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Episcopalians in Session at Fari-
hanlt— News of the North-
DULUTH, Minn., June The big
struggle in which Alfred Merritt hopes
to make John D. Rockefeller disgorge
$1,250,000 is now on, the jury having
been secured at noon. At the opening
of court this afternoon Henry E. Har
ris began the opening argument for
I the plaintiff. He gave a statement of
the allegations in the complaint and
described the consolidation of the
mining and railroad interests of the
range Into one great company. He told
of the negotiations of the Merritts
with Wetmore and Gates and Rocke-
feller. Lon. Merritt would tell on the
stand of his interview with Rockefel
ler, the only one the Merritts ever had,
and of the latter's proposal toward
getting in on the range. Lon Merritt
would testify that Rockefeller said
Gates would represent him in his
deals. Mr. Harris then described how
the Rockefeller, Penokee and Gogebic,
Spanish-American and other interests
were brought into the consolidation,
and of the subsequent bankruptcy of
the company. His address consumed
something more than an hour.
Charged in Connection With the
Burning of a Redwood Falls
REDWOOD FALLS, Minn., June 5.
—The Gazette, of this city, reports the
unearthing of a system of swindling, in
" which a forgery is exposed, because
of which the London & Liverpool &
Globe and the New York Underwriters'
insurance companies will stop payment
on all adjusted insurance on the Park
hotel, of this city. The Gazette claims
that on Jan. 20, ISM, ex-President
Joseph A. Beard, of the defunct Bank
of Fairfax, and Frank I. Gleason, for-
merly of Stillwater, doing an insurance
and loan business in this city under the
" firm name of Gleason & Co., were
making loans to a farmer named Syl
vester Davis. On that day Bert Davis,
son of Sylvester, signed the name of a
mythical John B. Alexander, of Rock
county. Wis., to a power of attorney,
giving Sylvester Davis full powers to
carry on his business in this county.
The signature was witnessed by Beard
and Gleason, and the latter took no-
tarial acknowledgment. Davis and his
son have confessed, and claim that
Beard and Gleason knew the acknowl
edgment and witnessing were false.
Under this power of attorney loans
were made in the county and taxation
was escaped. Usurious interest is
claimed to have been charged, and the
borrowers propose to fight out the mat-
■ ter in the courts. 7Y*Y
i Davis was a three-quarters owner of
the Park hotel property, destroyed by
fire on March 7. Beard was the owner
of the rest. The building was insured
heavily. A falling out over division of
the insurance money caused the mat-
ter to be brought to light.-
Complaints were made out in the case
yesterday afternoon and warrants is-
sued. Davis will be brought to town \
this morning. The locations of Glea-
son and Beard are still unknown.
One of the Questions Before the
i Faribanlt Episcopal Conven
tion. Z.'xZh~ -:Z;'.. -
Special to the Globe.
FARIBAULT, Minn., June s.— At the
Episcopal cathedral this morning the
thirty-eighth annual council of the
Episcopal diocese of Minnesota was
begun. The session was opened with
prayer, followed by the celebration of
the holy communion. At 11 o'clock
Bishop Gilbert delivered his annual ad-
dress to the council, which was full of
interesting points and thoughts in re-
gard to the work. The council con-
sidered the church constitution at the
afternoon session. Bishop Whipple
delivered his address in the evening.
The council will consider the church
canon before adjourning. An effort
will also be made to secure a division
of the diocese. '.'•
Reds Will Celebrate the Fonrth
in Style nt Crow Creek Agency.
Special to the Globe.
MITCHELL, S. D., June The
Sioux Indians on the Crow Creek reser
vation are making great preparations
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M Wide = Awake W
A Wide = Awake. A.
A Advertising 2
P^ — Advertising which makes it-
**& self felt — is not as common as .*&
*1; other kinds. Yet this energy j%7
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7tT«ntOf Of Woodbury's Facial SoaD.
•■-•'• -■■...-.• •■ ' • . i
to celebrate the Fourth of July. Tlil I
Big Sunday," as it is called by .them, is-. |
Vp'oked forward to with great expects^
lion. Although but few, if • any of; «
them,- understand why "Big Sunday".
has been set apart by the great white.
fathers as a day of recreation and cele
bration, nevertheless they fully appre
ciate the fact to the fullest extent that-
it is observed by everybody, and cele
brate it on a very extensive scale. It
can hardly be given as a reason for
the popularity of this holiday with the
Indians that they are moved with
patriotic motives, but the love of out-
door sports, which has always been
popular with the American Indians.
The Crow Creek Indians have invited
the Yankton, Brule, Sisseton, Stand-
ing Rock and Cheyenne -agencies to
participate in a grand Fourth of July
celebration at their agency, Crow
Creek, S. D. There will probably be
several thousand Indians present. As
• has been their usual custom on this
occasion, the great event of the day
will be the sham-battle between the
different tribes. The bucks appear
mounted on ponies, in full war paint,
on a suitable battle field. The oppos-
ing sides charge each other, giving the
old-time "Indian yell," with all the
realities of actual Indian warfare. Fol-
lowing this the chiefs smoke the pipe
of peace, and the athletic sports begin,
Indian base ball, foot racing, horse
racing, boat races, etc., help to make
up the day's programme. This will
probably be the largest event of. this
kind ever participated in by the In-
dians. A large number of people will
drive from Chamberlain, Kimball,
Woonnocket, Mitchell and other sur
rounding towns "to witness the great
event. ".: '.; .-• :"
■ ■ — ■ — — V -- ,
North Dakota Crops Are in Fine
Condition. 7
Special to the Globe.
Special to the Globe.
BISMARCK,' N. D., June 5.-Very
few unfavorable reports have been re-
ceived this week, and in spite of frosts
and cold weather grain is doing very
well, except in some places- where it
has been damaged by reason of loca
tion. Some damage was done by the
high wind of May 27, but not very
much. Medium heavy rains have
fallen during the week, and a storm
is in progress today which bids fair
to deposit a large amount of moisture
in the state before it is over. Some re-
seeding has been done, a report from
Cass county stating that one farm of
1,500 acres had been reseeded there. In
Kidder county fields of flax and oats
that were replanted to corn are com-
ing up as well as when at first seeded.
The week has been too cold for corn,
but could not have been better for
wheat, which is stooling and taking
root finely. Rye is reported as head-
pata-reo a.*.T?q 'mous jo urea 9BIH ing
county a portion of the Russian cactus
has been killed by the frost, while in
Pembina county the French weed is
said to be making rapid progress, and
the heavy winds since last fall, with
a.moj\r vj ut •Xiuno'o jjj-bis uj }iio Siq
it on every farm in the locality. Grain-
is doing very well, and the prospects
for a large hay crop are very good.
Gardens have been greatly retarded
by frosts, and are not doing very well
on account of the cool weather.
Sank Rapids Mob Inclined to In-
dulge in a Lynching Bee.
Special to the Globe.
Special to the Globe.
ST. CLOUD, Minn., June s.— Last
night a man named August Hortoon,
of Sauk' Rapids, who had attempted
to beat his wife and was severely pun-
ished by hid stepson, came to St. Cloud
and informed a number of merchants
that his wife had a trunk full of silks
and laces which she had stolen from
them. A number of merchants, with a
policeman, went to Sauk Rapids, and
while they were searching for - the
goods at the house where the woman
was stopping a crowd gathered, which
hooted them. They did not find the
goods supposed' to have been stolen,
and when they left the crowd followed
them and pelted them with eggs. Ser
geant Robertson, of the St. Cloud
police, and others, were struck,' but
they left the town without resenting
the insult. The Sauk Rapids crowd
was indignant, and after the St. Cloud
people left they got a rope and went
to look for Hortoon, threatening to
lynch him. Hortoon jumped out of a
rear window and skipped to the woods,
where he remained all night. He was
seen in St. Cloud today, and after arm-
ing himself returned to Sauk Rapids
this afternoon. 7~ . 7-.; 7?;77
New Blood in the Faculty—Prepar
ations for Commencement.
Special to the Globe.
Special to the Globe.
OWATONNA, Minn., June s.— The
faculty of Pillsbury academy will be
considerably changed in make-up the
coming year. Prof. Elmer T. Stevens,
j professor of Latin and mathematics,
I has resigned his position and will en
i ter the theological department of Chi
j cago university. Prof 7 Orlo J. Price
has resigned, and his ' place will be
| filled next year by Prof. Edward A.
| Graves, of Dcs Moines, 10. The posl-
i tion of lady principal for next year
is vacant at the present time, Miss
Mary A. Tucker having resigned.
Miss Harriet B. Ware, who has held
the position of vocal instructor the
past year, will go abroad the coming
year for study, and her position will
be filled by Miss May Louise Adams,
of Lexington, Ky. Miss Adams is; a
lady of considerable reputation as a
musical instructor, and will spend the
summer in Paris studying under Mar-
chesi. .'YvYY.'^Y'*-- -.:' ~ -
The commencement exercises will
take place on Thursday, the 12th, and
the class day programme will occur
Monday preceding the commencement
proper. - ;:Y Z-X
• . -
Important Guests Expected at the
Worthington Encampment.
Special to the Globe.
Special to the Globe.
WORTHINGTON, Minn., June 5.—
Preparations are now complete for the
eleventh annual reunion of the South-
western Minnesota Veteran and G. A.
R. association/to be held here on the
12th, 13th and 14th*of this month. The
association Is composed of veteran sol-
diers and sailors living in the counties
of Rock, Nobles, Jackson, j Watonwan,
Cottonwood, Murray and Pipestone.
If the weather permits it is expected
j this will be the grand est reunion ever
j held by the association. A large num-
I ber of speakers from Minnesota and'
| other states have signified their inten
| tion to be present and deliver ad
| dresses at the camp fires. > Among
I them are Gov. Clough, Congressman
i McCleary,'. Department " Commander
Torrance, Sons of Veterans Command-
I er J. J. McCard, Past .'Department
Commander S. R. Van Santi Rev. E. C.
Clemans, of Minneapolis, and J. K.
Mertz. • '
A lengthy programme' of encamp-
ment exercises has been arranged. In
addition to the addresses there will be
dress parades by the veterans, Sons of
Veterans and the Okabena guards, a
company of young ladies^, thoroughly:
drilled in the manual of, arms and ,
I marching evolutions. This company, is
I seventy-five strong, and will be one of
j the most pleasing features of . the en
i campment. It is expected that Worth
j ington will entertain fully 5,000 visitors
I during the reunion.
A Snip to Recover on Bonds Voted
.". - to the Midland. .
WINONA, Minn., June s.— Tbe grand
WINONA, Minn., June 5.-~Tr.© grand
Jury in the." United* States court on
Tuesday, afternoon returned jj -.indict*: .
ments against Henry Burch arid' Will-
lam R. Hohl for having r counterfeit
molds in their possession at Hokah..; ;
I Burcft. pleaded guilty. Hohl pleaded |
•***. tftiijjir. I
The case of £* CitY °J W^A.™
r The case"oct^ C«y- StS^^^^t
the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Railway 1 Company is now on trial. Ir>
1876 "the Minnesota Midland Railway
'company was organized by .citizen", of,
Wabasha, to build- from Wabasha .to
Faribault. Wabasha ■ voted - $55,000 ; in
bonds to aid the railroad. The railroad
was completed ;to Zumbrota, and has
never been extended beyond that point.
In 1883 the - Milwaukee company ac-
quired all the stock of the Midland.
company, \ and operated it until. 1891,
when it took up the track.
The suit is: brought by Wabasha to
recover. $60,000 as the amount: of stipu
lated . damages named |in the contract
executed, between the city of Wabasha
and the old Midland company at the
time the bonds were voted to the lat
ter. Young, Fish & Dickinson, of i Mm
neapolis, " and Steel & Selover, of Wa-
basha^ appear for the city.
G. A. R. Delegate* Gathering* at
7v77 • ■ ; -V Pierre."l ;
Special to the Globe. V
PIERRE, S. D., June s.— About 400
delegates of the G. A. R., W. R. C. and
S. of V. arrived last night and* today.
The meetings today were principally
preliminary work. The Sons of-Veter
ans will elect officers in the morning
and the G. A. R. probably tomorrow
afternoon. National Commander Law-
ler will arrive tomorrow and address
the meeting iri the evening. .
, ...
Johnson a Guest o£ Hansbrongli.
Johnson a Guest ol Hanshrough.
DEVIL'S LAKE, N. D., June 5. —
Congressman Johnson arrived here
yesterday. Senator Hansbrough in-
vited him to dinner at his residence
today and Johnson accepted the mvi
tation. Lieut. Gov. Worst - also dined
•with the party. State and national
politics were discussed during the en-
tire dinner. The fact that Johnson
and Hansbrough, who have hitherto
been at daggers' points, are on such
friendly terms, seems to. mdi
cate that some understanding is
being arrived at. They claim
that, although politics were fully
discussed, the senatorial question was
not touched upon.
Old Muddy Is Hungry. ,7
SIOUX CITY, June s.— Residents of
Covington, a small town across the
Missouri from here, are being driven
from their homes by the cutting of the
river bank which has been going on
there for the past few days. The river
is very high and as usual at such
times the Nebraska shore at this point
is caving rapidly. Seventy-five or 100
foot strips are going every few minutes
and a number of houses have already
rone into the current. Piles have
been driven along the bank but thus
far have proved very little protection.
If the cutting continues it will not be
long before the business part of town
is entirely engulfed.
Hall Booming Kerwin.
sentative Hall, of the Third Minnesota
congressional district, who arrived
here last night, anticipated at a late
hour today that he would be able to
secure an interview with President
] Cleveland. While Hall declined to
state the nature of his business with
the chief executive, it is believed that
he is to urge upon the president the
availability of . Mr, Kerwin, of
Renville county, Minnesota, as a
successor to Gen. Compton as surveyor
general of Minnesota.
Badger Odd Fellows Elect.
f. MADISON, Wis., June s.— The grand
lodge of Wisconsin Odd Fellows today
elected the following officers to serve
for the next year: Master, L. H. Mead,
Shell Lake; deputy master, F. W. Har-
riman, Appleton; secretary, Richard
Hoe, Milwaukee; treasurer, David Ad-
ler, Milwaukee; \ warden, William G.
Thwaites, Milwaukee. J. W. Watson,
the retiring master, was chosen repre
sentative to the supreme lodge. A.res-
. olution was adopted for the appoint-
ment of a deputy grand master for
each lodge instead of ' by districts, as
Indicted for the Killing. 7; rY
Special to the Globe.
BUFFALO, Minn., June s.— The
grand jury found an indictment against
Aug Berinck of manslaughter in the
first degree today. Last fall in a sa-
loon fight at Delano one Frank Davis
was severely injured and died about
two weeks "afterwards, and it is
claimed that he died from the effects-
of the blows received in the fight.
Pensions Issued.
WASHINGTON, June s.— Pensions: .
Minnesota, original, Robert Smithson,
White 'Rock; reissue, Thomas Cham
bers, Berlin; Otis W. Newton, Morton;
Robert W. Clifford, St. Paul; original
■ widows, etc., Augusta A. Woodward,
Fillmore; Lucy E. Spear, Minneapolis.
: South Dakota, original, George B. Ful-
lington, Deadwood ; Frost Littlefield,
Spearfish ; increase, Edwin L. Lahore,
Willow Lake. Zff.X
-; } Z Wedded a* ' Excelsior.
EXCELSIOR, June s.— At 2 o'clock
this afternoon at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. A. E. Apgar, occurred the
marriage of their daughter, Miss Es-
.tella Myrtle Apgar, to Mr. Albert M.
Slocum. The bride is the daughter of
one of the prominent business men, of
j Excelsior, and a lovely and accom-
plished woman, with a large circle of
friends. The groom Is a popular and
well known young man, occupying the
Y7-.Y . i lIV
in the world,
■-■77': is experience.
'The Lorillards have been
manufacturing tobacco
continuously since 1760.
Do you. wish to profit by
. this experience?
The brand that for years
The brand ,that for years
has been the standard
of high grade tobaccos.
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■■■■;■:'- Sold everywhere. \ V,
j- .-■ ;-:--•-. --, ; ■ > -- • -■■ - .- - .- - ■ ■ - .!
f^sition of cashier df the Bank of Nor-
-'^S6d: •' '. '■'■ "' '-" ■>•■■' 7 '"-• '■• .'Y -7 ■' :- - ~
lzyx..',:,-z^:-'-- "--■■_-■■■- ■•■;.--\-^
- New Officers of K. of P. £*T| •
i„ ■-'.: T^.i-.:- :*r-i*sv-r. *•'—„'._.. - l , ■
Special to the Globe. ...
■7 Chamberlain/ S. D., June 5.-The
grand lodge, Knights of Pythias'," ef :
South Dakota, in session here, today
elected^ the. following officers to serve
during^ the ensuing term: Grand chan
cellor, A. D. Kellar, Elk Point; G. V.'
jC,! F. E. Doval, Howard ; G. ■ P., J. C. i
- Southwick, Watertown ;. G. K. of R.
"and;s.; C. S. Warner, Faulkton; M. of
E., J. E. Piatt, Clark; G. M. at A.;..
William Mitchelll' Dell' Rapids; G. I. G.,
E. A. Benedict, Milbank ; G. O. G., . G.
B. Enos, Bryant; supreme representa
tive, IJ. F. Edmunds, Deadwood. The
next grand lodge session will be hsiS
if Yankton. .; -. "7
Ladies Organize. . , .
§pecial to the Globe.
§pecial to the Globe. "X- V '
- FARIBAULT, June s.— Athens Chap-
ter, Order of Eeatern Star/which has
been working under special dispensa
tion, was presented • with its; charter
at Masonic hall. Louise Lyon Johnson,
grand worthy matron for the state: of j
Minnesota,^ was present in official ca
pacity. . Faribault chapter is 'now,
known officially as Athens Chap-
ter No. 18. Officers were elected as fol-
lows: Louise Gale, W. M.; Walter
Birch,: W. P.; Mrs. William Morris, A.
M.; Cynthia K. Ravis, secretary; Mrs.
A. A. Dodge, treasurer. ' *
Left Casli" to the Clinreh.
7BARABOO, Wis., June s.— The, will
of the late Jacob Ballone was opened
In probate court today. Ballone 'was a
wealthy farmer of this county and out
of. an estate of almost $8,000 he leaves
four legacies of $300 each," and the bal
ance, excepting a debt of $150 and costs
of probating, is .. bequeathed to St.
Joseph's Catholic church, of this city.
Numerous Pension Frand' Cases.
.WINONA, Minn., June The June.
general term of the, United States court j
opened here yesterday, Judge Nelson
presiding. In the district court. Dr.
George A. Love,- of Preston, entered a
plea of not guilty to the . charge .of
assisting to secure a fraudulent pen-
sion claim against the United States.
This . and several others of "the Van
Leuven pension fraud cases will be
tried at this term.
- Faribault Decorating. -
Special to the Globe.
Special to the GlobeJ .*7; > "'
FARIBAULT, June s.— German citi-
zens are making magnificent prepara
tions for the state saengerfest in this
city. Three handsome arches have been
erected and elegantly decorated on the
principal 7 business streets. Hearty
greetings of welcome will be extended j
the guests from abroad. Soloists of
the Twin Cities are here in advance
preparing for the saengerfest festival.
■ Xo One Had Missed Him.
CROOKSTON, Minn., June s.— The
nine-year-old son of Fred Olson, of
Thief River Falls, was drowned in the
river above the dam at that place yes-
terday. He had been fishing with a
party, and when they were ready to
start home he was missed. The river
was dragged thoroughly and the water
drawn off from the pond, where his
body was found against the grating. :
Owatonna's Divorce Mill. \
Special to the Globe. 777 77-7Y >
OWATONNA, June Judge Thor
n S. Buckhan held a special session of
the : district court last | night - for the
purpose of hearing the evidence and*
arguments in the divorce cases of Grace
Ellen Jahriess vs. Charles Jahriessr
and William E. -Thompson vs. Bonnie
E. Thompson. Both couples were made
free by the judge this morning. V ~'l
77 Lucas Get** tlie Place. j
Special to the Globe. -
SIOUX FALLS, S. D., June The
[commissioners of the _' South : Dakota
soldiers' " home at Hot Springs have
elected Capt. W. V. Lucas, the ex-con-
gressman, commandant of the home on
the twenty-eighth ballot. He received
four votes out of five.: The new se-
lection gives great satisfaction.
New High School for Crookston.
CROOKSTON, Minn., June s.— The
school board met and located the new
high school building on> the southeast
corner of the block now occupied by
the : Central -\ building. % The structure
will be three stories, including base-
ment, and will cost $5,000. It will be
ready for occupation. at the beginning
of the next fall term.;- -Z:Zx-
Federation Meeting Postponed. .
DULUTH, Minn., June s.— The meet-
DULUTH, Minn., June s.— The meet-
ing of the State Federation of Labor I
will be held June 23, instead of next j
Sunday, in this city. The meeting will
probably -last- all day and well along i
toward Monday morning. A couple of j
hundred delegates, at least, are ex-
pected to be present from Duluth, Mm- '
neapolis, St. Paul and St. Cloud, all of
which are well organized labor cities. .
Old Settler Gone.
Special to the Globe. -
FARIBAULT, - June . s.— George W.
Cottrell died at the residence of his
brother, J. C. W. Cottrell; last evening,
aged seventy-two. He had been ill j
nearly one year. He was an early set-
tler of Faribault, having came here in
,1856, engaging in the hardware busi-
- Spartan Editor Retires. "
SPARTA, Wis., June s.— An import-
. SPARTA, Wis., June 's.— An import-
ant newspaper transfer took place j
here today, wherein Jay R. Hinkley j
sold the Herald-Advertiser |to Frank |
and W. H. Wagnor, both of Blooming- j
ton, Wis. The) retiring editor and pub- |
lisher I has been identified with news- ]
paper and Democratic party interests I
in Monroe county since 1880.
Mamma Chasing .With a Gnu.
CHAMBERLAIN, S. D., June 5.—
CHAMBERLAIN 7 S.* D., June l—
Eric Lund and Belle Jenks eloped from
Lyman county and took the train here j
today, presumably destined; for Hud- i
son, Wis. The girl is about sixteen !
years old. Their . departure has been I
discovered •by the girl's mother', and i
she has gona gunning for Lund.
7 Johnson Rot a Silverite.
DEVIL'S LAKE, N. D., June s.— The' '
DEVIL'S LAKE, N.D., June s.— The
telegram in the New York .World quot-. j
ing Congressman M. N. Johnson for" j
free silver is incorrect. Congressman
Johnson -states he wired the World* ;
"that he was opposed to free coinage, I
and in favor.'of a protective tariff. He !
is non-committal on the income tax.
7. Judge Bnckham Presiding. . -
OWATONNA, Minn., June s.— The
district court convened this morning j
with a full grist of cases and Thomas i
S. Buckham as the ; presiding judge.
C. A. Severance and T. S. Tomkins are j
the attorneys present from St. Paul, I
and will appear for different parties In |
the court calendar. - . „ '
He Will Go to West Point. " A.
YANKTON' S. D., June s.— Congress-
man - Gamble today, appointed Herman
W.:Schell, of Watertown, to the mili
tary • cadetship at West . Point, and
Alonzo B. Sessions, 7 of Aberdeen, al
ternate. . ' '-. - 7."'
7 The Victim Identified; "
Special to : the Globe. -7 -
I AITKIN, Minn., June . The .body
of the lumberman killed by a freight
tram at McGregor, yesterday, arid who'
was supposed -to ;be Thomas *, Sauley,
was brought rto .Aitkin 7 tonight £ and
identified 7 as .that :. of , Carl Carlson,
whose .' relations i live ? near Mille I Lacs
lake. '•'- - ;<- 7.777; ; '■-7;.--' 77
Children Gryfor
Pitcher's Castoria.
Pitcher's CastorSa^O -
,7..... '•.' ■ -. --.-,-.-■■-.-- -.-•,.--.-.'--'■ • -■'.-.-.■- --
?FBe"eeding* of Board of Co'ttnt^ ;
7. ; fcoiHllliSsloners of Ramsey .7
1 - County.
;-' ":'7"\7." /Count y.v ■'■',- V" : !
Y.feounty, St. Paul, Minn., June 3, 1895.
pard of County. Commissioners met
at 10 a. m. this date,. with the follow
; ing members present: -: Commissioners'
j Joyce, , Kellerman, .- McCarron, , Moritz; '.
I Ness and Chairman Smith.
7 Minutes of the last meeting read and
[approved. 7 7 : '- '■'■ i '.]
*--:-, 'COMMUNICATIONS. • .'•"-■
! From P. J. Geib — "" " '': ' :'."
--j Asking for j refundment of amount
paid for tax certificate on lot 7, block
*?; St. Anthony Park. - - .
! deferred to Committee on Taxes. '-
I from Wm. Rodger, J. P.— . * <
: Asking for copy of Minnesota Stat
utes of. 1894. . .
¥ Referred to Committee on Public
'Records and Reports. :-.-'.
1. Report of Thos. Montgomery, Nicho
las Hermes and Peter Wagner, appoint- j
ed by. the Board as appraisers in laying
out a ditch in Rose town, petitioned for
by E. Knowlan et al., was presented
and read.
■ On motion of Commissioner Moritz
the report was referred to Committee
lon Roads and Bridges with the County
Attorney. . - • * -7 "ZX: 7
• Copy of the .order,- of the District
Court of Ramsey County relating to a
.certain road between Ramsey and. An
oka counties was received (the originel
order was referred to Committee on
Claims at a previous meeting, and
: Referred to Committee on Claims. 7
From Committee on Claims •
Recommending the allowance of the
following joint court. house and city.
hall' claims, together with the custo
dian's pay roll for month of May, 1893,
and joint committee pay roll for quar.
• ter ending May 31,-1895: ,- • . .
): ':.■; '■'.:. z■: ■ ..-; -": -County's Half.
American Aromatic Disinfector .
: Co. $3 30
Gorman, J0hn..... .". 55
Heilbron Brass Works... 2 23
Minnesota Hardware Co 2 55
•Rasmussen, S. P. .' 250
St. Paul Lake Ice C 0........... 16 03
The Wallblom Furniture &
: Carpet C 0.....:....... 12 65
Winter, Th 05..... : 50
Joint Committee Pay Roll.' 100 CO
Custodian's, pay roll 522 50
■ On motion the .report of the com-
mittee was adopted, the claims and
pay rolls allowed and ordered paid by
the following vote: . :
Commissioners Joyce, Keller-
man, McCarron, Moritz, Ness and
Chairman Smith.
From Same Committee—
Recommending the allowance of the
following county claims: .
American Stamp Works $0.25
'Auger, William 31.00
Auger Severe .7 10.50
Brown, Treacy & C 0.....'. 3.75
Brown, Treacy & C 0...... — .. 24.38
Brown, Treacy & C 0...:........ 20.49
Brown, Treacy & C 0.7. 7 3.50
Brown; Treacy & C 0..;.... , 0.90
Brown, Treacy & Co.. .7 V 1.25
Brown, Treacy & C 0............ ■V - .70
Bibeau, Jos :....... ','■ 9-50
Beet. John W......... .7.. 6.00
Burden, George W * 1.50.
Burden, George W. 3.00
Bullock, P........... 9.75
Brown, Peter 7 . . 7 - 64.33
Bazille, E. W .........7.7.... 3.05
Chapel. Charles E 208.93
Cmil, J ..'.'... 24.50
Clark, C. A 50.00
iCassender, Pau1.........;...'.... 3.50
Delonals, J0hn...........:.......*. 36.75
Dispatch Printing Co -• 1.50
Edison . Electric Light and
'Power Co 55.73
Fisher, Lawrance " 24.50
Fristcheir, R. C 12.32
Fahambagh, William 12.38
Gribben, J. P., Lumber C 0.... 7.84
Gribben, J. P., Lumber C 0..... 9.98
Gervais, William 7. 17.25
Gbrski John : .:... . 22.75
Grodismski, John .... r. .... . 22.75 .
Grodismski, John, Jr....;....... 8.25
Garvais, 5.... ......'..... - 3.00
G&rvaifi, : B. 5.25
iGkrvais, Norman :.. 2.20
iGarvais, John 2.25
Huebner, C. F......... ...'.: 140.00
Haridlos, F. .;.........:.. ......... ' 70.00
Hamrick, John ..". 34.50
Hartleib, John ..........'. 21.00
Hartleib, . John ;...... 10.50
Hall,. Ernst ....... ..... V........ 38*50
Husnick, J....... 24.
Hermes, Nicholas 30.00
Handlos, John :' 3.00
Hane, Gus ..:...... ....;...... 28.00
Hane. Peter .: 49.00
Juk, Martin ; 22.
Johnson, G. A., Jr. - ™-™
Johnson, G. A., Jr... :.. • -33*00
Koempel, Joseph 4.&0
Keller, Joe • 48.50
Keller, Jos. A.:........... 17.00
Keller, Jos. A... 17.
Koch, John H.... ..........> 18.00
Koalska, Joneph :.... 37.75
Kohler, Edward .". 9-50
Keller, George 17.50
Lahore, Felix ..:......... 7.00
Lee, William ...:. 12.75
Liedman, Charles 269.
Ladonceur, L..... 5.25
Lilgedal, Anton 7.50
Moeller, E. A......... -6.26
Moeller, E. A 24.00
McGuiggan, John W... ......... 30.40
Millette, Simon .... 9.00
Martin, John; Lumber C 0...... 15.
Maranda, Charles 5.2.x
Merrill Laundry Co 3.00
.Malaska, Simon ......:.. 34.00 .
Massillo, Joseph -,0.2 a
Miller, Louis..... * 6a. 80
Miller, L0ui5........ 22. T0
Montgomery, Thomas 36.00
N. W. Telephone Ex. C 0...... 22.35
Nordeen, Swan ... — - 15.37
Olchefska, N.... 26. 20
Olchefska, Joe 10.50
Olchefska, Jacob »-<: i
Olschafsky, Jn0..... ............ 14 00
Olschafsky, - Mike V 15 00
Paron, C. ••••. 862
Paron, Napoleon 6 00
Pioneer Press Co ' 19 80
Peltier, A. J............. -10 00
Peltier, A. J.................:... 3150
Pennington, Wm..'.;... ......... "• 500
Paron, 7 Joseph... 7. 7 50
Powers, James 42 00
Perry, M.G........ 60 50
Pothen, N ....... .....:. 2100
Peyer, F. X. & C 0.............. 102 00
Reichow, H W. 3 50
Rogers, E. G............. 16 10
Rogers, E. G ..;........ 468 00
Rapp, Peter .'.' 45 ,-.0
Railing, Peter................... 7 28 75
Renter, Herman , 33 25
Rundgren, " 0tt0...7. 7 00
Stees, 7 Chas. J 35 00,
Stees, -Chas. J 154 50
Stees, Chas. J:;........... 35 00
Shoop, Frank...............:.... 67 33
Sonnick, P. & Son 20 40
Skibu, J05eph.......... 5100
Skibu, Anton — . — ..' — ... 35 00
: Schlossmaker, Frank 21 00;
• Schrorer,' Ju1iu5............ .. 32 38
"•Thompson, S A:........ '.'- '10 50
[The McGill Printing C 0.:.;.... - 500
; The McGill Printing C 0........ 1100
The St. Paul Plow Works.... - .2 50"
iViall, Wm........ ........:..; 14 00
Weiss, Adam — ...... 14 00
Wagner, Peter......:............ : 30 00
I Wright, Barrett & Stilwell.... 12 11
I Wright, Barrett & Stilwell.... - 630
' Wright, Barrett & Stilwell.... 7 466
Wright, Barrett & Stilwell...., 6 60
Wedelstaedt & Carman....... 25 00.
* Wallblom, David 10 35
r • On motion, the report of the Com-
mittee was adopted, the claims al
| lowed : and ordered paid by the ' fol
ilowing vote: .. '
i -tAyes— Commissioners Joyce, Keller-
man, McCarron, Moritz, Ness and
Chairman Smith. 7 V ' .
s : On motion the following bills were
re-referred to the Committee - on
Claims: 7 V - • •'-' X.-X-k
:Fo<ley Bros :V .." $53 50
Wlalton. Mitchell ' 500
Geo. W. Burden • 600
Chas. J. 5tee5... 7. ....... ._...... 16 00
From Committee on Claims- ,'..-■
1 Recommending the allowance of the
] following 7 Board .of Control v Claims, |
■together with Alms House and Hospi
tal pay rolls for month of May, .1895:. ;
r- * ..- .-".' .---'County's
Two-Thirds ;
Allen, J. H. & C 0... ....7..... $60 51
'Allen & Co ...7Y.. ......: 12 33
Booth Packing C 0..:.......:..'. 15 20
Board of "Water Commission-
p^q ■ •>■! y (
Brown. Treacy & Co 6 33
fßrown, Treacy- & Co.-.....".'..7..; 633
tßuschmann.i. A;............ "; 31 35
Berry , & Ri5d0n..... ...7...::. 26 22
; Crescent -Creamery. C 0.:.:..'... - 58 88 •
1 Conger f- Bros . ........ „Z..X....y 23 83 ;
"Calvary : Cemetery : C 0....... V. ; 753 33
■De Coster. & C1ark :';'.. .:":'.•.:.... '135 00
Finch, Van Slyck, Young ;:&• -*-V 7
* Co •7.:77:....../..7...7::....; 7047
Frost, W. A. - & Co . . . . . . . . :.'. .7- 16 22 :
!Gribbeh Lumber Co ..:...... vyyX 3 12
Grogs," W. J.'.;..i. ;. ............. ° 81
Gross, N........... ................ . 733
fladbout.YP...... 7:... ."..-;.'-.....:... 20 67,
;Herz 8r05. ........ 37 53
Hansen, -TH....... 8 87
Heller, Chas. T..... •..; ll 50
Kennedy & Chittenden 83 33
K,erst & „„„„,,„„ 5 60
Linaeke, Warner & Schur-
Y^meier .;...;............ ..... 4124
Lindeke" Roller Mills 13 13
Lee, Olaf 467
Lutz, P. C... .....". 3150
Minnesota Soap C 0... 667
Mussetter,- L ...:.... 33 67
Memmer, Peter........:.........' 58 16
Knoblock, H. E. ....... 42 56
Michel, Geo. & C 0...... 32 93
McCarthy & - Donnelly ........ 20 00
Muller, E. . J..... ...... ..'...;..... . 667
Noyes Bros. & Cutler 44 57
N. W. Hardware C 0."...." 1195
New York Tea Company 142.6?
N. W. Telephone Company.... ' 18.00
.Nubel, ZF....Z. ..:........ " 6.13
O'Neil,- M. J... ..:..: 20.25
Presley, B. & C 0..... 2.67
People's Ice CotrtpanS' ."' 16.5?
Randall & Becton .:... 30.33
.Ryan: Drug C0mpany.......... 73.35
Reeves, 5.7H..Y. ........."..* . 17.17
Standard Oil C0mpany. ........ .19.36
St. Paul Gas Light Company. 75.40
5chne11&.Krank................ \ 9.90.
Spangenberg Meat Company.. 86.60
Schoch, A., Grocery Company.. " 53.83
Thorstensen,; E ..../........ 20.23
Thomas, D. & Co '.. 39.33
Torlnlus, Geo. E.... 3.33
Ticknor & Jagger......... 4.83
Union Cemetery Company.... 7.00
Willwerschied, J. A..: * 2.00
White Bear Mercantile Co 75.77
Youghiogheny & Lehigh Coal
Company 43.
Associated Charitie5............ 33.33
Kirwin, John, Chairman 52.69
Kirwin, John " 25.00
Finck, Adam 25.
Brimhall, Dr. J. B 50.00
Hanley, Dr. Geo. J....:..-. 61.11
Tong, Olivier J....... "66.67
Ancker, Dr. A. B . 194.44
Judson, E. H 25.00
Hospital Pay Roll 411.71
Alms House Pay Roll 210.67
On motion the report of the commit-
tee was -adopted, the claims and pay
rolls allowed and ordered paid by the
following vote: *
•Ayes Commissioners Joyce, Keller-
mann, McCarron, Moritz, Ness and
Chairman Smith. ,
Chairman Smith informed the Board
that Commissioner Joyce would sue-
ceed Commissioner Seng on all com-
mittees except on claims, and he was
made a member of that committee,
with Commissioner McCarron as chair-
man. -•
Commissioner McCarron was given
further time to make report relative
to Barlow road. V . '■■".--"-* -7.
The special committee appointed to
fix salary of County Assessor recom-
mended that the salary of said offi
cial for the month of June, 1895, be
fixed at $1,405.00, and offered the fol-
lowing resolution:
Resolved,- That the sum of- fourteen
hundred and five dollars be and is
hereby allowed and appropriated as
salary for the County Assessor for the
month of June, 1895.
Adopted by the following vote:
. Ayes— Commissioners Joyce, Keller-
man, McCarron, Moritz, Ness and
Chairman Smith. 7 7
The Committee on License returned
the application of John T. St. de Jung
for license at Leip's Hotel, White Bear,
without recommendation, as no check
accompanied the application.
Referred to Committee on License.
Commissioner McCarron offered the
following resolution: *.r'T\
Be it Resolved, That Commissioners
Kellerman, Moritz and McCarron be
and they are hereby designated and
elected as members of Equalization
Board for the year 1895.
Commissioner Ness moved to amend
the resolution. by inserting the names
of Commissioners Moritz, Joyce and
The amendment was lost by the fol-
lowing vote, Chairman Smith being ex-
cused from voting:
Yeas— Commissioners Joyce and ess.
Nays _ Commissioners Kellerman,
McCarron and Moritz. ; . ' :-
Commissioner Ness than moved that
the resolution be laid on the table un-
til next meeting.
Motion lost. 7 ' - V'"- , •
The resolution was then passed ,by
the following vote: - •
Ayes — Commissioners Keberman,
McCarron and Moritz. •: 7 -**
Nays — Commissioners Joyce, and
The Committee on Claims returned
The Committee on Claims returned
the bill of the Dispatch Printing Com-
pany for $90 without approval.
On motion the bill was- referred to
Committee on Printing.
On motion the bill of William Rodger
for $9 amd bill of Charles E. Chapel for
$741.25 were referred to the County At-
torney. . 7.7,;- ; .'
There being no further .business, on
motion, the Board adjourned.
County Auditor.
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- Sule by Lnllirop Mnmeller,
Fourth and Wabasha.
of Ramsey— ss. Probate Court.
In the matter of proving the alleged
last will and testament of Biagio DI
Bene, deceased: 7 7.7.*
Whereas, Alexander Cestelli of the
City. of St. Paul and State of Minne
sota, has ; delivered .to the Probate
Court of the County of Ramsey, an
Instrument in writing purporting to be
the Last Will and Testament of said
Biagio Di Bene, late of said county,
deceased, and filed therewith his peti
tion to said . Probate Court,- praying
that the said instrument may be proved
and admitted to probate, and that let-
ters testamentary he granted thereon
to him and Sebastiano Pellegrini, the
executors named in said instrument:
It is Ordered, .That said- petition be
heard and the proofs of said alleged '
Will be taken at a general term of thin
Court, to lie held at the Court House, in
the City of St. Paul in said County, on
Monday, the Ist day of July,' 1595, at
10 o'clock: in' the- forenoon, .when, all
persons Interested may appear for or
contest -the probate :of it; and that
notice of such hearing be given to all
-persons interested, • by publishing this
order once .in * each week B for - three
successive weeks prior to said day
of hearing. In the St.- Paul Daily Globe,
'i daily newspaper printed "and pub-
lished in said* County. :'
'-'• Dated at Saint Paul, this. ">th day of
June. 1895. '"•'■•" -- - . ' ■- -
(D. S.) "'--< ' ;7'- Judge of. Probate. -
S. 1.. Pierce, Attorney. 7 ■
-1B« ;:-*-fGtiOBE-**" - BUTUOTN ©
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Through Trains Leave Union Depot:
Through Trains Leave Union Depot:
Chicago. Milwaukee *3:lo&m+6::j."> pm»S:lopm
Su. City, Omaha. Kan. City +8:10 am •8:15 pm
Duluth aad Asblaud, *l'i:s'> am *1 1:00 '
Mankato, tl-:'25 pm. *Dally. tEx. Sun.
Office— Robert and Sixth Sts. Telephone 4SO
W7OSWMRHBBH Trains leave* Union
I i'lilfiTn l MbT^^ Depot. City Office, 3(14
WißJiryis.j'Ja-ar A Robert Street, Corner
mM. nITaM IsrSSrl fifth. Telephone 1->U
wSmhtl m^WjVrJjKl Vestibuled Compart-
JRffli i iVt I S II mem Sleepers. Di.iiui;
♦Daily. tPally Ex. Sun. Leave. I Arrive.
♦Daily. tDaily Ex. Sun. ■ Leave. 1 Arrive.
Chicago. Dubuque MlchtKx. ] *r:«0pml *!>:&) pin
Chicago, Dubuque, Kan- ) j tin. an .
sas City, St. Joseph, Des'. +8:00 ami -?y."-.OPm
Moiuoi, .Msrahttlliowu. - , ; ♦7:30 Dnj! '*•■»■»
Waterloo. Cedar Falls.. ' j*7- ._ v I , „
i*>dgs Center Local. < *•»:•*>> pni|*lo: Warn
<r|2*ga|^& Trains leave St.Paul 12:35
B for Milwaukee, Chicago
p. m. and 6:56 p. m. daily
for Milwaukee, Chicago
/^fl3iJS^\ and intermediate points.
p^F^gl^j Arrive from Chicago 8:35
\|sl2i£s|j£-' a. ill. and 3:45 p. m. daily.
Dining car servife "a la
carte" on all trains. City ticket office,
373 Hubert Street.
I. *Yjj «~~»j-^| Leaves Union Depot fa
jSTfn tiftl?iTis down-river points 7:30
fi'IMI lIIUI'ISE °*m; ArriTes from Chi-
[ilf 11(11(1 ll °* m; Arrives from Chi -
jgfeyj^ct^ljjgd cago 2:30 p. m., except j
IpjjjQ I Sunday. Leaves Union !
™'S* 1 lilllrt^S Depot for Chicago snd St.
|fUj^ Louis 7:40 p. iv; Arrives j
Ir^^y^TT^^ri* fr"m S3me points 7:45 a.n.
faEßigjiEiaßßlHy from same points 7:45 a. a.
' -~ daily.' ■ ' ]
Great Northern Railway
Tickets. 11*1 East Third St. and Union Depot.
Seattle, Portland. Spokane,
Kallspell, Oreat Falls, Helena
d and Butte, 7:45 pm
O Crookston, Grafton and Wiuni-
&*•• peg. 7:15 pm
Eh St. Cloud. 8:31 am, »4 :oopm, 7:45 pm
<? Anoka, Elk River—
fe •a:soaiu. *» pin. 7:15 pm, 11:20 pm
2 Sauk Center and Fergus Falls—
S:'j)om. 7:45 pm
Hg Wadena and Park Rapids *s:Wam
i 2 largo, Grand Forks—
X *3:05 am. 8:30 am 7:15 pm
•a B Breckenridge, Wahpeton, Cas-
►4 sslton, Sioux Falls, Sioux
M City, Huron, Walertown.Aber-
m deen and Eliendale. *'4 :05 am
3 Willmar. •8.05 am. *1.00 pm. 1:50 pm
5 Excelsior and Hutchinson. *4 :30 pm
--, Minnetonka Beach and Spring
„ . ( «8:55 am, t3:35 am
Fane.-* 4:45 pm. 5:50 pm
Osseo Line. 8:3) am. »4:00 pm
TRAINS ARRIVE from Seattle and Butte
6:00 pm, Winnipeg 7 am, Breckenridge di-
vision and Branches and Mayville Line *7:00
pm, Wilmar local 9:30 am, Willmnr via St.
Cloud •10 am, Hutchinson & Osseo lines
j *11 :55 am.
All trains daily except 'daily except Sun-
day, tSunday only.
Dulutn & West Superior.
Ticket* : No. 100 East Third Street and Unio
Leave. St. Paul Union Depot. I Arrive.
Anoka. Elk River,
a 8:51 am Hinckley, West Su- b 7 :30 am
Oil :3opm perior aro Duluth..., a 6:55 pm
a. Dally, except Sunday; has Buffet parlor
| Car and makes the run to Duluth in 5 hours
10 minutes.
b. Daily; has first-class Sleeping Car. which
may be taken at depot at or after Op.m.i
i arrives at Duluth at 7:35 a. m.
! The Dining Car Line to Fargo. Winnipeg,
Helen Butte and the Pacific North -.Test.
Dining Cars Winnipeg and Pa £*£. „*"-.
cilic Coast Trains. j [*£ jgg
paciiic Mai: (Daily) for fargo, I
Jamuitown, Livingston, Helena,
Butte. Missoula, Spokane, Ta- 4: lo 15*95
coma, Seattle and Portland p.m. p.m.
Dakota and Manitoba Express
(Daily* for Fergus Kails, Wahpe
ton, Crookston. Grand Forks,
Grafton, Winnipeg, Moorhead 8:0017:10
and Fargo p.m. 'a.m.
Fargo Local (Daily except Sun-
day) for St. Cloud, Brainerd :»:o<> 5:30
* and Fargo n,m.|p.m.
Pullman Sleepers Daily bttWeeu St. Paul
and Grand Forks, Grafton, Winnipeg, Fer
. gus Falls, Wahpeton, Fargo. Helena, Butte
: and M>okane.
Pullman First-Class and Tc:irl»t Sleepers.
I also Free Colonist Sleepers are ruu daily o«
i hrough Pacific Coast Trains,
C. E. STONE. City Ticket Agent 162 Bail
j Third treet. St. Paul.
Dally us follows:
! Boston, Montreal and New
England points ... 6:00 p. nr.
Dining car attached to above
train out of St. Paul and
Minneapolis. I >
I Vancouver, N. Whatcom and
Pacific coast p0int5. ...... 9:05 a. m.
For further information and time ofi
I local trains call at ticket office or con«
j suit folder.
' "i
Chicago, miUraukeo A fit. Pnul R El
Chicago, HOwaiiMe A St. Pnul RR
»-'•,'- Le.- fun.— Ax
Chicago •Day" Express..!!**:*"* am[*to:4spaa
Chicago •'Atlantic" Ex.. ■*.' :"> •11:53 am
Chicago "Fast Ma 11"..... *d:W did -2:00 pm
Chicago "Vestibule" Lim *J:10 pm »7:30 am
j Chicago via Dubuque.;.. U'.V) pm 111:00 am
! Dubuque via La Crosse. . ;*s: Am +P):15 pm
j St. Louis & Kansas City.. *3:3> am •0:513 pm
! Milbank and Way... t8:» an +3:*) pm
Miibauk and Aberdeen. . [*i : 15 pint *-*M 0 m
•D'ly. tEx.Sr.n. :Kx. Sat. 1 Ex. Men*
! lor lull iuft-rmalioucall at ticket o.Tise,

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