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Among St. Paul women generally, the
Industrial exposition to be held this
week in Market hall, is the absorbing
topic of interest. The opening cere
monies premise to be unusually attrac
tive, and a large reception committee
of representative women has been in
vited to greet the guests Th_r_day
cv« nin« at 8 o'clock.
The following word! of Whittier's seem
v, .*v appropriate these beautiful fall days, hut
iy tie farmers of Minnesota tail to ap
pr< • • ia
" Vlong tbe roadside, like the flowers of g-'u
That tawnj [ncaa for their gardena wrought.
ii i/j with iunehine droop the golden red.
* * *
My l?dy"a slipper se s a very radical change
this aeason. It i- no more plain and un
loea a Bimple little bow
or unobtrusive rosette ornameiu it. Instead,
the slipper is nov. a very gorgeous affair, v
-„ both by sunlight and the gleam ol
jr, toi tis a j. w< lied slipper,
iftener than otherwise, elaborately Jewel
Btyle Is to have these slipper jewels
match the pin or aecklaca y»a are weartng.
both : ms themselves and m the set-
When fantastic and curious designs
are worn, in oddly fti b d - old, the el!
pictun so.ua and attra< tive.
3 are to be favorite slipper oraa
of the Bumm ir, diamonds being, ol
course, too valuable io be allowed to twinkle
card ssiy on one's fe< t
ornament mos ■ will be a gold
< either large or small.
a boil or ros« tte of satin,
v , X l v many quaint and odd designs.
• * *
Th. ol Miss Kathryn Walther,
of Dr. and Mrs. Edward Walther,
to Frauk T. Crowe, of Tacoma, will be
evening, Oct 11, at the resi
-01 the bride's parents on Dayton aye
* * *
7ee's. a needlework club, has
mized with the following members:
11, Miss Stella Wiilius, Misa
May i Flor nee Kreiger, Miss
Gertrude Presley, Mlsg Ada Henry, Miss Anna
Elate Wtchmea. The tirst
given tomorrow afternoon
* * *
ienl of Miss Cornelia l'anning.
of New Vi.mc. and Bhen il. Gay, of lioslon,
The wedding will take place
late in the autumn or early In the winter,
g is a cousin of "Mrs. C. A. Scv
. a id has made St. Paul almost as
much her home as New York.
• • •
Mies Bessie McGuffln, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. M McGuffln, and Henry Hartong will
lay In the Port Snelling
♦ * *
Mrs. W. P. abbott, if Summit avenue, gave
tt email I ernoon for Mrs. A.
itman, of Lake Charles, and Mrs. Wood
ruff, of Los Ani
» » ♦
Among the visitors In St. Paul yesterday
were Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Neide, who ar-*
their wedding trip through
the East. They were quart red at the Ryan.
Mr. Neide, who represents iho Great North
ern road at Sr. Cloud, left a fortnight ago to
wed Mi-s ■ rille, the daughter of Mr.
es "■'. Manville, of Whitehall,
N. V.. ard the • with its attendant
the mos*) interesting
. Northern New York state.
a during the after
noon • md.
• ♦ *
Mrs. Thomas E. Leonard gave a luncheon
Mondi ■■ • on Laurel avenue for
Mrs. J ol Watertown, and Miss
Mt-Hugh of V I tr.
* * *
Mr. and Mrs. Arc Ellithrop have
ns for the marriage of their
•-j a Ei— ia Elllthrop to
Lafay ■.. The wedding will
iock Wednesday, Oct 13,
[dence on Iglehart street.
* * *
Mr md Mrs. George Hammond have issued
. for ■'. receptii I f evening
at ;■ :, Hoffman avenue.
Miss Nan Dunnigan was very agreeably
surprised i ening at her home on
Bradley street. Among those present were:
Hushan, Maggie Clark. Fannie Barlow.
Annie McC u-iow Anna Owens,
McNally. Myrtle O'Gara. Alice Gage,
O'Gara, Geneviev« Sullivan, Alice
O'Gara, Jennie Carlin. Messrs. Frank Brod
., Kink. Frank Tyler. George Dee
bach, Art Wi'.dey, Hugh Malloy. Nick Gaar,
Samuel Davis, Matt. Rielley, Eddie McNally,
Swartz, Rennie Rink, Billie Short, Bil
lie Sinker and George Malloy.
• * *
Misses Sutmar entertained the Cycle
club at cards Wednesday evening. Prizes
by Mrs. C. E. Lot hman and A.
• ♦ *
Tie* Hawthorne Social club save its first
card party of the season Monday evening
ball. Twerty-flve tables of pro
ve euchre were played. Prizes were
won by Mrs. McDonald and Misa Keating
and Messrs. V ung and McQuillan.
• * *
teachers of the Drew school were en-
Dcheon Wednesday by Mrs.
V.". R. Johnson, assisted by her daughter,
(. rgia.
. * *
Capitol City Cycle club opened their sea
-1 hursday with an Informal military re
ceptlon. About ICO couples called during the
evening. Dancing was indulged in to the
strains of Hillard's orchestra, in the large
parlors. 1 ntertainment committee re-
I in the reception room. Refreshments
3* rved in the dining; room, which was
. with ila.^s, and presented a very
military appearance. The reception room,
parlor: and card I oms were also decorated
with ri n . ; gs. Thi . Is the first of
a sei - aces and parties to be given by
the dub through the year.
* * *
A and Quiet marriage took
■ Wedn< day morning at St. Charles'
church, Minneapolis, the contracting parties
being I i a : i i * 17. Burke; daughter of Mrs.
Mary H. Burke, of this city, and Robert
A. Kay. of Minneapolis. Rev. Father Clcary
ted. \;-.er the ceremony a wedding
; rast was served a: the home of the
. 1380 Selby avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Kay
li ft the same evening for Omaha and East
ern points, ard will be home Tuesdays, after
Nov*. 15, at 1360 Selby avenue.
* • •
invitations are out announcing the mar-
Clara C. Ziegler, daughter of
Rev. 11. Ziegler, to Rolando F. Graw, Wednes
day. Oct. 12, at 5 O'clock. The ceremony
will take place at the lirst M. E. church
ai 1 will be followed by a reception at tha
he ".'■ inn's &istcr, Mrs. Jerome W.
"•"JJ Broadway. Mr. and Mrs. Graw
will ha and other Western cities.
They will be at home after Nov. 10 at 522
B: oa i
# ♦ •
Frank Ackermann gave a small danc
ing party Wi dnesday evening in honor of
h< r m ice "*.iiss Aggie Ar;h, the occasion be
ing Miss Arth's ug'iteenth birthday. Miss
Susie s : sted in receiving. The
Echo Mandolin club furnished music. Those
present were: Misses Schott, Pilny, Ciauss,
Koenig, Stutgart, Dwelly, Sexton; Messrs.
.. Stine, Tonskemper, Whittman, Jan
sen, Arth, Lemire, Rapp, Ackermann and
Mrs. C. Pantky.
• » *
The Mlses Conroy, McCulley and Kenyon,
of White Bear, gave a delightful dancing
party vening. Among those present
from St. Paul were the Misses Adams and
Starke? and Misses Preston, Parker, Wilion
ar.d Thorn; son.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Schroeder and Mr. Kohl
mann entertained a number of their friends
V^^Si-) rftgm,fottjif fts*a^f|
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A Stylish, Well-Made
Can always be selected at
Fine Purs.
£54 E. Seventh St.
Get mv prices on SEAL garments.
The spindle for X **_ 1* ,% lit orders is fast
fating tilled, and late orders will have to wait.
Attend to alterations now.
by a delightful trip up the Minnesota river
OS thetr ■_■ mer the Frances. The party con
sisted of Mr. and Mrs. F. Osbuig. Mr. 'md
Mrs. Divine, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. llorst, Mr.
and Mrs. Cliiton and the Misses Mu. liken,
Bennett. Jauney and Schroeder and H.
In addition to the regulur social affairs at
Uu' club bouse, the Laurel Cy.!;- t;ub will
■Ive a scries Of I le. t in'o; ui.U ('.anoing
i)ai*t:os at l.itt's lull during tl*e winter sea-on.
rbe foUowi— _ dates have been selected: Hal
low'een, Oct, li ; Th;ink*-*g:vii.K eve. N.V. SI;
New r-asr'a eve. There ertll also bo the
a anual ball asd one or t»vo other purtiLS. tiie
date* for which have not been decided upon.
The marriage of Misa Catherine B. Doyle
to !>r. Nath—Q L. Watson was solemnized on
Wednesday morning in St. Mark's church,
Men-lam park. The bride wis attended by
her sister. Miss Alice Doyle, and ihe green.
by his brother, Jno. O. Watson. Mr. 1_ G.
Bruenner presided at the organ, and solos
were rendered by J. B. Gorman, ■ coueln
of the groom; also by Mrs, Bradley and Mrs.
Clancy. The ushers were Dr. ('uas. Doom,
William Doyle end c. w. Lennon.
A wedding break fast was served at the
briil. 's home, on Cleveland avenue, which waa
attended by the relatives of the biide and
groom. A number of costly presents w. re
received. Dr. and Mra. Watson took the
evening train and after Nov. 1 will be at
homo to their friends,
* * *
A very pleasant Buprlse wis tendered Miss
Mazzie and John .). Peokey Friday evening
by their iriends. The feat— rea of tho even
ing were i-.iu.--i.'. singing anil dancing. Among
those present were Misses Nell Whaley,
V< rnie 1". Ringer, Blanche Par sh, Jennie Mc-
Laughlin, Marie McLaughlin, Cally Schim
ansky, Cecil Pitzpatrlck, Laura Mcintyre,
Alice Treedeau, Gertrude L anon, Wih
McMahon, Emma BSrren Male! Boutwell, S.
McGovern, Messrs. A. >>. Schuw ansky, Her
bert Porter, Edward Holmes, William Holme*.
Paul McGeehan, Chas. Heenan, Herman Er
ren, Louis S'go, Albert Vervais, Mark Dal
glish, Joseph Maloney, John Murphy, Joseph
West-h-*— ter. James J. McManus. Music was
furnished by Mr. O'Nei! and Misso-* Mamie
West— auser, Nell Whaley, V'ernio Kinger and
Blanche Parish.
• * •
Miss Minnie E. Belie, of Eau Cialre, Wis.,
formerly of thia city, and Luther M. Harris,
of the Fd.ison Electric L'ght and Power com
pany, wore married Wednesday.
A ball will be given Nov. 10 in the armory
the proceeds to be used to purchase Christ
oresen_ for these members of the old
Companies E ar.d C, of the Minnesota nation
al guard, who are row with the Thirteenth
at Manila. r lhe hosts of the occasion will
by those members of the twj companies who
have remained at home. A meeting was
held at the armory, an organ] a— on was ef
fected and arrangements made. P. J. Metz
dorf was elected president; A. B. White, vice
president; "i. Price, treasurer, and P. V.
McCue, secretary. President Metzdorf ap
pointed as a committee on arrangements (I.
Schallert, P. J. Vobtil, A. B. White, trjm
Company C, and F. A. Gddthrite, A. Furst,
A. Cameron and P. J. Metzdorf, from Com
pany E. \
A b.izar will open Monday in St. John's
hail for the benefit of St. John's Catholic
church, Dayton's Bluff. Edna McGarry and
Sarah Thomas are contesting for a gold wa'ch.
The following Udies will be in charge of
the rosary table: Mesdames Helywtck, Ho
b—a, McGuire, Lorin, Darmody, Fah Q rty,
Ball, Mattimore, Kerman. Mulligan and Mur
phy. The sodality table will bo in charge of
s McDermott, Heid. Parrell, Gil'fney.
Gilboy, Shinners, Waldorf, Sur-i*]*.-*, MeDon
ough, Calling, Devitt. Gorman l'aly. llickey.
O'Connor, L. Parrell, La Fever, B^rrisford
and Eg»n. At the refreshment thable will
be Mesdames Parrell, McGee, Daley, Ulley
and Cannon.
Ihe annual bazar for the benefit of the
lse of the Good Shepherd will op: n Mon
. Dct. 24. The ladies of the following
rches will have charge of the booths:
hedral, St. Michael's, St. Mary's, St.
Patrick's. Pt. Luke's. St. Joseph's, St. Vin
cent's, St. John's and Assumption. The Cen
tral high school cadets will give a battalion
drill as part of the entertainment.
The quarterly meeting of the Baptist Mis
sionary union will be held Tuesday, Oct. 18,
Ithe Woodland Park Baptist church. Mrs.
W. Randall will preside at the morning
■t-ion, which will be devoted to foreign mis
is, and in the afternoon Mrs. J. H. Butrick
will preside over the home mission pro
The Dayton's Bluff Mothers' club will hold
gula r fortnightly meeting tomorrow, in
stead of next Monday, which is th* 3 regular
date for the meeting. The subject for discus
sion will be 'Periods of Growth; Age of
Transition." A paper will be read by Mrs.
J. J. McManors.
An all-diy n.uarterly meeting of the mis
sionary societies of the Congregational
churches of the St. Paul district will be held
Tuesday, Oct. 25, In Park Congregational
church. The programme will be arranged
by the ladies of Plymouth church.
Eastern Star Lodge No. 82, D. of R., wil'
give a stereopticon entertainment, followed by
vocal and Instrumental music. Tuesday even
ing. The entertainment will be at the hall
on South Wabasha street and Fairfield ave
The White Flyer Cycle club will give a
military ball Thursday evening, Oct. 20, at
Sherman hall, on Wabasha street, for the
lieflt of the parents of the late Le3lie Paden,
the Thirteenth Minnesota, who died at Ma
l dancing party will be given Tuesday even
•; at Cambridge hall for the benefit of
nstellation chapter, Order of the Eastern
ir. and the Red Cross society. Music will
furnished by the Twin City orchestra.
rhe Try Leaf Social club will give the first
a series of semi-monthly hops at Sherman
11, on Wabasha street, Wednesday evening.
c committee is P. H. Wagner. John L.
an, E. J. McManus and J. E. Barry.
benefit for the Young Woman's home will
given Oct. 18, in Conover hall, under the
direction of the superintend! Nt, Miss L. J.
Barnes. There will be a literary and musical
The annual meeting of tne Park Congre
gational church society will be held Oct. 24."
Sapper will be served in the parlors by the
of the church.
Tho Retail Clerks* association will give a
stag social Wednesday evening at its hall, on
Wabasha street. W. M. Wilson is the chair
man of t'ne committee.
Division 4, D. of E., will give an anniver
sary ball on Tuesday, Oct. 11, at Liedertafei
hall, State and Congress streets. A good
time is assured.
The "Monday circle will begin Its year*
work next Monday evening. "France ln th(
Nineteenth Century" is the subject for tiu
season's study.
The Ladies' Aid society, of St. Paul ohap
ter, O. E. S., will meet at the residence ol
Mrs. B. F. Miller, 715 Colby avenue, Monday
The degree team of Maple Leaf Camp No
331, Royal Neighbors of America, will giv«
a hop Thursday evening at Odd Fellows' hall,
Payne avenue and Wells street.
Division No. 1, Ladies' Auxiliary to th<
Ancient Order of Hibernians, will give an en
tertainment Friday.
The Minnesota Mandolin orchestra will giv<
its second annual ball at Arion hall Wednes
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Van Duzee will be al
home this winter at the residence of theii
daughter, Mrs. Smith, Goodrich avenue. Col
and Mrs. Charles A. Van Duzee will reside ai
j 702 Mars-hall avenue.
Mrs. J. C. Jaynes is in Newton, Mass. Hei
neice. Miss Cornelia James, who accompanied
her, will be one of the graduates of Radcliffe
Harvard annex, nest June.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. McNair and familj
have returned from White Bear lake, aiu
are now at home at 439 Laurel avenue, cornei
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Morehous and fam
ily, formerly of St. Albans street, will resld<
at Tenth avenue and Nineteenth street, Min
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Haskell who hav<
been guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. James
have returned to their home in Boston, Mass
Mr. and Mrs. William Dampier and Mlsi
Dampier have returned from the lake anc
are. at home at 235 Selby avenue.
Mr. and Mr 3. Raymond dv Puy have taker
apartments ln the new building at Sunimii
avenue and Kent street.
The Misses Hubbard, of Waterville, N. Y.
are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Rice
of 729 Hague avenue.
Mrs. J. P. Hoffman, the Misses Hoffman
and Harry Hoffmann, of A3hland avenue
have gone £o Qmaha.
MfS. 1. G. McNair, of St. Louis, who hai
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. C. McNair
has returned home.
Mis-s Nellie Cunningham, of Portland aye
nue. has returned from Buffalo and Ne*«
Miss Natalie Risser, of Chicago, ls visit
ing her mother, Mrs. John Risser, 653 "Laura
Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Dorr and famJb
have moved to their new home, 543 Oaklani
Miss Rene Humblrd, of Dayton avenue, ha
returned to Chicago, where she is attendin<
Miss Cecil Kelly, o{ Detroit, Mich., ls th.
guest of her slßter, Mrs, P. H. Scanlan, of th.
Mra. 'William B. Dixon and Mrs. V|7, H
Dixon, of Ashland avenue, are visiting 11
Mr*. Philip _rzt, of Pennsylvania avenue
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kiSSSni iorth SO^yard for 25C Jm bluc '^ pureVen- H. 25 ; hev,ots an ap-tc-date ?1 . 50 . black and colored Poplins ular 5c quality. Special, °X\
O"^ * WV etians and 40-inch Silk and inch Wide, in all the leading and Crystal Cords; 48-inch - papers for
X Fine quality double-faced /J A Wool Novelties. shades. Scotch Tweeds. Ladies', Misses' and Chil- r \fc
ft Satin Ribbon, worth 65c a fftsC xt • dren's Side Hose Supporters. 7)Q \
yard, for tr / v Note particularly our Plain Colored Fabrics for costumes and tailor-made gowns— Vene- button clasps. Special, per pair I
Sj A special lot of 32 pieces of Nov- tians, Kerseys, French Broadcloths, Piaid Back Cheviots, Vigoreaux, Ottomans, Poplins, Velours, Waist-Band Hose Support- |a- J
H elty Corded Taffeta Plaid Ribbon, French Whipcords, Wide-wale Diagonals and Satin-faced Cloth— at prices the very lowest. ers> Special, per lilf 7
d 3>_ inches wide, the choicest pair *v-<
Ky autumn colorings, well worth " *""""■ * Black Darning Cotton r f
i^ ayard - for — Oriental ßu*_rs- W «^'^ Wcol Soap -•- 5c {
I Men's Furnishine-s r^ ul 0 carefully select- f. or . th , e „ I *-' . and wir, n ai r Pi impe ,, aml _ a
I men S rumiSningS. Ed collection in the Northwest, and can furnish all sizes and M& A ST.^ h ; s oaSTna"e to' 1 "' P " ' PiPCrS 5C S
I .n^^^'^^ntr/ha'A «***■ .<>«. »»« is particularly strong in |SW -Tt I
1 our claim for this department. The _l_^'_i^_7 > lo( iia, Persian Kirman and Ghordees Carpets, fA mri ens w, T tho , ut shrink - lf . . _ r^ I
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' _! t &_gp y^-^L^iT IfeK. l^^j___r' __?>i *DC + S GQUill to IICW 7
|^ 100 dozen best wool fleeced r A A^^t^ and Cashmeres. We are making special prices g^*Hp ->ffi Washes silks, laces Every week we offer bargains f
'■fit "" r year ' wort c ' tJUv "^^S^^S^ at tbis time » aU(i if J ou nee d anything ill a and all delicate fab- which should interest housekeepers. *
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!fl 51.25, for Ue7V ' 335 pieces-the most important offering we 111 111 T T !j-'n, lT^ S , $ ° \
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lor •_■-** times. 1 logues. ' Delineator. prices. <^
ls spending a few weeks with friends in Chi
Miss Haw, of Virginia, is the guest of her
sister, Mrs. A. S. Morton, on Portland ave
Mrs. Janney, of Marshalltown, 10., is the
guest of Mrs. R. A. Lanpher, of Dayton ave
Mrs. Otto Remmler and her sister, Miss
Gussie Bremer, are visiting ln Red Wing.
Miss Barteau, of Pleasant avenue, ls visit
ing her brother at Langdon, N. D.
Mrs. Henry R. Curtis, of Summit avenue,
has returned from the seaside.
Miss Pauline Sutmar and Louis Sutmar
left for Omaha last evening.
Fred W. Caldwell, of Omaha, was in SL
Paul Thursday and Friday.
'Miss Greve, of Summit avenue, is entertain
ing Miss Evans, of Chicago.
Mrs. George W. Rice, of Beech street, is
visiting in Syracuse, N. Y.
- Mi3B Kalman, of Summit avenue, has re
turned from Mankato.
Miss Mary E. Stees and Charles Stees are
visiting in Omaha.
Mrs. J. J. Hill, of Summit avenue, has gone
Mrs. Charles Cleveland, of La Crosse, was
a guest of Mrs. Harry Cleveland, of East
Ninth street, during the week. The Idle
Hour Cinch club was entertained by Mrs.
Edward Lincoln, of Lafayette avenue, Thurs
day afternoon. Prizes were as follows: First,
Mrs. Clement; second, Mrs. Sam Mahan;
third, Mrs. Parrow; hidden. Miss Clara Allle.
Thursday, Oct. 20, Mrs. Koffer, 597 Mississippi
street, will entertain the club.- Miss Carrie
Kreiger, of Beech street, entertained a few
friends at a tea party Monday. The decora
tions were pink and white. Miss Clark as
sisted. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bonney. of East
Sixth street, have returned from Fergus
Falls. Mrs, "P. J. McDonald entertained
Friday evening ln honor of Mrs. James Mc-
Hugh, of Waterloo, Wis., and Miss Waldorf.
Miss Margaret Jenkins, of East Seventh
street, entertained at progressive cinch Fri
day evening for her eighteenth birthday.
Those present were Misses May Scoff, Allle
Seegers, Florence Bates, Ida Avery, Carrie
Davis, Hattle McAllister and Kate Althen
Messrs. M. Gage, Geo. Davis, T. H. Davis,
Claude Chustlc, Wm. Althen and M. C. Cook.
Mr. and Mrs. Nlcoll chaperoned a party
to Camp Van Duzee Monday evening, ar
ranged by John Keran for Miss Minnie Fay,
of La Crosse. On their return supper was
served at the Nicoll residence, on Reanny
street. Mr. Thonias Gavigan has returned
from Chicago. Dr. and Mrs. Dlnwoodle,
who have been spending the summer at St.
Paul P-srk, have taken apartments In the
Alcayde flats, on East Seventh street. Miss
Bergman, of Grand Forks, N. D., is a guest
of Mrs. P. D. Scannell. Miss L. Cannes,
of Reanny street, was given a surprise Tues
day evening by about flfty of her young
friends. Parlor games were played and sev
eral prizes were awarded. Mrs. S. D.
Downs, of Reanny street, will return from
California the first of the month. Mrs. B.
P. Joy, of Beech street, ls visiting friends iti
Winona. Mr. and Mrs. H. Shinneehorn
have returned from River Falls. Mrs. W.
Wileop has gone to Madison. Mr. and Mrs.
Tables W£*ntei» &rA la Dcs Moines, 10. Mr.
and Mrs. F. C. Spates "haVe fetum***} iiP™
a two week's visit in Red Wing and Anoka
Mrs. John McDonald, of Reanny street
entertained at a lunch party Friday. The
decorations were roses and ferns. Ellsworth
circle. Ladles of ths G. A. R, will be enter
tained Thursday afternoon at the home of
Mrs, E. M. C_apro_. The elrol* will give
a dance Stead-ay evening, Oot. 17, ln odd
Fellows' Loll, Fi**£ii tod Robtrt ttresta,—-
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Howe, of Burr streot, en
tertained part of the week Mrs. D. C. Wil
cox, of Henderson. Private George Wicker,
of the Third regiment, is the guest of his
aunt, Mrs. M. Wicker, of Clark street.
Mr. Jo-el Parnswprth and Mi?s Bessie El
liott, of Sheldon, 110., are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. S. A. Farnsworth, of Ca?o street.
Miss Nora Lewison, the recent guest of M's^
E. Wieken,-' has returned to Hatfield. Minn.
Mr. George Bailey, of York street, spent
the week in River Falls. The flrst meet
ing of the Literary Society of the Cleveland
High School will be held tomorrow evening
in the assembly room. The Ladies' Aid
Society of the Arlington Hills Presbyterian
Church was entertained at the home of Mrs.
J. M. Beard, on Magnolia street, Thursday
afternoon. The Cleveland High School Ath
letic association has elected the following of
ficers: President, John Grythman; vice pres
ident, Adolph Vogea; secretary and treas
urer, George Leonard. Mr. and Mrs. F. L.
Korth, of Lafayette avenue, entertained part
of the week Mr. and Mrs. W. Sims and son
Walter, of Oshkosh, and Mrs. Wakefield, of
Baldwin, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. George Klink
erfuss gave a musical Friday evening at
their home, S6B Frances street, in honor ot
Albert Preizer, a violinist of Chicago. Mu,lo
al selections were given by Miss Angeline
'Mullaly Mrs. Wier, Mr. Klinkerfuss, Mr.
Preizer.' A recitation was given by M!S3
Mary Manion, with violin accompaniment.
The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Wler, Mr.
and Mrs. Battenberg, Mr. and Mrs. Mullaly,
'Mrs Horgan, Mrs. E. A. Klinkerfuss, Mlßse3
Edith Nelson, Abble Farrel, Agnes Dampsey
Mary Manion, Julia Farrel, Angeline and
Agnes Mullaly, Messrs. Comer. Grady and
Preizer A benefit dance will be given next
Thursday evening for Miss Sarah Thcnias,
in Odd Fellows' hall, corner East Seventh
and Reany streets. Miss Laura Cress, of
Chicago who has been visiting at Yellowstone
park, is the guest of Mrs. J. W. Pfeiffer, of
Bates avenue.
A surprise party was given for J. "W. Le
May Friday evening for hia birthday. Among
those present were: Mr. and Mrs. H. Clark,
Mr. and Mrs. E. Kimball. Mr. and Mrs.
William Guernsey, Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Jones, Mr. and Mra. H. Eubanks, Mr. and
Mrs. Drake. Mr. and Mrs. Rotert, Mr. and
Mrs. Beck and Miss Racey. Mrs. Hanson
was surprised Monday afternoon by a num
ber of her friends. Among those present
were: Mesdames Althen, Iberg, Artz, Hor
man, Butben, Schnelled, Schmackey and
Erickson. Mrs. Duler and Mrs. Mary Smith
are elected by the Woman's Foreign Mission
ary Society of the German M. E. Church
as delegates to the convention at Winona,
Oct. 8. 'Mrs. George Wlchman has Issued
invitations for a euchre to be given ln cele
bration of her fifth wedding anniversary.
Mrs. Edgar Klinkerfues entertained the
Ladles' guild Wednesday afternoon.-^ — Mrs.
Stowell entertained the Missionary S/clety of
the Atlantio Congregational Churol/Tuesday
afternoon. Mrs. Henry Lutz entertained at
dinner Monday. Covers were laid for twelve.
Miss Agnes Hoatson entertained a few
friend* at euchre Tuesday evening. A
regular meeting of St. Agnes' guild was held
Thursday afternoon at Mr. H. Eddy's.
The Capitol City Cycle club entertained in
formally Thursday evening at the club
rooma. Rev. and Mrs. H. L. Koeneke have
gone to Ghlppewa Falls to attend the Ger
man Methodist conference. Mrs. Edward
LlffPoin er, f " rtalned the J dle Hour Cinch club
Tuesday aitern3on.^«=-»r;, George Hammond
has Issued invitations for a r-loeirtjv": i ie * 1
Tuesday evening at their residence, on Hou
tttan avenue. Mrs. O. D. Curtis enter
tained the Aid Society of the Bethesda Lodge
Thurpday afternoon. Mrs. MoC-11 enter
tained at tea Sunday. -Mrs. Edward Mo
haupt expeo- to leave this week for Phlla-
delphla. Mrs. Ives, of Prescott, Wis., is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Zollman. Miss
Myena Mayhew, the recent guest of Mr 3.
Brand, has returned to Le Mars, 10. Mrs.
Philip Cowans Is entertaining Mr. Taylor, of
Portage La Prairie, Can. Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Leeger have returned from Cincin
nati. Miss Malloy spent part, of the week
in Minneapolis. Mrs. A. Kahn, who has
been visiting Mrs. Schufleton, returned to
Wisconsin. Mrs. Bradley is entertaining
her brother and sister from California. Mrs.
J. W. Le May entertained at tea Saturday
evening for Mr. and Mrs. Springer. Mr.
and Mrs. Sallow, of Indianapolis, are visit
ing Mrs. Althen. Mrs. William Guernsey,
of Hamline, visited friends on the bluff
Thursday. Miss Preston, of California, ls
visiting Mrs. Cowans. — -Miss Agnes Holl
entertained the Urn Zoo Woe club Tues
day afternoon. Mrs. J. Schwan, who has
been visiting Mrs. Campbell, returned to
Austin, Minn. A special meeting of St.
Agnes' guild was held Tuesday evening in
the guild rooms. Mr. and Mrs. Lochman
have returned from Cincinnati. Rev. and
Mrs. Detzer has returned from Chicago.
Mrs, J. W. Pfeifer, 365 Bates avenue, is en
tertaining Miss Laura Goes, of Chicago.
Rev. J. Pemberton, pastor of Trinity M. E.
church for four years, has been reassigned
to the charge and a reception will be tend
ered him and his wife at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. G. Barwise. Carroll street, next Fri
day evening. All frienda are iavited. M.
D. Smith, of Burlington, Wash., who has
been visiting Mrs. Geo. H. Gearey, of Carroll
street, has returned to his home. Mr. J*.
L. Safford, of Carroll street, has gone to Mora
to visit hls son. The Tatum Chapel mis
sion entertained the Christian Endeavor union
on Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. P. C.
Koerner returned Monday from Litchfield,
having spent their two weeks' vacation at
that place. Mrs. Nelson Baley, of Peaehum,
Vt, visited with her cousin, Mrs. W. O.
Hillman, this week. The Ladies' Aid So
ciety of Trinity M. E. Ghurch held their
monthly meeting with Mrs. J. G. Barwise,
of Carroll street, Tuesday afternoon. Re
freshments were served, and a very enjoy
able afternoon was spent, and just b fore
adjourning the ladies presented the retiring
president, Mrs. W. O. Hillman. a beautiful
watercolor picture, in token of their ap
preciation of her faithfulness as president,
she having served ln that capacity for seven
years. Mrs. L. W. Spencer, of Cold-water,
Mich., on her way to Pleasant Lake. N. D..
spent a few hours Saturday with her nie**e,
Mrs. G. H. Gearey, of Carroll street.
Mrs. C, J. Humason. of Marshall avenue, Is
entertaining Miss Leila Plecker. of Chicago,
and her ntic-e. Miss Gertrude Falrehlld. of
Clinton, 10. Mrs. T. J. Ricks ar.d daught* r,
on their way home to Mora, visited Mr. and
Mrs, A. P. Utter. |of Carroll street, this
week. Mrs. A. L. Hainan, of Marshall ave
nue, ls entertaining her Bister, Mi3S Ryan, of
Baraboo, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Craps v.
of Carroll street, are entertaining Mrs. J. 11.
Baxter and Miss Bixter. of Washington. D.
O. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Wallace, of Mar
shall avenue, left yesterday for a short visit
to Milwaukee. W. T. Matscn, of St.
Anthony avenue, left last night for Crookston
for a ten days* hunt. Miss Jennie Cobb, of
Rochester, Minn., is the guest of her brother,
Dr. S. G. Cobb, of Marshall avenue.— Mrs.
Allison H. Rogers, of Iglohart street, re
turned this week from a very nlrasant visit
with her parents ard friends at Beaver Dam
and Oak Grove, Wis. Miss Sadie Matson
entertained at dinner Monday evening the
■iljjaS Asmes and Jennie Doak and Li?uts.
Demlng af.Sr of the Fourteenth regi
ment, and her colilln, \V, W. Johnson, of
Detroit Ctty, Minn. Mrs. H. W, Cary, oj
Beacon avenue, roturned Monday from lier*
Ti«lt in lowa, Mrs. A. P. Swanstrom, of
Milwaukee avenue, is enjoying a visit from
her sister, Mrs. A. O. Steffens, of Red Wir g.
Mrs. W. D. Fargo, who has been visit
ing sons in Chicago, has returned. .Wt.
and Mrs. Hcod, of Beacon avenue, have gone
to Omaha to visit the exposition. Mrs.
Erwiu, of Winona, is visiting Mrs. J. G.
Barwise, of Carroll street. Mra. I. C. Webb,
of Tacoma, Wash., will spend the winter at
the park. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Mohler, of
Beacon avenue, left Thursday for an ext.nd
ed visit in the East. Mr. and Mrs. L. F.
Hall left last week for Washington, D. C,
and other placss of interest In tho East and
Miss May Latta, of George street, who has
been visting in Illinois since June, returned
home last weok. Miss Estelle Nicholson,
the guest of her sister, Mrs. G. W. Sinks,
of Ohio street, has gone to Chilton, Wis.
Mrs. Gould, of Omaha, Neb., who has boen
visiting Mrs. Robert Hare, has return d
home. Mrs. Lewis, of Oshkosh, Wis., is
visting her acn, Judge O. B. Lewis, of
Winslow avenue. The Ladies' Guild of
Ascension Church met Wednesday afternoon
with Mrs. Haines. Mrs. Harper, of West
Isabel ' street, entertains this week. O.
E. Adam, of George street, left for Omaha
Saturday. Mrs. William Darby, ot Ohio
street, has returned from Owatonna. M.
J. Foley is bank from Belle Pla'.ne, Mi-:n.
Mrs. Souther, of Barabeo, Wis., is visit
ing her son, B. J. Souther, for a month
and a half. Mrs. H. Stoven. of Livingstone
avenue, entertained at dinner Monday even
ing for Rev. C. J. Collin and family, of New
London, and Rev. J. W. Lindgren and fam
ily, of Murdock, Minn. Anthony Yoerg, of
West Isabel street, left Wednesday on a
business trip to the Paeiflc coast. If, P.
Hurley and Miss Alice Regan, two West side
young people, were married Tuesday morn
ing at St. Michael's church. by Rev. P.
O'Nell. They were attended by Thomas
Regan ar.d Miss Agnes Brync. Mr. and Mrs.
Hurley left for Chicago and other Bastern
cities on a two weeks' visit. .J. M. Haw
thorne returned Monday from a business trip
to Du'.uth. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Rodeck
er, of Isabel street, have returned from a
several month s* visit at Chicago and Cin
cinnati. Mrs. F. B. Doran entertained at
dinner Tuesday evening in compliment to Dr.
and Mrs. Whitney. Mr. and Mrs. A. Swan
son celebrated their tin wedding anniversary.
Covers were laid for thirty quests. Mrs.
A. L. Mertens has returned from New York
and is the guest of her mother, Mrs. D. H.
McGuire — -Stephen Reynolds is back from
Chippewa Falls, Wis.— — Mr. H*_ mblj, of
Duluth, was the guest of his brothers, Rev.
Thomas Hambly. last week. Miss Alice
Hawthorne, of East Winifred street, left
Monday to take a year's course at the Wi
nona normal school. Miss Mabel Shaw, of
Hall avenue, has returned from Moorhead.
Minn. Mrs. Walter Echltn is back from
Omaha.— -Wm. Colton and daughter, Lillian,
have returned from a trip to Best n. Rev.
and Mrs. W. XV. Newell will cnt?rtain the
young peop!e of Bethany church Tuesday
The annual meeting of the I, idles' Aid So
ciety of the Congregational Church met at the
home of Mrs. Hunter Tuesday. Tha follow
ing officers ware elected for the ensuing year:
President, Mrs. Samuel Green; vice president,
Mrs. Stevenson; secretary, Mrs. Tlsdale;
treasurer, Mrs. Hunter. The Ladies' Aid ao
cict.y wiil give a Nov.- England dinner at th 3
Congregational church Friday evening.
Mrs. A. J. Reves entertained at luncheon Sat
urday in henor of the engagement of 71 as
Nina Kriegat. of Dayton*** bluff. Mr-. Ji.no
Reeves returned Tuesday from a viait In Wis-
consln. Miss Mower, who has been visiting
her sister, .Mrs. Cannon, has returned to her
in lowa. Misa Ann;; Ca rleton is vis- I
iUng her grandmother In West Superior. )
The Missionary society of the park held Its
annual meeting on Tuesdgy afternoon. Tno
following officers were elect d for the com ng
year: President, Mrs. Burghardt; vice presi
dent, Mrs. Hunter; Beeretary, Mrs. J. T .
Stuart; treasurer, Miss Morrison The
Junior Bndeavor Society of the Congregational
Church held a reception Thursd g, in
honor of Miss Burghardt, * . rin
tendent Miss Ethel Bei ng in
New York state Mr. snd Mrs. Powers, of
Glencoe, -Minn., are the guests :' Mr. and M s.
Frank Smith. Mrs. Cunningham, of Lasg
fo-d avenue, ha- Minn.
W. M. Todd left for Chicago Saturday.
Tin* Ladies' Reading circle net on FriSa* at
the heme i f Vr*-**. Todd. The Young
pie's Christian Bndeavor tociety %\ i l kvc &
social Friday evening.- -The >*.* Ml na n of
the Park Rave :i dance Saturday evts.ng at
Churchill hall in honor of their l»dy f
— Mr. Walter Cannon haa ••.■?*:r. - d t> t'ar
vard.— <Mr. Willis m Tren di'l c a
dinner Monday evening Messrs. l r>rt Brows,
Carle Taylor, Max Buell, Clar nee Stusit
The following people were entertained a.
Spring Park Saturday hy Mrs. Wco'SOS-fh:
Mrs. Flagg, the Mi a, Mr.-. 1
hardt. M i<=a BurghsrtM and Mr. ai d M *•
W. M. Todd. 'Mr. Tcdd l*.a-*» returned from
a fishing trip In Annadale. M m Wii't-n,
of South Bend, Ind.. 1 1 the gn u-nt,
Mrs. T. A. Cummings. Th,- Ml sea I
of Fergus Falls, are stopping for a few diy-*t
with Mrs. Ed 9 iroedsr. Mr. .- n I Met. Van
Ta— sen are Visiting re****— yea ii 9 stl s.
Paul. — «Mra. L P. Mlt hell a <l d ughte:
Maria have returned to th ir h me In Sp lag
Valley, Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. Thoi :*•*• t> Da
kota to visit friends. M^s Wil n y la vis
iting her cousin. Mrs. ES. J. G ul !. Mr
Tern l—twlex has nturnid from
where he Bpenl 'he summer.— Mr. L uU '
Swift, of Chicago, was up on a \
packing horn . Mr. David Q>> oss iat
gone to Montana. Mr. S ha?
returned from Given Bay. Mrs. A.-.ir.d-r .
and Mra. Hlashfleld. of St. Paul, >*.iel
Mis. G. L. Lytle Friday. The red. whlta
and blue social given tn the Congreg
church. South Park, Uui I a *-.r at
I end L'nn Ray_( 81, <>! I
residents cf South St. Paul, paid tiie city a
visit Friday. — Mr. Robert \. -EeMensnas,
Of Lexington Park, was hero the early part
of the week. Yulu E!a?on. of Park R p
ids, is the guest of Mrs. A. D. Mcc, of Smfi
rittbburK anil Return $10.50
Via Lake Shore & Michigan South m R'y.
Tickets will be on sale from Chicago, (let.
Sth to 13th inclusive. Return limit may be
extended to Oct. 'list. Through sleeping car
service will be in effect via this route, leav
ing* Chicago B—s p. m., arriving Pittsburg
H:35 a. m. Returning leave Pitrshurg *;:•?*
p. m., arrive Chicago 7:50 a. m. XV. M
flutter, T. P. A.; J. E. Hul!, P. A., St'
Paul; F. M. Byron. 0, W A.. Chicago; A
J. Smith, G. P. A.. Cleveland.
$10.00 to Omnlia and Bet**- for
Peace Jubilee.
Minneapolis & St. Louis R. R. will gen
ticketa Oct. 10th and llth, geod returning to
Oct, l«th, at rite ot HO.CO. Make berth
reservations early to secure k >od uiwiumoda
Ticket office, 396 Robert Street. Ryan Hotel

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