held the father may maintain in his
own right and tor his own. benefit an
action for damages for t|iu sedue'ion of
his adult daughter under section 33,
chapter 66, General Laws 1878.
lit- the main purpose of said section
is to dispense with proof of loss of ser
vice; but that the father cannot main
tain the action where the daughter is of
full age, does not reside in his house
hold, but is employed and lives else
where, ana is for no purpose a member
of his family; that he can maintain it
where his home is in fact her home even
though she is of full aare, employed and
lives elsewhere and is only home occa
sionally and is seduced elsewhere.
First -TlorSjEaue Cannot Prejudice
Helen F. Lovcland, respondent, vs. Edwin
Cooler, appellant. Order reversed.
Canty, J.
1. After an appeal from an order de
nyine a motion for a new trial made on
the judge's minutes id taken, a super
secieas appeal bond is tiled, and the
time to settle a case or bill of excep
tions has expired, the trial court may
grant leave to serve a proposed case or
bill of exceptions, extend the time to
settle and allow the same.
2. The rule applied that where first
and second chattel mortgages cover the
same property the holder of the first,
having actual notice of the existence of
the second, cannot release property
covered by the first but not by tlia sec
ond to the prejudice of the holder of
the second mortgage.
3. A grand juror is not competent to
testify in a civil case as to the state
ments of a witness before the grand
4. A party to an action may be ques
tioned on cross-examination as to a
statement made by Dim when a witness
before a grand jury, at least when such
statement is not merely impeaching
matter but the admission of a fact ma
terial in the case.
Challenge for Actual Bias.
State of Minnesota, respondent, vs. Anna
lireslaud, appellant. Judgment reversed.
v; Canty, J.
In the impaneling of ■ a jury on the
trial of aii indictment charging the de-
I fendant with keeping a house of assig
nation, be challenged a juror for actual
bias, and in examining the juror on the
trial of the challenge, defendant's coun
sel admitted that defendant kept the
house specified at the time .charged, and
asked the juror if he had heard any
statement as to the character of the
house from which ho had formed an
opinion as to its character. The trial
court held the question iniconjpetent.
Held error.
The juror served, and it did not ap
pear that the defendant exhausted Iris
peremptory challenges.
Held such error was not without
prejudice; that it prejudiced defendant
in exercising a peremptory challenge,
and even though he had no right to any
such examination for the mere purpose'
of a peremptory challenge, yet, for the
purpose of attempting to excuse such
error, he must be considered.a 3 having
a right to the benefit of this examina
tion in exercising his peremptory chal
lenge. State vs. Lawlor, 23 Minn., 216,
and State vs. Klusuuian, 53 AJiuu., 541,
On the trial of such Indictment held
evidence of the reputation of the house
as a house of assignation is competent,
at least in aid or corroboration ©f other
CaSS A Void Policy.
Collin Gibt) et al., respodents, vs. Fire In
surance Company of the County of Phila
delphia, appellant. Judgment reversed.
Canty, J.
A fire insurance policy provided that
It should be void if any change took
placed in the Interest of the insured,
whether by voluntary act of the in
sured or otherwise.
Held, au executory agreement to con
vey the Insured premises, under which
the vendee took possession and paid a
part of the purchase price, Is a breach
of this condition and rendered the pol
icy void.
Interest and title distingyijhjed., the
word interest is broader lhan me word
title, and include? both legal and equi
table rights.
William Grooms, appellant, vs. Clarence 11.
VVnternian et al., respondent*. Order af
firmed. Canty, J.
Held, the findings of fact rapport the
conclusions of law, and order for judg
Ihe evidence not being returned it
does m>t appear that It was error to
deny a request for additional fiudiugs
of fact.
Tho supreme court yesterday heard
the following cases:
John C. Emery, as Minnesota C.ranlto
ami Polishing Company, respondent,
vs. C. M. llertiy: et a!., defendants.
Charles M. liertig and the Merchants'
National Bank of St. Cloud, appellants;
argued by respondent, submitted by
Margaret J. Mitchell, respondent, vs.
William B. Mitcnell et ai., appellants:
argued and submitted.
Joseph Heininger, respondent, vs.
Tiie Great Northern Railway Company,
appellant; argued and submitted.
The James B. Case <fe N. O. Nelson
Manufacturing company has begun an
action against I. V. Dwyer & Brothers
and others to foreclose a Mortgage for
SSLUM upon lots 8, D, 10, 11, 12, 13 and
14. in block 1, of P. V. Dwyer's addition
to St. PauL
C. A. Campbell has commenced a pro
ceeding against Samuel Coldstone and
others to foreclose a mortgage for $1,790
upon lot 14 in block lot Lewis'addi
tion to St. Paul.
Judge Willis has ordered judgment
for the defendant in the case of Nils J.
Veline against Andrew Dahlquist. This
suit involved the right to a lot of
liquors, cigars, etc., in a room at 3SsSib
l«y street.
The motion to strike out parts of the
answer to the complaint of William F
Merrill against Lee Hall ana others, has
been denied by Judge Willis.
Judge Kerr lias ordered judgment in
favor of George W. Walsh against Will
iam J. Uurd for 5250, being far a balance
due for legal services.
In the case of Eliza McLake against
Hie Minnesota Masonsic Relief Associa
tion, Judge Brill has tiled an order for
judgment agai>st the Uermania bank as
garnisliee. The Masonic Relief associa
tion had refused to pay the insurance
policy sued upon in lull, because it
claimed that all the 58,000 in the treas
ury except 1680.90 was a reserve fund
and exempt from judgment. The
amount in the treasury was derived
from two assessments for death losses.
It was claimed that 20 per cent of the
assessment should be reserved for a
contingent fund. Judge Brill is of the
opinion that the contingent fund was
not exempt from judgment, and that 20
per cent of the two assessments is more
than enough to pay the judgment of
Mrs. McLake.
Alums aiiervel has sued Max Oren
stein and wife to recover $128.25 for
services rendered.
The Mille Lues Lumber company has
garnished the funds of S. K. Kerr in the
Eastern Railway of Minnesota to satisfy
a claim of $853.10, due for merchandise
Be Sure
And ask to see the Jeweled Dinner Rings
at Brown's, 111 East Third street.
Marriage Licenses.
Peter Fischer Margaretu Eckl
Edward Steffenson Dma Taftims
Frank G. Moyler Emma 11. bchanks
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mason Boy
Mr. aim Mrs. C. 11. SUne <;irl
Mr. and Mrs. George Michel .Boy
Mr. ami Mrs. 11. E. Beach Boy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert (.iron. Girl
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCarthy ...Girl.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Larson....*-.:;Girl
William 11. Foisom, 310 Wabasha..s4 yrs
Louis Weinke, 75 \V. Fairfield.. ..62 yrs
Mary Cahil, 403 Chestnut st 45 yrs
GRISWOLD—On Dec. i. lrO4, nt the resi
dence of her son-in-law, George William
Hill, Washington. D. C, of pneumonia.
Mrs. Harriette K. Griswold, widow or
Hiram Griswold, formerly of Burlington,
Vt. #
TUCIIELT— St. Paul. Minn, Dec. 5, IK>4,
at family residence, No. 94 West Kobie
(street, Frederick W. Tuchelt, need sixty
■ x years. Funeral today at '2 o'clock p. rh.
--1»X cient Landmark Lodge No. 5 are re
quested to meet at Masonic hull this (Friday)
afternoon at 1:15 sharp, to attend the fu
neral of our late brother, F. W. Tuchelt.
Services at 2 p. m. at the residence, M West
Robie street. A full attendance is earnestly
requested .Per order W. 11. M. T. Emery,
« in its own building, opposite postoflice.
Paid-up capital $100,01)0; pays interest on
time deposit.; sells drafts on aJI parts of the
world: special attention Riven to sending
money to Germany, France, Switzerland and
the Hritibh empire. William Bickel, Presi
dent: P. M. Kersi. Cashier.
Tonight and Saturday Matinee,
Stuart Robson.
In an adequate production of Oliver Gold
smith's Immortal Comedy,
She Stoops is Conquer.
Mr. Robsou as Tony Lumpkin.
Saturday Nijrht,
Sunday Night, Hoyfs "A Trip to Chinatown."
Matinee Tomorrow at 2:30
rnwßnv Fun HOT
AND eigns TA"
£NJJ Supreme MA
••*Ua.. in LES.
Sunday, .T. K. "Fritz" Emmet.
"Fjod Products" *nd
"Food Adulteration"
Tuesday Afternoon, Dec. 11.
Doors open at 1:30, o'clock. Commences
at 2 o'clock. - .
of Boston, the well-known New England ex
ponent of food subjects, has been engaged
for a course of lectures in tile Weßt—{me 166
--ture only in each city TisUcij.
WALTER BAKER & CO.. the great choco
late house, pay the entire expense.
Not simply the products of the oQC<mbean,.
but the entire range of food will be discussed*
Every Seat Reserved for Housekeepers,
to whom a cordial invitation to be present is
''.'.'■ ' ■ . ". •
The second of our Three Days' Sale will be distinguished by
bargains of more than ordinary interest in Housekeeping Goods
of a high grade. The special items which from time to time we
advertise in our
Give a very inadequate idea of the stock carried there, which is
largely composed of rich pieces, worthy a place in the wealthiest
homes. Many of them, such as the splendid specimens we show
of hand-painted Sevres ware, are artistic gems of a very rare and
high degree of merit. We have many choice specimens of the
. atestproductions of the most celebrated Potteries.
In variety, probably not surpassed in any retail house in America.
Fancy Tables, Etageres, Cabinets and a vast variety of Bric-a-
Brae of a very choice hind.
Handsome Banquet Lamp, gold finish, fire-gilt, lacquered
and untarnishable, cast open work, bowl and stand, central draft
burner, removable fount, silk shade with lace flounce, all complete
lamp and shade, for $5.00.
Beautiful Dresden Princess Lamp, with raised floral and figure
decorations in different colorings, and globe to match; our regular
price has been $8.50. Special price for Lamp and Globe, $6.75.
Brass and Onyx Tables, 28 inches high, genuine Mexican Onyx
top, 8 inches square in 2) z-inch frame. Special price, $4.99.
Cut Class Berry Bowls, Strawberry, fan and star pat
tern, 8 inches wide and 4 inches deep. Special price, $6.00.
Cut Glass Sugar Sifters, quadruple-plated screw top cap.
Special price, $1.29.
Venetian Glass Vases, an importer's samples, at a special dis
count of 20 per cent for two days.
yrilrli Inii I tHilaJ/ 1 I UiiH I weiLi UL>B I 1
Those who wish to make useful HOLIDAY GIFTS will find many
bargains and much of interest in this department
Fancy Sofa Pillows, Japanese Embroidered Piano
Scarfs, Japanese Embroidered Table Covers,
Fancy Chair Backs, India Floor Hassocks.
Beautiful New Silks for pillow covering and fancy work.
Many of these are finished in Ivory and Gold for Reception
Rooms and Bedrooms.
We have just received a lot of
In beautiful colors, both plain and figured. This is the fourth pur
chase of these goods cue have made this season, and this will prob
ably not last long.
100 dozen Double Warp Huck Towels, fringed, size 20x40
inches, at 20c each, $2.25 per doz. They are worth $3.00.
50 dozen full-bleached Scotch Napkins, 5-8 size, at $2.37 a
dozen. They are worth $3.00.
25 pieces Bleached Damask, 68 and 72 inches wide, at 85
CENTS A YARD. They are cheap at $1.00.
50 dozen Hemstitched Bird's Eye Towels (the softest Towel made),
size 22x44 inches, at 25 cents each. They have been 35.
It will interest you to look through our
They are much too nvmerous to describe, and they are all new.
That we can save you money on Jewelers' prices goes without say
ing. We will sell them cheaper than you can buy them when the
Wholesale Jewelers sell them at auction. Come and look them
through, and you will not be disappointed. Here is one sample—
Thai would be thought cheap at $1.00. Our price is 59 Cents.
Extraordinary Values in Dress Goods
We feel quite certain that all who examine our special offerings in this De
partment will agree with us that such values have never been seen in St. Paul
or Minneapolis before, and probably never will again, for this is a distinctly ex
ceptional season.
60 pieces 40-inch IMPERIAL SERGE, all pure wool, in the leading shades —
Navy, Garnet, Red, Myrtle, Brown, Maroon and many other of the most popular
colorings, all at 25 Cents a Yard.
Nothing to equal these at this price has ever been shown in the Twin Cities.
They are distinctly better than many Serges that have been sold dvring the
past year at 59c.
We offer these Serges in BLACK also at same low price.
OUR ANNUAL DECEMBER SALE of plain, mixed and novelty
offers an excellent opportunity to bug SENSIBLE CHRISTMAS GIFTS, acceptable
to all, at very reasonable prices—sl.7s, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00,
$6.00 and $7.00, for dress patterns containing ample material for a full dress.
Paris Novelty Gown Patterns have also been largely reduced.
Sixth and Robert Streets, St. Paul, Minn.
Jd§f"d Snap-Shot Camera. _££}
It looks like a Watch and can be
carried in the Test pocket
S2.SO P£ H ¥±£fe
Northwestern Hardware Go.
Kodaks, Cameras and Photo
-|i graphic Supplies.
ST. F^tTl^, MI3ST2ST.
I>l the following unclaimed merchandise
will be sold at pnbllc Auction to the highest
bidder therefor for cash at the warehouse Of
the ThurKtou Cold SHorane and Warehouse
Company. *Jol Eagle street, St. Paul, Miqn.,
on Mouday, the 17th day of December. 1894,
at 11 o'clocn a. m.. to pay the lawful duties
due thereou aud all .other charges and ex
penses, vij. 1
Lot 1-Two casks still wine.
Lot 2-^Two casks still wine.
Lot 3—One package paintings.
Lot 4—One gold locket.
Dated at St. Paul, Minn., December 1, 1894.
JOHN c. UKRAOIITY. Collector.
Everett House,
Vnlon Square, New York.
An established hotel under now manage
ment, thoroughly rcnoVatC<J, perfect sanita
tion and all tnodern improvements. Visitors
to New York will find t|j^ Everett in ih& Very
heart of the popular Bhoppjnj district, foil
veuient to places c^ amuMmeftt ftud readily
accessible from 11 fmm of tho city.
Wk.'M. Bates. B. L. M. Bates.
WAKTEDtA few periom In each place to do
writing. Send stAmps for 16c r»Re nook of par
tUuUrl, ii W Woydbiuj 14i7 West idet, ;,',^,
K^^HKZSS^^ 9*"f7H 4* HRSmH iMiiifVr*^ flUEtXfi w^&^^^^^uM
Our banks, jobbing- houses, and all classes of business men
are upon a sound footing. Our sails having- been trimmed and
the financial storm weathered, St. Paul invites the Northwest
to its doors with the new era of brig-htening- skies, points with'
pride to its record as the Commercial Metropolis of the new
Northwest, and assures all friends, competitors and patrons of
a continuance of that spirit of fair dealing which has made the
ity great.
HOREJS BROS. I boggs V- **.
IlUniLclO BnUO. Wholesale Grain, Hay and Seeds,
MAKE THE BEST T 1™I?********?**"*• lIIHW
iIU:HI!i - ivi ADh niihAu. | namrn Brewing Company.
701-403-1105-1107 I t^chlitz RrcwiugC'o., foot of Slbley .street.
West Seventh Street. ! typewkitkbs. ~~*
. . . The Bar-Lock, OS East Jfourih street.
Celebrated Mlluaukoa
r t^^gg pr ," DEPOT, FOOT OF SIBLEY
DOES AGE MEAN MERIT 2 lh' Bar-Lock is not as old a?
UUL.O HVC MELMii menu f some other machines. Neither
are the other machines as old as a steel pen, nor the steel pen as old as
he quill. New tiling represent progress. It is the new aatomatin
ctions and the new visible writing feature which make tin Bar-Lock
he model writing machine of the world.
Full details of its automatic movements mailed frea.
98 East Fourth Street, St, Paul, Minn.
1™ ure Sale—A mortgnge was dated, exe
cuted and delivered on the seventeenth day
of May, 1889, by James E. Cramsie and Julia
U. Cramsie, his wife. as mortaragors, 10 Wil
liam P. Peet. as mortgagee, which said mort
gage was duly recorded in the office of the
Register of Deeds of Ramsey County. Minne
sota. on the 24th day of May. ISSi), at 10
o'clock and 50 minutes a. m. in Book 204 of
Mortgages at page 175.
Snosequentiy, to wit, on the 12th day of
June A. I). lStti, the said mortgage was duly
assigned by the said William P. Peet to
Henry M. Schmuclt, by an instrument in
writing, which paid instrument of assign
ment was duly recorded in the office of the
.Register of Deeds of said County, on the 1-tti
day of June A. D. 1889, at 4 o'clock and '.')
minutes p. m., in Book 20 of Assignments at
page 250.
Default has been made in the conditions,
agreements and covenants of said mortgage,
and there is claimed to be doe, and is due
the subscriber at the date of this notice upon
the said mortgage the sum of three thousand
two hundred and ninety-two dollars and
sixty-five cents.
Now, therefore, notice is hereby given,
that by virtue of the power of sale contained
in said mortgage, and of the statute in such
case made and provided, said mortgage will
be foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged
premises described therein and hereinafter
described to satisfy the amount which shall
at the date ot said sale be due on
said mortgage, together with the costs
and expenses of said sale as allowed by law,
the taxes, if any, paid by the subscriber, and
the further sum of seventy-rive dollars ($75)
as an attorney's fee. which is agreed in said
mortgage to be paid in case of foreclosure.
Said sa'e will be made at the Fourth street
entrance to the Court House and City Hall.
in the City of St. Paul, Ramsey County, Min
nesota, on Saturday, the 2>.ith day of Decem
ber, IS.M. at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of said
day by the Sheriff of said Ramsey County, at
public auction to the highest bidder for cash.
The premises described in said mortgage
and so to be sold are situated in the County
of Ramsey and State of Minnesota, and are
known and described as follows:
Lot numbered six (6) in block numbered
three (3) of Grace's Addition to St. Paul, ac
cording to the recorded plat thereof on tile
in the o*vce of the Register of Deeds in and
for said County of Ramsey.
Dated November It;, 1894.
Assignee of Mortgagee.
Ambrose Ticde.
Attornpv for Assignee of Mortgagee, Globe
building. vt. Paul. Minn.
i ' uro Sale—A mortgage was dated, exe
cuted and delivered on the fifteenth day of
August, 1891, Dv Edward Burke and Annie
Burke, his wife. as mortgagors', to William 1-.
Peet, as mortgagee, wnich said mortgage was
duly recorded in the office of the Register of
Deeds of Ramsey County, Minnesota, on the
sth clay of October, 1891, at 10 o'clock and 50
minutes a. m., iv Hook 278 of Mortgages, at
pages 113-119.
Subsequently, to wit, on the 21th day of
November, A. 1). IS'JI, tie said mortgage was
duly assigned by the said William P. I'eet to
Kate A. Molineux. by an instrument in writ
ing, which said instrument of assignment
was duly recorded in the office of the Regis
ter of Deeds of said County, on the ;>Oth day
of November, A. 1). 1801, at 4 o'clock and so
minutes p. m., in Book 41 of Assignments, at
page 105-106.
Default has been made In the conditions,
agreements and covenants of said mortgage,
and there is claimed to be due, and is due the
subscriber at the date of this notice upon the
said mortgage the sum of one thousand and
eighty-seven dollars and fifty cents.
'Now, therefore, notice is hereDy given,
that by virtue of the power of sale contained
in said mortgage, and of the statute in such
case made and provided, said mortgage will
be foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged
premises described therein and hereinafter
described to satisfy the amount which shall
at the date of said sale be due on
said mortgage, together with the costs
and expenses of said sale as allowed by law;
the taxes, if any. paid by the subscriber, and
the further sum of fifty dollars (s•">'..') as an at
torney's tee,which is agreed in said mortgage
to be paid in case of foreclosure. Said sale
will be made at the Fourth street entrance to
the Court House and City Hail, in ihe City of
St. Paul, Ramsey County. Minnesota, on Sat
urday, the 29th day of December. 1894, at ten
o'clock iv the forenoon of said day by the
Sheriff of said Ramsey County at public auc
tion to the highest bidder for cash.
The premises described in said mortgage
and so to be sold are situated in the County
of Ramsey and State ot Minnesota, and are
known arid described as follows:
The east one half (c V2I of Lots numbered
one (1) and two (2) of blocs numbered tour
(4) of Marshall's Addition to West St. Paul,
according to the plat thereof on tile and of
record In the office of the Register of Deeds
in and for the said County of Ramsey.
Dated November 10, 1894,
Assignee of Mortgagee.
Ambrose Tig he.
Attorney for Assignee of Mortgagee, Globe
Building, St. Paul, Minn.
To induce yon to Visit cur New Studio.
Opposite Metropolitan Opera, HOUSS>
09 and 101 MxtH Street.
Christmas Photograpliy!
<|n CABINETS and ONE on Bxlo
|/ $3.00. °%, KK
Oui-I>oor and Commercial Work a Speoi\U/
Tklephoks— 1071.
One of the largest and best In the city.
RoSms, 81.00 per day up. Bend for circular.
Half a block from 12th si. exit of the new
Illinois Central station. All baggage deliv
ered FREE from Ills. Central depot. No cab
fares necessary. Look out for our porter at
the station. If you want comfort, conven
ience and economy, ston at tin* new
•i^^su? Tho I n HHQQ
jy^j3p||v The ID. HESS
3$§S?S jpfl-, Shorthand School.
>K^^?-jU<^ In session the year
rl^^™!!^^^ round-Day, Evon-
YOU CAN have;
si Si «*** *te* ** F
— *****
There is no better medium
in the entire Northwest te
reach the
The Weekly Globe covers
& field reaching" from the Mis
sissippi river to the Pacific
Coast, and its contents are so ;
diversified that it pleases tha
reading public of all classes. '
tTjßßufL 1 Made a Well
| Man of
THE GREAT 20th Day. -4s^sf^
Produces the Above Results in 30 Days. It
acts powerfully and quickly. Cures when
all others fail. Young men will regain their
lost strength and old men will recover their
youthful vigor by using VSTAS.IS. It
quickly and surely restores Lost Vitality,
Lost Power Failing Memory, etc., and is a
positive cure for Nervousness, Wasting Dis
eases, and all effects of indiscretion. Wards
off Insanity and Consumption. Insist on
having VITALIS, no other. Can be car
ried in vest pocket. By mail, $1.00 per
package, or six for $5.00, with a Positive
"Written Guarantee to Core or Kefund tlio
Money in every box. Circular free. Address
F<ir Sale by Lnflirop Mussct
tor. Fourth ami Wnlmsliu.
180 Fast Sevenths*., St. Paul Mm
Speedily cures all private, nervous, chronic
and blood and skin diseases of both foxo*.
without the use of mercury 01 hiiidmnoj
from business. NO CUKE, NO I* ay. Pri
vate diseases, and all old, iiuserin.' crises
where the blood has baeome poisoned, caus
ing ulcers, blotches, ire throat and mouib.,
pains in the head and bones, and all diseases
of the kidneys and bladder are cured foi
life. Men of all ages who are snfi'eriu^ from
i the result of youthful indiscretion or ex
cesses of mature years, producing nervous
ness, Indigestion, constipation,'loss oi mem
ory, etc., are thoroughly and permanently
Dr. Feller, who has had many years of ex
perience in this specialty, Is a graduate from
one of the leading medical col!< of tfifl
country. He has never failed in cur'.ngany
cases that he has nndertal Cases and
correspondence sacredly confidential, t'al
or write for list of questions. Medicine sent
by mail and express everywhere free from
1 1 1 and exposure.
TKKATMKKT, a svocific for Hysteria. Dizsi
ness, Pit*. Neuralgia, Headache, Nerroa
prostration caused by alcohol or tobacco
wakefulnesa, Mental Depression, Softening
of Brain, causing Insanity, misery, decay
death: Premature Old Age. Barrenness, Losi
of I'ower in either sex, Impotency, Leucor
rhceaaudall F<*m*ii? Weaknesses. [nrolßO
tary Losses. Spermatorrhoea caused by over
exertion of brain, Self-Abuse, Over-liidsi!
-gence. A month's treatment, 51, tj for * , by
mail Wo guarantee six boxes to cure.
Kach order ford boxes, with 5\ will semi,
written gu-irauteo to refund if not cured,
Guarantees issued only by W. K. Collier
Druggist, SeveaUi audSibloy street*, Paul

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