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& v ■k8 im mm t^* IH I^B^ll J & I SI j.^Bsß^j^^BM3Kffiffßr^BiojL ±jjjhb^ff^^wE^fi^^^^B*^^^^^^^^
11 You'll Find This the Infest Interesting
I Page in the Sunday Globe—good, profitable reading, overflowing with money-saving chances. It's
w)k Jfera tnis Senuine underselling which adds daily popularity to the Golden Rule. Right
\Dh^ JctPl prices always rule here. Even in this age of exaggeration honesty will win. Our
USv^^^Y great business shows that simple facts simply stated always carry conviction.
• What we say is so, and customers know that what we say can always be
I^W**"/ relied upon. We know that this is the store that gives the greatest
/ I value for the money in St. Paul, and know that only fair living prices
//1 are asked. This may sound boastful, but it's simply a statement of facts. "We
f / allow no misstatement— no exaggeration in even the slightest degree to enter
/ / into our announcements. Every statement made in our advertisements can be
absolutely depended upon." Another point upon which we wish to place em
phasis is this: Notwithstanding the seaming unheard-of bargains which are be=
ing so constantly advertised, we find no difficulty in duplicating prices in all trustworthy goods, or, as is
more often the case, in quoting prices lower than those advertised by the other fellows. We do not attempt
to make microscopic prices on some worthless article for an hour only -but we continually insist and prove
that during every business day in the year -OUR PRICES ARE UNQUESTIONABLY THE LOWEST" in
Minnesota, and the extraordinary increase in our business this year—in every department—over any pre
vious record shows that the purchasing public recognize this fact and act accordingly.
Domestics and Draperies.
2,000 yards of figured Challies, new goods, *J r ?
elegant c-tyles, our regular 5c quality. / y S
Monday we say j
5,000 yards Cheviot Shirting, a-good 9c qual- P j
ity, fast colors. J)^ S
Monday we say /,
200 cases pure white Batting; others ask you / >
10c a roll for it. ||C )
Monday we say )
500 Feather Pillows; you will pay others 75c 2fl/-» V
each for them. tJ/V /
Our price Monday ". >
1,000 pounds Live Geese Feathers, a good 75c rr >
grade. 3J)C I
Monday we say. J
10,000 yards American Shirting Prints. Our 1
Monday f J
2,000 yards of Dotted Curtain Swiss, large A; j
and small dots, 12^c and 15c qualities. V v ft
Monday we say «
48 pieces of Novelty Net and Fish Nets, 48 to |Q _ ft
54 inches wide, regular 22c, 25c and 30c qual- \\jQ ??
ities. Monday we say cc
279 pairs of Nottingham and Novelty Net Curtains, 8
54 to 62 inches wide, Z]/ 2 yards long, 18 styles rt»| /A ft
to select from, none worth less than $2.50 a pair. m\ % Q" 8
Your choice Monday ss
Size. Worth. Now. »
3x 3 li.oo 59c »
30x60 $1.50 79c I
' Size 30x60, house-furnisher's price, $2.50. —^ V
Our price Monday Jpl.Oy V
50 rolls China Matting. Monday 9c c
Lining Department.
One case of fine Rustling Taffeta, full 36 in. wide, 8
the only substitute for silk. All colors, including Q ~ 8
fast black. Special °^ «
One case of English Herringbone hair cloth, 1 Q« a
regular price 35c. Special for Monday only XOO <<
50 pieces of fine English Silesia, extra fine, full 36 in. »
wide, sold everywhere at 12*4 and 15c. Special for Q ~ «
Monday only *J*J ft
One case of French Hair Cloth (no imitation). O9p tf
Black only, regular 39c quality. Special £d£d\j ft
High-Grade Hosiery et Cut Prices. «
Specials for Monday. »
Ladies' Maco Yarn Cotton Hose, fast black, extra ss
fine gauge, two-thread, double sole, high-spliced «
heel; in every respect a 50c Stocking; our regular £j)Q s\
price, 39c. Special Mondajr »
Ladies' Black Cotton Hose, with white sole SS
(split foot), very fine quality; other stores sell the £rfQ «
same Stocking at 35c. Our price s\
Ladies' Fine Gauze Lisle Hose, double sole, high- ss
spliced heel; extra good value at 50c. Special 571/t ss
Monday «J|?C »
2 pairs for 75c. wi^jv »
Regular 35c Lisle Hoss at 25c. «
500 Dozen Children's Fine Gauge Maco Cotton Sx
Hose, black and tans; a two-thread, double-knee «"
stocking; in the regular way of buying this )>
stocking- would be cheap at 35c. Our price, for /jC «
any size SS
Children's Fine Gauge, black and tan (im--J^J SS
ported), full regular-made Hose iZ?C «
at ss
800 Dozen Children's Black Cotton Hose, sizes »
sto 8 1-2 inches, plain (not ribbed); Q 11 _• ??
worth isc gc fair
They go Monday at ss
SUMMER GOODS Al^g££!£JuP£!£Sg.
Hammocks. Croquet Sets. Garden Hose.
Mexican, 6-ft. body 35c Karfo From the Very Best Sea- SO feet of good guaranteed
Close-Woveji Hammock, 10>a soned Hardwood. Hose, with couplings on both
feet long, with 6X-foot body, 4 _ baU setg fof 39c ends $2.50
feSS?^ 8-ballsetsfor 50c Best Hardwood Hose Reels. 50 C
side $1.25 Other sets from 39c to $2.25 Best Spray Nozzles 30c
Lawn Mowers. Ice Boxes. Fishing Tackle.
Guaranteed to be the best 28 inches wide, 18 inches Hexagonal BambooFishingfioass 1.00
medium grade mower sold by deep and 24 inches high, Skinner's Pattern Spoon Hooks,
anyone. - should be worth $5.50. Our any size.. ............... 100
. „ . , „,.:**. : Q Minnesota Bass Double Gut Suelled
14-inch Mower, good enough puce is books, best bass hook on earth, any
for any one $1.98 vp3. 7 55^ size, for Monday. Vs doz. for... .190
MONEY-SAVERS*-Mark the Items: You Want and Bring This List With You Tomorrow.
OTDNHCARD-OF CJoak values Hero
tomorrow. Our Big Monday Sales must be
malntained. Before you separate yourself from
your dollars investißate our offerings aud see
how much better you can do here.
CAPES and JACKETS at less
jrtjr thau cost of material.
jftj^i is& Your choice of all our
"JHjjV^mß fine Capes, worth $18,
'"wfeJSEr^ * 8" >°' $'5' $9.98
iM^^^C^^l lulttfi. Small loi of Capes,
worth up to $15.00. Your choice Q,r> go
JACKETS-All Jackets worth
$8.00 to $23.00 at IIAIiF-PKICE. The
lower price ones at One-Foartb Off Oar
itOMV Prices.
for Skirts is simply marvelous. We expected it
and made preparations accordingly. The im
mense quantities we handle enable us to sell
*. them at about the
J&*& retail price of the
r^™fe^v SPECIAL.
( >*&£s§;■ ;kVC^^f Duck Skirts of best
A**^<^^L^^Z quality white duck.
4 yards wide. Our
EW^r^*V^vßg^ price q,-t r\ A
:'■.»■ WM i '-\^mmi Monday 4>l« ZV
i I £%\^^ Duck Skirts of best
It § a %^&V quality white duck,
JM M ?=, %.^l\ yards wide. Our
/MM Ws, %^^ Monday i*l. J7
?J^^^|^^^- ■ \ye save you from
$1 to $> on those
handsome Brillifintine Silk Mixture and
Novelty Skirts. They have the "Swell" Eastern
shape, and you get them here at 82.98, 53.50,
84.50,, 86-50 and up to 815.
No extra charges for alterations.
Women's Shirt Waists -Every
day sees a bigger showing here. Every day
sees elsewhere prices beaten.
The best 75-cent Waists ever made, here AQr
tomorrow *'*
All Waists made U> sell at $1.00, here n Cf
tomorrow at i D\>
All Waists made to sell atsl.2s and $1.50, Q O/•
tomorrow at 7OV<
ce ed—Beautiful V i Silk Madras Waists in all the
new light and medium shades, made with new
stylo band for detached collars; can be worn
without collar; a crush collar or laundered col
lar. The latest correct thing in Eastern cities,
and sold there by thousands at $3.75 a /% aq
t054.50. Ourprice $Z."O
Same style as above, made of Warp Printed
Jap Silk, in light and medium shades, and very
latest Dresden patterns. Sold in Eastern
cities at $7.00. *Here «jj^ m r
Ladies' Silk Vests.
75 dozen ladies' Plain and Fancy
Colors, Pure Silk Vests, sleeveless,
worth up to $1.00.
Special Monday, choice,
48 Cents.
t P*h *%M £1$ To buy your Summer Outing
fej ' fll uA Shirts, Underwear, and the
|V<^ 'fdk^il\J%SJ?\ numerous other articles ren-
« dered necessary by the ap-
Wy^^i^W :ftL v) proaching- hot weather. Buy
r#W,'iL-^f^A^i now > while the lines are full
./^M|ip^'rF;^(! and complete, and buy here,
'il^Mit^^aife.^ where you are sure of getting
s«SJ&fj*3 Vfclt 1' 1 a good article at a moderate
-«CsMi 50c and 75c
-^Sf^^J Neckwear, 39c.
"""^^"^^i^Si All our SOc and 7Sc Fine
Ir Neckwear, including the new
De Joinville, Imperial 2ft/-»
and Flowing End Scarfs, blacks, Persians, nobby $yQ
light and dark mixtures, all go Monday for
$1.25 and $1.50 Shirts, 87c. la f|f£
and $1.50 Colored Shirts, United Brand or Eagle Brand
Negligees; Fine Madras Bosom Dress Shirts; Garner's
Best Percale Shirts, with collars and cuffs to o*7
-match, all new weaves and .color effects. Y°urQ|C
choice of 35 different patterns for Monday
15e Half-Hose, 10c. t £"' SS 'Tjn 1 '
white foot Half-Hose, double heel and toe; match \\JQ
them if you can for less than 15c. Our Monday price
50c and 75c Underwear, 39c. F^
Maco Yarn Balbriggan Undershirts and Drawers.
Your choice of flesh color, light brown, dark >JA
brown, blue tint or the natural color, for Monday flyQ
only, at V.
You don't have to be told that these are bargains.
To see them is to know they are.
Ladies' Kid Gloves.
4-Button Real French Kid Glace Gloves; d»| AA
our regular $1.50 quality, in most desirable {M c \/V
shades; fitted. Per pair , v
2-claso Pique Chamois and 4-Button Chamois,
in natural and white, with different colored AP
welts and stitching; guaranteed wa&h-able. Per "J}^
Ladies' Lisle Mits, in black, per pair lifC
Ladies' and Misses' Pure Silk Mitts»^lso, 19c, 25c,
35c, etc.; excellent qualities and lowest prices. Please
compare with those you find elsewhere and be con
vinced. •%, t
We have just closed out a big lot of fine lace striped
Zephyr Dress Ginghams, direct from the mill agents,
in pretty checks and stripes, two and three toned color
ings. This quality is sold in all stores at 15 and 18c a
yard. All will be placed on bargain tables in front /
of Wash Goods Department, for Monday IjQ
White Goods, Sheetings
and Linens.
The most phenomenal values ever* retailed in the
Twid Cities. "Cut Prices" the order of the day. Be
fore" you anticipate your wants look up our peerless
stock; possible competition not in it.
Aurora Sheeting.
2)i yards wide, bleached, 14-C? unbleached 12*£ c
Icase4s-in. Bleached Pillow Casing, special 7/^C
10,000 yards Bleached 36-in. Muslin, 8c quality.
Special ". 5Hc
5,000 yards Bleached Twilled Toweling; the other
fellows'price, sc. Our special price; 2Mc
Napkins. i*
24x24-inch Bleached, heavy Napkins, and 22x22
fine Silver Bleached, $1.75 qualities. " Special,
per dozen .-...» $1.29
Table Damask/. ■
Cream Linen Table Damask, speciai,~per yard.. |2/^C
64-in Bleached Satin Damask, value, 75di f0r.... 50c
i IViS* NEW.
We have had a great demand for fashionable
material, and on Monday will sell an entire new impor
tation. London Corduroy Welt Piquea^ a soft, heavy
English Cord, made expressly for the j*revailing /JA
styles. Every lady desiring a White-.-Bkirt and £yQ
Jacket should see this new material. Price per yd.
India Linon.
White and Black, 8c grade. Special., Attc
36-inch extra fine imported; regular 50c quality.
Monday, per yard, special 25c
Dotted Swiss.
Dots of all sizes in 30-inch St. Gall goods, worth
up to 40c. Special Monday, per yard 25c
Commencing at 9 o'clock Tomorrow.
Special Sale of Warp Print Taffeta
Dresden N Oriental IraK
WHSH^ Silks g and Persian. s?||g>
I All This \jL and 39c
k 0U " not c disappointed in .
J either quality or price. J
WE will place on sale, beginning- tomorrow morning- at 9 o'clock, the best assortment of
good, honest Silks ever attempted by us or an}' other Dry Goods house in the North
west. Some are plain, some are fancies, some are black and some are colored Silks. A large
line of these Fi ks were cleaned up in lots from the different manufacturers and jobbers at a
fraction of actual cost of making, and some were delayed in shipping. Remember these Silks
are first-class- not the cheap, shoddy kind advertised by others as bargains. There is no
occasion to beg for customers, and no disposition to exaggerate values. You'll find Silks
suitable for Waists, Separate Skirts, Dtess Linings, foundations for Organdies, Grenadines
and all similar fabrics. Also an elegant assortment for dresses for street, evening and
graduation purposes. To see them means to buy them.
LOT No. 1-1,000 Yards.
They are Cable Cords and plain weaves in
all the newest patterns and colors of stripes
and checks. These are the old, reliable kind,
made to wear and wash; not the cheap imita
tions sold by others; also a complete assortment
of Japanese Indias, in all new shades; just the
thing 1 for fancy work and lamp _
shades; actual value, 39c. "^Xff*
While they last Bfc2H#
Greatest Good to the Greatest Number.
(Limit, 15 yards.)
LOT No. 2 6,000 Yards.
They are Moire Silks, Brocaded, Striped
and Figured Swiss and Japanese Taffetas,
atd Printed Warp Taffetas in floral and Dres
den designs, plain and changeable Surahs,
black Satin, black 27-inch China Silk and
black lining- Taffetas. Actual
value is up to SI per yard. Our *^ ga^g^k
unheard of price for this sale is **J7
LOT No. 5-7,000 Yards.
This lot includes a grand variety of Printed Warps and Fancy Weaves of all descriptions
of light, medium and dark colors; also a very large line of Plain Silks in every conceivable
coloring-, including all the popular weaves of Black Silks, manufactured to sell *f^ £^t
up as high as $2.00 per yard. To close at a fraction of the actual cost of manu- ET&^*H(J^
facturing, only *U *W
fpp**Special Public Nofice.*a^m
Extra Salesmen, attention and room has been provided for the Bigrgest One Week's
Silk Sale ever attempted by us in the history of this department. All will receive prompt
and courteous attention.
This Sale appeals to every shrewd and careful buyer in St. Paul and surrounding
country. Come early in the week, while the assortment is complete.
No Silks will be reserved, sent on approval, or exchanged during this sale. All
purchases must be considered final. Remember the time,
Footwear Department.
Never were such handsome creations shown in Ladies' Dark Tan Shoes. This season
promises to be the banner year for this popular style of footwear.
We exhibit extremely nobby designs in Twentieth Century Boots.
Ladies' coffee color Vici Kid Button or Lace Ladies' Brown Chrome Kid B-itton or I are
Boots, all the new styles, hand-turned; (h f\ fkQ Boots, the 20th Century and other /!>-« Ar\
shoe stores ask $4.00 for this grade. J| / UK styles; shoe store price, $3.00. % I UV
Golden Rule Price VJ/^«^U Golden Rule Price. Splt.7o
Ladies' Brown Dongola Kid Button or Lace Ladies' Genuine Dongola Kid Button or Lace
Boots, all styles, including the 20th fl>-| iA Boots, with heel or spring heel, all styles- f\f\
Century Boot; shoe store price, $2.00. I A}\ shoe store price, $1.00. UKT
Our Sale Price V|/I«TTVJ Our Sale Price 7OV
1 rjK iWii Little Gents' Satin Catf 150 pairs Children's Genuine Don
-1; ffil * f*'J Spring" Heel Shoes, in 1 ir-j ct *.i t '-..i tj
I \ll LJ Button or Lace, dark-tan gola Kid Shoes, the Little Pennant
F >8L Ij/ °f blac*; «^ h2? *~ School Shoe, that sells everywhere for
>t *^k \t store price, $I.^o. f\Q /% J
p^^^J^L V Golden Rule UXf $1 . 0 0. /TA^
{ Price /UV c 1 t> • M*ll
q^ifritii>^_|[7^. Our Sate Price U7l
Only 98 ots. New Style Bicycle Boots at Goldett Rule Prices.
LOT No. 3-8,500 Yards.
They are plain double-warp Surahs, Satin
Rhadames, Satin Duchesse, Faille Francaise
and Changeable Taffetas, Printed Warp In
dias and Taffetas in Dresden designs; Pekin
Striped Taffetas in black and lilac, black and
pale blue, black and cardinal, black and gold;
also black 24-inch all-silk double-warp Sur
ahs, black Rustling 1 Taffetas, black 27-inch
Japanese Habutai, black extra heavy Satin
Duchesse, Satin Rhadame, black Armure and
Faille Francaise. These goods were made to
sell up to $1.35 per yard. For ff^ £f^
this sale at the unmatchable bS^wS^^
LOT No. 4 7,500 Yards.
They are Satin Rhadames, Satin Duchesse,
Faille Francaise, Surahs. These Silks come
in all the staple street and fancy colorings;
a grand assortment of fancy silks too numer
ous to attempt to describe. Also a magnifi
cent line of Black Silks in all the plain and
fancy weaves, worth up to $1.50 jk ge±
per yard. To move them quick flSi^«S^^
we say ■

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