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M NNKAPOM* aiiOßOLttfitt.
The postoftlce today will observe
regular Sunday hours.
Fred S. Trait, the grocer at thn corner
of Tenth street and Seventh avenue
liorth. has assigned to William McLeod.
Charles Rhodes an.l George Bowman,
arrested by Inspectors Hankiiisou and
btavnlo, have been identified as the men
who entered the dwelling oi Motonecr
tienrv Reed, this gambler, whose
place oil Sixth street was raided about a
week ago, pleaded guilty yesterday
morning in the police court and was
lined $50.
The management of the Northwestern
Atnietic club skating rink have decided
to give all ladies the privileges of the.
park free of all charm during the re
luaider of Hie winter.
William E«an, John Wolf and Mike
Fahey, arresud for the aasauttotOte
Summer, ut yis Soring stieet. were yes
terday held for exHtoiuatiou on me
charge of assault in the secoud decree.
F. 11 I'eavey has invited the news*
boys of tlie city to din* with htm at the
Midland cafe today. It is likely some
'Juo or SOU will taKe ail van ot the
kind offer and eac a good Christinas
Owing to the nearness of Christina*,
the board of trade failed to obtain a
Quorum yesterday morning. Dr. Drew
had not entirely prepared the paper
which he was to Have presented, and
Ls reading was postponed for three
w\ eks.
Ibo beard of education will meet
Friday inter noon to order Hie payment
ot bills due at the end or the year. The
committee on rules vvil! in eel tomorrow
aiuii'.iu.'ii to consider the truancy law
inipojUKni tr< v: St. Paul.
i'e'stTKTay afternoon the. Baptist min
isters hud an interesting discussion ot
the boo;i> which each had read during
the prst year. 1 lit* meeting proved to
be unique and entertaining, and will be
lolloped in the near luturu by another
one i>! iikf character.
v;. C. rJrter.'wbo has been surveying
the route ul the St. Cjair and Erie ship
canal, returned to Minneapolis yester
day: He will spend the holidays here.
It is txpecieil that the detail ot the
Msrvey \m.l be completed ill time to
begin actual work or construction in
Postmai-ier llolbrook has received
t\oid :i.■!!: V. ashington to raise the em
bargo oh the -..,; mail ot bears,
KoebucK A: Uo. It appears the matter
was a n;i>i;:ke, the \s isiii::ctoii author
ities placing Hie embargo on the linn's
c;a.l ulider a niisaiiijiener.sion, the Miu
u^apTwis -in being contounued with
Ite one in Chicago.
Wilsun A. I'luinmer.register of deeds,
was the recipient vi a handsome Christ
mas siti \v.-terday from the employes
ol his ufhie. The gift was a solid gold
watch chain of handsome design and
workmanship^ which will make ;l fitting
addition to the"ShrinetV charm which
vhs jgivfii him last spring wueu he took
bis plunge into that decree. There was
to juvsruUiiioii speech.
'Hit Ci ii!uifrcial club's dinner to the
commercial uaveiers Friday evening is
DiVeum: wall considerable favor irom
the liauiniiy. The keynoteof tue oc
ca&iCn will be found m the sentiment,
which \v nl be v, resenu ii on the toast
list, that the coiiiit.ticial traveler asa
class is ot great value to Minneapolis,
»nd is not appreciated as he should be.
The evening will be passed in dancing
fetter the uui.qut-t and toast list have
been disposed it.
All articles of food requiring a leaven
ing agent can be made wholesome and
Palatanle if raised with Dr. Trice's
Cream Baking Powder.
Ail the offices at the court house will
be closed today.
ike Foell-Alexander Fust ward al
dernianic c^ nie&t will couie up before
Juiikrt* Kussell tomorrow morning.
Jjamuei i;. Jeuks has brought suit
Buainst Frederick G. James to recover
{2.200 alleged to be due on a hill of ex
Fred S. Pratt had tiled a deed of vol
untary essiinment to William A. Mc-
I is the grocer wno was
burned out at the Teuth street lire re
Loiters of administration have been
BrißtHl of the probate court in the estate
of trick Svensen, who left $700 worth of
real estate and a right of action against
an insolvent bank.
Judge Jamison, who has been holding
a term of the district court in Wright
county, lias returned, and will take his
plac« on the bench Jau. 2, when the
c- . work will be resumed.
Burt Alexander was arraigned yester
day iiodii before Judt:e llu'.ks. charged
with stealing ;i bicycle from George L.
I last June. Alexander was in the
>use, his sentence of ninety days,
• nas given him on a plea ot guilty
to a sin (je last September, hav
lngexpiied yesterday, and was arrest
. beucij warrant before he was let
A meeting of the Minneapolis bar will
rrow morning in the large
court room in the county court boose to
i me need* .... ion winch is
to be prepared for submission to the
new let Jan. 7. There are a
■ on which the present
eui especially defective, nnd re
- uincii attorneys have been
sed. A rail attuuuai.ee of
he bar is c ■..■*.:ed.
Wants Jo Be Released.
Christ Olsen, one of the sureties on
the boiid which had been furnished by
William '■■<•.. for his appearance at
the trial on the charge of forgery on
which he has been arraigned, applied to
the strict court yesterday to be re
lea t-d from the obligation of bis bond.
Tl.t bond was opened and a deputy sent
oui to secure Mr. Gillen's presence un
til .i new bond could be secured. He
wr.s brought to the sheriff's office shortly
before 2 o'clock, ai.d iin mediately
started out to secure tlie new bond, in
Which lie w,,s successful.
msm»s/^wmmman inn wwn
TUnt our wonderful remedy "UOTTiFKS
FUIE.VD," which makes child-birth carp may
be within the r ichor all we have reduced the
price to <Snc I:»ih:r ptr bottle. Bewaro of
I rands, counterfeits ;.'j.-iitute?.
. . . SOL» Ev ALL DijrCGUTS. . . .
Write for book "TO BOTHERS" mailed
»*<*:<• Proprietor*, Aiianta, <Ja.
THE Ita 4 DAY CURE, iljk
At Druggists ur gent with Syringe for $1.00.
"Injection Mafyrtor is T HE BESTof nil similar
Bmedie-?." Dr. HENRY RENY. Biddeford, Ma
MA liVDUII Miii. CO., Lancaster. O. U.S. A.
8-.y.e \ro~iet> ji.-e tuc;r time.
" " " " money.
*' " - " clothes.
" •' "strength.
The \vhr*t m-.rriar. saves all.
She vices Pearline.
Travaleps' Association Want
to Reduce the Death
As the Scherae Is to Cut
Down From $5,000 to
Mr. Erwin Says the State
Has None In the Ging-
The Northwest Travelers' association
at a largely attended meeting yesterday
at the Nicollet house outlined a plan or
action to be taken at the forthcoming
meeting of the association. This meet
ing is to be held at Chicago next Thurs
day. Some radical changes are pro
posed, the most important being the
scaling down of thu death benefit of
members Iroui 85,000 to $3,500. This
proposal has met with but little sup
port, very lew members being in favor
of it. There were one or two other im
portant matters for the consideration of
the meeting, and the members turned
out ill Eoud force to thoroughly discuss
John P. Brewer-Ancher, vice presi
dent of the association for Minnesota.
occupied the chair, and the first mem
ber present to air his vi ws was \V. G.
Byron, lie stated that he was decid
edly against the proposed reduction
from >">. (X) to. ¥2,5'.)0, thinking that it
was not, risiht and fair to the members
that such a scheme should be
carried. li? was in favor, how
ever, of a reserve fund DeinfT
inaugurated so that they would
have something tangible to hold on to.
It seemed to him that the asso ciiion
was in a fair way to collapse unless
something was done to renew the in
terest in it and its work. The mem
bers wanted to be kept more in touch
with onu another, and something now
seemed to be required to create a
greater interest in their work and put a
fresh impetus into it.
W. Corhett, who has been connected
with the association for gome seventeen
years, was called upon to give his opin
ion as to what would be. the best course
to pursue under the present circum
stances, He expatiated upon the many
benefits to be derived from belonging to
such an organization, and said that for
the sum assured a cheaner society could
not be found. The object of each mem
ber should he to get new ones to join,
and in this way they would as
sist the cause. However, a great
many of the members had not
the time to canvass for the- work, and
he thought that it would be a good idea
for those in authority to appoint paid
agents to canvass for fresh members.
The averaee age of the members when
he joined was tqirty-eight years, whilst
now it was only forty-four years, and
he thought that that should be" satisfac
tory for a growing association. He had
another proposition, but he did
not know whether it would
meet with the approval of all;
however, it might possibly be
worth considering. It was that if
similar bodies at St. Louis and lowa
were in good shape they be invited to
affiliate with their branch. ihis am al
graiuatioii might be a good thing all
around. As to the reserve fund,he
would be in favor of it it it met with
the general approval of all.
In reply to a question, Mr. Corbett
said that they now had between 3,300
and 3,400 members in good standing.
For tiie last eight years there had been
a lack of interest in the association.
E. P. Flench gave it as his opinion
that there was one of three things to be
done; either to hire men to canvass for
new members, do it themselves or put
their insurance in some other company.
On motion of Mr. Curbett the follow
ing were appointed as delegates to the
annual meeting at Chicago on Thurs
day: Messrs. Craig, btuckdale and John
P. Breuwer-Aiicher, said delegates
bainsr instructed to oppose the proposal
to reduce the amount payable at death.
A suggestion was mad;* that the dele
sates might hint whilst at the meeting
that the secretary's salary be reduced
from $d.(SUO a year to $2,5'J0, but this was
not supported. However, alt present
seemed to agree that there was room for
reductions to be made in the secretary's
office, and the delegates were asked to
see if some cutting down could not be
made In this direction.
The materials used in making Dr.
Price's Cream Baking Powder are tne
best that money can buy.
KR\V IN s\ i s SO.
Stato Has No Iheorjr in the Ging
W. W. Erwin said yesterday that ho
considered tlie ease of Harry Hay ward
a good oik*, and he could not see whai
t!ie state intended to prove. "The state
has nut a theory on which to base the
trial," he said. "It does not know
where, how or by whom Catherine Gins
was murdered." Mo tar a*> he is con
cerned the case will be prosecuted on
the "square, " and he will insist that the
s'.aU' si.ali do the same.
Assistant County Attorney Hall, who
is looking after the state's sida of the
famous ease, remarked that he did not
think there would be any dissatisfaction
so far as the state was concerned, and
that .Mr. Erwin will have no reason to
doubt the "squareness" of the prosecu
"I don't know,"ho continued, "wheth
er Envm is bluffing or fishing. ] will
say, however, thai just now the defense
Is at the bat, "and we are perfectly will
ing to read all they may have to say
about the ease, but at the same time we
will keep our own counsel."
Scheme for a Northwestern Board
of 1 ra.de.
The Minneapolis board of trade is re-
Bamioe the scheme for formation of a
Northwestern board ot trade. Letters
of invitation are now bein^ sent to all
commercial organizations in Minnesota,
the Dakotas. Northern lowa, Western
Wisconsin and Montana, asking them
to Betid delegates to a convention to be
held in Minneapolis, Wednesday, Jan.
10, at 10:30 a. in.
The object of the association will bo
to advance the common interests of all
Northwestern cities, and the co-opera
tion of all is earnestly solicited. Some
thing over 100 organizations will be in
vited to participate. The proposed or
ganization will have consideration of
legislation, transportation, public im
provements, irrigation and promotion of
manufactures and trade. Much is ex-.
pected from such a federation, if it is
properly taken hold of from each city.
The District Court.
It has been practically settled that
Judge Elliott will asume the duties of
the criminal work in the district court
after Jan. 7. It had been supposed that
the worK wouid fall to Judge Jamison
after Judge Hicks had retired lroin the
bench, but Judge Elliott is nfxt hi ro
tation for the criminal work, with Ike
exception of Judge Pond, who has
change of the jury calendar, and who
will not be likely to assume the crimi
nal work.
It would not bo in accordance with
precedent or courtesy to require Judge
Beltfen to take up criminal work.which
is the most onerous of any exacted from
the me in bo mof tlie bench. In case he
dors not do it he will try civil jury
Aetuaieil Mr. hamrg in the Iteser-
Vi>lr Matter.
Thomas Lowry returned to Minneap
olis yesterday from hti European trip.
In speaking of the city council's ac
ceptance of the. deeds to tho reservoir
tract, he Baid he was glad there was a
prospect et improvement in the city's
water supply. Uecardiuc the criticism
of his motives in the matter, be said he
was actuated purely by motives of pub
lic Interest.
"People have said." continued the
street railway magnate, "that my offer
of the original fifteen acres for tiio re*
ervoir site was merely a scheme on my
part to sell the city a larger tract of
land in addition. Now when 1 found
that more, than fifteen acres Would be
needed to cany out the plan.l increased
my offer to forty-five acres.which 1 was
informed was the amount of land
needed. Still lam charged with self
interest In some quarters: This is dis
couraging, but 1 repeat that my only
motive from the first has been to provide
the city with a suitable site. As a mat
ter of fact, 1 was urged by friends to
hang onto my land, on the assertion
that the city would have to pay me half
a million dollars for it after a time. 1
preferred to act as I have done iv the
matter. The whole thing cause up in
this way: 1 heard that some city en
gineers were surveying on my property
for a waterworks site. 1 sent for En
gineer Capellen and asked him if this
was the case, and lie affirmed it. 1 then
offered to send a proposition to the city
council to donate fifteen acres for reser
voir purposes. hater, as 1 have stated,
1 found out that more laud was needed,
and increased the amount oi" the dona
tion. 1 hope the work will be com
menced as soon as practicable, and put
through, for it is my opinion that the
city needs Use improvement."
Careful housekeepers who desire pure
and perfect foou, and who have a re
gard ior tlie lK\tit!i of their famines,
will u^e Dr. Price's Cream Baking Pow
der and no other.
Minneapolis Seems lo He Full <if
Day by day it arrows more evident
that there tiro a number of sneak
thieves in the city who seem to be ply
ing their vocation right and left. As
fast as the detectives arrest one gang a
new one starts in existence. Sunday
night burglars euteied the residence of
Henry Hill, pies dent of the Bank of
Hill Sons & Co., residing at 9Qu Seventh
street south, and evidently were
preparing to take everything but the
four wails of the house, when the hired
girl was awakened by the noise they
niade.aud, according to Mr. Hill,aroused
the whole block by her screams, nearly.
The thieves, frightened at the outcry,
tied from the house.overturning a water
pitcher in their flight and leaving cloth
ing and other stuff scattered everwhere,
some even being found on the front
Entrance was effected through a door,
and the thieves proceeded to Dack up
about $500 worth of clothing and stuff in
a bundle for hurried transportation. At
that, the two thieves attempted to take
the bundle with them, but did not get it.
It is said that attempts have also been
made to go through other houses in the
same neighborhood recently. Mr. Hill
bays the police department is "no good.'''
Ice Boaters Get Into Lake Miune-
If the friends of Livingstone Wet
more, the enthusiastic ice boater, no
tices that he has a cold today they
should lay it to his unnatural habit of
going swimming In cold weather. Most
everyone in this city has au idea how
the waters of Minnetonka feel on a
warm day, but few except Mr. Wet
more desire to try it in the winter.
Sunday Mr. VVetmore apd a companion
named Johnson went ice boating in
the little Gratio and worked their
way over near Breezy Point.
There was a icef here, which Wet
more had crossed several times
and supposed that he could do it again,
but when he got close to it he saw that
j it was open and lie tacked. It was too
j late, however, for the wind blew them
and the boat into the icy water. The
boat sunk until only one runner was
j visible, and Wetmore and Johnson had
to swim to save themselves. They
finally got themselves upon the firm ice
and made for snore. Then they had to
go into a neighboring cottage "and dry
• their clothes ana warm themselves after
: their cold bath. It is said that it was
the second time that Jo'unsou was in
the lake Sunday.
For the Floyd Ooys.
As soon as the holidays are over Frank
Larrabee will inako his appeal to tlie
supreme court for tiie Floyd boye. The
motion for a new trial, it will be re
membered, was denied by Judge Jami
son, and since that time Mrs. Floyd has
b?en very active. No effort will bo
spared to have Judge Jamison's decision
Sri\ Vejjara in Toronto.
Several years aso one of the promi
nent fizures on the avenuo was Sgr.
Leonardo Vegara, an operatic instructor
and teaciier of singing. Be left the city
very suddenly, between two days as it
were, and his creditors sought for him
hitch and iow. He has turned up in To
ronto, where he advertises that he is ot
the Royal Italian Opera, London, and
at present is professor ot singing in the
Loretto jabbey and Toronto College of
Music. His Minneapolis creditors have
sent their bills there for collection.
Prfsoners Will Feast.
Sheriff E^e will treat the prisoners in
the county jail to a Christmas dinner
today. Yesterday ereat preparations
were in progress In the kitchen of the
stone building, and many a prisoner's
mouth watered as he got a whiff of the
good things in preparation. Harry May
ward and Claus Blixt will b6 taken care
of by their relatives. They are distin
guished criminals, and it would never
do for them to mix up with the common
Wants io Be Bettor.
John Sheridan, who assaulted Heorce
Van Epps, was lined 1250 yesterday by
Jadce Eiicks, with the option of eoing
to jail for sixty days. Sheridan, it will
be remembered, rushed out on the
street and stabbed Van Epps. He told
the court yesterday that he would en
deavor to make a better man of himself.
Old Tobacco Chewers say
is nnich the best.
Holland Suffered to a Tre
mendous Extent From
the Storm.
By the Destruction of a Large
Part of tho Fishing
Twelve of the Crew of a Nor
wegian Steamer Are
Amsterdam, Dec. 24.—The storm
news from various pans of the coast
shows that the damage done has been
much greater than was at first sup
posed. The North sea beach in every
direction has been washed away from
fourteen to twenty feet, and many iish
lusr vessels which had been drawn up
on the beach have been destroyed.
The port ot Flushing has been greatly
daraaced by the storm. The German
bark Caroline has been wrecked off the
coast. Ten of her crew were drowned
and seven were saved. Several vessels
in distress have beeu sighted at various
The damages at Rotterdam by the
recent storm is estimated at 5U0,000
ilorina. Out of 133 boats belonging to
the latter port, twenty-five foundered
and fifty were badly damaged. Through
out North Holland, where the storm
rated with extreme violence, the dam
age is tremendous. The loss in live
stock is great, many cattle and sheep
having beeu drowned. The island of
Marken, la the Zayder Lee, ten
miles northeast of Amsterdam, was
almost submerged. Tiie dike along
the banks ot the Vessel river save
way under the gruat strain and the
water, rushing through, swept a loco
motive off the track. The laud's ends
of the submarine cable 3 near Harlem,
which are usually six i'eec deep in the
sand, were laid bare, the wind having
blown the sand avray to that depth,
Twelve Were Drowned.
Copenhagen, pee. 24.—a Norwegian
steamer from Eurapoto, -R. 1., was
wrecked Saturday morning off Bourjg.
Twelve of the crew were drowned after
being exposed in an open boat for
twenty-four Jiour3, the boat having
capsized. One of the men saved him
self by swimming ashore.
It will pay every housekeeper to try
Dr. Price's puru creum tartar baking
Pope Will Give Audience to the
Detroit's Officers.
Rome, Dec. 24.—The pope has decid
ed to receive the officers of the United
States cruiser Detroit at noon on
Wednesday. The American officers
will bo introduced by Mgr. O'Connell,
and will afterwards be entertained at
an official dinner which will be giveu at
the American college.
His holiness, in a speech to the pon
tifical household yes.eiday, says: "The
faith is reviving among nations who
nave come to recognize that civic virtues
and laws are not sufficient to restrain
the masses. It Is, therefore, or great
importance that all should work togeth
er for the purpose or making religion a
force in public as well as in private lire.
Jt is the duty of rulers to leud their sup
port to religious creeds."
Mrs. Ormiston Chant Is Soared.
Loxdox, Dec. 24.—Late this eveniner
it was stated that the reporis circulated
in regard to the health of Mrs. Orraiston
Chant are exaggerated. She 13 said to
have s;iff< ir«d from nervousness as a
result of having received many threat
ening letters, the active part she took m
the euritetlon for the withdrawal of the
Empire Music hall license having evi
dently drawn upon her the enmity of
quite a number of people. One annony
mous writer notified her that she would
be stabbed the tirat time she leaves her
Bisniarcic With iiis Dead.
Bkbuot, Dec. 24.—jiefore leaving
Varzin, Prince tiisuiarck paid a faie
well visit to the chapel in which the re
mains of the Princess are resting. The
scene, which made a deep impression
upon those who witnessed it, wns the
prince sitting beneath a fir tree leaning
upon his stock and his eyes turned
towards the grave of the princess, it
was with great difficulty that his physi
cian prevailed upon him to leave vw
zin and sive up his daily visit to thu
grave of his beloved wife.
Lord Handy A t Home.
Loxnox, Dec. 24.-lord Randolph
Churchill arrived in London today. He
had to be carried to hie carriage from
the train. He was emaciated and pale
and appeared to be in a semi-comatose
condition. Lady Randolph Churchill,
formerly Jenny Jerome, of New York,
is much worn by constant nursing.
Han'gari.in Ministry Is Oat.
Buda-Pesth, Dec. 24.—The emperor
kinsi Ims accepted the resignations of
the Hungarian cabiuet ministers. The
latter, however, will remain in office
until their successors aro appointed.
The Ktruria Delayed.
Loxdox. Dec.24.—The Canard steam
er Etruria was detained by the storm,
and did not leave Queenstovvn until
Sunday, at 7:35 p. m.. nearly six hours
late, therefore. Ska is not due to arrive
at New York until Sunday, Dec. 30.
Drejfus Not Sentenced.
Paris, Dec.24.-The report that Capt.
Alfred Dreyfus, the French officer who
was sentenced on Saturday last to be
deported for life and to be interred in'a
fortress, had afterwards attempted sui
ilia, turns out to be incorrect. f«;
Yellow Fever In Salvador.
San Salvador, Dec. 24.—The secre
tary of the Mexican consulate here died
of yellow fever, which is still severo
and is causing many deaths. Nodafta
has been lixod for the departure of the
legation to Mexico, but it is expected
they will leave next month.
$2,4()(> in a iJlu/.e.
ENGi.i?ir, Ind., Dec. Si.— Last v/cek
James R. Kelhcr sold his little bone tor
$2,400, and was preparing to go West to
locate, lie wrapped tho cash in a piece
of old paper and hid it In a trunk con
tatninj: a lot of old letters. Last Satur
day Mrs. Ki'lher burned a number of
the letters sh« considered useless, and
amonic the rubbish the paper containing
the price of their home, really ail they
possessed,in the fire.
Only the Fireman Killed.
Nrw Orleans, Dec. 24.—At mid
night last night then was a rear-end
collision at Treviot, near Raceland, La.,
on tli« Southern Pacific mad, win n a
truiKiit train tun Into the \ve.s;-b
Diusenger. The freight was makliiz a
switch, and In the denio.fos; it was lin
possible to see the pn.s3eniter. Fireman
C. Russell, of the f.ei^lit. ju mpecl an 1
was killed. Theru were ho other* in
jured, and tha damaja d >:ie was slight.
The farce-comedy "A Summer Bllz
EM*" urew Miiothi-r lurge audience at
the Bijoa last night. A special Cnrlat
nias matinee will be given this after
noon. The company, which is a large
one, includes some very clever artists,
notably Miss Beatrice (Jlodie, the so
prMiio, whose ability is worthy of butler
"Charley* Aunt" opened a week's
engagement at the (Jraiul last night to a
crowded house. That the company will
do a t>ig business the remainder of the
week is a foregone conclusion. The
performance in a splendid one and the
comedy all that has been claimed for It
—in other words, it Is excellent. The
members of the company are all that
could be desired and away ahead of the
average traveling talent. There will
U' a special matinee this afternoon and
the regular matinees tomorrow and bat
lirniuti Postoniee.
The following self-explanatory tele
cram was received from Washington
last night:
Washington', Dec. 24.—The post
master general today issued an order
establishing a branch postofhee in Min
neapolis at 'iOOtf Stevens avenue, to b«
known as station "I." The station will
have facilities for the transaction ot
registry aud money order business.
THEM 11li lliis<rsi:i>.
Evidently He Was Locked Up at
His Own Request—But Why?
Is the Quory.
There is a good deal of mystery In
reterencc to the figure A dry ilayward is
cutting in the meat Ging murder case.
Somewhere about a week ago Adry was
taken from the Kamsey county jail to
Minneapolis, and in th<j latter eitj he
was set at liberty. He remained at lib
erty until last Sunday, and since lie
was not indicted by the grand jury
of Ileunepin county there is no reason
apparent to the puMic why he was not
entitled to his liberty for pood. But it ■
turns out that on Sunday afternoon lie
was taken in charge by the sheriff of
HtMinepin county, brought to St. Paul
and locked in the Ramsey county jail,
where ho is at the present time. ,
The meaning of all this is a mystery
that uo one in St. Paul seems able to
solve, ar.d the county attorney and
sheriff of Hennepin county decline to
throw a clear light upon it. The only
response made by County Attorney
Nye to queries upon the subject is
that Adry could be locked up if
he wanted to be, and at the same time
the attorney admitted that as Adry is
rot indicted there is no legal reason
why he should be locked up. This con
cession on the part of Mr. Nye would
seem to be capable of the construction
only that Adry has requested to be
locked up. It Is to be presumed
that a man with a pretty wife and a
comfortable home, such as Adry pos
sesses, is not hankering for confinement
in the solitude and the perfumes
not divine of a county jail
unless there is an extraordinary
reason for his desire to be
so tortured. The question arise?, is
Adry atraid of violence at the hands of
Minneapolis people? Or has some
pressure been brought to bear upon
Dim whereby he Is wiliintr to Keep out
of the reach of the newsgatherer
and influences that might tend to make
uncertain the testimony desired from
him in tne prosecution of Ills brother
and of Blixt? It is probably all right in
any event, but the course of Adry is one
that excites a good deal of curiosity.
W. \V. Erwin has been engaged to
defend Hairy Haywara and Harry Hay
ward only. Mr. Erwin, seen m St.
Paul by reporters,declined to discuss the
poiicy he will pureue. He only
said that the state seemed to be without
any definite policy, and until the state
indicated its policy In cjili not setlle
definitely upon his own.
Cake raised with Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder remains moist and
sweet for days—worth remembering.
Biassillon Miners Strike.
Massili.ox, 0., Dec. 24.—The miners
at the Poco mine refused to work today
at the 60-cent rate. The mine employs
about 150 men. This action may have
the effect of Influencing the men at
other mines to quit work on the basis
decided upon by the arbitration com-
Chsidren Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
Conditions on Which Oriental
Hostilities Will End.
Loxbox. "Dec. 24.-A dispatch from
Shanghai states that the Mercury, of
that c ty. says that the chief conditions
of peace on which Japan insists are a
close alliance between herself and
China against Europeau Influence, the
development of Chinese trade and com
merce by Japan, and that Japan shall
undertake tno effective reorganization
of tiie Chinese army and navy.
800 Line, ana
No other line, can quote round-!rip
rates to New York, Albany, Springfield,
Boston, Portland, Halifax, Montreal.
Ogdensburt, Syracuse. IHica and all
Eastern points. Call at 3'JS hobert street
for further details.
A refined complexion must use Pozzoni'i
Powder. It produces a soft ana bcautifu
skin *
Grant—ss. District court, Sixteenth
Judicial District
In the matter of the assignment of George
' Ketchum and Joseph Hodgson, copartners
as Ketch am and Hodgson, insolvents.
Notice is hereby Riven, That George
Kef.hum and Joseph Hodgson, copartners as
Ketchum & Hnd?fon, insolvents, in said
county and state, as by deed and writing
dated December 1894. made a general as
signment to the undersigned of ail his prop
erty not exempt bylaw from levy and stile
on execution, for the benefit of oil his cred
itors without preferences.
All claims must to verified end presented
to the undersigned for allowance within
twenty days from dr.te of notice herein.
Dated December '.Mtri, ISM.
83*2 Boston Block, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Matt Gallagher. Attorney for Assignee,
Minneapolis. Minn.
O Grant—ss. District court, Sixteenth Ju
dicial District.
In the matter of iho assignment of George
Ketchum, insolvent.
Notice is hereby given: That George
Ketchum, in said County and State, hes by
deed aDd writing, dated December ~.'th, ISM,
mnde a general assignment to the under
signed of all his property not exempt by law
from levy and salu on execution, for the
benefit of ail his creditors without prefer
All claims must be verified and presented
to the Hud«rsigaed for allowance within
twenty dnys from date of notice herein.
Dated December 24tb. 1891;
No. 332 Boston Block,
" 'iiniii'Hpulis. Aihmesrua.
Matt Gilusbi •. Attorney for Assignee,
Minueni>o!l\ Minnesota.
. I oiliest Christmas
* III! I I 111 I ■!■!! ■" Ilil ir— I ——-■*- ~—-- ITTm-TCMMLIB '
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This is BEYOND QUESTION the most unique and delightful booh
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daily press. R?:;nlarlj gruiinntrri »rd legally qnr.llSedi
long engaged in Chronic, Heivous and Skin Diseases. A
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vousness, Debility, Dimness of Sight, Seli-Distrust. Defoe
tive Momory, Pimpl*s on the Face, Aversion to Society,
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sia, Stunted Development, Lots of Fower, rams in the
b.-.ci. etc., trr treatod -with success. Saf>!v, Pri»ate!v.
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China n II L|CfiCH«:n Electric
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■^ss>^ c 4
I. X. 1.. Pocket Knives', F.tij>!i»li
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lull llsm ol Toilet Articles.
Razors Hollow-Ground. Shears and Clip
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(# f)
91 (*
91 &
92 is the kind most peo- X
& pie desire. Such, a g
8 cure is Hi pans Tab- £
i ules, but not a cure §
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I are for liver and g
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