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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, April 28, 1899, Image 8

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At tin- Meeting; Yesterday City Kn
giaeer Kuudlett (iave Some F1&-
--uri'H Al>ont the Paved Streets of
hi. I'aul and th-e City's Work In
koii'i»S Them in Condition Dr.
Oli:i»e Talks Along Health Lines.
The murky sultriness of the weather
outside, while it took the stiffness out of
in!':- mid collars and the curl out of care
fully crimped hair, In no degree lessened
the energetic ami determined aspect of
the - 1 0 or more women who assembled
yest rday aftecnp<g» at the Central high
to listen to and to applaud what
the Woman's Civic league has already
accomplished and what it intends still
further to accomplish, as outlined by its
van us roembeca Mrs. Conde Hamlin
yi : :<'•■ v and Miss Caroline Beaumont
an..* as temporary secretary.
Mrs. Jackson, as chairman of the com
mit ;•.•<> appointed to look after the pas-
Bage uf the ordinance in regard to ade
quate milk inspection, told of the commit
tee's visit to the council when the ordi
nance was under discussion and how they
»>M,;d by it to a woman until it became
a ftxed enactment.
The report of Mrs. H. C. Burbank.
chairman of the committee on streets,
Bhowed i;ow tha wbrk of the league to
keep the streets in ftt condition would ba
assisted by the passage in the recent leg
is!ur.:re of the two park laws, v.hich pro-
Vlde for the cutting of grass on vacant
lots and the planting of new trees. Tho
reject also showed that the Seventh ward
has been organized into committees.
Whose duty it will be to see that tha
streets they represent are kept spick and
span. The following are the chairman of
the committees: Mrs. E. R. Sanford, Mrs.
J. \V. Bishop, Mrs. Frances Corning, Mr*.
F. M. Douglas, Mrs. Emerson Had
ley. Mrs. C. H. Bigelow Jr., Mrs.
J. B. West, Mrs. T\ B. Kellogg,
,Mrs. C. J. A. Morris, Mrs. William
Canby. Mrs. F. G. Ingersoll, Mrs F B
Wright, Mrs. J. L. Forepaugh, Mrs C A.
Dibble. Mrs. J. W. Edgerton, Mrs A Mc-
Laren, Mrs. H. T. Black, Mrs. George
-Thompson. Mrs. S. c. Olmstead, Mrs
Ambrose Tighe, Mrs. C. IS. Smith Mrs
C. H. Beaulieu, Mrs. N. B. Hinckl.^
Mrs. Thomas McDavit and Mrs C R.
G roff.
The president read a copy of the in
structions of Mayor Kiefer to the police
In regard to sanitation and the enforce
ment of the ordinances pertaining to it.
< :ty Engineer Rundlett was Intro
duced and gave some statistics in regard
to stre-et cleaning and Improvement, and
Incidentally much good advice as to how
best results may be obtained.
•The total number of miles of dedi
cated streets," said Mr. Rundlett, "Is 790
of which number 385 miles are improved!
JWe have really a small amount of paved
etreets in comparison with other cities
of a like population, but at^present there
appears to be no immediate demand for
extending our paved district."
The speaker gave the amount of the
S-i'id set aside for the care and main
tenance of streets, sidewalks, sewerage,
etc.. and said that on account of the
smallness of this sum the city Is cramped
for means to keep the streets in such
order as might be desirable, although ha
ROUT? 2 <!HflH ".s-ssaK'i.^affir p Bntftan xfa
BUUlOftfrnULO ».»jaaria& w > CtßS.°A>
11181118 -^sSnfm
iimimuu 11I1U ILUIU Banners. ||, 131 E. Third St.
BUTTER c e ,siic_ petoiteifyci
Third ana Minnesota.
nnnnrTO Wholes«le Carpets, Linoleum*. Mat- nnilllliru nsi n nriinn
UUJmV tines. Curtains and Upholstery. VPU MfMOPJ 7 Clffl W
bnitri 111 Cut Order Pri^ List Mailed to Dealer. |\U!iUl!LfflilN Q LlfiNu
VIIIII LIU on Application. U 6th & Wabasha 3ts.. S "paul
COMMISSION -slfi^ rl»,
_^__ •*• 31-33 fi.3d Si.
nn\f /lAnnn Wtoleaale Dry Goods nnd i i-j-i^.. iii n n l •
OR! GOOOB ss ».^h-' L*fe Bwf 8 sm».
** 4ih and Bibley.
niMinn Oldest and Largest Dnig House ■• n _ „ „
DRUGS &2 # -aa=aS£ ffl s3 i P cs * X Cdß.
** Gih and Sibley,
. .*■ MercanUle Co^ 3rd aud Sibley.
finfi/lrnfl Wholesale Groceriem. >.. ... _ _
UfIUULnO Wholesale Or^^use lath. -I H. fillffl fl hi,
. v * 201-200 E. 3d St.
linriiirnn LeatheT, Shoe Findings n r> i n i ■ . « „
\ \\MVXX and Saddlery Hardware. Man- U Unrn&llhQrflh V Fft
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HWbl&rW Collars, eto. fc / .\RfifllPf? I.H
flflM For the trade only. RUllUII!/. OUlllllUlJ UU.,
_ ■■ 227-231 JL Sixth,
■ irinn niniUnilllS.in Maanfaeturers and Job- /IhSla™,-- n...^.
PUR V LllUlilvll MIV oersofMen'irurnlshinjf I> MfflQ
IHLiI U I UillilUtlillUU Celebrated "Summit Shirt." U gibley and 6th
ijTM Miii,r
jSDB °'-Sb. L L llj|^,
. thought St. Paul compared favorably
with anr other city of the same size so
far as cleanliness and general appearance
are concerned. The speaker then went
on to tell something of the cleaning of
paved streets, the maintenance of dirt
streets and street sprinkling. The street
sprinkling he regarded as equal to, If not
better, than any other city in the United
States. But he acknowledged that the
people did not appear satisfied, for ha
had received complaints on the same day
from residents in the same block, ane
complaining that the street was sprinkled
too much, the other that it was not
sprinkled enough.
Waste paper and sweepings, weeds, al
leys, city refuse, drinking fountains,
boulevanUng streets, tree planting, ail
those things were touched upon and val
uable advice in regard to all given.
Mr. Rundlett, when he had finished,
cheerfully answered the many questions
put to him by the women present.- ■■
Dr. Justus Ohage, of the board of
health, gave a short but Interesting talk
on the evils of expectorating on the
streets and in public conveyances. "On
account of this offensive habit," said the
speaker, "consumption has become more
prevalent than smallpox, diphtheria, scar
let fever or measles." The speaker said
that common belief to the contrary not
withstanding consumption is not a heredr
itary disease, but it ia the most conta
gious of the malignant diseases. The
habit of expectorating on the streets
spread the consumption bacillus, making
it impossible to stamp the disease out.
Supt. Smith. Mayor Kiefer and Mis 3
Brooks alt spoke briefly, encouraging th&..
work of the league and congratulating
it on what it has already accomplished.
Before adjourning Mrs. Hamlin, tho
president, announced that while ' the
league would hold no more meetings
during the summer the work would go
vigorously on in the hands of tha va
rious committees.
She Lives In Sllttnuart and la EigTit
Feet Hiffli.
Chicago Record.
The tallest woman in the United States,
and probably in the world, is Miss Ella
Ewing, of Gorin, Mo., a little town not
far east of Kansas City, on the Santa Fa
road. This "high-born lady" is 26 years
old, acording to the family Bible, and
measures 8 feet 4 inches In- her every-day
shoes. Her parents are well-to-do farm
ers, of ordinary stature, and her father,
Samuel Ewing, is a highly • respected
member of the community. Miss Ewing
was born at Gorln, and when 12 years
old she measured near seven feet, but
kept on growing, to the amazement of
her family and the neighbors. In her
girlish years she was quite sensitive
about her height, because the other
children used to tease her, but when she
discovered that it was worth $50 a week
from aßrnom's circus and museum man
agers, she took another view of the case.
She earned enough money to lift the
mortgage from her father's farm, and re
tired to private life.
Quite T~n sensational.
A Montreal paper, which has known
success for twenty years, bars all sport
ing, dramatic and tobacco news, as well
as the advertisements for the same, and
will mention no sensational cases in the
Proof of Energy.
New South Wal«?s lost $1,000,000 by the
drought of 1897-98. Yet the colony thrives.
After you have concluded that you ought
not to drink coffee. It is not a medi
cine, but doctors order it, because it is
healthful, invigorating and appetizing
It Is made from pure grains and has
that rich seal brown color and tastes
like the finest grades of coffee and costs
about % as much. Children like it and
thrive on It because it is a genuine food
drink containing nothing but nourish
ment. Ask your grocer for Graln-O the
new food drink. 15c and 25c.
I" I think them the most wonderful medi
cine tot all bronchial affections."— Hon.
Mrs. Pzsry, Castle Grey, Limerick, Ireland.
DBfIUf II' Q Branchial
Sold la boxes only— Avoid Imitations.
KNIVES 1 H1414
A test of our Northern Grown Seeda
will at once convince you there are no
better grown, and we therefore make
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PIMHTn Batfcblfshed 184K
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Dewey" and "America's New Posses
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site Schoch's grocery.
SOLICITORS— Wanted, a few reliable
representatives to solicit and collect for
glck and accident insurance; salary and
commission. Call or address D H.
Bradley, 27 East Seventh at., St. Paul,
GOVERNESS— Wanted, governess for
two children, age four and six. T 113,
OFFICE WORK— Wanted, a young lady
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good hand; state age and salary ex
pected. Address C 112, Globe.
SECOND GlßL— Wanted, a second girl
In small family. 676 Dayton.
Office. 141 East Ninth St. Telephone 183.
We can furnish men for janitor work,
wx>od sawing and odd jobs.
Women to sew, clean house, wash and
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Boys to do chores and run messages.
DETECTIVE WORK— Private detective;
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reasonable. L. H. Bradshaw, 315 North
western Building, Minneapolis, Minn.
Repairing a specialty; city or country.
American Roofing Co., office 636 Endlcott
Leo's F,H|ifolnl Honor.
The pope Is the only ruler of the Vat
ican who has ever strolled down Pall
Mall. It was early In his career, when
he was simply Mgr. Peed. He was men
tioned in tne London papers as having
attended a reception of tha queen.
Handy Prize.
A Parisian prize of $600 is awarded an
nually to the poor father who can show
the largest and most creditably brought
up family. A shoemaker, who has 14
children alive, carried it oft this year.
Artisan Bnrledt In Westminster.
The only artisan buried In Westminster
abbey is George Graham, the instrument
maker who invented clockwork In the
year 1700.
English Proivlnctal Saying.
They say in Pembrokeshire, England,
when it snows while the sun is shining
that "the devil ia beating his wife."
Anybody oat of murk In Si. Paul or
Minneapolis may insert nn a river,
tlicment under this heading (re*
of charge,
A GOOD respectable young man of nine
teen desires a position of some kind in
°r out of the city; has experience In
wholesale house. Address J. S., 874
Duke st.
A MAN wants work at once for porter
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pastry work. Call at 166 Martin st.
A STRONG- BOY of eighteen years wants
steady work of any kind; knows city
_jyetl. Address 381 Erie st.
BOY of eighteen years wants steady
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Address 381 Erie st.
BOY wants work tn office or errand boy;
give references. L. S., 605 East Mlnne
haha st.
CLERK— A young man wishes a position
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six months' experience. M 119, Globe.
COACHMAN— Man well acquainted with
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llvery man. L 117. Globe.
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stands care and treatment of horses,
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nrst-clasa man, who understands edi
torial work and business hustling, as
well ;is mechanical work, to manage
your office; references furnished. F 116,
DRIVER— Wanted, position driving de
llvery; well acquainted in city; had
experience In grocery; uood reference.
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ed in city. Address Ed 8., 160 W. Third
St., city.
EMPLOYMENT— Young married man,
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of lawns and garden; can also handle
■horses. Address 269 Gooclhue st.
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edge of shorthand desires position; rail
road work preferred. F. I. Cumminns,
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experience, wants opportunity; salary
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Anybody oat of wurU In St. Paul or
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St. Peter.
HOUSEKEEPER— Lady just from Eng
land, aged twenty-six, seeks a situation
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E-, Globe. .
FOR SALE OR RENT, a butcher shop;
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PROF G. MORRIS will assist the at.
Paul Phrenological society every Friday
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health, education, business and mar
riage, oral, 50 cents; with chart, $1; every
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STORAGE— The St. Paul Storage Com
pany, the model furniture warehouse
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419-421 Jackson at.
and all nervous and private diseases
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rill Building, St. Paul. Minn. Case*
treated by maiL
are doing plumbing for 20 per cent leaa
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1632-2. D. J. Harrington & Co., 151
University ay.
tub baths; massage, magnetic healing.
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MAN AND WIFE In good circumstances
•want to adopt a littre girl nat over
three years, old. Address F 111. Globe,
MRS. AL.ICB AUSTIN, clairvoyant card
reader: advice given on all affairs of
i life. 484 Cedar St.. near cajdtol.
Rental Agency.,
38 Bant Fourth Street, Globe Bids.,
liave for rent housen. Oats, stores
and offices.
H SH? E ~ For rent ' ax-room brtck house;
modern improvements; fine location. 48
„V- Del0B : *15 to small family. Con
solldated Bottling_Company ( Tel. 919.
ROOMS-At Hotel Fey, corner Cedar and
Seventh; one block from all street car
"pc": two blocks from the theaters; fur
nished room* by . day or week, with
B ?. am i? eat ' batn » etc. Transient trade
EAST TENTH ST., 4M-For rent, two
connecting or single furnished rooms;
_rent reasonable.
HOTEL ARLINGTON-For rent, a few
nice rooms, very cheap, for the sum
mer, with or without board.
FOR RENT. ~" "~"
Plenty of daylight.
Electric lights.
Stationary wash bowL
Rent reasonable.
For particulars inquire
; Newspaper Row.
C ?ZI AG F^7^ r rent - suburban cot
tages at Mahtomedi, White Bear lake:
313 Wabasha st.
f\ -$10, $20, $30, J40." S3O. $100 TO LOAN
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g accordingly. Promptness, privacy Bad
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oence; moderate rates; call and get
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nesota Mortgage Loan Co., 317 Pioneer
Press Building.
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bought. L. P. Van Norman, Guaranty
Building, Minneapolis.
MONEY loaned salaried peoplo holding
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cerns, upon their own names, without
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plan of lending before closing loans
elsewhere; easy payments; confidential.
817 Pioneer Press Building.
B AND 6 PER CENT MONEY to loan on
Improved property in St. Paul and Min
neapolis. V. C. Oilman. New York Life
. Building. '
BOARD— Single room with good board
ten minutes' walk from postofflce; one
block from all car lines. (532 St. Peter.
"THE MINER I '-PleasanT" rooms, with
board, within walking distance or with
convenient car service. 163 College
corner Sixth.
Conceded to be the lightest running
wheel ever built. Manufactured by
F.M.SKTIfcIt& l
326 Waba3';a Strast.
BICY ,CLES AT AUCTION-I will sell at
public auction in the salesroom No 419
--421 Jackson st., on Saturday April
29. at 11 a. m., a bankrupt stock of
high grade gents' wheels. A. G Jchn
aon, Auctioneer, 419-421 Jackson st.
UNHEARD OF SNAPS in 7econd-hand
wheels. Men s and boys' wheels from
15 , up: d i??' at *J 5 and £7; also have
a few '98 J45 wheels for $25. Joy Bros
23 W>st Fourth rt.
W >, AN J^P~T° p £ rcha ««- a soocT.. V cond
hand Wcyele; the Halladay or Smalley
preferred. J. B. Harrison, 460 Jackson st
HAVE you stock goods (any kind/ you
wish exchanged quickly, without public
ity T Write "Wilde." 512 Manhattan
Block. St. Paul.
NEW GENERAL merchandise stock In
North Dakota; doing good business
Call o» or address 8., Hotel Vendome,
Minneapolis, after Sunday.
WANTED— Figures"on yearfy~eontracTto
remove asfiues and rubbish from Grand
opera house; call mornings. Theo L
Hays, Manager.
WANTED— Lady or gent that can teach
bookkeeping and shorthand to open a
business college in a flourishing little
city. Address, with appointment at
once, U 112, Globe.
j|^gfi|g. MASSAGE.
AJSAA AIACK., iroiu tiacagu; steam, tub,
medicated baths; select massage; pro
fessional operators; open day and niirht
IS6 East Seventh st.
MRS. LEONIE— From Paris— Select mas
sage, cabinet, vapor and electric baths;
treatment given for rheumatism. Room
8, 165 East Seventh.
salt glow baths by Mrs. Sidney, of Bos
ton. 108 East Seventh st.. Room 16.
LOCKVVOODS Good Luck Salve; best
thing for sore feet; all druggists; estab
lished sixteen years. '
FLAT — Wanted to rent, for the sum
mer, small furnished flat; must be cen
trally located. Address F. E. C, Globe.
ROOM — Two traveling, men want a .nicely
furnished room; one with bath prefer
red; privileges desired. Address L 119,
DOCTORS, dentists, healers, osteopaths
or- other specialists, graduated home.
Box 196, Chicago.
FOXHOUND LOST— Fawn color with
white on neck, and feet; answers to the
name of "Swipe." Return to 517 Mis
sisaippt at. for a rewar-1.
States, District of Minnesota,
Third Division.
In the Itatter of \
\atli:m l.lnton, \ In ilu ul.ru ntej .
To the creditors of Nathan Unton. of
the City of St. Paul, in the county of
Ramsey and District aforesaid, a bank
Notice is hereby given that on that 27th
day of April A. D. 1899. the said Nathan
Linton was duly adjudged a bank
rupt; and that the first mealing of
creditors will be held before the under
signed Referee In his office, No. 58 Ger
manla Life Building. St. Paul, Minn.,
on th» 9th day of May, A. D. 1899, at
2 o'clock in the afternoon, at which
time the said creditors may attend,
prove their claims, appoint - a trustee,
examine the bankrupt and transact
such other business as may properly
conae before said meeting.
Aprtl 27th. 188».
Referee in Bankruptcy.
lowL* IDS le * V " and arrlv * at Su Paul *» '<>»•
Ticket OUlce 30C Robert St.'Phoue OS
-J^Dgilr-__bEx, Sun. | Loave | Arrive
ncogo Pioffie[Liiieii".-rrj o n ,|*i™ v
Chicago via Pr.clu fhlen div|b4:4o pm blllsam
Red Wing and Rochester. . b3:')oom bil 4f,am
Dubuque via La Cros B e|bß:lsam:blo:lspm
sr.',v V' 8 a ? d XK * nßas City.:aß:3sam| e6:26pnj
M' lb ank and Way !bß:2oam| bß :3opm
Aberrleen and Ex. ..la7:ospml aS:lsara
(&/%& sth &. Robert Bta.
I JunL/ Uaiw Station, St. Paul.
A^f{?V/ JMwaukoe Station, Mllwaufcsa
Dining '"^'{j^C*;™ on Winnipeg
Po«t Sflmd Mall, Dry Fargo, James Airlv,r
town, Helena, ButU. M««*oula. BSf fl ftft
OM2OnEx Ip.pi',rareo,Butte,Helena1 p.pi',rareo,Butte,Helena Jfi IB PM"
B£okan«,Tacoma,lje*tUel i ortlanu tVlftfpm /iVUam
Batata Md Manitoba Xxprtu, Daily; . ..
Fergns Fulls, Fargo, Crookston 6 flfl * !fl
Grand Forks, Qraf ton & Winnipeg. BiUtpii) /liVam
r " S n> L ° C . li ?, °? Hy cxce P t Sunday; 818 t M
St. Cloud, feralnerd an<f Fargo J . B.laanjjjjpn.
Ticket Office— m Eaat Third 3^ 'Phuna lUi
Leave.|a Dally. b_Ex. ~Sun^ayJ~Arrivel
bSi3Cam|F'gs Fall*" Fargo. G'd F'ktrblToSpln"
bß:Soam . . "Wlllmar, via St. C10ud...! bsospa
a9:o2am ..Great Northern Flyer.. l a2-00pm
-••*- ra m^it y S -
{$& S^oM^ *%%£
■BJlopm[..Mc>ntana-Paclflc Express. . a7 :3oam
Lake Mlnnetonka trains. Leave St. PauL
c 4:30 p. m. ( c Sunday_only.)
jlj%l n l**»«tn~»aa West Superior | *? : .fj&£
"Nortt-Westsrn Llns"-C, St.P., M.aX
Office. 395 Robert St. 'Phone 480.
Leave. | a DajlyTjbJE^Sunday. I Arrive
i#i ; fr?- gas
-j|p|:^i:: iK o °r r : tfgg SiSSS
b7.4oam ..Mankato, Sioux City.. b4-4»prn
Mankato, New vim.
b4 :sopm . Elmore bTo:osam
Sioux City, Omaha.
_a_K46pni^ :^^ :j^^Cansa3 City a" :2sam
From Union Depot. Ctt* Office, M i tut >.
crt St
KpnU DULUTH J«£»? '
Seeper few ttrg trsia ready s us "
h^K M™ 1 " 1^™"*" 1^ at2:fo;" 1.j.r..'
am®"b4?M Vm?" Taylor". Falls. W:0»
ByßLliiaTO^ ROUTE.
Lv.Fcrl ~gTATIONa~ !A7.1-T^n"
B:lsam[.. Chicago, except Sunday..: 12:15 pa
B:lsam|..St. Louis, except Sunday I
S :ospralChleago_& jt._ Lotils daily ! ' £ taia
Ticket Offlca, «D Robert St. TeL at
Chk»go Great Wbternl^
"The TVUpie Leaf Route."
Ticket Office: Robert St.,eor. sth St. Phone 150
1 rains leavs froai St. Paul Cdoa Denoc
*paaly. tKxcept Sunday, tevo. irnr»
Dubiiane Chiuaao, Waterloo ( tß.ioarr. ts.;,-Opm
Marsha dtawnftes Moinea,^ *3.iop.n '7.50 am
iJt.. Joseph and Kansas City / *n.2opm *i2.saj»m
MaatorvUla Local pm no.^ luS
# M., ST. P. &S. S. M. RY. $
Leave, f " f Ani^T
7 :M P mj.. Atlantic Umited l (da11y).... S:4saia"
fi:4v/am|..p«MHbin9 Boeal (ex. Sun.).. 6 05pm
*:45aml....Pac}Bc limited (da11y).... 6:4Opa
e^WpmlSt. Crolx F8.11.^ Local, except
I SuDday. From Broadway
«« VV;; De * Ot - fO T Ot F ™ Ti b St... 9:lsam
S:l6Dml.Glenvroo<l Local (ci Sun.). 9:3oata
City OUlce, 373 Robert St. 'Phone No. U94.
Leave j . Arrlve
SLl*aut| A!l Trains Dally. . I3t. Paul.
|Eau Claire. Cblppewa "FaUa^
B:ooana|. .Milwaukee and Chicago... B:lsaa
! Ashland. Clippewa Fi'.ls.
7:40pml Oshkosh. Mil. and Chicago. «:lopn>
SI. A St. ti. Cepot-BroadiTsy «t 4th.
Leave.j a Daliy^^bjaxccpt Suuday. ; Arrive.
IMankato, Dea Moines, Cedar
b9:ir.am Rapids, Kansas City bß:3opm
bß:4sam Watertown, New Ulm b4:sspra
bs:oopm| New Ulm Local bLO:2oam
a7:oOpm|Des Mottles & Omaha Llm. aß:loanj
*7:oopm|..Chlca<o & St. Louts Lini.. a8:l(Um
b4^4spmj Albert Lea & Waseea Local bU):3saai
frrjzf .J*"™," W irritatioßi or ulo a rat!oni
tofcumEvANSCHEMtULQo. (J«ut or roi"-iu.:i:,.
V^ YCHCmiMTI,O.[— "H Stoid *y »"^ff*iaU,
\ V n - ■• *• 7± I or »nt Id plain wrtpper
OR. ft. C. V»eßT>«
tS^"Red Label Special /£JssiiS&,
Extra Strength.
For Irapotonoy, Log« of^J^^S
Power, Lost Manhood.
Sterility or Barwuness.^^f '*9f
$1 a box; sis for $5. withav^Qtag/
wi'itt«n jjnsrs
•^•P-F-ORE o - ! ? lrd !I> "" a3 "* ' *■ B " ° Vi r!^v- 'J
M. E. Coan, Clarendon Drug Store, Bth & W»
b*»ha. & W. S. Getty. 848 Hobert gL. St. Paul
sSfifbnfl KB woman tola
m«S S IBWbP 1 HI v ©»tifrate our special
Sw 3 sB??3S 11 «y«em of tresttment
II Vlllhll eombluin? Klec
trlelfr and •;.• 1
cllns. Call or write for particulars.
State Electro-Medical Institute,
301 Hennepln Ay., Minneapolis Minn.
Ramsey — District Court, Second Judi
cial District.
In the matter of the receivership of An
thony W. Sonnen.
Notice is hereby given that Anthony W.
Sonnen was, by an order and decree of
the District Court of Ramsey County,
adjudged and declared to be insolvent,
■which said order bears date the 28th day
of March, A. D. 1898. and that the un
dersigned was by said order duly ap
pointed receiver of said Anthony W.
Sonnen and of all his property, not ex
empt by law, for the benefit of all his
creditors without preference.
All his creditors claiming to obtain
benefit under said receivership must flla
with the undersigned-
Dated St. Paul, Minnesota. April 26th,
A. D. 1899.
Receiver, Union Brack, St. Paul. Minn.
W. H. McDonnld
Attorney for Receiver.-

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