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FSLL TO i.i,i:vk\-(K\t iiasis lIE
Of BSaatern Trunk Line Presidents—
Demoralisation of Grain Rates to
(he Seaboard May l!t> Cheeked—
Presentation by tin* Northern l'a_
elfic oi Pact* Revardlas; Income
From Operation of 12«:-:;ul.
The Impression exists locally that, aa
a result of the meeting ut Eastern trunk
rats held yes:erday, the grow.h
of the demoralization of wain mtes lo
seaboard will be checked, and an open
rate ni v:.:> cents be wide effective. Ad
w< re reei ived yeJtctdny In 1 lo< al
i ffltH s showing thai the Chlcasi
rale has iroppeJ to an Jl
cj-nt basis, the lowest poiiu yet, and -15
per cent below the normal rates of 80
cents a hundred. Contracts have been
made this week for the transportation <»f
•im!,(*Hi bushels of wheat and corn to New
York at a rate a fraction over Ji cents.
Pact* Concerning Income Given Unt
i>> Northern Paelnc.
A financial statement given out at the
Northern Pacific yeate^lay presents a
few facts regarding the Income from
operations of the road which are worthy
of notice. The Mai.-in.iit shows that
from Jan. lto Dec. SI, i> fu, the road re
-1■« lv< d ,860,797 over 125,091,101 for
i)i- preceding year. The operations lor
the calendar year, therefore, show an Inj
in earnings amounting to TL'.Tim,
--696, For the fiscal year ending on June
30 the road showed !n its last annual
• i.rniiiKs of $26,945,673. This in Itself
of (2,308,965 over the year
\ comparison <>f ihe fiscal and c.ii
endar year? that a difference le-
Milts depending on the beginning of a
year. Th< calendar year's record is in
: iii kiohs earnings over the liscal
Net earnings for th* Northern Paritlc
pj'stem for the calendar year were $14,
--•*'.':;.:ur.. against |13.G7<i,G82 for the preced
ing year. This gives an Increase net of
1821,863, h most excellent showing. For
the period beginning July 1, and eont.n
ulng until the close oi the year, the road
earned gross $16,599,164, and net SVtt^.cM.
For the preceding year gross earnings
during this period were $U,7h7,C45, and
net earnings $8,G70,b71. The Increase is
21, and net $798,J20.
Since the 1 iir^t of the present year, and
during December last, the Increase In
Northern Pacific weekly earnings was
The statement shows that for the fix
weeks ending on Feb. -4, last week, the
road earned gross f2,U79,157. This leaves
an increase for only three weeks' opera
tion amounting In gross earnings to $519,
--s-i. r > This Increase comes, too, when there
are no abnormal conditions of traffic,
either passenger or freight The freight
business has witnessed more strength, but
only that duo to butter buslr.ess condi
tions. Passenger earnings have boon in
cieasing at a pace which is not accounted
for by any argument. During; a period
when there is ordinarily hut normal
travel, the business carried has been cut
of all proportion With previous years. A
Btatement covering the second week of
the present month gives an excellent Il
lustration of the improved conditions.
The Northern Pacific earned gross **««.
--11!1 over $336,813 for the same week of l&iKt.
The Increase is $130,30S for a .ilnsle week.
large: partie« for some.
Bea«oa> Depewtnrea Yin St. Paul E»
<im mod at :s,ooo.
Chicago apents of both the Northern
Pacific and Qreat Northern reported yes- j
ferdaj that they are receiving deposits on
parties of as many as sixty for Cape
Nome. The greater pan of the business
about that city and north will be routed
West via either the Northern Pai-iflc or
Croat Northern. General passenger
agents of the Interested roads give a
rough estimate of the season's ticket
for Nome and kindred points at
Queailon n» to Authority <>f GeneraJ
rwilliqci and Ticket AnentH.
NEW FORK, Feb. $.--At the meeting
Of the recently organized joint passenger
committee In this city tomorrow o. \V.
Ruggles, genera] passenger agent of the
Michigan Central, and A. J. Smith, gen- !
eral passenger agent of the Lake Shore
railway, will be called upon to explain
why their respective lines refuse to ob
aerve the clause In the passenger agree
ment that forbids rmy trunk line to ac
cept less than its full proportion of the
standard rate from any connecting line.
Hoth Mr. Ruggles and Mr. Smith have
practically declared that they could not
and would not obey that particular pro
vsii>n, Inasmuch aa their relations with
differentia] lines prevented their doing so.
An Import Ant question i= likely to arise
nt this meeting regarding the attitude of
■ in Ledyard, <>i the Michigan Cen
tral, toward this ironclad passenger agree- I
ment, to which all of the trunk line gen- i
eral nas^engei agents subscribed last Ik- j
member. \\ hen complaint whf first made
that the Michigan Central was violating
a clause of the agreement, the matter
was referred to Mr. Ledyard, who
promptly took the ground that the gen
eral passenger agents had no right to en
ter into suoh an agreement without its
having the official sanction of the presi
dents, lie virtually took the ground that
only the presidents were vested with suffi
cient power to bind their respective roads
to r:ny particular course of action. Presi
dent Ledyard is now in this city.
Gratefal ttt Editor**.
The Omaha road yesterday received
nearly a dozen copies of the J. C. McDer
mott circular, issued by the St. Paul
Bcalper, and offering to pay cash for ad
vertising transportation issued to country
editors. General Passenger Agent Teas
dale is preparing letters to the editors
who returned the circular to the general
passenger department, thanking them for
their action and expressing the satisfac
tion of the road at their course in re
fusing to deal with brokers and scalp
era in any such deceit.
PssWßfct Hate Conference.
NEW YORK, Feb. 28.—The meeting of
general bausencer agents at which vari
ous Questions of rate*; will come up for
discussion will be held tomorrow at the
office of the Trunk Line association. One
of ihi« features of the meeting may be a
conference between the passenger agents
and trans-Atlantic steamship managers
on the question of through ocean rates
for the season. Other matters will also
be discussed.
Injunction Denied.
BOSTON. Feb. 28.-Judge Knowlton. in
the supreme court today, denied the mo-
J' Ol\ °^ il le I)la'!nlff In the case of the
Central Massachusetts Railway Company
vb. The Boston & Maine Railway eta 7
for a temporary injunction to restrain the
Boston & Maine from purchasing stnoU
in the Fltchburg Railway company £nd
from executing the proposed lease of the
i Birt er lOad> without the Plaintiff's con-
Grain Rate Conference.
NEW YOHK, F»b. 28.-All of the Trunk
Line association railroads were represent
ed at today's conference on the urnin
rate nltuation and other freijrht ti-Vm^
problems. The representatives went ffi
executive session. The subject is of mi *h
importance, as there have been It Is said
charges of bad faith in the-matter of
rate cutting in the test few weeks.
B«w? the Ihe Kind You Have Always Bougltf
Parlor Cars^with Cafe Serv
ice, Observation and Smok
ing Rooms.
Offices : 3»."> Robert Stieet. St. l'aul;
413 Nicollei Avenue, Minneapolis.
JfeW Chief DlNpnteber.
D. McNab has been appointed chief
train dispatcher of the Eastern Minne
sota, \lee E. F. Llllie, assigned to duty
several months ago in the western dis
trict of the Great Northern. R. L. Kne
lit-1 is named as assistant division super
intendent, including the head of the lakes
terminals, and Frank 801 lis appointed as
assistant on the second division.
lay* He Im ><>< Going-.
General Manager W, C. Brown, of the
Burlington, has issued a denial of the re
port that he would leave the service of
that system. The published statement
that he has been selected for the presi
dency of the- Kansas City. Pittsburg &
Gulf and that he had accepted the posi
tion, Is declared to be unwarranted.
J. M. Tlannaford, general traffic man
ager of the Northern Pacific, was in Chi
cago yesterday.
Phil C. Drake, general agent of the
Railway Supply company, is In the
Assistant General Freight Agent Baird,
of the Northern Pacific, Is in Chicago.
General Freight Agent G. O. Somers,
of the Great Northern, wlil return from
Chicago tomorrow.
D. Miller, vice president of the Great
Northern, has left for New York city on
a &hort business trip.
George YV. Smith has been appointe3
Northern agent of the M., K. & T., to
take the place of H. A. Cherrier, who was
recently appointed agent of the Great
Northern in Chicago.
Western roads have decided on a rate
of one fare plus $2 for the Baptist anni
versanes to be held in Detroit May 29
and 30.
The Pennsylvania has placed an order
for 11,000 new freight cars, to be deliv
ered by the end of August.
The Union Pacific change of time west
is effective today. It has necessitated
changes in all the Chicago-Omaha con
nections and with the Northern roads.
The Milwauke shortens its schedule one
hour to connect.
A movement has been started In Mil
waukee to effect united opposition to
the amendment of the interstate com
merce commission law, providing that
railroads shall give sixty days' notice of
change in rates. Freight men will send
persona) letters to their congressional
Notice lias been received stating that
on March 21 J. A. Shepard, assistant
secretary of the Western Passenger asso
ciation, will resign. His successor haa
not been named.
Radway's Ready Relief cures and pre
vents Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, In
fluenza, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Swelling
of the Joints, Lumbago, Inflammations,
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Headache
Toothache, Asthma, Difficult Breathing'
Radway's Ready Relief is a sure cure
for every Pain, Sprain, Bruises. Pains
in the Back, Chest or Limbs. It was the
first and is the only Pain Remedy that
instantly stope the most excruciating
pains, allays inflammation and cures
congestions, whether of the lungs, stom
ach, bowels or other glands or organs,
by one application.
A half to a teaspoonful in half a tum
bler of water will in a few minutes cure
Cramps, Spasms. Sour Stomach, Heart
burn, Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Sick
Headache, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Colic
Flatulency, and all Internal pains. There
is not a remedial agent in the world that
will cure Fever and Ague and all other
Malarious, bilious and other fevers aid
ed by RADWAY'S PILLS, so quickly aa
RADWAY & CO., 85 Elm Street. New York
Proceedings in Bankruptcy.
DlHtrlct of Minnesota, Third Dl
In the Matter of \
Dnniel H. Crego, ) In Bankruptcy.
Bankrupt. \
To the Honorable William Lochren, Judge
of the District Court of the United
States for the District of Minnesota
Daniel H £rego, of St. Paul, in the
County ofßamsey and State of Minne
sota, in said district, respectfully rep-'
resents that on the 13th day of January
last past, he was duly adjudged bank
rupt under the acts of Congress relatlnc
to bankruptcy; that he has duly surren
dered all his property and fights of
property, and has fully complied with
all the requirements of said acts and of
the orders of the court touching his
Wherefore he prays that he may be
decreed by the Court to have a" full
discharge from all debts provable
against his estate under said bank
rupt acts, except such debts as are ex
cepted by law from such discharge
Dated this 28th day of February; A. D.
1 JvU.
District of Minnesota. Third Division
On this 2Sth day of February, A D 1900
on reading the foregoing petition, ii is '
Ordered by the court, that a hearing
be had upon the same on the 12th day of
March A D im, before *aid court,
at St. Paul, in said district at
ten o'clock in the forenoon; and'that
notice thereof be published in the it
Paul Globe, a newspaper printed in
said district and that all know^cred
itors and other persons in Interest may
appear at the said time and place and
show cause if any they have, why the
prayer of the said petitioner should not
be granted.
♦w'lJl* is. fu, rth<: r ordered by the court
that the clerk shall send by mail to al
known creditors copies of said petition
and this order, addressed to them at
their places of residence as stated
Witness the Honorable William Loch
ren Judge of the said court, and the
seal thereof at St. Paul, in said dis
-1900 ' °" th day ot February,
/o , , lV ,B y Margaret L. Mullane. "
(Seal of the Court.) Deputy Clerk.
Buyers and tenants are I
found every day through I
the Real Estate columns I
of the Globe. Best re- |
suits follow Globe Wants. I
Any drug store takes I
Globe Want ads. for only I
a cent a word.
sets, $850,000; largest strongest, best
Minnesota life company; wants capable
agents; glvea producers every assist
ance. Address Douglas Putnam, Sec
retary. St. Paul.
Anybody oat of work tn St. I'nul or
KlinncHpuila ratty tuicri an aUver
liitmcßt andcr «bta beading (re*
off clmrg*.
ACCOUNTANT—An experienced account
ant would like situation; has had four
years' experience in Canadian bank;
seven years' experience In real estate,
renting and insurance business; also
has knowledge of bankrupt stocks; can
furnish best of reference*. Addres3 R
IC4, Globe.
AN EXPERIENCED young man would
like a situation; has had several years'
experience In wholesale and retail sta
tionery business; lives with parents and
can furnish best of references. V 195,
A YOUNG man wants a position to work
for hie board and room while going to
college. Address J. C. Butala, 237 Pleas
ant ay.
A YOUNG MAN wants a place to work
for board and room while attending
school; private family preferred. Ad
dress W. Nelson, 505 Baltimore building.
BAKER—A baker wants work at onca;
willing to leave town. Call 166 Martin
BOOKKEEPER- First-class bookkeeper
and general office man seeks position;
quick and accurate; moderate salary;
or would accept position as traveler;
active, energetic. E 198, Globe,
BOY sixteen years of ago would like work
of any kind. P., 32a Eaat Seventh st.
CLERK—Wanted, by a married man of
thirty-two years old, position as clerk
In grocery store; (city) or country;
eighteen years' experience; can give
the best reference. Address M., 215
Spruce, up stairs.
CLERK—Wanted, position by young man
as clerk In office; railroad preferred.
P. A. R., 211 Fuller st.
EMPLOYMENT—A good honest young
man would like a position of some kind;
can furnish good reference. L. H. 8.,
450 Qoodhue Bt.
EMPLOYMENT—A man wants work of
any kind; caa give reference. Address
V 199, Globe.
EMPLOYMENT wanted by a young man
eighteen years old; experienced in gro
cery business; best of references. Ad
dress R., 252 Rondo st.
ENGINEER — Practical, experienced
hoisting engineer wants work; recom
mendations from last employer; also
experienced with other kinds of sta
tionary engines; strictly sober; any one
wanting such a man, either now, or
later on, please write me and I will
call. B 188, Globe. .
GROCERY CLERK—A rlrst-class order
and grocery clerk would like a position;
oan speak English and German. Ad
dress N. 8., 254 Duke at.
GOOD HONEST MAN wants to do odd
jobs or to get steady work of any kind.
Address C. H. Hedstrom. 3Ssi£ Wal
nut st.
HOSTLER—Respectable young man de
sirea employment with private family;
good driver; understands care of horses
and liarn«ss, and good milker. Address
_ D 196, Globe.
HOTEL "CLERK wishes position; four
years' experience making trains in
state; best reference; general work: city
or country. Address Clerk, 893 Forest
st., St. Paul.
SITUATION wanted In store or office by
youth of sixteen who has had experi
ence In both: lives with his parents and
can furnish references. Address N 200
Globe. '
YOUNG MAN wants work of any kind;
has worked at the carpenter trade and
has tools. Please answer to A G X
1001 Fremont st.. city. ' '
YOUNG man, a hustler, attending school
will work for his board mornfnKH and
evenings. Call or address 505 Baltimore
Building, Seventh and Jackson.
YOUNG MAN would like work of any
kind; can furnish good references. Ad
dress A. J. M., 490 Banfll_st.
YOUNG MAN would like to have work
of any kind In restaurant; need work
very bad. Address L. G.. 397 Rosabel st.
Employment Register.
2?!%' w Eaßt *i lnth. ? L Tele-phone 183.
MAN—We can furnish a good, strong
bandy man for wholesale house or any
other euch work.
BOY-A bright, willing boy for offlc* or
errand boy; reeds work badly.
REPAIRING of trunks and vallsea want
ed by a man who understands the work
NURSES-We can furnish efficient women
to care for the sick.
WOMEN-To do plain sewing, washing.
ironing and housecleanlng can be had
rrom this offlce; also men to do odd Job**
wooq sawing, etc
LOCKWOOD'S Good Luck Salve; best
thing for sore feet; all druggists; estab
lished eighteen years.
Proceedings In Bankruptcy.
Statett, DlMtrict of Minnesota,
Third Dtvlalon.
In the Ma/tter of \
John H. < arson, \ln Bankruptcy.
Bankrupt. \
To the creditors of John H. Carson, of St.
Paul, in the County of Ramsey and
District aforesaid, a bankrupt.
Notice is hereby given that on the 28th
day of February, A. D. 1900, the said
John H. Carson was duly adjudicated
bankrupt, and that the first meeting of
creditors will be held in Room 411
Germanta Life Building, St. Paul,
Minn., on the 14th day of March, A
D. 1900, at 11 o'clock In the forenoon, at
which time and ulace said creditors
may appear, provt their claims, appoint
a trustee, examine the bankrupt and
transact such other business as may
properly come before said meeting.
Dated February 28th. A. D. 1900
Referee In Bankruptcy.
F. A. Hutson, Attorney for Bankrupt
New York Life Building. St. Paul. Mian
BARBER—Wan)ed/"at3 once, first-claas
white barber. Cataract House Barber
_Shop, Sioux PalWr S./!>.
BOY wanted, who has had experience
running power BtaropipK preat. Apply
at 180 W t st Fourth si.
INVENTORS to develop ideas; list of 600
ideas free; also traveling agent wanted.
Patent Market and Novelty Works, St.
Paul, Minn.
GOOD PAY to inffodUe'c and recommend
our goods among jfcur friends; send
name to Postal Tfadlflft ('<>., Hox 2656 D,
Boston, Mass.
SOLICITORS—Wanted.good men through
the state to solicitor and collect for sick
benefit insurance; salary and commis
sion. D. H. Bradley, Kehdrlck Block.
WANTED—SI.OO Per Week—Ladies' and
gents" clothing, hats and shoes. Peo
ple's Credit Clothing' Co., over 374 Rob
ert st.
;■ - j! ■ ! -
COOK—Wanted, a competent cook. Ap
ply Mrs. Charles P. Noyes, No. „ Vir
glnia ay.
COOK—Wanted, cook in small family.
Apply mornings.
HOUSEWORK—WiIIing girl for general
housework; private boarding house;
good wages; most of the washing done
out. 349 North Washington St., opposite
Rice Park.
WANTED—Six chorus girls; must be
good singers, shapely and good lookerH,
twenty years old and not over five
feet four Inches In height. Apply C. C.
Keener, Manager, Nicollet Hotel, Min
A.u>footij oat of work la St. Paul or
Minneapolis miu> Insert an adver.
ttacnient under tbls ncadlntf frit*
cf chance.
A LADY would like the care of room*
or fiat or other day work. Call 64 East
Seventh, Flat 3. ,
A GOOD washwoman would like wash
lng or ironing by the day. 196 Smith ay.
music and art would like to go abroad
with family well-to-do; references. E. i
8., 269 West Fifth. ,
AN ELDERLY woman wants work
either a whole or part of the day; good
worker. Call or address 642 Jackson st.
A YOUNG LADY desires a position in
doctor's or dentist's office; can speak
English and German.; Call or address
888 Smith ay.. Flat 8. ,
A YOUNG GIRL of eighteen would like
to go to Paris, or any other city, with
a family as nurse; am fond of children.
Address 1505 First st. 'north, Minneapo
lia, Minn. ',
COOK—A girl who is a competent cook
wants a place In a nrst-class family:
good references given. Call at 139 East
Tenth st. , i
DRESSMAKER desires work in families;
good tit guaranteed; phe best of refer
ences given. Address 191 Rondo st.
GIRL of seventeen would like a position
to address envelopes and recopy letters.
Address M 158, Globe.
HOUSEWORK—Strong girl, age twenty
two, very Intelligent,- writeß and reads
German and English^ but is deaf and
■aumb, wishes place for general house
work; best references. Inquire Room
209, 27 East Seventh st.
HOUSEWORK—A young colored woman
would like housework to do, or take
care of furnished rooms. Address 184
Falrfleld ay., West side. ;
HOUSEWORK—GirI wants place for
housework in small family; no washing.
Call or address 91U Agate St., up stairs
In rear. ■'•' ..
HOUSE CLEANING—Two women would
like to go o.ut house cleaning. 230 Nash.
several languages, also willing and
competent to make herself generally
useful, wishes poHh+on in refined family
going abroad. 8 162, Globe.
MIDDLE-AGED lady, educated and re
fined, wishes to secure a position as
overseeing housekeeper or take charge
of linen room in hotel. Address D 181,
NURSE—Competent and reliable nurse
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fant; can give good references. Call or
address 674 Selby ay.
NURSE—Competent and reliable nurse
wants position to take full charge of
an Infant: can give best of references.
Call or address 737 Olive.
NURSE—Wanted, by experienced nurse,
confinement nursing. Call or address
581 Charles St., St. Paul, Minn.
STENOGRAPHER— Young lady having
Just completed a course in stenography
desires position; willing to work for
reasonable salary; best of references
furnished. Address Stenographer, 982
Mound st
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rapher desires position; has had four
years' experience and can give good ref
erences. M 169. Globe.
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stenographer would like a situation;
wages no object; can furnish refer
ences. Address D 177,' Globe.
STENOGRAPHER—Young lady desires
position as stenographer; experience
more an object than salary. O 159,
Globe. __ 2
SEAMSTRESS would Hke sewing in pri
vate families; will work for 50 cents a
day for the present.- 1-! Address 8., 128
West Sixth St., Rooff 47.
SEWING — A cpmpetent dressmaker
wants work; flrs,t-e!ass references and
satisfaction guaranteed; will work rea
sonable. M. P., 382 Fort St., city.
Mrs. A. Johnson. 642 L'Orient St.; will
call for and deliver goods.
WASHING—Wanted, washing, Ironing
and housecleaning; also cleaning of
fices. Address 8., 128 West Sixth st.
Room 47.
WANTED—By an experienced person, a
position in a small private family; good
reference given if required. Address _.
J., 260 Rice st.
WASHING—Woman would like a few
days' washing or housecleaning each '
week. Address 19 West Tenth st.
WASHING—Competent laundress desives
work in private families by the day
Call or address V., 537 Blair st., down
atalrs. ■•_
WASHING—A German woman wants
work washing or scrubbing, or any kind
of day work. Address 451 East Sixth.
WASHING—Wowan would like to" take
In washing at home. 809 Mississippi st.
WASHING—A good washerwoman would
like washing or Ironing. 19C Smith ay.
WASHING—Wanted, to go out washing"
187 Western ay. north, up stairs.
WASHING-Woman would likTto go~out
washing or scrubbing or housecleaning
Address 23? «mlth ay.
WANTED—A secondhand set of bar fix
tures. Write toi'J. P. Palmer, Hotel
Ryan, Fairfax. Mlnif;'
ALICE McBAINA-Cla'irvoyant. business
medium; test cljrcle .Tuesday evenings.
63 Last Seventh st.. Room 10.
M™2i_- WILLI£ M" ciaij-yoyant and rnls^
nagiat. reveals past. Present and future
___dj___'P fctafrg;. riff Cedar^ jjtoom j/^
GRAPHOPHONES. records, horns and
™pPUe* 'or a" tallrtng machines kept
J Co^^Ol^jf^l^ «"* j**-"
Y2!. TNG HP T wishes to correspond
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B«»tl Safe*! Only Reliable! Take ■• *_er.
"»J «T«r Drvnriat, or ae_ 4c., itanpii, tor p*rti«.
alw« MiT"ltenef far L_te«7' In letter ay vrtara _ail.
Vhlefceater !)»__•_ «*., Pallate., F_
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approaching; 120 will margin 1,000
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free book; facts and figures, explaining
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The Osborn drain Co., 814 and 815 Phoe
nix Bldg., Minneapolis. Members Cham
ber of Commerce.
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a new hotel on the Minneapolis & St.
Louis railroad. For further particu
lars inquire of J. P. Palmer. Fairfax.
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Money Loaned
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' hattan Building. Robert and Fifth.
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apolis. R. M. Newport & Son. Pioneer
Press Bldg., 9t. Paul. _
6 AND 6 PER CENT MONEY to loan on
Improved property lr. St. Paul and Min
neapolis. V. C. Oilman, New York Life
35 Cents
In payment of an 18-word want ad., two ij
times, under classification Lost and ji
Found, if presented at Globe office <[
before 10 p. m. Friday, March 2. /
KEYS LOST—Two keys to safety~deposit
vault; finder please return to deposit
vaults, National German-American
Bank building, and receive reward.
LOST—On lnterurban oar Wednesday,
brown pocketbook. Finder keep money
and return papers to Globe office.
LOST—A small yellow dog, female, nine
months old, short hair; answers to
name of Tootes. Reward if-returned to
Arcade hotel, 147 East Seventh, Room 5.
LOST—Feb. 21, Passbook No. 8761 of the
State Savings Hank; finder is requested
to leave same at the bank; if book is
not presented within four weeks It will
be canceled. J. M. Goldsmith, Treas
A NEW young lady assistant at Mme.
Lauretta's swellest massage and bath
parlors In the Twin Cities. 319 Jackson
BATH AND MASSAGE, third floor.
Room 16. 150 West Seventh st.
EXPERT massage and porcelain tub
baths. Mrs. Dr. Stein, 27 East Seventh
St., Suite 200.
ELITE bath and massage by a French
lady at 320 St. Peter st. Telephone 2002-5
FORTUNE TELLING and first-class
massage parlors. Mrs. Thomas, 64 East
Seventh St., Room 1.
HATTIE SMITH, magnetic massage
healer; card reading, 25c. 63 East Sev
enth St., Room 10.
MASSAGE and medicated baths. Room
12, 25 East Fourth Bt.. Miss KimbalL
Proceedings in Bankruptcy.
DlHtrfct of Minnesota, Third Di
In the Matter of \
Cheater Hopkins, \ In Bankruptcy.
Bankrupt. \
To the Honorable William LoeJiren,
Judge of the District Count of the
United States, for the district of Minne
Chester Hopkins, of the city of St. Paul,
in the County of IJamsey and State of
Minnesota, in said district respectfully
represents that on the 18th day of Jan
uary, last past, he was duly ad fudged
bankrupt un<?er the acts of Congress
relalting to bankruptcy; that he has
duly surrendered all his property and
rights of property, and has fully* com
plied with all the requirements of said
acts and of the orders of the court
touching his bankruptcy.
Wherefore he Drays that he may be de
creed by the court ito have a full dis
charge from all debts provable against
his estate undfr said bankrupt acts,
except such debts as are excepted by
law from such discharge.
Dated this 20th day of February, A.
D. 1900.
District of Minnesota, Third Division
On this 28th day of February, A. D. 1900,
on reading the foregoing petition, it Is
Ordered by the court, that a hearing be
had upon the same on the 19th day of
March, A. D. 1900, before said court, at
the city of Sit. Paul, in said district, at
10 o'clock in the forenoon; and that no
tice thereof be published In the St. Paul
Globe, a newspaper printed in eald dis
trict, and that all known creditors and
other persons in lmterest may appear
at the said time and place, and show
cause, if any they have, why the pray
er of the said petitioner shall not be
And It is further ordered by the court,
thait the clerk shall send by mail to all
known creditors conies of said petition
and this order, addressed to them at
their places of residence as stated.
Witness the Honorable William Loch
ren, Judge of the paid court, and the
seal thereof, at St. Paul. In said dis
trict, on the 28th day of February. 1900.
By Margaret L. Mullane,
(Seal of the Court.) Deputy Clerk.
Proceedings In Bankruptcy.
Stniom, District of Ml_.nenotn,
Third im islon.
In the Matter of \
One—r M. We«t, \ln Bankruptcy.
To the creditors of Oscar M. We«t,
of St. Paul, in the County of Ramsey
and District aforesaid, a bankrupt.
Notice is hereby given that f>n the 27th
day of February, A. D. 1900, the said
Oscar M. West was duly adjudicat
ed bankrupt, and that the first meeting
of creditors will be held In' Room 411,
Germanla Life Building. St. Paul,
Minn., on the 14th day of March, A. D.
1900, at 10 o'clock In the-forenoon, at
which time and place you are request
ed to appear, prove your claims, ap
point a trustee, examine the bankrupt
and transact such other business as
may properly come before said meet
Dated February £Sth, A. D. ISOO.
Referee In Bankruptcy.
G. J. Lomen, Attorney for Bankrupt,
Bank of Minnesota Building. St. Paul,
KOOMB—At Hotel Key. corner Cedar and
Seventh, furlshed rooms by the day
or week; steam heat and bath; tran*
■lent Jrade solicited.
SEVENTH ST., 58 WEST—For rent, un
furnlsbed rooms, in suite? of two rooms,
on llrst and second floors, .suitable lor
any small business: water; aewfr.
DR. BETTY SCIIMITT, dermatologist
and assistant foot specialist, has moved
to 27 East Seventh St.. Kendrlck block,
enlarged t n <-rayon, pamel and oil; land
scape painting .n oil; satisfaction
guaranteed; lessons given at moderate
prices. 9U Payne air.
HOUSE --"Wanted to rent, nine or ten
room house, good locality, modern, with
in walking distance Central high school.
Address A. A. McKay, £,05 Marlon st.
ROOMS—Wanted, about three rooms and
bath, furnished or unfurnished, for
light housekeeping, in good locality;
rent about $1S; for couple and two chll
<lren. Address, p 1!)2. Globe.
Certificate an to Proceeding!! Kx
lending the .Co-rporute EsUtence
of the St. Paul Gnit Lisht Com
the regular annual meeting of the share
holders of the St. Paul Gas Light Com
pany, (a corporation organized and exist
ing under and by virtue of a special act
or the Legislative Assembly of the Terrl-
ISJ7 ot Minnesota, approved March Ist,
1856 entitled "An Act to incorporate the
Bt. Paul Gas Light Company"), duly call
ed by the Board of Directors of said Com
pany In accordance with the provisions
of said act and of the By-Laws of said
Company In that respect and duly held at
the offices of said Company in the City of
St. Paul In the State of Minnesota on
the 23rd day of January. A. D. 1900. at ten
thirty o'clock, A. M. pursuant to notice
thereof duly published and given, wherein
It was expressly stated that said meeting
would be held for the purpose of holding a
regular election of a Board of Directors of
said Company to serve during the ensuing
year and of taking the proceedings here
inafter set forth, at which said meeting
the regular annual election of a Board of
Directors of said Company for the ensu
ing year was duly held, and also, at an
other and special meeting of the share
holders of said Company duly and regu
larly called by the Board of Directors of
said Company and by the President there
of in accordance with the provisions of
said act above mentioned and the By-
Laws of said Company and held at the
same place upon said 23rd day of January,
A. D. 1900, at three o'clock P. M., pursuant
to notice thereof duly published and given,
wherein It was expressly stated that said
meeting would be held for the sole pur
pose of taking the proceedings hereinaft
er set forth at which said meeting no ac
tion other than the said proceedings here
inafter set forth was taken, the following
resolution was duly adopted, to wit:
Whereas. In and by the terms of the
charter of this the St. Paul Gas Light
Company, to wit, Chapter 53 of the Laws
of Minnesota. 1836, being an act of the
Legislative Assembly of the Territory of
Minnesota, entitled, "An net to incorpor
ate the St. Paul Gas Light Company," ap
proved March Ist, 1856, the term of the
corporate existence of said St. Paul Gas
Light Company will expire upon the first
day of January, A. D. 1907; and
Whereas, It Is now and for a long time
heretofore has been apparent to the offi
cers, directors and shareholders of said
St. Paul Gas Light Company, that, in the
interest of the shareholders of said Com
pany, the corporate existence of said
Company should be renewed and con
tinued beyond said daie; and
Whereas. Said Company has heretofore
issued and sold large amounts of its
bonds secured by mortgage, one issue of
which said bonds will mature in the year
1915, one issue whereof will mature in the
year 1918, and one Issue whereof will ma
ture In the year 1944, and it is desirable
that the corporate existence of the com
pany shall be renewed and extended and
continued to a date subsequent to a time
when all said bonds shall have matured,
without further delay;
Resolved. That this said corporation, the
St. Paul Gas Light Company, be, and the
same is hereby, renewed for a period of
fifty years from and after the first day
of January, A. D. 1900, and that the cor
porate existence of this the St. Paul Gas
Light Company be, and the same is
hereby, renewed and extended for the
period aforesaid and that the samti shall
continue until and including the fln-.t day
of January, A. D. 1950;
FURTHER RESOLVED that the char
ter of said Company be. and the same is
hereby, amended as provided in and in
accordance with this resolution;
dent and the Secretary of the Company be,
and they are hereby authorized and di
rected to take such proceedings to evi
dence the adoption of this resolution and
the amendment of the Charter of said
St. Paul Gas Light Company thereby ac
complished, whether by certifying or oth
erwise authenticating, filing and publish
ing the came or otherwise, as may be re
quired by law. or as they may be advised
are necessary or desirable.
It Is further certified that the stock
books of said Company were duly closed
to transfers of the stock of said Company
on the 9th day of January, A. D. 1900, and
were not re-opened until the 24th day of
January, A. D. ]900; that at all times dur
ing said 23rd day of January, A. D. 1900.
there were, as appears by the books of
said Company, 134 holders of shares In
said Company and 15,000 shares of the
Company's stock outstanding; that there
were present at said meetings and each of
them, In person or by proxy, ninety-five
(95) of said shareholders: that said share
holders so present, as appears by the
books of the Company, then and there
owned and held thirteen thousand two
hundred and forty-six (13,240) shares of
stock In said Company; that said resolu
tion was adopted at each of said meet
ings by the affirmative vote of all the
shareholders in said Company present in
person or by proxy as aforesaid and of
all the shares of stock represented as
aforesaid and by all the votes cast upon
any question arising or at any election
held at either of said meetings, to-wlt
by the affirmative vote of ninety-five (95)
shareholders and of thirteen thousand
two hundred and forty-six 03,216) shares
of stock In said Company
President. St. Paul Gas LltrM Comnany.
(Corporate Seal.) J. P. CROWLEY,
Secretary. St. Paul Gas Light Company.
(Ten-cent U. S. Rev. Stp. canceled.)
A. P. Lathrop, being duly sworn says:
That he Is the President of the St. Paul
Gas Light Company, the corporation
named in the foregoing certificate; that
each and every statement contained In
said certificate is true; that the seal at
tached to snld certificate Is the seal of
said corporation. A. P. LATHROP.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
16th day of February, A. D 1900.
(Notarial Seal.) C. H. MANSHIP.
Notary Public, Ramsey County, Minne
J. P. Crowley, being duly sworn says:
That he is the Secretary of said St. Paul
Gas Light Company, the corporation
named In the foregoing certlflate, and aa
such Secretary has charge and custody of
the record books of said corporation; that
each and every statement contained in
said certificate is true; that he has com
pared the copy of a resolution set forth
In said certificate with the original rec
ords thereof contained In the records of
the shareholders' meetings of said Com
pany held on January 23rd\ 1900, at ten
thirty o'clock a. m., and upon the same
day at three o'clock p. m., respectively,
and that the same Is In each and every
respect a true and correct copy of said
originals and each thereof; that the seal
attached to said certificate Is the seal of
said corporation. J. P. CROWLEY.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
16th dny of February, A. D. 1900.
(Notarial Seal.) C. H. MANSHIP,
Notary Public, Ramsey County. Minne
ment of State.
I hereby certify that the within Instru
ment was filed for record In this office on
the 19th day of February. A. D. 1900. at 4
o'clock p. m., and wan duly recorded in
Book X 2 of Incorporations on page 204
Secretary of State.
Ramsey— R«.
Office of the Register of Deeds
Thli is to certify that the within instru
ment was filed for record In this office at
St. Paul, on the 20th day of February, A.
D. 1900, at 4 o'clock p. in., aiul that thw
same was duly recorded In Book "G" of
Incorporations, pages 611. etc.
Register of Deed*.
A good houss west of Rice street for less
than $2,000. Also 1 or 2 lots on a north
west corner west of Rice and i or 2 blocks
south of Maryland aye. I also want an of
fer for 5 nice lots on Charles st.
FOR SALE—Largo lot heavy and me
S& I™, welf hi <*ra<t horsts. Crlggs Bros.,
1 111ra and Cedar.
HORSi:H. ! IORSKB- From 800 I,i 500~head
of drafters, farm mures, drivers and
mules constantly on hand; auction ev
ery Wednesday; private sales dally:
part time given If desired. Barrett &
Zimmerman's Midway Ilurse Market
Minnesota Transfer. St. Paul.
uoop horses for sale weighing from
i.oOO to 1,400 pounds at Inver Grove Sta-
Uon. Prantz & WHkcns.
Trains leave and arrive at St. Paul as
'i Icket OOlee a«5 Robert SI. Tb o ae us
bEx. Sun, t Leave. '
Chicago, La Crosse, Mli"]a~B:3O~amjaio7l6pm
Chicago, La Crosse. Mil.|a4:aopm all :45am
Chicago. La Cross*. Mfl.a6:sspm! n2:sopm
Chicago piwliihiw i*h- *\*u
Chi., Faribault,McGreK >! lb4:4opm!bll:li.am
Peorla. via Mason City.. !a4:4opm|all :15am
Red Wing and Rochester b3:lspm|bll:4satß
Dubuque via La CroMe.|bS:3oam!blO:lspm
St. 1,.. K. C. Fnribault...!aS:3Sam! af>:2spm
Mllbank and Wajr |bß:2Oam| M:topn»
Ortonvllle, Aberdeen (a7-05pm! aß:Osam
Nor'flelii. ir^ault * Au»tb7.2or»ml b9:2oam
• ~3
Chicago Great Western Ry.
"The Maple Leaf Route."
City Ticket Office, sth & Robert St*., St. Paul.
tE^B^nd^«^S]dallyrni^fF 0R 'imnijmH
Renyou Dodge Center, t 8.10 aiiiif ».ao pm
Oelwein, Dubuque, Free- 8.10 pin1 7.60 am
port, Chicago and Eaat. U.2opnu tt.agpn
CedarFalls.Wuterioo.Mar- f BMoanrf 8.30 pm
shalHown, Dos Moines, B.lo \>m\ 7.Warn
St. Joseph, Kansas City. lj.ao pmi 12.66pm
Cannon Palls, Red "Wing, t B.ioainit 8.30 pm
Northlleltl, Farlbault, o.os nni 9.60 am
watenrtlto, Mapfcato. ___
frlautorvllleLwal. _ 6.05pm O.poam
(£f\& Bth *• Robert Bta.
( AaM. ) Wn St»tl«, o{. ?«;.
AjS^SfcVY Milwaukee dtatlon, ¥lnne«po!l«.
Diclmr and Pullman Sieepin* C*r§ on
_^gj&Cg» r Winning and <WB*Tnsn«.
PfcOlflC «»IL Dl',.F.r»o.^» W tow C | (^; c *"**•
Spokane,Tacoma,Se»tt!e,PorU»Dd k V. JSpm §i VVpm
D»kota » Minitetaßn. Dally, Fargo _
ferrjs Falls, Wahpelon' Crooi. Bflft ■II
ton, Gd.Forki.Gwfton, Winnipeg fi.Hlrpm /itfim
r»W»ndL«MkLak«loe»!, D*«!rox ••■ „« *
Sun; Bt. Oloud. Bralnerd, Walker 815 5 3fl
Bemldjt^Fargo, Jamt-town '1 fiiiSim JilJWpn
Ticket Offlc»-I9S~Eaat Thlrd~Bt. 'Phona
Q. N. U
Leave. | a Dally, b Ex. Sunday. 1 Arrive. '
bS:3sam St.Old. F'gs F'ls, F'rgo bcToSpin
bß:Bsam Wlllmar, via Ut. Cloud bs:ospm
a9:o?nm .Great Northern Flyer. a'^Spm
b9 lOaml (Wlllmar, 8. F.. T'kton) . kc.,^™
o».iuam| (B . x Cl Brown . 8 Val) ! ba.3sprn
b4:4opml..Excel, ft Hutchinson..!bll:3sarn
a7.ospm[Breck. Fargo,G.F..Wpg a7:46am
ag:3opmi..Mlnn. & Dak. Exp..| a7:3oam
J&%£| Pith 41 W. [ %&»
Sleeper for 11:16 p. m. train can be oe«
tupied at any time after 8 p. m.
c, st. p., m. & 3.
_Cffica _395_Rrtert St. 'Pnou 43).
_Lg^vo. la Dally, b Ex. Sunday.! ArTive/
aS:3oa.n ...Chicago "Day "Ex r .TnToTlspm
64:66pm .."Atlantic Express".. all:3oara
aC6spm .Chicago "Fast Mail". aß:loarn
a 8 10pm Chi'go "N. W. Llmlted"|a7:4sain
a6;sspm Wjau.F.du Lac. O.Bayl aß:loara
bS:osam .Duluth, Superior, Ash.l b3:4opm
aj:3o:nu .Duluth. Superior. Ash.! a9:s9pra
l)<:4oam|.St. James. Sioux City.l b4:2Opra
L7:4oam!Elmore. Algona. Dcs M b":4spn»
b7:4oam Hot Sprlngs.Blaok Hills b7:2sam
b4:sopm M'k'to. N. Ulm, Elmnre blO:osam
b4:TOpm ..Fairmont. St. James.. blO:osara
o«:3opm!.Su City. Omaha. K. C.| a7:2sata
i^Pg CHICAGO AND Jgppsjj
Lv.For| ' STATIONS. | Ar.Froit
fc:lsaiu Winona, La Crosse, Dubuque
and, Chicago, except Sunday 12:55 pm
B:l'>am Winona, La Crosse, Dnbuqnc
and St. Louis, except Sunday
B:ospm Winona, La Crosse. Dubuque,
Chicago and St. I.nui*. daily 7:4.*» am
Ticket Office 400 Robert Street. Tel. Main tt
Union Depot. »Dally. +Kx. Sunday.
Lv *;3° *m | Trains for Duluth] aT^Tis am
$f M., ST. P. & S. S. M. R'Y.
City Ticket Office 379 Robert St. Tel. 1051
_Unlon_Depot. Bt. Paul.
JLeave.J J DAST-
7:»pm|.Atiantlo Limited (dally)Tlß:4sara
• :46am!Rhlneland«r I^cal fexSynil S:Q&Dra
6:lspm|St. Crolx Falls Local, cxl
IBu.iday. From Broadway
Depot. £°^|, F°urth St.. 9:lsam
•:05am .Padtto Limited (Pacific.
Coast) daily 7:oopm
f:lspm Glenwood Local (ex. Run) 9:85ar0
City Office. 873 Robert 9t No. 694
ePpa Vull Ail Train* D^7"^^^
.„ Eau Claire, Chip. Kail.
1:00 am Milwaukee rjnd Chicago ff:lsan»
• ah- A«hland, Chippewa F'li,
_JiJojPjn^Bh^^^MoL^nd_Chl. s:oopm
M. A St. L. Dep«t-Droniluay & 4th.
Mlnneapo'is A St, Louis RR
Office, 396 Robert. 'Phoue 000. Loulg Depot
Leave. | »DRlly. tExcept Sui7darr"rA7rirer
Albert Let. Cedar RapUi,
19:00 am ...Chicago. Krusrs (1ty.... fT :30pm
•7:oopm Chicago* 8u Louis Lira!ted •B:4oam
i9:.Viam|.... Wntertown. New U1m.... U:2Spm
ts:oopmt New Ulm Loin! tlo:Joam
Cures Oonorrhoea, Gleet, unnatural dis
charges In a few days. Full directions.
Price $I.M. All druggists or mail.
D. Dick & Co.. 133 Centre St. N. Y»

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