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"Ql j;i:it PFOPL!!" AND "TIIK
Hill City Residents Can Now Se
cure These Klegant Works
at Home.
The Gi.obi 's holiday offer of wit and
music, in the form of Palmer Tux's
"Queer People" and "The World's
Sweetest Songs" has beer, received with
so much favor by the residents of Min
neapolis, atut the mailorders from there
are so heavy, that it lias been decided
to nlace them on sale at the Minneap
olis Hi obk office, so that all those desir
ing the work can be accommodated
and quickly. Ten cents in silver
buys anj part of either work, and,as
the BOpply of the full sets of each is
limited, all should come early. "Queer
People" is the funniest and "The Song
s the sweetest work ever nut
forth from a printing press. Ca!! at the
Ui.oiik office, in Minneapolis, and get
• y and Fox will give two more
performances of "fidt Tamales" at the
. matinee and evening.
"The Charity Ball," presented by
Ciustitve Frohman's company, will be
seeu .it the Grand the last three nights
of next week.
Stuart Kobson closes his engagement
at the Grand tonight. This afternoon
ii.v play will be "She Stoops To Con
quer." u:.u this evening "ihe Henri
Stunrt Robson will give the last two
performances at Hie Grand today. At
the matinee he will present "She Stoops
to Conquer," and this evening, the ever
popular American play, "The Henri
The Metropolitans open an engage
ment at the Grand Monday evening in
Yon Suupe's delightful comic opera.
"Pygmalion and Galama," which will
be preceded by Offenbach's "The liose
of Auvergne."
1. L'ryou, residing at 26:29 Sixteenth
avenue si utheast, had two nbs broken
recently while unloading a load of
boxes. He was employed by Wyinari,
Partridge & Co., ana is rapidly recover
ing from his injury.
The Commercial club people will be
entertained Saturday evening, Dec. 15,
by an illustrated lecture on Old Mexico
bj X.an Campbell, of Chicago. All
members and their ladies are invited.
No charge will In- made.
■ The Ninth Ward People's Party
league has elected the following dele
gates to the state league nie-etiiiK next
month: O. Solburg, M. Johnson. .1. \v.
Oyen, T. W. O'Brien, E. I. Chamber
laid, VV. Keller, A. L. Anderson, C.
Gibson, A. 11. Nelson: from the ward
at large. 11. 15. Hammond, Charles
Kartell, J. L). Master.
Jeit tlildretb, residing at 501 Tenth
avenue south, and one of the original
discoverer^ of guld iv the Rainy Lake
,is lynijr dangerously ill at his
Lome. lie was taken sick soon after
liis return from the cold :ields with in
flatuu:ation of the bowels, brought on
by exposure. Although delirious, it
v. as thought yesterday morning that he
v.ould ultimately recover.
The Keramic club opened Thursday
at OUS First avenue south with a very
interesting display of decorated china
and glass, representing tho work of the
following ladies, who compose the club:
Mrs. li. E. Uice, president; .Mrs. C. S.
Jelley. vice president: Mrs. F. G. llol
brook. secretary ana treasurer; Mrs. s
13. bails, Miss Henrietta Wright, Mrs '
M. B. I'indeil, Mrs. Perry Harrison,
Mis* Lucie Gilbert, Mrs. M. L. Luthi*
Mrs. J. 11. Lyle, Miss White, Mrs. E.
li. Center.
Charles Hegberg, engineer at the
Windsor i,. use. was arrested Thursday
night by Officer .Nick Smith and lined
IK yesterday for drunkenness. Later
yesterday forenoon one of the girls em
ployed at the hotel called at the police
court and asked for a warrant for lleg
berg for assault and battery, claiming
that 1 ttursday night Hegberg attempted
to get into a room occupied by herself
ami two ottier girls and that when he
failed he threw broken furniture over
Hit- transom, severely injuring one of
liie girls.
Carlvle changed the utterance of the
ancient?, "Know thyself" to "Know
what thou canst do." It is the ability to
do this that commends Dr. Price's Bak
ing Powder to every housekeeper.
Case Was Dismissed.
Judge Elliott yesterday dismissed the
suit brought by James \V. Tufts against
Wii] 11. Carr to recover $1,075 which he
alleged was due on a lot of soda water
apparatus ordered by the defendant.
The motion m dismiss made by the de
feuaaat a as granted on the ground that
Carr countermanded the order before
the fountain was completed. In spite
of the countermanding order Tults went
ahead and completed the apparatus,
snipped it, and, on Cart's refusal to pay
for it brought suit. Judge Elliott is of
the opinion that had work on the order
been stopped at the time of the recep
tion or iue countermanding order and
suit been brought for damages incurred
up to that time the action would have
been sustained.
Common Council Meeting.
The meeting of the common council
last nieht was uninteresting, the time
being taken ud with matters of a strictly
routine nature. Bids for various com
dk ditiea were opened and read. Among
other thiutrs a cummitlee was appointed
to see if Jaa.es McMullen was comply
ing with the garbage cmniact.
That our wonderful remedy "MOTHERS
FRIEND," which makes child-birth easy may
be v.-ithin the ruarh Fall v. c have reduced the
vrice to «»r.c- Dollar per bottle. Beware of
frauds, counterfeits and substitutes.
. . . SOLD BY AM. DRUGGISTS. . . .
Write for book "TO BOTHERS" mailed
Sole Proprietor*. Atlanta. Ua.
JU* THE 1 to 4 BAY CURE.
At Druggists or sent with Syringe for $1.00.
" Injection Malydor is THE HEST of all similar
remedies.'' Dr. HENRY RENY, Uiddeford Me
MALYDOK MFG. CO., Lancaster. 0., U.S. A
"It will all come out
in the wash," •
a you use Pearliiie.
Flour City Society Enjoys
Itself at the Lyceum
It Proves to Be the Eve U
or" the Social Sea
He Skipped Away From Rhine
lander—General News
The "cruiser bail" lias come and
cone. It occurred last nisrht at Hie Ly
ceum theater. There is no doubt tliat
it was one of the must successful and
magnificent affairs ever conducted in
the Flour City. The proceeds, which
were very large, will go toward the pur
chase of a silver service for the new
government war ship cruiser Minne
anulis, If the service corresponds in
ruagnitictr:?*l to lust night* hall the
'•jelly tar«" who will not liavn the
pleasure of" dining at the table where
she is used, and the officers who will,
ought to be satisfied. It is to cost 55,000.
The wealth, fashion and beauty of
Minneapolis graced the theater. There
was no end to the handsome costumes.
Pretty women and gleaming shoulders
could be seen on all sides. Those who
had diamonds wore them, and those
who were not possessors of the rare
stones no doubt borrowed their neigh
bors', for to all appearances every lady
ill the house was adorned with jewels
that scintillated, jewels that Hashed and
dazzled the eye. The theater was a
veritable garden. The decorators,
Meiidenhall, the Uorist, and others, had
succeeded in transforming the cozy
temple of the drama to a vast tropical
arbor. The dancing floor was as smooth
as it was possible to make it. There
were iso novices dancing on it last night.
They would have come to grief had
they even made at attempt at "tripping
the light," etc.
The place was brilliantly illuminated.
Directly over the center of the statre
hone an electrolier of rifty-five thirty
two-catidle power licbts. Combining;
this with the hundreds of smaller lights,
it will readily be seert that the theater
was as iiir't as though the sun had full
sweep through it. The atmosphere was
Heavy With the Perfume
of flowers, added to which was the fra
grance shed by the hundreds of deli
cately seemed lace handkerchiefs in the
hands of the lair sex.. Enclosing the
statre wore sets of scenes painted for
the occasion^ and above was a frescoed
ceiling, which bid i'rotn vie* the flies
and stage trappings. There were about
500:eais in the parquet circle, which
were reserved for spectators. The bal
cony was also reserved for the same
In the center of the rear of the stajre
on a table stood a diminutive war ves
sel, composed tor the most part or flow
ers. it was supposed to represent
"Cruiser Minneapolis." A box on either
side of the stage was devoted to frappe
tables, and in the rooms on the side
were the refreshment booth". The
tables in these booths were tastefully
decorated with flowers and ferns. In
ihe center of one stood a ship of flowers
—red carnations. On another was a
mammoth bouquet of white and pink
1 here were at least a thousand peo
ple present, and the dancing Hoor dur
ing some of the dances was crowded,
uncomfortably. Company A, Minnesota
national iruard, was present to the num
ber of thirty-two men. There were five
sergeants and three commissioned offi
cers. Capt. Fred A. Ames was in com
mand. The boys were en guard duty.
and were stationed at the various boxes
and entrances. •As a whole they pre
sented a line appearance, and Capt.
Ames was complimented tor it by sev
eral of the "regular" dicers from Fort
Snelliiiir. Among: the officers from the
fort who were present In full army re
galia were: Gen. Mason and wife. Oapt.
and Miss Haie, Capt. Borden and wife,
Capt. Wilkinson, Lieuts. Kennedy, But
ler, Buudy and wife, Murray and wife.
Wolf, Maiford, Smith. George Morgan
and wife, and Houle. Mrs. French, Miss
E&gleston and Miss Mason were also
guests from the fort.
The orchestra consisted of forty pieces
and was led by Frank Danz. The
musicians were stationed in the gallery.
The famous '•Torchlight'" overture of
Meyerbeer was rendered before the
opening of the dance programme. The
dancing commenced shortly after 9
o'clock. Then; were twenty numbers
as foilows:
I, Waltz. "Senorita." Moore; 2, lan
cters, "Luriiue," Wiegand; 3, polka,
"GerMer." liia!; 4. landers, "I'aris
ienue," OSenbach; 5, Deux Temps,
"Manhattan Bead!, 7' Sousa; 6, landers,
"Araericus Club,' Wiegand; 7, waltz,
"Flirtation." Bial: 8. laueicrs, "Said
laslia, ' Staol; 9, waltz, "Santiago,"
Corbin: 10, Duex Temps, "Liberty
Bell, Sousa; 11, waltz, "Toreador,"
Royale; 12, polka, "Midnight," Wald
teufel; 13, waitz, "Strauss' Autograph,"
\\ anen; 14. Deux Temps, "Bello of
Chicago," Sousa; 15, waltz. "Blue
Danube."' Strauss; 10. Deux Temps.
"Twenty-second iiegiment," Heltus
mueller; IT, waltz. "Vienna Bloods,"
Strauss; 18, Deux Temps, "Night
Bun-;.' DeWitt: 19, Deux Temps,
"yioletta," Strauss; 20, waltz. "Good
Ihe following gentlemen comprised
the Jloor committee: Col. C. McC.
Reeve, C. B. Eustis, H. B. Whitmore,
D. M. Chute, John E. James, C. S.
Langdoa, W. F. Brooks, Dr. F. A.
Duniinoor, John Crosby, W. 11. Jones.
G. C. Chrittiau, C.T. Velie aud J. K.
\ auderlip.
Pi ice's Cream Baking Powder is the
chivalrous knight of modern women.
Without stain of adulteration, the pur
est and best.
Sheriff After a bmnll-Pox Hospital
Sheriff E. Brazil!, of Khinelatider,
Wis., arrived in tiiecity on Friday and
registered at the Grand Central hotel.
He Is on a business trip, and the pur
port of his visit is to locate and take
back with him a Minneapolis man
named Swansoß. Ithinelander is a city
of about 5.000 inhabitants, and has at
the present time tne unenvied notoriety
ot having small-pox within its limits.
Swanson last week and also the week
before was left in charge of the two
small-pox patients.who are both isolated
as well as the narrow limits of the town
will permit. The particular reason why
Swanson was put in charge was
that he was acquainted with one
of the patients, having worked In
the same lumber camp with him.
On Monday last Swausoti disappeared
from Khinelander and took with him
his patient's wearing apparel and a gold
watch and chain. The sheriff ascer
tained that he walked some thirty miles
from Rluaelaoder and there took a
ticket for Minneapolis, where he lias
relatives. He wrote a letter to Helen
Swanson, of 1805 Chicago avenue, this
city, but on Sheriff Urazell calling there
yesterday no trace of the wanted man
was found-
Late yesterday afternoon Sheriff Bra
zell had not located hia muu, but bad
obtained some inform*.'.''l! A* 1 *' eA
him to go to St. Paul in tie sOfli.
It is stated that Shannon some n onths
ago hail the disease himself, but recov
ered, ami was for that reason employed
to nurse the sick. Two men at Uiiine
laudi-r now have the disease in a mild
form. There is no danger of us spread
An Attempt Will Re Mntle to
Brian liim to Time
One of tie extreme resources of the
law is aUut to bo tried by an attorney
in an attempt to brink: C. B. Bnime, the
attorney, to time. Some time ago si civil
action was brought against Biameuy
Jennie L. Ilya:t, formerly the Metro
politan Maike. company,tor alleged em
bezzlement 01 funds collected from Por
tei and Tremaine I. G. Godlej. Brume
was to have half of til* money collided,
but it is alleged that he kept it all.
A judgment let t.;:;.:>;; was seemed
against him, and criminal action
was brought against him. lie was
convicted, out is to try for redress
in ihe supreme court. Then Brame
levied an attachment on the juuinnent
against him, and the plaintiff alleges
that the cleric of the municipal court iv
luses to order the execution of the
judgment on this account. E. 11. Reid
ell was the oue. who served the papers,
anil now it is alleged that lie was not a
police ollicer at all, but simply a special
officer appointed by tlie mayor with
limited authority; George 6. Grimes is
attorney for Jennie L. Hyatt, ami now
he proposes to use extreme measures.
He has already served papers on Brame
ordering him tv appear in the district
court and show cause. Plaintiff de«
mands that he pay her 133.33,0r else
show cause why lie should not us pun
ished for Contempt of court lor holding
hack money colliCteJ.
University Athletics.
The meeting of the Athletic associa
tion to be held tomorrow evening for the
election of a football manager, is setting
the political circles at the university
considerably agag. Three candidates ate
at present in the held— James E.
O'Brien, the present incumbent of the
ofiice; Grant Van bant ana J- 11. Evans.
As a result the hails ot the main build
ins: have been the scenes of some "hot"
political work of late. The general
sentiment oi the students is tor electing
the candidate who is the best man for
the place, and it the students vote as
they talk, the next manager Will be
elected without regard to collect* pieju
dice or combinations: The laet mat
O'Brien is a iuw stuut-nt, However, and
that the law department may send over
a mrong delegation to elect then man,
may lead to a "combine" among tile
academics. Inn election is helu several
weeks earlier titan on previous years to
eiiabie the new manager to begin his
correspondence in regard to dates before
the schedules of the other college tt^uis
are made up.
book Out for Him.
People are warned to look out for a
gentleman representing himself to be a
iuindreader desirous oi helping ladies
tj recover lost jewels. The individual
referred to has been operating in sev
eral localities in the city, lie has vis
ited a number or houses and insisted
that the ladies of the house- had lost
precious diamonds and pearls, and as
serted that be was willing to hud the
missing articles of value. His purpose
is evidently only to "take in" the s'u
rouudiugs ana acquaint himself with
the effects of the house, hoping by his
story to draw out information concern
ing just what jewels of worth are in the
house. It will be well for all having
valuables in the house to keep an eye
peeled for this inquisitive intruder.
Hastily Summoned.
Mrs. Mary Deshainuo, residing at ISIO
Aldrich avenue north, dropped dead
last evening in front of Seirelbaum's
store, corner of Nicollet avenue and
Third street. Coroner Spring caused
the body to be removed to the county
morgue, where a post-mortem examina
tion will be held this moraine a!!)
o'clock. It is believed the woman died
of heart disease. Her husband is ■
lumberman, and at present is emplojed
In the woods.
The nourishing food prepared by
Price's Cream Baking Pow.ler is a po
tent factor in our civilization. It sup
plies Strength and endurance.
Hanging In a. Fad.
W. C. Warren; a young fellow, was
sent to the workhouse yesterday to
serve out ten days for beiiur drunk.
When he was brought into the ceutra
police station Thursday night he was
given Cell 13 to sleep in. During the
evening he attempted suicide by tying
his suspenders around his neck and fas
tening them to the iron bars of the cage.
But tne officers had experienced oiie
suicide several nights before and
didn't propose to take any more chance?,
so placed the young fellow in a straight
jacket and kept him there until morning.
Col. King's Co-Plaintiff Dead.
Col. William S. Kinc, has received a
telegram from llion. N. \., that F. C.
Shephard, co-plaintiff with bim in the
famous case of Shephard. Osgood and
King vs. Walter C. Squires and wife,
which involves several millions, is dead
as a result of a surgical operation. The
other co-plaintiff, Phillip Osiiood, is
also on his death bed. The death of Mr.
Shephard removes one of the most im
portant witnesses in the case.
Charged With Arson.
Wiliiara Gillen was arraigned in the
district court yesterday on the charge of
arson. His trial will occur Jan. 17.
Former indictments have alleged for
gery and perjury. This indictment
alleges that he s«t lire to or caused to be
hred the building at 2536 Twenty-sev
enth avenue south, which was insured
by the Germania Fire Insurance com
pany for 1800.
The Deeds Are Signed.
The two deeds for the land presented
by ihomas Lowry to the city tor reser
voir purposes, are in the city attorney's
hands. They have been duly signed,
and the city attorney is examining the
title so he can report to the city council.
The first deed is for the actual reservoir
site, and the second deed embraces the
forty-five acres.
OJeo Cases Nolled.
The oleomargarine cases, which have
been dragging themselves through the
district court for over a year and a half,
were finally disposed of yesterday.
The cases against J. C. Nelson, C. U.
Miller and William Vv, Severy were
nolled before Judce HicKs. All of the
defendants had gone out of business,
and some of them had died.
Ihomas Lowry in America.
Thomas Lowry arrived in Mew York
yesterday on the Teutonic and Is now at
the Holland house. He will remain in
New York until some time next week.
He reports a highly enjoyable and suc
cessful trip. Mrs. Lowry will remain
abroad uutil some time In February.
A special venire of twenty men to
serve as petit jurors in the district court
was called by Clerk Dickey yesterday.
A petition for letters of adminlstra
tion in the $3.000 estate of Eugene
When Baby was sick.
We gave her Castorla.
When she was a Child,
She cried for Caatoria.
When she became Miss.
She clung to Castoria.
When Bhe had Children,
bbc gave them Castona.
j Haley has been fried in the probate
{ court,
I«>U}» NhrridHn. Indicted for assaulting
(<'..,,, '*" £Pl>«. who was badly cut
■ in the melee, v *" *^»S^ Jf "»•*•
--i trict court yesterday. -•-.■-. * .
Judge Russell has filed an orrW
overruling the demurrer 10 the com*
plaint in the suit brought by G. Eliusou
against Henry G. Sidle M al.
Hiram Walter and Harry Whitaker,
charged with &t*ailnj( four overcoats
from the. Johnsons, w»re plin^d on trial
yesterday in Hie district court. nill \
Judce Elliott took under advisement
yesterday the suit brought by the Cleve
land Co-operative Stovo Company
against Muiphy it Leisses to recover
the value of eight stoves. The jury
was waived. ' '-
Judge Russell has dismissed the suit
brought by Ole Peterson against Scanty
Swanson to recover 15,000 damages :for
injuries received last winter at'Wiiu
bledom, M. 1). The dismissal was made
at the. motion of the defendant. .. f ..-.,>
Lillian Barrymore was granted a di
vorce from Actor Harry 1. Harry
yesterday by Judge Smith. Lillian told
the court of a number of instances
where Harry had maltreated her, with
threats and blows. Drunkenness was
also alleged. .;
Judgment for $1,250 In favor of the
plaintiff was given yesterday by Judge.
Russell in the suit brought by C. 11.
Maxey against The German Insurance
Company of Frt-eport. The defense
made no appearance. This was one of
the famous Star Eie valor cases, the oth
ers being continued.
The two suits brought by Sam H.
Heed against Brick Lund to recover 92S
tor labor and £1,703.50 on a sub-contract
on the erection of a large building in
Sioux City. 10.. were commenced before
Judge Elliott yesterday and continued
until Monday morning, the jury being
] •''.'.''•£" E'lWll y^steiM^y afternoon
took iiu th« suit brought by Frances
Holmes "t al. against Tne Massachu
setts Benefit Association to recover
(10.000, the value of a policy taken out
by Henry \V. Holmes In 181)1. The de
fendant alleges that fraud was used in
securing the policy.
Hattie Hines was granted a divorce
yesterday from Frank Ilines, the testi
mony disclosing that immediately after
I her baby was b;,rn Mis. [lines was de
; serted. Mrs. Josephine Peterson was
, also released from George Peterson on
'.he ground of adultery. Peterson was
shown to have incurred a bill of £157 for
drink, and a penchant for Mrs. Peter
son's domestics.
Judge Hicks did not give his decision
yesterday in regard to the demurrer to
the indictment brought in against Will
iam Lyuch, charging him with burglar
izing a railroad car in the Minneapolis
& St. Louis yards. F. J. Geist, attor
ney for Lynch, urged that the indict
ment against him did not contain any
I allegation mat the car contained any"
I thing of value, while County Attorney
I Hall urged that the indictment con
tained the words "goods and chattels,"
and that implied value.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorsa.
Troubles of the Transcontinental
Are Practically Settled.
Chicago, Dec. 14.—The Western
lines made considerable progress today
with the Canadian Pacific proportion of
the New York emigiant business de
manded by tiiat line. The original de
mand of the Canadian Pacific was fur 25
per cent of all business coining: into the
port of New Yor*, which demand ihe
other lines positively refused to grant.
The advisory rominittee of the emigrant
clearing house finally induced the Can
adian Pacific to consider a proposition
of SO per cent, witti a slight territorial
concession in the Northwest, which
will brine the total proportion of
the Canadian Pacific to a trifle
over 20 per cent. The chances
are that an agreement wilt be reached
ed on this basis at tomorrow's meeting.
At the afternoon session the same tier lit
on differentials was taken up with
slightly better chances of an agreement
being reached, but still nothing had
been arranged when the meeting ad
journed. The general meeting of all the
lines is adjourned from day to day
to allow the transcontinental line's
to struggle with the Canadian Pacific.
When the general meeting convenes
tomorrow, a plan of organization will
be submitted by the trans-Missouri
committee. The transcontinental traffic
managers have failed to reach an agree
ment, and decided to adjourn until Jan.
14. when they will meet again in this
city. The matter Is left in about thu
same condition as at the begiunintr of
the meetings. A new schedule of rates
was prepared and submitted to the
members, but did uot meet the approval
of all, and was finally dropped.
The elaborate plant of Price's Cream
Baking Powder—the largest in exist
ence—ts a realistic portrayal of what
merit can achieve.
Sensational Scheme Said to Be
Back of the Move.
Chicago, Dec. 14.—The Herald to
morrow wiilsay: "A sensational con^
biuation is concealed behind the at
tempt ot the branch lines of the Union
Pacitic to secure separate receiverships.
Should the attempt be successful, and
separate receivers be appointed for
the Oregon short Line hnd Utah North
ern, ah independent system will
be established. The plan Uto combine
the Oregon Short line and the Utah
Northern with the Ore|op Hallway and
Navigation company In an independent
system, and then secure a California
outlet by extending the branch now
ending at Frisco. This would require
the building of about 400 miles of new
track if the branch were extended to
San Francisco.
la the Rate Sheet of the Twin
City Association.
The new rate sheet of the Twin
Cities will so into effect today. The
tariff, for the first time in the history ot
the rate sheet association, will include
the rates of the troublesome Soo live to
eastern territory. The rates of the Soo
are a trifle lower than those of the St.
Paul-Chicago lines, but these same rates
apply on the latter roads to the same
eastern territory via Chicago and Mon
treal. Otherwise there are few changes
In the sheet, and where there are
changes they are very slight.
Alton Next in Line.
Chicago, Dec. W.— The Alton is the
next road to be attacked on the switch
ing oharge of 12 per car on all ship
ments of stock received at the Union
.Stock Yards of Chicago. Advices "from
Springlield, 111., are to the effect that
James Brown, of Dwlght, 111., has iiled
a bill ntrainst the road, alleging that the
switching charges hie extortionate. The
case is set for hearing in Chicago, Jan.
10 next.
The Rock I eland's Quarterly.
New York. Dec. 14.—The directors
of the Kock island railroad today de
clared a quarterly dividend of one-half
per cent. President Cable, of the Kock
Island, states that the dividend declared
was fully earned, and that no statement
of earnings wiii be published uutil the
annual repori is made up.
Marine Movements.
New York. Deo. 14.—Arrived: Gre
cian from, Glasgow.
Southampton, Deo. 14.—Arrived:
Berlin from New York.
Lbiou. Deo. 14.—Arrived: Minnesota,
Lonlk»-, Deo. 14.—Arrived : Missis^
uppi, Mew York.
GONE WITH $40,000,
Chicago Man Charged With a
Sensational Case of Em
The Missing- Man Said to Be
Safely Hidden in
Bail Fixed at $25,000, Which
as Yet Has Not Been
Chicago. Dec. 14.-Charles S. Pnr
iiigton, president of the Purington
Brick company, is missing, His father
in-law, T. S. Dobbins, "who was his
business associate, charges him with
misappropriating $40,000 of the firm's
money. Purington was at his office
Thursday ot last week, when he sent a
note to his wife saying he was eoing to
Milwaukee to be absent « few days. He
left without saying anything to the
office attaches, and has not been seen
Since; neither ha.3 any word or
tidings been received from him.
it was thought he might have
been foully dealt with when his
disappearance was first noticed, as no
one suspected any irregularities m his
business affairs. An investigation, how
ever. Mr. Dobbins says, revealed that
his accounts with the company were not
correct. The extent of the discrepancy
is not yet known, as the investigation is
not yet complete. Mr. Dobbins says it
may exceed {40,000, as transactions not
shown on the books are continually
coming. to light.
All in the Family.
The missing man was the president
and general manager of the Purington
Brick company, which was capitalized
at $100,000. His father-in-law, T. S.
Dobbins, who was the secretary and
treasurer of the company, was the one
who furnished tne capital. All or. the
stock was held in tii* family, Mrs. Dob
bins and other women members holding
a tew shares. While Dobbins furnished
the capital, he allowed his son-in-law
one-half of the profits. This was con
siderable for ti period, but during the
last year the business was conducted at
a loss. Pttringtou'a persona, obligations
be^an to accumulate, and of late thry
became pressing. This is believed to be
the reason for his alleged appiopriation
orlhe company's money to liis own use.
One note held against him for $1,500 was
to have gone to protest last Monday.
"His irregularities do not cover a
period of more than a month," said Mr.
Dobbins, "but he got away with nearly
ail my ready cash 1:: that time. The way
he did it was to collect bills due the firm
and pocket the money. I cannot tell
now how much he did t«ke in this way
but it looks like $40,000; it mr.y go over
that. 1 had no suspicion he had acted
dishonestly with me until after he had
Purington's brother aays the missing
man is "all right.'' It is rumored that
he is in Mexico. Mr. Dobbins says that
he has a man looking for his son-in-law
and it he can be brought back to Chica
go he wili prosecute him. Purington's
wife is prostrated, and her father de
clares that she will never live with Pur
ington again.
Failure is an unknown quantity.
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adhere to Price's Cn am Baking Pow
der as a leavening power.
Lynn Girl Claims She Shot Her
Lover in Self-Defense.
Ly.nx, Mass., Dec. 14.—Miss Annie
Maud Brewer, who shot her former
lover, G. VV. Latimer, at her home in
this city yesterday, was captured early
today. When taken to the station house
she was defiant, and said she did not
regret the act. but was sorry that she
had not killed Lallmer. The victim of
the shooting is still alive, although no
hopes are given of his recov
ery. Miss Brewer was arraigned
in court, charged with murderously
assaulting Latimer. She pleaded not
guiity, and was held in $15,00U for the
superior court next Wednesday. In an
interview with a reporter of the Asso
ciated Press Miss Brewer said: "It was
either me or him. and 1 shot him in
self-defense, Hh became enraged, and
pulled a phial of chloroform from his
pocket, and said that we would end the
matter by dying together, lie tried to
throttle i;ie to dfath, and when I pulied
the revolver from the bureau he strug
gled to get it. and In the struggle it
went off." Miss Brewer's throat has sev
eral marks on it.
Bail Fixed at $25,000, Which as
Yet Has Not Been Secured.
New Youk, Dee. 14.—Samuel C. See
ley, late bookkeeper of the Shoe and
Leather National bank, this city, is to
nitrht a fully barred prisoner in corn-
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fortabJe apartments iv Ludlow street
•Seeiey arrived at the Pennsylvania
railroad depot, at Jersey City, this even
ing by the fastest train that runs be
tween Chicago and New York. On
alighting he faced some forty reporters
and artists assembled on No. 12 plat
form. Awaiting Hie arrival of the train
was the prisoner's legal adviser and
confidential lawyer.Angel. The captivß
was completely unfettered. He walked
between .Marshal Arnold and Detective
"Andy" Nugent. His eyes were turned
tO ii.J ernuud,"and he looked anxious,
carewoTt) i»i! rt even haggard. His long,
flowing bloilde mustache had be*u
shorn to a ruiiJJfcd stubble, and
the dyer's stuff fiad tempered it
into a reddish brown. His
immediate trappings consisted of a
large-sized woman's dress box of white
cardboard, ti*d with ordinary string.
He took up a seat at the back of the
coach, sitting beside Marshal Arnold,
and the pair had before them on the
opposite seat United States Marshal
McCarthy and Bank President Crane.
The office of Commissioner Shields was
crowded, mostly by the press, and only
immediate friends of the accused pres
ent were Samuel Amer, his assistant at
the bank and brother-in-law, and M. E.
Haileuback, an uncle of Seeley's wife.
The commissioner read the substance
of the warrant, the prisoner meantime,
standing in a respectful and attentive
attitude. Immediately the ques
tion of bail or jail was raised, and
Mr. McFarlane annoonced that under
the circumstances of the crime he asked
that the bail should stand at S&I.000.
Mr. Angel thought that fixing of such an
amount would tend to interfere with
the accused preparing a proper defense.
He thought that Seeley had not acted
like a man who wanted to quit the
country, and asked that the amount
should be fixed at £20,000. He
pointed out that the sum in
volved in the one charge before
the commissioner was one of 55.580,
and for such « sum the amount asked
Was simply abslitd.
Mr. McFarlane mildly insisted, but
after a minute's reflection the commis
sioner fixed the bail at 825.000.
The prisoner was soon afterwards re
moved to a specially prepared apart
ment at Ludlow street jail, where Mr.
Angel has made complete arrangements
for his comfort. Before leaving the
commissioner's room Mr. Crane bade
Seeley "Good night," and shook him
warmly by the hand. To Marshal Ar
nold the prisoner said, in a low tone of
voice: "1 desire, sir, to thank you and
your Chicago friends for all your kind
ness to me, and trust that your trip back
will be a pleasant one."
Three Murderers End Life on the
6a How*.
Ei.bertox, Ga.. Dec. 14.—Alex Will
iams, a negro, was hangud here today
for the murder of Newt Hampton. The
killing- was done in Elberton county
last July. Williams shot Hampton at
ni_ht through a window. He persist
ently denied his guilt, and went to the
gallows without making a confession.
NkwBEDFORD, Mass., Dec. 14. —D. M.
Robertson was hanged in the jail here
this morning. He was dead ten min
utes arter the drop foil. On Sept. It,
IS'J3, having been released from the
house of correction early in the day,
he went to his wife's home and cut her
throat with a pockeiknife because she
had refused to send him some money to
pay his fine.
Windsor, Ont., Dec. 14.—Thomas
Truskey was hanged at Sandwich today
for the murder of Constable William
New Bedford. Mass., Dee, 14.—
Daniel M. Robertson,the wife-murderer.
was hanged here today. Robertson
left a statement in which he says that
he loved his wife and that he did not
intend to kill her.
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Acquitted the Alleged Lynchere.
Mkmphis, Term., Dec. 14.—The jury
in the case of W. S. Richardson and Ed
Smith, charged with beiug implicated
in the lynching of six negro prisoners
on the 31st of August last, this meriting
brought iv a verdict of not guilty. The
attorney general thereupon moved that
the cases against the eleven others in
dicted for the same crime be nolle
prossed, and this was done. The at*
torr.eys for the defense insisted upon a
verdict of not euilty in all the cases, out
to this Attorney General Patterson
would not agree, though intimated that
he would consent to such an entry in
the case of two or three of the eleven.
But the MnrJerers Escaped.
Middi.esijoko. Ky., Dec. 14.—Circuit
Judge W. T. Hall, who wss driven out
of the court house at Hazard, Perry
county, because he ordered Fields and
Atkius, the murderers of County Judge
Combs, to jail, has reconvened court at
Hazard today unmolested. Fields and
Atkins are thought to have tied the
county. Col. (Jaiiher will reach Hazard
not later than Sunday, and is author
ized to take prompt filenames.
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