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6t. Paul Central Made More Points
Than All the Other Schools Par
ticipating Made Together — Clnpp
Took Three Firsts — Minneapolis
Central Took Second Place and
Mechanic Arts Third.
fit. Paul Central 4|>
Minneapolis Central JjJ
Mechanic Arts • "
East Side High, Minneapolis 5
South Side, Minneapolis J
Stillwater .... z
These scores show how well the St.
Paul Central boys defeated not only their
neighbors from the Mechanic Arts high
school, but all the other members of the
Interscholastic Athletic association in
their annual midwinter field day sports
Rt the university gymnasium in Minne
apolis yesterday.
The events and Individual winners fol
low :
Fifty-yard dash—Case, St. Paul, first;
O'Brien, St. Paul, second; Smith, Minne
apolis, third. Time, 6 seconds.
Shot put—Priedemann, Mechanic Arts,
first; Rogers, St. Paul, second; Gorman,
Minneapolis, third. S7 feet, 10 inches
Fiily-yard hurdle—Clapp, St. Paul,
first; O'Brien, St. Paul, second: Mernck,
_Mevhanlc Arts, third. Time, 81-5 sec-
O1High jump—Clapp, St. Paul, first; Tuck,
Minneapolis, second; Schable, Stillwater,
third; 5 feet. "7 _
1,000-yard run—Clapp, St. Paul, first,
O'Brien, Mechanic Arts, second; Court
ney, Minneapolis, third. No time.
Half-mile walk—Bidlake, Minneapolis,
first; Gunther, South side, second; Mal
)ey, St. Paul, third. Time, 3:28.
Pole vault—Gerber, East side, first;
Cumbey, St. Paul, second; Schable, Still
water, third. 9 feet 3 inches.
Running broad jump—Stringer, St.
Paul, first; O'Brien, St. Paul, second;
Smith, Minneapolis, third. 18 feet 11
inches. -
Relay race—St. Paul Central, first;
Mechanic Arts, second; Minneapolis,
third. Time, 5:24.
Fanny and John Davidson Doliik
Fancy SkatliiK In Europe.
A letter from John F. Davidson, the St.
Paul fancy skater, to a member of the
Glob* staff, under a Paris date, says:
"We have been recalled at every exhi
bition, and the rink is doing such a busi
ness bib it has not experienced since poor
Mabel was here. Fanny is skating her
self proud and is doing better work than
i ver. She is receiving numerous baskets
md bouquets of flowers from her admir
»rs at nearly every show. Her acts with
lhe Japanese umbrella, doing all her most
liiflicult feats with it, have created quite
a sensation here, and her jumping rope
act takes well. She is in excellent health
and enjoying her stay very much.
"We have lust closed a contract to
skate in Brussels, Belgium, and on one.
evening, to be appointed, the king of
Belgium is to witness our exhibition.
"The rink here will not keep open dur
ing the fair, as they have found it is
Impossible to keep ice in hot weather,
co they will open in October and will
have one month before the fair closes.
We will close the season here and will
open it again in October.
"The Palais de Glace is the very swell
place In Paris and is patronized by the
very best people. The gowns worn by the
ladles are worth small fortunes, and the
pentlemen all wear silk hats, and, if not
Bkating, full evening dress."
ball «t Rnnpherry Island, but Nnsh
kna Did Some Work.
Yesterday's cold snap was too much for
even the curlers, and the games played
were few. At Raspberry island there
was nothing in progress during either the
day or the evening. At the Nushka club
the main event was the semi-final single
hand game, in the veterans' competition,
between E. S. Doran and C. M. Griggs.
Doran went into the finals on a score of
13-11. The result was a considerable jolt
to the Griggs coterie. Van Bergen, 27;
Barlow, 30, and Cunningham, 31, were
the scores in the weekly point contest.
During the evening Charles Barlow skip
ped a winning rink against A. B. Van
Bergen, 12-7.
Virginia Team to Meet Minneapolis
Player* This Morning.
The Virginia Hockey team will play the
Minneapolis Hockey team at the Broad
way skating rink this morning. The Mln-
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Best for the Bowels
neapolis boys are coming over much
stronger than they did in their last
game. The line-up of the teams will be
as follows:
Virginias. Minneapolis.
Ohme, Raymond,
B. Macdonald, Miller,
E. J. Murphy, Labott,
Newson, Mcßride,
Barron, Taylor,
Clark, Neely,
Lawrence, Walker,
J. J. Murphy, Elliott,
W. J. Bailey, Taylor,
W. J. Elliott. Lalonde.
Record of the Week on St. Paul Al
The following club scores were made
at Amort's alleys during the week:
Metroplitan—Strong, 104; Behr, 148;
Nichols, 177; Shumaker, 130; Wakefield,
182; Bridge 174; Longsdorf, 136; Haggard,
203; Stutsman. 140; Williams, 163; White,
136; Appleton, 143.
C j§mw'/huff. ■ ££3Fm~MM^~-
Lester and John Reiff, the two Amer
ican jockeys who" created such a great
sensation on the English turf last year
by winning a large number of races on
inferior horses, are in New York on their
way to England. Lester is engaged to
Enterprise—Confar, 160; Andres, 236;
Pinska, 222; Keye, 177; Klmball 153;
Bromley, 183; Blind. 166; Weide, 189; Klos
terman,' 207; Jungbauer, 206; Kraniger,
179; Fabe.l. 226; Painter, 182; Kohlman, 122.
Recreation—P. Quehl, 147; L. Shellen
berger 144; C. Kiess, 123; J. Kuether, 139;
B Quehl. 178; G. Kiess, 181; A. Schuler,
180; B. Hawks, 122; Dr. Haas. 129; J.
Pfeifer 107: E. Heunisch, 209; L. Kiess,
130; A. 'Ponath, 191.
Capitol—Kavanagh, 162; Andres, 179;
Bromley, 169; Denel, 206; Huntsman, 244;
Painter 194; Landon, 173; McArthur, 179;
Neff, 178; Reinke, 175; Adams, 214; Brown,
At Weiler's alleys the Interurban Bowl
ing club made the following scores:
Yost 200; Miller, 202; Clay tor, 168; Koch,
172- P' Fisher,, 137; Kirschler, 199; Will
werseheid. 187; Haungs, 187; Bosche 211;
Brandt. 203: J. Fisher. 136: Orendorr. 110.
Troubles of the Vnnderbeck*.
DETROIT, Feb. 24.—Judge White an
nounced today that the he would confirm
the sale of the Detroit ball club to Mrs.
H. Vanderbeck.
"A condition which I will impose,
however," said the court, "is that if the
dedfendant disposes of the property with
in the lime limit for the defendant to
take an appeal, she either deposit $5,000
with the court or give a bond for that
amount. This is to take care of any re
duction which the supreme court may
make in the amount of alimony granted.
I have waited to see if Vanderbeck would
not take some steps to retain his prop
erty, but I do not think there is any use
of "waiting longer."
Basket Bn.ll.
FON DU LAC, Wis., Feb. 24.—The com
pany E champions in the basket ball
tonight defeated Armour institute, of Chi
cago, 43 to 16.
Knockout at Den >I«lnes.
DES MOINES, 10., Feb. 24.—Jimmy Gra
ham knocked out Marion Mclntyre, of
Omaha, tonight, In two and one-half
Farmer Showered With Gold, "While"
(he Latter LieM in an Almost Un
marked Grave In Portland, Or.—
Was in His Day the Most Popular
of Modern Gladlatorx—What the
Britons Did for Their Champion.
In an almost unmarked grave in the
Portland, Or., cemetery lie the remains
of the once famous "Nonpareil" boxer
undisputed middleweight champion of the
world—Jack Dempsey. A plain stone
marks the spot sufficiently to direct the
steps of the few who wore directly con
nected with Dempsey to the grave of the
departed hero. The stranger would lind
it difficult to locate the slab. And yet, In
hi 3 day, Dempsey was the greatest of his
class in the ring. His name thrilled the
world—for all the world admires a fight
er as it loves a lover. Thousands strug
gled for a place in the vast, concourse
that hurried to the arena when Jack
Dempsey was to face some other formid
able gladiator in a battle to ttae finish.
Men shouted themselves hearse as he was
triumphantly borne from the scene of
conquest on the shoulders of his worship
pers after he had added another victory
to his long list. Columns discriptive of
his prowess appeared in public print.
Wherever Dempsey went crowds followed
that they might get a gUmpse of the her* •
of more than half a hundred battles.
Then came another, strong-limbed, mus
cular, skillful man, blessed by nature
with superior strength and a heart of
steel, and vanquished the hitherto un
beaten "Nonpareil." His fame had been
too great for even defeat to send him in
to oblivion. As the years sped by the
ride for Richard Croker and Messrs.
Drake and Smith. Johnny will do t'-e
lightweight riding for Enoch Wishard,
and will probably ride for Sir William
Beresford. They sail on the Oceanic
Wednesday morning.
Lester Reiff. when asked yesterday
about his chances for success, said:
broken-hearted boxer lost control of him
self and drifted into the broader path that
leads to forgetfulness. One day he was
stricken and died. The patient little
woman who bore his name did all she
could. She had been faithful to him In
life and prosperity, and so she remained
In adversity and death. There was a
temporary spasm of adulation for the
dead boxer. His remains were taken
back to the old home in Portland, and
there interred. Dempsey had made
money, but saved little. There was not
enough to give him more than a humble
consignment to the earth from which he
sprang, and to mark his six feet of
ground with a plain t-tone, of modest di
mensions. And then Dempsey—the fam
ous "Nonpareil'"—was forgotten.
Last Wednesday night, in New York,
a benefit was given another great ring
gladiator—George Dixon. From it was
realized $8,000. It was a graceful act for
the conqueror of Dixon—Terry McGov
ern—to hand him a check for $500 Just be
fore they began to give an exhibition of
friendly boxing at benefit perform
ance. Tom Sh&rkey handed Dixon $300.
Other well known ring celebrities did
their share of the giving, and when the
benefit closed Dixon was $8,000 richer
than when the doors were thrown open.
All of which was fit and proper, and due
the clever little man who for so many
years met and fairly defeated all the good
men in his class. No fairer, braver boxer
ever entered a ring, and it was a grace
ful acknowledgment of his worth and
achievements that he was given such a
substantial farewell.
And yet it does not follow that death
should bring oblivion to the great in .any
walk of life. There was a day when
Great Britain, and not America, boasted
the premier boxers and figtiters of the
world at the Anglo-Saxon game of fair
field and no favor, with nature's weapons
—the fists. In those days perhaps no
man was as great, or at least so regarded,
as was lion-hearted Torn Sayers, the vic
tor_in many a hard-fought contest on the
turf. ~Sayers, like Dempsey, was a man
of ordinary mold as to frame, weighing
less than do the average heavyweight
boxers of today by as much as twenty
pounds. For that reason his prowess
was the more appreciated and marveled
at. At his death Sayers was not forgot-"
ten, as has- been Dempsey, and today a
great shaft, surmounted with an em
blem befitting the lion-hearted boxer,
marks his final resting place. Is it not
about time that those who are most di
rectly Interested in the boxing game
should take steps to similarly mark the
grave of Dempsey? Who win take the
Initiative? It should be done in New
York, the center of boxing. There are
hundreds—perhaps thousands —who would
gladly contribute a mite toward such
a project. Let some well-known leader
say the word, and the tomb of the
famous "Nonpareil" will be made fitting
to his prowess.
Now comes Tom O'Rourke, the ex-Bos
ton carpenter, who, prior to his debut as
manager of boxers, was-wont to shove a
plane in. a shop in the cultured city at
a nominal per diem, and announces that
unless Billy Brady at once produces $2,
--500 he will play no more in Brady's yard.
The $2,500 is to bind the match between
Corbett and Jeffries—that is, Mr. Brady
had agreed to deposit that much monpy
M a, forfeit to ensure the presence of his
principal in the ring on the eventful even
ing:. Mr. O'Rourke further proclaims that
unlpss this demand be met by Mr. Brady
within twenty-four hours, then the battle
announced for the evening of May 11, in
the arena of the Coney Island Athletic
club, shall be declared off, so far as that
organization is q^n«aaied. This action of
Mr. O'Rourke but adds another c;ueer fea
ture to a boxing mach that is already
under suspicion. Does it mean that there
is a chance of tse proposed battle being
declared off? Peifiaps.
Bob Fitzsimmoijs srtms to be all alone
in his desire to g*t bajbk into the harness
and the ring. His sweeping defl was an-.,
swered by Sharkey, but that is as far as
it got. No money has been deposited,
save the forfeit put iip by FHz, and it
looks as though, the whole affair would
end in talk. This is to be regretted by
ring followers, ac thqre would be great
Interest in a return meeting between Fi;z
simmons and any one of the men he has
met in'the ring. Fitzsimmons is one of
the few boxers yifho is: regarded as a real
fighter, and whatever he does is certain
to cause a flurry in pugilistic circles. It
is apparent that none of the big boxers
are over anxious to meet the freak in
the ring. He is hard game at the best.
and they all know it—especially those
with whom he has had engagements.
Joe Choynski was beaten to a standstill
by Joe Walcatt in the seventh round of
what was to have been a twenty-five
round battle, in New YorK, Friday night.
Walcott did as he pleased with He
brew boxer. Unoynski was clearly out
classed, and at no stage of the proceed
ings did he have a chance to win. Wal
catt has always made a, better showing
with big men than he has with those in
his own class—if he has a class. He is
likened unto a gorrilla, and the applica
tion is not Inappropriate. Blows seem to
• have little effect upon the "Barbadoes
Terror," and not one of the men who
have met him in the ring have been able
to hurt him. It is often said that Lavigne
turned the trick out in San Francisco, but
that event was like»y a "barney." Wal
cott is practically an unbeaten boxer.
Choynski displayed bad judgment, in en
tering into a match with Walcott. But
perhaps he needed the money.
Tommy Ryan has wired Lou House
man, of Chicago, manager of the new
"Johnny and I earned a great deal of
money last season, but if we have our
share of luck I think we will earn nearly
double this season. I don't believe we
will fall far short of earning $20,000 be
tween us. Everything points that way
and I hope the sign post will prove cor
aspirant for middleweight honors, Root,
that he will mejet Houseman's protege
under the conditions stipulated. Dan
Stuart has offered to wager $3,500 that
Root can whip Ryan, and that bet is to
be accepted by the Ryan following. Jim
Jeffries is the man who says that Stuart's
money will be covered. The champion
adds: "I will join with Ryan in taking
$5,000 end, and I have $5,000 more to risk
on the proposition that Tommy can defeat
any man in the world, who will scale at
153 pounds at the ring side. He will take
on Kid McCoy or Bob Fitzsimmons. Both
are young and clever, and even- If Ryan
has not trained during two years it does
not lessen his ability to trim up any man
of his weight fn the pugilistic world.
That we are not bluffing is shown by the
fact that we ape raady to wager our
—Willie Green.
MacWlinlln's Team Makes a Decided
Hit With Spectators.
One of the big matches of the bon
spell at the Flour City Curling club rink,
on Fourth avenue south and Eleventh
street, Minneapolis, took place last even
ing. Despite the cold blasts that whis
tled around the neighborhood of the rink,
there was a fair number of spectators
present and interest in the roarln" game
went up several points.
MacWhalin's team made a decided hit
with the crowd, having appeared In the
costume of Scottish Highlanders. The
team and results~"are as follows: Chute,
Sumner, Case, Whalin, skip, 15, vs. Mar
shall, Watson, Parker, Morrison, skip, 4.
The contest, which is. for the Goodnow
medal, will be continued next week.
Boxing at Brooklyn.
NEW YORK, Feb. 24.—Kid Carter, of
Brooklyn, was knocked out by Jim Judge,
of Scranton, Pa., in the Greenwood Ath
letic club in Brooklyn tonight. The
knock-out blow was delivered one minute
and forty-five seconds after the opening
of the fifth round. It was a vicious
fight throughout. The men fought at 145
pounds. Frank Collier, of Brooklyn,
gained a decision over Billy Moore, of
St. Louis, in an Interesting ten-round go.
These boys boxed at 133 pounds.
International Team.
NEW YORK, Feb. 24.—Secretary Chad
wick, of the Brooklyn Chess club, said
the contest committee had selected its
team for the iojernaiional match. The
team will comprise the following play
ers: S. W. Banrotott;— Philadelphia; J. F.
Barry, Boston; iTE. Delmar. New York;
E. B. Hodges, Qtaten Island; E. Simms,
New York; F. S> v> Marsh, Brooklyn; J. F.
Newman, Philadelphia"; H. N. Plllebury,
$100 E|W|&D, $100.
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sisting nature in doing its work. The
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Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails
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Philadelphia; J. W. Showalter, George
town, Ky., and H. C. Volght, Philadel
phia. Substitutes: E. E. Southard and
O. H. Walcott. both of Boston.
Frcslimcn and Sophomores Scrap.
The university armory building was the
scene of one of the wildest rows that has
been had at the university for many
years Jast night. The freshmen class was
holding its class party, and the sopho
mores were on hand to prevent them
from enjoying it If possible. They suc
ceeded fairly well, but suffered almost
as much punishment as the freshmen.
The trouble commenced Friday night
when the sophomores held their class
party, and the freshmen attempted to
steal the class president.
Intercollegiate Athlete*.
NEW YORK, Feb. 24.-The American
Intercollegiate Association of Amateur
Athletes today elected these officers:
President, A. C Mason, Harvard; secre
tary, W. C. Young, New York univer
sity; treasurer, W. J. Quinn, Columbia;
honorary vice presidents, Frank N. Esh
elman, Haverford, and J. C. Moore,
Georgetown; executive committee, H. M.
Langeborn, Princeton; O. E. McMann,
Pennsylvania; A. D. Warner, Cornell,
and J. D. Dana, Yale. _
Brown university and the University of
California were admitted to member
ship. It was decided to present "Father
Bill" Curtis, who has served a long time
as participant in the contests, a loving
The association declared a dividend of
HO to each college which had three or
more contestants in the last contest.
Indoor I.iitvii Tennis.
NEW YORK, Feb. 24.—Th* national in
door lawn tennis championship was won
today by J. A. Allen, the Champion of
YaleT'who defeated Calhoun Cragin, the
Seventh regiment champion. One of the
best matches of the day was the final for
the championship doubles. H. H. Haek
ett and J. A. Allen, the Yale and Western
champions, meeting J. P. Paret and Cal
houn Cragin. The match, however, was
unfinished. Summary: Championship
singles, final round, J. A. Allen defeated
Cragin, 6-12, 6-4, 6-3; championship dou
bles final round unfinished, H. H. Hack
ett and J. A. Allen versus J. P. Paret
and Calhoun Cragin, 7-5, 5-7.
A. A. V. Championship*.
MILWAUKEE, Wis., Feb. 24.—The en
tries for the A. A. U. annual champion
ship meet closed tonight, but will not be
made public before Monday. Many of
the entries are expecttd by. mall from
outside points and all of this nature will
be accepted providing the postmark is
not later than today. The meet will be
held on .March 3 at the Exposition build
ing in this city.
Supples to Meet Hndsaa.
MILWAUKEE. WMs., Feb. 24.-Curley
Supples, the Buffalo lightweight who has
challenged Frank Erne for the champion
ship of the world, has been matched to
meet Jack Hudson, the Cleveland light
weight, before the Badger Athletic cluo,
of Milwaukee, on Friday, March 9.
New Pole- Vaulting Record.
ANN ARBOR, Mich., Feb. 24.-Charles
E Devorak, of Chicago, tonight broke
the world's indoor record for pole vault
ing by one inch, vaulting 10 feet 10 inches
in the University of Michigan gymna
Match Rwee Thig Afternoon.
There will be a match between David
Tucker and J. J. Schwartz at the St. An
thony rink this afternoon at 3:30 for
a purse of $25. There 13 considerable rival
ry between the two men, and it promises
to be a hot contest.
New Baseball Team.
A baseball club, representing Lenncm &
Gibbons.was organized last evening Line
up: Clayton, c; Powers, p.; Martin, Ist;
Keefe, 2d; Murphy, »•/.; Rear<k, n 3d
Jahnke. 1. f.; Burke, c. f.; Mattocks, r. S.
Mcllrath Represent* C. R. C.
The Century Road club has named
James Mcllrath to serve as a member of
the associated wheelmen. He served in
a similar capacity laßt season.
Wife of a New York Dentist and His
A*«l»tant Dead.
NEW YORK, Feb. 24.—Mrs. E. P.
Hayes, the wife of E. P. Hayeß, a den
tist, formerly of Chicago, but now with
offices at the Hotel Endicott, on T\est
Eighty-first street, was shot and killed
tonight in her apartments in that hotel
by Dr Frank D. Conwell, an assistant of
Dr. Hayes. Conwell then shot and killed
hiAfter'dinner tonight Mr. Hayes left th.
offices. Mrs. Hayes directed the servant
to attend to her work, at the same time
saying she would change her dinner
gown for a house dress. In half an hour
Dr Haves returned, and as the servant
opened the door to admit him there came
the sound of two pistol shots. Two more
were heard Immediately afterwards. The
young man and two more who heard it
ran to Mrs. Hayes' room. She was lying
on the bed. She had thrown off the dress
«*he had worn at dinner. She lay In a
natural position. There were two bullet
holes in her right temple, from which
blood oozed. The bullets had entered
the brain, causing death instantly. Be
side the bed lay Dr. Caldwell. He, too,
was dead. There were two bullet wounds
in his head. His right hand still clutched
a revolver, with the finger on the trigger,
showing how he had died.
Dr Hayes hurried to the room. He
was quite distracted, talked wildly and
it was feared for a time that he would
have to be restrained. He could not offer
the faintest suggestion for a cause for
the wild act of Caldwell. The police could
learn but little. Dr. Hayes, from being
excited and talkative, cooled down and
refused to say anything. The colored
maid was so frightened that not a word
could be learned from her. It was learn
ed, however, that Dr. Qaldwell had order
ed the morphine solution a few days ago.
Then, In their search of the room in
wtdch the deed bad been committed, the
police found the vial, which still carried a
portion o-f its contents. Nothing was
found that -gave any idea as to the
cause of the shooting, so far as is known,
or so far as any one would say.
Persons who know the Hayes couple
and Caldwell say that Dr. Hayes hart
the greatest confidence in his friend
Caldweil and gave him an opportunity
to advance in his profession—in fact had
considered him almost as one of his own
family. As a result of this treatment
Caldwell became clamored of Mrs.
Hayes, and it seems that after many re
pulses decided that if he could not pos
sess the woman he would take her out
of the world with him.
They Are Transferred, n« Per Agree
ment of Parties Involved.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Feb. £4.—The suit
of J. W. C. Beckham, governor of Ken
tucky, against W. S. Taylor, was filed
in the circuit court here today. This ac
tion was originally brought at George
town. The filing of the suit here was in
accordance with the agreement made by
both sides for a consolidation of suits In
volving the governorship of Kentucky.
The action is for an injunction. W. S.
Taylor is the plaintiff in a similar suit
against Beckham and others. By th«
agreement Judge Field will try the con
solidated suits.
The answer and counter claim of
Beckham, Castleman and Carter in^hu
injunction suits by W. S. Taylcr, John
Marshall and Daniel Collier were filed.
The answer denies all of the allegations
of plaintiff's petition and sets up a coun
ter claim that the offices of governor,
lieutenant governor and adjutant general
i have been usurped by plaintiffs, and de
_fendants pray that they be adjudged the
holders of said offices
The attorneys for the prosecution and
defense held a conference today and ar
ranged for an examining trial for Harlan
Whittaker March 6. Whlttaker is one
of the men charged with complicity in
the murder of Goebel. Lee Jones, th«
Whitely county suspect, will also be ar
raigned for trial the same day.
Drs. Benham & Smith, osteopaths, 131
East Sixth street, opposite Hotel Ryan.
Daug-liters of Revolution.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 24.—Today's s«b
sion of the Daughters of the American
Revolution opened with a small attend
ance as many of the delegates had re
turned home. The report of the maga
zine committee was presented and caused
a leTfgthy discussion.
Are Free From Some Form of In
Very few people are free from some
form of indigestion, but scarcely two will
have the same symptoms.
Some suffer most directly after eating,
bloating from gas in stomach and bow
el's, others have heart burn or sour ris
ings, still others have palpitation of heart,
headaches, sleeplessness, pains in chest
and under shoulder blades, some have
extreme nervousness as In nervous dys
But whatever the symptoms may be,
the cause In all cases of indigestion is
the same, that is, the stomach for some
reason fails to properly and promptly
digest what is eaten.
This is the whole story of stomach
troubles in a nut shell. The stojnach must
have rest and assistance, and Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets give it both by supply
ing those natural digestives which every
weak stomach lacks, owing to the failure
of the peptic glands in the stomach to
secrete sufficient acid and pepsin to thor
oughly digest and assimilate the food
One grain of the active principle in Stu
art's Dyspepsia Tablets will digest 3,000
grains of meat, eggs or other wholesome
ioed, and this claim has been proven by
actual experiment which any one can per
form for himself in the following manner:
Cut hard-boiled egg into very small
pieces, as It would be if masticated,
place the egg and two or three of the
tablets In a bottle or jar containing warm
water heated to 1(8 degrees (the tempera
ture of the body) and keep it at this tem
perature for three and one half hours,
at the end of which time the egg will be
as completely digested as it would have
been in the healthy stomach of a hungry
The point of this experiment is that
what Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will do
to the egg in the bottle It will- do to the
egg or meat in the stomach, and nothing
else will rest and invigorate the stomach
so safely and effectively. Even a little
child can take Stuart's Tablets with safe
ty and benefit if its digestion is weak,
and the thousands of cures accomplished
by their regular daily use are easily ex
plained when it is understood that they
are composed of vegetable essence, asep
tic pepsin, diastase and Golden Seal,
which mingle with the food and digest it
thoroughly, giving the overworked stom
ach a chance to recuperate.
Dieting never cures dyspepsia, neither
do pills and cathartic medicines, which
simply irritate and inflame the intestines.
"When enough food is eaten and prompt
ly digested there will be'no constipationy
nor In fact will there be disease of any
kind, because good digestion means good
health In every organ.
The merit and success of Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablets are world-wide and they
a^e sold at the moderate price of 50 cts.
for full-sii'.ed package in every drug store
in the United States aud Canada, as well
as in Europe.
For the Information of those interested
a little book wHJ be mailed free by ad
dressing F. A. Stuart Co., Marshall,
Mich., giving briefly the symptoms of the
various forms of stomach weakness, caus
es and cure.
Certificate as to Proceedings In
tending; (he Corporate Existence
of the St. Paul Gas I,i«-ht Com-'
the regular annual meeting of the share
holders of the St. Paul Gas flight Com
pany, (a corporation organized and exist
ing under and by virtue of a special act
of the Legislative Assembly of the Terrl*
tory of Minnesota, approved March Ist,
1856, entitled "An Act to Incorporate thet
St. Paul Gas Light Company";, duly call
ed by the Board of Directors of said Com
pany in accordance with the provisions1
of said act and of the By-Laws of said
Company in that respect and duly held at
the offices of said Company in the City of
St. Paul in the State of Minnesota or*
the 23rd day of January, A. D. 1900, at ten
thirty o'clock, A. M. pursuant to notice
thereof duly published and given, wherein
it was expressly statod that said meeting
would be held for the. purpose of holding a
regular election of a Board of D.rector.-i of
said Company to serve during the ensu'ng
year and of taking the proceedings here
inafter set forth, at which said meeting
the regular annual election of a Board of
Directors of said Company for the ensu
ing year was duly heid, and also, at an
other and special meeting of the share
holders of said Company duly and regu
larly called by the Board of Directors of
said Company and by the Pres dent there
of in accordance with the provisions of
said act above mentioned and the By-
Laws of said Company and held at the
same place upon said 23rd day of January,
A. D. 1900, at three o'clock P. "M.. pu suint
to notice thereof duly published and given,
wherein it was expressly stated that said
meeting would be held for the sole pur
pose of taking the proceedings hereinaft
er set forth at which said meeting no ac
tion other than the said proceedings here
inafter set forth was taken, the following?
resolution was duly adopted, to wit:
Whereas In and by the terms of the
charter of this, the St. Paul Gas Light
Company, to wit, Chapter 53 of the Laws
of Minnesota, 1856. being an act of the
Legislative Assembly of the Territory of
Minnesota, entitled, "An act to incorpor
ate the St. Paul Gas Light Company," ap
proved March Ist, 185H, the term of the
corporate existence of said St. Paul Gas
Light Company will expire upon the first
day of January, A. D. 1907; and
Whereas, It is now and for a long time
heretofore has been apparent to the offi
cers, directors and shareholders of said
St. Paul Gas Light Company, that, in the
interest of the shareholders of said Com
i pany, the corporate existence of said
Company should be renewed and con
tinued beyond said date; and
Whereas, Said Company has heretofore
issued and sold large amounts of its
bonds secured by mortgage, one Issue of
which said bonds will mature in the year
1915, one Issue whereof will mature in the
year 191S, and one issue whereof will ma
j ture in the year 1941, and it is desirable
i that the corporate existence of the com
pany shall be renewed and extended and
continued to a date subsequent to a time
when all said bonds shall have matured,
without further delay;
Resolved, That this said corporation, the
St: Paul Gas Light Company, be, and the
same is hereby, renewed for a period of
fifty years from and after the first day
of January, A. D. 1900, and that the cor
porate existence of this the St. Paul Gas
Light Company be, and the same is
hereby, renewed and extended for the
period aforesaid and that the same shall
continue until and including the first day
of January, A. D. 1950;
FURTHER RESOLVED that the chnr
ter of said Company be, and the same is
hereby, amended as provided in and in
accordance with this resolution;
dent and the Secretary of the Company be,
and they are hereby authorized and di
rected to take such proceedings to evi
dence the adoption of this resolution and
the amendment of the Charter of said
St. Paul Gas Light Company thereby ac
complished, whether by certifying or oth
erwise authenticating, filing and publish
ing the same or otherwise, as may be re
quired by law. or as they may be advised
are necessary or desirable.
It is further certified that the stock
books of said Company were duly closed
to transfers of the stock of said Company
on the 9th day of January, A. D. 1900, and
were not re-opened until the 24th day of
January. A. D. 1900; that at all times dur
ing said 28rd day of January, A. D. 1900.
there were, as appears by the books or
said Company, 134 holders of share? in
said Company and 15.000 shares of the
Company's stock outstanding; that there
were present at said meetings and each of
them, in person or by proxy, ninety-five
(95) of said shareholders; that said share
holders so present, as appears by the
books of the Company, then and there
owned and held thirteen thousand two
■ hundred and forty-six (13,240) shares of
stock in said Company; that said resolu
tion was adopted at each of said meet-
Ings by the affirmative vote of all the
shareholders in said Company present in
person or by proxy as aforesaid and of
all the shares of stock represented as
aforesaid and by all the votes cast upon
any question arising or at any election
held at either of said meetings, to-wlt
by the affirmative vote of ninety-five (95)
shareholders and of thirteen thousand
two hundred and forty-six (13,246) shares
of stock in said Company
President. St Paul Ga« L'eht Ootmtany.
(Corporate Seal.) J. P. CROWLEY,
Secretary. St. Paul Gas Light Company.
(Ten-cent U. S. Rev. Stp. canceled.)
A P. Lathrop, being duly sworn says:
That he is the President of the St. Paul
Gas Light Company, the corporation
named in the foregoing certificate; that
each and every statement contained in
said certificate is true; that the peal at
tached to said certificate is the seal of
said corporation. A. P. LATHROP.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
16th day of February. A. D 1900.
(Notarial Seal.) C. H. MANSHIP,
Notary Public, Ramsey County, Minne
J. P. Crowley, being duly sworn says:
That he is the Secretary or said St. Paul
Gas Light Company, the corporation
named in the foregoing certificate, and as
such Secretary has charge and custody of
the record books of said corporation; that
each and every statement contained in
said certificate Is true; that he has com
pared the copy of a resolution set forth
in said certificate with the original rec
ords thereof contained In the records of
the shareholders' meetings of said Com
pany held on January 23rd, 1900. at ten
thirty o'clock a. m.. and upon the came
day at three o'clock p. m., respectively,
and that the same is in each and every,
respect a true and correct copy of said
originals and each thereof; that the seal
attached to said certificate is the seal of
said corporation. J. P. CROWLEY.
Subscribed and sworn to before me thla
16th day of February, A. D. 1900.
(Notarial Seal.) C. H. MANSFTIP,
Notary Public, Ramsey County, Minne
ment of State.
I hereby certify that the within Instru
ment was filed for record in this office on
the 19th day of February. A. D. 1900, at 4
o'clock p. m.. and was duly recorded in
Book X 2 of Incorporations on page 204.
Secretary of State.
Office of the Register of Deeds.
This Is to certify that the within Instru
ment was filed for record in this office at"
St. Paul, on the 20th day of February, A.
D. 1900, at 4 o'clock p. m., and that th«
same was duly recorded in Book"G" of
Incorporations, pages 611. etc.
Register of Deed*.
jig Arrests discharges from the urinary
■ organs in either sex in 48 hours.
Hi It is superior to Copaiba, Cubeb, or in-
Hj jections, and free from all bad smell or
■ other inconveniences.
g CAMTA I mlrw is contained in small /™S
m OAIN I AL-MIUY Capsules, which bear WflW
qB the name In black letters, without which
Pennyroyal pills
V y-<K~V Original and Only (taaalae. A
>//tPH^ •»«, ftlwoji relltbU. i>oi»» >ik ZC\
AA\ Drngrui for ChUi4fr$ SnaiUh Dia jJVVA
tf&l&BKK&yrxonSBrand In B*4 ud Gold DCUlllc\\«f
>v —T^KBJbon*. t<*l*i »ith bin* ribbon. Take \7
T& •%» Wino other. 1 -fwt ianmrtnu rulKitu- v
II - flfHo™ and itxitdticmt. >l Dra«tiH, «r •«>« *••
V«O» JS "Bailor for tadfi*" *» <Jrt*r,> 7 retaro
—V IT Mall. JO.OOO TM&amUU. i .saw >*j>«r.
x-^rCfclofceatei-Ctod«^C*,MadlM-i BqmM*
laid by aO Laeml Dnwrittr. PHIL: DA.. fA.
Kodaks and Cameras
, OF
You will recevle with it a SCHOLARSHIP
Tel. 1863-8.

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