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™'""1™ ****■ ~* -«L -A. JL«fl J A Jt^i q
| TRY ONE SUNDAY. | | TRY CHE EOHBaY. | sjmt!immm!nmtr,mn^ £TRYOHEWEDHESDM3 I TRY OSE TBURSDaY. M m «Sir?l •xmmmmmmmmn,
KuuuuiUiuutuuuuuuir: mmmmmmM fnmwmmM f\mmmmmmM tjhuuuuuuuuiuuiuuu^ fiSSSSSIf
Governor Issues a Proclama
tion Upon the Death of
the Chief Justice.
State House Closed Today—
District Court Adjourns
Over to Wednesday.
Loyal Legion Will Attend in
a Body—Great Funeral
The demise of the states's chief ]ns*
See was fittingly recognized by Gov.
Kelson in the issuance yesterday of the
Following proclamation:
It becomes my sad duty toannonnce
the death of Chief Justice James Gil-
Milan. He was a jurist of marked abil
ity, an able, fearless and just judge
loved and respected by all the people of
the state. He was a leading factor in
the development of our judicial system.
His tasked is eiulej. but the mumory of
his work and all that lie wrought for us
Will abide in tiie history and annals of
our state fur all lim- to come.
A> .i token of the grief and sorrow
felt by us for his loss, I direct that all
state offices b«: closed on the day of It is
funeral, and that the national flay: be
d,splayed on tne capital at half-mast
troiu now until after ins funeral.
Bar Association
By none is the justice's death more
lamented than L«y the members of the
bar association. The members were best
enabled to appreciate ins abilities and
to admire Ins character.
The board of poveruors of the associ
ation met yesterday afternoon, and re-
B.'lved that the district court be request
ed to adjoin n for today, and that the
association meet at Court Hooiu No. 2.at
1:30 p. in., and from there attend the
funeral in a body. A committee of thiee
was appointed l«j draft a memorial in
honor of the chief justice, and to pre
sent such memorial to the district court
on Jan. T, beiug the lirst day of the
January term.
The district court adjourned last
evening over to Wednesday.
Tiie members of tlie Loyal Legion
will attend the obsequies, and the de
ceased's late associates upon the su
preme bench will be present, together
with ail tlie state officials.
As previously announced, the funeral
v. .. take place '.his afternoon at 2
o'clock frcin Christ church, iiev. Dr.
C. I>. Andrews will officiate, Inter
im nt at Oakland.
The active paii bearers will be W. 11.
Yardley, W. 11. Lightuer, 11. R. Bis;e
low, J. VV. Lane, 11. B. fcVeuzel. E. A.
.'iiiTizard; whilu the hoiiorary pall Oear
eis will include Judge Mitchell, Judge
Clark, N. P. Laujjf* rd, 11. J. Horn, J.
M. liilnian. J. Q. Auams, A. 11. Caili
cart. John Farringtuii.
'•Make me the most perfect made,"
said the little sdri in her evening
prayer, like Dr. I'r cu'a Cream Baking
Powder. Yes, it's truly the most perfect
At the Kyan—Tage Morris, S. T. Bar
risun, F. W. I'aiitf, Duluth; (Jeoree li.
Harvey, El i'aso, iVx.; E. L. Bonner,
Missoula, Mont.: U. Willianison. Kau
sasClty; GeoiKf Hancock, Fariro; J.VV.
Mason, Fergus Faiis; W. E. Brown. Du
luth; \V. B. Parsuus, Dodee Center.
At the. Clareodou—E. 11. Funk, Be
loit; C. A. Black. Anaconda; J.Mullen,
]>ulutti: tloti. Henry Felg, At water;
( . 11. Bliss, E. .1. Christian, Waterville;
W. J. Duuliiii:. Lieuviile; \V. K. Foley,
{Superior; J. K. Bishop, Cedar Rapids;
C. W. Fink,Tracy: John N. Dureiibertj,
Pierre, S. O.; 1-. C. Perkins, St. I'aul
lark: Joseph Tew, lliuckley; Ralph
Marwell, L. R-.issf!i, Ledger wood.
AS the Windsor—F. A. Silver. Crook-
Eton; VV . o. McMahon and wife, Win
nipeg; Albert lie rg. Outer City; .1. O.
Hammer, Sioux Cilj ; George R. Mann,
Su Louis: \V. < : . Ualtvin and lady, Wa
s.ca; J. Lee Noyes, Faribault; T.
O'Connor, K«'iiville; \V. C. (iilbeit,
(.and liapiil-, Miciu: (i. N. At wood,
Stillwater; G. A. Newcomb. St. Louis:
11. i. Barnea, Window; J. L. Crump
and wife ai;d Ft auk M. Eddy, tilen
wood; Israel Berythoru and August T.
Koerner. Litchfield; j . S. Campbell,
West Superior; iL E. Edgell and 11.
Schultze, Kau Claire; Thomas L.
Quoenan, Louisville.
At the Merchants'—lion. J. F. Jacob
pon, Madison: J. V. Mason and wife, St.
Croix Falls; 6. 1;. Van Saut, Winona;
Edward E. KusselJ, Kacine, Wis.; C E.
Slierrard, Livinirston, Mont.; E. C.
Cooper, Grand Forks; N. E. Torrence,
YYorthimrton; C. 11. Everett, Beloit,
Wis.; Alex Galbraitn, W. 11. Anderson,
Janesville, Wij.; A. C. Stevenson,
Rochester; J. I. Me Williams, Dwight,
111.; J. Schwelztfl. Sioux Falls, S. I). ;
>. <". Stebbins, tVinueimjca City; M. J.
Dowlinsr, Kenvtlle; Tliornas J. >lcKeon.
I>uluth; 11. LHiidald and wife. Little
Falls; August Guudersou, Crookston;
James UcHeuch, Fairmont; 8. ii.Mead,
Shell Lake; W. f>. Prcsscolt, J)akota;
John E. liaggorl, Fargo; S. 11. Floker.
Morris; <;. S. i>rainard, Blooming
Prairie; W. 'i. Kellar, Albert Lea; Mrs.
11. Gellaar, Dulutii.
To All Principal Pulntfl in Texan,
Mexico, Florida and the South.
It you will call at the Wisconsin Cen
tral City Ticket Office on Third Street.
opposite the Merchants' hotel, we will
be pleased to Rive you complete, infor
mation concerning these low rates and
train service to the South. .Sleeping car
berths reserved through to destination
by telegraph without extra charge.
Close connections at Chicago with all
►Southern lines. Meals served "a la
fHite" in dinintc cars on all Wisconsin
Ci ntral trains.
The only Chicago line serving supper
In a dining (.;:r on the evening limited.
F. A. Greene, City Passenger Ascent
Wisconsin Central Lines, 164 East Third
Failed to Indict.
Saxt Lake, Utah, Dec 17.—The
fraud jury, which baa been in session
lor Forty-three days, was discharged by
tlie court today, m.d as a result Chief or
Police Pratt and Detectives Sheets and
Ferguson^ who have been in iai! for ten
days for contempt-. in refusing to «u
--*wtr questions, a:*. 1 released.
Startling- Developments in
the Council Bluffs
The Death Wound Produced
by a Revolver of Small
More Sensation Expected
When the Inquest Is
Council Bluffs, 10., L>ec. 17. —C. A.
Cromwell, of Minneapolis, and F. D.
ILtyden, of Cnlcago. Fidelity agents,
who were shot yesterday by Bank Clerk
Huutinjctoa. who tlien committed sui-
Cide. are no worse today, aud will prob
ably recover. The whole matter is be
ing carefully Investigated by the police.
Startling developments were made in
the afternoon, which resulted in Hunt
iugton's victims employing an attorney
to look out for their interests during the
inquest. The new feature was the sug-
Ke»Uou given color by friends of the
dead bank rlerk that he did not sui
cide, but on the contrary was shot
by some one in the room at the time
Huri.iiiKton began to shoot. 'ihU theery
was advanced when it was learned that
the bullet in Uuntiiigton'n brain wa9
much smaller than the ones liied into
the two bond company examiners and
that the wound in his head was not
powder-burned.as it was thought would
be ihe case if the revolver iiad been
held iv liis own hand. There was no
other evidence to bear out the theory.
llaydeu and Croat well rested easily
all day, and are much improved. Crom
well sat propped up iv bed nursing
his three, oullet wounds, and talked
freely ot iho affair, and llayden talked
as freely as lie could through an immov
able neck. They both insisted that
they had never accused lluntir.gton of
anything crooked. If tney had not
known tiie discrepancy in the account
he gave of his transactions Saturday
nicht the meeting Sunday morning
would not have been held, and the trag
edy would have been avoided.
The deadly trolley car is always har
vesting—likewise, the alum-lime and
ammonia baking compounds. Insist
upon beiu* supplied with, i'tice's Cream
Baking Povvaer.
Grand Jury Acts in ht. Louis iilec-
tion Fruds.
St. Louis, Mo., Dec. IT.—The urand
jury which for several weeks lias been
investigating numerous charges of fraud
Krowiue cut of the recent election today
handed down fifteen indictments. This
information was given out by Circuit
Attorney Seachrilz, who refused, how
ever, to make public the names ot those
indicted or the specific charges as»ainst
them. It developed late this afternoon
that three bench warrants had been is
sued for a s many persons charged with
election fraud*. One was for the arrest
of John A. Ellison, a deputy ccnstablw
and prominent ward politician, who was
clerk of tho Sixth electiou precinct of
the Second ward. Ellison called at the
criminal court and surrendered. His
bond was fixed at $JOO, which his surety
turnished, and tie was released, it is
not known who the other persons are,
as they have not yet been apprehended.
Fiends Are Angels, Compared.
Littlk Knew, Ark., Dec. 17.—Polly
Bradetibaugh, the thirteen-year-old
daughter of a respectable German resi
dent of Conway, was ravished three
miies from PluaterriiieSunday evening
about dark by a negro supposed to be
John Bowman, and died at it) o'clock
Sunday night The victim of the out
rage was very small for one of her age.
The ravisher used a knita to make it
possible to accomplish his purpose. It
is believed the •villian if captured will
be burned at the stake.
Now. \\ ho Killed Cronin?
Hartford, Conn., Dec. n. — John
Croniu was hanged at 1:0 l this morn
ing at the state prison at Weathersh'eid,
and was pronounced dead nine minutes
after. The automatic callows worked
perfectly. His body was taken down at
1:40 o'clock, and interred at Blue Hills
cemetery at 5 o'clock.
Seely Pleads Guilty.
New YoRK,Dec 18.— Samuel C. Seely,
the former bookkeeper of the Shoe and
Leather National Bank, charged with
aiding the late Frederick Baker in
robbing the bank of $054,000, was ar
raigned in tiie United States circuit
court today, and pleaded guilty and was
remaudeu until Friday for sentence.
John Burns in Omaha.
Omaha, Dec. 17.—John Burns, the
London docks' friend, was accorded a
hearty welcome by an audience that
rilled tliM largest available hull iv the
city tonight. The audience which
Kreetea him included many represent
ative men of this city, and prominent
among those who supported him on the
platform was Edward Boeewater, of the
Omaha Bee. Mr. Burns' speech was a
warm appeal tor trades unionism, tor
support from the workers, for sympathy
lion: all classes of the coin in unity.
Complete Your Series.
We now have the complete set of
•'Queer People;" r>oo pictures, printed
in colors, interesting and instinctive.
Eight parts; 10 cents per part. Globe,
m. Paul; Herald, Wabasha; New*
Zuiubrota; Journal, Stillwater.
Burns' Mottier-iu-I-aw.
Tavlor's fulls Journal.
Ex-Auditor Burns, of Ramsej county,
has been surrendered by his bondsmen,
lie laced the music on all suits until
his inoUier-ir.-law cot after him.
l^er Them Shoot.
Waseca Kaihcai.
Not an hour or a minute should be
fooled away in the coining legislature
over the game laws. Such laws are
only a farce anyway, gotten up in the
interest of city sportsmen.
O.\IA l.NTrl.l.Uii.N i ADVfcK 1«S
--niv; pa>s. The Advertiser's Bargain
Book contaiu'ug fuli iiiloimauou on circu
lation and rates or nil leading dailies, week
lies, magazines, agricultural and religious
papeis and many interesting combination!
and suggestiona bow to succeed by advertis
ing, sent to any address fur Id eeuts. 'Ihe
most valuable book of this kind. Address
International Newspaper Advertising
Agency. U9 Dearborn M~ Chicago, in.
Uf AUN ING— The handsome photographs
• * of the people con°erned iv the cele
brated Giiig murder case, now being sold, ars
fully protected by copyright. All penooc
copying them will be prosecuted. Strong A
In . Minneapolis.
MTt?ATioss oi ri:i;r,t>,
AtiKNTS wanted to canvass the counties
In which they live: under our new pl«ui
they can cam from f.'s to 815) per month;
write tor particulars. Only thosa who are
ilium to make a house to house canvass in
the country anil towns are wanted. Ladies
cmn do the work as well as men. From §.'> to
(15 per day easily made. No capital re
uuired. Address by mail only, D 4, care of
the i ■ lobe.
A UK NTS in every state on salary and com
mission. Agents making $25 tosso weekly.
Eureka Chemical &. Mfg. Co.. LaCrosse, \\ is.
A til- NTS— Wanted, agents for Bankers'
Life Association, Paul.Minn.: strongest
home company furnishing guaranteed pro
tection at lowest cost; profitable position
open In St. Paul and throughout Minnesota.
Write for agency.
\\7 AMTKI)-Canvassers for ex-Secretary
»» H. IF. Thompson's book. '"Personal
Recollections of Sixteen Presidents." written
in his e'ghty-hfth year: clear, forcible, at
tractive. Mid by subscription only. North
btur Specialty Company, Agents, P. o. Box
44ii. Minneapolis.
U/ANVKD-Young people to learn teleg
♦ raphy, shorthand, bookkeeping, etc.:
night sihool four nights weekly. Globe
Business College. Endlcotl Building.
ITtk (iIAUANTH; you competent in
»» eight weeks at Twin City Barber
School; catalogue mailed free; tools donated.
110 liennepin, Minneapolis.
WAXTKD— if you are a Catholic, unem-
VV ployed.and will work for SIS per week,
write McCouuell Bros., 11 Franklin st., Bos
ton, Mass.
AGKNTS wanted to canvass the counties
Xi. in which they live; under our new plan
they can eaaii from STS to 5150 per month:
write for particulars. Only those who arc
willing to make a house to house canvass in
the country and towns are wanted. Ladies
can do the work as well as men. From S3 to
Sls per day easily made. No capital re
quired. Address by mail only, D 4, care of
CUTTING taught by the independent
ys tailor square, and also the French Ideal:
will challenge any system in the market- 444
yVabasha and SI I Payne ay. B. Ortel.
HOUSKWOKK-Waute «. girl for general
housework. Call in the morning. 190
Hague ay.
OUSKWOKK— Wanted, gin for general
housework. 29 East Tenth st.
HOVBBWOBK- Girl to do general house
work at 155 Aurora ay.
HOL'st.WOjiK- Wanted, a girl for gen- !
eral housework; small family; no chil- '
dren. No. 67;) St. Peter st.
HOI SKWOKK— Wanted, girl for general
ii housework; family of two. tiff Sher
man st.
HOIsKWDKIi- Girl wanted for general
*-l housework. 52 West Fourth.
SMOM) WOltK-Wanted, young girl for
second work in private family. 310 Hum- i
Bey st.
TWKN'TY young and beautiful iadies for
"Black Crook" company, also four well
formed ladies for living pictures. Call
Uooni 1, 2'_(3 East Seventh st., between 1 and
- p. m.
AKK t»U IN TKOL'HLK? Cousult
Madame Ina Walker, "life reader." /or
faithful reading of your pa^t. present and
future; she will guide you in all affairs of
life by a power higher than human; corre
spondence confidential: ladies. 50 cents;
gentlemen, $1. 5Ud VVabasha st., opposite
worth; prices reduced 53 cents; thirty
years experience. 13 Eighth st.
MISS KAST3lAN—Massage and alcohol
baths; open daily and evenings. 430
Wabasha, room 15.
jVI KS. LfcWIS- Experienced massagist;
WA hours 10 to 10 daily. 35 East Seventh,
Kooms ~'J and 30.
i»-l rade and theatrical costumes, masks,
wigs, beards and crease paint. 56 East Sev
enth st.
[IT US. I)K. WILLIAM, ciairvoyaut and
ii. massagiot; fee 50 cents and §1. SO East
Eleventh st.
fl/IKS. A LICK AUSTIN, clairvoyant;
i-~x card readings 25 cents. No. 16 West Ex
change st., near Wabasha.
ME. ST. JOHNS, Clairvoyant and
magnetic healer; readings, ib and CO
cents. 130 West Fourth st.
11 US. L>lt. F. RISAttDON. 34 East Sev
-I'- e;ith. Room 304—Massage, vapor and
electric baths; 9 to 9 p. m., including Sun
111 €24 Wabasha St.—Magnetic and .nas»age
treatment for paralytic, rheum and
nervous diseases: also baihi it a.m. to D.m
KS. RATE HUSKIES, No. 14912 West
1»X Sixth St—Psychometric reader and
trance medium.
the age, the young Madame Romaine, is
In this city, and can be consulted on all
affairs of life; her predictions never fail;
she makes a success where others fail; cor
rect advice on business, matrimonial and all
family affairs; brings the separated together;
causes happy marriage wiih the one you
love: future plainly revealed; lovers united;
troubles healed: those iv trouble should not
fail to call and be convinced on the above
statements: business strictly confidential:
letters containing stamp promptly answered;
hours 9to 9. Address- or call 503 Jackson St.,
between Eleventh and Twelfth.
*r)»_>r» EAST SEVENTH ST— .Expert
>w«JU massage, Magtiotio aud alcohol
baths. Anua of Chicago.
LOST A>l» FOU.in.
[ TMIiKKLLA-Between my residence and
U naion ik'pot.lasi evening, a siilt umbrella,
with horn handle, silver tip and band. Lib
eral reward will be paid finder if rcturued to
George W. Freeman, with «j. Gotzian & Co.
DOG FOUND—A sevenmonths-otd dog;
cream-colored mastiff. Apply 379 Car
LOCKET I.O*T—Diamond locket, corner
Smith ay. and Kflinsev st. Heturu to
this office and receive reward.
BOA KD — Furnished front rooms with
board. 385 ftorth Washington st.
BOA Ul>- Utopia, 4W St. Peter St.—Steam
heated rooms with board.
BOA KD—Pleasant front room with alcove,
also sunny side room: excellent board;
near Selby cable; best references. 165 Nina
WTMK Ml Mi X"—Pleasant rooms, with
JL board; centrally located for business
people. 102 College ay., corner Sixth.
\% OXKI LOANKD on life iusurance pol
i'l icieu. or bought. L. P. Vau NorniMn.
411) Vt Guaranty Loan Building, Minneapolis.
<3»K/\TO $500 shorttlrao loan* prooured
vp%J\J on personal property. Ohio Invest
ment Company, Seventh floor Globe Build
BAKI'.K— A good baker on cookies mid
bread, also candy, is looking foi a job.
Address 11., M! Pleasant ay.
CuxiK — Situation wai.ted by a colored iubii
who is • nisi class cook and waller. B.
]{Rndolph, Hotel De Mink. Fourth and 61.
Peter sis.
DItIVKIt wants work driving a delivery ]
wagon, or wmiid like work around'!
some store; very useful around a plare, and-,
in need of work. Address Driver, 456 Kast
Sixth st
EX<JINKKK— Wanted, situation as engi
neer, fireman or anything else; good
reference given. Address O 18, Globe.
ELitliiiClA.N — Wanted, by practical
electrician of experience, a permaneut
position: am also tirsi-class eusincer. O 12,
OrriCK WORK-Situation wanted by
young man of 10 at orlice work, or any
thing which is offered nim; am » good pea
man. Address :{ii4 Hosabel St., city
OrFICIC WOKh-Sober, well-eaucr.ted
young man. plensing appearance, ex
penencea in ollice work ai.d general mer
ehandiae. wants work at B'.'s per month;
would wait on table. Address Kellv. 105
East Fifth st.
P!IAR!»IA<'I.ST, regisiered, desires posi
tion ;expeiienced and strictly temperate;
highest references. Pharmacist", 321 Chest
nut St.
PKINTKR— Practical ull-round printer of
long expeiiencc wants situation. Ad-
I dress Printer, 11 East Third at, (It Paul.
SALESMAN— Experienced city salesman
wants something to sell on salary or com
mission. Address D 15, Globe.
BAL.KSAIAN— \Vanted. position as travel
ing salesman, "on commission. 1" by a
man with many years' business experience;
gents" furnishing goods, a pants line or out
ing shirts preferred. Salesman, stillwater,
Minn.. f>lo West Olive st
rp. AMSI'KK-Good lemnsier wants h job
-■- driving; can handle two or four horses.
;K"> Stryker ay.
VITATCHMAW—Jte'iabIe man wants posi
» » lion as night watchman; best of refer
ence furnished. 41.~> East Seventh st.
UM>KK FOX l!()Alil»-A willing young
man would like to hear from a chari
table family where he could won; for his
board and attend school. Please address
X M.. W.{ Kndicott Building.
U7OH-. fok itOAKD-Wanted. a place
to work for board and attend school.
Aiidress J. A. G., 3ti4 Rosabel St.. city
COMPANION— Wanted, a position as
companion to an invalid or elderly lady
Call 7os Olive.
DISH WASH XX—A girl wants pluce in
notel or boarding house for dishwashing
or chamber work. Cull at once, 875 Albe
niarle St., corner Milford. up stairs.
DUKKsMAKKIi- An experienced dress
maker wauls hewing by the day in fami
lies. Call or address Sls Hondo st.
DiJKSS.'WAKKK wants sewing in families
or at home. Address 558 L'Oricnt.
HOI'SKWOKK— Two girls would like po
sition to go to Montana for housework
or hotel work. Apply C."2 East Sixth.
HOLstWOKK— A girl with a one-year
old baby wishes a place in or out of the
city; will work for small wages For partic
ulars. 137 East Ninth st.
HOirsKKKlJl'KIt— A competent lady de
sires a position as housekeeper or nurse^
(all 70S (.Hive.
: MOIStkKKI'KK-A young Scandi
|1 1 navinn woman with a one-year-old
eiiiki would like a position as housekeeper.
! Call at 5:22 Bradley.
LALNDKKSS — A first class laundress
would like rough-dry washing to do at
I home; clothes called for "and delivered, aud
I good work guaranteed. Address Laundress,
; 4 6 i:ast Sixth Ft.
\JUItSK— An experienced nurse would
■*■' like a situation; lies had experience iv
all kinds of nursing. Address 142 Rondo.
OKGAXIST- Wanted—A lady desires a
position as organist; references. Ad
dress P 7, Oiobe.
OFFIC£ WUKK-A young lady with two
years' experience in ofllee work desires
a position; can operate a typewriter. Ad
dress 3 X, Globe.
I UTINOCtAPUKIt-Competent sieuog
I O rapher and typewriter wants work; can
do assistant bookkeeping: will worn for rea
sonable salary. t>'J liermania Life Building,
coiner Fourth and Minnesota sts.;
STKXOGKAPHER— Young lady of col
lege education wishes position as ste
nographer and typewritist; will work for
moderate salary. B. C. Globe.
WASHING— Wanted, washing to do by
the day or take home. Address or call
1027 Edgerton Pt., rear door.
WASH ING—Wanted, washing to take
home by a first-class laundress; will
work very cheap. Cail oraddr<Jss M. \V., 664
Mississippi tt.
WASHING— Woman goes out washing,
ironing and housecleaning. Inquire
at 2i>4 West Sixth st.; at kitchen.
IIT ASHING wanted to take home, or will
*V^ go out washing or scrubbing. 844 Ed
mund st.
WASHING wanted to do at home. Call
at SSI Rondo st.
WASHING wanted to do at Dome. Mrs.
Kagerer. 727 Charles st.
WAITRESS— Wanted, work waiting din
ners or evening parties, by good col
ored woman. Address or call ISti East Sev
enth 5.4
CAN AKII.S-Choice of lO.lelegant singers
at from $1.50 to $2.50 each, at Atchison's,
381 Washington st., near Sixth.
pHKISTMAS TKKES — For sale, two
ys carloads Christmn3 trees of all sizes, at
the Grand central market. Entrance on
Third, Fourth and St. Peter sts.
piIAIKAXD WtSK-sio takes a revoiv
v_/ ing spring office chair aud desk. 1012
New York Life Building.
pHKISI.MAS TKKKs for sale; buy your
v> Christmas trees at the corner of Seventh
and St. Peter st>., city market.
FUKNITUBK — Second-hand furniture
and saloon fixtures; in good order; cheap
for cash. Call :>iil3 Twenty-fifth st south
I HAVE 100 barrels choice New Hampshire
Baldwin apples which 1 must sell at once;
call and examino them before purchasing
elsewhere. Then Bunker. ISA Rice st.
TfcWELRY-Solid gold watches and dia
*f mond rings for sale at one third their
valua. Standard Loan Company, Schutte
Building. 154 East Seventh, near Jackson st
XMAS -I'UKr.s FOX SALE-All sizes
at all prices at Ramaley's, corner Sixth
end St. Peter sts.
SPECIAL rfAUt of second-hand stoves
and carpets at Ryan Furniture aud Ex
change Company, 14? and 144 seventh st
STKKEOITICON and niaeic lantern out
*J fits for illustrating lectures, exhibitions
and street advertising; complete outfits at
about half manufacturer's price: 1,500 plain
and colored slides iv lots to suit; new aud
second-hand outfits bought, sold and ex
changed. Richards & Birch, 200 Nicollet ay.,
Minneapolis, Minn.
WILL SKLT, you watches and dia
monds this week cheaper than they
were ever sold at auction. We have fine
gold watches of every description, both
ladles' and gentlemen's, and a few diamonds
that we will bell at just the amount loaned;
that will be about one-half that they could
be bought for these hard times. American
Mortgage Loan Company, room 7. First Na
tional bank, corner Fourth and Jackson sis.
Take elevator.
-I*l emy, 620 Central Park, Bast— Pupils
can enter class at any time; private instruc
O and Art. 20 East Exchange St., St. Paul-
Piano, violin, guitar, banjo and mandolin
taught Lessons given In drawing and palut
. iM*. tall or good for vraapeetus.
a*a KILTI.
j b\ V. 11. WIM IIILi.
j *° The Rental Agents
stakes a K|»<*cial<j- ot* lC<utiu_;
j k I'ron«'rtjv
j SOP Manhattan liuil<ifn g .
J. W. Mu-pur<l, «1 Kant 4th St.
aois as owners' agent, collects* rents;
taeani-beated apartment* for $~V, g.'j, $.h aud
$A : reduced rental. '
_____ li»UM-S.
pOTTAGK-A collate and unfurnished
rooms for rent: suitable for housekeep
ing. Inquire A. inter, ti East Ninth st.
Hoi Sr—For rein, for the balance of the
winter, furnished house. 41J Laurel ay. ;
cheap to responsible person. ■ ■ .
A— HOTKI, BRUXSWiCh! for geutle
• men only; fifty modern •teani-heHted
rooms by day, week or month.
CKIIAR ST.. 637—Nicely furnished front
alcove room for rent, opposite Central
ROOMS— Lady living in Minneapolis will
rent nicely furnished rooms to aulet
parties: transients accommodated. Address
M, C. Daily Globe. Minneapolis.
A PORTLAND CUTrKK in good condi
tion: with slight alteration will make a
good speeder. 307 Nelson ay.
HORSES. ;i(tkSKs-50 to 100 head con
wtautly on hand, consisting of heavy
draft horses, farm mares, general purpose
horses and drivers. Private sales daily. Auc
tions held every Tuesday and Saturday at 1
p. in. Minnesota Horse Auction and Cora
mission Stables. IKS Fifth st. south, Minne
apolis. Winslow A Zimmerman. Proprietors.
I^olc SAL.*—Thirty acres cheap, Minne
apolis stockyards. Actus K. Barlow.
New Brighton. Minn.
3its< >4 L!i;!ii4-ou<*.
*• within the yards limit; nearly 500 feet
deep; only $">') per front foot; small cas.h
payment. >hetiard, !>4 East Fourth.
on: WORKS.
ASK *inroiiKh the (ilobe's Guaranteed
Wauls, and it will be given. An ad ou
this page will bring resuKc, or your money
will be returned to you.
LKAVKyour •Want' with the nearest
Globe agent. See list on this page.
AHLfcltT & MIKTKIi — Minnesota
! Steam Dye Works. 244 East Seventh.
Fifty-five feet front, well improved; (
equity goes for well located Washington st.
property. Shepard. 94 East Fourth st.
JVf K\V goods for sec'd-h*nd.liyan Furniture
. ■*•"■ Miid Exchange Co.. 14'. 1 and 144 E. 7th st.
XV ways the standard of comparison, al
ways the best ami always have the latest im
drovemeuts. Typewriter paper and supplies
Ot all kinds. Aiachiues for rent. Wyckoff
Sc<mians _: Benedict. U4 Kan Fourth st
ROOMS— Wanted, by a lady,two furuished
rooms for light housekeeping, or one
furnished room and one unfurnished. Ad
dress L. D. :{.'. Globe.
OTJTSKA i'His—Wanted, to buy one pair
VJ of Guinea pigs. Address P. O. Box "Al,"
St. Paul. ■
A. L. EtiG, Mauufaeturer and Daale: in
Importers of Billiard Cloth and Supplies.
Altering and repairing done on Short Notice.
Second-hand tables bought and sold. :£0
East Seventh Street, St. Paul. Miun.
Ramsey—District Court, Second Judicial
lii the matter of the insolvency of Mast,
Buford <& Bur well Company, a corpora
On reading and filing the petition of Al
bert B. Oviit, one of the Receivers of the
said insolvent corporation, applying for an
order providing that all claims tiled herein
on or before January 15,1895, be allowed as
if filed within the time allowed by statute,
and also providing that all claims'not filed
on or before said date be forever barred from
sharing in the benefits of this estate:
Ordered, that the creditors of said insolvent
who have filed their claims against said in
solvent estate, and all others interested, show
cause at a sDecial term of this court, to be
held in the court house. In the city of St.
Paul, in said couuty. on December 29. 1£94,
at 10 o'clock A. Al,, why such order should
not be made.
Ordered further, that this order be pub
lished in the St Paul Daily Globe on De
cember !2th, December 18th and December
i!4tli. 1894. nnd that a copy be mulled to each
of the creditors of the said Insolvent, who
has filed his claim herein, on or before De
cember IV. 1F94.
Dated December 10, 1894.
CIIAS. E. OTIS, District Judge.
Notice to Banker*.
- Winoua—ss. —
j Pursuant to an order of the Legislature ap
proved March 3. 1881. entitled "An act relat
ing to the duties uf County Treasurers and
the care of the public funds," (being Chap
ter 19ft, General Laws for 1SH1). notice is
hereby given that the proposals for the de
posit of the funds of this county for the en
suing two years will be received by the un
dersigned board of Auditors, at the*office of
the County Auditor, until iho l'Jth day of
December. A. D. 1594, at 2 o'clock p. m.
" Such proposals shall state what security
will be given to the county for such funds so
deposited, and what interest wlil be allowed
on monthly balances of the amount depos
ited: conditioned that the said funds, with
accrued interest, shall be held subject to
draft and payment at all times on demand.
Chairman Board ot County Commissioners.
Clerk of District Court
County Auditor.
Dated at Winona, Minn., this Mil day of De
cember, ISM.
Dissolution Notice.
existing between Thad C. Jones and
Charles Wright, under the firm name and
style of Toad C. Jones & Wright, has been
this day dissolved by mutual consent of both
said parties. Mr. Jones has sold his interest iv
th" merchandise and stock pertaining to said
business to Charles Wright & Company, and
retires (Mm the firm. Either partner may
receive, oolleot and receipt for moneys due
said firm. All bills against said firm should
be presented to Mr. Jones, who will pay the
Tb« business will be continued under the
firm nnrne of Charles Wright A Company.
Dated fit. Paul, Minn., December Ist. MM.
t^^o^^Wf\\\Y\^i Listening to the Instrumental Husic in
f^^^^^fuly "The World's'
Sweetest Songs"
Both Vocal and
It is designed, not for professional musicians, societies or
church choirs, but is pre-eminently adapted to increase the
pleasure of the home-circle and render home tenfold more at
tractive to the young and doubly enjoyable for the older mem
bers of the family than it otherwise would be.
WHY PAY A BIG RENT ? Is not that what you do when
you go to a big store and pay 50 cents for only one song in
stead of taking advantage of the "GLOBES" great distribu
tion of "The World's Sweetest Songs" at a cost to you of less
Half a Cent Each ?
Why this immense difference; do you ask? The rent of a
big store is enormous, and printing music in very small edi
tions is costly, to say nothing of a force of stylish clerks that
must be in waiting to serve one single piece of music, neatly
wrapped and tied with a silk cord. While we pay no rent,
print this series in enormous editions, and distribute it by the*
thousands daily.
Think of It! Patti's Favorites,
20 Lovely Songs, Excellent Paper, Handsomely Printed, Ele
gantly Bound, Worth, at Sheet Music Prices, About $10.00.
Out-of-town purchasers will save time and postage by
sending for the whole series at once. We will then be^ able
to place this prize complete in your hands in ample time for
the holidays.
Do not miss getting this work, because it is easily worth 50
times our price. NO COUPONS. 10 cents in silver (not
stamps) secures each part. Address
Art Department, Daily Globe.
Back numbers supplied at same rate, postage paid.

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