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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, March 19, 1899, Image 20

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plrfsi faSo6ial 6ir6ies|
Ilf lillllilillltlllliilllllillllllilllllllllllililllllil
Soci ■ ■'">• little in a social
waj ■ ■■• si six days. The
!:■!•. no doubt, has had something to
.in wiih the dearth <■; social life in the
ly city, for capricious March de
terminedly turn, a her back last week >>:>
spring and flirted .nest outrageausly with
winter. S 'en the occasional small tea
and luncheon which have heretofore
stirred small tipples <>n she otherwise
placid s\"- : ■ ' "'• th< dull Lenten period,
w-i.- noi in < \ id<
If the past has been dull, the future bids
fair mon so, !"•.■ very little i:i
the way or social life is promised for the
coming two weeks, in fact, after this
week comes hol> week, and society has
decreed that this period must be kept
with even mon rigor that ihe rest of the
•n period.
• • •
Mrs. ''. D. I 1 '- Coster entertained a eom
of children Tuesday afternoon at
her homo on Summit avenue in honor of
the birthday -if Ruth De Coster. Mrs.
J),- i\,sn r was assisted by Mrs. Horton
and Miss De Coster.
• • •
-.- of S:. Paul young people, chap
froued by Mr. and Mis. Clinton Burnett
Mersey, of Laurel avenue, were guests at
fi sleighing parts and supper given
Wednesday evening by Mrs. Charles
Brew h, of Minneapolis.
• • •
. Miss Grace Doran, <■'. Summit avenue,
|b.i\.- :i birthday party Tuesday afternoon
fei honor of her niece, Catherine Stevens.
• * * *
" -ri ■ itatioh explains
f:.- If:
.\ blrthda> i ption there will be
\i which «• ..■■■■' • ach one to s ■■••
Tuesday. March twenty-first, the time,
':'.> Dr. Goodrich* s you'll have to climb,
And, in thi • - ■ '"-i now unfold
I'm pennies as many as you are years old.
also gi\ ■ \ou a cup "I '.■■a
An. l som R. S. V. P. 2r.6
■!i avenue.
• • •
.\!;s. E. A. Patrick, ■ Pleasant avenue,
1 as Issued cards for an afternoon euchre
W'edn* sd
Mrs. William Weatherby. i t" Laurel ave
nue, wili ■ vary •hiss Mon
aft< moon. Mrs. Robinson will give
Mis. s. 1.. Thygeson, <>r Charles street,
will entertain in. Midwinter Euchre club
The Chauvln-Faul will give their first
:;'! masquerade ball and cake walk
r.lav evning. April S. at the A. O. U.
W. hall, HIS Rice street liiilyard's or
chestra will furnish the. music.
nan circle v. 11l hold Its
regular meeting in I. O. O. I", hall, corner
i>r Fifth ami VTabasha, Monday evening.
Arrangements ;t< being made for a joint
entertainment with Prosperity lodge, W.
O. VV., Thursday, March 30, in I. O. O. F.
A birthday reception will l> Tues
day afternoon from :' in •; at the home
<>! Mrs. Asa I-'. <; irirli. on Nelson ave
ntie by -,i.< l-adies' Sn'i^v of the People's
ii. The hostess will be assisted in
rec •ivii'L: by ih< f the society. A
programme of vocal am! instrumental
musit will be given and .Mis. William Fos
ter, -t Minneapolis!, will give readings.
Sible.v circle. Ladies of the G. A. R.,
will >-i\. n E-"uh'cre ;. ..'(> Thursdaj evening
in the ladies ordinary of the Ryan hotel.
The proceeds will !.■■ • xpended for flowers
1 ■ '■•'■ used <>„ Memorial day for decorating
■ I.I:, rs' graves. T .■ following ladies
il> entertainment i:i charge: Mrs
\\ :. iain Wallace. Mi-.- Clyde Snyder, Mrs.
J<i ~. Mrs. :...u. Mi Morey, Mrs. Sin
el iU- and Mis.- I
Mercy will meet
■ parlor .\;. Ing at 7 o'clock.
•''■' school, will
Sive a number of recitations illustrated
"■ harts prepared i,. himself. Louis
Jaky will give urn zither solos.
Pli asure • • I n l> will give
Its ninth s,M-:;,! bop Easter Monday even
ing, Apiil :;. -i Twin City hall, Rice street
I iiiv.--iiy ftvenue. The arrange
ments are in charg< of I >. c. Hartnett, J
J. i ■ !. ; .. ' , owe
The rniversali.st Ladies' society will
'■ o'clock wttfc Mrs. W
J.. ! lull, : eet, to perfect ar
r their Easier sale and
il i■ l held March 2S, In \*o. 0, The
Emma Millec.
•■ ■■ A. Miller, of VTfnne?
rd J. Bobleter, state ;
storekeeper, and son of Col I
has i,. en announced to i
■•■ residence of the bride's !
mother. SOS Si: I „■ sou th Minne- '
moon, April 1L»
■ble.ter will reside in
St. Paul after their marriage.
M ad. ■ i \ -hi. ago ad
• hi : ■;,, Great
I rm< rly a resi
: , . n ed March 7
1 M , ss ,. Bates Hillman, daugh
;'V:! -' Samuel .!. Hillmln.
: nc '-' »«■ The groom Is well known
•■•'■< has many friends In St Paul.
:> ,V. ! .U! an Maud A 1;i '' and Henry
while William were married Wednesday
' - o'clock at the home of the
1 and Airs. j. p. ai
avenue. Mr and Mrs
, . | _-, /. . : ,; : .' ' after April 15
■ish and George
,;:,.'■' rl _ wer< n *Wried Wednesday aft
"■";■' The ceremony was performed
.■i 7,. V- ar:! i Mr - and Mrs - Sel
... '■;'> \\.-.ii.,.5,i:. y evening for the
1 •'-' on th< ir wedding Journey.
« ',!'" Vt h A 1 n 1 . f -' avP !ne second of a
penes "i Informal d!!:nf-rs Thursday even
ing at her home on Holly avenue Miss
Morgan, "I New York, was tho guest of
honor. 'The tab), was In white- and ye -
low, white tulip* and yellow daffodils
rormlng the decotationis. Those present
were: Mr and Mrs. William Dampier,
Mr. and Mrs. George Tapley, Mrs. C B
Morgan, Miss Dan-pier and Miss Mor-
Mrs. John McCulloch, of Osceola ave
nue. gave a dinner Thursday evening for
Mrs. Cooper and Rev. John Sinclair. Tho
table was decorated in green and white
Green and while hooded candelabra form
ed the centerpiece. The flowers were
Bride roses; white carnations, ferns and
srailax. Covers were laid for ten
Mr and Mrs. c. h. rates, of Dayton
avenue, gave a small dinner party Thurs
day evening In honor of Clarence Edd~
and e*-Gov. \ai,-. „f Winona. Maj. Rus"
-- ■■• and Mr. and Mrs. <•. G. Titcomb were
the other guests.
Mr. and Mrs. William Danforth. who
are with the Prank . Daniels Opera C om
pany, were guests of honor -it. a dinner
given rhiu-sday evening at the Bucklng
i. by Mr. atid Mrs. Charles Kelloge
Harmon. ■
Mr. and Mrs. I. l>. Bond, of Marshall
ayenue. entertained Informally at dinner
Monday event-,- for Samuel Bond of
Mr. and Mtp, E. C. Warner, of st An
thony avenue, entertained at dinner
rhursday evening. Covers wore laid for
Mrs. O. B. Edgerton, of Lincoln avenue,
entertained at dinner Wednesday evening
for^Mrs. Edward Edgerton, of"Yankton,
Mr. and Mrs. R. c. White, oi Marshal]
avenue, entertained at dinner Thursday
evening. *
Mrs. C. J. liixon. of West Seventh
street, entertained at a progressive cinch
}>a;t\ last week. Piizes were won by
Mrs. (Mell. Miss E(iith Gross. Miss Helen
diner; Mr. Will Lay Clair Mr Will
Branston and Mr. Odtell. Lunch was* serv
ed at midnight. The table decorations
were American Beauty roses, carnations
tulips and ferns. There was music dur
ing the evening and a most enjoyable
time was had \<y all present. The guests
were: Mr. and Mrs. Odell. Mrs. Bout
- .. Miss BoutweU; Mrs. Gross, Miss
Vr" SS \,- Mrs - £ r i-wyer. Mrs. Marshall.
Miss Mane Dv Fault. Mis^ May Kent
Miss Huldah BDtSCh, Miss G^tio
■ diner. Mtea Helen Baudiner, Miss Nellie
Greene, Will Brautsen. Will i "ay cfa ir
McDonald, E. S. Gilkerson. B. H Gilker
son, George C. Pound. William Greene
and Henry Greene.
The American History club met last
Monday evening at the residence of Mi
and Mrs. -J. F. Gregory, on Carroll street
If. H. Merrick read an interesting paper
written by W. H. Williams on early re
li«i(u:s disturbances in the New England
i olonies. Mrs. Merriek read a paper on
"Indian Wars in the Colonies." Other
papers were: "Recollections of a Summer
Visit to Plymouth," Miss Nellie Dow, and
"Boston and Salem; Tlieir Development,"
by Miss Hello <_'. Hope. A discussion on
"Colonization" was led by Dr. Griswold.
The club will meet with Mr. and Mrs. W.
T. Wright March 27.
Mrs. Dioner, oi" Selby avenue, grave an
afternoon coffee Thursday. Those pres
ent were: -Mrs. Vahsen, Mrs. Moorhead,
Mrs. Banders, Mrs. Bremer, Mrs. Lundt,
Mrs. Remmler, Mrs. Bartlett, Mrs. lush
er. Mrs. Hubert, of Minneapolis; the
IQsses Fisher, Miss Bremer, Miss Diener
and Miss Elsie Remmler.
Mrs. Alfred Guiterman gave a card
party Thursday afternoon at her home
un Carroll street. Kuchiv was played at
twelve tables. The _parlors were prettily
decorated with roses, English violets and
daffodils. Tho hostess was assisted by
Miss Green.
Mrs. Flood entertained the Tuesday Aft
ernoon Eue-hre club last week. Prizes
\v<re won by Mrs. Essenger Belwine and
Mrs. Martina. Mrs. Morrison, of Park
avenue, will entertain the club next Tues
Mrs. Charles F. Shanley entertained at
euchre Thursday at the residence of Airs.
J. J. Ahem, on Capitol boulevard, assist
ed by Mrs. H. A. Young. Prizes were won
by Mrs. Bhepley, Mitchell. Swartz and
Mis. E. A. Rich entertained the Merry
Evening Euchre club ThursSay evening.
High scores were made by Mrs. H. Lutz,
Mrs. A. Gudaxn, L. EUsenmenger, 11. l.utz
and B. Waiters.
Mrs. A. Poirier. of Louis street, enter
tained at a thimble bee Wednesday aft
ernoon. The next meeting will be held
at Mrs. Snris^s. of St. Albans street.
Miss Edna Romer, of Ramsey street, en
tertained a few friends Friday in celebra
tion of her birthday.
Miss Florence B-axter will entertain the
C. T. V. club Tuesday eviuing at her
houie on Bankroll street. The club will
piv<- a dance at Cer.tral hall April 10.
The Laurel Cycle club will give a cinch
party Friday evening at the club houso
on Summit avenue. Tin 1 club will also
rive a dancing part. April 12, at Lett's
The Relief Society of St. Paul Chapter
No. 24, C). E. S., will give a. progressive
euchre party at the home of Mrs. 10. H.
Milham, IKIS St. Anthony avenue, tomor
row afternoon.
Mr ami Airs. George F. Hall, of 110
West Third street, will return this morn
ins: from New York, where Mr. Hall met
his wife on her return from Paris!
Mrs. A. George and son, of Otranto,
10., are the guests of Mrs. A. D. Gray,
of Moreland.
Miss Coadin, of East Third street. Is
entertaining Miss McDevitt, of Belle
Mrs. Maurice Auerbach, of Summit
avenue, has returned from Washington.
Mrs. H. X. Malloy, of the Forepaugh
block, has returned from the East.
Mrs. O. c. Macklett, of Dayton ave
nue is visiting in New Orleans.
Miss Richmond win leave for Europe
early next month.
Dr. S. W. Robillai-d has gone to Hill
borough, Term.
Mrs. C. Cleveland Hoyt has returned
from New York.
Cat-! Romer has returned from Oel
weir, 10.
An entertainment for the benefit of St
Johns Coil,,, lie L-Rurch was given Fri
day evening, in the hall o» Frances
stree;. by the Criterion Dramatic club
A comedy, "Selwyn's Night Out." was
given by the following: Miss Katherine
Kers.-,<. Joseph I -lister. Miss Fannie Dean,
Miss Loretta llifkey, Frank H Ford F
\V. Inden, Miss Gt-rirude Jacobson, Miss
Florence Starkey and Edward Farrell
Others taking part in the programme
were: Mise ilin.i. .Row?, Miss Louise
chryst and.. George Datn^s.
The Junior Kinvorth I-eaguo of tho
Bates Avenue _L E. church gave a social
Thurgday evening in tho church parlors.
Miss Atkins and Miss Van Duyne had
charge of the ;> iTair. A musical pro
gramme was given by tlip Misses Ethel
Le May. Beatrice @atola, Julia Womack
Emma Patton. Luella Snow and bottle
Woodland. Refr.--shir.enis were served
by the Miss.-s Edna Van Duyne, Emma
Patton. Lulla Suar and Ethel and Dora
Le May.
Mrs. Charles Tivey entertained the
Ladies Aid Society of Hie Bates Avenue
M. JC. church, Friday afternoon. Those
in charge of the programme were: Mrs
Brin*. Mrs. Frank Van Duyne, Mrs.
Tracy and Mrs. Nienhauser. Those tak
ing part were: Miss Burke. Miss Carrie
Krieger, Miss Dora Simpson and Mr. Ted
Simpson. A number of line graphophone
selections were given.
The Capitol City Cycle club will give
an entertainment Saturday, April 8, at
the club house, for their seventh anniver
sary. On the arrangement committee
I fire: Messrs. Gu? Mv hand, Edward Ritt
| Martin Cook. Carl Slocum, Frank Davis
} and Frank Rhibeck. The St. Anthony
Hill orchestra will furnish music. A in
formal at home for club members was
given i,n St. Patricks evening.
The Dayton's Bluff Women's Christian
Temperance union met Wednesday after
noon with J.lrs. Ralph Brounson. Ad
dresses were made by Miss Agnes Lttph
and Mrs. Russell. Piano solos were given
by Master Ralph Brounson. The next
meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Hay
ward, of Con way street.
The Hesperian club met Wednesday
evening with Mrs. George Webber. Thn
prizes were given to Mrs. Saunders. Miss
Soule, Mrs. Griffen, Mr. Ktmball, Mrs
Smith and Mr. Griffen. The next meet
ing will be with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Le
May, 953 East Third street.
Owing to the Easter vacation, the
meeting of the Dayton's Bluff Mothers'
club will be held Monday, March 20, In
stead of March 27. A paper on "Un
trutF.fillness In children" will be given
by Miss Laura Hand.
Miss Alice Yon Deyn entertained the
Bachelor Belles Friday afternoon. Prizes
were awarded to Miss Anna Seeger, Miss
Janet Fischbein and Gilbert Henry. Mis*
Ida Bohn will entertain the club Fri
day afternoon.
Mrs. Fred Haller entertained the Up-to-
Date Cinch club Saturday evening,
March 12. The prizes were given to Mrs.
Orosse. Mrs. Saoles, Mrs. Bradley, Mr
Saples, Mr. Grosse and Mr.! Fisher.
A special meeting of the C. T. U. club
was held Thursday evening at the home
of Miss Nina Hamilton. The club will
hold its regular meeting Tuesday evening
at the home of Miss Florence Baker.
Mrs. Gebhard Bohn gave an informal
cinch party Wednesday evening The
prizes were won by Miss Alice yon Deyn
John Seeger and Mr. and Mrs. Emil
The Misses Darmody, of Plum street
entertained informally Thursday even
ing. Assisting the Misses Darmody were
Miss Nellie Malloy and Miss Mamie
The Ladies' Co-operative Society of the
Atlantic Congregational Church will mcci
Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs
W. W. Lewis, nf the Euclid View.
The Relief Society of St. Paul Chapter
No. 24, Order of the Eastern Star, will
give a military euchre party, at the house
of Mrs. E. H. Milham, Monday.
Mrs. John Seeger entertained the Cinch
club Monday evening. The prize winners
were Mr. and Mrs. E. Muench, Miss Olga
Muench and Mrs. Robert Seeger.
The Epworth League of Bates Ave
nue M. E. Church gave a social at the
home of Mrs. Frank Van Duyne, Tues
day evening.
Mrs. E. R. Findley entertained the
Ladies' Aid Society of the East Presbyte
rian Church at a thimble bee Thursday
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Allison entertained
at euchre Tuesday evening. Assisting
Mrs. Allison were the Misses Allison and
Miss Cox.
Mrs. H. Brand, of the Marlowe enter
tained at tea Thursday Mr. and Mrs
Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory and Miss
Lulu Davis.
St. Agnes' Guild of St. Peter's Church
will give an Easter Fale in the guild rooms
Wednesday evening. Mrs. H. Eddy has
Invitations have been issued by Mr
and Mrs. F. Eubanks for their thirtieth
wedding anniversary, Saturday evening.
A surprise was given Tuesday evening
for Mr. and Mrs. John Rotegrass for the
tenth anniversary of their marriage.
Mr. and Mrs. Pulsifer and Miss Pulsifer
who have- been guests of Mr. and Mrs.
George Smith, have returned to lowa.
The Ladies' Aid Society of St. John's
Catholic Church will meet Wednesday,
April 5. with Mrs. Flaherty.
The Boy's Brotherhood of St. Andrew's
will meet Monday evening in the guild
rooms of St. Peter's church.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. George entertained
5 ->!? d°?lls D f?r P fr m , Jfjf ¥ * Lace Apartment. £
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r- i > "' • ••• ■-
the Dayton's Bluff branch, Order of the
Iron Hall, Monday evening.
. Mrs. H. Boyd and family, of Akron, will
arrive next week to join Mr. Boyd, who
is now in this city.
Mrs. C. I>. Andrews, of the Euclid view,
has been entertaining her brother, from
Hillsdale, Mich.
Mis'. Putnam and Miss Katherine
Putnam, of Dakota, are visiting Mrs.
Frank Stewart.
Mrs. Ray, of Kerwin street, wiU enter
tain the Lincoln Euchre club "Wednesday
Mrs. Bergmeier entertained Saturday
afternoon for the birthday of her daugh
ter Etta.
Mrs. Michaels, of the Marlowe, will
entertain the Fleur de Lis club Friday
afternoon. j
Mr. T. Driscoll, of Joliet, 111., is the
guest of his cousin, Mrs. William Dar
Mr. and Mrs. Babbidge and family,
of Cherry street, have removed to Ham
Miss Cora De Pate entertained infor
mally Saturday evening for her birth
Miss Jennie Siebold will entertain the
Dayton's Bluff Card club Saturday even
Mrs. R. E. McCleary entertained at
dinner Sunday for Miss Bessie Bailey.
Mrs. John Roper, of the Zimmerman,
entertained informally Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Le May entertained
Informally at cards Friday evening.
Mrs. H. Brand entertained informally
Tuesday for Mr. and Mrs. Moffatt.
Mrs. Quinlan is entertaining her niece,
Miss Herrar, of Blooming Prairie.
Mrs. John McMannus was surprised
Friday evening by a few friends.
Mrs. Ryan, of Sixth street, is enter
taining her brother from Illinois.
Miss Bertha Lange entertained Wednes
day afternoon for her birthday.
Miss Stella Davis entertained informally
Wednesday evening.
The Misses Darmody spent the week
in Minneapolis.
Mrs. Hugh Malloy is vis' ling in Bloom-
Ing Irairie.
Miss Clementine Lahr is visiting In St.
Mrs. W. W. Stone entertained Tues
day evening at her home. 374 East Robie
street. The evening was spent in danc
ing to fine music. A delicious lunch
was served by the hostess, assisted by
others, among whom were Mr 3. C. Gil
lette, Miss Elsie Stone and Miss Lucy
McArthur. Those present were: Miss
Helen Carson, Miss Selma Smith, Miss
Anna Steidl, Miss Maud Hubbard, Miss
Florence Baker, Miss Elsie Stone and
the Misses Christianson ; Messrs. George
Madison, James Last. J. Rogers, G. Rog
ers. E. Shibley, Fred Jury, Wm. Her
ir.an, P. S. Laing, O. Anderson. A most
pleasant time was enjoyed by all.
The Ladies' Auxiliary to the B. of R.
T. gave a progressive cinch party
Wednesday evening at the apartments
of Mr. and Mrs. George Neff, in the
Clinton. Prizes were won by Miss Wood
bury, Miss Boyeson. Miss Martin. Re
freshments were served by the hostess,
and all enjoyed a most pleasant time.
The Epworth League of Clinton Ave
nue M. E. Church gave a basket social
Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs.
M. L. Mclntyre. in the Clinton. The
committee in charge were: Mrs. F. M.
Thomas, Mrs. Kay. Miss Gertrude Mc-
Intyre and Miss Florence Hare.
Eastern Star Rebekah Lodge No. 82
will hold a drawing- for a cigar ribbon
sofa pillow Tuesday evening, April 11,
the proceeds to go towards the furnish
ing of a room in the new Odd Fellows'
home. A basket social will be held the
same evening.
Eastern Star Rebekah lodge entertain
ed a progressive euchre party Tuesday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.
H. Johnson, 539 Stryker avenue. All spent
a most enjoyable time.
The Arista Mona Dancing club will give
its last dance of the season Friday even
ing, April 7. at the West side opera
house. The Twin City Mandolin club will
furnish the music.
St. Michael's church gave a St. Pat
rick's day entertainment Friday evening
at Martin's hall. A fine programme was
presented which showed careful and apt
Mrs. E. E. Kendall, of East Isab°l
street, entertained the Home Missionary
Society of the Clinton Avenue M. E
Church Friday afternoon.
The children of the Hendricks school
gave a most enjoyable entertainment
Wednesday afternoon in the assembly
hall of the school.
Miss Turner, of Eaat Winifred street,
entertainod. tUe Young -IVo^fe's Society
of the Church of the ' Ascension Mon
day evening.
The Ladies' Guild of the. Church of the
Ascension met with Mrs. A. B. Harper,
of West Isabel street. Wednesday after
Mrs. Shobe and daughter, guests of
Mrs. W. R. Sache, of Smith avenue, will
leave soon for their future home in Mon
Rex Peaboody, who has been the guest
of Mrs. John Dale, of Prescott street,
has returned to Star Prairie, Wis.
Miss, Nellie O'Brien, of West George
street, was hostess to the Young, Peo
ples' Whist club Monday evening.
Miss Mattie Shephafd, of Hastings, is
the guest of her brother, Mr. C. Shep
hard, of East Congress street
Prof. H. G. Eaton, of the Hendricks
school, was called to Maine on account
of the death of his father.
Miss Margaret Fedde^B, of Bunker
street, will entertain the Initial Cinch
club next Thursday evenihg.
Miss A. Evans, of Musfcado, Minn., is
the guest of Mr. and Jtrs. R. V. D.
Evans, of Anita sttfeet. -
Miss Florence Baker, of Bancroft
street, entertains at progressive cinch
next Tuesday evening.
Edward Rapue, of East Robie street,
entertained the Young People's Dancing
club Friday evening. -
Mrs. Robert Wardell, of Midway ave
nue, entertained the Willard W. C. T.
U. Tuesday afternoon.
The Misses Loftus, recent guests of
Miss Daly, of Livingston avenue, have
returned to Red Wing.
Mrs. W. B. Bourne, . of East Winifred
street, entertained the- LajSies' Afternoon
Study class Fridayf
Miss E. Knapn, of Sabfei. Minn., Is a
guest of Mrs. Shephardj' of East Con
gress street.
Miss Lillian Ferrinback, of East Robie
street, has returned from a visit to St.
Louis, Mo.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. La France are vis
iting friends and relatives in the South
ern states.
Morris Galvin, of East Winifred street,
has gone to Anoka, Minn., to attend
Miss Emma O'Brien and Miss Mamie
Barry have returned from a visit to Men
Mrs. W. R. Wardefl 1 , of Midway ave
nue, is entertaining her neice from Mich
J. B. Parker, of East Isabel street, is
in Helena, Mont., on a business trip.
Mrs. Haverson, of Clinton avenue, has
returned from a business trip.
Mr. Sydney Holmes, of Prescott street,
will leave for Chicago soon.
O. Savard, of Winslo-w avenue, has re
turned from Duluth. -
■ E. S. La France is t« -Memphis, Term.,
on business.
The Afternoon Social club was enter
tained Monday afternon ut the home of
Mrs. Hanft, on Rose street, Mrs. Jenkins,
Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Ella Flood and Mrs.
Harnish were the prize winners. Mrs.
Flood, of Otsego street, will entertain the
club Monday the 27.
The Reading circle will meet next
Monday evening at* the. .home of Mrs.,
Marie Mueller, on Case street. Subject,
"Your Favorite Author and Why."
The Qui Vive Cinch dub was enter
tained Monday evening a 1 * the home of
Miss Armstrong, on Ea?tj Tenth street.
Next Monday evening Miss Elizabeth
Kelly, of East Tenth street, will enter
tain the club.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Robinson, of Mt.
Ida street, entertained . , informally at
cards Monday evening.
Mrs. E. H. Bowen, of East Sixth street,
is entertaining her cousin, Mrs. C. H.
Williams, of Louistown, Mont.
Miss Alvina Schmidt, - of Highland
Park college, Dcs Moines. 10., is a guest
of her sister. Mrs. . Fred H. Korfhage,
of East Fourth street.
Mrs. Esther Johnson. 6f Minnehaha
street, is in Port Arthur. •
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Anderson have re
turned from Helen*. i
Mrs. C. M. Rust i»r entertaining friends
from Thorpe, Wis. :,
Mrs. W. W. Cleveland is in Campbell,
The Ladies' Guild of St. James' Epis
copal Church met Thursday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. E. J. Rischatsch, on
Burr street, to perfect plans for their
annual Easter supper, to be given in the
guild rooms Tuesday evening, April 11.
The ladies in charge are Mrs. E. J.
Rischatsch, Mrs. F. C. Howe, Mrs. Cotes.
Mrs. Parr, Mrs. Delmore, Mrs. Charles
King, and the Misses Anna and Mollie
The Ladies' Aid Society of Grace M.
E. Church will hold an Easter sale and
social in the church vestry Friday even
ing-, March 31. The Sunday school will
give a missionary programme on Easter
The C. T. TJ. Social club was entertained
at the home of Miss Nina Mac Hamilton,
on Lafayette avenue, Tuesday evening.
They will give an Easter ball shortly
after Easter. Miss Florence Baker, of
464 Bancroft avenue, will next entertain
the club.
A progressive cinch party was given
Monday evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. AVilliams on Genessee street, prizes
were won by Mrs. Fisher and Mr. Mar
quitte. Mrs. Williams was assisted by
Mrs. A. D. Johnson and Miss Cook.
Miss Theresa Ericsson and Mr. August
Wig, of Campbell, Minn., were married
Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the
residence of Rev. L. A. Johnson, of the
First Swedish Lutheran church. They
will reside at Campbell.
Miss Jennie Andetson, of Jenks street,
entertained the Odds and Ends circle
Monday evening. Miss Evelyn Johnson
gave a reading, and musical numbers
were given by the Misses Edith and Maud
Mrs. O. Sohlberg, of Sims street, gave
a party Saturday afternoon in honor of
her birthday, the rooms were decorated
with roses, carnations and palms, about
fifty were present.
Mrs. J. Flood gave a euchre party Tues
day afternoon at her home on York
street. Mrs. Hassenger, Mrs. Belleview
and Mrs. Martineau were the prize win
Mrs. Anna Fay, of New York, the re
cent guest of Mrs. 11. W. Phillips, of Ge
ranium street, has gone to Minneapolis
to spend the remainder of the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Hanft gave a large euchre
party Wednesday evening at their home
on Rose street, in honor of Mrs. Hanffg
Miss Stella Davis, of Pine street, en
tertained a number of her young friends
at cards Wednesday evening.
Prof. Beardslee and family will leave
shortly for Missouri, where they will
make their future home.
Mrs. H. L. Cleveland, of East Ninth
street, spent the week with friends in La
Miss Bertha Chester, of Margaret
street, entertained informally Friday
The Pauci Delecti will give a dancing
party in Litt's hall Easter Monday.
Mrs. Geo. H. Geaiey, Miss Hattie Smith,
Mr. and Mrs. Williams and a number
of others, attended the entertainment
and supper given by the Ladies' Auxiliary
to the National Association of Railway
Postal Clerks, at Central hall, Wednes
day evening.
Mrs. C. Hamilton, of Pittsburg, Pa.;
Mrs. Alec Talbott, of Dcs Moines, Io. ;
Mr. M. A. Talbott and Miss Carrie W.
Talbott, of Logansport, Ind., have been
the guests of , Rev. and Mrs. Sammts
auring the week.
Mr. J. G. Barwise, of Carroll street, gave
a handsome children's party Wednesday
iifternoon, in honor of Jane Esther, the
little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Pll
kinton, of Milwaukee.
Mrs. Edwin Foote, of Red Wing; Mrs.
William Sproat and Miss Crete Warren,
of St. Paul, were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
J. EL Sammis, of Rondo street, Wednes
day evening.
S. J. Small, formerly in the employ
of the Midway Nows, but now editor of
the Devil's Lake Inter-Ocean, was the
guest of E. A. Paradis during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Naylor have gone
to Chicago to visit their son, Capt. W. K.
Naylor, who leaves soon for active duty
in the Philippine islands.
Plans are out fo:- a new residence, to
be erected on Iglehart street, by E. A.
Drew, treasurer of the Plymouth Cloth
ing company.
Miss Kathryn Sullivan, who has been
visiting friends in Washington, D. C,
and Springfield, 111., returned home
'I hursday.
Rev. and Mrs. Risser, of St. Anthony
avenue, entertained Rev. W. W. Newell
and Evangelist Hart sough at dinner Mon
The ladies of Trinity church will give
a sock social, at the home of Mr. ana
Mrs. W. O. Hillman, Friday evening.
The Ladies' Ai.l Society of the Presby
terian church, :net at the home of Mrs.
C. A. Magneraon. Friday afternoon.
The Literary club met with Mrs. Geo.
S. Wiseman 'Thursday afternoon. The
subject being "Art and Artists. '
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. J. Pilkinton, of Mil
waukee. Wis., have been visiting friends
in the Park during the week.
' Rev. H. A. Kisser will give an ad-
dress on city missions at Olivet church '
this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Curtis, formerly
of the Park, have removed to Sioux City,
Dr. and Mrs. Henderson are spending a
few weeks in Georgia and Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Wood returned from
their visit to Chicago Tuesday.
Mrs. Geo. E. Williamson is visiting
friends in Springfield, 111.
The Hancock Debating society met
Friday afternoon. The programme was
about Lieut, llobson and his work. Those
on the programme were Misses Hulga
Hammer, Myrtle Hammond. Hattie Big
lowe, Flora Ostrander and Pearl Hever
ly, and Messrs. Arthur Rossman, Harry
Robinson, Henry Stevens and Ward
Randell. Miss Edna McConnon reviewed
the afternoon's work.
Mr. Shepard and family, of Taylor
avenue, have removed to St. Paul.
Mr. and Mrs. Withie, Mr. and Mrs.
Dent, Mr. and Mrs. Coffin. Mr. Duff,
Misses Dardinia Duff, Maude Dent and
Mary Coffin attended the entertainment
and banquet for the Ladies' Auxiliary of
the Railway Postal Clerks. Misses Cot
fin, Dent and Coffin took part in the
The Hamline Fortnightly club meet
ing: will be held at the home of Mrs.
W. E. Brink. The current- topics will
be on Miss Mary E. Wllklns. Mrs. H.
E. Behrens will take charge of the les
son, which Is on the "Formation of the
Constitution." Miss Jennie Klmball will
read about Hamilton, Jefferson and
Miss Edna Bishop entertained Misses
Mabel Clare, Lulu Webber, Bertha Wil
klns, Messrs. Will Hazzard, Willie Mc-
Callum and George Peck.
Mrs. Bordwell addressed the W. C. T.
V. on "The L. T. L." on Friday after
noon. Miss Lulu Webber sang a very
appropriate solo.
Miss Alice Humphrey left Saturday for
Correll, Minn., after spending the week
with her aunt, Mrs. C. I. Humphrey.
Master Leo White will sing at the
Audubon society meeting next Friday
afternoon In Miss Garvln's room.
Rev. Charles D. Lewis, who has been
the guest of Mrs. C. I. Humphrey, has
returned to New Jersey.
Mtb. Sheare, of Thomas street, enter
tained at a progressive cinch party on
Friday evening.
Mrs.. F. E. Cole is entertaining her
cousin. Miss Allda Dennison, of Minne
Miss Julia Soag left Tuesday for the
East, where . she will make her future
Mrs. E. S. Rolfe. of North Dakota, la
the guest of Mrs. Peck, of Edmund
Miss Gertrude Boyington has been the
guest of Miss Fannie Hoyt.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Fleming have re
turned from Lake Crystal.
W. T. Harris returned from Owatonna
on Monday.
Mrs. Sidney Turner Is visiting In Eau
Claire, Wis.
Tho Junior Endeavor society gave a
sleigh ride Thursday evening. Mrs. H.
S. Baker chaperoned the party. Sup
per was served at the home of Mrs.
Stone, in Minneapolis. About thirty
were in the party.
The ladles of St. Matthew's church
will hold a baking sale and sale of
fancy articles Saturday, April 1, at the
home of Mrs. Walter Hill.
The History class met Friday morning
with Mrs. T. L. Haecker. The subject
of the lecture was "The Three Aims of
Pussian Policy."
The Baker branch of the Mothers'
club met Thursday In the Baker school.
Dr. Hartzell talked on "The Care of the
Master Karl Elslnger entertained a
large number of his friends yesterday
afternoon at his home on Raymond ave
The Young Men's Club of the Congre
gational Church met Monday evening at
the home of Mrs. J. T. Stewart.
The Ladles' Guild of the Episcopal
Church will meet Tuesday with Mrs.
Walter Hill, of Nourse street.
The executive committee of the Wom
en's association met Tuesday at the
home of Mrs. A. R. McGUI.
The Ladies' Reading circle met Friday
afternoon with Mrs. C. A. Dunn, of
I.angford Park place.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Merrill and chll-
dren have been visiting in Mason City,
The Ladies' Guild of St. Matthey'B
Church met Tuesday with Mis. Fred
S. Berry.
The Boys' Outing club met Tuesday
evening with Harry Tisdale.
The Wah-tah-Tvaa met Monday even
ing with M!ps Cannon.
Eugene and Arthur Oorwln entertained
a party of young- friends Saturday even
ing at their homo in HighwoOO. Th*
guests from St. Paul Park were Miss
Louise 8011. Miss Axldie Kendall. Stanley
Himmelwright and Arthur Kendall. The
other guests were Grace Hyn en, Bessie
Dockstatter, Emily Howard, Aurella
Wharry, Louise Fanning. Alice P'nelps,
Geo. Phelps. Lawrence Howard. Jeffrey
Tully, Ed O'Connor and Dan O'Connor.
The Home and Country club met with
Mrs. Mott Kent Thursday. The roll call
was responded to by Items of general in
terest. Mrs. Anderson read a paper on
Italy; Mrs. M. D. Miller presented a
paper on "Social Purity." Miss De Arten
gave the current events. Refreshments,
consisting of coffee and wafers, were
The Musical club was entertained by
Miss Grace Miller last evening. The
musical numbers were of a miscellaneous
character. The literary numbers consist
ed of papers and anecdotes on Mark
Mrs. John Wllloughby and Mrs. Finne.y
spent part of the week a White Bear
with Mrs. David Hanna.
Miss Schadlo and Miss Parker, of SI.
Paul, were guests of Mrs. John Carroll
Mrs. J. M. Trlckey entertained her
uncle, J. M. Plum, of Minneapolis, this
Mies Minnie Butts Is visiting Mrs. Crea
Mr. Paul Deering and Miss Frances
Dettloff were married Saturday by tha
Rev. \Vm. I'terch. Mr. Deering Is an
employe of Swift & Co.
Mrs., Miss and Mr. McSler.^my. accom
panied by Mrs. Currie. all of St. Paul,
visited G. L. Lytle and family last week.
The Ladies" Aid of First Presbyterian
Church is to meet at the home of Mrs.
Pete Lannlgan "Wednesday, March 22.
Mr. Blinn Converse, of South Park, re
turned Saturday from the state of Wash
ington, where he spent his vacation.
The St. Cecelia Society of the St.
Augustine Church gave an entertainment
at the city hall March 17.
Mis. Charles Xt-wman, of South Park,
entertained the cinch club Saturday even
ing, March 4.
Mr. J. M. Myers, of Trenton. Mo., was
here on a visit to his cousin, Mr. M. A.
Harmony camp will givo an entertain
ment and ball Easter Monday at tho city
Mr. Buyers, who has been Btaylng here
for some time, has returned to Chicago.
The pupils of the Simon school will give
an entertainment Marcb 24.
Mr. Vale Follrr.er has returned from a
trip to Montgomery. 111.
Mrs. Fife, of Kansas City, Is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Lewis.
"Robert Burns" was the subject of the
meeting of Woman's club Wednesday
afternoon. Mrs. Culver read a short pa
per on Burns, followed by a part of
George William Curtis' oration at the un
veiling of the Burns monument in New
York city. Mrs. Levi Bailey read an orig
inal poem. Mrs. Vincent Bailey read a
number of selections from Burns in Scot
tish dialect. Musical numbers, consisting
of old Scotch songs, were rendered by
Miss Belden, Mrs. Cowell and Miss Nol
Miss James and Miss Cressy returned
from a short visit to Stlllwater Monday.
Miss May Munroe, of Hastings, was
the guest of Mrs. Boice this week.
Miss Amy Wilkinson returned Friday
from Kansas.
KtrsiOftrrapherM Furnished.
We will furnish business men with
competent stenographers and Smith
Premier Typewriter operators without
charge for our service. Telephone, 1G29-2.
Smith Premier Typewriter Company, 136
East Sixth street, St. Paul, Minu.

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