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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, May 17, 1896, Image 15

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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VOL. XIX.—NO. 138.
Ladies' Kid I IsideCombsl Yard Wide Turkish All Our White ioc 32-inch Bteck PXp & 45-inch wool Brocaded 1 Eyes Tested B QBl L- n -
L-i Ir 11 i-i I Bleached Bath 9-Cent Shaker India Lino* India Bleached Pillow Wash Shirt Dress U _ I
1 Gloves ,|SS^irS?| Sn Towels. M USIin T s Flannel, and Victoria Linon. Sheeti Q| Dresses. Waists Goods. | FREE. l^m^c
I r 1 „ ! Sizes 18 by 42, mat 7c quality. Re- LaWHS- 150/^/'l 50/^/' *„,, a* i 2 Vfr nu-rt Sizes 6t014 In stripes and Black and col- E Optical Dept. t ""CS,
H Black and col-H Rp I Reduced to worth 12#c,for Go at duced to Reduced to Reduced to - Reduced to 12}£c quality. yrs . Reduced to fancy patterns, ors . Reduced to B H T ~J
Hors. Reduced to H uu< A\/n aT / To A~ a / Iftr» \d.C fti/c *7BL^. /jn n — ■ m remnants, stom
g M 4>4C O^C *C 4C 4 X/2C . lUC I<*V, 0/2 C 75C «39C 7C 1. t> . J inches wide, B
I I i^WntA-h Watch Rubber Combination Hardwood Two- Ice Picks. Electric I "i-cut-Keen- Flour Wn^ Bixby's Shoe «*- 1 Extension jPeryai?'
iLadUs-SHkiS I«- W N S>7 ■«•** *~ 552? *» B™< KniWS S ""?*, n~i" IT es I 5C
__. I UMTS, * i x> „' * NOZZIeS For garden Oil tOOk should have. 25 rolls in a Regular value ing price 19c. POllSh. Reduction sale ■ 3DieS» B
jVllttS, I Regular price pairing t foot For garden hose, each StOVC Sale price, crate. Price. 50c. Reduced to Reduction sale Per box, price ' lng ■ 6 feet in length; 1 CREPED
' 154.50, for to, pei toot, hoseeach each, -- price, . 1r h , 1 worth $4.50, gj
■io inches iong,l $? -- | Done. 5c 30c 49c 98c 1()c 25c 35c 8c 4c 3l_Jla^ rIJ m fl iDflWf MS
I Good white I Shirt Waist! £ Ladies' Trimmed Sailors $ W H tL xii&P 36w!HolL.^SIrSl!f S" | | So!ld Oak j 4(3q
i PerrOl I !2S l^^^^^^^j ' J^^Z^^ I $11,75 |Fine ra!!t!fnt :
II Men^ GOld . ■ « I — ■ Per-vard' »
I Wall Paper, i3insetfor " " I Seat Chair, r WOOOEN
I Per roii, (OC )\ A ibE HAD PLANNED for a tremendous Spring business. We were stocked for it—Would have had it if the weather had been I Worth 95c> for | §(air Reds
n n i" i \W\W half=way settled. We battled against the backward rainy season with the lowest prices ever known in St. Paul—but Lj nn H with brass fix .
II 25c Belt J J brooding will not sell the surplus. The time has come when it's an URGENT, PRESSING NECESSITY that stocks all I | f!!!" eir, rth 15c> I
g Buckles.... over the house should be reduced, It is our determination to offer price inducements all this week, SO UNUSUALLY fj rj ac ' §
Wall llnitial fft' t^h j STRONG THAT IT WILL BE SURE TO BRING THE MONEY-SAVING PUBLIC OUT IN FULL FORCE, to take away, AT | Laaies | OC '4
Paper ruple^ ate ' DEEPLY CUT PRICES, reliable New Spring and Summer Merchandise. Everything to furnish the home—all kinds of wearing 1 Rocker, 1 1
I For parlor, r^rl C I apparel for man, woman and child—at Special Prices that make it a PARTICULAR OBJECT AND BENEFIT for you to buy now. I Made of hard-1 ROPE
h ii Hr^™'"^^^"""""^"'"""""'!!! «-» . m ■■ *. m • .. IU H wood, worth 1 «..«.«»»»««.»»»«*,. BB
I Qn BABY 1 cad evel*y Jine °ftnis PaSc; »t will pay you. Hsi.2s, for | PORTIERES,!
Ibordertol I MONDAY MORNING SALE. JPl^^ C O U \\/ ac U C*s\f\Acz TUESDAY MORNING SALE J-— 1 t , nn
MATCH I 3 in set, chain I Plf fi I C OT V V ciS fl vIOOCJS. FROW 9TO 11 O'CLOCK. I Child's : M-UU |
I attachments, FROM 9TOII O CLOCK. « 1 II A*S***>R^ VI T T %^4»7li V-P-^-r X-r 4^• » Cras h Toweling (linen dept)—l,ooo H ■ ■
■ PaMor Paper, | igfi I J*»™*Z™£<i«£ gg | Car No. 3S <6 on Chrcago * Great W~tenß.lt. was parttaßy destroyed by flre at Sycamore,,...,, few O.ys I^^ "'^ Chail>> r^RTA.N 1
■ Per roll, H W,— M^ striped and pin checked « ago. This car contained a quantity of Domestic goods belonging to us. The cases were badly burned, but on » fine flax Tuesday, 9to 11 J 9 [J Made of hard-■; :
in IM' 1* I Dimities, also plenty of larg-e checks, » opening them we find the goods only very slightly damaged and smoked. The railroad company stands the loss » o'clock * wood, worth |^ StrfitCllfirS
IOC I 1 none worthy less^tha^ 12^0, r and you get the goods at the following low prices . W e place them on sale flonday at 9 o'clock: | India Linon (white goods dept)- 75c * f°r I ■" )
H B Wflt^f I Monday 9toll a. m »One Case American Indigo One Case Irish Lawns.white One Case American Shirt- One Case 32-inch Challles,» Remnants of fine sheer 12^c India OQp Ir2 .i? o -a
I unTTlvnuui IS nx i. Only 20 yards to one customer. « Blue Prints — Regular grounds and colored fig- ing Prints, in short light and dark, woolen ff Linon, the greatest white goods F LQ\t ■■?
I NUI I I^UnAM If PltCnCrS, H \[ standard 6c goods—very ures; Apron Check Ging= lengths, should sell at 5c effects, new designs,«bargain ever offered. Tuesday, B ai nn 3
1 IffllIICEB,l I2ic Ife^a^r^s^iSc y 3c -Sw^ n^g^W^^^.^%^^^^EEk settee.... l (Mm I
8, , „ . , M Z BS Monday, 9toll a. m «XXS«XS£^X?«X««CiS«W^^ H-Jr.!'....., I'HIIIC!
■ wide, worth 4o c , | si j ver I- ' S Wash Goods Reductions. Hosiery and Underwear, j. Silk Reductions. » 500 Ladies' Garments (c ioak de P t)R painted red, | U^ttinn
rf iV<J §n. - . I tlons ' , d| nner ' breakfast, tea and One Case New Dimities-All choice to J H ose, double heels and 17'f Hne- Children's Reefers, styles not exact^ | IPr1 Pr "' P '
M B DlSneS, j soup plates; regular value $3 Q » patterns, yellow, pink, blue, r j t oes, worth 19c. Reduced to.. IW2 V » 2fO oo Yards 25c and 35c Silks- «\yup to date, but good, serviceable ■ A „,».:,-„ [3 00 CQ
B H«nJl,AK«r,:nfn i ninririinV niitp HSf i en; n^ ii .Ov » B"reen and other new colorings, < Children's Hose—Fine ,and heavy >S Cable Cord Silks, choice color- » wraps; they have been marked $12 H AIIICI Kail ■■, Ot.JU
HnntlKG CWfi S i V^f^fnSk 1 M°Uday ' fr°m 9tO U a<m -' CaCh lOC qUaHty- RedUCed tO 2 I« I a q d J ribbi fast .| A^ § ings, Changeable Satins.Natural Pon- and P SO me Tuesday morn- AQ I QWrt||||r I
IIUIIUIIUIDMIbIU, H;; $S9B for v j « German Indigo Blue Calicoes r black Cotton Hose, fegitlar 19c IUT« gees, and 24-inch Wash Crepes, |r « ing, from 9to 11 o'clock, take ■ v
H Plain White! m«'nn Ladies' Vests (underwear dept.)— «— Heavy quality, worth 9c. Re- J)Q j quality. Reduced to v »in black and cream. All re- J^ » j^our choice 1 . . fl FLOOR
Hand Printed B Ai H9 150 doz. ladies'ecru Jersey ribbed i » d«ced to S Ladies' Vests-Very fine Jersey X to « fhitet Paaer /%F "111115, '1 Alf Tf ATU
ißorderr I-—-—^i Cotton Vests 'lownecks'sleeve-4C» One Case Fine American Zephyr ribbed white Cotton.low necks, | A sooYards Colored Surah Sllks~» T loljf fr!m 9to 1 lSck, /SC Olft I OIL tlUill,
| Borders, ■ i less. Monday,from 9 toll o'clock V « Ginghams _. All good Bty ies, O sleeveless; cheap at 15c. i|fC » Black and all colors ' 22 and »r> rolls for
HlOc kind, for B J"rieCe m » stripes and checks; regular (kCj « Reduced to »24 inches wide; regular price, ffiC. &JU~>~>~^~v<~U^^^ H36 inches wide.
I CilvAf Tod Japanese Silks (silk dept.)—soo »price 12>4c. Reduced to VV» Children's Union Suits—Ecru Cot- gSO cents. Reduced to « ™~ =J~~ *J Price, per yard,
Kp | pllVCl IC4 I yards 22-inch Japanese Silks, | r >i plnA c flf^n«_fT,,c + ac .rnnH a « +Tip tt ton ' low necks, no sleeves, and » 4 00 Yards Brocaded Changeable » rilllinery KedUCtlOnS. P BaHlfcOO ,«
I JU I Set I S co! ors 'Yo^ f? ality> 13C imp?rtsfrS"che?wi2, Sk |A' JL«« le^ th ' re^lar P l?^- sOc' S?C 8 Taffetas-In a ehofee line of color-1 20 per cent off all our Fine . m . 8C
B- —H OCl» j Monday, 9to 11 o'clock » grounds, colored figures; regu- |lIC » Reduced to « in STs and up-to-date brocaded >JA » ported pattern Hats, in fact many of Baby
FACE I worth $6.50, for M^;&&&i£a&&&!^^ Reduced t0..... wv« Infants' Merino Shirts—Fine 1« figures and designs; worth « our Trimmed Hats, except Short " _—
aa r-n W~ « , « . ((and 1 ribbed, open down the | A >) 50 cents. Reduced to << Back Sailors. i CaTTIaPP cniiDicc
VFII Ml 53.50 S Dre^S Goods Reductions. 1™", °S d|2SortS°D?ck front; regular price ' 2^C- 1"C »'oo°Yards Changeable Brocaded« 20 do2en sailor Hats - Trimmed Id 6C' , SflMrLbS
"MUWttf | i SsSSunn WolenTJkTt^SterM*» Redttcedto «S « Taffetas-In the largest display of J with silk ribbon , leat her sweat ** Upholstered in \ ov
1 Plain Tuxedo 1 VptlPti^ll TheSC great reductions are a mat" lnc hes wide fast colon? al?i i'l Ladies' Out Size V^ sts (for stout» StJ leS ' df ignS and co! ori£? s ™T I band, regular price, 75c. $% Silk, £ -ii-Wiw*
ISd Dotted pe?l Velletlan 1 ter of necessity. Goods must go p^ 1? £ S ladi es )-Jersey ribbed, long or short show-at one pnee mS iA Reduction Sale Price.. W/V AfIRPFT
I yard 1 r.I^QQFInWPrH in their season. «duced to . ... I"2 V 8 sleeves, high neck; price 35c; *r «Pa.ul, worth bUc ana we. All i^y^» dozen La^g Crushed |r 01.00 I UlllVlLl,
H^ ' I UiabbrlOYVei | uuceQto L »or low neck and no sleeves. /^f oreduced0 reduced to ••" » Roses-3 in a bunch. Kt-duc- XSC. ■ ""'uu Uk
(On I Vacnc I 'oo°Yards Pancy Wool Brocades ly* » Sale price V l\ 1,500 Yards of Silks From Our » tion Sale Pric e, per bunch .... IV Y H B Per sample,
lOU I V4beb, g -In black, navy blue, brown, green, » DRESS LININGS. « r* — Y> Bi« Purchase-Printed Warp Taffe « 5O dozen Leghorn Flats— /Ir £ SlSil £9 «m
I H colored, worth B cardinal, wine and drab; neat, fancy » « niMMPD CCTC «tas, Brocaded Changeable Taffetas,» In black and white> Reductlon /Kr B loai || (]Q
B B =mr for 1 designs; high luster finish; reg- *» SiCrittollHe or Cotton Grass Cloth, for 2r» Llll>li>lCK «27-inch Printed Pongees, Black Bro-« c , p r ; rP «vw ra u#i«M«M/v/.lr t-~
runnnm |3«c,tor H ular value 20c. /C « Bleeves, black, 5c quality. Reduced t0... «>« « C aded Gros Grains and Taffetas, pSti^^O^^i^U^ B HaflHnOCK, ' I and uO t o $100
EMBROID= I 9^P I Reduction Sale Price ■ v «P1.1« Slate Silcsia-Rognlar I2u,c 7i/ c jj Just received through the St. Paul <Blk s j Duchesse.Princess Satin Cloak Deoartllient In,. ... w B
141UU1\V1U « quality. Reduced to '/2 v ((custom house fifteen, crates English» and aU thg ot her Standard /A « Wloaß. l^cprtl UlllClll. ■ Plain white. Re- H
rnirc m H 1,200 Yards Remnants of every >>Taffeta Skirt Lining—Regular 12V2C 7 r SS Porcelain, direct from the famous «„,., ril s;]k . , vnrth MIC Si A great clearing out here—Prices B duced to B .„ „,... ln ., rnln
ERIES, 1 WhitPrnttnn H description, in fancy tailor checks, quality. Reduced to /C» Pitcairn's Limited Factory at Turn- All at W"^ that will crowd the department. M nn £ AIIWGOI HIQfOHI
I, ' I WmieU)Uon gg fancysilk and wool mixtures, all- «Doable Face Snesia-Black back, fine stall> England, which we will place «,Xv~™^~j£ « 100 Figured Brilllantine Skirts-5 B 33C «^x no,.nnrn
■lto 13 inches ■ CnnfarhA I wool Serges and wool Henriettas. j= <1»«1"). '■• »on sale tomorrow (Monday) morning. «|^TgcCURT/dNSSe r »yards wide, rustling Taffeta lining, |___™___ DDT 9Dt^ i
B wide, worth 15c, B OUUI4UIC H FancY pi a ids,black figured Mohairs 8 3%?t Chl«cr*^?aU^ reitedu r<ied lVf/7!? To intioduce this pattfern we have » LAtC tUK' All>^- PMr. j nice assort ment of small figured pat- 1 Itltl OUUnnLO, I
n BraidS I and fancy all-wool printed Henri- »to ' q ... **%CA made the price so low that you can- <j $1.00 Nottingham Curtains... 7J? « terns , velveteen binding; fr* AO B ifA
Kfi I ettas, 2to 8 yard lengths; reg- *r II inch Taffe t a Moire'skirt Linl«*-Fine '* not afford to miss this fioiAen oppor-» 51.25 Fish Net Curtains I t)t « regular price $5.00. TbL.Vn i Por s<l ltare yard '
[ U" I Reduced to | ular selling prices> 3 cf C) so c and /Jjf « 36 as tnks re" la? soc qua^Hy & it! J j tunity. Remember, fo* this week g $1.00 Novelty Curtains VV » Reduced to V^« 7U
B B Ifln 1 75c- All go at, per yard »to IOV jj only. Boarding house keepers should j? I AfF TIIPTAIOS Per « Ladies' All Wool Cloth Capes- 1-163111 h[][J
MCM'O IMlf << Fiber Interlinine-For sleeve and skirt IC r '/take advantage of this sale. Below LftVL( WUIV ■ «»^^« Pair. » „., h1 f n n trimmed
MtNb H B 1.500 Yards Of Remnants-In fancy « rtffening, fcac q.»lity. Reduceato uwm fifld with for each ; ;j $1 35 Nottingham Curtains.. £j A A C.J? se '^rows of 3 i<AO S<)da
I nnCCO CliinTO 1 wt,-+« r«++n« B TnvernetS Suithl Ss' fancy Scotch »imported E«eli9hHorsehßir--Her r ine-22 C 0 piece. Makeup your own set and X 51.25 and SI.SO Novelty Net. Jllllll ft, i£3 VI UK
U {LOO oHIKIO I Whlte Cotton B Suitin trs' fancy 2and 3-tone chafl ffe" « boue weave ' Aoc quality- Keduced to" J bring in your list. Each. <$ $1.40 Scotch Lace Curtains.. VI#VV » SSJ^Id to «Pl« 70 Per JananecSe
■ UIILUU UIIIIUU, | Hbl Mohairs, fancy iridescent Mo- « fl w. pi-*.' r.*,^--L-,).- >sp's i irc^inTAlMC Per (S f J,?;'''',' «V' \1 "^' r f - " U
I Fancy bosoms, I Inserting Bhairs, fancy'rough Crepons, fancy HDI TH DPni in IHM^ 8 Tea Plates[^lXr^ 8? LAQE CURTAINS. ?^, 2 00 Children's Wash Dresses-In r j
iunlaundered.Re-B D jj,, ftatin stripe Challies, fancy Kai-Ki DRUG REDUCTIONS. £ealM ate s sale P"". gg $2.00 Nottingham Curtains.. Ginghams and Prints, sizes 6to 14 OU J IVIIIJS,
Lucedto I Braids, Is^^f^^^^^^^^ 7C |^iS^^ir^^fr:;::::&Bg-~g^ElpiS^^ $1 Sli^«^r?«»ttP — isi Ze ,36by7 2 ,
OQp I Per^ d ' |mSes'llrts\n ffdth^^^ »^c |oup^Plates sa^e prjee 7c -00 bcoj^Madras. ....... JI.DU regular pri cc $1.25 /DC BOYS' |- eh ' nn
I M 1 5C l^^c.^ 68 'SOC' 6Sc ' 75c jfete^^fig^: .SgSSS^B^Kae^:.-!! lace curtains, a. P^S^HKm^-S f.-cJ Knee Pants B 98C
I ■___ ffAlgoat,per yard °^ Hunyadi Water only I2^c TeaCop«>and Saucers, pnee. 10c Curtains-. mixtures and plain black, blue or tan, I AU™ rdUU> ' S
MEN'S m~ " m fc Tv ' ' ''v- B^tTonic,Reduction Sale Price '6c ovef &abe . ... .65 - , ; . 0 Notti haffl CnrtaiT ,, n( , w r(ipfpr or hl;izpr jacket) a- flfl I , Vorth 75c Re _ B
§ COlOred J SOO Yards Fancy Black floha.r Hott^s Malt Reduction Sale Price »sC«g£^g^D«£^ Curtains.... *+ PA lined throughout; regular Sss\j | duced to 1 LADIES'
I Mnnlinnn VnirlO | Jacquards-In a number of new de- fl $1.00 Dr Chaska's Celery Com- x flatters, lu-mcn, saie price uu, « <a r otrh Madras \/ 'MlttoriceSlO Reduced to v»w™ r
1 HQpIOGG«I Wash I *,!.*««», ™»ii p0,, n d........ y HSrSS'JJSS-SSffiS aß*»»^»S?ch^^*'^|'^wii'si«wd*_i«Tid«i| 3Q C f Lace Shoes,
H fijr ures, full 46 inches wide; TA >> Munyon's Remedies, 25c sizes.. 15c V, flatters, i*-incn, saoe price Jwfl # m / .. -. , t th i are -est and E i**'*1 * i^hwv uuvvj 9 gy
ikaundered,, 75c I g^j^ I o^r regular 75c lines. $% Sl.oo Swift's Specific, only 6 | c g Platters 16-inch, sale price 59c Fluted MllSlin CurtolOS J"^ Jh^Jff totj,^ Black or Tan
Ikind. Reducedtoi | Reduc f ion Sale Price ,1,00. Harlick's Malted Milk 50 pairs 38-inch Muslin Curtains, sCt/il aSS<Sn^ Men »c ' v/o'th i'.S"'
49c ißeduce n dto i------«^ pcl^Mt^wLo^^^
tju fi4» W»»....^-«.«. r> rtTrc^f ti^tiwlc! 001^ nr!<<A ln<» ■'/ vv niie i_/ois, oiriycs, etc., v*» tla (\ All go at 07c. out 71 ii_j ta rx^.,,, \ J nil
I. § 8C I Linens and White Goods. 5/, c c | '^ 50 pair' Specia1 ' **.5O h±ja^^^ StfaW U°"
I —o 1 White Pearl 1 i^'^ZISZ'Z I^S^'S^gSS t^ ladies'
I SUSPENDERS, Luttons, lir^'srr.^^hs^^ lcr oxfords,
fee^^^ K Hit tln g -5Hk-,argeball S ,. 7 , §^^^Z^ fss_ „T n '
■ ities. Reduced to | worth 20c, per g extrft heavv eo, nch Sco tch Ta- 22 1 C all colors* Reduction Sale 7{(J 8 Water Pitchers; 3-quart/size 48c g .oo^irt Grade SuYti u ttfl . c I wLrth ?2.i, Jnd
|C n I card, for ■ ble Damask. Ueduced to 23 2C»Price f2 V ft Water Pitchers, 2-quart size 350 X 75C Belt Buckles, IOC. » 300 nUEn Or adeiSuits, Metl S B s0 for
'DC IOC Ibl^LrSSl.ar..^!!.^ SOC OneLotof 35 c Knitting Silk H^ g g^S ''' IS BWe make a SPecial deal '4 • -^75 Tiilftf v.,, I.r( , 0
■ 1 IUr 89c red bordered % Al.-Linen Sao- , QC -Assorted colors Reduction \IQ g Wate^ ltcher«» I^uart i a^ e--••• 17c« Indies' Belt Buckles; IOO? R „, p .g .. | I ailOr-maae | CU!Q
I r ... , , B m kins. Ueduced to, per dozen 59 C »Sale Price, per ball C» Chamber Set Sale. «dozen, all styles, newest designs, at« tJOVS IVOee Kani 3UIIS. g VI. TU
I OnilQruli S I C^nrV Wnni I lSc 4Wnch Indis Linon (While Goods ql c « One Lot of Wash Etching g A X Ten niece Enelish Porcelala Chamber Set X one Price'less than the CO3t of the « 5250 and lines at $l'9B PailTS, B
I hanCy WOOI B Department) Reduced to \>2^ snk _ Bunch of 10 skei J |(|rß exT™ fiS unKazTp^^^^ and we place the entire lot J3.50 and $4.50 lines go at $2.98 |
FaraSO §, B nrACC r.Mfc B ' eS: y I^iC « sorted colors. Reduction Price JVW g GJ« n: set contains wash bowl A| ftQ O n sale Monday morning on our Bar- < $5.00 and $6.50 lines go at $3.98 Per pair, y CHILUK UN b
j* I 7c ®dumma<tf(B4&»iA t A °'^r LaceThrea<|- C c : &£%%rmX?S. as« iK§?^ st 25 ? 1 t e c ,S! r ir' tiT eaL WT Oo t« hr |(lc ©g^eMft^^w^*^ I Wash I^, S.SI"'
fff W{ __ i» i-oiiiiii..j mi «wnrmr »Sale Price, per ball Q price only Xchoice SS —~^^^^^mi^m M cillre V 4 f\n~
I Ladies' i Ladie s' L«,■■■ ■■■i.i.. H i l l M t ■■■■» ■!■■■ i ii. g^ I 980
UmbrSllaS, i VeStS 8.100 Pairs Drinking 30c and 35c Ladies' Ladies' children's Ladies' Gold-Filled, London Bicycle Darning |p i
I'Wn fiDoSiii'| T 4•„ a 1 Family Cups, WASH Muslin Summer &jj] BOOOeIS fllKl lUSI GOHOB, Rimless Smoked Spectacles, --- IOC i BOYS'
H Gloria worth B ATrS^. y HB !.» -f Anwe Pressed and re- SILKS, Drawers, Corsets, InumUfliQ Yoke of inserting, p ve QU sse . Sun Prevention HeeOieS, ■
|s%—pry- |^ r j3r a 5» sr-^^^^g2»as!f- e:^- SZL^. s^r —• |Laceshoes,|
95C I 4C 1 Be. 3c. 15c. 19c. 39c. 25c., 49c. $2.50. 25c. 25c. 3c p ur e Linen j-r "»••"<"• S!>««.|
I ""ladies- If^ Our I Hump I Laundry Darning ISATEER DRESS Co«^ I**"** "52T "Titus," '«« I INK. In Ha"dk£r' ■___!__■
I SOLID GOLD! Morning FbhlOJ Hooks and w Ct \ m Corset Stockinet "' " A comrade of NOVELS. Iral%' HW« chiefs, I 1
Rl ncs. [Sales 1 SHEETS yes , Zf^ m f° °"; .™^ ctap* DressSbtelds G«* BOOK.. jg,^o™^ «^ |h-«^. iE»~ I' thd|
-„ ■_, Q I .... Per card, handle, . 2 balls for I s i ZC9i per set, Each, | Sizes 1. B and 3, wmietyiM*. Kiugsley> 25c to sec, tor taM| .^ g FREE. r
48C ItoTo'ciock. 3c. 3C. SC. j 10c. 7C. 10C. sc. sc. j 10c. j IC. "• | DC | Optical Dept. L
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