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VOL. XIX.— NO. 309.
People of the Nation by a Decisive Verdict
Prove How Dear Is National
Tremendous riajorities for McKinley Given
in Illinois, lowa, Wisconsin and
Bryan Buried in Ohio Under a Majority That
Will Be at the Least
New York and Pennsylvania flcKinley fla=
jorities Can Be Counted by Hundred
/ — Pluralities — ,
Total Mc- Bry- Mc- Bry-
Vote. Kinley. an. Kinley. an.
Alabama 11 .. 11 30,000
Arkansas 8 . . 8 35,000
California , 9 9 .. 4,500
Colorado 4 . . 4 100,000
Connecticut. 6 6 .. 40,000
Delaware 3 3 .. 1,000
Florida 4 .. 4 10,000
Georgia 13 .. 13 30,000
Idaho 3 . . 3 18,000
Illinois 24 24 .. 100,000
Indiana 15 15 .. 15,000
lowa 13 13 .. 50,000
Kansas 10 10 .. 10,000
Kentucky 13 .. 13 15,000
Louisiana 8 .. 8 20,000
Maine 6 6 .. 45,000
Maryland 8 8 .. 20,000
Massachusetts 15 15 .. 125,000
Michigan 14 14 .. 15,000
Minnesota 9 9 . . 35,000
Mississippi 9 .. 9 40,000
Missouri .17 . . 17 15,000
Montana 3 .. 3 10,000
Nebraska 8 .. 8 5,000
Nevada 3 .. 3 5,000
New Hampshire 4 4 .. 36,000
New Jersey 10 10 .. 57,750
New York 36 36 .. 250,000
North Carolina 11 .. 11 15,000
North Dakota 3 3 .. 5,000
Ohio 23 23 .. 100,000
Oregon 4 4.. 5,000
Pennsylvania 32 32 .. 300,000
Rhode Island 4 4 .. 25,000
South Carolina 9 . . 9 15,000
South Dakota 4 4 . . 10,000
Tennessee 12 .. 12 12,000
Texas 15 .. 15 75,000
Utah 3 .. 3 3,000
Vermont 4 4 .. 35,000
Virginia 12 .. 12 15,000
Washington 4 4 .. 2,0C0
-.Vest Virginia .' 6 6 .. 20,000
Wisconsin 12 12 .. 80,000
Wyoming - 3 .. 3 1,000
Totals -t-tf 278 169 1,386,250 464,000
McKinley's popular plurality 922,250.
CHICAGO, Nov. 3.— While the yob
from some of the pivotal states is
coming in slowly, enough has been
received to show that sound money has
won a sweeping victory and to prove
that the Amercan people are emphati
cally opposed to the platform of re
pudiation and national dishonor
preached by Mr. Bryan and formu
lated by the convention which nomi
nated him in this city. The returns
at this hour indicate that McKinley
has carried all of the Eastern states,
the whole middle West, and has made
great inroads in the solid South. In
Illinois McKinley has a majority ap
proximating 100,000 and Altgeld is
beaten by a majority somewhat small
er but still large enough to be un
comfortable. The popular plurality
for McKinley is very large, a clear In
dication of the sentiment of the people
of the country.
In New York Mr. McKinley's plural
ity will approximate 100,000, and in
Pennsylvania it may run to 300,000.
lowa is in line by 50,000 and Wisconsin
by 20,000. Ohio piled up a majority ap
proximating 100,000, and all the New
England states were swept overwhelm
ingly for sound money. Kentucky and
West Virginia may have swung into
the Republican line, and Tennessee is
in dispute. Nebraska is in doubt, and
the result is close, but the state ls
probably for Bryan, and ln California
the indications are reversed. Delaware,
Maryland and New Jersey are all for
the Republican nominee, and Indiana,
to all appearances, will give him a good
big majority, estimated at 15,000.
To make the victory the more im
pressive the indications are that the
next congress will be with the success
ful candidate. Chairman Babcock, of
the Republican congressional commit
tee, claims that the next house will be
Republican by 100, and that the control
Of the senate will pass out of the hands
;of the silver men. The Democrats give
out no congressional figures, but in a
general way deny the Republican
In a statement made at midnight,
Chairman Jones reasserted all his
claims for Bryan with the exception
of Illinois, which he conceded to Mc-
Kinley by a small majority. Indiana
and Michigan he asserted would be for
Bryan, but the figures from the latter
state were against him, where, especi
ally in the upper portion of the state,
there was a Republican landslide.
The detailed result in the various
states based upon the latest estimate,
gives the following electoral and popu
lar vote in the various states, the total
showing 269 votes for McKinley in the
electoral college, and 176 for Bryan:
McKinley's Eleetlon Plainly Appar
ent at Midnight.
CHICAGO, Nov. 3.-The returns re
ceived by the Associated Press up to
midnight indicated the probable elec
tion of McKinley and Hobart, although
returns were so meager from a number
of doubtful states that this conclusion
could only be reached by an estimate
based upon the gains and losses The
best estimate obtainable indicated that
Maine and Vermont have given majori
ties somewhat reduced from the Sep
tember election; that New Hampshire
had given about 20,000; Massachusetts
about 120,000 and Rhode Island and
Connecticut proportionate majorities
all for McKinley. New York was esti
mated at above 250,000, and Pennsyl
vania seemed likely to reach the same
figure, if not a greater. Maryland had
been carried for the Republican candi
date for president by a majority ex
ceeding 20,000, and Delaware was con
fidently claimed, but apparently in dis
pute, although the plurality was not
likely to exceed 1,000. The returns from
West Virginia were not sufficient to
justify the claim of either party. Ohio
had given a very large Republican
plurality and Kentucky was apparently
assured as to the McKinley column.
Tennessee seemed to have been carried
for Bryan, notwithstanding the confi
dent assertions to the contrary of the
1 Republican managers, and the same
was probably true of North Carolina-
Indiana and Michigan, as well as Min
nesota, indicated heavy Republican
gains and a strong probability that
they had gone for McKinley. Illinois
showed a McKinley majority of over
100,000 plurality. Nebraska and North
and South Dakota were very close and
still in doubt. Wyoming seemed to
have gone for McKinley.
The returns from the Pacific coast
states are too meager to justify any
claim respecting them. The states of
Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Geor
gia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas,
Missouri, Colorado, Nevada, Montana
and Idaho were placed in the Bryan
column. The returns from Kansas and
Texas were scattering and indicated
nothing, although heavy Republican
gains were reported from Dallas and
Galveston^ At 12:30 later returns
seemed to indicate that West Virginia,
Michigan and Kentucky could be add
ed to the Republican column.
Chairman Jones telegraphed to some
prominent Democrat in the East at
midnight to the effect that, notwith
standing the claims of the Republicans,
he still believed Mr. Bryan would have
about 250 electoral votes; that he had
information that Indiana and Michigan
had gone for Bryan without a doubt.
At Mid-lßh' He Claimed the Elec-
lion of Mr. Bryan.
CHICAGO, Nov. 3.— At midnight
Chairman Jones gave out the following
signed statement:
There is no foundation for the claims of
the Republicans. There Is at this time, mid
night, no reason to think that any one of the
states claimed by me lor Mr. " Bryan has
failed to vote for him. While misleading re
ports are being sent out in all directions,
private advices assure us that each one of
these states has gone for Mr. _ryan. For
two hours the most extravagant claims as to
Kentucky and Indiana have been telegraphed
all over the country, while within the past
few minutes our committees assure us that
both are safe for us. Mr. Bryan is certainly
At 10:30. p. m., reports received at the
headquarters indicated "that of the
doubtful states, Michigan, Minnesota,
Illinois, Indiana, lowa, Kentucky,
Maryland and Nebraska had gone for
McKinley. A telegram to Chairman
Jones, from the Democratic state chair
man of North Dakota, claimed that
state for Bryan by 8,000 plurality.
Chairman Jones refused to concede any
of the middle Western states to Mc-
Kinley, with the exception of Illinois,
which he conceded, but by a small plur
ality, lie was confident that later re
ports would materially change the com
plexion of returns, which had, so far,
been from strongly Republican dis
tricts. National Committeeman Cam
pau at that hour claimed Bryan had
carried Michigan by at least 15,000 plur
ality and that returns from the moun
tain districts of Kentucky and Tennes
see would show that those states had
also been carried by the Nebraskan.
"I have seen no unfavorable report
from any state that we have ever
claimed, except from Kentucky," said
Chairman Jones. "Reports from that
state indicate a larger defection than
we had anticipated, but we do not con
cede that state by any means. We
can lose Kentucky and will then have
enough electoral votes to win."
At 11 p. m., Chairman Jones received
a message from State Chairman Mar
tin stating that Indiana was absolute
ly certain for Bryan, private telegrams
from Michigan indicated a large Demo
cratic gain and the Democratic commit
tee based their hopes of Bryan's elec
tion upon the result in these two states.
Made by the Republican Chairman
of Alabama,
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. Nov. 3.— The fol
lowing was given out by Chairman
Vaughan at midnight:
"There is strong evidence of a repetition
of frauds in tills state, but of a more aggra
vated nature than ever known before. Re
turns are being held back, and no information
can be obtained from Democratic election
managers. The state is unquestionably very
close, but I should not be surprised "if the
Democrats brought up the usual fraudulent
majority. We have elected at least five con
gressmen on the fusion ticket.
— William Vaughan,
Chairman Republican State Committee."
Gen. Shelley, chairman of the state
Democratic committee, declines to give
a statement over his signature, but
dictated the following:
"Indications now are that the state
will give a majority for Bryan and
Sewall of 40,000; it may go to 50,000. I
believe we will send a solid Democratic
delegation to congress. Eight of them
are entirely safe with large majorities,
and we are very hopeful of carrying the
Seventh, which is the only close dis
trict in the state."
Mississippi for Silver.
JACKSON, Miss., Nov. 3.— Mississippi gives
Bryan a majority of 50,000. The vote for
Watson will not exceed 10,000. The seven
Democratic candidates for congress are elected
by majorities ranging from 1,000 to 5,000.
And Even Texas.
DALLAS, Ter. Nov. 3.— Gen. J. M. Huston
has telegraphed Mark Hanha that If the pres
ent- ratio of gain Is maintained, McKinley
will •eagty Texas by 50,000 plurality.
A Word for Altgeld.
CHICAGO, Nov. 3.— The returns up to mid
night have not been sufficient to justify any
dellnite statement. Every county that w«
have heard from officially _howa net Demo-
cratlc gains. I think Altgeld Is elected, and
I feel certain that Bryan Is.
— W. IJ. Henrichsen,
Chairman Democratic State Central Commit
Does Peek, Next Time the Republi
cans Hold an Election.
CHICAGO, Nov. 3.— G orge W. Peck,
of Milwaukee, wiras as follows:
McKinley has carried Wisconsin by a com
fortable majority. SehoneM, for governor,
will no doubt pull through very close to
McKinley. Both of them. »and every other
Republican I have heard fro-., will have ma
jority enough to be couslde d safe, say 10*0,
--000 or along there somewhere. In other re
spects, we are quite well, thank you. When
you are going to have any more elections
you should send us an invitation.
Milwaukee, Wis., Nor. 3. — National
Committeeman E. C. Wall and State Central
Chairman George W. Peck, of the Demo
cratic party, conceded at midnight that Wis
consin would go Republican between 50 000
and 75,000.
Bnt for Party Pride ln the South.
Says Smith.
ATLANTA, Ga., Nov. 3.—Ex-Secre
tary of the Interior Hoke Smith, when
asked for an expression of his views
on the election of McKinley, as indi
cated by tonight's returns, said:
It is an overwhelming declaration by the
people of the United States against the free
coinage of silver at 16 to 1; but unanswerable
as their argument is, It does not represent
the full sound money vote. Thousands of
Democrats in the South voted for Bryan and
Sewall on account of the part they had in
selecting delegates to the Chicago conven
tion and on account of local conditions, while
openly condemning the silver platform.
ForaUer Puts the McKinley Majority
at 100.000.
CHICAGO, Nov. 3.— Senator Poraker
telegraphs as follows: Present returns
indicate that McKinley has carried
this county by about 18,000, and Ohio
by about 100.000. Kentucky, Tennes
see, West Virginia, Maryland, Indiana
and Nebraska all go for McKinley by
safe majorities, insuring his safe elec
tion and the support of a Republican
McKinley's Majority in New York Is
Very Large,
NEW YORK, Nov. 3.— McKinley's
plurality over Bryan in New York
city is 16,589. The state is claimed for
McKinley by majorties ranging from
200,000 up.
When results were so far known as
to announce that Black (Republican),
candidate fer governor, had run behind
his electoral ticket about 9,000, which
indicates his having about one-half
the plurality given McKinlev, expres
sions of surprise could be heard. But
such a result was naturally to be ex
pected, on account of many Democrats
voting the Republican national ticket,
and refusing to vote the state ticket;
still more comment was made on the
vote for Woodruff, for lieutenant gov
ernor, which pointed to his having about
3,000 plurality. Ingeneral results in the
city were known early.
Democrats Give Ont Xo Figures, but
WHEELING, W. Va., Nov. 3.—Fig
ures upon which to base a correct esti
mate of the result in West Virginia will
not be available before morning
Chairman Dawson, of the Republican
state committee, said at midnight: "Mc-
Kinley has carried West Virginia by
from 13,000 to 15,000 nnd the Republi
can state ticket and four Republican
congressmen are elected. The Demo
cratic headquarters make no claims
but express hope.
Gotham Republicans Wild.
NEW YORK, N. V., Nov. 3—Returns from
this city indicate about 20,000 majority for
McKinley, and that McKinley has carried the
state by about 220,000. The legislature is Re
publican by a large majority, Insuring the
election of a Republican United States sen
ator. Republicans of this city are wild with
enthusiasm, and delight over the grand re
sult in the nation. — T. C. Piatt.
New Jersey Majority.
TRENTON, N. J., Nov 3.-The latest re
turns from the several counties of New Jer
sey, with proportionate estimate for the un
reported precincts, indicate that MeKtnley
wlll carry the state by from 45,000 to r.0,000.
The Republicans elect six of the eight con
Republican Gain « in Vermont.
BURLINGTON, Vt., Nov. 3.— Returns from
the state at 11 o'clock were very meagre.
Contrary to indications during the day, the
few wards and towns reported at the hour
mentioned, showed considerable Republican
gain and indicated a plurality of 38,000 for
the total vote.
Nothing From Kansas.
TOPEKA, Kan., Nov. 3.— At midnight there
are no returns whatever from the state, and
it is Impossible to make a prediction of any
character concerning the result.
Bay State by 124,000.
BOSTON, Mass., Nov. 3.— McKinley's ma
jority in Massachusetts is now placed at 124,
--000. Republican candidate-* for president and
governor have carried every city and town for
the first time in the history of the state.
OF LESS THAN 100,000.
Only Hope for the Pop*, According
to Last Reports, Is in the
McKinley carried the state by a ma
jority large enough to make it quite
unmistakeable — at least as large as the
most enthusiastic sound money man
would have dared to claim. The farm
ers who were declared by the silver
ites to have quite gone daft over the
silver fallacy repudiated the insnua
tion in a manner that settles their at
titude finally. McKinley carried Min
nesota by a majority of upwards of
30,000 and it may be upwards a good
But the governorship is quite another
story. Perhaps D. M. Clough is elected
and if he is he should be satisfied for
nothing but a landslide could have
saved him. The vote on the head of
the ticket is immensely larger than on
the state ticket, but in 95 per cent of
the counties heard from .Clough has
run behind McKinley's vote by a con
siderable percentage, ranging as high
as fifty per cent in one instance. Lind
ran ahead of Bryan at an amazing pace
in Republican districts, but it is hardly
likely that he can overcome the lead
given Clough by McKinley.
Towne is very likely defeated in the
Sixth r.nd the returns from the Seventh
pcint to the election of Lommen for
the Pops very nearly made good their
promise in that district. Heatwole is
probably elected in his district and in
the other districts the Republicans are
petting the full benefit of the land
Freeborn County.
Special to the Globe.
ALBERT LEA, Minn., Nov. 3.— McKinley
gets 809 ln this city, Bryan, 203. Alden
village, 117 for McKinley and Bryan 23. The
First ward of this city gives Bryan 79 and
McKinley 266. The Third ward gives Mc-
Kinley 235; Bryan, 47. Hayward, a former
Populist stronghold, gives McKinley 18 ma
jority. Alden village, Manchester and this
city complete give McKinley 1,092 and Bryan
259, a Republican gain of over 300. Clough is
close to McKinley.
Hartland— McKinley, 52; Bryan, 30; Clough,
44; Lind, 37. Congressmen and representatives
will have a b'g majority on the Republican
Twin Valley— McKinley 40, Bryan S3,
Clough 33, Lind 35, Gitbs 35, 11-wler 33,
Eddy 38, Lcmmen 31, Heiberg 9, Hawkins 38
Hahn 38, Rapp 38, Marin 30, Lee 2". Gilbert
son 29.
Glenvllle— McKinley 190, Bryan 73, Clough
138, Lind S5.
Special tc the Globe.
WABASHA, Nov. 3.— No definite returns
from Wabasha county at large. A full vote
was polled In this city today. Lake City
gives McKinley 441, Bryan 177, Palmer 4;
Clough 325, Lind 288. The city of Wabasha
gives McKinley a majority of 31. Lind for
governor also carries Wabasha by a small
majority. W. F. Mllligan, Dem., is elected
to the state legislature from the lower dis
trict of the county, and W. A. Hunger. Rep.,
from the upper district. McKinley will carry
the county by a good majority. Majority for
Clough small. For congress Tawney, Rep.,
v/ill carry the county by a fair majority.
Wabasha— McKinley carries city by 23.
Lind carries it by 60. _fHu__B ,Dem.) nr.d
Munger <Rep.) probably ele.-ted to the legis
lature. Returns coming in slowly. County
officers appear to be divided n'oout evfn.
Special to the Globe.
Austin— Mower county, so far as heard
from, gives McKinley 1,260, Bryan 635. Palm
er 8, Levering 16, Clough 1,002, Lin<i 614.
The county complete will give McKinley, for
president, a plurality of "j.'JjO; Cough, for
governor, a plurality of 1.200. Those who ap
pear to be elected to tne legislature front
this district are L. C. "Jcriba-jr -tut C- v _Xj_",
West, both Republicans. '^X
Lyle— McKinley, 73; Bryan, 32: Clough,,-"Q&
Lind, 42; Gibt»s, 63; Bowler, 42; Berg, '&■
Heinrlch, 34; Koerner, 66; McKinnon, 35;
Childs. 63: K eyes. 35.
Austin— McKinley 2,800, Bryan 1,700. For
congress, Tawney 3,200, Fitzpatrick 1,300:
governor, Clough 2,500, Lind 2,000; legislature,
C. L. West 1,200, Furlong 1,300.
Dodge County.
Special to the Globe.
DODGE CENTER, Nov. 3.— Dodge county.
so far as heard from, gives McKinley 1,163;
Bryan, 513. Elected to the legislature, this
district, S. E. Littleton.
Kaeson— McKinley, 233; Bryan, 90; Palmer,
5; Levering, 2. Same precincts in 1892 gave
Harrison 175; Cleveland, 64; Weaver, 19; Bid
well, 20.
Dodge Center Precinct— McKinley, 207; Bry
an, 119; Clough, 187; Lind, 108. Hayfleld pre
cincts—McKinley, 163; Bryan, 47.
Five precincts out of fourteen in Dodge
county give McKinley 902; Bryan, 479.
Dresbach— McKinley, 63; Bryan, 55; Palmer,
5; Levering, 3; Clough, 58; Lind, 52; Dean,
6; Chllds, 55; Keyes, 52.
City of St. Charles— McKinley ::43, Brvan
110, Clough 223, Lind 134.
Town of Winona— McKinley 25, Bryan 41,
Clough 21, Lind 48, Tawney 25, Fitzpatriek
Waseca — Waseca county, seven precincts
out of seventeen, gives McKinley 919, Bryan
560. Six precincts give Clough 604, Lind
Janesville — Janesvllle givos McKinley 275,
Bryan 146, Clough 234, Lind IS_.
Special to the Globe.
PRESTON, Minn., Nov. 3.— So far as heard
from this county gives McKinley 1,237, Bryan
578; no other returns in. McKinley's ma
jority in Fillmore county will be 2,000;
Clough 1,400. Tawney's majority for con
gress will be about the same as McKinley's.
Blue Earth.
Mankato— Blue Earth county, so far as
heard from, gives McKinley 799, Bryan 595.
The county complete will give McKinley for
president a plurality of 1,000; Clough for gov
ernor a plurality of 400.
Mankato— Six precincts in Blue Earth coun
ty, including two in Mankato, give McKinley
1,194, Bryan 734.
Special to the Globe.
Mapleton— McKinley 94, Bryan 249.
Amboy— Village and township, McKlnlev,
181; Bryan, 98; Clough, 155; Lind. 141.
Garden City— Mckinley, 108; Bryan, 113;
Clough, 102; Lind, 118,
Redwood Falls— City of Redwood Falls
gives McKinley 265, Bryan 129, Clough 229,
Lind 141.
Redwood— Four precincts, so far as heard
from, give McKinley 316, Bryan 180, Clough
278, Lind 205. The county complete will give
McKinley, president, a plurality of 400;
Clough, for governor, a plurality of 200.
James Larson appears to be elected to the
legislature from this district.
Sanborn— Sanborn Village: McKinley 99-
Bryan, 45; Clough. 86; Lind, 57.
Special to the Globe.
WORTHINGTON, Nov. 3.-Worthington vil
lage gives McKinley, 306; Bryan, 146; Clough,
267; Lind, 165. Four outside townships give
McKinley, 240; Bryan, 222. Worthington
township, McKinley, 58; Bryan, 35; Clough,
53; Lind, 40. Indications of a close vote iii
the county, with Lind possibly 150 majority.
Legislative ticket not reported.
Special to the Globe.
Marshall— Eleven precincts ln Lyon county
give McKinley 259 plurality; Clough only a
few votes, behind. Fourteen precincts to
hear from will considerably Increase this
Tracy— City of Tracy gives McKinley 260;
Bryan, 150; Clough, 205; Lind, 213.
Marshall— McKinley, 307; Bryan, 179.
Watonwan County.
Special to the Globe.
ST. JAMES, Nov. 3.— Five out of fifteen pre
cincts, Watonwan county, McKinlev, 564- Bry
an 221; Clough, 481; Lind. 300. Returns' slow.
Butterfield— McKinley 46, Bryan 12, Clough
44, Lind 13, McCleary 45, Day 10.
Madella— Madelia township gives McKinley
102; Bryan, 31; Clough, 92; L.nd, 34.
Special to the Globe.
FAIRMONT, Nov. 3.— Martin county, so far
as heard from, gives McKinley 557, Bryan
458, Palmer 4. Levering 30; Clough 514, Lind
4'o. The county complete will give Bryan
for president a plurality of 100; Lind for
governor a plurality of 150.
_^fil ln , ebago City— National ticket complete.
McKinley, 359: Bryan, 113. State ticket in
complete, McCleary, 199; Day, 55; Clough, 220-
Llnd, 90.
Elmore— M. Kinley, 282; Bryan, 45; Cloueh
249; L:nd, 71.
Montevideo — Montevideo gives Bryan 17 and
Lind 62 majority. The county will give Lind
200. About even on president and congress
Cottonwood— McKinley 43, Bryan 42. Clough
42, Lind 52, McLeary 42, Day 46. Legislative
—Republican, Manchester 39, Olds 30; Demo
cratic, Jones 40, Mooney 41.
Edgerton— McKinley SS, Bryan 38, Clough
55, Lind 38.
Special to the lobe.
FARIBAULT, Nov. 3.— Rice county, so far
as heard from, gives McKinley, 1,187; Bryan
534; Palmer. 16; Clough, 445; Lind, 327- Heat
wole, 241; Peck, 139. The rcUtrns are com
ing in very slowly, and It is impoisible at this
;time to estimate with any degree of certainty
% tie pluralities of the candidates- 'oh r.ny ticket
; Lester Prairie — McKinley '40,' Bryan 4*:'
Levering 1; Clough 81, Lind 46, Dean 4,
Continued on Third Page.
111 ST. PAUIt
Cloug-h will Probably Have I,SOQ
More Votes Than John
The Republican national ticket ha*
carried Ramsey county by about 5,000
majority. With twenty precincts to
hear from at 3 o'clock this morning his
majority according to the official re
turns was 4,583. In the Fifth and
Sixth wards the vote was very close
between Bryan and McKinley, but in
all other wards the majorities of the
Republican candidate was overwhelm
The result was foreshadowed early.
The first returns were received from
the Seventh ward, where the Republi
cans themselves were astonished at
their majorities in the precincts. Then
came the figures from the First ward,
which showed a distinct loss for Bry
an, as compared with Lind, who ran
close to the head of the Republican
ticket. The Eighth was more than
disappointing to the Democrats. In
stead of polling a majority for their
candidate, as was confidently expected,
and as even the Republicans had con
ceded, the early figures indicated a*
small majority for the Republicans,
The Ninth ward was equally a sur
prise to the Democrats and Republi
cans. The Democrats had claimed tho
ward by from 300 to 600, while the Re
publicans had conceded a small major-
ity to their opponents. The first fig
ures received showed the certainty of
Democratic loss, if not defeat, in tha
ward. The total figures at 3 o'clock
this mcrning with three precincts t_
hear from gives McKinley the ward
by a little more than 100 votes.
The Fifth ward maintained its repu
tation as a Democratic ward by cast
ing only a few less votes for Bryau
than for McKinley. All other candidates
en the Democratic ticket lead their Re
publican opponents in the ward except
possibly Douglass, who is running for
the legislature against Barta, Tho
£'ixth, which the Republicans are cer
tain of carrying by a good majority,
gives McKinley a bare baker's dozen
more than his opponent. Here, too,
the Democrats are more fortunate
than their opponents in capturing
The Fourth ward was behind the esti-»
mates of the Democrats by several
hundred votes, and Johns will probably
represent the district in the legislature.
The country districts came in slowly,
but three towns having been heard
from at 3 o'clock this morning. The
result in White Bear and North St.
Paul is a distinct shock to the Demo
crats, who counted on a heavy Demo
cratic vote in those places. If the rest
of the county is as strong for the Re
publican ticket as the thive towns that
have reported, McKinley's majority
will exceed 5,000.
Following is tbe vote by wards andl
precincts for president:
Precinct. McKinley. Bryan.
First 153 it-
Second 145 95
Third 252 125
Fourth 201 81
Fifth 151 ' 7»
Sixth 230 157
Eighth 237 170
Ninth 215 "_£»
Tenth K33 **h
Eleventh 251 1?5
Totalt 2,071 1.157
Precinct. McKinley. Bryan.
First __» 71
Second 144 153
Third 207 Hi

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