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Subscribers and Dealers Will Be Served
With the Daily%nd Sunday Globe by
the Minneapolis Book Rxchange, 20
Washington Avenue, South — Change
of Address or Orders for Lelivery
Sh< uld Be Left at That Office.
DroMM-Bxamlaedl I>> the Attorney for
the Plalnti-C, Who Is Also Her
nnsel lv a Pending; Action to
Secure it Divorce Irom the De
feu7nut Trade i? .pert Xew«
of Minneapolis.
MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 12.— The case of
William Jamieson against Aid. Lloyd
is d< a peculiar degree of in
terest, which deepened this morning
when Mrs. Lloyd was placed on the
ri '... Penney is the attorney for
Janii- on, and was and Is still the at
y for Mrs. Lloyd in a divorce ac
tion against her husband. Mrs. Jamie-
Lid. Lloyd, and in
mony he gave some unbrother
ly evidence against her.
>m what the evidence has devel
oped Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd had a serious
ut, and after the quarrel, in
which Lloyd threatened to throw Mrs.
Lloyd out of the house, she went to
s si :--4tt-law'?. Mrs. Jamieson. to
live for a while. Finally she went to
Lloyd house in the absence of her
husband in order to hold it in the ali
? portion of the action. There she
I Into some arrangement with
her husband, and she made a settle
ment in writing for him. showing that
the Jamiesona had attempted to con
to secure Lloyd's business from
by inducing White, who formerly
owned the White Manufacturing com
pany, to enforce certain Indebtedness
inst him. so that Jamieson could
into Lloyd's shoes.
This paper was vead to the Jury by
nan P. Lane, and the witness
she had made it of her own
will, that her husband was away
ls made, and that she had
six ken to him about it before
- it to him.
Mr. Penney took her for cross-exam
ination, and then matters began to mix
up. was her attorney and
ng out confidential things
1 had told him. He did take the
showed by reading it that
in that paper itself the witness said
Bhe had talked with her husband about
i eson plan, and had promised
him that she would write the state
r half an hour Mr. Penney asked
aching questions regarding conver
ts held between the witness and
five different people, in which she had
made statements damaging to Mr.
I i's ea.se.
The Body Found on Saturday That
of the Rochester Doctor.
MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 12.— Dr. Or
mond, of Rochester, was murdered.
The body found Saturday near Edina
Mills in a haystack has been identified
as his.
This is the explanation of a dlsap
| .nee mystery to solve which no
- have been spared. When the
was found Saturday on Helmutt's
farm it was far gone in decomposition,
one arm was missing, two facts
which led the authorities to the belief
that the dead man was not the one
sought. The possibility was corn
ed on, however, and Mrs. Ormond
heard of it. In the meantime the body
had been buried in the potter's field
I ; tonkins.
This morning a little procession of
carriages splashed out over the muddy
to the poor farm, near which the
potter' 3 field is located. The vehicles
carried Mrs. Ormond, her son and a
cousin, together with some police offi
cials. Arrived at the poor farm, men
were set to work to open the grave,
■and soon the rough pauper's coffin with
its gruesome burden was brought to
surface. The remains were identi
ty those of the Rochester doctor,
■ems no doubt as to the man's
I Ers. Orman positively stated
That it was that of her husband. She
ribed every article of clothing her
husband wore and In every particular
It answered that worn by the dead
man. Apparently the brutal murderers
concealed the old man's body in the
straw stack after they had killed him
for his money.
The body was taken to the morgue
re Coroner Dennis will hold an in
quest at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning*.
A j inst mortem examination will be
held at S:3O a. m. The clothes will be
oh aned and preserved for future cvi-
A rile at the morgue this evening
body was further identified* by two
men who were closely acquainted with
iioehester farmer. These are A.
son, proprietor of the Transit
bouse, H'.u University avenue, St. Paul,
and Benjamin Letts, a buyer for Bar
& Zimmerman, Midway. It was
at Simpson's hostelry that Dr. Ormond
led when In the Twin Cities.
Both men were positive that it was
Dr. Ormond, giving as their reason the
shoes, necktie and clothes worn. These
were identical in every particular.
The police are of the opinion that It
terious murder. Inspector Hoy
evening laid the case before the
'aul police, and Chief Schweitzer,
lives Murnane and Daly were
iled to search the Saintly City for
There was a number of theories afloat
as to the method in which the aged
man came to his death. The po
ll- c believe that he may have been
murdered and robbed in the city, and
that the dead body was taken into the
c< untry and concealed in the straw
stack. A small bottle of whisky was
found in an inside pocket of the clothes
on the corpse. This had been purchased
at a Hennepin avenue drug store, but
Inquiry at that place brought the an-
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swer that they did not recall Belling
the liquor! A possible theory is that
the whisky was drugged, and that the
doctor wis killed and robbed after be
coming unconscious.
The last seen of Dr. Ormond was the
afternoon of Sept. 22, when he left the
Transit house. Midway, for Minneapolis.
He boarded an Intfj-ui-ban ear, and said
he would be back that evening. He
never returned. The police have traced
him to a coal yard at Seventh avenue
north and Second Btreel the sam * ifter
noon, but after that he seems to have
disappeared entirely.
An ..xpert tn Commerce Looking
Over the Tiade of the Twin I iiie.s.
MINNEAPOLIS. Oct. 12.— Henry B.
Herbert, one of the New York com
missioners to the Omaha exposition
and a member of a New York produce
exchange committee which is investi
gating the subject of Improving trans
portation facilities between New York
pity and the interior of the continent,
is at the West hotel. Mr. Herbert came
West primarily to attend the Omaha
exposition, but is now spending some
days in making a careful study of the
trade conditions and trade routes be
tween this section of the country and
New York.
Mr. Herbert ia a friend of T. A. Mc-
Intyre, the New York broker, who ia
trying to consolidate all the big flour
mills of the country. He describes the
latter as a very a;ble man, who has
ris< n from a clerkship to an influential
and wealthy position. He has extensive
acquaintance among the most powerful
bankers of the country and has com
manded respect by reason of his suc
cessful engineering of several combina
tit ns.
From Minneapolis Mr. Herbert goes
to Duluth and Winnipeg to study the
commercial situation at those points.
Weatern l.leetrie System A-.-»iuired
by Northwestern Bxehaage.
MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 12.— Charles J.
Glidden, of Lowell, Mass., president of
the Northwestern Telephone exchange,
is in the city looking over the com
pany's interests. In an interview, Mr.
Glidden gave out a piece of interesting
intelligence concerning matters tele
phonic in the Northwest. He stated
that the Northwestern exchange has
followed up its alliance with the in
dependent telephone companies of this
region by purchasing the line belong
ing to the Western Electrical Telephone
system, which runs from Mankato
south via Albert Lea to lowa — in all
150 miles of wire.
Seven Jurors Secured.
MINNEAPOLIS, Oct 12.— When court ad
journed this evening seven jurors had been
selected to pass upon the case of John Good
bar, colored, on trial for the murder of Will
Lyle. A special venire of fifty num.s had
been summoned. When the first man waa
called Attorney Hall, Goodbar's repres nta
tlve, objected to the panel on the suae
grounds as h£ had done before. The court
overruled him.
The jurors selected up to date are: Joseph
P. Wallace, William Hadevin, J. Clinon
Upson, Andrew Anderson, Frederick W.
Jones, William S. Marshall, C. I. McQonigle.
Plunder Inearthed.
MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 12.— A bold robbery
was committed early Tuesday morning. Abnut
$600 worth of furs was secured belonging
to H. A. Hoffman, furrier, 1005 Washington
avenue north. The thieves carried the furs
to the river bank at Thirteenth avenue north
and hid the goods. The police were notified,
and Detectives Stavlo and Lawrence found
the good 3. There is no trace of tho thieves.
MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 12.— R. M. Fender,
2SOI Bloomlngton avenue, fell from the roof
of the Woodward-Holmes plant, Spring
street and Central avenue northeast, and
broke his right leg.
The Glenooe auxiliary to the Bod Cross
society, with thirty-two members, has joined
the state society.
A gradual change for the better was re
ported from each of the hosptals this even
ing regarding the condition of the si.k sol
Fred Hanson hid two Angers .crn off
while working in the Backus taw mill this
The statement is made that D. A. McAr
thur, the Populist candidate for register of
deeds, has agreed to withdraw from tho race
ln favor of Ralph Rees, Democrat.
Mall Steamer and Bark That Collid
ed at Sea.
OSTHND, Oct. 12.— The. Belgian mail
steamer Princesse Josephine, from
Lover, for this port, collided during
the passage, just ended, with a three
masted suiting vessel, which was at
first believed to be an American bark.
The latter was seriously damaged, and
her fate was not known to the officers
of the Princesse Josephine when that
vessel arrived here. The passengers
of the mail steamer after the collision
were panic-stricken until assured of
their safety.
LOVER, Oct. 12.— The Norwegian
bark Aim. from the Baltic for Port
Natal, has put in at this harbor in a
damaged condition, having been in col
lision with the Belgian mail steamer
Princesse Josephine.
Michigan Honors the Memory of Her
Famous War Governor,
LANSING, Mich., Oct. 12.— This city's
population was augmented today by
upward of 30,000 residents of other por
tions of the state, who came to witness
the unveiling of a statue to Austin
Blair, erected on the state house
grounds in front of the main entrance
of the capitol, to commemorate the life,
deeds and character of Michigan's fam
ous war governor. The feature of the
oecapio-n was the presence of Maj. Gen.
Shafter, who received a great Informal
reception before the exercises of the
day began.
To* Make h Friendly Call.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 12— The navy depart
ment has sent instructions to Capt. Barker,
of the battleship Oregon, senior officer of the
squadron under orders to proceed to Honolulu,
to be at Rio, Brazil, on Nov. 15, to partici
pate in the celebration of the anniversary of
tho establishment of the Brazilian republic
and the inauguration of the first president of
that country. This action was taken en the
notification- from the Brazilian legation here
of tbe approach of the important event.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 12.— Maj. Gen. Wade
cabled the war department today announcing
the death of Maj. S. B. Beebe, ordnance offi
cer, United States volunteers, who died yes
terday of yellow fever at Havana. He was
a resident of Thompson, Conn., whero his
widow lives.
Maj. Beebe was a graduate of West Pont,
and was made a major in the ordnance bu
reau early in the war. Among army offl
cers who knew him he is spoken of in the
highest terms.
BOSTON, Oct. 12.— John M. Forbes Sr..
president of the board of directors of the
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad, died
at his home in Milton today.
KILBOURNE, Wis., Oct. 12.— Rev. Elmer
Yocum died at his home in this village to
day, aged 92. He was one of the best known
of all of the ministers in Wisconsin, having
preached in every county in the state, to
which he came fifty years ago. Rev. Yocum
was born in Miflin county, Pennsylvania. He
was a member of the famous general confer
ence held in New York, at which came up
the trial cf a bishop for having married a
wife who owned slaves.
ST. CLOUD, Minn., Oct. 12.— (Special.)— Len
Mastenbrook, who for the past sixteen years
has been in the employ of the Great Northern
as fireman arid engineer, died yesterday after
noon of cancer of the bowels. Mr. Masien
brook belonged to the Odd Fellow aid
Masonic bodies. The latter will conduct the
funoral service, which occurs tomorrow.
A Few Feet Farther and the Car
Would Have Fallen Sixty Feet
Into the Miaaisalppi Left the
Track and tin* lied Through the
Iron Bridge Hailing linker Re.
nienihered at Stillwater.
ST. CLOUD, Oct. 12.— (Special.)— This
forenoon the street railway company
narrowly escaped an accident of serious
proportions. The car fiom Sunk Rapids
to this city was coaling at a faster
speed than usual. When it struck the
curve in the tra. k just before going
onto the bridge, which crosses the Mis
sissippi river, the ear suddenly shot off
the track, struck the raised sidewalk
and crashed into the iron railing,
where it hung, narrowly es-capi-ng a
fall into the river sixty feet below.
There were thirteen passengers on
board who were somewhat shaken up
and bruised, although none were in
jured seriously.
Tomorrow at Athletic park the St.
Cloud High school football team will
try conclusions with the South side
high school team of Minneapolis. The
Minneapolis boys have the reputation
of being a strong eleven, and realizing
this fact the St. Cloud boys are de
termined to give them a hard battle.
Today a hard rain has been falling
since about 7 o'clock this morning, and
as a consequence the street fair has
had a set back. The promoters are
considering the advisability of extend
ing the time.
Baker the Man Said to Have Swindl-
Ed Mrs Stelzer Is Itemembiieil,
STILLWATER. Minn., Oct 12.— (Special.)—
Bfenjamin P. Foran, a well-known young
man, was married at St. Michael's church to
Miss Geneva Haggerty. of Houlton, Wis.
The Juniata departed today with a raft of
logs for Dubuque parties. The Volunteer
took out a raft for Tabor & Co., Keokuk,
and the Mussor and bow boat took out lumber
for parties at Muscatine.
The Stillwater Market association held a
meeting last evening and decided to hold
market days on Wednesday of each week dur
ing the months of October and November.
The first market day will occur next Wednes
day and arrangements have been made for
a free bridge.
John McCarthy, a member of the force of
pine land estimators at Leech lake, received
word today to report in Brainerd tomorrow,
which probably means that Chief Estimator
Seeley considers the Indian trouble at an
The Democratio county committee has been
appointed and H. H. Gillen has been ap
pointed chairman; J. G. Armson will con
tinue to act as secretary.
The Amnicon Lumber company's mill, on
the Amnicon river, near Hawthorne, Wis.,
was destroyed by fire on Sunday, and the
company has suffered a considerable loss. E.
W. Duratit Jr., of this city, was part owner
of the mill. It will probably be rebuilt, the
company having several large contracts for
The report In Tho Globe of yesterday to
the effect that a Mrs. Salzer, of this city,
had been victimized by a smooth young fol
low, refers to Mrs. H. N. Setzer, widow of
the late H. N. Setzer, an attorney, who came
here from Taylor's Fails a few years ago.
Inquiries here today disclosed the fact that
a person answering Baker's description had
been around with her ln this city and as
sisted her ln disposing of her property. Ho
was a stranger here.
New Officers Chosen by the State
Convention at Winona.
WINONA, Minn., Oct. 12.— (Special.)— Tho
principal business of the state Baptist con
vention today was the election of officers, the
following being chosen: President, Carey
Emerson, Minneapolis; vice presidents, J. C.
Hoblib, Minneapolis; E. M. Van Duzee, St
Paul; Rev. F. P. Leach, Rochester; Rev. H.
A. Relchenbach, Albert Lea; Prof. J. L.
Ingraham, Owatonna; Rev. S. D. Works,
Mankato; J. H. Irish, Detroit, Minn.; Rev.
F. E. R. Miller, Montevideo; Rev. Frank Pe
terson, Minneapolis; Rev. B. R. Patrick, Du
luth, and Rev. H. Kaatz, of Minneapolis;
corresponding secretary. Rev. E. R. Pope,
Minneapolis; recording secretary, Martin
Bacon, St. Paul; treasurer, J. A. Rldgeway,
An inspection board, composed of the fol
lowing, was chosen: Rev. E. Sandall, Minne
apolis; Rev. S. D. Works, Minneapolis, and
Rev. W. W. Everts, St. Paul.
Following a report on the Pillsbury acad
emy came the election of a board of trustees
for that institution, they to serve three years.
The following were chosen: Rev. H. F. St'lL
well, St. Paul; T. S. Tompkins, St Paul;
Carl K. Bennett, Owatonna; Edward M. Van
Duzee, St. Paul; Rev. Frank Peterson, Min
neapolis, and S. S. Green, Owatonna.
John A. Pillsbury was chosen to succeed the
late G. A. Pillsbury as a member of tho
board until 19C0.
The vote for the place of tho next annual
meeting resulted ln the selection of Mankato.
Low Cost, Large Returns,
That is the verdict on Globe toants. Try a
room, to rent or apartment ad any time. You
will not regret it.
BnMtnesH Sessions olf the Ouening
Day Followed by a Banquet.
HUTCHINSON, Minn., Oct. 12.— (Social. )-
The Northern Minnesota Methodist Episcopal
conference was opened here this morning by
Bishop Joyce. Dr. Hingsley was unanimously
chosen secretary. Assistants, C. E. Clemens
and B. F. Sharpe. S. S. Farley was chosen
statistical secretary. William Fielder was
elected treasurer. It was decided to hold the
session from 8 to 12 o'clock each day. The
business presented included the reports of
the presiding elders. Rev. Benjamin Longley
of Central Park church, St. Paul, reported a
debt of $25,0C0 on his church, and asked aid
to help pay it. Dr. J. F. Chaffee, of Min
neapolis district, presented his report, and
was followed by Rev. R. U. McKaie of St.
Cloud district.
Tho numerous visitors tomorrow will be
given a drive to view the points of historic
interest and natural beauty ln the neighbor
hood. Tonight a banquet in the opera hall
was followed by speeches and toasts of wel
Yon Hi fill Highwayman.
LA CROSSE, Wis., Oct 12.— George Robert
son, aged 17, was arraigned before Judge
Brindley yesterday morning on serious
charges. He was charged with assaulting
and then robbing Mina Lash of $15. Both
parties reside in the town of Farmington
and the alleged crime is said to have been
committed in Mindoro, on the 9th inst. Mrs
Lash Is an elderly lady and it Is alleged that
Robertson decoyed her from her homo by
telling her that her daughter was sick and
wanted to see her and in a lonely Bpot ln
tho road assaulted and robbed her. Robert
son was held to the grand jury in $500 bonds
St. Panl Firm the Defendants.
FARGO, N. D., Oct. 12. -The Jury part of
the October term of the United Sta"tes court
is in session, and the first ca«**e on tria- Is
that of the Pickert Land. Grain and Stock
Raising Company vs. Sheriff Linn cf Steele
County. The real defendants are Gotzian &
Co of St. Paul. They had the sheriff at
tach and sell seme property belonging to the
company for indebtedness alleged to have
been owed by B. Pickert, supposed to be a
member of the corporation. The stuff was
ni ?i"i ™n 9 pr - a,ne and brought something
ike $11,000 under those circumstances al
though sortie $25,000 is involved.
LI is; hi ii lii X Tt»rrlfle*.
ROCHESTER Minn.. Oct. 12.-Word has
reached here that a terrific electrical storm
-struck Stewartvllle yesterday iomiS 'ft
about 2 o'clock. Two heavy crashes of
thunder were heard, followed by viv?d fla" li__
of lightning almost Inetantansous.y For a
moment the whole south portion of Stewart
vllle seemed afire as the flames leaped up
out of tho darkness, ai^d it was thought the
town was doomed. Two hou.es, the property
of M. Howard and Barton Russell were
struck by the lightning and badly dama^Sd
Trailed Land fop a Ha*baiid.
• CROOKSTON. Minn.. Oct V> -A transfer
of a half section of land In the' town 5
Nesbit wm recorded yesterday, in which the
grantor, in consideration of .}l and the further
consideration of a promise of marriage from
the grantee, deeded the land. The parties to
the transfer are Addison U. Erwin and Mary
Elsie Huttny.
Altenherj; Pound Over.
HASTINGS. Minn., Oct. l:-.— (Special.)— John
Altenberg, of West St. Punl. has been bound
over to th-> district eou't for assault upon
Mary Rapp. aged nine pears, of that town.
The hearing was upon a change of venue from
Justice Gregg to .lu-vtice Stovcnson, of South
St. Paul. Bail was iix'-il at $_<)0, which tha
defendant furnished. AJfc nberg la married,
and aged fifty-one years.-- a pretty wedding
took place this evening, M'ss Lillian S.
Mudgett being united in qnurrlage to W. Ed
gar Bradbury, of MinnOJU oils.
One Lucky Klondlker.
LA CROSSES, Wis., Oct. I..— Joseph Lutiger,
who left for the Alaskan gold fields last
spring, returned home qi. the fast mail last
night. Unlike all other .Klomlikers and gold
seekers that have reu^rned recently, Mr.
Lutiger has a different Mory to tell of his
experiences in the fur North. Since leaving
La Crosse ho has been wry successful and
says he would not sell his Alaska interests
for |10,0 M.
Will Investigate a Death.
PIERRE. S. D., Oct. 12.— Parties came In
from Degray this morning, thirty miles south
of here, for the coroner to Investigate the
death of William Push, Who was found dead
under a wire fence yesterday. Pugh was an
old man living alone and it was supposed
from indications that ho was killed and
jammed under the fences by a cow which was
tied to a post at the place he was found.
Presbytery in St-smlon.
FARGO, N. D.. Oct 12.— The Presbytery
of Fargo mot at Sanborn yesterday. During
the morning services were conducted by Rev
Thomas K. Fisher, of Hillsboro. At tho
evening session Rev. J. S. Smith was in
stated as pastor of the Sanborn Presbyterian
I'nder a Train.
MARSHALL. Minn., Oct. 12.-Thomas Hav
den, of Rock Valley, 10.. was run over by "a
freight train near Russell yesterday afternoon
at 4 o'clock and his body was torn to pieces
He had been working with a threshing crew
and was paid off yesterday morning and in
tended going home.
•Movt Ont the Gas.
ABERDEEN. S. D., Oct 12.-James Cow
ing, of Kansas City, blew out the gas in
I s , ro ' )n A, t at the Aberdeen hotel Monday
night. When found by the night clerk ho
was unconscious and was restored with great
Frozen to Heath.
GRAND FORKS. N. D.. Oct. 12.-John
Connelly a former employe of the Northern
laciflc at Grand Forks, wp.s frozen to death
in Montana 111 the terrible storm which struck
that country on Oct. 2. His body has Just
been recovered.
Messenger Boy Killed.
MADELIA, Minn., Oct. 12.-(Speclal.)-C.
«i»w £ rson '. amessage boy - waa Tun over last
night by a freight train and instantly killed
FERGUS FALLS, Minn., Oct. 12 -Mrs. K.
O. Harris has filed a petition in the probate
court for letters of administration on the es
tate o. ho- late husband. The petition places
the probable value of the estate at $25 000 of
which amount $12,000 is ln personal property
and $13,000 ln real estate.
ANOKA, Minn.. Oct. 12.-W? B. Douglas, of
Moorhead, Is after the Union and has served
notice on G. S. Pease, publisher of the
Lnion, taking exception to certain statements
made in recent Issues.
OSAKIS. Minn.. Oct. 12— A very pretty
wedding was celebrated at St. Alexius' church
at high noon, the occasion being the marriage
of Miss Nanna Gallagher, of Sauk Center, to
Edward Herbcrger, of this city, the Rev.
lidephonse officiating.
SANDSTONE, Minn.. Oct 12.-At a meet
ing of Pine county teachers, a county as
sociation was formed with County Superin
tendent Blankenshlp president, and Miss Arn
qulst secretary.
ABERDMDN, S. D.. Oct. 12. -A flre at
Northville last night destroyed tho large barn
of Mr. Williams, including two thousand
bushels of wheat, twenty horses and other
valuable property.
WILLMAR; Minn., Oct 12.— Conductor Tom
O'Day fell from a car here yesterday morn
ing and received Revere internal injuries, be
sides a svere injury to his back. He waa
taken to a hospital for medical attendance.
GRAND PORKS, N. D.. Oct. 12.— William
Armstrong is ln the city with a bullet ln his
thigh, the result of an encounter with high
waymen near Arvilla. Armstrong and his
partner, H. S. Williams, were attacked by
five men and when they resisted the efforts
of the men to rob them one of tie men shot
Armstrong. His wound ia erious, but not
Cape Colony Ministry Succumbs to
the Inevitable.
CAPE TOWN, Oct. 12.— The ministry
has resigned.
Tiie parliament of Cape Colony yes
terday adopted a vote of lack of con
fidence in the government. The min
istry was composed as follows: Prime
minister and treasurer, Rt. Hon. Sir
Gordon Sprigg; colonial secretary, Hon.
Dr. T. N. G. Tewater; attorney general,
Hon. Sir Thomas Upington; commis
sioner of public works, Hon. Sir James
Sievweight; secretary of agriculture,
Hon. Sir P. P. Faure.
Lord RoHebery Pnhlicly Discnsses
the f'ashodn Question.
[LONDON, Oct. 12. — Lord Ro_ebery,
the Liberal leader and former premier,
presiding today at an agricultural din
ner at Epsom, referred to the critical
situation on the upper Nile. He said:
As I was responsible, both personally and
ministerially, for the declaration of Sir Ed
ward Grey, on which the present policy in
regard to Fashoda Is founded, and aa I have
no disposition to recede from a word or a
syllable of that declaration (loud applause) I
feel bound to say a few guarded and, I hope,
inoffensive words on a subject bo vital to our
Interests. There are two or three eonsid. ra
tions In connection with the Question which
make it of supreme gravity, the greatest be
ing that, in the face of a deliberate warning
that a particultr act would be considered an
unfriendly act, that act, in spite of great geo
graphical difficulties, great hardships, and al
moatjnsurmountable obstacles, has been de
liberately committed. Behind the policy of the
government in this matter there Is the untir
ing and united strength of the nation. No
government that attempted to recede from It
or palter therewith would last a week. Her
majesty's political advisers have only to main
tain the attitude revealed in the blue book
and the nation will make any sacrifice and go
to any length to sustain their action.
On the other side of the channel, the ques
tion of the flag is an clement of great grav
ity. We all honor that flag and would not
wish it slightest disrespect. But, after
all, a flag is potrah'.e, and I have some hope
that the flag in this case is not the flag of
France, but of an Individual explor r "and
not, therefore, carrying the full weight of
the republic behind it. Among the reassur
ing features is the fact that M. Deleave (ths
French minister of foreign affair.) has re
ceived tbe representations of Great Britain
in a conciliatory spirit. By denying the ex
istence of a Marchand mission, he has de
prived Marchand of the official character
which would give tha hoisting of the flag a
' much more serious aspect.
The Paris correspondent of the Daily Chron
icle says: "I learn that Maj.' Merchant's re
turn from Fashoda, hy way a? Cairo, has al
ready been arranged on both sides."
John McQuade. living at 7H3 Carroll street,
will spend the next sixty day;* at the work
house. He was convicted in the police court
yesterday of a petty swindle, by which he
secured fifty cents from a. Qdoak, living at
(111 Edmund street. K'?>rfu.entlng himself the
driver of a sprinkling wagodj McQuade tod
Monk he had broken the tongue of his cart
and wanted change for fifty cents to get the
tongue repaired. When Moak gave him two
Quarters McQuaid made off with the ■ -oin.
John Gavin was sentenced to the work
house for sixty days, by Judge Hlne yester
day, for the theft of -two Sweaters and a
shirt valued at $3. Gavin stole the apparel
from the room of John Butterfie:d. 350 Minne
sota street. He claimed to have been drunk
when he took the things.
Charles Le Clare was sent to the workhouse
for ninety days yesterday, on conviction for
the third offense of drunkenness.
Mike Larklns was arraigned In the police
court yesterday on the charge of stealing two
logs, the property of the St P.ul Boom com
pany. He was released on $25 bail until Aug.
TVllnnetiota Rank*.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 12.— Comptroller of the
rtTu y bl?ca^ IGSS than 2 ° CentS - Wm be reCeiVed at ■ ailea *lnff «rugr storea at same rates a.
Agents and Agencies.
SALESM I. N -Mining, telephone and other
.tocks; winning plan; millions In IL "G 1,"
lowa City, 10.
SALESMEN ior cigars; $125 per month and
expenses; old firm; experience unnecessary;
Inducements to customers. C. O. Bishop &
Co.. SL Louia. Mo.
our lubricating oils, greases and specialties;
largest line on the market; stflary or com
mission. Commonwealth Oil Co., Cleveland.
$850,0(0; largest, strongest, best Mlnn-.-ta
life company; wants capable agents; gives
producers *»•*_€ ry assistance. Address Doug-
Jas Putnam, Secretary, St. Paul.
BARBER wanted, at 114 South Wabasha St.;
steady job; Weat St. Paul.
SALESMAN— Wanted, an energetic, experi
enced -ale-man, for wholesale liquor house;
must be acquainted with trade, and have
good references. X2O, Globe.
SALESMEN — Mining, telephone and other
stocks; winning plan; millions in it. "G 1,"
lowa City, 10.
WANTEI >— Reliable persons~in "every Bection
to distribute circulars, samples, and tack
signs; no canvassing; cash paid. Will A.
Molton Co., Cleveland. O.
He.p Wanted— Females.
COOK— Wanted, a competent cook at 779
Summit ay.
HOUSEWORK— A girl wanted; no washing";
good wages. Inquire afternoons, 6.6 Lau
rel ay.
HOUSEWORK— Wanted, a competent girl for
general housework, in flat; must be neat
And good cook. Apply, with reference to
Mra. Parker. Room 205 Aberdeen.
HOUSEKEEPER— Wanted. U7 housekeeper,
between thirty-five and fo_lp_ve years old,
on widower's farm; no objection to one
child. Address J. W. Williams, Culberson,
HOUSEWORK— Wanted. gM Tot general
housework; small family. Flat 44. The
NURSE GlßL— Wanted, a nurse girl. In
quire 606 Dayton ay.
Situations Wanted— Bales,
Advertisements under this eiusjijioa:ion
inserted free to tha u:ie.n;tloj3:l of Jt. Paul
and Minneapolis,
A GOOD BOY 17 years old desires work
of any kind; is both willing and obliging.
Address N 97. Globe.
A GOOD boy 17 years old wants work of
any kind; is both willing and obliging;
would like to hear of work soon. Address
385 Pleasant ay.
BLACKSMITH— A good, all-round blacksmith
and horseshoer wants steady job; is sober
steady ar.d reliable. U 148, Globe.
BOOKKEEPER— Wanted, situation as book
keeper arid office assistant; can operate
typewriter; will work for moderate salary;
references furnished. Address_U 136,_Globe.
BARBER— Situation desired by a flrst-class
barber, in city or country. Address Barber,
61. Fifth ay. south, Minneapolis.
COOK— Situation wanted, by a meat and pas
try cook; best of references. S 99, Globe.
CLERK — A young man would like
position aa clerk or office assistant; refer
ences furnished; not averse to leaving city.
Address V 26, Globe.
COACHMAN— By competent man, situation
wifh private family; experienced and well
recommended. Address S 93, Globe.
ENGINEER— Wanted, situation as engineer
or fireman, cr any placo of trust; best of
city references. Address F. P., 542 Cedar.
EMPLOYMENT— Young man would like In
side work of some kind; have experience as
clerk. Address H. J. \V., 902 Payne ay.,
ENGINEER— Wanted, situation as engineer
or fireman, or any place of trust; best of
city references. Address F. P., 524 Cedar.
EMPLOYMENT— A young man of 18 years of
ago would like work of any kind. Address
___• H. B„ 450 Goodhue st.
EMPLOYMENT— A young man of eighteen
years would like to have a position driving
delivery wa^on or work of any kind. J.
E., 312 Oneida st.
PHARMAClST— Registered assistant pharma
clst desires position; four years' experience
ln city and country stores; references. Ad
dress Box 84, Sauk Rapids, Minn.
BOARD — Pleasant room with board; fine lo
cation; all modern; easy walking distance.
45 Summit ay.
Business a nses^_
FURNITURE, and good will, of ten-room
lodging house; rooms all rented; sickness
cause of selling; central and a bargain. In
quire ICS East Seventh, Room 8.
EXPERT ACCOUNTING. Opening and clos
ing of books, preparing of statements, audit
ing of bookkeepers' and cashiers' accounts;
teims moderate. O. J. Hail, 198% East
Third su
Currency Dawes has given out an abstract
of the reports of the condition, on Sept. 20,
of the fifty-nine national banks In Minnesota,
exclusive of Minneapolis and St, Paul. It
shows total reso'irces of $25,401,737; loans and
discounts amounting to $14,624,175, and re
serve of £5, 230,887. of which $910,532 was gold.
The deposits aggregated $16,985,028, and the
average reserve held was 31.72 per cent.
Deliberately Destroyed His Eye
sight to Win Pity From Public.
NEW YORK, Oct. 12.— Charles Brockwiti.
worth $100,000, was sent to Blackwell's island
today as a professional mcndicanL He came
to this country from Russia about twenty
years ago. He found begging more profitable
than labor and made a fine art of it.
To Incite pity he deliberately destroyed his
eyesight by gazing open-eytd directly at the
sun. About two y;a:s ago Broekwitz was ar
raigned in a police court, charged with beg
ging. He was sent to the island when the
magistrate heard the truth about him.
Whining, tearful, still posing in his profes
sional character, Brockwitz calmly drew a
bulky bundle from his rags and pass.d lt to
his uncle. The police intereep:ed the pack
age, which contained $-,60..
Many times sine. Brockwlta has been ar
rested for begging. If the fine was less than
$5 this model 01' mendicancy would always
pay It—drawing a nickel or a cent at a time
from his ragged clothes and moaning pite
ou.ly over every coin. If the fine were more
than $5 he would take its alternative in
Eplneopnl Conneil.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 12.— The house of
bishops of the Episcopal council today voted
to hold the convention of 1901 at San Fran
cisco. In the deputies an effort was made to
concur in this action, but on objection to im
mediate consideration, the resolution of the
bishops went to the calendar.
The officers el-cted include the following:
President, Rt." R-'v. John -Williams; vice presi
dents," Rt. Reverends Henry B. Whtnple,
William C. Doane, Gecrge Doan Gillespie,
Thomas A. Sharkey, Cortland L. Whiteh ai
ar.d Bishops Johnson, of Los Angeles;
Nicholas, of California, and Talbot, of Cen
tral Pennsylvania; secret*. ry general, James
G. Wilson;' corresponding secretary, Rev. J.
Newton Perkins; treasurer, George C.
Thomas, of Philadelphia, and assistant treas
urer, E. W. Roberts, of New York; also a
board of seventeen trusteis.
Growth of Western Union.
NEW YORK, Oct. 12.— James Stlllman,
president of the National City bank, was
elected a director of the Western Union Tele
graph comyauy at the annual stockholders'
meeting today, succeeding the late Roscoe
Rollston. The revenues, expenses and profits
for the year ended June 30, 1898, were: Rev-
Horses and Carriages.
FIVE CARLOADS of good, second-hand l.g
ging horses are- on Barrf-tt & Zimmerman's
horse market, Minnesota Transfer, St. Paul,
an d_ 1_ J>®_aold^ at__ any price; Investigate.
HORSES— 100 head, weighing from 900 to 2,100
pounds, consisting of drivers, draft and
farm mares; also thirty head of Western
horses; we will sell very cheap. G. W.
Wentworth & Co., South 3t. Paul.
to 600 head of heavy lodging and draft
horses, weighing from 1,600 to 1,800 pounds
always kept in stock, with fresh consign
ments received dally, at Barrett & Zimmer
man's stables. Minnesota Transfer. St.
TWO CARLOADS of heavy 1-nd "young mules
will be sold at your own price at Barrett
& Zimmerman's stables, Minnesota Trans
fer. St. Paul.
WANTED— Pony and cart to use for few
weeks, for board; best of care given. Ap
l»ly 501 Holly ay.
INSTRUCTION given to beginners on the
piano; Virgil table work, and Mason method;
terms seasonable, satisfaction assured. Ad
dress D 86. Globe.
PIANO pupils, beginners, given thorough ln^
struction and satisfaction guaranteed; term*
$10 per quarter of twenty lessons one hour
each. Address R 66. Globe.
liUY STOVES EARLY; you save from 10 to
lo per rent; large line of new aud second
's.?? „ Card ozo Furniture and Exchange Co.
232 East Seventh st
FURNITURE - Fine oak d^k
book case. oak bed . room
suit, heating stove, few smaller articles
leave city Saturday; must sell immediately l
best -"offers accepted. 866 Ashland.
Eysitiess Personals.
jf^BggW Switches, Waves, Bangs and
iBtWB-CT Gentlemen's Hair Chains, all
smßUS**! made in the latest styles, wkuis
ffltjßff V\ En ' 3 *nd retail. Shampooing, _i
V> Sf cts. Hair Dressing and Scalp
JL jjs. Treatment Ofl3ce and Petri'.
Hair Store. 476 Wabasha St..
*9* *- Valentine Block, cor. Ninth St
Mall order, fllled. Bt Paul. Mia*,
ANNA MACK, from Chicago; steam, tub,
medicated baths; select massage; profes
sional operators. 186 East Seventh st
L" A OIKS! Chichester's English Pennyroyal ['ills
rptomoa- Biacii), are the Best. kaf«, ReliahU.
Tnke no otl:tr. B«nd 4c., stamps, for particulars, '• Kulioi
for La.!ks " is UTrtE by RotUM Ma.j.„ At _>ru*vi«s.
Chichester Cheraic-ICo., Phllada., Fa.
SCIENTIFIC M AS3 AGlST^Ovl edicated , va
por, tub baths and magnetic healing. Zl
East Seventh, Suite 200.
HOME MONEY to loan on good security at
moderate rates, without charge for com
mission, at the State Savings Bank, Ger
manlaLifeJßldg., 4th and Minn. sts.
MONEY loaned <*>n life policies; or bought. L.
P. Van Norman. Guar. Bldg., Minneapolis.
Situatiosis Want sd-Femalos.
A.Uverti*emrn{s umUsr tuis oUutstfioatiou
inscrteri free io ;."ij unempl-oys I Oj' .»;. sr'aul
and Minneapolis.
COOK— Want id, situation by thoroughly com
petent cook with little girl ten years old,
or without the child. Call or address 542
Cedar St., near eapitol.
EMPLOYMENT— Wanted, by good, strong!
experienced woman, work by the day; res
taurant work preferred; am a good laun
dress. Address 50 West Fifth St.. third
HOUSEKEEPER— Wanted, situation by thor
oughly competent housekeeper in a respec
table widower's family; have little girl ten
years old; American by birth. Call or ad
dress 542 Cedar st., near capitol.
LAUNDRESS— A flrst-class laundress wante
one or two days' work a week; best of refer
ences. 157 Martin st.
LAUNDRESS— Good clean laundress wishes
work by the day. Address 241 West Ninth
OFFICE WORK— Wanted, a positions a doc~
tor s office; would work cheap for a tlma
Address B, 448 East Ninth st
STENOGRAPHER employed" deslrea perma
nent position; references; moderate salary.
__Please_addreßS Stenographer. 397 Grove st.
SECOND GIRL-Girl of 17 wo^cf like p^sltUm
as second girl. Call 679 Cook st.
MRS. ALICE AUSTlN— Clairvoyant and card
reader; ladies, 25 and 60 cents. 484 Cedar
St.. near Ninth. v.cu»r
LOCKWOOD'S Good Luck Salve; best thing
for sore feet;all druggists;establlsh?d 16 yrß.
falls; send 1 cents for Woman's Safe Guard.
Wilcox Med. C0.,Dept.146, Philadelpnia, Pa.
enues. $23,915,732; expenses. $17,825,581; bal
ance $6,090,151. Ftom this there w*s applied
for dividend, interest on bonds and sink'nsr
funds appropriations, $5,774,457. The lncreaso
of revenues for the year was $1,276,873. Tho
vpfr °_, i?t «i UC MS. n 0f new P r °P er ty for tho
J ear, $1,117,651. The surplus account was in
creased $315,694. The table shows an in
crease of 83,418 miles of wire and 441 offlce*.
Vast Qnantltlea of Public Timber
Destroyed by Flre.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 12.-The annual
report of Commissioner Hermann, or
the general land office, estimates that
over eleven billions of feet of public
timber have been destroyed by fire in
the past thirty-five years, representing
in value many millions of dollars The
report says forest fires form the main
suo-jeot for the attention of the land
office now, threatening as they do not
only the growing* forests, but the for
est lands, whose productiveness it re
tards indefinitely.
BERLIN, Oct. 12.-Capt. Gashaieg/has been
appointed governor of Kiau Chou, superceding
Capt. Rosendhal. whose dilatory methods in
dealing with questions has hindered the
growth of commerce there.
SEOUL. Oct. 12.— Huang Grau, Corean min
ister of justice, has been dismissed for per
mitting brutalities to be inflicted by th-*
--populace v.on tha bodies of Kirn Chau and
others, who wero hanged here recently for
attempting to murder the eni*>eror.
PARIS, Oct. 12.— According "to a dispatch
from St. Louis, capital of French Senegambia
it is reported there that Chief Zainori has
been captured.
BERLIN, Oct 12.— The emperor and em
press of Germany started at 9 o'clock this
morning on their tourney to the Holy Land
| LONDON, Oct 13.— The Rome correspondent
of the Daily Mail -persists in his assertion
that the diplomatic relations between Prussia
and the Vatican have actually been broken
off and that Cardinal Rampolla Is making
trsntic efforts to repair the error.
BERLIN, Oct. 12.— The Belgrade correspon
dent of the Kolnlsche Zeitung reports a reign
of terror ln Servia, the real head of the gov
ernment, he says, being former King Milan,
who is arresting and imprisoning everybody
who stands in his way.
Bears the Kind You Hava Always Bougti ; .
__Jtooms for Rent,
AT HOTEL FEY-Corner Cedar and Seventh
— bteam-neated. furnished rooms, by day or
prlcfi. ° r Cn BUltB, at rea£on » b l<>
R 2,?^T N .u e,y furnished room; steam heat,
with bath and gas, in private family; rut
reasonable. Call at 234 West Fifth sL MO
ond fluor.
ROOM— Nicely furnished room, ln private
family, with breakfast If desired; no other
roomers; hot and cold water all the tlmr"
bath, gas and hot water heat; within walk
ing distance of business center, or hall
block from street car line; reasonable term.s
Z 63, Globe.
Souses for Rent.
HOUSE— For rent, house No. 364 East Tenth
sL; 9 rooms; all modern convenience**. J.
I. Jellatt, 152 East Sixth st.
template Building— Do you intend to make
any changes in your plumbing? If bo let us
g ye you a figure; we do not belong to the
plumbers' combination, whose object" is to
control prices. You can furnish your own
goods If you desire; we will do the work
We are doing work at 20 per cent leas than
the combination prices. Respectfully D J
_J^^r2ngton_&_Co I^34B_Ja<-kson st. . tef. 859 i.
918 JUNO— Cor. Milton-Seven^om house"
city water, $9. Inquire Room 4. Oermanla
Life Bldg., 4th and Minn. sts.
Stores for Rent.
7M «W NE AY.-Brick store and Lhre«
adjoining vacant lots. Inquire Room 4.
__QglJganla_Llfe_Bldg., 4th and Minn, sis.
nished; steam-heated rooms; 30 rooms :or
rent; centrally located. 189 East_E ighth st
eled, furnished; large reading and sitting
room; a good, cheap home for tha winter
_Corner Jihghth and RoberL
HOTEL IMPERIAI^-New, remodeled. ~tvir
nlshed steam-heated rooms, with all' con
veniences; cheap for the winter. 16 East
— — -*= =3
Ramsey— District Court, Second Judicial
Patrick J. Connolly, plaintiff, against J-nnle
Connolly, defendant — Summons.
The State of Minnesota, to the above named
You are hereby summoned and required to
answer tbe complaint of tbe plalntitf in the
above entitled action which Is on file In the
office of the clerk cf the ab.ve named oourt.
and to serve a copy of your answer to said
complaint on the subscribers, at their offic
Room 52, Gilfllian block, in Paul, Ramsey
County, Minnesota, within twenty days alter
the service of this Summons upon you, ex
clusive of the day of such service, and if y.u
fall to answer to eald complaint within the
time aforesaid, the plaintiff in thia acton »ili
take Judgment agah.st you for the u;n of
seventeen hundred five and 9?>-ICO -?o ars
($1705.95) with interest therein at. 7 pc: ee_4
per annum from August 9th, 1898, t get ter
with the costs and disbursements of til- ac
Plaintiff's Attorneys,
Office, Room 52 Gilfllian B'o-k. tesiience 72)
Laurel avenue, St. Paul. Minn.
United States for the District ot
Minnesota, Tlilrd Division.
In the Matter of Knimet W. McGreg
or, Baiikrir.pt, in Bankruptcy.
j Notice of the first meeting of creditors.
Whoreas, on the 11th day of October, A. D
IS9S, upon an order of reference from the
clerk of said court, the h morable Judge
being absent from this division, Rm__ *—^.
McGregor was. by me, duly adjudV-d a
bankrupt, pursuant to an act of congress
approved July 1, IS9B.
Now, therefore, it Is ordered that tha
first meeting of the creditors of said bank
rupt be held at ray office, IM Germania L'fe
Insurance Building, in the City of SL PauL
County of Ramsey, State of Minnesota at
10 a. m.. Tuesday, the 25th _ay v ■_.■
--tcber. A. D. 1898.
It is further ordered that this order be
published in The St. Paul Globe, a news
paper published in the County of Ramsey
State of Minnesota, at least one week be^
lore the date of said meeting, and that
notice of Said meeting be mailed to the
creditors of said bankrupt at their res;. ».
tive addresses, at least ten days before itj
date. M. DORAN JR..
_ Referee.
Chanles N. Ak?rs. Attorney for Petiti.>'*er
Gilfillan Block, St. Paul, Minn.
United Statcw for the District otf
Minnesota, Third Division.
In the Matter of Amos C. Merrill Jr,
Bankrupt, in Bankruptcy.
Notice of the first meeting of creditors.
Whereas, on the 11th day of October, A. D.
18.8, upon an order of reference from the
clerk of said court, the honorable Judge
being absent from this division, Amos O.
Morrill Jr. was. by me, duly adjudgtd a
bankrupt, pursuant to an act of congress
approved July 1, 1898. ' •
Now, therefore, lt is ordered that the
first meeting of the credltora of said bank
rupt be held at my offlce. 108 Germania
Life Insurance Building, in the City of Sl
Paul, County of Ramsey, State of* Minne
sota, at 10:30 a. m., Monday, the *?4th day of
October, A. D. 1898.
It Is further ordered that this order be
published In The St. Paul G1 o b c, an, w - a
paper published in the County of Ramsey,
State of Minnesota, at least one week be
fore the date of said meeting, aad that
notice of said meeting be mailed to the
creditors of said bankrupt at their respec
tive addresses, at least ten days before it.
M. DORAN JR.. Refc-
George P. Douglas. Attorney for Petitioner,
New York Life, Minneapolis. Minn.
Having experience in Bankruptcy Courts
and Facilities for transacting tiie business,
we solicit such practice and promise
prompt attention to correspondence and
dispatch in each cas?.
Office in the Gilfillan Block, St. Paul, Minn,
Diseases of Men c l
Write or Call To-day
24 Washington Aye. So.
The Leading Specialists.
W&9} mm n ■■ A ■— We want pwry suf
[ j*? mt I^l l>| ferinj: womnn to in-
Is_« r 0 E**. v *' lilll ' lU ' - :,ir special
fl Ei system of trenu.ji-nt
•%_P 5¥ B Ski 111 combining Kl<<
trlrlli- and Mcd
lc'ne. Call or write for particular: *.
State Electro-Medical institute,
301 Hennepin Aye. MJnnoap.l c. Mi; n
f /^CCitKSV I U» 0 Bij « for unnatural
* I V"■ "'•-"•A I discharges, iutlf-miuations,
VrSti __?_? l l____!_ « irritations or ulcvratijnt
, Col/ not to .uuvur*. of , v „c 0v „ m embr(»B«e.
~?4l c T** anJ not a.t.h_:
jV^\THEE¥AN3Ch£!,I!"ALCO. _<' -, t or poisonous.
V \c'NCIN.I*TI,O.r""~j Sold by S»ro»pi_t_,
*. \ C. S. _. y Ppr sent in plain wrao-.or.
SSk^^^^.-'o \J f}-™- or S bnttlß*. f2.:a.
*• ** Circular Mat ou n»au«s.

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