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PKS I3 IB 21
VOL. XX.— NO. 248.
flltli ty A TAJ4GLE
New Hampshire Senator Picks Flaws
In the Statement of the Gentle
man From Mjiine.
Washington, sept. 4.— President
McKinley and the entire membership
Of the cabinet will probably be con
sulted before Attorney General Mo-
Kenna announces his opinion as to the
construction to be placed upon section
22 of the Dingley law, imposing dis
criminating duties. The attorney gen
eral had expected to announce his de
cision this week, but now the under
standing is that it is to be held back
until next week, and, in the meantime,
the president will cut short his outing |
and return to Washington. It is prob
able that the question will be the sub
ject of a general exchange of views at
a meeting of the cabinet, before the
opinion is written. The questions in
volved are so important that all the
light possible is to be thrown en them
before the administration is commit
ted to a construction which might de
moralize the entire foreign commerce
of the country and which involves a
1 ?Ti::Urr of about $30,000,000 per year in
customs revenues, according to the
calculations of the officials of the treas
ury department.
This calculation Is made on the basis
of last year's imports and on the as- |
sumption that the imports under the
discriminating duty would be prac
tically the same in value and would
come in ships of the same nationalities.
British ships, bringing goods from
other countries than British territories
in Europe, would be the heaviest suf
ferers, and It Is expected that one re
sult of the Imposition of this duty
would be the transfer of many British
ships to the flags of nations having
more favorable treaties with the Unit
ed States.
The general assumption is that, on
account of the imposition of these du
ties on goods coming into the United
States through a contiguous country,
the transcontinental roads of the Unit
ed States would be benefited at the
expense of the Canadian Pacific road;
but, when it is taken into considera
tion that the steamship connections of
most of these roads would be unfavor
ably affected, it appears that about
the only road which would gain any
decided advantage would be the South
ern Pacific, which, having connection
with the American line of steamships I
from San Francisco, would have the
advantage of discrimination in favor
of its steamship connection as well as
against its Canadian rival.
About the- only cities that would
gain any decided advantage would be
Halifax and St. John, as the effect of
the discriminating duty on :.joods
brought into the United States over j
the Canadian Pacific would tend to
break up the transit of such goods
through New England to the seaboard
ami divert this traffic to those ports
in British territory.
The Gentleman Front New Hamp
shire Returns to the t'lmrge,
BOSTON, Sept. 4.— Senator William
E. Chandler, of New Hampshire, who
a few days ago started a discussion
by stating that the discriminating
clause of section 22, of the Dingley
tariff bill, was passed by a "trick of
legislation," In the H"t?v!d, this morn
ing, replies to ggiiator Frye, who a
few dayt^afo declared that he could
<"■'' U_ni how the amendment was pass
£ Jf.
■^'Senator Frye is a good and conclu
sive witness that what I say is true,"
says Senator Chandler. "I quote Sen
ator Frye's own words: 'How this
amendment to section 22 was secured,
I know not.'
"Senator Frye seems to mean that
he did not know until after the con
ference report was adopted on July
24, that the trick clause was in it. If
that is what he does mean, then he
certainly was tricked, because his re
lation to the whole subject, as chair
man of the committee on commerce,
made it impossible that he should not
have known that it was done, unless
it was done surreptitiously as to him,
and all senators and members, except |
the few contrivers of the device. If
on the other hand, Senator Frye did ;
know before July 24, that the thing
was done, but did not know how it was i
done, after he had failed in his open j
plan, he omitted for the whole week j
of debate over the conference report in :
the senate to tell his New England
constituents who had struck this blow
at New England interests.
"As Senator Frye says, the conferees
are all honorable men. Of course they j
had the necessary explanatory state- |
ment written, and it was left out by ■
the 'blunder of a clerk.' That is al- ;
ways the safest ground to take in such I
cases. But whether legislation thus
obtained will stay, even nominally,
upon the statute books is doubtful.
Moreover, whether the attorney gen
era! will find that the trickery of
legislation must be enforced until re- j
pealed, is not yet settled. It should !
not take him fifteen minutes to hold
that the contiguous country clause
only applies where there is no treaty
allowing goods to come without extra
duties in ships entering our seaports; I
while if conventions are necessary to |
a vi iid the effect of the other part of
the trick, it should not take Secretary
Sherman fifteen minutes to make them
with England. France and Germany,
and the collection of discriminating
duties should await the deliberate ac
tion to congress."
List of Patents.
gpoclPl tc the Globe.
WASHINGTON, Sept. A.— List of patents is
sued this week to Northwestern inventors,
- reported by T. D. Merwin, patent lawyer,
11 and 012 Pioneer Press building, St.
Minn., and Washington, D. C. : John
i j Elkjer, Peunock, whiffletree hook: James
S. Kelly, Mount Oron. hammer; Amanda j
Macy Mack, S. D., coffee or tea pot: Casper
CehiVein. St. Paul, potato digger; Rudolph C.
Fl>-iiis St. Paul, combination lacing hook and
eyelet; Henry H. Vaugheu, St. Paul, motor.
Pensions Granted.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 4.— Northwestern pen
sions were granted Friday as follows: Min
nesota—Original: Charles T. McKillops. Alex
andria: John Blake, Minneapolis. Widow:
Francis M. iiotsclder, Marshall. South Da-
(^^j^J!^^^^^ Agents for Butiericfc's Patterns "and "Publications. Mail Orders Filled.
W«Sfe W To make evef y de P ar tment, every division of this great store the very best of its kind in the Northwest
\^lPlllii iijill and t0 firml y nold and maintain thls leadership beyond question is our determination and our aim.
We lose no opportunity to improve these departments individually and collectively. Every department we believe is constantly improving
Sixth and ife^& l S^sri«^ s fc^^^ and all are united in the desire and determination to make this store
Wabasha Sjp^ The Regular Shopping Headquarters for Nearly Every Family in St. Paul.
OurPricesAre the Lowestin St. Paul Upon All Trustworthy Qualities.
To strangers in the city or those vsiting the State Fair, this store is one of the interesting sights of St. Paul. Every floor is loaded with New Fall Merchandise. Weinvite all to visit, enjoy and buy ar.yth.ng
you may need for Fall or Winter. -s^^^^^s^^^s^^^ ~~«~n~n~>~^~n~v~v~>~s~s^^^
Ladies' Shirtwaists
i^^\ «^\ -^ General Clearing
<S&z$ > yJ^jJ Sale of our $1.00, 75c and
<tfMsMfi*& Soc Shirt Waists>
L^^V y^t\i^z^. 'J ~^ tla^ s season ' s styles in
\ %^f^Lr-i^-Jp^» Lawns and Percales, with de
\fWffi]'/&^fffi- > y*i' i 'y 1 tached white collars, new yoke
s%n^TMu£i >jh back » have sold all /%r"
Wll/Wk/ season at 50c, 75c IWn
ill 11/ W and $1.00. Monday /gr
f/fflilii ' 1111 II V\ they go at "U V
Ladies' New Fail Capes. J»/ p/r
In Black only. 27 inches long-, hand- \|| / X
somely braided, half silk faced. Our f])l|a I9J
Low Price only T Wf " v
New Fall Jackets,
Made of Covert Cloths and Kerseys, silk lined
throughout, very newest Fall slyles in /foam A /\
Tans, Blues and Black. We bought this VU ||||
lot very cheap; they are actually worth 1 91 i
up to $10.00. Our prices, $7.50 and %|/l/t W
Lace~CurtaTns. ™
The most completely equipped Lace Curtain
and Upholstery Department in the Northwest.
Always the newest styles; always the lowest
prices; from the cheapest to the best. Don't
do yourself the injustice of buying- before see
ing- our assortment.
250 pairs of the newest and best patterns of Lace
Curtains, in Nottinghams, Fish Nets, Madras and
Muslins, full length and width, worth up (t»fl PA
to $2.25 a pair. Special all the week, per jM,is!l
20 different styles of Lace Curtains, in Irish Points,
Brussels Points, Swiss.Fish Nets.Notting- fr/J nr
hams and other styles. All good value at SI I
$5 per pair. Special all the week, per pair. V
25 new styles in Irish Points, Brussels, Swiss, Clunys,
Antiques, Honitons and other new styles; (f»r M
good values at 56.75 and $7.50 pair. Spe- %7\ 1111
cial all this week, per pair /.. V^VU
2,500 yards choice Figured Silkalines, elegant as- r
sortment of colors, worth 10c yard. Special *\C,
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only, per yd. V
Special Shoe Sale.
The first da y of this sale proved to
be a great success. We will continue to
:jj| give you the choice of our entire stock of
Ba^SaEs Ladies' Shoes for $2.50 Monday, Tues-
JraSjJHQSff This offer includes our very
i§S |gPtfis£v best 54.50 shoes, $4.00 shoes,
|f^ij|K&\ J3 - 50 shoes and S3 - 00 sho2s.
Cost or value cuts no figure in
liiliMii J»&v^ this sale- r ° v know we onl y
handle the very best reliable
or days fl*^ r*A
more take ji/
your choice. W L *vV
New Fall Dress Linings.
Just compare these prices with what you have been
paying, and 3'ou will see why our Lining Department
is always busy.
8c Black Taffeta Skirt Lining 5c
18c New Soft Finish Taffeta, fast black. . . I©c
15c 36-inch Plain Gray Silesia 10c
20c Double Face Black Back Silesia 12Kc
30c Imported French Herringbone Hair
cloth 17c
Special Book Reductions.
Famous Books by Famous Authors,
Published by H. M. Caldwell & Co., and
The Twentieth Century Library,
Published by Rand, McNally & Co., usually sold for 60c
each. All this week we offer both lines, comprising
over 300 titles, many of which are copyrighted books, at
3 for $1.25, or
Each 40c.
nnn fJAI VC— New Book by Opie Read, author of
[JVV 1 VhhJ "Juckiins," at half-price.
Special Sale of Boys' Clothing
For School — Now in Progress.
kota— Original: Henry W. Elliott, Hurley.
Reissue: Frank Richter, Kimball.
New Postmasters.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 4.— Postmasters com
missioned yesterday— Minnesota— Frank Bard
well. Excelsior; Robert B. Kreis, Montieello;
John H. Bock, Spring Valley; Ellery P. Jock
man. Ccsmos. South Dakota— Willard A.
Clough, Egan; William L. Waterbury, Water
Raises Hanner Wheat Crop in Sutn
ner County, Kansas.
WICHITA, Kan., Sept. 4.— W. L. Bun
ker, of Milan, Kan., one of the num
erous children of the famous Siamese
Twins, has raised the banner wheat
I Dress Goods Novelties. |
! St. Paul women have had the opportunity of inspecting many splendid stocks of Dress <
J Goods in the past, but none ever equaled our collection for this Fall season. We have <
! exceeded our own previous efforts in every respect — the assortments are greater, the j
! styles richer, the qualities finer and values better than ever before. J
• On Our 45 Cent Counter. On Our $1.25 Counter.
A large assortment of Fancy All-Wool j P New Bay adere Cords, New Two-Tone Granites and!
Scotch VI eaves, Mixtures and Fancy A U(* Armures, Fancy Two and Three- /T> -g f\ F- J
Boucle Effects, 44 inches wide. Our £L Jl Tone effect English Cords, in a & 'J L
low price on this lot * %>S large range of newest colorings, J% I / J
On Our 50 Cent Counter. 44 t0 5 °- in ' wide " Our priceonly " H"^
40-inch Bright Large Plaids, silk stripe effect; 40- Our 75 Cent Black Goods
inch Bright Luster Fancy "Wool Novel- F* /\ Cannot be matched for less than $1.00. In this lot]
ties. Changeable and Plain Color Peb- L I 1/^ you will find R. Priestley's Satin-Finish Figured,
ble Weaves and Fancy Granite Weave 11 8 Armures, Fancy Jacquards, Fancy f^ P" <
Checks. The greatest value in town at \J w w High Finish Soleils and Basket I W/*<
_ _ _ Weaves, every yard guaranteed to give M fL/
On Our 7a Cent Counter. satisfaction, our low price m %s V;
We have qualities and styles equal to any $1.00 gjo L o f Of $1.19 Black Goods.
goods. Fancy Basket Weaves, Silk and Wool Mot- ■"*« *" w (
tied Cords, Silk and Wool Pebble Mj P" In Black Zig-Zag Fancies, Brocaded fly -4 -f (\
Weaves, Satin Finish Momie Cloths in /L /» Pebble Weaves.Crystal Cords, Drap I 111
the newest plain shades, all 44 to SO / jl d'Ete, Cable Poplins.Corded SoleiL. ,T% ■ I y
inches wide. Our price only 1.. m *J V and many other weaves. All at. . *f *•*• S
ikT w^ 4-g £7> •-4 -j Daily arrivals of New Goods are
|\ £*\iT t^^il Kfi making this department partic-
X^ Vn X A 1 A^IUVUf ularly attractive.
Black Brocaded Satins, New Roman Plaids New Roman Stripes,
Black Bfbcaded Gros Grains, Black '**% S tri R P es > " e^ Swjg Checks new Ifl bd M v colorings, a beau-
Brocaded Taffetas, extra heavy £* ff ?!* B J%^ a T?" C - 5« sfSn «ful heavy twilled Surah I-A
SSSggS SHH^'Sc S.SS? 50c
larly for separate skirts. (VfL • < • , . . s U/V
Our sale price U7W «». one big lot at ... Rustling TaffetaS.
_ _ ""' ' Black Brocaded Gros Extra gO( g quality? all pure i m .
Att Extra (iOOa Value Grains and Taffeta Silks, 24 inches ported Swiss Silk, newest combina
-27-inch heavy Black Velour A{?u wide, with large Brocaded TA tions of colorings. You TA_
Silk. Special for three yrfC Satin figures; should be 89c. tf"£ know the regular value.
days only Sale price only Our price only
'^o^kery^iassw^reTHardware, Trunks.
It's no wonder business is persistently active in the Basement. Bigger stocks, better facilities,
and every inducement for people to spend money there. Shrewd buyers are always on the lookout
for new helps to housekeeping. If you want to know how values run, compare these prices with
what you've always been accustomed to pay.
#5 Crates km) I)< )Z . Good Quality Buggy B^SggggglSgigg&aßfc Here we are
XX) piece Whips, the regulay 15c P> >rwfei! ' "ffi . JEiva again with
English kind. For Monday's sale, J)Q another car
d»'VWo "Hnjjgjf f AT iaH P'' 100 Full Made Trunks, various
aH^^^^BT /% worth §5 and % yO
3 Crates 100 piece Sets, better Bsfij|§| <J SC Monday, each
quality and finer Deco- (j» /Q P V IQO FJne Quallty
rations, worth $10.00. 50 Dozen Good Quality' Wood Trunks, Canvas or Metal Covered,
Monday, per set Frame s *» «=» flat or barrel top, heavy trimmed,
10 Crates Finest English Wrins- ft^^Z^^T M worth up to $7.50. (pi p (\{\
Porcelain Dinner Sets, three erg> ** i^^^^ M J Monday, all sizes, Ibo.UU
decorations, gold handles and Monday j SuZjJiiiw^j M. J each «k*-" vv
lOO^'ieTeT^Mon: $10 00 '"* o^^3tJ|*W
tions' worth $21.50. rt% |*% n P 50 Dozen Enameled p W^fMiffi
Monday, $lL*iO Handle Rolling Pins, fi£
3 Casks Haviland China Din- Fine Ja "
ncr Sets, three decoration?, new P anu -* (l Telescopes. Just the thingto take
Bhape, worth $24.50. rtli P AA Tin Bread your lunch to the fair grounds.
Monday, $IO.UU ?£***£* 14-inch 19c 22-inch 59c
P erset • r r s _^ kHSBB^I Monday 16 ' inch 29c 24 "! nch 6 °°
(%& price 29c Fine japanned Tin Wash
V^^^^^^H^^JA Medium size, sale price 39c Bowls and Pitchers, £■
-^ Large size, sale price 4UO the 59c size. Monday £oC
V-W^^i^ 5^ *--' Fine japanned Tin Flour » only
100 Handsomely Decorated Boxes — Fine japanned Tea Trays,
Chamber Sets, three shapes, 25-lb bize, sale price 39c s j ze> star decoration, R
new decorations; regu- £Pf\ P sO . ]b siz( , sale pr i ce 49c worth 15c. Monday, f)C.
&3£t p?r 9 stt!.°..! 9 .: w-"* 100-ib J. s^^^^;?^^^
Fancy Roman Stripe Ladies' Hair Dressing.
BeltS « Flne GrSy SWltC . b fno \jPW*t£jk Eyes examined
jßSfy. trom *'- ° P Free by a Xew York Refractlonist of ten
mm IWHII anc \ Scotch 4aßffij^ Switches la all oth- years' experience.
+ Plaid pat - ffl^P^ ershades sLsOup °%% I %&^£®^™
sS^£ aSSBaaPSLai terns, m YKKStfSf I Medicated Slam- guaranteed to wear as well aa £.. fi 2
■milMjyiilfn «— silk Web, gWV poo 250 | o udgold ....* I «°i>
Nickel and Leather Covered Har- W^^ T Extra Heavy Hair 35c Compound Ma grnifylng Olasecs, 4s£
ness Buckles, very new J- J Ban K s cut and curled. 150 rdlTGUf^Jl^V^^r^ZaeT
iaie'pnee.:....?!' C ! * Sln^g ..25c f^BE£E?2»!? $3-&9
crop in Sumner county. He is already
one of the wealthiest farmers in the
When the twins became rich they
bought adjoining plantations in South
Carolina and married mulatto girls
They would spend a day and night on
each plantation alternately.
Mr. Bunker is proud of his lineage,
though he seldom mentions his ances
try. He says he remembers his par
ents well. He is about forty years
of age and has a family of several
Banker Drowned.
PLATTSBURG. N. V., Sept. 4.— Forrest H.
Parker, president of the Produce Exchange
bank, of New York, and his wife were
drowned today in the Chain lake, near Paul
Smith's, in the Adirondacka. Mr. Parker
and his wife had gtine oyt r on the lake in a
row boat. In the afternoon the boat was
found floating on the lake, bottom upwards.
The bodies have not yet been recovered.
-Q». j
Submitted to the Secretary by Capt.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 4.— The annual
report of Capt. Alex Rodgers, of the
Fourth cavalry, who is acting as su
perintendent of the Y^semite National
park, was received by the secretary of
the Interior today. He reports that
the regular patrols have found that
there is less trespassing in the park
than In past years, but says the depre-
dations by sheep and their herders are
the worst they have to contend with.
The game, Capt. Rodgers says, seems
to be increasing in numbers, and the
deer and other animals show less fear
of human beings than in past years,
"an indication that they are not hunt
ed so much as they formerly were."
This condition of affairs leads him to
Icumoi t-iat the rigid enforcement of
the rule against carrying firearms in
the park has produced good results.
On* hundred and thirty-two firearms
ha^e been taken from persons entering
the part during the year.
The captain says he knows of only
one person having been in the park
v>ith firearms in his possession. He
caHs attention to the fact that the
Nevada Indians are in the habit of
Wheat Has Gone Up
Our prices remain the same. You get the benefit.
$1.00 wheat is possible, but
Our $1.00 Carpets Are a Fact.
Bigelow Body Brussels, per yard..,.. ..SI.OO
Lowell Body Brussels, per yard $ |. 00
Wilton Velvets, per yard $1.00
Smith Axminster, per yard $1.00
Corn May Go to 50 Cents,
But our All- Wool Carpets remain the same for one
week more. 36-inch All- Wool Carpets, 50c a yard.
Our Carpet Department was opened March Ist,
1892. Do you remember the time and how the store
looked? We had a small stock then which hardly
made a showing in so large a room. Today the
room is too small for the stock.
Money Scarce.
When dollars are scarce is the time to buy. We
sell for cash, so as to have the money when the
manufacturer is forced to unload. We offer you the
best makes of Carpets in the latest designs at job
bers' full roll prices.
Buy Now.
Later we will be overcrowded with orders, the prices
will be higher, and the selection less complete. Why
not bring the measurements or let us get them?
You select NOW. We'll cut and sew the Carpets and
hold them until you are ready to have them laid.
Don't Tell
Too many of your friends about that Mahogany
Polish Finish Genuine Inlaid Table we are selling
at $1.95 on our Furniture Floor. We can't wait
on all. See window display.
Advance Blanket Sale.
£j<\ v We have jit-st opened 50 more
(nrs\""'9 cases °f fine Wool Blankets from the
l\/////,\ /\ best woolen mills in the country.
niM| t V \ We secured these goods when times
if \ \ J&Sr were u^ anc * wool cheap. Don't
I \\ . -I wait until you have to pay winter
L-LssS but g-et here Monday and
H^r see how quickly shrewd buyers will
' *<&ifcf pick them up at our prices.
27s Pairs of Extra Large Fine Lamb's Wool Blankets,
White, Gray and Tan, artistically bound ri»/ £A
with embroidery silk. This blanket is JkH jll
worth $10.00 in any store. Our price
340 Pairs Extra Heavy 11-4 Fine Lamb's d* A
Wool Blankets, mill price, §5.50. »b4«Z«)
Our sale price only
Cotton Blankets at Equally Low Prices.
Linen Department.
Our Linen Department needs no introduction.
The best housekeepers in St. Paul know that we
save them from 25 to 50 per cent on Linens.
12 Pieces Full Bleached 66-inch Heavy All- rr
Linen Satin Damasks, worth 75c. Sale price l)jC
this week
66-inch Double Weight Half Bleached Satin rA
Damask; cannot be had outside our Iyinen De- «JllC
partraent less than 75c. Our pi ice
68, 70 and 72 inch Extra Fine Satin Damask, nr
regular $1.00 Cloth. Our special |«)C
Furniture Department. ™°™
One car load of Chiffoniers on
V V sale * m " s wee ' <> Very low prices.
x No - 8 So id Oak Chiffonier—
j^? " -ag^" jj Nicely finished; five large draw
i^fc^ssßSg^SS^H; ers. Size of top, 18x32; (J» iAp
W i-l' Wr- height, 4ft 11 inches. JNI.Mi)
t-~^~Z-J Worth S7 - Sale price v
'^* ~>9^#)L ji No * 9' Same s = ze as No 8, but has
'•; "—-:7 :,""■■ '; four drawers and two far ftP
*v v ;< \ doors. Worth $8.00. A*^ «#*>
&ra^W Sale price
-^Uii^' r^j^ No « IO Chiffonier, Same as No. 8,
■.gST^f-^y^y' but has 4 large drawers, 2 small
drawers, and 1 door. rt»/ i r
l *** s **W&&£^.-- Worth 59.00. Sale wO«4e)
v None sold to dealers,
Wash Goods Dept.
Two Cases of New Dress Calicoes, dark colors,
best standard quality. On sale Monday only, A Q
at, per yard *
Two Cases New Dark Colored Printed Flannel- n
ettes, neat choice patterns, for Dresses and CjQ
Wrappers. Sale price for Monday
One Case of Fast Black Dress Sateen, Cashmere /
finish; regular 10c quality. HQ
entering the park to kill game late in
the fall, after the troops leave it, and
he suggests that steps be taken to stop
it. Forest fires were numerous. The
big tree grove at Merced had a narrow
escape from one of them. Capt. Rod
gers thinks one of the fires was de
liberately started.
Condition of the Pension ConimiM
sloner Is Not Seriouts.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 4.— H. Clay
Evans, the commissioner of pensions,
is ill at his hotel in this city, Col.
Evans has been under a great strain
for almost a year, and upon his return
here a few days ago, from a brief va-
yfffiiS 13 TO 21
cation, he had an attack of malaria,
complicated yesterday with indlges
ticn. But he passed a very comfort
able night and his physician reports
him as greatly improved today. His
condition is not considered in any way
alarming, and he is expected to be at
his desk in a few days. Col. Evans'
family is at Mystic, Conn., visiting
Two Children Drowned.
STEVENS' POINT. Wis., Sept. 4.— Two lit
tle sons of Adam Majewski, Mike and August,
aged seven and five years, respectively, were
drowned while playing on the banks of the
Wisconsin river today. It is not known ex
actly how the accident happened. The budios
were recovered.

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