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Col. Shamlre-it's Command Will Be
Under tae Critical Pablie Gaxe,
ami la Expected w> Occasion No
Little Favorable Conuaeat
Meat. Vlaceat** Case to Be in.
■» Httgratecl Kotesi l*'rom Camp.
The Fifteenth regiment was busy
yesterday pluming itself and arrang
ing its liaik hair preparatory to mak
ing its bow to the public at the corner
t:>>i.<- ceremonies today. The detail
from ia;-h company which will come
to town was put through plat,- in
movements from A t<> Z. The staff of
ficers were all out watching the move
ments of the men, making corrections
and suggestions wherever necessary
and lending aid in ihe general dressing
i;n. If the men ot the Fifteenth do
not get a touctb. of stage fright, the
people of the state who see them today
will st--. a body nt troops that they may
will Ik- proud of. one would scarcely
believe that In so short a time as the
boys have had to practice that such
progress as they have made could i>e
accomplished. The men will be put
through the early morning drill this
morning, and will then clean up their
accoutrements and brush up generally
and n st. After an early dinner they
..-,<■ th camp ground shortly af
ter 12 and come down t" the rendez
-. . After the parade they will re
turn to camp, and rest will lie the or
der of business for the balance of tlie
The field hospital corps has been giv
en a thorough lesson In their duties,
and any man becoming overheated or
falling from the ranks from any other
lllnc ss will receive prompt and proper
All of the boys are clamoring to
In allowed l" participate, but those*
who have shown any signs of physical
weakness or who have been at sick
call recently will be left at camp. Capt.
Dolan, officer of the day, will have
charge of the camp and what is left
of the regiment during Col. Shan-
Ur< w's absence.
Th< competitive drill between Com
panii a A and B will probably not occur
as up to last nigh: n Ither company
had been requested to enter. The color
the regiment today, will be
mmand of First Sergeant Guy,
Chaplain of Company L, and will be
composed of ;!.<* [oil iwing men detailed
fioru c.^.i c _:;:;*any:
Compare: .'. Chalmers, Tlr-be's. Davies.
Comj - ilth, Lang. Myers.
Comp: oy C -Davis, Sul.ivan, Ryan.
Company D— Bary, Swenson, Alberg.
nj '.'. -Kafcana, Andeisoi, F.. Myers.
Company F -Myers, Kiilian. Eveneon.
Company G — Scott, Ruttes, Gaud.
'.' B'glow, Parnno, Ho' ot.
ane) I Roberts, Komley, IVtrreeon.
Company K— Hanes, Hanson. Ar.der.on.
Company S — Scott, Si.-^irt, Trjty.
any M -Miller, Bjanelld, Nillicnnor.
The affair which occurred at the
guard house Monday excited a good
deal of talk throughout the regiment
yi sti rday. The matter wa? brought to
Col. Shandrew's i >tic*e. officially, yes
terday, and will he Investigated fully.
Lieut, Vincent denies that he struck
the iran or that he had in any manner
exceeded Ms authority. The privates
who were the cause of the trouble were
tried hy field officers' court and each
n cieved a fine. One $10, one $4 and the
other J2.
Tin- Fifteenth settled up with the
state y< sterday anl now owes nothing
for Hiiiipl.es and so-forth, which were
advanced. Quartermaster M. Coe is in
absolute charge of the commissary de
pai rnv.nt. and quartet mister stores of
the command. The tern difficulty was
amlcally adjusted. Seven tents were
■r-e; un and assigned to the use of the
band: An extra hospital t- nt and fiig
was also put up. Thirty answered to
sick call yesterday, but none accepted
the I; ispitality of Maj. Dennis any fur
ther than to caM.
Mr*. L I nhauser ard son. Mrs. Loring. Mrs.
Splann, Capt. Severance and 0;to Lamb
were callers at headquarters yesterday.
Comr.aenUe A and L have o:g*niz d bill
Each company has a lot of gjod
Umber and last night they met for a tr .
C-.-mpany A men from which a team wKI b*
*'' ; " ' " ; ;iro: Hymer. p and c; Davis p. and
c.c Kit-hell, l!,e B. Westby ss; Hover, ss;
C. Smith, Kb; Sergenat fm.th. If: Hugher
cf; Lefiernin, rf: substitutes. Chalmers, S*ig
eanl Gordy, Wilbur Feathersione; Corporal
McDcnough nnd Corporal liu.kc.
Company L will have a t<am chosen from
Arnsen; pen-hire Serjeant Peterson. seeord
cns-Ho'- ins. n, thi d basetMinet, Catcher- hi.
Peterson, shortstop; Corporal McGinn's
pitcher and shorts op; Berringer, center fi?!d-
Weed, right ttfld: J. Ryan, flis: base: St nY
third base; LaMoure. se<-ond base: Sheridan'
center Held; O'Donald, left field; Evans, left
Held; Mahan, third base: Showalter, short
e-i Ci - „.. center field.
Officer of the day last night, Capt. Polan;
offici of uje guard. Li«ut. Marrows, jupior
officer of the -.-u.-ud. Lieutenant Nelson.
Guard detail for Comnany I last nip;hl.:
Felix De.gn&u, Daleski, liavfs. Dce'z.
Corpora: Schl isa hed charge of qu-ar.t-rs for
C: mpany 1 yesterday.
First S* rgeaat Jciies. of Company I. was
compl mented yesterday by his superiors fcr
v. ry neat quarters. Tie sergeant has
on* of the m-at-st chess in pimp.
Privates Foley and Grant, of Company I
an 1 tailed to hcspitsl corps. F l y's knowl
edgi ol medicine ought to make Mm an in
dispen a>>:> man to the crrps. Jim's smile :'■
as- L',.;wl as a tonic always.
Guard detail for Company E last night:
Corpora] Ellsworth, Priva c Gibble, Marburg
Oorj ral Heady had charge of quarters for
C< mpany E yesterday.
Visitors to Company E yesterday: E. C.
Balrd, Charles Catlan. Mrs. Berry "and M'ss
Crow, all of GracevEle.
Guard detail Company n last night: Cor
poral Vctter, Piiva.es Harms, Huldin and
Corporal Fredenberg hed charge of quarters
for Company H yesterday.
I <■:>;. ->ny B guard detail :ast night: Hicks.
Howard, Hu-tcison, Jacobson and Corporal
Corporal Le May had charge of quarters
fcr Company H yesterday.
Hassell, of Company B, was arderly to
Co). Shandrew yesterday.
Guard detail for Company M last night:
Fap^r Bsoks, 150 titles; r«
publishers' price, 25c. HP
Your choice, each yy
Paper Books, 200 stand- j|»
ard and new titles, "IIP
each lyy
Quo Vad.s, by Henryk
Sienkiewicz, either fl f»
edition, 51.00 or 51.25, /j Htm
only *T3JU
Caleb West, published f\ f
at 51.50, MhP
only Wily
Cloth Boun 1 Books, 100 if\
titles, worth 25 cents IHP
each, ouly lUU
sth and St. Peter Sts.
Privates Ptderson, Gavern, Theo Ziemann,
Hazzard and Sergeant Tisdale.
Aubrey Patton, of Company H, reported for
duty Monday night. Paiton was taken sick
while at town Sunday and was unable to
return sootur. He was still sick when he
arrived at camp. All was forgiven under the
Guard for Company II last night: McCord,
Markham, Marrs, Michael and Moberly.
Misses Marie nnd Florence Steffens, of
Wort'ningeon, called on Company II yester
Guard detail for Company A last night:
Privates Hughes, Truesdell and Allen.
Corporal Van Hazen in charge of quar
Guard detail for Company L last night:
Sergeant Nett'.eton, Privates Ballard, Raker
and Berrigan.
Corporal Trot-tier hard charge of quarters
for Company L yesterday.
Sergeant Bellows had charge of the field
hospital corps today.
Guard detail for Company G last night:
Privates Scott, Pettcrson, Os:rick; supernu
merary. Running.
Sergeant Baldwin is the literary cuss of
Conn any G. Baldwin graduated from the
Luverne high schoj'. last spring, and be is di
livering valedictories yet.
Corporal Hovey Knutson hasn't forgertten
his nice ways that made him such a popular
clerk back in Luvtrne. The boys all like
Dan Kelly, of G, Is on the hospital corps.
I Dan played corpse In the practice drill yes
j terday. and became so thoroughly imbued
| with the s-.-irit of the thing that he went
i into a hypnotic state.
I Sergeants Brown and Mclnerny, of Company
P, returned from a three-day leave yesterday.
: They snent the time at Grand Forks. Brown
i left Camp Ramsey a supposedly confirmed
j bachelor and returned a benedict. The boys
I brought back a collection of delicacies and
a dozen boxes of cigars sent by the good
people at home.
Guard detail last night for Company F:
Orlin. Panzram a.nd Pureell.
Po'erson and Pierson, of Company F, are
on the hospital corps.
Griggs. Coopea & Co. have presented Com
pany L with two water barrels, blac-king I
brushes, whisk brooms, warehouse brooms
and a clothesline.
Stencils and branding irons were issued
to several eomuanies yesterday and all prop
erty will be marked with company and regi
ment number as fast as passible.
Ordnance Officer Elliott has finished his in
spection of the metal of the regiment an,]
reports the equipment complete. Lieut. El
liott has charge of everything mettalic, from
a tin spoon to a rifle.
The non-coms are going t.> start their mes3
even ■*> fiey know that the regiment leaves
; Camp Ramsey day after tomorrow. They are
bound to get started.
S-111'lll.V .School IltKtltllte to Ht« H«*I»l
iii Minneapolis.
The fourth annual primary Sunday school
ins [lute will be held tomorrow ard Friday Ii
| Minneapolis, in the chapel of the library
j building of the university. Sessions will te
: held each day at 9 a. m. and 2 p. m. This is
j the first year there have be-en two d.-.v S
| meeting of the institute it promises to b->
Interesting n mspy wav--.
On Thursday morning. M.-3. J. H. Rand 11.
of St. Paul, will preside, and in the after
nc-on, Mrs. L. J, Lte, o' St. Paul, will pre
side. An Interesting feature of Thur.day
morning's programme h tie model primary
season. Tho lesson will be taught by M-s"
M. S. Lamoivaux, of lllincis. O hers w>o
take part in this are Mr?. M. A. Waite, Mies
L. M. Quinby, Mi<=s Gertrude Kops and Mi's
Grae? AVauflc. Mis. G. M. Grover will con
tribire a primary rong. and Preif. Fritz Kjeh
will eemduot a blackboard cla=s.
lei the afternoon Mrs. J. E H->bar- will
conduct an interna d. ate lcs.s n and MI s Gr^ee
Morehouse have a paper on children's singing
On Friday Mrs. Hobart will pros de at the
morning session and Mrs. Randall at the
The morning session wi'l include rspDrt? ot
committees, election of offic.rs snd p-,perj or
remarks by Mrs. C. J. Hunt, M s. R. G
Smith, Miss Martha L. Muss; v. Mrs. S B
Irvine, Hugh Cork, fl..;d secretary, anl M s.
In the afternoon Miss Est l'e Darrjh o'
the Mankato State Normal school, will r ad
a paper on "Tee Sundiy Scleool and Ch d
There will be a large delegeetion from St
Paul attend.
Distribution of Taiei.
County Treasurer Kfmueid makes the fol
lowing report of the destiibution of taxes re
ceived from March 1 last io May 31:
Sta'e revenue $)0,' 63 17
State school 61.54't 17
County revenue 64412-9
County roads and bridges ...77.7 BJCO6 il
County poor 2i'o"4 48
County interert £0,(14 v
County Ec-nool 50 OSS 17
Cit.e- revenue 651,82 3!
City water frontage tax fii7'9B 32
Ind. school district of St. Paul .. 120*80 89
Village funds 3 fit." 21
Town funds 4,20' i 29
School district funds 12*, £55 5S
Total $1,1(9924 12
Italian Admiral Hat* Mint*- Formal
Demand In the Cerrutl Case.
ROME. July 26.— Admiral Candiani,
it is announced in a dispatch received
here from Oarthagena, Colombia, form
ally demanded on Saturday last that
the Colonvblan government accept Pres- |
ident Cleveland's award in the Cerruti i
case in its entirety, and to guarantee
its full execution. The Italian admiral
I insists upon a definite reply in twenty
days. In the meanwhile the Italian
warships will visit other Colombian
German Fleet at Manila to Protect
Its Country's Interests.
I LONDON. July 27.— The Berlin correspon
: dent of the Times says: "The Cologne Ga-
I zette, in an article evidently inspired, says
I it would be difficult to claim compensation
; for the losses of German firms at Manila,
i beceiuse, though Spain is officially mistress
of the Philippines, she has no voice there,
I but when a settled government has been
! provided for the islands then Germany will
i raise a claim. The Gazette says also that '
, Germany has a fleet at Manila for no other
j purpose than to protect German interests
1 while anarchy reigns.
Have Heard Prom Miles.
MADRID, July 3B.— Premier Sagjsta. whei
Questioned or, th:> subject today, admitted
that an American force had "landed Et a de- I
fenceless point on the island of Porto Ric^ " j
but no dispatch to that effect was given out '
for publication in the newspapers.
MH-s Holds the Fort.
MADRID. July 28.— An official dismtch
from San Juan de Porto Rico confirm' th-> |
report of an American landiig at Puerto de
Guancia. The Spaniards had one officer
I killed anel three soldiers wounded. The
I The Americans, with strong ter illerv forces,
I have establ shed themselves on shcre.
Troops Have Been Notified.
WASHINGTON, July 2r..-Secretary Alger
e-aid yes.erday that the troops on the tr n--
I ports for Cuba had already received order'
: to proceed to Guanica. where Gen. M les had '
; landed, instead of going to the point tiro j
j agreed upon.
Pest House 1 1*. -. <*H'i-:ii ion.
j A semi-official investigation of the charges j
made as to the nuisance at the city p.-5t '
house was made yesterday afternoon at tha j
office of the commissioner of health.
The charges will be publicly considered at
the meeting of the committee on streets of
1 tbe board of aldermen Thursday afternoon.
The inquiry yesterday was conducted by I
| Dr. Stone*, and after the witnesses had been
heard the health commissioner stated there
j was nothing to be said for publication.
It you visit the metropolis the advertise
ment of Hotel Empire on another page will
Interest you.
Father Is Given Custody.
The three minor children of William Mc
! Coy were before Judge Willis yesterday :
i morning in chambers on a writ of habeas I
j corpus, the father seeking to get possession !
I of the children. They were in the keeping !
j of their grandmother. Mrs. Catherine Swee- '
I ney, having been separated from their moth- j
er. The father v/as given possession of the j
I children.
$9.00 Port Arthur ani Return.
This inciud.es mtals and berths on flr~t
class boats. Two fays on Grett L\ke Su
perior. See Saint Paul & Duhiih Ag nti for
Hotel Kiapire, New York, high-class hotel,
moderate rates. See advertisement on an
otho; page.
I'iilcKM I'enee Xeßotlationn Inter
vene the Fourteenth "Will Break
Camp and Move to One ot the
I'otntM of Knihn rl. iitlon Before
the Close of the I'resent Week—
Aiiioiik the UiniM-so'iiiis.
CHICKAMAUGA, Gr., July 26—(Spe
cial.)—Unless peace negotiations inter
vene the Fourteenth Minnesota expects
to be on the way to the front before the
close of the present week. In event cf
their abandoning Camp Thomas it is
said that the Fifteenth Minnesota will
take their place, and be next in order
for duty. The Fourteenth is extreme
ly anxious to move, and t'fieie would be
to the members of that regiment noth
ing more welcome than orders to break
Rumors of peace overtures have
reached the camp, and the Minnesota
men ai^e beginning to be tesigned to
getting no nea er active duly. The ofll
cr-rs iere naturally elated at the news
that the American forces have carried
the day in the brief period that the
war has been on, but the rank and
file would have liked a little more ac
Capt. Patter-son yesterday returned
j from a ten days' leave which he spent
I at Princeton, Minn.
The Third brigade. First division,
First corps, commmded by Gem. Fred
Gram, was expected to leave Camp
Thomas for Newport News today.
Peace talk dots not curb activity, and
the troops are as hard at work today,
drilling, as though the war was just
about to begin instead of probably
tearing the close.
Lieut. Pratt, Company B, Fourteenth
Minnesota, who has been ptomoted and
transferred to Company H, lias been
presented with a handsome sword by
his old company. The presentation
was made by Capt. Bartlett on behalf
of the c-oiT.pany.
Several Promotions Are Announced
In tlie Sons of Veterans.
Special Correspondence The St. Paul Globe.
kindergaiten in charge of Priva es Kowitj
and Hawi-eins is making mo3t satisfactory
progress. They leave their usual pow-wow s
every half hour from 7 a. m. to 11:30 p. m.
Private Woodbury has been promoted to
the rank of lance eorpiral, and Priva:e C. G.
Carlson to corporal. Private Woodbury i 3 a
son of the celebrated chief "Hole-in-f e-day '
It is rumored that the following promo
tions will shortly be announced :Lanc» Cor
poral Woodbury, to be corporal; Private H.
-M.-Guire, tj be lance cotpo.al. The beys ara
all congratulating Harry on his well de
served good luck.
First Sergeant Ernp; has been promoted to
tre rank of sergeant lieutenant, and has b?cn
assigned to Company I. This piomoilrn 1;
very popular among the boys as they all feel
he deserves it. His constant attention to
duty having aided largely in bringing I com
pany up to its present high state of pro
Private Fireworks Groh has been re
lieved fiom duty as trumpeter at his own
re-cuest. After a good deal of pc: suasion
I Capt. Bacon has acceedsd to his reauest.
| The regiment 103e3 one of it? best trumpters,
but Company I gains a well drilled man.
At drees par; de tonight Regiment Adjutant
Winnie read tbe rinding of the court mar.lal
upon Private Tennyson, of Company B. Pri
vate Tennyson was found guilty of sleeping
on his Dcjt when at camp Johnston rifle
ranges. He was sentenced to seven days
imprisonment with hard labor and a fine of
?6 per month for six months. The court re
marked that this sentence was made light
because Tennyson was a recruit.
Th** kitchen, ln charge ef Privates SAitzrr,
Rowell and !g-o Is the pride of I company,
and the meals issued from the kitchen are
all clean and well cooked. In fac-t the kick
ers have taken to the high timbers.
Corn cob pipes being the fasuiDn and the
company arguing that ene had betr r be dead
than out of date, are all smoking cebs.
The "rookies"' tent is the attraction of th?
street. In fact they have decided that It is
necessary for such an attractive tent to have
a staff of its own. They have accordingly
secured the services of Dr. Torwick end
Clerk Sutejen. Both these men, although
having an international reputation, at great
personal sacrifice, have consented to take up
their residence in and devote all their brains
and energy to the "rookies" tent. The oc
cupants of this tent are Privates Sandalls,
Laws, Kalberg and. of course, Doc Torwick
and Chief Clerk Sutzen.
Our vagrant. Private Cox. is still with us.
So is Corporal McLaren. Corporal McLaren
t-as already worn out five pairs of No. lt
government shoes walking up and down the
company street — for his health.
Surgeon Maj. Cole Is rushed off his feet. He
says that the number of cases of squints he
has to treat in a day ls something appalling.
He ascribes this peculiar malady to the num
ber of promotions made lately, as he be
lieves the boys try to see the stripes on bath,
sides at once.
Sergeant J. S. Austin is laid up with a
slight illness, suposed to be brought on by a
box of dainties which he received from a
St. Paul young lady. Others ascribe this ill
ness to a want of exercise. Sitting in one's
tent all day and doing nothing but look at
a pretty young lady's picture may be pleas
ant, but it is not conducive to health. It
is slid that if a certain young lady of St.
Paul could see the correspondence Sergeant
Austin is receiving she would turn a pale
green hue. at least he thinks so.
Corporal Rake, commander-in-chief of the
water detail, ls in receipt of a very patri
otic pillow from <a St. Paul lady. Pillows
are supposed to be an aid to sleep. This Is
the exception that proves the rule.
Rumor No. 897.939 has just reached com
pany street. The rumor committee now em
braces the whole regiment. Rumor No. 987,960
has it that Sergeant Nash ls to be appointed
sergeant major. Company I would like to
see the promotion, except that all the boys
would hate to lose him. as Sergeant Nash
is one of the most popular sergeants ln the
Corporal Arthur says "a mule is the easiest
horse there is to ride."
The boys always want Glob c's, and de
mand by far exceeds the supply.
The W. T. 81-ickwell Tobacco company
have earned the gratitude of the regiment by
distributing a large-sized package of their
celebrated "Bull Durham" tobacco to each
man. Tobacco is very scarce, and if friends,
instead of sending diinties which do the
men more harm than good, would send to
bacco, the boys would be both healthier and
better nleased.
Private Markowitz, the celebrated clog
dancer and contortionist, is still alive.
It is said the officers intend to have the
streets widened, in order to allow the heads
of some men to get between the lines of tents.
Private Brede has a beautiful collection of
military buttons, having one from every
regiment in the park.
Private Probst has just handed in rumor
087.961. saying we leave for Porto Rico oh
Wednesday. He- claims *50 for the news,
but we disallowed the claim as excessive.
He consented to receive a watch in full pay
ment. Watties are worth about $9 each here
at present.
Company I must have the clearest men ln
the regiment. Yesterday. Private Barnes and
today Private Foley were chosen colonel's or
derlies. This choice always goes to the clean
est man at guard mount and is considered
a great honor.
Last night the following promotions were
announced: Sergeant Cook to be first ser
geant: Private Edmund L. Howell to be
sergeant. These promotions appeared to be
popular among the men. judging from the
applause. Sergeant Cook certainly deserves
to be first sergeant and the men are all very
glad to see him in that responsible position.
Private Nelson ltetnrns From the
Tftf-v-inlon Honpttnl.
Special Correspondence Th? St. Paul Q'obe
CAMP THOMAS. Chlokamsugei Park, July
24.— The heavy rain yesterday was'.ed cuV
Btref ts and laid (he dust and everything looks
neat In camp this morning.
We had genera! Inspection yesterday and
Maj. Bedv.ell pronounced Company X 10*
which iiit-ans perfect.
Ed Boyd I- doing the clerical work for th'
company now.
A t-.tnk has been ra-4? that h->k*s thi- tee 1
barre's of wa'er. It is tired to h;ul waer in
lor our batallion — a distance ot' c gut m les
Private S. I. Nt-lseon has returned from he
division hospital, but Privates Ridabtueli
a:ed Fisher are still there.
Corporal Ssrasain had charg; of the roll-e
this morning. Kis force did all he com
manded t'rem ti do. but go to church
Pi ovale B. H. Curtis was the first V lh>
recruits to do puard duty.
Sergeant McNeill can fl'l the p-s'ion of
right guard to pir'ee-tion, a. though It 1;
not his position In ranks.
No one wcu'.d be messed In our cam- any
I ny-re than Private Henry Harty. Htary
"(•hews", but he leever carrl-s a*iy tobiccei.
btrgeant tranklin's tent is headquarters for
war news; but If all his statements had poved
true, we would have been in Porto ltic-o tin
days ago and could have had our "S; aniards
for breakfast" long befcre* this.
Private Gutcjils J s learning th» cook at. !
and lie's a dandy. r • I
"Stonewall Ja"cks6n" (I. J. Nelson), is the
company s wash woman, and he does his w >rk
Bits of Cainit Rfcwa From the Mer
rliiiu Park ».■>•*.
Special Correspondence The St. Paul Globe.
CAMP THOMAS. July 24.-A hard rain
stopped ihe regular Saturday inspection and I
It was late In the afternoon before lt was fin- I
Corporal Beach end six. privates were is
ta-lled to Division A quarter for guard duty. I
oorporal Shamilran was chief of pol.ee l
aaiuraay. The company street and quarters !
were cleaned and a few sinks dug.
i prporal H t wa? cnarge of tne water
tank Friday.
I . )ew^y- the mascott for Company B, was
ordered to be shot. A dutail of two sergeants
were sent to get the poor fellow. He was
tied to i tree. The first shot lodged in the |
r.eck oi .lie bcas: and he broke away and off
ror i amp he went, running to his company !
street. There were at least twenty-fl\e sho s I
in lilm ln different places. He was after
ward put out of his misery by a member of I
X company. H e was the best shot. He used |
a pick ax. The sergeant of G company Is a I
sharp shooter, but his nerve failed at this
Sergeant Kluckbohn was visited by his
father Saturday.
The boys are very uneasy as to whether
they go to Porto Reeo or stay here. There I
are many different stories floating about I
camp as to when we go.
Will Comtr was appo'nted orderly to Col.
Van Duzee. He very seldom mleses the ap
Gen. Grant's BrtßOile Ordered to
Strike Tents.
CHICKAMAUGA, Chattanooga National
Military Park, Ga., July 2C— The Third bri
gade of the First division, First corps, Gen.
Fred D. Grant commanding, received orders
early this morning to strike tents and pack |
up for Immediate departure. This brigade
consists of the First Kentucky, Fifth Illinois
and Third Kentucky, tho third battalion of
the Sixteenth Pennsylvania being attached.
The First Kentucky was to have loaded
its effects for Newport News, the destination
of the brigade, at noon today, but the task
of loafing wagon trains taking several hours
more than was calculated, the regiment did
not get away from Rossville until tonight.
The Fifth Illinois is under orders to leave
camp at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning, accom
panied by the third battalion of the Sixteenth
The Third Kentucky will leave camp at
6 o'clock tomorrow morning.
Another Party for the Hospital
Corps Leaven for Cliickamauga.
Another body of recruits left Fort Snelling
last night over the C, M. & St. P. railroad
to Chickamauga Park, Ga. They are re
cruiting now at the fort for all linos of serv
ice, and particularly desire good men for
the hospital corps.
The men left In charge of Private Thomas
B. Fowler, of Eau Claire. Wis. They were:
Chas. H. Wuerz. St. Paul.
Olaf A. Halen. Minneapolis.
August S. Oberg, St. Paul.
Paul H. Yon Manfcld, St. Paul.
Burton T. Selby, Worthlngton, Minn.
Percy W. Gore. Minneapolis.
Sander B. Allen, Red Wing.
West J. Swartz, St. Paul, per Oxel R. Stille,
St. Paul.
Announcements of Two Engage
ments Plennaiit Lawn Fete.
Ladies' Aid Society No. 20. of Camp No. 1
?i of o.'' 1 ? 1( , t iai£t even 'ng at the residence of
Mrs Sinclair. s:'l Wabasha street. Miss Ha
Lightner presented the Bociety with a hand
some banner and staff. The banner ls of
blue silk, beautifully embroidered in g)ld
Miss Lightner made the banner herself and it
is. therefore. 4cubly appreciated by the *o
ciety. A vote of thanks was tendered the
A large delegation from the Mlnnsapol s
aid-s and camps was present, a'so a c mmit
tea from Camp No. 1, St. Paul, and af.er the
regular meeting adjourned a ccmmlttee mat
ing was held. The Minneapolis committer
reported a number of features for the mili
tary promenade during the benefit to be given
at Camp Ramsey. Aug. 3 to 6.
Both committees gave very favorable; reports
and large crowds are expected on the cam-)
grounds every evening.
Miss Clyde Snyder, of St. Paul Aid No. 20
assistant chairman, was elected treasurer of
the executive and entertainment oommi t^e
The hearty co-operation of the St. Paul and
Minneapolis aeds and camps In this tnt r
talnment proves that in these societies ih re
are no petty jealousies, all working tcguhe
for one cause, their relatives, friend; and ; 11
the noble boys of the Twelfth and Fl teenth
Wednesday will be St. Paul day; Thursday
Minneapolis day; Friday, newspaper and G.
A. R. day, and Saturday, excursion day.
F. W. Ramaley will spend the first of next
week in a fishing trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Schoff are at Lendstrom.
Mrs. Braden, Miss Louise Braden and Fied
Braden, of Los Angeles. Cal., are gu?sts o :
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Braelen, of Marshall
Miss Louise Taylor, the vlol'nlst. has re
turned from a three weeks' visit at Sacred
Heart. While away she took part in several
large concerts.
Mrs. Henry Castle visited with friends ln St.
Paul yesterday.
Mrs. F. W. Ramaley and Miss G adys
Ramaley are at Alexandria.
Dr. and Mrs.- J. L. Mahan announce the
marriage of their 'daughter Mary B. to Ed
ward L. Dougherty, of Englewood, N. J.
The engagement has been announced in
Minneapolis of Miss Elizabeth M. Dyer, of
Lansing, Mich., and Fred S. Head, of Min
neapolis. The wedding takes place in Sep
The young people of the Sacred Thirst so
clfity gave a lawn social last evening at the
Morgan home, on Mcßeal street, the proceeds
going towards the expenses attending Miss
Blanch Kelly's trip to Boston, where she will
go as a delegate to the annual meeting of
Catholic temperance societies.
The house and grounds were lighted with
lanterns and headlights, ond a musical pro
gramme given by both Morgan's and Mc-
Carthy's orchestras. The ladies in charge
were: Mrs. E. A. Smith, Mrs. Conway Miss
Ella Bell, Mrs. McAvoy. Effi-e McEvoy. Car
rie MceEvoy, Mrs. Maxson. Kittle Connel, Car
rie Maxson, Mrs. Churchill, Mrs. Inden, Mrs.
Howe, Miss Helen Hurley, Miss Mary Kiley
Mis-s Mary Rooney, Miss Genevieve Haas
Miss Helen Garvin. Miss Mary Smith. Miss
Lizzie Smith. There was a large attendance.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stowell very delight
fully entertained the members of Star branch.
Order of the Iron Hall, Monday evening at
their homp on Coway street, in honor of their
past president. James Morrow, who has been
absent from the city for several months. An
informal musical programme was given, af
ter which ice cream was served on the lawn,
which was lighted with Japanese lanterns.
Those present were: Rev. and Mrs. W. W.
Lewis. Mr. .and -Mrs. A. E. George, Mr. and
Mrs-. James Morrow. Mr. and Mrs. Frank R.
George. Mrs. Howard Hamilton. Mrs. Lucy
Johnson, Mjxs IMgb Hirst. Miss Edith Mori
row, Messrs. Albeck, Grady, Schroeder and
The H. B. Stowe Daughters of Malta will
give a lawn social this evening on the lawn
adjoining tpe residence of Mrs. Adams, 355
Grove street, Mj-s. George Adams. Sir* Ray
and Mrs. Kent (Will be In charge.
The Youi/g People's Society of the First
Swedish Lutheran Church will give an ex
cursion dowa the river next Wednesday even
ing, m r
Independent Lodge No. 112, T). of H.. will
give a lawn sqoijl and dance Wednesday
evening, Aug. a, at the residence of Mrs. J
T. Johnsony; 4*lß-- Maria avenue. A platform
will be erected fjor dancing and there will be
music by Pepin's orchestra. -
The choir boys of St. Clements' church will
go down the river for an outing Aug. 3.
" The Red. White and Blue circle held a
special meeting yesterday afternoon at the
residence of Mrs. Leonard, of Goodrich ave
nue. The children are hurrying to finish the
comfort bags for the Fifteenth regiment. An
other meeting will be held Friday at the
same place.
The St. Agnes Guild of St. Peter's Episco
pal Church will give a lawn social Tuesday
evening, Aug. 2, on the lawn adjoining the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Eddy, on
Fourth street, near Maple avenue.
Miss Kate Holroyd, of Oelweln, 10., 1b a
guest ot Mis* Gertrude McHale, ot Grove
2K2LjK2^[JS=3 HATS > CA ™ %* gloves—
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pine shoes. DRY GOODS and NOTIONS ?l Ga P s » Furs M!| Glovas.
] Northwestern Agentsfor I Cor 3d and i < UVUIJJ aHU IWllVllJ < ) Makersof the -Xorth st«r Par Cwf
L^gSffflSF HSSyj [ | LgEjSjSff&U
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I •UAKUrACTfItBRB ASD WHOLESALERS OF C < * ri n , „ , " *~^ »*»
Boots and Shoes n W°7" ™u7"°' c. P* R L "ardenbsrgh & Co*'
D ? °*L?.££^2. es Df y «•*, Notions, Etc. Leaihcr sVo - r ,*. . s
) 242-280 EAST FIFTH STUEFT S S And Manufacturers of S t dlerv HarrlM*:...!? »** an ' Sli "
j« wocasirinnsiKCbr. i men's prjB.MMHIJG UDODI S < «.„ « „ Tare * Manufactu
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— — Shoes P~^^^ I (3P^^SF~
S Northwestern Agents I 225 tO 231 i J WholCSaS© GB*OOBP3. ! STOrl Cinm r ,
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< 201.209 E. Third 31. I | Forthe Trade oS? LLAR 3> 'ETC.
rv>^ /N ______^ J^^^. S The °*de§t Wholesale Grocery House In C J • 00*7 o-esi r*» .
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Chairman of the Senate Committee
on Foreign Relations Is Restrict
ed by a Sense of Delicacy lie-
Ni)les. Congress In Not in Session,
and It Is Largely President Mc-
Kinley's Business.
It was evident from the manner in
which Senator Davis refused to answer
categorical questions as to what he
thought would be the proceedure in
bringing a'l-out the proposed peace that
he had inside information from Wash
ington. The senator deelired to an
swer the question whether he had been
officially notified of the overture that
had been made. He said that, while
congress was not in session, the for
eign relations committee of the senate
could not act, as there was nothing to
act upon. He added that the presi
dent might ask some of the members
of the committee to confer with him.
The senator wfcs at his home and
was desirous of hearing what the press
bad to say about the proposed over
ture from Spain. When the telegram
was read to him he showed by his
■manner that it conveyed nothing new.
Asked what he thought of the pro
posal, coming from Spain, the sen
ator said:
"Peace is always desirable if it can
be had, of course, but I really have no
idea of what has l>een proposed."
"Do you know what the United
States will ask as a condition of go
ing into the matter of terms?" was
"I do not, and, if I did, I do not think
it would become me to say. I know
nothing, however, of the conditions."
"Have you any idea of what Spain
would propose as a basis for peace?"
"Isn't that another way of putting
the same question?" he asked.
"What method would probably be
taken to bring about the terms of the
peace — under the rules of precednce in
other affairs of the kind?"
"That is not easy to say," replied
Senator Davis. "There are many ways
of getting at the proposition. Spain
might send a representative to Wash
ington, or he might be sent to London
and meet our representative there. Or
this country might appoint a commis
sion and meet commissioners from
Spain on neutral ground."
"What has been the custom ln times
past, In the peace of 1814, for instance?"
"Well, we were represented at Ghent
by five commissioners, and the enemy
by the same number of men. On our
side I remember that Clay, Adams,
i Russell and Bayard were of the com- |
mission. They arranged the terms. In
the Mexican war Nicholas Triste was
the sole commissioner, but we were in
possession of the enemy's country. The*
Franco-Prussian war is hardly to be
taken as a precedent, for there is no
doubt that Thiers and Bismarck ar
ranged the peace while Paris was still
in the hands of the commune and the
country distraught by civil war— at
least, Paris was still in the hands at
the common enemy, the commune. The
Berlin convention is still another ex
ample of the various methods thut may
be pursued. It is difficult to say what
will be done now. It is entirely in the
hands of the president and his advisers.
I cannot indicate what the policy will
be, and, if I could, I probably would
not," and the senator closed the inter
view himself.
The questions of what would ba ask
ed In the way of indemnity and If this
country would hold the subjugated ter
ritory in Cuba and the Philippines, the
senator would not touch upon at all.
It may be assumed, though, that lie
will presently be called to Washington.
liocal Police Seem to Have Fore
stalled a Clever Thief.
Benjamin Dean, alias Sheeney Ben,
alias "Sheeney Kid," said to be one
Of the most youthful and at the same
time one of the cleverest pickpockets
known to the police of every large city
In the United States, was arrested yes
terday afternoon by Detectives Galvln
and Murnane. The pe>liee claim Dean
came to St. Paul from Chicago to ply
his criminal calling during the corner
stone laying festivities, anel he will be
kept In custody on the charge of va
grancy until the carnival is over.
The prisoner is but sixteen years of
age, and is saiid to work in the crowds
of an entertainment with an elderly
man or woman who "stalls" for him.
When attending to business, Dean, who
is small of stature and possesses a
bright face, is said to dress in short
trousers, with an entire get-up like a
lad out sight-seeing with his father
or mother. With the elder criminal.
either a man or a woman, who assists
in the game, he mingles with the crowd
and is said to pick pockets with an
adroitness equalled by few theivis.
Should be he caught with his hand in
a person's pocket, he feigns surprise,
laughs as the intended victim seizes
him by the neck, and informs the irate
Individual that he mistook him for his
father. The youth of the thief and
his apparent innocence generally re
sults In hi 3 release, hut. in ease the
person whom Dean has tned to "touch"
insists in handing him over to a po
lk-eman. Dean's elderly companion,
who follows him closely, comes to the
rescue. He claims that the boy is his^
son, whom he has missed ln the crowd.'
shakes the boy for lettlne go of his
coat tail, and then usuaiy succeeds
In mollifying the boy's captor, until ■
Dean is released.
Bean has been under arrest In every
city of importance in this country. His
home is !n Kansas City, but, since be
ginning his criminal career, he has
made his headquarters in Chicago. He
was arested at the Grand Army en
campment at Buffalo, N. T., a year
asro, and was recently under arrest in
Minneapolis. The local authorities arc -
congratulating themselves that D**an
was recognized and -.picked up before
ho pot a chance to work during the
ginimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieiaiiiieiiieieie.eiii.iiiiteiiiei.i.i.i.!!!:!;,:;;;,! :;t . ; : :;; |-^
jjJlre Sou Golttd €ast?
£ If -.oil ...•*• loniins: to a o.mfnrt.-*!.;.- Iri; . sasmsra c : v '■'■ _
£ n,.»l ,l*:e-:1.1',d «,..,„-rv, in going 1,. :7w V- ... mil H
clrlphia, or seashore points, you . aunut d-, l*u<r than u>,=
E take the |
= from JluftVo or Niagara Falls eastward, a
c Tha rout, ls through a region of
I including l-.iktori. vallrvs, mountain helrhU, rim-in; s
5 riv*r» and plat-id lakes. Thi. is the rout, of Ihe
= between n:i(T«lo end New York, Philadelphia— Ihe 2
.. handaoniwt train i n the world.
2 All thrmgh day trains carry dining cars arrving ~
I For llustrated de*. rl| the books on this route, or Infortna- =
c tiou as to rati-a-of fare, eU-., send your address, with four cents c
siu stamps, to Chan. H. Lee, Sen. Pass. Ageut, New York, 5
rtil I l,l,l;l ■ lllllll'lllel.llll-11l 1 f;li::l in l.ni i iiiii . , , , , .„,, „..-, - j

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