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The Pullman Car Company
Does Not Pay for Protec
!# Lawful and Should Be
Imposed in This
Kamsey County Will Remain
Neutral on the Speaker
"Why don't the (jlobe advocate the
taxing of the Pullman palace car*?"
asked a zetttletnan of a reporter for the
paper yesterday. The question was
parried with one designed to elicit in
formation as to why the tax gatherer
and assessors don't it quire the corpora
tion alluded to to Day its share of the
burdens of the people.
The sreiitlemau who made the first in
quiry then proceeded to dilate on the
fact that this great corporation is fav
ored in this state. lie said that the
legislature will look into the in utter,
•and a i effort will be made to pass a law
that wilt impose a tax on that (treat cor
poration. He is a lawyer, and has
made some study of the subject. He
alluded to the fact that railroad com
panies pay a lax on their cross earnings.
Pursuits the subject further, lie said:
" I- railways ■'<) not own their sleep
ing and parlor ears except in but few
instances. Where t.;••> da own them
the state a:.-.) counties derive a
benefit in the lax on the earnings of
such cars. In the case of the Pullman
company, however, there is no tax re
ceived iii this state. The Pullman com
pany ' rnoration of the state of
Illinois, with its principal office in v\\\
cago. It owns ami operates its own
ears. Sleepers, parlor ;m<l dining cars
are furnished on the various roads in
the state of Minnesota. The railroad
companies c!o not own them, and no not
collect the charges ■„;■ berths, seats or
dining privileges. The railroads collect
the fare for travel, and the Pullman
company, by means of its own conduc
toi?, collects its own charges. These
charges do nol go into the earniugs of
the railroad companies, and conse
quently esciue taxation. When it is
remembered that many thousands of
dollars aie aiiii'.ialiy collected in this
state by the Puiimau company from the
traveling public, it is perceived that a
(Jrcat Injustice I* Done
to the railroads and citizens generally
who pay taxes.
l'he Pullman company is given the
same protection r«s other companies and
Individuals under th« law, and bears
none ot the burdens of that protection
hi this state. Take last summer as an
example. The great railroad strike was
preeiDitated because of a difference be
tween Pullman and his employe?. Not
«niy the national Kovefhi'np'iit, but the
state, county and city conservators of
the teace were called upon :o protect
property, Ills was dor.c. too, at great
expense, nmniiiu into many thousands
of dollars. If property had bei*n de
stroyed in this slate as in Chicago'or
Pittsburg, years ago, the county, state
,->r city would have been called npon to
pay the loss to the Pullman company.
This condition exists without that com
pany reciprocating by paving a tax to
support tin- |M)\ver that all'ords it and its
property protection.
The railroads have not the authority
and do not return the earnings of the
Pullman company loi the purpose of
taxation. For tliis reason that company
has had protection, and has entirely es
caped taxation upon the great amount
of property it has in this state. The
legislature shtfßd
Look CiHo lite Natter,
and if the law do< - sot at present mak;
the cars and property taxable as so
much property, the defect should be
I lied.
The matter is v.ell settled by decis
ions of the supreme court of the United
States. The case or The Pullman Pal
ace Car Company against the Common
wealth of Pennsylvania decides the
question in favor of faxing j.he oars.
This ease was earned to V.'f United
States supreme court.
The rig;!* to Ux a foreign telegraph
company,was also decided i:- favor of
the state in a ease that wen; up to the
supreme court of the United States
from Massachusetts. A i!-.! ib*r of
states have decisions to the ?r::i« effect.
After hearing tl • s nem r»f the
lawyer in support of his proposition.
the reporter promis d i-> print hia
\ and was promised w.-.-it inforaia
t i in the near future.
They Are DirMed.
The Ramsey county legislative dele
gation in the lower h"use held 11 con
ference yesterday afternoon in the.
office of Henry Johns in the Globe build
ing. AS! were present except Mr.
fterlftcfij of the Eighth ward, and Mr.
Schurmeier, of the Third ward. An
hour was taken up in an amicable dis
cussion of matters in general. It was
found that there was a division of senti
ment its to who would be the next
speaker of the house. They all agreed,
however, that the delegation would not
take any action looking to establishing
the unit rule on the selection of officers
of the house, and that no preference
would be expressed for speaker until
the meeting of the legislature. Noth
ing was determined udoii relative to
legislation, ihe delegation will not for
the present, at least, recommend any
one for any ■rli(:< j.
There, will be a conference of repre
sentatives of the delegation and the
several cummerical bodies of the city
one evening this week in the office of
Senator Stevens on th« municipal
charter bill proposed by the Minneapolis
Word was received from ex-Senator
Babin yesterday that he is indisposed at
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Neither (hii Voii linn- llum, Imi
You l'*iis<l Uic Wrcrks They Uake
V.\ cry %% here.
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heavier than the air and, as you know, per
fectly colorless. If this das had tho least
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cease to wonder why people who live in til
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larly in cold weather, when doors and win
dows are >;ir.:.
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fatigue after exertion and failing, capricious
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vous Irritation, and so stirring the energies
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purity that bus si:>;g»s!e<i a comparison be
tween it and the limpid water ot a mountain
his home in Stiltwater, but will be in
St. Paul today.
The contest for speaker is warming
up. Col. (Jlbbs and ("apt. Van .'raiit. .ire
expected in the city today, and will'
continue the canvass with unabated
VUOI. . *
Couiiuuetl From Fir.sl I*n^;«».
me, i.e.;commander in the colored j
troop department, the- arrested officer \
got the order of arrest set aside. This !
way of doinir things did not suit Col. |
Gillillan. Co!. (Jilhlia.i was no( much !
of an officer as far as personal style and 1
equipment were concerned, lie did not j
rive a fast horse, with a troop of staff]
officers following. lie was just suited ;
for the. position he held. The charac- 1
teiistics I have referred to did not make !
him particular!) popular. The soldiers j
thought lie was too lenient towards citi- j
zen rebels, like his immediate com
mander, (Jen. Rosser."
"He had a strong, judicial, analytical
mind." was the opinion of Hon. Henry
J. Horn, "lie showed always a qiMck
an.i clear apprehension of legal ques
tions. He was one of thosa judees*who
have the desirable quality of deciding
questions by force of his own reason
ings and impressions rattier titan by
relyink entirely upon adjudicated cases.
lie w.;s an enthusiast in,his profession,
and zealous to raise the standard of the
bar in this state. His habits were most
domestic, and he was a devoted father
'and husband."
John M. Gilimn: "Mr. Giliillan was
recanted :llway's as the safest Judge on
the bench, or, ul least, as luily the
equal of any. His decisions gave as
general satisfaction to the profession
as those of any man we ever had in that
position. He was always a patient,
painstaking, earnest man. lie rarely
cited authorities in support of his prop
ositions, but his propositions were
sound and based upon principles well
established by judicial authorities, lie
was a Scotchman, and, like most Scotch
men, very decided in his views. He
was not a timid man in any sense what
ever, and decided cases and all ques
tions as he thought was right, regard
less of every other consideration except
to declare the law as he understood it."
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On© Hundred nnd Fifty People-
of Saxony I'oisonert.
Berlin, Dec. it"..— Great excitement
has been cau?ed at Freiburg. Saxony,
by what appears on its face to be either
criminal negligence or a wholesale at
tempt at poisoning. One hundred and
fifty persons were suddenly stricken
with all the symptoms attending arsenic
poisoning. An investigation showed
that all had partaken of rolls from a
certain bakery shop and an analysis
revealed that the rolls contained arsenic.
One child has died from the eiiect of
the poison. The family of the baker
who sold the rolls did not escape, some
of the members being quite ill. Inquiry
lias been opened in the case of the child
who died.
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Paris, Dec. 16. —President <"asimir-
Perier, the ministers, diplomats, sen
ators ami members of the chamber of
deputies assembled in the court of
DQUor of the I'alais Bourbon today to
iiay the last token of respect to If.
Aaguste Burdeau, president of the
chamber of deputies, who died on
Wednesday last. There were no re
ligious services. A'lthe hitih officials,
with the exception of President Casnnir
l'erier, went to the cemetery. Ihe
route was lined wiih a silent and re
spectful crowd. At the grave a lanje
body of troops and a squadron of tlie
Republican guard marched past. The
body was then interred.
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Salvador Kcasfpied.
London, Dec. 17.— A dispatch from
Madrid to the Times says that, as a re
sult of an interview- Prime Minister
•Sagßsta had today with the queen re-
Sent, th« resignation nt Be nor Salvador,
minister of finance, was accepted. Her
majesty would accept no other changes
in .he ministry.
Hohonlohe Not a Hog.
London, Dec. 17.—A dispatch from
Berlin to the Times t-ays Chancellor
yon llnheiiiohe has gratefully declined
Emperor William's offer to give him
extia emoiamenis to the amount of
100,000 murks annually, to compensate
him lor thu loss of salary tie sustained
liy giving up tlit) stadthotlership of
Alsace-Lorraiuu to accept th« chancel
An Appeal to the Country
Demanded by Crispi s
King- Humbert Calls the Vari
ous Leaders to Con' i
With Hirr
Proroguing- the Session of the
Chamber of Deputies-
London Stocks.
Rome, Dee. 16.—The Messaggmir re
port.-, that ex-Prime Minister (iiolitti
and otimrs said to be implicated in »the
bank scandals will be arrested. The
paper says that the troops have been
hurriedly summoned, and are already
arriving, to reinforce the garrison in
Koine. A meeting, attended by 150 op
position members of the chamber of
deputies. was held this afternoon. Mar
quis di liudini, ex-prime minister, pre
sided, lie was supported by £>Krs.lbriu.
Cayatottj and Sen a nielli. The meeting
was convened for the purpose or dis
cussing the advisability of charging the
opposition members to get up a protest
against the prorogation. Marquis di
Kudini declared that be intended to ad
dress a protest to his constituents. The
result of tin' meeting is not Known, but
it is stated that great indignation was
expressed because of the povernment's
action, and that the speakers insisted
upon an appeal to the country as the
judge between Sgr. Crispi and the
opposition. As parliamentary proroga
tion is regarded as the inevitable pre
lude to dissolution. King Humbert lias
summoned the various leaders to confer
with him on the situation. The Ki
forma, Sgr. Crispi's organ, approves
the demand of the opposition that an
appeal be made to the country. A de
cree has been issued suspending in
definitely the policeofficials wl.o were
implicated in the abstraction of docu
ments connected with the Banea Koma
na trial. Sgr. Mitzzino, a member of the
chamber of deputies, and several others
have written letters protesting against
the divulging at the contents of private
letters in the G-oIUU affair.
A royal decree prordnuine the session
of the chamber of deputies,was pub
lished today in the Official Gazette. The
Gazette also contains the report of
Pr:;i:e Minister Crispi to King Humbert,
as given in the Associated Press dis
patches yesterday.
S*cr. Crisui's .coup has caused the
most intense excitement throughout the
country. Sensational rumors of all kinds
are afloat. The Don Chicote (newspa
per) says that the prime minister's at>
ion is the grayest constitutional error
that lias been committed since the
foundation of Italian unity.
Miameli'KK ('a i>ii< aliun
London, Dec. 17.—The correspond
ent or the Times at Koine telegraphs as
'•i'iie president ©f the committee ap
pointed to examine the documents fur
nished to the chamber of deputies by
ex-J nine Minister UioiliUi assures me
that tne committee was unanimous in
its opinion thru, there was nothing in
the documents. The whole thins was
a shameless fabrication, intended to
force a political crisis. The wife of
1 rime Minister Crlspi will bring a libel
action in her own name."'
American Securities Selling More
Briskly in London.
Loxdox, Dec. Hi.— Trie money market
last week was easier. It seems probable
that the 2 per cent discount rate of the
Bank of England, fixed in February
| last, will still oe in force next February.
! The stock market was mure active with
I the settlement of another heavy Re
count in mining securities, »nd the
tendency all around was upward. The
demand for investments stiil continues
keen. The market for colonial securi
ties, especially for Victorian issues, was
very thit early in the week,* but at the
j close the tone whs somewhat belter.
The cut look In Australia Is so discour-
I aging that far-seeing holders are fet
j tin- rid of tlreir stock. Canadian rail-
I road securities were better on un
; continued rumor* that the presi
i dents of the Grand Inrak and Cana
; adian Pacific companies were nego
; tiating a working arrangement South
j American securities showed distinct
! improvement. Banking shares were
j weak on Uie prospect of reduced divi-
I dends- The passage of the pooling bill
! stimulated the market for American
securities. There was a greater dispo
sition to purchase, but little support
came from New York; hence the
changes were mostly fractional. There
is no doubt. However, that a» better feel
ing prevailed. After making up day-
Tuesday— except ii fall of }£ in Erie, all
improved. Denver, Denver preferred, .
Lake Shore; New York Centra! and I
Milwaukee were each up %, while i
Illinois, Louisville & Nashville, Nor- !
folk & Western, Northern Pacific pre
ferred, Union Pacilic and Wabash each i
advanced % per cent.
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Preacher* Vvge Confidence and
St. Johns, N. 8.: Dec. 16.—The share
holders of tin 1 Commercial Bank of
Newfoundland are prepanug for a live
ly meeting tomorrow. Several commit
tees have been formed to watch the In
terests of special bodies of sharehold
ers. Clergymen in all the city churches
in their sermons today dwelt upon trie
crisis. They urged confidence and self
reliance, unity for the public good, and
a determination on the part of the peo
ple to work to regain their former pos
session. It is probable that a public
meeting to consider the condition of
the unemployed will bo held during the
week. The steamer Barcelona, with
three Canadian bank representatives,
will arrive here about midnight tonight.
For a Duly on Cotton.
Calcutta, Dec. 10.—The Vice regal
council will meet tomorrow, when
James West land, Indian minister of
finance, will introduce a bill to around
the tariff act of 1894, by providing for
the ImDositioi] nt duties on cotton.
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H 1 II jLm % m fl S {L, ■■ Opposite MetropolJUr. Opera Housa.
_ UOam) 101 SixtU «sti-«»t
180 East Sevenths'., St. Pauf A7™T~T jrr~~ j—
Speedily cures all private, nervous, chronic Gnristmas PROtograpliy;
and blood and skiu diseases of both sexes, I **11l IWIUIUW I llUlUi^i UjJIIJ I
without the use of mercury or hindrance 1
from business. NO CWHE, SO PAY. Prl- I "'
ynte diseases, and all old, Unxennt enses ' M &\ ptt DIM ETC on-J fiUC t\n Qvlfl
where the blood Ims become poisoned, c«W j/I I I uADIIitI 0 dii J uPILUI OXIJ
ing ulcers, blotches, sorb throiit and mouth, ; I J
< pains in the head and hones, and all diseases | j # G* O f\^\ '**• •*
of the kidneys and bladuer are cured for I I m «rR-S 111 I BK«T
life. Mcnof aliases who are siiffertta|rfrcnH I I I V|«f^^«V/v/« VOKR
the result of youthful indiscretion or ex- !
cesses of mature years, producing nervous- | Out-Uoor and Commercial Work a SpcoUlt/
lies*, indigestion, constipation, loss of mem- TRLKmoME— lU7L
ory, etc., are thoroughly and permanently I A .
Dr. Feller, who has had many years of ex- I tfc*S=* MR- 7.IMMEUM AN'S HBKSON-M,
perieuce in thjsspecialty. is a graduate from I Ig^SS* ATTENTIuN .uAPI'OIXTMKN'T
one of the leading medical colleges of the : -^-— .. .. - - 1 — -i. ..
country. He h«s never failed in niringany I
cases that he has undertaken. Cases and ! f^flfllfl hl% ISIS wITTf^
corrc«pondeuce sacredly confidential. Cal SllllJlll Hlf 18/ Ci IS I V
or write for list of questions. Medicine sent KIiKIII lrl IN 11 II 1 A
by mail and express everywhere fre« ttjva I ]|| 111 fill I fill I .L.
Wk and exposur*. *UJ UUflll 5lll«llv»

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