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HQUBKR PI-Ol'Lll" and **tiuc
Mill City Resident* Can Now fie
cure J hose Klcsant Works
at Home.
The Globe's holiday offer of wit and
music, in the form of Palmer Cox's
••Queer People" and "The World's
•Sweetest Songs'* has been received with
so much favor by the residents of Min
neapolis, and the majl orders from there
are so heavy, that it has been djfliled
to place them on sale at the Minneap
olis Cli.ouk office, so that all those desir
ing the work can be accommodated
easily and quickly. Ten cents in silver
luys any part of oil her work, ami,as
the supply of the full sets of each is
limited, all should come early. "Queer
People" is the funniest and "The Song
ster" is the sweetest work ever put
forth from a printing press. Call fit the
ll] out: office, in Minneapolis, and get
It is said another combine has been
formed among the aldermen, and that
eleven have signed a paper to the effect
they will stand by one another. Tb»s
lie. it is s;iid, will endeavor to
elect Aid. Bradish to the presidency.
>. however, there is but little
liey will fail— suffer ignominious
defeat, as it were-lor the dyspeptic
aldermau from the Ninth is not in high
lav or.
The work of canvassing the original
1.. ts of the First ward, in the Alex
b\»ell contest, was commenced
y sterday in the office uf tlie city clerk
by Howe Paige, who was appointed by
the couit fur that purpose. It will take
him several days to complete the can
\ .i-.-.
lln re seems to be but little doubt
now but Chief Chief of Police Smith
retained by Mayor elect l'ratt.
Mr. lias proven agreeable to all
parties connected with the Republican
Kdministration. and it is maintained
that it would injure the service to sup
plant biui. l'lu-re i< likely, however, to
be some change in the detective force.
Mr. l'ratt has been waited on by a num
ber of ciiizt-iis su.d politicians with cuin
juanit.s against certain members of the
force, and he gave them to understand
he would give the matter his careful
Walter Milnor'a Case.
Walter S. Milnor was arraigned be
fore Judge Hick? in the criminal court
yesterday morning and requested to
plead to the indictment charging him
with embezzling £513.330n Marcii 10,
IS'J2, while acting in the capacity of
trustee, from the Home Savings and
Loan association. He entered a plea of
not guilty, with the privilege of with
drawing the plea and entering a de
murrer to the complaint. A bond of
12,000 was offered and accepted, and
Feb. 4he will be arraigned again. He
slated that be understood a civil suit
was to be commenced which was to de
termine the Issues in the case. The
company's affairs, he said, were also to
be brought before the grand jury.
He Hail "Broken Oat."
The proprietors of a well-known Min
neapolis family hotel were very much
frightened yesterday morning when it
was reported to them that their cook
had been taken with cither small-pox
or leprosy. They examined the poor
fellow, who at the time was preparing
breakfast for the guests, and found to
their horror he was "breaking out." His
bands were puffed up and his face re
sembled a mountain sunset. lie was
hustled out of the kitchen, and the sec
ond cook finished the breakfast. Physi
cians were summoned, who found that
the cook was suffering from some sort
of blood poisoning not at all dangerous.
lie was accordingly sent to the hospital,
and the hc.telkeepsrs arc congratulat
ing themselves.
On to Sioux Falls.
There passed through the city yes
terday a handsome and accomplished
young woman, whose husband Is one of
the proprietors of one of the largest
mercantile houses on \\ isconsin street.
Milwaukee. Tiie lady was en route for
Sioux Fails, where she will joid the di
vorce colony. She lias friends in Min
neapolis, and to them stie stated yester
day that it was her determination to se~
cure an absolute separation from
"Freddy," who has been mean to her.
lie has also been untrue to her, and, of
course, such a state of affairs can ex
ist no longer. Owing to ttie prominence
of the ludy her name is suppressed.
New Publishing Company.
The Vagbrytaren Publishing company
lias tiled articles of incorporation with
the register of deeds. The capital stock
is placed at 15,000, and the company will
do a publishing business. The incorp
orators are Oie Kron, Evansville; A.
Noron, Cambridge; Oscar Wolf and
O. J. Anderson, Holmes City; ]„ E.
OJm>d and ('. J. Lundberg, Minneapolis;
('. .1. Palmer and Frank Johnson, St.
Paul; John A. Molmquist, Hasting*;
(Just Lundgrun, Duluth; John Kron,
Alexandria, and Aron Eck, Crookaton.
The Modern Mother
Has found that her little ones are im^
proved more by the pleasant laxative,
Syrup of Figs, when in need of the
laxative effect of a eentle remedy than
by any other, and that it is more ac
ceptable to them. Children enjoy it
nnd it benefits them. The true remedy,
Syrup of Fics, is manufactured by the
California Fie Syrup Co. only.
Yesterday's Small Fire.
Yesterday a small fire started in the
rear room on the h'rst lloor of a two
story dwelling at 455 Madison street
northeast, and before the department
was able to extinguish it a damage of
übout fIOO had been done. The origin
of thu h"ru is unknown, as the family
was away when it started and had not
returned until aftep- the fire had been
put out. They have no means by which
they can learn how it did start.
Went to the Funeral.
The Henuepin county district ceurt
Blood adjoiirric.l yesterday afternoon,
the judges attending the funeral of
Chief .Justice UtifiHan. Members of the
i.oyal Leeion of th:a city were also in
Thar, our vondcrful remedy "SIOTnEUS
FRIEND." which makes <hi,<! tnrtli eauy may
bo within i.U<- rearh of all we have reduced the
price to <»ni> Dollar per bottle, li.^vsaro of
f ruutl.", ecimterfelu and eebctitutes.
. . . S!'Li> BY ALL IHM GOrKTt. . . .
UT 'Write for book "TO MOTHEKR" nmilpti
Sole Proprietor*, Atlanta, Us.
He Says That Both Harry and
Adry Are Entirely In
And He Was the Tool of a
Gang: of Out
Discussion of the Chatter Bill
—Hattie Derby's Case-
Other News.
There is no doubt fis to \V. \V. Erwin
being retained to defend Hairy Hay
ward. The hitler's father was seen yes
terday and stated that Mr. Erwin would
lead the defense. He denied that there
was any disagreement between them as
to the line of defense. He said he felt
convinced that Harry would be cleared
of the terrible charge resting against
him. lilixt, he said, was a liar, and his
wife and n other-iu-law would prove
him to be such. He had apologized on
more than one occasion for lying to him.
Mr. Hay ward said he was certain that
Blixt was in the control of a gang who
put him up to murder Catherine (»ing.
and in the event the crime waß traced
to him he was to swear it off on Harry.
"So tar as Adry'a behavior is con
cerned,'' continued Mr. llaywnnl, "It
will all be explained in due time. It
would not be proper for me now to offer
any explanation, but 1 am sure the
trial will prove Uiem both innocent of
complicity in the murder. 1 can not
say anything now about the gam: 1 re
ferred to. They are. however, men who
live outside the city and who are ac
quainted with Harry. They saw a
chance to make him tlieir scapegoat and
have doiit: so."
HUNK liliiiK.
Mlnncap >1 is Men Favor It for
Mimics ita Cities.
There was a meeting lust night in the
om'ce of Messrs. Fletcher, Kockwood »te
Dawson, Lumber Exchange, of gentle
men who discussed the proposed new
charter biil. The number was small, so
that the discussion was not very ex
tended. The sentiment of the meeting
appeared to be tn favor of having the
coming legislature prepare and submit
another coustiiutiuaal amendment,
which should either return to the old
plan or give the cities of the state abso
lute control over their own charters. In
other words, the meeting, as a whole,
was iv favor of home rule.
Hattie Derby nays Ono Man
Abused It.
Hattie Derby is very much wrought
up over certain statements alleged to
have been made by Benjamin j. Ben
sou. She has brought suit against him
for 15,000 damages", alleging that her
teelintjs were lacerated and that her
reputation was injured to the extent
a.-.ked for iv the suit tiled in the district
Hattie says In her allegations that
Bemon accused her of not getting h«>r
living and clothes in a respectable man
ner. She also alleges that be told M.
J. Griffin, whose son had the felicity of
"keeping company" with her sister,
that the two Kills were "not tit com
pany" for his boy. Benson, it is
claimed, has frequently made such re
marks about Hattie, and she is of the
opinion he should pay for the privilege
of tree speech abused so shamefully.
The Testy Judge Will See the
Judge Hicks, of the district court.who
retires from active service the end of
this month, intends to make a trip to
Europe and Ezypt. In speaking about
ths proposed trip yesterday he said:
"It does not seem possible that within
forty days i sl:all be looking at the pyr
amids. It has been the dream of my
lite to see them. When 1 was a boy I
used to think about standing in front of
them, and now my dream ss about to be
Judge Hicks is to remain In Minne
apolis until the first week in January,
when his official duties will cease, lie
will then stari on an extended tour of
Europe and the East, returning to
America some months later. At the
conclusion of the period of rest which
has been made necessary by the long
stress of work entailed upon the mem
bers of the Hennepiu county district
bench. Judge Hicks will return and re
sume his practice of tiie law in Minne
Hope Springs Kternal
In the human breast. Despite repeated
disappointments, the divine spark re-
Kindles after each. Though there may
not be a silver lining to every cloud, the
vapors winch obscure the sky oft waft
aside and disclose the full splendor of
the noonday sun. Thus Is hope justi
fied. Invalids vvno seek the aid from
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters in the hope
»t something better than a mere modi
fication of the evils from which thoy
sutler will find that it justifies their ex
pectatiou. Chilis and fever, rheuma
tism, dyspepsia, liver and kmnev
trouble, nervousness and debility are
thoroughly, not partly, remedied by the
Bitters. Loss ot flesh, appetite and
sleep are counteracted by this helpful
tonic as by no other medicinal aeent,
and to the old, infirm and convalescent
it affords speedily appreciable benefit.
A wineglassful three times a day.
To Prove a Will.
Mr?. Harriet (J. Lincoln has filed a
petition in the probate court to prove
the will of Wyman L. Lincoln, who left
real estate amounting to $4,060 in Min
neapolis to three heirs.
Eight vagrants were taken from the
central station tramp room yesterday
moraine and sent to the workhouse.
Next Saturday morning the members
of the Ilennepin county bar will meet
and pass resolutions on the death of
Chief Justice Giifillan.
The commercial travelers will be ban
queted next Friday evening at the
Commercial club. Music and dancing
will follow the banquet.
President C. A. Smith, of the North
western Compo-JJoard company, an
nounces that the plant will be rebuilt as
soon as the insurance companies settle
the losses.
J. K. Emmet in "Fritz In a Mad
house" will appear at the Bijou ihis
afternoon ai a special matinee perform
ance. The usual performance will be
given in the evwiiinir.
George D. McDonald, arrested for
raising a $1 bill to $10, was dis
charged yesterday morning by the
United States commissioner, Mr. Bow
i-n It was proved that he was innocent
of tho charge.
Funeral services over the remains of
Jeff liildreth, who died last Monday,
were held yesterday afternoon at the
family residence, 501 Tenth avenue
houth. Last night the remains were
shipped to Lone Rock, Wis., for inter
C. Q. Goodrich, jlce president of the
Twin City Kapid Transit company, re
turned hoinw yesterday from New
York, whither he went to inert Mr.
1/mry uuon his return from hurope.
The tatter will arrive In Minneapolis
the latter par: of the week.
The Metropolitans entertained an
other large audience at the Grand last
nltjiit, presenting two operas, "The
Hose of Auvenrne" and "Pygmalion
and Cialuleit." The artists were ap
plauded for their efficient work, and the
general verdict is that the organization
is not only unique, but an excellent one.
"The Charity Ball" will open at the
Grand tomorrow evening. The play is
one of the very best in the line or com
edy-drama, ami for upwards of eight
years has been a reUwtng success. It
will be presented here with an excel
lent company directed by (iu.-iave
Krohmau. fliers will bo a popular
priced matinee Saturday.
Wo can now furnish any part that
may be missing in your "Brownie" se
ries. Complete your book r.ud have it
bound. See binding offer in large ad
Has Great Sport Hunting—Billed
for a Kccpption.
GEORGETOWN, S. C*T, Dec. IS. -Presi
dent Clevelaud is aboard the buoy
tender Wistorla lying in Muddy bay,
ten miles from Ueorgetcwn,off the shore
of Friendtiekl plantation, the vast
marsh lands of which are leased to
the Annandale Hunting club, whose
guest the president is. No one is al
lowed on board the Wistorla except
those officially connected with the ves
sel. The president, however, accepted
the tender of a reception to be held Sat
urday next in the historic hall of
the Winyah Indigo society, in which
Washington held a reception in
17'.^, since which time no president has
visited Georgetown. A gentleman who
carried down the presidents mail re
ports that the president says he is en
joying himself liagely. and feels much
benefited already by his trip. When
he accepted the tender of the re
ception he requested that it should
be short as his lame foot made it pain
ful for him to stand long- He is suf
fering from rheumatic Rout. In the
president's bun today were twenty-nine
ducks. Mr. Cleveland lias ordered that
only letters and telegrams be sent to
the Wistona. He says he does not wish
to see a newspaper while he is here.
He will leave for Washington next Sat
urday at 4 o'clock.
World's Records In Danger at the
Los Angeles Meeting.
Los'Angeles,Cat: Dec. 18.—Judging
from the performances of Alix, who
has been given a little prelim
inary work today, the world's
record stands a good chance of
being wiped out next Saturday. After
she had been jogged two or three miles
she was taken back to the half. Here,
with only a free head ana to urging.she
came home in l:00} 4 , and through the
stretch in :zli}.,. Never before has this
splendid animal been in such grand
shape. Robert J also worked out this
morniirg and made a quarter in close
to :2'J.
o .
Salvadorians Evidence Their
Friendship lor Uncle Sam.
Washington, Dec. IS. — Secretary
Gresham has received a cablegram from
Jesus Velosco, minister of fore-i af
fairs of Salvador, stating that a military
parade was given yesterday at Salvador
by the government of Salvador in honor
of the United States minister, Mr.
Baker, as an evidence of its friendli
ness for the people and government
which he represents, and the disiiu~
guished esteem in which he is held.
Lynched Another Brute.
Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 18.—While
all the men were at work in the iield a
young negro called at L. W. F. Sander
son's home near here Saturday morn
ing and asked lor some matches.
Seeing that there was no one at the
house but Mr. Sandarson's daughter, a
young lady sixteen years old, the negro
made an indecent proposal. She
screamed and the negro ran away. That
afternoon the negro was foui.d, taken
before the girl ami fully identitied. lie
acknowledged his guilt and was
brought here and placed in jail. Later
he was taken out and lynched.
Boycott on X .
Montgomery, Ala., Dec. 18.—In
line with the suggestion of the Taila
dega News reporter, a blank agreement
is prepared for circulation among the
Alabama editors, tiie compact to be en
tered into being that they will not again
print the uame ot Reuben F. Kolb, uor
that of any of his political associates.
The idea is to have the press boycott
him, and it is believ-pd that when de
prived of tne opportunity of gaining
notoriety the reform leader will soon
fall into forgetfulness.
Turks Muke Denial.
Washington. Dec. 18.—The Turkish
legation has received the following: offi
cial telegram: "Among the erroneous
statements published about the Ar
menian tioubles it lias also been said
that the Armenian bishop of Moush had
been arrested. This news also is with
out the least foundation in fact."
Cash in Treasury.
Washington, Dec. 18.—The gold re
serve was further reduced today by
the withdrawal at New £ork of $i'
-800,000, which leaves the amount of
the reserve at the close of business
191,554,809. The cash balance was
On Saturday next we will receive a
shipment of Nos. 17, 18, 19 and 20 of
The World's Sweetest Songs. These
parts complete the series. Saturday,
Globe Cou.iting lioom.
French Champion Loads.
New Yokk. Dec. 18. — The match
game of billiards between Fournil and
Gallagher is still in favor of the French
man -it required twenty-six innings for
the Frenchman to secure his second in
stallment of 500, Gallagher scoring only
235 during the play. Fournil's averatre
l« 3-28; highest run, 92; Gallagher, »S>-5;
highest run, 4ft.
Too Much Hope.
Anoka Herald.
If the coating legislature, passes all
the laws which have been suggested It
wiil be necessary to prolong the session
by about ninety days of grace.
Nevrous Prostration.
Sleeplessness, Sick ami Nervous
Headache, Backaclie, DizzincNK,
>Iorlii«l I'rars, Hot Flunlicn, Nerv
ous I>yi»|»e|»«ia, Dullness, Contu
sion, Hysteria, t< i is, si. Vit nance.
Opium IBabit, Drunkenness, etc.,
are cured by Dr. ITllies' K<*ior.ui\ <■
Nervine, It does not contain opiates. Mrs.
Sophia C. Hrownlee, DcLaiid, Florida, suf
fered with Epilepsy for "><> years, ami testi
fies to a complete cure. .Jacob l'etre, Ella,
Oregon, had been suffering with Nervous
Prostration for four years, could not sleep,
nothing helped him until he used Dr.
Mile*' Meliorative Nervine; be is now
Sold on a Pom Itive Guarantee.
Book Free at druggists. Dr: JTllle**'
Nerve and Liver I'll In, 50 doses for 25
cents, are the best remedy tor Biliousness,
Tomid Liver, etc.
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
bold dj All Druggists.
Anti-Clevclaml >oeno In the South
Carolina Legislature.
Columbia, S. C, Dee. is.—The dull
routine of legislation in the house of
representatives was broken today by an
incident that promised to create much
discord, but which by the coolness
of the speaker and a few ineiube rs was
happily avoided. Mr. Magill, of Abb.-y
ville, introduced a concurrent rraoitt
tion reciting that President Cleveland
was in the state, and that as a courtesy.
to the chief magistrate of the country h»
be invited to visit the legislature and
be accorded tlie privilege of thelloor.
As soon as the resolution htul been read
several members objected to nsc< nsid
erntion. and .). T. Duncan moved that
it be laid on the table as the legislature
jshould "not hurrah for men for whom
t had so little respect."
Seeing that a debate might be pre
cipitated that would not be creditable
to the house, efforts wen: made by the
more conservative members to get Ma
gill to withdraw the resolution. He re
fused, and otTieis thought th.at it would
be as much an insult to withdraw it as
to reject it. At last Sneaker Jones
hurriedly p"u.t the question to a vote
and it. went through without a dissent
ing voice, the speaker announcing tMat
it had been "unanimously agreed to."
A larue majority of the "members are
free silver men and blame Cleveland
for having much to do with the flnan
ciiil stringency at times. They are
intensely opposed to his political
views and hence their indisposition
to show him auy courtesy. When the
resolution was presented In the senate
there \v.;s no debate, but when the mo
tion to adopt was put it was carried, two
senators dissenting without expressing
their reasons therefor.
Tonight Mr. Duncan introduced a res
olution criticizing I'resident Cleveland
land as having prostituted his high ollicc
and used his ouportuities to betray the
Democratic party and repudiate its
principles, and •'that we record our
selves as opposed to the resolution
passed by his house doing: hpnor to the
greatest party-wrecker in the history or
American politics." The resolution
was signed by two members and they
asked that it be put on record. The
house refused to put it in the journal.
He Has Sensational Kncounteis
With Dixon and Dixon's Mana
Piiii.ai>ki.phia, Dec. 18.—The bad
fee'insr wlilch has existed of late be
tween Young Griffo and George Dixon
came to a heaa today. Dixon is tilling
an engagement at the Lyceum theater
in this city. At the matinee to
day Griffo was in a box. As soon as
tho champion featherweight came on
the stage Griffo leaped over the foot
lights, excitedly pulled a five-dollar
bill from bis pocket, and, throwing it
at Dixon's feet, challenged him to cover
it. Dixon laughed at him, and, under
persuasion of friend:-, Griffo subsided,
but the lull was only temporary.
Alter the show Griffo and Tom
O'Rourke, pixon's manager, collided in
a neighboring saloon and hot words
were exchanged. Griffo told O'Rourke
that he was "only fit to manage niggers
anyhow," whereupon the Australian
was staggered by a vigcrous blow on
the face. Serious trouble was only
averted by mutual friends of the ruon.
Contents of Three Parts of The
World's Sweetest Songs.
Read the following menu of music,
and then come to the Gi.oue counting
room with 10 cent?, or send it by mail,
and you can secure any one of the parts
and sing any one of the songs;
"A Little Talk With Jesus" ....Fischer
"Come Closer. Soul, to Me r> O'Kane
"Comin' Thro' the Rye"....Scotch Song
"Dublin Bay" Barker
"Hark, 1 Hear the Angels
Calling" Ueibel
"Holy Mother, Guide His
Footsteps" From "Maritana"
"In Happy Moments" Wallace
"Italian" Giardinl
"Jesus to Then i Como" Gould
"Lullaby" Euimett
"Let Me Dream Aaain" Sullivan
"Only to See* Her Face Again".Stewart
"010 Niekerdemus" Lucas
"Kock'd in the Cradle of the
Deep" Knight
"The Heart Bow'd Down" Baife
"The Lost Chord" Sullivan
"The Pirates' Chorus" Balfe
"The Sword of Bunker Hill" Covert
"The Lord's Prayer" Marshall
"Turn Back Pharaoh's
Army" "Jubilee Songs"
"Lehigh Polka" Dresner
"Lily or The Valley" (Mazourka).Smith
"Patience Lancers" D'Albert
"11 Kacio" (Waltz)... Lanner
"Bonnie Charlie' 1 Dunn
"Down at the Cross" Sweeney
"Eyes I hat Watch Cor Me" Geibel
**Foncet All Thy Sorrow" Millard
"Go Down, Moses"
"I Dreamt That 1 Dwelt in
Marble Halls" JBalfe
"In the Gloaminst"—
Annie Fortescue Harrison
"Larboard Watch" Williams
"My Am Countrie" Scotch Song
"Nancy Lee" Adams
"The Maid of the Mill" Adams
'The Bridge" Lindsay
"Where Art- the Old Folks". ..Sweeney
" Wilcott" Marshall
"Heather Bells" Lange
"Secret Love Gavotte" Resch
"The Rivulet" Favarirer
"The Turkish Reveille" Krug
Vocal —
"Sheils of Ocean" Cherrry
"Sun of My Soul" Monk
"Take Me Home" Raymond
"Come, Are Ye Sleeping, Maggie".Root
"Come, and Kiss Me Says the
Birdie" " Mlllard
"Flee as a Bird" Dana
"In the Starlight" Cilover
"jiabbidne" Marshall
"When we hear the Music
Ringing" Marshall
"Playmates" Dacre
"YeMI Soon Be Ganging Awa".Bn»ithei3
"lie Kissed Me and 1 Knew
'Twus Wrong" Robyn
"The Open Door" Abbey
"Hear Our l'rayer" Kyder
"1 Conn; to Thee" Beck
"Why do Summer Roses Fade"..Barker
Instrumental —
"The Pearly Dewdrop".., Birbeck
"Carnavais Botschafter Waltz"..Strauss
"Boccaccio March" .. Franz yon Suppe
"Don Juan" Czeruey
A Gum Game.
Waseca Radical.l
It Is said the big Pillsbury-Washburn
KiiKlish milling company, of Minne
apolis, ran the past year without profit,
even failing tf> pay interest on the in
vestment by $10,000. That is a tough
story and hard to i>eliev<». Some gum
game must be working on the English
IWrittcii for the Globe.l
November third of Ninety-four
The Beautiful covered "the curth;
The (irst of the season, do put it down,
While earth puts o:i her winter's gown.
Winter to rone is pleasure, mirth.
While others (the poor) it's cold or hunger;
Those who work Iroin dark till dark
Shiver a little and quicken their step.
The trees along the lane so dear
. Have tbed their coat ot dimming color.
And while I ihinkn falling tear
Drops upon my overcoat's collar.
The bird* all move with a dart, a flutter.
As much as to say. "Winter comes too
But I believe if they owned ft f utter
Sleiiihinu they'd want by the next full
The boys who own a pair of skates,
A tiled, perhaps a pair of hob*.
To Bin a winter—how cruel 'twould be!
1 leur you'd hear some hnwliu? gobs.
— Herbert li. (jtuliam.
If Mr. Boutelle has more mouth and
less brains than any other man In con
gress, how Is the parity of Mr. Bou
tella's tolerances and his intellect to be
maintained?— St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Among the obscure ideas evolved
from the wheols In his head comes one
j sensible suggestion from Senator Pet
fer. His bill to alioluh the too disgrace
ful congressional funeral junkets should
become a law.— Toledo Commercial.
Does Lombard street want some Unit
ed States bond*? Very well. Mr. lkey
Ickelhrimer, do your duty!— Atlanta
The eloquent denunciations of tho
sugar trust by the Republican senators
on the stump during the late campaign
were evidently conceived In the Pick
wickian sense.—Boston Herald.
Will murderers please take their
clews with them? It is very annoy ing
to be picking these things up in the
streets.—Cleveland Plaindealer.
■* *
The "Tenderloin district" of Now
York was so called Decau-:o it was con
sidered by the police the most desirable,
station for police work and perquisites.
— Columbus Dispatch. j
"The greenbacks must go," says the
Evening Tost. Most people already
know this to their sorrow. Why not
tell us some way to make 'em stay?—
Buffalo Times.

A New Yoik paper says that "Gen.
Nelson A. Miles, judged by the pran
dial barometer, is a success." That's
nothing; w«it till you see him walu.—
Chicago Dispatch.
Things do not appear to be evenly di
vided in this world. While Alabama
has two governors, Illinois doesn't seem
to have any.—Kansas City Times.
Peace Apparently Reigns Again
in the New York Diocese.
New York, Dec. IT.—Archbishop
Corrigan today made his regular visit
to St. Leo's church, of which Key.
Father Ducey is the pastor. The strained
relations existing between Arch
bishop Corrigan aud the priest
over the latter's refusal to obey
his superior's command not to attend
the sessions of the Lexow committee
makes the formal visit more interesting
than it usually is. The archbishop was
met by Father Ducey, and their greet
ings were outwardly friendly. Then
Father Ducey went to the church to
say mass, and the archbishop awaited
his return.
After mass the archbishop preached
on "The Law of Charity." He spoke
In complimentary terms of Father
Ducey. After the sermon the archbishop
blessed the vestments and looked over
the accounts of the church. Father
Ducey was asked if the remarks of the
archbishop did not have some signifi
cance, and he smiled as he answered:
"Yes." father Ducey said: "We met
like brothers who loved each other, aud
we parted like father and son."
Startling Disclosures in tho St.
Johns Failures.
St. Johns, N. F., Dec. 17.—A heated
meeting of the shareholders of the Com
mercial Bank of Newfoundland today
resulted in some startling disclosures.
Four firms, members of which are di
rectors of the bank, owe the institution
as follows:
Goodtellow company, $115,000; Good
ridgo & .Jobes, represented by Hutch
ings, $120,000, and Duder, $600,000.
Goodfeliow «Sk Company and Goodridue
& Jobes claim to be able to realize fully
the aimsunt ot their liabilities. The
sums owed by these concerns are three
times the amount cf the bank's capi
tal stock, but if the assets ire
successfully realized up>n the in
debtedness of the bank will be so de
creased as to perhaps admit of the paj -
ment of a reasonable dividend. It was
learned that some of the bank officials
had overdrawn their accounts, and fiat
Bookkeeper Crowdy. who is n >w miss-
Ing, had falsified t|ie bouks so that per
sonal friends of his had overdrawn to
the amount of §30,000.
the cream of Cod-liver Oil, with
*'■■'■ Viypophosphites, is for !
.; Coughs,
Colds, N
Sore Throat, '*
Weak Lungs,
Loss of Flesh,
Weak Babies,
Crowing Children,'
Poor Mothers' Milk,
in fact, for all conditions call
ing for a quick and effective
nourishment. Send for Pamphlet. Free.
Scott& Bowne, N. Y. AUOruggists. 60c. andsl.
\ \ \
&*: "life sl^^
IEKLY '2Lnfo
There is no better medium
in the entire Northwest to
reach the
The Weekly Globe covers
a field reaching from the Mis
sissippi river to the Pacific
Coast, and its contents are so
diversified that it pleases the
reading public of all classes.
"yT** ■■* --"-■■
What is
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use hy
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys "Worms and alloys
fevcrishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and "Wind Colic. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency,
Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria is the Children's Panacea —the Mother's Friend.
" Castori.i Is an excellent medieino for chil
dren. Mothers have repeatedly told mo of its
good effect upon their children."
Da. G. C. Osgood,
Lowell, Mass.
" Castoria is the be.st remedy for children of
which lam acquainted. I hopo the day 13 not
far distant when mothers will consider the real
interest of their children, and use Castoria in
stead of the variousquack nostrums which are
destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium,
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
agents down their throats, thereby sending
thorn to premature graves."
Da. J. F. Kinchelok,
Cony. j.y. Ark.
The Centaur Company, T7 Murray Street, New York City.
Can furnish you with the choicest of Flowers for Wedding, Parties. Funerals and ail
other purposes. Lr.rjjre r.ssortuient of fine bedding and house plants. Send for Cata
logue. 1 elegraph orders for funerals promptly filled.
Toll jest G hir i stm as
PALMER COX'S wofiDEiplit juveniles, QUEER PEOPLE;
In 8 PARTS. About 500 PICTURES and PRINTED IN COLORS *-«•» now
Tiiis is BEYOND QUESTION the most unique and delightful boo/:
yet issued by PALMER COX, who is known as THE PRINCE Or
JUVENILE ARTISTS, and it is certainly having an ENORMOT^ SA'sJR
— m IE mm nun soli m 11.— '
Those having some of the first parts should AT ONCE bring them to our ogle*
Complete your Series and
"~*"^Have them Bound
We can now complete your series for you for 10 CTS. a part and have
them handsomely bound in one volume for only 10 cts, a copy more, and
can deliver complete book to you in 24 hours later. Bring or send them
right along. Postage for mailing bound book to out-of-town customers is
20 cts. extra.
" Castoria is so well adapted to children that
I recommend it au superior to any prescription
known to me."
H. A. Archer, M. D.,
11l So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
" Our physicians in tho children's depart
ment havo spok-eu highly of their experi
ence in their outside practice with Castoria,
and although wo only havo among our
medical supplies what is known as regular
products, yet we are free to confess that the
merits of Castoria has won us to look with
favor upon it."
United Hospital akd Dispensary,
Boston,. Mas*.
Allen C. Smith, Pi-es.,
251. 253 and 255 Xi collet Aye.,
The oldest sad Only relUblo medical ofSoe of it* kind t>
lie city, v will be proved oy eoiuulting old fl(n of th»
ally prew. Begulariy (rxdaated ard legal]/ qiiaiilwTt'
jng eifgagod. in Chronic, Harveusar.d Skin Diseases. A
iLndly talk costs nothing. If inconvenient to Tint th»
ity for treatment, medicine Hill by mail or exprots, frit
roia observation. C.rablt cue* guaranteed. If dosct
:x»ts we i.ay so. Hours 10 to 12 a. m., 2t« 4 and tta I
i in.; Sundays, 10 to 12 a. m. If yes. cannot come, iUt*
mby mail. Sj,t«i»l p., tor for U«M.
iJnrvniie nnhilifu wi-geMi* weaine«.s,raiiiMiT«w.
nOItUUC UUlJllllJ; •ry, lm»k of Vu»r t y, Plj.tfi
!>i-e»y, arising r»ra indUcratibrci, Eire,?,- *idulgense<» J
.xi<o>ura,produ"!iif loins of the following effect*: IMF
- .uinns, Dibil:t>, Pimneu of tight, Seli-Diatr.itt, De(4e
re Mimory, Pimpl«» on th» F»c«, Avenitn to Society.
M of Ambition. Unntnrti to Hairy, Uslancholy, DyiaeV
l, Stunted Developir.fnt, F.0«5 of Power, Pain» in tlft
•ack, ate., ar' treatod with success, liafrly, Prlraterk
-peediijr. L'matural disohare«S cured
3lopd, Skin anil Venereal Diseases, *,«!
.Seating Body, Nose, T.ir-i .t. Skin lad 3 ,c*«, B)otfh«,
Jirption», Acne, Ceiein*, Oid t/re«, Ulcers, Palbful Swal
lin»»j ft«m whatever cause, pcs-.:ive!y and forever driven
thesjfcteiH by ire >r.s of Safe, Tlme-U»ted Iteintdie*.
4ti3 «'.id swollen Jointt and Ri.euimtiein, the result at
Blood r**on. surely Cured. KIDNEY AND URIW
ARV Complaints, Painful, D.ffi<-ult, too I'r*aucot or
Bloody Urine, Gonorrhoea as<l Strlrtnre promptly eared.
niTIDDII Throat, >oi», I uag Illsea-r., ( cul'ap«lu
Urtl Annii)A«thiaa, lironrhllUand Xpllepay; Constitu
tional and acquired 'it'm«nt«« at Both Pr res treated •««•
inaifiitlir hy entirely Iha and Rapid Methods. It is t*lt
jrident tliat a physician paying particular attention to a
■ -*3» of ml attains frail' skill. Every kn .m n[.f.::o»
tiun is resurtc-d to ar.d the proved pcx-.d remedjef of all
ages and countries are used, .la £xaerl»eit« arj Utii,
On account of the great number of easel appljrmg the
charges are kept low; often lower than others. Skill and
perfect c :—s are important, fail or writ*. Svmptaa
lit and itaaihplet tree ty nail, laa Doctor has euece«»
--"ullj treaty and cured Uiaasaßdi of cues in this city and
he Northwest. All consultations, either by mail or verilJ.
rereßardcd v strictly confidential and are give*, a«if«3t
* CDR. BRINLEY, Minneapolis. Minn.
China n II UCnCIICD Electric
Decorating. 11l ill nLULnLn Grinding 1
207 Nicollet Ay., Minneapolis.
I. X. L. Pocket Knirci, Ensliii.
Carvers Kaznri, Shears and. a
lull line of Toilet Articles.
Razors Hollow-Ground, shears and Clip
pers Ground. Skates sharpened, lCc.
Everett House,
Union Square, >'evr York.
An established hotel under new manage
ment. thoroughly renovated, perfect sanita
tiou and nil mod ra improvements. Visitor
to New York will nnd the Everett in the ver]
heart of the popular (bopping district, con
venient to places of aniu&eineut and readil]
accessible from all parts of me city.
Wb.M. Bates. B. L. M. Bates.

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