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Accept None of the Pretended Substitutes
Oaitcil Baking
BECAUSE inferior and cheaper made baking preparations are
sold at wholesale at a price so much lower than Royal, some
grocers are urging consumers to buy them in place of the Royal,
at the same retail price.
If you desire to try any of the pretended substitutes for Royal
Baking Powder bear in mind that they are all made from cheaper
and inferior ingredients, and are not so great in leavening strength
nor of equal money value. Pay the price of the Royal Baking
Powder for the Royal only.
It is still more important, however, that Royal Baking Powder
is purer and more wholesome and makes better, finer, and more
healthful food than any other baking powder or preparation.
So the Supreme Court Hold 3
in Damage Suit Against a
Vendor of Commercial Paper
Impliedly Guarantees
Congressman Kiefer Sued by
a Ferson Hurt on His
The supreme court handed down
eiirht decisions yesterday, ail of which
Prices for Saturday
and Monday.
. 75e per gallon.
$1.00 per gallon,
12.56 per dozen,
Use per bottle.
$1.50 per gallon.
£3.00 per dozen.
Ssc per bottle.
fI.SU per gallon.
(3.00 per dozen,
isi.o. per bottle.
81.25 per gallon,
$1.75 per dozen,
3-e per bottle.
SI-50 per gallon,
13.00 per dozen,
35c per bottle.
51.50 per gallon,
£(.00 per dozen.
35c per bottle.
51.50 per gallon,
£3.00 per dozen,
&>c per bottle.
$2.50 per gallon,
$7.50 per dozen,
75c per bottle.
$3.00 per gallon,
.O'J per dozen,
t£c per bottle.
$1.50 per gallon,
$li.oo per dozen,
iJ5c per bottle.
S2.Coper gallon.
54.50 per dozen,
50c per bottle.
I iiie Old I'orts and Sherries, Cruse and
Fils Freres' Clarets and iSauternes, Jules
Regnier'6 Burgundies, Yalckenbergs Rhine
Wines and Hofielles.
Pouin»ery & Grcno Sec,
Veuve Cliquot,
Heidseiclc <fc Co.'b Extra Dry,
G. U. Jlnmm <k Co. lixira Dry,
Cook's Imperial,
Ernebt Irroy Grand Extra (Dry).
Phitt, $13.00 per case, 60c per bottle.
Quarts, 512.0U per case, $1.15 per bottle.
Fine 014 Rye laud Bourboa "Whiskies, $2.00
per gallon. •
I>ufFy"s Pure Mtlt Whisky and a full line of
Imported bCOtefa and Irish Whiskies,
Brandies, Liquors and Cordials of the
best brands.
lineh'H Golden Wedding Whisky, in Wood
und Glass.
Before purchasing your Christmas
supply of Wines and Liquors visit our
store, get prices and compare qualities
with v.hat you have been using in the
past, and we know your order will be
placed with us.
Seventh and Wabasha Streets.
were written by Justice Mitchell. In
all of the cases the judgments and or
deis of the lower courts were affirmed,
except the one of Joseph Ileininger
against The dreat Northern Railway
Company, which is a reversal.
The titles and syllabi ot the cases
Hin Hors? Frightened.
Joseph Heiiiinger, respondent, vs. The
Great Northern Kailwuy Company, appel
lant. Judgment reversed.
Mitchell, J.
The plaintiff, on horseback, ap
proached wicliiii forty paces ot a grade
crossing (not within a city) of a high
way and defendant's railroad, when
his horse was frigntened by the sound
ing of tiie whistle of an approacning
engine, then very near the crossing.
There was no evidence that the engi
neer saw the plaintiff before he sounded
the whistle, or that he sounded it in any
unusual or extraordinary manner; nor
was there any evidence that he had not
sounded it eighty rods from the cross
ing and at intervals thereafter, as re
quired by statute. Had plaintiff looked,
there was nothing, after he got within a
thousand feet of the crossine, to pre
vent his seeiuir an approaching train
at any point on the railway within
eighty rods of tne crossing. He was
familiar with the crossing, and knew
that the train was about due. Ha was
unacquainted with the habits or dispo
sition of his horse.
Held, that plaintiff could not recover;
first, because it did not appear that de
fendant was guilty of negligence, and,
second, because he himself was guilty
of negligence in not looking for an ap
proaching train in time to stop, if nec
essary, at a sufficient distance from the
crossing to avoid the danger of. his
horse becoming frightened.
Forged Signature.
Jonas F. Browu, respondent, vs. Eli B.
Ames, appellant. Order affirmed.
Mitchell, j.
Syllabus — Action to recover the
amount of a promissory note sold by de
fendant lo plaintiff on the ground that
one of tiie signature* on the p;iper was
forged. The defenses were, first, that
the signature was not forged; second,
that in selling the note the defendant
ucted merely as agent of a disclosed
Held, that there was no evidence that
the person whose name was alleged to
have been forced ever gave any author
ity, either apparent or actual, to any
other person to sign his name on the
Where a person sells commercial
paper he impliedly guarantees that the
signatures are genuine.
If he is selling it as agent he must, in
order to relieve himself from personal
liability, disclose not only the fact of
his agency, but also the 'name of his
principal; and the person named as
principal must be such in fact—that Is,
one for whom he is authorized to act.
Held, that in tins case there was no
cv.deuce that the defendant was in fact
the agent of the alleged principal.
When One May Amend.
Chauncey W. Grig^s et nl., respondents, tb.
Joseph Edelbrock et ai., appellants. Or
der affirmed. Mitchell, J.
Syllabus—"Any.pleadlng may be once
amended by the party of course, with
out prejudice to the proceedings already
had, at any time before the period for
answering it expires." G. S. 1878, eh.
CO, sec. 12 ',.
The defendants served their answer
by mail, to which the pi ahi tiffs replied
and served notice of trial. Subsequently,
and within forty days from the service
or their original answer, the defendants
served an amended answer, to which
the plaintiffs also replied.
Held that conceding:, without decid
ing, that defendants had the full period
of forty days in which to amend their
answer of course, yet their doing so did
not annul plaintiff's previous notice of
trial, but that the case stood for trial
subject to Hie power of the court to con
tinue it for cause.
Metiftui-c of Damages.
Alfred 11. Knowies, appellant, vs. Franklia
*teele Jr., respondent. Judgment af
firmed. . MITCHBLL, J.
Syllabus—Where a person contracts
to lease at a certain rent land which he
does uot own, and hence is unable- to
perform the contract, the measure of
tiie damages is the loss of the bargain—
that is, the difference between the rent
agreed on aud the actual rental value of
the premises.
A new trial will not be granted for a
failure to assess merely nominal dam
ages where no question of permanent
right is involved.
Contingent Repayment.
Missouri, Kansas & Texaa Trust Company
appellant, vs. Nauuie M. McLachlau et al
respondents. Judgment affirmed. ••
. Syllabus—The eridence held sufficient
to justify a finding that a contract was
Where there is a loan of trjonfy, the
mere fact that the cop^ract for its re
payment is In form contingent will not
exempt the transaction frotn the taint
of usury If the contingency Is "not real,
but colorable, aud a mere device to
evade the statute.
Fifth Law Valid.
State of Minnesota, plaintiff, vi. Joseph
Alrozmski et aL, defendants. Order af
firmed. AiITCHELL, J.
Syllabus — Section 15, chapter 124,
Laws 1898, prohibiting the taking of
tish (with certain specific exceptions) hi
any other manner than by anjjling for
them with hook and line, is valid.
.flatter* of Practice.
J. I). Moran -Manufacturing t-o*"pftnv ar>
pellant, vb. Anna VV. Clarice et ul'' re-
Bpondems. Order aflirmed.
Mitchell, J.
Syllabus—A complaint in au action to
enforce a mechanic's lieu held insuffi
cient, because it failed to show that the
lien statement was filed withiu tUe pe
riod limited by statute.
Held, also, that It stated do cause of
nction for personal judgment against
the appellant.
Juri'ih M. Lawrence, respondent, vs. Oliver
Dalrymple, appellant. Judgment affirmed.
Mitchell, J.
Unless the "case" or Mil of excep
tiods purports to set forth all the evi
dence taken, questions as to the suffi
ciency of the evidence to support the
verdict will not be considered.'
State of Minnesota, respondent, vs. Ole An
derson, appellant.
Syllabus—By the court: Appeal dis
missed because the points rased and
argued are not before us in the return.
The folio wine cases were considered
by the supreme court yesterday:
Mary Kroessen, respondent, vs. Wil
helmina Keller, appellant: argued by
appellant, submitted by respondent.
Cliarles D. Wright, assignee of the
Page Hour mills, insolvent, respondent,
vs. iieonte Tilleston, appellant; argued
and submitted.
Phoenix Babooek et al., appellants,vs.
Martin F. Collins et al., defendants;
Minneapolis Improvement Company,re
sponnent; argued and submitted.
State ex rel. Attorney General, rc
lator, vs. Village of Fndley Park, re
spondent; order granting respondent
thirty days to rile answer.
Milton E. Lewis sworn as attorney
and counselor at law.
Grateful, comforting food is that sup
plied to weary millions by the aid of
I)r. .Price's baking powder, a household
word for 40 years.
HON. A. It. Rii.Fi.it SUED.
Various Suits in the District
Abraham Eery has begun an action
for $5,000 damages against Andrew li.
Kiefer. Mr. Kery was walking along
the sidewalk on Nov. 2t5, 1891, in front
of property owned by Col. Kiefer on
Seventh street, and felf into a coal hole.
It is alleged that Col. Kiefer neglected
to have ihe snow cleared off the side
walk in front of his premises as required
by a city ordinance.
William VVhalen demands judgment
against the Pabst Brewing Company
for $1t),6C0 for injuries sustained while
tearing down the walls of a stone build
ing at the end of the Wabasha street
bridge last October. The building col
lapsed, killing and injuring several
Elizabeth Tumen has begun an action
■eaiiist Margaret Sheehy and several
others to foreclose a mortgage for JI.OOO
upon the interest of certain heirs of
John W. Sheehy, deceased, to eighty
acres of land.
O. R. Burrows has sued D. D. Smith
to recover a balance of $7£J for driving:
piles for a bridge across the river at
Red Wing.
Eliza L. Handy, JJohn B. U. Handy
and Llewella E. Turner have given
notice to Cornelia A. Dudgeen and
Jeanie W. McKibben that they will ask
the district court to set aside and de
clare void a mortgage for $3,G00 upon
part of lot 5 or Holcomb'd addition to
St. Paul, and to quiet title thereto.
The Presbyterian board of relief for
disabled ministers aud the widows and
orphans of deceased ministers has be
gun an action agaidst Xavler St. Pierre,
Marie A. St. Pierre, Carrinston Phelps
and his wife to foreclose a mortgage for
$20,000 upon lots 5, S and y in biock IT
of West St. Paul proper.
M. L. Oormauy has sued D. W. Mc-
Court aud Lucy McCourt to recover a
balance of $70 for work done.
J. S. Whiting asks judgment against
the Provident Fund society, of New
York city, for $O'JU on account of an ac
cident sustained when measuring grain
that was loading on a car at West Con
cord in November, 18'J3.
Lewis E. Jones has begun au action
against M,arie W. Anderson to deter
mine the title to real estate <tud subject
it to the payment of a judgment in favor
of the plaintiff for 1115.
Judge Egau's court is still engaged In
the damage case of John G. Allen
against Alexander E. Johnson & Co.
Judge Otis has filed a decision in the
case ot Hattie May Woods against Al
bert M. Lawton and others", ordering
his real estate sold to satisfy a mort
gage due the plaintiff for *v,933.40, and
other debts. The same decision is
reached in a second case of Haiti* May
woods against Albert M. Lawton and
others, the mortgage of the plaintiff in
this case being $11,705. Nearly one
hundred people and companies have an
interest in the two cases. The actions
hare been pendiuK for many months,
and now culminate in an order to sell
the real estate by the sheriff.
All Holiday Goods Returnable
At the "Plymouth," as usual. Seventh
and Robert.
Oarpeuters, Attention!
Now is the time for every carpenter
In the city to avail himself of the ohauca
to snow his good intention to assist in
building up the union and attend the
•nesting next Wednesday evening at 8
o'clock at Labor hall. The initiation fee
Is still 50 cents for this meeting, so
come and bring your friends,
J. L. Hughes, Secretary.
We can now furnish any part that
may be missing in your "Brownie" se
ries. Complete your book and bave It
bound. See binding offer iv large ad
Fan for Imp Shooters.
There will be sport for tlie trap shoot
ers on Christmas day, beginning at Tbk.
iii., at the comnioalouß shooting resort
of the St. Paul Gun club on ttje state
fair grounds. A large attendance Is ex
pected from the Twin Cities. The
morning events will be especially »U
Gov. Nelson and Other Celebrities
Present to A ill in (ho
Park Congregational church Inst even
ing was raced with an exceptionally
brilliant audience at the seventeenth
annual celebration ol Forefathers' day
by th« Minnesota Congregational club.
All the leading churchmen of Congre
gational faith in the Twin Cities, with
their wives, were present, and all share
equal praise for the enjoyable and en
tertaining affair it proved to be, as thtfy
used their utmost endeavors to make it
such. 1
Tho speeches, musical programme
rendered and the supper were all most
highly commendable, and the 200 pres
ent will ever rumembor the celebration
0f18U4.. .
The 21st of December is Forefathers'
ay, but the Minnesota club holds a re
ception the last Mondoy of eaoh'month,
alternating the meetings between St.
Paul and Minneapolis. In this connec
tion it must be said that the Minnesota
club includes all of the state, excepting
the Lake Superior region, which in
cludes Duluth and West Superior.
These celebrations are in memory of
the Puritans and early Puritau days,
and are regularly observed by all the
clubs iv the. United States. Parched
c »m was a luxury to the Puritans in
early days, and last evening the usual
custom <jf
Serving: Parclicd Corn
at supper, in memory ol the early days
ami ixperiences ot the Pilgrims, was
Admission to the evening exercises is
only obtained by invitation, but the
members of the club have the privilege
of taking guests to supper.
An elegant supper was served last
evening in the chuich dining rooms,
and, although the lirst tables were
ready at 7 o'clock, it was 3:30 before the
after-dinner programme commenced in
thu main room of the church. Rev.
Pleasant" Hunter Jr., D. D., of Minne
apolis, was the speaker of the evening,
and the worthy successor of the famed
and noted liev. Dr. D. J. Burn.'ll made
an instructive and pleasing talk on "A
Look Backward and Forward D'roui
Rev. (J. H. Wells, D. D., president ot
tl:e club, made a few sh it remarks
complimentary to the clubaud eulogistic
of the Pilgrims it honors.
Tho musical programme was ably
rendered, being taken part in by such
weil-known taleut as Prof. J. Warren
Andrews, organist at Plymouth Congre
gational church,Minneauolis;Miss Belle
Rolston, soprano; Miss Ethel L. Rounds,
contralto; J. F. Merrill, tenor, and
Cliailea De Lacy, bass.
During the rendition of the musical
programme Granville B. Putnam's beau
tiful hymn ot "The PuritaiT' was sunn
by the audience.
Gov. Nelson, Hon. William Mitchell,
member ot the supreme court of Min
nesota, and Judge Sanborn, of the
United States circuit court, weie sched
uled to make addresses, but were un
able to be present.
Are you thinking of changing baking
powders? One mat requires tne least
iv quantity of any made to do superior
work is Dr. Prices—puiest and best.
The Resents Continue Their Ses
sion Today—lmportant
The annual meeting of the board of
regents of the state university was held
yesterday at the state capitol and will
continue uday. There were present
ex-Gov. Pillsbury, president; President
Northrop, of the state university; Col.
Liggett, Gov. Nelson, Judge Clark,
Supt. Pendergast, Joel P. lleatwole, S.
M. Owen and Judge Mahoney.
The president's annual report was
presented and referred to a committee.
In his report President Northrop spoke
of the great need of new buildings. One
of the buildings needed is a new gym
nasium and drill hall, which will cost
about $100,000. The medical school is
also in need of a laboratory, to be erect
ed on the campus. It is estimated that
this will cost $35,000.
About $5,000 is needed for the equip
ment of the ore testing building. To
meet the deficiencies of past years and
to make some needed improvements on
the campus another $50,000 will be re
quired. To meet all these expenses au
appropriation of about $'.100,000 will be
necessary. Two years ago a tax of a
mill and a half was allowed tor the
maintenance of the university, but this,
it is thought, will not be aufVicient.
The needs of the institution for the
coming year were fully discussed, and
the board adjourned at 5 o'clock until
today, wlien the annual report of the
board will be presented to the governor
No Trash at the "Plymouth."
Solid values, worth as much after
Christmas as before, and money re
funded, as usual, if desired, at the
"Plymouth Corner," Seventh and Hub
Supt. Don, of the school for the blind,
and feupt. Noyes, of the school tor the
deaf, called at Secretary Hart's otlice
Sheriff Henry Gumtiysen, of Polk
county, called at the state auditor's of
fice yesterday and collected #T».50 for
taking one prisoner to Stillwatwr.
Hon. W. W. Thomas Jr., ex-minister
to Sweden and Norway, was the guest
of Assistant Secretary of State Stocken
gtroin at luncheon yesterday. Mr.
Thomas left for Milwaukee last night.
Great Event .Preparing by Wage
. Earners.
The electrical workers' dance at La
bor hall on Jan. 11 promises to be ' the
most entertaiuian, if not successful, hop
of the season among the wage-earners.
Elaborate preparations have been going
on some time for this event, and every
member of the organization has volun
teered his services in mating a grand
electrical display, which promises to be
bewildering. Among the displays will
be motors of the latest improvement, in
numerable incandescent lights of vaii
ous colors, so fornxrd as to display the
letters "N. 13. E. W." throiißhout the
ejitjj-e hall, aud an olectric telephone
connection with Minneapolis. Those
who attend will be allowed the uso of
the 'phone.
We suirge^t a Fla"no, Orgran, Stetson
Guitar, Banjo or Mandolin. Music Box,
or sonleybj^g in this liuty. W£«h In
doubt, gel a musical girt. Special re
ductions for the holidays. Opeti evetir
ings. W. J. Dyer & JBro., 81 - aud. 22
Never before has The Boston had so many new and exclusive
things to offer during the holiday season. Especially is this true of
Neckwear, of which we recently received a large and carefully
selected consignment for the holiday trade. The prices range
from 25c on up to $3.50, and the variety of styles include all the
latest things worn this season. Not only is this true in Neckwear,
but also in a hundred other pretty and attractive things in
Goods. The different departments of our ore are simply crowded
with the newest and dressiest things out. You can't go amiss in
making your selection, for not only have we everything you have
ever heard of in Wearing Apparel for Men and Boys, but the house
is filled with new and novel things just brought out this season —
many of which are sold exclusively by The Boston.
Is always a useful and appropriate Christmas gift, and there is such
a variety in style, price and material that you cannot fail to get
just what yoii want. Other lines of holiday goods, to which we
invite special attention, are:
Bath Robes and Dressing Gowns from $3 to $20-
Smoking Jackets from $4 to $25.
Silk Mufflers from 50c to $7.
Full Dress Shields, $1.50.
Fleece and Fur Lined Gloves, 50c to $7-
We have a number of Smoking Jackets left over from last
year that we are closing out at Half-Price during the present holiday
Bowl&y & Co. " (J^o^4^jf Third Street,
11111 finnCD? receive immediate attention. Goods shipped the 6ame day order Is received. Ex
if AIL UnULIiJ press charges paid on oil CASH or-iers of $.» or over. Our Kevv Illustrated Fall aud
'"""" wiiwt-iiw \viuter Catalogue Free to any address.
Postoffice Receipts.
Assistant Postmaster O'Brien has fig
ured up the receipts of the postoftice in
St. Paul for the year 1594. Estimating
the last quarter, the receipts amount to
$300,954.16. The collections by quarters
are as follows: First quarter, $84,129.38;
second quarter, $83,965.90; third quarter,
$92,888.78; rourth quarter, $100,000. The
holiday business is a little lighter this
year than last.
Between now and Christmas, until
supply is exhausted, our Stnte Savings
Bank, Germania Life Bdg., will furnish
its depositi rs and friends with "Co
lumbian" Coins at 50 cents each which
have heretofore been sold for $1.00.
South St. Paul Closed Tight.
The mayor of South St. Paui issued a
proclamation that all persons playing
poo!, shaking dice, playing cards, mak
ing any kind of bets, etc., are liable to
prosecution under the new ordinance,
and •saloons aie not allowing games
of any kind to be played. He aisostates
saloons must close Sundays and at 11 p.
m. week days.
Brown, tho Jeweler.
We keep open every evening until 10
4>'clock. in East Third street.
l)o Xot Fail
To attend the auction sale of furs today
at 9 p. m.
ITEarriase Licences.
John Mack Ellen Gill
John Schellberg... Willieluiiua Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Halleran..Glrl
Mr. and Mis. J, Slcanz Boy
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bachman Girl
Mr. and Mrs. Albert i). Palmer Girl
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Adler Boy
Mr. and Mrs. McGuire Two boys
Mr. and Mrs. Kudolf Gaudier.. ....Girl
Mrs. Nina Forstcr, 589 St. Peter..23 yrs.
James Hartigan. 042 Park ay 84 yrs.
F. Peperd.St. Joseph's hospital..24 yrs.
Mary O. McGinn. 544 Burr st 21 yrs.
Mary Kelly. 2"4 West Third st. ...V2 yrs.
LAUDERDALE—In Trimbelle, Win., Dec.
19. 18'J4, Robert Lauderdale. aged eighty
five yearn. Funeral from Clinton Avenue
M. E. church today at 2 o'clock p. m.
Frieuds are invited.
FITZGERALD-Friday, Dec. 21. at 3:30
p. m., in St. Paul, at family residence,
corner Ohio and Dpdd road, Agßie, a,ged
four years nine mouths, oldest daughter of
Thomas and Mary Fitzgerald. Funeral
from above residence Sunday, Dec. S3. at
1:30. Service at St. Michael church at 2
NE'iD—ln St. .Paul, at family residence, 394
St. Anthony avenue, at 'i:i\) a. m. Friday,
Wenzel Keiri. t'nnernl Smulnv. '-' p. m.
board of trustees of this bank held Nov.
19, 1804, the following resolution was uuan
iunously adopted:
•'Resolved, That Rule 8 of the by-laws be
amended and changed to read as follows:
Interest will be allowed at tho rate of four
per cent per annum on all sums of five dol
larj and upwards which shall nave been de
posited for three or more full calendar
mouths previous to the first day of January
aud July in each year; and such interest, if
not withdrawn, shall bo entered on the days
designated in this section to the credit ol tlie
dcDositor, and shall bear interest from tho»«
<Jntes qu the same terms with the original
deposits. Same to take effect Jan. 1, '95.'.
The Savings Bank, of St. I'au i. Edward J
Meier. Cailiter.
St. Paul. Nov. 10, '94.
\T In its own building, opposjte postoffice.
Paid-up" capital $400,000; payß interest on
ticio deposits'. seji? drafts on all parts 6f the
world BpiciaJ attentiop Riven to fieudin*
Jtoney to QetSaiij. Frano*-, Switzerlß_ni a ij3
tha Britlbh empire; KW».ti»i iq loantoKood
responsU-ilo persona. William Bickel»iiesi-
Ucuii JkM. Ixwsw VMUtb
r- A -Mm aaa atm, ■ a~— tm*x.
No. 31 East Seventh St.
George H. Dyer, Manager.
Just received from Baltimore', a
fresh lot of Oysters.
Turkey?, per lb 8c
Soup Meat 3c
Shoulder Beef Roasts 6c
Good Shoulder Roasts 7c
Round Steak 8c
No. 1 Sugar-Cured Ham 10c
Hind Quarter Lamb 8c
Mutton Chops 7, 8 and lOc
Boston Beef Rolls 8c
Pork Roasts and Chops 8c
Povk Tenderloins lOc
Pork Sausage —8c
We will have for Today an Un
matchable Lot of Poultry.
Butter Is Cheap!
Roll Butter, per lb 15c
Choice Prints, per lb 18c
5-lb Jars Dairy, per lb 15c
5-1 D Jar Creamery, per lb 23c
1-gallon Jars Rood Table Butter,
per 1b.... 18c
Small Tubs good Dairy Butter, per
pound... 13 to 16c
Mild Cheese, perlb 9c
Wisconsin Full Cream Briclc
Cheese, per lb 12Vj>
Full Cream Cheese, per 1b... 15c
Good Eggs, per doz 18c
To induce you to visit our New St udio,
OppoMte Metropolitan Opera llousa.
99 and 101 Sixth Street.
Christmas Photography!
IfjjCABlNETSand ONE Bxlo
1/ $3.00. *«u«|
Out-Door and Commercial Wort a Specialty
Telephone— lo7
TREATMENT,, a specific for Hysteria. Dizzi
ness. Fits, iSeimUiria, Headache, Nervous
Prostration, caused by alcohol or tobacco;
Wakefulness, Mental Depression, Softening
of iiraiti. causing insanity, misery, dertiv,
death; Premature Old Age. barrenness. Loss
of Power iv either sex. Impotency, Leucor
rhoca ana all Female Weaknesses, Involun
tary Losses, Speriniuoirhu'H, caused by over
exertiou of brain, Belf-Abuse. Over-indul
gence. A mouth's treatment. 51, 0 for $.\ by
mail. We guarantee six boxe9 to cure. Bactl
order for six boxes, witb $5, will Bond writ
ten guarantee to refund if not cured. Guar
antees issued only by W. K. Collier, Drug
gist. Soveuth and Sibley streets, St. Puul,
WANTED—A lew jicrsons in each pluce to do
writing. Send etßm»>» lor 15c pnxe book of i>at-
HwiUu* & W U'«uU>uur litf Viol WH.S, X,
! A Great] ElkS' MJIISIreIS
: R __ : Don't Miss It.
: DIG HIT. * : Tonight only. Plenty of
: : good seats left.
BOX SHEET „.„ irriyg»AMSv
. For Canary & Lederer"s Supreme
* Production,
The Passing Show
(From the New York Cnsino.)
V Everybody.
MatiilPP ' A Tonighr.thenin omotrow
"odH iaooSfe- Uyon
Prices SUHHER yon
10c 20c ! BLIZZ6RO OUN.
25c'.35c. ; BLiZZfiRB il
l&^y B 829 v£2 lc.-»*» 9
ISO East Seyenthst, St. Fau! Mini
| . .
Speedily cures all private, nervous, chronic
and blood and skin diseases of both sexes
without the uso of mercury or hindrance
from business. NO Ol'BK, NO PAY. }'n
vaio diseases, and all old, lingering cases
where the blood has become poisoned, caus
ing ulcers, blotches, sore throat and mouth,
pains in the head and bones, and all diseases
of the kidneys and bladder are cured for
life. Men of nil ages who are suffering from
the result of youthful Indiscretion or ex
cesses of mature years, producing uervous
ness, indigestion, constipation, loss of mem
ory, etc., aro thoroughly and permanently
Dr. Feller, who has had many years of ex
perience in ttiisspecialty, is a eriiduate from
one of the leading medical colleges of the
country. He has never failed in euriußany
! cases that he has undertaken. Cases and
correspondence sacredly confidential. Cal
or write for list of questions. Medicine scut
by mail and express everywhere free from
sk and expoanre.
/^f^'rtSW"" Mads aWell ■
ViTAL!S i 0 R
THE GREAT gQth »ay.''i^^^?
Produces the Above Results in 30 Days. It
acts powerfully and quickly. Cures when
all others fail. Young men will regain their
lost strength and old men will recover their
youthful vigor by using: VITALIS. It
quickly and surely restores Lost Vitality,
Lost Power., Failing Memory, etc., and is a
positive cure for Nervousness, Wasting Dis
eases, and all effects of indiscretion. Wards
off Insanity and Consumption. Insist on
Iw.ving VITALIS, no other. Can be car
lied in vest pocket. By mail, $1.00 per
package, or six for $3.00, with a Positive
Written Guarantee to Cure or Refund the
Koiiey in every box. Circular free. Address
For Sale by r,atlir«i» Illusset
teivifriutli ami WaJtKvsluu
people — all Xmas
goods sold at hard*
pan prices.
5,000 LBS. ~^
Fat, white, plump, dry-plclced, pet
Chickens, finest ever brought to tha
market, per pound,
Christmas Trees,
Florid* Orane.es. Russefp, miieh sweete*
thau tiie Bnglits, per box,
Per dozen, 15c, 20c, 25c
Best Mixed Nuts, nothing finer grownt
Almonds, Walnuts, Filberts, Brazil
aud Pecans, per pound,
12% CENTS.
Best New Mixed Nuts, 3 pounds,
3 quarts Cranberries,
5-Ib. jar North Oaks Farm Butter (J. J<
Hill, proprietor),
Fresh Strawberries, per quart,
Get a oonnd of Mixed Candy, put up t
the queen's taste, per box,
Paper-Shelled Almonds, per lb T?<
Soft-Shelled Almonds, per lb 16<
Grenoble Walnuts, per ib.... ISo
California Walnuts, per lb 15<j
Sicily Filberts,'perlb \ lgp
Chili Filberts, per lb 150
Good Mixea Candy, per lb ; 7o
Broke.; Mixed Candy, per So
Old-Time Mixed candy, perib. £o
Fancy Jlixed Caudy, per lb iSVio
French Mixed Candy, perlb l£o
French Creams, per lb 260
Finest Plum Pudding .....200
Keuuedy's Finest Fruit Cake, each 25c
Fancy Cluster Kaisins, per box .60a
Assorted Citron and Leniou Peel, per
paccage 25<,
Gordon Delicious Urandy Mince Meat;
per quart jar... 70c
Fancy Large Grape Fruit, each 10c
Pitted Plums, per bottle '...-600
32-ounce bottle Queen Olives 750
12 pounds Sweit Potatoes 25a
5-pound jar Fancy Table Butter,
10-pound jar Table Butter,
Fresh Eggs, per dozen,
Fine Java and Moctia Coffee, per pound,
Finest Java and Mocha Coffee, 3 pounds
Schoch's Private Growth Java and
Mociia Coffee,'per pound,
Would you like to have a pound of
Tea liner titan you ever drank before?
Come nnd look at it and tiud out tv«
Sugar-Cured Ham, per pound,
Xmas Apples, per barrel,
Fresh Oysters, per can,
1,000 bunches Celery, crisp, yellow, pel
California Cream Peaches, per dozen,
Xmas CiKars.with fancy embossed label
on box. 'J5 and 50 in box,
$1.00 and $2.00.
Our line of K<>y W«*l < li>nr Hat
vanai and Domestic arc a- tin c n«
can bo iitailc. Our prices a» 1 oxt
as. the lowest.
Pipes! Pipes!
Fine imported Briar Pipes with Atn«
ber meutiipieces, jjold ami silver trim
lninK*. at \vlu>le>alc prieeSi We have
a large assortment of Pipes -ail rrades,
aiut prices within the roach of all.
Andrew School) Grocery Go.,
Cornsr Seventh anil Broadwsj.

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