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Other Western Lines Find
They Have Been Toyed
Unless It Can Be Formed
With This Road on the
it Is Doubtful That It Would
Go Into Such an Agree
Chicago. Dec 17.— Western
lines have alioat given up all hopu of
forming an association with the Cana
dian Pacific as a member. That line,
Prom all appearances, has been playing
with the other roads, and at no time has
it enterialnad serious thought of enter
ing into .in association with the others.
It announced today that if an agree
ment was reached on the west-bound
emigrant traffic, that agreement must
stand by itself, without reference to
any other arrangements Hie lines might
have. This means that the Canadian
Pacific hud no intention of joining the
general association, and a meeting of
the other lines was called to consider
the advisability of forming an associa
tion, with that road on the outside. The
trouble in forming this sort of an nsso
tion is expected to come from the lireat
Northern, which may decline to enter
any association of which the Canadian
Pacific is not also a member. With
both 1! ese lines on the outside a trans
continental passenger association would
practically be out <>t the question.
Railways Seeking to i'ut Them
on a Paying Uasis.
A.lumber of the general passenger
agents are still ill Chicago, wrestling
with the transcontinental rate question,
but the general traffic manatrers of the
Northern Pacific and Great Northern
returned home Sunday, well satisfied to
abandon the field to the passenger men.
General Traffic Manager Finiey, of tin:
Great Northern, was found at his desk
yesterday after an absence at about a
week. The traffic manager*, lie says,
were trying to adjust tariffs, but after a
long session adjourned without accom
plishing anything. They were not. like
the passenger agents, tryine to form an
association, but simply making an effort
to tret rates on a remunerative basis.
There had been no such meeting for the
last two years, and the freight rates
have reached that point where there
Must be an adjustment if the roads
oiake money. The work, lie said, would
be resumed the middle ot January.
Paderewski will not visit America
this season. This will be v disappoint*
ment to lovers of music. Lovers of
euod cluer will still \m dependent ou
Price's Cream Baking Powder.
In the ltailrontl Case Argued in
Supreme Court.
The appeal of the Great Northern
Railway company trom the decision of
Judge Brill in the famous Broadway
;ase, in which the city was declared tlie
owner of lower Broadway, was argued
yesterday before tlie supreme court.
The appeal is taken on the ground that
the evidence did not sustain the find-
Ings of the lower court, and was argued
by General Counsel Grover and Attor
hit Wellington on behalf of the com
pany. A>sistant Corporation* Attorney
Cuapin represented the oily.
Week's shipments:.
Chicago, Dec. 17.—East-bound ship
ments last week were 40.456 tons,
against 45,433 for the preceding week,
and 5:6,601 for the corresponding week
Dl last year. The roads carried tonnage
as follows: Michigan Central, 2,251;
Wabash. 2.675: Lake Shore, 5.526: Fort
Wayne. 5,346; Panhandle. 5,975; Balti
more & Ohio, 3,155; Grand Trunk,
5,477; Nickel Plate. 3,258; Erie, 4,'.).>:
Big Four, 1,885. Total, 4<>,4is<;. Ship
ments were made up of the following
articles in tons: Flour, 2,386; strain
and mills tuffs. 12,874; prorisiuns. lard,
etc., 8,345; dressed beef. 8.018: flax-
Jh fp^AIR and Beautiful
| |a —the woman who
}} v* keeps at a distance
I the complexion beau
fa tifiers, paints and
powders, which soon
* rain the face. A
S3, healthy glow to the
ss, skin, a face without
2J(i'| wrinkles, and spark-
Wi\rm eyes, will be
*" ' yours if you keep
the system and the special internal
organs in good condition. The young
girl, or woman, often grows pale, wrink
led and thin, eats little, everything ;
wearies her, she complains of herself as
aching and sore and as sleeping poorly. \
Often she is troubled with backache, or a
tender spine, with a bearing-down
weight in the abdomen, or at periods ;
Bhe may be irregular, or suffer extreme ':
pain from functional derangements. I
Dr. Pierce, chief consulting physician
to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical In
fctitute, of Buffalo, N. V., in his experi
ence, met many cases of this kind, for
which he used a proscription which
cured permanently in ninety -eight per
tent, of all cases. Having proven so
Successful, Dr. Pierce put his " Favorite
Prescription" on the market, and it is
to-day sold more largely than any other ;
medicine for the ills of woman. "
For all functional derangements, dis- !
placements, uiceration, inflammation,
and the eatarrhal drain from the lining
membranes of the special internal organs
of women, Dr. Pierces Favorite Pre
scription reaches the origin of the
trouble, and corrects it.
Mrs. Mary Crim, of Frankfort, Franklin
C0.* 77/.,'writes: "A
Few years ago I took jjjjgffiMlftfirek
rolri, which resulted rfJS^^W?^^^>s_
hi female trouble, f^.
mid affected my V^f «f^*?>
whole system. Had ** *^ fPllls
pr.ius in my sides, $&. -^sjiv.,
gradually grew Sj '^^^i >fv?CT
worse until, finally, jy **"" afW
I had to take to bed. I WJfc %£/S
I commenced taking \ 'J^. \ $^al
your Dr. Pierces Fa- YSf?* 1* /JF
•■orite Prescription V." ,v M
»nd "Golden Mcd- rfcriffi"*^'" <ii"^lL
leal Discovery." Myi?S*^^^J'm
weight has increas- '*
rd, and I feel better / fW&Zm «
• md stouter thau I / ' I'^t'll
have for years." Mrs. Crim.
Pyle's F^ruclent I*^re33
earline I Beople I § and
assesses L#urchase Uublic
jculiar | yle's | ronounce
nrifying I earline. I earline
roperties. ■ «i I erfect.
Hundreosof judges of Whiskey ask their
druggist or dealer (or
Uncle Sam's
and positively, honestly, de
cline unknown brands. They
do this because they know it
to be pure and good, abso
lutely free from fusel oil
poison. Geo. Benz & Sons'
name is on every bottle,
and the consumer knows
this means " excellence." A
$1.25 sample bottle not only
makes but keeps a friend
seed. 1,039; butter. 1.281; hides, 1,589;
lumber. 4,1f.;>; miscellaneous. 789. Lake
Shipments for the week Were3o,4sßtons,
against 53,820 for the previous weeli.
Itoyal Ii Gibbs Very 111.
Royal L. Gibbs auditor of freight
receipts of the Great Northern, is very
dangerously iil of congestion of the
brain ;it iiis parents' at the Portland.
Mr. Gibbs has been acting as comp
troller for Mr. F.urmgton, who is also
ill. for some time, and three or four
days ago caught a severe cold.
Milwaukee Karuingj.
Chicago, I>ec. 17.—Earnings of the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul for the
second week in December were J550, •
T2'.t. a decrease of 122,226 from the
earnings of the same week of 1893.
The three at>lesi men in Europe are
said to be Gladstone, Bismarck and
l'upe Lt?o. Tlie best baking powder
here or abroad is Dr. Price's.
SAM) 1 \.%KS.
Passenger agents who have been
across iii me Canadian provinces drum
ming up Canadian excursionists say the
Canadian Pacific ata-ut*. arc circulating
all sorts or damaging: stories to kerp the
excursionists from going home by way
ot the "sttes." They believe that "all
is la in love and war," and do not
hesitate to tell the most outrageous
falsehoods. The American cities, they
claim, are Infested with confidence
men. and many of them with the small
pox epidemic.
Holiday excursion rates of a fare and
a third for the return trip are also ad
vertised by the St. Paul & Duluth road,
good on Dec. -22, 23, 24, 25. 31 and Jan. 1,
aud limited to Jan. 2. Tickets from the
bead uf the lakes will be sold to stations
as fa* south as White Bear, and from
the Twin Cities north to Carl ton and
iheiSt. Paul* Chicago lines are ex>
pectin* a bi s - holiday trade. All have
advertised a reduced return rate ot a
fare and a third on certain days to
points within JOO miles of St. Paul.
A. \V. Warnock, advertising agent of
the Oaiaha, will read a paper today on
"Newspapers and Railroads" before
the Southwestern editorial convention
at Wouhingtuu.
The Minneapolis & St. Louis expects
to send out a large number of passen
ger? today on the road's harvest excur
sion to points in Colorado, Texas and
Southern slates.
(rt-neral Freight Agent Soiners, of the
Great Northern, and Assistant General
Freight Agent Baird, of the Northern
Pacific, are in Chicago, attending the
meeting of the Westeru classification
Sioux City Hoodie Cases.
Siorx City. 10., Dec. 17.—Several
of the county oilicers who were indicted
by Uie grand jury on a number of
counts, the principal of whicti was mal
feasance in otlice, were arraigned in
court today. Supervisor Strange, who
was impeached last week,entered a plea
of not guilty to ali charges against him.
Ex-Treasurer Kifer also pleaded not
Kiiilty. Ex-County Attorney T.JT. Bev
ingtou gave notice that he would file
demurrers to all indictmeuts against
To California Without Change Via
"Tlie Milwaukee."
On Saturday, Nov. 10th, 1894, and on
every Saturday thereafter, an elegant
Pullman Tourist Sleeper will leave Min
neapolis (8:85 a. in.), St. Paul (8:35 a.
M.i, and arrive Los Angeles, California,
at 0:30 p. in. following Wednesday.
Via "The Milwaukee's" famous ••lled
rlck Route" to Kansas City, thence via
the A. t T. & S. F. R'y through South
ern California.
A most delightful winter route to the
This car is '"personally conducted' 7 —
n immediate chnrge of an official ana
mi attendant through to destination.
Kate per berth, %G.OO through from St
Leave St. Paul-Minneapolis every
Saturday morning, arriving at Los Au-
Keles every Wednesday afternoon.
For berths, complete information and
lowest rates apply to "The Milwaukee"
agents, fct. Paul-Minneapolis, or ad
dress J. T. Conley, Assistant General
Passenger Agent, St. Paul, Minn.
Guarded Well Her Grave.
Cincinnati, 0., Dec. 17.-From
Mount Hope.Ky., a small village twelve
miles from Walton, comes news of the
shooting, .Saturday night, of a grave
robber caught in the act. There had
been robberies at this cemetery, and
when Miss Morris was buried there
Saturday, lier betrothed husband deter
mined to watch her grave. Near mid
night two men came and began digging
In lier grave. A dozen shots were fired
at the robbers, and "Smiley" Jordan, a
colored farm hand in the neighborhood,
was shot dead. The white man escaped.
Maud Is Held.
Lynn, Mass., Dec. 17.—Miss Anna
Maud lirewer, who fatally shot her
former lover,(Jideon Latimer.Thursday,
was rearraigned today, charged with
murder. She pleaded not guilty, and
was remanded "to Salem jail without
bail. The hearing was deferred until
next Saturday.
Complete Your Series.
We now have the complete set of
"Queer People:" 500 pictures, printed
in colors. Interesting and instructive.
Eight parts; 10 cents per part Globe,
St. Paul: Herald, Wabasha; News,
Zumbrota; Journal, Still water.
After a Firmer Opening
Weakness Ruled the
Grain Markets.
Had Its Effect in Discourag
ing Longs—Provisions
Make Gains.
Trading Dull Throughout the
Day, With Dealings Ir
Chicago, Dec. 17.—Wheat went
down today under a heavy increase in
the visible supply, May closing %c
lower. May corn closed ,a 4 e and May
oats } 4 'c lower, but provisions made
slight gains.
The wheat market at the opening
showed a firmer tone than toward thn
close of Saturday's session. The short
sellers appeared to have discounted on
Saturday an expected 1,500,000 bushels
increase in the visible, and the better
feeling among the longs was due to a
decided falling off in the Northwestern
receipts and to encouraging cables from
Liverpool. There was a tendency
toward a decline shortly after the start,
when Minneapolis stocks were reported
845,000 bushels heavier than on Monday
last, or 100,000 bushels more than Satur
day's advices from there had led to the
expectation. The light dip in prices.how
ever, was soon recovered Iron). The
visible soon gare such evidence as in
duced the expectation of a much heavier
increase than had been looked
for, and that put an extinguisher upon
what began to assume the appearance
of a very strong market. May, which
opened at from sS,%<gsS&c, had grad
ually improved until it reached s'Jc, but
as the huge increase, which laueily
was continued, began to deepen its
shadow on the market the underlying
feeling gradually oozed out, and about
an hour from the end of the session the
price was down to 5S>aC. The later
cable news was rather in favor of the
bulls. The day's primary market re
ceipts were also giving encouragement
to holders. In the last half hour the
effect of a 2,000,000 bu increase in the
visible at such a late time of the year
whs making itself more effectually felt,
and the buying was overwhelmed by
the selling Mders: the price dropped
for an instant to 58^C and closed with
sellers at [email protected]%c.
Corn opened with sellers a shade un
der the price which was bid at the close
Saturday, and it gradually sank until
it had declined V 2 c under the highest
price paid at the start. The wet weather
which was to be of so much service to
the bulls had turned into a dry frost.
The receipts are somewhat over the
estimates. The amount ou ocean pass
age increased 320,000 bu last week, and
the visible supply showed an increase
of 1,170,000 bu against 500,000 bu in
crease on the year before. May opened
at 5O' a c, touched 4'J35,c, and closed at
49 ■„ c.
In oats the sympathy existing with
the corn market was great. The ele
vator concerns were offering quite
freely. May started at 'Z2%@32%c, sold
down to 32#c, closing at that figure.
Provisions were firm. but the improve
ment in price which was established did
not produce any activity in the trading.
Instead of 47,000 hogs, as estimated on
Saturday, only 37.000 were received.
Pork, lard and ribs each started at a
good advance, and held it fairly well in
the face of weak wheat and corn mar
kets. Estimated receipts of hogs for to
morrow of only 27,000 helped in keeping
the market firm. At the close the ad
vances established were as follows:
Pork, 10c; lard and ribs, each sc.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Open- High- Low- Clos-
AimcLEs. ing. est. est. ing.
Wheat No 2— ""
December. ... 5-H/2 54% 53^ 537k-*-
May. 6fc% 59 68% 5»i4-%
July 59V* 591,2 s^ls^-7^
Corn No. 2—
December. 47 47 46^ 46«,2
January 4?% 47% 47 | 47
May SOYs 50 4'JVi 49&-%
Oats No. 2—
December. 2QU 29 29 29
May 32%-V* 32V* 32J^ i»2<*
Mess Pork-
January 11 9J 1100 1185 11 P7l&
May 12 22 to 12 25 12 12V2 12 20
January... .-, 690 6 92V2 6 87V? 699
May 715 715 7 12Vs 7 12»/2
Short Ribs-
January 5 9-Va 5 92i& 590 5 92Vi
May (i 15 (i l?i/ 2 6 12V2 als
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour—Steady; winter patents, [email protected]
2.50; winter straights,s2.2s<a2.6o; spring
patents, $3.10(a>3.00; spring straights,
[email protected]; bakers', [email protected] Wheat
—No. 2 spring, 583*@60%c; No. 3spring,
nominal: No. 2 red, 54(^54>Vc. Corn-
No. 2, 46% c; No. 3 yellow, [email protected])<c.
Oats—No. 2, 21% c; No. 2 white, [email protected]
82% c: No. 8 white, [email protected]^c. Rye-
No. 2. 48>£q, Barley—No. 2, [email protected];
No. 3, [email protected]'#c; No. 4, nominal. Flax
seed-No. 1, $1.44. Timothy Seed-
Prime, $5.52<g5.50. Mess Pork — Per
bbl, [email protected] Lard-Per. 100 lbs,
56.85. Short Ribs—Sides (loose), $5.90
@5.95. Shoulders—Dry salted (boxed).
[email protected]^c. Sides—Short clear (boxed),
654(56?6C. Distillers' finished
goods, per a»1,*1.23. Sugars unchanged.
Receipts — Flour. 4.000 bbls; wheat,
29,000bu; corn, 120,000 bu; oats, 134,000
bu; rye, 6,000 bu; barley, 40,000 bu.
Shipments—Flour. 3,000 bbls; wheat,
4,000 bu; corn, 316.000 bu; oats, 83,000
bu; rye. 9,000 bu; barley, 23,000 bu.
On the produce exchange today the but
ter market was steady; creameries, 12
(Vi23c; dairies, [email protected] Eggs steady at
[email protected]^c.
I>ulutli Wheat.
Duluth, Minn., Dec. 17.— Wheat
opened steady and unchanged at 61% c
lor May, ruled fairly active and very
strong during the entire session. Early
in the day an advance of %c was se
cured in the May option. Nothing was
done outside of May and cash wheat.
Offerings of spot wheat were light. De
mand fair from shorts. In the last half
of the session the advance was lost, but
the close was stroll? as compaied with
other markets. Close unchauged from
Saturday, except No. 1 hard, which
closed at %c advance.
Following were the closing prices:
No. 1 hard, cash. 6O3^c bid; December,
59% c; May, 62^0 bid; July, 63j*^c; No.
1 northern, chsii and December, 58% c
bid; May, Gl^c bid; July, 62% c; flax,
11.37; oats, [email protected]$LWe; rye, 4Gc; barley,
[email protected] Receipts—Wheat, 131,839 bu;
oats, 4,080 bu; barley, 032 bu. Ship
ments—Wheat, 6,476 bu; barley, - 22,822
bu. Canceled on account of dockage.
Cars wheat inspected In, 176; oats, 5;
barley, 2. Year ago, wheat, 139. The
following shows the stocks of grain in
No.l hard,5,026,500 bu; No.l northern,
1,340,348 bu; No. 2 northern, 362,007 bu;
No. 3 spring, 109,116 bu; uo grade,lo,3so
bu; rejected and cundetimed, 63,514 bu;
special bin. 807,703 bu; aggregate,7,3lo,
--870 bu. Afloat in harbor, 85,332 bu; in
■tore and afloat last y«ar, 8.955.2U0 bu;
increase last year, 363,763 bu; corn iv
store, 2,931 bu; increase, 2,031 bu; oats,
514,303 bu; Flaxsbed, 33,470 bu; de
crease, 3,725 bu.
Milwaukee, Wls., Dec. Flour
very quiet. Wheat steady; No. 2 spring,
67iic; No. 1 northern, 02^c; May, 0b;»o.

Corn higher: No. 3. 440. Oats steady;
No. 2 white, 32c; No. 3 white, 30*{<§>
32e. Barley higher; No. 2,'6Sc;7*nmni*,
[email protected] J<ye nominal; No. 1,4 <.> 1., c
Provisions higher. Pork, $11.00. Lard
$6.80. Ileceipts—Flour,o,2oo bbls; wheat.
25,300 bu; barley. 20,000 bu. Shipments
—Flour, 4,300 bbls; wheat, 700 bu; bar
ley none.
IVew York Prail nee.
Mew Youk, Dec. 17.— Flour— Re
ceipu, 29,700 bbls; exports, 29,800 bblsti
sales, 9,600 pkjrs; market heavy and
weak; jobbers complaining of a slow
outside demand; Southern flour dull;"
rye flour slow; sales, 850 bbls: buck
wheat flour du11.f1.20. Buckwheat dull.
Cornmeal fairly active; sales, 200 bbls,
2,000 sacks. Rye nominal. Barley dull.
Barley mult steady, Wheat—Receipts.
02,000 bu, exports 55,000 bu; sales,23S,ooo
bu futures, 66.000 bu spot; spot weaker;
No. 2 red, storo and elevator, M/>ac;
--afloat, 60^c; f. o. b., 01 3 8 c; Mo. 1
northern, Ob'oC delivered; Mo. 1 hard.
Me delivered; options were firmly held
during the forenoon on steadier cables
and a belief that the long interest wav
all out. but broke sharply in the after
noon owing to the big increase in vis
ible, a weekly gain in English supplies
and small export purchases; closed
weak at )£@}{c net decline; No. 2 red,
January closed at 59% c; February closed
at Uo%c; March, 01> 8 (.^02c; May,"
G2l»(a!02 15-lGe. closed at tWJi'c; June
closed at 62% c; July, C2,J£@63J£c f
closed at 62% c; December closed at
59KC Corn — -Receipts, 227,900 bu;
exports, 17.100 bu; sales, 275,000 bu fu
tures, 25.000 bu spot; spot dull; No. 2,
new, 52.}»> c; old, 50?^c; steamer yellow,
51% c; steamer mixed. 50c; No. 'd, 48KC<5
4bs£c; options opened lower under eluar
and cold weather West and prospects of
larger receipts, rallied partially, and
about midday on covering declined
with wheat and croseu at %<§% c net
decline; January, 52 5 [email protected]%e, closed
at 52;ic; February closed at 52;^,c; May,
:>:iß(.<'.");i;\c, closed at 53^c; December,
53e, closed at 53c. Oats — Receipts,
94,800 bu; sales, 35.000 bu fu
tures, 62.000 . bu * spot; spot dull;
No. 2, 34, l*'e; No. 2. delivered, 35}$(S>
35^c; No. 3, 33}, c; No. 2 white, [email protected]
oUc; No. 3 white, liT'^c; track white
Western, 873^(«>42c; track white state,
37jr;(<^42c; options dull and featureless
all day, closing at .^c net decline; Jan
uary. 34, I<;<t?34%c. closed at 34, I.c; Feb
ruary closed at 35?6'c: May, [email protected](i^
closed at o6c; December closed at 34^c.
Hay dull. Hops dull. Hides steady.
Leather steady. Wool quiet. Beef
steady. Cut meals easy; pick lea bellies,
0(«0j?£c. Lard steady*; Western Strom
ciosed at $7.20; sales, 560 tierces
•at 56 and $7.20; city at B^s;
December, ?7.20. nominal; January,
$7.25, nominal; refined steady; conti
nent. $-7.00; S. A., $7.90,: compound,
[email protected] Pork dull. Butter unsettled;
Western dairy. 10)- 9 cal0c; Western
creamery,^ [email protected]: ester factory,
I0(o,ltic; Elgin*, 24;. 2 c; imitation cream
ery, [email protected]; state' dairy, [email protected]; state
creamery. [email protected] : Cheese quiet; large,
'.Mill'^c; small, 9%@i2c; part skims,
3K(«s'Je; full skims, 2yi3c. Esgs weak;
slate and Pennsylvania, [email protected]: ice
house. [email protected]; receipts, 5,000 pkgs;
Western Iresh,~2o(s23>ic; Southern. 20
@23j^e; cases, |[email protected], Tallow firm.
Liverpool. Dec. 17.— Wheat — Spot
quiet, i>ut steady; demand moderate;
No. 2 red winter, 4s'Jd; No. 2 red spring,
stocKs exhausted; No. 1 hard Manitoba,
5s (sd; No. I California, 5s 4ii; futures
opened linn, with near aud distant
positions ot red winter 1 farthing;
higher, closed firm, 3(0>4 farthings
higher on near and distant positions;
business about equally distributed;
December, 4s Dd; January, 4s
9d; February, 4s 9>ad; March.;
4s lOd; April. 4s 10J4d; May,
4s 10% d. Corn—Spot, quiet; American
mixed. 4s lid: futures opened dull, un
changed from Saturday's closing prices/
closed unchanged to 3 farthings higher
on near positions and 2 farthings higher
on distant: business heaviest on early
positions: December, 4s ll^d; January,
4s 5) 4 d; February. 4s 4'.,d; March, 4s
4^'d; April, 43"4}id;May. 4s 4),,' d.
Flour dull; demand poor; St. Louis
fancy winter, 5s i)d. Peas—Canadian,
4s lid.
Wee Visible.
New i TonK. Dec. 17.— The visible sup
ply of grain Saturday. Dec. 15, as
compiled by the New York produce ex
change, is as follows: Wheat, 88.173,
--000 bu; increase, 2,195,000 bu. Corn,
7,770,000 bu; increase. 1,170,000 bu. Oats,
9,120,000 bu; decrease, 20,000 bu. Rye,
459,000 bu; increase, 0,000 bu. Barley,
2,531.000 bu; decrease, 1,009,000 bu.
Manhattan Building.
Sew Yorli.
New York, Dec. 17. — The week
opened oil the stock exchange with a
heavy tone to business and a stagnant
market. Trading continued dull all
day, and the dealings were irregular
throughout. London was a small seller
of St. Paul and some other of the in
ternal stocks, but the transactions for
the foreign account had little or no ef
fect upon speculation, Sugar and Gas
were the only Btocks which displayed
any activity. Sugar, which closed on
Saturday at 92, was quoted at the open
ing "3,200 shares from !)2,V to 91}^."
The latter figure was the lowest point
touched during the day. and with oc
casional light reactions on the way up
the stock reached 9: J>%> shortly before
noon. Then came a decline to 92^ and
a rally to 1)3, the closing price being
92%', a gain of %on the day. The buy
ing iv the stock was by houses with
Washington connections, but there was
no news regarding the trust, favorable
or unfavorable. A renewal of the ru
mors touching the Chicago Gas forth
coming dividend depressed the stock of
the company. An offer was made, with
out rinding any takers, to sell the divi
dend on any part of 54,000 shares
at 1 per cent cash. The shares de
clined l)i per cent in the early trad
ing, recovering % again and makiiitr a
rally of '6% in the tinal sale's the net loss
being >£ per cent. Lake Shore broke
\y A per cent on the sale of 100 shares,
and Rock Island dropped 2 per cent on
the gale of 200 shares. The grangers
moved within very narrow limits and
were lightly traded in,losing on the day
% for Northwest and % for Burlington
and Rock Island, St. Paul gaining \±.
Edison Electric, of New York, declined
1 per cent. The other changes, com
pared with the final sales of Saturday,
are merely fractional. Lead is dowu X.
and Denver & Rio Grande common and
preferred %, while Reading is up %. A
better tone was apparent in the late
dealings, and the market closed quiet,
but firm.
There was a fair amount of trading in
the bond market, and as a rule the more
active issues were quoted lower. Among
the inactive mortgages there was a bet
ter tone, and some material advances
were recorded. Southern 5s were most
prominent in the transaction, and fig
ured for $134,000. St. Louis and San
Francisco cousol 4s, $104,000. and Kan
sas and Texas seconds. $100,000. The
total sales for the day were $1,334,000.
The principal changes were:
Advances — Oregon Navigation 5s
trust receipts, '6% percent; Cleveland
& Canton firsts, 3; Atlantic & Pacific
48, 2%.
The Total Sales of Slock* Today
were 114,385 shares, including: Amer
ican Sugar, 40.200; Burlington, G. 100;
Chicago Gas, 21,000; Distilliug and Cat
tle Feeding, 2,600; Erie, 3,500; General
Electric, 2,400; Northwest, 2,300; Read
ing. 7,000; Rock Island, 4,200; t>u Paul,
Chicago. Dec. 17.-Clearings, $15,
--92iMKM). Money, 4®4K par cent ou call;
,")(a?ls on time. New York exchange at 75c
premium. Sterling commercial, $4.86%
@4.87%. .
il It IIAH. THir.AK. ■• JANIS9 DORA.!*
Bankers and Brokers,
31! Jackson St.. St. Paul, Minn.
l|l <loiilng aiockii— Weal. .
▲teblMHi <% I'.K.iieiner &.G. 3^
Adams Kx|ireKs..lß!t Northwestern.. CBM»
Alton <& Terre H. ;>7 do |ifd 141
♦Jo pfd..: 198 N. Y. Central....ifOU
Am'can Expreßß.llo N. Y. AN. K. ... 33 %
Haitiuiore A: Ohio tillVa Ontario & Wen.. 15*8
Canadian I'ncilie. s\ii& Oregon Imp. 11
Canada Southern G*» Oregon Nay . . 2)
Central Pacific. 14Vs O. a. L. &U. N.. 6
<\hes. A Oiiio. ... 16U Pacific Mall ... 21Vj
'Chicago Alton. 1.. 1). & E a%
(.'..8.&y 72^ *Plttsburn 150
Chicago Gas.. .. 6U% Pullnyw l'alaco.lss
CoußolidatedUas.l'^TVt Ueadlui?. ir. 14
C.C.,C. &St L.. lit KichiuoudTer... lCi,i,
Colorado C. & 1.. 8 do j:fd ...20
•Cotton Oil Certs. 25 Rio G. Western.. 1(%
Del A Hudson.. 126 Vi do iifd . .43
Del., Lack. & W.. l«i(i»/2 Rock Island 6U
D. R. O. pfd.-.. 3iU M. Paul 59
Dls. &C. F. Co.. «J^ .do pfd...... lllii»
Erie KM) St. P. A: Omaha.. 33% i
do pfd aa do pfd 110
♦Fort Wayne 15? Southern Pacific. I^4
Gt. North. pfd...lOlli Sugar Reriuery,.. 92%
C. & K. 1. i»fd.. . iCiVs Term.i oal&lrou 17Vh
flocking Valley.. 17 Texas Pacific... <J%
Illinois Central.. 89 Toll &O. C. pfd.. 75
St.Paul & Duluth 21 Union Pacific.,.. 12
Kan. & Tex. Did. R%j U. S. Express.... 42
Lake Erie & West 17 Wabash,St.L.&P. 6Vs
do pfd 72 do pfd..... . lite
Lake Shore ia<» • Wells-F»n;o Ex .105
Lead Trust WVt Western Union.. 88V?
Louie. & .Nash ... 54 Wheel!iiK& L. E. KHi
Louisville & N.A. 7 M. v St. L 29
Manhattan Con.. I), i R. 0 11U
♦Mem. TV t'harls'n 10 General Electric. 3 >
Michigan Cent.... 971.2 National Linseed 17^4
Missouri Pncilic . !*!i Col. Fuel & lroiu 25V»
Mobile A 0hi0.... 18 do pfd 75"
Nash. X- Ch.iu.... 05 H. &T. Central.. 22
Nat. Cordage. ... £■& T01.,A.A.&N.M.. 2Va
do j.fd ms r.. St. l. &K. C. 1
N.-J. Central. ... 04 do pfd ;»V»
N. & W. pfd 19V2 Southern R. H... 11%
North Am. C 0.... 3% do pfd b7 '
Northern Pacific. 4 Tobacco t'7V»
do pfd ....... 17i'2 do pfd; 1(7
» Hi.l.
Loan Money on Improved Property in St.
Paul and Minneapolis
At 6% 'On or Before'
New Pioneer Press Bldz.^ Keeve liuiliiins;
D.Srsreg... — llSi/2 Krie seconds et>«,-»
do do coup ||fe% *«.11.&5.A. ts.. !)7 ,
do4re>r 114 do do 7s . 9.!l 2
do do c0up.....115 *H .& Tex. C. ss..luti
*do2s reg 9? *do do Cs...l'Jl
*i'acific Hs 0f.'95.100 M..X.& T.fim-Js. 91
Ala.. Class A... .103VS do second 4s. 45%
*d(» do B 100 -Mutual Union 65.11 l
•do Currency... 95 N'.J.c.Gen.es.'.. 116
La.N.Consols,4s.. 06 N T. p. ists ii(i%
♦Missouri Cs 100 do 2d5... . ..86%
N. C. Ss.. .125 K. W.eon .142
*<io is loUs *doS.P.deb.ss.lOO
Tenn.newset.es. 62V2 U. G. W. Ists.... 70
do do 55..105 P.consols. ... 132u>
*do 01d05.... GO | d0C.&P.W.55.114 " i
Va.Centuries »^ St.L.&l.M.Gen.ss 7? 8 4
Atchison-Is f4^4 StL.&S.F.Gen.6sIO;)W
do second "A". W*IT. P. firsts S7Vi
Canada So. 2d5..10."^ do ids.. 26
-*C.P.lsts of '95...103 U. P. Ists c"f'9o. 103i/ 2
D. &K. «. 75....114«*|V Shore 4s. ..IOIV2
I). &H. G. 45... . 82 'Southern Gs. .. . CSV*.
♦Bid. ; - ' ;
Investment Bankers.
Dealers iii nvsS*CI«UM Bonds, Bank
' Stocks and Commercial Papers.
Honey to Loan in Large Amounts
Gcr mania Bank Bldg., And Temple Court
St. Paul. Minneapolis.
Hew York .Money. '
New York, Dec. 17.— Money on call
easy at ljj; last loan. IK; closed at IK
per cent. Prime mercantile paper, 1%
@4K« Sterling exchange easier with
actual business in bankers' bills at
4.85%®4.58^ for demand, and $4.87%<g>
4.b7% for sixty days;posted rate«,!j4.BSK
@4:«% and *4.89&@4.90; commercial
bills, ?4.56K. Silver certificates, GO^c
London Financial.
New Yoke, Dec. 17.-EveninK Post's
London cablegram says: This is a
holiday market, but the tone was steady
today for all securities but Americans,
in which there was an average fall of
)i to % of a dollar. Erie was espe
cially flat, the preferred being down to
22. Reading was comparatively steady.
Gilt-edged securities continue "to be ab
sorbed, and mines remain fairly active.
These Quotations Furnistel lj/
Jameson, Havener
& co.
Hay, Feed. Flour and Seeds
St. Paul Grniii Jlarkct.
Wheat—No. 1 hard „. .58 1,,@59c
Wheat—No. 1 northern [email protected]
Wheat—No. 2 northern [email protected](>>£c
Corn—No. 3 [email protected]%c
Corn—No. 3 yellow [email protected]
Oats—No. 3 white ... [email protected]
Oats—No. 3 [email protected] £c
Bailey [email protected]<ic
Rye—No. 2 44(g)45c
Flour—Patent §[email protected]
Flour -Straight $2.90(33. 10
Flour—Bakers' [email protected]
Flour— [email protected]
Buckwheat flour f [email protected]
Corn meal—Bolted [email protected]
Corn meal—Coarse f19.50(g20
Ground Feed—No. 1 [email protected]
Ground Feed—No. 2 [email protected]».50
Ground Feed— No. 3 [email protected])
Bran—Bulk [email protected]
Shorts—Bulk $12.50(« 13
Hay—No. 1 upland prairie $7.50(3!?
Hay—No. ii upland prairie $7(a>7.50
Hay—No. 1 wild Ki.so(d)7
Hay—No. 1 timothy ..$10.50(^11
Timothy seed, per bu [email protected]
Clover [email protected]
Straw §[email protected]
i - - Established 1370.
M fnneapolis. Duluth
; j il < ham ol Commerce.
q Wheat sold up 3-« c early in the day,
but the advance was later lost. The
large increase in the visible supply was
,a; disappointment to the longs and
tnrned the market down. The export
.demand was also light. The visible
supply in the United States now
amounts to BS, 172,000 bu. A New York
dispatch says that exporters took 42,000
bu No. 2 red 2%c under May, in store,
and 8,000 bu No. 1 hard Duluth 3^c over
December for afloat and 5 loads at out
ports. . *
The poor class of low grade wheat
was dull aud neglected. Other grades
sold well. Receipts were comparatively
light for two daya. No. 1 northern sold
at 58jU'c. No. 2 sold mostly at 57>£c.
Good rejected, with but little smut in it,
sold first rate.
Yesterday's Sales—Sales of cash
wheat are on the basis of delivered, un
less specified. Cash sales yesterday, by
sample and otherwise, included the fol
lowing: Wheat to go out brintra J^o
premium because that amount is saved
in switching.
Sample Sales—No. 1 hard, 1 car, f. o.
b.. 60,4' c; No. 1 hard, 2 cars, 59^0; No.
1 northern, C 3 cars, 58* 4 'c; No. 1 nor
crn, 9 cars, to arrive, fitQ^e; No. 1 north
ern, 3 cars, to arrive, sola lot*?, 58>£c;
No. 1 northern, 5 cars, to arrive, 5S> 4
No. 1 northern, 2 cars, 59c; No. 2 north
ern, 17 cars. 57)<jc; No. 2 northern, 1 car,
67% c; rejected, 6 oars, 2 lbs off, Wei *«-
jeoted, 4 cars, 2 lbs off. s^c; rejected,
1 car. l'y lbs olf. 55c; rejected. 4 cars. 2
lbs off, s."ic; rejected, 1 car, 1 Ib off,*so)tfc:
rejected, 1 car. ll^ lbs off. 56c; rejected,
1 car, 1 1b off, stack stained, 54c; ieject
ed) 1 car, 1 off, 57>^c; rejected, 1 car,
IX lbs off, 55c
Flour - Tie Hour market btill rules
very quiet, with no new feature to note
other than that, though th« production
is light the product Is not sold. First pat
ents. $3.10(a>8.50; second patents, f2. &'>(<s
3.10; fancy and export bakers', $2.l!j(u)
'2.30; red dof, f 1.tt0(.a1.75.
The following:quotations are in cotton
sacks of t>B lb« aud 49 lbs: Kye flour,
per btil. pure, 12.40; buckwheat flour,
per bul IR.Se; graham flour, per bbl,
12.70. In room 10c extra is charged.
Bran and Shorts—The market is quiet,
but steady. Bran in btilli. [email protected];
bran In sacks, $11.75(w12; shone, com
mon, in bulk, 112(312.25; bliorts, fine,
in bulk, [email protected]
Corn—Ear torn, 45'^'c; No. 3c0rn,460.
Oats—Were in full supply; demand
good; No. 3 white, new. 3)^c; No. 3
oats, quotable at [email protected]'ie.
Kye—New rye quotable at [email protected]^e
for No. 2, f. o. b.
Barley —Choice M 0.3 quotable at45:..c;
No. 4 at 44^c.
Flax—ls governed and bought at 6c
under Chicago price.
Hay—The market is somewhat de
pressed because of heavy offerings.
Choice upland sold at $8; lowa at $7.50,
and common stuff at from $5 to {6. H.
H. King & Co. report sales as hitch as $8
for choice. No change in values Satur
Live Stock Commission.
Union Stock Yards. South St. Paul,Minn
I 11 ion Sioikjanls.
Receipts — 450 hogs, 20J cattle, 10
calves, 3,000 sheep.
Hogs—[email protected] higher. Quality fair to
good. Yards cleared early to puckers
at the advance.
Representative sales-
No. AT. Dkg. Price No. Ay. Dkg. Price
15 115 .. $3£o 31... ..238 80 54 25
19 139 .. 3 7.168 3)4 425
12 173 .. 30; 2 350 .. 430
73 '-'-0 .. 435 til* 232 .. 4 41)
T2 m 40 4 20
Cattle—Steady. Demand only fair for
butcher cattle. A few fat. cattle on the
market selling readily. The bulk were
common, however. Good stockers and
feeders in good demand.
Representative sales-
No . Ay. Price No. Ay. Price
2 ciinuers.. . <J3O gl 00 1 steer 1,120 S« 7.i
1 bull 1,130 130 1 steer. .. 1,0.10 3 00
2 bulls &;0 I4l< 4 heifers.. 700 1 !»0
13oxeu 1,330 20> 2 heifers. 045 175
3 oxen 1,460 15: IScowS... .1,105 2 20
-oxeu .1,510 3 2; cows 1,100 2 15
2 oxen 1,915 354 4 cows.... SBU 145
1 Mocker. . 870 17 2 cows.... BUS 105
1 steer I,i«jj 2 0 10 cows.... 990 2 10
Sheep—Steady. Bulk of receipts were
Westerns and will go on feed in the
IS i 11 it <<•<>( a Transfer.
Cattle—Offerings were light, and very
little business was done. Outside buy
ers were on the market looking for
butcher stock,which is m good demand.
Salts were:
No. Ay. Price No. Ay. Price
1 tow 9SB $2 001cauner....7(i2 8140
2cows...r. 887 1 7.12 cows 921 210
Hoys— No trading.
Sheep—Some muttons were on the
market, and sold as follows:
no No- At. Price
inuitons 76 $335
( liirago l.i»«■ Stock.
Chicago, Dec. 17.—Hoes—Receipts.
37,000; official Saturday. 23,061 head*
shipments, 4,206 head; left over, about
7,000 head; quality not good; poorest
of season; market active and firm at 10c
advance; sales ranged at [email protected] for
Hifhts, [email protected]!20forroueIipacking.S4.10
@4.Gofor mixed, $4.35(^4.75 for heavy
packing and shipping lots, and $i.\[email protected]
4.15 for pigs.
Caltle—Receipts, 16.000 head; good
demand; steady and unchanged.
Sheep—Receipts, 17,000; market rea
sonably active, and ou good grades firm,
while common are weak.
Complete Your Series.
, We now have the complete set of
i "Queer People;" 500 pictures, printed
n colors, interesting and instructive.
Eight paits; 10 cents per Dart. Globe,
St. Paul; Herald. Wabasba; News,
Zur.ibrota; Journal, Stillwater.
Cops Dispute Over a Reward.
ATi.ANTA.Ga., Dec. 17.-Harry Wells
and Charles Rowe, the two Philadelphia
lumber swindlers arrested here lastFri
day.wcre given preliminary hearing be
fore United States Commissioner
Bjrotles this morning, and remanded to
jail to await trial iv default of $2,000
bond in each case. The men will be
taken to Piladelphia for trial. Officers
are already here to take them back, but
thertt is a dispute over the reward of
?1,000 outstanding for the pair, their
Atlanta captors claiming it, and the
Quaker City officials insisting ou not
eivinir it up.
180 East Seventhst, St. Pau! Mini
Speedily cures ail private, nervous, chronic
and blood and skin diseases of botb sexes,
without the use of mercury or hindrance
from business. NO<IHE,SOPAY. Pri
vate diseases, and all old, lingering eases
where the blood has become poisoned, caus
ing ulcers, blotches, sore throat and mouth,
pnina in the head ami bones, and all diseases
of the kidneys and bladder are cured for
life. Men of all ages who are suffering from
the result of youthful indiscretion or ex
cesses of mature years, prodneing nervous
ness, indigestion, constipation, loss oi mem
ory, etc., are thoroughly aud permanently
Dr. Feller, who has had many years of ex
perience in this specialty, is a Graduate from
one of the leading medical colleges of the
country. lie has never failed in curiiigauy
cases that he has undertaken. Cases ami
correspondence sacredly confidential, Cal
or write for list of questions. Medicine scut
by mail and express everywhere free from
Bk and exposure.
St. Louis & Cairo Short Line,
From St. Louis, the Illinois Central I?. I?, to
K. ('. M. & H., The Southern
Holly Railway and F. C. & C K. R. to
Springs, Jacksonville and all Florida
Tlii* Is the quickest line to Birmingham,
New and a direct route to Atlanta.
Itute Maeou, Charleston, Savannah
and all Southeastern points.
Through Pullman Bullet Sleeping cars, St,
Louis to Jacksonville, Fla.
Call on your nearest ticket agent for our
'Florida. nlu' *v" information regarding
I\t 1.1 it" this new route, or address
■ oiuir GEO.E. LAKY,
Geu'l Passenger Agent,
Ist. Louis, Mo.
• Trains leave St.Paul 12:35
ifflSSffiMT p. in. ami 0:35 p. in. daily
/MplfMßn for Milwaukee, Chicago
A^fflUraSfl and intermediate points.
n^^P^^Hu Arrive from Chicago 5:23
a. in. and 3:45 p. in. daily.
Dining car service "a la
carte" on all trains. City ticket cilice,
101 East Third Street.
luJJlldmj^tijiVl Scares Union Depot for
JB"'J^3BIrHKBHBfcBBBI Chicago, Bt. Louis and
il •IMimTiißil^l owu""ver P°intß ?:30
ilU'llllllUlHlll *>la! Arrires from Chi
j|gHWßfK£Mjpgl| ca 8° 2:30 'P- m-» except
iaSgfl I rWKwS' Sunday. Learet Union
liSS II 111 H l>«tx>t for Chicago and St.
l^^JmyASil Lonis 7:4° P- m > ArTiTpß
tEiaßSßßffiißSSil fro. m sam*> P»'u<» 7:45 a.m.
, tt«J-
Fire Pro©! * * «s»-:
Steam heat; all modern conveniences.
Best location in the city for offices.
Taylor's Renting Agency
Room 16, Globe. J. W. Taylor, Supt.
Owing to the demand for this series we have
been unable until now to furnish but one part. . The
time between now and the Holidays is so limited ;^
that parties desiring remaining parts may send or- iv (
der for all of them at once. They will reach you ,M
in ten days. No coupon required. 10 cents each — ,^
no stamps. Address Art Department, Kj
€€«<€«€€<€«««€€ V;
Tickets: 19J E. Third St. ana Union Depot.
l'have. ! St. Paul Union Depot arrive:
jWlllmar, Morris. Browns
b9:05 am :.. Val. and BreckinridßC.. b 7:o^pm
I Fergus Falls, Fargo, (i'd
t'6:3o am Forks jb 6:05 pin
Osseo, Clear water and St. |
b3:30 pru Cloud |bll :53
t)3:i»pm Auoka. St.Cloud, blO :55a
pmj. Excelsior & llutchinsou. bll am
JUreckinridge, Fargo,
a 6^opm|...Graf ton. Winnipeg.... a i:J.'aai
iAnoka, St. Cloud, Pen;.
j Falls. Crookston, Grand
Forks. Helena. Butte, An!
aeonaa, Spokane, Seattle,
.a" pm Pacific Coast i 7:lsam
'by:&.*)am Soo Falls.Yanieton.S.City b 7pm
a. Daily; l>. Except Sunday: ;l>miii« and
Buffet Cars, Palace Sleepers, Tourist Cars.
' lila*teru .tliiuicwoia Uailua)'
nuns the only fast train from St. Paul
through Union Depots Minneapolis and West
Superior to Duluth without chance of cars.
Finest Buffet Parlor Cars in the West-
Leave. | St Paul Union Depot. | Arrive
West Superior and Duluth,
1:05 pm ...Daily Except fcunday.... i i:">pm
The Dining Car Line to Fargo, Winnipeg,
Helena, Butte and the Pacific Northwest.
Dining Cars on Winnipeg and Pa- Sl ,i,. st"i
' cilic Coast Trains. Paul Paul
Lye i Arr.
Pacific Mai! (Daily) for Fargo, ~ ~~
Jamestown, Livingston, Helena.
Butte. Missoula, Spokane, 'fa- 1:15 7:00
coma, Seattle and Portland p.m.'a. m.
Dakota and Manitoba Express
(Daily) for Fergus Falls, Wahpe
ton. Crookston. Graud Forks.
Grafton, Winnipeg, Moorhead -;:()»> 7:2">
ana Fargo „1,,. a.m.
Fnrgo Local (Daily except Sun- '
day) for St. Cloud, Braiuerd >:00 5-55
and Fargo i.m. p. m.
Pullman Sleepers Daily between M. Pain
and Grand Forks, Grafton, Winnipeg, Fer
gus Falls, Wahpeton and Fargo.
Pullman Pint-Class and Tourist Sleepers
also Free Colonist Sleepers are run daily on
through Pacific Coast Trains,
C. E. STONE, City Ticket Agent, lU2 East
Third Street. St. Paul.
Thro 1 Trains Lv Union Depot: *Daily.tEx.Sni*
CHICAGO— am. 16:25 pin. •8:10 pm
I SU C Y.OMAHA, KAN. CY-1&40am! *7:. rwpiu
DILUTH & SUPEKIOR-tlo:r>:>am. *ll:COpii»
MANKATo-to:Cispm. New OFFlca-Robert& 6U»
Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Opp. Hotel Ryan
j Chicago .•'tilHimkfoAM.l'ati! till
j__ Le.—St. I'.m:l— Ar
1 Chicago "Day"' press., t •:■•■> am!* 10:45 pa
j Chicago "Atlantic" Ex.. *.':.'>."> pm *U :.Vi an
j Chicago "fast Mail" *o:;V» Dm *.':4."> pir
i Chicago "Vestibule"' Lira •3:13 pa *7:.">0 na
! Chicago via Dubuque.... +4:1" pmltl ■ :,">I aa
j Dubuque via La Crosse . 4>: 5 ana It 10:45 pn
j M. Louis <fc Kansas City.. *3:3"i aw *6:33 pii
j Milbank and Way rS:2O am t6:3U }in
i Milbank and Aberdeen^: *.i:!"> m| *r:4.'> air
I *IVH\ + Ex. Sun. J- \. Sal * 'A. Mou.
For full information call at ticket office,
i „______________________________
Sr.PAIIIj 1!X50.s D£POX.
IPaily :•.» follow*: Learei
Boston, Montreal and Now Ens
laud points 0)-..10p. m.
Vancouver, N. Whatcom an£ l'»
--cific coast points ...» 9:03 am.
For further information and time of local
trains call at ticket office or consult folder.
v> Trains leave Union Depot. City
Office, 364 Robert street, corner Fifth. Tel
epfcone. l.>o.
♦Daily. Daily Ex. Son. Leave. Arrive.
Clik-iißO. Pubuque NightKz. *.i:\i<> |nn
» m. JoSvph, Dml t^^iim hlO:SOpa
Moiius, MarihajUown. - j *< :30 pm *4:A>aai
Dodijc Ceulcr Local, *3:35 piii*lo:lo

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