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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, August 21, 1898, Image 18

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The eocial horizon brightened con
siderably last week, and the season
seems In a fair way to open early.
Feveral weddings are booked for this
fall, and with the cloud of war up
lifted, society will soon be her own
gay self again.
The Ladles' Auxiliary of the Manufacturers'
union seems to be drawing out the best ener
■>f the St. Paul women, and the work
of the committee as a whole has been and
is one of the most Interesting women's
movements In this part of the country.
• • »
Miss Lucy Barlett Ames, some of whose
designs will be displayed this fall at the
Market hall, has an original design for a
Byzair.ine a:tar than which nothing hand-
M>uier was ever seen In St. Paul.
• « •
Jamb Schlndler. assistant city editor of the
Pioneer Press, and Miss Grace Alma Lamb,
of Madi?vn. Wis., were married Wednesday
at the bride's home In that city. Mr. and
Mrs. Si'hindler are now at Mlnnetonkaa and
later will reside In St. Paul. The young
poople were schoolmates at the state unl
> of Wisconsin and have been engaged
for some years.
• • •
The former members of First Unlversallst
church held a reunion Friday evening at the
home of Mr. and Mre. Lamb, on Laurel ave
nue. The guest of honor was Rev. Mr. Vail,
who was one time pastor of the church here.
Mra. Lamb was assisted In receiving her
guests by a number of young ladies who were
Sunday school pupils of Mr. Vail when he
was in St. Paul. They were the Misses
Kdna Gooch, Queen Arey, Leta Charleton,
Ed: h Gerson. Stella Snyder, Mildred Berk
man, Lucille Hall, Miss Ives, Ernestine Spen
cer. Myra Smith and Jes&ie Lamb. These
young ladles served the refreshments.
Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs.
F. B. Doran, Dr. and Mrs. Upham. Mr. and
Mrs. H. B. Farwell, Mr. and Mrs. E. H.
Richardson. Prof. A. J. Smith, Miss Smith.
Dr. and Mrs. Gould, Mrs. George Thompson,
Mr. and Mm. F. D. WiKis. Mr. and Mrs.
G-eorge C. Harper, of Minneapolis; Mrs.
Hoppe, Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Daggett, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Williams, Mrs. Craig, Miss
Ei:a Richards. Mrs. and Miss Hills, Miss Eda
Hunu-tt, Mrs. Hall Mrs. Van Home, Mrs.
Arty. .Miss Goss, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Clir
ford. Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Hall.
From tho congregation of the Peop'ie'9
rr.urch there were: Mr. and Mrs. A. D.
Brown. John A. Swenson, Mr. and Mrs. H.
A. Hodgson, Mrs. Bassett, Mr. and Mra.
Sanrhfirid. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Spencer, Dr.
and Mrs. Goodrich, the Misses Smith, Mrs.
Frank Watrous and Mrs. Ives.
Mrs. Whitaere, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Riiey. Miss Buchanan, Mrs. Trowbridge, Mr.
and Mrs. Alexander Brand. Mr. and Mrs
Charles Trowbridge. Mrs. Ed Stivers, Mr. and
Mrs. George Doran.
• • •
Mlas Bishop, of Summit avenue, gave a
cinch party Thursday evening. The affair
was very informal, only fifteen guests be
ing eutertrJned. One of the interesting
features of the evening was a dramatic read
ing by W. Custer Cunningham. The gues*s
included Mr. and Mrs. Ell Pickwick, of
Newark, N. J. ; Mr. and Mrs. Rochat Mr
and Mrs. W. C. Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs
Darrow, Miss Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Grant and
Stephen Conday.
• • •
Mrs. P. W. Farwell. of Dayton avenue, gave
a children's party Thursday afternoon for
Miss hdna Farnoel, of Merrlam Park. The
guests were Cecil Brandt, ChaKotte and Rob
ert Campbell. Alfred and Amy Fllnn, Willie
Crosby, Katie and Mary Sullivan, Oscar and
Charley Bowman, Harry Farwell. Miss Bow
man assisted.
• • •
Mrs. J. E. Haycock and Mrs. F. V Bart
lett envrtalned the Harmony olub at lunA
eon Wednesday at their summer home at
Bald Eagle lake.
• • •
Miss Frances Dibble, of Tacoma. Wash.,
was the guest of honor at an Informal recep
tion Thursday evening, given by Mrs. W R
• • •
Mrs. W. W. Lewis, of the Euclid View.
entertained Thursday afternoon from 2 to 5
for Mrs. Dickey, of West Union. 10. Th»
guests were Mrs. Charles Stewart, Mrs. How
ard HaiiilHon. Mrs. C. D. Andrews, Mrs. A.
D. Smith. Mrs. T. B. Kelsey, Mrs A. B.
Gecrge, Mrs. Church. Mrs. Johnson. Coffee
was served at 4:;!0. Mrs. Lewis was assisted
by Miss Ella Gunsal'.es and Miss Maud Lewis.
• • •
Mrs. Louis G. Hoffmann, of Holly avenue
cave a lawn party Thursday afternoon for
her daughter. Pauline. The decorations on
the porches and lawn were red, white and
blue. Forty b:.ys and girls were present.
c yiiuiiß ladies assisting the hostess wera
Miss .V-.U'd Hutehln&s, Ml-s NelPe Hyde Mt?a
Mary Van Wert, of Minneapolis, and Miss
Florence Waller, of Mrrrlam Park.
• • •
Miss Lillian MiTard. of Holly avenue give
a military euchre yeit rday morning for Miss
Dean and Miss Carroll, of Stillwater.
• * •
Miss Brin, of Laurel avenue, gives a small
tea Wednesday afternoon for Miss Eastman
of Lake Charles, La.
• • •
Maude Moon's engagement to C. A.
Weyerhaeuser has been announced. Miss
Moon is from Duluth, and Mr. Weyerhaeuser
Is from Little Falls.
• • •
Miss Helen Dcwart, of Minneapolis, and Dr.
Harold 3. Patterson, of this city were mar
ried Wcdneeday evening In Franklin Avenue
2. church. The brld-'s father. Rev. J. H.
Dr. wart, performed the ceremony. The ouU
of-town guests were Mr. ard Mrs. Fred De
v.art, St. Louis; Misses Dewart, Wadcna;
Rev. W. H. Dewart, Boston, brother of the
bride; Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Freeman. St.
Cloud; Rev. Dr. Youmana, Columbus ; Rus
f?«!l Bplcer, Wil'mir.
Mr. and Mrs. Patterson left on a late train
for Duluth and will take a short trip East j
before co-ming to their new home, 994 Hague
avenue, where they will receive after Sept. 27.
Mrs. Charles Mich aud gave a progressive
euchre party Wednesday afternoon at her
noire on Hague avenue, for her guest, Mrs. I
Inet. of Macon, Mo. The rooms were |
decorated *vith sweet peas and asnaragus !
fern. The hostess was assisied by Miss Xora
Sauvinrt and the Misses Eudora and Louise
• • •
Mrs. Alvah H. Warren, of Portland avenue
BIT* I birthday party Tuesday afternoon for
her daughter Loul?e.
• • •
a Marion Gooding entertained Thursday
noon at her home, on Fairmount aye-
Btte, for Miss Elvie Millspjugh, cf Kan-a»
City. Among the guests were: Mates Nellie
Cook. Ethel Haynie, Miriam Holman, Dora
Allneas, Grace Miller, Shirley Morgan. Helen
FlUebrown, Josephine Br>wiin, Anna Steven
son, Alice Roberts. Wimrred Holbert, Anne
Sloane, Louise Crcsby, Grace Morton, Nina
Jones, Florence Pease, Etta Merrill Ella
RRzenger. Belle and Helen Rallley, Louisa
and Marie White, of Chicago.
•• • '
The engagement of Miss C'ara L. Fetsch
daughter of Mrs. John Fetsch, 4«9 Park ave
nue, to Leo H. Pleins. Is announced.
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. James Stroud will give their
firs' at home Thursday evening at their home
on Nelson avenue.
• • •
Invitations will soon be. out for the mar
riage of Miss Anna Walpole and Mr. James
C. Clark", at 7:20 o'clock, Sept. 29, at St.
Paul's E;;!scopul church. Dr. John Wright
will perform the ceremony.
• * •
Mrs. E. C. Bean entertained at luncheon
Jlonday for Miss Shores, of Ashland, Wis.
• • ♦
Mrs. Jennings, of Ashland avenue, enter
tained Mklu ladies at luncheon Thursday for
Mrs. Phelps, of New \ u rK city, and Mrs.
Williams, of Peoria, 111.
• • *
Tar Misses Ros^um entertained Informally
Thursday for Miss Jones, their gue-.-st. Tb>=r9
were three rooms devoted to progressive
euchre. The decorations were sweet peas.
Mrs. W. C. Montgomry, of West Ninth
street, gave a luncheon for the Twickenham
club Tuesday.
• • •
Miws Helen Rlely gave a small dancing
party at her home on Dayton avenue Friday
evening. Miss Millspaugh, of Topeka, Kan.
was the guest of honor. '
• • •
Judge and Mrs. H. G. Hicks, of Minneapolis
fire giving a dinner todaj ror Capt. and Mrs!
H. A. Castle, of Washington. The other In
vited guests are ex-Gov. and Mrs. A. R. Mo-
Gl!l. Capt. and Mrs. J. J. McCardy and Gen.
and Mrs. Mark D. Flower. Af;er the dinner
the party will be driven to the So'.ders' home.
They will be met there by the Pcs.offlca
band, which has arranged a special pro
gramme of martial music for the dlsablad
veterans, and short addrtsses will be made
• • •
Mrs. H. Barton, of 484 Carroll street, gave
a dinner Friday evening for a party of fifteen.
The decorations were pink and white sweet
• • •
Miss Elsie Nicols gave an Informal dancing
party at the Crocus Hill club house -Friday
evening for Miss Smith, of York, Pa. Mrs.
J. Hess Nicols, Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Will
J. Dean and Mrs. John Jackson chaperoned
the young people.
The guests were: Misses Robblos, Saun
ters, Babcock, Carr, Mlllard, Horn, Rhodes.
Chandler, Dean, Rossom and Miss Jones, of
Birmingham, Ala., and Messrs. Harold Bend,
Corning, Tlnvberlake, Holbert, Ames, Ran
"ira, Saunders, Corning, Page and Tenney.
• • •
iOs» Marloa L. Wiite gave a porch »artjr
Friday afternoon, entertaining Misses E«3na
and Emma Fryer, Miss Edna Spencer, Miss
Louise West, Miss Marion Ritzinger, Miss
Effle Goodlng, Miss Etta WiUius, Miss Bessie
Hanson, Miss Alice Woodman. Miss Alice
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Carlson, of Selby ave
nue, entertained informally Friday evening
for the Misses Keane and Dv Brailett, of St.
Louis, and Miss Dufrene and F. Dufrene, of
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Snyder, of Min
neapolis, announce the marriage of their
niece, Miss Jane Harding, to William Beau
mont Morris, both of Mluneaiwlis.
C. J. Glasier and Mrs. Vlroo.ua W. Boi'd
were married last evening by Rev. Benjamin
Longley, of the Central Park church. Din
ner at the residence of Mrs. B. W. Sorter,
cousin of the bride, followed the ceremony.
• • •
Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Shea, of Holly ave
nue, entertained Saturday afternoon for
their mother, in honor of her birthday.
Among those present were: Mr 3. J. J. Miller,
Mrs. W. A. Miller, Mrs. Ed Miller, Mrs.
Charles Miller, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. John
Fairish. Mrs. Richardson. Mrs. George
Miller, Mrs. George Dieter. Mrs. A. E.
The committee appointed to take charge of j
the entertainment to be given at Mozart hall ;
on the evening of Aug. 26, for the benefit of
the German-American Red Cress society fund
and the Fifteenth regiment band hrld a con
ference Wednesday evening at the residence
of Mrs. Matthias Holl, on Hoffman avenue.
Mrs. Holl was chosen chairman, Mrs. E. O.
Zimmerman vice chairman. Mrs. Charges Pat
tee secre'nry and Mrs. Gustav Wi'.lius treas
urer. The following committees were an
nounced: Entertainment — Miss Hartman,
chairman; Mrs. Matthias Ho.l, Mrs. Robert
Seeger, Mrs. Vcn Goetzen, P. J. Glesen and
F. W. Bergmeier. Music — Mrs. A. Norman, 1
Mrs. A. C. Thompson. Mrs. J. De Haas and j
Mrs. E. L. Horft. Decorations — Mrs. F. W.
Burgmeier, Mrs. Albert Scheffer, Mrs. G. L.
Rank, Mrs. Daniel Davies, Mrs. D. R. Hev
ener, Mrs. Bremer, Mrs. E. R. Spindler, Mrs.
Charges Hauser, Mrs. Peter Siems, Mrs. A.
C. Mertens. Mrs. Roper, Mrs. R. N. Kneurer
itz and Mrs. Lila M. Hurst. Press— Mrs. F.
W. Bergmcier, Mrs. E. 0. Zimmerman, Miss
M. Hartjnan, Miss Perry, Mrs. Charles Pat
tee, Mrs. Edward F. Zimmerman. Ushers —
Mrs. Gustav Wllllus. Mrs. Matthias Hoi! and
Mrs. D. Hevener. The entertainment will be
largely musical.
Mary Wood Allen, of Ann Arbor, Mich.,
national superintendent of purity work for
the W. C. T. U., will ho:d a two days' con
ference of purity in St. Paul previous to
the national convention, which comes here
in November. Mrs. Annie Bixby Upham has
been cho-sen chairman of a committee to
perfect plans for this conference.
A benefit enterta'nmr>nt will be given in the
Liedertaefel hall, Wednesday evening, the
31st, undeir the direction of J. Strickland.
The four-act drama, "The Heart of a Hero,"
will be presented, supported by the same com
pany that were so successful with their re
cent production of "Above the Clouds." The :
drama will be followed by dancing.
A special meeting of the St. Paul School of '.
Fine Arts will be called Wednesday or Thurs
day to decide in regard to hiring a new di
rector tat the school. The committre to ar
range about the exhibit for the manufacturers'
cxii bit will meet Monday with Mrs. Metcalf,
at 4 p. m.
The twenity-socond annual convention of
Minnesota W. C. T. U. will open Tuesday In
Glencoe. An interesting programme has been J
prepared, and the folders distributed contain I
a resume of the abject and belief of the so
ciety, with a copy of the pledge of members,
agricultural building. The women have
pledged themselves to raise $1,000 of the
church debt. The special committee Is Mrs.
L. A. Williams, president of the society; Miss
F. W. Luley, Mrs. M. J. Russell, Mrs. T. H.
Reeves and Mrs. Harvey Webster.
An Ice cream social will be given Wednes
day evening. Aug. 31, at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. C. J. Snnd for the benefit of St.
Paul commandery. Edward Gill. C. J. Sund
and P. J. Hevenor compose the committee.
The annual convention of South Dakota
W. C. T. U. will be held Sept. 22 to 26, In
Mitchell. Mrs. Emma Cramneir and Mrs.
Anna R. Simmons will be among the speakers
of national reputat'on to be present.
The Lad es' Aid Soc'ety of Central Park M.
E. Church have decided to serve meals on the
fair grounds during the state fair, in Septem
ber. They will have three tents near the
Ladlea' Aid Society No. 20, Sons of Veter
ans, will give a military benefit ball at Cen
tral hall, on Sixth and Seventh streets, Fri
day evening, Sept 16.
Daughters of Etrln, Division No. 2, will
give a card party and hop Thursday evening
In Twin City hall, R:ce street and University
The Ladles' Aid Scc:ety of the First Uni
versalist Church will meet Tuesday with Mrs.
F. D. Willis, 34 Oilman terrace. Laurel ave
St. James' Episcopal church gives a dra
matic entertainment on the evening of Sept.
1 in Conover hall.
A meeting of the Central W. C. T. U. will
be held Monday afternoon at the St. Paul
Miss Vera Duner was surprised Wednes
day evening by a party of friends, who played
games and enjoyed a musical programme
given by the Misses Georga and Olive Du
rand. The decorations were sweet peas and
carnations. The guests were the Mispes Ada
Sullwold, Teissie Glessner, Ida Dewar, Blanch*
I Durand, Mamie Kelly, Anna Paulson, Celia
Anfang, Mary and Anna Soheiderbauer.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Geiser, of 220 East
Sixth street, were tendered a surprise last
Sunday evening by the following party: Mr
j and Mrs. C. M. Yaeger, Mr. and Mrs.
I Drtese, Mr. and 'Mrs. A. Strake, Mr. and Mrs.
| Joseph Orleman, Miss Be,rtha Yaeger, Miss
Clara Affbach, Miss Emily Yaeger. There
was a musical programme and a very enjoy
able evening was passed..
A birthday surprise was given Friday for
Mrs. F. Durand, of 670 Edmund street. The
guests were Mrs. Shipley, Mrs. Sullwold.
Mrs. Gould, Mrs. Willing, Mrs. Paulson, Mrs.
Shelling and others.
Mr. Jake Segal and Ike Beeman. of Wash
burn, Wis., arrived in St. Paul last evening
on their wheels, after a four days' journey.
They claim the rid© to have been delight
The Misses Wlnnifred aud Louise Igo and
Mrs. Rowls and daughter, of Be-lcreek,
were the guests of Mrs. Geo. W. Gray, of 599
Pine street, on Wednesday of this week.
Miss Gertrude Hall, who has beetf director
of music in one of the Southern colleges,
has returned to St. Paul and Is at home
at 240 Arundel street.
Miss Elate Wyand, of Selby avenue, Is
making a tour of the Great lakes accom
panied by Miss Grace Williams, and Miss
Dora Grey.
Mrs. M. Padden and daughter, Miss Stella
have gone to Chicago, where Miss Padden
will be married to Dr. F. B. Thomas of
that city.
The Misses Jennie and Clara Verity of
Fairfax, Minn., will spend the next two
weeks in St. Paul, the guests of Miss Georgia
Mrs. William Letford, of 280 Lisbon street,
gave a dinner for Mrs. Joseph Dedrich, of
Bismarck. Covers were laid for twelve.
Mrs. A. MacGlllls and Mrs. Willis Pitt of
Chicago, are guests of Mrs." J. E, Haycock
at Bald Eagle lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Treacy, of East
Third street, are entertaining Miss K. Der
rick, of Boston.
Mrs. J. L. Bruggeman, of 186 Smith ayenue,
who has been visiting In the East, has re
turned home.
Miss Virginia aßussell has returned from
tbe exposition, Dubuque and other part*
of lowa.
Miss Jennie Barbevu Is home from a
monthß' visit In Reynolds and Grand Forks,
N. D.
Miss Agn«3 Murphy, of Rondo street, la
visiting friends in Hastings and Rich Val
ley. _
Mr. and, Mrs. S. J. Agnew and Mrs. H.
N. Molloy, of Seven corners, are In Paris.
Miss Gertrude Muller has gone to Hastings
to visit her cousin, Mrs. John Helnen.
Miss Mamie O'Nell, of White Bear, spent
Wednesday with Miss Georgia Johnson.
Mrs. H. Langevln and children and Mr*.
Seymour are visiting at Shakopee.
Mr. and Mrs. John Treacy and Miss Abble
Treacy leave Monday for the East.
Miss Ada. Iveson. of the Buckingham, la
visiting friends In Adrian, Mich.
Miss Alice Iten, who has been visiting In
the East, has returned home.
Miss Jane Mitchell, of St. Cloud, Is the
guest of Miss Evelyn Officer.
Mrs. C. E. Pierce, of 760 Rivervlew avenue
is visiting In New England.
Mr. and Mrs. George Markham hare re
turned from Madison, Wis.
Miss Sarah Barbeau Is In Omaha. Neb. at
tending the exposition.
< *>.?.' C> stoVßr » of Mannhetmer Bros.', Is
in Chicago. '
Mrs. Win. Tucker U In Washington, D. O.
Mrs. .W. R. Johnson, of Charles street, will
spend the next week in Hazelwood, Minn.,
with h«r sister. Mrs. John King.
The Ladies' Aid Society of St. John's Qer
man Lutheran church gave an Indoor social
Thursday evening. In the church Darlors.
comer of Margaret and Hope streets. The
rooms were decorated with flags, bunting
and flowers. Music was furnished by the
choir. In charge of the confectionery and
popcorn buoth were Mrs. J. Behrens and
Mrs. F. Klabunde. Mrs. John Hoffman pre
sided at the coffee urn and the following
ladiiO3 had charge of the refreshment tables:
Mcsdames F. Lindeke. F. W. Yanke, C.
Ehrost. F. D. Kempher, Henry Behrens, W.
H. Loisman, J. Hancock, J. C. Schultz,
Charles Schmidt. W. Stutzman and J.
The Ladies' Co-operative Society of the At
lantic Congregational church gave a lawn
eccial Tuesday evening at the church, corner
of Bates avenue and Conway street. Rev.
and Mrs. W. W. Lewis and Mr. and Mrs. A.
E. George received the guests. Mrs. Frank
R. Gecrge, Mrs. W. B. Kclsey and Miss May
Brandt had charge of the Ice cream tables.
Mrs. W. A. Ball entertained a number of
lltile people Saturday s.fterncon for the birth
day of her son, Ed,var:l. In the pirty wer::
Edna Heaton, Julia and Elem Johnson, Fo'a
and Beity Mueller, Marian Duncan, Fie.4
Mortison, Oh-arlie Wielde, Archie and David
Duncan, Willie Johnsan and Andrew Mc-
Through the courtesy of their p-resldent,
Mrs. John Bergmeier, and secretary, Mrs. J.
M. Smith, the Dayton's Bluff Mothers' club
and their families were entertained at the
Commercial cyclers c:ub house, Como park,
Wednesday afternoon.
The Misses Olive and Maude Freeman, of
Birch Lake, entertained the members of the
house party from the Miss cottage. Bald
Eagle lake. Monday evmlrg.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lighthauser and family,
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Lighthauser. and Mr.
and Mrs. Suttley have returned from camping
at Four Lakes.
The Forest Street Band of Chris'lan Work
ers will meet Tuesday evening at the mis
sion, corner of Forest and Oase streets.
The party of Dayton's bluff young peopie
who are at the Miss cotiage. Bald Eagle, en
tertained at dancing Tuesday evening.
Mrs. W. W. Lewis, of the Euclid View,
gave a tea Thursday for her guest, Mrs.
Dickey, of West Union, 10.
Miss Margaret Conklin, who has been visit
ing Miss Adeline Buckley, has returned to
her home in Stillwater.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller end family,
and Mrs. Schultz are spending a week at
Forest Lake.
A par;y of young people from the bluff gave I
a tally-ho party to the Pauline home at j
Mrs. Mitchell and Miss Fannie Mitchell, of
Oakville, visited Mrs. S. Brant the first of j
the week.
Mrs. A. L. Ege, and Lsster Thomps3n have !
returned from a visit, to Chicago and Mil
A lawn social was given Tuesday evening
at the home of Miss Edna McGarry, on Beech
Willie McCall, of Barnesville, Is spending
Sunday with hi 3 parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C
Mr. and Mrs. Ludford, Mrs. Ball and \ilss
Tena Bail, have returned from Glenwood.
Miss Dora Simpson and Ted Simpson are
spending two weeks at Coney Island.
Miss Adeline Buckley and Miss Margiret
Conklin s;ient the week in Duluth.
Miss Minnie MoElveny spent the week with ■
Miss Mary Pauline, of Mahtomedd.
Albert H. Brant returned Saturday from
a two weeks' vk'lt in Omaha.
Miss Thekla Bueckllrg has gone to Prior
Lake with a camping party.
Franklin Krieger will leave Wednesday for
Germany, to study music.
Miss Amelia Eberhardt entertained infor
mally Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Faxwell, of Hoffman
avenue, are in Duluth.
The members of Fern comp picnicked at
Wlldwood Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Mertens have returned
from the East.
Miss Mertena entertained at tea Friday for
her birthday.
Miss Florence Kreiger will entertain Mon
day evening.
Mrs. Houghton, of Duluth, 1b visiting Mrs.
Mrs. ZoMiuan and family are visiting in
Prescott, Wis.
Mrs. Fitzgerald Is visiting her mother in
Misa Hoatson has returned from Orton
Mrs. J. J. McManus Is visiting In Duluth.
Mrs. Brink Is visiting in Red Wing.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Searls, of Burr street,
gave a party Tuesday evening. There were
cards and dancing. The guests were: Mr.
and Mrs. F. L. Korth, Mr. and Mrs. W. C,
Heller, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Wilson, Mr. and
Mrs. E. C. MoFarland, Mr. and Mrs. Joha
Robinson, Mr. a::d Mrs. C. R. Marelius, Mr.
and Mrs. Oscar Peterson, 'Mr. and Mrs. Ball(,
Mrs. William AMrich, Mrs. E. R. McGiven,
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Mathews. The Mls:es
Adela Shlels, Grace Rhodes. Mary Hill, Clara
and Alice Matthews, Snodgxaes, Maggie
Miteheeon, Messrs. Dr. Pool, Dr. Kavacagh,
William Baker, Fred Rhodes and H. Aldrich.
The out-of-town guests were: Miss Gene
vieve Potter, of Oshkosh, Wls»; Miss Ida
Bliss, of Baraboo, Wis.; Miss Fairbaln and '
Miss Colllgan, of Stillwater, and othe;s.
Mr. and Mrs. George King entertained
Wednesday evening in honor of their s>n
Herbert's birthday. The guests were Mr. '
and Mrs. J. A. fiarr, Mr. and Mr 3. S. S.
King, the Misses Jennie E. Caison, Lulu .
Bryan, E. Cambell, Lottie Rayan, Luna
Tyler, F. Bryan, M. Otersort. E. Deverall,
Maud and Bessie Sharood M. Cambell, of De
troit, 'Mich.; J. A. N. King, of M:nneapoli3;
G. A. 'M. King, J. King, of Chicago; Mr. and
Mrs. A. MeLaughlin, of Chicago; Messrs.
H. J. Deverall, Ed Prisen, Ed C. Papp, E.
Hendry, A. McKay, F. K. Cainbell, E. P.
Oterv-ort, George T. Bryan. The decorations
were palms, ferns and roses. There was
dancing and games. Refreshments were served
at 5 o'colck.
The Ladles' Auxiliary, Como Division No.
98, Order of the Railway Conductors, gave a
progressive euchre party Thursday evening at
the home of Mrs. F. A. Pease, on Case street.
Mrs. Pease was assisted by Mrs. John Staple
ton, Mrs. W. E. Dagget and Mrs. J. W. Pease.
Prizes were won as follows: Ladles' head,
Mrs. Thompson; second Mrs. Henson; foot,
Mrs. McCall; gents' head, Mrs. H. L. Cleve
land; second. Mrs. A. E. Ellsworth; consola
tion, Mrs. Way. The decorations were red,
white and blue. The porch and lawn were
lighted with Japanese lanterns. There were
about fifty guests present.
A lawn social was given Wednesday even
ing at tbe home Mrs. J. 'McGarry on Beech
street . for the benefit of St. John's church.
The decorationß were sweet peas and other cut
flowers, and the lawn was lighted with Jap
anese lanterns. Mrs-. McGarry was assisted
by Mrs. J. J. McDonald, Mrs. J. V. Lorlns,
Mrs. C. J. Dion, Mrs. T. Rowitt and Mrs.
Vesta Rebekah Lodge No. 8 will give an
Ice cream social at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
F. A. Wis, 383 East Ninth street, Friday.
The committee are: Mrs. Richmond, Mrs. F.
L. Korth, Misses El'.sner, Zimmerman and
Mrs. Swiss, Wicker and Soule.
(M)bb Anna Sbeehan, of Osage, 10., Is the
guest of Mrs. T. D. Sheehan, of Burr street.
Mrs. W. C. Heller, of Collins street, spent
part of the week In Duluth.
Mr. and Mrs. Walsh, of New York, and
Mr. Martel, of Montreal, Can., who have been
visiting Dr. and Mrs. Martel, of Case street,
have returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Chapson gave a picnic party
Wednesday at Como park In honor of her
cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Gureolt, of Chicago,
who are her guests.
Mrs. J. Havekoßt, of Beech street, has ai
guests Mrs. Holt, Mrs, Gemon and Mrs.
Brown, of Lynn, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. PitU,
of Hammond. Wis.
Mr. and Mre. Thomas Mitchelson, of Burr
street, entertained Rev. Mr. Headly, ohap
lain ol the post at Fort Yates, during the
The Baby Band of the First Swedish Bap
tist Church met Thursday afternoon In the
church. Mrs. Hankasom was In charge.
Mrs. Harrington and Mlsa Harrington, of
Baraboo, Wis., are guests of Mrs. George
Shiels, of Burr street.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coates, of Forest City,
10., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Barr
the first of the week.
Mrs. Oliver Ames and Mrs. Oody B. Murray
visited friends at fit. Paul Park the early
part of the week.
Mrs. Christine Nelson, who has been visit
ing Mrs. Pauline Moberg, has returned to her
home in Lltchfleld.
Mrs. J. Shlmmerhorn spent the first of the
week at White Bear lake, the guest of Mrs,
Newell Olapp.
Mre, W. C. Heller, of Collins street, en
tertained her Sunday school olass Wednes
day afternoon.
Misa Vera Estes. the recent guest of Mrs.
E. A. Young, of De Soto street, has returned
to Madolia.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M, Springer, of Orange
street, has gone to Omaha to attend the ex
Mrs. Herbert Jones, the recent guest of Mrs.
M. A. Starkweather, has returned to Chi
Mre. F, A. Pease, of Cas« street, visited
friends In Cumberland, Wis., the first of the
Mrs. Martin Carlson, of Reaney street, Is
entertaining Miss Made Shepherd, of Hast
Mrs. J. Forrwrt, of Reaney street, has re
turned from a six weeks' stop In Campbell.
MM. J. H. Painter and daughter, Mif
Georgia Painter, of Pine street, are in Dv-
Mrs. Smith, of Rook Island, 111., is visit
ing her alter, Mrs. Cams, of Reaney street.
Mrs. Hartley and the Misses Hartley, of
Clark street, have returned from Lake Erie.
Mr. and Mra. William Jones, of East Sev
enth street, have gone to Fort Assinabolne.
The Mistsee Meyer, of Margaret street, en
tertained informally Tuesday tvenelng.
Miss Eva Smith, ofclloward. is a guest of
Mrs. F. R. Curtiss, o'fiColling street.
Mrs. T. C. Spates h&jir returned from Mah
tomedl after a few daf-s at the hotel.
Mrs. C. Selblg, of yfliert Lea, is visiting
Mrs. E. J. Rlschatsh,.'o£ Burr street.
Miss Nellie Walker, *f Madison, Wis., is
visiting Mrs. Be.l, of- street.
Mrs. E. T. Peters and daughter, of Brain
erd, are visiting Mrs.Jß. j. Knapp.
Mrs. E. R. F'indley,>of Reaney street, have
gone to Mobile to visit relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Roiist, of Reaney street,
have returned from TUp/P. WlB -
Miss May Perkins, tff Willmar, Is a guest of
Miss Addle Knapp, of Cfiok street.
The Misses Morrison of East Tenth street,
have returned from Rochester.
Mrs. Jessie Johnson, of Beech street, is In
Bayfleld, Wis., visiting friends.
Mlsa Jennie Wood is entertaining Miss
Mamie DellinErer. of Seattle.
Mrs. H. F. Yates, of Reaney street, have re
turned from Rochester. Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed MoFarland entertatned In
formally Friday evening.
Mrs. H. A. Charles, of Prebel street, haa
returned from Red Wing.
Mr. and Mrs. Lampson, of Fauquier street,
are In Aberdeen, S. D.
Miss Maud Farrel and Miss Edna Barker
have gone to Staples. '
Mrs. Mordaunt, of York street, has returned
from Detroit. Mich.
Mrs. J. James, of Fauquier street, is at
Lake Minnetonka.
Mrs. James Elder has returned from the
Miss Good has returned from Port Arthur.
The young people of Ascension church held
a lawn festival Thursday evening at the I
home of -Miss Imogene Beill. A musical pro
gramme was rendered and refreshments were '
Mrs. C. C. Edwards entertained informally '
Thursday evening at a lawu party, in com
pliment to the Misses CuUenbine and Hub
bard, of Aurora, 111.
| St. Louis' church will hold an ice cream i
i social and hop Aug. 27, at Lange's hall, en
I South Robert street. Pomroy's orchestra will
furnish music.
Miss Maud Hubbard and Miss Anna Cullen
j bone, of Aurora, 111., who have been guests
of Mrs. C. C. Edwards, returned home Satur- ,
t day.
Miss Jessie Thomas, of Annapolis, Md., la ■
the guest of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Thomas,
cf West Winnlfred street.
Miss Grace Dampier, of Northfield, is the
guest of Dr. and Mrs. H. G. Damcier, of
East Wlnnifred street.
Miss Mamie Gilbert gave a recital and ,
musicale Wednesday evening, at Bethany
Congregational church.
The Ladles' Aid of Crlntjn Avenue M. E.
' church will give a supper next Tuesday even-
Ing at the church.
Louis La Rose baa returned from a two
months' sojourn. for ' his health, at Hot
Springs, Ark.
The Ladles' Sodality Club of St. Matthew's j
church, entertained 'at progressive cards Fri
day evening.
The Misses Anna Roihausen and L:zzle
Doak are visiting in New York for a
Miss Sad>ie Milton, of East Congress street,
is spending her vacation at Belle Plaine,
Mrs. Smallwood. of Greenwood avenue,
leaves Tuesday to visit her sister, In Chi
Mrs. August Mertens left yesterday for
Racine, Wis., where she w.ll join her hus
Father O'Neil, of St. Midhael's parish, will
arrive home this week from his trip to Ire
C. B. Shanley, of Stryker avenue, Is back
from a trip through the Western states.
Mrs. P. S. Getchell entertained the ladlea
of Bethany church Thursday" afternoon.
Miss Stelfer, of Midway avenue, is making
a visit with friends at Staples, Minn.
Miss Dressel, of Chicago, is the guest of
her cousin. Miss Edna Bevans.
John Dale, of Prescott street, has returned
from Fort Leavenworth, aKn.
Mrs. Walter Holmes and daughter Dorothy
hava returned from Duluth.
The Kings Daughters met Tuesday evening
with Misa Alice Vevans.
Miss Florence Durkee, of Prospect terrace, i
has gone to Idaho.
Mrs. Dedolph, of Congress street, Is visit
ing In Milwaukee.
Mles Blanche McLean is visiting at Carver,
Mr. and Mrs. Ransom gave their second
annual camp fire at their home on Hewitt
avenue, on Friday evening. The house was
beautifully decorated In cut flowers, and the
national colors, for about Beventy old sol
Mrs. Gordon, of Mlnnehaha avenue, enter
tained the East Star Constellation society, of
St. Paul, on Thursday evening. The house
was well decorated In flowers and all en
joyed a delightful evening.
Mrs. Buckly, Mrs. Showers and Archie Q.
Garmel, who have been the guests of Mrs.
Humphrey, have returned to their home In
The Misses Patterson, . of Little Falls, were
the guests of their cousin,. Miss Patterson, of
Hewitt avenue, during the past week.
Mrs. Holley has 'been entertaining Mrs.
Cressy, wife of Chaplain Cressy, Thirteenth
regiment, for the past weke.
Miss Lu-cy Rich, who has been spending
the past summer 13 Michigan and Wisconsin, j
returned home Friday.
Miss Edith Zimmerman, of Wentworth, S.
D., is the guest of Mrs. George D. Winter, of
Hewett avenue.
Mr. Buckley and son, of Delano, Minn., are
the guests of Mr. and Mib. Graft, of Hamline
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Conway are entertain
ing Mrs. Andrews and daughter, of Fergus
Miss Edwards, who is visiting Mrs. North,
will leave for her home in California, Thurs
Miss Gertrude McKay and Miss Zula Hart,
of Minneapolis, will leave today for Honolulu.
Mrs. E. E. McCrea and Miss Fanny Hoyt
are spending the month at Rest Island.
■Mrs. Harper entertained her sister, Mrs.
Chapman, on Wednesday.
The Adams and Webb families picnicked at
Lake Johanna last wedk.
Monroe and Frank Smith have returned
from Olympia, Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. Webber are visiting their
son, C. G. Webber.
Miss Whitman was the guest of Miss Geo.
Ransom Thursday.
Miss Davis, of Delano, is the guest of Mls«
Cora McCarter.
Dr. Ma-graw Is entertaining bis niece, Es
ther Coulter.
Mrs. J. Drew has gone to her home In
Mr. William McCa'llum has returned from
Miss Pearl Benham has returned from Red
The marriage of George Hlllman and Miss
Jessie Hubbard will take piece on the Ist
of September, at the home of Mrs. H. S.
Moore, of St. Anthony avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Greaves, who have been
• spending he past two weeks with their son,
B. E. Graves, of Carroll street, returned to
their home in Rock Island, 111. '
Mrs. Harshman has returned to her home
In North Vernon, Ind., after a short visit
with her daughter, Mrs. P. C. Koerner, of
Carroll street
Mrs. Colvln Manning. and daughter Mary,
who have "been vißiting Mrs. W. H. Gr'dley,
returned to their home in Ottumwo, on
Mrs. J. P. Adsunson, who baa been the
guest of her daughter,. Mrs. Willis Pierce,
of Bald, Eagle hike, has returned to the
Park. v
Miss Alice Wilson, of Oberlin, 0., and
Mrs. Pierce, of Mlssoula, Mont., are the
guests of their cousin, Mrs. Bhamblett.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Stewart and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Kertson, hav6 returned from their
outing at Park jsland, Center City.
Mrs. M. J. Burnaud, of Waltham avenue,
is entertaining Mrs. George Manchester and
daughter Bessie, of Louisville, Ky.
Miss Gertie Baker and Mr. Harry Titcomb
were entertained • yesterday at White Bear
by Mrs. Ralph Eastman.
Miss Louisa Morris, of Charles City, and
Miss Tunnell, of Omaha, are the guests of
Miss Grace Hatfcock.
Mro. Heayford has returned to Washington,
after a shirt visit with her son, Mr. Chaffee,
of Carroll street.
Miss Stella Cutler, of Ashland, Wis., and
Miss Gates, of Wlnona, are the guesta of
Mrs. Dr. Cobb.
Mrs. Manning and Mrs. Fleming were
entertained at tea by Mr*. O. D. Waters.
Rev, J. H. Albert will preach this morn
ing at the Olivet Congregational church.
Mlsa Louisa Watkins entertained a few
friends at luncheon Thursday evening,
i Mlsa Laura Miller., of Memphis, la tbe cueat i
of her aunt, Mra. W. F. McGee, of Dayton
Mrs. Ehrett entertained the Afternoon
Euchre club on Wednesday afternoon.
Dr. S. Q. Cobb is entertaining hia brother
in-law, C. C. Martin, of Rochester.
Paul and Louise Magnuson have returned
from their visit in Worthington.
Mr. and Mrs. Croawell have returned from
their visit in Blk River.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Danfortn have re
turned from Milwaukee.
Mrs. C. H. Humason, of Selby avenue, Is
visiting in Wisconsin.
The Misses Lizzie and Jennie Dudgeon are
visiting aU Excelsior.
Mrs. A. T. Koerner is voting at her old
home In Litchfield.
Mrs. Ralph Eastman Is home from her
visit at Omaha.
Mrs. Thatcher, of Milwaukee, Is the guest
of Mrs. Phillips.
A. Swanstrom has gone to Chicago on a
business trip.
Miss Mary Payne Is visiting friends in We3t
A. C. Anderson and family are staying at
the lakes.
Miss Maud Bradbury Is visiting relatives in
F. M. Grun spent the past week In Wis
D. Doty left Friday on a trip to Wellsville,
Mrs. Gardiner Blake and Mra. Pebble en
tertained Thursday in honor of Mrs. Hoyt.
The parlors were beautifully decorated In
sweet peas and roses.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Congrega
tional Church will meet with Mrs. Flaggs,
of Raymond avenue, Tuesday afternoon:
George Barnum, FTank Pierce and George
Passage returned home Monday from their
blcyc'.e trip to Red Wing.
Rev. M. J. W.Ferner, of Hampton, 10., will ! i
preach this morning at the Congregational i
Miss Edith Stewart entertained Thursday In '
honor of Miss Fisher, of Kenosha.
Mra. May Canno, of Dea Molnes, Is visit- '
ing her aunt, Mrs. A. J. Reeves.
The Ladies' Aid society will meet Tuesday |
at the home of Mrs. Flagg.
Mr. and Mrs. Cudworth and family will
spend today at Minnetonka.
Mrs. Todd and daughter Florence spent
Wednesday at Spring Park.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Clark were the guests '
of Mrs. Reeves this week.
The Misses Watkins, of Spring Park are !
the guests of Miss Windle.
The Ladies' Reading circle met on Friday !
with Mrs. Bowe.
Miss Jennie Buck, of Hamline, Is the guest
of Miss Liggett.
Mrs. Hunlock, of Minneapolis, is visiting
Miss Rochester.
Mr. and Mrs. Burghard will spend today
at Minnetonka.
Robert Jones, of Boston, Mass., la the guest
of Mrs. Dunn.
James Barnum la the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Baker.
Miss Ackley, of Oak Park, is visiting Miss
Miss Zula Webber Is visiting friends In
the Park.
Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell are visiting In Hud
son, is.
Mrs. Raymond has gone to the Omaha ex
Mrs. McCammon spent Friday at Mlnne
Mrs. M. H. Haight returned to Mlnneanol'B
Monday, after a two weeks' visit with" her
mother, Mrs. Charles A. Cressy.
Miss Margaret Jones, Hugh Jones and their
guest, Mrs. Jones, of Cambria, are visiting
relatives in Minneapolis.
Mrs. Goodklnd and son, and Mrs. Scott and
daughter, of St. Paul, were the guesta of Mrs
D. D. Brack this week.
Mrs. Adolf Anderson entertained at lunch
eon Thursday, Mesdames De Cou Weeks I
Payne, Miss Roach. ' j
Mrs. John Weeks entertained Miss Maud ,
Frieze, of Prescott, and Bert Green of St
Paul, Sunday.
Mrs. Charles Kemp and daughters, of Mor
ris, are visiting friends and relatives In Cot
tage Grove.
Miss Elb'ba Anderson returned yesterday
from a three weeks visit in New Richmond. !
Frank Wolfer, of Stillwater, was the guest
of Joe Cressy the early part of the week.
Mrs. George Hammer is entertaining her
sifters, the Misses Fort, of La Crosse.
Miss Florence Dickinson, of St. Paul la
the guest of Miss Louise Bell.
Frank Schabert visited friends in Plum
City, Wis., Thursday and Friday.
Mrs. Kane, of St. Paul, was the guest of
Mrs. Hlmmelwrlght, Friday.
Mts. David ILanna Is entert&lntnx Mis*
Emma Scott, of Stlllwater.
Mrs. Charles A. Cressy visited Mr* M. L.
Hoiloy In Ham'iir.e Friday.
Mieees Parker and Creasy returned from
Mahtomedl Friday.
Mrs. Jones, of Cambria, Wto., Is visiting
Miss Margaret Jones.
Miss Nellie Fowler Is visiting friend* in
Mrs. Ross and daughters are homo from
Mrs. Tuelle entertained the Birthday club i
Mrs. Charles A. Parker Is visiting In Clara
Clark McKown hag returned from Montreal.
C. Baumann'is visiting in Herbert, Wis,
Harmony camp, M. W. A., will give an en
tertainment at the City hall "Monday even
ing, Aug. 29. Horace Huron, the entertainer,
will furnish the main part of the programme.
John Dipple and Miss Celia Reihm were
married at St. Augustine's church Wednesday
morning by Father Gmeiner. They are both
of South St. Paul.
J. R. Wakefleld, of Chicago, formerly an
employe of the stockyards company here, is
on a visit to old friends in St. Paul and this
The young people of the First Presbyterian
church will give a sweet sixteen social in the
church parlors Aug. 24.
Mr. and Mrs. James Stevenron were sur
prised by a number of friends Thursday even-
Mrs. Scheney^ of Minneapolis, who has been
visiting Mrs. C. Doer, haa returned home.
Miss Sehin, of Chicago, Is the guest of her
sister, Mrs. Gebhard.
George Purvis has returned from a visit
to friends in Chicago.
Mrs. James Reid has gone on a visit to Du
Mr. Chapman is on a visit to Kansas City.
Sergeant Joseph Moore, of the Third In
fantry band, arrived yesterday from Cuba.
Musician Moore is recovering from an attack
of typhoid fever. He has been granted a
month's furlough in order to recuperate.
Mrs. Philip Reade returned from Chicago
Friday morning. She left for the East Fri
, day evening. Maj. Philip Reade has arrived
at Montauk Point with Gen. Rent's staff.
Lieut. George Reade. of Gen. Wade's staff,
is spending a few weeks at his home. Lieut.
Read will probably go to Havana later on.
Lieut. Barker Is at his home In Syracuse,
N. V., recovering from an attack of fever
contracted while In Santiago.
Capt. Hale Is taking a sea voyage on the
Los Angeles in order 'to regain his strength,
Miss Therese Bit-bel returned from St. Cloud
Friday evening.
Mrs. J. H. Page returned from Chicago
Maj. Sanno U in Chicago.
Mr*. A. C. Farrar has returned to Duluth.
The Mlssee Hubbard and Jackson spent part
of last week with Miss McCloud at Bald
Eagle lake.
Mr. A. Y. Craig and family, who have been
camping at Detroit lake, returned home Sat
Dr. Wallace, who has been visiting In Da
kota, returned home on Tuesday.
Mlsa Georgia Grosseup left on Tuesday for
a two weeks' visit at Luverne.
Mr. P. T. Jackson and family will camp at
Chtsago laks this we-ft.
Mrs. E. B. Hubbard entertained Mra. B. H.
Kirby last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lathrop are visiting relatives
In Fergus Falls.
Miss Kelsey and Miss Carter are visiting la
De* Molnes.
Mrs. M. G. Craig Is visiting in Farmlngtoa,
Miss Wood Is staying in Duluth.
The Porch club was entertained Monday
by Mrs. Hundley. Mrs. E. A. Murray, Mra.
W. J. Murray, Mrs. Johns and Mrs. Dodd
won the prizes.
Miss Joe Homan has returned to Minneap
olis after visiting (Miss Dutcher for a ftw
Mrs. Chapman and 'Mrs. Kript entertained
a party of fifteen In the Klmball cottage.
Mr. and Mra. Wheeler and Mrs. 0*1) ah an
|^~Silk Headquarters of the Northwest Globe— B-21-'©B.
New, Fashionable Silks. |
Monday's showing will embrace many of the choicest !
Fall ideas in Plain and Novelty Silks. Every express !
brings us Silks that we are proud ot, and that we con- !
sider more elegant in pattern and color combination than !
any we have ever seen. !
Black Silks for gowns and Novelty Silks for separate !
for separate skirts are to be a waists or blouses are very pop- \
leading- feature of the Silk bus- ular indeed. Thousands of ]
mess this season. We show a yards came ia Saturda 7- They j
wonderful variety of weaves, "^J^ tn i^l^V '<
rajtfnjr in price from 750 to i^L^Tw^tSrS
$3-00 a yard. / Qne of a kind only>
Extra Special Honday at 25c a yd. j
Worth 69c and 75c. ]
About 1,500 yards of the very best quality of Japanese j"
Silks, in Ombre and Duchine, Check, Stripe and Plaid effects.
All will be sold Monday at, ' OE*% '!
per yard .^OC !
New— Fall Dress Goods— New. ||
As the style conditions for fall are now clearly defined, we !
feel that an inspection of this department will give you an op- ]!
portunity to select a gown which for style and effect can't be '
introduced elsewhere in the Northwest. Extra Monday spe- I 1
cials: 'I
IS pieces of Scotch Mrxed Suitings BLACK GOODS DEPT
wide, that sells regularly QA A "^ heaV^ ™* BtrlCtl ? all P u ™
at 75c a yard. For Monday S9O 'you T M 1"* v, <■
' that you see marked elsewhero at i
The finest line of 50-cent Dress 50c a yard " Our Monday QTT ft
|, Goods yon ever looked at, not the price °■ « i|
S ordinary 50c values, but the kind 10 pieces of Tufted Novelties In \
I that should sell at 7oc and Etf|~ handsome raised patterns, the ree- i!
S 85c Our Monday spscial UVU lar 50c a yard kind. For «Q ft ji
English Hard Twisted Covert M ° Qday 05f0 j
|, Suitings, the correct fabrio for tai- 10 pieces of Black Novelty Dress i
( j lor-raade gowns, In all the new Goods, the newest patterns, rich, j
i, shades, 50-inch wide, our heavy qualities, all pure worsted, i
$1.25 quality for ■ vO 50-inch wide, that should sell at '
„ M „ $1.00 a yard. Our Monday £»fl A !
Sponged Cheviots, an up-to-date price OtJC i 1
fabric for full costumes, all sponeed « n , -»»,.— i
ana shrunk ready to wear, in all the ™ Pl eces of Mohalr Pierola Cloth i
new fall colors, 50-inch wide. a °n Mer ,": re " a fi BT«res, the latest \
Monday O<a 4"a4"h fall novelties for separate skirts and i
per yard ni,lllß gowns, all excellent patterns, our '!
regular $2.00 quality, G*<€ OR !'
Imported Vlgoreaux Suitings in for Monday V«BfiO i
all the new colorings, Dewey blue, A complete assortment of Silk !
marine blue, Havana brown, castor, and Wool and Mohair Crepons, very i
ox-blood, Nile, olive and French swell patterns, ranging in price at (
gray 48-inch wide, for 85c, $1 .00, $1 .75, $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00 \>
91.^3 and Spl.oO a yard. a yard. i
t®*We call particular attention to our magnificent assort
j| ment of Poplins, Velours, Reps, Satin-faced Cloths, Imported
ij Kerseys, Meltons, Venetian Vigforeaux and Covert Suiting*, '!
ji Prices right.
('— . — . _ i
j; Carpet Department -^ r *S ji
,| fall season now on exhibition. If you are interested it will af- ( |
]| ford U3 much pleasure to acquaint you with our display, work !|
and prices. We can surely please you.
Cloak Department. Hosiery — Underwear, jl
We have got altogether too many No time like NOW to replenish !
warm weather goods. They take up your wardrobe. Everything mark
room that is needed for fall goods ed to the very lowest figures to
arriving every day. To move those make room for new goods. A few
now on hand we will cut the prices Monday bargains:
for Monday the next thing to noth
ing. Women's silk-plated Jarquard
SILK DRESSES. Plaid Hose, 52 50 val- »4 A[Q
An odd lot, not the latest in every
particular, dark colors, to close out Women's fine Lisle Thread Plaid
quick, «5^ ffa "7 IE Hose, $1.50 and $1.75 qual- g^®-^
for Sl«9b / O | itiesfor OOC
TneHnjnersalone would cost , assortment of women's
than *3. 75. | Fancy Hose, worth 65c, QA A
50 Plain and Fancy Wool Skirts, 75c and 85c a pair, for O«PI#
all sizes, made correct ineveiy way. . „■ . _
The £6.50 and $7.50 fl£ FA AC i A small lot of Women's low neck, ji
ones, for Monday... no sleeve Combination Suits, pink, ( |
Another lot of ; «cell.nt Skirts, gft '^^^ "^VL*
i different materials, , f J *flffsfi
worth up to $5.00. ti£A -» X? %*+*%* j.
For Monday Women's fine Li«le Thread Knee (l
|| SUMMER WASH WEAR. i Pants . P lain and trim- g&fg* >
S .- . ~ rnT . ,?, . | mcd, the $1.00 quality for OIC
( , 45c for $1.00 Linen Skirts. ]
Ji 45c for $1.50 White Duck Skirts. A broken lot of Children's Under- i
95 G for $2 Crispene Linen Skirts. wear, long and short sleeve vests ]
$1.35 for $2.50 and $3.£0 White and ankle length drawers. |Q fl I 1
Cord Pique Skirts. To close out, each Ivll i
SI 25 for $4.00 Wash Dresses. Pretty novelties in Hosiery arriv- !
2SC for /dc Shirt v\ aists. j ntr every day '
500 for 51. 25 Shirt Waists. B *' '
750 for $2.00 Shirt Waists. ~~ — — I 1
95C for Fancy White Lawn Waists, Mpn'Q Plimkhino-C
that were $2.00 and 52.50. j m CII fi> r UrilliUinj^S* j
J Just received— a new line of Men's '!
\"\/\r»^U n^^Ar. rt^^.4- I Walkil »R Gloves, good weight, out- \
WaSn VJOOUS Uept. \ seam, English cut, perfect fitting, i
Monday we'll start a great clear- i * he ? e , st tor the P"ce ever shown.
iaf sale of Scotch Ginghams, Mad- ! & P ecla > £|A
ras and Pique, in plaids, stripe* and ; per pair SP W**M%9
checks, worth 40c and 50c &%Tj£.g\ Another chance to buy those
a yard. Special famous Gold and Silver Shirts at
AD our 25c and 35c Ginghams : wa y down prices.
bnnched in one lot. Per -g C^ , Unlaundered Silver Shirts. 670
yard, Monday 100 : Laundere d Silver Shirts 890
25 pieces of best Hand-spun Suit- ; Unlaundered Gold Shirts. 880 '
ings, plain light blue, pink and j Laundered Gold Shirts $1.12 \ [
navy, with white stripes, worth 35c ! ______'
a yard. For Monday's 4 Ala j >'
selliQ g i^2^ I Millinery Dept.
\ Ruf tt*rirle Pfltfprnc We are snow ingT a nice line of
I tsuttericK Kaiterns ; early Felts> iv alkingf Tourist ;
( i Are best and most economical. We and English Round Hats.
i| are St. Paul agents. See our Ladies' New "Gordon." '
are guests of 'Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Tripp. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Matterson are guests of Mr.
and Mrs. B. W. Dutcher.
Mrs. Ralph Eastman has returned from a
week's visit In Duluth.
Miss Beryl Weber Is spending a few weeks
with Mrs. Haupt.
Mrs. Mabon spent a few days last week
with Mrs. Johns.
Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong are visiting at
the Nash cottage.
Miss Nash gave a nutting party Monday
Mrs. Shedd is spending the week with Mrs.
Truman White was a guest at Idylwlld
M'ss Belle Owens is visiting Mrs. Dreaen.
Important Gathering of the Fainoni
Order at Indianapolis.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Aug. 20.— The '
largest and most imtportaint meeting:
of the supreme lodge of Knights of
Pythias ever h«ld, the greatest en
camoxment of the uniform rank for
many years and the supreme meet
ings of the Slater Rathbone Pythian
sisterhood, Knights of Khorassan, will
begin here next Monday. The city is
already decorated as it never has been
before, and the paraders and members
of the board are vying with each other
to make the meeting the greatest suc
cess in the order's history. Every day,
morning and evening, there will be
something on. The cheap rates on the
railroads went Into effect this morn
ing, and incoming trains were crowd
ed. Meetings will continue all next
week and the supreme lodge will be
in session two weeks.
Prairie Chickens Are Now on the Fly.
To get them in abundance you must go out
on tho Soo Line. Special rates every Friday
and Saturday, returning Monday. Ticket
Office S9S Robert st.
$80.00 Toronto. Canada, and Return
All Expenses Paid.
For the Industrial Fair, Toronto. Kate by
the-Sco Line, Including all expenses, $30.00.
Get Itinerary. Ticket Office 398 Robert sL

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