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Liabilities in Failures for '94
Less Than Half Thosß
of '93.
Clearing House Business
Shows Nearly 8 Per Cent
Bradstreet's Prophesies a
More Active Demand for
New Fork, Dec. 28.— R. (J. Dun &
Co.'s weekly review of trade will say:
Commercial failures in 1^.4 already re
ported number 14.292, against 15,242 last
year, with liabilities of 1163,238.404,
against 1346,779.889 last year. Next
week the filial report for 1691 will prob
ably include about 400 more failures,
with liabilities of about £4,000,000. From
these accounts, bunks, bankers, finan
cial and transporting companies are ex
cluded. Manufacturing failures already
number 2,750, against 3,422 last year:
bu-, liabilities are only 164,491,287,
aca list 1176,it82. 191 last year. The trad
ing failures already number 11.314,
■gainst 11,112 last .ear; but liabilities
are only t57.89U.057, against 1130,082.833
last year. The statement by sections
allows a decrease of about two-thirds in
defaulted liabilities in tin: Middle and
Central Northern states, one-half in the
West and Southwest, and a third in
other sections
Holiday trade has met expectations.
Purchases have been numerous, but
smaller than usual in amount and more
confined to needful articles, thus antici
pating ordinary trade. The volume of
business represented by clearing house
exchanges is 7.7 per cent larger than
last year, but 21.8 per cent less than tin;
y r before, and the daily average for
December has been 7.1 per cent mure
than last year, but 25 2 less than the
year before.
Wheat has declined }^c, though West
ern receipts have been only 1.713,096
b ishele against ? 109,893 for the same
week last year, but since August Ist
receipts have been a little larger than
last year and tti *• visible supply Is the
largest known. Exports in December
from both coasts liavs been a little larg
er than last year, but for the crop
year about 20.OM.00;) bushels smaller.
The Western estimate, usually regarded
with most confidence^ is that the crop
will iv- -h 515.000,003 bushels, which will
leave for ex; o t, with stock* brought over
more than 2 n,0J0,000 bushels, of which
only 75.000,000 busliels have gone abroad:
Corn ha- ilfi-iint'd %c, with good re
ce 9. The price of cotton has not
chi.iued. but tie lact that receipts from
plantations this month have been great
er than in IS9I, while slocks in sight
here and abroad are larger than at tfTe
same date that year, is an obstacle to
any rise.
Sal- sof wool this month have been
17.806,800 ib.s, against 13.049, last year,
and 5i1.3u2.500 in 1892, and Ohio has sold
at 17c.
The market tor iron and steel is wait
ing, but the reduction in wanes at the
Edgar Thompson works, averaging 15
per cent, plainly indicates the same
difficulty which is seen in other quar
ters, that the demand in consumption
does not answer to the increase in pro
duction 01 pig iron. The shipments of
rails for eleven months are reckoned at
only 700.000 tons, of which only 200,000
is for new roads. Numerous projects
for steel buildings are under considera
tion, but no important contract is re
ported. It gives some encouragement
that the Bethlehem works have secured
a contract to make armor plates for
Russia, but the order for cast pipe from
Julian is still in doubt. Prices have
scarcely changed* during the week,
though Bessemer pig and billets are, if
anything, a shade weaker. There is
larger demand in nails, but in hard
ware, machinery, engines and railway
stocks and materials the business is
much depressed. Shipments of boots
and shoes from Boston have been 649,
--471 tons in the past two months, against
6tU,230>1u 1892, hitherto the largest year,
but the difference about prices still
checks operations.
Failures for the week have been 350
in the United Stares, against 511 last
year, and 41 in Canada, against 41 last
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Cream Baking Powder, it is stronger
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tame baking.
Improved Outlook for Late Winter
Kew Fobk, D«c. 28.—Bradstreet's
tomorrow will say:
General trade presents the usual holi
day characteristics. A majority of
wholesale dealers and manufacturers
are beginning, or have finished taking
account of stock or arranging settle
ments for the New Year. Main activity
has been for Christmas specialties in re
tall linos. The practical conclusion of
Holiday trade has brought about a
moderate reaction, and this emphasizes
the (.uUoess noted In preceding w'teks.
Jobbers claim the outlook for trade
during the late winter and and early
spring is very conservative buying
But on some lines, notably heavy tex
tiles, the recent cold weather has
stimulated sales, and reports from re
tailers West aud South indicate that
docks are low. almost beyond prece
dents. Traveling salesmen, with few
exceptions, are off on the road. Boston
reports 57,600.000 pounds of wool In that
City, compared with a stock of 43,500,000
one year ago, the decrease being ex
clusively in domestic varieties.
Industries are shut down In many in
etanccs to make repairs or take stock,
and, owing to extremely low prices for
Industrial staples, the wage movement
tends downward. Quotations for staple
merchandise show more firmness, with
sugar, cotton, wheat, corn, steel, naval
store*, tobacco, tin and copper practi
cally unchanged in price. Oats, among
cereals, record a fractional advance
wnilo print cloths aud other'stapl* cot
tousare lower In conformity with re
sults of recent auctions, and pork and
lard with increasing supplies of lower
grades of live stock at Western markets.
Coffee, too, i» depressed, and there are
rumors of contracts for Iron and steel at
a shade und«r last week's quotations
although unconfirmed. "'
Reduced stocks of American avail
able supplies of wheat, notwithstand
ing reports on the visible supply state-
tnent ot a net increase, tend to strength
en wheat, but the surprisingly large
total of that cereal (flour included as
wheat) sent abroad last week, Is fully
offset by the shrinkage In such expor
tations this week, the total of both
Coasts of the United States being 1,814 -
OVO bu, compared with 3,554,000 bu In
previous week. 2.036,000 bu In the week
a year ago, 2,917.000 bu two years ago,
8,106,000 bu three years ago, and as con
trawled with 1,031,000 bu for the last
wuck in the calendar year of 1890.
Mercantile failures in the United
States for the calendar year (Dec. 27
18«:;, to Dec. 26, 1894) aggregate 13,721,
or 18 per cent less than in th« panic
yenr 1893. when the total, 15,560, was 51
per cent heavier than iv 1892. .Liabil
tiles of failing traders this yeftr aggre
gate*MV,soU,ooo, a reduction of 63 per
Cent• .(sy»i;v?~» z'-i .^r.'lf of fry.eoo.ooo.
a tailing vii oi 70 i>ei' cent,
Special returns to lkadstreel's show
a net decrease within the year of about
3,000 individual*, firms and corporations
established in business throughout the
country, but. owing to a decrease in the
number of failures, the commercial
death rate Is only about 1.21 in every
100 enquired in busiuess in the four
years preceding ISl>3. It is also shown
that 78 banks are reported suspended
this year, compared with 598 the year
before* owing |1&,452,00 Q. as contrasted
with $170,000,000 the year before.
Bradstreet'a Keview of the Week
in Finances.
Kbw Yokk, Dec. 2*.—Bradstreel's
financial review tomorrow will say:
Speculative activity has been at a low
ebb all the week. Holiday influences
Cheek non-professional participation,
and make the larger manipulative forces
of Wail street unwilltug to do anything
of consequence in the market. .Special
movements in a tew stocks, combined
with limited transactions by some of
the mow traders, have been the only
features. It would also seem that there
has been some closing up of accounts
prior to the begltiuiug of the New Year,
taougU the sales for this cause would,
under normal conditions ot activity, be
regarded as unimportant. London has
taken no pan whatever in the market.
Sugar, the leading speculative, was
absolutely neglected, and manipulation
in it suspended. What trading there
was centered in the coal stocks and
grangers, with some activity in Whisky
and Cordage. Heading advanced to
10.V, but was depressed to 14 on rumors
of a modification of the plan involving
a heavy assessment. Jersey Central
was attacked by the bears, and sold
from 93^6 to S7>£, rumors of a reduction
in the dividend being circulated. The
feature of the grangers was St. Paul,
which fell from 58 1 3 to 565-4, the poor
November earnings Having an unset
tling influence on the stock. Burling
ton was also weak, but Kock Island
appeared to have support. Distil
lers distinguished itseif by rising
from SJ4 to 11% on talk of a reorganiza
tion which will provide for a new man
agement, supplemented by reports that
insiders were short of their own stock.
There was continued liquidation in
Contage.the common stock selling down
to 5, 1 a and the preferred to 8-j. In spite
of the announcement'that the interest
on the bonds has been provided for,
tnere is a belief that the reorganization
ha* been incomplete and that there will
be disagreeable developments. Both
preferred and common rallied on Fit
day. Among the trunk lines the leature
was '.he selling of and decline in B. «!fe
O. which tell iron tW> 4 to os% without,
any assignable reason save the belief
that the company's position with re
gard to the Valley Railroad of Ohio lias
antagonized powerful financial interests.
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advertisement voiced her evening
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St. Paul Hake* itm- of* the Best
Showings for tin- Week.
New Yokk, Deo. 28.—The following
table, compiled by Bradstreet's. shows
the total clearances at the principal
cities and the percentage of increase or
decrease, a* compared with the corre
sponding week last year:
Clearings. Inc.
New York $445,195,129- 6.2
Chicago... 70.776,193; 5.2
Boston 74,055.458] y 2
Philadelphia •.. 70,0519, 11453.7
.St. Louis 20.874,024' 2.6
*ban Francisco 8,743,559 18.0
Baltimore ... 11,104.720 1 3.6
Pittsburg 11,033,689 7.2
Cincinnati 11,416.200 4.5
Kansas City 8.039.105 8.1
'New Orleans 9.890,932 15.5
Buffalo 8,838,508 ....
Milwaukee 3.6*2,(117' 3.2
Detroit I 5,162,5001 8.3
Louisville 5,055,811 6.5
"Minneapolis 4.780.429J10.6
*omalia 3,548.744 20.5
Providence. 4,312.800] 7.6
Cleveland 5.319.7<54 11.9
Houston 6.(564,983! 3.5
St. Paul 3.281,786 117.5
"Denver 2,416.195 51.2
Indianapolis 3,634,165 25.5
Columbus. O 3.013.70023.0
Hartford 1,051.990115.2
Richmond 2,155,049 6.8
Washington 1,602,183 22.1
•Seattle | '417.01924 8
Tacoina | 505,93611.9
"Spokane ; 279,345 4.7
Totals. U. S 1686,401,764 9.1
Exclusive-of N. York. 1 391,206,635 12.7
'Montreal , *6, 158.847; 5.7
•Toronto ; 4,76.7,86(5 7.8
•Halifax ! 884,487 4.5
Hamilton I 538,163! 7.2
♦Winnipeg 761,594; 3.2
*Totals ' $15,412.817, 5.7
Services in the Auditorium. .
Chicago, Dec. -28.—The Christian
Scientist First church has secured the
Auditorium for its Sunday services.
The organization will take possession
Jan. 8.
Silver for Export.
New York. Dec. 28.—The steamship
Lucatiia will take out tomorrow 535,000
ounces of silver.
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accept any substitute if oSer«4
Grain Markets Heavy With a
Tendency Downward in
Day's Rec3ipts Were Light--
Provisions Record an Ad
With Two Exceptions the
Day's Trading Was Un
Chicago, Dec. 28.—The grain mar
kets were heavy today, ami inclined to
weakness under easy cables and influ
enced by holiday dullness. The provi
sion Market wore something of a glad
some look for the bulls, and made ad
vances of 25c in pork and 10c each in
lard and ribs. Wheat, corn and oats
each closed in the doleful dumps at
respective declines of fro m .Veto'gc
per bushel.
After a struggle of thirty minutes In
the wheat pit this morning another %c
per bushel was rubbed off the price of
that article. The early cablegr aius
quoted Liverpool a shade lower and
steady at the decline. The addltio n
made to the crop of the country yester
day was not in evidence in today's re
ceipts. Chicago got 44 cars, or rather
22 cars, for 22 of those inspected were
transfers from private to public ware
house. The receipts here a year ago
were 74 cars. Minneapolis reported
147 and Duluth 70, or 217 in all, com
pared with 871 on Friday a week
ago and 361 a year ago. The
primary market receipts in this
c unary were only 241, bu. against
329.0J0 bu on the corresponding
diy of last week and 416,000 bu a. year
ago. Export clearances of wheat and
flour from the Atlantic ports amounted
to 32 ),000 bu. The. closing cables were
in line with those received at the open
ing. Liverpool whs from }£d \o >£d
lower. Paris quoted 2) centime* decline
in December flour, but no change in
distant delivery, and quotes wheat 10
centimes lower all around. May wheat,
which opened at 57 i 4 e, first adv a need a
trifle t057%<§57%c. and rollow ed that
up by a dtcine to 57}$'c. It afterwards
boboed up and down between 57 ]sC and
57^j'(tt'oT, I; i c. The latest trading was at
57^c. at which them were, however,
more sellers than buyers.
Corn was moderately active,but weak.
The demand was again very limited tor
May corn, but for No. 3 yellow to go in
store there was a rather better inquiry.
The range of fluctuations in May was
narrow. The opening price was 4834' c,
showing no change since the previous
afternoon. It was fairly stea-ly and
even iirin for a short time, but weak
ened when wheat began to decline. It
sold sparingly as high as 48> and de
clined to 48c. at which price, however,
not much could be bought. The latest
trading was at 48>[email protected]>i"c.
The oat market was purely a sympa
thetic one. Prices were considerably
lower, but only a fairly active suasion
was passed. May started whore it end
ed yesterday, at 31%"c, sold down to
31m>c and closed at Slot's.
Tim piovisiou Market opened rather
tame at a shade less than yesterday's
closing prices, although the run of hogs
was considerably smaller than had been
looked for. The inclination to sell was
soon checked when it was discovered
that many of the recent sellers were
disposed to take the other side of the
market. May pork, which yesterday
closed at $11.60, opened with sales at
from thai dowu to f11.57^, and the
latest trading was at $11.85. May lard
opened at 16.90, and closed at *7. May
ribs started at *5.«0, and closed at 16.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Open- iliKb- Low- clos-
Articles. lug. est. est. lag.
Wheat No 2—
December. ... 5314 fi3Mi 52% SSI&
May .7Vs-*«.r;iyj-<V4 611^ 57%
July SfcVs si<& .VT7/&-06 t£V»
Corn No. 2—
December 46% 45% 45%-l2 «5V2
January 4i% 45% 45%«-VS 45",«
May 48V8- 1* 4b% 48 ISVS-V*
Oats Xo. 2—
December 21% 257.& 28% 2?%
May 31% 31% BIV2 :iIV»-**
Mess Fork—
January 11 ITV2 II 42V2 11 17i.<a 11 4^V2
May 11 STVB 11 65 11 57Va 11 S3
January... . 665 676 665 675
May. ti 90 7 00 6 99 7 00
Short Ribs-
January...., 565 570 565 570
May. 5 1)0 600 sin li «'")
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour—En*y, unchanged. Wheat—No.
2 spring, 073^@393^c; No. 3 spring, nom
inal ; No. 2 red, 53>$'@54c. Corn—No. 2,
45>^c; No. 8 yellow, 41<o)41^c. Oats-
No. 2, 29c; No. 2 white, 31*^c; No. 3
white, 3iii'@3l^c. Rye—No. B. [email protected]
@48J^c. Barley—No. 2, 55c; No. B.s2)<fc;
No. 4, b\[email protected]\i. x Flaxseed-No. 1, $1.39.
Timothy bead—Prime. $5.52}^. Mess
Pork—Per bbl. [email protected] Lard-
Per 100 lbs, f6.75. Short Riba-Sides
(loose), $5.70(^5.75. Shoulders—Dry salt
ed (boxed). [email protected])£o. Sides—Short clear
(boxed), 6®G)6e. Whisky — Distillers'
finished g6»ds, per gal, 11.22. Sugars
unchanged. Receipts—Fl«ur.7.ooo bbls:
wheat, 30,000 bu; corn, 157,000 bu; oats,
79,000 bu; rye, 6,000 bu; barley. 23,
--000 bu. Shipments—Flour, 6,000 bbls;
wheat, 4,000 bu; corn, 16.000 bu; oats,
59,000 bu; rye. 6,000 bu; barley, 8.000
bu. On the produce exchange today the
butter market was quiet; creameries,
[email protected]; dairies, [email protected]$»c. Eggs steady
at 12® 19c.
I>uluili and Superior Grain.
DyiATH, Minn., Dec. 28.—The wheat
market ruled firm today. There was
only a light business done in cash stuff.
the situation being the sah:e as yester
day, holders of wheat demanding more
than the mills and the elevators are
willing to pay. May wheat opened
steady and unchanged from yesterday,
and ruled firm throughout the session,
closing %<i higher thaii yesterday.
There are larjre orders here to buy May
Wheat at 4>ic over Chicago, but they
could net be tilled, and closed with buy
ers at that figure.
Following were the closing prices:
No. 1 hard, cash, 60^c; December,
60^(c; #ay. 6a^o; July. 63J£c: No. l
northern, C"i?u, 59#c; December, 59Wc;
May. 6l>Tc; July, 63Kc; No. fl
uprthern, cash, 86,^05 No. 8, 58>^c: re
jected, 56>^c; to arrive, Nb.l hard,6o^c;
No. 1 northern, 59>ic. Ry«, 406. No. 2
oats, 30% c; No. 8 oats, 80) 4 'c. Receipts
Here and at Superior—Wheat, 72,072
bu; oats, 7,982 bu. Car Inspection To
day—Wheat, 70; oats, 3; barley, 1.
IVcw York Product.
New YopK, Dec. 28.—Flour— Re*
ceipts, 13,800 bbls; experts, 17.800 bbls;
sales, 5,509 pkgs; market generally nom
inal; bakers' in small demand, and are
tha firmest on the list. (Southern flour
dull. Rye flour steady; sales, GOO bbls.
Buckwheat Hour (lull: $Ü[email protected],SS.
Buckwheat dull. Com meal quiet; sales,
200 bbls, 2,400 -*ek«. Rye nominal.
Bailey dull. Barley malt steady.
Wheat-*R«c«ipto. none; exports, 81,
--200 bu; sales, 1,655,Q00 bu futures, 80,000
bu spot: spot market steady; No. t rod.
store and elevator. 59^c; afloat, ei^o;
f. o. b., 6Utfki No. 1 nurthero, OBV6XJ, de
livered; No. 1 hard, Tec, delivered! op
tions opened, steady, but wore noon
weakened by low«r cables and turtuvr
liquidation, finally sustaining a partial
rally on reports of liberal . cable accept
ance*, largo ueuboar I exports and re
ported shorltue of 40,000.000 t>u in Hou
inaiiift maize crop: closed .^c net decline.
January closed 51»? a 'e; February. 60%@
6o>^c, dostd at (iCUci Mareh.Gl^iii^v
closed nt 6\%c\ May. *>{?{(&(:&{*, c'omikl
at 62c; June. 6:@(fe >,», closed at C2<. 4 'c;
July, C2^@C2Kc. closed at G2j£c; Da
cember. si>*^o'J^c, closed at .Vj\c.
Corn—Receipts, y.«00 l>u; exports. 35,
--100 bu; sales, 435.000 bu fuVurcs, S44*
-000 bu spot; spot steady; No. 2. 51>gc
elevator; steamer mixed, 4W>£c; 50^c
delivered; options (inner at tlie open-
Ing, but soon lost it in ayinp-uliy
with wheat,an.l ruled weak all day.clos-
Ing at j£@%c net decline; January, slj£
@51% c. closed at 51&o; February. MiS
(tc',i ? ; ;c, closed at M},,e; isJay, ol^itf
52^c, closed- at 52c; December. 51%0,~
closed at 51,\c. Oats— Receipts. 'Mloo
bu; exports, 100 bu; sales, 110,000 bu
futures. 151,000 bu spot; spot market
firm; No. 2. .S4V 4 c; No. 2. delivered,
"V 4 c; No 3. 83>$c; No. 2 white, SS^c;
No. 3 white, 37>' 4 c; track white West
ern. [email protected]; track white state, BfM
42c; options quiet but steady all d»y;'
closintr unchanged; January,34L£((£:>4?gc,
closed at 4 c; February closed at3sMc;
May. 35)i(<53o^c. closed at 35)^e: De
cember closed 84>^c. Hay dull. Hops
quiet. Hides firm. Leather dull.
Wool steady. Beef dull. Cut meats
quiet. Lard linn and higher. Western
steam closed at $-7.05 asked: sales GOO
tierces at 50.97^7.00; city at 6%@6%c;
sales 225 tierces. Option sales —
December closed $7.05; January
57.05; nominal; February 87.10,
nominal. Refined fair; compound,
s'[email protected] l<jC. Pork easy. Butter firmer;
Western dairy. 10(oj1Gc; Western cream
ery, [email protected]: Western factory, i»@lsc;
Elfins. 24c; imitation creamery, [email protected]
lite; state dairy, [email protected]; state cream
ery. [email protected] Cheese dull; large, 0(1
ll^c; small, 9K®l2c; part skims. 0,'.,(.< V
9c; full skims, 2G£3c. Eggs strong; state
and Pennsylvania, 25c; Ice house. [email protected]
25c; receipts, 3,070 pkgs; Western fresh;
[email protected]}£e; B;juthetn, [email protected] 'lallow
dull, but firm.
Milwaukee, Wls.. Dec. 23.— Flour
dull and unchanged.* Wheat quiet and
weak; No. 1 northern, (jo.c; No. 2
spring, 58c; May, 57}£c. Corn steady;
No. 3. 41 1. J c. Oats her; No. 2 while.
21 1. 2 c; No. 8 white, Sl^jc. Barley steady;
No. 2, 53J^c; sample, [email protected] Kye
steady; No. 1, 50c. Provisions firmer.
Pork, $11.25. Lard, $o.<«.
Liverpool. Dec. 28.—Wheat — Spot
quiet, but steady; demand poor; No. 2
red winter, 4s 9.1; No. 2 red spring,
stocks exhausted; No. 1 hard Manitoba,
5s sd; No. 1 California, 5s 2d; futures
opened quiet, with near and distant
months 2 faulting* lower, closed dull,
with near months 2 farthings lower, ami
distant months [email protected] farthings lower:
business about . equally distributed;
December ana January, 4s 9ii; Febru
ary, 4s 9>£d; March, 4s 9%«t; April.
4.s 10^d; i>iay, 4s lOd. Corn— Spot
quiet; American mixed, 4s 9Jod: fut
ures opened quiet, with near and dis*
taut positions 2 farthings lower, closed
easy, with near and distant positions
2(33 runnings lower; business was
heaviest on near positions; December.
4sl). 1-..ii; January. February, March and
April, -a 3d; AJay. 4s S^.l. Flour dull,
demand poor; St. Louis fancy winter,
5s Dd. Peas— Canadian, 4s lOd.
I%ew York.
New York, Dec. 28—The stock mar
ket today was less active than yester
day, the sales aggregating less than Sts,
--000 shares. Outside of the coal shares
and Baltimore & Ohio the trading was
unimportant. Immediately after the
opening an attack was made on the
coalers. New Jersey Central was the
main point of attack, and being sold
lreely. with the result of a break of 2%
per cent in the stock, 1% in Delaware It
Hudson. 4 in Delaware, Lackawanna &
Western and % in Reading. There were
no fresh rumors unfavorable to any one
of the coni carrying roads or to the coal
trade in general. At tho lower figures
there was some buying In tho stocks/
causing advances of 2 Der cent In Now
Jersey Central. 3<4 in Delaware, Lacka
wanna & Western, 2>4 in Delaware &
Hudson and % in Heading. In the-
Inter dealings New Jersey Cen
tral lo3t part of the recovery,
closing at a loss of 1 per cent {
on the day. Delaware & Hudson was
offered down to 121, but no sales were I
made except regular. Baltimore &
Ohio was again heavy, opening 1> 4 per
cent lower at 01, and making a further
decline of 1% on sales of only GOO shares.
Disquieting rumors were In circulation
touching the company's financial stand
in?, which were officially denied. The
depression in the stock is mainly cred
ited to the position taken by tie com
pany in the matter of th« reorganization
of tiie Valley Railroad of Ohio, toe plan |
of which, it is claimed, takes from the !
Baltimore & Ohio a portion of its assets. j
The stock closed only % per cent |
above the lowest point "touched. The !
general market moved within a narrow
range on a very small volume of busi
ness. During the morning the specula
tion was steady to firm, became heavy
after midday and strengthened in this
final trading; the market closed iii
good |one. general Electric, after
an opening decline of #, rose IV
per cc.it •op buying credited to an iu
side interest. A report was current of
the entering into ah agreement by the
General Electric with the Westing
house company to main lain prices so as
to admit of a fair profit. In the late
dealings General Electric lost }{ per
cent of the early improvement. Sugar
moved within a range ef 1 fa per cent.clos
ing at an advance or }£ on the day. De
clines were established of 'd% in Illinois
Central (on sales of 100 shares), 1 in St.
Paul and Omaha and %in Lake Erie.
& Western, and advances were recorded
of \?i in Cordage guaranteed, 1 in Amer
ican Tobacco, and % in Laclede Gas
The graneers ware neglected, moving;
within it laufs of %(<&& per cent, and
closing unchanged fur Burlington, x.s
down for St. Paul, and }i®li iip re
spectively for Rock Island and North
There was a moderate increase in the
volume of trading today. with the main
(feud of values toward lower tt^ures.
The feature or the dealings was the
pronounced weakness in the K£adlu£
Issues. The transactions in these se
curities reached the large total of $573,
. The first income declined 2 Dercentj
to 22: second incomes. 1^ to 15; third
Incomes, 1 toll, and income general 4s,
Mto 74}- 4 \ A sharp rally at the close 1
moved me incomes up %<f£yi per cent, i
The tot*] transactions tor the day
were $1,278,600. The principal changes t
a,re: Dtclius* — Ohio aouthejfo 43,8
--per cent. Advances—Oregon Improve-'
ment firsts, 'J per cent.
The Total Sales of Stocks Today
were 85,697 shares, Including: Amer-!
loan Sugar, lt,800; OUlcaeo Oa«, 0,9(x3-
Plstillinj?, 10,200; Now J«i-»ey Central, i
9,100; Reading, 5.700; St. Paul, 7,800; I
General Eieatrlc, 5.400. I
Bankers and Brokers,
311 Jackson St., St. Paul, Minn..
C'lokliiK Mtocks— West.
Atcßliott 4V* S"»rthtrfliterd... Tttji/S
Adams BiRreM.UO do wd.,,......jrtvs
AhoniWrraH. |7 N. Y. 6«atr«1.... &
*do pfd 108 N. T. AW._&..' »1%
A to'can KsjiroiiH.Ho Ontario ft Wsrt.. 15i«
Baltimore A Ohio 86V2 Qregoo Imp .. 11
oaii»q«»c P<M>ifio> eft Or&goa K>? .. 10
Cjijftd* Southern ]h O. S. £. AU. $..' 6
CenfralPaolpo... }| PacificMkll ... tl
Chei^Ofiid. ... ilvs P.. D. AS ! a<4
♦Ohfwwo *XU«a.l|B »Wtt81»3rg.,...-, ijr
°v. fl- *Sb Ii Ptll'»»B «u»o«•'.#»%
Chicago 0*8.,... TZVi Heading. uu
C'oii»olidatedO*S.iaiVs Kichitjqnd V«r 'i 16
caSA * St. t.. 8m " J lO W I. »
C<flot«aoC.4T[ . 74* Ria O. Wmttrn l«k
cotton QU Mm.- KfU 60 pfa . ' «
DH A Uudioq..lKk Rock Island ' feu
PoL.Uck. & W..IWMI >t.Pai4i .... 6 6 2
B. AR. a. pld... to 4* 1*d.....*..uS
Dls. &C. F. Co.. Mi St. P. i Omaha.. 'dlXi '
KrJe 0*» *do pfd....:..U0
*do nfd 21 Southern I'Hcific. 1K«,4
♦Fort Wayne 137 Sugar Itefluery.'.. B«i,b
(it. North. pfd..-.101 Tejiu.t oaUtlron IMHi
C & X I. pfd.... <j::i,i texas Pacific... 9Vtt
Hocwl.ijt Valley |7 Tol. &O. C. pfd.. 75
Illinois Centn.l. Ci\ 2 J>lou Ph01H0.... 11
.«{.p«»i X nuiuth 81 V. a. i£x t tut .. it
Kan. & fax, ejej, tlth \Vub»»h,t}t 1..A1 . .'ft
L«ko Krip iV Wesi ii,M| do bfd.-. 13?3
do pfii. .. .. 7jiys W'ells-Kanro Xx .lf»s
Lake Shore .134 Western Union.. SoU*
Lena Trust a7\» Wheeling &h. E. 9%
JJoiiis. A N«3h ... 53 do nfd 30%
Louisville AN. A. 6M> M. & St. L 28
Manhattan C0u..104^ 1). <*: R. G Ma
♦Meio. it »'ii9rlß'u 10 (Seneral Electric. 3H'a
Mhhifjan Cent.... 05 National Unseed is
Missouri Pacific. 26*4 Col. Fuel & Iron. 2:1
•Mobile & 0hi0.... 17 do iU\ 70
Nash. C'hait. . t>s Fi. &T. Central.. 214
Nat. rordnze. ... 6«« .A.A.AN.M.. lU
do pf«l lOV2 i.. St. L. &K. C. 1
-N. J. Central ... BS*i do pfd. ... 6 •
N. &W. pfd ]? Southern H. 1t... lOVj
i North Am. C 0.... 11% do ptd 36^
Northern Pacific. 3t*i Tobacco 01i,*>
do pfd 17 do pfd 107
P..Denver <& G. 3
♦Bid. ~
Loan .Money on ImprOTed Property In St.
Paul and MiuneapoiU
At 6% 'On or Before'
New PioneerPre&B lJklg.. Hceve Building
U. S.isrc?:.. . in D. &K. G. 45.... 8-i«A
do do c0up..... 117 Erie seconds 64
ao4re«. 113W (i.H.&S.A. Cb... 97
do do coup 114*4 ♦do do 7?.. 100
•do L's re;; 117 II Tex. C. 58...106
Pacific Ha of. "95. .11.8 do do es.'.T.llKMi
Ala., Class A... .104 M..X.& T.first4s. 9L*H
♦di» do JJ lOtj do second 4s. 4";^
. *do do C 9fi *.Mutual Union esl('s
*do Currency... 94 N.J.C.Gen.;'s. .. 115
La. N.CoiiFols,4B.. 9£V» N. P. Jsts 118
Missouri 83. 108 do 2ds SO
•N. C. Cs iX.'4 N. W.con 14^4
♦Jo 4s lOIV2 *doS.F.dob.!)S.lW)
S. U. Non-Fund.. 11*. H. G. W. Ists.... 7t0%
Term. 11ewset.Cs. 81 ;t.P. consols.... 123V2
•do do .r i8...10 do C.&P.W.SS.IU
•Jo 01d05.... St.L.&l.M.Gen.os TSL 2
*Vi\. Centuries... 5'J% St.L.<WS.F.Geu.ti?lt'a
do dsf. ...K* T. P. firsts 86
Aichison 4s fS% do ids £5V«j
do second '•A". lC«/4 U. P. Ists of 'Jt5.!104
Cauada So. 2d5..10:i& Went Shore 4s. ..10:i
•c*. P. lsts of 'yj...]()3V!» Southern 01
»D. & K. (J. 7b...11cji,2
Sew York .llonoy.
New Tobk, Dec. 28.— Money on call
easy at l)[email protected]; last loan 2, closed at 2
per cent. Prime mercantile paver, '1%
(<£4H. Sterling exchange quiet but
linn, with actual business in bank
er-.' bills at 4.BS>£<®4.SS% for demand,
and $4.87%<£4.81% for sixty days;
posted rales, $4.^^4.8332 and $4.1)0.
Commercial bills, $4.{50'3- 4 (a i Sil
ver certificates, 58^e bid.
Chicago. Dec. '28.—Clearings. $12,
--810.000. Money, [email protected] l p^r cent on call;
[email protected](5 on time. New York exchange 7c
premium. Sterling commercial, $4.8();
London Financial.
Nkw Yokk, Dec. W,— The Evening:
Post'? London cablegram says: The
settlement was satisfactorily concluded.
The reneral tone was very tood today.
Prices finished at the best with an up
ward tendency. Americans were mostly
steady to firm, but .Headings were flat
on the adoption of the Olcott scheme.
H. & O. was down 12 at the close.
French exchange on London is tending
downward Main. A city of Paris loan
is"autieipated in January. If it comes
a considerable amount of gold will go
there from New York or London.
These Quotations Fumis'i}] Yj
Jameson, Havener
& CO.,
Hay, Feed, Flour ani Seeds
- --■ St. Paul Grain Market.
Wheat—No. 1 hard .. [email protected]
Wheat— 1 northern... [email protected]^c
\V heat—No. 2 northern 55>j(«)5t;c
Corn—No. 8 47(t^47>. 2 c
Corn—No. 3 yellow 47c«h5c
Oats—No. H white [email protected]>£c
Oats— No. 8 3o^@;ilc
Barley [email protected]
Rye—No. 2 44(<£45c
Flour— Patent ?§[email protected]
Flour-Straight *2.90(^3.10
Flour—Bakers' [email protected]
Flour—Rye t * [email protected]
Buckwheat flour.." [email protected]
Corn meal—Bo! ted J24(«j2*5
Corn meal— Coarse f19.50(tt}20
Ground Feed—No. 1.... [email protected]
Ground Feed— No. 2 $19.25® 19.30
Ground Feed-No. 8 fliKfslo.so
Bran— Bulk .. [email protected]
Shorts—Bulk [email protected]
Hay—No. 1 upland prairie $7.sof<fcS
Hay—No. "J upland prairie f7(a>7.50
Hay—No. 1 wi1d..... ft>[email protected]
Hay—No. 1 timothy. $10.5jj|(o$il
Timothy seed, per bu. $2.20(0)2.50
Clover 65.20(|0.40
Straw .^4(^s
felt. Paul Prodtioc.
Butter— Fancy separator, 5M(533<3; ex
tra creamery. 20(521c; first creamery, 16
second creamery, 14(ft:15o; fancy
dairy. [email protected]; first dairy, [email protected]>e; sfec
onrt dairy, I8(gl4c; fancy roll anil print,
[email protected]; common roll anil print, lOi^llc;
packing stock. [email protected]; grease. [email protected]
Cheese— Full cream, Jl(a>ll>£c; pri
most, s.^(<ioc; brick cheese, [email protected]%e;
Limburger cheese, [email protected]; Youiur
America. il3-<a'@r2c; Swiss, [email protected];
skims, s(ttske.
Eggs — Fresh, cases, included, 200;
fresh, cases returned, H)@l9>£c; storage,
[email protected]
Dressed Poultry—Turkeys. [email protected];
chickens. 7(^Bc; hens, [email protected]<J}£c; ducks,
[email protected]>4c; geese, [email protected]?Mc
Ve*Qtable,«—Onions, green, per doz,,
[email protected]; onions, Minnesota, bu, [email protected];
onions, white, bu, 90<@y0c; radishes,
per do«, 3?)@4l»c; cauliflower, per doz,
|1.75(52: cabbage, dez, 75c(i|ll; beets,
doz, [email protected]; parsnips, bu, 00(§60c; cel
ery, doz, [email protected] calory, noiu» grown,
Sofs3sc; lettuce, doz, [email protected]; ruta
bagas, bu, 45$.V)e; cucuiaibeis, doz, $I<s
1.20; spiuaeh, ImJ", $1: tomatoes, lioute<
grown, per jb, #)<sScfc.
Dr««sed Me'nts '-Mutton, packing house
stock, 4>i<sse_: muttpn, country, 4>^c;
veal, fancy, [email protected]; veal, medium. [email protected]
4Wc; UliJb/coufttrj'. 4(^30.
Pork, B«el, llaijis. 111 tie's. Etc.— Hides,
Stefer, green, per lb, 4®*iic; cow, green,
S(PKq; calf, fereen, 7c; steer, <alt. f^<s
6c; cow, Bait, $>«ca4c: p«lts, loC-iiljoe;
wool, washed, [email protected] wool, unwashed,
9<gllp; tallow. [email protected] P9IK, ni«S3,
513.50C4H: bwtf, mess, 55.n0(a-0; bacon,
*io,ftO&{U; haiij*,*[email protected]; haias.picnlo,
|7.'[email protected]; dried bepf, 9>^®llc; lard, 17.60
®$; hops, [email protected]«e,
. Oranges— Mediterranean sweets, $3.D0
t4; Kodis, e4,[email protected]; Florida*. 52.75®3;
Lemoiife—Exlra fancy, «4.60(g)5; fancy
[email protected]
Wauanas— Port Unions, §1.76(32 { Hon
dorfts No, i, 81.7o(g3; Houdura?, No. 2,
f1;[email protected]; cocoa it per 100, [email protected]
California Fruits— Peaches, per box.
ff<f«, €1; peaches, per box, dinar. S3o;
pears, Battletts. box. •1.75®?.a6: pears.
New YOrk rinahess, bbl. |[email protected];
pears,Wf|lt?r Nelli*, 11.00(2)1.75;. pears,
Benrle, |1.76#; pears, Vicars, $i.so(^
Berrles-Or&uberrUs, B. & B. [email protected]
11; cranberries, Cape Ood, $U^11.50.
Gr^es-^'iokay. crf<e, i»Ia(clt?», $1.50;
Morooqp, erato, $1.95^1.80; Muscat*,
crate, 11/50: Emperwr, $1.40: Concord,
basket. [email protected]; Malaga, Dbl. |[email protected];
tttawbi, basket, l?(&'18o.
Apples-Fancy »Uiid, bbl. $5(98.60;
f«aor, $9.76(93; standard, |[email protected];
fair»|2(|(i.2§; California Bellfiower, bu
box, 11.T8W2.
Mlnnetota, b;i, [email protected];
Wetter■, per 100 lbs, $/ci£*l; Kur
imirs. 100 lbs, 90c(^li; »we«t J«rseva,
per bbl, 13'^8.!i6; sweet Illinois, per bbl,
Dfi«d Ap.pl#«. »r»pora|f|d, per
Ib, .o(3»c; p^aqit«f t p#«l«d, tS^Hic;
peaces, unpoel^a, 7^94; ufiar».e®loa:
ay rice 6910 c; rHi^lMtrrlda, [email protected];
blackberries, [email protected])£c; prunes, California
French, [email protected]
Game and Flsji— Jack rabbits, doz,
[email protected]; small rabbits, doz, [email protected];
jncksnite, [email protected], ducks, mallard, doz\
*[email protected]; ducks, teal, doz. $1.2T>@1.50;
(lucks, common, duz, fl; black bass, ■>»
10c ; pike,(s(^7c: pickerel. croppieb,
3c; gt'Oec, duz, $9; brunt. duz, $6.
Established 1879.
Minneapoli s. ' Duluth
Chamber of Commerce.
. The wheat market was dull again
day and sold lower near the opening
Foreign markets were quoted steady to
linn at the opening:, but closed lower,
although some private London cables
received late said that market was
firmer. The decline was checked early
in the day on reports of a good export
demand. A New York dispatch said a
London cable received about noon ac
cepted 150,000 bu wheat at Thursday':)
offer, also that 188.000 bu No. 2 red sold
for export at %c under May f. o. b.
afloat. Chicago. New York, Minneap
olis and Duluth all sold at about the
same declineJvtsterday.Llverpool wheat
closed i^Wlid lower; corn, %(*!>%&
lower. Paris closed wheat slow, Jauu*
ary 10 centimes lower. Antwerp was
quoted weak. Clearances from the
tour Atlantic ports were 145,000 bu
wheat, 43,000 pßjis Hour, 89.000 l>u corn.
13,000 bu oats. There was very little
disposition shown by investors to tai:e
hold, the demand mainly coming lrom
shorts. Oats were dull and featureless
for future delivery. A Liverpool cable
said news from abroad was very oearihh
on corn. Futures in this country were
fractionally lower with slow demand.
Receipts of wheat were 147 cars. Con
siderable of I:, went in on sales to ar
rive. The demand for No. 1 northern
wheat was good. Early, when May was
55%' c. sales were made at 59c. Later,
when May fell to 59, cash sold at 585£ c.
There was a good demand for wheat to
arrive, with tew sellers. No. 2 sold at
67><@G8. Not much was done in re
jected, with light offerings. The poor
qualities show no improvement in either
demand or price.
Some Sample Sales—No. 1 northern,
24 cars, 58%e; No. 1 northern, 12 car?,
59c; No. 1 northern. 3 cars, to arrive,
sold late Thursday, 59% c; No. 1 north
ern, 5 cars, to arrive, iv>c; No, 1 north
ern, 2 cars, to arrive, 55%0; No. 2 north
ern, 7 cars, 67^Xc; No. 2 northern, 3 cars,
57><c; No. 2 northern, 1 car, smutty,
so> 4 c; No. 2 northern, 3 cars, 58c; re
jected wheat. 1 lb off, stack stained,
a cars, 58c; rejected wheat, 2 lbs off. 1
car, 58c; rejected wheat, lbs off. 2 cars,
sS>j|C; rejected wheat. 1 car, 56c; ear
corn, 2 cars, 4<H a c; No. 3 yellow corn. 1
car, 48c; No. 3 corn. 1 car, 483^c; No. 3
corn, 1 car, 4Ge; No. 3 oats. 1 car, 2!>%c;
No. 3 oats, wheaty, 1 car, 29% c; No. 3
oats, wheaty, 2 cars, 29c.
Live Stock Commission.
Union Stock Yards. Souih St. Paui.Miaa
Union Stockyards.
Receipts—2oo hogs, 40 cattle, 1 calf,
152 sheep.
Hogs—About steady with Saturday.
Three loads on the market, selling at
£4.1)[email protected]
Representative sales —
No. Ay. Dug. Price! No. Ay. Dkg. Price
«7. '-'42 160 SI 1508 211 - $4 L 5
65 2.»(5 40 4 0:1
Cattle—Two loads on the market, the
best butcher stuff and feeders selling
early, the common end being held over.
Good demand for heavy feeders and
Representative sales-
No. Ay. Price No. Ay. Price
3 cow*.... 073 $;i Of * cows 950 $2 00
4 oxen.... 1.512 2 2,". : Cows 920 105
1 cow 1,060 20! lox 1,71:0 310
2cauners. 9SE) Id lox 2.120 310
10 steers.. Out 2 2 loi 1,740 «00
Minnesota Transfer.
Cattle—Supply fair, but not as heavy
as desired. A number of Twin CHy
butchers were among today's pui
chasers, and a good assortment of "beef
cattle would have met with ready sale
at steady to strong values.
Representative sales-
No. Ay. Price. Xo. Ay. Price.
2 oxen .... 1.405 S~' 10 2 oxen.... 1,228 52 00
7 cows ... 960 3 :-X t steers ...1.1e5 8 40
2 cows.... 823 2Z. I courts.:.. 1,064 jj 25
6 cows 939 a a." I bull 1,12(5 175
Hora—Market poorly supplied and
nothing done.
Sheep—Steady: best grades sheep and
lambs in good demand.
Chicago Live Stock.
Chicago, Dec. 28.—Hogs—Receipts,
29,000; official yesterday, 17,800; ship
ments yesterday, 7.800; left over, 4,00;);
market slow*, with prices steady; qual
ity Air ; sales ranged at [email protected] for
light. t4.(54.50 for rough paekiujr, »3.y5
(34.(31) mixed, |[email protected] for heavy
packing ami shipping lots. Cattle—
Receipts. 7,000; yesterday, 6.834; ship
jn«nts yesterday, 2,000; market steady.
Sheep—Receipts, 11,000; yesterday. 15,
--088; shipments yesterday, 809 head;
market unchanged.
Via "The Milwaukee."
On every Saturday morning an ele
gant Pullman Tourist Sleeping Cat
reaves Minneapolis and St. Paul, and
runs through to Los Aiuek's, California.
without change. Arrives Los Augeles
6:30 p. tu. rollowing Wednesday.
Via "The Milwaukee's" famous "Hed
rick Koute" to Kansas City, thence vfa
(tie A.. T. & S. F. Hallway through
southern California.
Tl?e most delightful winter route to
the coast.
This car is "personally conducted"—
la Immediate charge of an official and
an attendant through to destination.
Rate p«r berth. $0 through from St.
Pflul and Minneapolis.
For berths, complete ißformation and
lowest ruffes, apply to "The Milwaukee"
ag«ntß, St. Paul or MinneaDbli?. or a.l
addFess J. T. Coxi.ey,
Assistant General Passenger Ajreut,
St. Paul, Minn.
St. Louis.& Cairo Short Line,
From K. Lou , the Illinois Central R. R. to
K. C. M. & 8., The Southern
Holly JUIiWAy find t. C. & P. 4. 1} to
»prtttC i Jacksonville and ail Florida
This Is the quickest line to Birmingham,
Now ahd a direfct route to Atflnu,
Route Maeou. Charleston. bHtauuali
nud all Southeastern point*.
Through Pullman Buffet Sleeping car«, St,
Louts to Jacksonville. Flu.
Call 011 four nenrost ticket agent for our
frinridu RDd *"" 'nreruiatioo regarding
Folder- thls ■£ w 'outt, or address
U«u'l Passenger Agent,
St. T.OI-.lai Mr.
If. PAUL UNION l>^Fii*r
D»llr a* iollewrw Leave.
apll»b, Montreal and New En*
*j»jrap<jwfe...... «ao»,a.
9*6oe«vei^ ft. Whatcohi and Pa
•iflom»«*t p«ii)U., 9:05 am.
tot further information and time of local
arlaicaliat Uektteaiue «r consult {older.
Steam heat; all modern conveniences.
Best location in the city for offices.
Taylor's Renting Agency
Room 16, Globe. J. W. Taylor, Supt.
In accepting the Presidency of the Honduras National Lottery Company
(Louisiana State Lottery Company) 1 shall not surrender the Presidency of the
Gulf Coast Ice and Manufacturing Company, of Bay St. Louis, Miss.
Therefore address all proposals for supplies, machinery etc., as well as all
business communications, to PAIL COX K AIt, Puerto Cor*ez, Honduras,
Care Central America Kxpres-,
FLU KID A. V. ■* A
Investment Bonds Guaranteed by the Can + A _ j__ I._ W>
Santo Domingo Guarantee Co. V 3 Cl 11XO L- 9 O IT! i II g O
Allotments take ulace monthly, and are I 5,602 Bonds paid monthly, flggrezntiug
payable in U. ». gold coin in bums of $W),- I 5374.830, Subscription tees, $10, t\ 3.', *1.5j
00,, 840.C0J, S-J.OOO, etc. I and .'sc.
Apply to Local Agents, or Address
ANTONIO MORA, City of Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo.
NUMBERS 17, 18, 19 and 20 have been added to
'" this popular series. Mail orders for a/1 or
any part of this work will receive prompt atten
tion. Owing to the inability of the artists to fin
ish the plates, it will be some days before we will
be able to furnish them at our counter. Twenty
parts, each part complete in itself. 10 cents each
(no stamps).
„ . I
The puiinff Car Line to Fargo, Winnipeg, I
Helena. Bntie aud tbp Pacific XortbTrest.
Diuiuß Cars on Winnipeg and Pa- p _] pa
cific Coast Trains. £™ ™9j |
Pacific Mai". (Pflly) for Fargo,
Jaifiesiorfu, tLViasston, Helena.
Butte, Mijtioulft, Spokane. Ta- 4:15 7:00
cp_%3, Seattle an 4 P.prtlafid p.m. a. in.
Dakutii aiid Manitoba Express
(Pailr) for Fergus Falls. Wahpe
toil, Crookftoii. Grand Forks.
Grattpn, Winnipeg, Mo or ■.■ml S:00 7:15
n:v^ Fargo p.m. a. m. j
Fargo Local (Daily eiC»pt Sun
day) for St. Cloud, Brainer. D:00 5*56 '
and Far ... a.m. p. m. j
Pullman Sleapers Dally between St. Pnul '
and Grand F^rKs, Graf tot), Winnipeg, Fer- ,
gus Fnll*. \Vahtieton aud Farsco. !
PuHtasn Fira't-Class auil Tourist Sleepers. '■
also Free Colonist Sleepers are run ddijy oil i
tnreugh Pacific Coast Trains. : I
C. £. STONE. Cjtv Ticket Agent, IG2 East j
Third Street. St. Pftiil.
Clilcaso 9lll\vankee&: St.Panl RR
I.e.— St. Paul—A r
Chicago >;t)av'" Express.. f^:)3 am *iO:4ii pai
Chicago "Atlantic"' Ek.. *its 3pm '11:55 ana
Chicago "Fast Mail" M:S3 t>in *-':».■) pm
Chicago "veallbwlp' Lino *3:JO pm *7:50 am
Chicago viaDubuque.... 14:10 pm 1+10:30 am
Dobuque via La Cfosso.. t9:iS amftlO:4Spm
St, Louis & Kansas City.. *S:3^ am *6:2b pm
Mllbnpk and Way tS:2O ami +6:30 pm
Milbimk and AbardQeu.. »i:ls pm *7:45 am
' *D"ir. +"Ex. SiUi. {Ex. Sat. IF.x. Mon.
For full information call at ticket office.
j^^^^A Trains leave St.Fnul 12 :3q
F^^MClf p#'"' and 0:35 p- m> daily
• Trains St.Paul
p. i«. and 0:o5 p. m. daily
for Milwaukee, Chicago
/M^|ilfli^MA and intermediate points. |
t£gs^_3&'j Arrive from Chicago B^Bs '
a. m. and 3:45 p. m. daily. ;
Dining oar service "a la '
carte" on all trains. City ticket office,
104 East Third Street.
lit^jUjVifcaLaaaMl VaTes Union Depot for
I^^T^^^^i? Cbicagp, St. Loins nnti
HSfflirfiTiSlmt! down-«Ter poiutu 7:So
J|^y|UjpllJin|| a. ci; ArriTes from Chi-
t»/.45 a.m.
Tickets: lA< K. Third St. and unlorr Depot.
i.kavk. : St. Paul Union Depot. aiirivs:
Willmar. Morris, Browns
b?:05 am 1 ..Val. aud BrecklurkUce. b 7:o3pnj
Fergus Falls Fargo, G"dj
tS:3Cam Forks b 6:ospai
Of-seo, Clear Aater and St. |
bS:9opa Cloud tbll cm
bH:»ip&i Anoka, St. Cloud.Wlllmr.r bid :i> a
b4:3Jpm .Excelsior <& Htuchiusbii. bll :3o am
;Breckinridre, Fargo,
a6:3opm ...GrafSon. Winnipeg.... a 7:j-aai
;.\moles. St. '„ loud, Fer>;.
Fall*. CrOokstuii. Grand
[Fork*, llelena.Butte, An
acoaoft, Spokane, Seattle.
a7:4*pm Pacific Coast a 7:13 an
b>: -:> am vqo Falls. Yanlcton.S.Ctly b 7:0) pin
a. Daily; l>. Except Sunday: tDiolag and
Buffet Cars. Palace Sleeper^, Tourist Can.
Eastern BUiutesota aailtray
Runs the only fast train from St. Paul
through Union Depots Minneapolis and West
Superior to Duluia without change of car*,
Finest Buff*: Parlor Cars in the West.
Leave. ! St Paul Onion Depot. | Arrive
West Superior ami DulnlhJ
1 ;1"> rmj...Daily Except Sunday.... | ".:". pni
Thro' Trains LvtJnion Depot. *D<vily. fEx. Sun
Chicago Milwaukee-*B.ooam t«!»pm ;Opm
Sioux City, Omaha, Kan. City-tS:4oam *7 Sspm
Di^luth, The Superiors—flO:&s am • 11:00pm
Ashland—tiO:ss am liankato Local—ls:os pm
New Ticket Office-Robert &6th Sts. 'Phone 4g«
v> '1 rail. leave Union Depot. Citj
Office. IMA Robert street, corner Firth. Tel
cpton"6. 150.
♦Daily. tUally Ex. Sun. Leave. Arrive.
Chicago.Dubnqu'e NlehtF.x. " •:»:3U pa
iasCiiv. St. Joseph, Dcs SljS*™ i-la-L2
Moines, Marshall - > *•'•*'P" *'■*>&*
D«dg« UuUt Local, ;J5 pm , HO: 10 at

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