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That Line Blocks Reorganiza
tion of the Transconti
No Concessions Offered, How
ever, in the Way of Re
storing Rates.
Committee Given More Time
to Reach an Agree
Chicago, Doe. 27.— The committee
which was to report to the general
meeting of the Western lines today a
schedule of rates to which tho trans
continental tariff is to be elevated, did
not report as was expected. A snag
was struck early in the day by the
declaration of the Union Pacific that it
would agree to nothing unless the boy
cott on the through business of that line
is removed. The committee has asked
for more nun-, and it was allowed until
Saturday, by which time it is hoped
some arrangement will be made with
the Union Pacific and a general agree
ment reached. The general meeting
adjourned until Saturday. The Union
Pacific, in demanding that the boycott
be raised, makes no offer to remove the
original causa of the trouble, which was
that it lowered its one-way rates via
Oiiden and Denver to such a point as to
close these two gateways against the
Rio Grande Western and other roads.
It refused to elevate the rates, and the
other lines declined to sell through
tickets over t'>e Union Pacific until it
bad re-established the one-way rates.
Inducenipntg Offered Southern
California Toari«ta.
The local lines with Southwestern
connections are at present having a
lively tilt lor the passenger traffic to tlie
winter resorts of Southern California.
Some of the roads have been ottering
new routes and extra accommodations
to make toe trip more comfortable, but
so far the rates have remained quite
firm. Yesterday Clarence Kobu. city
ticket agent of the Great Western, an
nounced that ins company had met ail
cowpeii ion and was going the others
one better in that through California
tourists via the Great Western are
allowed the use of first-lass sleepers
Iroin the Twin Cities to Kansas City,
and of cushioned sleepers through to
California from the latter place.
The rate is the same. At this season of
the year there ii considerable travel to
Southern winter resorts, and all the
roads seem to do a good business. A
Jarge number of St. Paul and Minneap
olis people left yesterday morning on
the Phillips Albert 1.-a excursion via
Omaha, Salt Lake City and Sacramento.
Clark .Not in the Deal.
Omaha. Neb., Doc. 27.—President S.
B. H. Clark, of the Union Pacific, hag
sent an emphatic denial of the story
published in some papers this morning
connectine htm with the syndicate that
recently purchased a croup of four
mines at Kocfc Springs. YV'yo. iie says:
"I have never been interested to the
extent of one penny in any coal land or
any coal syndicate in Wyoming, nor
have 1 any knowledge of the transac
tion referred to in said telegram. All
statements to the contrary are abso
lutely false." The four mines in ques
tion were recently purchased by a syn
dicate of Chicago capitalists.
Break Is Coining.
Chicago. Dec. 27.—The agreement of
the Central Traffic association lines to
advance freight rates on the first of next
month is beginning to totter already,
and there seems to bo much likelihood
that it will be carried into effect only
after a hard struggle. Complaints are
already being made that some of the
line* are not living up to the mark in
some of their contracts, and a demand
has been made for a meeting of the as
sociation lines to see if something can
not be done to keeu the rates from going
to pieces. Lack of confidence in the
preservation ot the aereement is to be
louiid on all sides.
Millers l'roiest.
Chicago. Dec. 27.— Wisconsin
Central, the St. Paul and Duliith and
the Northern Pacific have given notice
of their intention to raise their flour
rates from Minneapolis to Buffalo to
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Eho Torapio, crhicj^w.soJd ia St. Paul, iliiiu., by L. Mussctter, iv it Chicago by ii. W. n»
« iil>lea»ant §•x.|:erieii<-Ps»Tliat Spoil
His Temper ami tlie Flavor Hi*
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The people who wrap and bundle them
selves may heck mid sneeze all wiuter. Tuose
who use Duffy's P.ire Malt \\ hiskey are re
warded for their prudence by freedom from
coughs, sore throats and attendant miseries.
Not because Duffy'* Pure Malt acts exclu
sively on the throat and lungs. Every organ
in the body feels its helpful influence, tree
from the least taint of foreign matter, it is
never confounded with common whiskies,
mill it is not necessary to cxi.lain that Duffy's
Pare .Malt Whiskey is" prepared both for lam
ily nnd medicinal purposes .
2.V 3 ' cents by Jan. I. The old rate was
23 cents, and the millers are making a
strong protest against the proposed ad
vance. There is no doubt, however, that
it will be carried into effect.
Hitch in th<> Reorganization.
Savannah. Ga., Dec. 27.—The an
nounceutent is made hero that the delay
in the otlieial publication of the plan for
Hie reoikianiz.tiio:: of the Central rail
road system of Georgia, is due to difli
cuities between Diexel, Morgan ft Co.
and several of the Richmond Terminal
people, against whom the banking firm
had some time ago instituted suits for a
considerable amount. lhe Terminal
people, it is siated. demand that Diexel,
Morgan ft Co. entirely withdrew the
suits. Drexel, Morgan & Co. are said to
be unwilling to do this. Efforts at com
promise have so far failed.
Railroad Notes.
General Passenner Asrent Russell, of
the St. Paul A Duluth, returned from
Chicago yesterday.
A- W. Trenholm, of Spooner, super
intendent of the Northern division of
the Oinaha, was in the city yesterday.
Via "The Milwaukee."
On every Saturday morning an ele
gant Pullman Tourist Sleeping Car
leaves Minneapolis and St. Paul, and
runs through to Los Anj;elfs,California,
without change. Arrives Los Angeles
0:30 p. vi. following Wednesday.
Via "T-Me Milwaukee's" famous "Red
rick Koute" to Kansas City, thence via
the A.. T. «fe S. F. Hallway through
Southern California.
The most delightful winter route to
the coast.
This car is "personally conducted"—
in immediate charge of an official and
an attendant through to destination.
Kate per berth. *0 through from St.
Paui and Minneapolis.
For berths, complete information and
lowest rates, apply to "The Milwaukee"
agents, St. Pail or Minneapolis, or ad-
J. T. Co.M.EY,
Assistant General Passenjter Acont,
St. Paul, Minu.
Invents of a Day in the City on the
St. Croix.
Judge Williston, of the district court,
arrived in the city yesterday and speut
the day hearing motions aud setting
court cases for trial.
The remains of W. A. Chambers ar
rived froni West Superior yesterday nnd
were viewed by a large number of
friends of the deceased as tliey lay In
state in Elks' hall. In the afternoon a
beautiful and appropriated funeral
service was held, Hon. J. C. Nethaway
delivering a high tribute to the memory
of Mr. Chambers. At 4 o'clock the re
mains were shipped to Muscatine, 10.,
where the interment will occur. They
were accompanied by George Chambers,
a brother of the deceased, aud his uncle,
John Chambers.
J. K. Emmet aDpean>d at the Grand
opera house last evening in '■ Fritz in a
Madhouse.'' Owing to the extremely
cold weather the attendance was light.
Ida Van Cortland and company will be
gin a week's engagement next Monday
evening, opening in "Forget-Me-Not."
A Decrease Shown by Rradstreel's
New Youk, Dec. 27.—Special cable
and telegraphic advices to Bradstrwi'a,
covering principal points ot accumula
tion in the United States, Canada and
Europe, indicate the following changes
in stocks ot train last Saturday, com
pared witn the preceding Saturday:
Available supplies, United States and
Canada eust of the Rocky mountains,
decrease, 21H.000 bushels; United States
and Canada east Rocky mountains,corn,
increase, 1.469.000; United States and
Canada esst Rocky mountains, oats, de
crease. 240,000; United States and Can
ada west Rocky mountains, wheat, in
crease. 165.000; afloat for and in Europe,
wheat, increase. 704,000. There were no
increases of wheat stocks last week
worthy of note, if a gain of 04.000 bush
els at Fort William, Out., be exceuttd.
The heavy decrease in available stocks
of wheat last week not reported in the
visible supply exhibit include 487,000
bushels in Northwestern interior ele
vators, 250,000 bushels at various Mani
toba points. 214,000 bushels at Newport
News and 55,t 00 bushels at Ogdensburg.
Cheap i \<'iirsion IZates
To Canada and the East via Chicago
Great We»t*rii KaiUvay are now on sale.
City ticket office ;it>4 Robert street, cor
ner Fifth.
Bank ol' Kng!un<t 1 inanees.
.London, Dec. 27.—The weekly state
ment of the Bank of England, issued
today, shows the following changes, as
comuaii'd with the previous account:
Total reserve, decrease £1.100,000
Circulation, increase 351.000
Bullion, decrease 814,911
Other securities, decrease 214,000
Other dpposits. decrease 1,300.000
Pubiic deposits, decrease 470,000
Notes reserve, decrease 1,088,000
(iovernment securities, de-
The proportion ot the Bank of Eng
land's reserve to liability, which last
wc^k was t>:i. 07 percent, is now 0:3.09 per
RrunmiorH Chouse Officers.
CHICAGO, Doc. 27.—About 300 travel
ing men attended the eighteenth annual
convention of tho Northwestern Trav
eling Men's association today. The
ticket Doiiiiuatfa at the caucus meeting
yesUrda y was elected. Routine busi
n«. cs took up the tine of the convention
after the election.
Btillwater i'airons
(f r obtain copies of the World's Sweet
est .Songster at the cftico of the Journal
Free Selling Caused a Break
of One Cent in
Though Heavy Snows Caused
Falling Off in the Re
Extreme Stagnation Ruled in
Chicago, Dec. 27.—Hit hard by free
selling neat the finish, wheat broke lc
today after a generally firm session, and
May closed ? 4 c lower. The other mar
kets followed. May corn losing V\ May
oats and provisions declining mod
The wheat markot opened firm at a
small fraction advance over yesterday's
closing price. The foretea exchanges
had resumed operations and sent quota
tions Indicating firmness. A plentiful
fall of mov covered the entire country
from the Rocky mountains to the At
lantic coast, a d receipts at the two
principal Northwestern markets were
light Chicago also had small
receipts. The Cincinnati Price
Current remarked that revised
estimates indicate 350,000.000 bu winter
and 105,000,000 l>u spring wheat for last
crop. The insinuation that more than
500,000,000 bu was raised had a depress
ing effect, and May wheat, which
started at from 56%e to 56% c dropped
wearily to 58',,c before buyers again came
forward in suflieient numbers to turn it
upward vain. After the Hist decline
to 5b ;t 6 c there was a period of iazy fluct
ations between the latter price and
">s jC, followed by a short interval of
greater strength, during a second or
two of which 58& c was freely
bid. The publislliuit of JJrad
street's visible caused the market to
weaken a trifle, because it reported an
increase of 050,000 bu in the visible sup
ply of the world. The aspect of the
market underwent an entire change in
the last half hour of the session. Bro
kers who usually act for E. Cottrell, ol
New York, became such free sellers
that the local crowd hastened to join
the Cottroll procession, and tumbled
over *'ach other to get rid of their feebly
held lons wh^at. The price tumbled iii
h'tteen minutes from 58' aC tooT.'^c. The
latest trading was at 57°^c.
Corn was firm at the opening and
brought from more thau it was
selling for when the Market closed yes
terday. It had a short spell of compar
ative weakness, but that was followed
by a period of renewed strength, and
advance which went beyond the first
jump. The colder weather and snow
it was feu would cause a freer use of
corn, and perhaps lessen the farmers
deliveries at the same time. Today the
Inspection sheets gave 335 ca i S inspect
ed into store, only rive of which were
of the contract grade. The break in
wheat near the close, caused corn to
lose its early bullishness, and although
it did not become as radically weak as
wheat, it slumped enough to lose all its
early advance and a little besides. May
from 4S; s cto49c, which it struck at one
time dropped to 48/60 and closed at 4S JiC
The session in oats was not particu
larly interesting. Sympathy with the
neighboring cereals and the prevailing
bullish feeling were principally prom
inent in creating higher prices. May
suited at 32c, sold at 31% c and at 32®
32^c, and at noon was selling at 32c.
The market weakened near the finish
with wheat and corn, May closing at
31% c. Provisions started firm and
higher oh the day's run of hogs proving
to be only 10,000 head. Swift & Co.
and the Anglo-American Packing com
pany were conspicuous sellers of lard
and ribs, aud Norton & Worthington
sold January pork very freely. Pork
broke 25c below the highest price it
brought early in the day, but closed
with a net loss of only 7>au. Lara and
ribs were, compared with pork, quite
linn, and in the end lost nothing of
their value.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Open- Hij;h- Low- Clos-
Akticles. ing. est. est. lug.
Whent No 2—
December. ... 54Vs 54Vs 53% scVi
.v.py. .. ...... ;-BVs-% r.s-% f,7i/ 2 57*
July i.9 JS-o&i,^ 55«4-!te
Corn No. 2—
December..... I 46 46%->2 45% 45"fc
January ...... 46 4li^-i,2 45% 45%
May 48%-»4 45%-4'J 4bVB -JBW
Oats No. 2—
December 29\4 2914 29 .29
May 33 32-3:'Ve 31%-% 318,4
Mess Pork-
January 1135 1135 1115 11 17V2
May 11 73% 11.77% II 52V'2 11 571/2
January .... 6 671/2 670 6 62y-> 665
Hay 6 9-'V2 695 6Hj 690
Short Ribs-
January 580 570 5 6:.'^ 565
May. . 5 92t<2 505 585 590
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour—Easy; unchanged. Wheat— No.
2 sprine, 57)£@5'.)J^c: No.'3 spring, nom
inal; So. 2 ml, 53)£@54c. Corn— No. 2,
45% c; No. 3 yellow, 41(a.41 ] 4 c. Oats-
No. 2, 29»4c; No. 2 white. 31&@32c!
No. 3 white, 31%& Rye—No. ii. 48}.< c.
Barley— No. 2, 55c; No. [email protected]; N0.4,
nominal. FJaxseed—No. 1, $1.48. Tim
othy Seed—Prime. $5.52}^. Mess Pork
-Per bbl, [email protected] Lard - Per
100 lbs, ?6.C.j%. Short Ribs — Sides
(loose), |[email protected] Shoulders— Dry salt
ed (boxed). Starve. Sides—Short clear
(boxed), [email protected])£c. Whisky — Distillers'
finished good?, per gal, $1.22. Sugars
unchanged. Receipts— Flour.9,ooo bbls;
wheat. 4l\000bu; corn, 42,000 bu; oats,
200,000 bu; rye, 5,000 bu; barley. 45,
--000 liv. Shipments—Flour, 3,000 bbls;
wheat. 13.000 bu; corn, 19.000 bu; oats,
103,000 bu; rye. 7,000 bu; barley, $5,000
bu. On the produce exchange today the
butter market was steady : creameries,
[email protected]; dailies, [email protected] Eggs firm at
Room «.<.Ul!llnii Block,
Commission Merchants & Stock Brokers.
Grain, Provisions and Stocks bought and
sold for cash or ou margins. Out-of-town
business a specialty* Write for our price
I>uluth Wheat.
Dulutk, Minn., Dec. 27. — There
was not much trading in cash here
today, except in the lower grades; No. 1
hard was wauled by the mills at lc
under May, but holders demanded %c
more, believing that receipts will show
a steady falling oil for some time.
Much of the No. 1 hard now arriving is
to till sales to arrive. Trading in May
was fairly active, but July was neglect
ed. One trade was reported in Decem
ber at GOc. May started at <;:••''&'c and
ruled steady during the morn in but
Bradstreel's report of a bit; increase in
the world's visible caused a decline in
the afternoon, and the market closed
; %c under yesterday.
Following were the closing prices:
; No. 1 hard, cash, GO^c; December,
! 60^c; May, 6.°.c: July, tHe; No. i north
ern, cash. Go,¥c; December, .V.t^e;
May, 61%: c; July, 62% c; No. 2
' northern, cash, 56^c; No.S,S3s£c; re-
I Jfctrd, sOj£c; to arrive, No.lharu,(JO%c.
j No. 1 northern. GBj^e. Itye, 40c. No. 2
I oats, ym%c\ No. 8 oats, 80J4C. Barley,
1 m&toc. JtUceipts Here ana at West
,- ' .- " ' ' --——•':. - - "v _ •
Superior—Wheat, 105.245 bu; oats,
1,309 bu; barley, 470 bu. Car ln-
Today —Wheat, 175; oats, 7:
Hew York Produce.
New Yoi:k, Dec. 27.— Flour — Re
ceipts. 30.700 bbls; exports, 39.(300 bbls:
sales, 0,80:' -legs; market dull and weak.
There was less demnud today from lo
cal sources and exporters are entirely,
out of'tuu market; Southern flour dull.
Rye flour dull; sales. 800 bids. Buck
wheat Hour quiet; [email protected] Buck
wheat dull. Cornineal steady; sales,
130 obis, 2,400 sacks. Rye nominal.
Barley neglected. Barley malt held firm.
Wheat—Receipts, none"; exports, 15,
--000 bu; sates, 2,035,000 bu fu
tures, 38,000 bu spot; spot dull,
do Ine weak; No. 2 red, store
an elevator- 57! a 1 6 c; f. o. b.—s9»<Cc;
No. 1 northern. b"Bj>gp, delivered;
No. 1 hard, 28#e, delivered. Options—
tlie feature today was a sharp break at
the close, due to heavy realizing, which
caused a decline of nearly a cent, and
left price? ;U^'i,c lower than last night.
Previous to this the market had ruled
quite firm on higher cables and some
foreign buying which induced local,
traders to load up for an advance and
left the market bare of a short interest.
No. 2 red. January 59%(3>59 15-10,
closed 59% c; February. 60%@«l0 11-lOe,
closed at GO^c; March, 61%@63%c,
closed at 6l 6 o c; May. 6*@62%i closed
at 62% c; June closed at 02j^c; July,
63 [email protected]^e. closed at 02)^c; Decem
ber closed at 59% c. Corn—Receipts,
15.000 bu; exports. 82,000 bu; sales,
465.000 bu futures, 34.000 bu spot; spot
dull; No. 2. 51*£@52« elevator, 52% c
afloat; steamer mixed. 4 <I.,'c; No. 3, 48c;
options, after ruling firm and fairly
active on local buying and small esti
mated cars, finally broke sharply with
wheat and closed at \[email protected]%<i de
cline: January, 51%@5:2e, closed
at 51*1; February closed at. 51^c;
May, 52 [email protected]$ic, closed at 52j£c;
December closed atsl%c. Oats—Re
ceipts. 52,000 bu; exports, 300 bu; sales,
50,000 bu futures, 83,000 bu spot; spot
market linn, closing easy; No. 2, [email protected]
34;; h c; No. 2. delivered, 35(g35%c: No.
3. 33}£c; No. 2 while, SBXc; No. 3
white. 37% c; track white Western, [email protected]
42c; track white state, 37042e; options
opened linn, but eventually broke with
corn, closing at unchanged prices;
January, 34^@S4->£c, closed at
2 'cc; February closed at 35c;
May, 35%@30e. closed at 35%e. Hay
dull. Hops fairly active. Hides firm".
Leather steady. Wool steady. Beef
dull. Cut meals quiet: pickled shoul
ders, sc. Lard weak and lower; West
ern steam closed at £3.95 asked; sale-,
705 tcs at $0.95. part exDort; city at63^@
G%c: sales, 125 tcs; December closed at
$0.95, nominal; January, $0.95, nominal;
refined weak; compound, 5' 4 c.
Pork was lower; new nets,
[email protected]; family, 812; short
clear. $13.50. Butter steadier;
Western dairy. [email protected]; Western cream
ery, [email protected]: Western factory, <[email protected];
Elgina, 24c; imitation creamery, [email protected]
19c; state dairy, [email protected]; state cream
ery. [email protected] Cheese quiet; large, [email protected]
ll>4c; small, [email protected]; part skims, [email protected]
'.•c; lull skims, 2C4i3c. Esgs firmer; state
and Pennsylvania, 23V 2 '(a>24c: icehouse,
15}£@20c; receipts, 5,117 pkgs; Western
fresh, [email protected]; Southern, [email protected] 1
Tallow linn.
Milwavkke. Wls.. Dec. 27.—Flour
very quiet. Wheat very steady and
quiet; No. 1 northern, 043 c; MaV. 5Sc.
Corn firmer; No. 3. 413£e. Oats held
higher; No. 2 while, 81% c; Mo. 8 white,
Me. Barley higher; N0.2, 53H'c; sample,
[email protected] Bye higher; No. 1, 50c. Pro
visions lower. Pork, 111.15. Lard, $6.00.
Liverpool. Dec. 27.—Wheat — Spot
firm, demand moderate; No. 2 red win
ter, 4s 9},^d; No. 2 mi spring, stocks
exhausted; ho. 1 hard Manitoba, 5s sd;
No. 1 California, 5s 24; futures opened
steady, with near and distant positions
2 farthings higher, closed firm, with
near positions 2 farthings higher, and
distant positions [email protected] farthings higher;
business about equally distributed;
December, 4s «Jd; January, 4s 9Hd(
February, 4s lOd; March, 4s lOKul;
April. 4s lid; May, 4s 10% d. Corn—
Spot steady; mixed, 4s lOd: futures
opened dull and unchanged, closed
firm, unchanged to 1 farthing higher;
business inactive; December, 4s lOd;
January. 4s 4%d; February, 4s 3%d;
March, 4s 3%d; April, 4s 3%d; May. 4s
4d. Flour dull, demand poor; St. Louis
fancy winter, 5s Od. Peas—Canadian,
4s 103-jd.
Manhattan Building.
Hew York.
New York, Dec. 27.—Speculation on
the slock exchange reached a point of
extreme' stagnation today, the total sales
being less man has been done in a single
hour on a fairly active market. Only
the small traders entered into the deal
ings, which were lor the most part for
the account of the short interest and to
close out long contracts which showed a
profit. There were occasional bear
raids, which were chiefly confined to
Sugar and New Jersey Central. Read
ing was in demand at the opening;, but
the stock was supplied so freely that
the demand quickly ceased, and later in
the day the stock was sold on minors of
a probability of the withdrawal of the
plan of reorganization. New York Cen
tral, which showed signs of weakness in
the early dealings, was sharply ad
vanced on the declaration of the regular
dividend by those who wished to
cover contracts in anticipation
that the dividend would be
scaled. The quarterly report
of the company issued today was very
favorable, showing an Increase both in
net earnings and surplus. The selling
movement in New Jersey Central was
renewed today, but the shares were
fairly well supported and the activity
caused a fractional decline. The an*
nouncement of the dissolution of the
government bond syndicate which took 1
the entire issue of new 5 per cents had
no effect on the share speculation. The
general market moved independently
of the syndicate, the bonds receding to
117^, which is about the price current
at the time the new Issue was floated,
while the syndicate selling price was
ll'.tl^. In announcing the disruption of
the bond trust, a fling is taken at the
United States treasury department, the
action of which on the currency ques
tion Is declared to be the causa of the
dissolution of the syndicate, which had
disposed of only 35 per c«nt of the
issue. The remaining 65 per cent
will be apportioned to the members, ac
cording to their original subscriptions,
to be disposed of individually. At the'
opening of the stock market a generally
linn tone prevailed, and some shares
showed an advance on the closing fig
■ret of yesterday. The market soon
became heavy and dull, but rallied a
fraction after 11 o'clock, and continued
fairly firm on a very light business un
til 1 o'clock. Than came a rally, and at
2:30 o'clock the tendency was down
ward during the rest of the day, and I ho
market closed weak. Compared with
yesterday's closing prices, the final
sales today are very irregular, but a
majority of the list is lower. Declines
arc recorded in St. Paul preferred, 2
per cent; Baltimore & Ohio, 1 per cent;
Heading, 1%; Distilling, Cotton Oil pro
ferred, Oregon Navigation and Norfolk
& Western preferred. 1, and do common
and New Jersey Central, %.
Among the advances are: Bay State
Gas, Hi; Cordage preferred, 13^;" Louis
ville, New Albany & Chicago preferred,
1; Leather, }*, and Manhattan. Pull
man, General Electric and Tob.icco. %
per cent.
The bond market was generally weak
during the early session, but In the
I early trading a liberal uiblnbu.io.i o.
buying orders resulted in a material ad
vance in some issues, and the closing
was in good tone. The total sales were
*1.010,500, or which 1150,000 were Atchi
son 43. The more noteworthy changes
on the daV-prci
Ad™ Kings County Elevated
fusts, 5 S?f ceiitf St. Paul & Northern
Pacific M, regular ccr'liDale's, 3l£;
Cedar Falls & Minnesota is, 2.
Declines—Baltimore * Ohio firsts,
2^i; Lake Erie X Western firsts, 'iy,\
hrle second consols. 2; Oregon Short
Line consols s":*, SJf; Louisville & Nash
ville, Nashville. Florida & Sheffield
firsts, sold at 80, against 88 on Oct. 30.
Mexican National second incomes
series A sold ffl 23' 4 ', against 45Ji in
January, 1593.
Tiie Total Salon of Stocks Today
were 98,724 shares, including: Amer
ican Sugar. 12,600; Burlington. 2,800;
Chicago Gas. 2,700: Distilling & Cattle
Feeding. 11.500; Erie, 3.000; New Jersey
Central. 8.800; Reading, 11.1)00; St. Paul*.
8,200; Western Union. 2.100.
Bankers and Brokers,
311 Jackson St..
St. Paul Minn.
nonius; Stocks—West.
Atchlson 4 Northwestern.. 96%
Adams Express..l 3!) do j>fd 142
Alton & Terre H. 37 N. Y. Central... 90
do pfd.. 193 N. Y. &N. .... 81%
Am'can Express.llo Ontario & West.. loVi
Baltimore Ohio 62 Oregon Imp. 11
Canadian Pacific. SSVS Oregon Nay 19
Canada Southern 5) O. S. L. &U. N.. 6
Central Pacific... 14 Pacific Mail ... 21i*
cues. &. Onio. ... 17% 1.. 1). & E 3%
♦Chicago & Alton. *Pittsburg 157
C..8. &Q 707* Pullman Palace..ls4
Chicago Gas.. .. 72^ Keadlug 14%
CousolidatedGas.l3l Richmond Ter... 15
C.,C.,C. & St. L.. 3SV» do pfd . .. 20
Colorado C. & 1.. 8 Rio G. Western. 10%
Cotton Oil Certs. 2-.' Vi» do pfd ... 43
Del. & Hudson.. 125 Rock Island. ... 61%
Del..Lack. & W.. 161 St. Paul ........ 57
1). &K. G. pfd... KMI do pfd 117 i&
Dis. &C. F. Co.. 9V2|St. P. & Omaha.. 32
Erie 9*» *do pfd 110
do pfd 21 Southern Pacific. 18«.*>
Fort Wayne t57 Sugar Refinery,.. 88ȣ
at. North, pfd...101 Term.i oal Iron 157&
.C.& K. I. pfd.... U3V» Texas Pacific... 914
HocKiujc Valley 17 Tol. &O. C. pfd.. 75
Illinois Central. C 4 Union Pacific.;.. 11
St.Paul & Duluth 21 I). 8. Exiucii .. i'l
Kan. & Tex. Did. 21% Wnbash.St.L.il 1 . M*
Lake Eric & West IBVi do pfd 13%
do pfd 71 Wells-FarßO Ex .105
Lake Shore 13tii/2 Western Union.. Biisß
Lead Trust 37 Wheeling &L.E. 10
Louis. & Nash ... 98*1 do pfd 39&
Louisville & N.A. 6V2 M. & St. L 28
Manhattan C0n..105 D. & R. Q.\ lOlfc
Mem. 61 rharls'n. 10 General Electric. 34
Michigan Cent.... 97 National Linseea 18
Missouri Pacific. 27 Col. Fuel & Iron. 26
Mobile & Ohio 17 do pfd 70
Nash. A: Chatt.... 05 H. &T. Central.. 21/2
Nat. Cordage. ... C ToI..A.A.AN.M 2\t
do pfd Mb T.. St. L. &K. C. 1
N. J. Central. ... 89% do pfd 6
N. &\V. pfd 1714 Southern R. R... ](%
North Am. C 0.... 3% do pfd :>6V2
Northern Pacific. 4 Tobacco 96
do pfd ... ... 16% do pfd 117
1 U.P..Denver &G. 3 St. P. M. M ..If91&
Loan Money 011 Improved Property in St.
Paul and Minneapolis'
At 6% 'On or Before'
New Pioneer Press Bids,. Reeve Building
* Bonds. ' ;
i\ S fts teg 1171,2 D. & R. G. 45.... 8214
do do coup 117 V? Erie seconds. ... 04
604 ref? 113W G.H.A S.A. is... 07
dodocoup 114*6 do do 7b... 100
• do 26 re? 97 11 & Tex. c. 06 .106
Pacific f.a 0f.'90.. 100 do do 68 10' 3V2
Ala., Class A... .104Vs M.,K.<t T.firßt4s. 81
1 dodo B 100 do second 4s. 45%
dodo C 93 Mutual Union 6s. I('s
do Currency.... 94 N'.J.C.Gen.fs.. 115
La.N.Consols,4B.. 95* iN. P. Ists ...... 116
Miesouri 69 100 do Sdg ...69
N. C. cs .. .125 N. W.cou 142%
do 4s .... .....101 dos.F.deb.sß. 110
S. C. Non-Fund.. 1V& R. O. W. Ists... 70
Tenn.newset.es. C4k ?t. P.consols.... 123
do do 55...100 doC.&P.W.Ss
do old os 60 St.L.&l.M.Gen.ss 78^
i Va. Centuries.... 591/2 St,L.<tS.F.Gen.6slO2«,2
•■do def...... 151/9 T. P. firsts 66%
Aichison ...... • f2% do id 5......... 26Vs
; do second "A". 16s^ U. P. lsts of '96 103%
Canada So. .10..V2 West Shore 4s. ..lOtiV"
C. P. of '93... .103 i*> Southern ..... . 997»
P. & It. G. 75....114%
To Loan on St. Paul Real Es
St. Paul Title Insurance I Trust Co
Sew It'ork .Hone)-. *"
New Youk, Dec. 27.—Money on call
easy at [email protected]; last loan closed at 2
per cent. Prime mercantile paper, '1%
(a4}.2. Sterling excliaiiKe quiet aim
steady, with actual business in bank
ers' bills at 4.55%<®4.88^ for demand,
and f4.81>[email protected]% .for sixty days;
posted rates, $4.88(«C4.8y and ?4.S9)£(aa
4.'JO. Commercial bills, ?4.8r^ 4 @4.86j.
Silver certificates, 59% c bid.
Chicago. Dec. 27.—Clearings, $18.
--273,000. Money, [email protected], 1£ par cent on call;
on time. New York exchange 05c
premium. Sterling commercial, $4.80"/
Investment Bankers.
Dealer** in I'lr&t-Clasts Bond«, Bank
Stocks ami Commercial Paper*.
Money to Loan in Large Amounts
Germania Bank Bldg., And Temple Court
St. Paul. Minneapolis.
London i inunciul.
New Yokk, Dec. 27.— The Evening
Post's London cablegram tays: Mines
were the only active market today, and
even these show evidence of slackening.
Americans were slack, however, above
the lowest. Consols and other invest
ment stocks were stronger on the pros
pect of cheap money in the new year.
The decrease of £81*4,010 in the Bank of
England's coin and bullion this week
was mainly due to the demand due to
Christmas. The movement for the
week was £42,000 bar, £ 83.000 imported
from Australia and £6,000 from Paris
and £100,000 shipped to Koumania and
£100,000 to the Cape.
■: < These [notations Fumisui "i;
Jameson, Havener
:r & co.,
Hay, Feed, Flour and Seeds
**V. ST. £\A.TJXi.
_ St. P;iul Grain Market.
Wheat—No. 1 hard [email protected]ß)£c
Wheat— No. 1 northern 50 1..(<i vs7itc
Wheat—No. 2 northern [email protected]
Corn—No. 3 47(<|>47 I.;c
Corn—No. 3 yellow : 47(<i'48c
Oats—No. 3 white [email protected]%c
, Oats— No. S oOStaolc
Barley . [email protected]
Rye— No. 2 44(g45e
Flour—Patent [email protected]
Flour -Straight f&9OC<HU'J
Flour— Bakers 1 $2(&J.1O
Flour— Rye *[email protected]
Buckwheat flour *[email protected]
Corn meal—Bolted [email protected]
Corn meal—Coarse ?19.50(520
Ground Feed—No. 1 [email protected]«J.50
Ground Feed—No. 9 |19.2S(e| 10.50
Ground Feed-No. 3 [email protected]
Bran-Bulk [email protected]
Shorts-Bulk *12.. 13
Hay—No. 1 upland prairie $7.r>o(«>3
Hay—No. i! upland prairie [email protected]
Hay—No. 1 wild [email protected]
liny-No. 1 timothy 0.500* 11
Timothy seed, per bu [email protected]
Clover " $5.20(a>5.40
Straw ... ..;v;r*.':T.r.l-:?.T;r [email protected]
Chicago Lire (Stock.
CHICAGO, Dec. 27.—Hois—Receipts,
H),()io; official yesterday, 20,0011; sliip
m Mils, (3,123; left over, nlimit R. 000;
Quality lair; market moderately t.etivo
and firm; storm cuts dovfh receipts;
Miles ranged at 18 [email protected] for liiclit,
[email protected] for roueh packing, [email protected]
for mixed, [email protected] fof li|^vy pScKifli?
and shipping lot?; 'arid [email protected] fof
plKs. Cattle-UeCefpts, 7,00*; active
ftnd firm at [email protected] advance. Sheep-
Receipts, 9,000; in good demand ami
firm at [email protected] advance.
Established IS7O.
Minneapolis. Duluth
illiniieupolis Hark* Is.
The wheat market was dull. Trices
ODened firmer and advanced about %<t
early, but the train was subseqrntly lost.
Foreign markets had a better tone.
Berlin was 114 to \% marks higher,
Paris 15 centimes up, London firm but
quiet and Liverpool X penny higher,
with buyers, however, indifferent.
May—Opening, 60^c; highest, CO.^c;
lowest, 5 <1 4 : closing, bQ%c.
July— Queuing, Gl^c; highest. 61% c;
lowest, Co%c; closing, 60^c. "
December—Opening, 59#c; highest,
4 'c; lowest, 58>?f,c; closing. 58% c.
On Track—No. 1 hard. 50%5; No. 1
northern, 59% c; No. 2 northern, 57>£e.
Some Sample Sales— No. 1 northern,
34 care, (50c; No. 1 northern, .i car?, poor,
59>£c; No. 1 northern, 70 cars, to arrive,
60c; No. 2 northern, 1 car. 58>£c; No.
2 northern, 1 car, 50c; No. 3 wheat, 1
car, 5Sc; rejected wheat, 1 lb off. 1 car,
56,}£c; rejected wheat, \\i lbs off, ban.
stack stained, 1 car. 52>£c; rejected
wheat, 1 lb off. smutty, 1 car, 54% c; re
jected wheat, 1 ib off, 1 car. 56c; reject
ed wheat, 2 lbs off, 1 car. 56c; rejected
wheat, I car, 54c; rejected wheat, I}<>
lbs off, 1 car, 53c; rejected wheat, 2
lbs off, 1 car. 513^c; No. 3 oats. 2 cars,
29% c; No. 3 oats. 2 cars, 30c; No. 3
oats, 1 car, 29>^c; N0.3 whitefoats, Scars,
30c; No. 2 white oats, 2 cats, 30>2'c; No. 3
oats, mixed, 2 cars, 28% c: No. 3 oats,
black, 1 car, 2Sc.
Flour— First patents, [email protected]
Bran and Shorts—Bran. [email protected]
In bulk; [email protected] iv sacks; shorts.
Hay — Market is dull; choice lowa
upland. [email protected]; choice Minnesota up
land, [email protected]: medium upland, $5
Corn—No. 3, 46^c.
Oats—No. 3 white, [email protected]; No. 3,
Rye—4(sc for No. 2.
Barley—Nominal; No. 3, 44(3)45c.
Ground Feed—Steady; No. 1, per ton,
car lots. [email protected]; coruuifal. carload,
517.5i)@18 per ton; granulated, $23.50
(£24. '
Live Stock Commission.
Union biocKYards, bourn St. Pam.olinn
Union Stockyards.
Receipts— hogs, 62 cattle, 2 calves.
Hogs—Strong and active; not much
offered and arrivals were late; yards
cleared to packers after dinner.
Representative sales—
No. Wt. Dkr. Price No. Wt. Dksj. Price
1 b0ar..283 — 51 5o li 195 80*4 05
60 190 40 4 0 81 205 83 4 li<«
48 177 — 4 Of. 58 225 — 415
80 201 — 4C£ 74...... 2KJ 40 415
69 257 80 415
Cattle—Strong and active. Good de
mand for all grade?, but especially good
butcher cattle, heavy feeders and heavy
Quotations: Prime steers, [email protected];
good steers, [email protected]; prime cows,
[email protected]; good cows, [email protected]; com
mon to fair cows, 75c(5)*1.75; light veal
calves, [email protected]; heavy calves, [email protected]
2.50; stackers, *[email protected]; feeders, |2(^
2.75; bulls. tl/[email protected]
Representative sales —
No. Wt. Frice No. Wt. Price
1 cow 920 $1 70 2 steers 1,010 £2 00
SCOW 6. ...1,030 1703 cows 1,070 240
lcow 980 170 i oxen 1.323 2 00
1 calf 100 2 50 4 cows 035 2 15
lcow 810 150 3 stockers.. 579 185
lcow I,C'H) 1 7t> 2 Rteers 1.170 2 75
10 cows 975 170 i canner 1,17i> 100
lßcows 871 1 55 lox 1,600 ICO
lox 1,4'J0 2 00 soxcn 1,480 2 25
2cows l.iW* 2 40 4 stoekers... 510 2CO
H cows for 07 sti Z Btockers .. 5150 ICS
Scows 92) 1 70 9 mixed ....1,3)0 1 60
1 ox 1,510 2 00 lox 1,340 140
4cows b77 2 0o 1 atocker.... 750 2 15
3heifers... 543 1 7u lox 1.650 ISO
lcow 900 150 lcow 850 140
Sheep—Good muttons and lambs in
good demand, common dull. No re
ceipts and no trading.
Quotations: Muttons, [email protected];
lauiOs, $1.75(^2.60; comuion, [email protected]
ure Sale—A mortgage was dated, exe
cuted and delivered ou the fifteenth day of
August, 1891, r>v Edward Burke and Annie
Hurke. nls wife, ns mortgagors, to William P.
Feet, as mortgagee, wnich said mortgage was
duly recorded in the office of the Register of
Deeds of Ramsey County, Minnesota, on the
Mb day of October, IM*I. at 10 o'clock and 50
minutes a. m., in Book L'Tti of Mortgages, at
pases ltf.-ll».
Subsequently, to wit, on the 2Jth day of
November, A. D. 1891, tne said mortgage was
duly assigned by the said William F. Feet to
Kate A. Molincuz. by an instrument in writ
ing, which said instrument of assignment
was duly recorded in the office of Hie Regis
ter of Deeds of said County, on the 30th day
of Hovemter, A. D. ISUI, at 4 o'clock and :u
minutes p. m., in Bock 41 of Assignments, at
page 105-11 0.
Default hns been made in the conditions,
agreements and covenants ot said mortgage,
and there is claimed to be due, and is due the
subscriber at the date of this notice upon the
said mortgnge the sum of one thousand and
eighty-seven dollars mid fifty cents.
Now, therefore, notice is hereDy given,
that by virtue of the power of sale contained
in said mortgage, and of the statute in such
case made and provided, kaid mortgage will
be foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged
premises described therein and hereinafter
described to satisfy the amount which shall
at the date of* said sale be due on
said mortgage, together with the costs
and expenses of siiid sale as allowed by law ;
the taxes, if any. i.nid by the subscriber, and
the fnrlber sum of fifty dollars ($•">") as an »t
--tommy's tee, which ii agreed in said mortgage
to be paid in ease of foreclosure. Said ssle
will b~e made ai the Fourth street entrance to
the Court House and City Hall, in ihe City of
St. Paul. Ramsey County. Minnesota, on Sat
urday, the 2Utli day of December. ISO 4, at ten
o'clock in the forenoon of said d:iy by the
Sheriff of said Ramsey County at publie'auc
tion to the highest bidder for cash.
The premises described in said mortgage
and so to be sold are situated in the County
of Ramsey and State ot Minnesota, and are
known and described as follows:
The east one half (c <-2 i of Lots numbered
one (1) and two (2) of I>loi-k nnmLered four
(1) of Marshall's Addition to West St. Paul,
according to the plat thereof on file and of
record In the office of the Register ot Deeds
in and for the said County of Ramsey.
Dated November 16, 1894.
Assignee of Mortgagee.
Ambrose Tic.he.
Attorney for Assignee of Morigajjee, Globe
Building, St. Paul, Minn.
TKKATMKNT. a specific for Hysteria. Dizzi
ness. ""Its, Neuralgia, Headache, Nervous
Prostration, caused by alcohol or tobacco;
Wakefnlness, Mental Depression. Softening
of Brain, causing insanity, misery, decay,
death; Premature Old Age, Barrenness, Loss
of Power in either tax. Impotency, Leucor
rhrra ana all Female Weaknesses, Involun
tary Losses. Spermatorrhoea, caused by over
exertion of brain, Self-Abuse. Over-indul
gence. A month's treatment, SI. 6 for?\ by
mail. We guarantee six boxes to cure. Each
order for six boxes, with §5, will send writ
ten guarantee to refund if not cured. Guar
antees issued only by W. K. Collier. Drug
gist. Sevcuth ana isibley streets, St. Paul,
8 1. PALL, UNION BliFOr.
Etally ait follows: Leave.
Aoston, Montreal and New En?,
laud points G:. 10 jv, in.
gaucouver, N. Wliatcom and Pa
cific coast points 9:05 am.
Fur limber information mid time of loc~i
alias call at Uckei oillco or uuiuull foldac
fire Proor v ■■-■■■&&&&,, : ? -f
Steam heat; all modern conveniences.
Best location in the city for offices.
Taylor 1 Renting Agency
Room 16, Globe. J. W. Taylor, Supt.
MUMBERS 17, 18, 19 and 20 have been added to
" this popular series. Mail orders for a/1 or
any part of this work will receive prompt atten
tion. Owing to the inability of the artists to fin
ish the plates, it will be some days before we will
'be able to furnish them at our counter. Twenty
parts, each part complete in itself. 10 cents each
(no stamps).
The Dining Car .Line to Fargo, Winnipeg,
Helena. Butta and the Pacific Northwest.
Dining Cars on Winnipeg find i^-k^.i t^.';, i
cilic Coast Trains. ™c Arr '
Pacific Ma" (Dally for Far^o,
Jamestown, Livingston, Helena,
Butte. Missoula, Spokane, Ta- 4:15 7:00
coma. Seattle and Portland p.m.'a.m.
Dakota and Manitoba Express
(Daily) for Fergus Falls, Wahre
ton, Crookston. Grand Forks.
Grafton, Winnipeg, Moorhead 8:00 7535
ana Fargo p.m. a. m. I
Fargo Local (Daily except Sun
day) for St. Cloud, Brmnerd i): 00 555 !
and Fargo.... a.m. p. m. !
Pullman Sleepers Dally b-tween St. Paul !
and Grand Forks. Grafton, Winnipeg, Fer- '
gus Falls, Wahpetou and Fargo. j
Pullman First-Class and Tourist Sleeper«, '
also Free Colonist Sleepers are run daily on
through Pacific Coast Trains, " |
C. E. STONE, city Ticket Agent, lC2East
Third Street St. Paul.
Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Kit
' Le.— St. l\\ri.-Ar
Chicago "Day" Express.. |+>:.»IS ami*.o:4."i
Chicago ••Atlantic" Ex.. *.':.">:> pm ♦11:55 am
Chicago "Fast Mail" ♦8:35 t>mj •2:13 pm
Chicago "Vestibule" Lim *3:10 pm *7:50 am
Chicago via Dubuque t4:lO pm 110:50 am
Duhuque via La Crone +S:ofi amj-fiO:4s pm
St. Louis iV Kansas City.. *S:3> am! *6:^3 pm
Milliniitv and Way i>:.'ii am t6:3J pm
Milbank and Aberdeen.. *.i:l." pm| *7:45 am
*D'ly. +Ks. Sun. JEx. Sat. \Kx. Mon.
For full information call at ticket office,
JfefSaßfetfßk Trains leave St.Paul 12:3g
JrM^fkitilJ p. m. ami (»::;;> p. in. daily
/4?^^mt|» for Milwaukee, Ciiicago i
I^3^^^^ and intermediate points. \
l?M^^^i|| Arrive from Ciiicago S:-.»."» :
xßgg^^y a. m. anil 3:43 p. m. daily. •
1^ ' Dining car service "a hi
carte" on all trains. City ticket oilice, i
104 East Third Street.
r*""-LvlHvJj'li'-j.''*B I*»ee Union Depot for
;KS§KHJB?Ba H Chicago, St. Louis and J
I , |Uj<|T|t down-river poiuts 7:30
I [LJ I I a. m; Arm*..' from ('hi
ißßMMaCJKflil C, SK° 2:^o p. m., eteppt j
, 5 f?«^fl&« Sunday. I^avea tnion
*SQIII llriir Depot for Chicago and St. |
| |MsM2IS Louis 7:40 p. m; Arrives
«?H«?my? CT t?j f rom same points T»45 9.vi. !
Tickets; 19J E. Third St. mid Union Depot.
leave. St. Paul Union Depot. I ark:v™:
Wilimar, Moiris, Browns
bS:3.'i am .. Val. and Breckiuridge. 5 7:O3pra
Fergus Falls. Fargo, U'd
18:30 am Forks b 6:ojpaa
CHseo, Clear water and St i
L3:3opru Cloud jbll :.V) am.
b3:3Q pai Ar.oka. St. Cloud,Willmu blO OB a
b4:jopm .Excelsior* Hutchinson. bll :55 am
£Breckinridge, far go,
a6:ilopin ...Grafton. Winnipeg.... a 7:3.' am
iAuoka, St Cloud", Pens.
Palls. Crookston, Grand
Forks, Ilelena.Butte, An
aconcta, Spokane, Seattle,
a?: 4." pm I Pacific Coast ,i 7:i,^ara
'■> am|Soo Falls.Yankton.S.City b 7: npm
a. Daily; b. Except Sunday; JDining and
Buffet Cars, Palace Sleepers Tourist Cars.
ICavtiTii Minnesota Hallway
Runs the only fast, train from St. Paul
through Union Depots Minneapolis and West
Superior to IMiluth without change of ears.
Finest Bullet Parlor Cars In the West.
Leave. | St Paul Union Depot. | Arrive
West Superior ami Dnlntn,
1:01 ijpj ...Daily Except Sunday.... ":VspTa
Thro' Trains LvUnion Depot. 'Daily. fEx Sun
Chicago Mihvaukee-*S:oOam f6:23pm ♦»: 10pm
Sioux City, Omaha, Kan. City-t-vlOarn *7:sopm
Duluth, The Superiors 110:55 am '■!ll:C0pm
Ashland— f10:55 am M akato Local—f 5:05 pm
New Ticket Office-Robert & 6th Sts. 'Phono 4SO
V,- —Trains leave Union Depot. City
Office, 'Mil Robert street, corner b\;:h. Tel
ephone. 150.
♦Daily. tOnlTy Rx. Sun. Leave. ] Arrive.
Chicago.Pubn<|U« KljthtEx. I *;i:;i!ipm
sasCitT.'St. Josovh, Dcs 1 ■ +§:^ am W:.;>opi£
.Monies, Manballttttro. - J *:Jopui *: ■—- ma
juuiui« iiiui« JUitjiU, *J :Jv> rn.;»l0;l0 am

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