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ft ii m 11 11 on Trial on a Criminal
( hnrKP for the Failure^ to Turn
Over About One Thousand Dol
lur.s of the Money In Her Charge
—Jury Quickly Secured The
Kewfl of Mlsuieanoli*.
Mary Horrigan, once treasurer qf
tho Woman's Relief corps, department
of Minnesota, was yesterday morning
placed on trial before Judge Lancaster
and a jury for the alleged embezzle
ment of $1,027 of the corps' funds. Af-
Ut the selection of a jury the state
called as its first witness Mrs. Melissa
Haldwin. who testified to the election
of Mrs. Horrigan to the treasurership.
Charles P. Silloway testified that hi
had examined the treasurer's books,
discovering that the amount that
should have been turned over by Mrs.
Horrlgan t>> her successor" was $1,018.42.
Mrs. Mury A. Stlloway, after giving
Mine minor testimony as to the meth
od of the collection and the disburse
ment of funds, stated that just after
the discovery of vie shortage she hud
had a conversation with Mrs. Horn
pa 11. She had said: "Mrs. Horrigan,
how were you tempted?" To this Mrs.
Horripan liad replied: "Don't ask me."
A few minutes later, 'Mrs. Silloway tes
tified, Mrs. Bissell, who was also pres
t nt. had asked about a conversation
with regard to» the transfer of tho
corps' funds from one bank to the
other and had also asked if Mrs. Hor
rigan had not had the money then.
She had replied that she had not. Mrs.
Horrigan, who sat with her attorney,
was visibly affected while Mrs. Sillo
v ay was on the stand.
'Mrs. Baldwin was recalled and tes
tified that she had received a letter
from Mrs. Hovrigan last March asking
her to call. She had gone and upon
arriving at Mrs. Horrigan's home had
teen shown to her room, where she
found Mrs. Horrigan lying upon her
bed apparently much troubled. Upon
inquiry she had said that she had
drawn ?900 of the corps' money from
the bank, had placed it in three sep
arate packages and hidden it under
the carpet. The next morning it was
pone. Later the same morning Mrs.
Horrigan, the witness claimed, had
told her that she could account for
$300, having used it, but the balance
Fhe could not account for.
I)< <<bjUin of Allied Sovletles Given
The Universalists 1 state convention
convened yesterday morning in the
Church of the Redeemer. There were
delegates present from Anoka, Austin,
Albert Lea, Owatonna. Rochester and
the churches of St. Paul and Minneap
olis. The Sunday schools also had
delegates present with full rights.
Communion service in the forenoon
■was led by Rev. M. D. Shutter, as
sisted by Rev. R. E. Olmstead. A col
lection was taken for the benefit of
the Gunn memorial relief fund.
The sermon was preached by Rev.
Howard McQueary, Minneapolis. - His
topic was "Social Settlement and the
In the afternoon a report of a com
mittee to collate the laws of the con
vention, including a complete revision
of the by-laws, was adopted. The chief
point of interest was a provision to
admit delegates from other Universal
ist societies than the church and Sun
day school — such as the Y. P. C. U|
The' follcving topics were presented:
"The Apxteal to the Emotions," Rev.
J. M. Atwood, Minneapolis; "Church
Organization," Rev. A. J. Torsloff, Aus
tin; "Co-operation Among Our Church
es," Rev. L. W. Brigham, Rochester.
Will He Fnlly Attained by Banking
Bill Provision™. -
WASHINGTON. June 15.— The committee
canvassing the outlcok for passing the gen
eral banking and currency bill in the house
renounced today that about 140 members had
signed the canvass, and that all the members
in New Enpland. save the Massachusetts and
Jlaine delegations, were solid for it.
The bill was reported to the house by the
oovimittee on banking and currency today.
Tho features of the bill already have been
The report made by the committee Is main
ly the work of Representative McCleary, of
Minnesota, chairman of the special subcom
mittee that framsd the bill. It summarizes
the ultimate operation of the bill as fol
"The bill lcoks ultimately to the elimina
tion of government paper money from circu
lation. With the withdrawal of bonded se
curity also, the ultimate currency of ths
country wfll consist of gold and silver rom
of full legal tender power and notes issued
by the barks, under the provisions of the
proposed bill.
"The grewxh in the wealth of the country
and in Its ability to retain at home a large
portion of the great, gold production of the
Vnittrd S-tatea, will tend to swell the gold re
sources of the country until gld coin i 3 like
ly to become a common factor in daily ex
change among the people. This condition of
affairs- will operate at once to simplify ard
strengthen the currency system and to in
crease the security afforded by the proposed
law to the holders of bank notes.
"The barks will be required, when reserve
notes and !r~al tender notes have alike dlsap
pt-aivd. to fa-fill all requirements cf law call-
Ing for lawful mr.ney by keeping gold and
pilvor coin, ar.d the present quantity of silver
Is likely to be so completely abzerbed for re
tail exchanges that the bank reserve wi'.l
consist almost entirely of gold. This being
the case it is obvious that the issue of a
banking currency based purely en assets
without either bonds or reserve notes will
involve no risk of undue inflation or of loss
to the note holder."
It. Z. Letter Will Take Care of Jon
eph'ii Obligations.
CHICAGO, June 15.— L. Z. Leiter has
pi *iS*rdk-jii <•* JIB
For men who have lost vital energy, strength and power, men who are
raftering from the effects of past excesses, whose nerve strength is fail
ing. This famous life-giver will give you new hope, ambition. Tt will
fill your nerves and blood with life anl remove all evidence of weakness.
Drugging Is a Habit. Stop It. Let Nature Restore.
Office Hours— 9 a. m. to 6p. m. Sundays— lo to 12 a. m.
taken charge of all of Jos. Leiter's af
fairs, and will settle all of his obliga
tions and collect all of his accounts.
The final transfer from the younger
to the elder Leiter was made today.
Though Joseph Leiter will be available
to supply information as may be need
ed from time to time in straightening
out his affairs, he is as much out of the
doal as if he had never been in it.
This action removes the last vestige
of uncertainty And uneasiness that
Joseph Leiter's creditors might, have
had and is unquestionably of great im
portance to the wheat market.
The arrangement effected Tuesday,
whereby P. D. Armour will distribute
the Leiter cash wheat in the United
States, Alex Geddes in Great Britain
and the Illinois Tiust and Savings bank
in France, will continue.
Five liven Relieved to Have Keen
KANSAS CITY, Kas.. June 15.— A
cloud burst about 11 o'clock tonight in
the vicinity of Chelsea, a suburban
pleasure resort about three miles south
west of here, is believed to have caused
the death of at least five persons and
possibly more.
An artifical lake had been created In
the park by the building of a dam
across Jersey creek. The flood of water
carried away this dam and a torrent
poured out of the low lands along the
Half a dozen houses standing near
the creek were carried away.
Mrs. Creenlee, living on Thirteenth
street, near the creek, was drowned.
Robert Koknote, his wife and two chil
dren are missing and are believed to
have perished. Three other persons are
reported to have been drowned, but
their names are unknown.
Spniitnrdtt Cheeked in Rebuilding
Wrecked Fortification*.
Copyright by the Associated Press.
OFF SANTIAGO. June 14, by the As
sociated Press Dispatch Boat Dandy,
via Kingston, June 15.— Th^e D. S. S.
New Orleans, having been ordered by
Admiral Sampson to destroy the new
battlements of El Morro, on which a
large number of Spaniards had been
working, took up a position at 5 o'clock
this morning about 500 yards from
shore and 1,000 yards from Morro bat
tery. She opened up on :he emplace
ments with her rapid-fire guns. Red
clouds of sand rose on the hill top,
where the emplacements were building.
Following the fifteenth shot the Morro
batteries replied with one shell that fell
near the stern of the flagship New
York. After twenty minutes gun prac
tice Admiral Sampson signaled the
New Orleans to cease firing. Then as
she retired Morro sent ten shots after
her without doing any damage.
Dv Boso and Carrama So Ordered
by Duke De Rio.
MADRID, June 15.— Duke Almodovar do R'o,
minister of foreign affairs, has ordered Semi-
Dv Bosc, former Spanish charga d'affaires
at Washington, ar.d Lieut. Carranza, former
Spanish naval attache there, to leave Canada.
MONTREAL. June 15.— Lieut. Carranza
emphatically denies the statement from Mad
rid that he and Senor Dv Bosc have been di
rected to leave Canada.
Senate Session Viik on the Strictly
Clerical Order.
WASHINGTON, June 15.-After the pas
sage of a large number of privata pension
bills and listening to a carefully prep -.red
speech on the advantages of Republican tar ff
. legislation by Mr. Prltchard (N. C), the 3 n
ate today resumed considera'ion of the inter
national American bank Ml. An amend
ment was accepted by the commute- and
adopted, extending the privieges of the mens-
U / e }° . all cltlzens of the United States in
stead of restricting them to thosa mentioned
in tne bill.
Whpn the senate adjourned consideration
or the bill had not been concluded.
Arrangement!* Discussed for Nation
al Currency Convention.
CHICAGO, June 15.— At a meeting held to
day at the headquarters of the Na-ional Sound
Money league, th s executive committee select
ed M. E. Ingalls, of Cincinnati, chairman of
the committee. 'G. Foster Peabody was added
to the membership, and Henry Hentz, of Xew
York, was chosen an alternate member
Advices were received from Jm!g3 Horr
vice president for Oregon, to the effect that
tne result of the election there was largely
due to the valuable aid rendered by th= league
in spreading information on the money ques
tion throughout the state.
fo Th t c h fi C ° m^ itte ? dlscusfed tQ e arrangements
L,^ ational currei< -cy convention to be
held under the auspices of the league durin»
the Omaha exposition in September. Gold
silver and paper Interests would be repre
sented by their ablest speakers It Is de
clared by the committee that all shades of
currency sentiment should be accorded the
privilege of full and unrestrained expression
the purpose of the convention being the en
lightenment of public opinion by the free in
terchange of views on the currency question
The committee was unanimously of the
opinion that as soon as the present Ameri
can-Spanish war is out of the way the cur
rency question will again come up and be th»
foremost subject of public discussion.
General Secretary E. V. Smalley of St
Paul, was present.
Tnko Laxative Dromo Quinine Tablets All
druggists refund monsy if it fails to cure 25c
The genuine has L. D. Q. on each tablft. '
Declared a Draw,
ELMYRA. N. V.. June 15,-Dlck Moare, of
St. Paul, and. Pat Raedy. of Washington D
C, fought six hard and fast rounds b fore
800 spectators at the Maple Athletic club
here tonight.
It was declared a draw.
Jury In the Cane of the Austin A»-
HaHsln Returned a Verdict After
Being Oat Three Hours Stay of
Thirty Day* and a Prison Sen
tence Asked by the Defeuse of
the Court.
Special to The St. Paul Globe.
AUSTIN, Minn., June 15.— The Wil
liams murder trial ended today. The
case went to the jury, who, after <^rae
hours, returned a verdict of murder in
the first degree. The attorney for the
defense moved for a thirty day stay
of the proceedings and asked the court
to make the sentence life imprisonment
instead of. death. Court adjourned to
July 6th, when sentence will be Im
The closing arguments were made
this morning, the attorney for the de
fense pleading self-defense on account
of Finn's threats to kill and abusive
Decrees Conferred Vpon the Grad
uating' Class.
NORTHFIELD, Minn., June 15.—To
day was sheepskin day at Carleton col
lege and the last day of commence
ment week. The graduating exercises
of the class of '98 were held at the Con
gregational church this morning at
10:30, and the class members are now
counted among the alumni. John W.
Johnson delivered the Latin salutatory,
and Miss Christlanna Spencer delivered
the vaiedictory address. Charles E.
Burton, A. 8., '95, delivered his mas
ter's oration, "The Twentieth Century
Church." Bachelors' degrees were con
ferred on the class members as fol
lows: Bachelor of arts, Malcolm Dana,
Northfleld; Hans J. Jager, Detroit;
John W. Johnson, Northfield; Frank E.
Lockerby, Northfield; Caroline Man
ning, Northfield; Charles E. Ryberg,
Gowrle, Io.; Ludwig Sundeen, Brant
ford, Kan.; Irene L. Woodman, North
field. Bachelor of literature 1 , Minnie
M. Dilley, Northfield; Helen S. Evans,
Tacoma, Wash.; Eleanor J. Gladstone,
Reidsville, N. C; Nellie B. Gregg,
Northiield; Harriet 4*.. Guilford; Min
neapolis; Alice D. Hannahs, Beloit,
Wls.; Lillian C. Klossner, New Ulm;
Margery Morrison, Skowhegan, Me.;
Carolyn A. Ogden, Northfield; Charles
B. Ottesen, Montevideo. Bachelor of
science, Max J. Exner, Boone, Io.; Eu
gene C. Graham, Northfield; Herman
P. McChesney, Northfield; William A.
Westerson, Line Island.
Tlie Organization Is in Session at
Special to The St. Paul Globe.
« CHASKA, Minn., June 15.— The Min
nesota State Fire Department associa
tion is holding its annual convention
here. The convention was formally
opened by President John Hoehn, who
introduced Mayor Giemer, who deliver
ed the address of welcome. The meet
ing was then opened for business with
the following- officers present: Presi
dent, John Hoehn, Chaska; first vice
president, Thomas Dugan, Austin; sec
ond vice president, P. R. Fennell, Wi
nona; secretary, R. O. Strong, St. Paul;
treasurer, Frank E. Joy, Stillwater.
The reports of the secretary and treas
urer were accepted. The legislative
committee brought in a report peti
tioning Minnesota's representatives in
congress to oppose the bill before that
body to annul the annual 2 per cent tax
of insurance companies.
A hard fight is being made for the
place of meeting for 1901. The cities. in
the fight are Lake City, Melrose, Fer
gus Falls and Belle Plaine, with Lake
City In the lead.
This afternoon there was a street
parade, in which the local societies and
the visiting departments took part.
The Belle Plain men were awarded the
prize for being the best drilled depart
A picnic and ball were the other fea
tures of the day.
Farmers in Dakota Preparing to
Eradicate the Pest.
FESSENDEN, N. D., June 15.— Wells,
Eddy and Foster counties are aroused
over the discovery of grasshoppers.
The county commissioners in the dif
i ferent counties have taken the matter
in hand and are exerting every possible
effort to exterminate the p:rasites. The
Northern Pacific railway has agreed to
haul kerosene oil and distribute it free
of charge along Its Jamestown North
ern 'branch, where the "hoppers" are
worst. This oil is placed in a pan about
122 feel long, which is mounted on a
higih frame on runners. Over this
frame is stretched a canvas, which is
saturated with kerosene. The hop
per dose" — as it is called — is drawn
ever the, ground where the hoppers are
and they jump into the "doser." The
oil kills them. The county commission
ers and farmers are having these "hop
per-desers" made as fast as they can
and they are being used quite effect
The commissioners of thl3 county
met this morning and appointed a
grasshopper commiss'on, giving them
power to take any steps necessary to
eradicate the pest. The commission
has ordfred a carlrad of o:i and twen
ty-five "dosers." It is thought that by
the end of next week, by diligent ef
forts, we will be safely rid of the
The Regulation* for the Sale Ap
proved at WiiHhiiiKlon.
WASHINGTON, June 15.— Secretary
Bliss has approved the regulations for
the sale of Red Lake pine lands. The
lands in the Duluth district will be
offered to the highest bidder at Duluth
on Aug. 2, and in the Crookston dis
trict, at that office, on Aug. 16. Land
Commissioner Hermann will in a few
days transmit to local offices instruc
tions for the sale of these lands. The
lists prepared at the land office are to
be published for four consecutive weeks
in papers in designated localities. All
lands are to be sold in forty-acre tracts
to the highest bidder on the basis of the
amount of timber estimated to be on
each tract at not less than $3 per acre.
Such tracts as are not disposed of at
public sale are to be sold at private
pale any time thereafter under the
same conditions.
HeTV PoNtmasters.
WASHI7«}ON, June 15.— Postmasters were
appointed td*day, as follows: Minnesota-
Genoa, Olmsted county, Charles Deniott, vice
Clarence M. Baker, dead; Maple Plain, H^n
nepin county, Robert M. Mills, vice Julius
Hardt, removed; South Haven, Wright coun
ty, A. R. Kersten, vice George W. Mutt'-rs.
removed. North Dakota— Gardner. Cisc
county, George R. Cook. Wisconsin— Collins
William Schmidt; East Superior, John A.
Haldin; Lamartino, Sidney E. McCumber.
Flow of "Water.
SDecial to The St, Paul Globe.
CHAMBERLAIN, S. D., June 16.— A strong
flow of water was struck in the government
artesian well at ths Chamberlain Indian
school. The water {3 to be used for fire pro
tection and to a slight degree for irrigating
The well is six inches in diameter and throws
water three and one-half feet above the top
Kidnapping Cane.
Sdgc:=l to The St. Paul Globe.
DEVIL'S LAKE, N. D.. June 15.— At the
preliminary hearing before Judge Duell in the
kidnapping case, M. F. Manning waived ex
amination and was bound over to the district
court In the sum of $2,000. J. Dowd, Sintlh
Fassctt and William Elliott asked for a
change of venue.
Indian Celebration.
Special to The St. Paul Olobe.
DETROIT, Minn., June 15.— The Chlppewa
Indians of White Earth reservation held their
annual celebration yesterday. The programme
consisted of speeches, horse races, canoe races
and games. About 7 p. in. the Indians started
their all-night dance, which ended the day's
MliiiittHuta IVnsiisn.u.
WASHINGTON, Juna 15.— Noithwe te n pen
sions were granted today as follows:
Minnesota— Original: Andrew L. J. Corn
ish, Heron, $6. lUistor&tlon and increase:
Rotert Gardner (dead), Marshall, ?8 to $12.
Increase: Joseph W. Burch, Owatonna, $8 to
$10; Uobert M. Hill, St. Charles, $8 to $10.
Programme to l>e Given by the
I'Anlith Grade.
The following is the programme of the
eighth grade of the Irving school, which will
be given today at 2 o'clock:
Song School
"The Land of the Guiding Star."
Salutatory Miss Ethel Srooner
"Papa's O!d Saytn" Miss Jcs-rle Maher
"Martyrs of the Maine" Miss M. Edgerton
Song— "Larboard Watch" S hool
"Legend of the Organ Builder" E. Keiler
Class history Miss Louise Welch
The historical tableau.
Group I—
Schcol girl Miss M. Edgerton
Goddess of history Miss P. Leonard
Patrick Henry L. Maxfield
Independence bell Elmer Nor.on
Washington Arthur Lark in
Adams Herbert Sullwold
Group ll— -^
Jean of Arc -Miss M. Mor'and
Prisoil!a Mleb E. Spooner
Elizabeth Miss L. Davis
JesMe McDonald Miss C. Lams
Group III—
Jackscn John Mullen I
Ur.oln Edgar Keller'
Orrant Herb-it Walker I
Group IV—
Lucretla Mott Mdss S. Kranshaar
Grate Darling Miss L. Welch '
Porence Nightingale Miss E. Merrill !
Harriet B. Stowe Mlsa E. Walker
Group V—
Our Starry banner Miss A. Mul'.en
Star Spangled Banner School
Winnie Davta Miss F. Pease
5 a , rba ™ F ritchie Miss E. Burnatt
Solo— Shadow Town" Mis 3 A. S'oane
Valedictory Master L. Maxfleld
Piano accompanist Miss H. Fillebrcwn
Members of class are: Jesse Bee Hairy
wmi £i , James , Campbell, Horace Dyer,
Willie I-lnigan, Edgar Keller, Fred Kendrlck
Louis King, Clayton Hutchir.s. Arthur LarJ
mJJ; i h y, n D Mu , llen A LDUis Maxfleld, Willie
Moroland, Paul Newton, Herbert Oakes
Minor Palmer, Richaj-d Strlck: a nd Herbert
w W^-V Paul^ ThUet ' Ned Thon»son. Hlr- I
bort Elmer Norton, wTrYle Graves
Edah Burnett, Lueile Davis, Margaret Edgerl
riff rf ? ]eh^' n - Gertr «de Gray Estelle
Gifford, Lottie L*ins,. Pearl Leonard. Abblo
v H en '« S ° P . hie J Kralislla ar, Jessie Mather
ffegaAm- Hazel Tvs1 -' ««
Sent Out by the Red Cross Ladles
The Red Cross headquarters were closed at
4 o clock yesterday afternoon, and the ladies
all went over to the armory to assist with the
work there.
Mrs. A. P. Moss was In charge of the house
and Mr 3. C. E. Buch and Mrs. H M Weid
man were in charge of the sewing. The la-
A^nf. V k v y e i terda y were from the Bates
Avenue M. E. church, as follows: Mrs A
P. Atkins. Mrs. C. M. Hay ward Mrs J J
Jaggard Mrs. G. W. Warnick, Mra W J
atph ? ,"' *£ S UE - D ayton, Mrs AI E
SSfcK Va» H bu B y m e k - ""■ E " * Fl ™*
Three barrels were packed by a man sent
from Ogden Merrill & Greer's Thete bar
rels went to the Fourteenth reginipnt and
the .articles, malted milk, fruit juices pre
pared foods, etc.. were packed in rags as
£SS t r JT^ ted by Mq J- Cole recenUy 5 %«h0 i
f ha ' the y cou!a »°t get too many rkgsto
use ,n the hospitals. Two small boxes of
lemonade and stoniach bitters were also sent
w^ir h T a X recelv ? d f r°m Eagle Bend this '
week which contained 105 pir.Sw slips, two I
sheets, some old linen and jnuslin i
•„ < entertainment will be given this even- I
£?•■ f »ll c Sutch ofthe Messiah by the I
PihSn f h c Friendly society. Miss Charlotte I
gramme. g6 ° f the musical P ro "
Herman Xnterman Drinks Carbolic
Acid and Dies.
Herman Unterman, a tailor, living at 402
East Sixth street, ended his life shortly after
8 o'clock yesterday morning by drinking two
ounces of carbolic ac'd. The act of self
destruction was committed at Como park
where Unterman doubtless went with the de
termined purpose of ending his life
Coroner Nelson investigated the case, and
decided it plainly one of suicide. A bottle still
containing a part of the poison was found in
the closet.
Unterman was 48 years old, and worked for
the Minnesota Tailoring company. He leaves
a wife and five children.
The remains were taken to Cross' under
taking rooms. 187 West Seventh street No
inquest will be held. |
One of the Two Leading: Journals of
Vienna Outspoken In Sympathy.
From the Vienna Deutsche Zei'ung.
One of the saddest and most disgust
ing spectacles of public life is the po
litical hypocrisy celebrating its orgies
in the present war. The leading news
papers of Europe have united in a de
nunciation of the North American re
public. Liberal conservative and cler
ical have made wholesale attacks on
poor Uncle Sam, accusing the United
States of indulging in a brutal policy
of conquest and aggression. Strange
it is, indeed, that these same newspa
pers have taken an entirely different
position regarding the foreign politics
of their own country, for which they
are now condemning the United States.
A few days ago a respectable Berlin !
newspaper of rational tendency de
manded that Germany obtain exclusive I
control and possession of Samoa, on I
the ground that German commerce in
the islands in the last year had greatly
shrunk. This same newspaper, how
ever, in the strongest words charged
the United States with fostering rapa
cious designs on Cuba, ignoring the
fact, however, that ths. exports of the
Union to the Pearl of the Antilles, and
the damages which it has suffered in
consequence of the Cuban war, have
been far greater than the German losses
in Samoa.
At the present moment the division
of the Chinese empire between the
European nations is going on, applaud
ed by these same newspapers, who are
now thundering against the "rapacious
and brutal Yankee nation." It is ac
knowledged by all impartial witnesses
tha.t the legal rights of the North
American Union de facto are far great
er than those Of- the- European nations,
including Germa,ny^" who are now so
anxious to obtain fat morsels of land
in China. Hf#> tHe North American
Union a*ny depfre ;£o annex Cuba It
would have a -nerfgjet right to do so,
for geographical*! Tp-olHical, commercial,
humanitarian &nd ;other reasons.
Our whole sympathy In this war is
with the Uniop.' There is hardly a
family in Austria 4? Germany which
has not some dear -relatives or friends
on the other sScte- of the water, many
of whom are 'rfow.i'preparing to sfh»d
their blood for jt£e cifuse of their adopt
ed country. Considered from a com
mercial standpoint, ',#-e should be care
ful not to antagiiniae the Unit?d States,
especially at the present time, whet*
our export trade")? &\ such a low ebb.
The North American republic is a
warning for all rulers and governments
who are now steerirg into the channels
of absolutism. Without the Union civic
liberty in Europe would have been an
Impossibility. We therefore make no j
mistake in suppesing that the sympa
thies of all friends of lißerty are with
the United States.
Writs of Mandamus.
Alternative wrlt^ of mandamus against the
Minnesota Transfer Railway company and the
Great Northern and Chicago, SU Paul. Mm
neapolis ft Omaha railway comjwmles were
Issued yesterday by Judge. Lewis.
The write are made returnable June 25 and
were applied for by the city in order to settle
the question as to whether the city or the
railroad companies should bear the expense
for repairs to the Westminster street and* Uni
versity avenue bridges.
Discovery and Character of the Mont
Extraordinary Liquid Known.
At the meeting of the Chemical so
ciety Prof. Dewar gave a short account
of the first attempts made to determine
the physical contents of liquid hydro
gen. Among the most interesting points
brought forward was that just aa in
the middle of last century chemists
were startled by Cavendish's discovery
of a factitious gas, namely, hydrogen
having a density of one-fourteenth
that of air, so now they were startled
by finding in liquid hydrogen a liquid
haying a density of 0.07, or roughly
one-fourteenth that of water. Hydro
gen occluded in palladium has been
found to have a density of £62. What
ever, therefore, be the form in which
it exists in that metal, it is more than
eight times denser than in the liquid
condition, and consequently must be in
a state of chemical combination, and
not merely in one of liquefaction.
Liquid hydrogen is thus by far the
imost extraordinary liquid known. The
lightest liquid hitherto obtained is
liquid marsh gas, which has at its
boiling point a density of about two
fifths that of water. Liquid hydrogen,
therefore, has only one-sixth of the
density of liquid marsh gas, and the
surprising thing is that having such a
small density, it is so well denned, so
easily seen, and so capable of collec
tion and manipulation In vacuum ves
sels. •
Prof. Dewar has determined the boil
ing point of the liquid by means of a
[ platinum resistance thermometer —
I practically the only form available at
such low temperatures. The result he
Jias obtained is — 238 degrees centigrade
|at atmospheric pressure; in other
words, liquid hydrogen boils steadily at
35 degrees above the zero of absolute
temperature. From all analogy it is
inferred that the lowering of tempera
ture that will be produced by forcing
the liquid to boil in vacuo cannot
amount to more than 10 or 15 degrees.
It is, therefore, possible to say with
confidence that at the present moment
science can project no method that will
get nearer to the absolute zero than 20
or 25 degrees.
The boiling point of liquid hydrogen
is really higher than suggested by
theory and the work of other experi
menters. The density of the vapor com
ing off from the boiling liquid is eigiit
times denser than the gas at ordinary
temperatures, Whereas in the case of
liquid air the vapor is only four times
heavier. Liquid hydrogen, again, is 100
times denser than the vapor it is giving
off, whereas the density of liquid oxy
gen is 255 times greater than that of
Its vapor. The atomic volume of liquid
hydrogen at its boiling point is 14.3,
while that of oxygen is 13.7.
It may be mentioned that the plati
num resistance thermometer, when im
mersed in the liquid hydrogen, is cooled
to within six platinum degrees of its
zero point, so that if cooled these few
degrees more — as it can be by means
of the liquid boiling under reduced pres
sure—it must break down, becoming an
infinite conductor with no resistance.
Fish Car Here.
United States fish commisdioi erir
No. 2, in charge of H. R. Groves, ar
rived in St. Paul yesterday over the
Northern Pacific and leaves tonight for
Capt. Groves has for distribution
■ 25,000 lake trout, and 40,000 each of
j brook trout and steel head trout.
The car will remain in St. Paul a day
| or two, and then rgturn to Duluth,
I where it has been for two weeks.
I,~~' \ I ' '
| ONE CENT a word is all it costs to tell
your wants In the business columns of
I The Globe. Thousands read It.
•%' ~ . —
Principal Office, New York City. (Organ
ized In 1597.) Allen W. Adams, President.
Edward H. Batts. Secretary. Attorney to
accept service in Minnesota. Insurance Com
missioner. Cash capital, J150.C00.
Premiums other than perpetuals. $125,448. 43
Rents and interest ; 7,335.73
Profit on ledger assets over book
values 112.50
Total income $132,856.71
Amount paid for losses $20,785.10
Commissions, brokerage, salaries
and allowances to agents 37,428. r.l
Taxes and fees 1,816.11
All other disbursements 6,258.42
Total disbursements $86,239.1-1
Excess of Income over disburse
ments $86,607.57
ASSETS DEC. 81, 1897.
Collateral loans $5.0C0.00
Bonds and stocks owned 239,505.00
Cash in office and In bank 21, 342. 1S
Accrued interest and rents ' 55:> ! 75
Premiunis in course of collec
tion ...: 14.576.03
Total admitted assets $253,976.95
Losses adjusted and unadjusted. $16,594.38
Reinsurance reserve 57,472.17
Capital stock paid up 15oi0O-\OO
Total liabilities, including
capital $221,060.55
[Net surplus $59,310.41
Fire risks written during tho
year $21,061,998.00
Premiums received, thereon 178,365.12
Net amount in force at end of the
year 11,457,500.00
No business in Minnesota in 1597.
State of Minnesota,
Department of Insurance,
St. Pau!, June 7, 189*.
I, the undersigned Insurance Commissioner
of the State of Minnesota, do hereby certify
that the Lafayette Fire Insurance Company
above named, has complied with the Isws of !
this state relating to insurance, and is now !
fully empowered, through its authsrUod !
agents, to transact its appropriate bus.nus-i j
of Fire Insurance in this State for the year !
ending Jan. 31st, 3899.
Insurance Comiuission'.r.
Fourth hi -1 Minnesota Sts., St. I'nul.
sey — ss. In Probaio Court — Special Term
Juno Sth. 1808.
In the matter of tlte estate of Anna Kuck,
formerly Anna Jedllcka, deceased.
On reading and filing the petition of Jennie |
M. Kinsey, administratrix of the estate of '
Anna Kuclc, formerly Anna Jedlicka, do- !
ceased, representing among other things that
she has fully administered said estate, end j
praying that a time and place be fixed for '
examining and allowing her final account I
of administration, and for the assignment cf I
the .residue cf said estate to the persons en- i
titled thereto by law.
It is ordered that the said account be ex- |
amlned, and petition heard, by the Judgo j
of this Court, on Tuesday, the Sth day of
July, A. D. 1898, at 10 o'clock a. m., at thn
Probate Court Room in the Court House in
St. Paul, in said county.
And It is further ordered that notice there
of be given to all per3ons interested by pub
lishing a copy of this order for three suc
cessive weeks, once in each week, prior to
said day of hearing, In The St. Paul Globe,
a dally newspaper printed and published at
St. Paul, in said county.
By the Court.
G. WILLRICH, Judge of Probate,
L. 8.
BUY OR SELL reuses, farms, stores, build
ings or anything else you may wish
through a small want In The Q1 o b •.
Same rate as charged atQlobe
Office, Fourth and Minnesota
No advertisement less than 20
Two cents per word for Perso
na/, Clairvoyants, Palmists,
Massage and Medical Ads.
Leave your want ads at any
one of the following
Globe Branch Offices.
Bedford and Decatur G. R. Mareliug
Payne, 9E4 A. £ G. A. Schumacher
East Third, 679 Sever Wcstby
Broadway, 442 M. D. Merrill
Grove and Jackson Joseph Argay
Seventh and Sibley William K. Collier
St. Anthony and Prior A. L. Woolsey
Pale, 171 A. T. Guernsey
Grand and St. Albans Emil Bull
Rondo and Grotto Straight Bros.
Rondo, 235 A. A. Campbe'.l
Sclby and Western W. A. Frost & Co.
Victoria and Selby Brackett'a
University and Prior C. A. Monchow
East Seventh, 29 B. J. Witte
Rice, 496 F. M. Crudden
Robert and Twelfth W. E. Lowe
Rice and Iglehart Ray Campbell
Seven Corners S. H. Reeves
St. Peter and Tenth C. T. Heller
South Robert and Fairfleld The Eclipse
State and Concord Concord Drug Store
Wabasha and Kairfleld George Marti
Wabasha and Isabel A. T. Hall
James and West Seventh J. J. Mullen
West Seventh, 499. .A. & G. A. Schumacher
AGENTS wanted, for "Our Naval War With
Spain;" splendidly illustrated; only authen
tic book to be published; free outfit now
ready; act quick. National Pub. Co., L*'te
eide Bldg., Chicago.
AGENTS WANTED— Active men and womtn;
greatest inducements offered; $3 to $10 ptr
day. Call 62 East Eleventh St.. St. Paul.
A FORMULA for asthma and catarrh. Senfl
10c. Box 29, St. Paul, Minn.
$850, CU0; largest, strangest, best Minnesota
life company; wants capable agents; {jives
producers every assistance. . Address Doug
las Putnam. Secretary. St. Paul.
CLERK — Wanted, clerk in railroad office.
State age and experience. Address B 16,
OFFICE BOY— Wanted, young man abuu^W
years of age, as office boy; must be neat,
energetic and willing. Apply Conroy &
Crotty, 27 East Seventh at.
-SALESMEN to sell toi'.et soap to dealers on
time. $ICO monthly and expenses; exper
ience unnecosaary. Louis Ernst Co., St.
Louis, Mo.
WANTED immediately, farmer boys and
others to sell an article much needed by all
farmers; profit $5 to $10 daily. Address
Novelty Works, 279 Williams st.. St. Paul,
WANTED— A good man to work in lumber
yard that can grade and scale hard wood
lumber. Address or apply to St. Anthony
Furniture Co.. St^Anthony Park. Mi^n.
$15 TO $50 WEEKLY amfexpenses paid sales
men to sell cigars to dealers on time;
experience unnecessary. C. C. Bishop &
Co., St. Louis. Mo.
?15 TO $35 A WEEK and expenses paid
men to sell cigars on time; experience un
necessary. W. L. Klinp Co., St. Lonfr. Mo.
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, good girl for gen
eral housework at 526 Selby ay.
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a girl to assist with
housework. 293 Dayton ay.
LADIES to do copying and address envelopes
at home, and travel on salary. Enclose
self-addressed stamped envelope for reply.
Q 16, Glebe.
WANTED— A woman to do laundry work and
aaalat cook. Apply 4G6 Pionter Press Bdg.
DRESSMAKER— An experienced dressmaker
wants sewing by the day in families Ad
dreas 227 Carroll.
KITCHEN GIRLSJ-Wanted, at the Aberdeen
hotel, three kltchen_Kirls. Apply to chef.
Employment Re&ister.
Office, 141 East Ninth Street. Telephone ISS.
We wish to secure work for:
BOYS— Two good boys needing work as office
or errand Doy3.
ficient, rnl:able man will take any suitable
work; moderate salary.
REPAIRING of Trunks and Vallsea wanted !
by a man who understands the v.ork thor- '
NURSES— We have efficient women who would !
like to get nursing to do.
WOMEN for washing, ironing, house-clean- i
Ing, etc., can ba obtained from this office; j
also men to do odd jobs, such as cleaning \
up yards, removing ashes, beating carpets. :
810 Globe Building.
Real Estate Loans, Low Rates.
FOR SALE— MiIk business; 21 cows, 4 horses,
two wagons, arid>3 acres corn fodder; $l,2l)e! |
823 Van Buren st.
$150 INVESTED BAHNS 85 par cent wscktr; '
established eighteen cities; third y^ar; par- j
ticulars free. D. Sloane, 110 St. Paul
Baltimore, Md.
faila; seed 4 cents for Woman's Safe Guard
Wilcox Med. Co., Dept. 146, Philadelphia,
LADIE3! My monthly regulator never fai!«;
box free. Mrs. B. M.Rowan. Milwaukee. Wie.
TO EXCHANGE— New goods exchanged £or
second-hand. Cardozo Furniture and Ex
change Company. 232 Kast Seventh st.
Ndtlce of Mortgage Sale.
Default having- been made in the condi
tions of a certain mor!gage, bearing date of
August twentieth, one thousand eight hun
dred and ninpty, made by Peter Langan and
Bridget Langan, his wife, mortgagors, to J.
Homer Pierce, as he is trustee, mortgagee,
and recorded in the office of the Register of
I)t rds of Ramsey County. Minntsota, on t!*e
seventeenth day of October, A. D. lb'.lil at
4:35 o'clock p. m., in Bock "237" of Mort
gages, on page 115, upon which mortgage '
there is now due and payable the sum of i
seven hundred fix and 92-100 -dollars ($706.92) I
which sum includes forty and 6S-ICO ($10. Co)
dollars, paid by said morragoe for taxes for
the y?ars. ISM, 1595 and 1596 upon said prom
Now. therefore, Notice is hereby given that
oy virtue of the power of sale In the said
mortgage contained and the statute In such
case made and provided, the said mortßaFo
will be foroclosfd by a sale at public an tlon
to the highest bidder for cash, of the pre.m ses
I therein described, to be made by the sheriff
of said Ramsey county, at the Cedar street
, entrance to the Ramsey County Court House
in the City of St. Paul, Ramsey County!
Minnesota, on Saturday, July 9, ISPS, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon, to satisfy the
amount whinh will then be due upon the
| said mortgage, the costs an* disbursements
I of sale, and twenty-five dollars, attorney's
I fees, stipulated to be paid in case of a fore
i closure of the said mortgage.
The premises described in the said mort
gage, and so to be sold, are all that tract
or parcel of land lying and being in the
County of Ramsey and State of Minnesota.
d< scribed as follows. to-wlt: Lots numbered
eight (S) and nine (9; ol Cooper's Addition to
St. Paul, according to the recorded plat
thereof, on fije in the office of the Register
of Deeds in and for said Ramsey County, said
lots comprising one tract or parcel of land
and so mortgaged.
Dated at St. Paul, Minnesota, May 25, IS9B
As he is Trustee,
Attorneys for Mortgagee,
Natl. Ger.-Am. Bank Bldg.,
St. Paul. Minnesota.
fIKSgHJM AUSTIN'S Antiseptic kills
KraHnflNftSS the3e microbes. Fr.-e mic.-o-
KaiUlJUkigsS scoplc search of scalp by Pr >f.
V3[*fi"SjS* a Austin, Syndicate Aica r !e,
aOHCLfcsBKs Minneapolis. If joi c:;n't
come send $1 for a bottle.
Switches, Waves, Bangs and
jttßlHfißk Gentlemen's Hair Chains, ail
Cn^j made in the latest styles, whoie
jßSo* '\ salti and retail. Shampooing, 2o
*ir«" A* cts. Hair Dressing and Scalp
Ji JL Treatment. Office and Petrl'j
\^^ Hair Store, 476 Wabastia St.,
■** Valentine Block, cor. Ninth St.
Mall orders filled. St. Pant Minn.
HOUSES— 4OO Nugent St., two one-stiry brick
onuses, city water; cheap. Inu.uiie The
State 'jjvingß Bank.
AT HOTEL FEY, corner Cedar and Seventh.
Rooms at summer prices. By day, 35. 50
_and $1; week, $2 and $2.50; month $7 to $10.
ROOMS — Two furninlud rooms and barn, ona
block from hotel. .Mrs. M. A. Fox, Second
St., .Wh_!te_Bear. M lnn.
HOOMS— Two nicely fuini=hed front rooms in
private family; large shady yard; cl.,s- to
car line; ten minutes' walk of curt h^u^t;
no other roomers; rent moderate. Ad
dress E 17, Globe.
FLATS— For rent, flats in stone front, 722
Selby ay. Apply Room 214 Phoenix Bldg.,
cor. Seventh and_Cedar.
756 PAYNE AY.. six room flat, city water
and sewer; or. car line.
1076 Payne ay., four rooms, lower floor, city
water and sewr; nice yard.
256 West Seventh st., flat, city water and
Eewer; on car line.
Inquire The State Savings Bank.
756 PAYNE AY., brick store with barn and
three adjoining vacant lots; property rait
able and used for last five years for fe. d
and fuel business.
256 West Seventh st.. newly remodeled store.
Inquire The State Savings Bank.
A NUMBER of fine Shetland ponies arrived,
and are for sale cheap at Barrett & Zim
merman's stables. Midway, St. Paul, Minn.
FIFTY HEAD of young work mulea for sale
cheap at Barrett & Zimmerman's stabl' s
Minnesota Transfer, St. Paul.
HORSES — All clasaea constantly on hand-
Western buyers for farm stock. Come and
see us. G. W. Wentworth Co., South St
Paul, at Union Stock Yards.
THE HEADQUARTERS for all clasßes of
horses, with from 300 to 500 constantly on
hand, you find at Barrett & Zimmerman'3
__stables,_ J Midway, st. p au l. Minn.
ANNA MACK, from Chicago, IS6 Kasi St-v
--enth gt; baths, all kinds; expert massaging.
manicuring. 56 East Seventh st.
f ADfEBI Chichesfer's English Pennyroyal p;i:,
MRS. DR. STElN— Baths; electro-magnetii
healer; cures nervousness. 27 East Seventh
St.. suite 200.
ii me. laurettX's" m assageTbath par"
lors; elite patronage solicited. 31S Jack-on.
STELLA FREMONT, beth parlors; electro
magnetic. expert massagists. 338 East Sixth
St., near Robert.
St.. Flat 9— Masaage parlor.
LOCKWOOD'S Gcod Luck Salve; b^st thin?
for sore feet; all druggists; established lj
GASOLINE RANGE— For sale, gasoline ri.n?e
iv perfect condition; used out short time
Call 355 St. Peter st.
ROOM— Wanted to rent one larga uafurnls'.i
ed room on Pleasant ay., cr near Irvne
park. Address_Y__4l, Globe.
STORE— Wanted, small, well located store
with living room, for cigars, news etc.
Must be moderate rent. Address B 12
Proposals to Purchase Certificates
of Indebtedness.
Sealed proposals, in duplicate, will be re
! £ etv , ed , a J, the office of th « Board of Stats
i Capitol Commissioners. No. 512 Endicott
! Building, St. Paul. Minnesota, at any tima
I prior -to 11 o'clock a. m. June 24th. IS9B and
! at that time will be opened by the Board
■ for the purchase of certificates of indebt.-U
--1 ness to the total amount of $200 000 to bo
; dated and issued July Ist, IS9S. bearing 4
per cent interest therefrom, payable semi
annually. at the office of the State Treasurer
and maturing: $50,000 July Ist, 1300- $100
--000 July Ist, 1901; $50,000 July Ist. 1902; saU
certificates being issued under the provisions
of Chapter 96 of the General Laws of UN
approved April 3d. 1897, for the purpose of
providing funds to facilitate the construction
of the new Capitol for the State of Minne-
Eota. Proposals will bo received for any por
tion of said Issue. Said certificates will ba
issued in sums of 50, 100, 500 and 1.000 dol
lars, or upwards, and intending parcbaefl
are requested to designate their preference.
Copies of the ant authorizing this issue
may be obtained, and a specimen copy of
I said certificates may be seen, on applica
tion to the Secretary at the office of the
I Board.
The right is reserved to reject any and
all bids and to waive any defect or informal
ity in any bid. if it be deemed in the in
terest of the state to do so. Proposals re
ceived after the time stated will be returned
to the bidder?. Proposals must be enclosed
in envelopes, sealed and marked "Proposal*
for the purchase of certlGcatOß of indebted
ness," and addressed to the Board of- Stat»
Capitol Commissioners.
For the Board of State Capitol Commis
Vice President.
St. Paul. June Bth. IS9B.
S»O SfOT CESPAIH ! DoßOtfto*
life can be restored to you. The very
worst cases of Nervous I»cl>iH«y nr«
somiiia, failing memory and the waaM
find drain nr vital powers, incurred bj
Impart vißor and potency to«Terjf funo
tion. Brace up tlie system. Olye bloom to ih«
clioeks and lustre to the eyes of LsTt\ .vonnic or old
One 50c box renews vital energy. E>A.fJiß boxes m
SS. Wacompletfl " lo «< 1 )' re
funded. Can be curried in vest > <e«*^ potkrt. Sold
everywhere. or mn'lo! in plain wrnppcr on lerplpt of
Drice by Tiiß PBItFEtTO CO., Caitoa Bids., Cblraga, Ilk
Sold In St. Paul by S. 11. Reeves 175 W.
7th St.. 7 Corners; Tichcor & .Tasgcr, 404
Robert St.; F. M. Parker, Wabasha and
Eth St.
« Wr. toVfcJa^.ftwß c ondaryorTe"*
tiarv BLtH>p PtsiSO^J permanent!*
cured in 15 to oj days. You can be treated a 5
iamciorsamoorlcotmUcrsaiaetrn irac
ty. If you ?rcf pr to come here we wi! I con
tract to pay railroad f aroand hotel bills,ana
DOffcareQ, if we fail to cure. If you have taken mcr
onry, lodida potash, and still have aclioa and
pains, Mucou3Patch<?3 in mouth, Sore TliroTT
Pimples, Copper Colored Spots, Ulcers oa
M 37 part of the bedy, Ruir or Eyebrows faliine
Oat. it is thi3 Secondary BLOOD POISO I^
we guarantee tcevre. We solicit tho most obsti
nate cases end challenge the Tvorld for a
£ a !£' l ?, < t? aa ? < ?, t 1 c< i r A This dis ea69 has alwava
Da ffl ed the aklH of the most eminent Dhva'l
piana. SEOO.OOO capital behind our une-ndi.
ticnal gnaranty. ABeoiute proofs s>nt sealed oa
explication. AddroßS €OOK REMEDY C(t
f /COKEBN. I Vso Bifr » for vn D af.;;al
/ /Id 1 u>4d»j».X I dißcharges, iuflammp.tions.
l/r^ZI y u^ nBUX * U irritations or ul.-t'rut: ni
I ( '2SuTHtEvAN3 ChEUIOALCO. e<nt or poisonous.
ir^Vo'HCINNATI.O.If "J Sold by Droninti,
«^ \^ C. B. x. y por gent in plain wrapper
I Jy express, pr^puid. 10l
<^^^^^"^^>\J ?1 W. »r 3 bottlef , «2.T5.
*<^*»- — '^P U tircnU^ wot ou nmu«it

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