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St. Paul daily globe. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1884-1896, December 12, 1894, Image 7

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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DM.V (N 1; i : Hit N 1 Vii\ . l>
ing ['.-lys. The AdvcriJser's Bargain
Hi>-.»k cont«iuini full information on circu
lation and rates ot «li lendinn dailies week
ies, magaziri ngr'cnhural and religious
Mipers and !\.:;i> interesting i-omli nations
lud Buggeitiousi bow to succeed by advertis
ing, bent to any u>: Ire^s fur 1(> (••••.us. The
most valuable 'book of this kimt. Addre^a
Internatioual Newspaper Advertising;
Agency. 11-) Dearborn st.. Chicago. 1:1.
tit i«>>4.
AGENTS wanted to canvass the counties
In which ihey live: under our new plan
tliey can earn i: >m s;r> to Slsj per month;
write ior particulars. Only thoso who are
willing lo lm'ke a r;i;l.se to house CAUVasS in
the country aud towns are wanted. Ltuiies
can do the work :i> well as men. From Si to
§I.> per day easily made. No capital re
ored. Address by mail only, 1) I, care ut
the v!!obe.
AtrKSTJ* in every state on salajr nod com
ssion. Agents ma&ing S"-'">ro j.vj weekly.
EureKa Chemical & Jfffjj. (.0.. La C'ros»e, Wis.
A<;i.NTN— '.■.:::•.,'. agents for ISanfcer.V
XX Life Associ«lK>u.S>t t'aiii.Miii!!. : stroiiße^t
bornecompauy furnishing iraatted pro
tecilou at lowest cost; profitsitile posltloa
o[ en in St. I'aul atid throuchoiu Minnesota.
\V:ite for «ceuev.
A>:ems wanted to KeU sewing 111 a
chines in Stillwnter and vicinity: good
wages and steaay employment to those fur
nishiug reference. Address f red. 937 South
Tnird st., Stlilwater, Minn.
AGENTS WANTED, or salesmen desir
ing side line, to take orders by sample;
staple seller, easily earned. We pay expenses
and siilary. or rora mission, and famish
samples on application. Address Lock Box
125. New York Ci;y.
AGK>"W WAMI.II- Male and female,
in every town ; steady paying employ
meat. Write iv c. 1.. X... Box i2"i. Owaton
na, Mian.
AM AN in every section to se'l staple
goods to dealers; experience nnneces
aary: best side line. S"> a month. Salary
aiid expes or larae commission made: for
aealed pariioulars send stamp. Clifton soap
& Manufacturing Co., Box 743. Cincinnati,
BAKER Wanted, a brst-d&si baker; no
other need apply. Address Mason City
Cl KKK- Wanted. lacy clerk, Hays" Candy
Kilt hen, li. bast Seventh; must be re
fined, poi:te. experienced; this is a perma
nenl position.
[IT i.S \N"i» WOMEN to work at home. I
.!»1 pay S8 to SIC per week for making
crayon pictures. New patented method.
Any one who can read <>r write can do the
work, day or night. Address wilh stamp. I
send work at once. 11. A. Gripp, German
Artist. Tyrone. Pa.
U;.VNTKI)-Mcii who will work forS.'S
♦ \ per en i:i!:i or la-^e commission. Sell-
Ing goods by sample lo dealers. Exi>e rienco
unnecessary. Write us we wiil explain.
For seait-l" particulars send siamp. Bouse
hoi ! Specialty Co., iT.";> Cincinnati, O.
U' AN r:.»— Man to travc!; portion per
mnnt'iit: salary .".nil commission: f;i*t
roecialties; appir now. Luke Broth
ers ( v.. Nurserymen. Chicago.
*■ esnnte.
a' GfOfTS wanted to canvass the counties
Ai.s-.NT>> wanted to canvass the counties
-fi. in which they live; under our new pinn
they can eaa:i from $■"> to «I".O per month;
write for particulars. Only those who are
willing to mnke a bouse to house canvass in
the coonsry and towns are wanted. Ladies
e:ui do the work ns well as men. From $"> to
815 per day easily made. No capital re
quired. Address by mail only. D 4, care of
COOK WANTED — Good wages, small
family, Pity 1 'ferences. Apply iti tnoru
. (.rrtii'l .iv.
DINING KOOM <.I!U. wanted :it 5'J East
seventh si.
HOISKWOKK— Wanted, good girl for
general housework; must besood ooclc,
washer and ironer: good wa>;es paid to com
petent servant. Caii -'56 Dayton, between 10
and 1:2 a. m.
HOUSEWORK -Wanted, a competent
Kirl at :(41 Mini* ay.
Hot si. WORK —Girl wanted for geueral 1
housework. 227 Spruce st. 1
Hoi sKWor.K -Girl for general house
work in suinll lint; must come well
recommended. No. 5. Sowoort.
-PKOF. I.ITTKN. tiu clairvoyaat, 526
1 edar st. Ladies. 50c ; gents, $1. Positively
the last week.
ALWAYS RKLIABI.K- Miid:ime leitS
worth; prices reduced ">' cents; thirty
yenrs' experience. 13 Eighth st.
MADAM ST. .JOHNS, cUirvoyaut and
magnetic healer; readings, 23 and 50
cents 130 West Fourth st.
and massage: satisfaction assured,
orlice 9. No. -7 Kast Seventh st.
Mils. X ATK HOSKINS— Psychomeric
ler mid trniice medium. No. 1491 is
West sixth sr.
Mlssi-.ASrMAV-Massage and alconol
baths; open daily and evenings. 4^o
VVaLasha. room 15.
\ I its. DR. F. KKAKDOX—3J East Sev
j.»A enth. Room 3M — Hasease. vapor and
electric baths: 'J to 9 p. m., including Sun
Mrs. LOt'ISR KsclTMANM—Masque
radeaii<i theatricni masks, wius. beards
and crease pa:Mt. 5G Kiiat seventh it.
C2l Wabasha St. —Magnetic and .Dassage
treatment for paralytic, rheum atism and
Jiervous dis*a«e»: also ba:h» i a.m. to ■ v.m
MKs. a I.I : AUSTIN' —Clairvoyant;
cr,ril rt-rtdi!iss, 23 cents. 16 West Ex
change st.. tienr Wabasha.
the age, the young Madame Romaine, is
in this city, r.nd i:a;i be cousnlted on all
affairs of life: her predictions never fail;
she makes a, success where others fail; cor
rect advice on business, matrimonial and all
family affairs: brings the separated together;
causes harpy marriage v.uli the one you
love; future plainly revealed; lovers uuiied;
troubles healed; those in trouble should not
fail to call aud be convinced on the above
itatements; business strictly confidential;
letters roatainiiiß btamp promptly nnswered;
hours Bto 9. Adiire^- or'cnll 5C3 Jackson St.,
between Eleventh and Twelfth.
**»)\t massajre. Magnetic and alcohol
jatlis. Annii of Chicago.
111 M JCSIS (HA\tiX
good business; good chance for right
>nrty; will sell cheap if taken at once. V 11.
FOR SAI-r-Ttc best bakery aud restau
rant in Little Falls; does a good busi
ness; reasons for selling, sickness in family,
For full infoimation write or rail Joseph
Mithalka. proprietor.
lfX —Private academy and residence. 69
Central I'nric cast; Twin City hail, corner
Rice and University, Saturdays; Paul Mar
tin's opera house. West St. PauL Tuesdays.
and /rk 3'J East Exchange St., Bt. Paul—
Pitmo, vijiin. Kiiitar, banjo and mandolin
Ruuht. Lessons given in drawing and paim
n«r Call or send lor prospectus •
MOM-.V LOAXfeD on life insurance pol
icies, or bought. L. P. Van Norman.
HMi Guaranty Loan Building, Minneapolis.
Lr/^rj T«»s.v_>o short-time loans procured
•JP*J\J on personal property. Ohio Invest
ment Company, seveuih floor Globe Build-
liOtltl> WA.\T»:I>.
Boa irl>—Wanted, room and board In nice
private family, within easy walking dis
tance of Smith park, for young man of
•ighteen. Address with particulars, i 55,
sirr irit»%<* w.inr;-:;»
\rtiii\TA.M' Wanted, one or two sols
of books to wrila up at any hou ib to
suit during ibe Bay. Address I' 95. Gloti c.
I FPKENTfCK-A bot Mteen years ..id
V «■■ ■:-i \ like a jilai-e in a printiiii; office.
I all '■ ay itnuth.
C'Lkkk — Young man, clerk. RtetioKraptu
niida tair bookkeeper, wants position
ivith some i;rtn where attention to business
will assure perauntent employment. 11., 25
I'onri Block.
CM».\CJ!MAX— A yonufi man. exi.trieneed
J coflchuiiin, wants situation; can give
i-ity references. Addresa t;. Nelson, nil."
Kdcei;on st.
DKl'tJ CLKRK- Wanted, position in a
diu<: store by h vouue man wishing to
study medicine; twelve years" experience
in general store: reierenres furuikbed if
desired. Address A. F. Morgan, l'leasant
Valley, Wis.
DRUG fj.KKK—Wanted by experienced
drueclerk, an honorary irraduate: or
would take position in book or Ktationerj
■tore; gooa references gi\en. Address ,l.\\".
Ulobo office.
PXPLOtrmSNT— Situation wanted by
A J young mau*twenty-two years at age, not
afraid to work; will work for board. Ad
dress Andrew s-indell. No. _'i>7 Ellis st.. St.
Anthony i'nrk.
f>Ml*i.OYM KMT—Married nun: with wife
* and one child vants work of any kind;
cau make himself useful in any position;
will accept tirst offer. 154 Coucoid st.
EMI'I.OV.Ui'.M- WorK in or about store
or delivering; experienced; know the
city; will work cheap. 6 S Sims it
Li,i:(Ti:!(l\\ — Wanted, by practical
electrician>>f experience, a permanent
position: am also tirst-elass eucineer. 01-,
OPFICK \voi:k—Sftaatioo wanted by a
young man of nineteen years of age as
oflice or cuy inside work; amu good penman
and will do his best to plea*e his employer;
can furnish cood references. AuJrebs It. L.
C. 296 Louis St.. city.
PHARMACIST, registered iv MinneseU
and North Dakota, seeks position; thor
junhSy capable; highest refercuces. Drug
gist, 349 Uabasha st.
JANIToit— •Wanted, position In store or
office building by first-class Janitor: is a
practical painter and decorator; has been in
the employ of the Tread-Weil Shoe com pan v
for the past five yeiirs; can furnish good
references. At'dress I. i)avis, x-4T East Eighth
St.. city.
Sai.s:sman — First-class city salesman
wants something to sell on salary or com
mission. Address V 87, Globe.
IITAN'TKD—Job for good heavy team and
* * AI man to work with wholesale house,
coal and wood yard or work in the woods for
winter. Please address or call at 46!) White
hall st., city.
117 OKK POR BOARD-A poor yotine
* V man wants to work for his board and
go to school, i'lease address A. J.. 641 Endi
cott Building.
\yoKK Foil BOARD—A young man
»» wants a pia.ee to work for nis board
and atttc-nd school. Adarets F. J., 4;l«/»
Michigan st.
UJ OKK— A young Inftn nineteen years of
age would iike a position of any kind:
is well acquainted with city and has best of
references. Address K. X., 125 Virginia ay.
A> AMATKI'R would :ike to travel with
an opera company; has had some ci
perieuce. C 7. Globe.
BOAKI*— A laiy wants to board children
at her home; reasonable; call or address,
a; 51 West Exchange, Larpenteur's Employ
ment Office.
COOK— First-class cook would like a situ
ation iv a private family. Apply K. 17.
COOK— A first-class cook wishes situation
in a private family; won't do anything
but cooking; furnish* best city reference.
411 Jay st.
COOK —A tirst-class lady cook wants cook
ing by the day, or make dinners for re
ceptions: first-class city reference. Address
M. \\\. 405 Etiee st.
pOMPAMON-A young lady would like
v-/ position as camnauion, or pleasant em
ployment of some sort. P.», Globe.
pvKESSMAKKK dtsires a few more en
*-J gagements in families; terfect tit given;
references. Address Dressmaker, 30> East
Ninth st.
DKKSsMAKtR. first-oiass references;
willing to work etienp thjough holidays.
Call or address Dressmaker, East Tenth
St.. city.
DKKSSMAKKU that can give perfect fit
and finish desires more engagements in
families; references, il o, wlobe.
DKKSSMAKIK— An experienced dress
mafcer wants sewing by the day in fam
ilies. Call or address Hondo.
DHESSM AKKlt— Compete nt dressmaker
wants work by the day, or will take it
home. 238 N'orris st.
HODHEWOBK —Good German girl wants
place to do general housework. J. liuh
land. 4.">S St. I'eter st.
HOUSKWosUE — Young German girl
wants pluce to do housework; smail
family. 78 West Tenth st.
HOOSKKKKPKR — A young Scandina
vian woman, with a one-year-old child,
i would lUe position aa housekeeper. Call
' 522 Bradley st.
HCHJSEKKfcPKK-A refined young lady
would like a position as managing house
keeper. P.«, Giobe.
HOUSKKEEPKK— An elderly girl, who
hhs a year-old child, wishes to keep
house, or assist in housekeepniir. iv or out
of city, for small wages. Call lit East Ninth
HOLSKKKLPKK- A competent .Cath
olic) lady past thirty-five desires a
po.-.ition as housekeeper (noi for widower),
nuise a" some respectable work; city refer
ences. Address J 15, Globe, Minneapolis.
LAI'NDKESS— A sirl wishes n position as
iirst-clas» laundress: can give good ref
erence: no objection to leaving the city. Call
at I3S East Tenth st.
LAUNDRESS— A girl wishes a place as
first-class laundress; can give good ref
erence; no objection leaving the city. Call
fit 139 East Tenth st.
vrKSE-Young woman wishes position
Ii to care for children. Address 49h Blair
VT t'KSK—Experienced nnrse will take any
1~ sick case at reasonable price. Address
!».">ti Cortland st.
NUKSK— Wanted, a position by a young
1™ lady to work by the day at taking care
or" children, and go home at night. Call or
address 453 Oakland ay.
POSITION' wanted to do some kind of
•L work by the day; has some experience
in clerking, and is a good, neat sewer; w;ll
work for smali wages. Call or address Miss
Wiithue. 2?2 Rice St., Room -i.
STKNOGRAI'HKK — Competent sten
ogi apber wants work; can do assistant
bookkeeping; wiil work for v. reasonable
Hillary. 60 Germauia Life Building.
Lady stenographer
k~ desires a position; hare experience, and
willing to use own typewriter. Address LB,
WAITRESS— An experienced waitress
wi.-.hes situation in hoiel or restaurant.
154 Concord st.
\yAsHERWOMAN — Woman wants
* V washing and scrubbing by the day. 212
East Tenth st. ; ■::-, -.-;
\\T ASHlNG—Winted. washing to take at
♦ V home. Call at 226 Hondo St.
WASHING —A first-class washer and
ironer; a first-class swesper and dust
er, or any kind of housework; iv a private
family. Call 40 West Ninth st.
lake home, or go out, at 40 cents a
dozen; good satisfaction. Call or address
Ic3 Arch st.
WASHING— Wanted, to go go out wash
ing, lrouiug uuU oieauiug. Call at OU
Charles et.
itoAtsi* orn;iu:i>.
DOAKU — For rent, large front alcove
i~j rooia. witli or without board, snitHi>le
for two ladies, or man aud wife; terms mod
erate. s.')ti St. Peter.
H.-Ai;i» AND i;oo.MutiW Bast Eleventa
st.. near nrpHoi.
BOViii* — Very desirable wtf ■!■ hcufUl
rooms with botird. 151 Summit ay., op
nosite iixtn si.
BUAitb— Roosts with or without board;
all modern ini|>io\emet!ls. :.'!• .summit
hv , beureen st. Iteterand Waba»ha.
BOAltl>--l >leasant front roosß with alcove,
also sunny side room: excellent board;
year Selby cable; best refeienees. 155 Nina
BOAKD— For rent, elegantly furnished
rooms witb. first cla^ board; steam
heat, un.s and bitlli; terms reasonable. iStf
West Fifth st.
DOAKII— Lyons I'ouri—Table boarders.
U'IMJK MlNK,."—Pleasant rooms, with
-L bo<ira; centrally located tor business
people. Ui: College nv.. coruer sixth.
AnK tnrough rtie Globe's Guaranteed
Wan.s, and it will be given. An ad on
i.liis ptige will bring resultf. or your money
will be returned to you.
LIiAV:: your "Want" with the ne;irest
«.lobe anent. See list on this taite.
X" rAlll.l.ttT & MINTKI. — Minnesota
steam Dye Works. .'44 Ktiii Seventh.
A Mitnufucluriug Compaur, otl) W'abrtsha
St., lei ween Third and Fourth, is the cheap
est plnre in the city to buy pictures and
frames; just received a tine line of etchings
mid other pictures for the holiday trade.
Boweu It Muncjr.
I.OSI Asfl> FOEl^lr.
|jt)( kktihiok LOST—Saturday even
A ins, in Bckunesaan & Evans'or cross
ing from there to Qi: bt. Peter, wilie-colored
povkethooK containing money and receipts
v.ith owners name. LibeiHi"reward if re
turned to above number.
T\l*l-: WRITERS.
ways the standard of eonipnrbiou, al
ways the bevt and always have ihe latest im
ttroveoieuts. Typewriter paper snd siippiiei
of all kinds. Machines for rent. Wyckoff
S°anians 61 UeneUict. sH Kn»; Fourth s>t
[Y[ E\V goodsfoi sec'd-iiand.Kyan Furniture
Ii aisd Exchange <"0., 14' and 1»4 K. 7lh st
rro KXCHAN(iK-Hoiise and lot, clear.
A for a small farm: East preferred. Bi>4
K:\st Lawson st.
HI sK—l iiHve ii good tenant for a me
dium sized furnished house on the hill.
J. \\. shemud. 04 rant fourth st.
» \ made in certain conditions of a mort
gage.ut writing and under seal, whereby the
bower of sale contained in snid mortgage lias
become operative, which mortgage bears date
September 'istb, 188' J. and was executed by
( mjmu Oehrlein and Catherine Oehriein, his j
■rife, lo William Riuck, to secure the pay
ment of $i!,f>!XU;G and interest at the rnte of
eight i>ef cent per annum, the iirincipnl and
interest of which is long since pust due;
which mortgage was duly recorded in tlie
office of the 'Jcgister of Deeds of Itamsey
County. Minnesota, In book ISO of Mortgages.
ou page 618. on September 28th. 1(>89;
and whereas said Mortgage was
by the said William Kindt, by
written instrument bearing date August 271h,
1890. and recorded in theoffice of taid Regis
ter of Deeds on October 3d. 1890, in book 31
of Assignments, on page I2fi, duly assigned,
with the iudeotedness which the same was
given to socure, to the unde Mgrtea Anton
Mtesett; and whereas.said Anton Mieseu,t>y a
written instrument bearing date October 4th,
18:ni. and recorded in the office of said Regis
ter of Deed 3 on October Oth, 189;", in book o'i
of Assignments, on page 13\ auly assigned
said mortgage to Peter J. Miesen; and where
as, i'eter J. AHesen. by an instrument in writ
ing beaiing diite October 25tb, 189), and re
corded in the oflice of said Register of Deeds
ou November Sth, 1891, in book 3t of Assign
ments, on page 394, duly assigned said mort
gage to said Anton Miesen, who is now tne
holder and owner thereof, together with the
indebtedness which the same was given to
secure; and. whereat no action or proceed
ing has been instituted at law to recover the
debt now remaining secured by said mort
gage, and there is now claimed to be due on
said mortgage sixteen hundred and thirty
eight dollars and thirty-three cents, and the
undersigned assignee has paid at the date of
this notice $41 le-luo taxes on the property
described in said mortgage.
Now. therefore, notice is hereby gives that
said mortgage will be foreclosed by sale of
the mortgaged premises therein described at
public vendue to the highest bidder Dv the
Sheriff of said county, at the Fourth street
door of the Court House, in the City of Si.
Paul, in said count}-, on the 3d day of Janu
ary. 1893, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of
that day.to pay said sum of 51,500.00 with in
teresi at the rate of eight per cent per an
num from September 24th, IM)3, and said sum
of $4t IS-100 taxes paid, as aforesaid, with in
terest thereon frord the time or payment, and
the costs and disbursements as provided Dy
law incurred in the foreclosure of said mort
gage, and also the sura of seventy-five dollars
solicitor's fees for foreclosure of saldmort
gage (.said mortgagor having coventnted in
said mortgage to pay the sum of one hundred
dollars as such solicitor's fees).
The premises so to be sold are situated in
said liamsey County, and nre described, and
described in said mortgage as follows: All
tha; port of the west one-half (W. i&) of the
southwest quarter (S. W Vi) of ihe northeast
qua.rter (N j£. 14) ut section number seven
teen (17), township number twenty-nine (29),
range number twenty-two {'£!.) west, in eaid
County and State, described as follows: Hs
giuniug at a point on the uorth and south
center line of said section seventeen (IT),
three hundred and thirty (330) feet uorth of
the center of s<*id section,and running thence
east six hundred and aixty (fio'j) feet to the
east line of said west one-half (XVM) of said
southwest quarter (s. w. 14) of the northeast
quarter (N.E.iA)of snid section; thence north
along said last-mentioned line three hundred
and ninety-six 'IJtMi 1 feet; thence west six
hundred and sixty (660) feet to the north
and south center line ol said section : thence
south along said center line of said section
three hundred and ninety-six (9ttJ feet to
the place of beginning; containing (6) six
acres of land, more or less.
Also, beginning at the northeast con;er of
the piece hereinabove described and con
veyed (being a point on the east line of said
west one-half (W. ki) of said southwest
quarter (S. W. i&) of the northeast quarter
(N. E. 141 of said section seventeen (17),
seven hundred and twenty-six (728) feet
north of the east and west center line of said
section, and running thence north along said
east line of said west hair (W. Vi.) of said
southwest quarter <S. \V. Vi) of the north
east quarter (N. E. «A) of said section, fire
hundred and ninety-four (594) feet, to tne
north line of said southwest quarter <S. W.
14) of the northeast quarter (N. K. 14) of
said section: thence west, along said la«
--mentioned line one hundred and forty-six
and sixty-six hundredths (146.66) feet:
thence south, parallel with said east line of
said west half (\V. 1,2) of said southwest
quarter (S. W. «4) of the northeast quarter
(N. E. 14) cf said section seventeen (17), five
hundred and ninety-four (5&4) feet; thence
east one hundred and forty-six and sixty-six
bnndredtbs (146.C6) feet to th« place of be
ginning: containing two (2) acres of land,
more or less.
Dated November 19th, 1894.
Assignee of Mortgagee.
Jno. H Ives, Attorney for Assignee of Mort
the 22d day of December, 1804. at 11
o'clock in the forenoon of that day, at tbe
Fourth street door of the Court House, iv iSt.
Paul. Minnesota, I will sell for cash to the
highest bidder at Public Auction all my right,
title and interest as assignee in and to the
uncoliected accounts of Arthur F. Gerlach,
The above account! are the uncoliected ac
counts of Arthur F. Oerlach, who was in the
grocery business at 449 West Seventh street,
and the accounts may be seen at the under
signed addre*s. ,
O. J. ROIIAND, Assignee
403 Wtit Seventh Brt.il
ion hekt.
• ' .' illlllscs, j !„ :p,
C. ii \VI.\CIIKM., I -■;
Tl»' ICfiilal Agent, | .'|,V
a Bpi ni_Hj of t:< utia^
l'roperly. . '
3<H> tlunhatlun ISiiiiiiiu-.
J. \%. Micjuirtl, l»4 I'ltiNt. Stli St.
acts e« owners' agent, collects rents;
steam-heated apartineuu for >.",>, $.';>, $3l> aud
$.1 : reduced rental.
L'LAT!«-T\vo fiats of four rooms each at
-i- (34H Jackson; inquire on premises of
. _ 1&OOIU&.
A— HOTKL itItU.XsWiCK. for geutle
• men only; fifty modern sleaiu-ucated
rooms by day. week or month.
C.I>AK S r., Kt7—Opposite Central Park—
Nicely furnished front alcove room for
[OI.KUAUT ST., 81— Four nice rooms for
-I- rent: ground floor: all improvements
siriil-lt' in every respert: &IG per inontl).
LYONS COUICT — Steam-heated rooms,
newly rnruished nuu renovated through
our. Sibley si., between Ninth and Tenth.
Rt>O>ls_ People looking for send, warm
rooms for the winter should call 115
Kast Seventh st.; everything convenient for
housekeeping. Mrs. Oaltes.
ROOM —Newly furnished front room.with
V modern convenience; central location.
Apply vis Spruoe st.
1-fcASANT AY., 17'.?—Furnished rooms,
furnace hent. bath, hot water; rent from
$8 to $10 per month.
SKVKNTH si.. 400, WlCßT—Nicely fur
nished rooms.
TKNTH ST., 07 WiSST— furnished
rooms; front parlor $i. small room 84;
board if required. .•
W ABASHA, 424—Nicely furdished front
rooms, suitable for young gentleman
or gentleman and lndy.
Alt ASH A Si., -Corner Tenth —
Ktirui.shed rooms for rent: location
• Notice of 'lor'.!»as*' sale.
' conditions of a certain Indenture of
mortgage made by John Kagau and Itridget
Eiipin. his wife, mortgagors, to Luther K.
Newport, mortgagee, dated August Ist,U6SB.
and tiled for record and recorded in the oliice
of the Register of Deeds in and for the Coun
ty of Ramsey. State of Minnesota, on the-d
day of AuKtut, iSSS. at i o'clock p. ni..'in
Book 2('3 of Mortgages, on pas»e tWL which !
said mortgnge wnsduly assigned by the said
Luther K. Newport, mortgagee, to Mary K.
Potter, by an instrument ia writing bearing
dale October -4th. 1888. and tiled for record
and recorded in the office of tlie Register of I
Deeds of sai I County on the 24th day of Oc
tober, 1&S8, iv Book "V" of Assignments,
on pnge tVOli . ....
And, whereas, there ia claimed to be duo
and payable, and there is due and payable tit
the date of this notice, on said mortgage in
debtedness, the sum of Twenty four hundred
seventy-seven and 54-100 (2.477.51) dollars,
of which t.mount the wim' of fifty-six and
• 30-100 (. rO.-*.) dollars was .-paid -by said as*;
signee as and tor insurance premiums -oil
6aid property, aud no proceeding or action
at law or otherwise having been in-tituted-to
recover the aebt secured by said mortgage,
or any part thereof, now, therefore.'notice is
hereby given, that under and by virtue of the
po-wer of sale in said mortgage contained,
and the statute in such case made and pro
vided, the said mortgage will be ; foreclosed
by the sale of the premises therein de
scribed, to wit: All that tract or parcel of
land lying and being iv the County of Ram
sey, State of Minnesota, described as fol
lows: lot numbered twenty-two iti) of block
numbered eighteen ilS.y, of Mackubin * Mar
shall'a Addition to St. Paul, according to the
recorded plat thereof, on file in the office of
the Register of Deeds in and for said County
of Ramsey, together with all the heredita
ments and appurtenances thereunto bciung
ing, at public auction, to the highest oidder for
cash, on Thursday, the 24th day of January.
1895, at 10 o'clock iv the forenoon-of said
day, at the Cedar street entrance to the Ram
sey County Court House, in the City of at.
Paul, County of Ramsey and State of Minne
sota, to satisfy the amount that will then be
due on said mortgage debt, and the sum at
seventy-five dollars attorney's fees stipulated
in said moitgage to be paid in case of the
foreclosure thereof, tosrether with the costs
and disbursements allowed by law.
Dated December ttrth, 1.-m.
MARY E. POTTER, Assignee.
Strix«.er & Seymoir.
Attorneys for Assignee, St. Paul. Minn.
SL — ■ '
Notice of Mortgage sulr.
the condition* of a certain indenture
mortgage maae by John Johnson and Anne
M. Johnson, hi? wife, mortgagors, to Edith
E. Stuart, mortgagee, dated April 15, lSUl.aud
filed for record and recorded in the office ot
the Register of Deeds in aud for the County
of Ramsey aud State of Minnesota, on the
ISth day of April, 1891. at i o'clock p. m.. in
Book 234. of Mortgages, on page '.»u, and,
whereas, said Edith E. Stuart is vow de
ceased, and letters testamentary on the estate
of said Edith E. Stuart have been duly issued
to George. B. Ritter, executor, and authen
ticated copies oi said letters testamentary
were on the 30th day of November. 18i)4.duly
filed for record and recorded in the office of
said Register of Deeds, in Book 35, of Mis
cellaneous Records, en page 54; and, where
as, such default has continued for
more than ten days, aud there is
claimed to be due and payable, and
there is due and payable on Eaid mortgage in
debteduess at the date of this notice the sum
of six hundred and fifty-six and il-iixi
(s;»st>.ll) dollars.and no proceeding or action
at law or otherwise hsvlng been instituted to
recover the debt secured by said mortgage, or
any part thereof: now. therefore, . notice is
hereby given that by virtue of the power of
sale in said mortgage contained, and the
statute in such case made and provided, the
•aid mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of
the premises therein described, to wit:.- All
that tract or parcel of land lying and being
in the County of Ramsey and State of Min
nesota, described as follows: The west -ha if
(i/2) of lot numbered three (3) of P. R. Mc-
Donnell's Rearrangement of block numbered
sixty-two (B2) of Banning & Olivier's Addi
tion to West St. Paul, according to the plat
thereof on file and of record in the ortiSe
of the Register of Deeds in and for
said Ramsey County, together with all the
hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto
belonging, at public auction, to the highest
bidder for cash, on Thursday, the I7tb day of
January, 1595, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon
of said day, at the Cedar street entrance to
the Ramsey County Court House, in the City
of St. Paul, County of Ramsey and state of
Minnesota, to satisfy tbe amount that will
theu be due on said mortgage debt, aud the
sum of fifty dollars attorneys' fees fctip.ilated
in said mortgage, to be paid in case of the
foreclosure of said mortgage, together with
the costs and disbursements allowed by law
Dated December 3rd, 1894. | Tv«.
Stringer & Setmoik, Attorneys for Exectl
tor. Ht. P»ul, Minn.
Ramsey— District Court. Second Judicial
In the matter of the assignment of the in
solvency of Mast, fiuford Jk BurwelJ Com
pauy. & corporation.
On reading aud fling the petition of Al
bert B. Ovitt, oue of the Receivers of the
sfiid insolvent corporation, applying for an
order providing that aii claims filed herein
on or before January 15, WX>, be allowed aa
if filed within the time allowed by utatute.
and also providing that all claim* not filed
on or before said date be forever barred from
sharing in the benefits of this estate:
Ordered, that the creditors of said insolvent
who nave tiled their claims against unid iu
solTent estate, and all others interested, show
cause at a sDCcial term of this court, to be
held in tbe court house, ia the city of St.
Paul, in SKid county, on December 20.1894,
at 10 o'clock A. M,, why such order should
not be made.
Ordered further, that this order be pub
lished In the St Paul Daily Globe on De
cember 12th. December 13th and December
-'4th. 1804, and that a copy be mailed to each
of the creditor* of the s*kl icsolvtnt, who
has filed hi* claim herein, on or before De
cember 11 IM4. ' ■■■.'■■:
Sated December 10, 1804.
f HAS. B. OTIB, District JuUg*.
liutauagh «fc JolniMou, AiM'tion-
tion—The following stocks arc on band
und must positively be disposed of regardless
of prices: The ('. O. Rh-e stock, Woller
storrl". ilaskell & Co:. Daviß <fc Brown and
a §5.000 jewelry stock. On Monday, Dec. 17, at
l'>a. m. and a p m., and continue for seven
days, we will commence to sell at public
auction all of the above stocks in «>ur store.
Nos. 22 and 24 Bast Seventh Bt..eomi«ttafr of
elegant eaipetain Royal Wilton-. Axinmi
slers. Moquuties.Body Brussels. ii:grnins;!ine
Brmeta, Net and Irish point lace curtains;
draperies, silk and tapestries: over liOO new
bedroom suits in forty different styles. 400
new fancy rockers of all s vies, bookettea,
sideboards, cabinets. China closets, combina
tion bookcases and desks, ladies' writing
desks, sideboards, hall trees, ward
robes, beds, bureaus, commedes. mat
tresses, springs. pillows, 400 pairs
of fine, heavy all-wool blankets, piano
lamps. staud lumi k. carving knives,
silver-plated ware in knives, forks, spoons,
etc. In jewelry we shall sell a large assort
ment of bronzes, onyx clocks, tea sets, cas
tors, cake stands, fruit plates; solid gold
watches for ladies and gentlemen' a few dia
monds, emeralds, garnets, turquoises, pearls,
*>et in riugs, studs, pins and eardrops: a
lot of smalt goods suitable for Christmas
gifts, album!*, picture books, etc. Never in
the history of St. Paul ha? such a lurgeand
varied stock been put up and sold at public
auction as this, and all must go, regardless
of prices. Kavanagh dt Johnson, Auction
eers. 22 and 24 East Seventh st.
_ jtli.KccHancons.
PKOK. «. s. HAYS will sell at auction,
preparatory to going South, on Thurs
day and Friday, Dec. 13 aud 14. at 2:30 p. m.,
at Botven & Muney's Art Store. -119 Wabasha
St., a lar<e collection of oil paintings, includ
ing scenes on (he Pacific coast, Eastern land
scapes, and a great variety of fruit pieces.
Those desiring a handsome painting for
Christmas should avail themselves of this
unusual opportunity. These valuable
paintings will be sold at your own prices.
jVI iscellaiicous.
FOl! BAL.K—Lots south of Mimmit. east
of Lexington, for 1875; worth $1,500.
Small chsli payment. Address V 12, Glote.
C^OWS, COWS, Cows-Large assortment
>-' of fresh cows and springers to trade or
sell. G. L. Lytte's Cow Exchange, South
St. PauL
LOX IIOUJKDS— a very line bitch eignt
r een months old and puppies four
months. R. I). McDonald, River rails, V\ rit=.
RIN(i —Diamond cluster ring, with I-carat
sapphire in center; also elegant! Vi-carat
solitaire gentleman's sapphire ring; a perfect
t:eanty. Room 2x >, Schuttc Block.
SI'KCIAI, MAI.K of second-hand stoves
md carpets at Ryan Furniture and Ex
change Company, 14i! aud 144 seventh st.
DKKSSi.s made very reasonable, fit.so;
fancy waists. $.'; good fit guaranteed.
M Thompson ay.
U«<iY HARNKSB (single); must be
cheap and in good condition. Call 17'J
East Third st. •
"*Ar t tlcleM of Incorporation of tlie St.
Paul Trmisl'er aud Storage Com- v
pan>'. •-. ,
euts. That we, the undersigned, do
hereby associate ourselves together and
hereby agree upou and adopt the following
Articles of Incorporation for the purpose of
forming a Corporation under the Laws of
the state of Minnesota, pursuant to and in
conformity with the provisions of Title 2.
Chapter XXXIV., General Statutes of 1878,
aud the Acts amendatory thereof.
The name of this Corporation shall be St.
Paul Transfer and Storage Company.
The general nature of the business and the
purpose of this Corporation shall be to han
dle, keep, siore, move, lift, forward, trans
port and transfer any and ali kinds of mov
able things and property within the Mate of
Minnesota, to acquire, possess, hold and
transfer all such real estate and personal
property, or construct such buildings as are
or may be necessary or convenient for the
complete carrying on of said business.
The principal place of transacting the busi
ness of this Corporation shall be at St. Paul,
Ramsey County, Minnesota.
The time of the commencement of this
Corporation snail be the fiist (Ist) day of
January, A. D. isit">. ana it shall continue to
exist for Thirty (30) years.
The amount of Capital Stock of this Cor
poration shall be Fiity Thousand (SSU.OUO)
Dollars, and the snine shall be paid in as
called for fey the Board of Directors.
The highest amount of indebtedness or
liability to which said Corporation shall be
at any time subject is Tweuiy-five Thousand
($2*000) Dollars.
The names and places of residence of the
persons forming this Association for Incor
poration are as follows, to-wit:
John B. St. Aubin, of tt. Paul, Ramsey
County, Minnesota. »
Louis N. Dion, of St. Paul, Ramsey County,
Joseph A. Brnuelle, of Bt. Paul, Ramsey
County, Minnesota.
The names of the first Board of Directors of
this Corporation shall be John B. St. Aubin.
Louis N. Dion and Joseph a. Bruuelle. and
the said Board of Directors may, after the
first year, be increased to fire (5t In number.
The Hoard of Directors shall be choseu an
nually by the Stockholders at such time and
place, and in such manner as shall be pro
vided tor by the By-Laws of this Corpora
The officers of this Corporation shall be a
President. Vice President* Secretary. Treas
urer and General Manager, who %hali be
e;ected annually by the Board of Directors.
and from their own number, and any two of
said offices maybe occupied aud filled by
one person.
The officers who shaM act and have the
management of the business of this Corpo
ration during the nrst year shall be John B.
St. Aubin. Presideut and General Manager;
Louis N. Dion, Vice Presidentaa4 Treasurer,
and Joseph A. Brunelle. Secretary.
Tbe Capital Stock of this Corporation shall
be divided into Five hundred (SW) shares of
One hundred ($100.00) Dollars each.
In Testimony Whereof, We hay« hereunto
subscribed our names and afiixed our stain,
this First (Ist) day of December, A. D. 1894.
JOHN B. ST. AUBIK, [Seal.]
LOUIS N. DION. [Seal.]
Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the Pres
ence of- J. L. Haas.
H. B. Fahweix.
County of Ramsey. f *
On this first (Ist) day of December, A. T>.
1894, before roe, a Notary Public within and
for said Ramsey County. State of Minnesota,
personally appeared John B. St. Aubin.
Louis N. Dion and Joseph A. Rnmelle, to
me known to be the persons described in and
who executed the foregoing Articles of In
corporation* and they each acknowledged
that they executed the same freely and
voluntarily, and for the uses aud purposes
therein expressed.
Witness my baud and official seal the day
aud year above written.
i Notarial I Notary Public,
| Seal, f Ramsey County,
County of Kams<ey. I
Office op the RkoisTf.r of Deeds.
This is to certify tnat the within Instru
ment was filed for record In this office at St.
Paul on the 3d day of Dec.. A. D. 1894, at
3:45 o'clock p. m., and that the saroc was duly
recorded iii Book II of Incorporations,
pages 114. CIIAB. L. HAAS.
itegitier of Deed*
By O. Bayard, Deputy.
Department of State. f
1 hereby certify that the within Instrument
wat filed for record In this office m\ the 4th
day of Dec, A. D. ISM, at 4:15 o'clock p. m.,
aud wiiH duly recorded In Book: I. 3, of In
corporations, oa Page —.
F. P. BROW 7*.
Secretary of SUS9.
Both Vocal and
This series contains not only the brilliant productions of
the brightest composers of the present day, but also those
Jewels of Song that, because of their exquisite worth, will
live forever.
It is designed, not for professional musicians, societies or
church choirs, but is pre-eminently adapted to increase the
pleasure of the home-circle and render home tenfold more at
tractive to the young and doubly enjoyable for the older mem
bers of the family than it otherwise would be.
WHY PAY A BIG RENT? Is not that what you do when
you go to a big'store and pay 50 cents for only one song in
stead of taking advantage of the "GLOBE'S" great distribu
tion of "The World's Sweetest Songs" at a cost to you of less
Half a Cent Each ?
Why this immense difference; do you ask? The rent of a
big store is enormous, and printing music in very small edi
tions is costly/ to say nothing of a force of stylish clerks that
must be in waiting to serve one single piece of music, neatly
wrapped and tied with a silk cord. While we pay no rent,
print this series in enormous editions, and distribute it by the
thousands daily.
Think of It! Patti's Favorites,
20 Lovely Songs, Excellent Paper, Handsomely Printed, Ele
gantly Bound, Worth, at Sheet Music Prices, About $10.00.
flrtc? 1 7 I A H X 7 Si
mio i, 1,0, t, j, v, i ,o
Out-of-town purchasers will save time and postage by
sending for the whole series at once. We will then be able
to place this prize complete in your hands in ample time for
the holidays.
Do not miss getting this work, because it is easily worth 50
times our price. NO COUPONS. 10 cents in silver (not
stamps) secures each part. Address
Art Department, Daily Globe.
Back numbers supplied at same rate, postage paid.

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